Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1986. — 872 p. — ISBN 0-19-864159-1

The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Dutch & English Dictionary (front)


‘There are no dictionaries quite like the Duden. Others have illustrations, but the Duden is based on them. The subjects are organized not alphabetically but thematically, to enable readers to grasp, almost immediately, the entire vocabulary relevant to, for example, the process of offset plate-making or of infra-red transmission.’ The Economist

Here for the first time the well-known Duden Bildwörterbuch appears in a bilingual version with Dutch and English vocabulary printed on the same page. The words are listed not in alphabetical order but by groups relating to a particular subject or field of activity illustrated on the same or opposite page. The words are linked by numbers to the illustrations, thereby enabling the user to check the meaning of any Dutch or English word against its pictorial representation.

Some 28,000 objects are defined in this way. The subjects covered include typical situations in domestic and everyday life, recreation and sport, flora and fauna, industry, the arts, science, medicine, and technology. In addition, there are full alphabetical indexes of English and Dutch words which enable the reader to find the relevant illustration.

This will be an invaluable supplement to any Dutch-English or English-Dutch dictionary and will be useful not only to students, but also to a wide range of businessmen and translators who work with Dutch commercial concerns."


The Oxford Duden Pictorial Dutch & English Dictionary

by Oxford University Press

The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Dutch & English Dictionary (p. 260)

From reviews of earlier Oxford-Duden Dictionaries: Proof that a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words.--Library Journal. An extremely valuable reference work.--Journal of the American Translators Association. Marvelous.... An excellent supplement to the standard usage bilingual dictionaries.--American Reference Books Annual. The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Dutch/English Dictionary--the newest addition to this highly acclaimed series--provides a unique reference that students and general users will find both fascinating and easy to use. Based on the premise that certain kinds of information can be conveyed more readily by pictures than by definitions, the Dictionary organizes vocabulary by topic along with detailed illustrations of the various technical processes, objects, or machines involved. Approximately 384 sections cover a broad range of subjects--from astronomy to supermarkets, automobiles to swimming, ballet to plants--and define more than 28,000 objects or activities. In addition, the volume contains full alphabetical indexes, in English and in Dutch, so the Dictionary can be used effectively by speakers of either language. The result is a dictionary that readers will prize for its ease of use and for the accuracy of its illustrations. (less)