• control strategy, control strategies


  • besturingsstrategie, besturingsstrategieën
  • besturingsstructuur (reasoning strategy, control structure)[1]
  • beheersingsstrategie, beheersingsstrategieën
  • controlestrategie, controlestrategieën (accounting/boekhouding)
  • regelstrategie, regelstrategieën


The context in which "control strategies" is used becomes crucial in selecting the most appropriate translation. Let's briefly consider each option:

  1. Besturingsstrategieën: This term is most commonly used in the context of controlling or managing systems, particularly in automation, robotics, and software where direct control over a system's operations is implied. It focuses on the aspect of steering or directing the system.
  2. Beheersingsstrategieën: This term leans more towards "management strategies" or strategies for maintaining control over processes or situations, often used in a broader, sometimes more abstract context.
  3. Controlestrategieën: This translation closely mirrors the English "control strategies" and is quite versatile. It is applicable in contexts where inspection, verification, or regulation is the focus. It's a general term that can be used broadly across different fields.
  4. Regelstrategieën: This term is specifically related to regulation and is often used in contexts involving feedback loops, such as in process control or automation. It implies a more technical approach to maintaining desired system states through regulation mechanisms.

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Dutch English Source
strategie ter inperking van het drugsgebruik drug control strategy IATE
controlestrategie in het kader van de vaststelling van de douanewaarde customs value control strategy -
Emissiebeperkingsstrategie Emission control strategy
strategie voor de bestrijding van de mimosarups bij de tomatenteelt; strategy for the control of the corn earworm in the tomato crop, https://juremy.com/search#src=eng&dst=nld&q=control+strategy


  1. • Definition: the strategy for manipulating the domain knowledge to arrive at a problem solution • Definition: wijze waarop in een regelbestand van toepassing zijnde regels gezocht, geprioriteerd en gebruikt worden • Term Note: see also:expert system • Term Note: see also:expert system (https://iate.europa.eu/search/result/1708280649206/1)