• rotatieas
  • draaiingsas
  • draaias



  • rotational axis
  • axis of rotation
  • rotation axis
  • rotary axis
  • rotation axle
  • joint axis, rotational axis (the axis around which a given joint movement takes place, IATE[1])
  • hinge line, hinge point (pin of a pin joint, IATE[2])
  • spin axis[3]


  • rotating shaft
  • rotary shaft
  • shaft

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Het directe aflezen van de RESOLUTE - met de meetschaal direct op de rotatieas zonder flexibele koppelingen - maakt in zulke systemen een grotere bandbreedte mogelijk en elimineert omkeerspeling en andere mechanische effecten. In such installations, the direct reading format of RESOLUTE, which places the scale directly on the rotating shaft without any flexible couplings, allows for higher bandwidth and backlash/mechanical compliance can be eliminated. renishaw.com
draaiingsas van sectorschuif wicket gate stem GWIT [HYDROL., CIV.ENG.]
Trek de sproeiarm 2 van de rotatieas en spoel hem goed uit onder stromend water. Remove the spray arm 2 from the shaft and rinse well under running water. vzug.com


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  3. Term in context: generally,the spin axis is the axis of greatest moment of inertia,nutationally stable axis,and must be perpendicular to the orbit plane,rendering it necessary to use an antenna having a toroidal pattern or a more elaborate,electronically de-spun,antenna system for earth communications capability (IATE)