Textile Dictionary
Resil Chemicals Online Textile Dictionary.
Glossary of Textile Terms
Regal Fabrics Inc - Textile Terms.
Textile Terms - PDF Document
A Glossary of Selected Fiber and Textile Terms.
Glossary of Textile Terminology.
Industrial Revolution Glossary
Glossary of Industrial Revolution terms.
Thermal cutting terms
Glossary Esprit Automation.
Cotton Terms
The Cotton Industry - Glossary of Terms.
Textile Terms Dictionary
A dictionary of textile terms - All Fiber Arts.
Textile Glossary
Comprehensive glossary of technical terms in use in the textile industry, and covering technology, materials, manufacturing processes and products.
Textile Dictionary
Erre Effe Tessuti - Textile Glossary.
Textile Glossary (PDF Document)
Complete Textile Glossary.
Online Textile Dictionary
English version of the multimedia textile defining dictionary with over 2000 textile and clothing terms.
Textile Dictionary
Textile Dictionary English Dutch.
Textile Glossary
Glossary of terminology for the fabric industry.
Textile Glossary
This glossary is provided by Textiles Intelligence as a service to its customers and provides definitions for terms commonly used in the textiles industry.
Dye glossary
Glossary Colour Experience.
Glossary of weaving terms
A Glossary of Loom and Equipment Terms.
Glossary printing terms
A guide to technical screen printing terms.
Leather Terms Glossary
This glossary provides definitions for many of the terms encountered in the Irving product lists and elsewhere in the leather industry.
Leather Terms
Glossary of technical terms and definitions common in the leather tanning and processing industry. From the Leather Research Institute.
Textile Glossary
Textile Terms Glossary, Garment Terminologies, Terminology, Definitions - Fibre2Fashion.
Terminology of Man-Made Fibres (PDF Document)
the International Bureau for the Standardisation of Man-Made Fibres (BISFA). BISFA wishes to acknowledge and thank the members of the Standards for Fibres and Textiles Committee for their contribution to the production of his booklet, and ... The Stitch Glossary
The Stitch Glossary is an on-line glossary of over 165 embroidery, counted, canvaswork, Hardanger, drawn-thread and pulled-thread stitches with full instructions and diagrams demonstrating needlework techniques all arranged in alphabetical order.
Textile Technical Dictionary
Sector Textil Hogar: Proveedores, Exportadores y Fabricantes - Home Textiles Manufacturers.
Glossary Pattern Design
Artlandia Glossary of Pattern Design.
Glossary Shoes
Brown Shoe Company Glossary.
Fabric Photo Glossary
Sandra Betzina's Power Sewing is an educational website with books and video sewing lessons, which combine ready-to-wear and couture sewing techniques for beginning and advanced sewers.
Glossary of Leather Terms
Glossary of Leather Terms.
Textil Technical Dictionary
This dictionary consists of more than ten thousand words and expressions in four languages relating to the textile sector, ranging from the various types of fabrics to the industrial processes applicable to these fabrics and including promotion and publicity, machinery, chemical products etc.
Rabintex Ballistic Dictionary
The glossary contains terms related to the Ballistic-Textile manufacturing field, all collected, defined and edited by Rabintex' experts.
Glossary Weavers
Glossary - The Worshipful Company of Weavers.
Textile Dictionary
Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design - NTG International Inc.- Textile Dictionary.
Textile Dictionary
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Shoes Glossary
Construction and General Terminology.
Textile Glossary
Cotton Textile Industry Glossary of Terms.
Textile Dictionary
Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design - NTG International Inc.- Textile Dictionary.
General Textile Terms
Glossary of Textile Terms of American & Efird, Inc. (A&E).
Textile Dictionary
Textile terms translator: English, Italian, French and German.
Glossary Shapings
About Shapings.com: Serving Burlington, Ontario, Canada since 1995, we are dedicated to providing a variety of body sculpting products.
Contract Textile Terms Glossary
ACT Glossary of Contract Textile Terms The ACT Glossary of Textile Terms has been compiled by members of the ACT Education Committee as a guide for interior designers, specifiers, ACT members, and other interested parties to most of the terminology commonly used in the contract textile industry.
Dictionary of Corset
Dictionary of Corset-related Words and Terms (INCLUDING PETTICOATS AND CRINOLINES)