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  • knitwear [TEX.] (Comprehensive Dictionary of Industry and Technology, Graham P. Oxtoby)
  • knit (as in the refs in the Notes section below)


‘The weight of a fabric depends of the thickness of the threads it’s made of, of the density of the weave or knit, as well as its composition (linen for instance is 20% heavier than silk).’ 
Woven textiles are used for most sheets, the fabric surrounding pillows and comforters, and as the outer fabric on mattresses. Knit textiles are used in blankets, some sheets, some pillow covers and as the outer fabric on mattresses. 

The main difference between a woven and knit textile is their flexibility or ability to stretch and rebound to their original shape. For instance on the top sleeping surface of a mattress, a woven textile will display an element of resistance and will not flex as much as a knit textile. In the store we often make the analogy of jeans (woven fabric) compared to sweatpants (knit fabric).’