Note: ‘tijdregistratie’ + ‘tijd/urenverantwoording’ are two different things; you need time (record) sheets (tijdregistratie) when you are accounting for your time (time accounting).


  • tijdsverantwoording, tijdsverantwoording (sic)
  • urenverantwoording


  • time accounting

jarry (X):

Time accounting vs. time recording In answer to David Greatrix's comments I would like to clarify the issue as follows:

  • Tijdverantwoording = time accounting
  • Tijdregistratie = time records /recording.

The difference between these two terms is that fee earners, such as I was when working for Ernst & Young for 22 years, have to account for every hour of their time by completing time sheets (time records) which are then processes by the firm's accounting department to bill the clients these fee earners served.


Related terms

  • tijdverantwoordingsstaten = time records, time sheets (FELOnline)
  • tijdregistratie = time recording, time records

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