Dutch: A/D conversie 
English: analog-to-digital conversion

Dutch: aërodynamica
English: aerodynamics

Dutch: aërodynamisch
English: aerodynamic

Dutch: aërodynamisch gevormd
English: aerodynamically shaped

Dutch: aan de maat zijn
English: to be to size

Dutch: aan de ontvangerzijde
English: at the receiving end; at the receiver end

Dutch: aan de ontvangstzijde
English: at the receiving end; at the receiver end

Dutch: aan de orde stellen
English: to discuss; to bring on the carpet

Dutch: aan de orde zijn
English: to be under discussion; to be in order

Dutch: aan de randen
English: at the edges

Dutch: aan het net leggen
English: to connect to the mains

Dutch: aan weerskanten van
English: on both sides of; on each side of

Dutch: aan/uitschakelen
English: to toggle

Dutch: aanbeeldhoorn
English: anvil beak

Dutch: aanbesteden
English: to invite tenders for

Dutch: aanbod
English: offer; submission; labour supply

Dutch: aanbotsen
English: to collide

Dutch: aanbouw
English: construction

Dutch: aanbrengen
English: to apply; to mount; to fit

Dutch: aanbrenggereedschap
English: applicator; application equipment

Dutch: aandeel in de winst
English: profitsharing

Dutch: aandraaien
English: to tighten; to switch on

Dutch: aandrijfas
English: drive shaft; drive spindle

Dutch: aandrijfbeugel
English: drive bracket

Dutch: aandrijfbus
English: drive bush

Dutch: aandrijfeenheid
English: actuating device; drive; drive unit

Dutch: aandrijfimpuls
English: driver pulse

Dutch: aandrijfketting
English: drive chain

Dutch: aandrijfknop
English: drive knob

Dutch: aandrijfkoord
English: drive cord

Dutch: aandrijfkoppel
English: drive torque

Dutch: aandrijfmechanisme
English: drive; drive mechanism

Dutch: aandrijfmoment
English: drive torque

Dutch: aandrijfmotor
English: drive motor

Dutch: aandrijfpen
English: drive pin

Dutch: aandrijfpuls
English: driver pulse

Dutch: aandrijfriem
English: drive belt

Dutch: aandrijfriemschijf
English: drive pulley

Dutch: aandrijfring
English: drive ring

Dutch: aandrijfrol
English: driving pulley; capstan

Dutch: aandrijfschijf
English: driving disc

Dutch: aandrijfsignaal
English: driver signal

Dutch: aandrijfsnaar
English: drive belt

Dutch: aandrijfstang
English: drive rod

Dutch: aandrijftrap
English: driver stage

Dutch: aandrijfwerk
English: drive; drive gear

Dutch: aandrijven
English: to drive; to control

Dutch: aandrijvend
English: driving

Dutch: aandrijvend element
English: driving element

Dutch: aandrijver
English: actuator

Dutch: aandrijving
English: actuation; drive; driving; drive gear

Dutch: aandrijvingssysteem
English: actuating system

Dutch: aandroging
English: setting; setting up; initial drying

Dutch: aandrukbeugel
English: pressure bracket

Dutch: aandrukgereedschap
English: press-on tool; hold-down tool

Dutch: aandrukken
English: to press on; to squeeze; to press home

Dutch: aandrukkracht
English: press-on force; hold-down force; press- home force

Dutch: aandrukkussen
English: pressure pad; hold-down pad

Dutch: aandrukplaat
English: pressure plate; hold-down plate

Dutch: aandrukring
English: pressure ring

Dutch: aandrukrol
English: pinch wheel; pressure roller; pinch roller

Dutch: aandrukveer
English: pressure spring; hold-down spring

Dutch: aandrukviltje
English: pressure felt

Dutch: aanduiden
English: to designate; to indicate

Dutch: aanduiding
English: designation; indication; mark

Dutch: aanduwen
English: to push (on)

Dutch: aaneengesloten netwerk
English: closed network; continuous network

Dutch: aaneenklinken
English: to rivet together

Dutch: aaneenlassen
English: to weld together

Dutch: aaneenlijmen
English: to bond together

Dutch: aaneenpassen
English: to fit together

Dutch: aaneenschakelen
English: to interlink; to concatenate

Dutch: aaneenschakeling
English: concatenation

Dutch: aaneensluitend
English: joining

Dutch: aaneensmelten
English: to fuse together; to melt together

Dutch: aaneensolderen
English: to solder together

Dutch: aaneenspijkeren
English: to nail together

Dutch: aangedreven
English: driven

Dutch: aangedrukt
English: pressed-on; squeezed; held-down

Dutch: aangehamerd
English: peened

Dutch: aangehouden order
English: retained order

Dutch: aangehouden toon
English: sustained tone

Dutch: aangelegde spanning
English: applied voltage; impressed voltage

Dutch: aangenomen atoomafstand
English: assumed atomic spacing

Dutch: aangenomen gemiddelde
English: assumed mean

Dutch: aangenomen waarde
English: assumed value

Dutch: aangepast
English: adapted; matched; fitted; matching

Dutch: aangepast paar
English: matched pair

Dutch: aangepaste belasting
English: matched load

Dutch: aangespoten steker
English: integral plug; moulded-on plug

Dutch: aangesproken element
English: disturbed cell; partially switched cell

Dutch: aangetekend
English: registered

Dutch: aangetoonde capaciteit
English: demonstrated capacity

Dutch: aangeven
English: to mention; to state; to indicate; to designate

Dutch: aangewezen snelheid
English: indicated speed

Dutch: aangeworven persoon
English: recruited person

Dutch: aangezet
English: sharpened; wetted

Dutch: aangrenzend
English: adjacent

Dutch: aangrenzend kanaal
English: adjacent channel

Dutch: aangrenzend spoor
English: adjacent track

Dutch: aangrenzende domeinen
English: adjacent domains

Dutch: aangrenzende toewijzing
English: contiguous allocation

Dutch: aangrenzende winding
English: adjacent turn; adjacent coil

Dutch: aangrijpingslijn
English: line of action

Dutch: aangrijpingspunt
English: point of application; taking point

Dutch: aanhaken
English: to hook on; to hitch on; to attach; to couple

Dutch: aanhameren
English: to peen

Dutch: aanhangen; aanhangen [3]
English: to tag

Dutch: aanhangwagen
English: trailer

Dutch: aanhechten
English: to attach

Dutch: aanhechting
English: attachment

Dutch: aanhef
English: header; under the first part

Dutch: aanhefdeel
English: header part

Dutch: aanhouden
English: to observe; to respect; to adhere to

Dutch: aankiezen
English: access

Dutch: aankleuring
English: colouring

Dutch: aankoeken
English: to clog; to get incrusted

Dutch: aankoeking
English: clogging; incrustation

Dutch: aankomstbericht
English: arrival notice

Dutch: aankomstdatum
English: arrival date

Dutch: aanlading
English: loading

Dutch: aanleercurve
English: learning curve

Dutch: aanleggen
English: to push against; to hold against; to guide against; to rest against; to install; to apply

Dutch: aanlegvlak
English: guiding surface; reference surface; datum surface

Dutch: aanleiding (naar - van)
English: with reference to; in connection with; in consequence of

Dutch: aanlengen
English: to dilute; to thin

Dutch: aanligeigenschappen
English: conformability

Dutch: aanliggen
English: to butt (against); to lie against; to rest against; to mate; to bed down on; to seat on; to bear on

Dutch: aanliggend
English: butting; abutting; mating; adjacent; conformal; body-following

Dutch: aanliggend vlak
English: butting surface; abutting surface; mating surface; adjacent surface

Dutch: aanloop
English: running-in; start; approach; learning period

Dutch: aanloopband
English: starting belt; leader tape

Dutch: aanloopkoppel
English: starting torque

Dutch: aanloopkosten
English: running-in costs

Dutch: aanloopmodel
English: initial model; starting model

Dutch: aanlooppatroon
English: running-in pattern

Dutch: aanloopserie
English: starting run; starting series

Dutch: aanloopspanning
English: starting voltage

Dutch: aanloopstroom
English: starting current

Dutch: aanloopstuk
English: leader

Dutch: aanlooptijd
English: starting time; running-in time; start delay

Dutch: aanlooptrap
English: starting stage

Dutch: aanloopweerstand
English: starting resistance

Dutch: aanloopwikkeling
English: starting winding

Dutch: aanlopen
English: to start; to colour; to tarnish; to interfere with; to rub against; to be out of centre

Dutch: aanmaak
English: preparation; makeup; manufacture

Dutch: aanmaakvloeistof
English: mixing liquid

Dutch: aanmaken
English: to prepare; to manufacture

Dutch: aanmerking (in - nemen)
English: to take into consideration

Dutch: aanname
English: assumption

Dutch: aannemen
English: to accept; to assume; to undertake; to recruit

Dutch: aanneming
English: contracting; engagement; enlisting; recruitment

Dutch: aanpakken
English: to approach

Dutch: aanpasbus
English: adaptation bush; adapter bush

Dutch: aanpasfout
English: matching error

Dutch: aanpashoorn
English: matching horn

Dutch: aanpassen
English: to adapt; to edit

Dutch: aanpassen aan
English: to adapt to; to match to; to fit; to adjust oneself to

Dutch: aanpassende regeling
English: adaptive control

Dutch: aanpassing
English: adaptation; editing; matching; curve fitting

Dutch: aanpassingsdeel
English: interface

Dutch: aanpassingseenheid
English: adapter; adaptor

Dutch: aanpassingsgegevens
English: adaptation data

Dutch: aanpassingsleiding
English: matching stub

Dutch: aanpassingsparameter
English: adaptation parameter

Dutch: aanpassingssectie
English: matching stub

Dutch: aanpassingsspoel
English: matching coil

Dutch: aanpassingsstuk
English: adapter

Dutch: aanpassingsweerstand
English: matching resistor

Dutch: aanpasstuk
English: adapter; adaptor; matching piece

Dutch: aanplakbord
English: notice board; bulletin board

Dutch: aanraakbaar
English: touchable; exposed

Dutch: aanraakbaarheid
English: touchability; exposedness

Dutch: aanraakgevoelig scherm
English: touch-sensitive display

Dutch: aanraken
English: to touch (each other); to be in contact

Dutch: aanrakingsgevaar
English: risk of contacting; risk of touching

Dutch: aanrakingsoppervlak
English: contact area; area of contact

Dutch: aanrakingsoppervlakte
English: contact surface; surface of contact

Dutch: aanrechtmodel
English: sink model

Dutch: aanrijgen
English: to thread

Dutch: aanroeping
English: invocation

Dutch: aanroepopdracht
English: call instruction

Dutch: aanroepprogramma
English: calling sequence

Dutch: aanroeppunt
English: point of invocation

Dutch: aanschaf
English: purchase; procurement

Dutch: aanschaffen
English: to buy; to purchase; to procure

Dutch: aanschaffing
English: purchase; procurement

Dutch: aanschaffingskosten
English: initial cost

Dutch: aanschakelniveau
English: trigger level

Dutch: aanscherpen
English: to sharpen; to point

Dutch: aanscherper
English: sharpener

Dutch: aanslaan
English: to tarnish; to blacken; to strike; to touch; to start; to fire; to key

Dutch: aanslag
English: stop; touch; deposit; settlement; scale; incrustation; tarnish; blackening; stroke

Dutch: aanslagbeugel
English: stop bracket

Dutch: aanslaghouder
English: stop holder

Dutch: aanslagnok
English: stop; stop boss

Dutch: aanslagpen
English: stop pin

Dutch: aanslagplaat
English: stop plate

Dutch: aanslagring
English: stop ring; stop collar

Dutch: aanslagschroef
English: stop screw

Dutch: aanslagspanning
English: starting voltage

Dutch: aanslagspleet
English: stop slot

Dutch: aanslagstift
English: connecting pin

Dutch: aanslagstroom
English: starting current

Dutch: aanslagstuk
English: stopper; stop piece

Dutch: aanslagvinger
English: finger stop

Dutch: aansluitbaarheid
English: connectivity

Dutch: aansluitbout
English: connecting bolt

Dutch: aansluitbus
English: terminal socket

Dutch: aansluitcontact
English: terminal contact

Dutch: aansluitdemping
English: terminal attenuation; terminal damping; connection damping

Dutch: aansluitdoos
English: outlet; outlet socket; terminal box; junction box

Dutch: aansluitdop
English: terminal cap; connecting cap

Dutch: aansluitdraad
English: connecting wire; connecting lead

Dutch: aansluiten
English: to connect; to branch; to hook up; to fit; to close up; to abut

Dutch: aansluitend
English: abutting

Dutch: aansluitflens
English: connecting flange

Dutch: aansluiting
English: connection; interface

Dutch: aansluitingsbevestiging
English: handshake; handshaking

Dutch: aansluitkaart
English: interface board

Dutch: aansluitkabel
English: connecting cable

Dutch: aansluitkast
English: terminal box; junction box

Dutch: aansluitklem
English: terminal; connecting terminal

Dutch: aansluitlip
English: tag

Dutch: aansluitmateriaal
English: connecting material

Dutch: aansluitmoer
English: connecting nut; terminal nut

Dutch: aansluitmof
English: coupling box; coupling sleeve

Dutch: aansluitmogelijkheid
English: provision for connection

Dutch: aansluitnippel
English: connecting nipple

Dutch: aansluitoog
English: connecting eyelet

Dutch: aansluitpen
English: connecting pin; terminal; terminal pin; pin

Dutch: aansluitplaat
English: connecting plate; terminal plate

Dutch: aansluitpunt
English: connecting point; terminal

Dutch: aansluitslang
English: connecting hose

Dutch: aansluitsnoer
English: connecting flex; connecting lead; connecting cord

Dutch: aansluitstrip
English: terminal strip; connecting strip; tagstrip

Dutch: aansluitstuk
English: connecting piece; connector

Dutch: aansluittijd
English: connecting time; session

Dutch: aansluitventiel
English: connecting valve

Dutch: aansluitvlak
English: contact area

Dutch: aansmelten (aan)
English: to weld to; to seal to

Dutch: aansnijding
English: chamfer

Dutch: aansolderen
English: to solder on

Dutch: aanspreekdiepte
English: reaction depth

Dutch: aanspreekgevoeligheid
English: discrimination

Dutch: aanspreekimpuls
English: disturb pulse; post-write disturb pulse; pre-read disturb pulse

Dutch: aanspreekstroom
English: reaction current

Dutch: aanspreektijd
English: pick-up time; pull-in time; operate time; reaction time

Dutch: aanspreken
English: to pick-up; to pull-in; to operate; to be energized

Dutch: aanspuitboom
English: runner

Dutch: aanspuitbus
English: feed bush; sprue bush

Dutch: aanspuiting
English: sprue; gate

Dutch: aanspuitingafsnijder
English: gate

Dutch: aanspuitingskanaal
English: runner

Dutch: aanspuitingsuitstoter
English: sprue ejector

Dutch: aanspuitinguittrekker
English: sprue puller

Dutch: aanspuitkanaal
English: runner

Dutch: aanspuitkegel
English: sprue

Dutch: aanspuitopening
English: gate

Dutch: aanspuitpoort
English: gate

Dutch: aanspuitrest
English: transfer pull; sprue mark

Dutch: aanstootfrequentie
English: excitation frequency

Dutch: aanstoten
English: to strike against; to impact; to excite; to strike the stop

Dutch: aanstreepmethode
English: mark sensing; mark scanning

Dutch: aansturen
English: to drive

Dutch: aantal
English: number; quantity; absolute frequency; number of

Dutch: aantal fouten
English: number of defects; defects per unit

Dutch: aantal instel-items
English: set-up quantity

Dutch: aantal lijnen
English: number of lines

Dutch: aantal per verpakking
English: number per package; quantity per package

Dutch: aantal windingen
English: number of turns; number of coils

Dutch: aantasten; aan te tasten
English: to affect; to impair; to infringe; to violate; to attack

Dutch: aantekenen
English: to note; to jot down; to record

Dutch: aantekening
English: note; record; memorandum; memo

Dutch: aantrekkelijkheid
English: attractiveness; attraction

Dutch: aantrekken
English: to attract; to pick-up; to pull-in; to operate; to engage; to enlist

Dutch: aantrekking
English: attraction; pick-up; pull-in; operate; engagement; enlistment; pulling

Dutch: aantrekkingskracht
English: force of attraction; attractive force

Dutch: aantrekspanning
English: pick-up voltage; pull-in voltage

Dutch: aantrekstroom
English: pick-up current; pull-in current

Dutch: aan-uit-bewerking
English: on-off operation

Dutch: aan-uit-schakelaar
English: on-off switch

Dutch: aan-uit-verhouding
English: on-off ratio

Dutch: aanvangslaadstroom
English: initial charging current

Dutch: aanvangssnelheid
English: initial speed; initial velocity

Dutch: aanvankelijk
English: initial

Dutch: aanverwante bedrijven
English: allied industries

Dutch: aanvoer
English: supply; feed

Dutch: aanvoerapparaat
English: feeding device

Dutch: aanvoerband
English: supply belt; feed belt; feeder to waterfall-glazing-machine (IATE: Chemical compound)

Dutch: aanvoerbeweging
English: feed movement

Dutch: aanvoerbuis
English: feed tube

Dutch: aanvoeren
English: to supply; to feed; to allege

Dutch: aanvoergoot
English: feed chute

Dutch: aanvoering
English: allegation

Dutch: aanvoerleiding
English: supply line

Dutch: aanvoermondstuk
English: supply nozzle; feed nozzle

Dutch: aanvoerrol
English: feed roller

Dutch: aanvoerslede
English: feed slide

Dutch: aanvoersnelheid
English: rate of feed

Dutch: aanvoerspruitstuk
English: supply manifold; feed manifold

Dutch: aanvoerwals
English: feed roll

Dutch: aanvraagbelasting
English: demand load

Dutch: aanvraagtoekenning
English: demand assignment

Dutch: aanvreten
English: to impair

Dutch: aanvullen
English: to replenish; to top up; to complete; to supplement

Dutch: aanvullend
English: supplementary

Dutch: aanvullend bericht
English: amplifying message

Dutch: aanvullend onderhoud
English: supplementary maintenance

Dutch: aanvullende attributen
English: additive attributes

Dutch: aanvullende tekening
English: supplementary drawing

Dutch: aanvuller
English: replenisher

Dutch: aanvulling
English: replenishment; top-up; completion; supplementation; supplement

Dutch: aanvullingsmiddel
English: replenisher

Dutch: aanwezige ordening
English: ordering bias

Dutch: aanwezigheidscontrole
English: checking-in

Dutch: aanwezigheidsuren
English: attendance hours

Dutch: aanwijsbare fout
English: noticeable error

Dutch: aanwijsbare oorzaak
English: assignable cause

Dutch: aanwijzen
English: to indicate; to show; to point out; to appoint; to nominate; to assign a task to a person; to indicate; to read

Dutch: aanwijzer
English: indicator; index; pointer

Dutch: aanwijzing
English: indication; appointment; nomination; assignment; reading

Dutch: aanzet
English: directive; pseudo-instruction; longitudinal feed; traverse; cross feed

Dutch: aanzetkoppel
English: starting torque

Dutch: aanzetmechanisme
English: starting gear; starting mechanism

Dutch: aanzetslinger
English: starting handle

Dutch: aanzetten
English: to start; to feed in; to sharpen; to wet

Dutch: aanzetwinding
English: preliminary turn

Dutch: aanzicht
English: view; appearance; shot

Dutch: aanzuigen
English: to suck; to draw; to prime

Dutch: aanzuigleiding
English: suction line

Dutch: aanzuiglucht
English: intake air

Dutch: aanzuigsnelheid
English: suction rate

Dutch: aanzuigtafel
English: vacuum table

Dutch: aanzuigvermogen
English: suction capacity

Dutch: aanzuigzijde
English: suction side

Dutch: aanzuren
English: to acidify; to acidulate

Dutch: aanzuring
English: acidulation

Dutch: A-apparaat
English: receiver with transformer supply

Dutch: aardaansluiting
English: earth connection; earth terminal; ground connection; ground terminal

Dutch: aardabsorptie
English: ground absorption

Dutch: aardbus
English: ground bus

Dutch: aardcapaciteit
English: earth contact; ground contact; mass contact

Dutch: aarddetector
English: ground detector

Dutch: aarddraad
English: earth wire; earth lead; ground wire; ground lead; mass wire; mass lead

Dutch: aarde
English: earth; mass; earth ground; ground

Dutch: aarden
English: to earth; to ground

Dutch: aardgeleiding
English: ground conductivity

Dutch: aardimpedantie
English: impedance ground

Dutch: aarding
English: earthing; grounding (US)

Dutch: aardisolatie
English: ground insulation

Dutch: aardklem
English: earth terminal; ground terminal

Dutch: aardleiding
English: earth lead; earth wire; ground lead; ground wire

Dutch: aardlek
English: earth leakage

Dutch: aardlekbeveiliging
English: earth leakage protection

Dutch: aardlip
English: earth tag; ground tag

Dutch: aardmagnetisch veld
English: earth's magnetic field; terrestrial magnetic field

Dutch: aardmagnetisme
English: earth magnetism; terrestrial magnetism

Dutch: aardmeetkunde
English: geodesy

Dutch: aard-onsymmetrisch
English: unbalanced-to-earth; unbalanced- to-ground

Dutch: aardplaat
English: earth plate; ground plate

Dutch: aardpotentiaal
English: earth potential; ground potential

Dutch: aardpunt
English: earth point

Dutch: aardresistentie
English: ground resistance

Dutch: aardruis
English: ground noise

Dutch: aardschakelaar
English: earth switch

Dutch: aardsluitingsaanwijzer
English: ground detector

Dutch: aardspanning
English: voltage to ground

Dutch: aardstang
English: ground rod

Dutch: aardstation
English: earth station

Dutch: aardstrip
English: earth strip

Dutch: aardstromen
English: earth currents

Dutch: aardstroom
English: ground current

Dutch: aardsymbool
English: earth symbol; ground symbol

Dutch: aard-symmetrisch
English: balanced-to-earth; balanced-to- ground

Dutch: aardteken
English: earth sign; earth symbol; ground sign; ground symbol

Dutch: aardveer
English: earth spring

Dutch: aardverbinding
English: earth connection; earth lead; ground connection; ground lead

Dutch: aardverklikker
English: leakage indicator; earth detector

Dutch: aardwas
English: mineral wax; ozokerite

Dutch: aardweerstand
English: earth resistance

Dutch: aardzijde
English: earth side; cold side; low side

Dutch: AB
English: alternating burst

Dutch: abacus
English: abacus

Dutch: abampére
English: abampere

Dutch: ABC-analyse
English: ABC analysis

Dutch: ABC-classificatie
English: ABC classification

Dutch: ABC-plan
English: ABC-plan

Dutch: ABC-planning
English: ABC planning

Dutch: ABC-principe
English: ABC principle; ABC analysis

Dutch: ABC-voorraadbeheer
English: ABC stock control

Dutch: abductie
English: abduction

Dutch: ABEL
English: Acid-Base and Electrolyte disorders: ABEL

Dutch: abfarad
English: abfarad

Dutch: abhenry
English: abhenry

Dutch: abnormaal einde
English: abnormal end: abend

Dutch: abnormale activering
English: abnormal triggering

Dutch: abnormale dissipatie
English: abnormal dissipation

Dutch: abnormale gloei
English: abnormal glow

Dutch: abnormale oscillatie
English: abnormal oscillation

Dutch: abnormale propagatie
English: abnormal propagation

Dutch: abohm
English: abohm

Dutch: abonnee
English: subscriber

Dutch: abonnee-uitgang
English: subscriber output

Dutch: abonnementsgeld
English: subscription rate; subscription fee

Dutch: abonneren
English: to subscribe

Dutch: abrupte junctie
English: step junction

Dutch: abscis
English: abscissa

Dutch: absolute adressering
English: absolute addressing; specific addressing; absolute coding; specific coding

Dutch: absolute afwijking
English: absolute deviation

Dutch: absolute alcohol
English: absolute alcohol

Dutch: absolute cijfers
English: absolute figures

Dutch: absolute coördinaten
English: absolute coordinates

Dutch: absolute code
English: absolute code

Dutch: absolute codering
English: absolute coding; actual coding; basic coding

Dutch: absolute dimensies
English: absolute dimensions

Dutch: absolute eenheden
English: absolute units

Dutch: absolute frequentie
English: absolute frequency

Dutch: absolute instructie
English: absolute instruction

Dutch: absolute kracht
English: absolute power

Dutch: absolute laadkaart
English: absolute loader card

Dutch: absolute laadmodule
English: absolute load module

Dutch: absolute machinecode
English: absolute machine code

Dutch: absolute padnaam
English: absolute pathname

Dutch: absolute programmering
English: absolute programming

Dutch: absolute schaal
English: absolute scale

Dutch: absolute stroommeting
English: absolute measurement of current

Dutch: absolute taal
English: absolute language

Dutch: absolute tolerantie
English: absolute tolerance

Dutch: absolute uitdrukking
English: absolute expression

Dutch: absolute vertraging
English: absolute delay

Dutch: absolute-positiesensor
English: absolute position sensor

Dutch: absoluut adres
English: absolute address; actual address

Dutch: absoluut laadprogramma
English: absolute loader; absolute program loader

Dutch: absoluut vermogen
English: absolute power

Dutch: absoluut vrij veld
English: absolute free field

Dutch: absorptiecircuit
English: absorption circuit

Dutch: absorptiegolfmeter
English: absorption wavemeter

Dutch: absorptiekoelkast
English: absorption refrigerator

Dutch: absorptiekromme
English: absorption curve

Dutch: absorptiemeter
English: absorptiometer

Dutch: absorptieve modulatie
English: absorptive modulation

Dutch: absorptieverlies
English: absorption loss

Dutch: absorptievermogen
English: absorption capacity

Dutch: abstract datatype
English: abstract data type: ADT

Dutch: abstract gegevenstype
English: abstract data type: ADT

Dutch: abstract object
English: abstract object

Dutch: abstract symbool
English: abstract symbol

Dutch: abstracte klasse
English: abstract class

Dutch: abstracte machine
English: abstract machine

Dutch: abstracte methode
English: abstract method

Dutch: abstracte testgroep
English: abstract test suite

Dutch: abstractie
English: abstraction

Dutch: abuis
English: mistake

Dutch: abvolt
English: abvolt

Dutch: abwatt
English: abwatt

Dutch: acacia
English: acacia

Dutch: acceleratie
English: acceleration

Dutch: acceleratiepaneel
English: accelerator board

Dutch: acceleratietijd
English: acceleration time

Dutch: accelereren
English: to accelerate

Dutch: accentuering
English: emphasis

Dutch: acceptatie van goederen
English: acceptance of goods

Dutch: acceptatiegrenzen
English: acceptance limits

Dutch: acceptatietest
English: acceptance test

Dutch: acceptatietesten
English: acceptance testing

Dutch: acceptor
English: acceptor

Dutch: acceptordoopstof
English: acceptor impurity

Dutch: acceptordoping
English: acceptor doping

Dutch: accessoire
English: accessory; feature

Dutch: accomodatiegrenzen
English: accommodation limits

Dutch: accountinglegende
English: accounting legend

Dutch: accountingsymbool
English: accounting symbol

Dutch: accreditief
English: documentary credit

Dutch: accu
English: accumulator; battery

Dutch: accubak
English: accumulator box; battery container

Dutch: accucel
English: storage cell

Dutch: accugelijkrichter
English: battery rectifier

Dutch: acculaadstroom
English: battery charging current

Dutch: acculader
English: battery charger

Dutch: acculading
English: battery charge

Dutch: accuvoeding
English: battery supply

Dutch: accuzuur
English: battery acid

Dutch: acetaatband
English: acetate tape

Dutch: acetaatbutyraat
English: acetate butyrate

Dutch: acetaatfoelie
English: acetate foil

Dutch: achromatisch gebied
English: achromatic locus; achromatic region

Dutch: achromatische kleur
English: achromatic colour

Dutch: achromatische lens
English: achromatic lens

Dutch: achteraan beginnen
English: last in, first out: LIFO

Dutch: achteraanslag
English: back stop

Dutch: achteraanzicht
English: rear view; back view

Dutch: achterbankpassagiers
English: rear seat passengers

Dutch: achterblijvend
English: residual

Dutch: achterbrug
English: final drive

Dutch: achtereenvolgend
English: sequential

Dutch: achtereenvolgens
English: sequential; serial

Dutch: achtereindprocessor
English: back-end processor

Dutch: achterflank
English: trailing edge

Dutch: achtergrond
English: background; fond

Dutch: achtergrondgeheugen
English: background memory

Dutch: achtergrondpartitie
English: background partition

Dutch: achtergrondregeling
English: background control

Dutch: achtergrondruis
English: background noise

Dutch: achtergrondverwerking
English: background processing

Dutch: achter-het-oor apparaat
English: behind-the-ear hearing aid

Dutch: achterhoofdskwab
English: occipital lobe

Dutch: achterkant
English: rear; back

Dutch: achterlicht
English: quarterlight

Dutch: achterlichten
English: rear lights

Dutch: achteroverhellend
English: reclining

Dutch: achteroverklappen
English: to swing back; to fold back

Dutch: achterplaat
English: backplate; rear plate

Dutch: achterprojectie
English: back projection

Dutch: achterrichting
English: back direction

Dutch: achterruitverwarming
English: heated backlight

Dutch: achterspruit
English: rear branch pipe

Dutch: achterstallige order
English: delinquent order

Dutch: achterstand
English: arrears; backlog

Dutch: achterste kasthelft
English: back cabinet half

Dutch: achterste zwartstoep
English: backporch

Dutch: achtersteun
English: tailstock

Dutch: achterstoep
English: back porch

Dutch: achteruitgang
English: deterioration

Dutch: achteruitversnelling
English: reverse gear

Dutch: achteruitverstelling
English: aft-adjustment

Dutch: achtervoegsel
English: suffix; subscript

Dutch: achterwaarts ketenen
English: backward chaining

Dutch: achterwaarts redeneren
English: backward reasoning

Dutch: achterwaartskanaal
English: backward channel

Dutch: achterwand
English: backplate; rear cover; back cover

Dutch: achterwandschroef
English: backplate screw

Dutch: achterwielophanging
English: rear suspension

Dutch: achterzijde
English: back

Dutch: achterzitting
English: rear seat

Dutch: achthoekig
English: octagonal

Dutch: achtkantig
English: octagonal

Dutch: achttallig cijfer
English: octal digit

Dutch: achttallig stelsel
English: octal notation

Dutch: achtvlak
English: octahedron

Dutch: achtvlakkig
English: octahedral

Dutch: achtvoetstoon
English: eight-foot tone

Dutch: aciditeit
English: acidity

Dutch: acquisitieplanning
English: acquisition planning

Dutch: acroniem
English: acronym

Dutch: acrylaathars
English: acrylic resin

Dutch: acrylonitril
English: acrylonitrile; acrylic nitrile

Dutch: acrylzuur
English: acrylic acid; acroleic acid

Dutch: actiebericht
English: action message

Dutch: actief apparaat
English: active device

Dutch: actief component
English: active component

Dutch: actief detectiesysteem
English: active detection system

Dutch: actief element
English: active element

Dutch: actief filter
English: active filter

Dutch: actief netwerk
English: active network

Dutch: actief object
English: active object

Dutch: actiefactor
English: action factor

Dutch: actiegrens
English: action limit

Dutch: actie-ingang
English: action entry

Dutch: actienemend kantoor
English: action office

Dutch: actieomschrijving
English: action stub

Dutch: actieplan
English: action plan; plan of action

Dutch: actiepotentie
English: action potential

Dutch: actietaal
English: action language

Dutch: actieve accommodatie
English: active accommodation

Dutch: actieve eenheid
English: active device

Dutch: actieve laag
English: active layer

Dutch: actieve omvormer
English: active transducer

Dutch: actieve optica
English: active optics

Dutch: actieve partitie
English: active partition

Dutch: actieve redundantie
English: active redundancy

Dutch: actieve reparatietijd
English: active repair time

Dutch: actieve sonar
English: active sonar

Dutch: actieve stof
English: active material

Dutch: actieve tijd
English: active time

Dutch: actieve voorraad
English: active inventory

Dutch: actinometrie
English: actinometry

Dutch: activator
English: activator

Dutch: activeren
English: to activate; to actuate; to enable

Dutch: activering
English: activation; firing

Dutch: activeringsmiddel
English: activator

Dutch: activeringspoort
English: enabling gate

Dutch: activiteit
English: activity

Dutch: activiteitenbesturing
English: activity control

Dutch: activiteitengedrag
English: activity behaviour

Dutch: activiteitenplanning
English: activity planning

Dutch: activiteitsfactor
English: activity factor

Dutch: activiteitspercentage
English: activity rate

Dutch: actor
English: actor

Dutch: actuator
English: actuator

Dutch: actueel argument
English: actual argument (parameter)

Dutch: actueel resultaat
English: actual outcome

Dutch: actuele parameter
English: actual parameter

Dutch: actuele parameterlijst
English: actual parameter list

Dutch: ad
English: advertisement

Dutch: ad hoc testen
English: ad hoc testing

Dutch: ad mats
English: advertisement materials

Dutch: ad rem-uitvoer
English: real-time output

Dutch: adaptie
English: adaption

Dutch: adaptief onderhoud
English: adaptive maintenance

Dutch: adaptieve routering
English: adaptive routing

Dutch: adaptor
English: adaptor; adapter

Dutch: additief kleurenmengsel
English: additive colour mixture

Dutch: additief kleurensysteem
English: additive colour system

Dutch: additief mengen
English: additive mixing

Dutch: additief mengsel
English: additive mixture

Dutch: additieve kleurmenging
English: additive colour mixing

Dutch: additioneel
English: additional

Dutch: additionele behoefte
English: additional requirement

Dutch: additiviteit
English: additivity

Dutch: ader
English: core; conductor; vein

Dutch: adjusteren
English: to adjust

Dutch: administrateur
English: accountant

Dutch: administratie
English: administration; accounting

Dutch: administratief
English: administrative; clerical; business

Dutch: administratief netwerk
English: administrative network

Dutch: administratiemachine
English: tabulator; accounting machine

Dutch: administratiesysteem
English: accounting system

Dutch: admittantie
English: admittance

Dutch: AD-omzetter
English: analogue-digital converter

Dutch: A-doos
English: A-box; A-carton

Dutch: adres met twee niveaus
English: two-level address

Dutch: adresboek
English: directory

Dutch: adresbus
English: address bus

Dutch: adresconstante
English: address constant

Dutch: adresdeel
English: address part

Dutch: adresformaat
English: address format

Dutch: adresgroep
English: address group

Dutch: adresgroeptoewijzing
English: address group allocation

Dutch: adresindeling
English: address format

Dutch: adresindicatiegroep
English: address indicating group: AIG

Dutch: adresloze opdrachtvorm
English: zero address instruction format; addressless instruction format

Dutch: adresmodificatie
English: address modification

Dutch: adresoproep
English: call by name

Dutch: adresregister
English: address register

Dutch: adresresolutieprotocol
English: address resolution protocol: ARP

Dutch: adresruimte
English: address space

Dutch: adresscheidingsteken
English: address separator

Dutch: adresseerbaar
English: addressable

Dutch: adresseerbaar punt
English: addressable point

Dutch: adresseerbaarheid
English: addressability

Dutch: adresseerlijst
English: map

Dutch: adresseren
English: to address

Dutch: adressering
English: addressing

Dutch: adresseringsbericht
English: address message

Dutch: adresseringsexceptie
English: addressing exception

Dutch: adressignaal
English: address signal

Dutch: adressoortcode
English: address designator

Dutch: adresspoor
English: address track

Dutch: adrestopologie
English: address topology

Dutch: adresveld
English: address field

Dutch: adresvelduitbreiding
English: address field extension

Dutch: adresvertaalprogramma
English: address translator

Dutch: adverteren
English: advertising

Dutch: adviesbericht
English: advice notice

Dutch: adviesprijs
English: suggested list price; suggested retail price

Dutch: adviseur
English: consultant; adviser; advisor

Dutch: Aegis
English: Aegis

Dutch: aethanol
English: aethanol; ethyl alcohol

Dutch: aether
English: ether

Dutch: afbeelden
English: to depict; to display; to project; to map

Dutch: afbeelding
English: image; map

Dutch: afbeitsen
English: to etch; to pickle; to reduce by pickling

Dutch: afbijtmiddel
English: stripper; remover

Dutch: afbikken
English: to scale; to descale

Dutch: afbinden
English: to bind; to set; to cure; to harden

Dutch: afbindtijd
English: setting time

Dutch: afbladderen
English: to scale; to flake; to exfoliate

Dutch: afblazen
English: to blow clean; to eject by air; to blow off

Dutch: afboektelpunt
English: count point backflush

Dutch: afborstelen
English: to brush off; to brush down

Dutch: afbraakproducten
English: breakdown products; decomposition products

Dutch: afbramen
English: to deburr; to fettle; to trim; to snag

Dutch: afbranden
English: to deflash

Dutch: afbreektijd
English: breaking-down time; tear down time

Dutch: afbreken
English: to abort; to break off

Dutch: afbrokkelen
English: to crumble off

Dutch: afbuigcentrum
English: deflection centre

Dutch: afbuigconversie-unit
English: deflection-convergence unit

Dutch: afbuigeenheid
English: deflection unit; yoke

Dutch: afbuigelektrode
English: deflection and focusing electrode; beamforming electrode; deflection electrode

Dutch: afbuiggevoeligheid
English: deflection sensitivity

Dutch: afbuighoek
English: deflection angle; angle of deflection

Dutch: afbuigingsgenerator
English: sweep regenerator

Dutch: afbuiginrichting
English: deflector

Dutch: afbuigjuk
English: deflection yoke

Dutch: afbuigkwaliteit
English: deflection quality

Dutch: afbuigplaat
English: deflecting plate

Dutch: afbuigplaatje
English: deflection plate

Dutch: afbuigpolariteit
English: deflection polarity

Dutch: afbuigpunt
English: deflection center

Dutch: afbuigspanning
English: deflection voltage; sweep voltage

Dutch: afbuigspiegel
English: mirror; deflector

Dutch: afbuigspoel
English: deflection coil

Dutch: afbuigstroom
English: deflection current; deflecting current

Dutch: afbuigsysteem
English: deflection system; deflecting system

Dutch: afbuigtransformator
English: deflection transformer

Dutch: afbuigvermogen
English: deflection power

Dutch: afbuigvlak
English: deflection plane

Dutch: afdak
English: shelter

Dutch: afdalend
English: descending; falling

Dutch: afdekkap
English: guard

Dutch: afdekken
English: to cover; to mask; to shield

Dutch: afdeklaag
English: protective layer; protective coating

Dutch: afdekmassa
English: covering compound

Dutch: afdekplaat
English: cover plate; cover; screening plate; masking plate

Dutch: afdeling
English: department

Dutch: afdeling vormgeving
English: industrial design department

Dutch: afdelingschef
English: head of department; department head; department chief; department manager; departmental manager

Dutch: afdelingsplanning
English: department scheduling

Dutch: afdelingsstructuur
English: departmental structure

Dutch: afdelingsvoorraden
English: departmental stocks

Dutch: afdichtbus
English: sealing bush; packing bush; dust cap

Dutch: afdichten
English: to seal; to pack

Dutch: afdichting
English: packing; sealing; gasket

Dutch: afdichtkoord
English: packing cord

Dutch: afdichtmassa
English: sealing compound

Dutch: afdichtprop
English: sealing plug

Dutch: afdichtring
English: sealing ring; packing ring

Dutch: afdoend middel
English: effective means

Dutch: afdraaien
English: to turn off

Dutch: afdruipbak
English: drain tray

Dutch: afdruipen
English: to drain; to drip

Dutch: afdruiprek
English: drain rack

Dutch: afdruk
English: hardcopy; listing; print; copy

Dutch: afdrukapparaat
English: printer

Dutch: afdrukbare kopie
English: printable copy

Dutch: afdrukeenheid
English: chain printer; printer

Dutch: afdrukgebied
English: print area

Dutch: afdrukgedeelte
English: print area

Dutch: afdrukken
English: to list; to print; to copy

Dutch: afdrukketting
English: print chain

Dutch: afdrukmachine
English: printer

Dutch: afdrukmedium
English: print member

Dutch: afdruk-ontwerpformulier
English: printer spacing chart

Dutch: afdrukprogramma
English: list program

Dutch: afdrukstang
English: print bar

Dutch: afdrukstation
English: print station

Dutch: afdrukwiel
English: print wheel

Dutch: afdwingende toestand
English: forcing state

Dutch: afferent
English: afferent

Dutch: affiene geometrie
English: affined geometry

Dutch: affilteren
English: to separate by filtration; to filtrate off; to filter

Dutch: afgebroken keuring
English: curtailed inspection

Dutch: afgedekt
English: lidded

Dutch: afgedrukt
English: printed; copied

Dutch: afgegeven spanning
English: output voltage

Dutch: afgekant
English: sharp edges removed

Dutch: afgeknipt
English: cut off; sheared; squared off

Dutch: afgeknotte kegel
English: truncated cone; frustum of a cone

Dutch: afgelegen
English: distant; remote; most distant; most remote

Dutch: afgeleid type
English: derived type

Dutch: afgeleid van
English: derived from

Dutch: afgeleide
English: derivative; derived version; derived type

Dutch: afgeleverd overheadbit
English: delivered overhead bit

Dutch: afgeleverd overheadblok
English: delivered overhead block

Dutch: afgeschermd
English: screened; shielded; protected; guarded; covered; masked

Dutch: afgeschermd rooster
English: shielded grid

Dutch: afgeschermde draad
English: shielded wire

Dutch: afgeschuind
English: bevelled; chamfered

Dutch: afgeslankt
English: lean

Dutch: afgeslankte productie
English: lean production

Dutch: afgesloten
English: lidded

Dutch: afgestemd
English: tuned; balanced

Dutch: afgestemd circuit
English: tuned circuit

Dutch: afgestemd diafragma
English: resonant diaphragm

Dutch: afgestemd op
English: tuned to; attuned to; tailored to; geared to; adapted to; aligned with

Dutch: afgestemd relais
English: tuned relay

Dutch: afgestemd steunstuk
English: resonant supporting piece

Dutch: afgestemde antenne
English: tuned antenna; tuned aerial

Dutch: afgestemde kring
English: tuned circuit

Dutch: afgestemde lijn
English: tuned line

Dutch: afgestemde productie
English: synchronized production

Dutch: afgezakte windingen
English: sagged turns

Dutch: afgifte
English: exudation; emission; dissipation

Dutch: afgiftebon
English: requisition note

Dutch: afgiftestaat
English: requisition list

Dutch: afhakbuiggatenstempel
English: cutting-off, piercing and bending tool; cropping, piercing and bending tool; cutting-off, piercing and forming tool; cropping, piercing and forming tool

Dutch: afhakbuigstempel
English: cutting off and bending tool; cropping and bending tool

Dutch: afhakgereedschap
English: cropping tool; cutting-off tool; chopping tool

Dutch: afhakken
English: to chop; to cut off

Dutch: afhakstempel
English: cropping tool; cutting-off tool

Dutch: afhalen
English: to take off

Dutch: afhandeling inkomend
English: inward handling

Dutch: afhandeling uitgaand
English: outward handling

Dutch: afhandelingsdienst
English: handling service

Dutch: afhankelijk (van)
English: dependent (on)

Dutch: afhankelijke vraag
English: dependent demand

Dutch: afhankelijkheidsdiagram
English: dependency diagram

Dutch: afhechten
English: to anchor; to siphon off

Dutch: afkanten
English: to remove sharp edges; to bevel; to chamfer

Dutch: afkapfout
English: truncation error

Dutch: afkappen
English: to truncate

Dutch: afkeurbaar
English: rejectable

Dutch: afkeurcriterium
English: rejection number

Dutch: afkeuren
English: to reject

Dutch: afkeurgrens
English: no go limit; reject limit

Dutch: afkeurkaliber
English: no go gauge

Dutch: afkeurlijn
English: rejection line

Dutch: afkeurpercentage
English: rejects percentage

Dutch: afkeurzijde
English: no go side

Dutch: afkloppen
English: to knock off

Dutch: afknijpen
English: to cutoff; to pinch off; to nip off

Dutch: afknijpfrequentie
English: cutoff frequency

Dutch: afknijpgolflengte
English: cutoff wavelength

Dutch: afknijping
English: cutting-off; pinching-off; nipping-off; land flash

Dutch: afknijppunt
English: cut-off value; cut-off point; cut-off

Dutch: afknijprand
English: flash ridge; land surface

Dutch: afknijpring
English: flash ring

Dutch: afknijpspanning
English: cut-off voltage

Dutch: afknippen
English: to clip; to cut off; to shear; to square; to square off

Dutch: afkniptang
English: cutting pliers

Dutch: afknotten
English: to clip

Dutch: afkoelen
English: to cool; to cool down

Dutch: afkoeling
English: cooling; cooling down

Dutch: afkoelingsperiode
English: cooling-off period

Dutch: afkoelklem
English: cooling clamp; heatsink

Dutch: afkoeltijd
English: cooling time; cooling-down time

Dutch: afkomstig van
English: originating from

Dutch: afkorting
English: abbreviation

Dutch: afkrabben
English: to scrape; to scrape off

Dutch: afkrijtend
English: chalking

Dutch: afkrijting
English: chalking

Dutch: aflakbout
English: sealing iron

Dutch: aflakken
English: to seal; to lock-paint; to finish; to apply a finish coat(ing); to lacquer-coat

Dutch: aflaklaag
English: finish coat; finish; top coat

Dutch: aflakmachine
English: sealing device

Dutch: afleesapparaat
English: reading device

Dutch: afleesbaar
English: readable

Dutch: afleesbaarheid
English: readability

Dutch: afleesbereik
English: reading range

Dutch: afleesfout
English: error in reading; reading error; reading accuracy

Dutch: aflegmagazijn
English: cart stacker; receiver

Dutch: aflegvlak
English: pocket

Dutch: afleiding
English: conduction; derivation; dissipation; deduction

Dutch: afleveringsbevestiging
English: delivery confirmation

Dutch: afleverinstructie
English: delivery instruction

Dutch: afleverkwaliteit
English: delivery quality

Dutch: aflevernota
English: delivery invoice

Dutch: aflezing
English: reading

Dutch: aflezingssysteem
English: read-out system

Dutch: afloop
English: fall; run off; slope; tailing-off

Dutch: afloopband
English: trailing tape

Dutch: afloopeffect
English: tailing-off effect

Dutch: aflooppatroon
English: tailing-off pattern

Dutch: afloopperiode
English: tailing-off period

Dutch: afloopstoel
English: feed reel; unreeling device; spooling-off bracket; dereeler

Dutch: aflopen
English: to slope; to run off; to run out; to expire

Dutch: aflopend kader
English: bleed border

Dutch: afmeting
English: dimension; size

Dutch: afmontage
English: final assembly

Dutch: afmonteren
English: finish (assembly); complete (assembly)

Dutch: afname
English: decrease; reduction; diminution; offtake; taking; take-off

Dutch: afnamekwaliteit
English: purchase quality

Dutch: afnamepatroon
English: off-take pattern [1]

Dutch: afnametesten
English: acceptance trials

Dutch: afneembaar
English: detachable; removable

Dutch: afneembaar schakelbord
English: detachable plug-board

Dutch: afneembaar snoer
English: detachable cord

Dutch: afneemcontact
English: take-off contact

Dutch: afneeminrichting
English: take-off device

Dutch: afneempunt
English: take-off point

Dutch: afneemveer
English: wiper spring; slip spring

Dutch: afnemen; af te nemen
English: buy; purchase

Dutch: afnemer
English: buyer; consumer; customer

Dutch: afnemersrisico
English: consumer's risk

Dutch: afplakken
English: to mask; to tape seal; to stick

Dutch: afplatten
English: to flatten

Dutch: afplatting van de kern
English: basic minor truncation

Dutch: afplatting van de top
English: basic major truncation

Dutch: afregelen
English: to adjust; to trim; to align; to set

Dutch: afregeling
English: adjustment; alignment; trimming

Dutch: afregeltafel
English: alignment table; balancing testboard; coil adjusting testboard

Dutch: afregelweerstand
English: trimmer resistor

Dutch: afremmechanisme
English: braking device

Dutch: afremmen
English: to brake; to slow down

Dutch: afremming
English: braking; wire tension

Dutch: afremmingsregelaar
English: wire tensioner

Dutch: afremveer
English: brake spring

Dutch: afremviltje
English: brake felt

Dutch: afroepen
English: call off

Dutch: afroeplijst
English: call-off list

Dutch: afroepplan
English: call-off schedule: COS

Dutch: afroepplanning
English: call-off planning; call-off scheduling

Dutch: afroepserie
English: call-off quantity

Dutch: afroepsysteem
English: call-off system

Dutch: afroepvrijgaven
English: blanket releases

Dutch: afrollen
English: to unroll; to unwind; to decoil; to unreel

Dutch: afronden
English: to round off; to radius; to round; to complete

Dutch: afronding
English: rounding; rounding-off; radius; completion

Dutch: afrormosia
English: afrormosia

Dutch: afschaduwing
English: corner cutting

Dutch: afscheiden
English: to partition off; to detach; to separate

Dutch: afscheiding
English: partitioning; detachment; coming loose; lifting; separation

Dutch: afscheidingswand
English: partition

Dutch: afschermblik
English: shield can

Dutch: afschermbus
English: screening can

Dutch: afschermdeksel
English: face screen

Dutch: afschermdoos
English: shield box

Dutch: afschermen
English: fence (off); mask; screen (off); shield; protect; guard; cover

Dutch: afschermfolie
English: screening foil

Dutch: afschermfreem
English: screening frame

Dutch: afschermkap
English: screening cap

Dutch: afschermkous
English: sleeve; tubing

Dutch: afschilferen
English: to flake; to peel

Dutch: afschrijven
English: to scribe; to mark out; to depreciate; to write off

Dutch: afschrikken
English: to quench; to chill

Dutch: afschuifkracht
English: shearing force

Dutch: afschuifspanning
English: shear stress

Dutch: afschuinen
English: to bevel; to chamfer

Dutch: afschuining
English: bevel; chamfer

Dutch: afschuiningshoek
English: angle of bevel; angle of chamfer

Dutch: afschuiven
English: to shear

Dutch: afslaan
English: to shut off; to stall; to stop

Dutch: afslaglengte
English: length measurement; cut-off length

Dutch: afslagoscillator
English: blocking oscillator

Dutch: afslagschakelaar
English: limit switch; autostop switch

Dutch: afslijten
English: to wear

Dutch: afsluitbaar
English: lockable

Dutch: afsluitbus
English: dust cap

Dutch: afsluiter
English: shut-off valve; stop cock; obturator; valve

Dutch: afsluitimpedantie
English: terminal impedance; terminating impedance

Dutch: afsluiting
English: closure; termination; match; matching; shut-off; cut-off; turn-off; seal; covering; conclusion

Dutch: afsluitingskenmerk
English: segment terminator

Dutch: afsluitkraan
English: stop cock

Dutch: afsluitprocedure
English: cut-off procedure

Dutch: afsluitsteker
English: terminating plug

Dutch: afsluitweerstand
English: terminating resistance

Dutch: afsmelten
English: to seal off

Dutch: afsnijbuiggatenstempel
English: cutting-off, piercing and bending tool; cropping, piercing and bending tool; cutting-off, piercing and forming tool; cropping, piercing and forming tool

Dutch: afsnijbuigstempel
English: cutting-off and bending tool; cropping and bending tool; cutting-off and forming tool; cropping and forming tool

Dutch: afsnijden
English: to cut off; to shear; to crop; to clip; to chop

Dutch: afsnijfelsgereedschap
English: cutting-riveting tool

Dutch: afsnijfrequentie
English: cut-off frequency; limit frequency

Dutch: afsnijgatenstempel
English: cutting-off and piercing tool; cropping and piercing tool

Dutch: afsnijlengte
English: cutting length

Dutch: afsnijpons
English: cropping punch

Dutch: afsnijrand
English: cut edge

Dutch: afsnijstempel
English: cutting-off tool; cropping tool

Dutch: afsnuiten
English: to chamfer

Dutch: afspanisolator
English: strain isolator

Dutch: afspannen
English: to unclamp

Dutch: afspeelapparatuur
English: playback equipment; audio equipment; music equipment

Dutch: afspelen
English: to play; to playback; to reproduce; to replay

Dutch: afsplitsen
English: to split off; to separate; to divide; to sever

Dutch: afspoelen
English: to de-reel; to unreel; to unspool; to spool off; to wash off; to rinse

Dutch: afspraak
English: agreement; convention; appointment

Dutch: afspuiten
English: to spray off; to spray clean

Dutch: afstand
English: distance; spacing; separation; interval; pitch row; pitch; array pitch

Dutch: afstandisolator
English: stand-off isolator

Dutch: afstandsafstelling
English: remote tuning

Dutch: afstandsbesturing
English: remote control

Dutch: afstandsbeugel
English: distance bracket; spacer bracket

Dutch: afstandsbus
English: distance piece; spacer

Dutch: afstandshuls
English: spacer sleeve

Dutch: afstandsinstelling
English: range adjustment

Dutch: afstandsinstelring
English: range-adjusting ring

Dutch: afstandsmal
English: spacing jig

Dutch: afstandsnauwkeurigheid
English: distance accuracy

Dutch: afstandsplaat
English: distance plate; spacer plate; spacer; shim; packing plate; distance piece

Dutch: afstandsring
English: spacer; spacing ring

Dutch: afstandsschakelaar
English: remote control switch

Dutch: afstandssensor
English: range sensor

Dutch: afstandsstuk
English: distance piece; spacer

Dutch: afstandsthermometer
English: remote thermometer

Dutch: afsteekbeitel
English: parting-off tool

Dutch: afsteekpunt
English: parting-off point; part-off pip

Dutch: afsteken
English: to part off

Dutch: afstellen
English: adjust; set; tune

Dutch: afstelmal
English: adjusting ring; setting jig

Dutch: afstelregel
English: heads alignment checking tool

Dutch: afstemas
English: tuning shaft; tuning spindle

Dutch: afstembaar
English: tunable

Dutch: afstembare leiding
English: tuned line

Dutch: afstembereik
English: tuning range

Dutch: afstemcapaciteit
English: tuning capacitance

Dutch: afstemcondensator
English: tuning capacitor; variable capacitor; tuning gang

Dutch: afstemeenheid
English: tuner

Dutch: afstemfrequentie
English: tuning frequency

Dutch: afstemgebied
English: tuning range

Dutch: afstemgemak
English: ease of tuning

Dutch: afstemindicatie-unit
English: tuning indicator

Dutch: afstemindicator
English: tuning indicator

Dutch: afstemindicatorbuis
English: magic eye; tuning indicator tube

Dutch: afstemkern
English: trimming core; slug

Dutch: afstemknop
English: tuning knob

Dutch: afstemkring
English: tuned circuit

Dutch: afstemkromme
English: tuning curve

Dutch: afstemmen
English: to tune; to balance

Dutch: afstemmen op
English: to tune to; to attune to; to tailor to; to gear to

Dutch: afstemming
English: balancing; tuning

Dutch: afstemoog
English: electronic tuning indicator; magic eye

Dutch: afstemparallelkring
English: parallel tuned circuit

Dutch: afstemschaal
English: tuning dial

Dutch: afstemspoel
English: tuning coil

Dutch: afstemunit
English: tuner

Dutch: afstemverlies
English: tuning loss; balancing loss

Dutch: afstemverloop
English: tuning drift

Dutch: afstootkracht
English: repellent force; repelling force

Dutch: afstoppen
English: to plug

Dutch: afstopweerstand
English: pull-up resistor

Dutch: afstoten
English: to repel

Dutch: afstoting
English: repulsion; repellency

Dutch: afstrijkmes
English: doctor knife

Dutch: afstroopbout
English: stripper bolt

Dutch: afstroopbus
English: stripper bush; stripping sleeve

Dutch: afstroopeenheid
English: stripper

Dutch: afstroopinrichting
English: stripping attachment

Dutch: afstrooppen
English: stripper pin

Dutch: afstroopplaat
English: stripper plate

Dutch: afstroopring
English: stripper ring

Dutch: afstropen
English: to strip

Dutch: afstroper
English: stripper

Dutch: aftakcomponent
English: tapped component

Dutch: aftakdoos
English: distribution box

Dutch: aftakinductor
English: tapped inductor

Dutch: aftakken
English: to branch off; to tap; to tap off; to take off

Dutch: aftakking
English: branch; drop; tap

Dutch: aftakkingskabel
English: branched cable

Dutch: aftakplaat
English: tapping plate

Dutch: aftakspoel
English: tapped coil

Dutch: aftaktransformator
English: tapped transformer

Dutch: aftakweerstand
English: tapped resistor

Dutch: aftakwinding
English: tapped winding

Dutch: aftapbeugel
English: scanning bracket; sensing bracket; velocity trip lever

Dutch: aftapkraan
English: drain cock; tap; draw off cock

Dutch: aftappen
English: to drain

Dutch: aftastbekwaamheid
English: trackability

Dutch: aftastbeweging
English: scanning motion; sensing motion

Dutch: aftastcircuit
English: scanning circuit

Dutch: aftastcyclus
English: scanning cycle

Dutch: aftasten
English: to scan; to sense; to feel; to track; to trace; to probe

Dutch: aftaster
English: scanner; tracer; sensor; velocity trip lever

Dutch: aftastfout
English: scanning error; sensing error; tracing error

Dutch: aftastfrequentie
English: scanning frequency

Dutch: aftasthoek
English: scanning angle; sensing angle; tracking angle; tracing angle

Dutch: aftasting
English: scanning; sensing; feeling; tracking; tracing; probing

Dutch: aftastlijn
English: scan; scanning line; active line

Dutch: aftastlus
English: scan loop

Dutch: aftastprogramma
English: scan program

Dutch: aftastpunt
English: scanning point; tracking point; tracing point; probing point

Dutch: aftastsignaal
English: sense signal; read output; read output signal

Dutch: aftastsnelheid
English: scanning speed; scanning rate; tracking speed; tracing speed

Dutch: aftastspanning
English: scanning voltage; sweep voltage

Dutch: aftaststraal
English: scanning beam

Dutch: aftastverlies
English: scanning loss

Dutch: aftastvervorming
English: scanning distortion; tracking distortion; tracing distortion

Dutch: aftastvlek
English: scanning spot

Dutch: aftastwinding
English: sense winding

Dutch: aftekenen; aftekenen [6]
English: sign(ing) off; to initial; endorse (cheque, rekening); OK (voor gezien tekenen, informeel); check / tick off (op een lijst)

Dutch: aftekengereedschap
English: scribing tool

Dutch: aftekenkaliber
English: marking gauge

Dutch: aftrekken
English: to draw off; to remove; to pull off; to peel; to subtract

Dutch: aftrekking
English: drawing off; removal; pulling off; peeling; subtraction

Dutch: aftrekkracht
English: withdrawal force; pull-off force

Dutch: aftrekschakeling
English: subtracter; two-input subtracter

Dutch: aftrektal
English: minuend

Dutch: afvalafvoer
English: waste disposal; swarf disposal

Dutch: afvalbak
English: scrap box; scrap bin; tote box; waste bin; litter bin; rubbish bin; waste container

Dutch: afvalfactor
English: scrap factor

Dutch: afvallen
English: to release; to drop out; to be de-energized; to drop off; to decay; to die out; to fall; to slope

Dutch: afvalmateriaal
English: scrap; waste material

Dutch: afvalpunt
English: drop-out point, release point, 3dB point

Dutch: afvalspanning
English: drop-out voltage; release voltage; dropout voltage

Dutch: afvalstrook
English: waste strip

Dutch: afvalstroom
English: release current; drop-out current

Dutch: afvaltijd
English: decay time; release time; drop-out time; fall time

Dutch: afvaltijd van een puls
English: pulse fall time

Dutch: afvalvernietiger
English: waste disposer

Dutch: afvalwaarde
English: dropout value

Dutch: afvijlen
English: to file off; to file away

Dutch: afvlakcondensator
English: smoothing capacitor

Dutch: afvlakfilter
English: smoothing filter; capacitor input filter; choke input filter; two-section filter

Dutch: afvlakken
English: to smooth; to flatten; to level off

Dutch: afvlakking
English: smoothing; flattening; levelling-off

Dutch: afvloeien (doen)
English: to lay off; to release; to discharge

Dutch: afvoerband
English: discharge belt; discharge conveyor

Dutch: afvoercircuit
English: sink circuit

Dutch: afvoergat
English: discharge hole; drain hole

Dutch: afvoergoot
English: discharge chute; drain pipe

Dutch: afvoerhoogte
English: drain height

Dutch: afvoerleiding
English: discharge pipe; drain pipe

Dutch: afvoerpomp
English: drain pump

Dutch: afvoerslang
English: drain hose; discharge hose

Dutch: afvoertrechter
English: chute

Dutch: afvoertuit
English: spout

Dutch: afvuren
English: to fire

Dutch: afwas
English: wash

Dutch: afwascyclus
English: washing cycle

Dutch: afwasmachine
English: dishwasher

Dutch: afwasmiddel
English: detergent

Dutch: afwegen
English: to weigh out; to weigh

Dutch: afwerken
English: to finish; to true up; to complete; to accomplish

Dutch: afwerking
English: finish; completion; accomplishment; trim

Dutch: afwerkingsspecificatie
English: finish specification

Dutch: afwerkknop
English: finishing head

Dutch: afwezigheidsdienst
English: absent user service

Dutch: afwezigheidsuren
English: absence hours

Dutch: afwijken van
English: to deviate from

Dutch: afwijkend
English: distinctive; contrasting; distinguished

Dutch: afwijking
English: deviation; error; mutation analysis

Dutch: afwijssignaal
English: call-not-accepted signal

Dutch: afwijzing
English: quiescing

Dutch: afwikkelen
English: to de-reel; to unreel; to spool off; to unwind; to uncoil; to de-coil; to develop; to generate; to complete; to settle

Dutch: afwikkelremkoppel
English: braking torque on spooling off

Dutch: afwikkelspoel
English: feed reel; reservoir spool

Dutch: afwisselen
English: to alternate; to vary

Dutch: afwisselend
English: alternate; varying

Dutch: afzet
English: sales; offtake

Dutch: afzetgebied
English: outlet

Dutch: afzetkanaal
English: distribution channel

Dutch: afzetniveau
English: sales level

Dutch: afzetten
English: to stop; to switch off; to set off; to mark off; to deposit; to sell

Dutch: afzetting
English: stopping; switching-off; marking-off; deposit

Dutch: afzonderlijk
English: separate; isolated

Dutch: afzonderlijke fabricage
English: discrete manufacturing

Dutch: afzuigen
English: to exhaust; to extract; to suck out

Dutch: afzuiging
English: exhaust; exhaustion; extraction

Dutch: afzuiginstallatie
English: exhauster; exhaust system

Dutch: afzuigkolf
English: suction flask

Dutch: afzwakken
English: to weaken

Dutch: agentschap
English: agency

Dutch: agglomeratienet: AGN
English: agglomeration net

Dutch: aggregaat
English: aggregate; unit

Dutch: aggregeren
English: to aggregate

Dutch: ahorn
English: maple

Dutch: air-slip methode
English: air-slip method

Dutch: akkoord
English: chord; agreement; arrangement

Dutch: akkoordbevinding
English: approval

Dutch: akoestiek
English: acoustics

Dutch: akoestisch filter
English: acoustic filter

Dutch: akoestisch scherm
English: acoustic baffle

Dutch: akoestisch systeem
English: acoustic system

Dutch: akoestische box
English: acoustic box; acoustic enclosure

Dutch: akoestische capaciteit
English: acoustic capacitance

Dutch: akoestische elektronica
English: acousto-electronics

Dutch: akoestische geleiding
English: acoustical conduction

Dutch: akoestische golf
English: acoustic wave

Dutch: akoestische impedantie
English: acoustic impedance

Dutch: akoestische isolatie
English: acoustic insulation

Dutch: akoestische koppeling
English: acoustic coupling

Dutch: akoestische ohm
English: acoustic ohm

Dutch: akoestische omvormer
English: acoustic transducer

Dutch: akoestische propagatie
English: acoustic propagation

Dutch: akoestische ruis
English: acoustic noise

Dutch: akoestische sensor
English: acoustic sensor

Dutch: akoestische transmissie
English: acoustic transmission

Dutch: akoestisch-optisch
English: acousto-optic

Dutch: alarm
English: alarm

Dutch: alarmcentrum
English: alarm center

Dutch: alarmering
English: signalling

Dutch: alarmsignaal
English: alarm signal

Dutch: alarmsignalering
English: emergency signalling

Dutch: albedo
English: directional reflectance

Dutch: alfabet
English: alphabet; character set

Dutch: alfabetisch
English: alphabetical

Dutch: alfabetisch woord
English: alphabetic word

Dutch: alfabetische code
English: alphabetic code

Dutch: alfabetische telegrafie
English: alphabetic telegraphy

Dutch: alfacode
English: alpha code

Dutch: alfadeeltjes
English: alpha particles

Dutch: alfafactor
English: alpha factor

Dutch: alfamozaïke standaard
English: alphamosaic standard

Dutch: alfanumeriek
English: alphanumeric; alphameric

Dutch: alfanumerieke code
English: alphanumeric code; alphameric code

Dutch: alfatest
English: alpha test

Dutch: algebraïsch
English: algebraic; algebraical

Dutch: algebraïsche bewerking
English: algebraic operation

Dutch: algebraïsche som
English: algebraical sum

Dutch: algebraïsche taal
English: algebraic language

Dutch: algebraïsche teller
English: algebraic adder

Dutch: algehele correctheid
English: total correctness

Dutch: algehele reflectie
English: total reflection

Dutch: algemeen belang
English: general interest; public interest

Dutch: algemeen bericht
English: general message

Dutch: algemeen directeur
English: managing director; chief executive officer; CEO

Dutch: algemeen gemiddelde
English: grand average

Dutch: algemeen onderwijs
English: general education

Dutch: algemeen totaal
English: grand total

Dutch: algemeenheid
English: commonality; genericity

Dutch: algemene punten
English: general points; general remarks; general notes

Dutch: algemene vorming
English: general education

Dutch: Algol
English: algorithmic language

Dutch: algoritmisch
English: algorithmic

Dutch: algoritmische taal
English: algorithmic language

Dutch: alias
English: alias; AKA

Dutch: aliaserende ruis
English: aliasing noise

Dutch: aliasering
English: aliasing

Dutch: alifatisch
English: aliphatic

Dutch: alkali
English: alkali

Dutch: alkalibestendig
English: alkali-proof; alkali-resistant

Dutch: alkalifosfaat
English: alkali phosphate

Dutch: alkalisch bad
English: alkaline solution

Dutch: alkalisch ontvetten
English: alkaline degreasing

Dutch: alkalisch vertinnen
English: alkaline tin-plating

Dutch: alkalisilicaat
English: alkali silicate

Dutch: alkaliteit
English: alkalinity

Dutch: alkydhars
English: alkyd resin

Dutch: alkydharslijm
English: alkyd resin glue; alkyd resin adhesive

Dutch: alkylfenolhars
English: alkyl phenol resin

Dutch: alleenstaand
English: stand-alone

Dutch: allessnijder
English: universal slicer; all-purpose slicer

Dutch: alliage
English: alloy

Dutch: allotropisch
English: allotropic

Dutch: all-time-behoefte
English: all-time requirement

Dutch: all-time-voorraad
English: all-time stock

Dutch: alodiniseren
English: Alocrom treatment

Dutch: aloxeren
English: anodizing

Dutch: als-is fabriek
English: as-is plant

Dutch: alt
English: alto; contralto

Dutch: alternatief product
English: alternative product

Dutch: alternatieve bewerking
English: alternate operation

Dutch: alternatieve frequentie
English: alternate frequency

Dutch: alternatieve hypothese
English: alternative hypothesis

Dutch: alternatieve levering
English: alternate feedstock

Dutch: alternatieve route
English: alternative route

Dutch: alternatieve routering
English: alternate routing

Dutch: alternatievenkeuze
English: control change; change of control

Dutch: aluminiseren
English: to aluminize

Dutch: aluminiumantomoon
English: aluminum antomonide

Dutch: aluminiumdraad
English: aluminium wire

Dutch: aluminiumfoelie
English: aluminium foil

Dutch: aluminiumtrioxyde
English: alumina

Dutch: aluminiumverf
English: aluminium paint; aluminia paint

Dutch: alundum
English: alundum

Dutch: alzijdig-gericht
English: omnidirectional

Dutch: alzijdigheid
English: generality

Dutch: AM
English: amplitude modulation

Dutch: AM-antenne
English: AM-antenna; AM-aerial

Dutch: amaril
English: emery

Dutch: amarilpolijsten
English: emery polishing; emery bobbing; scurfing; scurf bobbing

Dutch: amateurontvanger
English: amateur radio receiver; ham band receiver

Dutch: ambachtsschool
English: elementary technical school

Dutch: ambiance
English: ambience

Dutch: ambigu
English: ambiguous

Dutch: ambiguïteit
English: ambiguity

Dutch: ambiofonisch
English: ambiophonic

Dutch: ambtenaar
English: civil servant; public servant

Dutch: AM-detectie
English: AM detection

Dutch: AM-gemoduleerd
English: amplitude modulated; AM-modulated

Dutch: ammonia
English: ammonium hydroxide

Dutch: ammoniakaal
English: ammoniacal

Dutch: ammoniakaal maken
English: to render ammoniacal

Dutch: ammoniumacetaat
English: ammonium acetate

Dutch: ammoniumbifluoride
English: ammonium bifluoride

Dutch: ammoniumchloride
English: ammonium chloride; sal ammoniac

Dutch: ammoniumpersulfaat
English: ammonium persulphate

Dutch: ampère
English: ampere

Dutch: ampèremeter
English: ammeter; ampere-meter

Dutch: ampère-uur
English: ampere-hour: Ah

Dutch: ampèrewinding
English: ampere-turn

Dutch: amperage
English: amperage

Dutch: amplitude
English: amplitude; range; interquartile range: IQR

Dutch: amplitude gemoduleerd
English: amplitude modulated: AM

Dutch: amplitudebegrenzer
English: amplitude limiter; amplitude separator; clipper; sync separator

Dutch: amplitudebegrenzing
English: amplitude limitation; amplitude separation; clipping; sync separation

Dutch: amplitudegelijkrichter
English: amplitude equalizer

Dutch: amplitudekarakteristiek
English: amplitude characteristic

Dutch: amplitudemodulatie
English: amplitude modulation: AM

Dutch: amplitudemodulator
English: amplitude modulator

Dutch: amplituderegelaar
English: amplitude control

Dutch: amplitudeverhouding
English: amplitude ratio; one to zero ratio

Dutch: amplitudevervorming
English: amplitude distortion

Dutch: AM-tegenkoppeling: AMTK
English: AM negative feedback

Dutch: amusement
English: entertainment

Dutch: amusementselektronica
English: entertainment electronics

Dutch: amylacetaat
English: amyl acetate

Dutch: anafora
English: anaphora; pronoun resolution

Dutch: analoge besturing
English: analog control

Dutch: analoge codering
English: analog encoding

Dutch: analoge data
English: analog data

Dutch: analoge decodering
English: analog decoding

Dutch: analoge deler
English: analog divider; divider

Dutch: analoge elektronica
English: analog electronics

Dutch: analoge gegevens
English: analog data

Dutch: analoge integrator
English: analog integrator

Dutch: analoge opteller
English: analog adder; summer

Dutch: analoge rekenautomaat
English: analog computer

Dutch: analoge representatie
English: analog representation

Dutch: analoge simulatie
English: analog simulation

Dutch: analoge sommator
English: analog adder; summer

Dutch: analoge switch
English: analog switch

Dutch: analoge synchronisatie
English: analog synchronization

Dutch: analoge telefoon
English: analog telephone

Dutch: analoge teller
English: analog adder

Dutch: analoge transmissie
English: analog transmission

Dutch: analoge variabele
English: analog variable

Dutch: analoge voorstelling
English: analog representation

Dutch: analogie-netwerk
English: network analog

Dutch: analogisch oplossen
English: analogical learning

Dutch: analogon
English: analog computer; analogon

Dutch: analoog
English: analog; analogous

Dutch: analoog apparaat
English: analog device

Dutch: analoog datakanaal
English: analog data channel

Dutch: analoog kanaal
English: analog channel

Dutch: analoog netwerk
English: analog network

Dutch: analoog schakelen
English: analog switching

Dutch: analoog signaal
English: analog signal

Dutch: analoog toestel
English: analog device

Dutch: analoog-digitaal
English: analog-digital: A/D

Dutch: analysator
English: analyzer

Dutch: analysecertificaat
English: certificate of analysis

Dutch: analysemethode
English: method of analysis

Dutch: analysemiddelen
English: analyzers

Dutch: analysemonster
English: analysis sample; test sample

Dutch: analyseprogramma
English: analysis program

Dutch: analyseren
English: to analyze

Dutch: analyserend vermogen
English: analytical power

Dutch: analyse-uitkomst
English: result of the analysis; analysis results

Dutch: analytisch oppervlak
English: analytical surface

Dutch: analytische balans
English: analytical balance

Dutch: analytische machine
English: analytical engine

Dutch: analytische procedure
English: analytical procedure

Dutch: analytische relatie
English: analytical relationship

Dutch: anamorfisch
English: anamorphic

Dutch: anastigmatisch
English: anastigmatic

Dutch: anciënniteit
English: seniority

Dutch: Angström
English: Angstrom

Dutch: anijsolie
English: anise oil

Dutch: anilinekleurstof
English: aniline dye

Dutch: animator
English: animator

Dutch: anion
English: anion

Dutch: anionisch
English: anionic

Dutch: anisochronisch
English: anisochronous

Dutch: anisotroop
English: anisotropic; anisotropical

Dutch: anisotropisch
English: anisotropic

Dutch: anker
English: anchor; armature

Dutch: ankerblik
English: armature lamination

Dutch: ankerboring
English: anchoring bore

Dutch: ankerplaat
English: anchor plate

Dutch: ankerrelais
English: armature relay

Dutch: ankerwikkeling
English: rotor winding

Dutch: annotatie
English: annotation

Dutch: annoteren
English: to annotate

Dutch: annulatie
English: cancellation

Dutch: annuleer
English: cancel

Dutch: annuleerteken
English: deleted representation; erase character

Dutch: annuleren
English: to cancel

Dutch: annuleringsrecord
English: deletion record

Dutch: annuleringsteken
English: cancel character: CAN

Dutch: anode aan massa
English: grounded anode

Dutch: anode-afstemkring
English: anode tuned-circuit

Dutch: anode-afval
English: anode scrap; anode waste

Dutch: anodebasisschakeling
English: cathode follower; cathode- coupled circuit

Dutch: anodebasisversterker
English: cathode follower

Dutch: anodebatterij
English: anode battery

Dutch: anodebelasting
English: anode load

Dutch: anodecircuit
English: anode circuit

Dutch: anode-contactpunt
English: anode terminal

Dutch: anodedetector
English: anode bend detector; anode detector

Dutch: anodedissipatie
English: anode dissipation

Dutch: anode-eigenschappen
English: anode properties

Dutch: anodegelijkspanning
English: anode voltage; DC plate voltage; DC supply voltage

Dutch: anodehaak
English: anode connector; anode hook; anode hanger

Dutch: anodekap
English: anode cap

Dutch: anode-katodecapaciteit
English: anode-to-cathode capacitance

Dutch: anodeketen
English: anode circuit

Dutch: anodekorf
English: anode basket

Dutch: anodekring
English: anode circuit

Dutch: anodemateriaal
English: anode material

Dutch: anodemetaal
English: anode metal

Dutch: anodemodulatie
English: anode modulation

Dutch: anode-ophanging
English: anode suspension

Dutch: anodepolarisatie
English: anode polarization

Dutch: anoderendement
English: anode efficiency

Dutch: anode-roostercapaciteit
English: grid-to-anode capacitance

Dutch: anoderuststroom
English: zero signal anode current; quiescent anode current

Dutch: anodeslib
English: anode mud; anode slim; anode sludge

Dutch: anodespanning
English: anode voltage

Dutch: anodespanningsbatterij
English: anode voltage battery

Dutch: anodespanningsvoeding
English: anode voltage supply

Dutch: anodestang
English: anode bar; anode rod

Dutch: anodestopweerstand
English: anode stopper

Dutch: anodestroom
English: anode current; plate current

Dutch: anode-uitrusting
English: anode equipment

Dutch: anodeval
English: anode drop; anode fall

Dutch: anodeverliezen
English: anode losses

Dutch: anodevormen
English: anode shapes

Dutch: anodeweerstand
English: anode resistance

Dutch: anodewisselspanning
English: AC anode voltage; AC plate voltage; AC supply voltage

Dutch: anodezak
English: anode bag

Dutch: anodisch
English: anodic

Dutch: anodisch glanzen
English: anode brightening; anodic brightening

Dutch: anodisch ontvetten
English: anodic cleaning; anodic oxidation; to anodize

Dutch: anodisch oxydeerbaar
English: anodizing quality

Dutch: anodisch oxyderen
English: anodizing; anodic oxidation; to anodize

Dutch: anodisch polijsten
English: anodic grinding; anodic polishing; anode polishing

Dutch: anodisch reinigen
English: anodic cleaning

Dutch: anodiseerbad
English: anodizing bath; anodizing liquid solution; anodizing solution

Dutch: anodiseren
English: to anodize

Dutch: anomale voortplanting
English: anomalous propagation

Dutch: anomalie
English: anomaly

Dutch: anonieme variabele
English: anonymous variable

Dutch: anorganisch
English: inorganic

Dutch: anox
English: anodizing quality

Dutch: ANSI/SPARC architectuur
English: ANSI/SPARC architecture

Dutch: antenne-aanpassing
English: antenna matching; aerial matching

Dutch: antenne-aansluitdoos
English: antenna terminal box; aerial terminal box; antenna outlet

Dutch: antenne-aansluiting
English: antenna connection; aerial connection

Dutch: antenne-aansluitplaat
English: antenna terminal plate; antenna connection plate; aerial terminal plate; aerial connection plate

Dutch: antenne-apertuur
English: antenna aperture

Dutch: antennebandfilter
English: antenna bandpass filter; aerial bandpass filter

Dutch: antennebouwdoos
English: antenna kit; aerial kit

Dutch: antennebus
English: antenna socket; aerial socket

Dutch: antenneconfiguratie
English: antenna array; aerial array

Dutch: antenneconstante
English: antenna constant; aerial constant

Dutch: antenneconstructie
English: antenna design; aerial design

Dutch: antenneconvertor
English: antenna convertor; antennaverter; aerial convertor

Dutch: antennedrager
English: boom

Dutch: antennedynamica
English: antenna dynamics

Dutch: antenne-eigenschappen
English: antenna properties; aerial properties

Dutch: antenne-eindpunten
English: aerial ends

Dutch: antennefabriek
English: antenna factory; antenna works; aerial factory; aerial works

Dutch: antennefabrikant
English: antenna manufacturer; aerial manufacturer

Dutch: antennefilter
English: antenna filter; aerial filter

Dutch: antennefixatie
English: lock-on

Dutch: antennegevoeligheid
English: antenna sensitivity; aerial sensitivity

Dutch: antennegroepering
English: antenna array; aerial array

Dutch: antennehoogte
English: antenna elevation; antenna height; aerial elevation; aerial height

Dutch: antenne-impedantie
English: antenna-impedance; aerial- impedance

Dutch: antenne-impedantiemeter
English: aerial impedance meter

Dutch: antenne-ingang
English: antenna input; aerial input

Dutch: antenne-installateur
English: antenna installer; aerial installer

Dutch: antenne-installatie
English: antenna installation; aerial installation

Dutch: antenne-interferentie
English: antenna interference

Dutch: antennekabel
English: antenna cable; aerial cable

Dutch: antennekabelinvoer
English: antenna cable lead-in; aerial cable lead-in

Dutch: antennekarakteristiek
English: antenna characteristic; aerial characteristic

Dutch: antennekeuzeschakelaar
English: antenna selector switch; aerial selector switch

Dutch: antenneklem
English: antenna terminal; aerial terminal; antenna clamp; aerial clamp

Dutch: antennekoppelfilter
English: antenna signal splitter; antenna coupler; antenna mixer network; antenna mixer filter; antenna band- separator; antenna frequency separator; aerial signal splitter; aerial coupler; aerial mixer network; aerial mixer filter; aerial band-separator; aerial frequency separator

Dutch: antennekring
English: antenna circuit; aerial circuit

Dutch: antenneleiding
English: antenna downlead; antenna feeder; aerial feeder; antenna lead-in; aerial lead-in

Dutch: antennelus
English: antenna lobe

Dutch: antennemast
English: antenna mast; aerial mast

Dutch: antennemetingen
English: antenna measurements; aerial measurements

Dutch: antennemontage
English: antenna mounting; aerial mounting

Dutch: antenne-omschakelaar
English: antenna switch; aerial switch

Dutch: antenne-oriëntatie
English: antenna orientation; antenna probing; aerial orientation; aerial probing

Dutch: antennerotatie
English: antenna rotation

Dutch: antennerotatieperiode
English: antenna rotation period

Dutch: antennerotor
English: antenna rotor; aerial rotor

Dutch: antenneschotel
English: antenna dish; aerial dish

Dutch: antenneseriespoel
English: antenna series coil; aerial series coil

Dutch: antennesignaal
English: antenna signal; aerial signal

Dutch: antennespanning
English: antenna voltage; aerial voltage

Dutch: antennespoel
English: antenna coil; serial coil

Dutch: antennespray
English: antenna spray; aerial spray

Dutch: antennesteker
English: antenna plug; aerial plug

Dutch: antennestraling
English: antenna radiation; aerial radiation

Dutch: antennesturing
English: aerial control; antenna control

Dutch: antennesysteem
English: antenna system; aerial system

Dutch: antennetechniek
English: antenna technology; aerial technology

Dutch: antennetoebehoren
English: antenna accessories; aerial accessories

Dutch: antennetransformator
English: antenna transformer; aerial transformer

Dutch: antennetrimmer
English: antenna trimmer; aerial trimmer

Dutch: antennetype
English: antenna type; aerial type

Dutch: antenne-uitbreiding
English: antenna multiplier

Dutch: antennevakman
English: antenna expert; aerial expert

Dutch: antenneverlengmast
English: antenna extension mast; aerial extension mast

Dutch: antennevermogen
English: antenna power; aerial power

Dutch: antenneversterker
English: antenna amplifier; aerial amplifier

Dutch: antenneversterking
English: antenna gain; aerial gain

Dutch: antennevoeding
English: antenna feed

Dutch: antennevoorversterker
English: antenna preamplifier; aerial preamplifier; antenna preamp; aerial preamp

Dutch: antennewissel
English: antenna signal splitter; antenna coupler; antenna mixer network; antenna mixer filter; antenna band- separator; antenna frequency separator; aerial signal splitter; aerial coupler; aerial mixer network; aerial mixer filter; aerial band-separator; aerial frequency separator

Dutch: antennezwaaihoek
English: antenna sweep

Dutch: anti-aliasering
English: anti-aliasing

Dutch: anti-aliaseringsfilter
English: anti-aliasing filter

Dutch: anticipatie-analyse
English: look-ahead analysis

Dutch: anticipatievoorraad
English: anticipation stock

Dutch: anticiperende buffering
English: anticipatory buffering

Dutch: antidroogpasta
English: anti-drying paste

Dutch: antifrictiemetaal
English: white metal; antifriction metal; Babbitt metal; bearing metal

Dutch: antikathode
English: anticathode

Dutch: anti-klokkromme
English: inverted bell-shape curve; mise-en- forme curve

Dutch: antikraakdraad
English: anti-crackle wire

Dutch: antikrasvloeistof
English: scratch resistant liquid

Dutch: antilogaritmisch
English: antilogarithmic

Dutch: antilossing
English: counterdraft

Dutch: antimagnetisch
English: antimagnetic

Dutch: antimaterie
English: antimatter

Dutch: antimoongoudband
English: gold antimony strip

Dutch: antimoonlegering
English: antimony alloy

Dutch: antimoonlood
English: antimony lead

Dutch: antimoonoxyde
English: antimony oxide

Dutch: antimoontrioxyde
English: antimony trioxide

Dutch: antineutron
English: antineutron

Dutch: antioxidans
English: antioxidant

Dutch: antiproton
English: antiproton

Dutch: antireflectiefilter
English: optical light filter

Dutch: antireflectielaag
English: antireflection coating

Dutch: antiresonantie-eenheid
English: antisinging device

Dutch: antischuimmiddel
English: antifoaming agent

Dutch: antistatisch
English: antistatic

Dutch: antistatisch middel
English: antistatic agent; destaticizer

Dutch: antivelmiddel
English: antiskinning agent; antiskinner

Dutch: antiverblindingsspiegel
English: dipping rear-end mirror

Dutch: antracietzwart
English: anthracite black

Dutch: antropomorf
English: anthropomorphic

Dutch: antropomorfe robot
English: anthropomorphic robot; articulated robot; revolute robot

Dutch: antwoordkaart
English: business reply card

Dutch: antwoordmodus
English: answer mode

Dutch: antwoordsignaal
English: answer-back code; answerback

Dutch: antwoordunit
English: answer-back unit

Dutch: A-pennen
English: A-pins

Dutch: A-periode
English: A-period

Dutch: aperiodiek
English: aperiodic; dead-beat

Dutch: aperiodieke antenne
English: aperiodic antenna

Dutch: aperiodieke demping
English: aperiodic damping; overdamping

Dutch: aperiodieke functie
English: aperiodic function

Dutch: aperiodieke stroom
English: aperiodic current

Dutch: aperiodisch
English: aperiodic; dead-beat

Dutch: apertuur
English: aperture

Dutch: apertuurcorrectie
English: aperture correction

Dutch: apertuurfout
English: aperture error

Dutch: apertuurverhouding
English: aperture ratio

Dutch: apertuurvervorming
English: aperture distortion

Dutch: apogeum
English: apogee

Dutch: apolair
English: nonpolar

Dutch: Apollo
English: Apollo

Dutch: apparaat
English: apparatus; equipment; set; attachment; instrument; device; appliance

Dutch: apparaatgebonden
English: apparatus-bound

Dutch: apparaatnummer
English: apparatus number

Dutch: apparatenfabriek
English: set factory

Dutch: apparatuur
English: equipment; gear; tooling; tools; instrumentation; hardware

Dutch: apparatuurketen
English: equipment chain

Dutch: apparatuurklok
English: equipment clock

Dutch: apparatuurproduct
English: hardware product

Dutch: apparatuurredundantie
English: hardware redundancy

Dutch: apparatuurzijde
English: equipment side

Dutch: applet
English: applet

Dutch: AppleTalk
English: AppleTalk

Dutch: applicatiebeheer
English: application management

Dutch: applicatiedomein
English: application domain

Dutch: applicatiegebied
English: application area

Dutch: applicatiegenerator
English: application generator

Dutch: applicatiegerichte taal
English: application-oriented language

Dutch: applicatielaag
English: application layer

Dutch: applicatielaboratorium
English: application laboratory

Dutch: applicatienetwerk
English: application network

Dutch: applicatieobjecten
English: application objects

Dutch: applicatieproces
English: application process

Dutch: applicatieprogramma
English: application program

Dutch: applicatieprotocol
English: application protocol

Dutch: applicatieserver
English: application server

Dutch: applicatiesoftware
English: application software

Dutch: applicatietaal
English: application language

Dutch: appliqué
English: applique

Dutch: appreciatie
English: appreciation

Dutch: approbatie
English: approbation; approval

Dutch: approbatieland
English: approbation country; approval country

Dutch: aquadag
English: aquadag

Dutch: aquadaglaag
English: aquadag coating

Dutch: arbeid
English: work; labour; energy

Dutch: arbeider
English: worker; labourer operator

Dutch: arbeidersorganisatie
English: worker's union

Dutch: arbeidsanalyse
English: work study; function analysis; work analysis

Dutch: arbeidsbemiddeling
English: placing; placement

Dutch: arbeidsbescherming
English: protection of labour

Dutch: arbeidsbesparend
English: labour saving

Dutch: arbeidsbeurs
English: labour exchange

Dutch: arbeidsbezetting
English: employment level

Dutch: arbeidscoëfficient
English: power factor

Dutch: arbeidscontact
English: normally open; normally-open contact

Dutch: arbeidsdiagram
English: work diagram

Dutch: arbeidseenheid
English: unit of energy; unit of work

Dutch: arbeidsgang
English: cycle of operations

Dutch: arbeidsgeschiktheid
English: capacity to work

Dutch: arbeidsgeschil
English: industrial dispute; labour dispute

Dutch: arbeidsgroep
English: working group

Dutch: arbeidshygiène
English: factory hygiene; occupational health

Dutch: arbeidsintensief
English: labour intensive

Dutch: arbeidskosten
English: labour costs

Dutch: arbeidskracht
English: worker; labourer

Dutch: arbeidskrachten
English: manpower; workers; labour force

Dutch: arbeidsonderbreking
English: temporary stoppage; interruption of work

Dutch: arbeidsongeval
English: work accident; work injury

Dutch: arbeidspotentieel
English: work force; labour force; manpower

Dutch: arbeidsprestatie
English: work output; labour output; performance

Dutch: arbeidsproductiviteit
English: labour productivity; productivity of labour

Dutch: arbeidsreserve
English: labour reserve

Dutch: arbeidsrust
English: labour peace; industrial peace; peace in industry

Dutch: arbeidsschuwheid
English: work-shyness

Dutch: arbeidsstroom
English: operating current

Dutch: arbeidsstudie
English: work study

Dutch: arbeidstempo
English: working speed; pace

Dutch: arbeidsterrein
English: working field; field of activity

Dutch: arbeidsuren
English: working hours

Dutch: arbeidsverhoudingen
English: industrial relations; labour relations

Dutch: arbeidsverloop
English: labour turnover; labour wastage

Dutch: arbeidsvermogen
English: energy; power; mechanical energy; kinetic energy; potential energy

Dutch: arbeidsvoldoening
English: job satisfaction

Dutch: arbeidsvrede
English: labour peace; industrial peace; peace in industry

Dutch: arbeidsvreugde
English: job satisfaction

Dutch: arbitrair woord
English: condition name

Dutch: arceren
English: to hatch; to shade; shadowing

Dutch: arcering
English: cross-hatching; hatching; hatched part

Dutch: archief
English: archives; files department; archive

Dutch: archiefbeheer
English: archives management

Dutch: archiefgeheugen
English: archival storage

Dutch: archiefkast
English: filing cabinet

Dutch: architectonisch ontwerp
English: architectural design

Dutch: architectuurmiddelen
English: architectural resources

Dutch: architectuurplanning
English: architectural planning

Dutch: areometer
English: hydrometer

Dutch: argongas
English: argon gas

Dutch: argument
English: argument

Dutch: argumentenlijst
English: argument list

Dutch: arm
English: arm; lean; poor; leg

Dutch: armatuur
English: armature

Dutch: armsteun
English: armrest

Dutch: Armstrong oscillator
English: Armstrong oscillator

Dutch: ARPA-netwerk
English: advanced research projects agency network

Dutch: arpeggio
English: arpeggio

Dutch: arrangeerder
English: sequencer

Dutch: array
English: array

Dutch: arret
English: stop; detent

Dutch: arretarm
English: stop arm; detent arm

Dutch: arretbladveer
English: stop spring; detent spring

Dutch: arreteerinrichting
English: stop mechanism; detent

Dutch: arreteerpal
English: catch; pawl

Dutch: arreteerring
English: stop ring

Dutch: arreteren
English: to lock; to catch; to detent

Dutch: arrethefboom
English: stop lever; detent lever

Dutch: arretkwaliteit
English: atop quality; detent quality

Dutch: arretmagneet
English: atop magnet

Dutch: arretnauwkeurigheid
English: stop accuracy; detent accuracy

Dutch: arretrol
English: stop roller; detent roller

Dutch: arretschijf
English: stop disc; detent disc

Dutch: arretspoor
English: detent track

Dutch: arretstand
English: stop position; detent position

Dutch: arretveer
English: stop spring; detent spring

Dutch: arseen
English: arsenic

Dutch: arseenzuur
English: arsenic acid

Dutch: artikelassortiment
English: article assortment; product line

Dutch: artikelbestand
English: article file; article stock; story (file)

Dutch: artikelpakket inkopen
English: commodity buying

Dutch: artikelreeks
English: article line; article assortment; product line

Dutch: artikelsoort inkopen
English: commodity buying

Dutch: artilect
English: artilect

Dutch: as
English: shaft; spindle; axis; ash

Dutch: asbak
English: ashtray

Dutch: asbestcementplaat
English: asbestos cement sheet

Dutch: asbestphilite
English: asbestos philite

Dutch: asbestring
English: asbestos washer

Dutch: ASCII
English: American standard code for information interchange

Dutch: ASCII-code
English: ASCII code

Dutch: ASCII-terminal
English: ASCII terminal

Dutch: aselect
English: random

Dutch: aselecte getallen
English: random numbers

Dutch: aselecte steekproef
English: random sample

Dutch: aselecte trekking
English: random sampling

Dutch: asfaltbitumen
English: asphalt bitumen

Dutch: asfalteren
English: to asphalt

Dutch: asgehalte
English: ash content

Dutch: ashals
English: journal; neck

Dutch: askaliber
English: snap gauge

Dutch: askoppeling
English: spindle coupling; shaft coupling

Dutch: aslijn
English: centre line; axis

Dutch: asmaat
English: size of shaft

Dutch: asmoer
English: shaft nut

Dutch: aspectverhouding
English: aspect ratio

Dutch: asrest
English: ash residue

Dutch: asrotatie
English: shaft rotation

Dutch: assemblagecycli
English: build cycles

Dutch: assemblagedoorlooptijd
English: assembly lead time

Dutch: assemblagefabriek
English: assembly factory

Dutch: assemblagemodel
English: assembly model

Dutch: assemblagemodellering
English: assembly modelling

Dutch: assemblage-opdracht
English: assembly order

Dutch: assemblageprogramma
English: assembly programme

Dutch: assembleer en verwerk
English: assemble-and-go

Dutch: assembleercode
English: assembly code

Dutch: assembleerprogramma
English: assembler; assembly program

Dutch: assembleertaal
English: assembler language; assembly language; assembler

Dutch: assembleren
English: to assemble

Dutch: assembleren-op-order
English: assemble to order

Dutch: assembleur
English: assembler; assembly program

Dutch: assembly
English: assembly

Dutch: assenkruis
English: system of coordinates

Dutch: assenstaal
English: spindle steel

Dutch: assertie
English: assertion

Dutch: asset
English: asset

Dutch: assetbibliotheek
English: asset library

Dutch: assetcatalogus
English: asset catalog

Dutch: assetcertificatie
English: asset certification

Dutch: assetevaluatie
English: asset evaluation

Dutch: associatiecoëfficient
English: coefficient of association

Dutch: associatief
English: associative

Dutch: associatief geheugen
English: associative memory; contents- addressable storage; associatron

Dutch: associatief herinneren
English: associative recall

Dutch: associatief zoeken
English: associative search

Dutch: associatieve database
English: associative database

Dutch: associatieve relatie
English: associative relation

Dutch: associativiteit
English: associativity

Dutch: assortiment
English: assortment; line; product line

Dutch: astabiele multivibrator
English: astable multivibrator

Dutch: A-ster algoritme
English: A* algorithm

Dutch: astigmatisme
English: astigmatism

Dutch: astrionica
English: astrionics

Dutch: astronomische eenheid
English: astronomical unit

Dutch: asymmetrie
English: asymmetry

Dutch: asymmetrische golf
English: asymmetrical wave

Dutch: asymmetrische verdeling
English: asymmetrical distribution; skew distribution

Dutch: asymptotisch
English: asymptotic; asymptotical

Dutch: asymptotisch raak
English: consistent; consistency; accuracy in the mean; asymptotically efficient

Dutch: asymptotisch zuiver
English: asymptotically unbiassed

Dutch: asynchrone bewerking
English: asynchronous operation

Dutch: asynchrone communicatie
English: asynchronous communication

Dutch: asynchrone computer
English: asynchronous computer

Dutch: asynchrone eenheid
English: asynchronous device

Dutch: asynchrone invoer
English: asynchronous input

Dutch: asynchrone signalen
English: asynchronous signals

Dutch: asynchrone transmissie
English: asynchronous transmission

Dutch: asynchrone verwerking
English: asynchronous working

Dutch: asynchroon
English: asynchronous; nonsynchronous

Dutch: asynchroonmotor
English: asynchronous motor

Dutch: Athena project
English: Athena project

Dutch: Atherton-technologie
English: Atherton technology

Dutch: atmosfeeroverdruk: ato
English: atmospheres effective pressure; atmospheres excess pressure; atmospheres above atmospheric pressure; atmospheric overpressure; atmospheric gauge pressure

Dutch: atmosferisch kanaal
English: atmospheric duct

Dutch: atmosferische ruis
English: atmospheric noise

Dutch: atmosferische storingen
English: atmospheric statics

Dutch: atomair type
English: atomic type

Dutch: atomaire foutabsorptie
English: atomic defect absorption

Dutch: atomaire lading
English: atomic charge

Dutch: atomaire laser
English: atomic laser

Dutch: atomisch
English: atomic

Dutch: atoomafstand
English: atomic spacing

Dutch: atoomcentrum
English: atomic centre

Dutch: atoomenergie
English: atomic energy; nuclear energy

Dutch: atoomgetal
English: atomic number

Dutch: atoomgewicht
English: atomic weight

Dutch: atoomkracht
English: atomic power; nuclear power

Dutch: atoomkrachtcentrale
English: nuclear power plant

Dutch: atoomordening
English: atomic ordering; chemical constitution

Dutch: atoomstructuur
English: atomic structure

Dutch: atoomtheorie
English: atomic theory

Dutch: atoomtijdperk
English: atomic age; nuclear age

Dutch: attentiesein
English: attention sign

Dutch: atto
English: atto

Dutch: attofarad
English: attofarad

Dutch: attributenkeuring
English: inspection by attributes

Dutch: audiocomponent
English: audio component

Dutch: audiofrequentie
English: audio frequency: AF

Dutch: audiofrequentiegolf
English: audio-frequency wave

Dutch: audiosysteem
English: audio system

Dutch: audiovisueel hulpmiddel
English: audiovisual aid

Dutch: auraal
English: aural

Dutch: auteursrecht
English: copyright

Dutch: auteurssysteem
English: authoring system

Dutch: auteurstaal
English: author language; authoring language

Dutch: authentiek
English: authentic

Dutch: authentiseren
English: to authenticate

Dutch: authentisering
English: authentication

Dutch: authentiseringssysteem
English: authentication system

Dutch: auto-antenne
English: car aerial; car antenna

Dutch: auto-antenneschakelaar
English: car aerial switch

Dutch: auto-associatief leren
English: auto-associative learning

Dutch: autobatterij
English: car battery

Dutch: autobaud
English: auto-baud

Dutch: autocode
English: autocode

Dutch: autocorrelatie
English: autocorrelation

Dutch: autodiscriminatie
English: auto-discrimination

Dutch: autodyne
English: autodyne

Dutch: auto-eigenaar
English: car owner

Dutch: auto-elektronica
English: car electronics

Dutch: auto-emissie
English: auto-emission

Dutch: autogeen lasapparaat
English: gas welding apparatus

Dutch: autogeen lassen
English: torch welding; gas welding

Dutch: autoheterodyne
English: autoheterodyne

Dutch: autokatalytisch
English: electroless

Dutch: automaat
English: automaton; automatic; auto-lathe; autosync

Dutch: automatenboormachine
English: automatic drilling machine

Dutch: automatendraaien
English: automatic lathe turning

Dutch: automatenstaal
English: free cutting steel

Dutch: automatie-eiland
English: island of automation

Dutch: automatiesysteem
English: automation system

Dutch: automatisch aanpassend
English: self-adapting

Dutch: automatisch leren
English: automatic learning

Dutch: automatisch logboek
English: logger

Dutch: automatisch oproepen
English: automatic calling

Dutch: automatisch schakelen
English: automatic switching

Dutch: automatisch tekenen
English: automatic drawing

Dutch: automatisch telefoneren
English: auto-dial

Dutch: automatisch terugbellen
English: auto-dial back

Dutch: automatisch volgen
English: auto tracking

Dutch: automatische afstemming
English: automatic tuning

Dutch: automatische bandstop
English: auto-shutoff

Dutch: automatische centrale
English: automatic exchange

Dutch: automatische controle
English: automatic check; automatic control; built-in check

Dutch: automatische instelling
English: automatic bias

Dutch: automatische meeloop
English: auto tracking

Dutch: automatische modus
English: automatic mode

Dutch: automatische omvormer
English: autotransducer

Dutch: automatische ontdooier
English: no-froster

Dutch: automatische ontvanger
English: automatic receiver

Dutch: automatische productie
English: automatic production

Dutch: automatische regeling
English: automatic regulation

Dutch: automatische reset
English: automatic reset

Dutch: automatische rollback
English: automatic rollback

Dutch: automatische routering
English: autorouting; automated routing

Dutch: automatische scan
English: automatic scanning

Dutch: automatische stop
English: autostop; automatic stop; automatic shutoff; auto-shutoff

Dutch: automatische telegrafie
English: automatic telegraphy

Dutch: automatische voeding
English: automatic feed

Dutch: automatiseringsafdeling
English: data center

Dutch: automatiseringsbeleid
English: automation policy

Dutch: automatiseringsfasen
English: automation phases

Dutch: automatiseringsmiddelen
English: automation resources

Dutch: automatiseringssysteem
English: automation system

Dutch: automatiseringstheorie
English: automatics

Dutch: automobiel
English: automobile; motor car; car

Dutch: automobielindustrie
English: automotive industry

Dutch: automonteur
English: motor mechanic; car mechanic

Dutch: autonavigatiesysteem
English: automatic navigation system

Dutch: autonome robot
English: autonomous robot

Dutch: autonome verwerking
English: autonomous working; autonomous operation

Dutch: autonoom
English: stand alone

Dutch: autonoom systeem
English: autonomous system

Dutch: autonoom voertuig
English: autonomous vehicle

Dutch: autoradio
English: car radio; auto radio

Dutch: autoradio-antenne
English: car radio aerial; auto radio aerial

Dutch: autoradiohobbelproef
English: car radio bump test; auto radio bump test

Dutch: autorecorder
English: car recorder; auto recorder; auto tape playing unit

Dutch: autorelatief adres
English: self-relative address

Dutch: autorisatie
English: authorization

Dutch: autotelefoon
English: car phone

Dutch: autotelefooncentrale
English: car phone exchange

Dutch: autotransformer
English: auto-transformer

Dutch: avigatie
English: avigation

Dutch: AVO-meter
English: multimeter; Avo-meter; universal meter

Dutch: avondcursus
English: evening course

Dutch: AVR-kring
English: AGC circuit; AVC circuit

Dutch: AVR-kromme
English: AGC curve; AVC curve

Dutch: AVR-versterker
English: AGC amplifier; AVC amplifier

Dutch: axiaal
English: axial

Dutch: axiale belasting
English: axial load

Dutch: axiale bundel
English: axial bundle

Dutch: axon
English: axon

Dutch: azeotroop
English: azeotropic

Dutch: azimuth
English: azimuth

Dutch: azimuthinstelling
English: azimuth alignment

Dutch: azimuthmeetband
English: azimuth-test tape

Dutch: azimuthmeetcassette
English: azimuth-test cassette

Dutch: azimuth-over-hoogte
English: azimuth-over-altitude

Dutch: B.Q.-systeem
English: BQ-system

Dutch: B+
English: B plus

Dutch: baan
English: band; web; way; bedway; guideway; slideway; runway; path; orbit; job; post; place

Dutch: baanbeschrijving
English: path definition

Dutch: baancorrectie
English: path correction

Dutch: baanimpulsmoment
English: orbital angular momentum

Dutch: baannauwkeurigheid
English: path accuracy

Dutch: baanreproduceerbaarheid
English: path repeatability

Dutch: baansgewijze
English: strip-wise

Dutch: baansnelheid
English: path velocity

Dutch: baanversnelling
English: path acceleration

Dutch: baar
English: bar

Dutch: baarmeter
English: bar meter

Dutch: baas
English: foreman; boss; chief

Dutch: babyspoel
English: baby coil

Dutch: back-end
English: back end

Dutch: backflush
English: backflush

Dutch: backflush-telpunt
English: count point backflush

Dutch: back-to-back junctie
English: back-to-back junction

Dutch: backup-programmeur
English: backup programmer

Dutch: Backus-Naur Form
English: Backus-Naur Form: BNF

Dutch: backward diode
English: backward diode

Dutch: bad
English: solution; bath

Dutch: badafdekking
English: tank cover

Dutch: badanalyse
English: solution analysis

Dutch: badarmaturen
English: conducting equipment of a plating tank

Dutch: badbereiding
English: solution preparation

Dutch: badbeweging
English: bath agitation; solution agitation

Dutch: badcomponenten
English: bath components

Dutch: badcontrole
English: solution control

Dutch: badcorrectie
English: solution correction; regeneration; solution adjustment

Dutch: baddampen
English: bath fumes

Dutch: badfilter
English: bath liquid filter

Dutch: badkuipkromme
English: bathtub curve

Dutch: badmoeilijkheden
English: solution troubles

Dutch: badmonster
English: solution sample

Dutch: badmontuur
English: bath fittings

Dutch: badonderhoud
English: solution maintenance

Dutch: badrecept
English: solution formula

Dutch: badsamenstelling
English: bath composition; solution composition

Dutch: badspanning
English: bath voltage

Dutch: badtijd
English: plating time

Dutch: baduitrusting
English: tank equipment

Dutch: badverwarming
English: tank heating

Dutch: badvloeistof
English: bath liquid

Dutch: badvoorschriften
English: bath instructions

Dutch: badweerstand
English: solution resistance

Dutch: bajonethuls
English: bayonet cap

Dutch: bajonetsluiting
English: bayonet catch

Dutch: bak
English: container; bin; tray; tank; plating tank; casing; housing; plinth

Dutch: bakbekleding
English: tank lining

Dutch: baken
English: beacon

Dutch: bakennavigatiesysteem
English: beacon navigation system

Dutch: bakjesdoos
English: box and lid; case lid case

Dutch: bakken
English: to bake; to cure

Dutch: bakmal
English: baking jig

Dutch: bakpan
English: frying pan

Dutch: balafsluiter
English: ball-type valve

Dutch: balanceerfout
English: balance error

Dutch: balanceerspoel
English: balancing coil

Dutch: balanceerstatus
English: balance check mode

Dutch: balanceren
English: to balance

Dutch: balancering
English: balancing

Dutch: balanscircuit
English: push-pull circuit

Dutch: balansdetector
English: push-pull detector

Dutch: balanseindtrap
English: push-pull output stage

Dutch: balansgelijkheid
English: balance equality

Dutch: balansgeschakeld
English: connected in push-pull

Dutch: balansmodulator
English: balanced modulator

Dutch: balansoscillator
English: push-pull oscillator

Dutch: balanspotentiometer
English: balancing potentiometer

Dutch: balansregelaar
English: balance control

Dutch: balansregeling
English: balance control; balance system

Dutch: balanstransformator
English: push-pull transformer

Dutch: balansuitgang
English: push-pull output

Dutch: balansvermenigvuldiger
English: push-pull multiplier

Dutch: balansversterker
English: push-pull amplifier; balanced amplifier

Dutch: balk
English: beam; bar

Dutch: balkendiagram
English: bar graph; bar chart

Dutch: balkengenerator
English: bar generator

Dutch: balkenplanning
English: bar charts planning

Dutch: ballastbuis
English: ballast tube

Dutch: ballaststroom
English: ballast current

Dutch: ballasttriode
English: ballast triode; shunt-stabilizing triode; shunt regulator

Dutch: ballastweerstand
English: ballast resistor

Dutch: ballistisch
English: ballistic

Dutch: ballon
English: bulb

Dutch: ballonspuit
English: hand-bulb spray

Dutch: balun
English: balanced/unbalanced: balun

Dutch: banaansteker
English: banana plug

Dutch: band
English: strip; tape; strap; belt; assembly line; conveyor; tyre; band

Dutch: band zonder snippers
English: chadless tape

Dutch: bandaandrijving
English: tape drive

Dutch: bandaandrukhefboom
English: tape pressure lever

Dutch: bandafstand
English: energy gap

Dutch: bandafstandsenergie
English: band-gap energy

Dutch: bandanode
English: strip anode

Dutch: bandarbeider
English: belt operator

Dutch: bandbegrenzing
English: limitation of frequency band

Dutch: bandbeweging
English: tape motion

Dutch: bandbreedte op verzoek
English: bandwidth on demand

Dutch: bandbreedteschakelaar
English: bandwidth switch

Dutch: bandbreuk
English: tape breakage

Dutch: bandcassette
English: tape cartridge

Dutch: bandcombinatie
English: belt team; belt combination

Dutch: banddikte
English: tape thickness

Dutch: banddoorlaat
English: bandpass; strip guide

Dutch: banddoorlaatfilter
English: band-pass filter

Dutch: banddoorvoer
English: strip guide; tape guide; tape channel

Dutch: banddrager
English: tape support; tape carrier; tape-guide bracket

Dutch: bandeenheid
English: magnetic tape unit

Dutch: bandenknersen
English: tyre squeal

Dutch: bandenplan
English: belt plan

Dutch: bandenschema
English: band diagram

Dutch: bandenspanning
English: tyre pressure; tire pressure

Dutch: bandfilter
English: band-pass filter

Dutch: bandfilterafstemming
English: band-pass tuning

Dutch: bandflux
English: tape flux

Dutch: bandfout
English: tape defect

Dutch: bandgeknutsel
English: tape-tampering

Dutch: bandgeleidebeugel
English: tape-guide bracket

Dutch: bandgeleidebus
English: tape-guide bush

Dutch: bandgeleider
English: tape guide

Dutch: bandgereedschap
English: belt tool

Dutch: bandinleggleuf
English: tape loading slot

Dutch: bandkabel
English: tape cable

Dutch: bandkern
English: tape core; tape wound core

Dutch: band-kop contact
English: head-to-tape contact

Dutch: band-kop snelheid
English: tape-to-head speed

Dutch: bandligging
English: tape threading; tape lace-up

Dutch: bandloop
English: tape threading; tape lace-up

Dutch: bandloopvlak
English: head face

Dutch: bandlus
English: tape loop

Dutch: bandmateriaal
English: strip stock; tape material

Dutch: bandmicrofoon
English: ribbon microphone

Dutch: bandomschakeling
English: band switching

Dutch: bandomstelling
English: belt-setup change

Dutch: bandophanging
English: ribbon suspension

Dutch: bandoplegging
English: tape threading; tape lace-up

Dutch: bandopname
English: tape recording

Dutch: bandopnemer
English: tape recorder; professional recorder; domestic recorder

Dutch: bandplaats
English: belt place; belt station

Dutch: bandponsmachine
English: tape punch; paper tape punch

Dutch: bandpreparatie
English: tape preparation

Dutch: bandrecord
English: tape record

Dutch: bandrecorder
English: tape recorder

Dutch: bandrek
English: tape stretch

Dutch: bandreserve
English: belt reserve

Dutch: bandrol
English: coil of strip

Dutch: bandruis
English: tape noise; tape hiss

Dutch: bandschakelaar
English: band switch

Dutch: bandschakeling
English: bandswitching

Dutch: bandschakelprint
English: band-switch printed circuit board

Dutch: bandslijtsel
English: tape dust particles

Dutch: bandsnelheid
English: belt speed; tape speed

Dutch: bandsnelheidsvariaties
English: tape speed variations

Dutch: bandspanbeugel
English: tape tensioner bracket

Dutch: bandspanner
English: tape tensioner; belt tensioner

Dutch: bandspanning
English: belt tension; tape tension

Dutch: bandspreiding
English: band spread

Dutch: bandspreidingschakelaar
English: band-spread switch

Dutch: bandspreidingstechniek
English: bandspreading technique

Dutch: bandstaal
English: steel strapping

Dutch: bandstopfilter
English: band-stop filter

Dutch: bandstructuur
English: band structure; atom band structure

Dutch: bandtafel
English: belt table

Dutch: bandtransport
English: tape drive

Dutch: bandtransportmechanisme
English: tape transport mechanism; tape transport; tape deck

Dutch: bandtransportmotor
English: tape drive motor

Dutch: bandtrek
English: tape pull

Dutch: banduitval
English: belt rejects; belt stoppage

Dutch: bandvlinder
English: butterfly

Dutch: bandvoorraad
English: tape inventory; intermediate stock; belt stock; stock in process

Dutch: bandwijdte
English: bandwidth

Dutch: bandzegel
English: seal

Dutch: bankschroef
English: bench vice; vice

Dutch: bankwerken
English: bench work

Dutch: bankwerker
English: bench mechanic; bench hand; benchman; bench fitter; bench worker

Dutch: bankwerkerij
English: fitting shop; machine shop

Dutch: bankwikkeling
English: banked winding; bank winding

Dutch: bar
English: bar

Dutch: baretvijl
English: barette file; barette

Dutch: bariumoxyde
English: barium oxide

Dutch: bariumstrontiumoxide
English: barium-strontium oxide

Dutch: bariumstrontiumtitanaat
English: barium-strontium titanate

Dutch: bariumtitanaat
English: barium titanate

Dutch: Barkercode
English: Barker code

Dutch: barnsteenzuur
English: succinic acid

Dutch: barrière
English: barrier

Dutch: barst
English: crack

Dutch: barsten
English: to crack

Dutch: barstjes
English: cracks; fissures; crevices; checks

Dutch: barstvrij verchromen
English: crackfree chromium plating

Dutch: bas
English: bass

Dutch: base
English: base

Dutch: baseren
English: to base; to found; to ground

Dutch: basgedeelte
English: bass part

Dutch: basis
English: basis; base

Dutch: basis testserie
English: basis test set

Dutch: basisadres
English: base address

Dutch: basisband
English: base band; baseband

Dutch: basisbandnetwerk
English: baseband network

Dutch: basisbedradingsschema
English: ladder diagram

Dutch: basisblok
English: basic block

Dutch: basisch maken
English: to render basic

Dutch: basische klei
English: basic clay

Dutch: basiscirkel
English: base circle

Dutch: basiscoördinatenstelsel
English: base coordinate system

Dutch: basisdienst-ISDN
English: basic rate ISDN: BRI

Dutch: basisdocument
English: source document

Dutch: basiselektrode
English: base electrode

Dutch: basiselement
English: base element

Dutch: basisfrequentie
English: base frequency; fundamental frequency

Dutch: basisgegeven
English: base item

Dutch: basisgegevens
English: source data

Dutch: basisgenerator
English: master generator

Dutch: basisgewicht
English: base weight

Dutch: basisgrensmaat
English: fundamental limit of size

Dutch: basisgrensmaatafwijking
English: fundamental deviation

Dutch: basisgroep
English: basic group

Dutch: basisinstructie
English: basic instruction

Dutch: basiskennis
English: basic knowledge

Dutch: basiskleurbeeld
English: basic colour picture

Dutch: basislijn
English: base line

Dutch: basisloonuur
English: basic wage hour

Dutch: basismaat
English: basic dimension

Dutch: basismaatafwijking
English: basic deviation

Dutch: basismetaal
English: basic metal; base metal

Dutch: basismontagevlak
English: base mounting surface

Dutch: basisnorm
English: base standard

Dutch: basispen
English: base pin

Dutch: basisregister
English: base register

Dutch: basisschakeling
English: basic circuit; common-base circuit; grounded-base circuit

Dutch: basisspanning
English: base voltage

Dutch: basisstation
English: base station

Dutch: basisstatus
English: basic status

Dutch: basisstroom
English: base current

Dutch: basisvoorraad
English: base stock

Dutch: basisvoorraadbesturing
English: base stock control

Dutch: basisvoorraadsysteem
English: base stock system

Dutch: basisweerstand
English: base resistance

Dutch: basreflexkast
English: base-reflex speaker cabinet

Dutch: baterrijruimte
English: battery chamber; battery compartment

Dutch: batterij(op)lader
English: battery charger

Dutch: batterijbak
English: battery compartment; battery chamber

Dutch: batterijbandopnemer
English: battery tape recorder

Dutch: batterijdeksel
English: battery cover

Dutch: batterijgelijkrichter
English: battery charger

Dutch: batterijhouder
English: battery holder; battery compartment

Dutch: batterijklep
English: battery cover

Dutch: batterijlevensduur
English: battery life

Dutch: batterijmotor
English: battery motor

Dutch: batterij-ontvanger
English: battery receiver

Dutch: batterijscheerapparaat
English: battery shaver

Dutch: batterijspanning
English: battery voltage

Dutch: batterijverbruik
English: battery consumption; battery drain

Dutch: batterijvoeding
English: battery supply

Dutch: batterijweerstand
English: battery resistance

Dutch: baud
English: baud

Dutch: baudfrequentie
English: baud rate

Dutch: Baudotcode
English: Baudot code

Dutch: baudsnelheid
English: baud rate

Dutch: B-boom
English: B-tree

Dutch: beam-lead
English: beam lead

Dutch: beam-lead isolatie
English: beam-lead isolation

Dutch: beamtetrode
English: beam tetrode

Dutch: bean
English: bean

Dutch: beantwoording
English: answering

Dutch: beantwoordingsnet
English: answering net

Dutch: beantwoordingsplug
English: answering plug

Dutch: Bedacryllak
English: Bedacryl lacquer

Dutch: bedekken
English: to cover; to coat; to plate

Dutch: bedekken met legering
English: alloy plating; alloy deposition

Dutch: bedekking
English: coating; covering; plating

Dutch: bedekkingsgebied
English: coverage area

Dutch: bediener
English: operator; attendant

Dutch: bedieningsbeugel
English: actuating bracket

Dutch: bedieningscomfort
English: ease of manipulation; control convenience

Dutch: bedieningsfunctionaris
English: operator

Dutch: bedieningshandleiding
English: operating instructions; instructions for operation

Dutch: bedieningshefboom
English: actuating lever; control handle

Dutch: bedieningskastje
English: control box

Dutch: bedieningsketen
English: control circuit

Dutch: bedieningsknop
English: control knob; control

Dutch: bedieningskoppel
English: operating torque; actuating torque

Dutch: bedieningskosten
English: operational cost

Dutch: bedieningskracht
English: actuating force

Dutch: bedieningslessenaar
English: control desk

Dutch: bedieningsorgaan
English: control device; control

Dutch: bedieningsunit
English: control unit

Dutch: bedieningsverliestijd
English: operating delays

Dutch: bedieningsvoorschrift
English: operating instructions

Dutch: bedplaat
English: bedplate

Dutch: bedraad programma
English: wired program

Dutch: bedrade functie
English: wired function

Dutch: bedrade koppeling
English: hard-wired link

Dutch: bedrade logica
English: wired logic

Dutch: bedraden
English: to wire

Dutch: bedrading
English: wiring

Dutch: bedradingsboom
English: wiring harass; wire tree; wiring preform; cable harass

Dutch: bedradingscapacitantie
English: wiring capacitance

Dutch: bedradingscapaciteit
English: wiring capacitance

Dutch: bedradingsfitting
English: wiring connector

Dutch: bedradingsimpedantie
English: wiring impedance

Dutch: bedradingsinductantie
English: wiring inductance

Dutch: bedradingskanaal
English: wiring channel

Dutch: bedradingslijst
English: wire list

Dutch: bedradingsmal
English: wiring jig

Dutch: bedradingspaneel
English: wiring board; wiring panel

Dutch: bedradingsplan
English: wire plan

Dutch: bedradingsreactantie
English: wiring reactance

Dutch: bedradingsregel
English: wire rule

Dutch: bedradingsresistentie
English: wiring resistance

Dutch: bedradingsruimte
English: wiring closet

Dutch: bedradingsschema
English: circuit diagram; circuit schematic; wiring diagram

Dutch: bedradingssegment
English: wire segment

Dutch: bedrag ineens
English: lumpsum

Dutch: bedrijf
English: company; firm; business; enterprise; undertaking; operations

Dutch: bedrijfsadviseur
English: management consultant

Dutch: bedrijfsautomaat
English: private automatic branch exchange: PABX

Dutch: bedrijfsbeheerder
English: plant manager

Dutch: bedrijfsbelasting
English: trade income tax

Dutch: bedrijfsbeleid
English: industrial policy; policy

Dutch: bedrijfsbescherming
English: works' civil defense

Dutch: bedrijfscapaciteit
English: working capacity; production capacity

Dutch: bedrijfscentrale
English: private branch exchange: PBX

Dutch: bedrijfsconcentratie
English: industrial concentration

Dutch: bedrijfscondensator
English: running capacitor

Dutch: bedrijfsdienst
English: business service

Dutch: bedrijfsdirecteur
English: managing director

Dutch: bedrijfsdoorlichting
English: management and organization audit

Dutch: bedrijfsduur
English: working time; operating time

Dutch: bedrijfseconomisch
English: business; economic; commercial

Dutch: bedrijfseenheid
English: business unit

Dutch: bedrijfsentiteit
English: business entity

Dutch: bedrijfservaring
English: operating experience

Dutch: bedrijfsfunctie
English: business function

Dutch: bedrijfsgroep
English: business group

Dutch: bedrijfshiërarchie
English: corporate hierarchy

Dutch: bedrijfshoofd
English: head of business

Dutch: bedrijfsinrichting
English: plant layout; plant lay-out

Dutch: bedrijfsinstallatie
English: plant; industrial equipment

Dutch: bedrijfsinventarislijst
English: plant list

Dutch: bedrijfskader
English: key personnel; executive staff; supervisory staff

Dutch: bedrijfskleding
English: industrial clothing

Dutch: bedrijfskolom
English: business chain

Dutch: bedrijfskosten
English: working expenses

Dutch: bedrijfskunde
English: industrial engineering

Dutch: bedrijfskundig adviseur
English: management consultant

Dutch: bedrijfsleer
English: business economics

Dutch: bedrijfsleiding
English: management

Dutch: bedrijfsleven
English: industry; trade and industry; business; industrial life; businesses; the corporate sector

Dutch: bedrijfsmechanisatie
English: production mechanization

Dutch: bedrijfsmiddel
English: asset

Dutch: bedrijfsmodel
English: enterprise model

Dutch: bedrijfsnetwerk
English: company network

Dutch: bedrijfsnormalisatie
English: industrial standardization; industrial normalization

Dutch: bedrijfsomstandigheden
English: working conditions; operating conditions

Dutch: bedrijfsonderdeel
English: department; business unit

Dutch: bedrijfsorganisatie
English: business organization; industrial organization

Dutch: bedrijfsplan
English: business plan

Dutch: bedrijfsproces
English: business process; operation

Dutch: bedrijfsprocesbesturing
English: business process control

Dutch: bedrijfspsychologie
English: industrial psychology; occupational psychology

Dutch: bedrijfspsycholoog
English: industrial psychologist; occupational psychologist

Dutch: bedrijfsreglement
English: works regulation

Dutch: bedrijfssignalering
English: management information systems; management controls

Dutch: bedrijfsspanning
English: working voltage; operating voltage

Dutch: bedrijfsspel
English: business game

Dutch: bedrijfsstatistiek
English: industrial statistics

Dutch: bedrijfsstoring
English: breakdown; failure

Dutch: bedrijfssysteem
English: operating system: OS

Dutch: bedrijfstemperatuur
English: working temperature; operating temperature

Dutch: bedrijfstijd
English: up time

Dutch: bedrijfsuitkomsten
English: trading results

Dutch: bedrijfsverliezen
English: operating losses

Dutch: bedrijfsvermogen
English: operating power

Dutch: bedrijfswinst
English: trading profit

Dutch: bedrijfszelfbescherming
English: works' civil defense

Dutch: bedrijfszetel
English: seat of the firm; seat of the company

Dutch: bedrock
English: bedrock

Dutch: bedrukkingsfoelie
English: printing foil

Dutch: bedrukkingsmechanisme
English: printing machine

Dutch: bedslede
English: carriage; slide

Dutch: beëindigd
English: clear

Dutch: beëindigd kanaal
English: drop channel

Dutch: beëindigde oproep
English: finished call

Dutch: beëindigen
English: to kill

Dutch: beëindiging
English: retirement

Dutch: beëindigingsfase
English: retirement phase

Dutch: beeld
English: image; display; scene; picture; idea; frame; field; view

Dutch: beeld in geluid
English: vision on sound

Dutch: beeld met diepte
English: deep dimension picture

Dutch: beeldacquisitie
English: image acquisition

Dutch: beeldafbuiging
English: frame deflection

Dutch: beeldafbuigspoel
English: frame deflection coil

Dutch: beeldafmetingen
English: picture dimensions

Dutch: beeldafstand
English: distance between screen and lens; image intercept

Dutch: beeldaftastapparaat
English: picture scanning apparatus

Dutch: beeldaftastbuis
English: picture scanning tube

Dutch: beeldaftasting
English: scanning

Dutch: beeldaftasttijd
English: scanning time

Dutch: beeldamplitude
English: frame amplitude

Dutch: beeldband
English: video tape

Dutch: beeldbandbreedte
English: vision bandwidth; video bandwidth; picture bandwidth

Dutch: beeldbandopname
English: video recording

Dutch: beeldbandopnemer
English: video recorder

Dutch: beeldbandregistratie
English: video recording

Dutch: beeldbegrenzing
English: field stop

Dutch: beeldbestand
English: image file

Dutch: beeldbreedte
English: picture width

Dutch: beeldbreedteregelaar
English: picture width control

Dutch: beeldbuis
English: picture tube; cathode ray tube; kinescope

Dutch: beeldbuishals
English: picture tube neck

Dutch: beeldbuishouder
English: picture tube socket

Dutch: beeldbuiskanon
English: picture tube gun

Dutch: beeldbuisnek
English: picture tube neck

Dutch: beeldbuisscherm
English: picture tube screen; display screen

Dutch: beeldbuisstation
English: display unit

Dutch: beeldbuisvoet
English: picture tube base

Dutch: beeldcentrering
English: picture centring

Dutch: beeldcontouren
English: picture contours

Dutch: beeldconverter
English: image converter

Dutch: beelddefinitie
English: image definition; picture definition; picture resolution

Dutch: beelddeflectie
English: frame deflection

Dutch: beelddeflectiespoel
English: frame coil

Dutch: beelddelen
English: picture areas

Dutch: beelddetail
English: picture detail; image detail

Dutch: beelddetector
English: video detector

Dutch: beelddiagram
English: ideograph

Dutch: beelddraaggolf
English: vision carrier; picture carrier

Dutch: beeldeenheid
English: display unit

Dutch: beeldeindbuis
English: frame output tube

Dutch: beeldeindtrap
English: video output stage

Dutch: beeldelement
English: picture element; display element; pixel

Dutch: beeldfase
English: picture phase

Dutch: beeldfaseregelaar
English: tracking control

Dutch: beeldflikkering
English: frame flicker

Dutch: beeldformaat
English: picture size

Dutch: beeldfout
English: picture fault

Dutch: beeldfrequentie
English: frame frequency; vertical frequency; picture frequency

Dutch: beeldgeheugen
English: image storage

Dutch: beeldgelijkrichter
English: video detector

Dutch: beeldgelijkrichting
English: video detection

Dutch: beeldgenerator
English: test pattern generator

Dutch: beeldhelderheid
English: brightness

Dutch: beeldhoogte
English: picture height

Dutch: beeldhoogteregelaar
English: picture height control

Dutch: beeldimpuls
English: frame pulse

Dutch: beeldindruk
English: presentation

Dutch: beeldinformatie
English: picture information

Dutch: beeldingang
English: frame input

Dutch: beeldinhoud
English: picture content

Dutch: beeldinstelling
English: framing

Dutch: beeldinstelspoel
English: picture control coil

Dutch: beeldinterferentie
English: image interference

Dutch: beeldkaart
English: bit map; bit plane

Dutch: beeldkanaal
English: vision channel; video channel; picture channel

Dutch: beeldkleur
English: picture colour

Dutch: beeldkwaliteit
English: picture quality

Dutch: beeldlijn
English: picture line; video line

Dutch: beeldmasker
English: picture tube mask

Dutch: beeldmengpaneel
English: video mixer; vision mixer; video monitoring and mixing desk

Dutch: beeldmidden
English: centre of picture

Dutch: beeldmodulatie
English: vision modulation

Dutch: beeldmodulator
English: vision modulator

Dutch: beeldomvormbuis
English: image converter tube

Dutch: beeldonderdrukking
English: vision suppression

Dutch: beeldopname
English: video recording

Dutch: beeldorthicon
English: image orthicon

Dutch: beeldoscillatorspoel
English: frame oscillator coil

Dutch: beeldoverdracht
English: vision transmission; video transmission; picture transmission; image transmission; image transfer

Dutch: beeldplaat
English: optical disc

Dutch: beeldpotentiaal
English: image potential

Dutch: beeldpunt
English: picture point; picture element

Dutch: beeldranden
English: edges of picture

Dutch: beeldregistratie
English: video recording

Dutch: beeldscheiding
English: picture reparation

Dutch: beeldscherm
English: picture screen; viewing screen; visual display; display screen

Dutch: beeldschermbeheerder
English: display manager

Dutch: beeldschermmidden
English: screen centre

Dutch: beeldschermranden
English: screen edges

Dutch: beeldscherpte
English: picture sharpness

Dutch: beeldschommeling
English: image drift

Dutch: beeldsegment
English: image segment

Dutch: beeldsignaal
English: vision signal; video signal; picture signal

Dutch: beeldspecificatie
English: picture specification

Dutch: beeldspoel
English: frame coil

Dutch: beeldspoor
English: video track

Dutch: beeldsprong
English: bouncing; jumping

Dutch: beeldstabiliteit
English: steadiness of picture

Dutch: beeldstation
English: display unit; visual display unit: VDU

Dutch: beeldstoring
English: picture breakdown

Dutch: beeldstroom
English: picture current

Dutch: beeldsuperpositie
English: superposition; overlay

Dutch: beeldsynchronisatie
English: frame synchronization

Dutch: beeldsynthese
English: picture synthesis

Dutch: beeldtechnicus
English: video engineer; vision control supervisor

Dutch: beeldtelegrafie
English: facsimile

Dutch: beeldterugslag
English: frame flyback

Dutch: beeldtijd
English: picture duration; frame duration

Dutch: beeldtijdbasis
English: frame time base

Dutch: beelduitzending
English: image transmission; picture transmission

Dutch: beeldveldkromming
English: curvature of the field

Dutch: beeldverdubbeling
English: ringing; intermediate multiple image; split image

Dutch: beeldverhouding
English: aspect ratio

Dutch: beeldverschuiving
English: image shift; hunting

Dutch: beeldversterker
English: video amplifier

Dutch: beeldvervorming
English: image distortion; picture distortion

Dutch: beeldverwerker
English: graphic processor

Dutch: beeldverwerkingssysteem
English: image processing system

Dutch: beeldvlak
English: display screen

Dutch: beeldvorming
English: image formation; representation

Dutch: beeldweergave
English: image reproduction; picture reproduction

Dutch: beeldwisselfrequentie
English: frame frequency

Dutch: beeldzender
English: video transmitter

Dutch: beenderlijm
English: bone glue

Dutch: beenruimte
English: legroom; leg space

Dutch: begeleide landing
English: carrier-controlled approach: CCA

Dutch: begeleide programmering
English: lead-through programming

Dutch: begeleiding
English: support; nursing; care and feeding; accompaniment

Dutch: begin- of eindsymbool
English: mark; marker

Dutch: beginadres
English: origin; starting address

Dutch: beginblok
English: header

Dutch: beginisolatie
English: initial insulation

Dutch: beginnende storing
English: incipient failure

Dutch: beginopdracht
English: entry instruction; begin instruction

Dutch: beginsnelheid
English: initial speed; initial velocity

Dutch: beginstand
English: starting position

Dutch: begintoestand
English: initial state; initial condition

Dutch: beginuitloper
English: initial lead-out; start lead

Dutch: beginvoorraad
English: initial stock; opening stock

Dutch: begraven laag
English: buried layer

Dutch: begrensde integrator
English: limited integrator

Dutch: begrensde kennis
English: boundary knowledge

Dutch: begrensde ruimte
English: restricted space

Dutch: begrensde variabele
English: bound variable

Dutch: begrenzen
English: to limit; to bound; to clip

Dutch: begrenzer
English: limiter

Dutch: begrenzerdiode
English: limiter diode

Dutch: begrenzerschakelaar
English: limit switch

Dutch: begrenzertrap
English: limiter stage

Dutch: begrenzing
English: boundary; limitation; limiting; circumscription

Dutch: begrenzingsbeugel
English: stop bracket

Dutch: begrenzingsteken
English: delimiter

Dutch: begrenzingsweerstand
English: limiting resistor

Dutch: begrip
English: idea; notion; concept; conception

Dutch: behandelen
English: to handle; to treat; to process

Dutch: behandeling
English: handling; treatment; processing

Dutch: beheer
English: management; conduct; control

Dutch: beheersaspect
English: management aspect; control aspect

Dutch: beheersen
English: to control

Dutch: beheersplan
English: control plan

Dutch: beheerst proces
English: process under control; process in control; controlled process

Dutch: beheerstechniek
English: management technique

Dutch: behendige manipulator
English: dexterous manipulator

Dutch: behendigheid
English: dexterity

Dutch: beheren
English: to control; to manage; to administer

Dutch: behoefte
English: requirement; want; need; requirements

Dutch: behoefteberekening
English: requirements calculation

Dutch: behoeftedatum
English: need date

Dutch: behoeftedefinitiemodel
English: requirements definition model

Dutch: behoefte-explosie
English: requirements explosion

Dutch: behoeftepatroon
English: requirements pattern

Dutch: behoefteplan
English: requirement schedule

Dutch: behoefteplanning
English: requirement scheduling

Dutch: behoeftewijziging
English: requirements alteration

Dutch: behuizing
English: cartridge; enclosure; package

Dutch: beïnvloeden
English: to influence

Dutch: beitel
English: chisel; tool; cutter

Dutch: beitelbreuk
English: tool breakage

Dutch: beitelen
English: to chip; to chisel

Dutch: beitelhouder
English: toll holder; cutter holder

Dutch: beitelkop
English: tool holder

Dutch: beitelpunt
English: tool tip; tool bit

Dutch: beitelschacht
English: tool shank

Dutch: beitelslijtage
English: tool wear

Dutch: beitelstaal
English: tool steel

Dutch: beitelsupport
English: toolpost

Dutch: beits
English: pickle; mordant; stain

Dutch: beitsautomaat
English: automatic pickling equipment

Dutch: beitsbak
English: pickling tank; pickle container

Dutch: beitsbewerking
English: pickling action

Dutch: beitsblazen
English: pickling blisters; pickling blistering

Dutch: beitserij
English: pickling shop; pickling department

Dutch: beitsfout
English: pickling defect

Dutch: beitsinstallatie
English: pickling equipment; pickling installation

Dutch: beitskorf
English: pickling basket

Dutch: beitsoplossing
English: pickling solution

Dutch: beitsporiën
English: pickling pits

Dutch: beitsrem
English: inhibitor

Dutch: beitssnelheid
English: rate of pickling

Dutch: beitstrommel
English: pickling barrel

Dutch: beitsvertrager
English: inhibitor

Dutch: beitsvloeistof
English: pickling acid; pickling liquid

Dutch: beitszuur
English: pickling acid

Dutch: bek
English: jaws; frame; nose

Dutch: bekabelingsschema
English: cabling diagram

Dutch: bekerglas
English: beaker

Dutch: bekermenger
English: liquidizer/grinder; blender

Dutch: bekkaliber
English: snap gauge

Dutch: bekleden met
English: to clad; to line; to sheathe with; to coat with; to cover with; to face with

Dutch: bekleding
English: cladding; coating; lining; sheathing; covering; facing; upholstery; trim

Dutch: bekleed
English: clad; lined; sheathed; covered; coated; faced

Dutch: beknopte code
English: brevity code

Dutch: beknopte lijst
English: brevity list

Dutch: bekrachtigd circuit
English: load

Dutch: bekrachtigen
English: to excite; to energize; to conform; to ratify; to certify

Dutch: bekrachtiger
English: exciter

Dutch: bekrachtiging
English: excitation; energizing; confirmation; ratification; certification

Dutch: bekrachtigingsdraad
English: drive wire; drive winding

Dutch: bekrachtigingsimpuls
English: drive pulse

Dutch: bekrachtigingsspoel
English: exciter coil

Dutch: bekrachtigingsstroom
English: exciter current

Dutch: bektang
English: nose pliers

Dutch: bekwaam
English: able; capable; competent; skilled

Dutch: bekwaamheid
English: capability; competence; skill; expertness

Dutch: bekwijdte
English: size of jaw; width between jaws

Dutch: bel
English: alarm; bell; bubble; inclusion; bel

Dutch: beladen gewicht
English: laden weight

Dutch: belangensfeer
English: sphere of interests

Dutch: belanghebbende
English: interested party

Dutch: belastbaarheid
English: power handling capacity; load-taking capacity

Dutch: belasten
English: to load

Dutch: belasting
English: load; loading; tax; taxation

Dutch: belastingdruk
English: burden of taxation

Dutch: belastingsbuis
English: load tube

Dutch: belastingscapacitantie
English: load capacitance

Dutch: belastingscircuit
English: load circuit

Dutch: belastingsfactor
English: load factor

Dutch: belastingsfout
English: loading error

Dutch: belastingsgrens
English: load limit

Dutch: belastingsimpedantie
English: load impedance

Dutch: belastingslijn
English: load line

Dutch: belastingsspanning
English: load voltage

Dutch: belastingsstroom
English: load current

Dutch: belastingsvariaties
English: load variations

Dutch: belastingsvermogen
English: load power

Dutch: belastingsweerstand
English: load resistance; load resistor

Dutch: belastingswikkeling
English: load winding

Dutch: beleid
English: policy; control

Dutch: beleidsbeslissing
English: policy decision

Dutch: beleidscriterium
English: policy criterion

Dutch: beleidsfactor
English: policy factor

Dutch: beleidsformulering
English: policy formulation

Dutch: beleidslijn
English: policy

Dutch: beleidsnorm
English: policy standard

Dutch: beleidsorganisatie
English: policy organization

Dutch: beleidsrealisatie
English: policy implementation

Dutch: beleidsregel
English: policy rule

Dutch: beleidsverklaring
English: policy statement

Dutch: belemmeren
English: to hamper

Dutch: beletten
English: to inhibit

Dutch: belichaming
English: embodiment

Dutch: belichten
English: to expose

Dutch: belichting
English: exposure

Dutch: belichtingskast
English: exposure box

Dutch: belichtingsmeter
English: exposure meter

Dutch: belichtingsraam
English: exposure frame

Dutch: Bell modem
English: Bell modem

Dutch: bellenkaart
English: bubble chart

Dutch: belteken
English: bell character

Dutch: belucht
English: aerated

Dutch: beluisteren
English: to listen to

Dutch: bemeten
English: to dimension

Dutch: bemeting
English: sizing

Dutch: bemoeilijkt
English: impaired

Dutch: bemonsteren
English: to sample

Dutch: bemonstering
English: sampling; acceptance sampling; bulk sampling

Dutch: bemonsteringscircuit
English: sensing circuit

Dutch: bemonsteringsgegevens
English: sample data

Dutch: bemonsteringsinterval
English: sampling interval

Dutch: bemonsteringssnelheid
English: sampling rate

Dutch: benaderen
English: to access; to approach; to approximate; to estimate

Dutch: benadering
English: approach; approximation; estimate; estimation

Dutch: benaming
English: denomination; designation

Dutch: benedengrens
English: lower limit

Dutch: benedenspoor
English: bottom track

Dutch: benodigd
English: required

Dutch: benodigde capaciteit
English: required capacity

Dutch: benutten
English: to utilize; to take advantage of

Dutch: benzine
English: petrol; gasoline; gas

Dutch: benzinemeter
English: fuel gauge

Dutch: benzing gereedschap
English: benzing tool

Dutch: benzol
English: benzene

Dutch: Benzoliteplaat
English: Benzolite sheet

Dutch: benzoylperoxyde
English: benzoyl peroxide

Dutch: beoordelen
English: to judge; to evaluate; to assess; to rate

Dutch: beoordeling
English: judgment; evaluation; assessment; rating; review

Dutch: bepalen
English: to determine; to fix; to stipulate; to prescribe; to define; dictate

Dutch: bepalen van de waarde
English: to validate

Dutch: beperken
English: to limit; to restrict; to constrain

Dutch: beperkende regel
English: constraint rule

Dutch: beperking
English: restriction; limitation; constraint

Dutch: beperkingen
English: constraints

Dutch: beperkt prototype
English: limited prototype

Dutch: beperkte aftasting
English: limited scanning

Dutch: beperkte bandbreedte
English: bandwidth limited

Dutch: beplakken met
English: to cover with

Dutch: beplakt karton
English: lined board

Dutch: beproeven
English: to test

Dutch: beproeving
English: testing; proving

Dutch: beproevingsapparaat
English: tester; test apparatus; test equipment

Dutch: beproevingsmethode
English: test method

Dutch: beproevingsomgeving
English: test environment

Dutch: beproevingsprogramma
English: test program; test routine; test plan

Dutch: beproevingsresultaat
English: test result

Dutch: beproevingsruimte
English: test room; test chamber

Dutch: beproevingstijd
English: proving time; test time

Dutch: beproevingsvoorschrift
English: test instructions

Dutch: beproevingsvoorwaarden
English: test conditions

Dutch: beredeneerde aanname
English: reasoned assumption

Dutch: bereiden
English: to prepare; to make up

Dutch: bereiding
English: preparation; make up

Dutch: bereik
English: range; scope

Dutch: bereikbaar
English: attainable

Dutch: bereikbaar kleurgebied
English: colour gamut

Dutch: bereikbaarheid
English: attainability

Dutch: berekend gebruik
English: calculated usage

Dutch: berekende capaciteit
English: rated capacity

Dutch: berekende waarde van F
English: calculated value of F

Dutch: berekenen
English: to calculate; to compute

Dutch: berekening
English: calculation; computation

Dutch: berekenkaart
English: operation card

Dutch: bergbeklimming
English: hill climbing

Dutch: bergen
English: to preserve; to dump; to salvage

Dutch: bergruimte
English: storage space

Dutch: berichtbeëindiging
English: ending

Dutch: berichtenprogramma
English: message handler

Dutch: berichtindeling
English: message format

Dutch: Berlijns blauw
English: Prussian blue

Dutch: Bernoulliverdeling
English: Bernoulli distribution

Dutch: beroepenclassificatie
English: job classification

Dutch: beroepengids
English: careers guide

Dutch: beroepenstandaard
English: occupational title standard

Dutch: beroepsmanager
English: professional manager

Dutch: berstdrukproef
English: bursting test

Dutch: berylliumkoper
English: beryllium copper

Dutch: berylliumkoperband
English: beryllium copper strip

Dutch: beschaduwen
English: to shade; shadowing

Dutch: beschermbril
English: safety goggles

Dutch: beschermende bias
English: protective bias

Dutch: bescherming
English: protection

Dutch: beschermingsexceptie
English: protection exception

Dutch: beschermingsring
English: file protection ring

Dutch: beschermingssleutel
English: protection key

Dutch: beschermkast
English: guard

Dutch: beschermlaag
English: protective layer; protective coating

Dutch: beschermmiddel
English: protective agent; protective medium

Dutch: beschermtule
English: protective grommet

Dutch: beschermweerstand
English: protective resistor

Dutch: beschikbaar materiaal
English: available material

Dutch: beschikbaar product
English: available product

Dutch: beschikbaar werk
English: available work

Dutch: beschikbaarheidsfactor
English: availability ratio

Dutch: beschikbare capaciteit
English: available capacity

Dutch: beschikbare lijnlengte
English: available line length

Dutch: beschikbare ruimte
English: available space; space allowance; loading density (IATE)

Dutch: beschikbare toestand
English: available state

Dutch: beschikbare voorraad
English: available stock

Dutch: beschikken
English: to dispose

Dutch: beschikking
English: disposition; to have at one's disposal

Dutch: beschrijvend
English: descriptive; describing

Dutch: beschrijvende lijn
English: generating line

Dutch: beschrijving
English: description

Dutch: beschrijvingselement
English: descriptor

Dutch: beslaan
English: to become misted; to become blurred; to cover; to plate; to trim

Dutch: beslag
English: furniture; fittings; decorative trim

Dutch: besliskunde
English: decision science

Dutch: beslisser
English: decision-maker

Dutch: beslissingsanalyse
English: decision analysis

Dutch: beslissingsboom
English: decision tree

Dutch: beslissingscentrum
English: decision center

Dutch: beslissingscircuit
English: decision circuit

Dutch: beslissingsconditie
English: decision condition

Dutch: beslissingsfunctie
English: decision function

Dutch: beslissingsinstructie
English: decision instruction

Dutch: beslissingslogica
English: decision logic

Dutch: beslissingsmatrix
English: decision matrix

Dutch: beslissingsniveau
English: decision level

Dutch: beslissingspatroon
English: decision pattern

Dutch: beslissingsprobleem
English: decision problem

Dutch: beslissingspunt
English: decision; decision point

Dutch: beslissingsrecht
English: right of decision

Dutch: beslissingsresultaat
English: decision outcome

Dutch: beslissingssectie
English: decision section

Dutch: beslissingsspel
English: decision game; business game

Dutch: beslissingssymbool
English: decision box

Dutch: beslissingssysteem
English: decision system

Dutch: beslissingstabel
English: decision table

Dutch: beslissingstoestand
English: decision condition

Dutch: beslissingsvariabele
English: decision variable

Dutch: besloten abonneegroep
English: closed subscriber group

Dutch: besloten circuit
English: closed circuit

Dutch: besloten communicatie
English: dedicated communication

Dutch: besloten netwerk
English: closed network

Dutch: besloten type
English: private type

Dutch: besluitvormingssysteem
English: decision-making system

Dutch: besluitvormingstheorie
English: decision-making theory

Dutch: besmettingscorrosie
English: contamination corrosion

Dutch: besparen
English: to save; to economize

Dutch: besparing
English: saving; economy

Dutch: bespelen
English: to play

Dutch: bespreken
English: to discuss; to talk about; to book

Dutch: bespreking
English: discussion; talk; booking

Dutch: Besselfuncties
English: Bessel functions

Dutch: bestaand
English: existing

Dutch: bestand
English: file; master file; resistant

Dutch: bestand tegen
English: resistant to

Dutch: bestandheid
English: resistance

Dutch: bestandmarkering
English: file mark

Dutch: bestandsbehandeling
English: file handling

Dutch: bestandsbeheerder
English: file manager

Dutch: bestandsbeheerssysteem
English: file management system

Dutch: bestandsbeveiliging
English: file protection

Dutch: bestandsbijwerking
English: file maintenance; file update

Dutch: bestandsconstante
English: file constant

Dutch: bestandsindex
English: file directory

Dutch: bestandskenmerk
English: file attribute

Dutch: bestandslabel
English: file label

Dutch: bestandsmedium
English: file medium

Dutch: bestandsnaam
English: file name

Dutch: bestandsorganisatie
English: file organization

Dutch: bestandsoverdracht
English: file transfer

Dutch: bestandsrecord
English: file record

Dutch: bestandsserver
English: file server

Dutch: bestandsstructuur
English: file structure

Dutch: bestandssysteem
English: file system

Dutch: bestandsvariabele
English: file variable

Dutch: beste schatter
English: best estimator

Dutch: bestedingsbeperking
English: credit squeeze

Dutch: best-eerst
English: best-first

Dutch: bestek
English: scope; compass; cover; flatware articles; specification

Dutch: bestektekening
English: engineering drawing

Dutch: bestelcategorie
English: ordering category

Dutch: besteldatum
English: order date

Dutch: bestelfrequentie
English: ordering frequency

Dutch: bestelgrafiek
English: ordering chart

Dutch: bestelinterval
English: ordering interval

Dutch: bestelkaart
English: ordering table

Dutch: bestellijst
English: order list

Dutch: bestelling
English: order; articles ordered; procurement order

Dutch: bestelmomentsysteem
English: order point system

Dutch: bestelniveau
English: re-order level; order point; order level

Dutch: bestelnomogram
English: ordering nomogram

Dutch: bestelperiode
English: ordering cycle

Dutch: bestelserie
English: order quantity; order series

Dutch: bestelseriegrootte
English: lot size

Dutch: bestelsysteem
English: ordering system

Dutch: besteltabel
English: ordering table

Dutch: bestemd voor
English: intended for; destined for

Dutch: bestemmingsadres
English: destination address

Dutch: bestendige toestand
English: steady-state

Dutch: bestralen
English: to irradiate

Dutch: bestraling
English: irradiation

Dutch: bestralingsapparatuur
English: irradiation appliances

Dutch: bestralingssterkte
English: irradiance; irradiation intensity

Dutch: bestuiven
English: to powder; to dust

Dutch: besturingsapparaat
English: controller

Dutch: besturingsaspect
English: control aspect

Dutch: besturingsband
English: control tape

Dutch: besturingsbus
English: control bus

Dutch: besturingscircuit
English: control circuit

Dutch: besturingsdeel
English: control section

Dutch: besturingseenheid
English: control unit

Dutch: besturingsgeheugen
English: control store

Dutch: besturingsinvoer
English: control input

Dutch: besturingskaart
English: control card

Dutch: besturingskoppeling
English: control coupling

Dutch: besturingskosten
English: cost of control

Dutch: besturingsmethode
English: control method

Dutch: besturingsnet
English: control net

Dutch: besturingsopdracht
English: command statement; control statement; control command

Dutch: besturingsorgaan
English: control unit

Dutch: besturingsoverdracht
English: sub-contracting control

Dutch: besturingspaneel
English: control panel

Dutch: besturingsponsing
English: designation punching; control punching; control hole; function hole; control punch

Dutch: besturingsprogramma
English: control program

Dutch: besturingspunt
English: control point

Dutch: besturingsrelatie
English: control relationship

Dutch: besturingsroutine
English: executive routine

Dutch: besturingsrubriek
English: control filed

Dutch: besturingssectie
English: control section

Dutch: besturingssignaal
English: control signal

Dutch: besturingssignalering
English: control signalling

Dutch: besturingsstation
English: control station

Dutch: besturingsstatus
English: computer control mode; control mode

Dutch: besturingsstroom
English: control flow

Dutch: besturingsstroomschema
English: control flow diagram

Dutch: besturingstaal
English: command language; control language

Dutch: besturingstafel
English: control table; console

Dutch: besturingsteken
English: control character; functional character

Dutch: besturingsuitvoer
English: control output

Dutch: besturingsvariabele
English: control variable

Dutch: besturingsveld
English: control field

Dutch: besturingsverloop
English: flow of control

Dutch: besturingswoord
English: control word

Dutch: bestuurd gebied
English: controlled area

Dutch: bestuurd magazijn
English: controlled store

Dutch: bestuurd volgen
English: aided tracking

Dutch: bestuurder
English: driver; manager

Dutch: bestuurderszitplaats
English: driver's seat

Dutch: bestuurswetenschappen
English: administrative sciences

Dutch: bèta
English: beta

Dutch: betaalde vakantie
English: holidays with pay; paid leave

Dutch: bètadeeltjes
English: beta particles

Dutch: bètatest
English: beta test

Dutch: bètaverdeling
English: beta distribution

Dutch: betonbalk
English: concrete beam

Dutch: betreffend
English: relating; regarding: re; concerning

Dutch: betrekken
English: buy; purchase; procure

Dutch: betrekking
English: relationship; relation; job; post; position

Dutch: betrokken
English: committed [1]; involved; engaged

Dutch: betrouwbaarheid
English: reliability; dependability; confidence

Dutch: betrouwbaarheidsgebied
English: confidence region; confidence belt

Dutch: betrouwbaarheidsgrens
English: confidence limit

Dutch: betrouwbaarheidsniveau
English: confidence level

Dutch: betrouwbaarheidstest
English: reliability test; dependability test

Dutch: beugel
English: bracket

Dutch: beugelzaagmachine
English: hacksaw machine

Dutch: beuken
English: beech

Dutch: beuken deuvel
English: beech dowel

Dutch: beuken multiplex
English: beach multi-ply

Dutch: beul
English: torture test apparatus

Dutch: beveiligd tegen
English: protected against

Dutch: beveiligde ingang
English: guarded input

Dutch: beveiligde kern(el)
English: security kernel

Dutch: beveiliging
English: protection; safety; guard; security

Dutch: beveiligingskabel
English: guard wire

Dutch: beveiligingsklep
English: safety valve; safety cover

Dutch: beveiligingsschakelaar
English: safety switch

Dutch: beveiligingssysteem
English: protection system

Dutch: bevelslijn
English: line of command

Dutch: bevestigen
English: to fix; to fasten; to secure; to attach

Dutch: bevestiging
English: fixture; fastening; attachment; mounting

Dutch: bevestigingsbeugel
English: bracket; mounting bracket; fixing bracket; clip

Dutch: bevestigingsbout
English: fixing bolt

Dutch: bevestigingsbus
English: tabular rivet

Dutch: bevestigingsdraad
English: fixing wire

Dutch: bevestigingsformulier
English: confirmation note

Dutch: bevestigingsgat
English: fixing hole

Dutch: bevestigingsoor
English: fixing ear

Dutch: bevestigingsschroef
English: fixing screw; fastening screw

Dutch: bevestigingssignaal
English: acknowledge signal

Dutch: bevestigingsstrip
English: fastening strip

Dutch: bevestigingstechnieken
English: fastening techniques

Dutch: bevestigingsteken
English: acknowledge character: ACK

Dutch: bevestigingsveer
English: spring clip

Dutch: beving
English: dither

Dutch: bevlokken
English: to flock

Dutch: bevochtigen
English: to moisten; to wet; to humidify

Dutch: bevochtiger
English: moistening agent; wetting agent; humectant; humidifier; moistener

Dutch: bevochtiging
English: moistening; wetting; humidification

Dutch: bevoegd
English: competent; authorized; qualified

Dutch: bevoegde instantie
English: (competent) authority

Dutch: bevoordelen
English: to benefit; to favour

Dutch: bevoorrading
English: replenishment; supply; provisioning

Dutch: bevoorradingsinterval
English: replenishment interval

Dutch: bevoorradingsperiode
English: replenishment period

Dutch: bevoorradingssysteem
English: replenishment system

Dutch: bevoorrechte opdracht
English: privileged instruction

Dutch: bevriende onderneming
English: associated company

Dutch: bevriezen
English: to freeze

Dutch: bewaakte frequentie
English: guarded frequency

Dutch: bewaarkist
English: storage chest

Dutch: bewaarproef
English: storage test

Dutch: bewaken
English: to monitor

Dutch: bewaking
English: security

Dutch: bewakingssignaal
English: guard signal

Dutch: bewaren
English: to preserve; to keep; to store

Dutch: beweegbare tafel
English: movable platen

Dutch: beweegbare tussenplaat
English: floating platen

Dutch: beweeglijke passing
English: clearance fit

Dutch: bewegen
English: to move

Dutch: bewegende delen
English: moving parts; movable parts

Dutch: bewegende matrijshelft
English: movable mould-half

Dutch: bewegende matrijsplaat
English: moving mould platen

Dutch: bewegingsanalyse
English: motion analysis

Dutch: bewegingskans
English: risk of mechanical instability

Dutch: bewegingsleer
English: kinematics

Dutch: bewegingsruimte
English: motion space

Dutch: bewegingsstudie
English: motion study

Dutch: beweren
English: to assert

Dutch: bewering
English: assertion

Dutch: bewerkbaar
English: workable; processable; machinable

Dutch: bewerkbaarheid
English: workability; processability; machinability

Dutch: bewerken
English: to work; to process; to machine; to adapt

Dutch: bewerkingen uitvoeren
English: to operate

Dutch: bewerkingsafdeling
English: machining department; processing department

Dutch: bewerkingsbesturing
English: job control

Dutch: bewerkingsblad
English: operation sheet; operation lay-out

Dutch: bewerkingscentrum
English: machining center

Dutch: bewerkingscode
English: operation code: op code; order code

Dutch: bewerkingsdeel
English: operation part; function part

Dutch: bewerkingsexceptie
English: operation exception

Dutch: bewerkingsgang
English: job

Dutch: bewerkingsgroep
English: machining group; processing group; production unit; production cell; work center

Dutch: bewerkingskaart
English: operational-sequence sheet; processing sheet; operation sheet

Dutch: bewerkingsmaten
English: machining dimensions

Dutch: bewerkingsmethode
English: processing method; machining method

Dutch: bewerkingsomschrijving
English: job definition

Dutch: bewerkingsplaats
English: processing station

Dutch: bewerkingsplan
English: processing schedule; machining schedule; process plan

Dutch: bewerkingsplanning
English: operation planning

Dutch: bewerkingsprioriteit
English: operation priority

Dutch: bewerkingsproces
English: machining process; working process

Dutch: bewerkingsregister
English: operation register

Dutch: bewerkingsstap
English: job step

Dutch: bewerkingsstartdatum
English: operation start date

Dutch: bewerkingsteken
English: operator

Dutch: bewerkingsuitdrukking
English: operation expression

Dutch: bewerkingsveld
English: operation field

Dutch: bewerkingsvolgorde
English: operations sequence; sequence of operations

Dutch: bewerktuigen
English: to implement

Dutch: bewerktuiging
English: implementation

Dutch: bezet
English: busy; occupied

Dutch: bezet energieniveau
English: occupied energy level

Dutch: bezetsignaal
English: busy signal

Dutch: bezette band
English: occupied band

Dutch: bezette bandbreedte
English: occupied bandwidth

Dutch: bezettest
English: engaged test

Dutch: bezetting
English: capacity load

Dutch: bezettingsdichtheid
English: packaging density

Dutch: bezettingsduur
English: busy time

Dutch: bezettingseffening
English: load leveling

Dutch: bezettingsgraad
English: capacity utilization (degree); loading degree; load factor; stocking level; occupancy coefficient

Dutch: bezettingsnivellering
English: load leveling

Dutch: bezettingsoverzicht
English: load profile

Dutch: bezettingsplanning
English: capacity planning

Dutch: bezettingsprofiel
English: load profile

Dutch: bezettoon
English: engaged tone

Dutch: Bézier-methode
English: Bezier method

Dutch: Bézier-oppervlak
English: Bezier surface

Dutch: bezig
English: busy

Dutch: bezinken
English: to deposit; to settle

Dutch: bezinkmethode
English: settling method

Dutch: bezinksel
English: deposit; settlement

Dutch: bezinktijd
English: settling time; sedimentation time

Dutch: bezitsvorming
English: acquisition of property; creation of property

Dutch: bezuinigingsmaatregel
English: measure of economy

Dutch: bezwaarlijk
English: objectionable

Dutch: bi-ampli
English: bi-ampli

Dutch: bias
English: bias

Dutch: biasloze eenheid
English: unbiased unit

Dutch: biaxiaal
English: bi-axial

Dutch: biaxiale krimp
English: biaxial shrink

Dutch: bibbereffect
English: jitter; horizontal hunting

Dutch: bibliotheekcomponent
English: library element

Dutch: bibliotheekindex
English: library directory

Dutch: bibliotheeklijst
English: library list

Dutch: bibliotheekmetriek
English: library metric

Dutch: bibliotheekobject
English: library object

Dutch: bibliotheekprogramma
English: library program

Dutch: bibliotheekroutine
English: library routine

Dutch: biconcaaf
English: biconcave

Dutch: bidirectioneel
English: bi-directional

Dutch: bies
English: strip; decorative line; ornamental line

Dutch: biezentrekker
English: striper

Dutch: bifilaire wikkeling
English: bifilar winding

Dutch: bifluoride
English: bifluoride

Dutch: bifocaal
English: bifocal

Dutch: bifurcatie
English: bifurcation

Dutch: bij montage instellen
English: to adjust on assembly

Dutch: bij ontvangst
English: on receipt

Dutch: bij voorkeur
English: preferably

Dutch: bijbaan
English: side run

Dutch: bijbehorend
English: associated; mating; matching; accompanied

Dutch: bijblijven
English: to keep updated; to keep abreast of

Dutch: bijdraaien
English: to tighten; to retighten; to post-adjust

Dutch: bijgeluiden
English: alien sounds; parasitic noise

Dutch: bijkleuren
English: to tint

Dutch: bijkomende tijd
English: incidental time

Dutch: bijladen
English: to recharge

Dutch: bijlage
English: appendix; enclosure; attachment; addendum; annexe

Dutch: bijluco
English: air-gap trimmer; air-dielectric trimmer

Dutch: bijna lege matrix
English: sparse matrix

Dutch: bijpakken
English: to pack with

Dutch: bijpassend
English: matching

Dutch: bijplaatsen
English: to add

Dutch: bijproduct
English: by-product; spin

Dutch: bijproductenstuklijst
English: breeder bill-of-material

Dutch: bijregeling
English: adjustment; readjustment

Dutch: bijregelplaat
English: corrector vane

Dutch: bijscholing
English: supplementary training

Dutch: bijschrift
English: caption; legend

Dutch: bijstand
English: support

Dutch: bijstelcondensator
English: trimmer

Dutch: bijstellen
English: to adjust; to readjust; to trim; to align

Dutch: bijstelspoel
English: correction coil

Dutch: bijstemmen
English: to retune

Dutch: bijstroom
English: bias; pre-magnetization

Dutch: bijstroomamplitude
English: bias amplitude

Dutch: bijstroomfrequentie
English: bias frequency

Dutch: bijstroomniveau
English: bias level

Dutch: bijstroomoscillator
English: bias oscillator

Dutch: bijtend
English: corrosive; caustic

Dutch: bijtende kritiek
English: scathing criticism

Dutch: bijtende stoffen
English: corrosive substances; caustic substances; caustics

Dutch: bijtoestel
English: remote station

Dutch: bijtrimmen
English: to retrim; to realign

Dutch: bij-verstek
English: default

Dutch: bij-verstek redeneren
English: default reasoning

Dutch: bij-versteklogica
English: default logic

Dutch: bij-verstekwaarde
English: default value

Dutch: bijverwarming
English: additional heating

Dutch: bijvoorbeeld: bijv
English: for instance: eg

Dutch: bijvullak
English: replenisher lacquer

Dutch: bijvullen
English: to fill up; to top up

Dutch: bijwerken
English: to update; to trim; to touch up; to true up

Dutch: bijwonen
English: to attend

Dutch: bijzonder teken
English: special character; additional character; symbol

Dutch: bikhamer
English: scaling hammer; chipping hammer

Dutch: bilateraal
English: bilateral

Dutch: bilaterale grenzen
English: bilateral limits

Dutch: bimetaal
English: bimetal

Dutch: bin
English: bin

Dutch: binair
English: binary

Dutch: binair cijfer
English: binary digit; bit

Dutch: binair getal
English: binary digit: bit; binary number; binary numeral

Dutch: binair stelsel
English: binary notation

Dutch: binaire boom
English: binary tree

Dutch: binaire code
English: binary scale

Dutch: binaire kaartcode
English: column binary

Dutch: binaire komma
English: binary point

Dutch: binaire logica
English: binary logic

Dutch: binaire modulatie
English: binary modulation

Dutch: binaire signalering
English: binary signalling

Dutch: binaire variabele
English: binary variable

Dutch: binauraal
English: binaural

Dutch: binddraad
English: binding wire

Dutch: binden
English: to bind; to combine with; to bond

Dutch: binder
English: binder; binding agent

Dutch: binderkit
English: binder cement

Dutch: binderlijm
English: binder glue

Dutch: binding
English: binding; bonding; bond; linkage

Dutch: bindingen
English: bindings

Dutch: bindingsfrequentie
English: bond frequency

Dutch: bindingskracht
English: binding force; bonding force

Dutch: bindkracht
English: binding force; bonding force

Dutch: bindmiddel
English: binder; binding agent; vehicle; medium

Dutch: binistor
English: binistor

Dutch: binnen
English: within doors

Dutch: binnen de tolerantie
English: within tolerances

Dutch: binnenaanzicht
English: interior view; inside view

Dutch: binnenanode
English: internal anode; inside anode

Dutch: binnenantenne
English: indoor aerial

Dutch: binnendiameter
English: inside diameter; bore

Dutch: binnendipool
English: internal dipole

Dutch: binnendoos
English: inner box

Dutch: binnenelektron
English: inner-shell electron

Dutch: binnenfineer
English: core veneer

Dutch: binnenhoek
English: internal angle

Dutch: binnenhuis
English: interior

Dutch: binnenhuisantenne
English: indoor aerial

Dutch: binnenhuisarchitect
English: interior designer

Dutch: binnenkabel
English: inner cable

Dutch: binnenkaliber
English: inside gauge

Dutch: binnenkant
English: inside; inner side

Dutch: binnenklep
English: inner flap

Dutch: binnenkomende goederen
English: incoming goods

Dutch: binnenkomende orders
English: incoming business

Dutch: binnenmaat
English: inside dimension; internal dimension

Dutch: binnenmontage
English: indoor installation; indoor mounting

Dutch: binnenopslag
English: indoor storage

Dutch: binnenpasser
English: inside caliper

Dutch: binnenrotor
English: inside rotor

Dutch: binnenslijpbank
English: internal grinder

Dutch: binnenslijpen
English: internal grinding

Dutch: binnenspiegel
English: interior driving mirror

Dutch: binnentak
English: internal branch

Dutch: binnenverlichting
English: interior lighting

Dutch: binnenverpakking
English: inner packaging

Dutch: binnenwerk
English: internal parts; interior parts

Dutch: binnenwerks
English: inside; interior

Dutch: binnenzijde
English: inside; inner side

Dutch: binoculair instrument
English: binocular instrument

Dutch: binomiale verdeling
English: binomial distribution

Dutch: bipolair
English: bipolar

Dutch: bipolaire codering
English: bipolar coding

Dutch: bipolaire transistor
English: bipolar transistor

Dutch: biquinaire code
English: biquinary code

Dutch: biradiaal
English: bi-radial; elliptical

Dutch: biradiale naaldpunt
English: biradial stylus tip

Dutch: bissectrice
English: bisector; bisecting line

Dutch: bistabiel
English: bistable; flip-flop

Dutch: bistabiel relais
English: bistable relay

Dutch: bistabiele eenheid
English: bistable device

Dutch: bistabiele schakeling
English: bistable circuit

Dutch: bistabiele trekker
English: bistable trigger; binary pair; trigger pair; flip-flop

Dutch: bit
English: binary digit: bit

Dutch: bitbus
English: bitbus

Dutch: bitfoutenpercentage
English: bit error rate

Dutch: bitfoutfrequentie
English: bit error rate: BER

Dutch: bitgeleiding
English: bit steering

Dutch: bit-georiënteerd
English: bit oriented

Dutch: bitintegriteit
English: bit integrity

Dutch: bitinterval
English: bit interval

Dutch: bitinversie
English: bit inversion

Dutch: bitmap
English: bit map

Dutch: Bitnet
English: Bitnet

Dutch: bitopvulling
English: bit stuffing

Dutch: bitovereenstemming
English: bit mapping

Dutch: bitpatroon
English: bit pattern

Dutch: bitplakje
English: bit-slice

Dutch: bitrij
English: bit string

Dutch: bits per seconde
English: bits per second: b/s

Dutch: bitsequentieel
English: bit sequential

Dutch: bitslice
English: bit-slice

Dutch: bitslice-processor
English: bit-slice processor

Dutch: bitsnelheid
English: bit rate

Dutch: bitstroom
English: bit stream

Dutch: bitstroomtransmissie
English: bit-stream transmission

Dutch: bitsynchrone bewerking
English: bit-synchronous operation

Dutch: bitsynchronisatie
English: bit-synchronisation

Dutch: bitumenwateremulsie
English: bituminous water emulsion

Dutch: bitumenweg
English: tarmacadam; bituminous road

Dutch: bitumineuze verf
English: bituminous paint

Dutch: blaar
English: blister

Dutch: blaarvorming
English: blistering

Dutch: blaasje
English: inclusion; occlusion; blister; boiling bubble; stoving bubble; flaw; blowhole

Dutch: blaaslucht
English: blow-air; blower air

Dutch: blaaspijp
English: blow pipe

Dutch: blaasvorming
English: bubble formation

Dutch: blackboard
English: blackboard

Dutch: blackboardsysteem
English: blackboard system

Dutch: blackbox
English: blackbox

Dutch: blackboxtest
English: black box test

Dutch: blackout
English: blackout

Dutch: blad
English: sheet; top; blade; leaf

Dutch: bladdrukker
English: page-at-a-time printer

Dutch: bladknooppunt
English: leaf node

Dutch: bladmetaal
English: foil metal; metal foil

Dutch: bladveer
English: flat spring; leaf spring

Dutch: bladveerring
English: compression ring

Dutch: bladzijde
English: page

Dutch: blanco bepaling
English: blank determination

Dutch: blanco positie
English: blank

Dutch: blane lak
English: clear lacquer

Dutch: blank
English: bright; clear; bare; blank

Dutch: blank gegloeid
English: bright annealed

Dutch: blank gloeien
English: bright annealing

Dutch: blank metaal
English: non-coated metal; bright metal

Dutch: blanke draad
English: blank wire

Dutch: blanking
English: blanking

Dutch: blankslijpen
English: bright grinding

Dutch: blaren vormen
English: to blister

Dutch: blauw beeld
English: blue picture

Dutch: blauw videosignaal
English: blue video signal

Dutch: blauwaandeel
English: blue component

Dutch: blauwachtig
English: bluish

Dutch: blauwbandfilter
English: blue ribbon filter

Dutch: blauwcorrectiemagneet
English: blue lateral magnet

Dutch: blauwdruk
English: blueprint

Dutch: blauwe ruis
English: blue noise

Dutch: blauwe signaal
English: blue signal

Dutch: blauwen
English: to blue

Dutch: blauwfilter
English: blue filter

Dutch: blauw-groen
English: cyan

Dutch: blauwinformatie
English: blue information

Dutch: blauwinhoud
English: blue content

Dutch: blauwinstelmagneet
English: blue lateral magnet

Dutch: blauwkanon
English: blue gun

Dutch: blauwsignaal
English: blue signal

Dutch: blauwverschilsignaal
English: blue-difference signal; B-Y signal; U-signal

Dutch: blauwverschuiving
English: blue lateral displacement

Dutch: blauw-verticaal tilt
English: blue field tilt

Dutch: bledkraan
English: plug cock

Dutch: bleek
English: faded; pale

Dutch: bleekmiddel
English: bleaching agent; bleach

Dutch: bleekwater
English: bleaching water; bleaching liquid

Dutch: bleken
English: to bleach

Dutch: blijven zitten
English: to get stuck

Dutch: blijvende rek
English: permanent elongation

Dutch: blijvende storing
English: permanent fault

Dutch: blijvende vervorming
English: permanent set; permanent distortion

Dutch: blik
English: tinplate; tin; can; lamination

Dutch: blikmaat
English: lamination dimension

Dutch: blikopener
English: can opener

Dutch: blikpakket
English: lamination core

Dutch: blikrammel
English: transformer patter

Dutch: blikschaar
English: tinman's shears; tinsnips

Dutch: blind gat
English: blind hole

Dutch: blind gebied
English: blind area

Dutch: blinde bevestiging
English: blind attachment

Dutch: blinde transmissie
English: blind transmission

Dutch: blinderen
English: to blank

Dutch: blindlast
English: reactive load

Dutch: blindvermogen
English: reactive power; wattless power; idle power

Dutch: blockingoscillator
English: blocking oscillator

Dutch: bloeden
English: to bleed; to bloom (paint)

Dutch: blok
English: block; chunk

Dutch: blokannuleringsteken
English: block cancel character

Dutch: blokcode
English: block code

Dutch: blokcontrole
English: block check

Dutch: blokcontroleteken
English: block check character

Dutch: blokdiagram
English: block diagram; box diagram

Dutch: blokefficiëntie
English: block efficiency

Dutch: blokformaat
English: block format

Dutch: blokformaatadres
English: address block format

Dutch: blokformaattabulatie
English: tabulation block format

Dutch: blok-georiënteerd
English: block oriented

Dutch: blokkeeroscillator
English: blocking oscillator

Dutch: blokkeersignaal
English: inhibiting signal

Dutch: blokkeerspanning
English: blocking voltage

Dutch: blokkeerstrip
English: blocking strip

Dutch: blokkeertijd
English: time out

Dutch: blokkeertransformator
English: blocking transformer

Dutch: blokken
English: blocking

Dutch: blokkendoos
English: blocks world

Dutch: blokkendoosprincipe
English: building-block principle

Dutch: blokkenpatroon
English: block pattern

Dutch: blokkeren
English: to block; to disable; to jam

Dutch: blokkerend signaal
English: disabling signal; inhibiting signal

Dutch: blokkerende toon
English: disabling tone

Dutch: blokkering
English: blocking; jamming; lockout; blocking action

Dutch: blokkeringsmarge
English: jamming margin

Dutch: blokkeringsmodulatie
English: jammer modulation

Dutch: blokkeringsontvanger
English: jammer receiver

Dutch: blokkeringssignaal
English: jamming signal

Dutch: blokkeringszender
English: jammer

Dutch: blokkingsfactor
English: blocking factor

Dutch: bloklengte
English: block length

Dutch: blokmagneet
English: block magnet

Dutch: blokmarkering
English: block mark

Dutch: bloknegeerteken
English: block ignore character

Dutch: blokoverbrenging
English: block transfer

Dutch: blokoverdrachtspoging
English: block transfer attempt

Dutch: blokoverdrachtssucces
English: block transfer success

Dutch: blokoverdrachtstijd
English: block transfer time

Dutch: bloksgewijs plannen
English: block scheduling

Dutch: bloksorteren
English: to block sort

Dutch: blokspanning
English: square-wave voltage

Dutch: blokspouw
English: inter-block gap; inter-record gap: IRG

Dutch: bloksynchronisatie
English: block synchronization

Dutch: bloktussenruimte
English: inter-block gap; inter-record gap: IRG; interblock gap

Dutch: blokvijl
English: block file; flat file

Dutch: blokvorming
English: blocking

Dutch: blokwinkelhaak
English: engineer's square; try square; set square

Dutch: blokzoekfaciliteit
English: tape search

Dutch: blooming
English: blooming

Dutch: blowerlucht
English: blower air; low-pressure air

Dutch: bobbel
English: blob

Dutch: bochtstuk
English: bend

Dutch: bodemgolf
English: ground wave

Dutch: bodemplaat; bodemplaten
English: bottom plate; base cover; bottom plates

Dutch: Boehme-apparatuur
English: Boehme equipment

Dutch: boekbinderslinnen
English: book cloth

Dutch: boekhouding
English: administration; bookkeeping; accounting

Dutch: boenen
English: to polish; to rub

Dutch: bogus
English: grey paper

Dutch: bol
English: sphere

Dutch: bol staan
English: to bulge

Dutch: bolcoördinatenstelsel
English: spherical coordinate system

Dutch: bolhechting
English: ball bonding

Dutch: bolheid
English: bow; convexity

Dutch: bolkoeler
English: bulb condenser; ball condenser; spherical condenser

Dutch: bolkopschroef
English: round head screw

Dutch: bolletje
English: globule

Dutch: bolometer
English: bolometer

Dutch: bolrond
English: convex; spherical

Dutch: bolsweep
English: spherical sweep

Dutch: Boltzmann-machine
English: Boltzmann machine

Dutch: bolvormig
English: spherical; convex

Dutch: bonderiseren
English: to bonderize

Dutch: bonensnijder
English: bean slicer

Dutch: bonte was
English: coloured laundry; coloureds

Dutch: Booch
English: Booch

Dutch: boog
English: arc

Dutch: booglamp
English: arc lamp

Dutch: boogontlading
English: arc discharge

Dutch: boogvormig
English: arched; arc-shaped

Dutch: Booleaanse algebra
English: Boolean algebra

Dutch: Booleaanse bewerking
English: Boolean operation

Dutch: Booleaanse calculus
English: Boolean calculus

Dutch: Booleaanse functie
English: Boolean function

Dutch: Booleaanse grootheid
English: Boolean

Dutch: Booleaanse logica
English: Boolean logic

Dutch: Booleaanse operator
English: Boolean operator

Dutch: Booleaanse optelling
English: Boolean add

Dutch: Booleaanse variabele
English: Boolean variable

Dutch: Boolebewerking
English: Boolean operation; binary operation

Dutch: Boolebewerkingstafel
English: Boolean operation table

Dutch: boom
English: tree; wiring harness; wiring tree; cable harness; cable preform

Dutch: boomstructuur
English: tree structure

Dutch: booncomponent
English: bean

Dutch: boorbeitel
English: boring tool

Dutch: boorbus
English: drill bush

Dutch: boordlicht
English: side light

Dutch: boorgat
English: drilled hole; bore

Dutch: boorhouder
English: drill chuck

Dutch: boorkolf
English: drill shank

Dutch: boorkolom
English: pillar; column

Dutch: boorkop
English: drill head; drill chuck; drill bit

Dutch: boorlip
English: cutting edge

Dutch: boormachine
English: drill; drilling machine; drill press

Dutch: boormal
English: boring jig; drilling jig; drilling template

Dutch: boorolie
English: cutting oil; cutting lubrication

Dutch: booromslag
English: drill brace

Dutch: boorpunt
English: drill point

Dutch: boorschacht
English: drill shank

Dutch: boorspil
English: drill spindle

Dutch: boorstandaard
English: drill stand

Dutch: boortafel
English: working table; drilling table

Dutch: boortekening
English: drill drawing

Dutch: booster
English: booster

Dutch: boosterdiode
English: booster diode

Dutch: boosterspanning
English: booster voltage

Dutch: boostspanning
English: booster voltage

Dutch: booten
English: to boot

Dutch: bootstrap
English: bootstrap

Dutch: bootstrapcircuit
English: bootstrap circuit

Dutch: borax
English: borax; sodium borate

Dutch: bordenwarmer
English: hot plate

Dutch: borduren
English: to stitch

Dutch: boren
English: to drill; to bore

Dutch: borgen; borgen [2]
English: to lock; to seal; secure

Dutch: borgfelspen
English: locking rivet; locking insert pin

Dutch: borging
English: locking; sealing

Dutch: borglak
English: locking paint; sealing paint

Dutch: borglakken
English: to lock with paint; to seal with paint

Dutch: borgmiddel
English: locking agent; sealing agent

Dutch: borgmoer; contramoer
English: lock nut; locking nut; PAL nut

Dutch: borgnok
English: locking pip

Dutch: borgpasta
English: locking paste; sealing paste

Dutch: borgplaat
English: locking plate

Dutch: borgschroef
English: locking screw

Dutch: borgspie
English: parallel key

Dutch: borgsteek
English: lock stitch

Dutch: borgveer
English: spring clip; circlip; drag spring

Dutch: boring en slag
English: bore and stake

Dutch: borstbout
English: shouldered bolt

Dutch: borstel
English: brush

Dutch: borstelen
English: to brush; to brush finish

Dutch: borstelfelspen
English: shoulder pin

Dutch: borstelgedeelte
English: brush attachment

Dutch: borstelhouder
English: brush holder

Dutch: borstelloos
English: brushless

Dutch: borstelzuigmond
English: brush nozzle

Dutch: borstpen
English: shouldered pin

Dutch: borstschroef
English: shouldered screw

Dutch: boterschaaltje
English: butter dish

Dutch: botervakje
English: butter compartment

Dutch: boterzuur
English: butyric acid

Dutch: botsing
English: collision; impact

Dutch: bottleneck
English: bottleneck

Dutch: bottom-up
English: bottom-up

Dutch: Bouger's wet
English: Bouger's law

Dutch: bougie
English: spark plug; sparking plug

Dutch: bounce compensatie
English: bounce compensation

Dutch: Bourne shell
English: Bourne shell

Dutch: bout
English: bolt; soldering iron

Dutch: boutsolderen
English: to solder with soldering iron

Dutch: bouwbloktechniek
English: building-block technique

Dutch: bouwbloktype
English: building block type

Dutch: bouwdoos
English: construction kit

Dutch: bouwelementen
English: sub-assemblies; modules

Dutch: bouwmaterialen
English: structural materials

Dutch: bouwpakket
English: building kit; construction kit

Dutch: bouwstaal
English: structural steel

Dutch: bouwsteen
English: module; building block

Dutch: bouwvaknijverheid
English: construction industry

Dutch: bouwwerk
English: build

Dutch: boven de maat zijn
English: to be oversize

Dutch: bovenaanzicht
English: top view; plan

Dutch: bovenaf (van - gezien)
English: viewed from the top

Dutch: bovenbuffer
English: top cushion

Dutch: bovendeken
English: overblanket

Dutch: bovendeksel
English: upper cover

Dutch: bovendoorlaatfilter
English: high-pass filter

Dutch: bovendrijven
English: to float

Dutch: bovenfrees
English: router

Dutch: bovengrens
English: upper boundary; upper limit

Dutch: boven-index
English: superscript

Dutch: bovenkant
English: top; upper side; top side

Dutch: bovenkast
English: upper cabinet

Dutch: bovenklep
English: upper case

Dutch: bovenkritisch
English: upper flap

Dutch: bovenlader
English: top-loader; top-loading model

Dutch: bovenlager
English: upper bearing

Dutch: bovenliggende nokkenas
English: overhead camshaft; overhead cam shaft

Dutch: bovenmal
English: upper jig

Dutch: bovenmatrijs
English: upper mould

Dutch: bovenplaat
English: top plate; upper plate

Dutch: bovenponsing
English: zone punch; over-punching

Dutch: bovenslede
English: top slide

Dutch: bovenspoor
English: top track

Dutch: bovenstaande vloeistof
English: supernatant liquid

Dutch: bovenste
English: top; upper

Dutch: bovenste band
English: upper band

Dutch: bovenste bocht
English: upper bend

Dutch: bovenste dode punt
English: top dead centre

Dutch: bovenste gedeelte
English: upper part

Dutch: bovenste grensmaat
English: upper limit of size

Dutch: bovenste opspanplaat
English: top clamping plate

Dutch: bovenste regelgrens
English: upper control limit

Dutch: bovenste zijband
English: upper sideband

Dutch: bovenstempel
English: upper die

Dutch: bovenvlak
English: face

Dutch: bovenvulling
English: top loading

Dutch: bovenwaarts-compatibel
English: upward compatible

Dutch: bovenzijde
English: top; upper side

Dutch: bovenzone
English: upper curtate; over-punching

Dutch: Bowdenkabel
English: Bowden cable; control cable

Dutch: Box-Jenkins-techniek
English: Box-Jenkins technique

Dutch: boxpallet
English: box pallet

Dutch: B-periode
English: B-period

Dutch: braadpan
English: frying pan

Dutch: braam
English: burr; flash; fin

Dutch: braamkant
English: burr side; flash side; fin side

Dutch: braamvrij
English: free from burrs; burr free; free from flash (bij kunststoffen); free from fins

Dutch: brandbaar
English: inflammable; combustible

Dutch: brandbestrijding
English: firefighting; fire prevention; fire control

Dutch: brandduur
English: life; operating period; durability

Dutch: branden
English: to burn

Dutch: brandgevaar
English: fire hazard; fire risk

Dutch: brandgevaarlijke stof
English: flammable substance

Dutch: brandplekken
English: burn spots; burns

Dutch: brandpuntelektrode
English: focus electrode

Dutch: brandpuntsafstand
English: focal length

Dutch: brandspanning
English: operating voltage; working voltage

Dutch: brandspeelproef
English: operating test; working test

Dutch: brandstofdosering
English: fuel metering

Dutch: brandstofinspuiting
English: fuel injection

Dutch: brandstofmeter
English: fuel gauge

Dutch: branduur
English: burning hour

Dutch: brandvrij
English: fireproof

Dutch: brandwerend middel
English: fire protecting agent

Dutch: break-even gewicht
English: break-even weight

Dutch: bredebandantenne
English: wide-band antenna; wide-band aerial; broadband antenna; broadband aerial

Dutch: bredebandas
English: wide-band axis

Dutch: bredebandsignaal
English: wideband signal

Dutch: bredebandversterker
English: wide-band amplifier; broadband amplifier

Dutch: breed
English: wide; broad

Dutch: breed spoor
English: wide track

Dutch: breedband
English: broadband; wideband

Dutch: breedbandantenne
English: wide-band antenna; wide-band aerial; broadband antenna; broadband aerial

Dutch: breedbandcommunicaties
English: wideband communications

Dutch: breedbandgenerator
English: wideband generator

Dutch: breedbandherhaler
English: wideband repeater

Dutch: breedbandkanaal
English: broadband

Dutch: breedbandnetwerk
English: broadband network

Dutch: breedbandontvanger
English: wideband receiver

Dutch: breedbandoscillator
English: wide-range oscillator

Dutch: breedbandoscilloscoop
English: wideband oscilloscope

Dutch: breedbandoverdracht
English: wide-band transmission

Dutch: breedbandverhouding
English: wideband ratio

Dutch: breedbandversterker
English: broadband amplifier; wideband amplifier

Dutch: breedbasisdiode
English: wide-base diode

Dutch: breedst-eerst
English: breadth-first

Dutch: breedte
English: width; range

Dutch: breedte van de kern
English: width of basic minor truncation

Dutch: breedte van de top
English: width of basic major truncation

Dutch: breedte-afregeling
English: width control

Dutch: breedte-effect
English: latitude effect

Dutch: breedtegeleider
English: combination rip

Dutch: breedtenaad
English: widthway seam

Dutch: breedteregelaar
English: picture width control

Dutch: breedterichting
English: widthwise direction; crosswise direction

Dutch: breekbaarheid
English: fragility

Dutch: breekgereedschap
English: breaking tool

Dutch: breekkracht
English: tensile break; failing load

Dutch: breeklengte
English: breaking length

Dutch: breekpunt
English: breakpoint

Dutch: breeksterkte
English: breaking strength; failing strength; rupture strength

Dutch: breidt uit
English: extends

Dutch: breking
English: refraction

Dutch: brekingshoek
English: angle of refraction

Dutch: brekingsindex
English: refractive index; index of refraction

Dutch: bret
English: storage jig; tray

Dutch: breuk
English: breakage; rupture; crack

Dutch: Brewsterhoek
English: Brewster angle

Dutch: Brewster's wet
English: Brewster's law

Dutch: briefhoofd
English: letterhead

Dutch: brievenbakje
English: letter tray

Dutch: brievenrekje
English: desk letter rack

Dutch: brigadier
English: charge-hand

Dutch: bril
English: glasses; spectacles; stay

Dutch: briletui
English: spectacles case

Dutch: brillepoot
English: bow; temple

Dutch: Brillouinverstrooiing
English: Brillouin scattering

Dutch: brochure
English: pamphlet; brochure; leaflet

Dutch: broek van singelband
English: webbing harness

Dutch: brok
English: lump; crumb

Dutch: brokje
English: button

Dutch: brokkelig
English: crumbly; friable; with drop-outs

Dutch: brokkeligheid
English: dropping-out

Dutch: brom
English: hum

Dutch: bromafstand
English: signal-to-hum ratio

Dutch: bromfilter
English: hum filter

Dutch: brominterferentie
English: hum interference

Dutch: bromium
English: bromine

Dutch: brommen
English: to hum

Dutch: brommodulatie
English: hum modulation

Dutch: brommodulatiediepte
English: hum modulation depth

Dutch: bromocresol
English: brom(o)cresol

Dutch: bromocresolpurper
English: bromcresol purple

Dutch: bromofenol
English: bromphenol

Dutch: bromothymol
English: bromthymol

Dutch: bromproef
English: hum test

Dutch: bromspanning
English: hum voltage

Dutch: bromveld
English: hum field

Dutch: bronadres
English: source address

Dutch: bronbestand
English: source file

Dutch: bronbibliotheek
English: source library

Dutch: broncodebeheerssysteem
English: source code control system: SCCS

Dutch: broncodegenerator
English: source code generator

Dutch: brongebied
English: source area

Dutch: brongegevens
English: source data

Dutch: bronimpedantie
English: source impedance

Dutch: bronmerken
English: source marking

Dutch: bronmodule
English: source module

Dutch: bronopdracht
English: source statement

Dutch: bronsbad
English: bronze solution; bronze cyanide bath

Dutch: bronzen
English: to bronze; to bronze plate

Dutch: broodje
English: contact strip; biscuit

Dutch: broodplank
English: breadboard

Dutch: broodplankmodel
English: breadboard model

Dutch: broodrooster
English: toaster; automatic toaster; pop-up toaster

Dutch: broomcresolpurper
English: bromcresol purple

Dutch: broomthymolblauw
English: bromthymol blue

Dutch: broos
English: brittle

Dutch: brootsen
English: to broach

Dutch: brosheid
English: brittleness; embrittlement

Dutch: brouter
English: brouter

Dutch: brug van Wheatstone
English: Wheatstone bridge

Dutch: brug van Wien
English: Wien bridge

Dutch: brugarm
English: bridge arm

Dutch: brugbegrenzer
English: bridge limiter

Dutch: brugbeugel
English: bridge bracket

Dutch: brugdraad
English: jumper

Dutch: brugfout
English: bridging fault

Dutch: bruggenerator
English: bridge generator

Dutch: brug-invoercircuit
English: bridge input circuit

Dutch: brugmodulator
English: bridge modulator

Dutch: brugschakeling
English: bridge circuit

Dutch: brugstuk
English: bridge

Dutch: brugtak
English: bridge branch

Dutch: brugversterking
English: bridging gain

Dutch: brugverzwakking
English: bridging loss

Dutch: bruikbaar
English: usability; usable; fit for use; suitable

Dutch: bruikbaarheid
English: usability; usefulness; suitability; serviceability; efficiency

Dutch: bruikbaarheidsfactor
English: serviceability ratio

Dutch: bruikbare tijd
English: serviceable time

Dutch: bruin menggas
English: combustibel gas mixture

Dutch: bruineren
English: browning; black finishing; chemical black processing

Dutch: bruinregelaar
English: browning control(ler)

Dutch: bruinsteencel
English: brownstone cell; pyrolusite cell

Dutch: brutobehoefte
English: gross requirements

Dutch: brutobelasting
English: gross load

Dutch: bruto-belastingmethode
English: gross load method

Dutch: brutogewicht
English: gross weight

Dutch: brutoprijs
English: list price

Dutch: B-signaal
English: B signal

Dutch: B-spline
English: B-spline

Dutch: B-spline oppervlak
English: B-spline surface

Dutch: BS-systeem
English: BS system

Dutch: bubbel
English: bubble

Dutch: budgetadministrateur
English: financial controller

Dutch: budgetaire controle
English: budgetary control

Dutch: budgetcommissie
English: budget committee

Dutch: budgetjaar
English: financial year

Dutch: budgetperiode
English: budget period

Dutch: budgetteren
English: to budget

Dutch: buffer
English: buffer; cushion; pad; buffer store

Dutch: bufferbesturing
English: buffer control

Dutch: buffercircuit
English: buffer circuit

Dutch: buffercondensator
English: reservoir capacitor; buffer capacitor

Dutch: bufferen
English: to buffer

Dutch: buffermateriaal
English: cushioning

Dutch: bufferoplossing
English: buffer solution

Dutch: buffertransistor
English: buffer transistor

Dutch: buffertrap
English: buffer stage

Dutch: buffertypes
English: buffer types

Dutch: bufferversterker
English: buffer amplifier

Dutch: buffervoorraad
English: bank; decoupling stock; buffer stock; safety stock

Dutch: bufferzout
English: buffer; buffer agent

Dutch: buidelfilter
English: bag filter

Dutch: buigbaar
English: bendable; flexible

Dutch: buigbaarheid
English: bendability; flexibility

Dutch: buigblok
English: bending block; forming block

Dutch: buigblokhouder
English: bending-block holder; forming-block holder

Dutch: buigen
English: to bend; to fold; to form

Dutch: buiger
English: forming punch

Dutch: buiggereedschap
English: bending tool

Dutch: buighoek
English: bending angle

Dutch: buigijzer
English: bending tool

Dutch: buiging
English: diffraction

Dutch: buigingsas
English: folding axis

Dutch: buigingsverlies
English: bending loss

Dutch: buiglijn
English: bending line

Dutch: buiglip
English: bending lug

Dutch: buigmachine
English: bending machine

Dutch: buigmal
English: bending jig

Dutch: buigmatrijs
English: forming die

Dutch: buigpers
English: bending press; press brake

Dutch: buigproef
English: bending test

Dutch: buigpunt
English: bending point

Dutch: buigradius
English: bending radius

Dutch: buigrand
English: bending edge

Dutch: buigstempel
English: bending tool; bending die; forming tool; forming die

Dutch: buigsterkte
English: bending strength; bending stress; flexural strength; flexural stress

Dutch: buigstraal
English: bending radius

Dutch: buigtang
English: pliers; bending pliers

Dutch: buigzaamheid
English: flexibility

Dutch: buigzame koppeling
English: flexible coupling

Dutch: buik
English: antinode; loop

Dutch: buiken
English: to sag

Dutch: buis
English: cathode ray tube: CRT; conduit; tube; valve; sleeve

Dutch: buis zonder bias
English: zero-bias tube

Dutch: buiscapaciteiten
English: inter-electrode capacitances

Dutch: buiscondensator
English: tubular capacitor

Dutch: buisdefect
English: valve failure

Dutch: buisdiode
English: tube diode

Dutch: buisgelijkrichter
English: valve rectifier; tube rectifier

Dutch: buishouder
English: valve holder; tube socket

Dutch: buiskabel
English: tubular cable

Dutch: buiskarakteristiek
English: valve characteristic

Dutch: buiskoppeling
English: pipe joint

Dutch: buismeter
English: tube tester

Dutch: buisparameters
English: tube parameters

Dutch: buisschakeling
English: tube circuit; valve circuit

Dutch: buistester
English: valve tester

Dutch: buisveer
English: valve spring

Dutch: buisversterker
English: tube amplifier

Dutch: buisvoet
English: valve base; tube base

Dutch: buisvoetenpers
English: valve-holder press

Dutch: buisvoltmeter: BVM
English: valve voltmeter: VVM; tube voltmeter: TVM

Dutch: buisvormig
English: tubular

Dutch: buiten bedrijf
English: down

Dutch: buiten bedrijf zijn
English: to be out of operation; to be out of service; to be shut down; to be closed down

Dutch: buiten voorraad
English: stock-out; out of stock

Dutch: buiten werktijd
English: outside working hours

Dutch: buitenafmetingen
English: outside dimensions; external dimensions

Dutch: buitenantenne
English: outdoor aerial; external aerial

Dutch: buitenbandwiel
English: tyre wheel; tire wheel

Dutch: buitenboordmotor
English: outboard motor

Dutch: buitendiameter
English: outside diameter; outer diameter

Dutch: buitendipool
English: external dipole

Dutch: buitendoos
English: outer box

Dutch: buitenelektron
English: outer-shell electron

Dutch: buitenfabriek
English: associated factory

Dutch: buitenkabel
English: outer cable

Dutch: buitenkaliber
English: outside gauge

Dutch: buitenketen
English: external circuit

Dutch: buitenmantel
English: outer cover

Dutch: buitenmontage
English: outdoor mounting

Dutch: buitenopslag
English: outside storage

Dutch: buitenpasser
English: outside caliper

Dutch: buitenproef
English: natural weathering test

Dutch: buitenring
English: external ring

Dutch: buitenrotor
English: outer rotor

Dutch: buitenshuis
English: outdoors

Dutch: buitenslijpen
English: external grinding

Dutch: buitenspiegel
English: exterior driving mirror

Dutch: buitentak
English: external branch

Dutch: buitenverpakking
English: outer packaging

Dutch: buiten-voorraadkosten
English: stock-out costs

Dutch: buiten-voorraadrisico
English: stock-out risk

Dutch: buitenwerks
English: outside; exterior

Dutch: buizenbescherming
English: tube protection

Dutch: buizenfabricage
English: manufacture of tubes

Dutch: buizenhandboek
English: valve manual; tube manual

Dutch: buizenmeetapparaat
English: valve tester

Dutch: buizentekstplaat
English: valve position label

Dutch: buizentester
English: tube tester; tube checker

Dutch: bulk
English: bulk

Dutch: bulk-annotatie
English: bulk annotation

Dutch: bulkencryptie
English: bulk encryption

Dutch: bulkgoederen
English: bulk goods; bulk material

Dutch: bulklading
English: bulk cargo

Dutch: bulkmateriaalabsorptie
English: bulk material absorption

Dutch: bulkverpakking
English: bulk packaging

Dutch: bulletin-bord
English: bulletin-board

Dutch: bulletinbordsysteem
English: bulletin board system: BBS

Dutch: bult
English: bulge

Dutch: bundel
English: beam; bundle

Dutch: bundelantenne
English: beam aerial; beam antenna

Dutch: bundelbreedte
English: beamwidth

Dutch: bundeldiameter
English: beam diameter

Dutch: bundeldivergentie
English: beam divergence

Dutch: bundel-eindtetrode
English: beam tetrode valve; beam tetrode tube; beam power valve

Dutch: bundelen
English: to bundle; to bunch; to focus

Dutch: bundelkanteling
English: beam tilt

Dutch: bundelknoop
English: cross-over point

Dutch: bundelmachine
English: bundling machine

Dutch: bundelmantel
English: bundle jacket

Dutch: bundelonderdrukking
English: blanking; black-out

Dutch: bundelopsplitser
English: beam splitter

Dutch: bundelvormende plaat
English: beam-forming plate

Dutch: Bunsenbrander
English: Bunsen burner

Dutch: buret
English: burette; buret; dropping glass

Dutch: burgerband
English: citizen band

Dutch: burst
English: burst

Dutch: burstmethode
English: burst mode

Dutch: burstruis
English: burst noise

Dutch: burstsignaal
English: burst signal; colour sync signal

Dutch: burstsleuteling
English: burst-keying

Dutch: burstversterker
English: burst amplifier

Dutch: bus
English: bus; trunk; bush; tin; can; socket

Dutch: busbekrachtiger
English: bus driver

Dutch: buscontact
English: socket connector

Dutch: buscontactdoos
English: fixed socket connector

Dutch: buscontactstop
English: free socket connector

Dutch: business game
English: business game

Dutch: buslaag
English: trunk layer

Dutch: buslager
English: bush

Dutch: busnetwerk
English: bus network

Dutch: busstructuur
English: bus structure

Dutch: butaangas
English: butane

Dutch: butanol
English: n-butyl alcohol; butanol

Dutch: butylacetaat
English: methylethylketon; butanone

Dutch: butylcarbitol
English: diethylene glycol monobutyl ether

Dutch: butyllactaat
English: butyl lactate

Dutch: buurbeelddraaggolg
English: adjacent picture carrier

Dutch: buurgeluiddraaggolf
English: adjacent sound carrier

Dutch: buurtverkeer
English: extended area service: EAS

Dutch: buzzen
English: to buzz

Dutch: byte
English: byte

Dutch: bytecode
English: bytecode

Dutch: bytemethode
English: byte mode

Dutch: C7-signalering
English: C7-signalling

Dutch: cabine
English: booth

Dutch: cabrioletkap
English: overhead roof

Dutch: cache
English: cache

Dutch: cadmeren
English: to cadmium plate

Dutch: cadmiumanode
English: cadmium anode

Dutch: cadmiumbad
English: cadmium bath; cadmium plating solution

Dutch: cadmiumboraatfosfor
English: cadmium borate phosphor

Dutch: cadmiumsilicaatfosfor
English: cadmium silicate phosphor

Dutch: cadmiumwolfraamfosfor
English: cadmium tungstate phosphor

Dutch: CAD-raamwerk
English: CAD framework

Dutch: calciumfosfaatfosfor
English: calcium phosphate phosphor

Dutch: calciumsilicaatfosfor
English: calcium silicate phosphor

Dutch: calculatie
English: calculation; computation; estimating; cost engineering

Dutch: calculator
English: calculator; estimator; cost engineer

Dutch: calculeren
English: to calculate; to compute; to estimate

Dutch: calculus
English: calculus

Dutch: calite kogel
English: ceramic pellet

Dutch: calorimeter
English: calorimeter

Dutch: calorisch
English: calorific; heating

Dutch: calque
English: transparency

Dutch: calqueerpapier
English: tracing paper

Dutch: calquehouder
English: transparency archivist

Dutch: calqueuse
English: tracer

Dutch: Cambridge ring
English: Cambridge ring

Dutch: camerabuis
English: camera tube

Dutch: cameragrondkleuren
English: camera primaries

Dutch: camera-ingang
English: camera input

Dutch: camoufleren
English: to camouflage

Dutch: candela
English: candela; candle

Dutch: canoniek
English: canonical

Dutch: capacitantie
English: capacitance

Dutch: capacitantiefilter
English: capacitance filter

Dutch: capacitantiekoppeling
English: capacitance coupling

Dutch: capacitantieverhouding
English: capacitance ratio

Dutch: capaciteit
English: capacitance; capacity; power; output

Dutch: capaciteit inkopen
English: capacity buying

Dutch: capaciteitsarm
English: anti-capacitance; low-capacitance

Dutch: capaciteitsbeheer
English: capacity management

Dutch: capaciteitsbenutting
English: capacity utilization

Dutch: capaciteitsberekening
English: capacity calculation

Dutch: capaciteitsbezetting
English: capacity load

Dutch: capaciteitsbron
English: resource

Dutch: capaciteitsfactor
English: capacity factor

Dutch: capaciteitsgroep
English: capacity group

Dutch: capaciteitsmeter
English: capacitance meter; farad-meter

Dutch: capaciteitsplanning
English: capacity planning

Dutch: capaciteitssimulatie
English: capacity simulation

Dutch: capaciteitstekort
English: capacity shortage

Dutch: capaciteitsverloop
English: capacitance drift

Dutch: capaciteitswaarde
English: capacitance value

Dutch: capaci-tester
English: capaci-tester; condenser checker

Dutch: capacitief component
English: capacitive component

Dutch: capacitief element
English: capacitive element

Dutch: capacitief inspuiten
English: to inject capacitively

Dutch: capacitieve aarde
English: capacitive earth

Dutch: capacitieve eenheid
English: capacitive load

Dutch: capacitieve koppeling
English: capacitance coupling; capacitive coupling

Dutch: capacitieve omvormer
English: capacitive transducer

Dutch: capillair
English: capillary

Dutch: capillariteit
English: capillarity

Dutch: capsule
English: capsule

Dutch: capture ratio
English: capture ratio

Dutch: carbid
English: carbide

Dutch: carbitol
English: diethylene glycol monoethyl ether

Dutch: carbolzuur
English: carbolic acid

Dutch: carbonaat
English: carbonate

Dutch: carboneren
English: carburizing

Dutch: carboniseren
English: to carburize

Dutch: carbonitreren
English: carbonitriding; liquid carbonitriding; cyaniding

Dutch: carborundum
English: carborundum; silicon carbide

Dutch: carburator
English: carburetter; carburettor

Dutch: carbureren
English: carburizing; liquid carburizing; gas carburizing

Dutch: cardanas
English: cardan shaft; shaft with universal joint

Dutch: cardankoppeling
English: universal joint

Dutch: cardioide
English: cardioid

Dutch: carnaubawas
English: carnauba wax

Dutch: carrosseriemodel
English: body style

Dutch: carrousel
English: voltage adapter

Dutch: carrouselplaat
English: voltage-adapter plate

Dutch: Carson's bandbreedte
English: Carson bandwidth

Dutch: cartesisch product
English: cartesian product

Dutch: cartesische robot
English: cartesian robot

Dutch: cascadediagram
English: cascade diagram

Dutch: cascadegeschakeld
English: connected in cascade; cascaded

Dutch: cascade-ontvanger
English: tuned radio frequency receiver; straight receiver

Dutch: cascaderegeling
English: cascade control

Dutch: cascadeschakelaar
English: cascade switch

Dutch: cascadeschakeling
English: cascade connection; concatenated connection; tandem connection

Dutch: cascadeversterker
English: cascade amplifier

Dutch: cascodeschakeling
English: cascode connection

Dutch: cascodeversterker
English: cascode amplifier

Dutch: CASE gereedschappen
English: CASE tools

Dutch: CASE raamwerk
English: CASE framework

Dutch: CASE-clausule
English: CASE-clause

Dutch: caseïne
English: casein

Dutch: cassette
English: cartridge; cassette

Dutch: cassette-bandopnemer
English: cassette tape recorder

Dutch: cassette-compartiment
English: cassette compartment

Dutch: cassettehouder
English: cassette holder

Dutch: cassettelift
English: cassette lift

Dutch: cassettenaaf
English: cassette hub

Dutch: cassetterecorder
English: cassette recorder

Dutch: cassetteschotel
English: reel disc

Dutch: cassettespeler
English: cassette player

Dutch: cassette-uitwerper
English: cassette ejector

Dutch: cassettewisselaar
English: cassette changer

Dutch: cassettotheek
English: cassette library

Dutch: Casteljau-methode
English: Casteljau method

Dutch: castorolie
English: castor oil

Dutch: catalogiseren
English: to catalog

Dutch: catalogisering
English: cataloguing

Dutch: catalogus
English: catalogue; catalog

Dutch: catastrofale fout
English: catastrophic failure

Dutch: catastrofale storing
English: catastrophic failure

Dutch: catastrofe
English: catastrophe; catastrophic failure

Dutch: categorie
English: category

Dutch: categorietest
English: class test

Dutch: categorische planning
English: categorical planning

Dutch: cathexis
English: cathexis

Dutch: Cauchy-distributie
English: Cauchy distribution

Dutch: causaliteit
English: causality

Dutch: caustische kali
English: caustic potash

Dutch: caustische soda
English: caustic soda

Dutch: cavitatieblaas
English: cavitation bubble

Dutch: cavitatiekracht
English: cavitation force

Dutch: C-band
English: C-band

Dutch: celbesturingsapparaat
English: cell controller

Dutch: celdecompositie
English: cell decomposition

Dutch: celhouder
English: cell holder

Dutch: cellenbibliotheek
English: cell library

Dutch: cello
English: violoncel; violoncello

Dutch: cellofaan
English: cellophane

Dutch: cellulaire fabricage
English: cellular manufacturing

Dutch: celluloid
English: celluloid

Dutch: cellulose-acetaat
English: cellulose acetate

Dutch: celmeter
English: cellmeter

Dutch: celpoly-ethyleen
English: cellular polyethylene

Dutch: celrelais
English: cell relay

Dutch: Celsius: C
English: centigrade

Dutch: celstof
English: cellulose

Dutch: cementbedekking
English: cement coating

Dutch: cementeerpoeder
English: solid carburizing compound; cementing powder

Dutch: cementeerstaal
English: case-hardening steel

Dutch: cementeerzout
English: case-hardening salt

Dutch: cementeren
English: to cement; to case-harden; to carbonize; to carburize; pack carburizing

Dutch: cementering
English: cementation; cementing; case hardening; carburization; carbonization

Dutch: cementiet
English: cementite; carbide of iron

Dutch: center
English: centre; centre dot

Dutch: centerboor
English: centre drill

Dutch: centeren
English: to centre

Dutch: centerfrequentie
English: centre frequency

Dutch: centerloos slijpen
English: centreless grinding

Dutch: centerpunt
English: centre point

Dutch: centi
English: centi

Dutch: centiel
English: centile

Dutch: centraal veem
English: central warehouse

Dutch: centraal zenuwstelsel
English: central nervous system: CNS

Dutch: centrale
English: centre; main power station; exchange

Dutch: centrale antenne
English: community antenna; community aerial; master antenna; master aerial

Dutch: centrale batterij
English: common battery

Dutch: centrale frequentie
English: central frequency

Dutch: centrale lijn
English: centre line

Dutch: centrale opening
English: central aperture

Dutch: centrale tendentie
English: central tendency

Dutch: centralegebied
English: exchange area

Dutch: centralisatie
English: centralization

Dutch: centreerboor
English: centring drill

Dutch: centreerdop
English: centring boss

Dutch: centreereenheid
English: centring unit

Dutch: centreergat
English: centring hole

Dutch: centreergereedschap
English: centring tool

Dutch: centreerlip
English: centring lug

Dutch: centreermagneet
English: centring magnet

Dutch: centreermal
English: centring jig

Dutch: centreernok
English: centring boss

Dutch: centreerpen
English: centring pin

Dutch: centreerplaat
English: centring plate

Dutch: centreerstrip
English: centring strip

Dutch: centreren
English: to centre; to center

Dutch: centrering
English: centring; centering

Dutch: centreringsregelaar
English: centring controller

Dutch: centreringsregeling
English: centring control

Dutch: centrifugaaldroger
English: centrifugal drier; hydroextractor

Dutch: centrifugaalkoppeling
English: centrifugal clutch

Dutch: centrifugaalschakelaar
English: centrifugal switch

Dutch: centrifuge
English: spin drier; spin; clothes drier; centrifuge

Dutch: centrifugeergang
English: spinning run

Dutch: centrifugeertijd
English: centrifuging time; spinning time

Dutch: centrifugeertrommel
English: spin drier drum

Dutch: centrifugeren
English: to centrifuge; to spin dry; to spin

Dutch: centrum van een kanaal
English: center of channel

Dutch: centrumbemonstering
English: center sampling

Dutch: centrumfrequentie
English: center frequency

Dutch: centrumpen
English: record spindle; adapter; adaptor

Dutch: ceramiek
English: ceramics

Dutch: cermetweerstand
English: cermet resistor

Dutch: certificatie-instituut
English: certification institute

Dutch: certificeren
English: to certify

Dutch: cesium
English: cesium

Dutch: charge
English: batch

Dutch: chasseeractiviteit
English: chasing activity

Dutch: chasseren
English: to chase; to expedite; expediting

Dutch: chasseur
English: chaser; expeditor

Dutch: chassis
English: chassis; frame; mounting plate; tape deck

Dutch: chassisachterplaat
English: chassis backplate

Dutch: chassisafdekplaat
English: chassis cover

Dutch: chassisbeugel
English: chassis bracket

Dutch: chassissmering
English: chassis lubrication

Dutch: chaufferen
English: to drive

Dutch: checken
English: to verify

Dutch: checklist
English: checklist

Dutch: checkout
English: checkout

Dutch: chef
English: supervisor; superior; manager

Dutch: chef-programmeur
English: chief programmer

Dutch: chemicaliënvastheid
English: resistance to chemicals

Dutch: chemisch beitsen
English: chemical pickling; non-electrolytic pickling

Dutch: chemisch glanzend
English: chemical bright dip; chemical brightening bath; chemical brightening solution

Dutch: chemisch polijstbad
English: chemical polishing bath; chemical polishing solution

Dutch: chemisch polijsten
English: chemical polishing; immersion polishing; chemical milling

Dutch: chemisch schoon
English: chemically clean

Dutch: chemisch vergulden
English: electroless gold plating

Dutch: chemisch vernikkelen
English: electroless nickel plating

Dutch: chemisch zuiver
English: chemically pure

Dutch: chemische condensator
English: chemical capacitor

Dutch: chemische depositie
English: chemical deposition

Dutch: chemische verwering
English: chemical weathering

Dutch: chi-kwadraatproef
English: Chi-square test

Dutch: Chinese houtolie
English: China wood oil; tung oil

Dutch: Chinese kamer
English: Chinese room

Dutch: chinoline
English: quinoline

Dutch: chip
English: chip; integrated circuit: IC

Dutch: chipcondensator
English: chip capacitor

Dutch: chiptechnologie
English: chip technology

Dutch: chipweerstand
English: chip resistor

Dutch: chloorrubber
English: chlorinated rubber

Dutch: chloorrubberverf
English: chlorinated rubber paint

Dutch: chloorrubbervernis
English: chlorinated rubber lacquer

Dutch: chloorwaterstof
English: hydrogen chloride

Dutch: chloorzuur
English: hydrochloric acid

Dutch: chloraat
English: chlorate

Dutch: chloreren
English: to chlorinate

Dutch: chloriet
English: chlorite

Dutch: chlorigzuur
English: chlorous acid

Dutch: chloroform
English: chlorophorm

Dutch: choke
English: choke

Dutch: chopper
English: chopper

Dutch: chroma
English: chroma

Dutch: chromaatgeel
English: lead chromate; chrome yellow

Dutch: chromaatgroen
English: chrome green

Dutch: chromadetector
English: chroma detector

Dutch: chromaregelaar
English: chroma control(ler)

Dutch: chromaregeling
English: chroma control

Dutch: chroma-sperversterker
English: colour killer

Dutch: chromateermiddel
English: chromating agent

Dutch: chromateerpoeder
English: chromatizing powder; chromating powder

Dutch: chromateren
English: to chromate

Dutch: chromatisch
English: chromatic

Dutch: chromavector
English: chroma vector

Dutch: chromaversterker
English: chrominance amplifier

Dutch: chromeren
English: chroma conversion coating; chromating

Dutch: chrominantie
English: chrominance

Dutch: chrominantieamplitude
English: chrominance amplitude

Dutch: chrominantieband
English: chrominance band

Dutch: chrominantiebeeld
English: chrominance image

Dutch: chrominantiecomponent
English: chrominance component

Dutch: chrominantiedetector
English: chrominance detector

Dutch: chrominantiedraaggolf
English: chrominance carrier

Dutch: chrominantie-eenheid
English: chrominance unit

Dutch: chrominantiefilter
English: chrominance band-pass filter

Dutch: chrominantie-ingang
English: chrominance input

Dutch: chrominantiekanaal
English: chrominance channel

Dutch: chrominantiekromme
English: chrominance curve

Dutch: chrominantiemodulatie
English: chrominance modulation

Dutch: chrominantiemodulator
English: chrominance modulator

Dutch: chrominantieoscillator
English: chrominance oscillator

Dutch: chrominantiesignaal
English: chrominance signal

Dutch: chrominantiespectrum
English: chrominance spectrum

Dutch: chrominantiespoor
English: chrominance track

Dutch: chrominantietranscoder
English: chrominance transcoder

Dutch: chrominantietrap
English: chrominance stage

Dutch: chrominantieversterker
English: chrominance amplifier; chroma amplifier; chroma bandpass amplifier

Dutch: chromoscoop
English: chromoscope; colour picture tube; colour kinescope

Dutch: chronistor
English: chronistor

Dutch: chroombad
English: chrome bath; chrome plating solution

Dutch: chroomijzer
English: ferrochrome; ferrochromium

Dutch: chroomnikkelstaal
English: chromium nickel steel

Dutch: chroomvanadiumstaal
English: chrome vanadium steel

Dutch: chroomzuur
English: chromium acid

Dutch: chroomzuuranhydride
English: chromium trioxide; chromium anhydride

Dutch: chroomzuurbad
English: chromic acid dip; chromate dip

Dutch: chroomzuurbeitsbad
English: chromic acid dip; chromate dip

Dutch: chroomzuuroplossing
English: chromic acid solution

Dutch: chroomzwavelzuur
English: chromic sulphuric acid

Dutch: chunking
English: chunking

Dutch: cifax
English: cifax

Dutch: cijfer
English: digit; figure; numeric character

Dutch: cijfercode
English: numerical code

Dutch: cijfergedeelte
English: body (of edit word)

Dutch: cijfergenerator
English: selective digit emitter; digit emitter

Dutch: cijferimpuls
English: digit pulse

Dutch: cijferklok
English: digital clock

Dutch: cijferperiode
English: digit period; digit time

Dutch: cijferplaats
English: digit position; digit place

Dutch: cijferplaatsimpuls
English: commutator pulse; P-pulse

Dutch: cijferpositie
English: digit position; digit place

Dutch: cijferpositievertrager
English: digit delay element; digit delay

Dutch: cijferselectie
English: digit selection

Dutch: cijferteken
English: digit; numeric character

Dutch: cijfertijd
English: digit time

Dutch: cijferwijziging
English: figure change

Dutch: cijferwoord
English: numeric word

Dutch: cilindercoördinaten
English: cylindric coordinates

Dutch: cilindrisch
English: cylindrical

Dutch: cilindrische golf
English: cylindrical wave

Dutch: cilindrische golfpijp
English: cylindrical waveguide

Dutch: cilindrische robot
English: cylindrical robot

Dutch: cilindrisch-gekromd
English: cylindrically curved

Dutch: CIM-applicatie
English: CIM application

Dutch: CIM-architectuur
English: CIM architecture

Dutch: CIM-beeld
English: CIM view

Dutch: CIM-domein
English: CIM domain

Dutch: CIM-gegevens
English: CIM data

Dutch: CIM-product
English: CIM product

Dutch: CIM-systeem
English: CIM system

Dutch: CIM-vrijgave
English: CIM release

Dutch: cine-camera
English: cine camera; movie camera

Dutch: cinefilm
English: cine film; movie film

Dutch: cinema-apparatuur
English: cine projector; movie projector

Dutch: ciphony
English: ciphony

Dutch: circa
English: approximately: approx.; about

Dutch: circuitanalyse
English: circuit analysis

Dutch: circuitbelasting
English: circuit load

Dutch: circuitbescherming
English: circuit protection

Dutch: circuitbetrouwbaarheid
English: circuit reliability

Dutch: circuitcapacitantie
English: circuit capacitance

Dutch: circuitcapaciteit
English: circuit capacity

Dutch: circuitcomponent
English: circuit component

Dutch: circuitdiscipline
English: circuit discipline

Dutch: circuitefficiëntie
English: circuit efficiency

Dutch: circuitelement
English: circuit element

Dutch: circuitfout
English: circuit fault

Dutch: circuitgat
English: circuit hole

Dutch: circuitlog
English: circuit log

Dutch: circuitonwerp
English: circuit engineering

Dutch: circuitparameter
English: circuit parameter

Dutch: circuitrestoratie
English: circuit restoration

Dutch: circuitruis
English: circuit noise

Dutch: circuitschakelcentrum
English: circuit switching center: CSC

Dutch: circuitschakeleenheid
English: circuit switching unit: CSU

Dutch: circuitschakeling
English: circuit switching

Dutch: circuitsynthese
English: circuit synthesis

Dutch: circuittester
English: circuit tester

Dutch: circuitunit
English: circuit unit

Dutch: circulair tripel
English: circular triad

Dutch: circulaire aftasting
English: circular scan

Dutch: circulatieregister
English: circulating register

Dutch: cirkel
English: circle

Dutch: cirkelboog
English: arc of circle

Dutch: cirkeldiagram
English: pie chart

Dutch: cirkelomtrek
English: circumference; periphery; perimeter

Dutch: cirkelschaar
English: rotary shears

Dutch: cirkelvormig
English: circular

Dutch: citroengeel
English: citrine; citron-colour

Dutch: citroenpers
English: citrus fruit squeezer

Dutch: civette
English: bulb; vessel; cuvette

Dutch: C-kern
English: C-core

Dutch: C-kern transformator
English: C-core transformer

Dutch: Clapp-oscillator
English: Clapp oscillator

Dutch: classificatiegrootheid
English: classification statistic

Dutch: classificeren
English: to classify

Dutch: clausule van Horn
English: Horn clause

Dutch: cliché
English: printing block

Dutch: clichétekening
English: master drawing; artwork master

Dutch: cliënt/server-netwerk
English: client/server network

Dutch: cliëntobject
English: client object

Dutch: clignoteur
English: flash indicator; flasher

Dutch: clipper
English: amplitude limiter; amplitude separator; clipper

Dutch: closed-loop systeem
English: closed-loop system

Dutch: cluster
English: cluster

Dutch: C-netwerk
English: C-network

Dutch: coaguleren
English: to coagulate

Dutch: coaxconnector
English: coax connector

Dutch: coaxdemping
English: coax damping

Dutch: coaxiaal
English: coaxial

Dutch: coaxiaal filter
English: coaxial filter

Dutch: coaxiaalkabel
English: coaxial cable; coax cable

Dutch: coaxiaalsteker
English: coaxial plug

Dutch: coaxiale connector
English: coaxial connector

Dutch: coaxiale diode
English: coaxial diode

Dutch: coaxiale kabel
English: coax; coaxial cable

Dutch: coaxiale lijn
English: coaxial line

Dutch: coaxkabel
English: coax; coaxial cable; coax cable

Dutch: coaxsteker
English: coaxial plug

Dutch: coaxverbinder
English: coax connector

Dutch: cobalt
English: cobalt

Dutch: cobaltbad
English: cobalt plating solution; cobalt bath

Dutch: Cobol
English: common business oriented language: Cobol

Dutch: cocosmat
English: coco mat

Dutch: codabar
English: codabar

Dutch: code 128
English: code 128

Dutch: code 39
English: code 39

Dutch: code 93
English: code 93

Dutch: codebasis
English: code base

Dutch: codebeheer
English: code management

Dutch: codebeoordeling
English: code review

Dutch: codeblad
English: code sheet

Dutch: codeboek
English: code book

Dutch: codebreekpunt
English: code breakpoint

Dutch: codec
English: coder/decoder

Dutch: codeconversie
English: code conversion

Dutch: codedekking
English: code coverage

Dutch: codeerder
English: coder

Dutch: codeereenheid
English: colour encoder; encoder

Dutch: codeerorgaan
English: encoder; coder

Dutch: codegenerator
English: code generator

Dutch: codenummer
English: code number

Dutch: codenummerbestand
English: code number file

Dutch: code-onafhankelijk
English: code-independent

Dutch: codeprijs
English: code price

Dutch: coderen
English: to code; to codify; to encode

Dutch: codering
English: coding; codification; encoding

Dutch: coderingsapparaat
English: coder

Dutch: coderingstoestel
English: encoder

Dutch: codeteken
English: code character

Dutch: codeur
English: coder

Dutch: codewijziging
English: locking

Dutch: codewoord
English: code word

Dutch: codistor
English: codistor

Dutch: coëfficiënt
English: coefficient

Dutch: coërcitiekracht
English: coercive force

Dutch: coërciviteit
English: coercivity

Dutch: cognitieve wetenschap
English: cognitive science

Dutch: cognitiewetenschap
English: cognitive science

Dutch: cognitron
English: cognitron

Dutch: coherente bundel
English: coherent bundle

Dutch: coherente detector
English: coherent detector

Dutch: coherente draaggolf
English: coherent carrier

Dutch: coherente referentie
English: coherent reference

Dutch: coherente signalen
English: coherent signals

Dutch: coherente transponder
English: coherent transponder

Dutch: coherentie
English: coherence

Dutch: coïncidentele cohesie
English: coincidental cohesion

Dutch: coïncidentie
English: coincidence

Dutch: coïncidentiefout
English: coincidence error

Dutch: cold check
English: cold check

Dutch: collator
English: collator

Dutch: collectief oproepteken
English: collective call sign

Dutch: collectieve adresgroep
English: collective address group

Dutch: collectieve routering
English: collective routing

Dutch: collector
English: collector; commutator

Dutch: collectorcapacitantie
English: collector capacitance

Dutch: collectordissipatie
English: collector dissipation

Dutch: collectorefficiëntie
English: collector efficiency

Dutch: collectorjunctie
English: collector junction

Dutch: collectorlamel
English: collector lamination; commutator lamination

Dutch: collectorschakeling
English: collector circuit

Dutch: collectorsegment
English: collector segment; commutator segment

Dutch: collectorspanning
English: collector voltage

Dutch: collectorstroom
English: collector current

Dutch: collectorverbreking
English: collector cutoff

Dutch: collectorvoorspanning
English: collector bias voltage

Dutch: collectorweerstand
English: collector resistance

Dutch: colligatiecoëfficiënt
English: coefficient of colligation

Dutch: collimator
English: collimator

Dutch: collineair
English: collinear

Dutch: collisie
English: collision

Dutch: collisiecontrole
English: collision check

Dutch: collo
English: package

Dutch: colloïdaal
English: colloidal

Dutch: collomerk
English: package mark; shipping mark

Dutch: colour-killer
English: colour killer

Dutch: Colpittsoscillator
English: Colpitts oscillator; Colpitts electron coupled oscillator

Dutch: colporteur
English: doorstep salesman

Dutch: columbium
English: columbium

Dutch: co-maker overeenkomst
English: co-maker agreement

Dutch: combi-antenne
English: combi-antenna; combi-aerial

Dutch: combinatieantenne
English: combination aerial; combination antenna

Dutch: combinatiecircuit
English: combinational circuit; diversity combiner

Dutch: combinatietang
English: combination pliers

Dutch: combinatietekening
English: combined drawing

Dutch: combinatietonen
English: combination frequencies

Dutch: combinatiezaagblad
English: combination saw blade

Dutch: combinatorische logica
English: combinational logic

Dutch: combineert goed
English: toned well

Dutch: combiversterker
English: combination amplifier

Dutch: comfort
English: comfort

Dutch: comfortabel
English: comfortable

Dutch: commandobestand
English: command file

Dutch: commando-eenheid
English: command unit

Dutch: commandoreferentie
English: command reference

Dutch: commandoschijf
English: control disc

Dutch: commandotaal
English: command language

Dutch: commentaar
English: comment

Dutch: commentaarkanaal
English: commentary channel

Dutch: commentaaropdracht
English: comment statement

Dutch: commentaarregel
English: comment line

Dutch: commentaarveld
English: comment field

Dutch: commentator
English: commentator

Dutch: commercieel beleid
English: commercial policy

Dutch: commercieel plan
English: market plan

Dutch: commercieel type
English: commercial type

Dutch: commerciële functie
English: marketing function

Dutch: commerciële sector
English: commercial sector

Dutch: commerciële status
English: commercial status

Dutch: commerciële varianten
English: commercial variants

Dutch: commerciële voorraad
English: commercial stock

Dutch: commissaris
English: supervising director; company director

Dutch: commissienummer
English: budget number

Dutch: common-mode
English: common mode

Dutch: common-mode signaal
English: common-mode signal

Dutch: common-mode spanning
English: common-mode voltage

Dutch: communicatieaftaster
English: communication scanner

Dutch: communicatieapparatuur
English: communications equipment

Dutch: communicatiebeheer
English: communication management

Dutch: communicatieblokkering
English: communication jamming: COMJAM

Dutch: communicatiebuffer
English: communication buffer

Dutch: communicatiecentrum
English: communication center

Dutch: communicatiecomputer
English: communication computer

Dutch: communicatiedienst
English: communication service

Dutch: communicatie-exercitie
English: communication exercise

Dutch: communicatiefaciliteit
English: communication facility

Dutch: communicatiefunctie
English: communication task

Dutch: communicatiegebied
English: communication region

Dutch: communicatiekanaal
English: communication channel

Dutch: communicatiemedium
English: means of communication

Dutch: communicatiemiddelen
English: communication means

Dutch: communicatienet
English: communication net; communication network

Dutch: communicatieopdracht
English: communication instruction

Dutch: communicatieorganen
English: communication media

Dutch: communicatieparameters
English: communication parameters

Dutch: communicaties
English: communications

Dutch: communicatiesamenhang
English: communication coherence

Dutch: communicatiesatelliet
English: communication satellite

Dutch: communicatieschema
English: communication diagram

Dutch: communicatieserver
English: communication server

Dutch: communicatiesubsysteem
English: communication subsystem

Dutch: communicatiesysteem
English: communication system

Dutch: communicatieterminal
English: communication terminal station

Dutch: communicatietheorie
English: communication theory

Dutch: communicatieve cohesie
English: communicational cohesion

Dutch: communicatieverkeer
English: communication traffic

Dutch: communicatieverstoring
English: communication jamming: COMJAM

Dutch: communicatiewacht
English: guard watch

Dutch: communicatiewerkwijzen
English: communication modes

Dutch: communicatiezender
English: communication transmitter

Dutch: commutatiecondensator
English: commutating capacitor

Dutch: commutator
English: commutator

Dutch: compact cassette
English: compact cassette

Dutch: compact-disk PROM
English: compact disk PROM: CD-PROM

Dutch: compact-disk ROM
English: compact disk ROM: CD-ROM

Dutch: compactheid
English: compaction; compactness

Dutch: compander
English: compander

Dutch: compansie
English: companding

Dutch: comparator
English: dial gauge; dial indicator

Dutch: compatibele IC
English: compatible IC

Dutch: compatibele ontvangst
English: compatible reception

Dutch: compensatiecondensator
English: compensating capacitor

Dutch: compensatiediode
English: compensating diode

Dutch: compensatiefilter
English: compensating filter

Dutch: compensatiespoel
English: compensation coil

Dutch: compensatieweerstand
English: compensating resistor

Dutch: compilatie
English: compilation; compiling

Dutch: compilatie-eenheid
English: compilation unit

Dutch: compilatieprogramma
English: compiler

Dutch: compilator
English: compiler; compiling program

Dutch: compilator-generator
English: compiler generator; compiler compiler

Dutch: compileerfase
English: compiling phase

Dutch: compileermachine
English: compiling computer; source computer

Dutch: compileerprogramma
English: compiler

Dutch: compileertaal
English: compiler; compiling program

Dutch: compiler
English: compiler

Dutch: compilercode
English: compiler code

Dutch: compilergenerator
English: compiler generator

Dutch: compileringsduur
English: compile time; compiling duration

Dutch: compleet prototype
English: full prototype

Dutch: compleet stempel
English: compound tool

Dutch: complementair
English: complementary

Dutch: complementaire golf
English: complementary wave

Dutch: complete modulatie
English: complete modulation

Dutch: complete opdracht
English: complete instruction; absolute instruction

Dutch: completering
English: closure

Dutch: completeringswachttijd
English: completion waiting time

Dutch: complex getal
English: complex number

Dutch: complexe functie
English: complex function

Dutch: complexe golfvorm
English: complex waveform

Dutch: complexe toon
English: complex tone

Dutch: complexe vorm
English: complex shape; complex geometry

Dutch: complexeermiddel
English: complexing agent

Dutch: complexeren
English: to complex

Dutch: complexiteit
English: complexity

Dutch: compliantie
English: compliance

Dutch: compliantiebereik
English: compliance range

Dutch: componentdrager
English: component carrier

Dutch: componentenassemblage
English: component assembly

Dutch: componentschema
English: component diagram

Dutch: componentspanning
English: component stress

Dutch: componentstandaard
English: component standard

Dutch: compounderen
English: to compound

Dutch: compressie en expansie
English: companding

Dutch: compressiepersmatrijs
English: compression mould

Dutch: compressiewaarde
English: compression value

Dutch: compromis
English: compromis

Dutch: computer
English: computer; automatic computer

Dutch: computer op één plaat
English: single board computer

Dutch: computerdiode
English: computer diode

Dutch: computerelementen
English: computer resources

Dutch: computergebruik
English: computer use

Dutch: computergebruiker
English: computer user

Dutch: computergeheugen
English: computer memory; computer store; automatic store; inherent store

Dutch: computergeneratie
English: computer generation

Dutch: computergerichte taal
English: computer oriented language

Dutch: computer-gestuurd
English: computer-controlled

Dutch: computergrafiek
English: computer graphics

Dutch: computerinstructie
English: computer instruction

Dutch: computerinstructiecode
English: computer instruction code

Dutch: computerinvoer
English: computer input

Dutch: computerisatie
English: computerization

Dutch: computermodel
English: computer model

Dutch: computernet
English: computer net

Dutch: computer-ondersteund
English: computer-aided: CA

Dutch: computerrun
English: computer run

Dutch: computerspecialist
English: computer specialist

Dutch: computersysteem
English: computer system

Dutch: computertechniek
English: computer technique

Dutch: computertoegangstijd
English: computer access time

Dutch: computeruitdraai
English: printer output

Dutch: computeruitvoer
English: computer output

Dutch: computervertaling
English: machine translation: MT

Dutch: conbijluco
English: concentric air-gap trimmer; concentric air-dielectric trimmer

Dutch: concaaf
English: concave

Dutch: concatineren
English: to concatenate

Dutch: concentratieapparatuur
English: concentrating equipment

Dutch: concentratie-eenheid
English: concentrator

Dutch: concentrator
English: concentrator

Dutch: concentreren
English: to concentrate

Dutch: conceptfase
English: concept phase

Dutch: conceptie
English: conception

Dutch: conceptueel
English: conceptual

Dutch: conceptueel model
English: conceptual model

Dutch: conceptueel ontwerpen
English: conceptual design engineering

Dutch: conceptueel schema
English: conceptual schema

Dutch: concernplanning
English: concern planning

Dutch: concertzaal
English: concert hall

Dutch: concluderen
English: to conclude

Dutch: concreet; concr.
English: concrete; tangible

Dutch: concrete klasse
English: concrete class

Dutch: concurrent
English: competitor; concurrent

Dutch: concurrent gebruik
English: concurrency

Dutch: concurrente besturing
English: concurrent control

Dutch: condens
English: condensate

Dutch: condensaat
English: condensate

Dutch: condensator
English: capacitor; condenser

Dutch: condensatordecadenbank
English: decade condenser instrument

Dutch: condensatorfilter
English: capacitor filter

Dutch: condensatorgeheugen
English: capacitor store

Dutch: condensatormicrofoon
English: electrostatic microphone; capacitor microphone

Dutch: condensatorspanning
English: capacitor voltage

Dutch: condensatortester
English: capacitor tester

Dutch: condensatorvervanger
English: dummy capacitor; substitution capacitor

Dutch: condenseren
English: to condensate

Dutch: condensvorming
English: condensation

Dutch: condenswater
English: condensed water; condensate; condensation

Dutch: conditie
English: condition; state

Dutch: conditie-ingang
English: condition entry

Dutch: conditienaam
English: condition name

Dutch: conditieomschrijving
English: condition stub

Dutch: conditioneel
English: conditional

Dutch: conditionele sprong
English: conditional jump

Dutch: conditionele variabele
English: conditional variable

Dutch: conditioneren
English: to condition

Dutch: conditionering
English: conditioning

Dutch: conductantie
English: conductance

Dutch: conductor
English: conductor

Dutch: conferentieactie
English: conference operation

Dutch: conferentielijn
English: conference circuit

Dutch: confetti
English: colour noise; colour snow; chad; chip

Dutch: confettiloze band
English: chadless tape

Dutch: configuratie-audit
English: configuration audit

Dutch: configuratiebeheer
English: configuration management: CM

Dutch: configuratiebesturing
English: configuration control

Dutch: configuratie-element
English: configuration element

Dutch: configuratie-index
English: configuration index

Dutch: configuratie-item
English: configuration item: CI

Dutch: configuratielijst
English: configuration list

Dutch: configuratielogboek
English: configuration log

Dutch: configuratieruimte
English: configuration space: C-space

Dutch: configuratieschema
English: configuration plan

Dutch: configuratiestatus
English: configuration state

Dutch: configuratievoetlijn
English: configuration baseline

Dutch: configurator
English: configurator

Dutch: configureren
English: to configure

Dutch: conformantie
English: conformance

Dutch: conformantiecriterium
English: conformance criterion

Dutch: conformantietesten
English: conformance testing

Dutch: conformiteit
English: conformity

Dutch: confrontatie
English: confrontation

Dutch: congruentie
English: congruency

Dutch: coniciteit
English: conicity; taper

Dutch: coniciteitshoek
English: draft angle

Dutch: conisch aandrijfwiel
English: tapered pulley

Dutch: conisch tandwiel
English: bevel gear

Dutch: conisch verlopend
English: tapering

Dutch: conische aftasting
English: conical scanning

Dutch: conische drukveer
English: conical compression spring

Dutch: conische pen
English: tapered pin

Dutch: conjugeren
English: to conjugate

Dutch: conjunct
English: conjunct

Dutch: conjunctie
English: conjunction

Dutch: conjunctuur
English: business cycle; trade cycle

Dutch: conjunctuurbeweging
English: economic trend

Dutch: Connection Machine<\b>
English: Connection Machine<\i>

Dutch: connectiviteit
English: connectivity

Dutch: connectorkabel
English: flat cable

Dutch: connossement
English: bill-of-lading: B/L

Dutch: consensus theorie
English: consensus theory

Dutch: consequent
English: consequent

Dutch: consequentie
English: consequence

Dutch: conserveren
English: to preserve

Dutch: consignatievoorraad
English: consignment stock

Dutch: consistent
English: consistent; accuracy of the mean

Dutch: consistente toets
English: consistent check

Dutch: consistentie
English: consistency; consistence

Dutch: consistentiecontrole
English: consistency check

Dutch: console-apparaat
English: console receiver

Dutch: console-schrijfmachine
English: console keyboard

Dutch: consolette
English: consolette

Dutch: consonantie
English: consonance

Dutch: constant
English: constant; stable; steady

Dutch: constante kosten
English: fixed costs

Dutch: constante kwaliteit
English: constant quality; consistent quality

Dutch: constante spanning
English: constant voltage

Dutch: constante stroom
English: constant current

Dutch: constante van Planck
English: Planck constant

Dutch: constantheid
English: constancy

Dutch: constateren
English: to establish; to ascertain; to state; to find

Dutch: constituerend deel
English: constituent

Dutch: constructie
English: construction; design; engineering

Dutch: constructiebureau
English: design office

Dutch: constructiedetails
English: engineering details

Dutch: constructiefout
English: error in design; design error

Dutch: constructiegegevens
English: constructional data; design data

Dutch: constructie-idee
English: design idea

Dutch: constructietekening
English: constructional drawing; construction drawing; engineering drawing; design drawing

Dutch: constructieve inductie
English: constructive induction

Dutch: constructieverbetering
English: design improvement

Dutch: constructiewijziging
English: change in design; engineering change; design change

Dutch: constructor
English: constructor

Dutch: construeren
English: to design; to construct; to engineer

Dutch: contact maken
English: to make contact

Dutch: contactafdruk
English: contact print

Dutch: contactbelasting
English: contact load

Dutch: contactbeschermer
English: contact protector

Dutch: contactbeugel
English: contact bracket

Dutch: contactblok
English: contact block

Dutch: contactbol
English: contact point

Dutch: contactbus
English: contact socket; jack

Dutch: contactbuslek
English: jacket leak

Dutch: contactcommissie
English: liaison committee

Dutch: contactdetector
English: contact detector

Dutch: contactdruk
English: contact pressure

Dutch: contactgaatje
English: hub

Dutch: contactgelijkrichter
English: contact rectifier

Dutch: contacthouder
English: contact maker

Dutch: contactkast
English: contact printing apparatus

Dutch: contactkracht
English: contact force

Dutch: contactlip
English: solder tag; contact tag; solder lug; contact lug

Dutch: contactloos
English: contactless; without contact

Dutch: contactolie
English: contact lubricant

Dutch: contactonderbreker
English: contact breaker

Dutch: contactoog
English: solder eyelet

Dutch: contactopening
English: contact gap

Dutch: contactplaat
English: contact plate; terminal plate

Dutch: contactpotentiaal
English: contact potential

Dutch: contactproces
English: contact process; contact plating

Dutch: contactpunt
English: contact point

Dutch: contactpuntloos
English: contactless

Dutch: contactschakelaar
English: contact switch

Dutch: contactschroef
English: contact screw

Dutch: contactschuif
English: contact slide

Dutch: contactslot
English: ignition lock

Dutch: contactspanning
English: contact potential

Dutch: contactstop
English: plug connector; plug

Dutch: contactstrip
English: contact strip

Dutch: contactstrook
English: terminal board

Dutch: contactveer
English: contact spring

Dutch: contactverenband
English: contact spring strip

Dutch: contactverenstrip
English: stator strip

Dutch: contactverklikkerlamp
English: ignition light

Dutch: contactvlak
English: contact pad; contact land; contact face

Dutch: contactvlakinstelling
English: pole-face alignment

Dutch: contactvorming
English: contact formation

Dutch: container
English: container

Dutch: containerklasse
English: container class

Dutch: containerterminal
English: container terminal

Dutch: contentie
English: contention

Dutch: context
English: context

Dutch: contextanalyse
English: context analysis

Dutch: contextvrije taal
English: context-free language

Dutch: continu
English: continuous

Dutch: continu-arbeid
English: shift work

Dutch: continubedrijf
English: continuous production firm; continuous working plant; continuously processing industry

Dutch: continue baanbesturing
English: continuous path control

Dutch: continue bemonstering
English: continuous sampling

Dutch: continue bewerking
English: continuous operation

Dutch: continue code
English: continuous code

Dutch: continue drager
English: continuous carrier

Dutch: continue functie
English: continuous function

Dutch: continue golf
English: continuous wave: CW

Dutch: continue iteratie
English: continuous iteration

Dutch: continue ontvanger
English: continuous receiver

Dutch: continue productie
English: continuous production

Dutch: continue simulatie
English: continuous simulation

Dutch: continue variabele
English: continuous variable; continuous variate

Dutch: continue verbetering
English: continuous improvement

Dutch: continue-golfradar
English: continuous wave radar

Dutch: continue-tijdsysteem
English: continuous time system

Dutch: continue-uitvalsignaal
English: continuity failure signal

Dutch: continuïteitscontrole
English: continuity check

Dutch: continusignaal
English: continuous emission

Dutch: continuspectrum
English: continuous spectrum

Dutch: continu-stapeldiagram
English: band chart

Dutch: continutoeslag
English: shift allowance; shift work rates

Dutch: continuüm
English: continuum

Dutch: continuvermogen
English: continuous power

Dutch: continuverzwakker
English: continuous attenuator

Dutch: contour
English: contour; profile

Dutch: contourbewerking
English: contouring operation

Dutch: contourfilter
English: contour filter

Dutch: contourmal
English: contour jig

Dutch: contourveelhoek
English: contour polygon

Dutch: contourverscherping
English: contour accentuation

Dutch: contrabas
English: double base

Dutch: contractrapportage
English: contract reporting

Dutch: contractverloning
English: contract payment

Dutch: contragewicht
English: counterweight; counterpoise

Dutch: contramal
English: counter-jig

Dutch: contraplug
English: coupling socket

Dutch: contraring
English: locking ring

Dutch: contrastarm
English: poor in contrast

Dutch: contrasteker
English: coupling socket; connector

Dutch: contrastekker
English: female plug

Dutch: contrastexpansie
English: contrast expansion

Dutch: contrastinstelling
English: contrast setting; contrast adjustment

Dutch: contrastregelaar
English: contrast control

Dutch: contrastregeling
English: contrast control

Dutch: contrastrijk
English: rich in contrast

Dutch: contrastverbetering
English: contrast improvement

Dutch: contrastverhouding
English: contrast ratio

Dutch: contrastvermindering
English: contrast reduction

Dutch: controle-afdeling
English: inspection department

Dutch: controle-apparaat
English: test instrument

Dutch: controleblad
English: test sheet; measurement instruction

Dutch: controlecijfer
English: check digit

Dutch: controlediagram
English: inspection card; test card; control chart; quality control chart

Dutch: controledichtheid
English: inspection density

Dutch: controle-eis
English: test requirement

Dutch: controlefaciliteit
English: monitoring facility

Dutch: controlegereedschap
English: inspection tool

Dutch: controleglas
English: sight glass

Dutch: controlegroep
English: check group

Dutch: controlekaart
English: inspection card; test card; control chart; quality control chart

Dutch: controlekamer
English: control room

Dutch: controlelamp
English: pilot lamp; check light

Dutch: controlelijst
English: checklist; inspection sheet

Dutch: controlemaat
English: reference dimension

Dutch: controlemachine
English: verifier

Dutch: controlemal
English: inspection jig; test jig

Dutch: controlemeting
English: test measuring

Dutch: controle-oscilloscoop
English: test oscilloscope

Dutch: controlepen
English: test pin

Dutch: controleponsmachine
English: verifier

Dutch: controlepunt
English: test point; checkpoint

Dutch: controleren
English: to inspect; to test; to check; to verify; to monitor

Dutch: controlerend programma
English: checking program

Dutch: controlerij
English: check row

Dutch: controleschijf
English: test disc

Dutch: controlesom
English: check sum

Dutch: controlesymbool
English: check symbol

Dutch: controlesysteem
English: control system

Dutch: controleteken
English: check character

Dutch: controletekening
English: check plot

Dutch: controletotaal
English: proof total; check total; check sum

Dutch: controlevoorschrift
English: test instruction

Dutch: controlewoord
English: check word

Dutch: controurverschuiving
English: contour shift

Dutch: conus
English: cone; taper; diaphragm; flare

Dutch: conusbakmal
English: cone baking jig

Dutch: conusdrager
English: chassis

Dutch: conusluidspreker
English: cone loudspeaker

Dutch: convectie
English: convection

Dutch: convectiestroom
English: convection current

Dutch: conventionele stroom
English: conventional current

Dutch: conventionele techniek
English: conventional technique

Dutch: convergentie
English: convergence

Dutch: convergentieanode
English: convergence anode

Dutch: convergentiedoos
English: convergence box

Dutch: convergentie-eenheid
English: convergence unit

Dutch: convergentiefout
English: convergence error

Dutch: convergentiemagneet
English: convergence magnet

Dutch: convergentiepaneel
English: convergence panel

Dutch: convergentiepunt
English: convergence point

Dutch: convergentieraster
English: convergence dot pattern

Dutch: convergentieschakeling
English: convergence circuit

Dutch: convergentiesignaal
English: convergence signal

Dutch: convergentiespoel
English: convergence coil

Dutch: convergentiesysteem
English: convergence system

Dutch: convergentieunit
English: convergence unit

Dutch: convergeren
English: to converge

Dutch: convergerend
English: convergent

Dutch: conversatie
English: discourse

Dutch: conversationeel
English: conversational

Dutch: conversieprogramma
English: conversion program

Dutch: conversiesnelheid
English: conversion rate

Dutch: conversiesteilheid
English: conversion conductance; transconductance

Dutch: conversietesten
English: conversion testing

Dutch: conversietype
English: conversion type

Dutch: conversieversterking
English: conversion gain

Dutch: converteren
English: to convert

Dutch: conveyor
English: conveyor

Dutch: convolutionele code
English: convolutional code

Dutch: COOL-bibliotheek
English: class object-oriented library

Dutch: COOL-taal
English: combined object-oriented language

Dutch: Coons-element
English: Coons patch

Dutch: Coons-methode
English: Coons method

Dutch: coördinaten
English: coordinates

Dutch: coördinatenboormachine
English: jig-boring machine; template boring machine

Dutch: coördinatenboren
English: jig boring; coordinate boring

Dutch: coördinatenomzetter
English: resolver

Dutch: coördinatenstelsel
English: system of coordinates

Dutch: coördinatentekentafel
English: coordinate drafting machine

Dutch: coördinatieafstand
English: coordination distance

Dutch: coördinatiebehoeften
English: coordination needs

Dutch: coördinatiecommissie
English: coordination committee

Dutch: coördinatienet
English: coordination net

Dutch: coördinatograaf
English: coordinate drafting machine

Dutch: coördineren
English: to coordinate

Dutch: copie
English: copy

Dutch: C-oppervlak
English: C-surface

Dutch: coprocessor
English: coprocessor

Dutch: coquille
English: ingot mould; chill mould; chill

Dutch: coquille gieten
English: gravity die-casting

Dutch: Corguide-kabel
English: Corguide

Dutch: cornet
English: cornet

Dutch: coroutine
English: co-routine

Dutch: corps
English: body

Dutch: corpus
English: corpus

Dutch: correctheid
English: correctness

Dutch: correctheidsbewijs
English: correctness proof; proof of correctness

Dutch: correctiefilter
English: correcting filter

Dutch: correctiekring
English: correcting circuit

Dutch: correctiemagneet
English: correction magnet; beam-positioning magnet

Dutch: correctieschakeling
English: correcting circuit

Dutch: correctiespoel
English: correction coil; convergence coil

Dutch: correctiestroom
English: correction current

Dutch: correctieversterker
English: equalizing amplifier

Dutch: correctievloeistof
English: correcting fluid

Dutch: correlatiedetector
English: correlation detector

Dutch: correlatie-index
English: correlation index

Dutch: correlatierekening
English: correlation calculation

Dutch: correlatieverhouding
English: correlation ratio

Dutch: correleren
English: to correlate

Dutch: correspondentie
English: mapping; matching; match

Dutch: corresponderen
English: to correspond (to); to agree (with); to correspond; to conform (with); to match

Dutch: Correxmeter
English: Correxmeter; spring pressure gauge

Dutch: corrodeerbaar
English: corrodible

Dutch: corrodeerbaarheid
English: corrodibility

Dutch: corroderen
English: to corrode

Dutch: corrosief
English: corrosive

Dutch: corrosievast
English: corrosion proof; resistant to corrosion; corrosion resistant

Dutch: corrosievastheid
English: corrosion resistance

Dutch: corrosievrij
English: corrosion-free

Dutch: corrosiewerend
English: anticorrosive

Dutch: corrosiviteit
English: corrodibility

Dutch: corset
English: earth wire

Dutch: cosinusgolf
English: cosine wave

Dutch: coulance periode
English: easy-terms period

Dutch: coulomb
English: coulomb: C

Dutch: covalente binding
English: covalent bond

Dutch: covariantieanalyse
English: covariance analysis

Dutch: covariantiematrix
English: covariance matrix

Dutch: covariatie
English: covariation

Dutch: Cox-de-Booralgoritme
English: Cox-de-Boor algorithm

Dutch: C-periode
English: C-period

Dutch: craquelé
English: crackle finish

Dutch: crash
English: crash

Dutch: crêpepapier
English: crêpe paper

Dutch: crêpetape
English: crêpe tape

Dutch: crescendo
English: crescendo

Dutch: cresolformaldehyde
English: cresol formaldehyde

Dutch: cresolhars
English: cresol resin

Dutch: cresolsulfonzuur
English: cresol sulphonic acid

Dutch: criterium
English: criterion; benchmark

Dutch: critic<\b>
English: critic<\i>

Dutch: cron
English: cron

Dutch: crossover
English: crossover

Dutch: crossover distortie
English: crossover distortion

Dutch: C-ruimte
English: C-space

Dutch: crypto
English: crypto

Dutch: crypto-analyse
English: cryptanalysis

Dutch: crypto-apparaat
English: cryptoequipment

Dutch: cryptobeveiliging
English: cryptosecurity

Dutch: crypto-informatie
English: cryptoinformation

Dutch: cryptokanaal
English: cryptochannel

Dutch: cryptologie
English: cryptology

Dutch: cryptomateriaal
English: cryptomaterial

Dutch: cryptonet
English: cryptonet

Dutch: cryptosleutel
English: cryptokey

Dutch: cryptosysteem
English: cryptosystem

Dutch: C-schil
English: C shell

Dutch: C-shell
English: C shell

Dutch: CT-0 apparatuur
English: CT-0 equipment

Dutch: CT-1 apparatuur
English: CT-1 equipment

Dutch: CT-2 apparatuur
English: CT-2 equipment

Dutch: Cu-band
English: copper strip; Cu-strip

Dutch: cumulatief systeem
English: cumulative system

Dutch: cumulatieve fout
English: cumulative error

Dutch: cumulatieve frequentie
English: cumulative frequency

Dutch: cumulatieve MRP
English: cumulative MRP

Dutch: cumulatieve somtest
English: cumulative sum test: CUSUM

Dutch: curie
English: curie

Dutch: curium
English: curium

Dutch: curses
English: curses

Dutch: cursor
English: cursor

Dutch: curve fitten
English: curve fitting

Dutch: curvevolger
English: curve follower

Dutch: curvimeter
English: opisometer; planimeter

Dutch: cut-off
English: cut-off

Dutch: C-verfraaiier
English: C beautifier: cb

Dutch: cyaan
English: cyan; greenish-blue; minus-red

Dutch: cyaanbad
English: cyanide bath; cyanide solution

Dutch: cyaanijzerblauw
English: Prussian blue

Dutch: cyaankali
English: potassium cyanide

Dutch: cyaankalisch vergulden
English: cyanide gold plating

Dutch: cyaankalisch verzinken
English: cyanide zinc plating

Dutch: cyaanwaterstofzuur
English: hydrocyanic acid; prussic acid

Dutch: cyberspace
English: cyberspace; virtual reality; virtual workspace

Dutch: cyborg
English: cyborg

Dutch: cycli per seconde
English: cycles per second: cps

Dutch: cyclische planning
English: cycle planning

Dutch: cyclische vervorming
English: cyclic distortion

Dutch: cyclische verwisseling
English: cyclical change

Dutch: cyclische vochtproef
English: cyclic humidity test

Dutch: cyclograaf
English: cyclograph

Dutch: cyclohexanon
English: cyclohexanone

Dutch: cyclus
English: cycle; pass

Dutch: cyclusproductie
English: cyclical production

Dutch: cyclusteller
English: cycle counter

Dutch: cyclusvoorraad
English: cycle stock

Dutch: D/A-conversie
English: digital-to-analog conversion

Dutch: daemon
English: daemon

Dutch: dagelijkse goederen
English: convenience goods

Dutch: daggemiddelde
English: daily average

Dutch: dagkant
English: reveal

Dutch: daglicht
English: daylight; natural light

Dutch: daglichtopening
English: daylight

Dutch: dagopening
English: aperture; day

Dutch: dagplan
English: day plan

Dutch: dagtempostaat
English: list of daily production

Dutch: dagwijdte
English: inside diameter; inside width; width in the clear

Dutch: dakproef
English: natural weathering test; outdoor exposure test; roof exposure test; roof test

Dutch: dal
English: dip; valley

Dutch: daling
English: decrease; fall; decline; descent; downstroke

Dutch: dammetje
English: wall; scrap bridge

Dutch: damp
English: vapour; fumes

Dutch: dampafgevend materiaal
English: fuming substance

Dutch: dampcompartiment
English: vapour compartment; vapour chamber

Dutch: dampdruk
English: vapour pressure

Dutch: dampzone
English: vapour zone

Dutch: danseffect
English: bouncing; jumping; vertical hunting

Dutch: dashboardkastje
English: coaming

Dutch: databasebeheer
English: data base management: DBM

Dutch: databasebeheerssysteem
English: data base management system: DBMS

Dutch: databasebestand
English: data base file

Dutch: databasebestanddeel
English: data base component

Dutch: databasegegevens
English: database data

Dutch: database-oproep
English: data base call

Dutch: database-overgangstaal
English: database transition language

Dutch: databaseschema
English: database schema

Dutch: databasesysteem
English: data base system

Dutch: databasetransactie
English: database transaction

Dutch: databus; data bus
English: data bus

Dutch: datacapture
English: data capture

Dutch: datacircuit-apparatuur
English: data circuit-termination equipment: DCE, DCTE

Dutch: datacommunicatie
English: data communication

Dutch: datadictionary
English: data dictionary: DD

Dutch: datadirectory
English: data directory

Dutch: datadivision
English: data division

Dutch: data-encryptie
English: data encryption

Dutch: data-entry
English: data entry

Dutch: datagram
English: datagram

Dutch: datagramdienst
English: datagram service

Dutch: datagrammethode
English: datagram method

Dutch: datahuurlijn
English: data lease line

Dutch: data-item
English: data item

Dutch: datalink
English: data link

Dutch: datamanagement
English: data management

Dutch: datanet
English: datanet

Dutch: datapad
English: data path

Dutch: dataset
English: data set; dataset

Dutch: datastructuur
English: data structure

Dutch: datatablet
English: data tablet

Dutch: dataterminal
English: data terminal

Dutch: dataterminalapparatuur
English: data terminal equipment: DTE

Dutch: datatype
English: data type; type

Dutch: datum/tijd-groep
English: date-time group: DTG

Dutch: datumformaat
English: dating format

Dutch: datumplanningsysteem
English: bucketless system

Dutch: datumstempel
English: date mark

Dutch: datumwijziging
English: date change

Dutch: dB-schaal
English: dB scale

Dutch: de toets doorstaan
English: to stand the test; to stand the examination

Dutch: dealer
English: dealer

Dutch: debiet
English: flow rate

Dutch: deblokkeren
English: to release

Dutch: deblokkeringsmaatregel
English: anti-jamming measure

Dutch: deblokkeringsmarge
English: anti-jamming margin

Dutch: debugger
English: debugger

Dutch: debugging
English: debugging

Dutch: deca
English: deca

Dutch: decadencondensatorbank
English: decade condenser instrument

Dutch: decadenweerstandsbank
English: decade resistance instrument

Dutch: decametrische golf
English: decametric wave

Dutch: decanteren
English: to decant; to pour off

Dutch: decentralisatie
English: decentralization

Dutch: decentraliseren
English: to decentralize

Dutch: decentralisering
English: decentralization

Dutch: deci
English: deci

Dutch: decibel
English: decibel: dB

Dutch: decibelschaal
English: decibel scale; dB scale

Dutch: decimaal getal
English: decimal numeral

Dutch: decimaal stelsel
English: decimal notation

Dutch: decimaal teken
English: decimal point

Dutch: decimale komma
English: decimal point

Dutch: decimale punt
English: decimal point

Dutch: decimale verzwakker
English: decimal attenuator

Dutch: decimetrische golf
English: decimetric wave

Dutch: declaratieve kennis
English: declarative knowledge

Dutch: declaratieve regel
English: declarative rule

Dutch: declaratieve taal
English: declarative language

Dutch: decodeer/stuurorgaan
English: decoder/driver

Dutch: decodeerapparaat
English: decoder

Dutch: decodeerboom
English: tree

Dutch: decodeerder
English: decoder

Dutch: decodeereenheid
English: colour decoder

Dutch: decodeerorgaan
English: decoder

Dutch: decodeerschakeling
English: decoder; decoder circuit

Dutch: decoder
English: decoder

Dutch: decoderen
English: to decode

Dutch: decodering
English: decoding

Dutch: decolliminatie
English: decollimation

Dutch: decommutatie
English: decommutation

Dutch: decompilatie
English: decompilation

Dutch: decompileerprogramma
English: decompiler

Dutch: decompileren
English: to decompile

Dutch: decoupeerzaagblad
English: jigsaw blade

Dutch: decrement
English: decrement

Dutch: deductieve database
English: deductive database

Dutch: deegschraper
English: scraper

Dutch: deelbare graaf
English: bipartite graph

Dutch: deelcapaciteit
English: partial capacitance

Dutch: deelcircuit
English: scaling circuit

Dutch: deeldomein
English: subdomain

Dutch: deelfiguur
English: subfigure

Dutch: deelgroep
English: sub-group

Dutch: deelhandeling
English: sub-activity

Dutch: deelharmonische
English: subharmonic

Dutch: deelklasse
English: subclass

Dutch: deelkromme
English: partial curve

Dutch: deelleesimpuls
English: partial read pulse

Dutch: deellijn
English: division line; parting line

Dutch: deelmarkt
English: market segment; section of the market

Dutch: deelmatrix
English: submatrix

Dutch: deelmonster
English: part sample; sub-sample

Dutch: deelnaad
English: division seam; division line

Dutch: deelnemen
English: to participate

Dutch: deelnemer
English: participant; subscriber

Dutch: deelneming
English: participation; profit sharing

Dutch: deelopteller
English: scaling adder

Dutch: deelpad
English: subpath

Dutch: deelparameter
English: subparameter

Dutch: deelpopulatie
English: sub-population

Dutch: deelprogramma
English: sub program; subprogram

Dutch: deelsamenstelling
English: subassembly

Dutch: deelschrijfimpuls
English: partial write pulse

Dutch: deelserie
English: split lot

Dutch: deelsnede
English: division cut

Dutch: deelstreep
English: graduation mark

Dutch: deeltaak
English: sub-activity; activity; subtask

Dutch: deeltaal
English: sublanguage

Dutch: deeltabel
English: subarray

Dutch: deeltal
English: dividend

Dutch: deeltjesgrootte
English: particle size; granular size

Dutch: deeltjessysteem
English: finite element system

Dutch: deeltoon
English: overtone

Dutch: deeltrap
English: divider stage

Dutch: deeltype
English: subtype

Dutch: deelverzameling
English: subset

Dutch: deelverzameling tekens
English: character subset

Dutch: de-emfase
English: de-emphasis

Dutch: defect raken
English: to become defective; to get out of order

Dutch: definiëren
English: to define

Dutch: definiërende gegevens
English: defining data

Dutch: definiërende methode
English: descriptive method

Dutch: definiëring
English: defining

Dutch: definitief
English: definitive; definite; final

Dutch: definitietestbeeld
English: definition test pattern; resolution pattern

Dutch: definitieve afkeuring
English: final rejection

Dutch: definitiewig
English: resolution wedge

Dutch: deflectie
English: deflection

Dutch: deflector
English: deflector

Dutch: deformeren
English: to deform; to distort; to warp

Dutch: degeneratie
English: degeneration

Dutch: degraderen
English: downgrading; to downgrade

Dutch: degroepage
English: degroupage

Dutch: de-ionisatie
English: deionization

Dutch: de-ionisatietijd
English: deionization time

Dutch: de-ioniseren
English: to deionize

Dutch: dekensnoer
English: blanket flex; blanket cord

Dutch: dekfineer
English: face veneer

Dutch: dekindeling
English: deck layout

Dutch: dekken
English: to cover; to hide; to coincide

Dutch: dekkend vermogen
English: covering power; hiding power; hiding properties

Dutch: dekking
English: coverage; hiding; coincidence; registration

Dutch: dekkingsfout
English: misregistration

Dutch: dekkingsgraad
English: fault coverage

Dutch: dekkingsitem
English: coverage item

Dutch: dekkracht
English: covering power; hiding power

Dutch: deklaag
English: finish coat; finishing coat; top coat

Dutch: deklak
English: finishing paint

Dutch: deklijst
English: masking frame

Dutch: dekplaat
English: cover plate; cover; screening plate; masking plate

Dutch: dekprofiel
English: top bracket

Dutch: deksel
English: lid; cover

Dutch: dekselvergrendeling
English: lid locking; lid latch

Dutch: dekstrip
English: cover strip

Dutch: dekstroom
English: flash current

Dutch: dekverf
English: finishing paint

Dutch: dekvermogen
English: covering power; hiding power; hiding properties

Dutch: delaminatie
English: delamination

Dutch: delegatie
English: delegation

Dutch: delegeren
English: to delegate

Dutch: deler
English: divisor; divider

Dutch: delertrap
English: divider stage

Dutch: deleteteken
English: delete character

Dutch: delimiteren
English: to delimit

Dutch: deling
English: division; parting; partition

Dutch: Delphimethode
English: Delphi method

Dutch: Delta-4
English: definition and design of an open dependable distributed system architecture

Dutch: deltamodulatie
English: delta modulation

Dutch: deltaregel
English: delta rule

Dutch: deltaruis
English: delta noise

Dutch: delta-sigmamodulatie
English: delta sigma modulation: DSM

Dutch: demagnetisatie
English: demagnetization; degaussing

Dutch: demagnetisatiecircuit
English: degaussing circuit

Dutch: demagnetisatiefactor
English: demagnetization factor; demagnetizing factor; degaussing factor

Dutch: demagnetisatiespoel
English: degaussing coil

Dutch: demagnetiseerapparaat
English: demagnetizer; degausser; demagnetizing apparatus

Dutch: demagnetiseerspoel
English: degaussing coil

Dutch: demagnetiseren
English: to demagnetize; to degauss

Dutch: dematriceren
English: to dematrix

Dutch: dematricering
English: dematrixing

Dutch: dematrix
English: dematrix

Dutch: demodularisatie
English: demodularization

Dutch: demodulatie
English: demodulation; detection

Dutch: demodulator
English: demodulator; detector

Dutch: demodulatoreenheid
English: demodulator unit

Dutch: demodulatormeetkop
English: demodulator probe

Dutch: demodulatortrap
English: demodulating stage; demodulator stage; detector stage

Dutch: demoduleren
English: to demodulate; to detect

Dutch: demonstrateur
English: demonstrator

Dutch: demonstreren
English: to demonstrate

Dutch: demonteren
English: to demount; to dismantle; to disassemble; to dismount

Dutch: dempbuis
English: damping tube

Dutch: dempdiode
English: damping diode

Dutch: dempelement
English: damping element

Dutch: dempen
English: to damp; to attenuate

Dutch: demper
English: damper; shock absorber

Dutch: demping
English: attenuation; loss; muting; damping; damped reaction; damped response

Dutch: dempingsblok
English: damping block

Dutch: dempingscoëfficiënt
English: damping coefficient

Dutch: dempingsdiode
English: damping diode

Dutch: dempingsfactor
English: attenuation factor; damping factor

Dutch: dempingsmassa
English: damping compound

Dutch: dempingsregelaar
English: attenuator

Dutch: dempingstest
English: attenuation test

Dutch: dempingsweerstand
English: damping resistor

Dutch: dempmal
English: damping jig

Dutch: demultiplexen
English: to demultiplex

Dutch: demultiplexer
English: demultiplexer: DEMUX

Dutch: demystificatie
English: demystification

Dutch: denatureren
English: to denature

Dutch: dendron
English: dendrite

Dutch: denktijd
English: think time

Dutch: denneboom
English: family tree

Dutch: denneboomstructuur
English: family tree structure

Dutch: depletiegebied
English: depletion region

Dutch: depletielaag
English: depletion layer

Dutch: depletielaagtransistor
English: depletion-layer transistor

Dutch: deployeringsdiagrammen
English: deployment diagrams

Dutch: depolarisatie
English: depolarization; depassivation

Dutch: depolariseren
English: to depolarize; to depassivate

Dutch: depositie
English: deposition

Dutch: depositietechnieken
English: deposition techniques

Dutch: depreciatie
English: depreciation

Dutch: derating
English: derating

Dutch: deratingkromme
English: derating curve

Dutch: derde programma
English: third programme

Dutch: derde-generatietaal
English: third generation language: 3GL

Dutch: derivaat
English: derivative

Dutch: derivatieproces
English: derivation process

Dutch: descriptiestandaard
English: description standard

Dutch: descriptor
English: descriptor

Dutch: desensibilisatie
English: desensitization

Dutch: desintegratie
English: disintegration

Dutch: desintegratieconstante
English: disintegration constant

Dutch: desintegratiespanning
English: disintegration voltage

Dutch: deskundig
English: expert; knowledgeable

Dutch: deskundige
English: expert

Dutch: deskundigheid
English: expertness; expertise

Dutch: destillaat
English: distillate

Dutch: destillatie
English: distillation

Dutch: destillatieapparaat
English: still; distillation plant

Dutch: destillatietraject
English: distillation range

Dutch: destilleerkolf
English: distillation flask; distilling flask

Dutch: destilleren
English: to distill

Dutch: destructief testen
English: destructive testing

Dutch: destructieve test
English: destructive test

Dutch: destructor
English: destructor

Dutch: desynchronisatie
English: desynchronization

Dutch: detaildefinitie
English: detail definition; detail resolution

Dutch: detailfout
English: detail fault; detail error

Dutch: detailhandel
English: retail trade

Dutch: detailkaart
English: detail card; detailed card

Dutch: detaillist
English: retailer

Dutch: detailmenging
English: mixed highs

Dutch: detailplanning
English: detailed schedule; planning; detailed scheduling; detailed plan

Dutch: detailtekening
English: detail drawing; part drawing; detailed drawing

Dutch: detecteren
English: to detect; to demodulate

Dutch: detectie
English: detection; demodulation

Dutch: detectiediscriminatie
English: detection discrimination

Dutch: detectie-eenheid
English: detection unit

Dutch: detectieresolutie
English: detection resolution

Dutch: detectieschakeling
English: detection circuit

Dutch: detectieweerstand
English: detection resistor

Dutch: detector
English: detector; demodulator

Dutch: detectorcircuit
English: detector circuit

Dutch: detectormeetkop
English: diode probe

Dutch: detectoruitgang
English: detector output

Dutch: determinator
English: determinator

Dutch: deterministisch
English: deterministic

Dutch: deterministisch model
English: deterministic model

Dutch: deur
English: door; lid

Dutch: deurafsluiting
English: door gasket

Dutch: deurhandgreep
English: door handle

Dutch: deurrek
English: door shelf

Dutch: deurrubber
English: doorseal

Dutch: deursluiting
English: door seal

Dutch: deuvel
English: dowel

Dutch: deviatie
English: deviation; deflection

Dutch: deviatieverhouding
English: deviation ratio

Dutch: deviatievervorming
English: deviation distortion

Dutch: D-functie
English: discriminant function

Dutch: dia
English: slide; transparency

Dutch: diachromie
English: cross colour

Dutch: diafragmaframe
English: diaphragm frame

Dutch: diafragma-opening
English: aperture

Dutch: diafragmaregeling
English: diaphragm control

Dutch: diagnostiek
English: diagnostics

Dutch: diagnostisch
English: diagnostic

Dutch: diagnostisch programma
English: diagnostic program

Dutch: diagnostische routine
English: diagnostic routine

Dutch: diagnostische test
English: diagnostic test

Dutch: diagonaal
English: diagonal

Dutch: diagram
English: diagram; graph

Dutch: diameter
English: diameter; dia

Dutch: diametraal
English: diametrical

Dutch: diapositief
English: diapositive; transparency

Dutch: diaprojector
English: slide projector

Dutch: diastuurapparaat
English: slide synchronizer

Dutch: diatheek
English: slide library

Dutch: diatonische schaal
English: diatonic scale

Dutch: diazocopie
English: diazocopy

Dutch: diazofilm
English: diazofilm

Dutch: diazoverbinding
English: diazo compound

Dutch: dibasisch
English: dibasic

Dutch: dibitou
English: African walnut

Dutch: diboraan
English: diborane

Dutch: dichotomie
English: dichotomy

Dutch: dichroisch
English: dichroic

Dutch: dichroische spiegel
English: dichroic mirror; dichroic filter

Dutch: dichromaat
English: dichromate

Dutch: dichtbebouwd gebied
English: urban area

Dutch: dichtdrukgereedschap
English: closing tool

Dutch: dichtdrukken
English: to block

Dutch: dichtgeweven
English: closely woven

Dutch: dichtheidsgraad
English: degree of density

Dutch: dichtingsmassa
English: sealing compound

Dutch: dichtingsring
English: sealing ring; packing ring

Dutch: dichtingsvlak
English: packing face

Dutch: dichtkitten
English: seale (to)

Dutch: dichtklapdiode
English: snap diode

Dutch: dichtknijpen
English: to pinch up; to clench

Dutch: dichtlassen
English: to close by welding; to weld up

Dutch: dichtring
English: sealing ring; seal; gasket

Dutch: dichtsmelten
English: to seal up; to melt up

Dutch: dichtsturen
English: to close

Dutch: dicteerapparaat
English: dictating machine

Dutch: dicteren
English: to dictate

Dutch: dictionaire
English: dictionary

Dutch: diefrand
English: false cathode; dummy cathode

Dutch: diëlectricum
English: dielectric

Dutch: diëlektrische draad
English: dielectric wire

Dutch: diëlektrische laag
English: dielectric film

Dutch: diëlektrische pijp
English: dielectric guide

Dutch: diëlektrische sterkte
English: dielectric strength

Dutch: diëlektrische stroom
English: dielectric current

Dutch: dienst
English: service; employment; occupation; appointment

Dutch: dienstbetrekking
English: employment (relationship); service

Dutch: diensten van derden
English: services of third parties; third party services; outside services

Dutch: dienstprogramma
English: service program; utility program

Dutch: dienstverlenend object
English: server object

Dutch: dienstverlening
English: service

Dutch: diep
English: deep

Dutch: diepdruk
English: intaglio

Dutch: diepgaand redeneren
English: deep reasoning

Dutch: diepgetrokken
English: vacuum formed; deep drawn

Dutch: dieplassen
English: deep welding

Dutch: diepte
English: depth; intension

Dutch: diepte-aanslag
English: depth stop; setting stop

Dutch: dieptemagnetisatie
English: perpendicular magnetization

Dutch: dieptemeetklok
English: depth gauge with indicator

Dutch: dieptemeter
English: depth gauge

Dutch: dieptemicrometer
English: depth micrometer

Dutch: dieptescherpte
English: depth of field; depth of focus; depth of definition

Dutch: diepteschrift
English: vertical recording; hill and dale recording

Dutch: diepteschuifmaat
English: depth vernier

Dutch: dieptrekken
English: deep drawing; vacuum forming; to deep- draw

Dutch: dieptrekkwaliteit
English: deep-drawing quality

Dutch: dieptrekolie
English: deep-drawing oil

Dutch: diepvriesinhoud
English: frozen-food inventory

Dutch: diepvriesinstallatie
English: freezer; deep-freeze installation

Dutch: diepvrieskast
English: freezer; deep-freeze cabinet

Dutch: diepvrieskist
English: top-opening freezer; chest freezer; deep-freezing chest

Dutch: diepvriestemperatuur
English: freezer temperature

Dutch: diepvriesvak
English: freezer compartment

Dutch: diepvriezen
English: to freeze; to deep-freeze

Dutch: difenylamine
English: diphenyl amine

Dutch: difenyl-p-chinon
English: diphenyl-p-quinone

Dutch: differentiaal
English: differential

Dutch: differentiaalspanning
English: differential voltage

Dutch: differentiatie
English: distinction

Dutch: differentiator
English: differentiator

Dutch: differentie
English: difference

Dutch: differentieel
English: differential gear

Dutch: differentiëernetwerk
English: differentiating network

Dutch: differentiële codering
English: differential encoding

Dutch: differentiële fase
English: differential phase

Dutch: differentiële invoer
English: differential input

Dutch: differentiëren
English: to differentiate

Dutch: diffractie
English: diffraction

Dutch: diffunderen
English: to diffuse

Dutch: diffunderingsproces
English: diffusion process

Dutch: diffuse nagalm
English: diffuse reverberation

Dutch: diffuse reflectie
English: diffuse reflection

Dutch: diffuse transmissie
English: diffuse transmission

Dutch: diffusie van Compton
English: Compton diffusion

Dutch: diffusieapparatuur
English: diffusion apparatus

Dutch: diffusiecapacitantie
English: diffusion capacitance

Dutch: diffusiediepte
English: diffusion depth

Dutch: diffusie-inspectie
English: diffusion inspection; diffusion evaluation

Dutch: diffusielaag
English: diffused layer

Dutch: diffusielengte
English: diffusion length

Dutch: diffusieproces
English: diffusion process

Dutch: diffusieprofiel
English: diffusion profile

Dutch: diffusiepunt
English: spike

Dutch: diffusierichting
English: direction of diffusion

Dutch: diffusiescherm
English: diffusion screen

Dutch: diffusiestof
English: diffusant

Dutch: diffusiestofpenetratie
English: diffusant penetration

Dutch: diffusiestroom
English: diffusion current

Dutch: diffusiesysteem
English: diffusion system

Dutch: diffusietemperatuur
English: diffusion temperature

Dutch: diffusietheorie
English: diffusion theory

Dutch: diffusietijd
English: diffusion time

Dutch: diffusietransistor
English: diffusion transistor

Dutch: diffusie-uitloper
English: spike

Dutch: diffusieverdeling
English: diffused distribution

Dutch: diffuus geluid
English: diffuse sound

Dutch: digilines
English: digilines

Dutch: digitaal blok
English: digital block

Dutch: digitaal circuit
English: digital circuit

Dutch: digitaal combineren
English: digital combining

Dutch: digitaal filter
English: digital filter

Dutch: digitaal kiezen
English: digital data switching

Dutch: digitaal schakelen
English: digital switching

Dutch: digitaal signaal
English: digital signal

Dutch: digitaal toestel
English: digital device

Dutch: digitaal-ontwerptaal
English: digital design language: DDL

Dutch: digitale aflezing
English: digital readout

Dutch: digitale aftrekker
English: digital subtracter

Dutch: digitale buis
English: digital tube

Dutch: digitale communicaties
English: digital communications

Dutch: digitale compressie
English: digital compression

Dutch: digitale deler
English: digital divider; divider

Dutch: digitale eenheid
English: digital device

Dutch: digitale elektronica
English: digital electronics

Dutch: digitale integrator
English: digital integrator; integrator

Dutch: digitale klok
English: digital clock

Dutch: digitale logica
English: digital logic

Dutch: digitale modulatie
English: digital modulation

Dutch: digitale opteller
English: digital adder

Dutch: digitale rekenautomaat
English: digital computer

Dutch: digitale rekenmachine
English: digital computer

Dutch: digitale representatie
English: digital representation

Dutch: digitale schakeling
English: digital switch

Dutch: digitale signalering
English: digital signalling

Dutch: digitale simulatie
English: digital simulation

Dutch: digitale slip
English: digital slip

Dutch: digitale televisie
English: digital television

Dutch: digitale transmissie
English: digital transmission

Dutch: digitale uitvoer
English: digital output

Dutch: digitale vergelijker
English: digital comparator

Dutch: digitale voltmeter
English: digital voltmeter

Dutch: digitale voorstelling
English: digital representation

Dutch: digitaliseerapparaat
English: digitizer

Dutch: digitaliseren
English: to digitize

Dutch: dikgetrokken lijn
English: continuous thick line

Dutch: dikke film
English: thick film

Dutch: dikke laag
English: thick film; thick layer

Dutch: dikke-filmcomponent
English: thick-film component

Dutch: dikke-filmtechniek
English: thick-film technology

Dutch: dikke-filmweerstand
English: thick-film resistor

Dutch: dikte
English: thickness; gauge

Dutch: diktemal
English: thickness gauge

Dutch: diktemeter
English: gauging instrument

Dutch: dikvloeibaar
English: viscous

Dutch: dikvloeibaarheid
English: viscosity

Dutch: dikwandig
English: thick-walled

Dutch: DIL-behuizing
English: dual-in line package

Dutch: dimensie
English: dimension; proportion

Dutch: dimethylaniline
English: dimethylaniline

Dutch: dimetrische projectie
English: dimetric projection

Dutch: diminuendo
English: diminuendo

Dutch: dimmen
English: to dip

Dutch: dimschakelaar
English: dip switch; dip stalk

Dutch: dinatriumzout
English: disodium salt

Dutch: diode
English: diode

Dutch: diode-aansluiting
English: diode terminal; diode output

Dutch: diodebegrenzer
English: diode limiter

Dutch: diodebelasting
English: diode load

Dutch: diodecapacitantie
English: diode capacitance

Dutch: diodecapaciteit
English: diode capacitance

Dutch: diodecondensator
English: diode capacitor

Dutch: diodedetectie
English: diode detection

Dutch: diodedetector
English: diode detector

Dutch: diode-functiegenerator
English: diode function generator: DFG

Dutch: diodegelijkrichter
English: diode rectifier

Dutch: diodehersteltijd
English: diode recovery time

Dutch: diode-impedantie
English: diode impedance

Dutch: diode-ingang/uitgang
English: diode input/output

Dutch: diodekarakteristiek
English: diode characteristic

Dutch: diodelekstroom
English: diode leakage current

Dutch: diode-opslag
English: diode storage

Dutch: diode-opslagtijd
English: diode storage time

Dutch: diode-oscillator
English: diode oscillator

Dutch: diodepoort
English: diode gate

Dutch: diodeschakelaar
English: diode switch

Dutch: diodespanning
English: diode voltage

Dutch: diodestroom
English: diode current

Dutch: diodetester
English: diode checker; diode tester

Dutch: diodetransistor
English: diode transistor

Dutch: diode-transistorlogica
English: diode-transistor logic

Dutch: diodeversterker
English: diode amplifier

Dutch: diodevoltmeter
English: diode voltmeter

Dutch: diodeweerstand
English: diode resistor

Dutch: dip
English: dip; down

Dutch: diplexapparaat
English: diplexer

Dutch: diplexbewerking
English: diplex operation

Dutch: dipool
English: dipole

Dutch: dipoolantenne
English: dipole aerial

Dutch: dipoolion
English: zwitterion

Dutch: dipoollaag
English: dipole layer

Dutch: direct afleesbaar
English: direct-reading

Dutch: direct daglicht
English: direct daylight

Dutch: direct materiaal
English: direct material

Dutch: direct verhit
English: directly heated

Dutch: directe besturing
English: direct control

Dutch: directe capacitantie
English: direct capacitance

Dutch: directe export
English: direct export

Dutch: directe golf
English: direct wave; space wave

Dutch: directe klokbesturing
English: direct clock control

Dutch: directe koppeling
English: direct coupling

Dutch: directe lijn
English: direct line; hot line

Dutch: directe lijst
English: push-up stack

Dutch: directe meting
English: direct measurement

Dutch: directe opdracht
English: direct instruction

Dutch: directe opname
English: direct recording

Dutch: directe oproep
English: direct call

Dutch: directe precedentie
English: immediate precedence

Dutch: directe uitzending
English: live broadcast

Dutch: directe versie
English: immediate version

Dutch: directe verwerking
English: demand processing; immediate processing; in-line processing

Dutch: directe weergever
English: acoustic pick-up; sound box

Dutch: directe zendingen
English: direct shipments

Dutch: directen
English: direct labour

Dutch: directie
English: management

Dutch: directief
English: directive; pseudo-instruction

Dutch: directielid
English: management member

Dutch: directiespelen
English: management games

Dutch: directieve opstelling
English: directional array

Dutch: directioneel
English: directional

Dutch: directoryservice
English: directory service

Dutch: direct-zichtbuis
English: direct-vision tube

Dutch: disassembleerprogramma
English: disassembler

Dutch: disassembleren
English: to disassemble

Dutch: discantgedeelte
English: treble part; descant

Dutch: discipline
English: discipline

Dutch: discofiel
English: discophile

Dutch: discontinu‹teit
English: discontinuity

Dutch: discontinue functie
English: discontinuous function

Dutch: discontinue productie
English: discontinuous production; intermittent production

Dutch: discontinue variabele
English: discontinuous variable; discontinuous variate

Dutch: discontinue vraag
English: discontinuous demand

Dutch: discreet
English: discrete

Dutch: discreet circuit
English: discrete circuit

Dutch: discreet component
English: discrete component

Dutch: discreet element
English: discrete element

Dutch: discreet type
English: discrete type

Dutch: discrete code
English: discrete code

Dutch: discrete condensator
English: discrete capacitor

Dutch: discrete eenheid
English: discrete device

Dutch: discrete inductor
English: discrete inductor

Dutch: discrete onderdelen
English: discrete components; discrete parts

Dutch: discrete programmering
English: discrete programming

Dutch: discrete simulatie
English: discrete simulation

Dutch: discrete variabele
English: discontinuous variable; discontinuous variate

Dutch: discrete weerstand
English: discrete resistor

Dutch: discretiseren
English: discretization

Dutch: discriminantfunctie
English: classification statistic; discriminant function

Dutch: discriminatie
English: discrimination

Dutch: discriminator
English: discriminator

Dutch: discriminatoreenheid
English: discriminator unit

Dutch: discriminatorkromme
English: discriminator curve

Dutch: discriminatorspoel
English: discriminator coil

Dutch: discrimineren
English: to discriminate

Dutch: disjunct
English: disjoint

Dutch: disjuncte signalen
English: disjoint signals

Dutch: disjunctie
English: disjunction; inclusive-or operation; or operation; logical sum; union

Dutch: diskette
English: floppy disk

Dutch: dislocatie
English: dislocation

Dutch: dispariteit
English: disparity

Dutch: dispensatie-indicator
English: permission indicator

Dutch: dispergeermiddel
English: dispersing agent

Dutch: dispergeervermogen
English: dispersing power

Dutch: dispergeren
English: to disperse

Dutch: disponeren
English: supply scheduling

Dutch: dissipatie
English: dissipation

Dutch: dissipatieconstante
English: dissipation constant

Dutch: dissipatiefactor
English: dissipation factor

Dutch: dissiperen
English: to dissipate

Dutch: dissociatie
English: disassociation

Dutch: dissonant
English: dissonant

Dutch: dissymmetrie
English: dissymmetry

Dutch: dissymmetrisch
English: dissymmetrical

Dutch: distorsie
English: distortion

Dutch: distorsiemeter
English: distortion meter

Dutch: distortiekromme
English: distortion curve

Dutch: distractie
English: distraction

Dutch: distribueren
English: to distribute

Dutch: distribuerend gewricht
English: distributed joint

Dutch: distributieco‰ffici‰nt
English: distribution coefficient

Dutch: distributiekanaal
English: channel of distribution; distribution channel

Dutch: distributieketting
English: timing belt

Dutch: distributiekosten
English: distribution costs

Dutch: distributiekwaliteit
English: quality of distribution

Dutch: distributieplanning
English: distribution planning

Dutch: distributiepunt
English: distribution point; point of sale

Dutch: distributietijd
English: distribution time

Dutch: distributieversterker
English: distribution amplifier

Dutch: divergent
English: divergent

Dutch: divergeren
English: to diverge

Dutch: divergerend
English: divergent

Dutch: divergerende stuklijst
English: diverging bill-of-material

Dutch: diverse
English: various

Dutch: diversen
English: sundries; miscellaneous

Dutch: diversiteitsontvangst
English: diversity reception

Dutch: D-netwerk
English: D-network

Dutch: dochterpositief
English: derived positive

Dutch: document
English: document; hard copy

Dutch: documentatieboom
English: documentation tree

Dutch: documentenbeheer
English: document administration

Dutch: documenteren
English: to document

Dutch: documentgroepnummer
English: document group number

Dutch: documentidentificatie
English: document identification

Dutch: documentsoort
English: document type

Dutch: documentverwerking
English: document processing

Dutch: dode kamer
English: dead room; anechoic chamber

Dutch: dode ruimte
English: dead room; anechoic chamber

Dutch: dode sector
English: dead sector

Dutch: dode tijd
English: dead time

Dutch: dode voorraad
English: inactive inventory

Dutch: dode zone
English: silent zone; skip distance

Dutch: dode-gangorgaan
English: dead zone unit

Dutch: dodelijke omhelzing
English: deadlock; deadly embrace

Dutch: doel
English: objective; target; goal

Dutch: doelcode
English: object code

Dutch: doeleinde
English: practical purpose

Dutch: doelen
English: goals

Dutch: doelmachine
English: target computer; target configuration; object computer; object configuration; target machine

Dutch: doelmatig
English: efficient

Dutch: doelmatige deelgroep
English: rational sub-group

Dutch: doelspanning
English: target voltage

Dutch: doelstelling
English: objective; aim; goal

Dutch: doelstelling/beperking
English: objective/constraint

Dutch: doelstellingen
English: objectives

Dutch: doeltaal
English: object language; target language

Dutch: doeltreffend
English: effective

Dutch: doelvariabele
English: target variable

Dutch: doelvoorraad
English: target stock

Dutch: doelzoekend
English: homing

Dutch: doelzoekende adapter
English: homing adapter

Dutch: doelzoekende procedure
English: homing procedure

Dutch: doen verminderen
English: to decrement

Dutch: dof
English: dull

Dutch: DO-groep
English: DO-group

Dutch: dol
English: stripped; drunken; overturned

Dutch: dolby
English: dolby

Dutch: dolle schroef
English: drunken screw; overturned screw

Dutch: DO-lus
English: DO-loop

Dutch: domeinanalist
English: domain analyst

Dutch: domeinanalyse
English: domain analysis: DA

Dutch: domeinarchitectuur
English: domain architecture

Dutch: domeinbeheerder
English: domain manager

Dutch: domeinbeperking
English: domain constraint

Dutch: domeinbeschrijving
English: domain description

Dutch: domeindefinitie
English: domain definition

Dutch: domeindeskundige
English: domain expert

Dutch: domeindoelstelling
English: domain objective

Dutch: domeinexpert
English: domain expert

Dutch: domeinimplementatie
English: domain implementation

Dutch: domeinintegriteit
English: domain integrity

Dutch: domeinkennis
English: domain knowledge

Dutch: domeinlaag
English: domain layer

Dutch: domeinmodel
English: domain model

Dutch: domeinontwikkeling
English: domain engineering

Dutch: domeinproces
English: domain process

Dutch: domeinrelatie
English: domain relationship

Dutch: dominant
English: dominant

Dutch: dominante golf
English: dominant wave

Dutch: dominante golflengte
English: dominant wavelength

Dutch: dominantie
English: dominant

Dutch: domineren
English: to dominate

Dutch: dominerende golflengte
English: dominant wavelength

Dutch: dominerende kleur
English: dominant colour

Dutch: dompelaar
English: immersion heater

Dutch: dompelelement
English: immersion element

Dutch: dompelen
English: to immerse; to dip

Dutch: dompelontvetten
English: immersion degreasing; dip degreasing

Dutch: dompelproces
English: immersion process; immersion plating

Dutch: dompelsolderen
English: dip-soldering

Dutch: dompeltank
English: dipping tank; immersion tank

Dutch: dompelverf
English: dipping paint

Dutch: dompelvergulden
English: immersion gold plating; immersion gilding

Dutch: dompelverguldvloeistof
English: immersion gold-plating liquid

Dutch: dompelverkoperen
English: immersion copper plating

Dutch: dompelvernikkelen
English: immersion nickel plating

Dutch: dompelvertinnen
English: immersion tin plating; dip tinning

Dutch: dompelverwarmer
English: immersion heater

Dutch: dompelverzilveren
English: immersion silver plating; silver dipping

Dutch: dompelwas
English: dipping wax

Dutch: donatie-elektron
English: donated electron

Dutch: donker gebied
English: dark area

Dutch: donkere periode
English: dark interval; dark period

Dutch: donor
English: donor; donor impurity

Dutch: donoratoom
English: donor atom

Dutch: donordoopstof
English: donor impurity; donor dopant

Dutch: donormateriaal
English: donor material

Dutch: dood gebied
English: blind spot; dead band; dead space

Dutch: dood geheugen
English: fixed store; read-only store; read- only memory: ROM

Dutch: doofcircuit
English: killer circuit

Dutch: doofoscillator
English: quench oscillator

Dutch: doofschakeling
English: quenching circuit

Dutch: doofspanning
English: extinction voltage; killer-gating voltage

Dutch: doofweerstand
English: quench resistor

Dutch: doopsolderen
English: dip-soldering

Dutch: doopstof
English: impurity; dopant

Dutch: doopstofatoom
English: impurity atom; dopant atom

Dutch: doopstofbron
English: impurity source

Dutch: doopstofconcentratie
English: impurity concentration

Dutch: doopstofdiffusie
English: impurity diffusion

Dutch: doopstoffencompensatie
English: impurity compensation

Dutch: doopstofniveau
English: impurity level

Dutch: door elkaar vlechten
English: to interlace

Dutch: door elkaar weven
English: to interweave

Dutch: doorboren
English: to drill through; to pierce; to perforate

Dutch: doorbraak
English: breakthrough; breakdown

Dutch: doorbraakspanning
English: reverse breakdown voltage

Dutch: doorbranden
English: to fuse; to blow; to melt; to burn; to burn out

Dutch: doorbuigen
English: bend through; deflect (to); sag

Dutch: doorbuiging
English: bending-through; deflection

Dutch: doordacht; doordachte
English: well-thought-out; sophisticated; well-considered; clever

Dutch: doordiepen
English: to emboss

Dutch: doordiepstempel
English: embossing tool

Dutch: doordringen
English: to penetrate; to punch through

Dutch: doordringing
English: penetration; punch-through

Dutch: doordringspanning
English: punch-through voltage

Dutch: doordroging
English: through drying

Dutch: doordrukken
English: to extrude; to emboss

Dutch: doordrukking
English: embossment

Dutch: doordruklasapparaat
English: projection welder

Dutch: doordruklassen
English: projection welding

Dutch: doordrukveer
English: extruded spring

Dutch: doorfluitapparaat
English: whistle apparatus

Dutch: doorfluiten
English: to whistle

Dutch: doorfluitspanning
English: whistle voltage

Dutch: doorgang
English: continuity; passage

Dutch: doorgangmeten
English: to test on continuity

Dutch: doorgangsdemping
English: insertion loss

Dutch: doorgangsmeter
English: continuity tester

Dutch: doorgangsmeting
English: continuity test

Dutch: doorgeefformulier
English: document filling note

Dutch: doorgemetalliseerd
English: plated through

Dutch: doorgemetalliseerd gat
English: via; feeded through hole

Dutch: doorgeslipt
English: slipped

Dutch: doorgetrokken gat
English: plunged hole; pierced hole; extruded hole

Dutch: doorkiezen
English: dial through; direct dialing-in: DDI

Dutch: doorkijk
English: peep-through

Dutch: doorkijkvenster
English: look-through window

Dutch: doorkrasproef
English: scratching test

Dutch: doorlaat
English: pass band; bore

Dutch: doorlaatbaarheid
English: permeability; perviousness

Dutch: doorlaatband
English: pass-band

Dutch: doorlaatbandbreedte
English: response bandwidth

Dutch: doorlaatfactor
English: transmission factor; transmittance

Dutch: doorlaatfilter
English: band-pass filter

Dutch: doorlaatgebied
English: band-pass range; pass band; response range; transmission band

Dutch: doorlaatgeleiding
English: forward conduction

Dutch: doorlaatkarakteristiek
English: response curve

Dutch: doorlaatkromme
English: forward characteristic; response curve

Dutch: doorlaatpotentiaal
English: forward potential

Dutch: doorlaatrichting
English: forward direction

Dutch: doorlaatstroom
English: forward current

Dutch: doorlaatvermogen
English: forward power

Dutch: doorlaatversterker
English: pass amplifier

Dutch: doorlaatvoorspanning
English: forward bias

Dutch: doorlaatweerstand
English: forward resistance

Dutch: doorlaten
English: to let through; to admit; to unblank

Dutch: doorlatendheid
English: transmittance

Dutch: doorleesactie
English: readthrough

Dutch: doorleiden
English: to inject; to blow gas

Dutch: doorlekken
English: to leak

Dutch: doorloopproces
English: continuous process

Dutch: doorloopsnelheid
English: machine speed; rate of flow; throughput speed

Dutch: doorlooptijdvoorraad
English: lead time inventory

Dutch: doorlopen
English: to pass through [6]

Dutch: doorlopend gat
English: bottomless hole

Dutch: doorlopend klavier
English: continuous keyboard

Dutch: doorlopende order
English: standing order

Dutch: doorlopende storing
English: continuous interference

Dutch: doorloper
English: prolonged production set; evergreen

Dutch: doormeetapparaat
English: continuity tester

Dutch: doormeetapparatuur
English: circuit tester; continuity tester

Dutch: doormeettest
English: continuity test

Dutch: doormetalliseren
English: to plate through

Dutch: doormeten
English: to test for continuity

Dutch: doorn
English: mandrel; arbor

Dutch: doornemen
English: to peruse; to browse; reading though

Dutch: doorrekenen
English: to calculate

Dutch: doorrijgen
English: to tack; to thread

Dutch: doorrollen
English: to wrap-around

Dutch: doorschakelen
English: to call forward; to extend

Dutch: doorschieten
English: to overshoot

Dutch: doorschietfactor
English: overshoot ratio

Dutch: doorschijnend
English: translucence; translucent

Dutch: doorschot
English: overshoot; overswing

Dutch: doorschuiftijd
English: transit time

Dutch: doorslaan
English: to blow; to fuse; to punch; to race

Dutch: doorslag
English: breakdown; race; puncture; copy; punch

Dutch: doorslagkit
English: arcing cement

Dutch: doorslagmeettafel
English: breakdown test board

Dutch: doorslagspanning
English: breakdown voltage; puncturing voltage

Dutch: doorslagvastheid
English: puncture strength

Dutch: doorslagveldsterkte
English: breakdown field strength

Dutch: doorslijpen
English: straight cylindrical grinding

Dutch: doorslippen
English: to slip

Dutch: doorsmelten
English: to melt through; to blow; to fuse

Dutch: doorsmelttijd
English: fusing time

Dutch: doorsnede
English: cross-section; cross-sectional drawing; sectional view; section

Dutch: doorsnijding
English: intersection

Dutch: doorsnijstempel
English: cutting tool; parting tool

Dutch: doorspuiten
English: to purge; purging

Dutch: doorsteekbox
English: break-out box

Dutch: doorsteekketen
English: break-out chain

Dutch: doorsteken
English: threading

Dutch: doorstroming
English: flow

Dutch: doorstroomsnelheid
English: flow rate; rate of flow

Dutch: doortrekpons
English: extruding punch

Dutch: doortrekstempel
English: extruding tool; hole-flanging tool

Dutch: doorverbinden
English: to interconnect; to connect; to connect together

Dutch: doorverbinding
English: interconnection

Dutch: doorverkoperen
English: to plate through

Dutch: doorvoer; doorvoeren
English: lead-through; feed-through conduit; throughput; feed-through conduits

Dutch: doorvoerbuis
English: sleeve; grommet

Dutch: doorvoercomponent
English: feedthrough component

Dutch: doorvoercondensator
English: feed-through capacitor

Dutch: doorvoerdraad
English: feed-through wire

Dutch: doorvoeren
English: to pass through; to lead through; to feed through

Dutch: doorvoerfout
English: feed check

Dutch: doorvoergat
English: feeded through hole

Dutch: doorvoergloeidraad
English: feed-through filament

Dutch: doorvoerisolator
English: feedthrough insulator

Dutch: doorvoernummer
English: lead through number

Dutch: doorvoeropening
English: feed-through aperture; conduit

Dutch: doorvoeroven
English: conveyor oven

Dutch: doorvoersnelheid
English: throughput

Dutch: doorvoerterminal
English: feedthrough terminal

Dutch: doorvoertule
English: grommet

Dutch: doorwerken
English: to plate out; to dummy; to hole-finish; to profile; to continue working; to make overtime

Dutch: doorwerking
English: plating out; electrolytic purification

Dutch: doorwerknippel
English: hole-finishing punch; profiling punch

Dutch: doorzagen
English: to saw through

Dutch: doorzakken
English: to sag

Dutch: doorzakking
English: sagging; bedding in; sag; dip

Dutch: doorzetting
English: embossment; overset

Dutch: doorzichtig
English: transparent

Dutch: doos
English: box; carton; container; kit

Dutch: doosafmetingen
English: box dimensions; carton dimensions

Dutch: dooscondensator
English: box capacitor

Dutch: doosconfiguratie
English: box configuration

Dutch: dop
English: cap; slug; plug; drain plug; socket

Dutch: dopen
English: to dope; to dip into

Dutch: dopmoer
English: cap nut; dome nut

Dutch: Doppler-effect
English: Doppler effect

Dutch: Doppler-radar
English: Doppler radar

Dutch: Doppler-verschuiving
English: Doppler shift

Dutch: dopsleutel
English: socket wrench; socket spanner; box spanner

Dutch: doseerapparaat
English: dosaging device; metering device

Dutch: doseerpomp
English: proportioning pump; metering pump

Dutch: doseerschuif
English: dosaging slide; metering slide

Dutch: doseren
English: to dose; to meter

Dutch: dosis
English: dose

Dutch: doteerstof
English: dopant

Dutch: doteren
English: to dope

Dutch: doteringsatoom
English: impurity atom

Dutch: doteringsion
English: impurity ion

Dutch: doteringsstof
English: impurity material

Dutch: douanevoorschriften
English: customs regulations

Dutch: DO-variabele
English: DO-variable

Dutch: doven
English: extinguish; to quench

Dutch: dover
English: colour killer

Dutch: draad
English: lead; wire; thread; grain

Dutch: draadantenne
English: wire antenna; wire aerial

Dutch: draadas
English: leadscrew

Dutch: draadbeugel
English: wire bracket

Dutch: draadboom
English: wire tree; wire beam; wiring loom

Dutch: draadborstel
English: wire brush

Dutch: draadbreuk
English: wire breakage; rupture of wire; breakage of wire

Dutch: draadbrug
English: bridging wire

Dutch: draadbundel
English: wire bundle

Dutch: draadbus
English: threaded brush

Dutch: draadcommunicaties
English: wire communications

Dutch: draadcontactering
English: wire bonding

Dutch: draaddikte
English: wire thickness; wire gauge

Dutch: draadeind
English: stud; threaded end; wire end

Dutch: draadflens
English: threaded flange

Dutch: draadgang
English: thread

Dutch: draadgat
English: tapped hole; threaded hole

Dutch: draadgeleider
English: wire guide; threaded bush

Dutch: draadgeleiderdruk
English: wire-guide pressure

Dutch: draadgever
English: wire dispenser

Dutch: draadgewikkeld
English: wire wrapped

Dutch: draadgrafiek
English: wire frame graphics

Dutch: draadinvoermechanisme
English: wire inserting mechanism

Dutch: draadkaliber
English: wire gauge

Dutch: draadkaliberschroef
English: thread plug gauge

Dutch: draadklem
English: wire clip; wire clamp

Dutch: draadklos
English: reel; bobbin

Dutch: draadkniptang
English: wire cutter; wire nippers

Dutch: draadloos
English: wireless

Dutch: draadloze eenheid
English: wireless device

Dutch: draadloze telefoon
English: wireless telephone

Dutch: draadloze verbinding
English: wireless communication

Dutch: draadmaat
English: wire gauge

Dutch: draadmal
English: wire jig

Dutch: draadmeter
English: wire gauge

Dutch: draadmodel
English: wire frame model

Dutch: draadmodule
English: thread

Dutch: draadnagel
English: wire nail

Dutch: draadnippel
English: threaded nipple; screwed nipple

Dutch: draadnummer
English: wire gauge

Dutch: draadomroep
English: wire broadcasting

Dutch: draadoog
English: wire eye

Dutch: draadopneming
English: thread pick-up

Dutch: draadopspanning
English: wire harness

Dutch: draadopzetmechanisme
English: wire setting mechanism

Dutch: draadpin
English: threaded pin

Dutch: draadpotentiometer
English: wire wound potentiometer

Dutch: draadprofiel
English: thread profile

Dutch: draadprop
English: threaded plug

Dutch: draadraam
English: wire harness

Dutch: draadrek
English: wire pull

Dutch: draadrem
English: wire brake

Dutch: draadrolkop
English: thread-rolling head

Dutch: draadschacht
English: wire duct

Dutch: draadsnijden
English: thread cutting; thread chasing

Dutch: draadsnijmes
English: thread chaser; thread cutter

Dutch: draadsnijtap
English: tap

Dutch: draadsoort
English: kind of wire; kind of thread

Dutch: draadspanning
English: filament voltage; wire tension

Dutch: draadspil
English: wire shaft

Dutch: draadspindel
English: threaded spindle

Dutch: draadsplits
English: wire splice

Dutch: draadstaaf
English: threaded rod

Dutch: draadstang
English: threaded rod

Dutch: draadtap
English: tap

Dutch: draadtapmachine
English: tapping machine

Dutch: draadtelefonie
English: wire telephony

Dutch: draadtelegrafie
English: wire telegraphy

Dutch: draadtrekken
English: to draw wire

Dutch: draadtrekkerij
English: wire drawing works; wire drawing department

Dutch: draadtrekking
English: wire drawing

Dutch: draadtrekolie
English: oil for wire drawing

Dutch: draadtrimmer
English: wire trimmer

Dutch: draaduitlopers
English: wire leads

Dutch: draadveer
English: wire spring

Dutch: draadverbinding
English: wire link

Dutch: draadvormig
English: cord form

Dutch: draadweerstand
English: wire wound resistor

Dutch: draadwervelen
English: thread swivelling

Dutch: draadwikkeling
English: filament winding

Dutch: draadwikkelverbinding
English: wire-wrap connection

Dutch: draadzekering
English: wire fuse

Dutch: draagbaar
English: portable

Dutch: draagband
English: carrier band; carrying strap

Dutch: draagbeugel
English: carrying handle

Dutch: draagconstructie
English: supporting structure

Dutch: draagfrequentie
English: carrier frequency

Dutch: draaggolf
English: carrier; carrier wave

Dutch: draaggolfamplitude
English: carrier amplitude

Dutch: draaggolfbalans
English: carrier balance

Dutch: draaggolffase
English: carrier phase

Dutch: draaggolffrequentie
English: carrier frequency

Dutch: draaggolf-kleursignaal
English: carrier colour signal

Dutch: draaggolflek
English: carrier leak

Dutch: draaggolflijn
English: carrier line

Dutch: draaggolfniveau
English: carrier level

Dutch: draaggolfomhullende
English: carrier envelope

Dutch: draaggolfonderdrukking
English: carrier suppression

Dutch: draaggolfregeling
English: carrier control

Dutch: draaggolfregeneratie
English: subcarrier regeneration

Dutch: draaggolfregenerator
English: carrier regenerator

Dutch: draaggolfruis
English: carrier noise

Dutch: draaggolfspanning
English: carrier voltage

Dutch: draaggolfstroom
English: carrier current

Dutch: draaggolfsysteem
English: carrier system

Dutch: draaggolftransmissie
English: carrier transmission

Dutch: draaggolfvector
English: subcarrier vector

Dutch: draaggolfverschuiving
English: carrier shift

Dutch: draaghoogte
English: depth of engagement

Dutch: draagmal
English: supporting jig

Dutch: draagplaat
English: punch-holder plate

Dutch: draagpunt
English: pole

Dutch: draagrek
English: carrying rack

Dutch: draagriem
English: carrying strap

Dutch: draagsignaal
English: carrier signal

Dutch: draagsingel
English: strap; webbing

Dutch: draagstel
English: carrying case

Dutch: draagtap
English: journal

Dutch: draagtas
English: carrying case

Dutch: draagvermogen
English: bearing capacity; load bearing capacity; carrying capacity; carrier power; load capacity

Dutch: draagvlak
English: bearing surface; bearing face; bearing area; bearing joint; platform

Dutch: draaias
English: axis of rotation; rotary shaft

Dutch: draaibaar
English: rotatable; capable of rotation; swivelling; swivel

Dutch: draaibaar gemonteerd
English: rotatable mounted

Dutch: draaibaar om een pen
English: pivoting around a pin

Dutch: draaibankbed
English: lathe bed

Dutch: draaibankbeitel
English: lathe tool

Dutch: draaibankbril
English: work stay

Dutch: draaibankcenter
English: lathe centre

Dutch: draaibankslede
English: lathe saddle

Dutch: draaibankspil
English: headstock spindle

Dutch: draaibanksupport
English: toolpost

Dutch: draaibewerking
English: turning operation

Dutch: draaiboek
English: continuity of operations; sequence of operations; continuity; script

Dutch: draaibord
English: rotating table; rotary table

Dutch: draaicirkel
English: turning cycle

Dutch: draaicondensator
English: variable capacitor; gang capacitor

Dutch: draaien
English: to turn; to rotate; to revolve; to swivel

Dutch: draaien om een pen
English: to pivot around a pin

Dutch: draaien om zijn as
English: to rotate around its axis

Dutch: draaien over 90 graden
English: to rotate through 90 degrees

Dutch: draaiend elektron
English: spinning electron

Dutch: draaiende as
English: rotary shaft

Dutch: draaiende beweging
English: rotating movement; rotary motion

Dutch: draaiende trommel
English: revolving drum; rotating tub

Dutch: draaier
English: turner; turning machinist

Dutch: draaiingshoek
English: angle of rotation

Dutch: draaiknop
English: rotary knob; turing knob

Dutch: draaikoppel
English: torque; turning moment; moment of torsion; twisting moment

Dutch: draaikwaliteit
English: free-cutting steel; free-machining quality

Dutch: draailengte
English: length between centres

Dutch: draaimoment
English: torsion; moment of torsion; torque

Dutch: draai-omvormer
English: rotary converter; rotary transformer

Dutch: draaiproduct
English: turned product

Dutch: draaiproef
English: running test; operating test

Dutch: draaipunt
English: pivot; point of rotation; centre of rotation

Dutch: draairelais
English: rotary relay

Dutch: draairichting
English: direction of rotation; sense of rotation; direction of revolution

Dutch: draaischakelproef
English: controls operating test; controls actuating test

Dutch: draaischijf
English: rotating disc; rotary disc; revolving disc; pivot

Dutch: draaischijfintegrator
English: potter's wheel integrator

Dutch: draaisel
English: turnings

Dutch: draaisnelheid
English: speed; revolutions per minute: rpm; number of revolutions

Dutch: draaispoelgalvanometer
English: moving-coil galvanometer

Dutch: draaispoelmeter
English: moving-coil meter

Dutch: draaistroom
English: three-phase current; rotating current

Dutch: draaistroommotor
English: three-phase motor

Dutch: draaistroomnet
English: three-phase mains

Dutch: draaitafel
English: rotating table; rotary table; revolving table; turntable; platter

Dutch: draaitafelas
English: turntable spindle

Dutch: draaitafeldreun
English: turntable rumble

Dutch: draaitafelkom
English: turntable recess

Dutch: draaitafelmat
English: turntable mat

Dutch: draaitafelsnelheid
English: turntable speed

Dutch: draaitop
English: swivel top

Dutch: draaiwisselproef
English: performance test

Dutch: drabvorming
English: sludge formation

Dutch: draden
English: threads

Dutch: draden trekken
English: cob webbing

Dutch: dradennet
English: wire net

Dutch: dradennetlijst
English: wire net list

Dutch: dragen
English: to carry; to bear; to support

Dutch: drager
English: support; bearer; carrier; tape base; tape support; tape carrier; substrate

Dutch: drager/ruisverhouding
English: carrier-to-noise ratio

Dutch: drageraanduiding
English: carrier indicator

Dutch: dragerconcentratie
English: carrier concentration

Dutch: dragerdichtheid
English: carrier density

Dutch: dragerdienst
English: carrier service

Dutch: dragerdiffusie
English: carrier diffusion

Dutch: dragerlading
English: carrier charge

Dutch: dragerlevensduur
English: carrier lifetime

Dutch: dragermateriaal
English: support; substrate; carrier; base

Dutch: dragersconcentratie
English: carrier concentration

Dutch: dragertaal
English: carrier language

Dutch: dragerverdeling
English: carrier distribution

Dutch: drain
English: drain

Dutch: dreg
English: drag

Dutch: drempelelement
English: threshold element; decision element

Dutch: drempelfrequentie
English: threshold frequency

Dutch: drempelglijder
English: threshold slide

Dutch: drempelsolderen
English: flow soldering

Dutch: drempelspanning
English: threshold voltage

Dutch: drempelstroom
English: threshold current

Dutch: drempelwaarde
English: threshold; threshold value; just noticeable difference: JND; threshold component

Dutch: drempelwaarden
English: threshold values

Dutch: drenken
English: to impregnate

Dutch: drenkvloeisof
English: impregnating liquid

Dutch: dreun
English: rumble

Dutch: dreunbeeld
English: rumble performance

Dutch: dreunmeetwaarde
English: measuring values of rumble

Dutch: dreunmeting
English: rumble measurement

Dutch: dreunniveau
English: rumble level

Dutch: dreunspectrum
English: rumble spectrum

Dutch: drie-aderig
English: three-core; triple-core

Dutch: driebandkaart
English: ninety-six columns card

Dutch: driebandponsmachine
English: data recorder

Dutch: driedimensionaal
English: three-dimensional

Dutch: drie-elementsantenne
English: three-element antenna; three- element aerial

Dutch: driefasencircuit
English: three-phase circuit

Dutch: driefasengelijkrichter
English: three-phase rectifier

Dutch: driefasenspanning
English: three-phase voltage

Dutch: driefasenstroom
English: three-phase current

Dutch: driefasensysteem
English: three-phase system

Dutch: driegangig
English: triple-start

Dutch: driehoek van Pascal
English: Pascal's Triangle

Dutch: driehoekig facet
English: triangular facet

Dutch: driehoekig vlak(je)
English: triangular facet

Dutch: driehoekprofielsnaar
English: triangular section belt

Dutch: driehoeksbepaling
English: triangulation

Dutch: driehoekspanning
English: delta voltage; mesh voltage; triangle voltage

Dutch: driekante vijl
English: three-square file

Dutch: drieklank
English: triad; common cord

Dutch: driekleurenbuis
English: three-colour picture tube; tricolour picture tube; tricolour kinescope

Dutch: driekleurenmengsel
English: three-colour mixture; tricolour mixture

Dutch: driekleurenscherm
English: three-colour screen; tricolour screen

Dutch: driekleurensysteem
English: trichromatic system

Dutch: driekleurentelevisie
English: three-colour television; tricolour television

Dutch: driekopsdek
English: three-head deck

Dutch: drieploegendienst
English: three shift working

Dutch: driepuntsbelasting
English: three-point loading

Dutch: driepuntsmeting
English: three-point measurement

Dutch: driepuntsoplegging
English: three-point support

Dutch: drieruimte
English: three-space

Dutch: drie-s proef
English: three standard deviations check

Dutch: driestandenschakelaar
English: three-position switch

Dutch: driestralenbeeldbuis
English: three-gun colour tube

Dutch: drietopskurve
English: three-hump curve

Dutch: drietrapsversterker
English: three-stage amplifier

Dutch: drietrapszender
English: three-stage transmitter

Dutch: drievoud
English: threefold

Dutch: drievoudig
English: threefold

Dutch: drievoudige diode
English: triple diode

Dutch: driewaardig
English: trivalent; threevalent; tervalent

Dutch: driewaardige logica
English: tri-state logic

Dutch: driewals
English: triple-roll mill

Dutch: driewegklem
English: three-way clamp

Dutch: driewegsteker
English: three-way plug

Dutch: driezuilenpers
English: dieing press

Dutch: driftbeweeglijkheid
English: drift mobility

Dutch: driften
English: to drift

Dutch: driftfout
English: drift error

Dutch: driftmeter
English: drift meter

Dutch: driftsnelheid
English: drift velocity

Dutch: drijfriem
English: driving belt; drive belt; transmission belt

Dutch: drijfriemhaak
English: driving-belt hook

Dutch: drijfriemverbinder
English: belt fastener

Dutch: drijfsnaar
English: driving belt

Dutch: drijfstang
English: drive rod; connecting rod

Dutch: drijfwiel
English: driving wheel

Dutch: drijvend decimaalteken
English: floating point

Dutch: drijvend nulpunt
English: floating zero

Dutch: drijvend rooster
English: floating grid

Dutch: drijvende komma
English: floating point

Dutch: drijvende poort
English: floating gate

Dutch: drijvende-kommagetal
English: floating point number

Dutch: droge cel
English: dry cell

Dutch: droge elco
English: dry elco

Dutch: droge tantaalelco
English: solid electrolyte tantalum capacitor

Dutch: droge was
English: dry laundry; dry clothes

Dutch: droog circuit
English: dry circuit

Dutch: droogautomaat
English: dryer; automatic laundry drier; automatic clothes drier

Dutch: droogblazen
English: to dry by blowing

Dutch: drooggaasje
English: drying screen

Dutch: drooghoes
English: drying hood

Dutch: droogkap
English: drying cap

Dutch: droogkast
English: drying box

Dutch: droogkookbeveiliging
English: boiling-dry protection

Dutch: drooglichaam
English: drying body

Dutch: droogmiddel
English: drying agent

Dutch: droogontsmetter
English: dry disinfectant

Dutch: droogoven
English: drying oven; drying furnace; drying stove

Dutch: droogproces
English: drying process

Dutch: droogrek
English: drying rack; drying frame

Dutch: droogscheerapparaat
English: dry-shaver

Dutch: droogslijpen
English: dry grinding; dry polishing

Dutch: droogsmering
English: dry-film lubrication

Dutch: droogstof
English: dryer; drier; desiccant

Dutch: droogstoof
English: drying stove; desiccator

Dutch: droogtemperatuur
English: drying temperature

Dutch: droogtoestel
English: drying apparatus; desiccator

Dutch: droogtoren
English: drying tower

Dutch: droogtrommel
English: drying drum; rotary drier

Dutch: droogverlies
English: drying loss

Dutch: droogvorm
English: drying form

Dutch: drop
English: drop

Dutch: droppen
English: to drop

Dutch: druipbak
English: drip tray

Dutch: druipdroog
English: drip dry

Dutch: druipen
English: to drip

Dutch: druiplus
English: drip loop

Dutch: druipwater
English: drip water; dripping water

Dutch: druipwaterdicht
English: dripproof

Dutch: druk
English: pressure; thrust; print

Dutch: druk uitoefenen
English: to exert pressure

Dutch: drukaftaster
English: pressure transducer

Dutch: drukbelasting
English: pressure load; compression load

Dutch: drukbus
English: bush

Dutch: drukcabine
English: pressurized cabin

Dutch: drukcondensator
English: pressure capacitor

Dutch: drukcontact
English: pressure contact; push contact

Dutch: druk-druktoets
English: push-push button

Dutch: drukgereedschap
English: pressing tool

Dutch: drukgevoeligheid
English: pressure sensitivity; pressure response

Dutch: drukgradiëntmicrofoon
English: pressure-gradient microphone

Dutch: drukhoek
English: pressure angle

Dutch: drukinkt
English: printing ink

Dutch: drukkamer
English: pressure chamber

Dutch: drukken
English: to press; to compress; to print; to depress

Dutch: drukkend felsen
English: impact riveting

Dutch: drukketel
English: pressure tank

Dutch: drukklem
English: pressure clamp

Dutch: drukknoop
English: press-stud

Dutch: drukknoopsluiting
English: snap-fastener

Dutch: drukknop
English: push button; press button; pushkey

Dutch: drukknopas
English: push-button spindle

Dutch: drukknopbediening
English: push-button control

Dutch: drukknopcontact
English: push-button contact

Dutch: drukknopeenheid
English: push-button unit; press-button unit

Dutch: drukknoppastille
English: ornamental disc

Dutch: drukknopschakelaar
English: push-button switch

Dutch: drukknopschuif
English: push-button slide

Dutch: drukkoeling
English: forced cooling

Dutch: drukkracht
English: pressure force

Dutch: drukkussen
English: pressure pad

Dutch: druklager
English: thrust bearing

Dutch: druklassen
English: projection welding

Dutch: drukleiding
English: pressure pipe; pressure line

Dutch: drukletter
English: printing type; printletter; printed character

Dutch: druklucht
English: compressed air

Dutch: drukmicrofoon
English: pressure microphone

Dutch: drukomvormer
English: pressure converter

Dutch: drukopbouw
English: pressure build-up

Dutch: drukpen
English: pressure pin; stylus

Dutch: drukplaat
English: pressure plate

Dutch: drukproef; persproef
English: pressure test; compression test; galley proof; proof sheet

Dutch: drukrand
English: gland

Dutch: drukresponsie
English: pressure response; pressure sensitivity

Dutch: drukrolas
English: pressure-roller spindle; pinch-wheel spindle

Dutch: drukrolhefboom
English: pressure-roller lever; pinch-wheel lever

Dutch: drukrollager
English: pressure-roller bearing; pinch-wheel bearing

Dutch: drukrolverf
English: pressure-roller paint

Dutch: druksensor
English: force sensor

Dutch: druksluiting
English: snap-fastener; snap-lock closure

Dutch: drukstang
English: push bar; push rod; print bar; type bar

Dutch: drukstuk
English: pressure piece; gland

Dutch: druktoets
English: button; key; push button

Dutch: druktoetsblok
English: push-button tuner

Dutch: druktoetsschakelaar
English: push-button switch; push-key switch

Dutch: druktransducer
English: pressure transducer

Dutch: druk-trekschakelaar
English: push-pull switch

Dutch: drukvastheid
English: compression strength; compressive strength

Dutch: drukveer
English: compression spring

Dutch: drukverhoger
English: pressure booster

Dutch: druppelen
English: to drip; to trickle

Dutch: druppelflesje
English: dropper; dropping bottle

Dutch: druppelimpregneren
English: to trickle-impregnate

Dutch: druppeloliepot
English: drip feed oil cup

Dutch: druppelpunt
English: dripping point; drop point

Dutch: druppelsgewijs
English: drop by drop; dropwise

Dutch: druppelsmering
English: drip lubrication

Dutch: druppelteller
English: drop counter; dropper

Dutch: DTE/DCE-koppelvlak
English: data terminal equipment/data circuit terminating equipment interface

Dutch: duaal
English: dual

Dutch: duale bewerking
English: dual operation

Dutch: duale condensator
English: dual capacitor

Dutch: duale diode
English: dual diode; duodiode

Dutch: duale pentode
English: dual pentode

Dutch: duale poort
English: dual gate

Dutch: duale potentiometer
English: dual potentiometer

Dutch: duale triode
English: dual triode

Dutch: duale weerstand
English: dual resistor

Dutch: dual-in-line
English: dual in line: DIL

Dutch: dualiteit
English: duality

Dutch: dubbel computersysteem
English: duplex computer system

Dutch: dubbel filter
English: two-section filter

Dutch: dubbel ge‹soleerd
English: double insulated

Dutch: dubbel gedestilleerd
English: redistilled

Dutch: dubbel signaal
English: double signal

Dutch: dubbel vernikkelen
English: double nickel plating; duplex nickel plating

Dutch: dubbel vrijgavesignaal
English: double clear

Dutch: dubbel zaagtandsysteem
English: bilateral area track

Dutch: dubbelaftasting
English: double scanning

Dutch: dubbelbinair signaal
English: duobinary signal

Dutch: dubbelbinaire codering
English: duobinary coding

Dutch: dubbelbrekingseffect
English: birefringence

Dutch: dubbeldeks pallet
English: double-deck pallet

Dutch: dubbeldik golfkarton
English: double-wall corrugated fibreboard

Dutch: dubbele aansluiting
English: dual homing

Dutch: dubbele besturing
English: dual control

Dutch: dubbele conversie
English: double conversion

Dutch: dubbele dynamo
English: double-current generator

Dutch: dubbele effening
English: second order smoothing

Dutch: dubbele golf
English: twin flute

Dutch: dubbele grijper
English: double gripper

Dutch: dubbele ionisatie
English: double ionization

Dutch: dubbele modulatie
English: double modulation

Dutch: dubbele nauwkeurigheid
English: double precision

Dutch: dubbele precisie
English: double precision

Dutch: dubbele programmering
English: dual programming

Dutch: dubbele steeksleutel
English: double open-ended spanner

Dutch: dubbele wagen
English: dual carriage; dual feed carriage

Dutch: dubbele zijband
English: double sideband

Dutch: dubbele-pulsgolf
English: double-pulse wave

Dutch: dubbelfasige codering
English: biphase coding

Dutch: dubbelgekromd
English: double curved

Dutch: dubbelpolig
English: bipolar; double pole

Dutch: dubbelpoort-FET
English: dual gate FET

Dutch: dubbelpoort-MOSFET
English: dual gate MOSFET

Dutch: dubbelrol
English: twin pulley

Dutch: dubbelspeelband
English: doubleplay tape

Dutch: dubbelspoor
English: double track

Dutch: dubbelstoter
English: twin ram

Dutch: dubbelverhouding
English: odds ratio

Dutch: dubbelwaardig
English: dual

Dutch: dubbelwandig
English: double walled; jacketed

Dutch: dubbelwoord
English: double word

Dutch: dubbelzijband
English: double sideband

Dutch: dubbelzijdige toets
English: double-tailed test

Dutch: dubbelzinnigheid
English: ambiguity

Dutch: ductiliteit
English: tensile properties; ductility

Dutch: duidelijke boodschap
English: clear message

Dutch: duim
English: inch

Dutch: dummy
English: dummy

Dutch: dummy-argument
English: dummy argument

Dutch: dummy-instructie
English: dummy instruction

Dutch: dummy-variabele
English: dummy variable

Dutch: dump
English: dump

Dutch: dumpen
English: to dump

Dutch: dungetrokken lijn
English: continuous thin line

Dutch: dunne film
English: thin film

Dutch: dunne laag
English: thin film; thin layer

Dutch: dunne-film IC
English: thin-film integrated circuit

Dutch: dunne-filmcomponent
English: thin-film component

Dutch: dunne-filmcondensator
English: thin-film capacitor

Dutch: dunne-filmhalfgeleider
English: thin-film semiconductor

Dutch: dunne-filmtechniek
English: thin-film technology

Dutch: dunne-filmtransistor
English: thin-film transistor

Dutch: dunne-filmweerstand
English: thin-film resistor

Dutch: dunnelaagcondensator
English: thin-film capacitor

Dutch: dunnelaagelement
English: thin-film element

Dutch: dunnelaagschakeling
English: thin-film circuit

Dutch: dunnelaagtechniek
English: thin-film technique

Dutch: dunnelaagweerstand
English: thin-film resistor

Dutch: dunvloeibaar glansbad
English: fluid bright dip

Dutch: duodecimaal
English: duodecimal

Dutch: duo-diode
English: double diode

Dutch: duokaart
English: dual card

Dutch: duo-potentiometer
English: twin potentiometer

Dutch: duplex
English: duplex; full duplex; two-ply

Dutch: duplex karton
English: duplex board

Dutch: duplexapparatuur
English: duplex equipment

Dutch: duplexcircuit
English: duplex circuit

Dutch: duplexer
English: duplexer

Dutch: duplexkabel
English: duplex cable

Dutch: duplexkanaal
English: duplex channel

Dutch: duplexsysteem
English: duplex system

Dutch: duplextransmissie
English: duplex transmission

Dutch: duplexverbinding
English: duplex circuit; duplex connection

Dutch: duplexverwerking
English: duplex operation

Dutch: dupliceren
English: to duplicate

Dutch: duraluminium
English: duralumin

Dutch: duurtetoeslag
English: cost-of-living bonus; cost-of-living allowance

Dutch: dwarsampŠrewinding
English: cross-ampere turn

Dutch: dwarsbalk
English: transverse beam; cross beam

Dutch: dwarsdrukcompensatie
English: side-thrust compensation

Dutch: dwarskrachtcompensatie
English: side-thrust compensation; anti-skating compensation

Dutch: dwarslaag
English: crossply

Dutch: dwarsmagnetisatie
English: transverse magnetization

Dutch: dwarsomkering
English: lateral inversion

Dutch: dwarsplaat
English: cross plate

Dutch: dwarsrichting
English: cross direction

Dutch: dwarsslede
English: cross slide

Dutch: dwarssom
English: sideways sum

Dutch: dwarsstroom
English: cross current

Dutch: dwarssupport
English: cross support; cross tool carriage

Dutch: dwarstransportband
English: cross conveyor belt

Dutch: dwarsverbinding
English: cross connection; cross coupling; transverse connection

Dutch: dwarsvergroting
English: lateral magnifying power

Dutch: dwarsvoeding
English: cross feed

Dutch: dwarswalsen
English: cross-rolling

Dutch: dyadisch
English: dyadic

Dutch: dyadische bewerking
English: dyadic operation; binary operation

Dutch: dyadische operator
English: dyadic operator

Dutch: dynamiek
English: dynamics

Dutch: dynamiekomvang
English: dynamic range

Dutch: dynamisch bereik
English: dynamic range

Dutch: dynamisch breekpunt
English: dynamic breakpoint

Dutch: dynamisch bufferen
English: dynamic buffering

Dutch: dynamisch gedrag
English: dynamic behaviour

Dutch: dynamische afwijking
English: dynamic deviation

Dutch: dynamische basisstroom
English: dynamic base current

Dutch: dynamische beweging
English: dynamic motion

Dutch: dynamische binding
English: dynamic binding

Dutch: dynamische buistester
English: dynamic tube tester

Dutch: dynamische controle
English: dynamic check

Dutch: dynamische dump
English: dynamic dump

Dutch: dynamische eigenschap
English: dynamic characteristic

Dutch: dynamische flip-flop
English: dynamic flip-flop

Dutch: dynamische fout
English: dynamic error

Dutch: dynamische impedantie
English: dynamic impedance

Dutch: dynamische luidspreker
English: moving-coil speaker; electrodynamic speaker; moving-coil loudspeaker; dynamic loudspeaker

Dutch: dynamische microfoon
English: moving-coil microphone; dynamic microphone

Dutch: dynamische opslag
English: dynamic store

Dutch: dynamische regelaar
English: dynamic regulator

Dutch: dynamische relocatie
English: dynamic relocation

Dutch: dynamische routering
English: dynamic routing

Dutch: dynamische steilheid
English: dynamic slope

Dutch: dynamische stop
English: dynamic stop

Dutch: dynamische subroutine
English: dynamic subroutine

Dutch: dynamische toewijzing
English: dynamic allocation

Dutch: dynamische variatie
English: dynamic variation

Dutch: dynamiseerder
English: dynamiciser

Dutch: dyne
English: dyne

Dutch: dynistor
English: dynistor

Dutch: dynode
English: dynode

Dutch: E/N verhouding
English: energy/noise ratio

Dutch: Early-algoritme
English: Earley algorithm

Dutch: ebben(hout)
English: ebony

Dutch: eboniet
English: ebonite

Dutch: echobeeld
English: multiple image; double image; ghost

Dutch: echocompensatie
English: echo cancelling

Dutch: echocompensator
English: echo compensator

Dutch: echocontrole
English: echo check

Dutch: echo-effect
English: echo effect

Dutch: echoën
English: to echo

Dutch: echogolf
English: echo wave

Dutch: echo-interferentie
English: echo interference

Dutch: echokamer
English: echo chamber

Dutch: echolood
English: depth sounder; echo sounder

Dutch: echo-onderdrukking
English: echo cancelling; echo suppression

Dutch: echoplex
English: echoplex

Dutch: echotijd
English: echo time

Dutch: echoval
English: echo trap

Dutch: echoversterker
English: echo amplifier

Dutch: echoverzwakking
English: echo attenuation

Dutch: echtverklaren
English: to authenticate

Dutch: echtviolet
English: fast violet

Dutch: eclips
English: eclipse

Dutch: econometrie
English: econometry

Dutch: econometrist
English: econometrist

Dutch: economie
English: economy; economics

Dutch: economische afweging
English: economic trade-off: ETO

Dutch: eddy-stroomverlies
English: eddy-current loss

Dutch: edelfineer
English: high-grade veneer; face veneer

Dutch: edelgas
English: inert gas; rare gas; noble gas

Dutch: edelmetaal
English: precious metal

Dutch: edelstaal
English: high-grade steel; refined steel

Dutch: EDI-gateway
English: electronic data interchange gateway

Dutch: EDI-organisaties
English: electronic data interchange organizations

Dutch: editie
English: edition

Dutch: EDI-werkstation
English: electronic data interchange workstation

Dutch: EDP-centrum
English: computer center

Dutch: EDP-manager
English: EDP-manager

Dutch: educatief
English: educative; educational

Dutch: educatieve waarde
English: educational value

Dutch: een exemplaar maken
English: to instance

Dutch: een richting hebbend
English: unidirectional

Dutch: een stand innemen
English: to assume a position

Dutch: eenaderige kabel
English: single-core cable

Dutch: eenadresopdracht
English: one-address instruction

Dutch: eenadresopdrachtvorm
English: one address instruction format

Dutch: eenassig
English: uniaxial

Dutch: een-complement
English: ones complement; complement of one

Dutch: eencomponentlak
English: one-component lacquer; single component lacquer

Dutch: eencomponentverf
English: one-component paint; single component paint

Dutch: eendimensionaal
English: univariate; one-dimensional

Dutch: eendraadsgeleiding
English: single-wire line

Dutch: eendraadsleiding
English: single-wire line

Dutch: eenduidig
English: unambiguous

Dutch: eenfasegelijkrichter
English: half-wave rectifier

Dutch: eenfasegelijkrichting
English: single-phase rectification

Dutch: eenfasige halve golf
English: single-phase half-wave

Dutch: eengangig
English: single-thread; single-start

Dutch: eenheden per uur
English: M's hour

Dutch: eenhedenstelsel
English: system of units

Dutch: eenheid
English: device; item; unit; individual; man- minute

Dutch: eenheid van vermogen
English: power unit

Dutch: eenheid van warmte
English: heat unit

Dutch: eenheidsafstandcode
English: unit-distance code; cyclic permuted code; continuous progressive code: CP code

Dutch: eenheidsas
English: basic shaft

Dutch: eenheidsgat
English: basic hole

Dutch: eenheidsgatstelsel
English: hole basis system of fits

Dutch: eenheidsinterval
English: unit interval

Dutch: eenheidslengte
English: unit length

Dutch: eenheidslichtbron
English: unit source of light

Dutch: eenheidsmatrix
English: unit matrix

Dutch: eeningangsterminal
English: one-input terminal

Dutch: eenjunctietransistor
English: single-junction transistor

Dutch: eenkleurig
English: monochromatic; uni-coloured

Dutch: eenkopsysteem
English: single-head system

Dutch: eenkristal
English: single crystal; monocrystal

Dutch: eenlidsrij
English: unit string

Dutch: eenlijnschrijver
English: one-line tracer

Dutch: E-en-M signalering
English: E-and-M lead signalling

Dutch: een-niveau adres
English: one-level address

Dutch: een-op-een afbeelding
English: one-to-one correspondence

Dutch: een-op-een associatie
English: one-to-one association

Dutch: een-op-een vertaler
English: one-to-one translator; one-to-one assembler

Dutch: een-op-veel associatie
English: one-to-many association

Dutch: eenparig
English: uniform

Dutch: eenpersoonsdeken
English: single blanket

Dutch: eenpolig
English: unipolar

Dutch: eenrichtingsbus
English: unidirectional bus

Dutch: eenrichtingsgeleiding
English: unidirectional conductivity

Dutch: eenrichtingsgraaf
English: unidirected graph

Dutch: eenrichtingsnetwerk
English: unidirectional network

Dutch: eenrichtingspuls
English: unidirectional pulse

Dutch: eenrichtingsspanning
English: unidirectional voltage

Dutch: eenrichtingsstroom
English: unidirectional current

Dutch: eenrichtingsventiel
English: non-return valve

Dutch: eenrijig
English: single row

Dutch: eenschrift-meertalig
English: uniscript-multilingual

Dutch: eenslagkoppeling
English: single-revolution clutch; single- stroke clutch

Dutch: eenstand
English: one condition; one state

Dutch: eentoestand
English: one state

Dutch: eentoppig
English: single-peaked

Dutch: eentoppige verdeling
English: unimodal distribution; single- peaked distribution

Dutch: eentrapsversteker
English: single-stage amplifier

Dutch: eenuitgangssignaal
English: one output signal; one output

Dutch: eenuitgangsterminal
English: one-output terminal

Dutch: eenvoud
English: simplicity

Dutch: eenvoudige deelroute
English: simple subpath

Dutch: eenvoudige quad
English: simple quad

Dutch: eenwaardig
English: monovalent; univalent

Dutch: eenwals
English: single-roll mill

Dutch: eenwegcommunicatie
English: one-way communication

Dutch: eenwegventiel
English: one-way valve

Dutch: eenwindingsspoel
English: single-turn coil

Dutch: eenzijband
English: single-sideband: SSB

Dutch: eenzijbandbereik
English: single-sideband range

Dutch: eenzijbanddistortie
English: single-sideband distortion

Dutch: eenzijbandfout
English: single-sideband error

Dutch: eenzijbandontvanger
English: single-sideband receiver

Dutch: eenzijbandontvangst
English: single-sideband reception

Dutch: eenzijbandsignaal
English: single-sideband signal

Dutch: eenzijbandversterker
English: single-sideband amplifier

Dutch: eenzijbandzender
English: single-sideband transmitter

Dutch: eenzijdige bevestiging
English: single-sided mounting

Dutch: eenzijdige golf
English: one-sided wave

Dutch: eenzijdige toets
English: one-sided test; single-tail test

Dutch: eerste bundelknoop
English: first beam cross-over point

Dutch: eerste harmonische
English: first harmonic

Dutch: eerste leeskop
English: pre-read head

Dutch: eerste-orde effening
English: first order smoothing

Dutch: effect van Josephson
English: Josephson effect

Dutch: effect van Wien
English: Wien effect

Dutch: effectief adres
English: effective address

Dutch: effectief geaard
English: effectively grounded

Dutch: effectief oppervlak
English: effective area

Dutch: effectief signaal
English: rms signal

Dutch: effectief vermogen
English: real power

Dutch: effectieve ampère
English: effective ampere

Dutch: effectieve bandbreedte
English: effective bandwidth

Dutch: effectieve datum
English: effective date

Dutch: effectieve energie
English: effective energy

Dutch: effectieve geleiding
English: effective conductance

Dutch: effectieve golflengte
English: effective wavelength

Dutch: effectieve massa
English: effective mass

Dutch: effectieve opdracht
English: effective instruction; actual instruction

Dutch: effectieve spanning
English: effective voltage; rms voltage

Dutch: effectieve stroom
English: effective current; rms current

Dutch: effectieve tijd
English: effective time

Dutch: effectieve volt
English: effective volt

Dutch: effectieve voorraad
English: effective stock

Dutch: effectieve waarde
English: effective value; rms value; root- mean-square value

Dutch: effectieve weerstand
English: effective resistance

Dutch: effectlak
English: special-effect finish; novelty finish

Dutch: effening
English: smoothing

Dutch: effeningsfactor
English: smoothing factor

Dutch: effeningsmethode
English: smoothing method

Dutch: efferent
English: efferent

Dutch: efferente besturing
English: efferent control

Dutch: efficiency
English: efficiency

Dutch: efficiencybepaling
English: efficiencytest

Dutch: efficiëntiefactor
English: efficiency factor

Dutch: egaal
English: uniform; even

Dutch: egalisatie-impuls
English: equalizing pulse

Dutch: egaliseerimpuls
English: equalizing pulse

Dutch: egobeweging
English: egomotion

Dutch: Eidophor
English: eidophor

Dutch: eierrek
English: egg-stand

Dutch: eigen directory
English: home directory

Dutch: eigen merk
English: private label; private brand

Dutch: eigenbias
English: self-bias

Dutch: eigencapaciteit
English: self-capacitance; distributed capacitance

Dutch: eigendomsclausule
English: proprietary clause

Dutch: eigenfrequentie
English: natural frequency; resonant frequency

Dutch: eigengeleiding
English: intrinsic conduction

Dutch: eigengeluid
English: accompanying sound

Dutch: eigenhalfgeleider
English: intrinsic semiconductor

Dutch: eigenimpedantie
English: self-impedance

Dutch: eigenkanaalscheiding
English: co-channel separation

Dutch: eigenresistentie
English: self-resistance

Dutch: eigenschap
English: property; character; characteristic

Dutch: eigenvector
English: eigenvector

Dutch: eiglans
English: egg-shell finish; egg-shell gloss

Dutch: eikelbuis
English: acorn valve

Dutch: eiken(hout)
English: oak

Dutch: eiland
English: pad

Dutch: eilandproblematiek
English: island automation

Dutch: eindaanslag
English: end stop

Dutch: eindassemblage
English: final assembly

Dutch: eindassemblageplan
English: final assembly schedule: FAS

Dutch: eindbestelling
English: all-time order

Dutch: eindbeugel
English: end bracket

Dutch: eindbuis
English: output valve; power valve

Dutch: eindcontrole
English: final inspection

Dutch: einde
English: end; trailing end

Dutch: einde-band
English: end of tape

Dutch: einde-berichtfunctie
English: end-of-message function

Dutch: einde-berichtindicator
English: end-of-message indicator

Dutch: einde-blokteken
English: end of block character

Dutch: eindeffector
English: end effector

Dutch: eindeloze band
English: endless loop; continuous loop; endless tape; endless belt

Dutch: einde-mediumteken
English: end-of-medium character: EM

Dutch: einden geslepen
English: ends ground square

Dutch: einden vlakgewikkeld
English: plain ends squared

Dutch: einde-rubriekcode
English: end of field code

Dutch: einde-tekstteken
English: end-of-text character: ETX

Dutch: einde-transmissieteken
English: end-of-transmission character: EOT

Dutch: eindige elementen
English: finite elements

Dutch: eindige populatie
English: finite population

Dutch: eindige rij
English: finite series

Dutch: eindige sectie
English: finite section

Dutch: eindigheid
English: finitude; finiteness

Dutch: eindisolatie
English: final insulation

Dutch: eindkeuring
English: final inspection

Dutch: eindknooppunt
English: leaf node; terminal node

Dutch: eindloze lus
English: endless loop

Dutch: eindloze-luscassette
English: endless-loop cartridge; endless-loop cassette

Dutch: eindmaat
English: gauge block

Dutch: eindmontage
English: final assembly

Dutch: eindontwerp
English: final design

Dutch: eindoverbenging
English: final drive

Dutch: eindpentode
English: output pentode

Dutch: eindplanning
English: final assembly schedule: FAS

Dutch: eindprijs
English: final price

Dutch: eindproduct
English: finished good; finished product; end product

Dutch: eindpunt
English: end point

Dutch: eindresultaat
English: final result; end result

Dutch: eindroutine
English: leaf routine

Dutch: eindsamenstelling
English: final assembly

Dutch: eindsamenstellingsplan
English: final assembly schedule: FAS

Dutch: eindschakelaar
English: limit-switch

Dutch: eindschijf
English: end disc; final disc

Dutch: eindstation
English: terminal

Dutch: eindtoestand
English: ending status

Dutch: eindtransistor
English: output transistor

Dutch: eindtrap
English: output stage

Dutch: einduitloper
English: final lead; finish lead

Dutch: eindversterker
English: output amplifier; final amplifier; power amplifier

Dutch: eindvoorraad
English: closing stock; final stock; stock of finished products

Dutch: eindwaarde
English: end-mark

Dutch: Einstein-verschuiving
English: Einstein shift

Dutch: eis
English: requirement; demand

Dutch: eisenanalyse
English: requirements analysis

Dutch: eisenblad
English: requirements sheet

Dutch: eisenfase
English: requirements phase

Dutch: eisenspecificatie
English: requirements specification

Dutch: eisenspecificatietaal
English: requirements specification language

Dutch: eisenstandaard
English: requirement(s) standard

Dutch: E-kern
English: E core

Dutch: elastantie
English: elastance

Dutch: elasticiteitsbehoud
English: retention of elasticity; stability of elasticity

Dutch: elasticiteitsgrens
English: elastic limit; limit of elasticity

Dutch: elasticiteitsmodus
English: modulus of elasticity

Dutch: elastiek
English: rubber band; elastic band

Dutch: elastisch geheugen
English: elastic memory

Dutch: elastisch vormherstel
English: elastic recovery

Dutch: elastische botsing
English: elastic collision

Dutch: elastische golf
English: elastic wave

Dutch: elastische rek
English: elastic elongation

Dutch: elastische vervorming
English: elastic deformation

Dutch: elco
English: elco; electrolytic; electrolytic capacitor

Dutch: electroless
English: electroless

Dutch: elektriceren
English: to electrify

Dutch: elektricien
English: electrician

Dutch: elektriciteitsbuis
English: conduit

Dutch: elektriciteitsstoring
English: power breakdown; power failure

Dutch: elektrificatie
English: electrification

Dutch: elektrisch
English: electric; electrical

Dutch: elektrisch analogon
English: electric analogue

Dutch: elektrisch circuit
English: electric circuit

Dutch: elektrisch filter
English: electrical filter

Dutch: elektrisch lasapparaat
English: electric welder

Dutch: elektrisch lassen
English: electric welding

Dutch: elektrisch moment
English: electric moment

Dutch: elektrisch netwerk
English: electrical network

Dutch: elektrisch schema
English: electrical diagram; electric diagram

Dutch: elektrisch signaal
English: electric signal

Dutch: elektrisch systeem
English: electrical system

Dutch: elektrisch veld
English: electric field

Dutch: elektrisch verbonden
English: electrically connected

Dutch: elektrisch vermogen
English: electric power

Dutch: elektrische afstand
English: electrical distance

Dutch: elektrische afstemming
English: electric tuning

Dutch: elektrische belasting
English: electrical load

Dutch: elektrische bias
English: electrical bias

Dutch: elektrische capaciteit
English: capacitance

Dutch: elektrische deken
English: electric blanket

Dutch: elektrische eenheid
English: electrical unit

Dutch: elektrische flux
English: electric flux

Dutch: elektrische geleiding
English: electrical conduction; electric conduction; conductance

Dutch: elektrische generator
English: electric generator

Dutch: elektrische golflengte
English: electrical wavelength

Dutch: elektrische graad
English: electrical degree

Dutch: elektrische hoek
English: electrical angle

Dutch: elektrische koppeling
English: electrical coupling

Dutch: elektrische krachten
English: electric forces

Dutch: elektrische kwaliteit
English: electrical grade

Dutch: elektrische lading
English: electric charge

Dutch: elektrische leiding
English: power line

Dutch: elektrische nul
English: electrical zero

Dutch: elektrische omvormer
English: electrical transducer; electric transducer

Dutch: elektrische ontlading
English: electrical discharge

Dutch: elektrische polariteit
English: electrical polarity

Dutch: elektrische ruis
English: electrical noise

Dutch: elektrische spanning
English: potential; voltage

Dutch: elektrische storing
English: electric breakdown

Dutch: elektrische straling
English: electric radiation

Dutch: elektrische stroom
English: electric current

Dutch: elektrische vector
English: electric vector

Dutch: elektrische weerstand
English: electrical resistance

Dutch: elektroakoestiek
English: electroacoustics

Dutch: elektroakoestisch
English: electroacoustic

Dutch: elektrochemisch
English: electrochemical

Dutch: elektrochemisch vormen
English: electrochemical milling

Dutch: elektrode-admittantie
English: electrode admittance

Dutch: elektrodecapacitantie
English: electrode capacitance

Dutch: elektrodedissipatie
English: electrode dissipation

Dutch: elektrode-efficiëntie
English: electrode efficiency

Dutch: elektrodegeleiding
English: electrode conductance

Dutch: elektrode-impedantie
English: electrode impedance

Dutch: elektrodenafstand
English: electrode spacing; electrode gap

Dutch: elektrodeneerslag
English: electrodeposit

Dutch: elektrodenruis
English: valve noise

Dutch: elektrodensysteem
English: electrode system

Dutch: elektrodepositie
English: electrodeposition

Dutch: elektrodespanning
English: electrode voltage

Dutch: elektrodestroom
English: electrode current

Dutch: elektrodeweerstand
English: electrode resistance

Dutch: elektrodynamiek
English: electrodynamics

Dutch: elektrodynamisch
English: electrodynamic

Dutch: elektroerosie
English: electroerosion

Dutch: elektrofoon
English: electrophone

Dutch: elektroforese
English: electrophoresis

Dutch: elektroforeseverf
English: electropaint; electrocoating paint; electrodeposition paint

Dutch: elektroforetisch
English: electrophoretic

Dutch: elektrofotografie
English: electrophotography

Dutch: elektrofotometer
English: electrophotometer

Dutch: elektroliseren
English: to electrolyze

Dutch: elektroluminescentie
English: electroluminescence

Dutch: elektrolyse
English: electrolysis

Dutch: elektrolyseren
English: to electrolyze

Dutch: elektrolytisch
English: electrolytic

Dutch: elektrolytisch beitsen
English: electrolytic pickling; electro-brightening

Dutch: elektrolytisch etsen
English: electrolytic etching; electro- etching

Dutch: elektrolytisch glanzen
English: electrolytic brightening; electro-brightening

Dutch: elektrolytisch slijpen
English: electrolytic grinding; electro-grinding; electrolytic polishing

Dutch: elektromagneet
English: electromagnet; solenoid

Dutch: elektromagnetica
English: electromagnetics

Dutch: elektromagnetisch
English: electromagnetic

Dutch: elektromagnetisme
English: electromagnetism

Dutch: elektromechanica
English: electromechanics

Dutch: elektromechanisch
English: electromechanical

Dutch: elektrometer
English: electrometer

Dutch: elektrometerbuis
English: meter tube

Dutch: elektromotor
English: electric motor; electromotor

Dutch: elektromotorisch
English: electromotive

Dutch: elektron
English: electron

Dutch: elektronenbeweging
English: electron motion

Dutch: elektronenbuiging
English: electron diffraction

Dutch: elektronenbuis
English: cathode ray tube: CRT; electron tube; thermionic valve

Dutch: elektronenbundel
English: electron beam

Dutch: elektronenconcentratie
English: electron concentration

Dutch: elektronenemissie
English: electron emission

Dutch: elektronenflitser
English: electron ic flash; speed light

Dutch: elektronengolfbuis
English: electron-wave tube

Dutch: elektronenkanon
English: electron gun

Dutch: elektronenkoppeling
English: electron coupling

Dutch: elektronenlens
English: electron lens

Dutch: elektronenmassa
English: electron mass

Dutch: elektronenoptiek
English: electron optics

Dutch: elektronenpakket
English: bunched electrons

Dutch: elektronensnelheid
English: electron velocity

Dutch: elektronenspin
English: electron's spin

Dutch: elektronenstraal
English: electron beam; electron jet; electron stream

Dutch: elektronenstraalbuis
English: electron-beam tube

Dutch: elektronenstroom
English: electron current; electron flow

Dutch: elektronentheorie
English: electron theory

Dutch: elektronenvanger
English: electron catcher; acceptor

Dutch: elektronenversterker
English: electron-multiplier tube

Dutch: elektronenwolk
English: electron cloud

Dutch: elektronica
English: electronics; solid state electronics

Dutch: elektronicus
English: electronic engineer

Dutch: elektronisch brein
English: electronic brain

Dutch: elektronisch circuit
English: electronic circuit

Dutch: elektronisch component
English: electronic component

Dutch: elektronisch filter
English: electronic filter

Dutch: elektronisch gekoppeld
English: electronically coupled; electron-coupled

Dutch: elektronisch kladblok
English: spreadsheet

Dutch: elektronisch onderhoud
English: e-maintenance

Dutch: elektronisch orgel
English: electronic organ

Dutch: elektronisch product
English: electronic product

Dutch: elektronisch relais
English: electronic relay

Dutch: elektronisch signaal
English: electronic signal

Dutch: elektronisch slot
English: electronic lock

Dutch: elektronische deceptie
English: electronic deception

Dutch: elektronische deler
English: electronic divider

Dutch: elektronische eenheid
English: electronic device

Dutch: elektronische hulp
English: electronic aid

Dutch: elektronische lens
English: electronic lens

Dutch: elektronische meting
English: electronic measurement

Dutch: elektronische opteller
English: electronic adder

Dutch: elektronische poort
English: electronic gate

Dutch: elektronische post
English: electronic mail: e-mail

Dutch: elektronische stilte
English: electronic silence

Dutch: elektronische timer
English: electronic timer

Dutch: elektro-optica
English: electro-optics

Dutch: elektro-optisch
English: electro-optic

Dutch: elektro-optisch effect
English: electro-optic effect

Dutch: elektroscoop
English: electroscope

Dutch: elektrostatisch veld
English: electrostatic field

Dutch: elektrostatische flux
English: electrostatic flux

Dutch: elektrotechnicus
English: electrical engineer

Dutch: elektrovalentie
English: electrovalence

Dutch: element
English: element; individual; cell; member

Dutch: elementair deeltje
English: elementary particle

Dutch: elementair gebied
English: elemental area

Dutch: elementaire lading
English: elementary charge

Dutch: elementenset
English: array

Dutch: elevatie
English: elevation

Dutch: ellips
English: ellipse

Dutch: elliptische baan
English: elliptic orbit

Dutch: elliptische naaldpunt
English: elliptical stylus tip

Dutch: eloxeren
English: anodizing; to anodize

Dutch: ELSE-clausule
English: ELSE-clause

Dutch: emaille
English: enamel

Dutch: emailledraad
English: enamelled wire

Dutch: emailleren
English: to enamel

Dutch: emailleweerstand
English: enamelled resistor

Dutch: embleem
English: emblem; escutcheon

Dutch: emissiebeeld
English: emission image

Dutch: emissiefrequentie
English: emission frequency

Dutch: emissiegolflengte
English: emission wavelength

Dutch: emissiemeter
English: emission tester

Dutch: emissieontvangstbereik
English: emission intercept range

Dutch: emissieregeling
English: emission control

Dutch: emissiespectrum
English: emission spectrum

Dutch: emissiestroom
English: emission current

Dutch: emissievermogen
English: emission power

Dutch: emitter
English: emitter

Dutch: emitter-basisjunctie
English: emitter-base junction

Dutch: emitterbias
English: emitter bias

Dutch: emitterdiffusie
English: emitter diffusion

Dutch: emitteren
English: to emit

Dutch: emitterende laag
English: emissive layer; emitter coat

Dutch: emitterjunctie
English: emitter junction

Dutch: emitteroppervlak
English: emitter area

Dutch: emitterpatroon
English: emitter pattern

Dutch: emitterrendement
English: emitter efficiency

Dutch: emitterspanning
English: emitter voltage

Dutch: emitterstroom
English: emitter current

Dutch: emittervolger
English: emitter follower

Dutch: emittervoorspanning
English: emitter bias

Dutch: emitterweerstand
English: emitter resistance; emitter series resistance

Dutch: emittor
English: emitter

Dutch: emittorschakeling
English: emitter circuit

Dutch: emittorstroom
English: emitter current

Dutch: emittorvolger
English: emitter follower

Dutch: emittorweerstand
English: emitter resistance

Dutch: empirisch
English: empirical; empiric

Dutch: empirisch ontwerp
English: empirical design

Dutch: empirische associatie
English: empirical association

Dutch: empirische methode
English: empiric method

Dutch: EMP-weerstand
English: electromagnetic pulse resistance

Dutch: emulatie
English: emulation

Dutch: emulatieprogramma
English: emulation program

Dutch: emulator
English: emulator

Dutch: emulatorgeneratie
English: emulator generation

Dutch: emuleren
English: to emulate

Dutch: emulgator
English: emulsifying agent; emulsifier

Dutch: emulgeerbaar
English: emulsifiable

Dutch: emulgeermiddel
English: emulsifying agent; emulsifier

Dutch: emulgeren
English: to emulsify

Dutch: emulgering
English: emulsion

Dutch: emulsie
English: emulsion

Dutch: emulsie-ontvetten
English: emulsion cleaning; emulsion degreasing

Dutch: emulsiepolymerisatie
English: emulsion polymerization

Dutch: emulsieverf
English: emulsion paint

Dutch: emulsiewas
English: emulsion wax

Dutch: en/of poort
English: and/or gate

Dutch: en-bewerking
English: and operation; conjunction

Dutch: en-circuit
English: and circuit

Dutch: encoder
English: encoder

Dutch: encoderen
English: to encode

Dutch: encryptiecodelijst
English: key list

Dutch: encryptievariabele
English: key variable

Dutch: endemische fout
English: indigenous error

Dutch: endogeen
English: endogenous

Dutch: endogene variabele
English: endogenous variable

Dutch: END-opdracht
English: END-statement

Dutch: endossement
English: endorsement

Dutch: en-element
English: and element

Dutch: energie van een lading
English: energy of a charge

Dutch: energieafgifte
English: release of energy

Dutch: energieband
English: energy band

Dutch: energiebandenschema
English: energy band diagram

Dutch: energiebandenstructuur
English: energy band structure; band structure

Dutch: energiebarrière
English: energy barrier

Dutch: energieniveau
English: energy level

Dutch: energieniveausplitsing
English: energy level splitting

Dutch: energieoverdracht
English: energy transfer

Dutch: energietoestand
English: energy state; state

Dutch: energieverlies
English: energy loss; loss of energy

Dutch: energieverschil
English: energy gap

Dutch: energievoorziening
English: power supply

Dutch: E-netwerk
English: E-network

Dutch: eng roosteren
English: close scheduling

Dutch: Engelse sleutel
English: monkey wrench

Dutch: engineering
English: engineering

Dutch: engineeringcircuit
English: engineering circuit

Dutch: engineeringkanaal
English: engineering channel

Dutch: engineeringtraject
English: engineering path

Dutch: enkel golfkarton
English: double-faced corrugated fibreboard

Dutch: enkelchip CPU
English: single chip CPU

Dutch: enkeldeks pallet
English: single-deck pallet

Dutch: enkele dipool
English: single dipole

Dutch: enkele precisie
English: single precision

Dutch: enkele schuinte
English: single taper; angle with centre line

Dutch: enkele speling
English: clearance

Dutch: enkelfabricage
English: jog shop production; unit production

Dutch: enkelfasig
English: monophase; one-phase; single-phase

Dutch: enkelgangig
English: single-thread; single-start

Dutch: enkelgebruiker
English: single user

Dutch: enkelgebruikersysteem
English: single user system

Dutch: enkelkopsysteem
English: single-head system

Dutch: enkellaagwikkelen
English: single-layer winding

Dutch: enkellaagwikkelmachine
English: single-layer winding machine; single-layer winder

Dutch: enkelniveau-stuklijst
English: single-level bill-of- material

Dutch: enkelniveau-tracering
English: single-level where-used

Dutch: enkelpolig
English: single pole; unipolar

Dutch: enkelspoor
English: single track

Dutch: enkelspooropname
English: single-track recording

Dutch: enkelverpakking
English: unit packaging

Dutch: enkelverwerking
English: single tasking

Dutch: enkelvoudig
English: single; singular

Dutch: enkelvoudig LC-filter
English: single-section filter

Dutch: enkelvoudig monster
English: simple sample; single sample

Dutch: enkelvoudig product
English: single product

Dutch: enkelvoudige bewerking
English: single-step operation

Dutch: enkelvoudige diode
English: single diode

Dutch: enkelvoudige effening
English: first order smoothing

Dutch: enkelvoudige fase
English: single-phase

Dutch: enkelvoudige geleider
English: uniconductor cable

Dutch: enkelvoudige grijper
English: single gripper

Dutch: enkelvoudige hypothese
English: simple hypothesis

Dutch: enkelvoudige matrijs
English: single-cavity mould; single- impression mould

Dutch: enkelvoudige order
English: single-item order

Dutch: enkelvoudige toon
English: pure sound

Dutch: enkelwandig
English: single walled

Dutch: enkelzijband
English: single-sideband

Dutch: enkelzijdig
English: one-sided; single-sided

Dutch: en-of graaf
English: and/or graph

Dutch: en-poort
English: and gate

Dutch: en-schakeling
English: and circuit

Dutch: enten
English: to graft

Dutch: entiteit
English: entity

Dutch: entiteitattribuut
English: entity attribute

Dutch: entiteit-relatiemodel
English: entity-relationship model: ERM

Dutch: entiteitsintegriteit
English: entity integrity

Dutch: entiteitstype
English: entity type

Dutch: entkristal
English: seed crystal

Dutch: entropie
English: entropy

Dutch: entry
English: entry

Dutch: E-O transformatie
English: epistemological fact-object transformation

Dutch: epiloog
English: epilog; epilogue

Dutch: epiloogbreekpunt
English: epilog breakpoint

Dutch: epitaxiale groei
English: epitaxial growth

Dutch: epitaxiale laag
English: epitaxial layer

Dutch: epitaxiale transistor
English: epitaxial transistor

Dutch: epitaxie
English: epitaxy

Dutch: epitaxiediffusieproces
English: epitaxial-diffused process

Dutch: epitaxieproces
English: epitaxial process

Dutch: epitaxietechniek
English: epitaxial technique

Dutch: epoxy
English: epoxy

Dutch: epoxyglasvezelplaat
English: epoxy glassfibre-reinforced sheet

Dutch: epoxyglasweefselplaat
English: epoxy glassfibre-reinforced sheet

Dutch: epoxyvernis
English: epoxy lacquer; epoxy varnish

Dutch: equidistant
English: equidistant

Dutch: equimoleculair
English: equimolecular

Dutch: equipotentiaal
English: equipotential

Dutch: equipotentiaallijn
English: equipotential line

Dutch: equipotentiaalvlak
English: equipotential surface

Dutch: equivalent aantal bits
English: equivalent binary digits

Dutch: equivalent netwerk
English: equivalent network

Dutch: equivalente fouten
English: equivalent faults

Dutch: equivalente ruis
English: equivalent noise

Dutch: equivalentie
English: equivalence; exclusive nor; if and only if operation

Dutch: equivalentie-element
English: equivalence element; equivalent-to element; identity element

Dutch: equivalentieklasse
English: equivalence class

Dutch: equivalentiepartitie
English: equivalence partition

Dutch: erg lage frequentie
English: very low frequency

Dutch: ergonomie
English: ergonomics; human engineering

Dutch: ergonomisch
English: ergonomic

Dutch: ergste-gevalanalyse
English: worst-case analysis

Dutch: ergste-gevalvertraging
English: worst-case delay

Dutch: eriochroom/zwart
English: eriochrome black; T indicator mixture

Dutch: erlang
English: erlang

Dutch: ERMES-netwerk
English: European radio message services network

Dutch: ernstige fout
English: major defect

Dutch: esparto
English: esparto; Spanish grass

Dutch: essenhout
English: ash

Dutch: estergetal
English: ester value; ester number

Dutch: esthetica
English: aesthetics; esthetics

Dutch: esthetische controle
English: aesthetical inspection

Dutch: etage-antenne
English: stacked antenna; stacked aerial

Dutch: etaleren
English: to display

Dutch: ethanol
English: ethanol; ethyl alcohol

Dutch: ether
English: ether

Dutch: ethoxyline
English: epoxy

Dutch: ethyl
English: ethyl

Dutch: ethylalcohol
English: ethyl alcohol; ethanol

Dutch: ethylcelluloseverf
English: ethyl cellulose paint

Dutch: ethylglycol
English: ethylene glycol monoethyl ether

Dutch: ethylsilicaat
English: ethyl silicate

Dutch: etiket
English: label; sticker

Dutch: etsbad
English: etch; etch bath; etching solution

Dutch: etsen
English: to etch; to pickle

Dutch: etsmachine
English: etcher

Dutch: etsmiddel
English: etchant; mordant; etching agent

Dutch: etsoverneemmethode
English: etching transfer method; etched- foil transfer method; subtractive transfer method

Dutch: etsresist
English: etching resist

Dutch: etsvloeistof
English: etching fluid; etchant

Dutch: Euler operaties
English: Euler operations

Dutch: Europese Betalingsunie
English: European Payment Union

Dutch: Eurovisie
English: Eurovision

Dutch: eutectisch punt
English: eutectic point

Dutch: EUTELSAT-satellieten
English: EUTELSAT satellites

Dutch: evaluatiefunctie
English: evaluation function

Dutch: even (beeld)lijn
English: even line

Dutch: even pariteit
English: even parity

Dutch: evenaren
English: to equal

Dutch: even-bit pariteit
English: even parity

Dutch: evenement
English: event

Dutch: evenementteller
English: event counter

Dutch: even-pariteitscontrole
English: even parity check

Dutch: evenredig met
English: proportional to

Dutch: evenredigheid
English: proportionality

Dutch: eventklasse
English: event class

Dutch: eventualiteit
English: contingency

Dutch: eventueel
English: if necessary; if possible; if any

Dutch: evenwicht
English: balance; equilibrium

Dutch: evenwichtsinrichting
English: compensator

Dutch: evenwichtspunt
English: break-even point

Dutch: evenwichtstoestand
English: balanced condition; state of equilibrium; equilibrium state

Dutch: evenwijdigheid
English: parallelism

Dutch: evolvente
English: involute

Dutch: EVR-cassette
English: EVR-cartridge

Dutch: EVR-film
English: EVR-film

Dutch: EVR-reproductie
English: EVR-reproduction; EVR-playback

Dutch: EVR-speler
English: EVR-player

Dutch: EVR-systeem
English: EVR-system

Dutch: EVR-videosignaal
English: EVR video-signal

Dutch: exact
English: exact; precise

Dutch: exacte representatie
English: exact representation

Dutch: exactheid
English: exactness; precision

Dutch: excenter
English: eccentric

Dutch: excenterblok
English: eccentric block

Dutch: excentergroef
English: eccentric groove

Dutch: excenterschijf
English: eccentric cam

Dutch: excentrisch
English: eccentric; off-centre

Dutch: exceptie
English: exception

Dutch: exceptiecode
English: exception handler

Dutch: excerpt
English: abstract

Dutch: excitatie
English: excitation

Dutch: excitatie-energie
English: excitation energy

Dutch: excitatiespanning
English: excitation voltage

Dutch: excitatiestroom
English: excitation current

Dutch: exciterende spanning
English: exciting voltage

Dutch: exciterende stroom
English: exciting current

Dutch: exclusie
English: exclusion; not-if-then operation; and not operation; except operation

Dutch: exclusief bericht
English: exclusive message

Dutch: exclusieve noch-noch
English: exclusive nor

Dutch: exclusieve of
English: exclusive or

Dutch: exempel
English: exemplar

Dutch: exemplaar
English: instance; unit; piece; copy; individual; item; instantiated item; specimen

Dutch: ex-fabriek
English: ex works

Dutch: exogeen
English: exogenous

Dutch: exogene variabele
English: exogenous variable

Dutch: expanderen
English: to expand; to oversize

Dutch: expansieorgaan
English: expander

Dutch: expeditie
English: forwarding; shipping; despatch; dispatch

Dutch: expeditielijst
English: forwarding list; shipping list

Dutch: experimenteren
English: to experiment

Dutch: expertisemodel
English: assessment model

Dutch: expertkennis
English: expert knowledge

Dutch: expertsysteem
English: expert system

Dutch: expliciet adres
English: explicit address

Dutch: expliciet tekenen
English: explicit draughting

Dutch: expliciete functie
English: explicit function

Dutch: expliciete verklaring
English: explicit declaration

Dutch: exploitatiekosten
English: running cost; operating costs

Dutch: exponent
English: exponent; characteristic

Dutch: exponentieel
English: exponential

Dutch: exponentiële effening
English: exponential smoothing

Dutch: exponentiële functie
English: exponential function

Dutch: exponentiële golfvorm
English: exponential waveform

Dutch: exporteren
English: to export

Dutch: expressie
English: expression

Dutch: exsiccator
English: desiccator

Dutch: extern
English: external; outside; off-line

Dutch: extern beeld
English: external view

Dutch: extern circuit
English: external circuit

Dutch: extern geheugen
English: backing store; backing storage; external memory; external storage; external store; secondary storage

Dutch: extern programmeren
English: off-line programming

Dutch: extern schema
English: external schema

Dutch: extern symbool
English: external symbol

Dutch: extern vervoer
English: external transport

Dutch: externe afnemer
English: external customer

Dutch: externe agent
English: external agent

Dutch: externe apparatuur
English: off-line devices

Dutch: externe beïnvloeding
English: external influence

Dutch: externe betrekkingen
English: external relations

Dutch: externe componenten
English: outboard components

Dutch: externe condensator
English: external capacitor

Dutch: externe fabrikant
English: external manufacturer

Dutch: externe functie
English: external function

Dutch: externe grijper
English: external gripper

Dutch: externe impedantie
English: external impedance

Dutch: externe insteltijd
English: external set-up time

Dutch: externe klok
English: external clock

Dutch: externe leverancier
English: external supplier

Dutch: externe modem
English: external modem

Dutch: externe naam
English: external name

Dutch: externe opdracht
English: external command

Dutch: externe procedure
English: external procedure

Dutch: externe ruis
English: external noise

Dutch: externe terugkoppeling
English: external feedback

Dutch: externe verliestijd
English: external delays

Dutch: externe verwerking
English: off-line processing

Dutch: extra
English: extra; supplementary

Dutch: extra aansluiting
English: extension connection

Dutch: extra bel
English: extension bell

Dutch: extra bit
English: added bit

Dutch: extra blok
English: added block

Dutch: extra faciliteit
English: extension facility

Dutch: extra inrichting
English: optional feature

Dutch: extra luidspreker
English: extension loudspeaker

Dutch: extra puls
English: afterpulse

Dutch: extract
English: extract

Dutch: extraheren
English: to extract

Dutch: extrapoleren
English: to extrapolate

Dutch: extrinsiek
English: extrinsic

Dutch: extrinsieke geleiding
English: extrinsic conductance

Dutch: extrinsieke prognose
English: extrinsic forecast

Dutch: extruderen
English: to extrude

Dutch: extrusie
English: extrusion

Dutch: extrusiematrijs
English: extrusion die; die

Dutch: extrusiepers
English: extrusion press; extruder press

Dutch: extrusiestempel
English: extrusion tool

Dutch: ezelsoor
English: dog's ear

Dutch: Fa Fa eenheid
English: automatic tuning unit

Dutch: fabricage
English: fabrication; manufacturing; manufacture

Dutch: fabricagebeleid
English: manufacturing policy

Dutch: fabricagecel
English: manufacturing cell

Dutch: fabricagecentrum
English: production centre

Dutch: fabricagedoorlooptijd
English: manufacturing lead time; production lead time; manufacturing throughput time: MTT

Dutch: fabricagefase
English: manufacturing phase

Dutch: fabricagefout
English: manufacturing fault; manufacturing error

Dutch: fabricagegegevens
English: manufacturing data

Dutch: fabricagegroep
English: manufacturing cell; manufacturing group

Dutch: fabricage-interval
English: manufacturing interval

Dutch: fabricagekaart
English: operation layout

Dutch: fabricagelicentie
English: manufacturing licence

Dutch: fabricagemethode
English: manufacturing method

Dutch: fabricageniveau
English: fabrication level; production level

Dutch: fabricagenummer
English: serial number

Dutch: fabricage-opstelling
English: manufacturing lay-out

Dutch: fabricageplanning
English: production planning; manufacturing planning

Dutch: fabricageprocedure
English: manufacturing procedure

Dutch: fabricageproces
English: manufacturing process; production process

Dutch: fabricageprogramma
English: production program

Dutch: fabricageserie
English: manufacturing run

Dutch: fabricagestuklijst
English: production bill-of-material; manufacturing parts list

Dutch: fabricagetechnologie
English: manufacturing technology

Dutch: fabricagetolerantie
English: manufacturing tolerance

Dutch: fabricagevoorbereiding
English: production preparation; process planning; manufacturing engineering: ME

Dutch: fabriceren
English: to manufacture

Dutch: fabriek
English: factory; works; plant

Dutch: fabriek-klantcontacten
English: customer returns; requests and feedback

Dutch: fabriekscomplex
English: plant

Dutch: fabriekscomputer
English: plant computer

Dutch: fabriekscontrole
English: factory inspection

Dutch: fabrieksinrichting
English: plant layout

Dutch: fabrieksinstelling
English: factory settings; factory adjustment

Dutch: fabriekslevering
English: factory delivery

Dutch: fabrieksmagazijn
English: factory warehouse

Dutch: fabrieksorder
English: shop order; manufacturing order

Dutch: fabrieksplaatje
English: factory plate; name plate

Dutch: fabrieksplanning
English: factory planning

Dutch: fabrieksrondleiding
English: guided tour of factory

Dutch: fabrieksterrein
English: factory premises; factory site

Dutch: fabrieksvacantie
English: factory holidays; factory vacation

Dutch: fabrieksverrekenprijs
English: factory standard price: fsp

Dutch: fabrieksvoorraad
English: factory stock

Dutch: fabrikaat
English: make; brand

Dutch: facetrepresentatie
English: facet representation

Dutch: facilitair bedrijf
English: facilities service; facilities services; general and technical services company

Dutch: faciliteit
English: facility

Dutch: faciliteiten
English: facilities

Dutch: facsimile
English: facsimile; fax

Dutch: facsimile-apparatuur
English: facsimile equipment

Dutch: facsimilebandbreedte
English: facsimile bandwidth

Dutch: facsimilebeeldsignaal
English: facsimile picture signal

Dutch: facsimilecommunicatie
English: facsimile communication

Dutch: facsimilemodem
English: facsimile modem

Dutch: facsimile-omzetter
English: facsimile converter

Dutch: facsimile-ontvanger
English: facsimile receiver

Dutch: facsimilerecorder
English: facsimile recorder

Dutch: facsimilesignaalniveau
English: facsimile signal level

Dutch: facsimilesysteem
English: facsimile system

Dutch: facsimiletransmissie
English: facsimile transmission

Dutch: facsimilezendeenheid
English: facsimile transmitter

Dutch: factor
English: factor; sub-multiple; operand

Dutch: factoriseren
English: factoring

Dutch: factureren
English: to invoice; invoicing

Dutch: factuuraanhef
English: invoice header

Dutch: faculteit
English: factorial; faculty

Dutch: fading
English: fading

Dutch: FAFA-eenheid
English: automatic tuning unit

Dutch: fakirbed
English: bed-of-nails

Dutch: falend
English: failing

Dutch: familie
English: family; relatives

Dutch: familiematrix
English: family matrix

Dutch: familiestuklijst
English: family bill-of-material

Dutch: fanin
English: fanin

Dutch: fan-in
English: fan-in

Dutch: fanin-circuit
English: fanin circuit

Dutch: fanin-netwerk
English: fanin network

Dutch: fanin-tabel
English: fanin table

Dutch: fanout
English: fanout

Dutch: fan-out
English: fan-out

Dutch: fanout-circuit
English: fanout circuit

Dutch: fanout-netwerk
English: fan-out network

Dutch: fanout-tabel
English: fan-out table

Dutch: fantastron
English: phantastron: phant

Dutch: fantoomcircuit
English: phantom circuit

Dutch: fantoomkanaal
English: phantom channel

Dutch: farad
English: farad: F, f, fd

Dutch: faraday
English: faraday

Dutch: Farnsworthbuis
English: Farnsworth tube; Farnsworth image dissector

Dutch: fase-afhankelijk
English: phase-sensitive

Dutch: fasebalk
English: phase bar

Dutch: fasebijstelspoel
English: phase-correction coil

Dutch: fasecompensatie
English: phase compensation; phase equalization

Dutch: faseconditie
English: phase relationship

Dutch: faseconstante
English: phase factor

Dutch: fasecorrectie
English: phase correction

Dutch: fasecorrectiecircuit
English: phase corrector

Dutch: fasecorrectiesignaal
English: phase correcting signal

Dutch: fasedeler
English: phase splitter

Dutch: fasedemodulator
English: phase demodulator

Dutch: fasedetector
English: phase detector

Dutch: fasediagram
English: phase diagram

Dutch: fasediscriminator
English: phase discriminator; phase detector; phase comparison circuit

Dutch: fasedistortie
English: phase distortion

Dutch: fasedraaier
English: phase shifter; phase shift; phase changer

Dutch: fasedraaiing
English: phase shift

Dutch: fasefout
English: phase error

Dutch: fasegemoduleerd
English: phase-modulated

Dutch: fasegevoelig
English: phase-sensitive

Dutch: fasegevoeligheid
English: phase sensitivity

Dutch: fasehoek
English: phase angle

Dutch: fasehoekfout
English: phase angle error

Dutch: fase-insteltijd
English: phase alignment

Dutch: faselooptijd
English: phase delay

Dutch: fasemodulatie
English: phase modulation; PM

Dutch: fasemodulator
English: phase modulator

Dutch: fasenaijling
English: phase lag

Dutch: fase-omkeerbuis
English: phase-inverter tube; phase-inverter valve

Dutch: fase-omkeerder
English: phase inverter

Dutch: fase-omkeerschakeling
English: phase inverter; phase splitter

Dutch: fase-omkering
English: phase inversion; phase reversal

Dutch: fase-omvormer
English: phase converter

Dutch: fase-omzetting
English: phase transformation

Dutch: fase-ongevoelig
English: phase insensitive

Dutch: fase-ongevoeligheid
English: phase insensitivity

Dutch: fase-opsplitscircuit
English: phase-splitting circuit

Dutch: faseplanning
English: phase planning

Dutch: fasereferentie
English: phase reference

Dutch: faseregelaar
English: phase control

Dutch: faseregeling
English: phase control

Dutch: faseren in de tijd
English: time phasing

Dutch: faseresonantie
English: phase resonance

Dutch: fasesprong
English: phase jump

Dutch: fasestabilisatie
English: phase stabilization

Dutch: fasesynchronisatie
English: phase synchronization

Dutch: fasevector
English: phasor

Dutch: fasevergelijker
English: phase discriminator; phase comparison circuit

Dutch: fase-vergrendeld
English: phase-locked

Dutch: faseverhouding
English: phase relationship

Dutch: faseverloop
English: phase shift

Dutch: fasevermenigvuldiger
English: phase multiplier

Dutch: faseverschil
English: phase difference

Dutch: faseverschuiver
English: phase shifter

Dutch: faseverschuiving
English: phase shift

Dutch: faseversnelling
English: phase advancing; phase lead

Dutch: fasevertraging
English: phase retardation; phase lag

Dutch: fasevervorming
English: phase distortion; phase-frequency distortion

Dutch: fasevoorijling
English: phase lead

Dutch: fasezwaai
English: phase swing

Dutch: fatale fout
English: fatal error

Dutch: fax
English: facsimile; fax

Dutch: F-band
English: F-band

Dutch: feature
English: feature

Dutch: feeder
English: feeder

Dutch: feeder-echoruis
English: feeder echo noise

Dutch: feedhorn
English: feedhorn

Dutch: felsbaar
English: suitable for spinning; suitable for riveting; riveting quality; spinning quality

Dutch: felsbus
English: fixing bush; eyelet; insert bush; bearing bush

Dutch: felsen
English: to rivet; to spin over; to rivet rotatingly

Dutch: felsgereedschap
English: riveting tool; spinning tool

Dutch: felshamer
English: riveting hammer

Dutch: felsmoer
English: insert nut

Dutch: felsnaad
English: riveted seam; riveted joint; seamed joint

Dutch: felsnaaf
English: insert bush; bearing bush

Dutch: felsnagel
English: semi-tubular rivet

Dutch: felspen
English: punch; riveting tool; insert pin

Dutch: felspotje
English: riveting cap

Dutch: felsrand
English: flange

Dutch: felssoldeerlip
English: insert solder tag; rivet solder tag

Dutch: femto
English: femto

Dutch: fenolformaldehydehars
English: phenolic resin; phenol formaldehyde resin

Dutch: fenolhars
English: phenolic resin; phenol resin

Dutch: fenolsulfonzuur
English: phenolsulphonic acid

Dutch: fenoltaleïne
English: phenolphthalein

Dutch: fenomeen
English: phenomenon

Dutch: fermi
English: fermi

Dutch: Fermi-niveau
English: Fermi level

Dutch: Fermi-rand
English: Fermi brim

Dutch: ferri-
English: ferric

Dutch: ferriammoniumsulfaat
English: ferric ammonium sulphate

Dutch: ferrichloride
English: ferric chloride

Dutch: ferriet
English: ferrite

Dutch: ferrietantenne
English: ferrite aerial; ferroceptor

Dutch: ferrietkern
English: ferrite core

Dutch: ferrietkerngeheugen
English: ferrite core memory

Dutch: ferrietring
English: ferrite ring

Dutch: ferrietschakelaar
English: ferrite switch

Dutch: ferro-
English: ferrous

Dutch: ferroammoniumsulfaat
English: ferrous ammonium sulphate

Dutch: ferroceptor
English: ferroceptor; ferrite aerial

Dutch: ferroceptorhouder
English: ferroceptor holder

Dutch: ferrochloride
English: ferrous chloride

Dutch: ferrocyanideblauw
English: ironcyanogen blue; Prussian blue; Berlin blue

Dutch: ferro-elektriciteit
English: ferroelectricity

Dutch: ferro-elektrisch
English: ferroelectric

Dutch: ferro-elektrische stof
English: ferroelectric material

Dutch: ferroïne
English: ferroin

Dutch: ferromagnetisch
English: ferromagnetic

Dutch: ferromagnetische stof
English: ferromagnetic material

Dutch: ferroxcube
English: ferroxcube

Dutch: fiber
English: fiber

Dutch: fiberpen
English: fibre-point pin

Dutch: fiberscope
English: fiberscope

Dutch: Fibonacciselectie
English: Fibonacci search

Dutch: field test
English: field test

Dutch: FIFO-geheugen
English: push-up storage

Dutch: figuratie
English: figure; configuration figure

Dutch: figuratieve afbeelding
English: figurative image

Dutch: figuratieve constante
English: figurative constant

Dutch: figuurzaag
English: fret-saw

Dutch: fijn detail
English: fine detail

Dutch: fijnafstemming
English: fine tuning

Dutch: fijnboormachine
English: precision drilling machine

Dutch: fijne golf
English: fine flute; B-flue

Dutch: fijne granulariteit
English: fine granularity

Dutch: fijne lopende passing
English: fine tuning fit

Dutch: fijne overgangspassing
English: fine location fit

Dutch: fijne passing
English: fine fit; close fit

Dutch: fijne was
English: fine fabrics

Dutch: fijngeslagen
English: finely stranded

Dutch: fijnheidsgraad
English: degree of fineness

Dutch: fijnheidsmeter
English: fineness gauge

Dutch: fijninstelling
English: precision adjustment; fine adjustment; vernier adjustment

Dutch: fijnkorrelig
English: fine-grained; close grained

Dutch: fijnregelaar
English: fine control; vernier control

Dutch: fijnregelbereik
English: fine-tuning range; fine-adjustment range

Dutch: fijnregeling
English: fine tuning; fine adjustment; fine control; fine vernier

Dutch: fijnregelknop
English: fine-tuning knob; fine-adjustment knob

Dutch: fijnslaan
English: to strand finely

Dutch: fijnslijpen
English: finish grinding; precision grinding

Dutch: fijnstampen
English: fine blanking; smooth edge blanking; to pulverize

Dutch: fijnstansautomaat
English: automatic fine-blanking press

Dutch: fijnstansmachine
English: fine-blanking machine; smooth edge blanking machine

Dutch: fijntrekken
English: fine wire drawing

Dutch: fijnverdeeld
English: finely divided; finely powdered

Dutch: file
English: file

Dutch: filiaal
English: branch; subsidiary

Dutch: film
English: film; motion picture

Dutch: filmaftaster
English: film pickup; film scanner

Dutch: filmarchief
English: film archive

Dutch: filmbeeld
English: frame; film image

Dutch: filmbeweging
English: film movement

Dutch: filmcamera
English: film camera; movie camera

Dutch: filmcondensator
English: film capacitor

Dutch: filmdienst
English: film service

Dutch: filmdrager
English: film base; film support

Dutch: filmdrukker
English: film printer

Dutch: filmgeleider
English: film guide

Dutch: filminleg
English: film threading; film path

Dutch: filmkanaal
English: film gate

Dutch: filmkorrel
English: film grain

Dutch: filmotheek
English: film library

Dutch: filmrecording
English: film recording

Dutch: filmschraapapparaat
English: film scraping device

Dutch: filmsnelheid
English: film speed

Dutch: filmstrip
English: film strip

Dutch: filmtransport
English: film transport

Dutch: filmvormer
English: filmformer; film forming agent

Dutch: filteraarde
English: filter earth

Dutch: filterbuis
English: filter tube

Dutch: filtercondensator
English: filter capacitor

Dutch: filterdemping
English: filter attenuation

Dutch: filteren
English: to filter

Dutch: filterhuis
English: filter housing

Dutch: filtering
English: filtering

Dutch: filterkring
English: filter circuit

Dutch: filterkristal
English: filter crystal

Dutch: filterolie
English: filter oil

Dutch: filterpomp
English: filter pump

Dutch: filterschakeling
English: filter circuit

Dutch: filterschijf
English: filter disc

Dutch: filterspoel
English: filter coil

Dutch: filteruitgangsspanning
English: filter output voltage

Dutch: filterwerking
English: filter action

Dutch: filtraat
English: filtrate; filtered matter

Dutch: filtreerbeker
English: cylindrical jar

Dutch: filtreren
English: to filter

Dutch: financieel
English: financial

Dutch: financiële stuklijst
English: costed bill-of-material

Dutch: financieren
English: to finance

Dutch: fineersoorten
English: kinds of veneer

Dutch: fineren
English: veneer

Dutch: firmabriefhoofd
English: company letterhead

Dutch: firmware
English: firmware

Dutch: fiscaal
English: fiscal

Dutch: fit
English: fit

Dutch: fitterij
English: fitting shop

Dutch: fitting
English: fitting; socket

Dutch: fittinghuis
English: lamp casting

Dutch: fixeerlip
English: fixing lug

Dutch: fixeervloeistof
English: fixer; fixing liquid

Dutch: fixeren
English: to fix

Dutch: flankcorrectiefilter
English: colour take-off filter

Dutch: flankdiameter
English: basic effective pitch diameter

Dutch: flankhoek
English: flank angle

Dutch: flanksteilheid
English: slope

Dutch: flatpack
English: flat pack

Dutch: flensmachine
English: flanging machine

Dutch: fleshouder
English: bottle holder

Dutch: flessenhals
English: bottleneck

Dutch: flessenkoeler
English: bottle cooler

Dutch: flessenrek
English: bottle rack

Dutch: flexcode
English: flexcode

Dutch: flexibele machinegroep
English: flexible machine center: FMC

Dutch: flexowriter
English: flexowriter

Dutch: flikkereffect
English: flicker effect

Dutch: flikkeren
English: to flicker

Dutch: flikkerfrequentie
English: flicker frequency

Dutch: flikkering
English: flash; flicker; flickering

Dutch: flikkerlicht
English: flash-light

Dutch: flintglas
English: flint glass

Dutch: flip-flop
English: flip-flop; bistable; toggle

Dutch: flip-flop generator
English: flip-flop generator

Dutch: flitsbuis
English: flashtube

Dutch: flitsvertraging
English: flash delay

Dutch: floppy
English: floppy

Dutch: fluctuatievoorraad
English: fluctuation inventory

Dutch: fluctueren
English: to shuttle

Dutch: fluidica
English: fluidics

Dutch: fluitje
English: whistle; repeat spot

Dutch: fluorboorzuur
English: fluoboric acid

Dutch: fluorboraat
English: fluoborate

Dutch: fluorescentielamp
English: fluorescent lamp

Dutch: fluorescentiepoeder
English: fluorescent powder

Dutch: fluorescerend scherm
English: fluorescent screen

Dutch: fluorescerende stoffen
English: fluorescent materials

Dutch: fluorescerende verf
English: fluorescent paint

Dutch: fluoride
English: fluoride

Dutch: fluoroscoop
English: fluoroscope

Dutch: fluorverbinding
English: fluoride compound

Dutch: fluorwaterstof
English: hydrogen fluoride

Dutch: flutter
English: flutter

Dutch: fluttersnelheid
English: flutter rate

Dutch: fluweelglans
English: velvet gloss

Dutch: flux
English: flux

Dutch: fluxdichtheid
English: flux density

Dutch: fluxkoppeling
English: flux linkage

Dutch: fluxmasker
English: fluxing mask

Dutch: fluxmeter
English: fluxmeter

Dutch: FM
English: frequency modulation

Dutch: FM-AM
English: frequency modulation - amplitude modulation

Dutch: FM-AM versterker
English: FM-AM multiplier

Dutch: FM-antenne
English: FM antenna; FM aerial

Dutch: FM-demodulator
English: FM demodulator

Dutch: FM-detectie
English: FM detection

Dutch: FM-detector
English: FM detector; discriminator

Dutch: FM-generator
English: FM generator

Dutch: FM-testoscillator
English: FM test oscillator

Dutch: FM-verbeteringsdrempel
English: frequency modulation improvement threshold

Dutch: FM-verbeteringsfactor
English: frequency modulation improvement factor

Dutch: FM-zender
English: FM transmitter

Dutch: focusseeranode
English: focusing anode

Dutch: focusseerbereik
English: focusing range

Dutch: focusseerelektrode
English: focusing electrode

Dutch: focusseermagneet
English: focusing magnet

Dutch: focusseerregelaar
English: focusing control

Dutch: focusseerrooster
English: focus grid

Dutch: focusseerspanning
English: focusing voltage

Dutch: focussen
English: to focus

Dutch: focusseren
English: to focus

Dutch: focussering
English: focusing

Dutch: focusspanning
English: focusing voltage

Dutch: foelie
English: foil; film

Dutch: folder
English: folder

Dutch: folie
English: foil; film

Dutch: foliebedrukken
English: hot foil printing; roll leaf stamping

Dutch: foliecondensator
English: foil capacitor

Dutch: foliegeleider
English: foil conductor

Dutch: foliekast
English: foil sheathed cabinet

Dutch: folietrimmer
English: foil dielectric trimmer; film dielectric trimmer

Dutch: foliumzuur
English: folic acid

Dutch: follow-up-planning
English: follow-up planning

Dutch: fonografie
English: sound recording; audio recording

Dutch: fonon
English: phonon

Dutch: font
English: font

Dutch: fonteinsolderen
English: fountain soldering

Dutch: foon
English: phon

Dutch: footcandle
English: footcandle

Dutch: footlambert
English: footlambert

Dutch: forceerbank
English: spinning lathe

Dutch: forceerijzer
English: spinning tool

Dutch: forceerwerk
English: spinning work

Dutch: forceren
English: to spin

Dutch: forcerende toestand
English: forcing state

Dutch: forceringssignaal
English: duress signal

Dutch: forensentrein
English: commuter train

Dutch: formaat
English: size; format

Dutch: formaatlijn
English: format line

Dutch: formaline
English: formalin

Dutch: formant
English: formant

Dutch: formantbereik
English: formant range

Dutch: formantfilter
English: formant filter

Dutch: formatteerprogramma
English: formatting program

Dutch: formeel argument
English: formal argument

Dutch: formeel bericht
English: formal message

Dutch: formeel bewijs
English: formal proof

Dutch: formele parameter
English: formal parameter

Dutch: formele parameterlijst
English: formal parameter list

Dutch: formele specificatie
English: formal specification

Dutch: formele taal
English: formal language

Dutch: formele test
English: formal test

Dutch: formele waarheid
English: formal truth

Dutch: formeren van pakketten
English: to kit; kitting

Dutch: formule van Camp
English: Wilson lot-sized formula

Dutch: formule van Wilson
English: Wilson lot-sized formula

Dutch: formulering
English: formulation; formalization; wording; phrasing

Dutch: formulevorm
English: formulated form

Dutch: formulier
English: form; blank

Dutch: formulieropschuiving
English: skip; skipping

Dutch: formuliersprong
English: form feed

Dutch: fosfaat
English: phosphate

Dutch: fosfateervloeistof
English: phosphoric acid pickle

Dutch: fosfateerzout
English: phosphoric pickle salt

Dutch: fosfateren
English: to phosphate

Dutch: fosfine
English: phosphine

Dutch: fosfor
English: phosphor; phosphorus

Dutch: fosfordoppen
English: phosphor dots

Dutch: fosforescentie
English: phosphorescence

Dutch: fosforescerend scherm
English: phosphorescent screen

Dutch: fosforhoudend
English: phosphoric; phosphorus-bearing

Dutch: fosforkoper
English: phosphor copper

Dutch: fosforlaag
English: layer of phosphors

Dutch: fosforpunt
English: phosphor dot

Dutch: fosforraster
English: phosphor dot raster

Dutch: fosforscherm
English: phosphor screen

Dutch: fosforstreep
English: phosphor stripe

Dutch: fosforus
English: phosphorus

Dutch: fosforzuur
English: phosphoric acid

Dutch: fosforzuurbeitsbad
English: phosphoric acid pickle

Dutch: foto
English: photo; photograph

Dutch: fotoblad
English: photosheet

Dutch: fotobuis
English: phototube

Dutch: fotochemie
English: photo-chemistry

Dutch: fotoconductiviteit
English: photo-conductivity

Dutch: fotodetector
English: photodetector

Dutch: fotodiode
English: phot crystal diode; photodiode

Dutch: foto-effect
English: photoelectric effect

Dutch: foto-elektriciteit
English: photoelectricity

Dutch: foto-elektrisch effect
English: photoelectric effect

Dutch: foto-elektrische cel
English: photoelectric cell

Dutch: foto-emissie
English: photoemission

Dutch: foto-emitterend
English: photo-emissive

Dutch: foto-ets methode
English: photo-etch method; photo-resist method

Dutch: foto-ets techniek
English: photo-etch technique; photo-resist technique

Dutch: foto-etsen
English: photo-etching; photo-resist

Dutch: fotogalvanische cel
English: photovoltaic cell

Dutch: fotogalvanische stof
English: photovoltaic material

Dutch: fotogeleidend
English: photo-conductive

Dutch: fotogeleidend effect
English: photoconductive effect

Dutch: fotogeleidende cel
English: photoconductive cell

Dutch: fotogeleidende stof
English: photoconductive material

Dutch: fotogeleider
English: photoconductor

Dutch: fotogeleidingsvermogen
English: photoconductivity

Dutch: fotogevoelige eenheid
English: photosensitive device

Dutch: fotografische film
English: photographic film

Dutch: foto-ionisatie
English: photoionization

Dutch: fotokamer
English: photo room

Dutch: fotokatode
English: photo-sensitive cathode; photo- cathode

Dutch: fotokwaliteit
English: photographic grade

Dutch: fotolak
English: photo resist

Dutch: fotolakproces
English: photo-resist process

Dutch: fotomasker
English: photomask

Dutch: fotometer
English: photometer

Dutch: fotometrie
English: photometry

Dutch: fotomontagemal
English: phot assembly jig

Dutch: fotomultiplicator
English: photomultiplier

Dutch: fotomultiplicatorbuis
English: photomultiplier tube

Dutch: fotoneutron
English: photoneutron

Dutch: foto-opgroeimethode
English: photo-transfer method

Dutch: fotopisch zien
English: photopic vision

Dutch: fotoplotter
English: photoplotter

Dutch: fotopolymeer
English: photopolymer

Dutch: fotoresist
English: photo-resist

Dutch: fotospanningscel
English: photoelectric cell

Dutch: fototransistor
English: photo transistor

Dutch: fotovermenigvuldiger
English: photomultiplier

Dutch: fotoweerstand
English: photo resistor

Dutch: Foucaultsche stromen
English: eddy flows

Dutch: Fourier-analyse
English: Fourier analysis

Dutch: Fourier-reeksen
English: Fourier series

Dutch: Fourier-transformatie
English: Fourier transformation

Dutch: fout
English: bug; error; fault; mistake; defect; deviation

Dutch: fout met nulgemiddelde
English: balanced error

Dutch: foutaanpassing
English: mismatch

Dutch: foutafregeling
English: misalignment

Dutch: foutafstelling
English: maladjustment

Dutch: foutbehandeling
English: error handling

Dutch: foutbestendig
English: fault tolerant

Dutch: foutboom
English: fault tree

Dutch: foutconditie
English: fault condition

Dutch: foutdekking
English: fault coverage

Dutch: foutdetectie
English: fault detection

Dutch: foutdistributie
English: error budget

Dutch: fouten opsporen
English: debug; debugging

Dutch: fouten toevoegen
English: error seeding

Dutch: foutenbereik
English: error span

Dutch: foutencontrole
English: error check

Dutch: foutencorrectie
English: error correction

Dutch: foutendetectie
English: error detection

Dutch: foutendiagnose
English: error diagnostics

Dutch: foutendiagnostiek
English: error diagnostics

Dutch: foutendictionaire
English: fault dictionary

Dutch: foutengissing
English: error guessing

Dutch: foutenherstel
English: error recovery

Dutch: foutenkaart
English: check card

Dutch: foutenmarge
English: error range; margin of error; error rate (na berekening)

Dutch: foutenopsporing
English: faultfinding; fault locating; troubleshooting; debugging

Dutch: foutenpercentage
English: per cent defective; percentage defective; error rate

Dutch: foutenpunten
English: fault marks

Dutch: foutenreeks
English: error range

Dutch: fouten-tolerant
English: fault-tolerant

Dutch: foutenwaardering
English: fault rating

Dutch: foutfrequentie
English: error rate

Dutch: foutgrens
English: reject limit

Dutch: foutherstelbit
English: error-correction bit

Dutch: foutherstellende code
English: error-correcting code

Dutch: fouthersteltoets
English: error reset key

Dutch: fouthoek
English: tracking-angle error; error angle

Dutch: foutief
English: erroneous; deviating; defective; faulty

Dutch: foutief exemplaar
English: defective unit

Dutch: foutief product
English: non-conforming product

Dutch: foutieve aanpassing
English: mismatch

Dutch: foutieve geleiding
English: defect conduction

Dutch: foutieve gelijkloop
English: mistracking; asynchronism

Dutch: foutieve instelling
English: misalignment; maladjustment

Dutch: foutieve signaalreeks
English: error burst

Dutch: foutieve vrijgave
English: false clear

Dutch: foutinplanting
English: fault insertion

Dutch: foutkans
English: probability of failure; error probability

Dutch: foutkarakteristiek
English: fault signature

Dutch: foutlocalisatie
English: fault localization

Dutch: foutloos exemplaar
English: effective unit

Dutch: foutloos-werken-aanpak
English: zero defects; do it right first time

Dutch: foutmaskering
English: fault masking

Dutch: foutmodel
English: error model

Dutch: foutmodellering
English: fault modelling

Dutch: foutopsporing
English: error detection; fault finding; troubleshooting; fault location

Dutch: foutopsporingsorgaan
English: error detector

Dutch: foutregeling
English: error control

Dutch: foutsignaal
English: error signal

Dutch: foutsignalerend bit
English: error-detection bit

Dutch: foutsignalerende code
English: error-detecting code

Dutch: foutsignalering
English: diagnostic message; error message

Dutch: foutsimulatie
English: fault simulation

Dutch: foutsimulator
English: fault simulator

Dutch: foutspanning
English: error voltage

Dutch: foutstroom
English: error current

Dutch: fouttasten
English: mistracking

Dutch: fouttoestand
English: failure mode

Dutch: fouttolerant
English: fault tolerant

Dutch: fouttolerantie
English: error tolerance; fault tolerance

Dutch: foutuitlijning
English: misalignment

Dutch: foutveilig
English: fault secure

Dutch: foutverhouding
English: error ratio

Dutch: foutvlag
English: error flag

Dutch: foutvoorspelling
English: error prediction

Dutch: fovea
English: fovea

Dutch: fraai afdrukken
English: pretty printing

Dutch: fractie intact
English: fraction effective

Dutch: fragmentatie
English: fragmentation

Dutch: frame-afregeling
English: frame alignment

Dutch: framefrequentie
English: frame frequency

Dutch: frameprobleem
English: frame problem

Dutch: framerelais
English: frame relay

Dutch: framerooster
English: frame grid

Dutch: framesynchronisatie
English: frame synchronization

Dutch: framewerk
English: framework

Dutch: free running
English: free running

Dutch: freem
English: frame

Dutch: frees- en snijbestand
English: cutter location file: CLFILE

Dutch: frees/snijbaan
English: cutter path

Dutch: freesbank
English: milling machine

Dutch: freesbeitel
English: milling tool; milling cutter

Dutch: freesdoorn
English: cutter head

Dutch: freeskop
English: cutter head

Dutch: freesradius
English: cutter radius

Dutch: freesspil
English: milling-cutter arbor

Dutch: freesspindel
English: milling-cutter arbor

Dutch: freesuitloop
English: cutter run-out

Dutch: frequentie moduleren
English: to frequency-modulate

Dutch: frequentieafhankelijk
English: frequency-dependent

Dutch: frequentieaftasting
English: frequency scanning

Dutch: frequentieafwijking
English: frequency deviation

Dutch: frequentieallocatie
English: frequency allocation

Dutch: frequentieband
English: frequency band

Dutch: frequentiebandbreedte
English: frequency band width

Dutch: frequentiebereik
English: frequency range

Dutch: frequentiebias
English: frequency bias

Dutch: frequentiebrug
English: frequency bridge

Dutch: frequentieconstantheid
English: frequency stability

Dutch: frequentieconversie
English: frequency translation

Dutch: frequentiecordinatie
English: frequency coordination

Dutch: frequentiedeler
English: frequency divider

Dutch: frequentiedeling
English: frequency division

Dutch: frequentiedetector
English: frequency detector

Dutch: frequentiedeviatie
English: frequency deviation

Dutch: frequentiedichtheid
English: frequency density

Dutch: frequentiediversiteit
English: frequency diversity

Dutch: frequentiedomein
English: frequency domain

Dutch: frequentiedrift
English: frequency drift

Dutch: frequentie-effecten
English: frequency effects

Dutch: frequentiefamilie
English: frequency family

Dutch: frequentiegebied
English: frequency range

Dutch: frequentiegemoduleerd
English: frequency modulated

Dutch: frequentiegenerator
English: frequency generator

Dutch: frequentiegroepen
English: grouped frequencies

Dutch: frequentiegroepentabel
English: grouped frequency table

Dutch: frequentie-interval
English: frequency span

Dutch: frequentiekalibrator
English: frequency calibrator

Dutch: frequentiekanaal
English: frequency channel; radio channel

Dutch: frequentiekant
English: frequency side

Dutch: frequentiekiezer
English: cycle selector

Dutch: frequentiekromme
English: frequency curve

Dutch: frequentielijndiagram
English: frequency polygon

Dutch: frequentiemanagement
English: frequency management

Dutch: frequentiemediaan
English: median frequency

Dutch: frequentiemeter
English: frequency meter

Dutch: frequentiemiddeling
English: frequency averaging

Dutch: frequentiemodulatie
English: frequency modulation: FM

Dutch: frequentiemodulator
English: frequency modulator

Dutch: frequentiemonitor
English: frequency monitor

Dutch: frequentieomvormer
English: frequency converter

Dutch: frequentieomzetter
English: frequency changer; frequency converter

Dutch: frequentieoverlapping
English: frequency overlap

Dutch: frequentieprioriteit
English: frequency priority

Dutch: frequentiequotiënt
English: relative frequency

Dutch: frequentieregeling
English: frequency control

Dutch: frequentieregulering
English: frequency control

Dutch: frequentieresponsie
English: frequency response

Dutch: frequentiescanning
English: frequency scanning

Dutch: frequentiescheider
English: frequency separator

Dutch: frequentieschommeling
English: frequency drift

Dutch: frequentieselectie
English: frequency selection; frequency discrimination

Dutch: frequentiesom
English: frequency sum

Dutch: frequentiespectrograaf
English: frequency spectrograph; panoramic monitor

Dutch: frequentiespectrum
English: frequency spectrum

Dutch: frequentiespreiding
English: frequency dispersion; frequency spread

Dutch: frequentiesprong
English: frequency jumping; sudden change in frequency

Dutch: frequentiestabilisatie
English: frequency control; frequency stabilization

Dutch: frequentiestabiliteit
English: frequency stability

Dutch: frequentiestandaard
English: frequency standard

Dutch: frequentieteller
English: frequency counter

Dutch: frequentietoekenning
English: frequency assignment

Dutch: frequentietoewijzing
English: frequency allocation

Dutch: frequentietolerantie
English: frequency tolerance

Dutch: frequentietransmissie
English: frequency transmission

Dutch: frequentievariatie
English: frequency variation; variation of frequency; wobbulation

Dutch: frequentieveelhoek
English: frequency polygon

Dutch: frequentieverdeler
English: frequency divider

Dutch: frequentieverdeling
English: frequency distribution; distribution; frequency division

Dutch: frequentieverdubbelaar
English: frequency doubler

Dutch: frequentieverdubbeling
English: frequency doubling

Dutch: frequentievergrendeld
English: frequency-locked

Dutch: frequentieverhouding
English: frequency relationship

Dutch: frequentieverloop
English: frequency change; frequency sliding

Dutch: frequentieverscherving
English: frequency interleaving

Dutch: frequentieverschil
English: frequency difference

Dutch: frequentieverschuiving
English: frequency shift; frequency change; frequency sliding

Dutch: frequentievertaling
English: frequency translation

Dutch: frequentievervlechting
English: frequency interlace; frequency interlacing

Dutch: frequentievervorming
English: frequency distortion

Dutch: frequentievoorspelling
English: frequency prediction

Dutch: frequentiewaker
English: frequency monitor

Dutch: frequentieweergave
English: frequency response

Dutch: frequentiezwaai
English: frequency sweep; frequency swing

Dutch: Fresnelgetal
English: Fresnel number

Dutch: fret
English: fret

Dutch: fretboor
English: gimlet

Dutch: frezen
English: to mill; to mould; milling

Dutch: frezer
English: milling machinist

Dutch: frictie
English: friction

Dutch: frictiekoppel
English: friction torque

Dutch: frictiekoppeling
English: friction clutch; slipping clutch

Dutch: frictiepers
English: friction-screw press

Dutch: frictieplaat
English: friction plate

Dutch: frictiering
English: friction ring

Dutch: frictieschijf
English: friction disc

Dutch: fringegebied
English: fringe area; edge region

Dutch: frituurpan
English: deep-fat frier

Dutch: front-eind
English: front end

Dutch: front-end
English: front end

Dutch: front-end computer
English: front-end computer

Dutch: front-end processor
English: front-end processor: FEP

Dutch: frontpaneel
English: front panel

Dutch: fruitpers
English: juice extractor

Dutch: F-toets
English: F-test

Dutch: functie
English: feature; function

Dutch: functiebeeld
English: function view

Dutch: functiebereik
English: function range

Dutch: functiebesturing
English: function control

Dutch: functiebesturingsteken
English: function control signal

Dutch: functiedeel
English: operation part; function part

Dutch: functiedirectory
English: appointment directory

Dutch: functiegenerator
English: function generator

Dutch: functie-invoer
English: function input

Dutch: functiekiezer
English: operation mode selector

Dutch: functienaam
English: function name

Dutch: functieponsing
English: designation punching; control punching; control hole; function hole

Dutch: functieprocedure
English: function procedure

Dutch: functieprogramma
English: utility program

Dutch: functieschema
English: functional diagram; functional schema; functional schematic diagram; function diagram

Dutch: functiesignaal
English: function signal

Dutch: functie-subprogramma
English: function subprogram

Dutch: functie-toetsenbord
English: function keyboard

Dutch: functietypering
English: function definition

Dutch: functie-uitvoer
English: function output

Dutch: functievergelijking
English: mathematical equation

Dutch: functieverwijzing
English: function reference

Dutch: functiewaarde
English: function value

Dutch: functioneel
English: functional

Dutch: functioneel blok
English: functional block

Dutch: functioneel model
English: functional model

Dutch: functioneel netwerk
English: functional network

Dutch: functioneel schema
English: functional diagram

Dutch: functioneel testen
English: functional testing

Dutch: functionele analyse
English: functional analysis

Dutch: functionele beproeving
English: functional test

Dutch: functionele cohesie
English: functional cohesion

Dutch: functionele eis
English: functional requirement

Dutch: functionele entiteit
English: functional entity

Dutch: functionele fout
English: functional fault

Dutch: functionele interfaces
English: functional interfaces

Dutch: functionele opstelling
English: functional layout; process layout

Dutch: functionele relatie
English: functional relationship

Dutch: functionele simulatie
English: functional simulation

Dutch: functionele simulator
English: functional simulator

Dutch: functionele stuklijst
English: functional bill-of- material

Dutch: functionele symbolen
English: functional symbols

Dutch: functionele taal
English: functional language

Dutch: functionele voetlijn
English: functional baseline

Dutch: fundamenteel
English: fundamental

Dutch: fundamentele eisen
English: basic requirements

Dutch: fundamentele research
English: basic research

Dutch: funkeleffect
English: flicker effect

Dutch: fuzzy
English: fuzzy

Dutch: fuzzy logica
English: fuzzy logic

Dutch: fuzzy theorie
English: fuzzy theory

Dutch: fysicus
English: physicist

Dutch: fysiek
English: physical

Dutch: fysiek bestandsformaat
English: physical file format

Dutch: fysiek etiket
English: physical label

Dutch: fysiek gegevensmodel
English: physical data model

Dutch: fysiek model
English: physical model

Dutch: fysiek ontwerp
English: physical design; product design

Dutch: fysiek systeem
English: physical system

Dutch: fysieke beschrijving
English: physical description

Dutch: fysieke distributie
English: physical distribution: PD

Dutch: fysieke eigenschappen
English: physical properties

Dutch: fysieke eis
English: physical requirement

Dutch: fysieke geheugenplaats
English: physical storage location

Dutch: fysieke grootheid
English: physical quantity

Dutch: fysieke laag
English: physical layer

Dutch: fysieke middelen
English: physical means

Dutch: fysieke record
English: physical record

Dutch: fysieke simulatie
English: physical simulation

Dutch: fysieke verbinding
English: physical connection

Dutch: fysieke voorraad
English: physical stock; physical inventory

Dutch: fysiologisch
English: physiologic

Dutch: gaas
English: scrim; gauze

Dutch: gaasspanapparaat
English: gauze stretching device; gauze stretcher

Dutch: gaatjesmasker
English: shadowmask; aperture mask

Dutch: gaffel
English: fork

Dutch: gaffelkop
English: forked head

Dutch: gaffelveer
English: fork spring

Dutch: galliumarseen
English: gallium arsenide

Dutch: galliumarseen-diode
English: gallium-arsenide diode

Dutch: galliumfosfide
English: gallium Phosphide

Dutch: galm
English: reverberation; reverbeo

Dutch: galmen
English: to reverberate

Dutch: galmkamer
English: reverberant room; reverberant chamber

Dutch: galvanisch
English: galvanic; plating; electroplating

Dutch: galvanisch bad
English: plating bath; plating solution

Dutch: galvanisch proces
English: electroplating process; electrodeposition process

Dutch: galvanisch trommelen
English: to barrel plate

Dutch: galvanisch vertinnen
English: to tin plate

Dutch: galvanisch verzinken
English: to zinc plate

Dutch: galvanisch voorschrift
English: plating instructions

Dutch: galvanische bedekking
English: electrolytic deposition; electroplate; electroplating

Dutch: galvanische cel
English: galvanic cell

Dutch: galvanische dekking
English: coverage

Dutch: galvanische laag
English: electrodeposition; electrodeposit; electroplate

Dutch: galvanische neerslag
English: electrodeposition; electrodeposit; electroplate

Dutch: galvanische stroom
English: galvanic current

Dutch: galvaniseerafdeling
English: plating department; plating shop

Dutch: galvaniseerinrichting
English: plating department; plating shop

Dutch: galvaniseervloeistof
English: plating bath; plating solution

Dutch: galvaniseren
English: to electroplate; to electrodeposit

Dutch: galvanisering
English: electroplating

Dutch: galvanometer
English: galvanometer

Dutch: galvanoplastiek
English: electroforming

Dutch: gamma
English: gamma

Dutch: gammacorrectie
English: gamma correction

Dutch: gammafactor
English: gamma value

Dutch: gamma-gecorrigeerd
English: gamma corrected

Dutch: gammaregelaar
English: gamma control

Dutch: gammaregeling
English: gamma control

Dutch: gammastralen
English: gamma rays

Dutch: gammaverdeling
English: gamma distribution

Dutch: gammaversterker
English: gamma amplifier

Dutch: gammawaarde
English: gamma value

Dutch: gang
English: run

Dutch: gangreserve
English: spring reserve

Dutch: gangwissel
English: gear change

Dutch: Gantt-diagram
English: Gantt chart

Dutch: gap
English: gap

Dutch: gaping
English: gap

Dutch: garantieaanvraagkaart
English: guarantee application card

Dutch: garantiebepalingen
English: guarantee provisions; warranty provisions

Dutch: garantiebewijs
English: guarantee card; guarantee certificate

Dutch: garantietijdvak
English: guarantee period

Dutch: garen
English: thread

Dutch: gasafsluiter
English: obturator

Dutch: gasatmosfeer
English: gaseous atmosphere

Dutch: gasbel
English: gas bubble; gas occlusion

Dutch: gasbinder
English: getter; gas blister; blowhole

Dutch: gasbrander
English: gas burner

Dutch: gasbuis
English: gas tube

Dutch: gasdetector
English: gas detector

Dutch: gasdiode
English: gas diode; gas-filled diode

Dutch: gasdraad
English: gas thread; pipe thread

Dutch: gaselement
English: gas cell

Dutch: gasfase
English: gas phase

Dutch: gasfornuis
English: gas range

Dutch: gasgevulde lamp
English: gas-filled lamp

Dutch: gashouder
English: gasholder; gasometer

Dutch: gasion
English: gasion

Dutch: gaskraan; gaskranen
English: gas tap; gas taps; gas cock

Dutch: gasleiding
English: gas pipe; gas mains; gas line

Dutch: gaslekkage
English: gas leakage

Dutch: gasmasker
English: gas mask

Dutch: gasmengsel
English: gas mixture; gas compound

Dutch: gasmeter
English: gasmeter

Dutch: gasontlading
English: gas discharge

Dutch: gasontladingsbuis
English: ignitron

Dutch: gasontladingslamp
English: gas-discharge lamp; vapour lamp

Dutch: gasontwikkeling
English: gas evolution; gassing

Dutch: gasopbrengst
English: gas yield

Dutch: gasresten
English: residual gases

Dutch: gasroet
English: carbon black; gas black

Dutch: gasruis
English: gas noise

Dutch: gasschroefdraad
English: gas thread

Dutch: gassen
English: gas evolution; gassing

Dutch: gasslang
English: gas hose; flexible gas tube

Dutch: gasstroom
English: gas current

Dutch: gastang
English: gas pliers; gas-pipe tongs

Dutch: gastheer
English: host

Dutch: gastheerinterface
English: host interface

Dutch: gastheerknooppunt
English: host node

Dutch: gastheermachine
English: host machine

Dutch: gastriode
English: gas triode

Dutch: gasversterking
English: gas amplification

Dutch: gasvlam
English: gas flame; gas jet

Dutch: gasvorming
English: formation of gas; gas evolution

Dutch: gasvulling
English: gasfilled

Dutch: gaszwart
English: gas black; carbon black

Dutch: gat
English: hole; aperture; gap

Dutch: gat snijden
English: to pierce

Dutch: gate
English: gate

Dutch: gate-array
English: gate array

Dutch: gat-elektronpaar
English: hole-electron pair

Dutch: gaten overnemen
English: holes to be in accordance

Dutch: gatenbeweeglijkheid
English: hole mobility

Dutch: gatenconcentratie
English: hole concentration

Dutch: gatendiffusie
English: hole diffusion

Dutch: gatengeleiding
English: hole conduction

Dutch: gatenmasker
English: shadow mask; aperture mask

Dutch: gatenpatroon
English: hole pattern

Dutch: gatenplaat
English: aperture plate

Dutch: gatenrooster
English: hole grid

Dutch: gatenschijf
English: perforated disc

Dutch: gatenstempel
English: piercing tool

Dutch: gatenstroom
English: hole current

Dutch: gatentoeneming
English: hole increment

Dutch: gatewaycentrale
English: gateway switching center

Dutch: gateway-interface
English: gateway interface

Dutch: gatkaliber
English: hole gauge

Dutch: gatmaat
English: size of hole; hole size

Dutch: gatzaag
English: hole saw

Dutch: gauss
English: gauss

Dutch: Gaussisch gebied
English: Gaussian sphere

Dutch: Gaussische kromming
English: Gaussian curvature

Dutch: Gauss-verdeling
English: Gaussian distribution

Dutch: G-band
English: G-band

Dutch: geaard
English: earthed; grounded; held at ground potential

Dutch: geaard systeem
English: grounded system

Dutch: geaarde basis
English: grounded base; common base

Dutch: geaarde elektrode
English: grounding electrode

Dutch: geaarde emitter
English: grounded emitter; common emitter

Dutch: geaarde gate
English: grounded gate

Dutch: geaarde geleider
English: earthed conductor

Dutch: geaarde source
English: grounded source

Dutch: geaccepteerde order
English: accepted order

Dutch: geactiveerde procedure
English: invoked procedure

Dutch: geadjungeerde matrix
English: adjoint matrix

Dutch: gearceerd
English: hatched; shaded

Dutch: gearceerd beeld
English: shaded image

Dutch: gearticuleerd
English: articulated

Dutch: geautoriseerd
English: authorized

Dutch: gebalanceerd
English: balanced

Dutch: gebalanceerd circuit
English: balanced circuit

Dutch: gebalanceerd filter
English: balanced filter

Dutch: gebalanceerd netwerk
English: balanced network

Dutch: gebalanceerd station
English: balanced station

Dutch: gebalanceerde code
English: balanced code

Dutch: gebalanceerde lijn
English: balanced line

Dutch: gebarsten oppervlak
English: cracked surface

Dutch: gebeeldhouwd oppervlak
English: sculptured surface

Dutch: gebeurtenis-gestuurd
English: event-driven

Dutch: gebezigd
English: occupied

Dutch: gebied
English: range; territory; area; scope; field

Dutch: gebiedsdekking
English: area coverage

Dutch: gebiedsleider
English: regional manager; area manager

Dutch: gebiedsopvulling
English: area fill

Dutch: geblokkeerd
English: blocked; locked; frozen

Dutch: geblokkeerde lengte
English: solid length

Dutch: geblokkeerde tijdbasis
English: ratchet time base

Dutch: geblokkeerde voorraad
English: blocked stock

Dutch: geblokt record
English: blocked record

Dutch: geboekt in voorraad
English: booked in-stock

Dutch: geboekt staan als
English: reputed

Dutch: geboekt uit voorraad
English: booked ex-stock

Dutch: gebogen
English: bent; curved

Dutch: gebogen golf
English: diffracted wave

Dutch: gebogen kromme
English: non-linear curve

Dutch: gebogen staafanode
English: curved bar anode

Dutch: gebouwenbeveiliging
English: building protection

Dutch: gebrande kalk
English: burned lime

Dutch: gebrek
English: defect; lack; shortage

Dutch: gebrekkig
English: deficient

Dutch: gebroken golf
English: refracted wave

Dutch: gebroken straal
English: refracted ray

Dutch: gebroken wit
English: off-white; broken white

Dutch: gebrom
English: hum

Dutch: gebruik
English: usage; use

Dutch: gebruik van de taal
English: speech act

Dutch: gebruikelijk
English: usual

Dutch: gebruiken
English: to use; to make use of; to employ

Dutch: gebruikersafhankelijk
English: user-dependent

Dutch: gebruikersdocumentatie
English: user documentation

Dutch: gebruikersgericht
English: user-oriented

Dutch: gebruikershandleiding
English: user manual

Dutch: gebruikersinteractie
English: user interaction

Dutch: gebruikersinterface
English: user interface

Dutch: gebruikersmodel
English: user model

Dutch: gebruikersspecificatie
English: user specification

Dutch: gebruikersspecifiek
English: user-specific

Dutch: gebruikerstest
English: consumer test

Dutch: gebruiksaanwijzing
English: directions for use; operating instructions; owner's manual

Dutch: gebruiksduur
English: useful life; life

Dutch: gebruiksgegevens
English: data for use; field data

Dutch: gebruiksgeval
English: use case

Dutch: gebruikskwaliteit
English: customer performance; consumer quality

Dutch: gebruiksmateriaal
English: starting material

Dutch: gebruiksmogelijkheden
English: uses; application possibilities

Dutch: gebruiksomstandigheden
English: conditions of use; use conditions; operating conditions

Dutch: gebruiksperiode
English: period of use

Dutch: gebruiksstand
English: position of normal end use

Dutch: gebruikstemperatuur
English: application temperature; service temperature

Dutch: gebufferd lezen
English: multi-reading feature

Dutch: gebufferde uitvoer
English: buffered output

Dutch: gebufferde versterker
English: buffered repeater

Dutch: gecacheerde optica
English: coated optics

Dutch: gecalculeerd gebruik
English: calculated usage

Dutch: gecarboneerde plaat
English: carbonized plate

Dutch: gecodeerd
English: coded

Dutch: gecodeerd programma
English: coded program

Dutch: gecodeerde spraak
English: coded speech

Dutch: gecombineerd station
English: combined station

Dutch: gecompleteerd circuit
English: closed circuit

Dutch: gecompliceerdheid
English: complexity; intricacy

Dutch: gecomprimeerd
English: compressed; packed; condensed

Dutch: gecomprimeerd bestand
English: compressed file

Dutch: geconcentreerd
English: concentrated; strong; lumped

Dutch: geconditioneerde lus
English: conditioned loop

Dutch: geconjugeerde brug
English: conjugate bridge

Dutch: gedachtenexperiment
English: thought experiment

Dutch: gede‹oniseerd
English: deionized

Dutch: gede‹oniseerd water
English: deionized water

Dutch: gedeeld beeld
English: split image

Dutch: gedeeld circuit
English: divided circuit

Dutch: gedeelde apparatuur
English: divided equipment

Dutch: gedeelde communicaties
English: joint communications

Dutch: gedeelte
English: part; portion

Dutch: gedeeltelijk gehard
English: zone toughened

Dutch: gedefinieerd item
English: defined item

Dutch: gedegenereerd
English: degenerate

Dutch: gedegenereerd beeld
English: degenerate image

Dutch: gedempt reageren
English: damped reaction; damped response

Dutch: gedempte golf
English: damped wave

Dutch: gedempte reactie
English: damped reaction

Dutch: gedempte trilling
English: damped oscillation; damped wave

Dutch: gedenatureerd
English: denatured

Dutch: gedepolariseerde anode
English: depolarized anode; depassive anode

Dutch: gederfd loon
English: lost wages; foregone wages

Dutch: gedestilleerd
English: distilled

Dutch: gedestilleerd water
English: distilled water

Dutch: gedetailleerd
English: detailed; in detail

Dutch: gedetailleerd ontwerp
English: detailed design

Dutch: gedetailleerdheid
English: detailedness

Dutch: gedifferentieerd
English: differentiated

Dutch: gediffundeerde eenheid
English: diffused device

Dutch: gediffundeerde junctie
English: diffused junction

Dutch: gediffundeerde laag
English: diffused layer

Dutch: gedigitaliseerd
English: digitised

Dutch: gedimd licht
English: dipped headlights

Dutch: gedistribueerd
English: distributed

Dutch: gedistribueerd systeem
English: distributed system

Dutch: gedompeld in compound
English: compound dipped

Dutch: gedoopt
English: doped

Dutch: gedoteerd
English: doped

Dutch: gedoteerde junctie
English: doped junction

Dutch: gedragsmodel
English: behavioural model

Dutch: gedragspatroon
English: conduct pattern

Dutch: gedragssimulatie
English: behavioural level simulation

Dutch: gedropt bericht
English: drop message

Dutch: gedrukt circuit
English: printed circuit

Dutch: gedrukt component
English: printed component

Dutch: gedrukte bedrading
English: printed wire; printed wiring

Dutch: gedrukte condensator
English: printed capacitor

Dutch: gedrukte schakeling
English: printed circuit

Dutch: gedrukte spoel
English: printed coil

Dutch: gedwongenheid
English: constraint

Dutch: geel
English: yellow; minus-blue

Dutch: geelachtig
English: yellowish

Dutch: geelkoper
English: brass

Dutch: geëmitteerd elektron
English: emitted electron

Dutch: geen aanspuiting
English: properly de-gated

Dutch: geen uitslag
English: zero deflection

Dutch: geen-bit
English: no-bit

Dutch: geëngageerdheid
English: involvement; commitment

Dutch: geen-gezeur garantie
English: no-quibble guarantee

Dutch: geërfde fout
English: inherited error

Dutch: geest
English: double image; echo; ghost; ghost image; multipath effect; mind

Dutch: geestbeeld
English: double image; echo; ghost; ghost image; multipath effect

Dutch: geesteskind
English: brainchild

Dutch: geëtst circuit
English: etched circuit

Dutch: geëxciteerde toestand
English: excited state

Dutch: geëxtrudeerde anode
English: extruded anode

Dutch: gefocusseerd
English: focused

Dutch: gefractioneerd
English: fractionated

Dutch: gegarandeerd loon
English: guaranteed wage

Dutch: gegenereerd adres
English: generated address; synthetic address

Dutch: gegeven
English: entry; item; datum

Dutch: gegevens
English: data; details; particulars; items

Dutch: gegevens en informatie
English: data and information

Dutch: gegevensabstractie
English: data abstraction

Dutch: gegevensaggregaat
English: data aggregate

Dutch: gegevensattribuut
English: data attribute

Dutch: gegevensbeheer
English: data management

Dutch: gegevensbeheerder
English: data officer; data steward

Dutch: gegevensbeheerssysteem
English: database management system: DBMS

Dutch: gegevensbestand
English: data file; file

Dutch: gegevensbestanddeel
English: data component

Dutch: gegevensbeveiliging
English: data security

Dutch: gegevensbibliotheek
English: data library

Dutch: gegevensbreekpunt
English: data breakpoint

Dutch: gegevenscentrale
English: data switching exchange: DSE

Dutch: gegevenscircuit
English: data circuit

Dutch: gegevenscode
English: data code

Dutch: gegevenscommunicatie
English: data communication

Dutch: gegevenscomprimering
English: data compression

Dutch: gegevensconcentrator
English: data concentrator

Dutch: gegevensconsistentie
English: data consistency

Dutch: gegevensdefinitie
English: data definition

Dutch: gegevensdefinitietaal
English: data definition language: DDL

Dutch: gegevensdictionaire
English: data dictionary

Dutch: gegevensdragergeheugen
English: data carrier store

Dutch: gegevenselement
English: data element

Dutch: gegevensexceptie
English: data exception

Dutch: gegevensfaciliteiten
English: data services

Dutch: gegevensgebruik
English: data use

Dutch: gegevensgeneratietaal
English: data generation language: DGL

Dutch: gegevensgestuurd
English: data-driven

Dutch: gegevensgevoelige fout
English: data-sensitive fault

Dutch: gegevenshoofdlijn
English: data bus

Dutch: gegevensinhoud
English: data content

Dutch: gegevensintegratie
English: data integration

Dutch: gegevensintegriteit
English: data integrity

Dutch: gegevensinterface
English: data interface

Dutch: gegevensinvoerblad
English: data input sheet

Dutch: gegevenskenmerk
English: attribute; data characteristic

Dutch: gegevenskoppeling
English: data chaining; data coupling; data link

Dutch: gegevenskoppelingslaag
English: data-link layer

Dutch: gegevenslijst
English: data list

Dutch: gegevensmodel
English: data model; information model

Dutch: gegevensmodus
English: data mode

Dutch: gegevensmultiplexer
English: data multiplexer

Dutch: gegevensnaam
English: data name

Dutch: gegevensnauwkeurigheid
English: data accuracy

Dutch: gegevensnetwerk
English: data network

Dutch: gegevensobject
English: data object

Dutch: gegevensomvormer
English: data transducer

Dutch: gegevensomzetter
English: data converter

Dutch: gegevensontvangst
English: data reception

Dutch: gegevensopname-eenheid
English: data logger

Dutch: gegevensopvraag
English: query

Dutch: gegevensorganisatie
English: data organization

Dutch: gegevensoverbrenging
English: data transfer

Dutch: gegevensoverdracht
English: data transfer

Dutch: gegevensrecord
English: data record

Dutch: gegevensrepresentatie
English: data representation

Dutch: gegevens-retrieval
English: data retrieval

Dutch: gegevensschakeling
English: data switch

Dutch: gegevenssegment
English: data segment

Dutch: gegevenssignaal
English: data signal

Dutch: gegevenssplitsing
English: data fission; fission

Dutch: gegevensstadium
English: data phase

Dutch: gegevensstation
English: data station

Dutch: gegevensstroom
English: data flow; data stream

Dutch: gegevensstroomdiagram
English: data flow diagram: DFD

Dutch: gegevensstroomschema
English: data flowchart

Dutch: gegevensstructuur
English: data structure

Dutch: gegevenstester
English: data tester

Dutch: gegevenstraject
English: datawire

Dutch: gegevenstransmissie
English: data transmission

Dutch: gegevenstype
English: data type; type

Dutch: gegevenstypering
English: data typing

Dutch: gegevensvastlegging
English: logging

Dutch: gegevensverberging
English: data hiding; hiding

Dutch: gegevensverbinding
English: data connection; data link

Dutch: gegevensverdichting
English: data compaction

Dutch: gegevensverklaring
English: data declaration

Dutch: gegevensversmelting
English: data fusion; fusion

Dutch: gegevensverwerkend
English: data processing

Dutch: gegevensverwerker
English: data processor

Dutch: gegevensverzameling
English: data collection; file; data acquisition; data gathering; data set

Dutch: gegevensverzendeenheid
English: data transmitter

Dutch: gegevensverzendstation
English: data transmitter

Dutch: gegevenswaarde
English: data value

Dutch: gegloeid
English: annealed

Dutch: gegolfd
English: corrugated; undulating

Dutch: gegoten anode
English: cast anode

Dutch: gegoten component
English: moulded component

Dutch: gegoten pulp
English: moulded pulp

Dutch: gegroefd
English: channelled; fluted; grooved

Dutch: gegroepeerd materiaal
English: staged material

Dutch: gegroepeerde records
English: grouped records

Dutch: gegrond
English: primed; founded

Dutch: gehalte
English: content

Dutch: geharmoniseerd systeem
English: harmonized standards

Dutch: geheel gewijzigd
English: completely changed; revised

Dutch: geheel-deel relatie
English: whole-part relation

Dutch: geheugen
English: memory; store; storage; data store

Dutch: geheugenallocatie
English: storage allocation

Dutch: geheugenbeeldbuis
English: display-storage tube

Dutch: geheugenbescherming
English: memory protection; storage protection

Dutch: geheugenbeveiliging
English: memory protection; storage protection

Dutch: geheugenblok
English: storage block; memory block

Dutch: geheugenbuis
English: storage tube

Dutch: geheugencapaciteit
English: capacity; memory capacity; storage capacity

Dutch: geheugencel
English: storage cell

Dutch: geheugenchip
English: memory chip

Dutch: geheugencompactie
English: memory compaction

Dutch: geheugencyclus
English: memory cycle

Dutch: geheugendump
English: memory dump

Dutch: geheugeneffici‰ntie
English: storage efficiency

Dutch: geheugenelektrode
English: storage electrode

Dutch: geheugenelement
English: latch; storage cell; cell

Dutch: geheugengebied
English: storage area

Dutch: geheugenkern
English: storage core

Dutch: geheugenomvang
English: memory capacity

Dutch: geheugenoscilloscoop
English: memoscope; storage oscilloscope

Dutch: geheugenoverzicht
English: memory map

Dutch: geheugenplaats
English: memory location; location

Dutch: geheugenpositie
English: storage location

Dutch: geheugenprotectie
English: memory protection

Dutch: geheugenschijf
English: memory disk

Dutch: geheugensegment
English: partition; storage partition

Dutch: geheugentoewijzing
English: storage allocation

Dutch: geheugentrommel
English: memory drum

Dutch: geheugenwisseling
English: memory swapping

Dutch: gehoor
English: hearing; audience

Dutch: gehoordrempel
English: hearing threshold; auditory threshold

Dutch: gehoorgrens
English: limit of hearing; limit of audibility

Dutch: gehoorkromme
English: hearing characteristic; hearing curve; audiogram

Dutch: gehoorverlies
English: hearing loss

Dutch: gehoorverslechtering
English: hearing impairment

Dutch: geïdealiseerde anode
English: idealized anode

Dutch: geïndiceerd
English: indexed

Dutch: geïndiceerd adres
English: indexed address

Dutch: geïndiceerd bestand
English: indexed file

Dutch: geïnduceerd
English: induced

Dutch: geïnduceerde lading
English: induced charge

Dutch: geïnduceerde spanning
English: induced voltage

Dutch: geïnduceerde stroom
English: induced current

Dutch: geïnfereerde kennis
English: inferred knowledge

Dutch: geïnstantieerde kopie
English: instance

Dutch: geïntegreerd
English: integrated

Dutch: geïntegreerd moduul
English: integrated module

Dutch: geïntegreerd systeem
English: integrated system

Dutch: geïntegreerde tuner
English: integrated tuner

Dutch: geïnterviewde
English: interviewee

Dutch: geïoniseerd gas
English: ionized gas

Dutch: geïsoleerd
English: insulated; isolated

Dutch: gekalibreerde meting
English: calibrated measurement

Dutch: geketende lijst
English: linked list

Dutch: gekleurd
English: coloured; dyed

Dutch: geklokte flip-flop
English: clocked flip-flop

Dutch: geklokte informatie
English: clocked information

Dutch: geklokte poort
English: clocked gate

Dutch: geklokte verbinding
English: clocked thread

Dutch: gekoelde versterker
English: cooled amplifier

Dutch: gekookt
English: boiled

Dutch: gekookte lijnolie
English: boiled linseed oil

Dutch: gekoperiseerd
English: copper faced; copper clad

Dutch: gekoppeld
English: on-line; coupled; interfaced; linked

Dutch: gekoppeld afroepen
English: dedicated call-off

Dutch: gekoppeld bestellen
English: dedicated purchase order

Dutch: gekoppeld dipool
English: linked dipole

Dutch: gekoppeld systeem
English: coupled system

Dutch: gekoppeld toetsenbord
English: manual input unit; manual word generator; number generator

Dutch: gekoppelde kring
English: coupled circuit

Dutch: gekoppelde werkwijzen
English: coupled modes

Dutch: gekozen element
English: selected cell

Dutch: gekraak
English: crackle; crackling

Dutch: gekraakt
English: cracked

Dutch: gekristalliseerd
English: crystallized

Dutch: gekristalliseerd glas
English: devitrifying-type glass

Dutch: gekrompen op
English: shrunk on

Dutch: gel
English: gel

Dutch: gelaagd contact
English: laminated contact

Dutch: gelaagd materiaal
English: laminate

Dutch: gelaagd persproduct
English: laminated moulding

Dutch: gelaagd protocol
English: layered protocol

Dutch: gelaagd systeem
English: layered system

Dutch: gelaagde opbouw
English: layered structure

Dutch: gelaagde taal
English: stratified language

Dutch: gelaatsscherm
English: face guard; face shield

Dutch: gelabelde behoefte
English: pegged requirement

Dutch: geladen oorsprong
English: loaded origin

Dutch: gelagerd
English: borne; bearing

Dutch: gelatine
English: gelatin; gelatine

Dutch: gelden
English: to be valid; to apply; to hold good

Dutch: geldig zijn voor
English: to be valid for; to apply to; to hold good for

Dutch: geldigheidsaanduiding
English: validity indicator

Dutch: gele vlek
English: fovea

Dutch: gelede steekproef
English: stratified sample

Dutch: gelede testvinger
English: articulated test finger

Dutch: geleding
English: joint; linkage; articulation; stratification

Dutch: geleed monster
English: stratified sample

Dutch: gelegeerd
English: alloyed

Dutch: gelegeerde diode
English: alloy diode

Dutch: gelegenheid
English: opportunity; occasion; facility

Dutch: gelei
English: jelly

Dutch: geleid wikkelen
English: guided winding

Dutch: geleidbaar
English: conductive

Dutch: geleidbaarheid
English: conductance; conductivity

Dutch: geleide loonpolitiek
English: guided wage policy

Dutch: geleidearm
English: guide arm

Dutch: geleidebeugel
English: guide bracket

Dutch: geleidebus
English: guide bush

Dutch: geleidegat
English: feed hole; sprocket hole; pinhole

Dutch: geleidegatafstand
English: feed pitch

Dutch: geleiden
English: to guide; to conduct

Dutch: geleidend
English: conducting; conductive

Dutch: geleidend zout
English: conducting salt

Dutch: geleidende lijm
English: conductive adhesive

Dutch: geleidende toestand
English: conducting state

Dutch: geleidepen
English: guide pin; dowel

Dutch: geleideplaat
English: guide plate

Dutch: geleider
English: conductor; guide

Dutch: geleiderbrug
English: jumper

Dutch: geleiderol
English: guide roller

Dutch: geleidespoor
English: feed track

Dutch: geleidestang
English: guide post

Dutch: geleidestift
English: guide pin

Dutch: geleiding
English: conductance; conduction; guide; guiding

Dutch: geleidingsband
English: conductance band; conduction band

Dutch: geleidingsbronsdraad
English: conductive bronze wire

Dutch: geleidingsdraad
English: conducting wire

Dutch: geleidingselektron
English: conduction electron

Dutch: geleidingsstroom
English: conduction current

Dutch: geleidingssysteem
English: conducting system

Dutch: geleidingsveld
English: conduction field

Dutch: geleidingsvermogen
English: conductance; conductivity

Dutch: geleidingszuil
English: guide pillar

Dutch: geleipen
English: guide pin; dowel

Dutch: geleren
English: to gel

Dutch: geleringstijd
English: gelling time

Dutch: gelijk aan
English: identical to; equal to; similar to

Dutch: gelijk met
English: flush with; level with; even with

Dutch: gelijk verdeeld
English: equally divided; equally spaced; equispaced; uniformly distributed

Dutch: gelijk worden aan
English: to equal

Dutch: gelijk zijn aan
English: to equal

Dutch: gelijke-lengte code
English: equal-length code

Dutch: gelijkfasig
English: in-phase; cophasal

Dutch: gelijkfasige aftasting
English: synchronous scanning

Dutch: gelijkheidsorgaan
English: equality unit; equality circuit

Dutch: gelijkloop
English: tracking

Dutch: gelijkloopcontrole
English: tracking inspection

Dutch: gelijklopen
English: tracking; synchronism; parity of law

Dutch: gelijkmatig
English: even; uniform

Dutch: gelijkmatig lopen
English: to have uniform torque

Dutch: gelijkmatig opgespoeld
English: evenly wound

Dutch: gelijkmatig rood
English: uniformly red

Dutch: gelijkmatig verdeeld
English: uniformly distributed

Dutch: gelijkmatigheid
English: uniformity; evenness

Dutch: gelijkrichtbrug
English: rectifier bridge

Dutch: gelijkrichtbuis
English: rectifier valve

Dutch: gelijkrichtdiode
English: rectifier diode

Dutch: gelijkrichtefficiëntie
English: rectification efficiency

Dutch: gelijkrichten
English: to rectify

Dutch: gelijkrichter
English: rectifier

Dutch: gelijkrichterelement
English: rectifier element

Dutch: gelijkrichterkring
English: rectifier circuit

Dutch: gelijkrichting
English: rectification

Dutch: gelijkrichtschakeling
English: rectifier circuit

Dutch: gelijkspanning
English: direct voltage; direct-current voltage; rectified voltage

Dutch: gelijkspanningsherstel
English: dc restoration

Dutch: gelijkspanningsklem
English: DC terminal

Dutch: gelijkstelling
English: peer-to-peer

Dutch: gelijkstoten
English: to joggle

Dutch: gelijkstroom
English: direct current: DC

Dutch: gelijkstroombron
English: DC source

Dutch: gelijkstroomcentrering
English: DC centring

Dutch: gelijkstroomgenerator
English: DC generator

Dutch: gelijkstroomkring
English: DC circuit

Dutch: gelijkstroommachine
English: DC machine

Dutch: gelijkstroommotor
English: DC motor

Dutch: gelijkstroomomvormer
English: DC converter

Dutch: gelijkstroomuitzending
English: direct current transmission

Dutch: gelijkstroomweerstand
English: DC resistance

Dutch: gelijktijdig
English: concurrent; simultaneous

Dutch: gelijktijdig bruikbaar
English: re-entrant

Dutch: gelijktijdigheid
English: concurrency

Dutch: gelijkvloers
English: flush with; ground floor

Dutch: gelijkwaardig aan
English: equivalent to

Dutch: gelijkwaardig circuit
English: equivalent circuit

Dutch: gelijkwaardige diode
English: equivalent diode

Dutch: gelijkwaardige eenheid
English: peer

Dutch: gelijkzijdig
English: equilateral

Dutch: gelinkt
English: linked

Dutch: geluid in beeld
English: sound on vision

Dutch: geluidabsorberend
English: sound-absorbing

Dutch: geluiddempend
English: sound dampening

Dutch: geluiddempende stoffen
English: sound-damping materials

Dutch: geluiddicht
English: soundproof

Dutch: geluiddicht maken
English: to sound-proof

Dutch: geluidsafsplitser
English: sound take-off filter

Dutch: geluidsafsplitsing
English: sound take-off

Dutch: geluidsband
English: audiotape; sound recording tape

Dutch: geluidsbandbreedte
English: sound bandwidth

Dutch: geluidsblok
English: sound block

Dutch: geluidsbron
English: sound source

Dutch: geluidsdetectie
English: sound detection

Dutch: geluidsdetector
English: sound detector

Dutch: geluidsdiscriminator
English: sound discriminator

Dutch: geluidsdraaggolf
English: sound carrier; audio carrier

Dutch: geluidsdraaggolffilter
English: sound trap

Dutch: geluidsdraaggolfzwaai
English: sound carrier sweep

Dutch: geluidsdrager
English: sound carrier

Dutch: geluidsdruk
English: sound pressure

Dutch: geluidsdrukniveau
English: sound pressure level

Dutch: geluidseffect
English: sound effect

Dutch: geluidsenergieflux
English: sound-energy flux

Dutch: geluidsflux
English: sound flux

Dutch: geluidsfrequentie
English: audio frequency; sound frequency: AF

Dutch: geluidsfrequentiemeter
English: audio-frequency meter

Dutch: geluidsfrequentieruis
English: audio-frequency noise

Dutch: geluidsgedeelte
English: audiopart

Dutch: geluidsgolf
English: sound wave; acoustic wave

Dutch: geluidshinder
English: noise pollution; noise nuisance

Dutch: geluidsinformatie
English: sound information; audio information

Dutch: geluidsinstallatie
English: sound reproducing equipment; sound reproduction equipment

Dutch: geluidsintensiteit
English: sound intensity

Dutch: geluidsisolerend
English: sound insulating

Dutch: geluidsjagen
English: to record

Dutch: geluidsjager
English: recordist; sound hunter

Dutch: geluidskanaal
English: sound channel; audio channel

Dutch: geluidskeuzeschakelaar
English: sound selector switch

Dutch: geluidskop
English: audio head; sound head

Dutch: geluidskophuis
English: audio-head casing; sound-head casing

Dutch: geluidsmengpaneel
English: sound mixer panel

Dutch: geluidsmodulatie
English: sound modulation

Dutch: geluidsmodulator
English: sound modulator

Dutch: geluidsmontage
English: sound editing

Dutch: geluidsniveau
English: sound level

Dutch: geluidsonderdrukking
English: sound rejection

Dutch: geluidsopname
English: sound recording; audio recording

Dutch: geluidsreflector
English: sound reflector

Dutch: geluidsregelaar
English: volume control

Dutch: geluidsregistratie
English: sound recording; audio recording

Dutch: geluidssnelheid
English: speed of sound

Dutch: geluidsspectrum
English: audio spectrum; sound spectrum

Dutch: geluidssperkring
English: sound trap

Dutch: geluidsspoor
English: sound track; audio track

Dutch: geluidssterkte
English: sound intensity

Dutch: geluidsstoring
English: sound disturbance; sound interference

Dutch: geluidstechnicus
English: audio engineer; sound engineer

Dutch: geluidstrap
English: sound stage

Dutch: geluidstrilling
English: acoustic oscillation; sound vibration

Dutch: geluidsuitgang
English: sound output

Dutch: geluidsveld
English: sound field

Dutch: geluidsversterker
English: sound amplifier; audio amplifier

Dutch: geluidsvolume
English: sound volume; volume

Dutch: geluidsweergave
English: sound reproduction

Dutch: geluidszender
English: sound transmitter

Dutch: gelusd netwerk
English: loop network

Dutch: gemakkelijk
English: convenient; handy; easy

Dutch: gemakkelijk bereikbaar
English: well accessible; of easy access; easy to get

Dutch: gemakkelijk te slijpen
English: easy to grind

Dutch: gemakkelijkheid
English: convenience

Dutch: gematrixd
English: matrixed

Dutch: gemeenschappelijk
English: common; shared; concerted

Dutch: gemeenschappelijkheid
English: commonality

Dutch: gemene-weg-signalering
English: common-channel signalling

Dutch: gemengd talstelsel
English: mixed radix notation; mixed base notation

Dutch: gemengde modulatie
English: mixed modulation

Dutch: gemengde modus
English: mixed mode

Dutch: gemengde spanning
English: composite voltage

Dutch: gemengde stroom
English: composite current

Dutch: gemerkt materiaal
English: earmarked material

Dutch: gemeten tarief
English: calculated piece rates; measured piece rates

Dutch: gemicrominiaturiseerd
English: micro-miniaturized

Dutch: gemiddeld bereik
English: mean range

Dutch: gemiddeld vermogen
English: average power

Dutch: gemiddeld wit
English: equal-signal white

Dutch: gemiddelde
English: average; mean

Dutch: gemiddelde afwijking
English: average deviation; mean deviation; bias

Dutch: gemiddelde bloklengte
English: average block length

Dutch: gemiddelde helderheid
English: average brightness

Dutch: gemiddelde levensduur
English: mean life-time

Dutch: gemiddelde spanning
English: average voltage

Dutch: gemiddelde stroom
English: average current

Dutch: gemiddelde voorraad
English: average inventory

Dutch: gemiddelde waarde
English: average value; mean value

Dutch: gemiddelde waarnemer
English: average observer

Dutch: gemiste verkopen
English: missed sales

Dutch: gemodificeerd
English: modified

Dutch: gemodificeerd systeem
English: modified system

Dutch: gemoduleerd (met)
English: modulated (at)

Dutch: gemoduleerd gedeelte
English: take

Dutch: gemoduleerde draaggolf
English: modulated carrier wave

Dutch: gemoduleerde drager
English: modulated carrier

Dutch: gemoduleerde groef
English: recorded groove

Dutch: gemoduleerde straal
English: modulated beam

Dutch: generalisatie
English: generalization

Dutch: generatieproces
English: generation process

Dutch: generatieve planning
English: generative planning

Dutch: generator
English: generator; generating program

Dutch: generatorefficiëntie
English: generator efficiency

Dutch: generatorsignaal
English: generator signal

Dutch: genereer-en-test
English: generate-and-test

Dutch: genereerprogramma
English: generating program; generator

Dutch: genereren
English: to generate

Dutch: generiek
English: generic

Dutch: generiek bouwblok
English: generic building block

Dutch: generiek niveau
English: generic level

Dutch: generiek object
English: generic object

Dutch: generiek ontwerp
English: generic design

Dutch: generieke bewerking
English: generic operation

Dutch: generieke middelen
English: generic resources

Dutch: generieke notatie
English: generic markup

Dutch: genest deelprogramma
English: nesting subroutine

Dutch: genest; geneste
English: nested

Dutch: geneste DO-groep
English: nested DO-group

Dutch: geneste lussen
English: nested loops; nesting loop

Dutch: geneste procedure
English: nested procedure

Dutch: geneste subroutine
English: nested subroutine

Dutch: genetisch
English: genetic

Dutch: geodetisch
English: geodesic

Dutch: geoefende arbeider
English: semi-skilled worker

Dutch: geometrie
English: geometry

Dutch: geometrisch gemiddelde
English: geometric mean

Dutch: geometrisch model
English: geometric model

Dutch: geometrische fout
English: geometric distortion; geometric error

Dutch: geometrische opzet
English: geometric design

Dutch: geometrische verdeling
English: geometric distribution

Dutch: geometrische vorm
English: geometric shape

Dutch: geordende boom
English: ordered tree

Dutch: georiënteerd kristal
English: oriented crystal

Dutch: geostationaire baan
English: geostationary orbit

Dutch: geosynchroon
English: geosynchrone

Dutch: gepantserd
English: armoured

Dutch: geperforeerd bord
English: perforated board

Dutch: geperste kast
English: moulded cabinet

Dutch: geperste spoel
English: pressed coil

Dutch: gepiekt
English: peaked

Dutch: gepiekte golfvorm
English: peaked waveform

Dutch: gepigmenteerde stof
English: pigmented matter

Dutch: gepland onderhoud
English: scheduled maintenance

Dutch: geplande audit
English: scheduled audit

Dutch: geplande bezetting
English: planned load

Dutch: geplande capaciteit
English: planned capacity

Dutch: geplande inkoop
English: scheduled purchasing

Dutch: geplande levering
English: scheduled delivery

Dutch: geplande ontvangst
English: planned receipt

Dutch: geplande ontvangsten
English: scheduled receipts

Dutch: geplande opdracht
English: planned order

Dutch: geplande order
English: planned order

Dutch: geplande ordervrijgave
English: planned order release

Dutch: geplande uitgifte
English: planned issue

Dutch: geplande voorraad
English: planned stock

Dutch: geplasticeerd
English: plasticized

Dutch: geplastificeerd
English: plasticized

Dutch: geplatteerd
English: clad

Dutch: gepolijst oppervlak
English: polished surface; buffed surface

Dutch: geponst werkprogramma
English: object deck

Dutch: geprecipiteerd
English: precipitated

Dutch: geprefabriceerd
English: prefabricated: prefab

Dutch: geprofileerde veer
English: profiled spring

Dutch: geprogrammeerd
English: programmed

Dutch: geprogrammeerde logica
English: programmed logic

Dutch: geprogrammeerde robot
English: programmed robot

Dutch: geprojecteerd beeld
English: projected image

Dutch: gerammel
English: rattle; rattling

Dutch: geratel
English: rattling

Dutch: gerede kabel
English: cable assembly

Dutch: gereduceerde amplitude
English: de-emphasis

Dutch: gereed maken
English: to set up

Dutch: gereed product
English: end product; finished product

Dutch: gereedkomen
English: to get ready

Dutch: gereedschapaanmaak
English: making of tools; toolmaking

Dutch: gereedschapsbaan
English: tool path

Dutch: gereedschapsbeheer
English: tool management

Dutch: gereedschapsfamilie
English: tooling family

Dutch: gereedschapsfunctie
English: tool function

Dutch: gereedschapsgat
English: pilot hole; locating hole; tooling hole

Dutch: gereedschapsgebruik
English: tooling

Dutch: gereedschapshouder
English: tool holder

Dutch: gereedschapskist
English: kit; tool chest; tool box; tool case

Dutch: gereedschapsklem
English: tool clip

Dutch: gereedschapslijst
English: tool list

Dutch: gereedschapsmachine
English: machine tool; tooling machine

Dutch: gereedschapsmaker
English: tool maker

Dutch: gereedschapsmakerij
English: tool shop; toolroom

Dutch: gereedschapsmiddelpunt
English: tool center point: TCP

Dutch: gereedschapsnummer
English: tool number

Dutch: gereedschapsstaal
English: tool steel

Dutch: gereedschapsstempel
English: tool die

Dutch: gereedschapstas
English: tool kit

Dutch: gereedschapswerktuig
English: machine tool

Dutch: gereedsmaat
English: final size

Dutch: gereflecteerde golf
English: reflected wave

Dutch: geregeld onderhoud
English: scheduled maintenance; routine maintenance

Dutch: geregelde grootheid
English: controlled variable

Dutch: geregistreerde oproep
English: booked call

Dutch: geremd schuim
English: low lather

Dutch: gereserveerd gebied
English: reserved area

Dutch: gereserveerd woord
English: reserved word, keyword

Dutch: gereserveerde voorraad
English: reserved stock

Dutch: geribbelde anode
English: ribbed anode

Dutch: geribde zuigmond
English: ribbed nozzle

Dutch: gericht
English: directed; oriented; directional

Dutch: gericht net
English: directed net

Dutch: gericht netwerk
English: directed graph

Dutch: gericht plaatsen
English: to locate; to orient

Dutch: gericht wikkelen
English: guided winding

Dutch: gerichte aftasting
English: directed scan

Dutch: gerichte boom
English: directed tree

Dutch: gerichte fabriek
English: focused factory

Dutch: gerichte graaf
English: directed graph

Dutch: gerichte overdracht
English: collimated transmittance

Dutch: gerichte reflectie
English: regular reflection; direct reflection

Dutch: gerichte transmissie
English: directional transmission

Dutch: gerichtheid
English: orientation

Dutch: gerild
English: creased; corrugated

Dutch: gerilsaneerd
English: Rilsan coated

Dutch: gering
English: slight

Dutch: geringe compliantie
English: stiffness; low compliance

Dutch: geringe fout
English: minor defect; minor mistake; minor error

Dutch: geringste verplichting
English: least commitment

Dutch: germaniumdiode
English: germanium diode

Dutch: germaniumdioxide
English: germanium dioxide

Dutch: germaniumgelijkrichter
English: germanium rectifier

Dutch: germaniumtransistor
English: germanium transistor

Dutch: geruisloos
English: silent; quiet

Dutch: geruisloos werkend
English: silent-operating

Dutch: geruisloosheid
English: silentness; quietness

Dutch: geruisloze afstemming
English: silent tuning

Dutch: geschakeld circuit
English: switched circuit

Dutch: geschatte aankomsttijd
English: estimated time of arrival: ETA

Dutch: geschatte levensduur
English: expected life-time

Dutch: gescheiden
English: separated; parted

Dutch: gescheiden kanalen
English: separate channels

Dutch: gescheiden klavier
English: divided keyboard

Dutch: gescheiden signalen
English: separated signals

Dutch: gescheiden versterkers
English: separate amplifiers

Dutch: geschept papier
English: moulded paper; scooped paper; moulded pulp

Dutch: geschiedenisboom
English: history tree

Dutch: geschikt
English: suitable

Dutch: geschikt maken
English: suite (to)

Dutch: geschild fineer
English: rotary cut veneer

Dutch: geschoolde arbeider
English: skilled worker

Dutch: geschreven
English: written

Dutch: geschrokken las
English: disturbed joint

Dutch: geschubd
English: squamous

Dutch: gesegmenteerde lijn
English: polyline

Dutch: gesimuleerd harden
English: simulated annealing

Dutch: geslagen
English: stranded

Dutch: geslepen na het harden
English: ground after hardening

Dutch: gesleufd hoekijzer
English: slotted angle

Dutch: gesleuteld
English: keyed; gated

Dutch: gesleuteld interval
English: keyed interval

Dutch: gesloten architectuur
English: closed architecture

Dutch: gesloten capacitantie
English: closed capacitance

Dutch: gesloten deelprogramma
English: closed subprogram

Dutch: gesloten hoogte
English: shut height; die height

Dutch: gesloten kanaal
English: closed-loop channel

Dutch: gesloten kring
English: closed loop

Dutch: gesloten kringloop
English: closed loop

Dutch: gesloten kroes
English: closed cup; closed crucible

Dutch: gesloten lus
English: closed loop

Dutch: gesloten nummering
English: all number calling: ANC

Dutch: gesloten regelkring
English: closed-loop control

Dutch: gesloten regelsysteem
English: closed-loop system

Dutch: gesloten subroutine
English: closed subroutine

Dutch: gesloten systeem
English: closed system

Dutch: gesloten vakverdeling
English: bumper cell partition

Dutch: gesloten-lus MRP
English: closed-loop MRP

Dutch: gesloten-lusbesturing
English: closed-loop control

Dutch: gesloten-lussysteem
English: closed loop system

Dutch: gesmolten was-proces
English: lost wax process

Dutch: gesmolten zink
English: molten zinc

Dutch: gesmolten zoutbad
English: fused salt bath; molten salt bath

Dutch: gesneden fineer
English: flat cut veneer

Dutch: gesneden lakplaat
English: master; prodac

Dutch: gespecificeerd domein
English: specified domain

Dutch: gespecificeerde invoer
English: specified input

Dutch: gesperd
English: blocked

Dutch: gesperde functie
English: inhibited function

Dutch: gespiraliseerd snoer
English: coiled cord

Dutch: gespleten ruit
English: split screen

Dutch: gesplitst contact
English: bifurcated contact

Dutch: gesplitste levering
English: part delivery

Dutch: gesplitste orderregel
English: split order line

Dutch: gesplitste serie
English: split lot

Dutch: gespoten
English: sprayed; spray painted; injection moulded; diecast; squirted

Dutch: gespreid
English: distributed; spread

Dutch: gespreide vorm
English: unpacked format; zoned format

Dutch: gesprek
English: discourse

Dutch: gesprongen oppervlak
English: cracked surface

Dutch: gestandaardiseerd
English: standardized

Dutch: gestreken lasnaad
English: flush weld

Dutch: gestructureerd
English: structured

Dutch: gestructureerd ontwerp
English: structured design

Dutch: gestructureerde taal
English: structured language

Dutch: gestuurd
English: controlled; driven

Dutch: gesublimeerd
English: sublimated

Dutch: gesuperponeerd
English: heterodyne

Dutch: getabuleerde cilinder
English: tabulated cylinder

Dutch: getal
English: number; numeral

Dutch: getalvoorstelling
English: numeral; number; number representation; number system

Dutch: getand
English: jagged

Dutch: geteleviseerd
English: televized

Dutch: getolereerde maat
English: toleranced dimension

Dutch: getransistoriseerd
English: transistorized

Dutch: getrapt
English: stepped

Dutch: getrapte bemonstering
English: nested sampling

Dutch: getrapte boor
English: stepped drill

Dutch: getrapte snaarschijf
English: stepped pulley

Dutch: getrapte steekproef
English: nested sample

Dutch: getrokken diode
English: grown diode

Dutch: getrokken junctie
English: grown junction

Dutch: getrokken part
English: driven part

Dutch: getrouw
English: faithful; true

Dutch: getrouwe kleurweergave
English: colour fidelity

Dutch: getrouwe weergave
English: faithful response; true-to-life reproduction

Dutch: getrouwheidsgraad
English: accuracy

Dutch: getrouwheidskromme
English: fidelity curve

Dutch: getter
English: getter

Dutch: getwist aderpaar
English: twisted pair

Dutch: geus
English: pig

Dutch: gevaar
English: danger; risk; hazard

Dutch: gevaar van lasers
English: laser hazard

Dutch: gevaarlijk
English: dangerous; hazardous; critical

Dutch: geval
English: case

Dutch: gevarengrens
English: warning limit; danger zone

Dutch: gevat in
English: mounted in; framed

Dutch: geveerd
English: spring-loaded

Dutch: gevelbekledingsplaat
English: siding

Dutch: geventileerd
English: ventilated

Dutch: gevlamd
English: flamed

Dutch: gevlochten draad
English: woven wire

Dutch: gevlochten netwerk
English: braid

Dutch: gevoel
English: feeling; touch; sensation; sense

Dutch: gevoelig element
English: sensor

Dutch: gevoelig voor
English: sensitive to

Dutch: gevoelige zijde
English: sensitive side

Dutch: gevoeligheid
English: sensitivity; response; susceptibility

Dutch: gevoeligheid voor
English: susceptibility to; sensitivity to

Dutch: gevoeligheidscontrole
English: sensitivity test

Dutch: gevoeligheidskromme
English: sensitivity curve

Dutch: gevoeligheidsregeling
English: sensitivity control

Dutch: gevoerd
English: lined

Dutch: gevolge (ten - van)
English: in consequence of; as a result of; due to

Dutch: gevormd
English: shaped

Dutch: gevouwen dipool
English: folded dipole

Dutch: gewalste anode
English: rolled anode

Dutch: gewapend glas
English: armour-plate glass

Dutch: geweigerde toegang
English: access denial

Dutch: gewenste toestand
English: goal state

Dutch: gewicht
English: weight; significance

Dutch: gewichtsafname
English: decrease in weight

Dutch: gewichtsdeel
English: part by weight

Dutch: gewichtseenheid
English: unit of weight

Dutch: gewichtshoeveelheid
English: quantity of weight

Dutch: gewichtsprocent
English: percent by weight; weight percent; weight percentage

Dutch: gewichtsverdeling
English: weight distribution

Dutch: gewikkeld met papier
English: paper wound

Dutch: gewikkelde weerstand
English: wire-wound resistor

Dutch: gewogen gemiddelde
English: moving average; weighted average

Dutch: gewogen netwerk
English: weighting network

Dutch: gewonden spiraalbuis
English: flexible metallic tube; Bowden cable

Dutch: gewone instelpassing
English: ordinary adjustable fit

Dutch: gewoon lopende passing
English: ordinary running fit

Dutch: gezagvoerder
English: master; master unit

Dutch: gezamenlijk personeel
English: personnel

Dutch: gezamenlijke voorraad
English: aggregate inventory

Dutch: gezandstraald
English: sand-blast; sand-blasted

Dutch: gezichtshoek
English: visual angle; viewing angle; angle of vision

Dutch: gezichtslijn
English: line of vision

Dutch: gezichtsvelddiafragma
English: viewfield diaphragm

Dutch: gezien
English: viewed

Dutch: gezien op prentzijde
English: viewed from print side

Dutch: gezien van boven
English: viewed from top

Dutch: gezien van links
English: viewed from the left

Dutch: gezien van onderen
English: viewed form bottom

Dutch: gezien van rechts
English: viewed from the right

Dutch: gezinkiseerd
English: hot zinc sprayed; zinc clad

Dutch: gezochte groep
English: hunt group

Dutch: gezond
English: healthy; sun finish; spun illuminated; sun- ray finish

Dutch: ghostscript
English: ghostscript

Dutch: ghostview
English: ghostview

Dutch: gieren
English: to yaw

Dutch: gieten
English: to cast; to diecast; to mould

Dutch: gieterij
English: foundry; casting bay; moulding shop

Dutch: gietfout
English: flaw

Dutch: gietgal
English: flaw

Dutch: giethars
English: moulding resin

Dutch: giethuid
English: casting scale; mill skin

Dutch: gietkern
English: core

Dutch: gietkroes
English: crucible

Dutch: gietlepel
English: ladle

Dutch: gietmaat
English: casting dimension

Dutch: gietmal
English: moulding jig

Dutch: gietmassa
English: moulding compound

Dutch: gietmatrijzenstaal
English: steel for diecasting moulds

Dutch: gietmessing
English: cast brass

Dutch: gietmodel
English: pattern; casting pattern

Dutch: gietnaad
English: fin

Dutch: gietpoeder
English: casting powder

Dutch: gietproduct
English: casting product; casting; moulding

Dutch: gietrubber
English: casting rubber

Dutch: gietstuk
English: casting mould; ingot mould; mould; casting (different meaning)

Dutch: gietvorm
English: mould

Dutch: gifkluis
English: poison safe

Dutch: giftig
English: poisonous; toxic

Dutch: giga
English: giga

Dutch: gigahertz
English: gigahertz: GHz

Dutch: gillen
English: to scream; to howl

Dutch: gips
English: gypsum; plaster of Paris

Dutch: gitaar
English: guitar

Dutch: glad
English: smooth; slippery

Dutch: glad afsnijden
English: to cut off smooth; to cut off clean

Dutch: gladde zuigmond
English: smooth nozzle

Dutch: gladheid
English: smoothness; slipperiness

Dutch: gladmaken
English: to smooth

Dutch: gladponsen
English: to shave

Dutch: gladschuren
English: to polish; to sand smooth

Dutch: glans
English: gloss; lustre; brightness

Dutch: glansbad
English: bright dip; bright plating bath

Dutch: glansbehoud
English: retention of gloss; stability of gloss

Dutch: glansbeits
English: bright pickle

Dutch: glansbeitsen
English: bright pickling

Dutch: glansbereik
English: brightening range

Dutch: glanseffect
English: brightening effect; brightening action

Dutch: glansinstallatie
English: bright dipping equipment

Dutch: glanslak
English: gloss paint

Dutch: glansmeter
English: gloss meter; reflectometer

Dutch: glansmiddel
English: brightening agent; brightener; bright dip

Dutch: glansnikkelbad
English: bright nickel plating bath

Dutch: glanspasta
English: bright polishing paste

Dutch: glanspolijsten
English: burnishing; superfinishing; superfine polishing

Dutch: glanstraject
English: bright plating range

Dutch: glansvercadmiummen
English: bright cadmium plating

Dutch: glansverchromen
English: bright chromium plating

Dutch: glansverkoperen
English: bright copper plating

Dutch: glansverlies
English: loss of gloss

Dutch: glansverloden
English: bright lead plating

Dutch: glansvernikkelen
English: bright nickel plating

Dutch: glansverzilverbad
English: bright silver-plating solution

Dutch: glansverzilveren
English: bright silver plating

Dutch: glansverzinken
English: bright zinc plating

Dutch: glansvloeistof
English: brightener; gloss liquid

Dutch: glanzen
English: to shine; to gloss; to glaze

Dutch: glanzend
English: bright; brilliant; glossy; lustrous

Dutch: glanzend maken
English: to brighten

Dutch: glanzende zijde
English: shining side

Dutch: glasblazer
English: glass blower

Dutch: glasbol
English: glass bowl; glass microballoon

Dutch: glasdeksel
English: glass lid

Dutch: glasfilter
English: glass filter

Dutch: glasinkt
English: glass ink

Dutch: glas-metaalafdichting
English: glass-to-metal seal

Dutch: glas-metaalverbinding
English: glass-to-metal joint

Dutch: glasplaat
English: glass plate; glass pane

Dutch: glaspoeder
English: glass powder

Dutch: glaspotlood
English: glass marker

Dutch: glassolderen
English: glass soldering

Dutch: glasvezel
English: fiber; glass fibre

Dutch: glasvezel versterkt
English: glass-fibre reinforced

Dutch: glasvezeloptica
English: fiberoptics

Dutch: glasvezeloptiek
English: fiber optics

Dutch: glasvoet
English: glass base

Dutch: glasweefsel
English: glass cloth; glass fabric

Dutch: glaswol
English: glass wool

Dutch: glazen doos
English: glass box

Dutch: glazen stop
English: glass stopper

Dutch: glazuren
English: to enamel; to glaze

Dutch: glazuur
English: glaze; glazing

Dutch: glazuurpoeder
English: glass frit

Dutch: gleuf
English: groove; slit; slot

Dutch: gleuven
English: grooves; slits; slots

Dutch: gliacel
English: glial cell

Dutch: glijbaan
English: slide track; slideway

Dutch: glijbaanhouder
English: train cartridge

Dutch: glijbalk
English: batten

Dutch: glijblok
English: slide; slide block

Dutch: glijcontact
English: sliding contact

Dutch: glijden
English: to slide

Dutch: glijdend gewricht
English: sliding joint

Dutch: glijdende passing
English: sliding fit

Dutch: glijdingsmodulus
English: sliding modulus

Dutch: glijgoot
English: chute

Dutch: glijlager
English: plain bearing; sleeve bearing

Dutch: glijlagerbus
English: sleeve-bearing bush

Dutch: glijlijnen
English: slip bands

Dutch: glijplaat
English: slide plate

Dutch: glijstangoverbrenging
English: slide linkage

Dutch: glijvlak
English: sliding surface

Dutch: glijvoet
English: slide

Dutch: glijweerstand
English: sliding resistance

Dutch: glimlamp
English: glow lamp

Dutch: glimlicht
English: blue glow

Dutch: glimmend
English: semi-bright

Dutch: glimontlading
English: glow discharge

Dutch: glinsterend
English: iridescent

Dutch: glitch
English: glitch

Dutch: globaal netwerk
English: global network

Dutch: globale ambigu‹teit
English: global ambiguity

Dutch: globale compactheid
English: global compaction

Dutch: globale gegevens
English: global data

Dutch: globale optimalisator
English: global optimizer

Dutch: globale variabele
English: global variable

Dutch: gloeidraad
English: filament; heater

Dutch: gloeidraademissie
English: filament emission

Dutch: gloeidraadwikkeling
English: filament winding

Dutch: gloeien
English: to glow; to anneal

Dutch: gloeihuid
English: annealing skin

Dutch: gloeilamp
English: incandescent lamp; tungsten lamp

Dutch: gloeirest
English: residue after calcining

Dutch: gloeispanning
English: heater voltage

Dutch: gloeispiraal
English: coiled filament; spiral filament

Dutch: gloeistroom
English: heater current

Dutch: gloeistroomcircuit
English: heater circuit

Dutch: gloeistroomketen
English: heater circuit

Dutch: gloeistroomweerstand
English: filament rheostat

Dutch: gloeiverlies
English: loss on calcining

Dutch: gloeizout
English: salt for heat treatment

Dutch: glucose
English: glucose; dextrose

Dutch: glycerine
English: glycerine; glycerin

Dutch: glycol
English: glycol; alcohol ethylene; ethylene glycol

Dutch: glycolzuur
English: glycolic acid

Dutch: goed/fout-test
English: go/nogo test

Dutch: goederen
English: goods; merchandise; commodities

Dutch: goederen in bewerking
English: work in progress

Dutch: goederenbeweging
English: movement of goods; goods movement

Dutch: goederenpost
English: goods item

Dutch: goederenstroom
English: flow of goods; goods flow

Dutch: goedgekeurd circuit
English: approved circuit

Dutch: goedgekeurde vraag
English: approved demand

Dutch: goedkeurcriterium
English: acceptance number

Dutch: goedkeuren
English: to approve; to accept

Dutch: goedkeurgrens
English: acceptance boundary; go/limit

Dutch: goedkeuring
English: approval; acceptance

Dutch: goedkeurkaliber
English: go/gauge

Dutch: goedkeurlijn
English: acceptance line

Dutch: goedkeurmaat
English: go/dimension; go/limit; go/gauge

Dutch: goedkeurzijde
English: go/side; go/end

Dutch: goedkoop
English: cheap; inexpensive; low-cost

Dutch: golf
English: wave; corrugation; flute

Dutch: golfabsorptie
English: wave absorption

Dutch: golfafstand
English: wave spacing

Dutch: golfamplitude
English: wave amplitude

Dutch: golfcyclus
English: wave cycle

Dutch: golffilter
English: wave filter

Dutch: golffunctie
English: wave function

Dutch: golfgebied
English: wave range

Dutch: golfhoek
English: wave angle

Dutch: golfinterferentie
English: wave interference

Dutch: golfkartonnen doos
English: corrugated fibreboard box

Dutch: golflengte
English: wave length

Dutch: golflengte-aanduiding
English: wave-length indication

Dutch: golflengteconstante
English: wavelength constant

Dutch: golflengtegebied
English: wave range

Dutch: golflengteschakelaar
English: wave-change switch; wave-range selector

Dutch: golfmeter
English: wavemeter

Dutch: golfnormaal
English: wave normal

Dutch: golfpad
English: wave path

Dutch: golfpapier
English: single-faced corrugated paper

Dutch: golfpijp
English: wave guide

Dutch: golfpijpafknijping
English: waveguide cutoff

Dutch: golfpijpcomponent
English: waveguide component

Dutch: golfpijpconnector
English: waveguide connector

Dutch: golfpijpdemper
English: waveguide attenuator

Dutch: golfpijpimpedantie
English: waveguide impedance

Dutch: golfpijpovergang
English: waveguide junction

Dutch: golfpijppropagatie
English: waveguide propagation

Dutch: golfpijpschakelaar
English: waveguide switch

Dutch: golfpijpsysteem
English: waveguide system

Dutch: golfpijptransformator
English: waveguide transformer

Dutch: golfrefractie
English: wave refraction

Dutch: golfrichting
English: flute direction; wave direction

Dutch: golfsoldeermachine
English: wave-soldering machine

Dutch: golfsoldeerproces
English: wave soldering process

Dutch: golfstraal
English: wave beam

Dutch: golftoon
English: warble tone

Dutch: golftrein
English: wave train

Dutch: golfvoortplanting
English: wave propagation

Dutch: golfvorm
English: wave form; wave shape

Dutch: golfvormdeformatie
English: waveform distortion

Dutch: golfweerstand
English: characteristic impedance; surge impedance

Dutch: golven
English: to wave

Dutch: golvend
English: waving; wavy; undulating

Dutch: golving
English: waviness; undulation

Dutch: gong
English: chime

Dutch: Goochkroes
English: Gooch crucible

Dutch: Gopher
English: Gopher

Dutch: gordijneffect
English: ringing

Dutch: goto
English: go to

Dutch: goudanode
English: gold anode

Dutch: goudbad
English: gold bath; gold-plating solution

Dutch: goudbronspoeder
English: gold-bronze powder

Dutch: goudconcentratie
English: gold concentration

Dutch: goudcyanide
English: gold cyanide

Dutch: gouddiffusie
English: gold diffusion

Dutch: gouddoping
English: gold doping

Dutch: gouddotering
English: gold doping

Dutch: goud-gedoopt
English: gold-doped

Dutch: goudverf
English: gold paint

Dutch: Gouraud arcering
English: Gouraud shading

Dutch: gozintograaf
English: gozintograph

Dutch: graad
English: degree; extent

Dutch: graaf
English: graph

Dutch: grad
English: grad

Dutch: gradatiebalk
English: gradation bar

Dutch: gradenmal
English: graduated jig

Dutch: gradenverdeling
English: graduation

Dutch: gradiënt
English: gradient

Dutch: grafiek
English: graph; graphics

Dutch: grafieklijn
English: graph line

Dutch: grafiekschrijver
English: plotting table; output table

Dutch: grafiekvolger
English: curve follower

Dutch: grafiet
English: graphite; black lead

Dutch: grafietanode
English: graphite anode

Dutch: grafietlagerbus
English: graphite bearing bush

Dutch: grafietplaat
English: graphite plate

Dutch: grafietpotentiometer
English: carbon potentiometer

Dutch: grafietsmeer
English: graphite lubricant

Dutch: grafietvet
English: graphite grease

Dutch: grafisch
English: graphic; graphical; graphics

Dutch: grafisch beeldscherm
English: graphical display

Dutch: grafisch bestand
English: graphics file

Dutch: grafisch element
English: graphic primitive

Dutch: grafisch tablet
English: graphical tablet

Dutch: grafische bibliotheek
English: graphics library

Dutch: grafische invoer
English: graphical input

Dutch: grafische manipulaties
English: graphical manipulations

Dutch: grafische schuifbalk
English: slider bar

Dutch: grafische taal
English: graphics language

Dutch: grafische uitvoer
English: graphical output

Dutch: grafische voorstelling
English: graphic representation

Dutch: grafische vorm
English: graphitic level

Dutch: grafiteren
English: to cover with graphite; to graphite

Dutch: gram-atoomgewicht
English: gram atomic weight

Dutch: gram-calorie
English: gram-calorie

Dutch: gram-centimeter
English: gram-centimeter

Dutch: grammatica
English: grammar

Dutch: grammofoon
English: gramophone

Dutch: grammofoonopnemer
English: phono cartridge

Dutch: grammofoonplaat
English: record; disc; phonograph record

Dutch: granulatie
English: granularity

Dutch: granuleren
English: to granulate

Dutch: grasduinen
English: to browse

Dutch: grasmaaier
English: lawn-mower

Dutch: graveermachine
English: engraving machine

Dutch: graveermal
English: engraving jig

Dutch: graveren
English: to engrave

Dutch: graviteit
English: gravity

Dutch: Gray-code
English: gray code; reflected binary code; cyclic permuted code: CP code

Dutch: greep
English: grip; handle; prise

Dutch: grendelen
English: to lock; to latch

Dutch: grendeling
English: locking; interlocking; latching

Dutch: grenen(hout)
English: red wood

Dutch: grens
English: limit; frontier; boundary

Dutch: grensbelasting
English: marginal load

Dutch: grensdraagvermogen
English: limit bearing capacity

Dutch: grensfactor
English: limit factor

Dutch: grensfrequentie
English: cut-off frequency

Dutch: grensfrequenties
English: limit frequencies

Dutch: grensgevoeligheid
English: limit sensitivity

Dutch: grensgolf
English: limit wave

Dutch: grenskaliber
English: limit gauge

Dutch: grenskromme
English: boundary curve

Dutch: grenskwaliteit
English: lot tolerance percent defective; acceptance quality level

Dutch: grenslaag
English: depletion layer

Dutch: grenslaagwet
English: law of the junction

Dutch: grenslijn
English: boundary line

Dutch: grensmaat
English: limit dimension; limit of size

Dutch: grensproduct
English: marginal product; borderline product

Dutch: grenspunt
English: boundary point

Dutch: grensreflectie
English: half-reflection

Dutch: grensstroom
English: limiting current

Dutch: grensversterker
English: limiting amplifier

Dutch: grensvlak
English: boundary face; boundary plane; boundary surface; interface

Dutch: grensvlakactieve stof
English: interfacial surface active agent; interfacially active agent

Dutch: grensvoxel
English: boundary voxel

Dutch: grenswaarde
English: boundary value; limit value

Dutch: grenswaarde-analyse
English: boundary value analysis

Dutch: grenswaardedekking
English: boundary value coverage

Dutch: grenzen (aan)
English: to be adjacent (to); to border (on)

Dutch: grid-dipmeter
English: grid-dip meter

Dutch: grijpbaar
English: prehensile

Dutch: grijpen
English: to grasp; to seize; to grip

Dutch: grijpvoorraden
English: floor stocks

Dutch: grijsbalans
English: gray scale; grey scale

Dutch: grijsniveau
English: grey level

Dutch: grijspapier
English: grey paper; bogus

Dutch: grijsschaal
English: gray scale; grey scale

Dutch: grijstint
English: shade of grey; grey step; picture half- tone

Dutch: grijstrap
English: shade of grey; grey step; picture halftone

Dutch: grijswaarde
English: picture halftone

Dutch: grijsweergave
English: grey reproduction

Dutch: grijze code
English: grey code

Dutch: grill
English: grill

Dutch: grille
English: grille

Dutch: grilleerautomaat
English: automatic grill

Dutch: grilleren
English: to grill

Dutch: groef herhalen
English: groove repeating

Dutch: groefbreedte
English: groove width

Dutch: groefcontour
English: groove contour

Dutch: groefgedeelte
English: groove area

Dutch: groefprofiel
English: groove profile; groove contour

Dutch: groefruis
English: surface noise

Dutch: groefschijf
English: indexing cam

Dutch: groefsnijder
English: cutter; mechanical recording head

Dutch: groefspoed
English: groove pitch

Dutch: groefspringen
English: groove jumping; groove skipping; skating

Dutch: groeftastelement
English: pick-up cartridge

Dutch: groeftaster
English: groove scanner; gramophone pick-up; phonocartridge

Dutch: groeftasterarm
English: pick-up arm

Dutch: groeftasterkop
English: pick-up; playback head

Dutch: groefwand
English: groove wall

Dutch: groeifouten
English: natural defects

Dutch: groeikromme
English: growth curve

Dutch: groeisnelheid
English: growth rate

Dutch: groen beeld
English: green picture

Dutch: groen kanon
English: green electron gun; green gun

Dutch: groen menggas
English: incombustable gas mixture

Dutch: groen raster
English: green raster

Dutch: groen signaal
English: green signal

Dutch: groenaandeel
English: green component

Dutch: groenachtig
English: greenish

Dutch: groene zeep
English: soft soap

Dutch: groenfilter
English: green filter

Dutch: groeninformatie
English: green information

Dutch: groeninhoud
English: green content

Dutch: groentebak
English: crisper

Dutch: groentelade
English: crisper compartment; crisper; crisper drawer

Dutch: groentesnijder
English: vegetable grater; vegetable shredder

Dutch: groenverschilsignaal
English: green-difference signal; G-Y signal

Dutch: groenvideosignaal
English: green video signal

Dutch: groepage
English: groupage; joint cargo; grouping

Dutch: groepagedienst
English: joint-cargo service

Dutch: groepbandmodem
English: group band modem: GB modem

Dutch: groepenscheiding
English: control change

Dutch: groepentechnologie
English: group technology

Dutch: groeperen
English: to stage; to group

Dutch: groeplooptijd
English: envelope delay time; group delay time

Dutch: groeplooptijdkromme
English: envelope delay curve; group delay curve

Dutch: groepselector
English: group selector

Dutch: groepsgegeven
English: group item

Dutch: groepsgewijs
English: batchwise

Dutch: groepsidentificatie
English: group mark

Dutch: groepsitem
English: group item

Dutch: groepsleider
English: group leader; supervisor

Dutch: groepsmarkering
English: group mark

Dutch: groepsmateriaalstroom
English: group flow

Dutch: groepsnelheid
English: group velocity

Dutch: groepsnummer
English: group number

Dutch: groepsoproepteken
English: indefinite call sign

Dutch: groepsopstelling
English: group layout

Dutch: groepsstructuur
English: group structure

Dutch: groepstechnologie
English: group technology

Dutch: groepsverandering
English: control break

Dutch: groepsvertraging
English: group delay

Dutch: groepsverwerking
English: batch processing

Dutch: groepverdeelkast
English: group distribution frame: GDF

Dutch: groevenschijf
English: indexing cam

Dutch: grof detail
English: coarse detail

Dutch: grof instellen
English: to coarse-adjust

Dutch: grofkorrelig
English: coarse grained

Dutch: grofkristallijn
English: coarsely crystalline

Dutch: grofpolijsten
English: cut-down polishing; cutting-down; coarse polishing; pre-polishing; rough polishing

Dutch: grofregeling
English: coarse tuning; coarse control

Dutch: grofslijpen
English: rough grinding; roughing

Dutch: grond
English: soil; site; ground; land

Dutch: grond/aardstation
English: land earth station: LES

Dutch: grondantenne
English: ground antenna

Dutch: grondapparaat
English: basic set

Dutch: grondbeginsel
English: basic principle; fundamental

Dutch: grondbegrip
English: fundamental notion; basic idea

Dutch: grondcirkel
English: base circle

Dutch: grondcomponent
English: fundamental component

Dutch: grondeenheid
English: fundamental unit

Dutch: gronden
English: to prime

Dutch: grondfrequentie
English: fundamental frequency

Dutch: grondgegeven
English: basic datum

Dutch: grondgolf
English: fundamental wave

Dutch: grondgolflengte
English: fundamental wavelength

Dutch: grondharmonische
English: fundamental harmonic

Dutch: grondinstallaties
English: ground environment

Dutch: grondkleur
English: primary colour

Dutch: grondkleureenheid
English: unit of primary colour

Dutch: grondkleuren
English: primaries

Dutch: grondkleursignaal
English: primary colour signal

Dutch: grondloon
English: basic wage

Dutch: grondplaat
English: bed plate; base plate

Dutch: grondreflectie
English: ground reflection

Dutch: grondschema
English: basic diagram

Dutch: grondsegment
English: ground segment

Dutch: grondslag
English: basis; fundamentals; foundation

Dutch: grondslagen
English: fundamentals

Dutch: grondstation
English: ground station; earth station; land station

Dutch: grondstem
English: basic tone

Dutch: grondsteunzender
English: ground relay

Dutch: grondstof
English: base material; raw material

Dutch: grondstoffenverbruik
English: material consumption

Dutch: grondtal
English: base; radix

Dutch: grondtoestand
English: ground state

Dutch: grondtoon
English: tonic; fundamental; keynote

Dutch: grondverf
English: primer

Dutch: grondvlak
English: base; base area

Dutch: grondvorm
English: basic shape; basic form

Dutch: grondwerk
English: bedplate

Dutch: groot
English: big; great; large

Dutch: grootbeeldprojectie
English: large-screen television projection

Dutch: grootcirkelafstand
English: spherical distance

Dutch: grootlichtsignalering
English: headlamp flash

Dutch: grootsignaal
English: large signal

Dutch: grootste grensmaat
English: maximum limit of size

Dutch: grootste middellijn
English: major diameter

Dutch: grootte
English: size; magnitude; volume; extent; span

Dutch: grootteorde
English: order of magnitude

Dutch: grote hersenen
English: cerebrum

Dutch: grote instelling
English: major set-up

Dutch: grote terts
English: major third

Dutch: grote voorruit
English: single pane

Dutch: grove golf
English: coarse flute

Dutch: grove losse passing
English: coarse clearance fit

Dutch: G-signaal
English: G signal

Dutch: guillotinemes
English: cross cutter; guillotine; guillotine cutter

Dutch: guillotineschaar
English: guillotine shears

Dutch: gummi
English: rubber

Dutch: Gunn-diode
English: gunn diode

Dutch: gunzip
English: gunzip

Dutch: guts
English: gouge

Dutch: guttapercha
English: gutta percha

Dutch: haakje
English: hook; parenthesis

Dutch: haakje openen
English: left parenthesis

Dutch: haakje sluiten
English: right parenthesis

Dutch: haakjesbuigmachine
English: hook bending machine; hook forming machine

Dutch: haakjesinzetmachine
English: hook inserting machine

Dutch: haaknaald
English: crochet hook; crochet pin

Dutch: haaks
English: square

Dutch: haaks afgeknipt
English: squared off

Dutch: haaks ombuigen
English: to bend through 90 degrees; to bend square

Dutch: haaks op
English: at right angels to; perpendicular to

Dutch: haaks op elkaar staan
English: to be at right angles to each other

Dutch: haakse toerenwisselaar
English: right angle speed changer

Dutch: haaksheid
English: squareness

Dutch: haaksheidfout
English: out of square

Dutch: haaksleutel
English: hook-spanner

Dutch: haaksleutelmoer
English: hook-spanner nut

Dutch: haalbaar
English: attainable; realizable

Dutch: haalbaarheidsstudie
English: feasibility study

Dutch: haarborstel
English: hair brush

Dutch: haardroogkap
English: helmet; hood

Dutch: haarhygrometer
English: hair hygrometer

Dutch: haarkamer
English: hair chamber; hair collector

Dutch: haarlak
English: hairspray

Dutch: haarlijn
English: hair line

Dutch: haarlineaal
English: knife-edge rule

Dutch: haarscheur
English: hair crack; hairline crack

Dutch: haarspeldveer
English: hairpin spring

Dutch: haarspoeling
English: hair colouring

Dutch: haarstofafdichting
English: dust seal

Dutch: haarstukje
English: hair piece

Dutch: haarversteviger
English: hair strengthener

Dutch: hakbeitel
English: cold chisel

Dutch: haken
English: to stick; to seize

Dutch: hakende koolborstel
English: sticking carbon brush

Dutch: hakker
English: chopper; kitchen chopper

Dutch: hakmachine
English: guillotine; guillotine shears

Dutch: halen
English: to get; to fetch; to attain

Dutch: halen van de planning
English: to attain the planning

Dutch: halfautomatisch
English: semi-automatic

Dutch: halfbaudcodering
English: half-baud coding

Dutch: halfbolvormig
English: hemispherical

Dutch: halfdoorlatend
English: semi-transparent

Dutch: halfduplex
English: half-duplex

Dutch: halfduplex kanaal
English: half-duplex channel

Dutch: halfduplex systeem
English: half-duplex system

Dutch: halfduplexapparatuur
English: half-duplex equipment

Dutch: halfduplexbewerking
English: half-duplex operation

Dutch: halfduplexcircuit
English: half-duplex circuit

Dutch: halfduplextransmissie
English: half-duplex transmission

Dutch: halffabrikaat
English: semi-finished product; subassembly; semi-manufactured product

Dutch: halfgeleidercircuit
English: solid-state circuit

Dutch: halfgeleiderdiode
English: semiconductor diode

Dutch: halfgeleidereenheid
English: semiconductor device

Dutch: halfgeleiderelementen
English: solid-state components

Dutch: halfgeleiderfysica
English: semiconductor physics

Dutch: halfgeleiderjunctie
English: semiconductor junction

Dutch: halfgeleiderkristal
English: semiconductor crystal

Dutch: halfgeleidermateriaal
English: semi-conductor material

Dutch: halfgeleiderrelais
English: solid-state relay

Dutch: halfgeleidertheorie
English: semiconductor theory

Dutch: halfgestuurd
English: semi-controlled

Dutch: halfglanzend
English: semi-bright

Dutch: halfhard
English: half hard; semicured

Dutch: halfmachinale montage
English: semi-mechanical assembly

Dutch: halfproduct
English: subassembly; semi-manufacture

Dutch: halfronde vijl
English: half-round file

Dutch: halftoon
English: continuous tone

Dutch: halftooneigenschap
English: halftone characteristic

Dutch: halfuniek onderdeel
English: semi-unique item

Dutch: halfvaste passing
English: location fit; transition fit

Dutch: halfvet
English: semi-bold

Dutch: halfvloeibaar
English: semi-fluid

Dutch: halfwoord
English: half word

Dutch: halfzoete vijl
English: second-cut file

Dutch: halide
English: halide

Dutch: halo
English: corona; halo disturbances

Dutch: halogeen
English: halogen

Dutch: halogeenzout
English: halide

Dutch: haloïde
English: halide

Dutch: haloïdekristal
English: halide crystal

Dutch: halt
English: halt

Dutch: halve aftrekker
English: half subtracter; one-digit subtracter

Dutch: halve brug
English: half-bridge

Dutch: halve cyclus
English: half-cycle

Dutch: halve golf
English: half wave

Dutch: halve golflengte
English: half wave

Dutch: halve groentelade
English: half-width crisper

Dutch: halve opteller
English: half adder; one-digit adder

Dutch: halve optelling
English: half-add

Dutch: halve periode
English: half-cycle

Dutch: halve toon
English: semitone

Dutch: halvegolflengtedipool
English: half-wave dipole

Dutch: halvegolflijnsectie
English: half-wave stub

Dutch: halvegolfplaat
English: half-wave plate

Dutch: halvemaansleutel
English: hook spanner

Dutch: halveren
English: to halve

Dutch: halveringsselectie
English: binary search

Dutch: halverwege tussen
English: midway between; halfway between

Dutch: hamereffectverf
English: hammer-finish paint

Dutch: hameren
English: to hammer

Dutch: hamerruwheid
English: hammer roughness

Dutch: hamerslag
English: hammer stroke; hammer blow; hammer scale; scale

Dutch: hamersteel
English: hammer handle

Dutch: Hamming-code
English: Hamming code

Dutch: handbediend
English: hand-operated

Dutch: handbedrijf
English: hand-labour; manual labour

Dutch: handbesturing
English: manual control

Dutch: handboek
English: manual

Dutch: handboormachine
English: hand drill; hand drilling machine

Dutch: handcapaciteit
English: hand capacitance; body effect

Dutch: handdompelsolderen
English: manual dip-soldering

Dutch: handeffect
English: hand capacitance; body effect

Dutch: handel
English: trade

Dutch: handel en nijverheid
English: trade and industry

Dutch: handelbaarheid
English: handling; manipulation; tractability

Dutch: handeling
English: operation; manipulation

Dutch: handelsprocedures
English: trade procedures

Dutch: handelsreiziger
English: salesman; sales representative; sales rep

Dutch: handelstaktiek
English: trading tactics

Dutch: handelsverrekenprijs
English: sales standard price: ssp

Dutch: handgemaakt
English: hand made

Dutch: handgereedschap
English: hand tool; hand-operated tool

Dutch: handgewikkeld
English: manually wound

Dutch: handgreep
English: handle; grip

Dutch: handhaven
English: to maintain

Dutch: handhaving
English: maintenance

Dutch: handig
English: convenient; handy; easy

Dutch: handinvoerorgaan
English: manual input unit; manual word generator; number generator

Dutch: handlassen
English: manual welding

Dutch: handleiding; manuaal
English: manual; guideline; operating manual; operating instructions; user's guide; vehicle manual

Dutch: handmatige controle
English: desk checking

Dutch: handmatrijs
English: hand mould

Dutch: handmeting
English: hand measurement

Dutch: handmixer
English: handmixer; food mixer

Dutch: handmontage
English: manual assembly

Dutch: handpers
English: hand-operated press

Dutch: handponsmachine
English: keyboard punch; keypunch

Dutch: handschoenenkastje
English: glove compartment

Dutch: handschroef
English: hand vice

Dutch: handslijpmachine
English: portable grinder

Dutch: handsolderen
English: manual soldering

Dutch: handspilpers
English: hand-operated fly press

Dutch: handspuiten
English: manual spraying; hand spraying

Dutch: handsterkteregeling
English: gain control

Dutch: handstofzuiger
English: upright vacuum cleaner

Dutch: handtelefoon
English: handset

Dutch: handvat
English: handle; grip

Dutch: handvoeding
English: feed by hand; manual feed

Dutch: handwarm
English: luke warm; hand-hot

Dutch: handwiel
English: hand wheel

Dutch: handwikkelen
English: to wind manually

Dutch: hangbout
English: suspension bolt

Dutch: hangen
English: to hang; to be suspended; to suspend; to stick; to seize

Dutch: hangend
English: suspended; hanging

Dutch: hanteren
English: to handle

Dutch: hantering
English: handling

Dutch: haperen
English: to hesitate

Dutch: haptisch
English: haptic

Dutch: hard
English: hard; rigid; stiff

Dutch: hard beeld
English: high-contrast picture; hard picture; harsh picture; crisp picture

Dutch: hard document
English: hardcopy document

Dutch: hard schuim
English: rigid foam

Dutch: hardbaar
English: hardenable; suitable for hardening

Dutch: hardbaarheid
English: hardenability

Dutch: harde kamer
English: reverberant room; reverberant chamber

Dutch: harde kunststof
English: rigid plastic

Dutch: harde storing
English: hard failure

Dutch: harden
English: to cure; tempering; hardening

Dutch: harder
English: hardener; hardening agent

Dutch: harderij
English: hardening department; hardening shop

Dutch: hardgesoldeerd
English: hard soldered; brazed

Dutch: hardheidsmeter
English: hardness tester

Dutch: hardheidsproef
English: hardness test

Dutch: hardhout
English: hardwood

Dutch: harding
English: hardening; curing; setting

Dutch: hardingskatalysator
English: curing catalyst; setting catalyst

Dutch: hardingsoven
English: hardening furnace; curing oven

Dutch: hardingssnelheid
English: hardening rate; curing rate; setting rate

Dutch: hardingstemperatuur
English: hardening temperature; curing temperature; setting temperature

Dutch: hardingstijd
English: hardening time; curing time; setting time

Dutch: hardmetaal
English: tungsten carbide; hard metal

Dutch: hardnekkig object
English: persistent object

Dutch: hardpapier
English: synthetic resin bonded paper; phenolic paper laminate

Dutch: hardrubber
English: hard rubber

Dutch: hardsoldeerdraad
English: hard-soldering wire

Dutch: hardsoldeermassa
English: brazing compound

Dutch: hardsolderen
English: hard soldering; brazing

Dutch: hardvacuüm
English: hard vacuum

Dutch: hardverchromen
English: hard chromium plating; engineering chromium plating; industrial chromium plating

Dutch: hardwarelus
English: hardware loop

Dutch: hardwaremodel
English: hardware model

Dutch: hardwaremonitor
English: hardware monitor

Dutch: hardware-ontwerptaal
English: hardware design language: HDL

Dutch: hardwaresimulator
English: hardware simulator

Dutch: hardweefsel
English: synthetic resin bonded fabric: srbf

Dutch: harmonicakatode
English: zigzag cathode

Dutch: harmonicaplaat
English: zigzag sheet

Dutch: harmonische
English: harmonic

Dutch: harmonische analyse
English: harmonic analysis

Dutch: harmonische banden
English: harmonically related bands

Dutch: harmonische demping
English: harmonic attenuation

Dutch: harmonische detector
English: harmonic detector

Dutch: harmonische eliminatie
English: harmonic elimination

Dutch: harmonische frequentie
English: harmonic frequency

Dutch: harmonische functie
English: harmonic function

Dutch: harmonische oscillator
English: harmonic oscillator

Dutch: harmonische reeks
English: harmonic series

Dutch: harmonische resonantie
English: harmonic resonance

Dutch: harmonische verdeling
English: harmonic distribution

Dutch: harmonische verhouding
English: harmonic ratio

Dutch: harmonische versterker
English: harmonic amplifier

Dutch: harmonische vervorming
English: harmonic distortion

Dutch: hars
English: resin; rosin

Dutch: harsachtig
English: resinous

Dutch: harsen
English: to flux

Dutch: harsgevuld
English: resin-cored; flux-cored

Dutch: harskit
English: resin cement; resinous cement

Dutch: harslijmen
English: rosin sizing

Dutch: harsoplossing
English: resin solution

Dutch: harspot
English: resin pot

Dutch: hart
English: center; centre; core

Dutch: hartafstand
English: centre distance

Dutch: Hartley-oscillator
English: Hartley oscillator: Hartley ECO

Dutch: Hartley-schakeling
English: Hartley circuit

Dutch: hartlijn
English: centre line; axis

Dutch: hartpunt
English: centre point

Dutch: hartschijf
English: heart-shaped cam

Dutch: hashfunctie
English: hash function

Dutch: hashing
English: hashing

Dutch: hashtabel
English: hash table

Dutch: haspel
English: reel; spool

Dutch: haspelen
English: to reel; to spool

Dutch: Hay-brug
English: Hay bridge

Dutch: Hayes commandoset
English: Hayes command set

Dutch: hazard
English: hazard

Dutch: hebbiaans
English: hebbian

Dutch: hechten met draad
English: to stitch

Dutch: hechten met lijm
English: to bond

Dutch: hechten met nietjes
English: to staple

Dutch: hechtend
English: adherent; adhesive

Dutch: hechtend vermogen
English: adhesive capacity

Dutch: hechter
English: staple

Dutch: hechting
English: staple; attachment; fixing; fastening; stapling; bonding; stitching; adhesion; adherence; bond

Dutch: hechtlassen
English: stitch welding; tack welding

Dutch: hechtmachine
English: stapler; stapling machine

Dutch: hechtmiddel
English: adhesive; adhesive agent

Dutch: hechtprimer
English: primer

Dutch: hechtvermogen
English: adhesivity; adhesiveness; adhesive power; adhesive capacitance

Dutch: hecto
English: hecto

Dutch: hectometrische golf
English: hectometric wave

Dutch: hectowatt
English: hectowatt

Dutch: heen- en terugteller
English: reversible counter

Dutch: heen en weer bewegen
English: to move to and fro; to reciprocate

Dutch: heen en weergaand
English: reciprocating; reciprocal

Dutch: heenrichting
English: forward direction

Dutch: heenslag
English: scan; trace

Dutch: heetkathode
English: hot cathode

Dutch: heetwatermantel
English: hot-water jacket

Dutch: hefas
English: lifting spindle

Dutch: hefbeugel
English: lifting bracket

Dutch: hefboomknop
English: lever knob

Dutch: hefboomschakelaar
English: lever switch

Dutch: hefbrug
English: lift bridge

Dutch: heffen
English: to lift; to hoist; to raise

Dutch: hefhoogte
English: lifting height

Dutch: hefkracht
English: lifting power; leverage

Dutch: hefmagneet
English: lifting magnet

Dutch: hefmoment
English: lifting moment

Dutch: hefstift
English: lifting pin

Dutch: heft
English: handle; grip

Dutch: heftoestel
English: lifter; lifting gear

Dutch: heftruck
English: lifting truck; fork lift truck; forklift

Dutch: hefwagen
English: lift truck; lifting trolley

Dutch: hefwerking
English: lifting action; leverage

Dutch: hefwerktuig
English: lifting gear; hoist

Dutch: heggeschaar
English: hedge trimmer

Dutch: helder
English: clear; transparent; bright; vivid

Dutch: heldere grondstem
English: bright basic tone

Dutch: heldere solostem
English: bright solo tone

Dutch: helderheid
English: brightness; clearness; transparency; clarity; luminosity; luminance; perspicuity

Dutch: helderheidscoëfficiënt
English: luminosity coefficient

Dutch: helderheidscomponent
English: luminance component

Dutch: helderheidsgemiddelde
English: average luminance

Dutch: helderheidsindruk
English: luminosity; brightness sensation; brightness impression

Dutch: helderheidsinformatie
English: luminance information

Dutch: helderheidskleurenbalk
English: luminance colour bar

Dutch: helderheidskromme
English: luminosity curve

Dutch: helderheidsmodulatie
English: brightness modulation

Dutch: helderheidsniveau
English: brightness level

Dutch: helderheidsregelaar
English: brightness control; luminosity control

Dutch: helderheidsregeling
English: brightness control; luminosity control

Dutch: helderheidssignaal
English: luminance signal; brightness signal

Dutch: helderheidssprong
English: jump in brightness

Dutch: helderheidstrap
English: shading value; tonal value

Dutch: helderheidsvariaties
English: brightness variations

Dutch: helderheidsverloop
English: brightness sequence

Dutch: helderheidswaarde
English: brightness value; density value

Dutch: heliumgas
English: helium gas

Dutch: heliumgroep
English: helium group

Dutch: helix
English: helix

Dutch: hellend beeld
English: inclinometer

Dutch: hellend vlak
English: inclined plane

Dutch: helling
English: slope; taper; inclination

Dutch: hellingplaatje
English: clamping plate

Dutch: hellingshoek
English: slope; taper; angle of inclination; helix angle

Dutch: hellingsmeter
English: inclinometer

Dutch: helpbestand
English: help file

Dutch: helpfunctie
English: help function

Dutch: henry
English: henry

Dutch: heptode
English: heptode

Dutch: herbestelhoeveelheid
English: re-order quantity

Dutch: herbestelling
English: repeat order

Dutch: herbestelniveau
English: re-order level

Dutch: herbetreedbaar
English: re-entrant

Dutch: herbetreedbare routine
English: re-entrant routine

Dutch: herbewerkingsopdracht
English: rework order

Dutch: herbruikbaar asset
English: reusable asset

Dutch: herbruikbaar component
English: reusable component

Dutch: herbruikbare software
English: reusable software

Dutch: hercoderen
English: to recode; to recodify

Dutch: herconfiguratie
English: reconfiguration

Dutch: herdocumentatie
English: redocumentation

Dutch: herformulatie
English: reformulation

Dutch: hergebruik
English: reuse

Dutch: hergroei
English: regrowth

Dutch: hergroeilaag
English: regrowth layer

Dutch: hergroepage
English: regroupage

Dutch: hergroepagefunctie
English: regroupage function; reforwarding function

Dutch: hergroeperen
English: to regroup

Dutch: hergroepering
English: regrouping

Dutch: herhaalbaarheid
English: repeatability

Dutch: herhaald
English: repeated; recurrent

Dutch: herhaalde bewerking
English: repetitive operation

Dutch: herhalen
English: to iterate; to repeat

Dutch: herhalende adressering
English: repetitive addressing

Dutch: herhaler
English: repeater

Dutch: herhalingscursus
English: refresher course

Dutch: herhalingsfrequentie
English: repetition frequency; repetition rate

Dutch: herhalingsopdracht
English: repeat instruction

Dutch: herhalingsorder
English: repeat order

Dutch: herindelen
English: to reformat

Dutch: herinstellingstoestand
English: reset condition

Dutch: herkennen van plannen
English: plan recognition

Dutch: herkenningskleur
English: colour code; identification colour

Dutch: herleiden; herleidt
English: reduce; transform; convert; trace; determine; trace back to; deduce from (herleiden uit)

Dutch: herleiding
English: reduction; conversion

Dutch: hermeneutisch
English: hermeneutic

Dutch: hermetische afsluiting
English: hermetic seal

Dutch: Hermite-kromme
English: Hermite curve

Dutch: herontwikkelen
English: reverse engineering

Dutch: herontwikkeling
English: re-engineering

Dutch: heropnemen
English: to copy

Dutch: heropslaan
English: to roll in

Dutch: herplannen
English: to reschedule

Dutch: herplanningaanname
English: rescheduling assumption

Dutch: herroepen
English: to revoke; to restore; to reinstate

Dutch: herrouteren
English: rerouting; to reroute

Dutch: herscholing
English: occupational resettlement; retraining

Dutch: herschrijven
English: to rewrite

Dutch: hersenarbeid
English: mental work

Dutch: hersenen
English: brain

Dutch: herstart
English: restart

Dutch: herstarten
English: to restart

Dutch: herstartpunt
English: restart point

Dutch: herstelbaar
English: recoverable

Dutch: herstelband
English: mending tape

Dutch: hersteld
English: clear

Dutch: herstellen
English: to fix

Dutch: hersteltest
English: recovery test

Dutch: hersteltijd
English: recovery time

Dutch: herstelwerkplaats
English: repair shop

Dutch: herstructurering
English: restructuring

Dutch: hertoewijzen
English: to reallocate

Dutch: hertz
English: hertz

Dutch: Hertz-vector
English: Hertz vector

Dutch: heruniversaliteit
English: reverse compatibility

Dutch: herverwerkbaarheid
English: reprocessability

Dutch: herziening
English: revision; review; review fees; revision fees

Dutch: het inititatief nemen
English: to take the initiative

Dutch: het ontstaan
English: origination; arising; generation

Dutch: hete draad
English: hot lead; hot wire

Dutch: hete junctie
English: hot junction

Dutch: hete ladingdrager
English: hot carrier

Dutch: hete plek
English: hot spot

Dutch: hete weerstand
English: hot resistance

Dutch: hete zijde
English: hot side; high side

Dutch: heteluchtmotor
English: hot air motor

Dutch: heterodyne
English: heterodyne

Dutch: heterodyne detector
English: heterodyne detector

Dutch: heterodyne frequentie
English: heterodyne frequency

Dutch: heterodyne ontvangst
English: beat reception; heterodyne reception

Dutch: heterodyne oscillator
English: heterodyne oscillator

Dutch: heterogeen
English: heterogeneous

Dutch: heterogeen netwerk
English: heterogeneous network

Dutch: heterolyse
English: heterolysis

Dutch: heugel
English: rack

Dutch: heugel en tandwiel
English: rack and pinion

Dutch: heuristiek
English: heuristics

Dutch: heuristisch
English: heuristic

Dutch: heuristisch proces
English: heuristic process

Dutch: heuristisch programma
English: heuristic program

Dutch: heuristisch zoeken
English: heuristic search

Dutch: heuristische regels
English: heuristic rules

Dutch: hevig
English: violent; severe

Dutch: hexadecimaal
English: hexadecimal

Dutch: hexaëder
English: hexahedron

Dutch: hexamethyleentetramine
English: hexamethylene tetramine

Dutch: hexode
English: hexode; six-electrode valve

Dutch: HF
English: high frequency: HF

Dutch: HF-generator
English: HF generator; RF generator

Dutch: HF-inductieverhitting
English: HF induction heating; RF induction heating

Dutch: HF-kabel
English: HF cable; RF cable

Dutch: HF-massa
English: RF earth potential

Dutch: HF-massapotentiaal
English: RF earth potential

Dutch: HF-meetkop
English: RF probe

Dutch: HF-meetzender
English: RF signal generator

Dutch: HF-oscillator
English: RF oscillator: HF oscillator

Dutch: HF-signaalgenerator
English: RF signal generator

Dutch: HF-smoorspoel
English: RF choke: RFC

Dutch: HF-spectrum
English: RF spectrum

Dutch: HF-spoel
English: RF coil

Dutch: HF-transformator
English: RF transformer

Dutch: HF-trap
English: RF stage

Dutch: HF-tussenkring
English: RF interstage circuit

Dutch: HF-tussenkringspoel
English: RF interstage coil

Dutch: HF-verhitten
English: HF heating; dielectric heating; electronic heating

Dutch: HF-versterker
English: RF amplifier

Dutch: hiërarchieke opbouw
English: hierarchical construction

Dutch: hiërarchisch netwerk
English: hierarchical network

Dutch: hiërarchisch ontwerp
English: hierarchical design

Dutch: hiërarchische lagen
English: hierarchical layers

Dutch: hiërarchische planning
English: hierarchical planning

Dutch: hiërarchische relaties
English: hierarchical relations

Dutch: hierin moet passen ...
English: exact fit in ...

Dutch: Hi-Fi-combinatie
English: Hi-Fi chain

Dutch: Hi-Fi-enthousiast
English: Hi-Fi enthusiast; Hi-Fi adept

Dutch: Hi-Fi-ontvanger
English: Hi-Fi receiver

Dutch: Hi-Fi-versterker
English: Hi-Fi amplifier; high fidelity amplifier

Dutch: hikken
English: motor-boating

Dutch: hikoscillator
English: squegging oscillator

Dutch: hinderend
English: inhibitory

Dutch: hinderlijk
English: troublesome; annoying

Dutch: hinderlijkheidsgraad
English: nuisance level

Dutch: hinderpaal
English: obstacle; impediment; hindrance

Dutch: hint
English: cue

Dutch: hippocampus
English: hippocampus

Dutch: histogram
English: histogram; bar chart

Dutch: historie gebonden
English: history based

Dutch: historieboom
English: history tree

Dutch: historievrij
English: history free

Dutch: historisch bestand
English: history file

Dutch: historische reeks
English: time series

Dutch: hitcode
English: hit code

Dutch: hittebestendig
English: heat-resistant

Dutch: hittebestendigheid
English: heat resistance

Dutch: hittedraadmicrofoon
English: hot-wire microphone; thermal microphone

Dutch: hittevast
English: heat-resistant

Dutch: hittevastheid
English: heat-resistance

Dutch: hobbelen
English: to rock; to bump

Dutch: hobbelige plaat
English: bumpy record; bumpy disc

Dutch: hobbelige wegen
English: bumpy roads

Dutch: hobbelproef
English: rock test; bump test

Dutch: hobbeltafel
English: rock bench; bump table

Dutch: hobbelzweving
English: record-wobble wow

Dutch: hobben
English: to hob

Dutch: hoek
English: corner; angle; edge

Dutch: hoek van inval
English: angle of incidence

Dutch: hoekafwijking
English: angular deviation

Dutch: hoekbeschermer
English: corner guard

Dutch: hoekbeugel
English: angle bracket

Dutch: hoekeenheid
English: unit angle

Dutch: hoeken scherp
English: sharp corners

Dutch: hoekenbuigmachine
English: angle bending machine; angle bender; angle forming machine

Dutch: hoekfout
English: angular error

Dutch: hoekfrees
English: angel cutter

Dutch: hoekfrequentie
English: angular frequency

Dutch: hoekgraad
English: degree of angle

Dutch: hoekgrootte
English: rake

Dutch: hoekijzer
English: angle iron; angle

Dutch: hoekklamp
English: corner bracket; gusset

Dutch: hoekklem
English: corner clamp; corner clip

Dutch: hoekklos
English: fillet

Dutch: hoekkogelgewricht
English: angle baal joint

Dutch: hoeklas
English: fillet weld

Dutch: hoeklip
English: angular tag

Dutch: hoekmaat
English: angular dimension

Dutch: hoekmal
English: bending block

Dutch: hoekmateriaal
English: angle material

Dutch: hoekmeter
English: protractor; angle gauge; angle measuring instrument

Dutch: hoekminuut
English: minute of angle; arc minute

Dutch: hoekmodulatie
English: angle modulation

Dutch: hoekmoment
English: angular momentum

Dutch: hoekpunt
English: angular point; vertex; vertice

Dutch: hoekresolutie
English: angular resolution

Dutch: hoekschaaf
English: angle plane

Dutch: hoekschaar
English: corner cutting machine

Dutch: hoekseconde
English: second of angle

Dutch: hoeksleutel
English: hook spanner

Dutch: hoekstaal
English: angle steel

Dutch: hoekstand
English: angular position

Dutch: hoeksteun
English: corner support; angular support

Dutch: hoektolerantie
English: angular tolerance

Dutch: hoekverbinding
English: corner joint

Dutch: hoekverdeling
English: angular division

Dutch: hoekverdraaiing
English: angular rotation

Dutch: hoekverplaatsing
English: angular displacement

Dutch: hoekversterking
English: corner reinforcement

Dutch: hoekvertraging
English: angular retardation

Dutch: hoekvormig
English: angle-shaped; angular

Dutch: hoepel
English: hoop

Dutch: hoes; hoezen
English: cover; sleeve; sleeves; covers

Dutch: hoeveelheid
English: quantity; amount

Dutch: hoeveelheid per
English: quantity per

Dutch: hoeveelheidsstandaard
English: quantity standard

Dutch: hoge band
English: high band

Dutch: hoge compliantie
English: springy; high compliance

Dutch: hoge eisen
English: strict requirements; stringent requirements; severe requirements

Dutch: hoge frequentie
English: high frequency: HF

Dutch: hoge Q
English: high Q

Dutch: hoge Q-spoel
English: high Q coil

Dutch: hoge resolutie
English: high resolution

Dutch: hoge temperaturen
English: elevated temperatures

Dutch: hoge tonen
English: treble; high notes

Dutch: hoge waterstand
English: high water level

Dutch: hogedrukcompressor
English: high-pressure compressor

Dutch: hogedrukpomp
English: high-pressure pump

Dutch: hogedrukvet
English: high-pressure grease

Dutch: hogelichten
English: highlights

Dutch: hoger kader
English: key executives; senior executives

Dutch: hogere programmeertaal
English: high level language: HLL; high-level programming language

Dutch: hogere-orde taal
English: high order language: HOL

Dutch: hoge-resolutie TV
English: high-definition TV: HDTV

Dutch: hoge-temperatuurproef
English: high-temperature test

Dutch: hoge-tonenkegel
English: high-note cone

Dutch: hoge-tonenluidspreker
English: treble loudspeaker; tweeter

Dutch: hoge-tonenregelaar
English: treble control; high-note control; treble-one control

Dutch: hokje
English: square

Dutch: hol
English: hollow; concave

Dutch: holbeitel
English: gouge

Dutch: holheid
English: hollowness; concavity

Dutch: hollander
English: hollander; beating engine; beater; pulper

Dutch: holle felsnagel
English: tubular rivet

Dutch: holle klinknagel
English: tubular rivet

Dutch: hologram
English: hologram

Dutch: holonomisch
English: holonomic

Dutch: holpijp
English: dinking punch; washer cutter

Dutch: holte
English: cavity; void; blowhole

Dutch: holtenummer
English: cavity number; mould impression number

Dutch: holtevorming
English: cavitation

Dutch: homochroon
English: homochrone

Dutch: homoformisme
English: homomorphism

Dutch: homogeen
English: homogeneous

Dutch: homogeen netwerk
English: homogeneous network

Dutch: homogeen veld
English: homogeneous field

Dutch: homogene multiplexing
English: homogeneous multiplexing

Dutch: homogene redundantie
English: homogeneous redundancy

Dutch: homogeniseren
English: to homogenize

Dutch: homolyse
English: homolysis

Dutch: homopolair
English: homopolar

Dutch: honderd circuituren
English: hundred-circuit-hours: cch

Dutch: honen
English: to hone

Dutch: honingraatwikkeling
English: honeycomb winding

Dutch: hoofd
English: head; main; principal; major

Dutch: hoofdafmetingen
English: main dimensions; principal dimensions

Dutch: hoofdanode
English: main anode

Dutch: hoofdarbeider
English: clerical worker; white-collar worker

Dutch: hoofdas
English: main spindle; main shaft; major axis; principal axis

Dutch: hoofdbedieningsorganen
English: major controls

Dutch: hoofdbesturing
English: master control

Dutch: hoofdbewerking
English: primary operation

Dutch: hoofdbewerkingen
English: prime operations

Dutch: hoofdbewerkingsgroep
English: primary work center

Dutch: hoofdbibliotheek
English: master library

Dutch: hoofdbrandpunt
English: principal focus

Dutch: hoofdbudget
English: master budget

Dutch: hoofdcompiler
English: root compiler

Dutch: hoofddirectory
English: root directory

Dutch: hoofddraaggolf
English: main carrier

Dutch: hoofdfabricageplan
English: master manufacturing plan

Dutch: hoofdfrequentie
English: master frequency

Dutch: hoofdgeheugen
English: main memory; main storage

Dutch: hoofdgenerator
English: main generator

Dutch: hoofdindex
English: parent directory; root directory

Dutch: hoofdindustriegroep
English: product division

Dutch: hoofdkabel
English: main cable

Dutch: hoofdkleur
English: primary colour

Dutch: hoofdklok
English: master clock

Dutch: hoofdkring
English: major loop

Dutch: hoofdletter
English: capital; upper case

Dutch: hoofdlijn
English: highway; trunk; bus

Dutch: hoofdlob
English: major lobe

Dutch: hoofdlus
English: major loop

Dutch: hoofdmagazijn
English: main store

Dutch: hoofdonderdelen
English: major parts; main parts

Dutch: hoofdorgaan
English: central processor; main frame

Dutch: hoofdoscillator
English: main oscillator

Dutch: hoofdpaneel
English: main board

Dutch: hoofdplan
English: master schedule; master plan

Dutch: hoofdplanner
English: master scheduler

Dutch: hoofdplanning
English: master planning

Dutch: hoofdpost
English: master station

Dutch: hoofdproductieplan
English: master production schedule: MPS

Dutch: hoofdsamenstelling
English: main assembly; general assembly

Dutch: hoofdspil
English: arbor; main spindle

Dutch: hoofdspoel
English: tuning coil

Dutch: hoofdstuklijst
English: main parts list

Dutch: hoofdtelefoon
English: earphone; headphone; headset

Dutch: hoofdtoestel
English: master station

Dutch: hoofdtransmissielijn
English: highway; trunk; bus

Dutch: hoofdvoorraadhouder
English: supply centre

Dutch: hoofdvraagplan
English: master demand schedule

Dutch: hoofdwas
English: main wash

Dutch: hoog gelegeerd
English: high-alloy

Dutch: hoogafzwakking
English: de-emphasis

Dutch: hoogdoorlaatfilter
English: high-pass filter

Dutch: hoogdoorlatend filter
English: high-pass filter

Dutch: hoogfrequent
English: high frequency: HF; radio frequency: RF

Dutch: hoogfrequentbias
English: high frequency bias

Dutch: hoogfrequentie
English: high frequency: HF; radio frequency: RF

Dutch: hoogfrequentverdeler
English: high-frequency distributor

Dutch: hooggelegeerd staal
English: high-alloy steel

Dutch: hooggepolijst
English: highly polished

Dutch: hoogglangsvernikkelen
English: mirror bright nickel plating

Dutch: hoogglans
English: high gloss

Dutch: hoogglanspasta
English: high-gloss polishing paste

Dutch: hoogglansverchromen
English: mirror bright chromium plating; high lustre chromium plating

Dutch: hoogglanzend
English: mirror bright

Dutch: hoogkantwikkelen
English: cross-winding; universal winding

Dutch: hoogkokend
English: high-boiling; anti-ebullient

Dutch: hoogniveaubesturing
English: high-level control

Dutch: hoogniveau-modulatie
English: high-level modulation

Dutch: hoogniveauprotocol
English: high-level protocol

Dutch: hoogniveautaal
English: high level language

Dutch: hoogohmig
English: high-impedance; high-ohmic

Dutch: hoogophaling
English: pre-emphasis

Dutch: hoogoven
English: blast furnace

Dutch: hoogovenslak
English: furnace slack; blast furnace slag

Dutch: hoogselectief
English: high selectivity

Dutch: hoogsmeltend
English: high-melting

Dutch: hoogspanning
English: high voltage; high tension; extremely high tension: EHT

Dutch: hoogspanningsbelasting
English: high-voltage load; EHT load

Dutch: hoogspanningscontact
English: high-voltage contact: EHT contact

Dutch: hoogspanningsdief
English: high-voltage cheater; EHT cheater

Dutch: hoogspanningsdop
English: high-voltage cap; EHT cap

Dutch: hoogspanningsgedeelte
English: high-voltage part; EHT part

Dutch: hoogspanningskooi
English: high-voltage cage; EHT cage

Dutch: hoogspanningsmeetkop
English: high-voltage probe; EHT probe

Dutch: hoogspanningsproef
English: high-voltage test; breakdown test: EHT test

Dutch: hoogspanningssnoer
English: high-voltage flex; EHT cable

Dutch: hoogspanningsspoel
English: high-voltage coil; EHT coil

Dutch: hoogspanningsvoeding
English: high-voltage supply; EHT supply

Dutch: hoogspanningswikkeling
English: high-voltage winding; EHT winding

Dutch: hoogste versnelling
English: top gear

Dutch: hoogte
English: height

Dutch: hoogte-afstelling
English: height adjustment

Dutch: hoogte-instelling
English: lateral alignment; height alignment

Dutch: hoogtemaat
English: height gauge

Dutch: hoogtemeter
English: altimeter

Dutch: hoogtemeterstation
English: altimeter station

Dutch: hoogte-over-azimuth
English: altitude-over-azimuth

Dutch: hoogtezon
English: sun lamp

Dutch: hoogvacuüm
English: high vacuum

Dutch: hoogvacuümbuis
English: high-vacuum tube

Dutch: hoogwaardig lagervet
English: high-grade bearing grease

Dutch: hoogweergave
English: top response; treble response

Dutch: hoogweergever
English: tweeter

Dutch: hoorapparaat
English: hearing aid

Dutch: hoorbaar
English: audible

Dutch: hoorbaar spectrum
English: audible spectrum

Dutch: hoorbaarheid
English: audibility

Dutch: hoorbare frequentie
English: low frequency

Dutch: hoorbatterij
English: hearing aid battery

Dutch: hoorbril
English: hearing glasses

Dutch: hoorn
English: French horn; horn; beak

Dutch: hoornantenne
English: horn antenna; horn aerial

Dutch: hoornvlies
English: cornea

Dutch: hoorstuk
English: ear piece

Dutch: Hopfield-netwerk
English: Hopfield network

Dutch: horizontaal hergebruik
English: horizontal reuse

Dutch: horizontaalamplitude
English: horizontal amplitude

Dutch: horizontaaldomein
English: horizontal domain

Dutch: horizontaalfase
English: horizontal phase

Dutch: horizontaalparabool
English: horizontal phase

Dutch: horizontale afbuiging
English: horizontal deflection; line deflection

Dutch: horizontale amplitude
English: horizontal amplitude; line amplitude

Dutch: horizontale definitie
English: horizontal definition; horizontal resolution

Dutch: horizontale deflectie
English: horizontal deflection; line deflection

Dutch: horizontale frequentie
English: horizontal frequency

Dutch: horizontale geleider
English: horizontal wire; flat-top

Dutch: horizontale pariteit
English: longitudinal parity

Dutch: horizontale tijdbasis
English: time base; line time base

Dutch: horizontale versterker
English: horizontal amplifier

Dutch: horlogeglas
English: watch-glass; clock-glass

Dutch: host
English: host

Dutch: host/satelliet-systeem
English: host/satellite system

Dutch: hostcomputer
English: host computer

Dutch: host-taal
English: host language

Dutch: hot standby
English: hot standby

Dutch: hotelschakelaar
English: two-way switch

Dutch: houdanode
English: holding anode

Dutch: houdbaar
English: tenable

Dutch: houdbaarheden
English: tenability; storage life; shelf life; working life; pot life; shelf lives; can life; preservability

Dutch: houdcircuit
English: holding circuit

Dutch: houdelektrode
English: hold electrode

Dutch: houden
English: to hold

Dutch: houder
English: cartridge; holder; work-holding fixture; fixture; container; package; bearer; proprietor

Dutch: houderpen
English: package lead

Dutch: houdgebied
English: retaining zone

Dutch: houding
English: attitude; posture

Dutch: houdstroom
English: hold current

Dutch: houdtijd
English: holding time; hold time

Dutch: houdtoestand
English: hold mode

Dutch: houtbeits
English: wood stain

Dutch: houtbewerking
English: woodworking

Dutch: houtcellulose
English: lignocellulose; wood cellulose

Dutch: houtdraaibank
English: lathe

Dutch: houtfrees
English: moulding cutter; moulding machine

Dutch: houthoudend
English: woody; containing wood

Dutch: houtlijm
English: wood glue; joiner's putty

Dutch: houtmeel
English: wood flour; wood dust; boring dust

Dutch: houtnerf
English: grain; woodgrain; herringbone

Dutch: houtnerfpatroon
English: woodgrain pattern

Dutch: houtschroef
English: wood screw

Dutch: houtslijp
English: ground wood pulp; mechanical wood pulp

Dutch: houtsoorten
English: kinds of wood

Dutch: houtverbinding
English: wood joint

Dutch: houtverwerking
English: wood conversion; wood processing

Dutch: houtvezel
English: wood fibre; ligneous fibre

Dutch: houtvezelplaat
English: wood fibreboard; wood wool slab

Dutch: houtvrij
English: cellulose-free; without cellulose

Dutch: houtwol
English: wood-wool; wood shaving

Dutch: houtzaagsel
English: sawdust

Dutch: houtzagerij
English: sawmill

Dutch: houvast
English: grip; handgrip

Dutch: Huffman-codering
English: Huffman coding

Dutch: huidenlijm
English: hide glue

Dutch: huidig karwei
English: current job

Dutch: huidige toestand
English: current state

Dutch: huidskelet
English: exoskeleton

Dutch: huis
English: house; housing; casing

Dutch: huis-aan-huis verkoop
English: door-to-door selling; doorstep selling

Dutch: huishoud-elektronica
English: domestic electronics

Dutch: huishoudelijk apparaat
English: domestic appliance; household appliance; home appliance

Dutch: huishoudelijke stoffen
English: domestic substances; household substances; condiments

Dutch: huishoudkoelkast
English: household refrigerator

Dutch: huiskamerontvanger
English: residential receiver

Dutch: huiskamerrecorder
English: domestic recorder

Dutch: huisvesten
English: to accommodate; to house

Dutch: huisvesting
English: accommodation; housing

Dutch: Hullceltest
English: Hull-cell test

Dutch: hulpafdeling
English: auxiliary department

Dutch: hulpanode
English: auxiliary anode; intermediate anode

Dutch: hulpapparaat
English: auxiliary apparatus

Dutch: hulpapparatuur
English: auxiliary equipment

Dutch: hulparbeider
English: relief worker

Dutch: hulpas
English: auxiliary spindle; lay shaft

Dutch: hulpbewerking
English: auxiliary operation

Dutch: hulpbronconstructies
English: resource constructs

Dutch: hulpbronmodel
English: resource model

Dutch: hulpbronnen
English: resources

Dutch: hulpcontacten
English: auxiliary contacts

Dutch: hulpdraaggolf
English: subcarrier

Dutch: hulpdraaggolfgenerator
English: reference oscillator

Dutch: hulpgat
English: tooling hole; auxiliary hole; pilot hole

Dutch: hulpgeheugen
English: auxiliary store; backing store; secondary store; bump

Dutch: hulpgenerator
English: auxiliary generator

Dutch: hulpkanaal
English: auxiliary channel

Dutch: hulplijn
English: auxiliary line; dummy

Dutch: hulpmaat
English: auxiliary dimension

Dutch: hulpmaatlijn
English: extension line

Dutch: hulpmateriaal
English: ancillary material

Dutch: hulposcillator
English: subcarrier oscillator

Dutch: hulposcillatorsignaal
English: subcarrier oscillator signal

Dutch: hulppaneel
English: auxiliary board; auxiliary panel

Dutch: hulpschakelaar
English: auxiliary switch

Dutch: hulpsignaal
English: steering signal; S-signal; stereo signal

Dutch: hulpspanning
English: auxiliary voltage

Dutch: hulpstation
English: auxiliary station; auxiliary terminal

Dutch: hulpstroomkring
English: auxiliary circuit

Dutch: hulpstuk
English: attachment; accessory

Dutch: hulpstuklijst
English: phantom bill-of-material

Dutch: hulpvoeding
English: auxiliary power

Dutch: hulpwikkeling
English: auxiliary winding

Dutch: huls
English: jacket; sleeve; wrap; breech; case; thimble

Dutch: huren; inhuren; inhuring
English: rent

Dutch: Hut-Kühn-oscillator
English: tuned plate-tuned grid oscillator: TPTG oscillator; tuned grid-tuned plate oscillator

Dutch: huurlijn
English: leased line

Dutch: hybride
English: hybrid

Dutch: hybride computer
English: hybrid computer

Dutch: hybride junctie
English: hybrid junction

Dutch: hybride koppeling
English: hybrid coupling

Dutch: hybride spoel
English: hybrid coil

Dutch: hybridische schakeling
English: hybrid circuit

Dutch: hybridische simulator
English: mixed-mode simulator

Dutch: hydraulische besturing
English: liquid-pressure control

Dutch: hydraulische vloeistof
English: hydraulic fluid

Dutch: hydro-akoestisch
English: hydroacoustic

Dutch: hydro-elektrisch
English: hydroelectric

Dutch: hydrofiel
English: hydrophilic

Dutch: hydroxylgroepen
English: hydroxyl groups

Dutch: hygrostaat
English: hygrostat

Dutch: hygroweerstand
English: hygristor

Dutch: hyperbolisch
English: hyperbolic

Dutch: hyperbool
English: hyperbola

Dutch: Hypercard
English: Hypercard

Dutch: hyperkanaal
English: hyperchannel

Dutch: hyperkolom
English: hypercolumn

Dutch: hyperkubus
English: hypercube

Dutch: Hypertalk
English: Hyper-talk

Dutch: hypnopedie
English: sleep learning

Dutch: hypothese
English: hypothesis

Dutch: hysteresis
English: hysteresis

Dutch: hysteresisarbeid
English: hysteresis work

Dutch: hysteresiscoëfficiënt
English: hysteresis coefficient

Dutch: hysteresisconstante
English: hysteresis constant

Dutch: hysteresisfout
English: hysteresis error

Dutch: hysteresiskromme
English: hysteresis curve

Dutch: hysteresislus
English: hysteresis loop

Dutch: hysteresismeter
English: hysteresis meter; hysteresis tester

Dutch: hysteresisverlies
English: hysteresis loss

Dutch: hysteresisverliezen
English: hysteresis losses

Dutch: I-as
English: I-axis; wide-band axis

Dutch: I-balk
English: I-beam; I-girder

Dutch: I-band
English: I-band

Dutch: I-component
English: I component

Dutch: iconoscoop
English: iconoscope

Dutch: icoon
English: icon

Dutch: IC-techniek
English: IC technique

Dutch: IC-tester
English: IC tester

Dutch: ideaal component
English: ideal component

Dutch: ideale condensator
English: ideal capacitor

Dutch: ideale inductor
English: ideal inductor

Dutch: ideale kromme
English: ideal curve

Dutch: idee
English: idea; notion; concept; conception; suggestion

Dutch: ideeënbus
English: suggestion box

Dutch: ideeënuitwisseling
English: idea exchange

Dutch: idem
English: ditto: do.

Dutch: identificatie
English: identification: ID; identifier

Dutch: identificatie-impuls
English: identification pulse

Dutch: identificatiesignaal
English: identification signal

Dutch: identificatiesymbool
English: identifier

Dutch: identificatiesysteem
English: identification system

Dutch: identificeren
English: to identify

Dutch: identificerend element
English: descriptor

Dutch: identiteitsbepaling
English: challenge

Dutch: identiteitsorgaan
English: identity unit

Dutch: I-detector
English: I detector

Dutch: iepenhout
English: elm

Dutch: iets actueel maken
English: to instance

Dutch: IF-opdracht
English: IF-statement

Dutch: IF-THEN bewerking
English: IF-THEN operation

Dutch: IF-THEN-ELSE bewerking
English: IF-THEN-ELSE operation

Dutch: IF-uitdrukking
English: IF-expression

Dutch: ignitron
English: ignitron

Dutch: IHF
English: Institute of High Fidelity

Dutch: IHF-gevoeligheid
English: IHF-sensitivity

Dutch: ijkcondensator
English: calibration capacitor

Dutch: ijkdiafragma
English: calibration diaphragm

Dutch: ijken
English: to calibrate; to gauge

Dutch: ijkinstrument
English: calibrator

Dutch: ijkkop
English: standard head; calibrating head

Dutch: ijklicht
English: calibration light

Dutch: ijksignaal
English: calibration signal

Dutch: ijkspoeltje
English: standard coil; calibrating coil

Dutch: ijkvoorschrift
English: calibration instructions

Dutch: ijlgang
English: fast traverse; rapid traverse

Dutch: ijsazijn
English: glacial acetic acid

Dutch: ijsazijnzuur
English: glacial acetic acid

Dutch: ijsbakje
English: ice-cube storage bin; ice-cube tray

Dutch: ijsblokjesbakje
English: ice-cube storage bin; ice-cube tray

Dutch: ijsblokjeskast
English: ice-cube freezer

Dutch: ijsblokjesvak
English: ice-cube freezer

Dutch: ijskast
English: refrigerator

Dutch: ijslade
English: cube ice tray

Dutch: ijzer
English: iron

Dutch: ijzerarm
English: poor in iron

Dutch: ijzercircuit
English: iron circuit

Dutch: ijzerdraad
English: iron wire

Dutch: ijzerdraadgrafiek
English: wire frame graphics

Dutch: ijzerdraadmodel
English: wire frame model

Dutch: ijzerdraadweerstand
English: iron wire resistance; barreter

Dutch: ijzeren magneet
English: iron magnet

Dutch: ijzeren voorraad
English: safety stock

Dutch: ijzerfosfaat
English: iron phosphate

Dutch: ijzerhamerslag
English: hammer scale

Dutch: ijzerlegering
English: alloy iron; alloy of iron

Dutch: ijzerpoeder
English: iron dust; iron powder

Dutch: ijzerpoederkern
English: iron-powder core; iron-dust core

Dutch: ijzerspaat
English: siderite; spathic iron

Dutch: ijzerverliezen
English: iron losses

Dutch: ijzervijlsel
English: iron filings

Dutch: ijzervrij
English: free of iron

Dutch: ijzerzaag
English: metal saw; hacksaw

Dutch: I-kanaal
English: I channel

Dutch: I-kern
English: I-core

Dutch: illegale code
English: illegal code

Dutch: illocutionair
English: illocutionary

Dutch: illustratieinkt
English: illustrating ink

Dutch: IM
English: intermodulation

Dutch: image
English: image

Dutch: imaginair
English: imaginary

Dutch: imaginair component
English: imaginary component

Dutch: imaginair deel
English: imaginary part

Dutch: imaginair getal
English: imaginary number

Dutch: imitatiebatterij
English: dummy battery

Dutch: imitatiefineer
English: imitation veneer

Dutch: imitatiehoutnerf
English: simulated wood grain

Dutch: imitatieverzendproef
English: transport test

Dutch: immaterieel
English: immaterial

Dutch: immersielens
English: immersion lens

Dutch: immitantie
English: immitance

Dutch: impacter
English: impacter

Dutch: impasse
English: deadlock

English: Impact Avalanche Transit Time

Dutch: IMPATT-diode
English: IMPATT diode

Dutch: impedantie
English: impedance; apparent resistance

Dutch: impedantieaanpassing
English: impedance matching

Dutch: impedantiearm
English: impedance arm

Dutch: impedantiebrug
English: impedance bridge

Dutch: impedantiefout
English: component error

Dutch: impedantiemeter
English: impedance measuring set

Dutch: impedantieomvormer
English: impedance converter; impedance transformer

Dutch: impedantiepolen
English: poles of impedance

Dutch: impedantieval
English: impedance drop

Dutch: impedantieverhouding
English: impedance ratio

Dutch: imperfecte inductie
English: imperfect induction

Dutch: implementatie-eis
English: implementation requirement

Dutch: implementatietaal
English: implementation language

Dutch: implementatievorm
English: implementation form

Dutch: implementeren
English: to implement

Dutch: implicatie
English: inclusion; IF-THEN operation; implication; conditional implication operation

Dutch: impliceren
English: to imply

Dutch: impliciete adressering
English: implied addressing

Dutch: impliciete DO-opdracht
English: implied DO

Dutch: impliciete functie
English: implicit function

Dutch: imploderen
English: implode

Dutch: implosie
English: implosion

Dutch: importeren
English: to import

Dutch: impregneerlak
English: impregnating lacquer

Dutch: impregneermiddel
English: impregnating agent; impregnant

Dutch: improvisatie
English: improvisation

Dutch: impuls
English: pulse; impulse

Dutch: impulsamplitude
English: pulse amplitude

Dutch: impulsbreedte
English: pulse width

Dutch: impulsflank
English: pulse edge

Dutch: impulsfrequentie
English: impulse frequency

Dutch: impulsgenerator
English: pulse generator

Dutch: impulsmenging
English: pulse mixing

Dutch: impulsremschijf
English: pulse brake disc

Dutch: impulsruis
English: impulse noise

Dutch: impulsschijf
English: pulse disc

Dutch: impulsspanning
English: pulse voltage

Dutch: impulsstoring
English: impulse noise

Dutch: impulsteller
English: pulse counter

Dutch: impulstransformator
English: pulse transformer

Dutch: impulsverhouding
English: impulse ratio

Dutch: impulsvormer
English: pulse shaper

Dutch: IM-vervorming
English: IM distortion

Dutch: IM-verzwakking
English: spurious response rejection

Dutch: in balans
English: push-pull

Dutch: in bedrijf
English: busy; up

Dutch: in de hand gehouden
English: handheld

Dutch: in de hand hebben
English: to have control over

Dutch: in de handel brengen
English: to release for commercial purposes: to commercialize

Dutch: in de lengte
English: lengthwise; longitudinally

Dutch: in de lengterichting
English: lengthwise; longitudinally

Dutch: in de orde van grootte
English: in the order of magnitude

Dutch: in de weg staan
English: to foul; to interfere with

Dutch: in dienst nemen
English: to engage; to enlist; to recrute

Dutch: in dienst treden
English: to enter into service; to commence duty

Dutch: in dienst zijn
English: to be employed; to be gainfully employed

Dutch: in elkaar overgaan
English: to merge into one another

Dutch: in- en uitvoeropdracht
English: input/output statement

Dutch: in- en/of omstelling
English: set-up

Dutch: in evenwicht
English: balanced

Dutch: in groepsverband
English: in groups

Dutch: in het midden
English: at the centre

Dutch: in het midden brengen
English: to put forward

Dutch: in het midden laten
English: to leave aside

Dutch: in het verlengde van
English: in line with

Dutch: in laagjes verdelen
English: slicing

Dutch: in niveaus opdelen
English: leveling

Dutch: in orde van grootte
English: in order of magnitude

Dutch: in orde zijn
English: to be in order

Dutch: in plaats van: ipv
English: instead of

Dutch: in plakken snijden
English: wafer slicing

Dutch: in rekening brengen
English: to charge

Dutch: in twee richtingen
English: bidirectional

Dutch: in vaste dienst zijn
English: to be permanently employed; to hold a permanent appointment

Dutch: in verband met: ivm
English: in connection with; in view of; with a view to

Dutch: in verhouding tot
English: in relation to

Dutch: in voorraad
English: on hand; in hand; in store; available

Dutch: in werkelijkheid
English: in reality; actually

Dutch: in werktijd
English: during working hours; on company time

Dutch: in/uitvoer
English: input/output

Dutch: inactief
English: idle

Dutch: inbedden
English: to embed

Dutch: inbegrepen
English: included; inclusive of

Dutch: inbouw
English: incorporation; building-in

Dutch: inbouwartikelen
English: incorporatives

Dutch: inbouwen
English: to build in; to incorporate; to encase

Dutch: inbouwfilter
English: built-in filter

Dutch: inbouwgrammofoon
English: record player deck

Dutch: inbouwhoogte
English: overall height

Dutch: inbouwkoppelfilter
English: built-in signal splitter; built-in mixer filter

Dutch: inbouwpakket
English: mounting kit

Dutch: inbouwpassing
English: shaft and housing fit

Dutch: inbouwspeler
English: built-in player

Dutch: inbouwvoet
English: plinth

Dutch: inbouwvoorschrift
English: encasing instructions

Dutch: inbraakalarm
English: burglar alarm; intrusion alarm

Dutch: inbraakprocedure
English: break-in procedure

Dutch: inbrengen
English: to snap in; to dope

Dutch: inbusbout
English: recessed head screw; socket screw; socket-head screw

Dutch: inbusgereedschap
English: canning-in tool

Dutch: inbusschroef
English: recessed head screw; socket screw; socket-head screw

Dutch: inbussen
English: canning in

Dutch: inbussleutel
English: hollow-head screw wrench; socket-head screw wrench

Dutch: incidentele bewegingen
English: accountable fluctuations

Dutch: incidentele fout
English: incidental defect

Dutch: incidentiehoek
English: incidence angle

Dutch: in-circuit tester
English: in-circuit tester

Dutch: inclusie
English: conditional implication operation

Dutch: inclusief
English: inclusive; included; inclusive of

Dutch: inclusief OF
English: inclusive OR

Dutch: incoherent
English: noncoherent

Dutch: incoherent licht
English: incoherent light

Dutch: incoherente bundel
English: incoherent bundle

Dutch: incompatibel
English: incompatible

Dutch: incorrect bit
English: incorrect bit

Dutch: incorrect blok
English: incorrect block

Dutch: incourant
English: obsolete; uncurrent; incurrent

Dutch: incourante voorraad
English: dead stock; obsolete stock

Dutch: increment
English: increment

Dutch: incrementeel testen
English: incremental testing

Dutch: incrementele backup
English: incremental backup

Dutch: incrementele compiler
English: incremental compiler

Dutch: incrementele planning
English: incremental planning

Dutch: indampen
English: to reduce by evaporation

Dutch: indampresidu
English: residue after evaporation

Dutch: indampschaal
English: evaporating dish

Dutch: indampverliezen
English: evaporation losses

Dutch: indekking
English: hedging

Dutch: indelen
English: to arrange; to stratify; to layout; to classify

Dutch: indeling
English: arrangement; stratification; format; layout; classification

Dutch: indelingskaart
English: lay-out map

Dutch: indent-verkopen
English: indent sales

Dutch: indeuken
English: to dent; to indent

Dutch: indeuking
English: dent; indentation

Dutch: index
English: directory; index; suffix; subscript

Dutch: indexcijfer
English: index number; index figure

Dutch: indexingang
English: index entry

Dutch: indexnaam
English: index name

Dutch: indexrecord
English: index record

Dutch: indexregister
English: index register; modifier register; B-register

Dutch: indicatieafwijking
English: indication error

Dutch: indicatielampje
English: indicator light; pilot lamp; LE

Dutch: indicatiemeter
English: indicator; recording level indicator

Dutch: indicatieplaat
English: indication plate

Dutch: indicatieschakelaar
English: indicator switch

Dutch: indicatiestrip
English: indicator strip

Dutch: indicatorbeugel
English: indicator bracket

Dutch: indicatorbuis
English: indicator valve

Dutch: indiceren
English: indexing; to index

Dutch: indicering
English: indexing

Dutch: indien mogelijk
English: if possible

Dutch: indieping
English: recess

Dutch: indifferente balans
English: indifferent balance

Dutch: indikken
English: to thicken

Dutch: indirect
English: indirect

Dutch: indirect materiaal
English: indirect material

Dutch: indirect verhit
English: indirectly heated

Dutch: indirecte aarde
English: indirect ground

Dutch: indirecte adressering
English: indirect addressing

Dutch: indirecte aftasting
English: indirect scanning

Dutch: indirecte besturing
English: indirect control

Dutch: indirecte golf
English: indirect wave

Dutch: indirecte koppeling
English: indirect coupling

Dutch: indirecte kosten
English: overhead; overhead costs; indirect costs

Dutch: indirecte opdracht
English: indirect instruction

Dutch: indirecte verwijzing
English: indirect referencing

Dutch: indirecte werkwijze
English: indirect mode

Dutch: indirecten
English: indirect labour

Dutch: indiumschijf
English: indium disc

Dutch: individuele montage
English: individual assembly

Dutch: indoctrinatie
English: indoctrination

Dutch: indoctrineren
English: to indoctrinate

Dutch: indopen
English: to immerse; to dip

Dutch: indraaien
English: tighten; to turn in; to screw in; to mesh

Dutch: indraaiprocédé
English: drive-in procedure

Dutch: indrijving
English: drive-in

Dutch: indringdiepte
English: penetration depth; indentation depth; depth of penetration

Dutch: indringdieptemeter
English: penetration meter; indentation meter; indentor

Dutch: indringhardheid
English: penetration hardness; indentation hardness

Dutch: indringmeter
English: penetration meter; indentation meter; indentor

Dutch: indrogen
English: to dry up; to dry in

Dutch: indrukbaar
English: crushable

Dutch: indrukgereedschap
English: press-in tool

Dutch: indrukken
English: to push in; to press in; to depress; to press; to push; to impress; to compress; to crush; to hot-stamp

Dutch: indrukking
English: pushing-in; pressing-in; depression; impression; compression; crushing; hot-stamping; hot foil printing

Dutch: indrukkracht
English: insertion force

Dutch: indrukmal
English: impression jig

Dutch: induceren
English: to induce

Dutch: inductantie
English: inductance

Dutch: inductie
English: induction; inductance

Dutch: inductieconstante
English: induction constant

Dutch: inductief
English: inductive

Dutch: inductief circuit
English: inductive circuit

Dutch: inductief element
English: inductive element

Dutch: inductief leren
English: inductive learning

Dutch: inductiemotor
English: induction motor

Dutch: inductiespanning
English: induction voltage

Dutch: inductiespoel
English: induction coil

Dutch: inductieve afstemming
English: inductive tuning; permeability tuning

Dutch: inductieve condensator
English: inductive capacitor

Dutch: inductieve koppeling
English: inductive coupling

Dutch: inductieve logica
English: inductive logic

Dutch: inductieve omvormer
English: inductive transducer

Dutch: inductieve reactantie
English: inductive reactance

Dutch: inductieveld
English: induction filed

Dutch: inductieverhitting
English: induction heating

Dutch: inductievrij
English: non-inductive

Dutch: inductiviteit
English: inductivity; inductance; self-inductance

Dutch: inductor
English: catcher

Dutch: inductorrooster
English: catcher grid

Dutch: industrialisatie
English: industrialization

Dutch: industrialiseren
English: to industrialize

Dutch: industrieel
English: industrial

Dutch: industrieel plan
English: master schedule: MS

Dutch: industriegroep
English: product subdivision

Dutch: industriële apparaten
English: industrial equipment

Dutch: industriële computer
English: industrial computer

Dutch: industriële robot
English: industrial robot

Dutch: industrieluidspreker
English: industrial loudspeaker

Dutch: industrietak
English: branch of industry

Dutch: ineengrijpen
English: to engage; to mesh; to mesh together; to enmesh; to mesh with each other; to be in mesh with each other

Dutch: ineenvoegen
English: to merge; to collate

Dutch: ineffectieve tijd
English: ineffective time

Dutch: inert gas
English: inert gas; shielding gas

Dutch: inertanza acustica
English: acoustic mass; acoustic inertia

Dutch: inerte atmosfeer
English: inert atmosphere

Dutch: in-fase
English: in phase

Dutch: in-fasespanning
English: in-phase voltage

Dutch: in-fasestroom
English: in-phase current

Dutch: inferentie
English: inference

Dutch: inferentielaag
English: inference layer

Dutch: inferentiemachine
English: inference engine

Dutch: inferentiemechanisme
English: inference mechanism

Dutch: inferentieprocessen
English: inference processes

Dutch: inferentieregels
English: inference rules

Dutch: inferentietechnieken
English: inference techniques

Dutch: infereren
English: to infer

Dutch: infix-notatie
English: infix notation

Dutch: influiten
English: to whistle

Dutch: informatie-analyse
English: information analysis; data analysis

Dutch: informatiebank
English: data bank; data base

Dutch: informatiebeeld
English: information view

Dutch: informatiedrager
English: data carrier; information medium; information carrier; information storage device

Dutch: informatie-element
English: data element

Dutch: informatie-entiteit
English: information entity

Dutch: informatiefaciliteit
English: information facility

Dutch: informatiekanaal
English: information channel

Dutch: informatieklasse
English: information class

Dutch: informatieloos teken
English: null character; null representation

Dutch: informatiemodel
English: information model

Dutch: informatieontvanger
English: information addressee

Dutch: informatieoverdracht
English: information transfer

Dutch: informatiepatroon
English: data cartridge

Dutch: informatieplan
English: information plan

Dutch: informatieschema
English: information schema

Dutch: informatiesnelheid
English: information speed

Dutch: informatiespoor
English: code track

Dutch: informatiestrategie
English: information strategy

Dutch: informatiestroom
English: information flow; flow of information; provision of information

Dutch: informatiestroomschema
English: flowchart

Dutch: informatietechnologie
English: information technology: IT

Dutch: informatieteken
English: character

Dutch: informatieverberging
English: information hiding

Dutch: informatieverspreiding
English: information dissemination

Dutch: informatieverwerkend
English: data processing; information processing

Dutch: informatieverwerking
English: data processing; information processing

Dutch: informatieverzoek
English: inquiry

Dutch: informatievoorziening
English: provision of information; information provision; information

Dutch: informeel
English: informal

Dutch: informele test(en)
English: informal testing

Dutch: infrarode band
English: infrared band

Dutch: infrarode diode
English: infrared diode

Dutch: infrarood spectrum
English: infrared spectrum

Dutch: infrasone trilling
English: infrasound

Dutch: infrasoon
English: infrasonic

Dutch: ingaande as
English: input shaft

Dutch: ingang
English: entrance; entry; input; entry point; port

Dutch: ingang vinden
English: to find acceptance; to gain currency; to take on

Dutch: ingangsadmittantie
English: input admittance

Dutch: ingangsadres
English: entry

Dutch: ingangsbelasting
English: input load

Dutch: ingangscapacitantie
English: input capacitance

Dutch: ingangscapaciteit
English: input capacitance

Dutch: ingangscondensator
English: input capacitor

Dutch: ingangsconstante
English: entry constant

Dutch: ingangscontrole
English: incoming goods inspection; incoming inspection; receiving inspection

Dutch: ingangsfilter
English: input filter

Dutch: ingangsgeleiding
English: input conductance

Dutch: ingangsgevoeligheid
English: input sensitivity

Dutch: ingangsimpedantie
English: input impedance

Dutch: ingangsinstelstroom
English: input bias current

Dutch: ingangskarakteristiek
English: input characteristic

Dutch: ingangskeuzeschakelaar
English: input selector switch

Dutch: ingangsklem
English: input terminal

Dutch: ingangskring
English: input circuit

Dutch: ingangsnaam
English: entry name

Dutch: ingangspunt
English: entry point

Dutch: ingangsresonator
English: input resonator

Dutch: ingangssignaal
English: input signal

Dutch: ingangsspanning
English: input voltage

Dutch: ingangsspoel
English: input coil

Dutch: ingangsstroom
English: input current

Dutch: ingangssymbool
English: entry symbol

Dutch: ingangstank
English: input tank

Dutch: ingangsterminals
English: input terminals

Dutch: ingangstransducer
English: input transducer

Dutch: ingangstransformator
English: input transformer; driver transformer

Dutch: ingangsvariabele
English: entry variable

Dutch: ingangsvermogen
English: input power

Dutch: ingangsvoorraadpunt
English: inbound stockpoint

Dutch: ingangsvoorwaarden
English: entry conditions

Dutch: ingangswaarde
English: entry value

Dutch: ingangsweerstand
English: input resistance

Dutch: ingebed Java
English: embedded Java

Dutch: ingebed SQL
English: embedded SQL

Dutch: ingebed systeem
English: embedded system

Dutch: ingebedde software
English: embedded software

Dutch: ingeblikt programma
English: confectioned program; canned program

Dutch: ingeblikte muziek
English: canned music

Dutch: ingebouwd
English: built-in; incorporated; encased

Dutch: ingebouwde controle
English: automatic check; built-in check

Dutch: ingebouwde functie
English: built-in function

Dutch: ingebouwde zelf-test
English: built-in self-test: BIST

Dutch: ingedampt
English: reduced by evaporation

Dutch: ingedeukt
English: dented; indented

Dutch: ingedraaid
English: turned-in; screwed-in

Dutch: ingedrukte ril
English: crease

Dutch: ingegoten
English: poured-in; cast-in; moulded-in; encapsulated; potted; embedded

Dutch: ingekapseld
English: encapsulated; potted

Dutch: ingekast
English: encased

Dutch: ingekocht item
English: bought item

Dutch: ingekofferd
English: encased

Dutch: ingekort
English: shortened

Dutch: ingelaten
English: recessed; cutaway

Dutch: ingenieurschap
English: engineering

Dutch: ingeölied met
English: oiled with; lubricated with

Dutch: ingeperst
English: pressed-in; moulded-in

Dutch: ingeschakeld
English: switched on; connected in circuit

Dutch: ingeschreven maat
English: dimension

Dutch: ingeslagen lucht
English: mixed-in air

Dutch: ingeslepen stop
English: ground stopper

Dutch: ingesloten luchtbel
English: entrapped air-bubble

Dutch: ingesloten opdracht
English: embedded command

Dutch: ingesneden
English: cut-in; slit; scored

Dutch: ingesnoerd
English: laterally contracted

Dutch: ingesnoerde bedrading
English: laced wiring

Dutch: ingespannen
English: clamped

Dutch: ingespannen werken
English: to work strenuously

Dutch: ingesteld
English: adjusted; aligned; set

Dutch: ingestoken
English: inserted; plugged-in

Dutch: ingevet
English: lubricated greased

Dutch: ingevlochten
English: stacked

Dutch: ingewalst
English: rolled-in

Dutch: ingeweven hechting
English: interwoven stitching

Dutch: ingewikkeld
English: complicated; intricate; wrapped-up

Dutch: ingezaagd
English: serrated; split

Dutch: ingieten
English: to pour in; to cast in; to mould in; to encapsulate; to pot; to embed

Dutch: ingietmal
English: mould

Dutch: ingietmassa
English: encapsulated compound; casting compound

Dutch: ingietmatrijs
English: mould; mold; die

Dutch: ingreep
English: interrupt

Dutch: ingrijpen
English: to mesh; to engage

Dutch: inhaalbuis
English: klystron; klystron valve; klystron tube

Dutch: inhaalbuisversterker
English: klystron amplifier

Dutch: inharsgereedschap
English: mould-in tool

Dutch: inharsmoer
English: moulded-in nut

Dutch: inherent
English: inherent

Dutch: inherent component
English: inherent component

Dutch: inherent vermogen
English: incident power

Dutch: inherente golf
English: incident wave

Dutch: in-het-oor apparaat
English: in-the-ear hearing aid

Dutch: inhibitor
English: inhibitor

Dutch: inhomogene vezel
English: inhomogeneous fiber

Dutch: inhomogeniteit
English: discontinuity

Dutch: inhouden
English: to contain; to hold operated

Dutch: inhoudskoppeling
English: content coupling

Dutch: inhoudsmaat
English: measure of capacity

Dutch: initiale kosten
English: initial cost

Dutch: initialisatie
English: initialization; boot

Dutch: initialiseren
English: to initialize

Dutch: initiatiepuls
English: enable pulse

Dutch: initieel laadprogramma
English: initial program loader

Dutch: initiële afvoer
English: initial drain

Dutch: initiële bestelling
English: initial order

Dutch: initiële markt
English: initial market

Dutch: initiële order
English: initial order

Dutch: initiële positie
English: initial position

Dutch: initiële status
English: reset mode; initial mode; initial condition mode

Dutch: initiële toestand
English: initial condition

Dutch: initiëren
English: to initialize

Dutch: injecteren
English: to inject

Dutch: injecteur
English: injector

Dutch: injectie
English: injection; injection shot

Dutch: injectiecapaciteit
English: injection capacity; shot capacity

Dutch: injectiecilinder
English: injection cylinder

Dutch: injectie-efficiency
English: injection efficiency

Dutch: injectieplunjer
English: injection ram

Dutch: inkapselen
English: to encapsulate; to pot

Dutch: inkasten
English: to encase

Dutch: inkastmal
English: encasing jig

Dutch: inkepen
English: to notch

Dutch: inkeping
English: notch

Dutch: inkijk
English: peep-in; people to look in; looking in

Dutch: inklapbaar
English: collapsible

Dutch: inklapbaar TV chassis
English: hinged chassis

Dutch: inklappen
English: to collapse

Dutch: inkleuren
English: colouring

Dutch: inklikken
English: to snap in

Dutch: inkofferen
English: to encase

Dutch: inkomend signaal
English: incoming signal

Dutch: inkomend voorraadpunt
English: inbound stockpoint

Dutch: inkomende verbinding
English: incoming lead

Dutch: inkoop
English: purchase; procurement

Dutch: inkoopartikel
English: purchase article; purchase item

Dutch: inkoopbeleid
English: buying policy; procurement policy

Dutch: inkoopbeslissing
English: buy decision

Dutch: inkoopbon
English: purchase requisition

Dutch: inkoopbudget
English: purchasing budget

Dutch: inkoopcapaciteit
English: purchasing capacity

Dutch: inkooporder
English: purchase order; procurement order; buying order

Dutch: inkoopovereenkomst
English: purchase agreement

Dutch: inkoopprijs
English: purchase price

Dutch: inkoopproduct
English: purchased product

Dutch: inkopen
English: to purchase; to buy; to procure

Dutch: inkopen op partijbasis
English: batch buying

Dutch: inkorten
English: to shorten

Dutch: inkrimpen
English: to undersize

Dutch: inkrimping
English: shrinkage

Dutch: inktspuitplotter
English: inkjet plotter

Dutch: inlaat
English: inlead; inlet; intake

Dutch: inlaatklep
English: intake valve; inlet valve

Dutch: inlage
English: nest

Dutch: inleertijd
English: learning time

Dutch: inleggen
English: to insert; to thread

Dutch: inlegger
English: liner; paper feeder

Dutch: inlegplaat
English: locating plate

Dutch: inlegspie
English: slot and feather

Dutch: inlegstuk
English: insert

Dutch: inlegvel
English: leaflet

Dutch: inlezen
English: to read; to write

Dutch: inlichtingenstation
English: inquiry terminal; inquiry station

Dutch: inline-code
English: inline code

Dutch: inline-procedures
English: inline procedures

Dutch: inlining
English: inlining

Dutch: inloggen
English: to log in

Dutch: inloopgroef
English: lead-in groove; run-in groove

Dutch: inloopvang
English: entrance catch

Dutch: inoliën met
English: to oil with; to lubricate with

Dutch: inpakhandelingen
English: packaging proceedings

Dutch: inpakken
English: to pack; to package

Dutch: inpakker
English: packer; packager

Dutch: inpaklepel
English: packaging ladle

Dutch: inpakmachine
English: packaging machine

Dutch: inpakster
English: female packer

Dutch: inpersen
English: to,press in; to mould in

Dutch: inpersmoer
English: press-in nut; mould-in nut

Dutch: inpikfunctie
English: snap function

Dutch: inregeltijd
English: attack time; synchronizing time

Dutch: inruilen
English: to trade in

Dutch: inruilkorting
English: trade-in allowance

Dutch: inruilprijs
English: trade-in price

Dutch: inschakelduur
English: duty cycle

Dutch: inschakelstroom
English: switch-on current

Dutch: inschakelstroomstoot
English: current inrush

Dutch: inschakeltijd
English: turn-on time

Dutch: inschieten
English: to shoot in

Dutch: inschietmal
English: shooting jig

Dutch: inschrijven
English: to dimension; to enter; to record; to enlist; to enroll; to subscribe to; to tender; to submit a tender

Dutch: inschrijver
English: subscriber; applicant; bidder; tenderer

Dutch: inschrijving
English: dimensioning; entering; recording; enlistment; enrollment; subscription to; tender; bid

Dutch: inschuifbaar
English: telescopic; retractable

Dutch: inschuifoscilloscoop
English: plug-in oscilloscope

Dutch: inschuifterminal
English: push-in terminal

Dutch: inschuiven
English: to slide into; to push into; to insert; to retract

Dutch: inscriptieblok
English: mould insert for marking

Dutch: inscriptiepen
English: inscription pad; mould insert for marking

Dutch: inslaan
English: to strike

Dutch: inslag
English: weft; woof

Dutch: inslagmal
English: tapping jig

Dutch: inslagmoer
English: hammer bush; press-in nut

Dutch: inslepen
English: to drag in

Dutch: insluitblok
English: bounding box

Dutch: insluiting
English: inclusion

Dutch: insluitsel
English: inclusion

Dutch: insmeerapparaat
English: smearing device; applicator

Dutch: insmeren
English: to smear; to grease; to lubricate

Dutch: insnijden
English: to cut in; to slit; to score

Dutch: insnijding
English: incision; slit; score

Dutch: insnijstempel
English: lancing tool

Dutch: insnoeren
English: to constrict; to contract

Dutch: insnoering
English: constriction; contraction; waist; reduction of area

Dutch: inspanklem
English: clamp

Dutch: inspanning
English: clamping; fixture; effort

Dutch: inspanpen
English: spigot; shank

Dutch: inspectieprocedure
English: inspection procedure

Dutch: insplitsen
English: to merge; to collate

Dutch: inspraak
English: participation

Dutch: inspringen
English: to recess; to stand back; to indent

Dutch: inspringende delen
English: recessed parts

Dutch: inspringende stuklijst
English: indented bill-of-material

Dutch: instabiel
English: instable; unstable

Dutch: instabiliteit
English: instability; unstability

Dutch: installateur
English: installer

Dutch: installatiedetails
English: installation details

Dutch: installatiehandleiding
English: Installation guide; installation manual

Dutch: installatietijd
English: set-up time

Dutch: installeertijd
English: installation time

Dutch: installeren
English: to install

Dutch: instantiatie
English: instantiation

Dutch: instantiatieproces
English: instantiation process

Dutch: instantiatievariabele
English: instance variable

Dutch: instantiëren
English: to instance; to instantiate

Dutch: insteekbaar
English: pluggable

Dutch: insteekbare kop
English: plug-in head

Dutch: insteekbare spoel
English: plug-in coil

Dutch: insteekbeitel
English: recessing tool

Dutch: insteekgereedschap
English: inserting tool

Dutch: insteekkoppeling
English: insert socket

Dutch: insteeklengte
English: insert length

Dutch: insteekrand
English: insert edge

Dutch: insteektelefoon
English: insert earphone

Dutch: insteekthermometer
English: inserted thermometer

Dutch: insteekvoetje
English: receptacle

Dutch: insteken
English: to insert; to plug in

Dutch: instelbeugel
English: adjusting bracket

Dutch: instelgat
English: adjusting hole

Dutch: instelimpuls
English: set pulse

Dutch: instelkaliber
English: adjusting gauge

Dutch: instelknop
English: adjustment knob; tuning knob

Dutch: instelkoppel
English: controlling torque; setting torque

Dutch: instelkosten
English: setup costs

Dutch: instellen
English: to set; to adjust; to align; to index; to establish; to set up; to set a machine; machine-setting; to tune in; to tune upon; to adjust on assembly

Dutch: instellen op
English: to set to; to set at

Dutch: instelling
English: setting; adjustment; alignment; set-up; establishment; foundation; institution; attitude; machine-setting; tuning-in; adjustment on assembly

Dutch: instellip
English: adjusting lug

Dutch: instelmal
English: adjusting jig

Dutch: instelmogelijkheid
English: adjustment possibility; adjustment facility

Dutch: instelnauwkeurigheid
English: setting accuracy

Dutch: instelnormalen
English: calibration standards

Dutch: instelorgaan
English: adjusting element

Dutch: instelpen
English: adjusting pin

Dutch: instelpotentiometer
English: trimming potentiometer

Dutch: instelpunt
English: point of operation; operating point; working point; setpoint

Dutch: instelring
English: adjusting ring

Dutch: instelschema
English: set-up diagram

Dutch: instelschroef
English: adjusting screw; set screw

Dutch: instelspanning
English: setting voltage

Dutch: instelstrip
English: adjusting strip

Dutch: instelstroom
English: bias; bias current

Dutch: insteltijd
English: setting time; set-up time

Dutch: instelvlak
English: adjusting band

Dutch: instelvoorschrift
English: adjustment instructions

Dutch: instelwaarde
English: setting value; set value

Dutch: instraling
English: external radiation; irradiation

Dutch: instructeur
English: instructor

Dutch: instructie
English: instruction; order; command

Dutch: instructiecode
English: instruction code

Dutch: instructiecyclus
English: instruction cycle

Dutch: instructief
English: instructive

Dutch: instructie-indeling
English: instruction format

Dutch: instructiepaneel
English: teach pendant

Dutch: instructieset
English: instruction set

Dutch: instructiestap
English: instruction cycle

Dutch: instrueren
English: to instruct

Dutch: instrumentaal
English: instrumental

Dutch: instrumentatie
English: instrumentation

Dutch: instrumentenpaneel
English: instrument panel; facia panel; dashboard

Dutch: instrumenteren
English: to instrument

Dutch: instrumentering
English: instrumentation

Dutch: instrumentknop
English: instrument knob

Dutch: instrumentmaker
English: precision mechanic; instrument maker

Dutch: integer type
English: integer type

Dutch: integrale logistiek
English: integral logistics

Dutch: integrale planning
English: integral planning

Dutch: integrale productgroep
English: business unit: BU

Dutch: integrand
English: integrand

Dutch: integratiegraad
English: degree of integration

Dutch: integratieniveaus
English: levels of integration

Dutch: integratieproces
English: integration proces

Dutch: integratieprofiel
English: integration profile

Dutch: integratieprotocol
English: integration protocol

Dutch: integratietesten
English: integration testing

Dutch: integreren
English: to integrate

Dutch: integrerend deel
English: integrating part

Dutch: integrerende motor
English: integrating motor; messmotor

Dutch: integriteitsbeperking
English: integrity constraint

Dutch: integriteitsregel
English: integrity rule

Dutch: intekenen; ingetekend
English: draw in; sketch in; plot (op kaart)

Dutch: intekening
English: subscription

Dutch: intelligent front-end
English: intelligent front end

Dutch: intelligent netwerk
English: intelligent network

Dutch: intelligent signaal
English: intelligent signal

Dutch: intelligente agent
English: intelligent agent

Dutch: intelligente database
English: intelligent database

Dutch: intelligente interface
English: intelligent interface

Dutch: intelligente robot
English: intelligent robot

Dutch: intelligente simulatie
English: intelligent simulation

Dutch: intelligente terminal
English: intelligent terminal

Dutch: intelligentie
English: intelligence

Dutch: intelligentieproces
English: intelligence process

Dutch: intelligoloog
English: intelligist

Dutch: intensiteit
English: intensity

Dutch: intensiteitsmodulatie
English: intensity modulation

Dutch: intensiteitssysteem
English: variable density track

Dutch: intensivering
English: intensivation

Dutch: interactief
English: interactive; conversational

Dutch: interactief systeem
English: interactive system

Dutch: interactieoverspraak
English: interaction crosstalk

Dutch: interactietaal
English: interaction language

Dutch: interactieve simulator
English: interactive simulator

Dutch: interactieve taal
English: interactive language

Dutch: interbasisstroom
English: interbase current

Dutch: interbasisweerstand
English: interbase resistance

Dutch: interblokspatie
English: inter-block gap

Dutch: intercarrier
English: intercarrier

Dutch: intercom
English: intercom; interphone

Dutch: intercomsysteem
English: intercom system

Dutch: interconnectiepad
English: interconnection path; conductor path

Dutch: interdisciplinair
English: interdisciplinary; synergetic

Dutch: interdraaggolf
English: intercarrier

Dutch: interdraaggolfdetectie
English: intercarrier detection

Dutch: interfacebeheer
English: interface control

Dutch: interface-eis
English: interface requirement

Dutch: interfacen
English: to interface

Dutch: interfaceprocessor
English: interface processor

Dutch: interfacespecificatie
English: interface specification

Dutch: interfacetest
English: interface test

Dutch: interfacetype
English: interface type

Dutch: interferentie
English: interference

Dutch: interferentieaftasting
English: interference scanning

Dutch: interferentiecontrole
English: interference checking

Dutch: interferentiedemping
English: interference attenuator

Dutch: interferentiefluit(je)
English: heterodyne whistle; beat whistle

Dutch: interferentielimiet
English: interference limit

Dutch: interferentiepatroon
English: pattern of interference

Dutch: interferentiesignaal
English: interference signal; spurious signal

Dutch: interferentiestreep
English: interference line

Dutch: interlingua
English: interlingua

Dutch: interliniëren
English: to interlace

Dutch: interliniëring
English: interlaced scanning

Dutch: interlokaal
English: long distance

Dutch: interlokaal nummer
English: area code

Dutch: intermitterend signaal
English: intermittent signal

Dutch: intermitterende fout
English: intermittent fault

Dutch: intermodulatie
English: intermodulation: IM; crosstalk

Dutch: intermodulatieproduct
English: intermodulation product

Dutch: intermodulatieruis
English: intermodulation noise

Dutch: intermoleculair
English: intermolecular

Dutch: intern
English: internal

Dutch: intern beeld
English: internal view

Dutch: intern gegevensmodel
English: internal schema

Dutch: intern geheugen
English: internal memory; internal store; primary storage

Dutch: intern programma
English: stored program

Dutch: intern schema
English: internal schema

Dutch: intern vervoer
English: internal transport

Dutch: internationale coulomb
English: international coulomb

Dutch: internationale farad
English: international farad

Dutch: internationale henry
English: international henry

Dutch: internationale joule
English: international joule

Dutch: internationale ohm
English: international ohm

Dutch: internationale volt
English: international volt

Dutch: internationale watt
English: international watt

Dutch: interne absorptie
English: internal absorption

Dutch: interne cursus
English: internal course

Dutch: interne grijper
English: internal gripper

Dutch: interne impedantie
English: internal impedance

Dutch: interne insteltijd
English: internal set-up time

Dutch: interne levering
English: internal supply

Dutch: interne mededeling
English: internal memorandum; internal communication

Dutch: interne modem
English: internal modem

Dutch: interne naam
English: internal name

Dutch: interne ontvangst
English: internal receipt

Dutch: interne order
English: internal order

Dutch: interne ruis
English: internal noise

Dutch: interne tekst
English: internal text

Dutch: interne tijdklok
English: internal timer

Dutch: interne verbinding
English: internal connection

Dutch: interne verpakking
English: works packaging

Dutch: interne versterking
English: internal amplification

Dutch: interne verwerking
English: on-line processing

Dutch: interne weerstand
English: internal resistance

Dutch: Internetadres
English: Internet address

Dutch: Internetprotocol
English: Internet protocol: IP

Dutch: interpolatie
English: interpolation

Dutch: interpolatiecomputer
English: director

Dutch: interpolatiekromme
English: interpolation curve

Dutch: interpolatie-oppervlak
English: interpolation surface

Dutch: interpolatieparameters
English: interpolation parameters

Dutch: interpolator
English: interpolator

Dutch: interpoleren
English: to interpolate

Dutch: interpretatieve code
English: interpretive code

Dutch: interpretator
English: interpretive program; interpreter

Dutch: interpreteren
English: to interpret

Dutch: inter-proces
English: inter-process

Dutch: interpunctering
English: dot interlacing; punctuation

Dutch: interpunctie
English: punctuation

Dutch: interpuntflikkering
English: interdot flicker

Dutch: interrecordspatie
English: record gap; inter record gap: IRG

Dutch: interrupt
English: interrupt

Dutch: interruptie
English: interruption; interrupt

Dutch: interruptiesysteem
English: interruption system

Dutch: intersectie
English: intersection

Dutch: interspeeder
English: interspeeder

Dutch: intervalschakeling
English: interval circuit

Dutch: intervariant
English: intervariant

Dutch: interviewen
English: to interview

Dutch: interviewer
English: interviewer

Dutch: interworking
English: interworking

Dutch: intoetsen
English: keying-on; to key

Dutch: intoetsgebied
English: key entry area

Dutch: intoets-overgangen
English: keying transients

Dutch: intoetspuls
English: key pulse

Dutch: intrabandniveau
English: intra-gap state

Dutch: intracel-bedrading
English: intra-cell wiring

Dutch: intrappen
English: to depress

Dutch: intraproces
English: intra-process

Dutch: intreespits
English: leading edge

Dutch: intreestroom
English: input current

Dutch: intreewisselteken
English: shift-in character

Dutch: intrinsiek beeld
English: intrinsic image

Dutch: intrinsieke functie
English: intrinsic function

Dutch: intrinsieke prognose
English: intrinsic forecast

Dutch: intrinsieke ruis
English: intrinsic noise

Dutch: introduceren
English: to introduce

Dutch: introspectie
English: introspection

Dutch: intuïtief ontwerp
English: intuitive design

Dutch: in-uit knop
English: on-off button

Dutch: in-uitvoerorgaan
English: input/output unit

Dutch: inval
English: incidence; recess; sink mark; idea

Dutch: invalide
English: invalid; disabled

Dutch: invallen
English: to incide; to enter; to sink in; to collapse

Dutch: invallend licht
English: incident light; incoming light

Dutch: invallende straal
English: incident ray

Dutch: invalshoek
English: angle of incidence

Dutch: invangen
English: to intercept; to catch

Dutch: invanggebied
English: pull-in range; lock-in range

Dutch: invar
English: invar

Dutch: inventarisatie
English: stock-taking

Dutch: inventief; inventieve
English: inventive

Dutch: invers
English: inverse

Dutch: invers fotoëtsen
English: inverse photoetch; inverse photoresist

Dutch: invers metaalmaskeren
English: inverse metal masking

Dutch: inverse impedantie
English: inverse impedance

Dutch: inverse kinematica
English: inverse kinematics

Dutch: inverse spanning
English: inverse voltage

Dutch: inverteren
English: to invert

Dutch: investeringsbeslissing
English: investment decision

Dutch: invetten
English: to lubricate; to grease

Dutch: invlechten
English: to stack alternately

Dutch: invlechtmal
English: stacking jig

Dutch: invloedsfactor
English: influencing factor

Dutch: invoegen
English: to interpose; to insert; to merge; to collate

Dutch: invoegverlies
English: insertion loss

Dutch: invoegversterking
English: insertion gain

Dutch: invoegweerstand
English: insertion resistance

Dutch: invoer
English: feed; advance; import; importation; intake; inlet; input

Dutch: invoer en uitvoer; I/O
English: input and output; I/O

Dutch: invoer van golfvormen
English: waveform input

Dutch: invoer/uitvoer
English: input-output: IO

Dutch: invoer/uitvoerbeheer
English: input/output control

Dutch: invoer/uitvoereenheid
English: input-output device

Dutch: invoerassertie
English: input assertion

Dutch: invoerbestand
English: input file; hopper deck

Dutch: invoercircuit
English: input circuit

Dutch: invoerdomein
English: input domain

Dutch: invoerdraad
English: lead-in wire

Dutch: invoereenheid
English: input device; input unit

Dutch: invoeren
English: to feed; to import; to introduce; to initiate; to input

Dutch: invoergebied
English: input section; input area; input block

Dutch: invoergegevens
English: input data

Dutch: invoerimpedantie
English: input impedance

Dutch: invoerimpuls
English: input pulse

Dutch: invoering
English: introduction

Dutch: invoerkaarten
English: hopper deck

Dutch: invoerkanaal
English: input channel

Dutch: invoermagazijn
English: hopper

Dutch: invoermechanisme
English: feed mechanism

Dutch: invoermedium
English: input medium

Dutch: invoermodus
English: input mode

Dutch: invoermoduul
English: input module

Dutch: invoerorgaan
English: input unit

Dutch: invoer-proces-uitvoer
English: input-process-output: IPO

Dutch: invoerprogramma
English: input program; input routine

Dutch: invoerrand
English: leading edge

Dutch: invoerrechten
English: import duties

Dutch: invoerregel
English: input line

Dutch: invoerroutine
English: input routine

Dutch: invoersignaal
English: input signal

Dutch: invoerstimuli
English: input stimuli

Dutch: invoerstroom
English: input current

Dutch: invoersysteem
English: entry system

Dutch: invoertaal
English: input language

Dutch: invoertoetsenbord
English: data entry keyboard

Dutch: invoervector
English: input vector

Dutch: invoerwaarde
English: input value

Dutch: invoerwerkwijze
English: input mode

Dutch: invreten
English: to bite into; to dig into; to score; to groove; to attack

Dutch: invriesruimte
English: freezing room

Dutch: invullen
English: to fill out; to complete

Dutch: inwalsen
English: to roll into; to roll in

Dutch: inwendig
English: internal; inside

Dutch: inwendige afscherming
English: internal screening

Dutch: inwendige luidspreker
English: internal loudspeaker

Dutch: inwendige maat
English: inside dimension

Dutch: inwendige middellijn
English: inside diameter

Dutch: inwendige spanning
English: internal voltage; internal stress

Dutch: inwendige weerstand
English: internal resistance; anode AC resistance; volume resistance

Dutch: inwerken
English: to train; to learn; to coach; to attack; to affect; to recess out

Dutch: inwerkingstelling
English: putting into operation; commissioning

Dutch: inwikkelen
English: to wrap up

Dutch: inwrijfmechanisme
English: rubbing mechanism

Dutch: inwrijven
English: to rub; to rub in

Dutch: inzadeling
English: dip

Dutch: inzagen
English: to saw in; to serrate; to split

Dutch: inzakken
English: to sink in; to collapse

Dutch: inzakking
English: sinking; sink mark

Dutch: inzet van krachten
English: mustering of forces

Dutch: inzetdeel
English: insert

Dutch: inzetharden
English: to case-harden; to cement; to carburize

Dutch: inzetharding
English: case-hardening; cementation; carburation

Dutch: inzetmachine
English: inserting machine; inserter

Dutch: inzetmateriaal
English: insert material

Dutch: inzetmeetruit
English: insert measuring glass

Dutch: inzetpen
English: insert pin

Dutch: inzetstaal
English: case-hardened steel; cemented steel; carburized steel

Dutch: inzetstuk
English: insert

Dutch: inzetten
English: to insert; to subject to test

Dutch: inzicht in; inzicht
English: insight (into); understanding

Dutch: inzoomen
English: to zoom; to zoom in

Dutch: IOCS
English: Input Output Control System

Dutch: IOCS-bibliotheek
English: IOCS library

Dutch: IOCS-functie
English: IOCS function

Dutch: IOCS-subroutine
English: IOCS subroutine

Dutch: ion
English: ion

Dutch: ionenbinding
English: ionic bond; ionic linkage

Dutch: ionengeleiding
English: ionic conduction

Dutch: ionenhalfgeleider
English: ionic semiconductor

Dutch: ionenkristal
English: ionic crystal

Dutch: ionenluidspreker
English: ionic loudspeaker

Dutch: ionenmicrofoon
English: ionic microphone

Dutch: ionenstroom
English: ionic current

Dutch: ionenuitwisselaar
English: ion exchanger

Dutch: ionenval
English: ion trap

Dutch: ionenvlek
English: ion spot

Dutch: ionisatie
English: ionization

Dutch: ionisatiegraad
English: degree of ionization

Dutch: ionisatievat
English: ionization vessel

Dutch: ioniseren
English: to ionize

Dutch: ionosferische lagen
English: ionospheric layers

Dutch: IPO-schema
English: input-process-output (IPO) chart

Dutch: iris
English: iris

Dutch: iriserend
English: iridescent

Dutch: irisering
English: iridescence

Dutch: irisgeel passiveren
English: iridite passivation

Dutch: ISDN-signalering
English: integrated services digital network signalling

Dutch: ishikawa diagram
English: cause and effect diagram

Dutch: I-signaal
English: I signal

Dutch: isobaar
English: isobar

Dutch: isochrone aftasting
English: isochronous scanning

Dutch: isochrone modulatie
English: isochronous modulation

Dutch: isochrone transmissie
English: isochronous transmission

Dutch: isochrone vervorming
English: isochronous distortion

Dutch: isochroon
English: isochrone; isochronous

Dutch: isocyanaathars
English: isocyanate resin

Dutch: iso-elektrisch
English: isoelectric

Dutch: iso-elektronisch
English: isoelectronic

Dutch: isolatie
English: insulation; isolation

Dutch: isolatieband
English: insulating tape

Dutch: isolatiebreedte
English: insulation width

Dutch: isolatiebuis
English: insulating sleeve

Dutch: isolatiediffusie
English: isolation diffusion

Dutch: isolatiedikte
English: insulation thickness

Dutch: isolatie-eigenschappen
English: insulating properties

Dutch: isolatiefolie
English: insulating foil

Dutch: isolatiegebied
English: isolation region

Dutch: isolatiekanaal
English: isolation channel

Dutch: isolatiekarton
English: pressboard

Dutch: isolatiekous
English: insulating sleeve; insulating tubing

Dutch: isolatielaag
English: isolation barrier

Dutch: isolatielak
English: insulating lacquer

Dutch: isolatiemantel
English: sheath; insulating sheath

Dutch: isolatiemaskering
English: isolation masking

Dutch: isolatiemateriaal
English: insulating material

Dutch: isolatiemengsel
English: insulating compound

Dutch: isolatiemiddel
English: insulant

Dutch: isolatiepatroon
English: isolation pattern

Dutch: isolatieplaat
English: insulating plate

Dutch: isolatieproef
English: insulation test

Dutch: isolatiering
English: insulating ring

Dutch: isolatiestof
English: insulant

Dutch: isolatietesten
English: isolation testing

Dutch: isolatietester
English: insulation tester

Dutch: isolatiewaarde
English: insulating value

Dutch: isolatieweerstand
English: insulation resistance

Dutch: isoleren
English: to insulate; to isolate

Dutch: isometrisch
English: isometric

Dutch: isometrische
English: isometric

Dutch: isometrische projectie
English: isometric projection

Dutch: isomorf
English: isomorphic

Dutch: isomorfisme
English: isomorphism

Dutch: isoplanair
English: isoplanar

Dutch: isopropanol
English: isopropyl alcohol

Dutch: isothermisch
English: isothermal

Dutch: isotrope antenne
English: isotropic antenna

Dutch: item
English: item

Dutch: iteratie
English: iteration

Dutch: iteratief uitdiepen
English: iterative deepening

Dutch: iteratieve bewerking
English: iterative operation

Dutch: iteratieve impedantie
English: iterative impedance

Dutch: itereren
English: to iterate

Dutch: ITF-code
English: interleave two of five code

Dutch: ivoorkarton
English: ivory cardboard

Dutch: jaarcontract
English: annualized contract

Dutch: jaarprogramma
English: annual programme

Dutch: jaarserie
English: annual run; annual series

Dutch: jaarstempel
English: year mark

Dutch: jaartrend
English: year trend

Dutch: jacht maken op
English: hunting

Dutch: jacobsladder
English: chain conveyor

Dutch: jalouziedeur
English: tambour door; roll shutter; roller blind

Dutch: jalouzie-effect
English: Hanover blind; Hanover bars

Dutch: jammer
English: jammer

Dutch: jank
English: wow

Dutch: janken
English: to whine

Dutch: janktoon
English: warble tone

Dutch: Japanwas
English: Japan wax

Dutch: JAR-bestand
English: Java archive file

Dutch: JAR-bestandsformaat
English: Java archive file format

Dutch: Java mediaraamwerk
English: Java media framework: JMF

Dutch: Java-archief
English: Java archive: JAR

Dutch: Java-bean
English: Java bean

Dutch: Java-blend
English: Java blend

Dutch: Java-chip
English: Java chip

Dutch: Java-databaseconnectie
English: Java database connectivity: JDBC

Dutch: Java-platform
English: Java platform

Dutch: Java's basisklasse
English: Java foundation class: JFC

Dutch: Java-verwerking
English: Java computing

Dutch: Java-wallet
English: Java wallet

Dutch: Java-webserver
English: Java web server

Dutch: J-band
English: J-band

Dutch: jengel
English: wow and flutter

Dutch: jengelapparaat
English: wow apparatus

Dutch: jengelband
English: wow tape

Dutch: jengelen
English: to wow

Dutch: jengelmeter
English: wow meter

Dutch: jengelproef
English: wow test

Dutch: jidoka
English: jidoka

Dutch: JIT-compiler
English: just-in-time compiler

Dutch: jitter
English: jitter

Dutch: J-K flip-flop
English: J-K flip-flop

Dutch: job
English: job

Dutch: job mix
English: job mix

Dutch: job-rotatie
English: job rotation

Dutch: job-shop
English: job shop

Dutch: jobstroom
English: job stream

Dutch: jodide
English: iodine

Dutch: jodiumoplossing
English: iodine solution

Dutch: jodometrisch
English: iodometric

Dutch: jongeren
English: youths; youngsters

Dutch: joodgetal
English: iodine value; iodine number

Dutch: joule
English: joule: J

Dutch: journaal
English: log

Dutch: joystick
English: joystick

Dutch: juistheid
English: correctness; accuracy

Dutch: juistheidscontrole
English: correctness check

Dutch: jukmethode
English: yoke method

Dutch: jumbo-computer
English: jumbo-computer

Dutch: jumper
English: jumper

Dutch: junctie
English: junction

Dutch: junctiepiek
English: junction spike; junction pipe

Dutch: junctietemperatuur
English: junction temperature

Dutch: junctietransistor
English: junction transistor

Dutch: junctieverlies
English: junction loss

Dutch: juridisch
English: legal

Dutch: justage
English: adjustment

Dutch: justeren
English: to adjust; to justify

Dutch: just-in-time
English: just-in-time: JIT

Dutch: kaapstander
English: capstan

Dutch: kaars
English: candela

Dutch: kaart
English: card; map

Dutch: kaartaanduwer
English: card pusher

Dutch: kaartachterkant
English: card back

Dutch: kaartachterrand
English: card trailing edge

Dutch: kaartbaan
English: card bed; card path

Dutch: kaartbeeld
English: card image

Dutch: kaartbestand
English: card file

Dutch: kaartenpakket
English: card deck

Dutch: kaartgeleider
English: card track; card bed; card guide

Dutch: kaartindeling
English: card layout

Dutch: kaartinvoermechanisme
English: card feed

Dutch: kaartkarton
English: card stock

Dutch: kaartkolom
English: card column

Dutch: kaartkreukel
English: card wreck

Dutch: kaartleesmachine
English: card reader

Dutch: kaartlezer
English: card reader

Dutch: kaartmes
English: card feed

Dutch: kaartponsmachine
English: card punch

Dutch: kaartponsprogramma
English: data recording program

Dutch: kaartregel
English: card row

Dutch: kaartrubriek
English: card field

Dutch: kaartschakelaar
English: punch card switch

Dutch: kaartselectie
English: card selection

Dutch: kaartsysteem
English: card index system

Dutch: kaarttoevoer
English: feed

Dutch: kaartveld
English: field

Dutch: kaartvoorkant
English: card face

Dutch: kaartvoorrand
English: card leading edge

Dutch: kaasvak
English: cheese compartment

Dutch: Ka-band
English: Ka-band

Dutch: kabel
English: cable; wire rope

Dutch: kabelader
English: cable conductor

Dutch: kabeladrescode
English: cable address code

Dutch: kabelafsluiting
English: cable termination

Dutch: kabelbinders
English: cable ties

Dutch: kabelboom
English: cable harness; cable tree; cable preform

Dutch: kabelcode
English: cable code

Dutch: kabeldemping
English: cable attenuation

Dutch: kabeleinddop
English: cable-end cap

Dutch: kabelgoot
English: cable conduit

Dutch: kabelimpedantie
English: cable impedance

Dutch: kabelisolatie
English: cable insulation

Dutch: kabelkern
English: cable core

Dutch: kabelklem
English: cable clamp

Dutch: kabellas
English: cable joint

Dutch: kabellasser
English: cable jointer

Dutch: kabelmantel
English: cable jacket; cable sheath

Dutch: kabelnet
English: cable network

Dutch: kabelretentie
English: cable retention

Dutch: kabelruimte
English: cable storage space

Dutch: kabelschema
English: cabling diagram

Dutch: kabelsplits
English: cable splice

Dutch: kabelstelbout
English: cable set screw

Dutch: kabeltraject
English: cable run

Dutch: kabelverbinder
English: cable connector

Dutch: kabelverbinding
English: cable connection; cable link

Dutch: kabelverbreding
English: cable run

Dutch: kabelverlies
English: cable loss; cable wastage

Dutch: kabelvertraging
English: cable delay

Dutch: kabelvoeding
English: cable powering

Dutch: kabelwartel
English: cable coupling

Dutch: kabinet
English: cabinet

Dutch: kader
English: frame; framework; scope; border; management

Dutch: kaderpersoneel
English: executives; executive staff

Dutch: kadervorming
English: executive training; management development

Dutch: kalander
English: calender; callender

Dutch: kalender
English: calender

Dutch: kalendertijd
English: calender time

Dutch: kalfsleer
English: calf-leather

Dutch: kali
English: potash; potassium

Dutch: kaliber
English: gauge; size

Dutch: kalibratiegegevens
English: calibration data

Dutch: kalibratiekromme
English: calibration curve

Dutch: kalibratieschema
English: calibration schedule

Dutch: kalibratiestatus
English: calibration status

Dutch: kalibreerpen
English: calibrating pin; sizing pin

Dutch: kalibreervoorschrift
English: calibration instructions

Dutch: kalibreren
English: to calibrate; to size

Dutch: kalibrering
English: calibration; sizing

Dutch: kaliloog
English: potash lye; caustic potash

Dutch: kalium
English: potassium

Dutch: kaliumbichromaat
English: potassium bichromate

Dutch: kaliumcarbonaat
English: potassium carbonate

Dutch: kaliumcitraat
English: potassium citrate

Dutch: kaliumcyanide
English: potassium cyanide

Dutch: kaliumgoudcyanide
English: potassium gold cyanide

Dutch: kaliumhydroxide
English: potassium hydroxide

Dutch: kaliumnatriumtartraat
English: sodium potassium tartrate; Rochelle salt

Dutch: kaliumpermangaat
English: potassium permanganate

Dutch: kaliumrhodanide
English: potassium thiocyanate; potassium sulphocyanide

Dutch: kaliumzilvercyanide
English: potassium silver cyanide

Dutch: kalk
English: lime; mortar; limewash

Dutch: kalkmergel
English: lime marl

Dutch: kalkpoeder
English: calcium powder

Dutch: kalkspaat
English: calcite; calcspar

Dutch: kalkspecie
English: lime mortar

Dutch: kam
English: cam; cog; tooth; comb

Dutch: kambeitel
English: pack cutter

Dutch: kamer
English: room; chamber; cavity; recess

Dutch: kameranode
English: cavity anode

Dutch: kamerantenne
English: indoor aerial; room aerial

Dutch: kamerbeitel
English: recessing tool

Dutch: kameroven
English: semi-muffle furnace; oven-type furnace

Dutch: kamersterkte
English: room loudness

Dutch: kamerverlichting
English: room lighting

Dutch: kamgeleiding
English: comb guides

Dutch: kamkern
English: cammed core

Dutch: kamwiel
English: cog wheel

Dutch: kanaal
English: canal; channel; duct

Dutch: kanaalafstand
English: channel spacing; channel separation

Dutch: kanaalantenne
English: channel antenna; channel aerial

Dutch: kanaalbalans
English: channel balance

Dutch: kanaalbank
English: channel bank

Dutch: kanaalbetrouwbaarheid
English: channel reliability

Dutch: kanaalbreedte
English: channel width

Dutch: kanaalcapaciteit
English: channel capacity

Dutch: kanaalets
English: channel etch

Dutch: kanaalfrequentie
English: channel frequency

Dutch: kanaalgolf
English: channel wave

Dutch: kanaalgroep
English: channel group

Dutch: kanaalgroepantenne
English: channel-group antenna; channel-group aerial

Dutch: kanaalhoofdgroep
English: channel mastergroup

Dutch: kanaalindeling
English: channel allocation

Dutch: kanaalmaximalisering
English: channel packing

Dutch: kanaalpoort
English: channel gate

Dutch: kanaalprogramma
English: channel program

Dutch: kanaalruisniveau
English: channel noise level

Dutch: kanaalscheiding
English: channel separation

Dutch: kanaalsplitsing
English: channel splitting

Dutch: kanaalsupergroep
English: channel supergroup

Dutch: kanaaltijdslot
English: channel time slot

Dutch: kanaaltoewijzing
English: channel allocation

Dutch: kanaalversterker
English: channel amplifier

Dutch: kanalenkiezer
English: channel selector; tuner

Dutch: kanalisering
English: channelization

Dutch: kanariën
English: flutter

Dutch: kanban
English: kanban

Dutch: kandidaatsleutel
English: candidate key

Dutch: kanon
English: gun

Dutch: kanonboor
English: gun drill

Dutch: kans
English: chance; risk; hazard; probability

Dutch: kans op fouten
English: risk of failure

Dutch: kansdichtheid
English: probability density

Dutch: kansvariabele
English: probability variable

Dutch: kansverdeling
English: probability distribution

Dutch: kansverdelingsfunctie
English: probability distribution function

Dutch: kant
English: edge; side; face; margin; aspect

Dutch: kanteelgolf
English: rectangular wave; square wave

Dutch: kanteelspanning
English: square-wave voltage

Dutch: kanteelvormig
English: toothed

Dutch: kantelbaar
English: tilting; tiltable; canting

Dutch: kanteldeur
English: swing-up door; overhead door

Dutch: kantelen
English: to tilt

Dutch: kantelen
English: to tilt; to tip; to topple

Dutch: kantelfilter
English: crossover filter

Dutch: kantelfrequentie
English: turnover frequency; crossover frequency

Dutch: kantelklem
English: tilting clamp

Dutch: kantelmoment
English: tilting moment

Dutch: kantelpers
English: inclined press

Dutch: kantelproef
English: tilting test

Dutch: kantelpunt
English: crossover point

Dutch: kantelsteun
English: tilting support

Dutch: kanteltoets
English: rocker button

Dutch: kanteltuimelklem
English: tilting-rolling clamp

Dutch: kantelwagen
English: tilting cart; tipping cart

Dutch: kanten
English: to fold

Dutch: kanten afgerond
English: sharp edges removed

Dutch: kanten gebroken
English: sharp edges removed

Dutch: kanten scherp
English: sharp corner

Dutch: kantenbank
English: folding machine; angle bender

Dutch: kantlas
English: edge weld

Dutch: kantlijn
English: margin

Dutch: kantoormachine
English: business machine

Dutch: kantpers
English: press brake

Dutch: kantrechtbank
English: squaring machine; edging machine

Dutch: kantrechten
English: to square; to edge

Dutch: kantschaar
English: trimming shears

Dutch: kantwals
English: edger

Dutch: kaolien
English: kaolin

Dutch: kap
English: cap; cover; roof; mask; hood; guard; can

Dutch: kapbeitel
English: chipping chisel

Dutch: kaphamer
English: cutting hammer

Dutch: kapitaalbeslag
English: capital tie-up

Dutch: kapitaalgoederen
English: capital equipment; capital goods; capital items

Dutch: kapitaalinvestering
English: capital investment; capital outlay

Dutch: kapitaalkosten
English: capital costs

Dutch: kapitaaluitgaven
English: capital spending; capital appropriations

Dutch: kapitaaluitrustingen
English: capital facilities

Dutch: kapot
English: defective; faulty

Dutch: karaat
English: carat; karat

Dutch: karakteriseren
English: to characterize; to be characteristic of

Dutch: karakteristiek beeld
English: characteristic view

Dutch: karakteristiek voor
English: characteristic of

Dutch: karakteristieke kromme
English: characteristic curve

Dutch: karneffect
English: line crawl

Dutch: karnton
English: churn

Dutch: karren
English: motor-boating

Dutch: kartel
English: knurl

Dutch: kartelen
English: to knurl; to serrate

Dutch: karteling
English: knurling; serration

Dutch: kartelmoer
English: knurled nut; milled nut

Dutch: kartelrolhouder
English: knurling-roller holder

Dutch: kartelschaar
English: pinking shears; serrated shears

Dutch: kartelschroef
English: knurled screw

Dutch: karton
English: cardboard; paperboard; boxboard

Dutch: karwei
English: job

Dutch: karweibesturing
English: job control

Dutch: karweifunctie
English: job function

Dutch: karweimix
English: job mix

Dutch: karwei-overhead
English: job overhead

Dutch: karweiserie
English: job lot

Dutch: karweistatus
English: job status

Dutch: kast
English: cabinet; casing; case; cupboard

Dutch: kastenfabriek
English: cabinet factory

Dutch: kastfront
English: cabinet front

Dutch: kasthelft
English: cabinet half

Dutch: kastmodel
English: cabinet model

Dutch: kastontwerp
English: cabinet design

Dutch: kastverstek
English: cabinet mitre

Dutch: kastwand
English: side of cabinet; cabinet wall

Dutch: katalysator
English: catalyst

Dutch: katalyseren
English: to catalize; to catalyze

Dutch: kathode
English: cathode

Dutch: kathode-activiteit
English: cathode activity

Dutch: kathodebasisschakeling
English: grounded cathode circuit; cathode virtually connected to chassis

Dutch: kathodebelasting
English: cathode load

Dutch: kathodebelastingkring
English: cathode load circuit

Dutch: kathode-elektrode
English: cathode electrode

Dutch: kathode-element
English: cathode element

Dutch: kathode-emissie
English: cathode emission

Dutch: kathode-injectie
English: cathode-injection

Dutch: kathode-interface
English: cathode interface

Dutch: kathodekoppeling
English: cathode coupling

Dutch: kathodemodulatie
English: cathode modulation

Dutch: kathodeomschakeling
English: cathode switch

Dutch: kathodeoppervlak
English: cathode surface; cathode area

Dutch: kathodeopwarmtijd
English: cathode heating time

Dutch: kathoderek
English: cathode rack

Dutch: kathoderendement
English: cathode efficiency

Dutch: kathodespanning
English: cathode voltage

Dutch: kathodestang
English: cathode bar; cathode rod

Dutch: kathodestangbeweging
English: cathode bar agitation; cathode rod agitation

Dutch: kathodestraal
English: cathode ray

Dutch: kathodestraalbuis
English: cathode ray tube: CRT

Dutch: kathodestroom
English: cathode current

Dutch: kathodetegenkoppeling
English: cathode feedback

Dutch: kathodeterminal
English: cathode terminal

Dutch: kathodevolger
English: cathode follower

Dutch: kathodeweerstand
English: cathode resistor

Dutch: kathodisch
English: cathodic

Dutch: kathodisch ontvetten
English: cathodic degreasing

Dutch: kathodyne
English: cathodyne

Dutch: kation
English: cation; kation

Dutch: kationenuitwisselaar
English: cation exchanger

Dutch: katoenband
English: cotton tape

Dutch: katoenen lappenschijf
English: rag buff

Dutch: katoenen stofzak
English: cotton dust-bag

Dutch: katoen-omvlochten
English: cotton-braided

Dutch: katoog
English: cat's eye

Dutch: K-band
English: K-band

Dutch: keelmicrofoon
English: throat microphone

Dutch: keep
English: notch

Dutch: keerrooster
English: suppressor grid

Dutch: keerroostermodulatie
English: suppressor grid modulation

Dutch: keerschoep
English: turning blade

Dutch: kegel
English: cone; morse taper

Dutch: kegelmantel
English: envelope of cone

Dutch: kegeltandwiel
English: conical gear; bevel gear

Dutch: kegeltje
English: cone

Dutch: kegeltjes zien
English: photopic vision

Dutch: kegelvormig
English: conical; cone shaped

Dutch: kelknaad
English: U-butt joint

Dutch: kelkveer
English: cup spring; cup-shaped spring

Dutch: Kell-factor
English: Kell factor

Dutch: Kelliebinding
English: Kellie bond

Dutch: Kelvin-contacten
English: Kelvin contact

Dutch: Kendall-effect
English: Kendall effect

Dutch: kengetal
English: access code

Dutch: kengetal
English: characteristic; parameter; code figure; index; identification number; area prefix; trunk call number

Dutch: kenletter
English: code letter; identification letter

Dutch: kenmerk
English: character; characteristic; attribute; classmark; feature; unique; special; distinctive

Dutch: kenmerken
English: to qualify

Dutch: kenmerkend accessoire
English: feature

Dutch: kenmerkende eigenschap
English: feature

Dutch: kenmerkende functie
English: feature

Dutch: kenmerkende ruimte
English: feature space

Dutch: kennisacquisitie
English: knowledge acquisition

Dutch: kennisanalist
English: knowledge engineer

Dutch: kennisautomaat
English: knowledge automaton

Dutch: kennisbank
English: knowledge base

Dutch: kennisbeheerssysteem
English: knowledge management system: KMS

Dutch: kennisbestand
English: knowledge base

Dutch: kennisconstructie
English: knowledge craft

Dutch: kennisengineering
English: knowledge engineering

Dutch: kennis-expertsysteem
English: knowledge-based expert system

Dutch: kennisgebieden
English: knowledge areas

Dutch: kennisindustrie
English: knowledge industry

Dutch: kennisingenieur
English: knowledge engineer

Dutch: kennisleer
English: knowledge science

Dutch: kennismodel
English: knowledge model

Dutch: kennisproducenten
English: knowledge producers

Dutch: kennisrepresentatie
English: knowledge representation

Dutch: kennissysteem
English: expert system; knowledge based system: KBS

Dutch: kennissysteemtalen
English: knowledge languages

Dutch: kennistechnologie
English: knowledge based technology

Dutch: kennisverspreiders
English: knowledge distributors

Dutch: kennisverwerking
English: knowledge processing

Dutch: kennisverwerving
English: knowledge acquisition

Dutch: kenotron
English: kenotron

Dutch: kenponsing
English: control punch

Dutch: kenteken
English: mark; marking

Dutch: keperband
English: twill tape

Dutch: keramiekkogel
English: pellet

Dutch: keramiekmetaal
English: cermet

Dutch: keramisch
English: ceramics; ceramic materials

Dutch: keramisch diëlectricum
English: ceramic dielectric

Dutch: keramische buis
English: ceramic tube

Dutch: keramische buistrimmer
English: ceramic capacitor

Dutch: keramische condensator
English: ceramic capacitor

Dutch: keramische kit
English: ceramic cement

Dutch: keramische magneet
English: ceramic magnet

Dutch: keramische omvormer
English: ceramic transducer

Dutch: keramische staaf
English: ceramic rod

Dutch: keramische transductor
English: ceramic transductor

Dutch: keramische trimmer
English: ceramic trimmer

Dutch: keramische weerstand
English: ceramic resistor

Dutch: kerf
English: notch

Dutch: kerfbreuk
English: notch fracture

Dutch: kerfmes
English: notching knife

Dutch: kerfnagel
English: fluted rivet

Dutch: kerfslagproef
English: notch bar impact test

Dutch: kerfslagsterkte
English: notch impact strength

Dutch: kerfstift
English: fluted pin

Dutch: kerftreksterkte
English: notch tensile strength

Dutch: kern
English: core; kernel; magnetic core; nucleus

Dutch: kernblik
English: core lamination

Dutch: kerndeeltje
English: nucleon

Dutch: kerndiameter
English: minor diameter; tap-drill diameter; bore

Dutch: kernel
English: kernel

Dutch: kernenergiecentrale
English: nuclear power station

Dutch: kernfusie
English: fusion

Dutch: kerngeheugen
English: core memory; core store; core storage

Dutch: kernklasse
English: core class

Dutch: kernlading
English: nuclear charge

Dutch: kernmantel
English: core wrap

Dutch: kernpakket
English: core packet

Dutch: kernspleet
English: minor clearance

Dutch: kernstift
English: core pin

Dutch: kerntransformator
English: core transformer

Dutch: kerntreksterkte
English: tensile strength

Dutch: kernverlies
English: core loss

Dutch: kerosine
English: kerosene; paraffin oil; lamp oil

Dutch: Kerr-effect
English: Kerr effect

Dutch: kersenhout
English: cherry wood

Dutch: kerven
English: to notch

Dutch: ketelhuis
English: boiler house

Dutch: ketelsteen
English: scale

Dutch: keteneffect
English: amplification effect

Dutch: ketenen
English: to chain

Dutch: ketenselectie
English: chaining search

Dutch: ketenverwerking
English: list processing

Dutch: ketting
English: chain; warp

Dutch: kettingaandrijving
English: chain drive

Dutch: kettingbeeld
English: chain image

Dutch: kettingfunctie
English: chain function

Dutch: kettinghouder
English: chain cartridge

Dutch: kettinglijst
English: chained list

Dutch: kettingreactie
English: chain reaction

Dutch: kettingtandwiel
English: sprocket

Dutch: kettingtransporteur
English: chain conveyor

Dutch: kettingwiel
English: sprocket; chain wheel

Dutch: keukenafval
English: kitchen garbage

Dutch: keukenafvalvernietiger
English: garbage disposer

Dutch: keukendoek
English: kitchen cloth

Dutch: keukenfornuis
English: kitchen range

Dutch: keukenverdunning
English: dilution 1322 505 51301

Dutch: keur
English: certification mark

Dutch: keurbureau
English: approbation office; approving authority

Dutch: keurcabine
English: test booth

Dutch: keuren
English: to inspect; to examine; to test; to approve

Dutch: keurend land
English: approbation country

Dutch: keuring
English: inspection; examination; testing; test; approbation; approval

Dutch: keuring op attributen
English: inspection by attributes

Dutch: keuring op variabelen
English: inspection by variables; variables inspection

Dutch: keuringsblad
English: check card

Dutch: keuringsdiagram
English: inspection diagram

Dutch: keuringsdichtheid
English: inspection density

Dutch: keuringseis
English: test requirement

Dutch: keuringsinstantie
English: approving authority; inspecting authority; testing authority

Dutch: keuringsinstituut
English: inspection institute

Dutch: keuringsintensiteit
English: degree of inspection

Dutch: keuringskarakteristiek
English: operating characteristic; performance characteristic

Dutch: keuringsmethode
English: inspection method; sampling method

Dutch: keuringsprocedure
English: inspection procedure; acceptance procedure

Dutch: keuringsscherpte
English: inspection level

Dutch: keuringsvoorschrift
English: inspection specification

Dutch: keuringszegel
English: approval label; approval seal

Dutch: keurmal
English: test jig; inspection gauge

Dutch: keurmethode
English: test method; test procedure

Dutch: keurteken
English: control mark; approbation mark; hallmark

Dutch: keuze
English: choice; selection; option

Dutch: keuzeblad
English: option sheet

Dutch: keuze-effect
English: capture effect

Dutch: keuzeopdracht
English: discrimination instruction; decision instruction

Dutch: keuzeschakelaar
English: selector switch; switch

Dutch: keuzeschijf
English: dial

Dutch: keuzeweerstand
English: selector resistor

Dutch: k-groeperingsalgoritme
English: k-means clustering algorithm

Dutch: kick
English: kick

Dutch: kicken
English: to kick

Dutch: kiem
English: nucleus; seed

Dutch: kiemkristal
English: seed crystal

Dutch: kiemvorming
English: germing; nucleation

Dutch: kier
English: chink; slit

Dutch: kierend
English: jarring

Dutch: kieskanaal
English: selector channel

Dutch: kiesloze verbinding
English: hot line

Dutch: kiespuls
English: dial pulse

Dutch: kiesschijf
English: selector control; dial

Dutch: kiessignalering
English: dial signalling

Dutch: kiestoets
English: dialing key

Dutch: kiestoon
English: dial tone

Dutch: kiesverbinding
English: dial line

Dutch: kieswijze
English: dial mode

Dutch: kiezelaarde
English: silica; flinty earth

Dutch: kiezelachtig
English: siliceous; silicious

Dutch: kiezelhoudend
English: siliceous; silicious

Dutch: kiezelzuur
English: silicic acid

Dutch: kiezen
English: dialing; to dial; to choose; to select

Dutch: kiezer
English: selector

Dutch: kiezerrol
English: selector roller

Dutch: kiezervet
English: selector grease

Dutch: kijk
English: outlook

Dutch: kijkafstand
English: viewing distance

Dutch: kijken
English: to view; to watch

Dutch: kijker
English: viewer

Dutch: kijkers
English: viewers; audience

Dutch: kijkersgewoonten
English: viewing habits

Dutch: kijkersonderzoek
English: viewer research

Dutch: kijkgeld
English: television fee

Dutch: kijkglas
English: eyepiece; ocular; sight glass

Dutch: kijk-grijp-reactie
English: look-pick-reaction

Dutch: kijkintensiteitsmeter
English: audiometer

Dutch: kijkmodel
English: belt stage model

Dutch: kikker
English: clamp

Dutch: kikkeren
English: motor-boating

Dutch: kikkerklem
English: clamp

Dutch: kikkerplaat
English: clamp plate

Dutch: kilo
English: kilo

Dutch: kilogram
English: kilogramme

Dutch: kilohertz
English: kilohertz: KHz

Dutch: kinazuur
English: quinic acid

Dutch: kindersloten
English: childproof locks

Dutch: kinematisch
English: kinematic

Dutch: kinematische analyse
English: kinematic analysis

Dutch: kinematische simulatie
English: kinematic simulation

Dutch: kinetisch
English: kinetic

Dutch: kinetische energie
English: kinetic energy; energy of motion

Dutch: kinine
English: quinine

Dutch: kinken
English: to kink

Dutch: kist
English: case

Dutch: kist carboneren
English: pack carburizing; case hardening

Dutch: kit
English: kit; cement

Dutch: kitlijst
English: kit list

Dutch: kitpoeder
English: cement powder; to bond

Dutch: kitten
English: to kit; to bond

Dutch: Kjeldahlkolf
English: Kjeldahl flask

Dutch: KK-3-code
English: KK-3 code

Dutch: klaarkomen
English: to get ready

Dutch: klachtenrapport
English: complaint report

Dutch: klamp
English: cleat

Dutch: klampschakeling
English: clamping circuit

Dutch: klank
English: sound

Dutch: klankanalyse
English: sound analysis

Dutch: klankbord
English: baffle

Dutch: klankbordopening
English: baffle hole

Dutch: klankfilter
English: sound filter

Dutch: klankkast
English: acoustic box; enclosure

Dutch: klankkleur
English: tone colour; timbre

Dutch: klankleer
English: acoustics

Dutch: klankregeling
English: tone control

Dutch: klankspectrum
English: sound spectrum

Dutch: klanksynthese
English: synthesis of sound

Dutch: klanktoets
English: tone key

Dutch: klankverstrooier
English: sound diffuser; high-note cone

Dutch: klankvervorming
English: sound distortion

Dutch: klankvorming
English: formation of sound

Dutch: klantaanpassing
English: customizing

Dutch: klant-dienstverlener
English: client-server

Dutch: klanteneis
English: customer requirement

Dutch: klantenkeuring
English: customer check; customer test

Dutch: klantenklacht
English: customer complaint

Dutch: klantenmoduul
English: customer module

Dutch: klantenorder
English: customer order

Dutch: klantenorderverwerking
English: customer order processing

Dutch: klantenprofiel
English: customer profile

Dutch: klantenservice
English: customer service; after-sales service

Dutch: klantenservicegraad
English: customer service level

Dutch: klantenspecificatie
English: customer specification

Dutch: klantenspecificering
English: customer specification process

Dutch: klantenstuklijst
English: customer bill-of-material

Dutch: klantentest
English: customer performance test

Dutch: klant-georiënteerd
English: customized

Dutch: klant-server
English: client-server

Dutch: klant-specifieke IC
English: custom IC

Dutch: klapchassis
English: folding chassis; hinged chassis

Dutch: klapdoos
English: snapbox

Dutch: klapmal
English: folding jig; clapmal

Dutch: klapperen
English: rattle

Dutch: klapperspanning
English: rattle voltage

Dutch: klapsteun
English: collapsible support

Dutch: klasse
English: class; grade

Dutch: klasse-A instelling
English: class 'A' operation

Dutch: klasse-A versterker
English: class 'A' amplifier

Dutch: klassebibliotheek
English: class library

Dutch: klassebreedte
English: class interval; size of class

Dutch: klasseconditie
English: class condition

Dutch: klassegrens
English: class limit; class boundary

Dutch: klassegrootte
English: class interval; size of class

Dutch: klasse-indeling
English: classification

Dutch: klasse-interval
English: cell interval; class interval

Dutch: klassemethode
English: class method

Dutch: klassemidden
English: mid-value of class limits; class mark

Dutch: klassen van objecten
English: object classes

Dutch: klasse-overerving
English: class inheritance

Dutch: klassepad
English: class path

Dutch: klasse-relatiemethode
English: class-relation method

Dutch: klassering
English: grading

Dutch: klasseschema
English: class diagram

Dutch: klassesymbool
English: class symbol

Dutch: klassevariabele
English: class variable

Dutch: klauw
English: jaw; claw

Dutch: klauwhamer
English: claw hammer

Dutch: klauwkoppeling
English: claw coupling; claw clutch; clutch coupling; dog clutch

Dutch: klauwplaat
English: chuck; catch plate

Dutch: klavier
English: keyboard

Dutch: klavierinstrument
English: keyboard instrument

Dutch: klavieromvang
English: range of the keyboard; compass of the keyboard

Dutch: kleefband
English: adhesive tape

Dutch: kleefkant
English: adhesive side

Dutch: kleefkracht
English: adhesiveness; adhesivity; adhesive power

Dutch: kleeflijm
English: permanent adhesive; pressure sensitive adhesive

Dutch: kleefmiddel
English: adhesive; agglutinant

Dutch: kleefstift
English: gum applicator

Dutch: kleefvrij
English: non-sticky; non-tacky; tack-free

Dutch: klein signaal
English: small signal

Dutch: kleine aflevering
English: small delivery

Dutch: kleine auto
English: compact car

Dutch: kleine band
English: low band

Dutch: kleine hersenen
English: cerebellum

Dutch: kleine instelling
English: minor setup

Dutch: kleine lettertjes
English: small print

Dutch: kleine order
English: small order

Dutch: kleine terts
English: minor third

Dutch: kleine voorwerpen
English: small objects

Dutch: kleingebruikers
English: small users

Dutch: klein-signaalanalyse
English: small-signal analysis

Dutch: klein-signaalcomponent
English: small-signal component

Dutch: klein-signaaldiode
English: small-signal diode

Dutch: klein-signaalpaneel
English: small signal PC board

Dutch: klein-signaalproces
English: small-signal operation

Dutch: kleinste grensmaat
English: minimum limit of size

Dutch: kleinste kwadraten
English: least squares

Dutch: klem
English: clamp; clip; terminal

Dutch: klemaansluiting
English: terminal connection

Dutch: klembek
English: clamping jaw; gripping jaw; contact jaw

Dutch: klembeugel
English: clamping bracket; clamp

Dutch: klembevestiging
English: clamp fixing

Dutch: klemblok
English: clamping block

Dutch: klembout
English: clamping bush; clamping sleeve; terminal socket

Dutch: klemdiode
English: clamp diode; clamping diode

Dutch: klemdruk
English: clamping pressure

Dutch: klemgat
English: fixing hole

Dutch: klemimpuls
English: clamp pulse

Dutch: kleminrichting
English: clamping device

Dutch: klemkabel
English: terminal lead

Dutch: klemkegel
English: clamping cone

Dutch: klemklauw
English: clamping jaw; gripping jaw

Dutch: klemkracht
English: clamping force

Dutch: klemlijst
English: terminal strip

Dutch: klemlip
English: clamping jug

Dutch: klemlopen
English: to be jammed; to be seized; to be stuck

Dutch: klemmal
English: clamping jig

Dutch: klemmen
English: to clamp

Dutch: klemmenbord
English: terminal board

Dutch: klemmend
English: tight fit; secured tightly

Dutch: klemming
English: grip; seizure; sticking

Dutch: klemmoer
English: clamping nut

Dutch: klemniveau
English: clamping level

Dutch: klempassing
English: light drive fit

Dutch: klemplaat
English: clamping plate

Dutch: klemraam
English: clamping frame

Dutch: klemrand
English: gripping edge

Dutch: klemring
English: clamping ring; circlip

Dutch: klemrol
English: gripping roller

Dutch: klemschakeling
English: clamp circuit; DC restorer

Dutch: klemspanning
English: terminal voltage; clamping stress

Dutch: klemspil
English: clamping spindle

Dutch: klemstuk
English: clamping piece; clamp

Dutch: klemvast
English: clamping fit; fit tightly against

Dutch: klemveer
English: clamping spring; speed fix; drag spring

Dutch: klemverbinding
English: clamped joint; clamp connection

Dutch: klemvlak
English: gripping face

Dutch: klemwerking
English: clamped action

Dutch: klemzitten
English: to be jammed; to be seized; to be stuck

Dutch: klep
English: valve; lid; cover; flap

Dutch: klepafdichting
English: valve seal

Dutch: klepafstelling
English: valve timing

Dutch: klepdeksel
English: valve cover

Dutch: klepel
English: tongue

Dutch: klepgat
English: valve opening

Dutch: klepgeleider
English: valve guide

Dutch: klephuis
English: valve housing; valve body

Dutch: klepkamer
English: valve chamber

Dutch: klepkast
English: valve box

Dutch: klepkogel
English: valve ball

Dutch: kleplekkage
English: valve leakage

Dutch: kleplichter
English: valve lifter

Dutch: kleplichting
English: valve lift

Dutch: klepopening
English: valve opening

Dutch: kleppakking
English: valve packing

Dutch: kleppenslijpmachine
English: valve grinder

Dutch: kleppensnijmachine
English: flap cutter

Dutch: kleppensysteem
English: valving

Dutch: kleppoort
English: valve port

Dutch: klepschotel
English: valve disc

Dutch: klepslag
English: valve travel

Dutch: klepspeling
English: valve clearance

Dutch: klepstang
English: valve rod

Dutch: klepsteel
English: valve stem

Dutch: klepstoter
English: tappet

Dutch: klepveer
English: valve spring

Dutch: kleur- en beeldmonitor
English: colour and sound monitor; colour picture and waveform monitor

Dutch: kleuraanpassing
English: colour match; colour matching

Dutch: kleurafsplitsing
English: colour take-off

Dutch: kleurafwijking
English: colour deviation; chromatic aberration

Dutch: kleuras
English: colour axis

Dutch: kleurbad
English: metal colouring solution

Dutch: kleurbalancering
English: grey scale tracking; colour balance

Dutch: kleurbalans
English: colour balance

Dutch: kleurbalken
English: colour bars

Dutch: kleurbedrog
English: colour illusion

Dutch: kleurbeeld
English: colour picture; colour image; coloured picture

Dutch: kleurbeits
English: stainer

Dutch: kleurcentrum
English: colour centre

Dutch: kleurcode
English: colour code

Dutch: kleurcodeerder
English: colour coder; colour encoder

Dutch: kleurcomponent
English: colour component

Dutch: kleurcontaminatie
English: colour contamination

Dutch: kleurcontrast
English: colour contrast

Dutch: kleurcoördinaten
English: chromaticity coordinates

Dutch: kleurdecodeerder
English: colour decoder

Dutch: kleurdekking
English: colour registration

Dutch: kleurdekkingsfout
English: misregistration

Dutch: kleurdemodulator
English: colour demodulator; chrominance demodulator

Dutch: kleurdetectie
English: colour detection

Dutch: kleurdifferentie
English: colour difference; chrominance

Dutch: kleurdiscriminator
English: colour discriminator

Dutch: kleurdoder
English: colour killer

Dutch: kleurdoofschakelaar
English: colour-off switch

Dutch: kleurdover
English: colour killer

Dutch: kleurdoverschakeling
English: colour killer circuit

Dutch: kleurdraaggolf
English: colour subcarrier; chrominance subcarrier

Dutch: kleurdraaggolfband
English: colour carrier band

Dutch: kleurdrager
English: colour carrier

Dutch: kleurdrageroscillator
English: colour carrier reinsertion oscillator

Dutch: kleurdrempel
English: colour threshold

Dutch: kleurelement
English: colour element

Dutch: kleuren
English: to colour; to dye; to colour dip; to colour finish

Dutch: kleurenautomaat
English: colour killer

Dutch: kleurenbalk
English: colour bar

Dutch: kleurenbalkgenerator
English: colour bar generator

Dutch: kleurenbalkpatroon
English: colour bar pattern

Dutch: kleurenbalksignaal
English: colour bar signal

Dutch: kleurenbalktest
English: colour bar test

Dutch: kleurenbalktestbeeld
English: colour bar pattern

Dutch: kleurenbeeld
English: colour picture; colour image; coloured picture

Dutch: kleurenbeeldbuis
English: colour kinescope; chromoscope; colour picture tube

Dutch: kleurenbeeldmonitor
English: colour picture monitoring receiver; colour picture performance monitor; colour picture monitor

Dutch: kleurenbeeldscherm
English: colour display; colour-picture tube

Dutch: kleurenbeeldsignaal
English: colour picture signal

Dutch: kleurenbeeldsignaal
English: colour-picture signal

Dutch: kleurenblindheid
English: defective colour vision; daltonism

Dutch: kleurenblok
English: colour block

Dutch: kleurenbuis
English: colour picture tube

Dutch: kleurenbundel
English: colour beam

Dutch: kleurencamera
English: colour camera

Dutch: kleurencirkel
English: colour circle; colour clock

Dutch: kleurendia
English: colour slide; colour transparency

Dutch: kleurendia-aftaster
English: colour slide camera

Dutch: kleurendriehoek
English: colour triangle; chromaticity diagram; Maxwell triangle

Dutch: kleurendruk
English: colour printing

Dutch: kleurenevenwicht
English: colour balance

Dutch: kleurenfilm
English: colour film

Dutch: kleurenfilter
English: colour filter; colour screen

Dutch: kleurenfilterschijf
English: colour filter disc

Dutch: kleurenfotografie
English: colour photography

Dutch: kleurengamma
English: range of colours

Dutch: kleurenkast
English: colorimeter

Dutch: kleurenmengsel
English: colour mixture

Dutch: kleurenmengselgegevens
English: colour-mixture data

Dutch: kleurenmonitor
English: colour monitor

Dutch: kleurenontvanger
English: colour receiver; colour television receiver

Dutch: kleurenontvangst
English: colour reception

Dutch: kleurenoverdracht
English: colour transmission

Dutch: kleurenovereenstemming
English: colour matching

Dutch: kleurenovergang
English: colour transition

Dutch: kleurenpatroon
English: colour test pattern

Dutch: kleurenpunt
English: colour point; colour dot

Dutch: kleurenrooster
English: colour grid

Dutch: kleurenruimte
English: colour space

Dutch: kleurenruis
English: colour noise

Dutch: kleurenschakelaar
English: colour sampler

Dutch: kleurenscherm
English: colour picture screen

Dutch: kleurenschijf
English: colour disc

Dutch: kleurensignaal
English: colour signal; chroma signal

Dutch: kleurenspectrum
English: colour spectrum; chromatic spectrum

Dutch: kleurensplitsend
English: dichroic

Dutch: kleurensplitsing
English: colour break-up

Dutch: kleurensplitssysteem
English: dichroic system

Dutch: kleurensuperpositie
English: colour registration; colour superimposition

Dutch: kleurensynchronisatie
English: colour synchronization

Dutch: kleurensysteem
English: colour system

Dutch: kleurentelevisie
English: colour television: CTV

Dutch: kleurentelevisienorm
English: standard for colour television transmission; CTV standard

Dutch: kleurentestbeeld
English: colour test pattern

Dutch: kleurentriplet
English: colour triad; dot trio

Dutch: kleurenuitzending
English: colour broadcasting

Dutch: kleurenverschuiving
English: colour shift

Dutch: kleurfilter
English: colour filter

Dutch: kleurflikkering
English: colour flicker; chromaticity flicker

Dutch: kleurfout
English: colour defect; colour error; chromatic error

Dutch: kleurfoutcorrectie
English: colour error correction

Dutch: kleurgedeelte
English: chrominance section

Dutch: kleurgelijkheid
English: colour equality

Dutch: kleurgetal
English: colour index number

Dutch: kleurgetrouwheid
English: colour fidelity

Dutch: kleurgevoeligheid
English: colour sensitivity; chromatic sensitivity

Dutch: kleurgrensfout
English: colour edging

Dutch: kleurhulpdraaggolf
English: colour subcarrier; chrominance subcarrier

Dutch: kleurig
English: colourful

Dutch: kleurindruk
English: colour sensation; colour perception; colour impression

Dutch: kleurinformatie
English: colour information

Dutch: kleurinstelling
English: colour adjustment

Dutch: kleurkanaal
English: colour channel

Dutch: kleurkracht
English: colouring power; tinting power; tinctorial value

Dutch: kleurkwaliteit
English: chromaticity; hue

Dutch: kleurloos
English: colourless; achromatic

Dutch: kleurmasker
English: colour mask

Dutch: kleurmaskering
English: masking

Dutch: kleurmatrix
English: colour matrix

Dutch: kleurmatrixschakeling
English: colour matrix unit

Dutch: kleurmenging
English: colour mixing

Dutch: kleurmengsel
English: colour mixture

Dutch: kleurmiddel
English: dye; stain; colouring matter; colorant

Dutch: kleurmodulatie
English: colour modulation

Dutch: kleurmodulator
English: colour modulator; chrominance modulator

Dutch: kleurmonitor
English: colour monitor

Dutch: kleurmonster
English: colour guide

Dutch: kleurmultiplexen
English: colour-division multiplexing: CDM

Dutch: kleurniveau
English: colour level

Dutch: kleuromslag
English: colour turn; colour change

Dutch: kleuronderdrukker
English: colour killer

Dutch: kleuroptelling
English: colour addition

Dutch: kleurovereenstemming
English: colour matching

Dutch: kleurovergang
English: colour transition

Dutch: kleuroverspraak
English: cross colour

Dutch: kleurprikkeling
English: colour stimulus

Dutch: kleurpunt
English: colour point; colour dot

Dutch: kleurraster
English: colour field; colour frame

Dutch: kleurregelaar
English: colour control; chroma control

Dutch: kleurregeling
English: colour control; chroma control

Dutch: kleurrijk
English: colourful; rich in colour

Dutch: kleurruis
English: colour noise; colour streaks; confetti

Dutch: kleursalvo
English: colour burst

Dutch: kleurschakelaar
English: colour sampler

Dutch: kleurschakelen
English: colour switching

Dutch: kleurschakelfrequentie
English: colour sampling frequency; colour sampling rate

Dutch: kleurschakeling
English: sampling

Dutch: kleurschakelvolgorde
English: colour sampling sequence

Dutch: kleurselectief
English: dichroic

Dutch: kleursignaal
English: colour signal; chroma signal

Dutch: kleurslip
English: colour fringing

Dutch: kleursoort
English: chromaticity; chroma

Dutch: kleursoortband
English: chromaticity band

Dutch: kleursoortcoördinaat
English: chromaticity coordinate

Dutch: kleursoortflikkering
English: chromaticity flicker

Dutch: kleursoortfout
English: chromaticity error

Dutch: kleursoortkanaal
English: chromaticity channel

Dutch: kleursoortsignaal
English: chromaticity signal

Dutch: kleursoortspanning
English: chromaticity voltage

Dutch: kleursoortverschil
English: chromaticity difference

Dutch: kleursoortversterker
English: chromaticity amplifier

Dutch: kleursper
English: colour killer

Dutch: kleursplitser
English: decoder

Dutch: kleursplitsing
English: colour break-up

Dutch: kleursprong
English: colour step

Dutch: kleursterkte
English: colour density

Dutch: kleurstip
English: colour dot

Dutch: kleurstof
English: colouring matter; colorant; dye

Dutch: kleurstofconcentraat
English: dye concentrate

Dutch: kleursuperimpositie
English: colour superimposition; colour registration

Dutch: kleursynchronisatie
English: colour synchronization; colour sync; colour synchronism

Dutch: kleurt goed
English: toned well

Dutch: kleurtint
English: colour shade

Dutch: kleurtintverandering
English: colour shade change

Dutch: kleurtoon
English: hue

Dutch: kleurtoonbereik
English: hue range

Dutch: kleurtooncorrectie
English: hue correction

Dutch: kleurtoonfout
English: hue error

Dutch: kleurtoonregelaar
English: hue control

Dutch: kleurtoonregeling
English: hue control

Dutch: kleurtoonsignaal
English: chrominance signal

Dutch: kleurtoonvariaties
English: hue variations

Dutch: kleurtoonvector
English: colour vector; colour phasor

Dutch: kleurtoonversterker
English: chrominance amplifier

Dutch: kleurtrap
English: chrominance stage

Dutch: kleuruitzending
English: colourcast; colorcast

Dutch: kleurverf
English: colour paint

Dutch: kleurverloop
English: colour shift

Dutch: kleurverschil
English: colour difference; chrominance

Dutch: kleurverschilsignaal
English: colour difference signal

Dutch: kleurverschilsturing
English: colour difference control

Dutch: kleurverschuiving
English: colour shift

Dutch: kleurversmelting
English: colour contamination

Dutch: kleurversterker
English: colour amplifier

Dutch: kleurversteviger
English: colour strengthener

Dutch: kleurvervalsing
English: hue error; colour fringing; colour purity error

Dutch: kleurverzadiging
English: colour saturation

Dutch: kleurverzadigingsgraad
English: colour saturation degree; colorimetric purity

Dutch: kleurvideosignaal
English: colour video signal

Dutch: kleurvlaggen
English: colour fringing; edge fringing

Dutch: kleurvlak
English: colour area

Dutch: kleurweergave
English: colour rendition; colour reproduction; colour rendering

Dutch: kleurweergave-eenheid
English: colour-display unit

Dutch: kleurwillekeurig
English: colour immaterial

Dutch: kleurwisselsysteem
English: sequential colour system

Dutch: kleurzender
English: colour transmitter

Dutch: kleurzoom
English: colour fringe; colour fringing

Dutch: kleurzuiverheid
English: colour purity; purity

Dutch: kleurzuiverheidsring
English: purity ring magnet; colour purity magnet

Dutch: kleven
English: to stick; to adhere; to bind

Dutch: kleverig
English: sticky; tacky

Dutch: klik
English: click

Dutch: klik-in constructie
English: snap-in construction

Dutch: klikverbinding
English: snap connection

Dutch: klimaatvast
English: climate resistant

Dutch: klimatologische proef
English: climatic test; climatological test

Dutch: klink
English: latch; catch

Dutch: klinken
English: to river; to toast

Dutch: klinkgereedschap
English: riveting tool

Dutch: klinkmachine
English: riveting machine; riveter

Dutch: klinkmal
English: riveting jig

Dutch: klinknaad
English: riveted joint

Dutch: klinknagel
English: solid rivet; rivet

Dutch: klinkpen
English: rivet pin

Dutch: klinkverbinding
English: riveted joint

Dutch: klokcyclus
English: clock cycle

Dutch: klokfrequentie
English: clock frequency

Dutch: klokgenerator
English: clock generator

Dutch: klokimpuls
English: clock pulse

Dutch: klokimpuls-gestuurd
English: clock-pulse controlled

Dutch: klokken
English: clocking; to clock

Dutch: klokkenolie
English: watch oil

Dutch: klokkromme
English: bell-shaped curve; remise-en-form curve

Dutch: klokonderbreking
English: clock interrupt

Dutch: klokperiode
English: clock period

Dutch: klokpuls
English: clock pulse

Dutch: klokradio
English: clockradio

Dutch: klokregister
English: clock register

Dutch: kloksignaal
English: clock signal

Dutch: kloksignaalgenerator
English: clock signal generator

Dutch: kloksnelheid
English: clock speed; clock rate

Dutch: klokspoor
English: clock track

Dutch: kloktijd
English: clock time

Dutch: klokvorm
English: bell shape

Dutch: klont
English: lump

Dutch: klonteren
English: to clot; to coagulate

Dutch: klonterig
English: lumpy; clotty

Dutch: klopgewicht
English: tap weight

Dutch: klopper
English: beater; whipper

Dutch: klopperaansluiting
English: beater connection

Dutch: klopperas
English: beater spindle

Dutch: klopperhouder
English: beater holder

Dutch: klopveegzuigmond
English: beating and brushing nozzle; vitra-beat nozzle

Dutch: klos
English: bobbin; reel; coil; block; fillet; core

Dutch: klystron
English: klystron

Dutch: klystronbuis
English: klystron valve; klystron tube; klystron

Dutch: klystronversterker
English: klystron amplifier

Dutch: knabbelschaar
English: gauge shears; nibbling shears

Dutch: kneedhaak
English: agitator; kneading hook

Dutch: kneedmachine
English: kneading machine

Dutch: kneedmetaal
English: wrought metal

Dutch: knellen
English: to jam; to seize; to stick

Dutch: knellend
English: jamming; sticking

Dutch: knelpuntbewerking
English: bottleneck operation; limiting operation

Dutch: knelpuntsfactor
English: key factor

Dutch: knevel
English: toggle; cross bar

Dutch: knie
English: knee; elbow; toggle; anode bend

Dutch: knieafsluiter
English: angle valve

Dutch: kniegewricht
English: toggle joint

Dutch: kniehefboom
English: toggle lever

Dutch: kniehefboompers
English: toggle press

Dutch: kniehefboomsluiting
English: toggle joint lock

Dutch: kniepers
English: toggle press

Dutch: knieschakelaar
English: knee switch

Dutch: kniespanning
English: knee voltage

Dutch: knijpbout
English: soldering iron with solder supply

Dutch: knijpbus
English: damping bush; clenching bush

Dutch: knijpeffect
English: pinch effect

Dutch: knijpen
English: to damp; to pinch; to clench; to throttle

Dutch: knijpring
English: retaining ring

Dutch: knijprol
English: pinch roller

Dutch: knijpsoldeerbout
English: soldering iron with solder supply

Dutch: knijpwals
English: pinch roll

Dutch: knik
English: bend; kink; collapse

Dutch: knikbelasting
English: collapsing load; buckling load

Dutch: knikgereedschap
English: kinking tool

Dutch: knikken
English: to kink; to collapse; to buckle

Dutch: knikpunt
English: corner; slope discontinuity; breakpoint

Dutch: kniksterkte
English: buckling strength; ultimate collapsing stress

Dutch: knikvastheid
English: collapsing strength

Dutch: knikvrij
English: free from kinks; kink-free

Dutch: knip- en plakwerk
English: sectioning & panelling

Dutch: knipbuigmachine
English: cutting and bending machine

Dutch: knipbuigtang
English: combination pliers

Dutch: kniplengte
English: cutting length

Dutch: kniplijn
English: cutting line

Dutch: knipmachine
English: cutting machine; shearing machine

Dutch: knipmal
English: cutting jig

Dutch: knippen
English: to scissor; to shear; to trim; to cut

Dutch: knipperen
English: to blink

Dutch: knipperprecedentie
English: flash precedence

Dutch: knipplaat
English: cutting plate

Dutch: knipschaar
English: shear

Dutch: knipschakeling
English: curvature-narrowing circuit

Dutch: kniptang
English: nippers

Dutch: knobbeltjes
English: nodules

Dutch: knoeiwerk
English: garble

Dutch: knoest
English: knot

Dutch: knoop
English: button; knot; node

Dutch: knoopaanslag
English: button stop

Dutch: knooppunt
English: junction; nodal point; junction point; node

Dutch: knooppuntcircuit
English: joint circuit

Dutch: knooppuntsnaam
English: node name

Dutch: knoopsgatmicrofoon
English: lapel microphone

Dutch: knooptrimmer
English: button trimmer

Dutch: knop
English: knob; button; dial

Dutch: knopbediening
English: knob control

Dutch: knoppenpaneel
English: control panel

Dutch: koelaggregaat
English: cooling unit; refrigeration unit

Dutch: koelbeugel
English: cooling fin; fin

Dutch: koelcapaciteit
English: cooling capacity; refrigerating capacity

Dutch: koelcel
English: cold room; cold storage room; cold storage; cold store

Dutch: koelcompressor
English: refrigerating compressor

Dutch: koeleenheid
English: cooling unit

Dutch: koelen
English: to cool; to refrigerate; to cool down; to quench

Dutch: koeler
English: cooler; radiator; condenser

Dutch: koelermantel
English: cooler jacket

Dutch: koeling
English: cooling; refrigeration

Dutch: koelkanaal
English: cooling channel; cooling duct

Dutch: koelkast
English: refrigerator

Dutch: koelkastrek
English: refrigerator rack; refrigerator shelf

Dutch: koelkoepel
English: dome; radome

Dutch: koelkoepeloven
English: cupola furnace; cupola

Dutch: koelmachine-olie
English: refrigerating oil

Dutch: koelmal
English: cooling jig

Dutch: koelmantel
English: cooling jacket

Dutch: koelmiddel
English: cooling agent; coolant; refrigerant

Dutch: koelolie
English: cooling oil; cutting oil

Dutch: koeloppervlak
English: cooling area; cooling surface

Dutch: koeloven
English: annealing oven; cooling furnace

Dutch: koelpijp
English: cooling pipe; refrigerating pipe

Dutch: koelplaat
English: cooling plate; heat sink

Dutch: koelrib
English: cooling fin; fin

Dutch: koelruimte
English: cold room; cold storage room

Dutch: koelspiraal
English: cooling spiral; cooling coil; condensing coil

Dutch: koelsysteem
English: cooling system

Dutch: koeltank
English: cooling tank

Dutch: koelvin
English: cooling fin; fin

Dutch: koelvlak
English: cooling surface; cooling face

Dutch: koel-vriescombinatie
English: refrigerator-freezer combination

Dutch: koelzone
English: cooling zone; condensing zone

Dutch: koepelvormig
English: dome-shaped

Dutch: koeriersbericht
English: couriergram

Dutch: koeriersdienst
English: courier service

Dutch: koers
English: course; price; quotation

Dutch: koersafwijking
English: course deviation

Dutch: koetsen
English: to couch

Dutch: koetswerk
English: body; coachwork

Dutch: koevoet
English: crow bar

Dutch: koffer
English: case

Dutch: kofferdeksel
English: case cover; case lid

Dutch: kofferruimte
English: boot; luggage boot; luggage compartment

Dutch: koffersluiting
English: case lock

Dutch: koffieautomaat
English: vending machine

Dutch: koffiemolen
English: coffee mill; coffee grinder

Dutch: koffiezetapparaat
English: coffee maker; coffee set

Dutch: kogel
English: ball; pellet

Dutch: kogelanode
English: ball anode

Dutch: kogelbaan
English: ball track

Dutch: kogelbolknop
English: ball knob

Dutch: kogelfijnregeling
English: planetary vernier drive

Dutch: kogelfrees
English: spherical cutter

Dutch: kogelgeleiding
English: ball bushing; ball guide

Dutch: kogelgroef
English: ball groove

Dutch: kogelknop
English: ball knob; ball

Dutch: kogelkooi
English: ball cage

Dutch: kogelkraagblok
English: collar ball bearing

Dutch: kogellagerblok
English: ball-bearing block

Dutch: kogellagerkwaliteit
English: ball-bearing quality

Dutch: kogellagervetoplossing
English: ball-bearing grease solution

Dutch: kogelleibus
English: ball guide bush

Dutch: kogelring
English: ball race

Dutch: kogeltest
English: ball-pressure test

Dutch: kogelvalproef
English: falling ball test

Dutch: kogelvormig
English: spherical

Dutch: Kohonen-netwerk
English: Kohonen network

Dutch: koken
English: to cook; to boil; to caulk

Dutch: kokend
English: boiling

Dutch: koker
English: duct; sleeve; coil former; coil bobbin

Dutch: koksignaal
English: clock signal

Dutch: kolf
English: cooker; boiler flask

Dutch: Kolmogov theorema
English: Kolmogov theorem

Dutch: kolofonium
English: colophony; rosin

Dutch: kolom
English: column; bar; upright; pillar; guide post

Dutch: kolom volponsen
English: to lace

Dutch: kolomaanwijzer
English: column indicator

Dutch: kolomboor
English: pillar drill

Dutch: kolombout
English: pillar bolt

Dutch: kolommendiagram
English: histogram; bar chart

Dutch: kolommenpers
English: dieing press

Dutch: kolomschroef
English: machine screw; stove screw

Dutch: kolomsplitser
English: column split

Dutch: kolomstructuur
English: columnar structure

Dutch: kom
English: cup; bowl

Dutch: komma
English: comma; radix point

Dutch: komnokschijf
English: hollow cam

Dutch: kompasrichting
English: compass direction

Dutch: komschijf
English: cup wheel

Dutch: komslijpsteen
English: cup grinding wheel

Dutch: komstaaldraadborstel
English: wire cup brush

Dutch: komveer
English: cup spring

Dutch: koningswater
English: aqua regia

Dutch: kooianker
English: squirrel-cage armature

Dutch: kooiantenne
English: cage antenna; cage aerial

Dutch: kooivuller
English: squirrel cage

Dutch: kookbeitel
English: caulking chisel; caulking tool

Dutch: kookplaat
English: hotplate

Dutch: kookpuntsbenzine
English: special boiling point spirit

Dutch: kookstaafje
English: boiling rod

Dutch: kooksteentje
English: boiling stone

Dutch: kooktraject
English: boiling range

Dutch: kool
English: coal; carbon

Dutch: koolbaan
English: carbon track

Dutch: koolboog
English: carbon arc

Dutch: kooldioxyde
English: carbon dioxide

Dutch: koolfilm
English: carbon film

Dutch: koollasapparaat
English: carbon-welding tool

Dutch: koolmicrofoon
English: carbon microphone

Dutch: koolmonoxyde
English: carbon monoxide

Dutch: koolmonoxydemasker
English: carbon monoxide mask

Dutch: koolpotentiometer
English: antilogarithmic carbon potentiometer; linear carbon potentiometer

Dutch: koolstof
English: carbon

Dutch: koolstofanode
English: carbon anode

Dutch: koolweerstand
English: carbon resistor

Dutch: koolzuur
English: carbonic acid

Dutch: koolzuurcilinder
English: carbonic acid cylinder; carbonic acid bottle

Dutch: koolzuurgas
English: carbon dioxide

Dutch: koolzuursneeuw
English: carbon dioxide snow

Dutch: koop
English: purchase; procurement

Dutch: koopfrequentie
English: buying frequency; frequency of purchase

Dutch: koopgewoonten
English: buying habits

Dutch: koopmotief
English: buying motive

Dutch: koopplannen
English: buying intentions

Dutch: koorde
English: chord

Dutch: koordopspanning
English: dial cord stringing; dial cord rigging

Dutch: kopaandrijving
English: head drive

Dutch: kopafscherming
English: head screening

Dutch: kopcirkel
English: addendum circle

Dutch: kopdraaibank
English: face lathe; facing lathe

Dutch: kopdrager
English: head support

Dutch: kopeindapparatuur
English: head-end equipment; front-end equipment

Dutch: kopen
English: to buy; to purchase; to procure

Dutch: koper
English: buyer; purchaser; copper

Dutch: koperanode
English: copper anode

Dutch: koperbad
English: copper bath; copper plating bath

Dutch: koperchloride
English: copper chloride

Dutch: koperdiepdruk
English: copper intaglio printing

Dutch: koperdraad
English: copperwire

Dutch: kopereiland
English: copper land

Dutch: koperemailledraad
English: enamelled copper wire

Dutch: koperfolie
English: copper foil

Dutch: kopergaas
English: copper gauze

Dutch: kopergeleider
English: copper conductor

Dutch: koperglansbeits
English: bright copper dip

Dutch: kopermanteldraad
English: copper-clad wire

Dutch: koperomsponnen draad
English: copper-covered wire

Dutch: koperoxidediode
English: copper-oxide diode

Dutch: koperpatroon
English: copper pattern

Dutch: kopersoldeer
English: hard solder; copper solder

Dutch: koperspoor
English: printed conductor

Dutch: koperstaking
English: buyers strike; fence-sitting buyers; tight-fisted buyers

Dutch: koperstrike
English: copper strike; copper sulphate; cupric sulphate

Dutch: koperverliezen
English: copper losses

Dutch: koperverzuurbad
English: acid copper bath

Dutch: kopfrees
English: face mill; end mill; face cutter; shell end mill; shell and cutter

Dutch: kophelft
English: head half

Dutch: kophoek
English: off-set angle

Dutch: kophoogte
English: depth of head

Dutch: kopie
English: copy; dubbing; facsimile

Dutch: kopieerdraaibank
English: copy turing lathe; copying lathe

Dutch: kopieereffect
English: print-through; accidental printing; copying effect; echo effect; printing effect; spurious printing

Dutch: kopieerfreesmachine
English: copy-milling machine

Dutch: kopieermachine
English: copying machine; duplicator

Dutch: kopieermal
English: template; templet

Dutch: kopieerstift
English: tracer; follower

Dutch: kopiëren
English: to copy; re-recording; to dub; to tape copy

Dutch: kopinstelling
English: head alignment; head adjustment; head setting

Dutch: kopkaart
English: header card; heading card

Dutch: kopkniptang
English: end cutting nipper; end cutters

Dutch: koplabel
English: header label

Dutch: koplager
English: bearing of magnetic head

Dutch: koplamp
English: headlamp; head light

Dutch: koplas
English: butt weld

Dutch: koplevensduur
English: head life

Dutch: kopoppervlak
English: head face

Dutch: koppel(ings)stuk
English: coupler

Dutch: koppel/toerentalkromme
English: torque/rpm curve

Dutch: koppelas
English: coupling spindle; coupling shaft

Dutch: koppelbeugel
English: coupling bracket

Dutch: koppelcondensator
English: coupling capacitor; interstage capacitor

Dutch: koppeldiode
English: coupling diode; interstage diode

Dutch: koppeleenheid
English: coupler

Dutch: koppelefficiëntie
English: coupling efficiency

Dutch: koppelelement
English: coupling element

Dutch: koppelen
English: to couple; to clutch; to chain; to link; to interface

Dutch: koppelen met
English: to couple to

Dutch: koppelfactor
English: coupling factor; coefficient of coupling

Dutch: koppelfilter
English: coupling filter

Dutch: koppelimpedantie
English: coupling impedance; transfer impedance

Dutch: koppelindexen
English: mounting directories

Dutch: koppeling
English: coupling; clutch; link; chain; attachment; interface; linkage

Dutch: koppelinggewicht
English: clutch weight

Dutch: koppelingplaat
English: clutch plate

Dutch: koppelingsbesturing
English: link control

Dutch: koppelingschijf
English: clutch disc; friction disc; coupling disc

Dutch: koppelingscoëfficiënt
English: coefficient of coupling

Dutch: koppelingseenheid
English: interface

Dutch: koppelingssignaal
English: interface signal

Dutch: koppelingswerking
English: clutch action

Dutch: koppel-laadprogramma
English: linking loader

Dutch: koppelleiding
English: coupling link

Dutch: koppellus
English: coupling loop

Dutch: koppelmeter
English: torque meter

Dutch: koppelraam
English: coupling frame

Dutch: koppelreactantie
English: coupling reactance

Dutch: koppelschroevendraaier
English: torque screwdriver

Dutch: koppelsnoer
English: coupling flex; signal cable; patch cord

Dutch: koppelspoel
English: coupling coil

Dutch: koppelspoor
English: linking track

Dutch: koppelstang
English: coupling rod; coupling bar

Dutch: koppelstrip
English: coupling strip

Dutch: koppelstuk
English: coupling piece

Dutch: koppeltransformator
English: coupling transformer; interstage transformer

Dutch: koppelverbinding
English: splice

Dutch: koppelvlak
English: interface

Dutch: koppelweerstand
English: coupling resistor

Dutch: koppelwikkeling
English: coupling winding

Dutch: koppen
English: headed pin

Dutch: koppenplaat
English: head mounting plate

Dutch: kopplaat
English: punch head; clutch disc; clutch plate

Dutch: koprecord
English: header record

Dutch: kopschijf
English: head disc

Dutch: kopschroef
English: filister head screw; cap screw

Dutch: kopset
English: head set

Dutch: kopsgelijmd
English: butt-joined

Dutch: kopshout
English: end grain wood

Dutch: kopspie
English: gib-headed key

Dutch: kopspiegel
English: head face; head mirror

Dutch: kopspiegellamp
English: silver-cupped lamp

Dutch: kopspijker
English: tack

Dutch: kop-staartverbinding
English: butt coupling

Dutch: kopsteekbeitel
English: axial recessing tool

Dutch: kopstelschroef
English: head adjustment screw

Dutch: koptelefoon
English: headset; headphones; earphone

Dutch: kopvlak
English: end face; head face

Dutch: korfboogvormig
English: basket-handle shaped

Dutch: korfspoel
English: basket coil

Dutch: korrel
English: grain; granule; grit

Dutch: korrelgrens
English: grain boundary

Dutch: korrelgrootte
English: granular size; grain size

Dutch: korrelig
English: granular; grained; granulated

Dutch: korrelig lopen
English: to run grittily

Dutch: korreligheid
English: graininess; granularity

Dutch: korrelstructuur
English: granular structure; grain structure

Dutch: korrelverfijner
English: grain refiner

Dutch: korte as
English: minor axis

Dutch: korte golf
English: short wave: SW

Dutch: korte-golf zender
English: short-wave transmitter

Dutch: korte-termijnplan
English: short-term plan

Dutch: korte-termijnplanning
English: short-term planning

Dutch: korte-termijnprognose
English: short-term forecast

Dutch: kortgesloten
English: short-circuited; shorted; shortcut

Dutch: kortgesloten leiding
English: shorted line; short-circuited line

Dutch: kortsluitanker
English: squirrel-cage armature

Dutch: kortsluitbeugel
English: short-circuit bracket

Dutch: kortsluitblok
English: short-circuit block

Dutch: kortsluitbrug
English: short-circuit bridge

Dutch: kortsluiten
English: to short-circuit; to short; to short-cut

Dutch: kortsluithaak
English: short-circuit bracket

Dutch: kortsluitimpedantie
English: short-circuit impedance; free impedance

Dutch: kortsluiting
English: short-circuit; short; shortcut; bypassing

Dutch: kortsluitplaat
English: short-circuit plate

Dutch: kortsluitschakelaar
English: short-circuit switch

Dutch: kortsluitstroom
English: short-circuit current

Dutch: kortsluitvastheid
English: resistance to short circuit; short-circuit resistance

Dutch: kortsluitvermogen
English: short-circuit power

Dutch: kortsluitwinding
English: short-circuited turn

Dutch: kortstondige variatie
English: short-term variation

Dutch: kosmische ruis
English: cosmic noise

Dutch: kosten per eenheid
English: unit cost

Dutch: kosten/baten-analyse
English: cost/benefit analysis

Dutch: kostenbeheersfunctie
English: cost control function

Dutch: kostenbeheersing
English: const control

Dutch: kostenbeleid
English: cost policy

Dutch: kostenberekening
English: costing; cost calculation

Dutch: kostenbewustheid
English: cost consciousness

Dutch: kostenbudget
English: cost budget

Dutch: kostencalculatie
English: calculation of cost; costing; cost calculation

Dutch: kostenindicatie
English: charge indication

Dutch: kostenmodel
English: cost model

Dutch: kostenoverschrijding
English: cost overrun

Dutch: kostenverbijzondering
English: cost allocating

Dutch: kostenverdeling
English: distribution of costs

Dutch: kostenvergelijking
English: cost comparison

Dutch: kostenverhogend
English: cost-increasing

Dutch: kostenverlagend
English: cost lowering; cost-cutting

Dutch: kostenvraagstuk
English: costs problem

Dutch: kostprijsberekening
English: costing

Dutch: kostprijsboekhouding
English: cost accounting

Dutch: kostprijscalculatie
English: costing

Dutch: kostprijsfactor
English: cost price factor

Dutch: kotterbank
English: boring machine

Dutch: kotterbeitel
English: boring tool; cutter

Dutch: kotteren
English: to bore

Dutch: kotterkop
English: boring head

Dutch: kottermachine
English: boring machine

Dutch: kotterspil
English: boring bar

Dutch: koud apparaat
English: cold receiver

Dutch: koud spoelbad
English: cold rinse; cold swill

Dutch: koudbeitel
English: cold chisel

Dutch: koudbewerken
English: to cold work

Dutch: koudbewerkingseffect
English: cold-working effect

Dutch: koudbuigen
English: to cold bend

Dutch: koude draad
English: cold lead

Dutch: koude emissie
English: cold emission

Dutch: koude kathode
English: cold cathode

Dutch: koude kathodebuis
English: cold-cathode type valve

Dutch: koude las
English: cold junction; cold joint

Dutch: koude proef
English: low-temperature test

Dutch: koude prop
English: cold slug

Dutch: koude start
English: cold start

Dutch: koude vloei
English: cold flow

Dutch: koude weerstand
English: cold resistance

Dutch: koude zijde
English: cold side; low side; earth side; ground side

Dutch: koudelascompensatie
English: cold-junction compensation

Dutch: koudeverlies
English: loss of cold

Dutch: koudextrusie
English: cold extrusion

Dutch: koudgaskoelmachine
English: cryogenerator

Dutch: koudkatode
English: cold cathode

Dutch: koudsmeden
English: to cold forge

Dutch: koudstuiken
English: to cold upset

Dutch: koudtrekken
English: to cold draw

Dutch: koudvast
English: cold resistant

Dutch: koudvervormbaarheid
English: cold deformability

Dutch: koudvervormen
English: cold forming; cold deformation

Dutch: koudvervorming
English: cold forming; cold deformation

Dutch: koudverzinkverf
English: zinc dust paint

Dutch: koudwalsen
English: to cold roll

Dutch: kous
English: sleeve; tubing

Dutch: kovardrop
English: kovar eyelet

Dutch: kraag
English: collar

Dutch: kraagbus
English: flanged bush

Dutch: kraagtap
English: collar journal

Dutch: kraak
English: crackle

Dutch: kraakcontact
English: intermittent contact; noise contact

Dutch: kraaktoon
English: crackling noise; crackling sound

Dutch: kraal
English: bead

Dutch: kraalrand
English: beaded edge

Dutch: kraalstempel
English: beading tool; curling tool

Dutch: kraan
English: tap; cock; valve; crane

Dutch: kracht
English: force; power

Dutch: krachtaandrijving
English: power drive

Dutch: krachtafneempunt
English: power take-off

Dutch: krachtbron
English: power source; powerplant

Dutch: krachtcentrale
English: power station

Dutch: krachtenpaar
English: couple

Dutch: krachtlijn
English: line of force

Dutch: krachtlijnendichtheid
English: flux density

Dutch: krachtschakelaar
English: power switch

Dutch: krachtsensor
English: force sensor

Dutch: krachtstation
English: power station

Dutch: krachtstroom
English: power current

Dutch: krachtveld
English: field of force

Dutch: kraftpapier
English: kraft paper

Dutch: kraken
English: to crackle; to crack

Dutch: kralen
English: to bead; to curl

Dutch: kram
English: clamp; cramp; staple

Dutch: kramforsplaat
English: acoustic board

Dutch: krans
English: ring

Dutch: kras
English: scratch

Dutch: krasapparaat
English: scratch pin apparatus

Dutch: krasgevoeligheid
English: susceptibility to scratching

Dutch: kraslijn
English: V-groove

Dutch: krasnaald
English: scriber; marking tool

Dutch: kraspen
English: scriber; marking tool; scratch pin

Dutch: kraspentekensysteem
English: scriber

Dutch: krassen
English: to scratch

Dutch: krasspoor
English: scratch track

Dutch: krasvastheid
English: scratch resistance

Dutch: krasvrij
English: free from scratches

Dutch: krat; kratten
English: crate; crates

Dutch: krater
English: crater; pinhole

Dutch: kratervorming
English: pin holing; cratering

Dutch: kreoline
English: creolin

Dutch: kreuk
English: crease

Dutch: kreuken
English: to crease

Dutch: krijten
English: to chalk

Dutch: krijtingsweerstand
English: chalking resistance

Dutch: krijtvast
English: chalk resistant; non-chalking

Dutch: krik
English: jack; screw jack

Dutch: krimp
English: shrinkage; contraction

Dutch: krimp na warm ponsen
English: shrinkage after hot piercing

Dutch: krimpapparatuur
English: shrinking equipment

Dutch: krimpblok
English: shrinkage block

Dutch: krimpbuis
English: shrink-sleeve; shrink-on sleeve

Dutch: krimpen
English: to shrink; to crimp

Dutch: krimpfilm
English: shrink-film; shrink-foil

Dutch: krimpfilmverpakking
English: shrink-film packaging; shrink-foil packaging; tight pack

Dutch: krimpfolie
English: shrink-film; shrink-foil

Dutch: krimpgraad
English: shrinkage from mould dimensions

Dutch: krimphoes
English: shrink-wrap

Dutch: krimpkameroven
English: shrink-chamber furnace

Dutch: krimpkanon
English: shrink-heater

Dutch: krimpmal
English: cooling jig; cooling fixture; shrinkage jig

Dutch: krimpoven
English: shrink-furnace

Dutch: krimpraam
English: shrink-frame

Dutch: krimpspanning
English: shrinkage stress

Dutch: krimptoegift
English: contraction allowance

Dutch: krimptolerantie
English: shrinkage tolerance; contraction allowance

Dutch: krimpvrij
English: non-shrinkable; non-shrinking

Dutch: kring; kringen
English: circuit; loop; circuits

Dutch: kringconstante
English: circuit constant

Dutch: kringnulcapaciteit
English: minimum tuning capacitance

Dutch: kringproces
English: cycle of work

Dutch: kringpulsering
English: loop pulsing

Dutch: kringsignaal
English: tuned-circuit voltage

Dutch: kringspoel
English: tuned-circuit coil

Dutch: kristal
English: crystal

Dutch: kristalbinding
English: crystalline bond

Dutch: kristalbuiging
English: crystal diffraction

Dutch: kristalcalibrator
English: crystal calibrator

Dutch: kristaldetector
English: crystal detector

Dutch: kristaldiode
English: crystal diode

Dutch: kristaldiodemeetkop
English: crystal diode probe

Dutch: kristaldompeloven
English: crystal dipping oven

Dutch: kristalelement
English: crystal element

Dutch: kristalfrequentie
English: crystal frequency

Dutch: kristalgelijkrichter
English: crystal rectifier

Dutch: kristalgestuurd
English: crystal controlled

Dutch: kristalgrens
English: crystal boundary

Dutch: kristalgroei
English: accretion of crystals; crystal growth; crystal growing

Dutch: kristalgrootte
English: crystal size

Dutch: kristalhouder
English: crystal holder

Dutch: kristalkiem
English: seed crystal

Dutch: kristallens
English: crystalline lens

Dutch: kristalliet
English: crystallite

Dutch: kristallijn
English: crystalline

Dutch: kristallijne structuur
English: crystalline structure

Dutch: kristalliseren
English: to crystallize

Dutch: kristallogram
English: crystallogram

Dutch: kristalluidspreker
English: piezo-electric loudspeaker

Dutch: kristalmeter
English: crystal meter

Dutch: kristalmicrofoon
English: piezo-electric microphone; crystal microphone

Dutch: kristalontvanger
English: crystal receiver

Dutch: kristaloriëntatie
English: crystal orientation

Dutch: kristaloscillator
English: crystal oscillator; crystal-controlled oscillator

Dutch: kristalplaat
English: crystal plate

Dutch: kristalresonator
English: crystal resonator

Dutch: kristalrooster
English: crystal lattice

Dutch: kristalschakeling
English: crystal circuit; monolithic circuit

Dutch: kristalstroom
English: crystal current

Dutch: kristalstructuur
English: crystal structure; crystalline structure

Dutch: kristalsturing
English: crystal control

Dutch: kristalsuiker
English: crystal sugar; sugar crystalline

Dutch: kristaltester
English: crystal tester

Dutch: kristaltetrode
English: crystal tetrode

Dutch: kristaltransducer
English: crystal transducer

Dutch: kristaltrekken
English: crystal pulling

Dutch: kristalversterker
English: crystal amplifier

Dutch: kristalweerstand
English: crystal resistor

Dutch: kristalzijde
English: crystal face; crystal plane

Dutch: kritiek
English: criticism; review

Dutch: kritiek element
English: criticality

Dutch: kritiek gebied
English: critical region

Dutch: kritiek veld
English: critical field

Dutch: kritiekbespreking
English: commentary meeting

Dutch: kritieke fout
English: critical defect; critical failure

Dutch: kritieke pad
English: critical path

Dutch: kritieke padanalyse
English: critical path analysis

Dutch: kritieke padmethode
English: critical path method: CPM

Dutch: kritieke plek
English: hot spot

Dutch: kritieke sectie
English: critical section

Dutch: kritieke spanning
English: critical voltage

Dutch: kritieke waarde
English: critical value

Dutch: kritieke zone
English: critical region

Dutch: kritisch component
English: critical component

Dutch: kritisch item
English: critical item

Dutch: kritische demping
English: critical damping

Dutch: kritische eigenschap
English: critical characteristic

Dutch: kritische frequentie
English: critical frequency

Dutch: kritische luisteraar
English: discriminating listener

Dutch: kritische potentiaal
English: critical potential

Dutch: kritische radius
English: critical radius

Dutch: kritische software
English: critical software

Dutch: kroes
English: crucible; susceptor

Dutch: kroestang
English: crucible tong

Dutch: krokodillebekklem
English: crocodile clip; alligator clip

Dutch: krom
English: bent; curved; crooked

Dutch: kromheid
English: curvature; crookedness

Dutch: kromlijnig
English: curvilinear

Dutch: kromme
English: curve

Dutch: kromme van Gauss
English: Gauss distribution; Gaussian curve

Dutch: kromme vlakken
English: curved faces

Dutch: kromme vorm
English: curvature; shape of curve

Dutch: krommingsstraal
English: radius of curve

Dutch: krompasser
English: outside calipers

Dutch: kromte
English: curvature

Dutch: kromtrekken
English: to warp

Dutch: kroonsteentje
English: porcelain connector; plastic connector; luster terminal

Dutch: kruimelbakje
English: crumb tray

Dutch: kruip
English: creep; deformation under load; creepage

Dutch: kruipgrens
English: creep limit

Dutch: kruiplijnhoogte
English: airdraft

Dutch: kruipproefapparaat
English: creep testing device

Dutch: kruiproest
English: filiform rust

Dutch: kruipsnelheid
English: creep rate

Dutch: kruipsterkte
English: creep strength

Dutch: kruipstroom
English: creepage current; creeping current

Dutch: kruipstroomspanning
English: creepage voltage

Dutch: kruipstroomweerstand
English: tracking resistance

Dutch: kruipvast
English: non-tracking; creep resistant

Dutch: kruipweg
English: creepage path; creepage distance

Dutch: kruiscompiler
English: cross compiler

Dutch: kruiscorrelatie
English: cross correlation

Dutch: kruisdraden
English: tracking cross

Dutch: kruiselings
English: crosswise

Dutch: kruisgatkern
English: cross-hole core

Dutch: kruisgleuf
English: cross groove; cross slot

Dutch: kruising
English: crossover

Dutch: kruiskartel
English: diagonal knurl; cross knurl

Dutch: kruiskastje
English: cross bar generator

Dutch: kruisknop
English: cross-shaped knob; crosshead; cross head; recess head

Dutch: kruiskopschroef
English: cross-slotted screw

Dutch: kruislaag
English: cross layer

Dutch: kruismodulatie
English: cross modulation

Dutch: kruismoment
English: covariance

Dutch: kruispatroon
English: cross pattern

Dutch: kruisprogramma
English: cross program

Dutch: kruispunt
English: crossover point

Dutch: kruisschakelsysteem
English: crossbar system

Dutch: kruisslagwikkelen
English: cross-winding; universal winding

Dutch: kruissleuf
English: cross groove; cross slot

Dutch: kruissleutel
English: four-way wrench

Dutch: kruissnelheid
English: touring speed

Dutch: kruissoftware
English: cross software

Dutch: kruisstangkiezer
English: crossbar switch

Dutch: kruistabulatie
English: cross tabulation

Dutch: kruisveldsysteem
English: cross field system

Dutch: kruisverbinding
English: cross connection

Dutch: kruisvertanding
English: staggered teeth

Dutch: kruisverwijzingslijst
English: cross-reference list

Dutch: kruisvuur
English: cross fire

Dutch: kruiswikkelen
English: cross-winding; universal winding

Dutch: kruiswikkelmachine
English: cross-winding machine; cross-winder; universal winding machine; universal winder

Dutch: kruk
English: crank; handle

Dutch: krukbeugel
English: cranked clamp

Dutch: krukpen
English: crank pin

Dutch: krukpers
English: crank press

Dutch: kruk-sleufoverbrenging
English: scotch yoke

Dutch: krul
English: chip; shavings

Dutch: krullen
English: to curl

Dutch: krulstift
English: twisting rod; torsing rod

Dutch: kryogeen geheugen
English: cryogenic store

Dutch: kryptol
English: kryptol

Dutch: Ku-band
English: Ku-band

Dutch: kubiek
English: cubic

Dutch: kubieke inhoud
English: cubic capacity

Dutch: kubische functie
English: cubic function

Dutch: kubische spline
English: cubic spline

Dutch: kubusvlak
English: cube face

Dutch: kuil
English: pit; gap

Dutch: kuipstoel
English: bucket seat

Dutch: kundigheid
English: skill

Dutch: kunstaarde
English: counterpoise earth

Dutch: kunstaccu
English: artificial accumulator

Dutch: kunstantenne
English: artificial antenna; dummy antenna; artificial aerial; dummy aerial

Dutch: kunstbeeldgenerator
English: pattern generator

Dutch: kunstharsgebonden
English: synthetic resin-bound

Dutch: kunstharslak
English: synthetic resin-lacquer

Dutch: kunstharspasta
English: synthetic resin-paste

Dutch: kunstleer
English: artificial leather; leatherette; simulated leather; imitation leather

Dutch: kunstlichtfilm
English: tungsten film; tungsten type film

Dutch: kunstmagneet
English: artificial magnet

Dutch: kunstmatig leven
English: artificial life

Dutch: kunstmatige herkenning
English: artificial recognition

Dutch: kunstmatige pupil
English: artificial pupil

Dutch: kunstmatige satelliet
English: artificial satellite

Dutch: kunstnet
English: artificial mains

Dutch: kunstoffenlaboratorium
English: plastics laboratory

Dutch: kunstoor
English: artificial ear

Dutch: kunstsignaal
English: artificial signal

Dutch: kunststof
English: synthetic material; plastic

Dutch: kunststofpers
English: moulding press

Dutch: kunststoorgenerator
English: noise generator

Dutch: kunstterpentijn
English: white spirit

Dutch: kunstzijde
English: artificial silk; artsilk; rayon

Dutch: kunstzweet
English: artificial perspiration

Dutch: kurkdroog
English: bone-dry

Dutch: kurketrekker
English: corkscrew

Dutch: kurkstop
English: cork stopper

Dutch: kussen
English: cushion; pillow

Dutch: kussenblok
English: bearing block; pillow block

Dutch: kussencorrectie
English: pin-cushion correction

Dutch: kussensloop
English: pillow case

Dutch: kussenvervorming
English: pin-cushion distortion

Dutch: kwadraat
English: square

Dutch: kwadratensom
English: sum of squares

Dutch: kwadratische detectie
English: square-law detection

Dutch: kwadratuurcomponent
English: quadrature component

Dutch: kwadratuurdetector
English: quadrature detector

Dutch: kwadratuurfout
English: quadrature distortion

Dutch: kwadratuurgetal
English: quadrature number

Dutch: kwadratuurmodulatie
English: quadrature modulation: quam

Dutch: kwadratuurstroom
English: quadrature current

Dutch: kwadratuurversterker
English: quadrature amplifier

Dutch: kwalificatie
English: qualification; rating

Dutch: kwalificatiegegeven
English: qualifier

Dutch: kwalificatieprobleem
English: qualification problem

Dutch: kwalificatieresultaten
English: qualification results

Dutch: kwalificatietesten
English: qualification testing

Dutch: kwalitatief redeneren
English: qualitative reasoning

Dutch: kwaliteit
English: quality; grade

Dutch: kwaliteitsaspecten
English: quality aspects

Dutch: kwaliteitsattribuut
English: quality attribute

Dutch: kwaliteitsaudit
English: quality audit

Dutch: kwaliteitsbeheersing
English: quality control: QC

Dutch: kwaliteitsbeleid
English: quality assurance policy; quality policy

Dutch: kwaliteitsbeproeving
English: quality inspection

Dutch: kwaliteitsbescherming
English: quality protection

Dutch: kwaliteitsbewustheid
English: quality awareness; quality consciousness; quality mindedness

Dutch: kwaliteitsborging
English: quality assurance; QA

Dutch: kwaliteitseigenschap
English: quality characteristic

Dutch: kwaliteitseis
English: quality requirement

Dutch: kwaliteitsfactor
English: quality factor

Dutch: kwaliteitsfunctie
English: quality function

Dutch: kwaliteitsgarantie
English: quality warranty; warranty of quality

Dutch: kwaliteitsgraad
English: degree of quality; grade of quality; quality degree

Dutch: kwaliteitsinspectie
English: quality inspection

Dutch: kwaliteitskenmerk
English: quality characteristic; quality feature

Dutch: kwaliteitskringloop
English: quality loop

Dutch: kwaliteitsmethodiek
English: quality methodology

Dutch: kwaliteitsmeting
English: quality metric

Dutch: kwaliteitsnorm
English: quality standard

Dutch: kwaliteitsofficier
English: quality control officer

Dutch: kwaliteitsonderzoek
English: quality inspection; quality investigation

Dutch: kwaliteitsplan
English: quality plan

Dutch: kwaliteitsprobleem
English: quality problem

Dutch: kwaliteitsprogramma
English: quality program

Dutch: kwaliteitsspecificatie
English: quality specification

Dutch: kwaliteitssysteem
English: quality system

Dutch: kwaliteitsverbetering
English: quality improvement

Dutch: kwaliteitsverificatie
English: quality audit

Dutch: kwaliteitszorg
English: quality assurance; quality control; quality management: QM

Dutch: kwantiel
English: quantile

Dutch: kwantificeren
English: to quantify

Dutch: kwantiseren
English: to quantize

Dutch: kwantisering
English: quantization

Dutch: kwantiseringseenheid
English: quantizer

Dutch: kwantitatieve analyse
English: quantitative analysis

Dutch: kwantitatieve ruimte
English: quantity space

Dutch: kwantitatieve test
English: quantitative test

Dutch: kwantumorder
English: bulk order

Dutch: kwartaal
English: quarter

Dutch: kwartgolf
English: quarter wave

Dutch: kwartgolflijninspectie
English: quarter-wave stub

Dutch: kwarto
English: quarto

Dutch: kwartsbrander
English: quartz burner

Dutch: kwartsdompelelement
English: quarts immersion heater

Dutch: kwartsfilter
English: crystal filter; piezoelectric filter

Dutch: kwartskristal
English: quartz crystal

Dutch: kwartsplaat
English: quartz plate

Dutch: kwartsstralers
English: quartz lamps

Dutch: kwast
English: knot; brush; tassel

Dutch: kwetsdoorn
English: squeezing mandrel

Dutch: kwetsen
English: to crimp; to squeeze

Dutch: kwikaccu
English: mercury battery

Dutch: kwikbatterij
English: mercury battery

Dutch: kwikboog
English: mercury arc

Dutch: kwikbooggelijkrichter
English: mercury arc rectifier

Dutch: kwikcel
English: mercury cell

Dutch: kwikdamp
English: mercury vapour

Dutch: kwikdamplamp
English: mercury discharge lamp; mercury vapour lamp

Dutch: kwikdampontladingsbuis
English: thyratron

Dutch: kwikdruk
English: mercury pressure

Dutch: kwikkolom
English: mercury column

Dutch: kwikontladingslamp
English: mercury discharge lamp

Dutch: kwikpoelkathode
English: mercury-pool cathode

Dutch: kwikproef
English: mercury test

Dutch: kwikrelais
English: mercury relay

Dutch: kwikschakelaar
English: mercury switch

Dutch: kwikthermometer
English: mercury in glass thermometer; mercurial thermometer

Dutch: kwikvertragingslijn
English: mercury delay line

Dutch: kwikzilver
English: mercury; quicksilver

Dutch: kwint
English: fifth; quint

Dutch: laad- of stapelbord
English: pallet

Dutch: laadbord
English: pallet

Dutch: laadcapaciteit
English: loading capacity; charging capacity; load-taking capacity; capacity in place settings

Dutch: laadcircuit
English: load circuit

Dutch: laadcondensator
English: charging capacitor

Dutch: laaddoorlooptijd
English: loading lead time

Dutch: laadeenheid
English: unit load

Dutch: laadgelijkrichter
English: charging rectifier

Dutch: laadgoot
English: loading chute

Dutch: laadkist
English: container

Dutch: laadkring
English: charging circuit

Dutch: laadkromme
English: charging curve

Dutch: laadmethode
English: loading method

Dutch: laadmodule
English: load module

Dutch: laadoverzicht
English: load map

Dutch: laadoverzichten
English: loading records

Dutch: laadperiode
English: charging period

Dutch: laadplaats
English: loading location

Dutch: laadprogramma
English: loader; load program

Dutch: laadsnelheid
English: rate of charging; charging rate

Dutch: laadspanning
English: charged voltage; charging voltage

Dutch: laadstroom
English: charging current; load current

Dutch: laadstroombaan
English: charging current

Dutch: laadtijd
English: loading time

Dutch: laadtoets
English: load key

Dutch: laadvermogen
English: carrying capacity; charging capacity

Dutch: laadvoorraad
English: loading stock

Dutch: laadweerstand
English: charging resistor

Dutch: laag
English: layer; coat; deposit; stratum; multiplex; ply

Dutch: laag gelegeerd
English: low alloy

Dutch: laag vermogen
English: low power

Dutch: laagdikte
English: layer thickness; thickness of deposit; film thickness; coating thickness

Dutch: laagdiscriminatie
English: layer discrimination

Dutch: laagdoorlaat
English: low pass

Dutch: laagdoorlaatfilter
English: low-pass filter

Dutch: laagdoorlatend filter
English: low-pass filter

Dutch: laagfrequent
English: low frequency: LF; audio frequency: AF

Dutch: laaggelegeerd staal
English: low-alloy steel

Dutch: laagmoffelend
English: low baking

Dutch: laagniveau
English: low level

Dutch: laagniveau logica
English: low-level logic

Dutch: laagniveau modulatie
English: low-level modulation

Dutch: laagniveau protocol
English: low-level protocol: LLP

Dutch: laagniveau taal
English: low level language

Dutch: laagohmig
English: low-impedance; low-ohmic

Dutch: laagrichting
English: direction of layer

Dutch: laagsmeltend
English: low-melting

Dutch: laagspanning
English: low voltage; low tension

Dutch: laagspanningsvoeding
English: low-voltage supply

Dutch: laagste band
English: lower band

Dutch: laagste totaalkosten
English: least total cost

Dutch: laagste-niveaucode
English: low level code

Dutch: laagviskeus
English: low-viscous

Dutch: laagvormingstechniek
English: junction-forming technique

Dutch: laagweergave
English: bass response

Dutch: laagweergever
English: woofer

Dutch: laagweerstand
English: film resistor

Dutch: laatste modulatie
English: final modulation

Dutch: laatste startdatum
English: latest start date

Dutch: label
English: label

Dutch: labelrecord
English: label record

Dutch: labiele balans
English: unstable balance

Dutch: laboratorium
English: laboratory: lab

Dutch: laboratoriuminrichting
English: laboratory equipment

Dutch: laboratoriumonderzoek
English: laboratory investigation

Dutch: laboratoriumtafel
English: laboratory bench

Dutch: laboratoriumuitrusting
English: laboratory equipment

Dutch: labyrinth afdichtring
English: labyrinth-seal

Dutch: labyrintweergever
English: labyrinth speaker

Dutch: lade
English: drawer

Dutch: ladekast
English: chest of drawers

Dutch: laden
English: to charge; to load

Dutch: laden en uitvoeren
English: load-and-go

Dutch: lading
English: load; cargo; charge

Dutch: ladingsbeeld
English: charge image; charge pattern

Dutch: ladingsdichtheid
English: charge density

Dutch: ladingsdrager
English: charge carrier

Dutch: ladingsopslag
English: charge storage

Dutch: ladingsvloei
English: flow of charges

Dutch: lage band
English: low band

Dutch: lage druk
English: low pressure

Dutch: lage frequentie
English: low frequency: LF

Dutch: lage moer
English: lock nut

Dutch: lage Q
English: low Q

Dutch: lage resolutie
English: low resolution

Dutch: lage ruis
English: low noise

Dutch: lage spanning
English: low voltage

Dutch: lage tonen
English: bass; dark notes; low notes

Dutch: lagendiode
English: junction diode

Dutch: lagen-FET
English: junction FET

Dutch: lagengelijkrichter
English: junction rectifier

Dutch: lagenisolatie
English: layer insulation

Dutch: lagenprotocol
English: layer protocol

Dutch: lagenstructurering
English: layering

Dutch: lagenstructuur
English: layered structure

Dutch: lagentransistor
English: junction transistor

Dutch: lager kader
English: lower management; junior executives

Dutch: lagerafdekplaat
English: bearing cover-plate

Dutch: lagerbekleding
English: bearing liner; bearing lining

Dutch: lagerbeugel
English: bearing bracket

Dutch: lagerbus; lagerbussen
English: bearing bush; bearing bushes

Dutch: lagere programmeertaal
English: low-level programming language

Dutch: lagere zijband
English: lower sideband

Dutch: lagergietbrons
English: cast bearing bronze

Dutch: lagerhals
English: bearing journal

Dutch: lagerhuis
English: bearing house; bearing housing

Dutch: lagering
English: bearing

Dutch: lagermetaal
English: bearing metal; anti-friction metal

Dutch: lagernaald
English: bearing needle

Dutch: lagerolie
English: bearing oil

Dutch: lagerpen
English: bearing pin; bearing bolt

Dutch: lagerplaat
English: bearing plate

Dutch: lagerpunt
English: bearing point; point of support

Dutch: lagerschaal
English: shell; liner; bearing halfliner; bearing shell

Dutch: lagerspeling
English: bearing clearance; bearing play

Dutch: lagerstoel
English: bearing block; bearing bracket

Dutch: lagertap
English: bearing journal

Dutch: lagervoering
English: bearing liner; bearing lining

Dutch: lage-temperatuur proef
English: low-temperature test

Dutch: lage-tonen luidspreker
English: low notes speaker; bass loudspeaker; woofer

Dutch: lage-tonen regelaar
English: bass control; bass tone control

Dutch: Lagrangekromme
English: Lagrange curve

Dutch: Lagrange-oppervlak
English: Lagrange surface

Dutch: lak
English: lacquer; varnish

Dutch: laken
English: sheet

Dutch: lakfilm
English: lacquer film

Dutch: lakfilmcondensator
English: lacquer-film capacitor

Dutch: lakfoeliecondensator
English: lacquered foil capacitor

Dutch: lakken
English: to lacquer; to varnish

Dutch: lakmoes
English: litmus

Dutch: lakmoespapier
English: litmus paper

Dutch: lakopbrengwals
English: lacquer applicator roll; paint roller coater

Dutch: lakspuiten
English: paint spraying; lacquer spraying

Dutch: lakspuiterij
English: paint spraying shop

Dutch: lakstraat
English: lacquering line

Dutch: lakverf
English: enamel

Dutch: lambda
English: lambda: l

Dutch: lambda-abstractie
English: lambda abstraction

Dutch: lambdacalculus
English: lambda calculus

Dutch: lambda-expressie
English: lambda expression

Dutch: lambdagolf
English: lambda wave

Dutch: lambda-uitdrukking
English: lambda-expression

Dutch: lambert
English: lambert

Dutch: lamel
English: lamination; bar; segment; lamella

Dutch: lamellair grafiet
English: flake graphite

Dutch: lamelleren
English: to laminate

Dutch: laminatie
English: lamination

Dutch: lamineren
English: to laminate

Dutch: lamp
English: lamp; valve; tube

Dutch: lampbeugel
English: lamp bracket

Dutch: lamphouder
English: lamp holder

Dutch: lampzwart
English: lamp black; carbon black

Dutch: lanceervoertuig
English: launch vehicle

Dutch: landed kostprijs
English: landed cost price

Dutch: landenchef
English: relation officer

Dutch: landenlijst
English: country list

Dutch: landing
English: landing; impact; beam landing; setdown

Dutch: landingsfouten
English: mislanding

Dutch: landklimaat
English: continental climate

Dutch: landnetnummer
English: country-network identity

Dutch: langdoorlaatfilter
English: long wavelength pass filter: LWP

Dutch: langdurige beveiliging
English: long-term security

Dutch: langdurige vochtproef
English: long-term humidity test; prolonged humidity test

Dutch: lange afstand
English: long distance

Dutch: lange as
English: major axis

Dutch: lange golf
English: long wave: LW

Dutch: lange golven
English: long waves

Dutch: lange lijn
English: long line

Dutch: lange uitloper
English: pigtail

Dutch: lange-afstandslijn
English: long distance line

Dutch: lange-afstandsoproep
English: long distance call

Dutch: lange-termijnplan
English: long-term plan

Dutch: lange-termijnplanning
English: long-term planning; long-range planning

Dutch: langgatboormachine
English: deep-hole drilling machine; mortising machine

Dutch: langgerekt
English: elongated

Dutch: langsaanzet
English: longitudinal feed

Dutch: langsbeweging
English: longitudinal traverse

Dutch: langsdraai-automaat
English: automatic traversing lathe

Dutch: langsdraaibank
English: traversing lathe

Dutch: langsdraaien
English: longitudinal turning; traversing

Dutch: langsdruk
English: axial thrust

Dutch: langsgeleider
English: rip fence

Dutch: langshout
English: wood with the grain

Dutch: langsmagnetisatie
English: longitudinal magnetization

Dutch: langspeelband
English: longplay tape

Dutch: langspeelplaat
English: long-playing record

Dutch: langsrichting
English: longitudinal direction

Dutch: langsruwbeitel
English: rough turing tool

Dutch: langsslede
English: traversing slide; bed slide

Dutch: langssteun
English: longitudinal stay

Dutch: langsstroom
English: longitudinal current

Dutch: langsvoeding
English: longitudinal feed

Dutch: langzaam
English: slow; low-speed

Dutch: langzame jank
English: wow

Dutch: lanoline
English: lanolin

Dutch: lap
English: cloth; rag; lap

Dutch: Laplace-transformatie
English: Laplace transform

Dutch: lapmiddel
English: stopgap measure; makeshift; palliative; stopgap; lapping compound; lapping abrasive

Dutch: lapnaad
English: lap joint

Dutch: lappen
English: to lap

Dutch: lappenschijf
English: cloth wheel; buff wheel

Dutch: larmorbaan
English: Larmor orbit

Dutch: las
English: joint; weld; splice

Dutch: lasapparaat
English: welder; welding apparatus; splicer

Dutch: lasautomaat
English: automatic welder

Dutch: lasbaar
English: weldable

Dutch: lasbaarheid
English: weldability; suitability for welding

Dutch: lasband
English: splicing tape

Dutch: lasboog
English: welding arc

Dutch: lasbrander
English: welding torch

Dutch: lasbril
English: welder's goggles; welding goggles

Dutch: lasdoos
English: branch box; distribution junction box; conduit box; connection box

Dutch: lasdop
English: wire connector

Dutch: lasdraad
English: welding wire; filling wire

Dutch: laseind
English: welding stud

Dutch: laselektrode
English: welding electrode

Dutch: laser-aftasteenheid
English: laser scanner

Dutch: laserdiode
English: laser diode: LD

Dutch: laserdrukker
English: laser printer

Dutch: laserlijnbreedte
English: laser linewidth

Dutch: laserplaat
English: laser disk

Dutch: laserplotter
English: laser plotter

Dutch: laserpulslengte
English: laser pulse length

Dutch: lashelm
English: welding helmet; welder's mask

Dutch: laskap
English: welding mask; welder's mask

Dutch: lasklem
English: welding clamp

Dutch: laskop
English: welding head

Dutch: laslaag
English: run; welding run

Dutch: lasmachine
English: welder; welding machine

Dutch: lasmal
English: welding fixture

Dutch: lasmetaal
English: welding metal; filler metal

Dutch: lasmoer
English: weld nut

Dutch: lasnaad
English: weld seam; welded joint

Dutch: laspasta
English: welding paste

Dutch: laspoeder
English: welding powder

Dutch: laspunt
English: welding point; weld point; weld joint; spot weld mark

Dutch: lasrichting
English: direction of welding

Dutch: lasrups
English: bead; run

Dutch: lasschild
English: welding shield

Dutch: lassen
English: to weld; to splice

Dutch: lasslak
English: welding slag

Dutch: lasstaaf
English: welding rod; welding electrode

Dutch: last
English: load; cargo; trouble; hinder

Dutch: lastang
English: electrode holder

Dutch: lastekening
English: welding drawing

Dutch: lastpunt
English: fulcrum

Dutch: lastransformator
English: welding transformer

Dutch: lasveer
English: solder spring

Dutch: lasverbinding
English: sealed joint; welded joint

Dutch: lasvloeimiddel
English: welding flux

Dutch: laswagen
English: mobile welder

Dutch: lat
English: lath

Dutch: laten staan
English: to allow to stand

Dutch: laten vallen
English: to drop

Dutch: latent beeld
English: latent image

Dutch: lateraal
English: lateral

Dutch: lateraalblauw
English: lateral blue

Dutch: laterale communicaties
English: lateral communications

Dutch: laterale compressie
English: lateral compression

Dutch: laterale convergentie
English: lateral convergence

Dutch: laterale registratie
English: lateral recording

Dutch: latoenkoper
English: brass-lamella

Dutch: lawaaibeheersing
English: noise control

Dutch: lawaaibron
English: noise source

Dutch: lawaainiveau
English: noise level

Dutch: lawaaivermoeidheid
English: noise fatigue

Dutch: lawinediode
English: avalanche diode

Dutch: lawinedoorbraak
English: avalanche breakdown

Dutch: lawinedoorslag
English: avalanche breakdown

Dutch: lawine-effect
English: avalanche effect

Dutch: layout
English: component layout; layout

Dutch: lay-out
English: layout

Dutch: LC-filter
English: LC filter

Dutch: LC-kring
English: LC circuit

Dutch: LC-parallelkring
English: parallel LC circuit

Dutch: LC-seriekring
English: series LC circuit

Dutch: lecherdraden
English: Lecher wires

Dutch: Lecherverbinding
English: Lecher line

Dutch: leeg
English: empty; blank; virginal; exhausted; null

Dutch: leeg medium
English: empty medium

Dutch: leeggewicht
English: unladen weight

Dutch: leegpompen
English: to exhaust; to evacuate

Dutch: leen
English: borrow

Dutch: leer
English: leather; theory

Dutch: leer van de akoestiek
English: acoustics

Dutch: leer van de kleuren
English: colour theory; science of colour; chromatics

Dutch: leerboek
English: textbook

Dutch: leerdoek
English: leather cloth; imitation leather

Dutch: leerkromme
English: learning curve

Dutch: leermachine
English: teaching machine

Dutch: leermiddelen
English: training aids; teaching aids; teaching materials

Dutch: leerpaneel
English: teach pendant

Dutch: leerprogrammering
English: teach programming

Dutch: lees-alleen
English: read-only

Dutch: lees-alleengeheugen
English: read-only memory: ROM

Dutch: leesbaan
English: reading track

Dutch: leesbaar
English: legible; right reading

Dutch: leesfout
English: read check; reading error

Dutch: leesimpuls
English: read pulse; full read pulse; reading pulse

Dutch: leeskop
English: read head; reading head; playback head

Dutch: leesorgaan
English: reading station; sensing station

Dutch: lees-schrijfkop
English: combined read/write head; combined head; read/write head

Dutch: leessnelheid
English: reading speed

Dutch: leesstation
English: reading station; read station; sensing station

Dutch: leesteken
English: special character; additional character; symbol

Dutch: leesvenster
English: read-out

Dutch: legato
English: legato

Dutch: lege accu
English: low battery

Dutch: lege batterij
English: low battery

Dutch: lege rij
English: null string; empty row

Dutch: legende
English: legend

Dutch: leger
English: bearing; army

Dutch: legeren
English: to alloy

Dutch: legeringsanode
English: alloy anode

Dutch: legeringsjunctie
English: alloy junction

Dutch: legeringslagendiode
English: alloy junction diode

Dutch: legeringsovergang
English: alloy junction

Dutch: legeringstransistor
English: alloy transistor; alloyed transistor

Dutch: legplank
English: parcel shelf

Dutch: legpuzzelplanning
English: jig-sam puzzle scheduling

Dutch: leibaan
English: guide way; bed way

Dutch: leiblok
English: guide block

Dutch: leibus
English: guide bush

Dutch: leiden
English: to manage; to conduct a business; to lead; to guide

Dutch: leidend beginsel
English: guiding principle; unifying concept

Dutch: leiderschapspatroon
English: managerial aid

Dutch: leiding
English: line; lead; connection; pipe; tube; management

Dutch: leiding geven
English: to manage

Dutch: leidingverlies
English: line loss

Dutch: leidingwater
English: tap water; mains water; city water; domestic water

Dutch: leipen
English: guide pin; guide post; pillar

Dutch: leiplaat
English: guide plate

Dutch: leirand
English: margin

Dutch: leirol
English: guide; idler

Dutch: leischroef
English: lead screw

Dutch: leisleuf
English: guiding slot

Dutch: leispil
English: lead screw

Dutch: leispindel
English: guide spindle; leading screw

Dutch: leisteenpoeder
English: slate powder; ground slate

Dutch: leistuk
English: guiding piece

Dutch: leivinger
English: wire guide

Dutch: leiwiel
English: guide wheel

Dutch: lek
English: leak; leakage; walk down; loss of information

Dutch: lekbak; lekbakken
English: drip tray; oil through; drip trays

Dutch: lekinductie
English: leakage inductance

Dutch: lekkage
English: leakage

Dutch: lekken
English: to leak; to drip

Dutch: lekkend
English: leaky; leaking

Dutch: lekreactantie
English: leakage reactance

Dutch: lekresistentie
English: stray resistance

Dutch: lekstroommeter
English: leakage current meter

Dutch: lekveld
English: stray field; leakage field

Dutch: lekweerstand
English: leakage resistance; leakage resistor

Dutch: lemma
English: lemma

Dutch: lengteafmeting
English: length dimension

Dutch: lengte-eenheid
English: unit of length; unit length

Dutch: lengtemeetapparaat
English: linear measuring apparatus

Dutch: lengtenaad
English: longitudinal seam

Dutch: lengterichting
English: longitudinal direction

Dutch: lens
English: lens

Dutch: lens met wijde opening
English: wide-angle lens

Dutch: lensopening
English: lens aperture

Dutch: lensrevolver
English: lens turret

Dutch: lensscherm
English: lens screen

Dutch: lensvatting
English: lens mount

Dutch: lepelcontactveer
English: spoon-shaped contact spring

Dutch: lepelveer
English: spoon-shaped spring

Dutch: lepmachine
English: lapping machine

Dutch: lepmiddel
English: lapping compound; lapping abrasive

Dutch: leppasta
English: lapping paste

Dutch: leppen
English: to lap

Dutch: lepschijf
English: lapping disc; lapping wheel

Dutch: leren onder toezicht
English: supervised learning

Dutch: lerende regeling
English: learning control

Dutch: letter
English: letter; character

Dutch: letter of intent
English: letter of intent

Dutch: letterbox
English: distribution amplifier

Dutch: lettercode
English: alphabetical code

Dutch: letterlijk
English: figurative

Dutch: letterlijkheid
English: literal; ,figurative constant

Dutch: letterrij
English: alphabetical string

Dutch: letterstempel
English: letter stamp

Dutch: letterwaarde
English: literal

Dutch: letterwijziging
English: letter change

Dutch: letterwoord
English: alphabetic word

Dutch: letterzetsjabloon
English: lettering guide

Dutch: levend
English: live

Dutch: levenscyclus
English: life cycle

Dutch: levensduurproef
English: life test

Dutch: levensechte uitzending
English: live transmission; live broadcast

Dutch: levensgevaar
English: life hazard; danger of life

Dutch: levensgevaarlijk
English: involving risk of life

Dutch: levensvatbaarheid
English: viability

Dutch: leverancier
English: carrier; supplier; vendor; contractor

Dutch: leverancierscontrole
English: vendor inspection

Dutch: leveranciersdienst
English: carrier service

Dutch: leveranciersrisico
English: producer's risk

Dutch: leverantie
English: supply

Dutch: leverdatum
English: sate of delivery; supply date

Dutch: leveren
English: to supply; to deliver

Dutch: leverethiek
English: delivery ethics

Dutch: levering
English: delivery; supply; consignment; item

Dutch: leveringenplanning
English: supply planning

Dutch: leveringsachterstand
English: backlog of orders

Dutch: leveringsbeleid
English: delivery policy

Dutch: leveringsconditie
English: condition of delivery

Dutch: leveringsdatum
English: delivery date

Dutch: leveringsdoorlooptijd
English: delivery lead time

Dutch: leveringsgraad
English: degree of delivery

Dutch: leveringsketenbeheer
English: supply chain management

Dutch: leveringskwaliteit
English: delivery quality

Dutch: leveringsopdracht
English: supply order; supply contract (aanbest.); contract for the supply of

Dutch: leveringsplan
English: delivery plan

Dutch: leveringsprocedure
English: delivery procedure

Dutch: leveringsrooster
English: delivery schedule

Dutch: leveringsschema
English: delivery schedule

Dutch: leveringstoezegging
English: delivery promise

Dutch: lex
English: lex

Dutch: lexicaal
English: lexical

Dutch: lexicografisch
English: lexicographical

Dutch: lezen met uitwissen
English: destructive reading

Dutch: lezen zonder uitwissen
English: non-destructive reading

Dutch: lezer
English: reader

Dutch: lezerskring
English: audience; readership

Dutch: LF
English: low frequency

Dutch: LF-analysator
English: AF analyzer

Dutch: LF-correctienetwerk
English: audio correction network

Dutch: LF-eindtrap
English: AF output stage

Dutch: LF-generator
English: audio generator; audio signal generator

Dutch: LF-getrouwheid
English: LF characteristic; AF response

Dutch: LF-karakteristiek
English: LF characteristic; AF response

Dutch: LF-oscillator
English: AF oscillator

Dutch: LF-signaalgenerator
English: audio signal generator

Dutch: LF-transformator
English: AF transformer

Dutch: LF-trap
English: AF stage

Dutch: LF-uitgangsspanning
English: audio output voltage

Dutch: LF-uitgangsvermogen
English: audio output power

Dutch: LF-versterker
English: AF amplifier; audio amplifier

Dutch: LF-versterkertrap
English: AF amplifier stage; audio amplifier stage

Dutch: LF-versterking
English: AF amplification; AF gain; audio amplification

Dutch: LF-wattmeter
English: AF wattmeter

Dutch: LH-band
English: low-noise high-output band: LH band

Dutch: licentiestandaard
English: licensing standard

Dutch: licht aanzuren
English: to acidulate

Dutch: licht gebied
English: light area

Dutch: licht metalen
English: alloy

Dutch: lichtafschermkap
English: viewing hood

Dutch: lichtbreker
English: light refractor

Dutch: lichtbreking
English: refraction of light

Dutch: lichtbron
English: light source

Dutch: lichtbundel
English: light beam; beam of light

Dutch: lichtclaxon
English: headlamp flash

Dutch: lichtdiode
English: light-emitting diode: LED

Dutch: lichtdoorlaatbaar
English: light-transmitting

Dutch: lichtdoorlaatbaarheid
English: light transmission

Dutch: lichtdoorlatend
English: translucence; translucent

Dutch: lichtdrukafdeling
English: reprographic department; light transmission department

Dutch: lichtdrukcopie
English: photoprint

Dutch: lichtdrukken
English: to photoprint

Dutch: lichtdrukmachine
English: photo-print machine

Dutch: lichte aanslag
English: light touch; slight tarnish

Dutch: lichte braam
English: slight burr

Dutch: lichte industrie
English: light industry; light engineering industry

Dutch: lichte materialen
English: light-weight materials

Dutch: lichte perspassing
English: light interference fit; drive fit

Dutch: lichtecht
English: light fast; fadeless

Dutch: lichtflits
English: flash

Dutch: lichtflux
English: luminous flux

Dutch: lichtgeel
English: light yellow; pale yellow

Dutch: lichtgevende diode
English: light-emitting diode

Dutch: lichtgevende verf
English: luminous paint

Dutch: lichtgevoelig
English: light sensitive; photo-sensitive

Dutch: lichtgevoelige buis
English: light-sensitive tube

Dutch: lichtgevoelige diode
English: light-sensitive diode

Dutch: lichtgevoelige emulsie
English: photo-sensitive emulsion

Dutch: lichtgevoelige kathode
English: light-sensitive cathode

Dutch: lichtgevoelige laag
English: photo-sensitive layer

Dutch: lichtgevoelige stof
English: light-sensitive material

Dutch: lichtgevoeligheid
English: light sensitivity; photosensitivity

Dutch: lichtgewicht
English: lightweight

Dutch: lichtgolf
English: light wave

Dutch: lichtindruk
English: light impression

Dutch: lichtintensiteit
English: light intensity; luminous intensity

Dutch: lichtinval
English: incidence of light

Dutch: lichtjaar
English: light-year

Dutch: lichtkabel
English: light cable

Dutch: lichtmeter
English: light meter, photo-meter

Dutch: licht-microseconde
English: light microsecond

Dutch: lichtmodulatie
English: light modulation

Dutch: lichtmodulator
English: light modulator

Dutch: lichtpijp
English: light pipe

Dutch: lichtpunt
English: point of light; light-point; plug-point; electric point; light spot; redeeming feature; bright spot; luminous spot

Dutch: lichtscherm
English: reflector

Dutch: lichtschrijver
English: light-scriber; light scribing coordinatograph; light-able

Dutch: lichtsensor
English: light sensor

Dutch: lichtsnelheid
English: speed of light

Dutch: lichtspectrum
English: light spectrum

Dutch: lichtstip
English: luminous spot; light spot

Dutch: lichtstipaftaster
English: flying-spot scanner

Dutch: lichtstipaftasting
English: flying-spot scanning

Dutch: lichtstraal
English: light beam; light ray; beam of light

Dutch: lichtstraalaftasting
English: beam scanning

Dutch: lichtstroom
English: luminous flux; mains current; photocurrent

Dutch: lichtstroomverbruik
English: mains current consumption; mains current drain

Dutch: lichtvastheid
English: light fastness

Dutch: lichtversterker
English: light amplifier

Dutch: lichtvlek
English: light spot; luminous spot

Dutch: lichtvlekonderdrukking
English: beam suppression

Dutch: lichtweg
English: optical path; light path

Dutch: licrystal
English: licrystal

Dutch: lidfunctie
English: member function

Dutch: lidmaatschapsfunctie
English: membership function

Dutch: Liebigse koeler
English: Liebig condenser

Dutch: LIFO-geheugen
English: push-down storage

Dutch: lift
English: elevator; lift

Dutch: liggende braam
English: horizontal flash

Dutch: ligging
English: situation; sitting; smoothness

Dutch: ligplaats
English: berth

Dutch: lijm
English: glue; adhesive

Dutch: lijmen
English: to glue; to bond; adhesive bonding

Dutch: lijmmal
English: gluing jig

Dutch: lijmnummer
English: glue number; adhesive number

Dutch: lijmopbrengmachine
English: adhesive applicator

Dutch: lijmopbrengwals
English: adhesive roller coater

Dutch: lijmpeer
English: glue spreader

Dutch: lijmrest
English: glue rest; adhesive rest; adhesive remainder; adhesive trace

Dutch: lijmspuit
English: squirt; glue spray-gun; glue squirt

Dutch: lijmverbinding
English: glued joint; adhesive joint

Dutch: lijmverf
English: non washable water paint; non washable distemper; glue-water colour

Dutch: lijmvoorschrift
English: gluing instructions

Dutch: lijmwater
English: glue water

Dutch: lijmzijde
English: glued side; adhesive side; gummed side

Dutch: lijn
English: circuit; line

Dutch: lijn en staf
English: line and staff

Dutch: lijn vrij signaal
English: clear signal

Dutch: lijnaandrijver
English: line driver

Dutch: lijnachterstoep
English: line back porch

Dutch: lijnafbuigeenheid
English: line deflection unit; horizontal deflection unit

Dutch: lijnafbuigfrequentie
English: horizontal sweep frequency

Dutch: lijnafbuiggenerator
English: line deflection generator; horizontal deflection generator

Dutch: lijnafbuiging
English: line deflection; horizontal deflection; horizontal sweep

Dutch: lijnafbuigoscillator
English: line deflection oscillator; horizontal deflection oscillator

Dutch: lijnafbuigspoel
English: line deflection coil; horizontal deflection coil

Dutch: lijnaftastfout
English: line scanning error

Dutch: lijnaftasting
English: carrier sense; line scanning; horizontal scanning

Dutch: lijnamplitude
English: line amplitude

Dutch: lijnanalyse
English: line analysis

Dutch: lijnapparatuur
English: line equipment

Dutch: lijnautomaat
English: automatic horizontal hold

Dutch: lijnbekrachtiger
English: bus driver; line driver

Dutch: lijnbelasting
English: line load

Dutch: lijnbelastingbesturing
English: line load control

Dutch: lijnbesturing
English: line control

Dutch: lijnbesturingseenheid
English: line control unit: LCU

Dutch: lijnbevriezing
English: line seizure

Dutch: lijnbreedte
English: line width

Dutch: lijncircuit
English: line circuit

Dutch: lijncircuitoverdrager
English: line circuit converter

Dutch: lijncode
English: line code

Dutch: lijnconcentratie
English: hub

Dutch: lijnconvergentie
English: line convergence

Dutch: lijnconverter
English: line converter

Dutch: lijncorrectie
English: line correction

Dutch: lijndeflectie
English: line deflection; horizontal deflection

Dutch: lijndeflectie-eenheid
English: line deflection unit; horizontal deflection unit

Dutch: lijndeflectiespoel
English: line deflection coil; horizontal deflection coil

Dutch: lijnegalisering
English: line smoothing

Dutch: lijneindbuis
English: line output tube; horizontal output tube

Dutch: lijneindtrap
English: line output stage; horizontal output stage

Dutch: lijnenpaar
English: line couple

Dutch: lijnenspectrum
English: line spectrum

Dutch: lijnfilter
English: line filter

Dutch: lijnflikkering
English: interline flicker

Dutch: lijnfrequentie
English: line frequency; horizontal frequency

Dutch: lijnfrequentiedeler
English: line divider

Dutch: lijnfunctionaris
English: line executive; line functionary

Dutch: lijngenerator
English: line generator; horizontal generator

Dutch: lijngroepering
English: line grouping

Dutch: lijnheenslag
English: scan; trace

Dutch: lijnidentificatie
English: line identification

Dutch: lijnimpuls
English: line sync pulse; line pulse; horizontal sync pulse; horizontal pulse

Dutch: lijnimpulsspanning
English: line pulse voltage; horizontal pulse voltage

Dutch: lijninformatie
English: line information

Dutch: lijninterface
English: line interface

Dutch: lijninterval
English: line period; line interval

Dutch: lijnkast
English: high-voltage cage

Dutch: lijnkeuze
English: line choice

Dutch: lijnkiezer
English: key telephone system

Dutch: lijnlineariteit
English: horizontal linearity

Dutch: lijnmateriaalstroom
English: line flow

Dutch: lijnoffset
English: line offset

Dutch: lijnolie
English: linseed oil

Dutch: lijnonderbreking
English: line disconnection

Dutch: lijnonderdrukking
English: line blanking; horizontal blanking

Dutch: lijnonderdrukkingstijd
English: line blanking time; horizontal blanking time

Dutch: lijnopeenvolging
English: line sequence

Dutch: lijnoplossing
English: line obliteration

Dutch: lijnopstelling
English: line layout; product layout

Dutch: lijnoscillator
English: line oscillator; horizontal oscillator

Dutch: lijnoscillatorspoel
English: line oscillator coil; horizontal oscillator coil

Dutch: lijnovereenkomst
English: line balance

Dutch: lijnoverloop
English: line overflow

Dutch: lijnpiep
English: line oscillator frequency noise

Dutch: lijnproductie
English: line production

Dutch: lijnprofielbuis
English: line monitoring tube

Dutch: lijnprotocol
English: line protocol

Dutch: lijnpuls
English: line sync pulse; line pulse; horizontal sync pulse; horizontal pulse

Dutch: lijnraster
English: line-scanning pattern; line-scanning raster

Dutch: lijnrichting
English: line direction

Dutch: lijnschakelaar
English: line switch; line phase switch; subcarrier phase switch

Dutch: lijnschakeling
English: circuit switch

Dutch: lijnscheider
English: line separator

Dutch: lijnsnelheid
English: line speed

Dutch: lijnsoort
English: line style; line type

Dutch: lijnspanning
English: line voltage

Dutch: lijnspanningsval
English: line drop

Dutch: lijnspoel
English: line oscillator coil; horizontal oscillator coil; line deflection coil; horizontal deflection coil

Dutch: lijnstandolie
English: linseed stand oil

Dutch: lijnstroom
English: line current

Dutch: lijnsynchronisatie
English: line synchronization; line sync; horizontal synchronization; horizontal sync

Dutch: lijnterugslag
English: line fly-back; line retrace; horizontal fly-back

Dutch: lijnterugslagimpuls
English: line fly-back pulse; horizontal fly-back pulse

Dutch: lijnterugslagtijd
English: line fly-back time; line fly-back duration; horizontal fly-back time; horizontal fly-back duration

Dutch: lijntijd
English: line duration

Dutch: lijntijdbasis
English: line timebase

Dutch: lijntransformator
English: line transformer

Dutch: lijnuitgang
English: line output; horizontal output

Dutch: lijnuitgangbuis
English: line output tube; horizontal output tube

Dutch: lijnverbinding
English: data circuit

Dutch: lijnverlies
English: line loss

Dutch: lijnverspringing
English: interlaced scanning

Dutch: lijnversterker
English: line amplifier; line extender; line stretcher

Dutch: lijnvoorstoep
English: line front porch

Dutch: lijnwisseling
English: interlacing

Dutch: lijnwisselsysteem
English: interlaced scanning

Dutch: lijst van series
English: bill-of-batches

Dutch: lijsten
English: to list

Dutch: lijstverwerking
English: list processing

Dutch: lijstverwerkingstaal
English: list processing language

Dutch: limiteringsprobleem
English: ramification problem

Dutch: lineair circuit
English: linear circuit

Dutch: lineaire beweging
English: linear motion

Dutch: lineaire code
English: straight-line code

Dutch: lineaire codering
English: straight-line coding

Dutch: lineaire lijst
English: linear list

Dutch: lineaire maat
English: linear dimension

Dutch: lineaire modulatie
English: linear modulation

Dutch: lineaire motor
English: linear motor

Dutch: lineaire ontvanger
English: linear receiver

Dutch: lineaire oscillator
English: linear oscillator

Dutch: lineaire programmering
English: linear programming: LP

Dutch: lineaire recurrentie
English: linear recurrence

Dutch: lineaire schaal
English: linear scale

Dutch: lineaire spoed
English: linear pitch

Dutch: lineaire transformator
English: linear transformer

Dutch: lineaire versneller
English: linear accelerator

Dutch: lineaire versterker
English: linear amplifier

Dutch: linearisatieweerstand
English: linearizing resistance; peaking resistance

Dutch: lineariteit
English: linearity

Dutch: lineariteitsfout
English: linearity error

Dutch: lineariteitsmeter
English: linearity meter

Dutch: lineariteitsregelaar
English: linearity control

Dutch: lineariteitsspoel
English: linearity coil

Dutch: lineariteitstoetsplaat
English: space pattern

Dutch: linguïstiek
English: linguistics

Dutch: linken
English: to link

Dutch: linker
English: linker

Dutch: linkerbenedenhoek
English: left-hand bottom corner

Dutch: linkerspoel
English: left-hand reel: LH reel

Dutch: linkerzijaanzicht
English: left-hand view: LH view; left-hand end view

Dutch: links boven
English: top left

Dutch: links lijnen
English: left justify

Dutch: links onder
English: bottom left

Dutch: linkse draad
English: let-hand screw

Dutch: linkse schroefdraad
English: left-hand screw-thread

Dutch: linkse spoed
English: left-hand lead

Dutch: linkse spoedrichting
English: left-hand lead

Dutch: linkse tandrichting
English: left-hand lead

Dutch: linksgangig
English: left-hand threaded

Dutch: linnen
English: linen

Dutch: lint
English: lint

Dutch: lintkabel
English: flat cable; twin-lead; ribbon cable; moulded par cable

Dutch: lintzaag
English: band-saw

Dutch: lip
English: tag; lip; lug; locking lug

Dutch: lipmicrofoon
English: lip microphone

Dutch: liquide middelen
English: liquid capital

Dutch: Lisp-computer
English: Lisp machine

Dutch: literaal
English: literal

Dutch: literal
English: literal

Dutch: lithiumcel
English: lithium cell

Dutch: lithopoon
English: lithopone

Dutch: litzedraad
English: litzwire; stranded wire

Dutch: L-kern
English: L-core

Dutch: locatiebepalingsvlak
English: cut plane

Dutch: locator
English: locator

Dutch: loep
English: magnifier; magnifying glasses

Dutch: loft
English: loft

Dutch: lofting
English: lofting

Dutch: log
English: journal; log

Dutch: logaritmisch
English: logarithmic

Dutch: logaritmisch papier
English: logarithmic paper; logarithmic graph-paper

Dutch: logaritmisch periodiek
English: log-periodic

Dutch: logaritmische kromme
English: logarithmic curve

Dutch: logaritmische schaal
English: logarithmic scale

Dutch: logboek
English: log

Dutch: logboekeenheid
English: logging device; logger

Dutch: logica
English: logic

Dutch: logica van Lukasiewicz
English: Lukasiewicz logic

Dutch: logicabewerking
English: logic operation; logical operation

Dutch: logicamatrix
English: logic array

Dutch: logica-ontwerp
English: logic design

Dutch: logicaschema
English: logic diagram

Dutch: logicasymbool
English: logic symbol

Dutch: logisch adres
English: logical address

Dutch: logisch bestand
English: logical file

Dutch: logisch circuit
English: logical circuit

Dutch: logisch element
English: logic element; logical element; gate

Dutch: logisch equivalent
English: logical equivalence

Dutch: logisch gegevensmodel
English: logical data model

Dutch: logisch kanaal
English: logical channel

Dutch: logisch niveau
English: logic level

Dutch: logisch ontwerp
English: logical design; logic design

Dutch: logisch primitief
English: logical primitive

Dutch: logisch product
English: logical product

Dutch: logisch record
English: logical record

Dutch: logisch schema
English: logical diagram; logic diagram

Dutch: logisch signaal
English: logical signal

Dutch: logisch station
English: logical station

Dutch: logisch stroomschema
English: logic flowchart

Dutch: logisch symbool
English: logic symbol

Dutch: logisch systeemontwerp
English: logical system design

Dutch: logisch type
English: logical type

Dutch: logische analysator
English: logical analyzer

Dutch: logische bewerking
English: logical operation; logic operator

Dutch: logische bouwstenen
English: logical building blocks

Dutch: logische cel
English: logical cell

Dutch: logische circuits
English: logic circuits

Dutch: logische cohesie
English: logical cohesion

Dutch: logische constante
English: logical constant

Dutch: logische database
English: logical database

Dutch: logische disjunct
English: disjunct

Dutch: logische drempel
English: logical threshold

Dutch: logische één
English: logical one

Dutch: logische eenheid
English: logical unit: LU

Dutch: logische expressie
English: logical expression

Dutch: logische families
English: logical families

Dutch: logische instructie
English: logic instruction

Dutch: logische laag
English: logical layer

Dutch: logische nul
English: logical nul

Dutch: logische opdracht
English: logical instruction

Dutch: logische operatie
English: logic operation

Dutch: logische operator
English: logical instruction; boolean connective; logical operator

Dutch: logische optelling
English: logical add: XOR; logical addition

Dutch: logische primitieven
English: logical primitives

Dutch: logische programmering
English: logic programming

Dutch: logische relatie
English: logical relation

Dutch: logische simulatie
English: logic simulation

Dutch: logische som
English: logical sum; disjunction

Dutch: logische sonde
English: logic probe

Dutch: logische sterkte
English: logic strength

Dutch: logische structuur
English: logical structure

Dutch: logische taal
English: logical language

Dutch: logische toestand
English: logical state

Dutch: logische trace
English: logical trace

Dutch: logische uitdrukking
English: logical expression

Dutch: logische vergelijking
English: logical comparison

Dutch: logische waarde
English: logical value

Dutch: logische waarheid
English: logical truth

Dutch: logistiek
English: logistics

Dutch: logistiek planner
English: logistic planner

Dutch: logistieke documenten
English: logistic documents

Dutch: logistieke eenheid
English: logistic unit

Dutch: logistieke voorraad
English: logistic stock

Dutch: log-periodiek
English: log-periodic

Dutch: logschrijver
English: logger

Dutch: logtijd
English: log time

Dutch: lokaal
English: local

Dutch: lokaal einde
English: local end

Dutch: lokaal geheugen
English: local memory

Dutch: lokaal kanaal
English: local channel

Dutch: lokaal net
English: local network

Dutch: lokaal netwerk
English: local area network: LAN

Dutch: lokaal station
English: local station

Dutch: lokale afbreekfout
English: local truncation error

Dutch: lokale ambiguïteit
English: local ambiguity

Dutch: lokale centrale
English: local exchange

Dutch: lokale combinatie
English: local mount

Dutch: lokale compactheid
English: local compaction

Dutch: lokale gegevens
English: local data

Dutch: lokale lijn
English: local loop

Dutch: lokale oproep
English: local call

Dutch: lokale oscillator
English: local oscillator

Dutch: lokale parameter
English: local parameter

Dutch: lokale transmissie
English: local transmission

Dutch: lokale variabele
English: local variable

Dutch: lokalisatie
English: locating

Dutch: lokaliseren
English: to locate

Dutch: loketstation
English: teller terminal

Dutch: loketwachttijd
English: waiting time at a service channel

Dutch: longitudinale golf
English: longitudinal wave

Dutch: longitudinale jitter
English: longitudinal jitter

Dutch: loodaccu
English: lead accumulator

Dutch: loodchloride
English: lead chloride; chloride of lead

Dutch: loodfluosilicaatbad
English: fluosilicate lead bath; lead fluosilicate solution

Dutch: loodgieter
English: plumber

Dutch: loodgieterswerk
English: plumbing; plumbery

Dutch: loodglas
English: lead-glass; crystal glass

Dutch: loodglit
English: litharge; lead monoxide

Dutch: loodhoudend
English: plumbiferous

Dutch: loodlegeringsanode
English: alloy lead anode

Dutch: loodlijn
English: vertical line; perpendicular line

Dutch: loodmenie
English: red lead

Dutch: loodmenieverf
English: red lead paint

Dutch: loodneerslag
English: deposition of lead; lead deposit

Dutch: loodplaat
English: lead sheet

Dutch: loodrecht op
English: perpendicular to; at right angles to; normal to

Dutch: loodsulfaat
English: lead sulphate

Dutch: loodsulfide
English: lead sulphide

Dutch: lood-tin
English: lead-tin

Dutch: lood-tin versoldeerd
English: solder plated

Dutch: lood-tinanode
English: lead-tin anode

Dutch: loodtitanaat
English: lead titanate

Dutch: loodvrije benzine
English: no-lead gasoline

Dutch: loodzirconiumtitanaat
English: lead-zirconium titanate

Dutch: loodzwavelzuuraccu
English: lead-acid battery

Dutch: loofhout
English: hardwood

Dutch: loogbestendig
English: alkali-proof

Dutch: lookahead
English: look-ahead

Dutch: loon
English: wage; salary; pay

Dutch: loon- en prijspolitiek
English: wages and prices policy

Dutch: loonadministratie
English: wage administration; wages department

Dutch: loonarbeider
English: wage earner; worker; workman; labourer

Dutch: loonberekening
English: wage determination

Dutch: loonderving
English: loss of wages

Dutch: looneisen
English: wage claims; wage demands

Dutch: loongrens
English: wage limit; wage ceiling

Dutch: loonklasse
English: wage class

Dutch: loonlijst
English: payroll; wage sheet

Dutch: loonovereenkomst
English: wage agreement

Dutch: loonpolitiek
English: wage policy

Dutch: loonronde
English: round of wage increases

Dutch: loonschaal
English: wage scale

Dutch: loonstaat
English: payroll

Dutch: loonsverhoging
English: increase of wages; wage increase, wage advance

Dutch: loopafstand
English: walking distance

Dutch: loop-antenne
English: loop aerial

Dutch: loopgroef
English: running groove

Dutch: loopkat
English: crab; travelling crab

Dutch: looptijd
English: transit time; delay; delay time; time delay; lead time; product life cycle

Dutch: looptijddemodulator
English: delay line demodulator

Dutch: looptijdfout
English: phase delay distortion; relative time delay

Dutch: looptijdhoek
English: transit phase angle

Dutch: looptijdverschil
English: difference in delay

Dutch: loopvlak
English: running surface; bearing surface; wearing surface; working surface; tread; pole-face

Dutch: loopwerk
English: running parts; mechanism; tape-deck; tape transport

Dutch: loopwiel
English: pulley

Dutch: loos contact
English: blank contact

Dutch: loos teken
English: null representation

Dutch: loos wiel
English: idler

Dutch: lopen
English: to run; to flow; to roll; to be out of synchronization

Dutch: lopen door
English: to pass through

Dutch: lopen tussen
English: to pass between

Dutch: lopend aantal
English: run quantity

Dutch: lopende band
English: belt; assembly line; conveyor

Dutch: lopende golf
English: progressive wave

Dutch: lopende kosten
English: running expenses; current expenses

Dutch: lopende order
English: released order; open order

Dutch: lopende passing
English: running fit

Dutch: lopende storing
English: continuous interferences

Dutch: lopende-golfbuis
English: travelling-wave tube

Dutch: lopende-golfversterker
English: travelling-wave amplifier

Dutch: loper
English: wiper; slider; slide cursor

Dutch: Lorentzkracht
English: Lorentz force

Dutch: los
English: loose; detachable; removable; replaceable; accessory

Dutch: los bijgeleverd
English: supplied separately

Dutch: los bijleveren
English: to supply separately

Dutch: losbladig
English: loose-leaf system

Dutch: losdraaien
English: to loosen; to slacken; to unscrew; to undo

Dutch: losgedraaid
English: loosened; slackened; unscrewed; detached

Dutch: losgemaakt
English: detached

Dutch: losgesoldeerd
English: unsoldered; desoldered

Dutch: losgestort
English: in bulk

Dutch: loskoppelen
English: to disconnect; to disengage; to unclutch

Dutch: loslaten
English: to release; to come off; to come loose; to detach; to lift; to peel off; to chip off

Dutch: losmaken
English: to disconnect; to detach; to loosen; to undo; to disengage

Dutch: losmiddel
English: release agent; mould release agent

Dutch: losplaats
English: unloading location; unloading area; unloading bay

Dutch: losse kop
English: tailstock

Dutch: losse koppeling
English: loose coupling

Dutch: losse passing
English: clearance fit

Dutch: losse vlam
English: soft flame; loose flame

Dutch: losse wisselkop
English: tailstock

Dutch: losse-kopcenter
English: tailstock centre

Dutch: losse-kopspil
English: tailstock spindle

Dutch: lossen
English: to come off; to lift

Dutch: lossend
English: tapering; tapered; with draft

Dutch: lossing
English: taper; draft

Dutch: lossingshoek
English: draft angle

Dutch: lossingsmiddel
English: drafting agent; release agent

Dutch: lossingsschuinte
English: draft

Dutch: lossnijstempel
English: lancing tool

Dutch: lossolderen
English: to unsolder; to desolder

Dutch: losvast
English: finger tight

Dutch: losvaste passing
English: transition fit

Dutch: loterijsteekproef
English: lottery sample

Dutch: loupe
English: magnifying glass; magnifier

Dutch: loze groep
English: dummy group

Dutch: loze instructie
English: no-operation instruction

Dutch: loze lip
English: blank contact lug

Dutch: loze opdracht
English: dummy instruction; dummy statement

Dutch: LP-filter
English: low-pass filter

Dutch: lubben
English: to ruffle

Dutch: lucht
English: air; odour

Dutch: luchtaansluiting
English: compressed-air connection

Dutch: luchtaanvoer
English: air supply

Dutch: luchtafvoer
English: exhaust

Dutch: luchtafzuiging
English: exhaust

Dutch: luchtautomaat
English: pneumatic screwdriver

Dutch: luchtbehandeling
English: air-conditioning; air-treatment; climatisation

Dutch: luchtbehandelingskast
English: air handling unit

Dutch: luchtbevochtiger
English: air humidifier

Dutch: luchtborreling
English: air motion

Dutch: luchtcondensator
English: air-gap capacitor

Dutch: luchtdicht
English: airtight; hermetic

Dutch: luchtdrogend
English: air-drying

Dutch: luchtdroog
English: air dry

Dutch: luchtdrukmeter
English: air-pressure gauge

Dutch: luchtfilter
English: air filter; air cleaner

Dutch: luchtfilterelement
English: air-filter element

Dutch: luchtgat
English: vent; air hole

Dutch: luchthamer
English: pneumatic hammer; air hammer

Dutch: luchthardend
English: air-hardening

Dutch: luchtinsluiting
English: inclusion of air

Dutch: luchtinspuiting
English: air injection

Dutch: luchtisolatie
English: air insulation

Dutch: luchtkamer
English: air chamber

Dutch: luchtkanaal
English: air duct

Dutch: luchtkern
English: air core

Dutch: luchtkussen
English: air cushion

Dutch: luchtlaag
English: layer of air; air cushion

Dutch: luchtledig
English: vacuum; airvoid

Dutch: luchtledig gemaakt
English: evacuated

Dutch: luchtledig maken
English: to evacuate

Dutch: luchtleiding
English: air pipe; airline; air mains

Dutch: luchtopbrengst
English: air output

Dutch: luchtopening
English: air outlet; air vent

Dutch: luchtopname
English: intake of air; absorption of air; aerial photograph; aerial picture

Dutch: luchtpers
English: pneumatic press; air press

Dutch: luchtpistool
English: air gun

Dutch: luchtroering
English: air stirring; air agitation

Dutch: luchtschema
English: pneumatic diagram

Dutch: luchtschroevendraaier
English: pneumatic screwdriver; air screwdriver

Dutch: luchtspleetopvulling
English: air-gap filling

Dutch: luchtspoel
English: air-cored coil; air-spaced coil; coreless coil

Dutch: luchtstofkrijt
English: levigated chalk

Dutch: luchtstroomregelaar
English: air-stream control

Dutch: luchtsurveillance
English: air surveillance

Dutch: luchttemperatuur
English: air temperature; atmospheric temperature

Dutch: luchttoevoer
English: air supply

Dutch: luchttrimmer
English: air-gap trimmer; air-dielectric trimmer

Dutch: luchtuitlaat
English: air outlet; air escape

Dutch: luchtvaartcommunicatie
English: airways/air communications

Dutch: luchtverdeelsysteem
English: air supply system

Dutch: luchtverdeler
English: air spreader

Dutch: luchtvering
English: air suspension

Dutch: luchtverplaatsing
English: air displacement; air flow

Dutch: luchtverspreider
English: air spreader

Dutch: luchtverwarming
English: air heating

Dutch: luchtverzadiging
English: saturation of air

Dutch: luchtvochtigheid
English: atmospheric humidity; humidity; air humidity

Dutch: luchtweerstand
English: air resistance

Dutch: luchtweg
English: air gap; clearance

Dutch: luchtzak
English: air lock

Dutch: luidspreker
English: loudspeaker; speaker

Dutch: luidsprekeraansluiting
English: loudspeaker connection

Dutch: luidsprekerbox
English: loudspeaker box; speaker box

Dutch: luidsprekerbus
English: loudspeaker socket

Dutch: luidsprekercombinatie
English: composite loudspeaker; multichannel loudspeaker

Dutch: luidsprekercondensator
English: loudspeaker capacitor

Dutch: luidsprekerconus
English: loudspeaker cone; loudspeaker diaphragm

Dutch: luidsprekerdoek
English: loudspeaker cloth

Dutch: luidsprekergat
English: loudspeaker aperture; baffle hole

Dutch: luidsprekerhoorn
English: acoustic horn

Dutch: luidsprekerimpedantie
English: loudspeaker impedance

Dutch: luidsprekerkast
English: loudspeaker housing; enclosure

Dutch: luidsprekerkolom
English: loudspeaker column

Dutch: luidsprekermagneet
English: loudspeaker magnet

Dutch: luidsprekeropening
English: loudspeaker aperture; baffle aperture

Dutch: luidsprekerplaat
English: baffle

Dutch: luidsprekerplank
English: baffle

Dutch: luidsprekerrendement
English: loudspeaker efficiency

Dutch: luidsprekerrooster
English: loudspeaker grille

Dutch: luidsprekersleuven
English: slotted holes for loudspeaker; slots for loudspeaker

Dutch: luidsprekerspoel
English: loudspeaker coil; voice coil; speech coil; moving coil

Dutch: luidsprekersysteem
English: speaker system

Dutch: luidsprekerzuil
English: sound column

Dutch: luistergewoonten
English: listening habits

Dutch: luisterproef
English: sound test; listening test

Dutch: luisterspoel
English: listening coil

Dutch: luisterwacht
English: listening watch

Dutch: luminantie
English: luminance; brightness

Dutch: luminantieas
English: luminance axis

Dutch: luminantieband
English: luminance band

Dutch: luminantiecoëfficiënt
English: luminance coefficient

Dutch: luminantiedetector
English: luminance detector

Dutch: luminantie-eenheid
English: luminance unit

Dutch: luminantiefactor
English: luminance factor

Dutch: luminantieflikkering
English: luminance flicker

Dutch: luminantiegedeelte
English: luminance part; luminance block

Dutch: luminantie-informatie
English: luminance information

Dutch: luminantiekanaal
English: luminance channel

Dutch: luminantiekromme
English: luminance curve

Dutch: luminantieniveau
English: luminance level

Dutch: luminantieregelaar
English: luminance control

Dutch: luminantiesignaal
English: luminance signal; Y-signal; monochrome signal

Dutch: luminantiewaarde
English: brightness value; density value

Dutch: luminescentie
English: luminescence

Dutch: lumistor
English: lumistor

Dutch: lus
English: lobe; loop

Dutch: lusassertie
English: loop assertion

Dutch: lusbesturing
English: loop control

Dutch: lusbesturingsopdracht
English: logic control statement

Dutch: lusbesturingsvariabele
English: logic control variable; loop-control variable

Dutch: lus-body
English: loop body

Dutch: lusconstructie
English: loop construct

Dutch: lusgestuurd
English: loop-controlled

Dutch: lusinvariant
English: loop invariant

Dutch: lussen
English: looping

Dutch: lussignalering
English: loop signalling

Dutch: lustest
English: loop test

Dutch: lusversterking
English: loop gain

Dutch: lusvorming
English: looping

Dutch: luswikkeling
English: lap winding

Dutch: luxe doos
English: fancy box; deluxe box; gift box

Dutch: luxe glans
English: bright de luxe

Dutch: luxe glanzend
English: bright de luxe

Dutch: luxe mat
English: matt de luxe

Dutch: Lyapunov analyse
English: Lyapunov analysis

Dutch: maagdelijke band
English: virgin tape

Dutch: maagdelijke ruis
English: virgin noise

Dutch: maakbaarheid
English: manufacturability; feasibility

Dutch: maakcontact
English: make contact

Dutch: maakopdracht
English: shop order; manufacturing order

Dutch: maak-op-order
English: make to order

Dutch: maakstand
English: make position; operate position; pickup position

Dutch: maaktijd
English: make time; operate time; pickup time; pull- in time

Dutch: maak-voor-voorraad
English: make to stock

Dutch: maalgraad
English: freeness; fineness

Dutch: maalgraadmeter
English: freeness gauge; fineness gauge

Dutch: maalrol
English: grinding roll

Dutch: maandplan
English: month plan

Dutch: maandverdeling
English: breakdown per month; monthly breakdown

Dutch: maas
English: mesh

Dutch: maasgenerator
English: mesh generator

Dutch: maat
English: dimension; size; measurement; gauge; measure; time; tempo; mate; metrics

Dutch: maataanduiding
English: size indication

Dutch: maatafwijking
English: deviation

Dutch: maatbeker
English: graduated beaker

Dutch: maatbestendig
English: dimensionally stable; size-holding

Dutch: maatchip
English: custom-designed chip

Dutch: maatcilinder
English: graduated cylinder; measuring glass

Dutch: maateenheid
English: unit of measurement

Dutch: maatglas
English: graduated cylinder; measuring glass

Dutch: maathoudend
English: dimensionally stable; size-holding

Dutch: maatinschrijving
English: dimensioning

Dutch: maatkolf
English: volumetric flask; graduated flask; measuring flask

Dutch: maatlat
English: measuring rod

Dutch: maatlijn
English: dimension line

Dutch: maatopgave
English: indication of dimensions

Dutch: maatpen
English: plug gauge

Dutch: maatpipet
English: graduated pipette

Dutch: maatregel
English: measure; action; corrective stop

Dutch: maatschappelijk werk
English: social work; welfare work

Dutch: maatschappelijke eisen
English: social requirements

Dutch: maatschappij
English: company; society

Dutch: maatschets
English: dimensioned sketch; dimensional sketch; dimensions sketch

Dutch: maatstaf
English: yardstick; criterion; measure; standard

Dutch: maattolerantie
English: dimensional tolerance

Dutch: maatvast
English: dimensionally stable; size-holding

Dutch: maatverandering
English: dimensional change

Dutch: maatverschil
English: dimensional difference

Dutch: machinaal
English: mechanical; powered

Dutch: machinaal ontvetten
English: mechanical degreasing

Dutch: machinaal slijpen
English: mechanical grinding

Dutch: machinaal solderen
English: mechanical soldering

Dutch: machinale verwerking
English: machine-processing; mechanized processing

Dutch: machine
English: machine; engine; craft

Dutch: machine-afhankelijk
English: machine dependent

Dutch: machine-afstelling
English: machine setting

Dutch: machinebankwerk
English: bench work

Dutch: machinebankwerker
English: machinist; machine operator; engineer fitter

Dutch: machinebediende
English: machine operator

Dutch: machinebediener
English: machine operator

Dutch: machinebediening
English: machine operation

Dutch: machinebelading
English: machine loading

Dutch: machinebeschrijving
English: machine description

Dutch: machinebewerking
English: machining operation; machine operation; computer operation; function

Dutch: machinebezetting
English: machine load; machine loading

Dutch: machinecode
English: machine code

Dutch: machinedeel
English: machine part

Dutch: machinedefect
English: machine breakdown

Dutch: machine-element
English: machine element

Dutch: machinefabriek
English: machine shop; engineering works

Dutch: machinegang
English: machining operation; machine run; pass; run

Dutch: machinegerichte taal
English: computer-oriented language; computer-dependent language; machine-oriented language

Dutch: machinegroep
English: machine group

Dutch: machinehal
English: machine hall; machine shop

Dutch: machine-instructie
English: machine instruction

Dutch: machine-intensief
English: capital intensive

Dutch: machinekamer
English: engine room

Dutch: machinekegel
English: morse taper

Dutch: machineklem
English: machine vice

Dutch: machineleesbaar
English: machine readable

Dutch: machinelogica
English: machine logic

Dutch: machine-olie
English: machine oil; engine oil

Dutch: machine-oorsprong
English: machine zero; system basic origin

Dutch: machine-opdracht
English: computer instruction; machine instruction

Dutch: machine-opdrachtencode
English: computer instruction code; machine language

Dutch: machineprogramma
English: machine program

Dutch: machinereferentiepunt
English: machine reference point

Dutch: machinerichting
English: machine direction

Dutch: machineschaaleenheid
English: machine unit

Dutch: machineslag
English: machine cycle

Dutch: machinestaal
English: machine carbon steel

Dutch: machinesteller
English: machine setter

Dutch: machinestoring
English: machine breakdown

Dutch: machinetaal
English: machine language; computer language; machine code

Dutch: machinetafel
English: machine table; platen

Dutch: machinetijd
English: machine time; computer time

Dutch: machine-uur
English: machine hour

Dutch: machinewerkplaats
English: job shop

Dutch: machinewoord
English: machine word

Dutch: machtpunt
English: fulcrum

Dutch: macro
English: macro; macro-instructions

Dutch: macro-assembleertaal
English: macro assembly language

Dutch: macrobibliotheek
English: macro library

Dutch: macrodefinitie
English: macro declaration

Dutch: macro-expansie
English: macro expansion

Dutch: macrofoto
English: macrophotograph; photomacrograph

Dutch: macrofotografie
English: macrophotography; photomacrography

Dutch: macrofunctie
English: macro function

Dutch: macrogenerator
English: macro generating program; macro generator

Dutch: macrohardheid
English: macro-hardness; macrohardness

Dutch: macro-instructie
English: macro instruction

Dutch: macromoleculair
English: macro-molecular

Dutch: macro-opdracht
English: macro instruction; macro statement

Dutch: macro-oproep
English: macro call

Dutch: macroprocessor
English: macro processor

Dutch: macroprogrammering
English: macro programming

Dutch: macropunt
English: N-point

Dutch: macrostructuur
English: macro structure

Dutch: macrosubstitutie
English: macro substitution

Dutch: macrotaal
English: macro language

Dutch: madeschroef
English: grub screw

Dutch: magazijnartikel
English: stock item; article in stock

Dutch: magazijnbeheer
English: materials distribution management; physical distribution management: PDM

Dutch: magazijnbon
English: stores requisition

Dutch: magazijnkosten
English: materials distribution cost; physical distribution cost; storage cost

Dutch: magazijnontvangst
English: receipt stockroom

Dutch: magazijntypes
English: stock types

Dutch: magazijnvoorraad
English: physical inventory; store stock

Dutch: magazijnwerkzaamheden
English: warehousing

Dutch: magenta
English: magenta; bluishred; minusgreen

Dutch: magneetbandcartridge
English: tape cartridge

Dutch: magneetbandcassette
English: tape cassette

Dutch: magneetbandeenheid
English: magnetic tape unit; tape deck; tape drive

Dutch: magneetbandgeheugen
English: magnetic tape store; magnetic tape storage

Dutch: magneetbandlezer
English: magnetic tape reader

Dutch: magneetbandorgaan
English: magnetic tape unit; tape deck

Dutch: magneetbellengeheugen
English: bubble memory; magnetic bubble memory

Dutch: magneetblok
English: block magnet

Dutch: magneetdraad
English: magnetic wire

Dutch: magneetdraadgeheugen
English: magnetic wire store

Dutch: magneetfilm
English: magnetic film

Dutch: magneetfilmgeheugen
English: magnetic film store

Dutch: magneethouder
English: magnetic bracket; magnet carrier; magnet holder

Dutch: magneetinkt
English: magnetic ink

Dutch: magneetkaartgeheugen
English: magnetic card store; magnetic card storage

Dutch: magneetkern
English: magnetic core; core

Dutch: magneetkerngeheugen
English: magnetic core store; magnetic core storage; magnetic core

Dutch: magneetkop
English: magnetic head; head

Dutch: magneetring
English: ring magnet

Dutch: magneetschijf
English: magnetic disc

Dutch: magneetschriftlezen
English: magnetic character recognition; magnetic ink character recognition: MICR

Dutch: magneetschriftlezer
English: magnetic character reader

Dutch: magneetspoor
English: magnetic track

Dutch: magneetstaaf
English: magnetic bar

Dutch: magneetstrip
English: magnetic stripe

Dutch: magneetstripgeheugen
English: data cell storage

Dutch: magneetsysteem
English: magnet system

Dutch: magneettrommel
English: magnetic drum

Dutch: magneettrommelgeheugen
English: magnetic drum store; magnetic drum; drum; magnetic drum file memory

Dutch: magnegrafoon
English: magnetic recorder

Dutch: magnegramdrager
English: magnetic tape

Dutch: magnetisatie
English: magnetization

Dutch: magnetisatiekromme
English: magnetization curve

Dutch: magnetisch beeld
English: magnetic picture

Dutch: magnetisch circuit
English: magnetic circuit

Dutch: magnetisch geheugen
English: magnetic memory

Dutch: magnetisch geluid
English: magnetic sound

Dutch: magnetisch materiaal
English: magnetic material

Dutch: magnetisch moment
English: magnetic moment

Dutch: magnetisch spoor
English: magnetic track

Dutch: magnetisch strooiveld
English: stray magnetic field

Dutch: magnetisch veld
English: magnetic field

Dutch: magnetisch wisselveld
English: alternating magnetic field

Dutch: magnetische afbuiging
English: magnetic deflection

Dutch: magnetische band
English: magnetic tape

Dutch: magnetische bias
English: magnetic bias

Dutch: magnetische brug
English: magnetic bridge

Dutch: magnetische cel
English: magnetic cell

Dutch: magnetische constante
English: magnetic constant

Dutch: magnetische cyclus
English: magnetic cycle

Dutch: magnetische dichtheid
English: magnetic density

Dutch: magnetische dikke film
English: magnetic thick film

Dutch: magnetische dipool
English: magnetic dipole

Dutch: magnetische draad
English: magnetic wire

Dutch: magnetische dunne film
English: magnetic thin film

Dutch: magnetische film
English: magnetic film

Dutch: magnetische flip-flop
English: magnetic flip-flop

Dutch: magnetische flux
English: magnetic flux

Dutch: magnetische inductie
English: magnetic induction

Dutch: magnetische inkt
English: magnetic ink

Dutch: magnetische kaart
English: magnetic card

Dutch: magnetische kern
English: magnetic core; core

Dutch: magnetische kop
English: magnetic head

Dutch: magnetische kracht
English: magnetic force

Dutch: magnetische kring
English: magnetic circuit

Dutch: magnetische laag
English: magnetic coat

Dutch: magnetische last
English: magnetic load

Dutch: magnetische modulator
English: magnetic modulator

Dutch: magnetische omvormer
English: magnetic transducer

Dutch: magnetische opslag
English: magnetic storage

Dutch: magnetische polen
English: magnetic poles

Dutch: magnetische rem
English: magnetic brake

Dutch: magnetische schakelaar
English: magnetic switch

Dutch: magnetische schijf
English: magnetic disc

Dutch: magnetische sonde
English: magnetic probe

Dutch: magnetische spleet
English: magnetic gap

Dutch: magnetische spoel
English: magnetic coil

Dutch: magnetische stof
English: magnetic material

Dutch: magnetische straling
English: magnetic radiation

Dutch: magnetische strip
English: magnetic stripe

Dutch: magnetische tape
English: magnetic tape

Dutch: magnetische trommel
English: magnetic drum

Dutch: magnetische versterker
English: magnetic amplifier

Dutch: magnetische weerstand
English: magnetic resistance; reluctivity; magnetoresistor

Dutch: magnetiseerapparaat
English: magnetizing apparatus

Dutch: magnetiseren
English: to magnetize

Dutch: magnetiserende kracht
English: magnetizing force

Dutch: magnetiserende stroom
English: magnetizing current

Dutch: magnetisering
English: magnetization

Dutch: magnetodynamisch
English: magnetoelectric

Dutch: magneto-elektronica
English: magnetics

Dutch: magnetofoon
English: tape recorder

Dutch: magnetostrictie
English: magnetostriction

Dutch: magnitude
English: magnitude

Dutch: Maillechort-draad
English: argentan

Dutch: mainframe
English: mainframe

Dutch: majoreereffect
English: effect of majorating

Dutch: majoreren
English: to majorate

Dutch: majoriteitsdrager
English: majority carrier

Dutch: maken of kopen
English: make or buy

Dutch: maken-op-order
English: make to order

Dutch: maken-voor-voorraad
English: make to stock

Dutch: makore
English: macore; makoré

Dutch: mal; mallen
English: die; jig; fixture; template; master; gauge; mould; moulds

Dutch: malcode
English: template code

Dutch: maleïnaathars
English: maleic resin

Dutch: malen
English: to grind

Dutch: Maltezer kruis
English: Maltese cross

Dutch: managementactiviteiten
English: management processes

Dutch: managementfunctie
English: management function

Dutch: managementfuncties
English: management functions

Dutch: manbezetting
English: manpower loading; manpower utilization

Dutch: manchet
English: sealing

Dutch: mancovoorraad
English: shortage

Dutch: mandfles
English: wicker bottle; carboy

Dutch: mangaankoperband
English: manganese copper strip

Dutch: mangaannikkel
English: manganese nickel

Dutch: mangaanstaal
English: manganese steel

Dutch: manipulator
English: manipulator

Dutch: manjaren
English: man years

Dutch: manmaand
English: man month

Dutch: mannetjesstekker
English: male plug

Dutch: manniet
English: mannite; mannitol

Dutch: manometer
English: manometer; pressure gauge

Dutch: mantel
English: casing; housing; sheath; shell; jacket

Dutch: mantel voor glasvezel
English: cladding

Dutch: manteldraad
English: clad wire

Dutch: mantelfrees
English: plain milling cutter; slab mill

Dutch: mantelgekoeld
English: jacketed

Dutch: mantelkopfrees
English: shell end mill; side and face cutter

Dutch: mantijd
English: mantime

Dutch: mantisse
English: mantissa; fixed point part

Dutch: manuaal
English: manual

Dutch: manueel
English: manual

Dutch: manuur
English: man hour

Dutch: map
English: file

Dutch: mappenrek
English: file rack

Dutch: Marconi-antenne
English: Marconi antenna; Marconi aerial

Dutch: marge
English: margin; guide margin

Dutch: marginaal
English: marginal

Dutch: marginale beproeving
English: marginal testing; bias testing

Dutch: marginale kosten
English: marginal costs

Dutch: markering
English: mark; marker

Dutch: markeringssignaal
English: marker signal

Dutch: markeringsteken
English: marker

Dutch: marketing planning
English: marketing planning

Dutch: marketing-mix
English: marketing mix

Dutch: marktaandeel
English: market share; market coverage

Dutch: marktgebied
English: market area

Dutch: marktgroei
English: market growth

Dutch: marktonderzoek
English: market research; market investigation

Dutch: marktonderzoeker
English: market researcher; market investigator

Dutch: marktontwikkeling
English: market development; market trend

Dutch: marktsituatie
English: market situation

Dutch: marktvoorspelling
English: market forecast

Dutch: marktvraag
English: market demand

Dutch: marktwaarde
English: market value

Dutch: markup
English: markup

Dutch: marmerkalkspaat
English: marble calcide

Dutch: maser
English: maser

Dutch: masker
English: mask; face mask

Dutch: maskerbeeldbuis
English: shadowmask tube

Dutch: maskerhouder
English: mask holder

Dutch: maskering
English: masking

Dutch: maskermicrofoon
English: mask microphone

Dutch: maskerontwerp
English: artwork; mask design

Dutch: maskeropening
English: aperture

Dutch: maskerrand
English: mask edge

Dutch: massa
English: mass; earth; ground; chassis

Dutch: massa-aansluitpunt
English: earthing point

Dutch: massaal
English: massive

Dutch: massacommunicatie
English: mass communication

Dutch: massadeeltje
English: mass particle; mass element

Dutch: massafabricage
English: mass production

Dutch: massageheugen
English: large-capacity storage; mass storage; file store; bulk storage

Dutch: massagoedlading
English: bulk cargo

Dutch: massakerngeheugen
English: bulk core storage

Dutch: massaproduct
English: mass product

Dutch: massapunt
English: mass point

Dutch: massareactie
English: mass reaction

Dutch: massatraagheidsmoment
English: mass moment of inertia

Dutch: massa-uitgifte
English: bulk issue

Dutch: massaweerstand
English: mass resistivity

Dutch: massawerk
English: production work

Dutch: massawerking
English: mass effect

Dutch: massazwaartepunt
English: mass centre; centre of gravity

Dutch: massief
English: solid

Dutch: massief circuit
English: solid circuit

Dutch: mast
English: mast

Dutch: mastbevestiging
English: mast mounting

Dutch: master
English: master

Dutch: masterdiskette
English: master diskette

Dutch: mastisolator
English: mast insulator

Dutch: mastklem
English: mast clamp

Dutch: mastkoppelfilter
English: mast antenna-coupler; mast antenna- signal splitter; mast aerial-coupler; mast aerial signal- splitter

Dutch: mastmontage
English: mast mounting

Dutch: mat
English: mat; matt; matte; flat; dull; frosted

Dutch: matbeitsbad
English: ground mat dip; dead dip; mat finish; dull finish

Dutch: matbeitsen
English: mat dipping; dead dipping

Dutch: matblank
English: uncoloured matt

Dutch: mate
English: degree

Dutch: maten uitzetten
English: to plot measurements

Dutch: materiaal
English: material; stock

Dutch: materiaalaanslag
English: stock stop

Dutch: materiaalaanvoer
English: materials supply; feed; stock feed; material feed; supply of material(s)

Dutch: materiaalaanvraag
English: material requisition

Dutch: materiaalafgifte
English: material issue

Dutch: materiaalafname
English: material removal; material delivery; material issue

Dutch: materiaalbak
English: bin; tray; tote box

Dutch: materiaalbehandeling
English: materials handling

Dutch: materiaalbeheer
English: material management: MM; materials control

Dutch: materiaalbeheerder
English: material manager

Dutch: materiaalbehoefte
English: material requirement

Dutch: materiaalbesparing
English: material economy; saving in material; material saving

Dutch: materiaalbestand
English: materials file

Dutch: materiaalbesturing
English: material control

Dutch: materiaalbon
English: materials requisition note

Dutch: materiaalbreedte
English: width of stock

Dutch: materiaalcode
English: materials code

Dutch: materiaaldeeltje
English: material particle

Dutch: materiaaldikte
English: material thickness; stock thickness

Dutch: materiaaleigenschap
English: material property

Dutch: materiaaleis
English: material requirement

Dutch: materiaalfout
English: material defect

Dutch: materiaalgebruik
English: material usage; use of materials

Dutch: materiaalgeleiding
English: stock guide

Dutch: materiaalhardheid
English: material hardness

Dutch: materiaalinkoop
English: materials purchase; materials procurement

Dutch: materiaalinkoopbon
English: materials purchase requisition note

Dutch: materiaalkeuring
English: material inspection

Dutch: materiaalkeuze
English: material selection; choice of materials

Dutch: materiaalkosten
English: material cost

Dutch: materiaallijst; BOM
English: bill of materials; BOM

Dutch: materiaalmutatie
English: material mutation

Dutch: materiaalopbrengst
English: material yield

Dutch: materiaalophoping
English: material accumulation

Dutch: materiaalopnamen
English: withdrawals

Dutch: materiaalopschuiving
English: stock advance

Dutch: materiaalopslag
English: material storage

Dutch: materiaalopstand
English: material rack

Dutch: materiaalovermaat
English: surplus material

Dutch: materiaalplanner
English: material planner

Dutch: materiaalplanning
English: material planning

Dutch: materiaalprijs
English: material price; material cost

Dutch: materiaalproducent
English: basic producer

Dutch: materiaalsoort
English: kind of material; type of material; material type

Dutch: materiaalspanning
English: material stress

Dutch: materiaalspecificatie
English: material specification

Dutch: materiaalsterkte
English: material strength

Dutch: materiaalstrook
English: stock strip

Dutch: materiaalstroom
English: flow of materials; material flow

Dutch: materiaalstroomsysteem
English: material flow system

Dutch: materiaaltoegift
English: material allowance; surplus stock

Dutch: materiaaltoevoer
English: materials supply; feed; stock feed

Dutch: materiaaluitgifte
English: material issue

Dutch: materiaalverbruik
English: material consumption

Dutch: materiaalvermoeidheid
English: material fatigue

Dutch: materiaalverspilling
English: material wastage

Dutch: materiaalverwerving
English: material procurement

Dutch: materiaalvoeding
English: stock feed

Dutch: materiaalvoorraad
English: material stock

Dutch: materiaalvorm
English: material form

Dutch: materials management
English: materials management

Dutch: materials manager
English: materials manager

Dutch: materie
English: matter

Dutch: materiedeeltje
English: particle of matter

Dutch: materieel
English: plant; material

Dutch: materiële schade
English: material damage; loss of property

Dutch: matglas
English: frosted glass; ground glass; focusing screen; ground glass

Dutch: matheid
English: mattness

Dutch: mathematiek
English: mathematics

Dutch: mathematisch model
English: mathematical model

Dutch: matig glanzend
English: semi-glossy

Dutch: matricator
English: matrix unit

Dutch: matriceren
English: to matrix

Dutch: matricering
English: matrixing

Dutch: matrijs
English: mould; mold; die; die set

Dutch: matrijsafmeting
English: die size

Dutch: matrijsbouwer
English: mould designer

Dutch: matrijsconstructie
English: mould design; mould construction; die design

Dutch: matrijscorrectie
English: mould correction

Dutch: matrijsdeel
English: mould part; mould section

Dutch: matrijsdeelnaad
English: mould parting line

Dutch: matrijsdoorn
English: head mandrel

Dutch: matrijshelft
English: mould half

Dutch: matrijsholte
English: mould cavity; mould impression; die cavity

Dutch: matrijshouder
English: die adaptor

Dutch: matrijsinzetstuk
English: mould insert

Dutch: matrijskern
English: mould core

Dutch: matrijsklem
English: head clamp

Dutch: matrijslippen
English: die lips

Dutch: matrijsmontageplaat
English: mould mounting plate

Dutch: matrijsontwerp
English: mould design; mould construction

Dutch: matrijs-open tijd
English: mould opening time

Dutch: matrijsopening
English: mould opening; daylight

Dutch: matrijsopeningshoogte
English: maximum clearance of mould

Dutch: matrijsopspanplaat
English: die plate; die platen

Dutch: matrijsplaat
English: mould platen

Dutch: matrijsslede
English: mould slide

Dutch: matrijssluiteenheid
English: mould closing unit

Dutch: matrijssluiting
English: mould closure

Dutch: matrijssluitkracht
English: mould clamping force; clamping pressure

Dutch: matrijssluittijd
English: mould closing time

Dutch: matrijssmeden
English: die forging

Dutch: matrijstekening
English: mould drawing

Dutch: matrijstorpedo
English: die torpedo

Dutch: matrijsvergrendeling
English: mould clamp

Dutch: matrijsvulling
English: shot

Dutch: matrix
English: array; matrix

Dutch: matrixeenheid
English: array device

Dutch: matrixering
English: matrixing

Dutch: matrixgeheugen
English: matrix store; coordinate store

Dutch: matrixschakeling
English: matrix circuit

Dutch: matrixstuklijst
English: matrix bill-of-material

Dutch: matrixtrap
English: matrix stage

Dutch: matrixversterkerbuis
English: matrix amplifier tube

Dutch: matteerpap
English: flatting paste

Dutch: matteren
English: to flatten; to frost; to grind

Dutch: matteringsmiddel
English: flatting agent; gloss-reducing agent; matting agent

Dutch: matvernikkelen
English: dull nickel plating

Dutch: matverschromen
English: dull chromium plating

Dutch: matverzilveren
English: dull silver plating

Dutch: matverzinken
English: dull zinc plating

Dutch: maxima
English: maxima

Dutch: maxima en minima
English: maxima and minima

Dutch: maximaal
English: maximum; maximal: max

Dutch: maximaal signaalniveau
English: maximum signal level

Dutch: maximaal tilt
English: full tilt

Dutch: maximaal vermogen
English: maximum power

Dutch: maximaal wit
English: white peak; peak white

Dutch: maximaal zwart
English: black peak; peak black

Dutch: maximale frequentie
English: full-scale frequency

Dutch: maximale ruimte
English: maximum space

Dutch: maximale spanning
English: maximum voltage

Dutch: maximale stroom
English: full-scale current; maximum current

Dutch: maximale uitbuiging
English: maximum deflection

Dutch: maximale uitrekking
English: maximum elongation

Dutch: maximale waarde
English: maximum value; maximal value

Dutch: maximale wringing
English: maximum torque

Dutch: maximaliseren
English: to maximize

Dutch: maximum beveiliging
English: overload protection; overload release

Dutch: maximum contrast
English: maximum contrast

Dutch: maximum schakelaar
English: overload protection; overload release

Dutch: maximum wit
English: white peak; peak white

Dutch: maximum zwart
English: black peak; peak black

Dutch: maximumvoorraad
English: maximum inventory; maximum stock; permissible stock

Dutch: Maxwell-brug
English: maxwell bridge

Dutch: Maxwelldriehoek
English: Maxwell triangle

Dutch: McCulloch-Pitts neuron
English: McCulloch-Pitts neuron

Dutch: mechanica
English: mechanics

Dutch: mechaniek
English: mechanism

Dutch: mechanisatie
English: mechanization

Dutch: mechanisch lawaai
English: mechanical noise

Dutch: mechanische bias
English: mechanical bias

Dutch: mechanische controle
English: mechanical inspection

Dutch: mechanische demping
English: mechanical damping

Dutch: mechanische impedantie
English: mechanical impedance

Dutch: mechanische integrator
English: integrating mechanism; integrating gear; variable speed gear: VSG

Dutch: mechanische interface
English: mechanical interface

Dutch: mechanische reactantie
English: mechanical reactance

Dutch: mechanische scanner
English: mechanical scanner

Dutch: mechanische vertaling
English: mechanical translation

Dutch: mechanische verwerking
English: mechanized processing; automated data processing; electronic data processing

Dutch: mechanische werkplaats
English: job-shop

Dutch: medebeslissingsrecht
English: right of co-determination

Dutch: mededeling
English: information; communication

Dutch: mededinger
English: rival; competitor

Dutch: medewerker
English: co-worker; collaborator

Dutch: medewerking
English: buy-in

Dutch: mediaan
English: median

Dutch: mediaangemiddelde
English: median

Dutch: meedelen
English: to inform; to communicate

Dutch: meedelen aan
English: to impart to

Dutch: meedraaien
English: to rotate at the same time; to, be entrained

Dutch: meedraaien met
English: to rotate with

Dutch: meedraaiend centrum
English: revolving centre

Dutch: meegaandheid
English: compliance; trackability

Dutch: meegeperst
English: moulded-in

Dutch: meegevend
English: flexible; compliant; conformal

Dutch: meekoppeling
English: positive feedback

Dutch: meeleveren
English: supply with; co-supply

Dutch: meeloop
English: tracking

Dutch: meelopen
English: to run with; to travel with

Dutch: meeluisteren
English: to monitor

Dutch: meeluisterversterker
English: monitoring amplifier; bridging amplifier

Dutch: meeneemfrictie
English: carrying friction

Dutch: meeneempal
English: catch; carrier pawl

Dutch: meeneempen
English: carrier; dragger

Dutch: meeneemplaat
English: driver plate; catch plate

Dutch: meeneemschijf
English: coupling disc; catch plate

Dutch: meeneemspil
English: catch spindle

Dutch: meeneemsynchronisatie
English: pull-in type synchronization

Dutch: meeneemveer
English: catch spring

Dutch: meenemer
English: catch; driver; carrier

Dutch: meenemerplaat
English: carrier plate

Dutch: meepersen
English: to mould in

Dutch: meeraderig
English: multi-core

Dutch: meeraderige kabel
English: multi-core cable

Dutch: meeradresinstructie
English: multiple address instruction; multi-address instruction

Dutch: meeradresopdracht
English: multiple address instruction; multi-address instruction

Dutch: meerderheidsdrager
English: majority carrier

Dutch: meerderheidselement
English: majority element

Dutch: meerdimensionaal
English: multivariate

Dutch: meerelementsantenne
English: multi-element antenna; multi- element aerial

Dutch: meerfasig
English: polyphase

Dutch: meergebruikerssyteem
English: multi-user system

Dutch: meerkarweibewerking
English: multi-job processing

Dutch: meerkopsysteem
English: multi-head system

Dutch: meerlaagscircuit
English: multilayer circuit

Dutch: meerlaagsconstructie
English: multi-junction device

Dutch: meerlaagswikkeling
English: multilayer winding

Dutch: meerlevering
English: overdelivery

Dutch: meermaals lezen
English: multi-real feeding

Dutch: meerniveau
English: multilevel

Dutch: meerniveausimulator
English: multilevel simulator

Dutch: meerniveaustuklijst
English: multilevel bill-of-material

Dutch: meerniveautracering
English: multilevel where-used

Dutch: meerpaal
English: terminal post; contact rod

Dutch: meerpaaltje
English: terminal post; contact rod

Dutch: meerpenaansluiting
English: multipin connection

Dutch: meerpolig
English: multi-pole

Dutch: meerprijs
English: extra charge; extra cost; more-price; additional costs; extra costs

Dutch: meerschroefextruder
English: multi-screw extruder

Dutch: meersectiewikkeling
English: multi-section winding; Pi- winding

Dutch: meerspillige boorkop
English: multi-spindle drilling head

Dutch: meersporenkop
English: multi-track head

Dutch: meerstandenschakelaar
English: multiple switch

Dutch: meertakenverwerking
English: multitasking; multitask operation

Dutch: meertoegangssysteem
English: multi-access system

Dutch: meertoppig
English: multi-peaked

Dutch: meertoppige verdeling
English: multimodal distribution; multi-peaked distribution

Dutch: meertrapseenheid
English: multistage device

Dutch: meertrapsversterker
English: multi-stage amplifier

Dutch: meervoudig bedraad
English: multiwired

Dutch: meervoudig circuit
English: composite circuit

Dutch: meervoudig gebruik
English: multi-usage

Dutch: meervoudig gekoppeld
English: multilinked

Dutch: meervoudige correlatie
English: multiple correlation

Dutch: meervoudige grijper
English: multiple gripper

Dutch: meervoudige kabel
English: composite cable

Dutch: meervoudige matrijs
English: multi-cavity mould; composite mould

Dutch: meervoudige overerving
English: multiple inheritance

Dutch: meervoudige routering
English: diverse routing

Dutch: meervoudige selectie
English: CASE clause

Dutch: meervoudige tekenset
English: multiple character set

Dutch: meervoudige toegang
English: multi-access; multiple access

Dutch: meervoudige verwerking
English: multiprocessing

Dutch: meerwaardige logica
English: multivalued logic

Dutch: meesleeposcillator
English: locked oscillator

Dutch: meest linkse byte
English: high order byte

Dutch: meest linkse positie
English: high order position

Dutch: meest rechtse byte
English: low order byte

Dutch: meest rechtse positie
English: low order position

Dutch: meestergast
English: foreman

Dutch: meetafdeling
English: metrological department

Dutch: meetapparaat
English: measuring apparatus; test apparatus; measuring instrument

Dutch: meetapparatuur
English: measuring equipment

Dutch: meetbaar
English: measurable

Dutch: meetbaar getal
English: rational number

Dutch: meetband
English: measuring tape; test tape

Dutch: meetbeker
English: measuring can

Dutch: meetbereik
English: measuring range

Dutch: meetbeugel
English: measuring bracket

Dutch: meetbrug
English: bridge

Dutch: meetbuis
English: measuring tube; test electron tube

Dutch: meetbureau
English: test board; test deck

Dutch: meetcircuit
English: measuring circuit; test circuit

Dutch: meetdiafragma
English: test diaphragm; orifice

Dutch: meetdraad
English: test lead

Dutch: meetdruk
English: measuring pressure

Dutch: meeteenheid
English: measuring unit; unit of measurement

Dutch: meeteis
English: test requirement; measurement requirement

Dutch: meet-en regeltechniek
English: automatic control engineering; process control

Dutch: meetfout
English: measurement error; measuring error

Dutch: meetfrequentie
English: measuring frequency; test frequency

Dutch: meetgebied
English: measuring area

Dutch: meetgereedschap
English: measuring tools; measuring equipment

Dutch: meetgevoeligheid
English: measuring sensitivity

Dutch: meetinrichting
English: measuring instrument

Dutch: meetinstrument
English: meter

Dutch: meetkabel
English: measuring cable; test lead

Dutch: meetkaliber
English: measuring gauge

Dutch: meetkamer
English: metrological department

Dutch: meetklem
English: test terminal

Dutch: meetklokje
English: dial gauge; dial indicator

Dutch: meetkogel
English: measuring ball

Dutch: meetkooi
English: test cage

Dutch: meetkop
English: probe; measuring head

Dutch: meetkundige plaats
English: locus

Dutch: meetlat
English: rule

Dutch: meetlint
English: measuring tape

Dutch: meetloep
English: graduated magnifier

Dutch: meetlus
English: test loop

Dutch: meetmal
English: test jig

Dutch: meetmethode
English: measuring method; method of measurement; test method

Dutch: meetniveau
English: test level

Dutch: meetonnauwkeurigheid
English: measuring inaccuracy

Dutch: meetontvanger
English: measurement receiver

Dutch: meetopnemer
English: measuring transducer

Dutch: meetopstelling
English: measuring arrangement; measuring array; test array

Dutch: meetoscilloscoop
English: test oscilloscope; precision oscilloscope

Dutch: meetpaneel
English: test panel

Dutch: meetpen
English: measuring pin; measuring prod; test pin; test prod

Dutch: meetplaat
English: test record

Dutch: meetplaats
English: measuring stage; measuring station; measuring unit; measuring room; gauge point

Dutch: meetpunt
English: measuring point; test point

Dutch: meetpuntaanpassing
English: measuring point adaptation

Dutch: meetrek
English: test rack

Dutch: meetrekeffect
English: pulling effect; frequency pulling

Dutch: meetresultaat
English: result; result of measurement; test result

Dutch: meetschakeling
English: measuring circuit; test circuit

Dutch: meetschema
English: test diagram

Dutch: meetsignaal
English: measuring signal; test signal

Dutch: meetsignaalgenerator
English: test signal generator

Dutch: meetsnoer
English: measuring flex; test lead

Dutch: meetspanning
English: test voltage

Dutch: meetspoel
English: measuring coil; standard coil; test coil

Dutch: meetstaaf
English: measuring rod

Dutch: meetstand
English: measuring position

Dutch: meetstandaard
English: measurement standard

Dutch: meetstift
English: measuring pin

Dutch: meetstraat
English: measuring line

Dutch: meetsysteem
English: measuring system

Dutch: meettafel
English: test board; test desk

Dutch: meettechniek
English: measuring technique; science of measurement

Dutch: meettechnieken
English: measuring techniques

Dutch: meettemperatuur
English: measuring temperature

Dutch: meettoestand
English: measuring condition

Dutch: meettoestel
English: measuring apparatus; measuring appliance; measuring set; test set

Dutch: meettransformator
English: test transformer

Dutch: meetvlak
English: gauging face; measuring surface; test land; test pad

Dutch: meetvoorschrift
English: measuring instructions

Dutch: meetweerstand
English: measuring resistance

Dutch: meetzender
English: signal generator

Dutch: meezingen
English: vibrating in resonance

Dutch: mega
English: mega

Dutch: mega-ampère
English: megampere

Dutch: megabit
English: megabit

Dutch: megabyte
English: megabyte

Dutch: megacyclus
English: megacycle

Dutch: megahertz
English: megahertz: MHz

Dutch: megavolt
English: megavolt

Dutch: megawatt
English: megawatt

Dutch: melamine
English: melamine

Dutch: melaminehars
English: melamine resin

Dutch: melddienst
English: information service

Dutch: meldingssysteem
English: signalling system

Dutch: meldontvanger
English: access receiver

Dutch: melkachtig
English: milky

Dutch: melkglas
English: opal glass; milk glass

Dutch: melkzure butylester
English: butyl lactate

Dutch: melkzure ethylester
English: ethyl lactate

Dutch: membraan
English: diaphragm

Dutch: membraanafsluiter
English: diaphragm valve

Dutch: memoryknop
English: memory knob

Dutch: mengbaar
English: miscible; mixable

Dutch: mengbeeld
English: mixed image

Dutch: mengbeker
English: cup; bowl

Dutch: mengbuis
English: mixer valve; mixer tube

Dutch: mengdiode
English: mixer diode

Dutch: mengelmoestotaal
English: hash total

Dutch: mengen
English: to mix; to blend

Dutch: menger
English: mixer; blender

Dutch: mengfilter
English: mixing filter

Dutch: menggas
English: gas mixture

Dutch: menging
English: mixing; dubbing

Dutch: mengkastje
English: mixer; mixer unit

Dutch: mengketel
English: mixing drum; mixing vessel

Dutch: mengkleur
English: mixing colour; matching colour; mixed colour; matched colour

Dutch: mengkoppeling
English: furcation coupling

Dutch: mengkraan
English: mixing valve

Dutch: menglessenaar
English: mixer; mixer unit; mixing console

Dutch: menglicht
English: mixed light

Dutch: mengmogelijkheid
English: mixing facility

Dutch: mengopdracht
English: assembly order

Dutch: mengpaneel
English: mixer; mixing unit; mixing desk

Dutch: mengproduct
English: mixer product; mixture product

Dutch: mengrecept
English: assembly parts list

Dutch: mengschakeling
English: mixer circuit

Dutch: mengsel
English: mix; mixture; compound

Dutch: mengsel van karweien
English: job mix

Dutch: mengsignaal
English: mixing signal

Dutch: mengsignalering
English: composite signalling: CX

Dutch: mengtafel
English: mixer; mixing console; master control; central control desk

Dutch: mengtotaal
English: hash total

Dutch: mengtransistor
English: mixer transistor

Dutch: mengtrap
English: mixer stage

Dutch: mengvat
English: mixing barrel; mixing vessel

Dutch: mengverf
English: matching paint; mixing paint

Dutch: mengverhouding
English: mixing ratio; ratio of mixture

Dutch: mengvorm
English: mixed mode; mixing vessel; intermediate form; hybrid

Dutch: menie
English: red lead

Dutch: menselijke factor
English: human factor; human element

Dutch: menselijke interface
English: human interface

Dutch: mensen
English: people; manpower; labour force

Dutch: mens-machine interface
English: human-machine interface: HMI; man-machine interface: MMI

Dutch: mensuur
English: man hour

Dutch: mentaal model
English: mental model

Dutch: menugeoriënteerd
English: menu-oriented

Dutch: menugestuurd
English: menu-driven

Dutch: menu-omzeiling
English: menu by-pass

Dutch: mepolesco
English: metallized polyester capacitor

Dutch: mercurijodide
English: mercuric iodide

Dutch: merk
English: brand; mark

Dutch: merkartikel
English: branded product

Dutch: merkbaar
English: perceptible; noticeable

Dutch: merkcijfer
English: figure stencil

Dutch: merkenimage
English: brand image

Dutch: merkletter
English: letter stencil

Dutch: merkpunt
English: mark

Dutch: merkstempel
English: marking punch

Dutch: merkstreep
English: mark

Dutch: merkstrip
English: brand strip

Dutch: merkteken
English: mark; marker

Dutch: merktekenlezer
English: marker

Dutch: mes
English: knife; cutter; blade; cutting blade

Dutch: mesa
English: mesa

Dutch: mesatransistor
English: mesa transistor

Dutch: mesbeitel
English: knife; side cutting tool

Dutch: mescontact
English: blade contact

Dutch: mesje
English: cutter

Dutch: meskantoplegging
English: knife edge bearing

Dutch: meskopfrees
English: inserted-tooth cutter

Dutch: meskopsteunpunt
English: knife edge fulcrum

Dutch: meson
English: meson

Dutch: mesplaat
English: cutter holder

Dutch: mesplamuur
English: knifing filler; putty

Dutch: mespoot
English: cutter blade

Dutch: messchakelaar
English: knife switch

Dutch: messenslijper
English: knife sharpener

Dutch: messinganode
English: brass anode

Dutch: messingbad
English: brass bath; brass solution

Dutch: messingbeitsbad
English: brass pickling bath; brass bright dip

Dutch: messingdraad
English: brass wire

Dutch: messingfrees
English: tongue cutter; tonguing cutter

Dutch: messinggaas
English: brass gauze

Dutch: messingschaaf
English: tonguing plane; tongue plane

Dutch: messtemppel
English: dinking tool; compound dinking tool

Dutch: met de hand bedienen
English: to operate by hand

Dutch: met de hand ontvetten
English: manual degreasing

Dutch: met draad omwikkelen
English: to wind with wire

Dutch: met gas gevulde kabel
English: gas-filled cable

Dutch: met klep afsluiten
English: lidded

Dutch: met lid afsluiten
English: lidded

Dutch: met onderdrukt nulpunt
English: with suppressed zero

Dutch: met redenen omkleden
English: to give reasons for

Dutch: metaalbasistransistor
English: metal-base transistor

Dutch: metaaldamp
English: metal vapour

Dutch: metaaldeeltje
English: metal particle

Dutch: metaaldraad
English: metal wire

Dutch: metaaldraaien
English: metal turning

Dutch: metaalfilm
English: metal film

Dutch: metaalgelijkrichter
English: metal rectifier

Dutch: metaalgieterij
English: metal foundry

Dutch: metaalgietstuk
English: metal casting

Dutch: metaalglans
English: metallic lustre

Dutch: metaalglansverf
English: metallic-lustre paint

Dutch: metaalgruis
English: metal grit

Dutch: metaalhoudend
English: metalliferous

Dutch: metaalindustrie
English: metal industry

Dutch: metaalinkt
English: ink for metal

Dutch: metaalkeramiek
English: powder metallurgy

Dutch: metaalkunde
English: metallurgy

Dutch: metaallaag
English: metal film

Dutch: metaallaagweerstand
English: metal-film resistor

Dutch: metaalmaskeren
English: metal masking

Dutch: metaalneerslag
English: metal deposition

Dutch: metaalproducten
English: metal products

Dutch: metaalschroef
English: metal screw

Dutch: metaalschuim
English: dross

Dutch: metaalslak
English: metal slag

Dutch: metaalspuiten
English: metal spraying

Dutch: metaalstof
English: metal dust

Dutch: metaalstructuur
English: metal structure

Dutch: metaalwaren
English: metal wares

Dutch: metaalwasmachine
English: metal washer; metal washing machine

Dutch: metaalzout
English: salt of the metal to be deposited

Dutch: metabestand
English: metafile

Dutch: meta-CASE gereedschap
English: meta-CASE tool

Dutch: metacresolpurper
English: metacresol purple

Dutch: metagegevens
English: meta-data

Dutch: metakennis
English: meta-knowledge

Dutch: metaklasse
English: meta-class

Dutch: metalen afscherming
English: metal screening; metal shielding

Dutch: metallisch
English: metallic

Dutch: metalloïde
English: metalloid

Dutch: metallurgie
English: metallurgy

Dutch: metalluster
English: metallic lustre; metallustre

Dutch: metallusterverf
English: metallic-lustre paint

Dutch: metameer
English: metamer

Dutch: metamere kleur
English: metameric colour

Dutch: metamere voorwerpen
English: metameric objects

Dutch: metameren
English: metamers

Dutch: metaniveau
English: meta-level

Dutch: meta-object
English: meta-object

Dutch: metaplanning
English: meta-planning

Dutch: metaregel
English: meta-rule

Dutch: metasysteem
English: meta-system

Dutch: metataal
English: meta-language

Dutch: metateken
English: meta-character

Dutch: metatinzuur
English: metastannic acid

Dutch: metatitaanzuur
English: metatitanic acid

Dutch: meten
English: to gauge

Dutch: meten op
English: to measure at; to gauge

Dutch: meteraanwijzing
English: meter reading; meter indication

Dutch: meteraflezing
English: meter reading

Dutch: meter-equivalent
English: meter-equivalent

Dutch: meter-kilogram-seconde
English: meter-kilogram-second

Dutch: methaan
English: methane

Dutch: methaancarbonzuur
English: methane carboxylic acid

Dutch: methacrylaat
English: methacrylate

Dutch: methacrylaatplaat
English: methacrylate plate

Dutch: methacrylzuur
English: methacrylic acid

Dutch: methanol
English: methanol; methyl alcohol

Dutch: methode
English: method; mode

Dutch: methode van Jackson
English: Jackson method

Dutch: methodebinding
English: method binding

Dutch: methodetijdbemeting
English: methods time measurement: MTM

Dutch: methodetoeslag
English: process allowance

Dutch: methodisch
English: methodic

Dutch: methylalcohol
English: methyl alcohol; methanol

Dutch: methyleenchloride
English: methylene chloride

Dutch: methylethylketon
English: methyl ethyl ketone; butanone

Dutch: methylglycol
English: ethylene glycol monomethyl ether

Dutch: methylisobutylketon
English: methyl isobutyl ketone: MIBK; hexone

Dutch: methyloranje
English: methyl orange

Dutch: meting
English: measurement; gauging

Dutch: metriek
English: metric

Dutch: metrisch
English: metric

Dutch: metrisch systeem
English: metric system

Dutch: metrische zuiverheid
English: metric purity

Dutch: Mexicaanse hoed
English: Mexican hat

Dutch: MF-bandfilter
English: IF band-pass filter

Dutch: MF-fluit
English: IF sound signal

Dutch: MF-geluid
English: IF sound

Dutch: MF-geluidssignaal
English: IF sound signal

Dutch: MF-kleurensignaal
English: IF colour signal

Dutch: MF-onderdrukking
English: IF rejection

Dutch: MF-signaal
English: IF signal

Dutch: MF-sperkring
English: parallel-tuned IF trap

Dutch: MF-spoel
English: IF coil

Dutch: MF-transformator
English: IF transformer

Dutch: MF-trap
English: IF stage

Dutch: MF-versterker
English: IF amplifier

Dutch: MF-versterking
English: IF amplification

Dutch: MF-video
English: IF video

Dutch: MF-zuigkring
English: IF absorption circuit; series-tuned IF trap

Dutch: MF-zuigkringspoel
English: IF absorption coil

Dutch: micacondensator
English: mica capacitor

Dutch: micro
English: micro; microphone; mike

Dutch: micro-ampère
English: microampere

Dutch: micro-architectuur
English: microarchitecture

Dutch: microbandfilter
English: microband filter

Dutch: microbar
English: microbar

Dutch: microbesturingseenheid
English: microprocessor

Dutch: microbewerking
English: micro-operation

Dutch: microbord
English: microprint

Dutch: microcircuit
English: microcircuit

Dutch: microcode
English: microcode

Dutch: microcomponent
English: microcomponent

Dutch: microdiskette
English: microdiskette

Dutch: microdoorsnede
English: microsection

Dutch: micro-elektrode
English: microelectrode

Dutch: micro-elektrolyse
English: microelectrolyse

Dutch: micro-elektronica
English: microelectronics

Dutch: microfarad
English: microfarad

Dutch: microfilm
English: microfilm

Dutch: microfonie
English: microphony; microphonic noise

Dutch: microfoon
English: microphone

Dutch: microfooningang
English: microphone input

Dutch: microfoonopname
English: recording by microphone

Dutch: microfoontransformator
English: microphone transformer

Dutch: microfoonversterker
English: microphone amplifier

Dutch: microfoonzuil
English: line microphone

Dutch: microfoto
English: microphotograph

Dutch: microfotografie
English: microphotography

Dutch: microgolfbron
English: microwave source

Dutch: microgolfcommunicatie
English: microwave communication

Dutch: microgolfgebied
English: microwave range

Dutch: microgolven
English: microwaves

Dutch: microgroef
English: microgroove; finegroove; minigroove

Dutch: microhardheid
English: micro-hardness; microhardness

Dutch: microhenry
English: microhenry

Dutch: micro-ingreep
English: hesitation

Dutch: micro-instructie
English: micro-instruction

Dutch: microjoule
English: microjoule

Dutch: microkernel
English: microkernel

Dutch: microkristal
English: microcrystal

Dutch: microkristallijn
English: microcrystalline

Dutch: micrometrisch
English: micrometric

Dutch: microminiaturisatie
English: microminiaturization

Dutch: microminiaturisering
English: microminiaturization

Dutch: micromoduul
English: micromodule

Dutch: micron
English: micron

Dutch: micro-ohm
English: microhm

Dutch: micro-ohmmeter
English: microhmeter

Dutch: micro-opdracht
English: microinstruction; microcommand

Dutch: microprocessor
English: microprocessor

Dutch: microprogramma
English: microprogram

Dutch: microprogrammering
English: microprogramming

Dutch: micropunt
English: M-point

Dutch: microrobot
English: microrobot

Dutch: microschakelaar
English: microswitch

Dutch: microschakeling
English: microcircuit

Dutch: microseconde
English: microsecond

Dutch: microsiemens
English: microsiemens

Dutch: microstrip
English: microstrip

Dutch: microstriplijn
English: microstrip line

Dutch: microstriptrilholte
English: microstrip resonator

Dutch: microvolt
English: microvolt

Dutch: microvoltmeter
English: microvoltmeter

Dutch: microwafel
English: microwafer

Dutch: microwatt
English: microwatt

Dutch: microwave
English: microwave

Dutch: microwoord
English: microword

Dutch: middel
English: means; agent, medium, resource

Dutch: middelen
English: resources; to average

Dutch: middelen van bestaan
English: means of subsistence

Dutch: middelenacquisitie
English: resource acquisition

Dutch: middelenallocatie
English: resource allocation

Dutch: middelenbeeld
English: resource view

Dutch: middelenbeheer
English: resource management

Dutch: middelencel
English: resource cell

Dutch: middelencomponent
English: resource component

Dutch: middelenconstructies
English: resource constructs

Dutch: middeleneenheid
English: resource unit

Dutch: middeleninvoer
English: resource input

Dutch: middelenlijst
English: bill-of-resources

Dutch: middelenplan
English: resource plan

Dutch: middelenplanning
English: resource planning

Dutch: middelenreservering
English: resource reservation

Dutch: middelentoekenning
English: resource assignment

Dutch: middelenuitvoer
English: resource output

Dutch: middelfrequentie
English: medium-frequency

Dutch: middelgroot
English: medium-sized

Dutch: middellangtermijnplan
English: medium-term plan

Dutch: middellijn
English: diameter; dia

Dutch: middelmanagement
English: middle management

Dutch: middelohmig
English: medium-impedance; medium-ohmic

Dutch: middelpunt
English: centre

Dutch: middelpuntzoekend
English: centripetal

Dutch: midden
English: centre; center

Dutch: middenaftakking
English: centre tap

Dutch: middenantenne
English: centre tap of antenna; centre tap of aerial

Dutch: middenband
English: midband

Dutch: middencontact
English: centre contact

Dutch: middendoor
English: bisected

Dutch: middendoor delen
English: to bisect

Dutch: middendoor snijden
English: to cut in two

Dutch: middenelektrode
English: centre electrode

Dutch: middenfrequent
English: intermediate frequency: IF

Dutch: middenfrequentie: MF
English: intermediate frequency: IF; center frequency; midfrequency

Dutch: middengat
English: central hole

Dutch: middengedeelte
English: centre portion; centre part

Dutch: middengolf
English: medium wave: MW

Dutch: middenkader
English: middle management; intermediate executives

Dutch: middenstand
English: intermediate position; mid-position; midway position; retailers; middle class

Dutch: middenwaarde
English: average; median value; central value

Dutch: mid-range
English: mid-range

Dutch: migratiepad
English: migration path

Dutch: migratiestap
English: migration step

Dutch: migreren
English: to migrate

Dutch: mijlpaal
English: milestone; event

Dutch: mil
English: one thousands of an inch

Dutch: milieu
English: milieu; environment

Dutch: milieubeheer
English: environment control

Dutch: milieuhygiëne
English: environmental health; environment hygienics

Dutch: militaire apparaten
English: military equipment

Dutch: Miller-effect
English: miller effect

Dutch: milli
English: milli

Dutch: milli-ampère
English: milliampere

Dutch: milligram
English: milligram

Dutch: millihenry
English: millihenry

Dutch: millilambert
English: millilambert

Dutch: milliliter
English: millilitre

Dutch: millimetergolven
English: millimeter waves

Dutch: millimeterpapier
English: arithmetic paper; graph paper

Dutch: millimicron
English: millimicron; millimu

Dutch: milli-ohm
English: milliohm

Dutch: milliseconde
English: millisecond

Dutch: millivolt
English: millivolt

Dutch: milliwatt
English: milliwatt

Dutch: min aan de massa
English: negative earth

Dutch: minder gevoelig maken
English: to desensitize

Dutch: minder significant
English: low order

Dutch: minderheidsdrager
English: minority carrier

Dutch: minderlevering
English: under-delivery

Dutch: miniaturisatie
English: miniaturization

Dutch: miniaturiseren
English: to miniaturize

Dutch: miniaturisering
English: miniaturization

Dutch: miniatuur
English: miniature

Dutch: minicalculator
English: minicalculator

Dutch: minicomputer
English: minicomputer

Dutch: minima
English: minimums

Dutch: minimaal
English: minimal; minimum

Dutch: minimaal toelaatbaar
English: minimally permissable

Dutch: minimaliseren
English: to minimize

Dutch: minimax functie
English: minimax function

Dutch: minimumafstandcode
English: minimum-distance code

Dutch: minimumvoorraad
English: minimum inventory; minimum stock

Dutch: mini-opnemer
English: pocket recorder

Dutch: min-max systeem
English: min-max system

Dutch: minoreren
English: conscious underreacting

Dutch: minoriteitsdrager
English: minority carrier

Dutch: minpool
English: negative pole; negative terminal

Dutch: minpunt
English: demerit; disadvantage; minus

Dutch: minst-significante bit
English: least-significant bit

Dutch: minus Y-signaal
English: minus Y-signal

Dutch: minuscule versterking
English: fractional gain

Dutch: misaanpassing
English: mismatch

Dutch: mishandelen
English: to abuse

Dutch: misleidende versterker
English: deception repeater

Dutch: misvatting
English: fallacious argument

Dutch: miswijzing
English: indication error; error in indication; erroneous reading

Dutch: mixer
English: mixer

Dutch: mixerstroom
English: mixer current

Dutch: mnemonisch symbool
English: mnemonic symbol

Dutch: mnemonische naam
English: mnemonic

Dutch: mobiel station
English: mobile station

Dutch: mobiele robot
English: mobile robot

Dutch: mobilofoon
English: CB-radio; CB-band

Dutch: modale logica
English: modal logic

Dutch: modderstralen
English: to mud-blast

Dutch: model
English: model; pattern; template

Dutch: modelbase
English: model base

Dutch: modelbouw
English: model building

Dutch: modelgestuurd
English: model-driven

Dutch: modellenbank
English: model bank

Dutch: modellenbouw
English: model building

Dutch: modellenreeks
English: model range

Dutch: modellenserie
English: model range

Dutch: modelleren
English: to model

Dutch: modelleringsbeeld
English: modelling view

Dutch: modelmaker
English: pattern maker; wood pattern maker; model maker

Dutch: modelmakerij
English: pattern shop; pattern making shop

Dutch: modelopdracht
English: model statement

Dutch: modelopslagmechanisme
English: model storage mechanism

Dutch: modificatie
English: modification; override

Dutch: modificatie-element
English: modifier

Dutch: modificator
English: modificator; index word

Dutch: modificatorgeheugen
English: modifier store; B-store

Dutch: modificatorregister
English: modifier register; index register; B-register

Dutch: modulair ontwerp
English: modular design

Dutch: modulair programmeren
English: modular programming

Dutch: modulair systeem
English: modular system; building-block system

Dutch: modulaire decompositie
English: modular decomposition

Dutch: modulaire draadbrug
English: modular bridging wire

Dutch: modulaire stuklijst
English: modular bill-of-material

Dutch: modulariteit
English: modularity

Dutch: modulatie
English: modulation

Dutch: modulatiebrom
English: modulation hum

Dutch: modulatiediepte
English: modulation depth; percentage modulation

Dutch: modulatiefrequentie
English: modulation frequency

Dutch: modulatiegrootte
English: modulation factor; degree of modulation

Dutch: modulatie-index
English: modulation index

Dutch: modulatie-indicator
English: recording level indicator

Dutch: modulatiekromme
English: modulation characteristic

Dutch: modulatieonderdrukking
English: modulation suppression

Dutch: modulatiepatroon
English: modulation pattern

Dutch: modulatiepercentage
English: modulation percentage

Dutch: modulatiepiek
English: modulation peak

Dutch: modulatieprocedure
English: modulation procedure

Dutch: modulatierichting
English: direction of modulation

Dutch: modulatieruis
English: modulation noise

Dutch: modulatiesignaal
English: modulation signal; modulating signal

Dutch: modulatiespanning
English: modulation voltage; modulating voltage

Dutch: modulatiespoor
English: modulation track

Dutch: modulatiestroom
English: modulation current

Dutch: modulatiesysteem
English: modulation system

Dutch: modulatietaal
English: modulation language

Dutch: modulatievervorming
English: modulation distortion

Dutch: modulator
English: modulator; buncher

Dutch: modulatorbuis
English: modulator tube

Dutch: modulator-demodulator
English: modulator-demodulator: modem

Dutch: modulatorrooster
English: buncher grid

Dutch: module
English: module; building-block

Dutch: modulecohesie
English: module strength

Dutch: moduleren
English: to modulate

Dutch: modulerende elektrode
English: modulating electrode

Dutch: modulering
English: keying

Dutch: modulo-n-controle
English: modulo n check

Dutch: modulus
English: module; modulus

Dutch: modus
English: mode; modal value

Dutch: modus ponens
English: modus ponens

Dutch: modus tollens
English: modus tollens

Dutch: moduul
English: module; modulus

Dutch: moederbestand
English: master file

Dutch: moederchip
English: master chip

Dutch: moederdocument
English: mother document

Dutch: moederkaart
English: backplane

Dutch: moederklok
English: master clock

Dutch: moederlak
English: master lacquer

Dutch: moederloog
English: mother lye; mother liquor

Dutch: moedermateriaal
English: parent material

Dutch: moedernegatief
English: master negative; master

Dutch: moederpatroon
English: master drawing; print master

Dutch: moeilijk
English: difficult; hard troublesome; difficult-to- machine

Dutch: moeilijkheid
English: difficulty

Dutch: moeilijkheidsgraad
English: degree of difficulty

Dutch: moeite
English: trouble; pains

Dutch: moersleutel
English: wrench; spanner

Dutch: moervalproef
English: nut-fall test

Dutch: mof
English: sleeve; socket

Dutch: moffelen
English: to bake; to stove

Dutch: moffelhars
English: baking resin; stoving resin

Dutch: moffellak
English: baking enamel; stoving enamel; enamel coating

Dutch: moffeloven
English: baking oven; stoving oven

Dutch: moffelprimer
English: baking primer; stoving primer

Dutch: moffelverf
English: baking paint; stoving paint

Dutch: mogelijke voorziening
English: optional feature

Dutch: mogelijke waarheid
English: contingent truth

Dutch: mogelijkheid
English: possibility; facility

Dutch: molaire polarisatie
English: molar polarization

Dutch: molasse
English: molasses

Dutch: moleculair
English: molecular

Dutch: moleculair gewicht
English: molecular weight

Dutch: moleculaire geleiding
English: molecular conductance

Dutch: moleculaire modellen
English: molecular models

Dutch: moleculaire rek
English: molecular strain

Dutch: molecuul
English: molecule

Dutch: molybdeensulfide
English: molybdenum disulphide

Dutch: moment
English: instant; moment; moment of force; moment of momentum; angular moment; torque; turning moment; twisting moment

Dutch: momentaan monster
English: instantaneous sample

Dutch: momentaan vermogen
English: instantaneous power

Dutch: momentane amplitude
English: instantaneous amplitude

Dutch: momentane bemonstering
English: instantaneous sampling

Dutch: momentane spanning
English: instantaneous voltage

Dutch: momentane stroom
English: instantaneous current

Dutch: momentarm
English: moment arm

Dutch: momentbelasting
English: instantaneous load

Dutch: momenteel
English: momentary; instantaneous

Dutch: momentele frequentie
English: instantaneous frequency

Dutch: momentele spanning
English: instantaneous voltage; transient voltage

Dutch: momentele waarde
English: instantaneous value

Dutch: momentenschakelaar
English: snap switch

Dutch: momentomvormer
English: torque converter

Dutch: momentversterker
English: torque amplifier

Dutch: monadische bewerking
English: monadic operation; unary operation

Dutch: monadische operator
English: monadic operator

Dutch: monauraal
English: monaural; monophonic

Dutch: monaurale opname
English: monophonic recording

Dutch: monaurale weergave
English: monophonic playback

Dutch: mondstuk
English: nozzle

Dutch: mond-tot-mond reclame
English: word-of-mouth advertising

Dutch: monitor
English: display unit; monitor; monitoring receiver

Dutch: monitorfaciliteit
English: monitoring facility

Dutch: monitorprogramma
English: monitor program; monitoring program

Dutch: monitorsysteem
English: monitor system

Dutch: mono
English: mono; monophonic

Dutch: mono-atomair
English: monatomic

Dutch: mono-atomair molecule
English: monatomic molecule

Dutch: monobrid circuit
English: monobrid circuit

Dutch: monobutylglycolether
English: ethylene glycol monobutyl ether

Dutch: monocel
English: monocell

Dutch: monochromatisch
English: monochromatic; monochrome

Dutch: monochromatisch licht
English: monochromatic light

Dutch: monochroom
English: monochrome; black-and-white

Dutch: monochroom signaal
English: monochrome signal

Dutch: monodisciplinair
English: mono-disciplinary

Dutch: mono-ethylglycolether
English: ethylene glycol monoethyl ether

Dutch: monofonie
English: monophony

Dutch: monofonisch
English: monophonic

Dutch: monografie
English: monography

Dutch: monokristal
English: monocrystal; single crystal

Dutch: monokristallijn
English: single crystal

Dutch: monolayer
English: monolayer

Dutch: monolithisch
English: monolithic

Dutch: monomeer
English: monomer

Dutch: monometalliek
English: monometallic

Dutch: monomethylglycolether
English: ethylene glycol monomethyl ether

Dutch: monomoleculaire laag
English: monolayer

Dutch: monoscoop
English: monoscope

Dutch: monosignaal
English: mono signal; M-signal

Dutch: monosomsignaal
English: mono sum-signal

Dutch: monostabiel
English: monostable

Dutch: monostabiele trekker
English: monostable trigger circuit; monostable multivibrator; kipp relay; flip-flop

Dutch: monostereo
English: mono-stereo

Dutch: monostyreen
English: monostyrene

Dutch: monotekening
English: mono drawing

Dutch: monotekeningsysteem
English: mono-drawing system

Dutch: monotoets
English: mono button

Dutch: monotonie
English: monotony

Dutch: monotoon
English: monotone; monotonous

Dutch: monotoon redeneren
English: monotonic reasoning

Dutch: monoverzameltekening
English: collective mono-drawing

Dutch: monster nemen
English: to take a sample; to draw a sample; to sample

Dutch: monsterstuk
English: test piece; sampling unit

Dutch: monsterverdeling
English: sample division

Dutch: monsterverwerking
English: sample preparation

Dutch: montage
English: mounting; fitting; assembly; assembling; editing; dubbing

Dutch: montage in voetje
English: header

Dutch: montageafdeling
English: assembly department

Dutch: montageband
English: assembly line

Dutch: montagebeugel
English: assembly bracket

Dutch: montagebus
English: assembly bush

Dutch: montagedoorn
English: assembly mandrel

Dutch: montagedraad
English: assembly wire; connecting wire

Dutch: montagefout
English: error in assembly; error in mounting; assembly fault

Dutch: montagegemak
English: ease of mounting; convenience of mounting

Dutch: montagegereedschap
English: assembly tool; mounting tool

Dutch: montagekosten
English: assembly cost; installing cost

Dutch: montagemachine
English: assembly machine; mounting machine

Dutch: montagemal
English: assembly jig; mounting jug

Dutch: montagemateriaal
English: mounting material; mounting hardware

Dutch: montagepen
English: mounting pin

Dutch: montageplaat
English: chassis; mounting plate; pan; header

Dutch: montagepositief
English: assembly positive

Dutch: montageprogramma
English: linkage editor

Dutch: montageraam
English: mounting frame; cradle

Dutch: montageschema
English: assembly diagram

Dutch: montageslede
English: building-in bracket

Dutch: montagesnoer
English: assembly flex; connecting flex

Dutch: montagesteun
English: mounting support

Dutch: montagestraat
English: transfer line; assembly line

Dutch: montagetafel
English: assembly table; mounting table

Dutch: montagetapeind
English: mounting stud

Dutch: montagetijd
English: mounting time; installing time

Dutch: montagevoorschrift
English: assembly instructions; mounting instructions

Dutch: Montague-grammatica
English: Montague grammar

Dutch: Monte-Carlomethode
English: Monte-Carlo method

Dutch: monteren
English: to link; to mount; to fit; to seat; to assembly; to edit

Dutch: Moog synthesizer
English: Moog synthesizer

Dutch: morsbraam
English: overflow

Dutch: morseconus
English: morse cone; morse taper

Dutch: morsekegel
English: morse cone; morse taper

Dutch: morseketting
English: morse chain

Dutch: morsen
English: to spill

Dutch: mortier
English: mortar

Dutch: MOS-condensator
English: MOS capacitor

Dutch: MOS-transistor
English: MOS transistor

Dutch: motivatie
English: motivation; drive

Dutch: motivatiemiddelen
English: motivators

Dutch: motor
English: motor; engine

Dutch: motoraandrijving
English: motor drive

Dutch: motoras
English: motor spindle; motor shaft

Dutch: motorbegrenzingsbeugel
English: motor-stop bracket

Dutch: motorbelasting
English: motor load; engine load

Dutch: motoreenheid
English: motor unit

Dutch: motor-en-vertraging
English: geared motor

Dutch: motorgenerator
English: motor generator; rotary converter

Dutch: motorhuis
English: motor housing; motor frame

Dutch: motorische zenuw
English: motor nerve

Dutch: motoriseren
English: to motorize

Dutch: motormaaier
English: power mower

Dutch: motormontagefreem
English: motor frame

Dutch: motorolie
English: engine oil

Dutch: motorreductor
English: motor reducer; reducing motor

Dutch: motorregeling
English: motor control; speed control

Dutch: motorsnaarschijf
English: motor pulley

Dutch: motorstoring
English: motor trouble; motor defect; engine trouble; motor-originated interference

Dutch: motortoerental
English: engine speed; motor speed; motor rpm; engine rpm

Dutch: motorwikkeling
English: motor winding

Dutch: moutkiemmeel
English: grist

Dutch: mozaïekdrukker
English: stylus printer; dot printer

Dutch: mozaïekelektrode
English: mosaic electrode

Dutch: mozaïekpatroon
English: tessellation

Dutch: mps op twee niveaus
English: two-level mps

Dutch: mps-indicator
English: mps indicator

Dutch: mps-item
English: mps item

Dutch: mps-product
English: mps item

Dutch: M-signaal
English: M-signal

Dutch: mu
English: amplification factor; mu

Dutch: muis
English: mouse; linearity control

Dutch: muizennest
English: rats nest

Dutch: Mullenproef
English: Mullen bursting test

Dutch: multi-anode buis
English: multianode tube

Dutch: multibandbestand
English: multi-reel file; multi-volume tape file

Dutch: multibandeenheid
English: multiband device

Dutch: multichipcircuit
English: multichip circuit

Dutch: multicyclisch lezen
English: multi-cycle feeding

Dutch: multidisciplinair
English: multidisciplinary

Dutch: multidrop
English: multidrop

Dutch: multifunctieprincipe
English: multi-function principle

Dutch: multigebruik
English: multi-usage

Dutch: multikanaaloverdracht
English: multi-channel transfer

Dutch: multiplex
English: multiply; plywood; multiplex

Dutch: multiplexen
English: to multiplex

Dutch: multiplexer
English: multiplexer

Dutch: multiplexeren
English: to multiplex

Dutch: multiplexkanaal
English: multiplex channel

Dutch: multiplexmethode
English: multiplexing

Dutch: multiplexsignaal
English: multiplex signal

Dutch: multiplexverwerking
English: multiplexing

Dutch: multipliceerraam
English: multiplication frame

Dutch: multipliceren
English: to multiply; to step-and-repeat

Dutch: multiponsing
English: multipunch

Dutch: multiprocessor
English: multiprocessor

Dutch: multiprogrammeren
English: multiprogramming

Dutch: multiprogrammering
English: multiprogramming

Dutch: multipunt
English: multipoint

Dutch: multischakelaar
English: multiswitch

Dutch: multischijfbestand
English: multi-volume disc file

Dutch: multischroefextruder
English: multi-screw extruder

Dutch: multitasking
English: multitasking

Dutch: multivariabel proces
English: multivariable process

Dutch: multiverwerking
English: multiprocessing

Dutch: multivibrator
English: multivibrator

Dutch: multiwing
English: multiwing

Dutch: mumetaal
English: mu-metal

Dutch: Munsell kleurnummer
English: Munsell colour number

Dutch: muntstempel
English: coining tool

Dutch: musicassette
English: musicassette

Dutch: mutatie
English: mutation; transaction

Dutch: mutatiefrequentie
English: activity ratio

Dutch: mutatietest
English: mutation test

Dutch: muting-circuit
English: muting circuit

Dutch: muting-filter
English: muting filter

Dutch: muting-schakelaar
English: muting switch

Dutch: muurbevestiging
English: wall mounting

Dutch: muurcontactdoos
English: socket outlet; wall socket

Dutch: muurisolator
English: wall insulator

Dutch: muziek op band
English: music on tape

Dutch: muziek op plaat
English: music on disc

Dutch: muziekapparatuur
English: musical instruments

Dutch: muziekband
English: music tape

Dutch: muziekcassette
English: music cassette

Dutch: muziekcontrole
English: musical test

Dutch: muziekgroef
English: recorder groove

Dutch: muziekinstrument
English: musical instrument

Dutch: muziekleer
English: musical science; musicology

Dutch: muziekliefhebber
English: music lover

Dutch: muziekstandaard
English: music-stand

Dutch: muziekvermogen
English: music power

Dutch: mylar
English: mylar

Dutch: mylarband
English: mylar film

Dutch: n-1 complement
English: diminished radix complement; radix-minus-one complement

Dutch: na
English: after; downstream

Dutch: naad
English: seam; joint

Dutch: naadloos
English: seamless; jointless

Dutch: naaf
English: hub; boss; nave

Dutch: naald
English: needle; stylus; pointer; index

Dutch: naaldbuis
English: stylus cantilever

Dutch: naalddruk
English: stylus pressure; stylus force

Dutch: naalddrukfijnregeling
English: stylus-pressure fine tuning

Dutch: naalddrukgrens
English: stylus-pressure limit

Dutch: naalddrukinstelling
English: stylus-pressure adjustment

Dutch: naalddrukmeter
English: stylus-pressure gauge

Dutch: naaldimpuls
English: needle pulse

Dutch: naaldklep
English: needle valve

Dutch: naaldklikker
English: stylus reverse

Dutch: naaldkooi
English: needle cage

Dutch: naaldkras
English: needle scratch; needle talk

Dutch: naaldlanding
English: stylus landing; stylus setdown

Dutch: naaldopening
English: needle gap

Dutch: naaldpuls
English: spike

Dutch: naaldpulsonderbreker
English: spike suppressor

Dutch: naaldpunt
English: needle tip; stylus tip

Dutch: naaldpuntmassa
English: tip mass

Dutch: naaldpuntradius
English: stylus-tip radius

Dutch: naaldreiniger
English: stylus cleaner

Dutch: naaldrol
English: needle roller

Dutch: naaldrollager
English: needle-roller bearing

Dutch: naaldruis
English: needle scratch; needle talk

Dutch: naaldtaatslager
English: needle thrust bearing

Dutch: naaldverstuiverklep
English: needle-spray valve

Dutch: naam
English: name; identifier

Dutch: naamconstante
English: name constant

Dutch: naamplaat
English: name plate

Dutch: naar beneden doorgeven
English: back-tell

Dutch: naar binnen snappen
English: to snap inward

Dutch: naar elkaar toe
English: towards each other; converging

Dutch: naar keuze
English: optional; at choice; at option

Dutch: naast
English: beside; alongside; by the side of; adjacent to

Dutch: naast elkaar plaatsen
English: to juxtapose

Dutch: naast-elkaarplaatsing
English: juxtaposition

Dutch: nabeeld
English: after image

Dutch: nabestellingssysteem
English: reorder system

Dutch: nabewerken
English: to finish; to post-process

Dutch: nabewerking
English: finishing; post-processing

Dutch: nabewerkt
English: finished

Dutch: nabijheid
English: vicinity; proximity

Dutch: nabijheidsdetector
English: proximity detector

Dutch: nabijheidsgevoeligheid
English: close-talking sensitivity; close-talking response

Dutch: nabijheidssensor
English: proximity sensor

Dutch: nabijheidsverliezen
English: losses due to proximity

Dutch: nablijven
English: hangover

Dutch: nabootsen
English: to imitate; to emulated; to simulate; to copy

Dutch: nabootsing
English: imitation; simulation; emulation

Dutch: nabootsrobot
English: playback robot

Dutch: naboren
English: to finish-drill

Dutch: nabuurkanaal
English: adjacent channel

Dutch: nachtkijken
English: scotopic vision

Dutch: nadeflectie
English: post-deflection

Dutch: nadelig
English: disadvantageous; harmful

Dutch: naderingsschakelaar
English: proximity switch

Dutch: nadichtingsbad
English: sealing bath

Dutch: nadraaien
English: to finish-turn; to fine-turn

Dutch: n-adresinstructie
English: n-address instruction

Dutch: n-adresopdrachtvorm
English: n-address instruction format

Dutch: nadrukdoorn
English: plug-type squeezing mandrel

Dutch: nadrukgereedschap
English: press-on tool

Dutch: nadrukken
English: to restrike; to flange

Dutch: nadrukstempel
English: restriking tool

Dutch: nafactureren
English: post-invoicing

Dutch: nafocussering
English: refocusing; post-deflection focusing

Dutch: nafrezen
English: to finish-mill

Dutch: naftaline
English: naphthalene; naphthaline

Dutch: nagaan
English: to trace; to verify; to examine; to check

Dutch: nagalm
English: reverberation; reverbeo

Dutch: nagalmapparatuur
English: reverberation equipment; reverbeo equipment

Dutch: nagalmeenheid
English: reverberation unit; reverbeo unit

Dutch: nagalmen
English: to reverberate

Dutch: nagalmkamer
English: reverberant room; reverberant chamber

Dutch: nagalmtijd
English: reverberation time

Dutch: nagalmtoets
English: reverberation key; reverbeo key

Dutch: nagalmversterker
English: reverberation amplifier; reverbeo amplifier

Dutch: nagedrukt
English: restruck

Dutch: nagefreesd
English: finish milled

Dutch: nagel
English: nail; rivet

Dutch: nagelen
English: to mail

Dutch: nageslepen
English: finish ground

Dutch: nagesneden
English: sheared; trimmed

Dutch: nagloeien
English: to afterglow

Dutch: naharden
English: to reharden; to post-cure

Dutch: naïeve natuurkunde
English: naive physics

Dutch: naijlen
English: to lag

Dutch: naijling
English: lag

Dutch: nalichtcompensatie
English: afterglow compensation; persistence compensation

Dutch: nalichteffect
English: afterglow effect; persistence effect

Dutch: nalichtende verf
English: luminous paint

Dutch: nalichting
English: afterglow; phosphorescence; persistence; after-image

Dutch: nalichttijd
English: afterglow; persistence

Dutch: naloop
English: lag

Dutch: nalopen
English: to check; to inspect; to lag

Dutch: nalopende belasting
English: lagging load

Dutch: nalopende stroom
English: lagging current

Dutch: nalopende verwerking
English: trailing decision

Dutch: nano
English: nano

Dutch: nano-ampère
English: nanoampere; millimicroampere

Dutch: nano-ampèremeter
English: millimicroammeter

Dutch: nanofarad
English: nanofarad; millimicrofarad

Dutch: nanogeheugen
English: nanostore

Dutch: nanohenry
English: nanohenry; millimicrohenry

Dutch: nano-instructie
English: nano-instruction

Dutch: nanoseconde
English: nanosecond; millimicrosecond

Dutch: nanoseconde-impuls
English: nanosecond pulse; millimicrosecond pulse

Dutch: nanovoltmeter
English: millimicrovoltmeter

Dutch: napolijsten
English: final polishing; high lustre finish; mirror finishing; colour buffing; colouring

Dutch: naponsen
English: to shave

Dutch: naprocessor
English: postprocessor

Dutch: naregelen
English: to readjust; to realign; to post-align

Dutch: naslagwerk
English: reference work; reference book; reference

Dutch: naslijpen
English: to finish-grind

Dutch: nasnijden
English: to shear; to trim; to shave

Dutch: nasnijstempel
English: shaving tool

Dutch: naspannen
English: to retension

Dutch: naspeurbaarheidsmatrix
English: traceability matrix

Dutch: naspeuren
English: to trace

Dutch: naspeuring
English: trace

Dutch: naspoelen
English: to rinse out

Dutch: naspoor
English: caster

Dutch: nastellen
English: to readjust

Dutch: nasynchronisatie
English: post-synchronization; post-sync; post-scoring; dubbing

Dutch: nat reinigen
English: wet cleaning

Dutch: nat slijpen
English: wet grinding; wet polishing

Dutch: nationale organisatie
English: national organization

Dutch: natmaken
English: to moisten; to wet; to humidify

Dutch: natrimmen
English: to retrim

Dutch: natrium
English: sodium

Dutch: natriumaluminaat
English: sodium aluminate

Dutch: natriumcarbonaat
English: sodium carbonate

Dutch: natriumhydroxide
English: sodium hydroxide; caustic soda

Dutch: natriumkopercyanide
English: sodium copper cyanide

Dutch: natriumlaurylsulfonaat
English: sodium lauryl sulphonate

Dutch: natriumoleaat
English: sodium oleate

Dutch: natriumsilicaat
English: sodium silicate

Dutch: natriumzilvercyanide
English: sodium silver cyanide

Dutch: natronhydraat
English: sodium hydrate

Dutch: natronkalk
English: soda lime

Dutch: natronloog
English: caustic soda; solution of sodium hydroxide

Dutch: natronloogelektrolyt
English: caustic soda electrolyte

Dutch: natronwaterglas
English: sodium silicate

Dutch: natsterkte
English: wet strength

Dutch: natte accu
English: wet battery

Dutch: natte batterij
English: wet battery

Dutch: natte cel
English: wet cell

Dutch: natte distillatie
English: wet distillation

Dutch: natte elco
English: wet elco

Dutch: natte tantaalelco
English: liquid electrolyte tantalum capacitor

Dutch: naturel
English: natural

Dutch: natuurgetrouw
English: high fidelity

Dutch: natuurgetrouw geluid
English: high fidelity sound

Dutch: natuurhars
English: rosin; natural resin

Dutch: natuurkarton
English: Fourdrinier bristol

Dutch: natuurlijke kleuren
English: natural colours

Dutch: natuurlijke logaritmen
English: natural logarithms; Napierian logarithms

Dutch: natuurlijke stemming
English: natural tuning; pure tuning

Dutch: natuurlijke-taalbegrip
English: natural language understanding

Dutch: natuurzijde
English: silk

Dutch: nauw
English: narrow; tight; close

Dutch: nauwe passing
English: interference fit

Dutch: nauwe tunnel
English: duct

Dutch: nauwer worden
English: pinching

Dutch: nauwkeurig
English: accurate

Dutch: nauwkeurigheidswaarde
English: accuracy rating

Dutch: nauwkeurigste schatter
English: most unbiassed estimator

Dutch: nauwsluitend
English: tight; close-fitting

Dutch: naversnelling
English: post-acceleration; post-deflection acceleration; afteracceleration

Dutch: naversnellingsbuis
English: post-acceleration tube

Dutch: naverwerking
English: postprocessing

Dutch: naverwerkingsprogramma
English: postprocessor

Dutch: navigeren
English: to navigate

Dutch: navoelen
English: to re-check manually

Dutch: navraag
English: enquiry; inquiries

Dutch: navraagteken
English: enquiry character: ENQ

Dutch: nawerkingsbeeld
English: picture persistence; retained image

Dutch: nawrijven
English: to polish

Dutch: nazorg
English: after-sales service; support; follow-up

Dutch: n-basis
English: n-type base

Dutch: n-complement
English: radix complement; noughts complement; true complement

Dutch: nde harmonische
English: nth harmonic

Dutch: neen-verkopen
English: stock-outs

Dutch: neergaande beweging
English: downward motion; downward movement

Dutch: neergaande leiding
English: downlead; feeder; feed line

Dutch: neergaande verbinding
English: downlink

Dutch: neergeslagen
English: precipitated; deposited

Dutch: neergeslagen metaal
English: deposited metal; coating metal

Dutch: neerklapbaar
English: collapsible

Dutch: neerklappen
English: to fold down; to collapse

Dutch: neerslaan
English: to precipitate; to deposit

Dutch: neerslag
English: precipitate; deposit; precipitation; deposition

Dutch: neerslagbereik
English: plating range; deposition range

Dutch: neerslagelektrode
English: precipitation electrode

Dutch: neerslagsnelheid
English: plating speed; rate of deposition; deposition rate

Dutch: neerslagstrooiing
English: precipitation scatter

Dutch: neerslagverdeling
English: deposit distribution

Dutch: negatie
English: negation; not-operation; Boolean complementation; inversion

Dutch: negatie-element
English: negator

Dutch: negatief beeld
English: negative image

Dutch: negatief gaande
English: negative going

Dutch: negatief ion
English: negative ion

Dutch: negatief scheef
English: negatively skew

Dutch: negatief testen
English: negative testing

Dutch: negatiefhouder
English: negative holder

Dutch: negatie-indicator
English: negation indicator

Dutch: negatieteken
English: negation character

Dutch: negatieve aarde
English: negative ground

Dutch: negatieve bias
English: negative bias

Dutch: negatieve elektrode
English: negative electrode

Dutch: negatieve geleider
English: negative conductor

Dutch: negatieve impedantie
English: negative impedance

Dutch: negatieve lading
English: negative charge

Dutch: negatieve logica
English: negative logic

Dutch: negatieve matrijshelft
English: negative mould half; bottom force

Dutch: negatieve modulatie
English: negative modulation

Dutch: negatieve plaat
English: negative plate

Dutch: negatieve potentiaal
English: negative potential

Dutch: negatieve resistentie
English: negative resistance

Dutch: negatieve ruimtelading
English: negative space charge

Dutch: negatieve scheefheid
English: negative skewness

Dutch: negatieve spanning
English: negative voltage

Dutch: negatieve speling
English: interference

Dutch: negatieve terminal
English: negative ve (–ve)

Dutch: negatieve transmissie
English: negative transmission

Dutch: negatieve valentie
English: negative valence

Dutch: negatieve voorraad
English: negative stock

Dutch: negatieve voorspanning
English: negative bias; grid bias; bias

Dutch: negatieve weerstand
English: negative resistor

Dutch: negeerteken
English: ignore character; error character

Dutch: negencomplement
English: nines complement; complement of nine

Dutch: negenhoek
English: nonagon

Dutch: negenproef
English: casting out nines

Dutch: nek
English: neck

Dutch: Nen poort
English: nand gate

Dutch: neocognitron
English: neocognitron

Dutch: neocortex
English: neocortex

Dutch: neodymium
English: neodymium

Dutch: neon
English: neon

Dutch: neonbuis
English: neon bulb; neon tube

Dutch: neonbuis-flip-flop
English: neon-bulb flip-flop

Dutch: neonbuislogica
English: neon-bulb logic

Dutch: neonbuispoort
English: neon-bulb gate

Dutch: neongas
English: neon gas

Dutch: neonlamp
English: neon lamp

Dutch: neontriode
English: neon triode

Dutch: neopreen
English: neoprene

Dutch: neper
English: neper

Dutch: Neperiaanse grondtal
English: Napierian Base

Dutch: Neperiaanse logaritme
English: Napierian logarithm

Dutch: nerf
English: grain

Dutch: nest
English: nest

Dutch: nestel
English: thimble

Dutch: nesten
English: to nest

Dutch: nestend niveau
English: nesting level

Dutch: net; netten
English: network; mains; net; networks

Dutch: netaansluiting
English: mains connection; net connection

Dutch: netapparaat
English: mains receiver; network equipment; mains-operated equipment; net equipment

Dutch: netbedrijf
English: mains operation

Dutch: netbrom
English: mains hum

Dutch: netcontactdoos
English: mains socket; walls socket; net socket

Dutch: netcontactstop
English: mains plug

Dutch: neteldoek
English: muslin

Dutch: netelektrode
English: wire-gauze electrode; net-shaped electrode

Dutch: netfilter
English: mains filter

Dutch: netfiltercondensator
English: mains-filter capacitor

Dutch: netfrequentie
English: mains frequency; power frequency; supply frequency

Dutch: netheid
English: neatness; tidiness; cleanness; cleanliness

Dutch: netkoppeling
English: mains coupling; interconnection

Dutch: netlijn
English: exchange line

Dutch: netlijnsignalering
English: exchange line signalling

Dutch: netomvormer
English: mains converter

Dutch: netpatroon
English: interference pattern

Dutch: netpunt
English: node

Dutch: netschakelaar
English: mains switch; power on/off switch

Dutch: netschakeling
English: mains circuit

Dutch: netsmoorspoel
English: mains choke; line choke

Dutch: netsnoer
English: mains lead; mains flex; line cord

Dutch: netspanning
English: mains voltage; line voltage

Dutch: netspanningsvariaties
English: mains fluctuations; mains-voltage variations

Dutch: netsteker
English: mains plug

Dutch: netstoorspanning
English: mains interference voltage

Dutch: netstraling
English: mains radiation

Dutch: netstroom
English: line current; mains current

Dutch: netto belasting
English: net load

Dutch: netto capacitantie
English: net capacitance

Dutch: netto component
English: net component

Dutch: netto gewicht
English: nett weight; net weight

Dutch: netto impedantie
English: net impedance

Dutch: netto inductantie
English: net inductance

Dutch: netto prijs
English: nett price; net price

Dutch: netto reactantie
English: net reactance

Dutch: netto resisentie
English: net resistance

Dutch: netto spanning
English: net voltage

Dutch: netto stroom
English: net current

Dutch: nettobehoefte
English: net requirement

Dutch: nettobehoeftebepaling
English: netting

Dutch: netto-belastingmethode
English: net load method

Dutch: nettoverandering MRP
English: net change MRP

Dutch: nettoversterking
English: net gain

Dutch: nettoverzwakking
English: net loss

Dutch: nettransformator
English: mains transformer

Dutch: netvlies
English: retina

Dutch: netvoeding
English: mains supply; mains power supply; mains-operated; mains-powered

Dutch: netwerkbesturing
English: network control

Dutch: netwerkconstante
English: network constant

Dutch: netwerkfilter
English: network filter

Dutch: netwerkinrichting
English: networking

Dutch: netwerklaag
English: network layer

Dutch: netwerkmodel
English: network model

Dutch: netwerkplanningsysteem
English: network planning system

Dutch: netwerkserver
English: network server

Dutch: netwerksimulator
English: network simulator; network analyzer

Dutch: netwerksynthese
English: network synthesis

Dutch: netwerkwijde code
English: call-directly code: CDC

Dutch: netwisselspanning
English: AC mains voltage

Dutch: netzekering
English: mains fuse

Dutch: neuriet
English: axon

Dutch: neuristor
English: neuristor

Dutch: neurocomputer
English: neurocomputer

Dutch: neurodendron
English: dendrite

Dutch: neurofilosofie
English: neurophilosophy

Dutch: neurolinguïstiek
English: neurolinguistics

Dutch: neuron
English: neuron

Dutch: neuronaal netwerk
English: neural network

Dutch: neuroon
English: neuron

Dutch: neurozender
English: neurotransmitter

Dutch: neutraal
English: neutral; inert

Dutch: neutraal grijsfilter
English: neutral density filter: ND filter

Dutch: neutralisatie
English: neutralization

Dutch: neutralisatiegetal
English: neutralization number; neutralization value

Dutch: neutralisatiesignaal
English: neutralizing signal

Dutch: neutraliseerzout
English: neutralizing salt

Dutch: neutraliseren
English: to neutralize

Dutch: neutraliserend circuit
English: neutralizing circuit

Dutch: neutrodyne
English: neutrodyne

Dutch: neutrodynisatie
English: neutralization

Dutch: neutrodyniseren
English: to neutralize

Dutch: nevel
English: vapour

Dutch: nevelen
English: to atomize; to spray-dust

Dutch: nevelfluxen
English: airless spray-fluxing

Dutch: nevelfluxmachine
English: airless spray-fluxing machine

Dutch: nevelsmering
English: mist lubrication; atomized lubrication

Dutch: nevelspuit
English: atomizer

Dutch: nevenmerk
English: supplementary trade mark

Dutch: nevenproduct
English: by-product; co-product

Dutch: nevenverschijnsel
English: side-effect

Dutch: newton
English: newton

Dutch: newtonring
English: newton ring

Dutch: Newtonse vloeistof
English: Newtonian liquid

Dutch: n-gebied
English: n-region; n-type region

Dutch: n-geleiding
English: n-type conduction

Dutch: nibbel
English: nibble

Dutch: niet afgeleid
English: primitive

Dutch: niet afgeleid element
English: primitive element

Dutch: niet gecompenseerd
English: uncompensated

Dutch: niet geplande uitgifte
English: unplanned issue

Dutch: niet geplande uren
English: non-scheduled hours

Dutch: niet in orde
English: to be out of order

Dutch: niet uitgevoerde order
English: back order

Dutch: niet voldane vraag
English: disserviced demand

Dutch: niet-aanraakbaar
English: inaccessible; non-hazardous

Dutch: niet-aantoonbaar
English: non-demonstrable; intangible; imponderable

Dutch: niet-aanwijsbaar
English: non-demonstrable; intangible; imponderable

Dutch: niet-actief kanaal
English: idle channel

Dutch: niet-actief teken
English: inactive character

Dutch: niet-actieve toestand
English: idle state

Dutch: niet-afgeschermd
English: non-screened; non-shielded

Dutch: niet-afkrijtend
English: non-chalking; chalk resisting

Dutch: niet-afwasbaar
English: non-washable

Dutch: nietapparaat
English: stapler

Dutch: niet-bedekt
English: non-covered; non-coated

Dutch: niet-bederfelijk
English: unperishable

Dutch: niet-behandeld met
English: non-treated with

Dutch: niet-beschikbare tijd
English: out of service time

Dutch: niet-bewerking
English: not-operation; negation; Boolean complementation; inversion

Dutch: niet-circuit
English: not circuit

Dutch: niet-contacterend
English: non-contacting; touchless

Dutch: niet-corrodeerbaar
English: non-corrodible

Dutch: niet-destructief
English: non-destructive

Dutch: niet-destructieve test
English: non-destructive test

Dutch: niet-deterministisch
English: non-deterministic

Dutch: niet-doorlopend gat
English: blind hole

Dutch: niet-effectieve tijd
English: ineffective time

Dutch: niet-elastisch
English: non-elastic

Dutch: niet-element
English: not element; negater; inverter

Dutch: nieten
English: to staple

Dutch: niet-en
English: nand

Dutch: niet-en bewerking
English: non-conjunction; nand operation; not-and operation; not both operation; sheffer stroke operation; stroke operation

Dutch: niet-en circuit
English: nand circuit

Dutch: niet-en element
English: not-and element; nand element

Dutch: niet-en poort
English: not-and gate; nand gate

Dutch: niet-en poort
English: nand gate

Dutch: niet-functie
English: not function

Dutch: niet-geaard
English: non-earthed

Dutch: niet-geautoriseerd
English: unauthorized

Dutch: niet-geïsoleerd
English: non-insulated

Dutch: niet-gelaagde taal
English: unstratified language

Dutch: niet-gelegeerde anode
English: non-alloy anode

Dutch: niet-geleidend
English: non-conducting

Dutch: niet-geleider
English: non-conductor

Dutch: niet-gestabiliseerd
English: unregulated

Dutch: niet-giftig
English: non-toxic

Dutch: niet-hardbaar
English: non-hardenable

Dutch: niet-herstelbaar
English: unrecoverable

Dutch: niet-inductief
English: non-inductive

Dutch: niet-ionisch
English: nonionic

Dutch: nietje
English: staple

Dutch: niet-kristallijn
English: non-crystalline

Dutch: niet-lineair
English: non-linear

Dutch: niet-lineaire functie
English: non-linear function

Dutch: niet-lineariteit
English: non-linearity

Dutch: nietmachine
English: stapler; stapling machine

Dutch: niet-meetbaar
English: intangible

Dutch: niet-mengbaar
English: immiscible

Dutch: niet-metaal
English: nonmetal

Dutch: niet-metalliek
English: non-metallic

Dutch: niet-of poort
English: nor gate

Dutch: niet-omkeerbaar
English: non-reversible

Dutch: niet-onaanzienlijk
English: not inconsiderable

Dutch: niet-ontstoord
English: interference not suppressed

Dutch: niet-ontvlambaar
English: non-flammable

Dutch: niet-opgewerkt
English: plain

Dutch: niet-planair
English: nonplanar

Dutch: niet-poort
English: not gate

Dutch: niet-procedurele taal
English: declarative language; non-procedural language

Dutch: niet-professioneel
English: domestic

Dutch: niet-reflecterend
English: non-reflecting

Dutch: niet-resident
English: non-resident

Dutch: niet-resonerend
English: nonresonant

Dutch: niet-roestend
English: rustproof; non-corrodible; stainless

Dutch: niet-schuimend
English: non-foaming

Dutch: niet-sinusvormige golf
English: nonsinusoidal waveform

Dutch: niet-terugkerend
English: non-recurring; non-recurrent

Dutch: niet-toevallig
English: non-random

Dutch: niet-uitgehard
English: non-cured; uncured

Dutch: niet-uitwisbaar
English: non-erasable

Dutch: niet-uitwissend lezen
English: non-destructive reading

Dutch: niet-variabel
English: non-variable

Dutch: niet-verblindend
English: non-dazzling; glare-free

Dutch: niet-vergelend
English: non-yellowing

Dutch: niet-vergrendelbaar
English: non-locking; non-latching

Dutch: niet-verspanend
English: non-cutting

Dutch: niet-verwisselbaar
English: non-reversible; direction of flutes obligatory

Dutch: niet-vluchtig
English: non-volatile

Dutch: niet-vluchtig geheugen
English: nonvolatile storage

Dutch: niet-volgespoten
English: short shot

Dutch: niet-wisbaar
English: non-erasable

Dutch: nieuw
English: new; fresh; virgin

Dutch: nieuwbenoemd
English: newly appointed

Dutch: nieuwbouw
English: new building; new construction

Dutch: nieuwheid
English: newness

Dutch: nieuwzilver
English: German silver; new silver

Dutch: nijpen
English: to pinch

Dutch: nijpend
English: acute

Dutch: nijptang
English: pincers

Dutch: nijverheidsonderwijs
English: technical education; industrial training

Dutch: nikkelachtig
English: nickelous

Dutch: nikkelanode
English: nickel anode

Dutch: nikkelbad
English: nickel bath; nickel plating solution

Dutch: nikkelbrons
English: nickel bronze

Dutch: nikkel-cadmiumbatterij
English: nickel-cadmium battery

Dutch: nikkel-cadmiumcel
English: nickel-cadmium cell

Dutch: nikkelchroom
English: nickel chromium; nichrome

Dutch: nikkelchroomstaal
English: nickel chrome steel

Dutch: nikkelhoogglansbeits
English: bright nickel dip

Dutch: nikkelkoper
English: nickel copper

Dutch: nikkelstaal
English: nickel steel

Dutch: niobium
English: columbium; niobium

Dutch: Nipkow schijf
English: Nipkow disc

Dutch: nippel
English: nipple; punch

Dutch: nippelbreuk
English: punch fracture

Dutch: nippelplaat
English: punch plate

Dutch: nis
English: niche; recess

Dutch: nit
English: nit

Dutch: nitreeroven
English: nitriding oven

Dutch: nitreerstaal
English: nitrided steel

Dutch: nitreerzout
English: nitrating salt

Dutch: nitreren
English: to nitrate; to nitrify; to nitride

Dutch: nitreus
English: nitrous

Dutch: nitride
English: nitride

Dutch: nitriet
English: nitrite

Dutch: nitrobenzeen
English: nitrobenzene

Dutch: nitrocelluloseverf
English: nitrocellulose paint; cellulose nitrate paint

Dutch: nitrosynthetisch
English: nitro synthetic

Dutch: niveau
English: level; rank; data level; state

Dutch: niveau-aanwijzer
English: level indicator

Dutch: niveaubegrenzing
English: automatic gain control: AGC

Dutch: niveaubesturing
English: level control

Dutch: niveaubuis
English: DC restoring diode

Dutch: niveaucode
English: level code

Dutch: niveaudetector
English: level detector

Dutch: niveaudiode
English: DC restoring diode

Dutch: niveaugelijkrichter
English: clamping rectifier

Dutch: niveaukromme
English: level curve

Dutch: niveauplan
English: level schedule

Dutch: niveauregelaar
English: equalizer

Dutch: niveauregeling
English: equalization

Dutch: niveaurooster
English: level schedule

Dutch: niveautriode
English: DC restoring triode

Dutch: niveauverschil
English: difference of level; channel balance

Dutch: nivelleren
English: to level

Dutch: nivellering
English: levelling; equalization

Dutch: n-kanaal
English: n-type channel

Dutch: n-kanaal-MOSFET
English: n-channel MOSFET

Dutch: n-niveau-adres
English: n-level address

Dutch: noch-circuit
English: nor circuit

Dutch: noch-noch
English: not-or

Dutch: noch-noch-bewerking
English: not-or disjunction; not-or operation; neither nor operation; dagger operation

Dutch: noch-noch-element
English: not-or element; not-or gate

Dutch: noch-poort
English: nor gate

Dutch: noch-schakeling
English: nor circuit

Dutch: nodig
English: necessary

Dutch: nodulair
English: ductile iron; nodular (iron)

Dutch: noduul
English: nodule

Dutch: Nof-poort
English: nor gate

Dutch: nog te lassen laspunt
English: welding point

Dutch: nok
English: cam; boss; projection; peg

Dutch: nokbediend
English: cam-operated; cam-driven; cam-controlled

Dutch: nokcirkel
English: cam circle

Dutch: nokhals
English: shoulder of cam

Dutch: nokkenas
English: cam shaft

Dutch: nokkendiagram
English: cam diagram

Dutch: nokkenpers
English: cam-operated press

Dutch: nokkenschijf
English: cam disc

Dutch: noklengte
English: cam length

Dutch: nokoverbrenging
English: cam transmission

Dutch: nokprofiel
English: cam profile; cam contour

Dutch: nokrol
English: cam-follower roller

Dutch: nokrolpen
English: cam-roller pin

Dutch: noktrommel
English: cam drum

Dutch: nomenclatuurstandaard
English: nomenclature standard

Dutch: nominaal
English: nominal; rated

Dutch: nominaal contrast
English: overall contrast ratio

Dutch: nominaal signaal
English: rate signal

Dutch: nominale bandbreedte
English: nominal bandwidth

Dutch: nominale inhoud
English: nominal dimension; nominal size; basic size

Dutch: nominale vertraging
English: nominal delay

Dutch: nominale waarde
English: nominal value; rated value

Dutch: nonchalance
English: casualness; carelessness

Dutch: nonchalant
English: casual; careless; lax

Dutch: non-cumulatief
English: non-cumulative; exclusive or

Dutch: non-equivalentie
English: non-equivalence; exclusive-or operation; modulo two sum; addition without carry

Dutch: non-ferro
English: non-ferrous

Dutch: non-ferrometaal
English: nonferrous metal

Dutch: noniljoen
English: nonillion

Dutch: noniusaflezing
English: vernier reading

Dutch: noniuscondensator
English: vernier capacitor

Dutch: noniusverdeling
English: vernier graduation

Dutch: noniusweerstand
English: vernier resistor

Dutch: non-selecte getallen
English: random numbers

Dutch: nood
English: need; necessity; distress

Dutch: noodbericht
English: distress message

Dutch: nooddeur
English: emergency door

Dutch: noodfrequentie
English: distress frequency; air-ground communication emergency frequency

Dutch: noodhulp
English: temporary assistance; temporary hand

Dutch: noodmaatregel
English: emergency measure; makeshift; expedience

Dutch: noodoplossing
English: emergency measure; makeshift; expedience

Dutch: noodoproep
English: distress call

Dutch: noodschakelaar
English: emergency switch

Dutch: noodsignaal
English: distress signal

Dutch: noodsituatie
English: emergency; emergency conditions

Dutch: noodsprong
English: last resource

Dutch: noodstop; noodstoppen
English: emergency stop; emergency stops

Dutch: noodtrap
English: fire escape

Dutch: noodverband
English: patch

Dutch: noodverkeer
English: distress traffic

Dutch: noodzakelijke waarheid
English: necessary truth

Dutch: noodzaken
English: to compel; to force

Dutch: noordpool
English: north pole

Dutch: noord-zuidcorrectie
English: north-south correction

Dutch: Norbit bouwsteen
English: norbit circuit block

Dutch: norit
English: activated carbon

Dutch: norm
English: norm; standard

Dutch: normaal
English: normal; perpendicular

Dutch: normaal waterniveau
English: low water level

Dutch: normaalbak
English: bin; standard bin; tote box; tote pan; standard container

Dutch: normaaldoorsnede
English: normal section

Dutch: normaaldrukhoek
English: normal angle of pressure

Dutch: normaalgloeien
English: to normalize

Dutch: normaalkegel
English: normal cone

Dutch: normaaloplossing
English: normal solution

Dutch: normaalstempel
English: standard die-set

Dutch: normaalstempelhuis
English: standard die-set

Dutch: normaaltijd
English: standard time

Dutch: normaaltoeslag
English: standard allowance

Dutch: normaalwand
English: standard partitioning; standard partition wall

Dutch: normaanduiding
English: standard indication

Dutch: normale bezetting
English: normal activity level

Dutch: normale distributie
English: normal distribution; Gaussian distribution

Dutch: normale grens
English: standard limit

Dutch: normale impedantie
English: normal impedance

Dutch: normale keuring
English: normal inspection

Dutch: normale kromme
English: normal curve

Dutch: normale somverdeling
English: cumulative normal distribution

Dutch: normale tekst
English: clear text

Dutch: normale verdeling
English: normal distribution; Gauss distribution

Dutch: normale vraag
English: regular demand

Dutch: normalisatie
English: standardization; normalization; normalizing

Dutch: normalisatieproces
English: standardization process

Dutch: normaliseren
English: to standardize; to normalize

Dutch: normaliteit
English: normality

Dutch: normatief
English: normative

Dutch: normblad
English: standard

Dutch: normcyclus
English: standards life cycle

Dutch: normeren
English: to normalize

Dutch: normvastheid
English: conformance

Dutch: normvertaler
English: translator

Dutch: normvoorraad
English: norm stock; standard stock

Dutch: nortonkast
English: norton gearbox

Dutch: notatie
English: notation

Dutch: notatiestandaard
English: notation standard

Dutch: notenbalk
English: staves

Dutch: notitieboekcomputer
English: notebook computer; note book

Dutch: notulen
English: minutes; record of proceedings; proceedings

Dutch: nouveauté
English: novelty

Dutch: n-overgangen
English: n-transitions

Dutch: novotext
English: synthetic resin bonded fabric: SRBF

Dutch: npnp-eenheid
English: npnp device

Dutch: npn-transistor
English: npn transistor

Dutch: np-overgang
English: np junction

Dutch: N-switch dekking
English: N-switch coverage

Dutch: N-switch testen
English: N-switch testing

Dutch: NTC-weerstand
English: NTC-resistor

Dutch: NTSC-driehoek
English: NTSC-triangle

Dutch: NTSC-lijn
English: NTSC-line

Dutch: NTSC-systeem
English: NTSC-system

Dutch: n-tupel
English: n-tuple

Dutch: n-type
English: n-type

Dutch: N-type geleiding
English: N-type conduction

Dutch: N-type halfgeleider
English: N-type semiconductor

Dutch: N-type materiaal
English: N-type material

Dutch: NuBe-bestand
English: NC-file

Dutch: NuBe-gegevens
English: NC-data

Dutch: nucleaire kracht
English: nuclear force

Dutch: nucleaire voortstuwing
English: nuclear propulsion

Dutch: nul
English: null; zero

Dutch: nulaanwijzing
English: zero indication; zero reading

Dutch: nulafstelling
English: zero adjustment

Dutch: nulafwijking
English: zero error

Dutch: nulas
English: zero axis

Dutch: nulbelasting
English: zero load

Dutch: nulcapacitantie
English: zero capacitance

Dutch: nulcapaciteit
English: zero capacitance

Dutch: nulcomponent
English: zero-frequency component; DC component

Dutch: nulenergie
English: zero energy

Dutch: nulfase
English: zero phase

Dutch: nulfrequentie
English: null frequency

Dutch: nulhypothese
English: null hypothesis; chance hypothesis

Dutch: nulimpedantie
English: zero impedance

Dutch: nulinductantie
English: zero inductance

Dutch: nulinsteller
English: zero adjuster

Dutch: nulinstelling
English: zero adjustment; zero set

Dutch: nulinterferentie
English: zero interference

Dutch: nulinvoer
English: zero input

Dutch: nulklem
English: zero terminal

Dutch: nullast
English: zero load; no-load

Dutch: nullastimpedantie
English: no-load impedance; open-circuit impedance; blocked impedance

Dutch: nullastkarakteristiek
English: no-load characteristic; open-circuit characteristic

Dutch: nullastspanning
English: no-load voltage; open-circuit voltage

Dutch: nullaststroom
English: no-load current; open-circuit current

Dutch: nullastverlies
English: no-load loss; open-circuit loss

Dutch: nullastvermogen
English: no-load power

Dutch: nullenonderdrukking
English: zero suppression

Dutch: nulmodulatie
English: zero modulation

Dutch: nulniveau
English: zero level

Dutch: nulpagina
English: page zero

Dutch: nulpunt; nulpunt [1]
English: zero point; null point; zero

Dutch: nulpuntverschuiving
English: zero offset

Dutch: nulreactantie
English: zero reactance

Dutch: nulreferentiepunt
English: zero reference point

Dutch: nulresistentie
English: zero resistance

Dutch: nulruis
English: zero noise

Dutch: nulserie
English: 0-series

Dutch: nulsignaal
English: zero signal

Dutch: nulstand
English: zero position; zero condition; zero state; nought state

Dutch: nulstandhefboom
English: reset crank; reset lever

Dutch: nulstroom
English: null current; zero current; no-current

Dutch: nulterugstelknop
English: zero-reset button

Dutch: nulterugstelling
English: zero reset

Dutch: nultijd
English: zero time

Dutch: nultoestand
English: zero state

Dutch: nuluitgangssignaal
English: zero output signal; zero output; nought output signal; nought output

Dutch: nuluitvoer
English: zero output

Dutch: nulverloop
English: zero drift

Dutch: nulvermogen
English: zero power

Dutch: nulvertraging
English: zero delay

Dutch: nulvoorraden
English: zero inventories

Dutch: numeriek
English: numerical; numeric

Dutch: numeriek woord
English: numeric word

Dutch: numerieke aflezing
English: numerical display; numeric readout

Dutch: numerieke bits
English: numerical bits

Dutch: numerieke code
English: numeric code

Dutch: numerieke methode
English: numerical method

Dutch: numeroteur
English: numbering stamp

Dutch: nummer
English: number

Dutch: nummerstempel
English: numbering stamp

Dutch: nummervolgorde
English: sequence

Dutch: nut
English: usefulness; utility

Dutch: NutriNormAkker-systeem
English: NutriNormAkker system

Dutch: nutsbedrijf
English: utility

Dutch: nuttig
English: useful; effective

Dutch: nuttig effect
English: useful effect; efficiency

Dutch: nuttige bandbreedte
English: useful bandwidth; effective bandwidth

Dutch: nuttige inhoud
English: useful capacity

Dutch: nuttige lading
English: useful load; payload

Dutch: nuttige ruimte
English: actual usable space

Dutch: nuttige slag
English: effective travel

Dutch: nuttigheidsfactor
English: efficiency

Dutch: n-verontreiniging
English: n-type impurity

Dutch: n-voudig
English: n-tuple

Dutch: n-voudig
English: n-ary

Dutch: nylonkoppeling
English: nylon coupling

Dutch: nylonlager
English: nylon bearing

Dutch: Nyquistdiagram
English: Nyquist diagram

Dutch: Nyquistfilter
English: Nyquist filter

Dutch: Nyquistflank
English: Nyquist edge; Nyquist slope

Dutch: obeche
English: obeche

Dutch: object
English: object; project

Dutch: object van een klasse
English: class object

Dutch: object-attributen
English: object attributes

Dutch: objectbeeld
English: object view

Dutch: objectbeheersgroep
English: Object Management Group: OMG

Dutch: object-beheerssysteem
English: object management system

Dutch: objectbemiddelaar
English: object broker

Dutch: objectcode
English: object code

Dutch: objectdiensten
English: object services

Dutch: objecteigenaar
English: object owner

Dutch: object-georiënteerd
English: object-oriented: OO

Dutch: objectief
English: objective

Dutch: objectieve beoordeling
English: objective evaluation

Dutch: objectinterface
English: object interface

Dutch: objectmodel
English: object model

Dutch: objectmodule
English: object module

Dutch: objectmoduul
English: object module

Dutch: objectnaam
English: object name

Dutch: objectniveau
English: object level

Dutch: objectprogramma
English: object program

Dutch: objectrealisatie
English: object creation

Dutch: objectrelatie
English: object relationship

Dutch: objectsysteem
English: object system

Dutch: objecttaal
English: object language

Dutch: objecttype
English: object type

Dutch: objectvernietiging
English: object destruction

Dutch: obligatielogica
English: obligation logic

Dutch: observeerbaarheid
English: observability

Dutch: Occam's mes
English: Occam's razor

Dutch: occlusie
English: occlusion

Dutch: occurrentie
English: occurrence

Dutch: octaaf
English: octave

Dutch: octaafband
English: octave band

Dutch: octaafkoppelaar
English: octave coupler; pitch control

Dutch: octaal cijfer
English: octal digit

Dutch: octaal getal
English: octal number

Dutch: octade
English: octet

Dutch: octalvoetbuis
English: octal valve base; octal tube base

Dutch: octboom
English: oct tree

Dutch: octode
English: octode

Dutch: octodebuis
English: octode tube

Dutch: Octree-methode
English: Octree method

Dutch: oculair
English: ocular; eyepiece

Dutch: odometrie
English: odometry

Dutch: oerknaltest
English: big-bang test

Dutch: oersted
English: oersted

Dutch: of-circuit
English: or circuit

Dutch: of-element
English: or element

Dutch: O-fenanthroline
English: O-phenantroline

Dutch: off line
English: off-line

Dutch: offer
English: sacrifice

Dutch: off-line
English: off-line

Dutch: off-line apparatuur
English: off-line devices; off-line equipment

Dutch: off-line systeem
English: off-line system

Dutch: off-line verwerking
English: off-line processing

Dutch: offset
English: offset

Dutch: offsetmachine
English: offset machine; offset printing machine

Dutch: offsetprocédé
English: offset operation

Dutch: offsetspanning
English: offset voltage

Dutch: offsetstroom
English: offset current

Dutch: of-poort
English: or gate

Dutch: of-schakeling
English: or circuit

Dutch: ogenblikkelijk
English: instantaneous

Dutch: ogenblikswaarde
English: instantaneous value

Dutch: ohm
English: ohm

Dutch: ohm-centimeter
English: ohm-centimeter

Dutch: ohmmeter
English: ohmmeter

Dutch: ohms
English: resistive

Dutch: ohms component
English: ohmic component

Dutch: ohms contact
English: ohmic contact

Dutch: ohms verlies
English: ohmic loss

Dutch: ohmse component
English: ohmic component; resistive component

Dutch: ohmse responsie
English: ohmic response

Dutch: ohmse weerstand
English: ohmic resistance

Dutch: ohmweerstand
English: ohmage

Dutch: okoumé
English: gaboon

Dutch: olieachtig
English: oily

Dutch: oliedicht
English: oil tight

Dutch: olie-diëlectricum
English: oil dielectric

Dutch: oliedruk
English: oil pressure

Dutch: oliedrukcontrolelamp
English: oil-pressure warning light

Dutch: oliedrukschakelaar
English: oil-pressure switch; hydraulic switch

Dutch: oliegetal
English: oil value; oil number

Dutch: oliehardend
English: oil-hardening

Dutch: olie-isolatie
English: oil insulation

Dutch: oliekamer
English: oil well

Dutch: olieopslagplaats
English: oil store