• dunne fractie = thin fraction; liquid fraction
  • dikke fractie = thick fraction; solid fraction

Liquid fraction

The liquid or thin fraction derived from the mechanical separation of slurry.

Solid fraction

A fraction from separation with a higher content of solid material (e.g. dry matter and phosphorus) than the input material. The solid fraction is normally stackable. (VERA Glossary)

The “Regenis GE” manure separator / digestate dewatering divides the manure or digestate into solid (thick fraction) and filtrate (liquid fraction).

As the names suggest, the thin fraction is the more liquid fraction and consists of particles smaller than 200 µ m. The thick fraction is the fraction wit h more solids and consists of particles larger than 200 microns. This fraction is pressed out into a compact form where the solid content is very high; so it’s almost like a dry cake.