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  1. The Payment Practices™ online database is the successor to the original "grandfather" of all translation agency payment lists, the Payment Practices list (PP list) on Yahoo Groups. The Payment Practices list was started by Karin Adamczyk, a French-English freelance translator, on December 21, 1999. The Payment Practices list was the first service intended to provide freelance translators and interpreters with information about the payment practices of translation agencies and other clients for the growing global community of translation service providers. Payment Practices™ is the oldest, most extensive objective dataset related to the payment practices of translation agencies and other consumers of translation services. A 2018 survey of freelance translators and interpreters found that Payment Practices was their primary source for vetting potential agency clients. The Payment Practices™ database contains information on 13569 translation agencies and clients worldwide, 10527 total responses and 5882 comments on those buyers. Agencies are rated by the responses of freelancer translators: the PP Reliability Score (PPR Score™) shows the translation agency's reliability in terms of on-time payments; the Translator Approval (TA Score™) is assigned to each response based on the freelance translator's willingness to work with that agency again. Used together, these two scores make it easy for freelance translators and interpreters to decide whether to work for a particular translation agency or client. (src:
  2. Someone has created a very useful site collecting literally hundreds of GoldenDict-ready dictionaries, as well as (hard-to-find) software for dictionary file/format processing.
  3. As per 19-03-2023, Z-Library (and its related sites such as, etc.) is down. The site has a banner stating that it has been seized by the FBI. However, the cat is out of the bag. If you go to you can still log in using your old login details. You will then be given your own personal URL to access the site. Various mirrors have also sprouted up, such as ‘Anna’s Archive’.