• grenswaarde


  • GWIT #1: [COMP.] watermark
  • GWIT #2: boundary value (a value which lies at, or just inside or just outside a specified range of valid input and output values)
  • GWIT #3: threshold limiting value, extreme value, limit(ing) value
  • (economie) marginal value
  • (techniek) limit, limiting value, limit value
  • hold point (during quality control)
  • limit (of ratio of signal to total distortion power)
  • threshold value (The maximum concentration of a particular substance to which a worker should be exposed in a given period of time)
  • rating (a limiting condition of use of a semiconductor device beyond which serviceability may be impaired)

Examples of usage

  • maximale grenswaarde = maximum limit value
  • een grenswaarde onderschrijden = to be below a limit value
  • een grenswaarde overschrijden = to exceed a limit value