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Abbreviation Definition
a Annus, Latin for year
A Animal
AP animal place
C Carbon
CF Crude fibre
CH4 Methane
CIGR International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
CO2 Carbon dioxide
COD Chemical oxygen demand
CP Crude protein
DM Dry matter
FPCM fat and protein corrected milk
FTIR Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
GC Gas chromatography
GC-ECD Gas chromatography – electron capture detector
GC-FID Gas chromatography - flame ionisation detector
GC-HWD Gas chromatography - hot wire detector
GC-TCD Gas chromatography - thermoconductivity detector
GHG Greenhouse gases
GLP Good Laboratory Practice
IVB International VERA Board
IVC International VERA Committee
K Potassium
LU Livestock unit
ME Metabolic energy
N Nitrogen
N2O Nitrous oxide
NDIR Non dispersive infrared sensor
NH3 Ammonia
NOx Refers to NO (nitric oxide) and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide)
OUE European odour units
P Phosphorus
PM Particulate matter
PO43- Phosphate
ppm Parts per million
ppmv Parts per million by volume
TAN Total ammoniacal nitrogen (TAN=NH3+NH4+)
TDL Tunable diode laser
TS Total solids = Total dry matter
VERA Verification of Environmental Technologies for Agricultural Production
VS Volatile solids = Organic dry matter