Dutch/English terminology list of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) - June 2021
The data on this page comes from the document available from the following page: https://studiegids.tue.nl/career-skills/taalcursussen-en-academic-writing-skills/english-language-toolbox (‘TUe Terminology List - June 2021.pdf’)
Thanks to Kitty Brussaard for alerting me to its existence! See: https://www.proz.com/kudoz/english-to-dutch/education-pedagogy/7162222-university-entrance-diploma.html


This list was created to provide clarity concerning the official names in Dutch and English for the most important bodies within the TU/e, the most frequently cited functions and most frequently used terminology. The aim of this list is to provide a TU/e standard. The list is not static and is under constant development. The aim is to issue updates at least twice per year.

The Terminology List TU/e includes the terms that describe TU/e as an organization (Section 1) and terms frequently used at, but not necessarily exclusive to TU/e (Section 2). Both sections are regularly added to, but particularly Section 2 of this list is the part of the list that will be expanded on in the future.

A number of the Dutch terms in Section 2 are used nationally. However, there is no single national authority or consensus on an official translation into English for many terms used in higher education. These terms have therefore been researched by the authors of this list and the most appropriate English term decided upon accordingly. Where possible recognized authorities were consulted, such as the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). Discussions continue between the Dutch universities to gain consensus on various English terms where possible.


The sources of this list are varied. The former “TU/e Terminologielijst”, the Nuffic glossary and a number of glossaries on other Dutch university websites have been consulted. In the search for appropriate American-English terminology, American-English translators have been consulted, as have the websites of American universities with a strong technological base, such as MIT.


It is TU/e policy to use the spelling rules of American English. This list reflects that preference. The spelling of a number of terms in section two retain their British English spelling as these terms have been determined by other entities, e.g. 4TU Centres of Excellence (not ‘Centers’ ) and TNO: Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (not ‘Organization’).

Using capitals

In section one of this list there is an indication of where capital letters are used in English, as this may be different to the capitalization used in the Dutch language. Terms marked with * maintain their capitals if used in lists or in official letters, or in conjunction with the name of the person to which a function belongs. If these terms are used in running sentences, there is no need to use capitals.

Using abbreviations

As a rule the Dutch abbreviations of TU/e terminology should be used to indicate any entity or institute. The abbreviations should not be translated. For example, Eindhoven University of Technology must be abbreviated with TU/e and not EUT.

How to deal with dates in American English

In American English it is common to place the month before the day followed by a comma and then the year. Example: October 5, 1992. As an alternative, an article can be inserted before the day and the numeral becomes an ordinal. Example: October the 5th, 1992. Please note that some numerals do not

take “th” to become an ordinal. Examples: 1 -> 1st, 2 -> 2nd, 3 -> 3rd (i.e. first, second, third).

How to deal with capitalization and academic degrees

The Associated Press Stylebook (AP) recommends no capitals when referring to degrees in general terms (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, associate degree) but always capitalizing specific degrees (Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science), whether or not they directly precede or follow a name.


  • Orlando is thinking about getting a Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Orlando is thinking about getting a master’s degree.
  • He introduced Orlando Cruz, Bachelor of Science.

There is agreement, however, that abbreviations of academic degrees are to be capitalized. CMOS recommends omitting periods unless required for tradition or consistency (BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD), but AP prefers retaining the periods (B.A., B.S., M.A., M.S., Ph.D.).

Our recommendation is to use lower case in reference to degrees in general and to use capitals when a specific instance is referred to:

  • The TU/e offers many bachelor’s and master’s programs. (general)
  • The TU/e offers a Master’s Program of Operations Management and Logistics. (specific)

Translation or retention of Dutch academic titles:

The complication of translating academic titles lies in the following:

In Dutch drs. means doctorandus, but in English Drs. or drs. is the plural of Dr. (so two doctors). The easiest way to resolve this is to put drs. In italics to indicate a Dutch academic title.

In English it is common practice to only use the highest academic title:

  • prof.dr.ir Jansen -> Prof. Jansen
  • dr.ir.Jansen -> Dr Jansen

The title ir. is problematic in any case as it is a foreign abbreviation, so it would either require italics ir.

Jansen or would have to be translated as Jansen, MSc.

The only other alternative is to retain the Dutch titles, use their conventions and simply put them all in italics to indicate the Dutch academic title system:

  • Prof.dr.ir. Jansen

This solution can have advantages if the Dutch academic title mr. (meester) is also involved. Obviously, that can easily be misinterpreted as Mr. (mister) in English. The disadvantage of retaining the Dutch academic titles is if you have a mixed group, where some people have Dutch academic titles and some have titles from abroad.

November, 2019

Education and Student Affairs Eindhoven University of Technology

email: vertalen@tue.nl

Update March 2015

Although the list is regularly updated through the translation input we receive, March 2015 marks a point at which we have added a considerable number of new entries through close comparison with the term list provided by the CEC. In addition to these new entries, we have made a start with providing further contextualization for various terms (including either bracketed contexts or example sentences where appropriate). To improve the applicability of the terminology list, we aim to further extend the list by defining more formal (e.g. legal or formal academic contexts) and less formal contexts (e.g. web pages, press releases, or information for the general public). As a living document, new definitions and contexts will be added based on the input we receive. If you have any comments or spot any glaring omissions, please feel free to contact us.

Update October 2017

As a result of the TOO operation, the fact the 3TU has become 4TU, and several other sources of input at the TU/e, the October 2017 update contains many new or corrected entries. As always we are much obliged to everyone who contributed new terms to the list or pointed out changes we were unaware of. If you spot an error or simply wish to have a term added to the list that always trips you up, please contact vertalen@tue.nl with TU/e Terminology List in the subject line.

Update May 2019

With the consolidation of ESA operations, a list of the various groups within ESA has now been added to the list. Through collaboration with DFEZ a more specialized terminology has been included as a separate list for entries related to specialized financial terminology relevant to the TU/e community.

Update July 2020

With the introduction of the TU/e Language Policy 2020 (as of January 1, 2020), English has become the official working language of the TU/e. This has brought to the fore that some entities need an update for their name in English. Besides that, there is an on-going discussion about the new English abbreviations that need to be implemented. Once decisions have been finalized, they will be included in this terminology list. All ratified changes the TU/e Language Center has been notified of have been processed. For any errors you spot or name changes we are presently unaware of, please contact vertalen@tue.nl with TU/e Terminology List in the subject line.

Latest update: June 2021

Education & Student Affairs Eindhoven University of Technology

Email: vertalen@tue.nl

Terms referring to the TU/e as an organization

Terms marked with * maintain their capitals if used in lists or in official letters, or in conjunction with the name of the person to which a function belongs. If these terms are used in running sentences, there is no need to use capitals.

Please note: English abbreviations for names were not introduced at TU/e until the TU/e 2020 Language Policy. Names are currently under review and abbreviations have not been ratified. For now the Dutch abbreviations are still listed but will be replaced as soon as we receive notification. Please contact us vertalen@tue.nl if you have a name change/new abbreviation

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
Raad van Toezicht Supervisory Board
Voorzitter van de Raad van Toezicht President of the Supervisory Board*
Lid van de Raad van Toezicht Member of the Supervisory Board*
College van Bestuur

Voorzitter van het College van Bestuur

Executive Board

President Executive Board

Rector Magnificus Rector Magnificus *
Lid van het College van Bestuur Vice-President Executive Board *
Secretaris van de universiteit Secretary of the University*
Faculteiten en opleidingen Departments and programs
(Een aantal faculteiten en opleidingen hebben geen Nederlandstalige naam/ A number of departments and programs do not have a Dutch equivalent)
Faculteiten Departments
Faculteit Bouwkunde (B) Department of the Built Environment (BE)
Faculteit Biomedische Technologie (BMT) Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) Department of Electrical Engineering (EE)
Department of Industrial Design (ID) Department of Industrial Design (ID)
Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences (IE&IS)
Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie (ST) Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (CEC) – please note this abbreviation is used for both a department and a service so make sure the context is unambiguous.
Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde (TN) Department of Applied Physics (AP)
Faculteit Werktuigbouwkunde (W) Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica (W&I) Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS)
TU/e Bachelor College TU/e Bachelor College
Bacheloropleidingen Bachelor’s programs
Technische Innovatiewetenschappen
  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Psychology & Technology
Innovation Sciences
  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Psychology & Technology
Technische Bedrijfskunde
  • Technische Bedrijfskunde
Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
  • Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
Technische Wiskunde
  • Technische Wiskunde
Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
Technische Informatica
  • Software Science
  • Web Science
Computer Science & Engineering
  • Software Science
  • Web Science
  • Werktuigbouwkunde
Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Electrical Engineering
Technische Natuurkunde
  • Technische Natuurkunde
Applied Physics
  • Applied Physics
Scheikundige Technologie
  • Scheikundige Technologie
Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
  • Bouwkunde
Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences
  • Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences
Biomedische Technologie
  • Biomedische Technologie
  • Medische Wetenschappen en


Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Medical Sciences and Technology
Industrial Design
  • Industrial Design
Industrial Design
  • Industrial Design
TU/e Excellentieprogramma's TU/e Honors Programs
Honors Programs for Bachelor’s students:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Competitive programming and problem solving
  • Empowerment for Health & Wellbeing
  • Energy Transition
  • High Tech Systems
  • Network Society SensUs
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Mobility
TU/e Graduate School TU/e Graduate School
Masteropleidingen Master’s programs
Operations Management and Logistics Innovation Management

Innovation Sciences

Human-Technology Interaction

Computer Science and Engineering
  • Information Security Technology[1]

Business Information Systems[2]

Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Embedded Systems

Computer Science Education

Mathematics Education

Science Education & Communication

Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineering System

Sustainable Energy Technology

Systems & Control

Automotive Technology

Electrical Engineering
  • Broadband Telecommunication Technologies
  • Care and Cure
Applied Physics
  • Nano-Engineering
  • Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion

Physics Education

1 Programs in italics are special Master’s programs

2 Program terminated new intake in September 2018

Chemical Engineering

Chemistry Education

Architecture, Building and Planning Construction Management and Engineering
Biomedical Engineering

- Regenerative Medicine & Technology

Medical Engineering
Industrial Design
Ontwerpersopleidingen PDEng programs (Professional Doctorate in Engineering)
Logistics Management Systems (defunct)
Mathematics for Industry (defunct)
Design and Technology of Instrumentation (defunct)
Architectural Design Management Systems (defunct)
Automotive Systems Design
Clinical Informatics
Data Science
Healthcare Systems Design
Information and Communication Technology
Process & Product Design
Qualified Medical Engineer
Smart Buildings and Cities
Software Technology
User System Interaction
Functies bij faculteiten Positions at the departments
Decaan van de faculteit … Dean of the Department of… / (Department) Dean*
Directeur Bedrijfsvoering Managing Director*
Directeur Onderwijs Director of Education*
Directeur Onderzoek Director of Research*
Faculteitsbestuur Department Board*
Faculteitsbureau Department Office*
Faculteitsraad Department Council*
Faculteitsraadlid Member of the Department Council*
Faculteitsreglement Department Regulations*
Faculteitssecretariaat Department Secretariat*
Hoogleraar (full) Professor*
Hoogleraar in de … Professor of …*
Opleidingsdirecteur Program Director*
Universitair Docent (UD) Assistant Professor*
Universitair Hoofddocent (UHD) Associate Professor*
Docent (D) Teacher
Diensten TU/e services
Communicatie Expertise Centrum (CEC) Communication Expertise Center (CEC) – please note this abbreviation is used for both a department and a service so make

sure the context is unambiguous.

Dienst Algemene Zaken (DAZ) General Affairs (GA)
Dienst Financiёle en Economische Zaken


Finance and Control (F&C)
Dienst Huisvesting (DH) Real Estate (RE)
Dienst Informatie en Communicatie Technologie (DICT) naam is verouderd Dienst Information Management &

Services (IMS)

Information and Communication Technology Service (DICT) name now defunct

Information Management & Services (IMS)

Dienst Interne Zaken (DIZ) Facility Management Center (FMC)
Dienst Personeel en Organisatie (DPO) Human Resources Management (HRM)
Equipment & Prototype Center (EPC) Equipment & Prototype Center (EPC)
Informatie Expertise Centrum (IEC) Data Management & Library (DM&L)
Innovation Lab (IL) Innovation Lab (IL)
Education and Student Affairs (ESA) Education and Student Affairs (ESA)
Functies bij de diensten Positions in TU/e services
Directeur Director*
Dienstmedewerker Service staff
Andere functies Other positions
Dean van de Bachelor College (Dean BC) Dean BC
Dean van de Graduate School (Dean GS) Dean GS
Overlegvormen Consultative bodies
Adviescommissie Bachelor Onderwijs (ACB) Advisory Committee for Bachelor’s Education (ACB)
Adviescommissie Master Onderwijs (ACM) Advisory Committee for Master’s Education (ACM)
Bestuurlijk Overleg (BO) University Consultative Council (UCC)
Centrale Commissie Kwaliteitszorg

Onderwijs (CCKO)

Central Committee for Quality Care in Education


College voor Promoties (CvP) Doctorate Board (DB)
Diensthoofden Overleg (DHO) Director Council (DirC)
Directeurenoverleg (DO) Managing Director Council (MDC)
Faculteitsraad (FR) Department Council (DC)
Graduate School Council (GSC) Graduate School Council (GSC)
Overleg Graduate School (OGS) Graduate School Consultative Meeting (GSCM)
Overleg Opleidingsdirecteuren (OO) Program Director Council (PDC)
Studentenadviesorgaan (SAO) Student Advisory Body (SAB)
Studentenadviesorgaan internationaal (SAO International) Student Advisory Body International (SAB International)
Universiteitsraad (UR) University Council (UC)
Werkoverleg Bedrijfsvoering (WOB) Managing Director and Director Council (MDDC)

Terms frequently used at TU/e (alphabetized for Dutch)

4TU Centres of Excellence 4TU Centres of Excellence
4TU InnovationLab 4TU Innovation Lab
4TU sectorplan Wetenschap & Technologie 4TU Science & Technology sector plan
4TU.Federatie 4TU Federation
4TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute (SAI) (no translation) 4TU terms are in British English because that is what has been agreed between the 4 TUs. Please note previously all terminology referred to 3TU, which is now


aankomend student prospective student
aanmelden (bij de universiteit) to apply (for a Bachelor’s program)
aanmelden (voor een vak) to register (for a course)
aanmelding application / registration
aanmeldingsformulier application form / registration form
aanmeldtermijn application period / registration period
aanmeldzuil (digital) information kiosk
aanschuifonderwijs a form of contract teaching
aansluitende masteropleiding direct-access Master’s program
aansluitingsactiviteiten liaison activities
aanstaande studenten prospective students
aanvullende beurs supplementary grant
academicus (staflid) academic
academicus (student) university graduate
academisch jaar academic year
academische (jaar)agenda (annual) academic calendar
academische graad university degree /academic degree
academische vorming university education / academic skills / academic development
accreditatie accreditation
accreditatie-orgaan (CROHO) Central Accreditation Council (CROHO)
achterstand oplopen in de studie, studenten die students who fall behind with their studies
adjunct deputy
adviescommissie advisory committee
Adviescommissie Examens Bacheloropleidingen (AEB) Advisory Committee on Bachelor’s Programs Examinations


Adviescommissie Examens Mastersopleidingen


Advisory Committee on Master’s Programs Examinations


adviserend studentlid (binnen faculteitsbestuur) student advisory member
adviseur van College van Bestuur advisor to the Executive Board
afdelingsmanager division manager

afmelden (voor een onderwijseenheid)


To withdraw from (a study component)

afscheidsborrel farewell drinks / farewell reception
afstudeerbegeleider thesis supervisor
afstudeercommissie thesis committee
afstudeercoördinator thesis coordinator
afstudeerdatum graduation date


thesis supervisor

final project phase / thesis stage

afstudeerfonds graduation fund
afstudeerhoogleraar thesis professor
afstudeerjaar graduation year
afstudeeronderzoek graduation research
afstudeeropdracht subject/topic of final project
afstudeerpresentatie final presentation
afstudeerproject final project / thesis project / graduation project
afstudeerrichting major / specialization / main subject / *track (*preferred term in the OER)
afstudeerscriptie (final) thesis (bachelor’s & master’s)
afstudeertraject graduation process
afstudeervariant specialization / track
afstudeervergoeding graduation allowance
afstudeervoordracht final presentation
afstuderen to graduate / to obtain a degree / to take a degree / complete

your studies

afstuderen aan de TU/e to graduate from TU Eindhoven
afstuderen in … to take a degree in … / to graduate in …
afwijzen (laten zakken voor een examen) to fail someone for an examination
afwijzen (niet toelaten) to reject
afwijzen (van een aanvraag) to reject
afwijzingsbrief letter of non-admission
agenda (lijst van gebeurtenissen) calendar
agenda (notitieboekje) diary
agenda (vergadering) agenda
agendapunt item on the agenda / agenda item
AIO (zie ook promovendus) PhD candidate
alfa - humanities, arts, languages
alfastudies the Arts / humanities / liberal arts / arts subjects
alfawetenschappen the Arts / humanities /liberal arts / arts subjects
algemene universiteit comprehensive university
Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming


General Data Protection Regulation
antwoordmodel response model
ASIBI (Aanmelding, Studiekeuzecheck, Inschrijving, en Beëindiging Inschrijving) aspirant-student Registration, the Study Choice Check, Enrollment, and Termination of Enrollment

prospective student

baccalaureaat Baccalaureate
bachelor In a formal context a capital is used: the Bachelor’s program of Innovation Management. In a running sentence referring to the general sense of the word, a capital is unnecessary:

The TU/e offers a variety of different bachelor’s programs.

This also applies to the term Master’s / master’s.

bachelor-masterstelsel (of -systeem) bachelor-master system
bachelordiploma bachelor’s degree
Smith has a bachelor’s in Applied Physics
bacheloreindproject (BEP) bachelor’s final project (BEP; fossilized usage so this has not been altered to BFP yet)
bachelorfase bachelor’s (degree) program (usage with or without ‘degree’ is found, but please be consistent within one text)

Bachelor’s Program of Electrical Engineering

bacheloropleiding bachelor’s program / bachelor’s degree program / undergraduate program

Bachelor’s Program of Data Science

bachelorstudent bachelor’s student / undergraduate
bachelortitel bachelor’s degree
  • Smith is a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management Science
balie information desk
basisbeurs basic grant
basisdeel van de opleiding (die iedere student moet volgen) basic part of the program
basiskwalificatie onderwijs (BKO) university teaching qualification (UTQ)
basisonderwijseenheid basic study component
basisregister onderwijs (BRON) Basic Register of Education (BRON)
basisvak basic course
BC-UR Bachelor College – University Council Education Committee (BC-UR)
bedrijfsbureau Planning & Support Center
bedrijfshulpverlening (BHV) Emergency Response Team (BHV)
begeleiden to supervise
  • Tijdens het scriptie schrijven heb ik veel contact met mijn begeleider.
  • De begeleider die ik had voor de professionele vaardigheid Samenwerken heeft me veel geholpen.
supervisor / coach
  • While writing my thesis I have a lot of contact with my supervisor.
  • The coach I had for the professional skills Cooperation helped me a lot.
begeleiding supervision / coaching
begeleidingscommissie supervisory committee / coaching committee
begeleidingstijd supervision time / coaching time
beginnen aan een studie/met een stage to start a degree / to start an internship
begintermen starting level(s) / entry qualification(s) / entry requirement(s)
bekostigd (instelling, opleiding) government-funded (institution, study program)
bekostigen to finance / to bear the cost of
bekostiging funding
bekostigingsmodel funding formula
beleid policy
beleidsadviseur policy advisor
beleidskwestie policy issue
beleidsmatig policy (bijvoegelijk gebruikt) / in accordance with policy
beleidsmedewerker policy officer
beleidsnota policy document
beleidsplan policy plan
beleidsvoorbereiding policy preparation
beleidsvoornemen policy statement
benoemingscommissie appointment committee
beoordelingsprocedure assessment procedure
beroep (in beroep gaan) appeal (to appeal)
beroep aantekenen file an appeal / lodge an appeal
beroepschrift (letter of) appeal
beroepsgericht onderwijs vocational education
beroepsonderwijs vocational education
beroepsopleiding vocational training / professional training
besluit (nemen) (to make/take a) decision / issue a decree (CvB)
besluit tot toelating admission decision
besluitenlijst (CvB) list of decrees (issued by the CvB)
besluitvorming decision making
besturen to manage
bestuur (van een faculteit) administration (of a department)
bestuur (de bestuurders) board (with a capital if part of a name)
bestuursactiviteiten (student) administrative officer activities
bestuursbeurs administrative grant
bestuursjaar administrative officer year
beheerseenheid management unit
beoordelingsgesprek appraisal interview
Bestuurlijk Overleg (BO)

bestuurs- en beheersreglement

University Consultative Council (BO)

management regulations

bestuursorgaan administrative body
bèta science
bèta-onderwijs science-based university degree programs
beta-wetenschappen sciences / science subjects
beurspromovendus PhD scholarship student
Beveiliging TU/e TU/e Security
bevoegdheid authority / power
bezwaar (tegen) objection (to)
bezwaarschrift (letter of) objection
bi-diplomering (intern) bi-diplomering (extern) (internal) double diploma double degree
bijlage (in een juridisch of reglementair document) annex
bijlage (academisch document) appendix
bijvak (inschrijving door niet-TU/e student) elective (course)
bijvakstudent transient student
bindend studieadvies (bsa) binding recommendation (on the continuation of studies) (bsa)
BKO (zie basiskwalificatie onderwijs) UTQ
borgen to safeguard
buitenlandse student international student
bureau faculteit Department Office
bureau onderwijs Education Office
campuskaart campus card (student ID card)
capaciteitsgroep group (do not add capacity as this is not meaningful in English)
capaciteitsgroepvoorzittersoverleg group chair meeting
centrale diensten university-wide services
Centrale Commissie Kwaliteitszorg Onderwijs Central Committee for Educational Quality Assurance
certificaat certificate
certificatie certification
cijfer grade
cijfer (berekend eindcijfer) final grade / final mark
cijfer (examencijfer) examination result
cijferbriefje grade sheet
cijferlijst (academic) transcript / list of grades
citeertitel short title
CISO Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
coachingmoment coaching session
coherente keuzepakket elective package
college (hoorcollege) lecture
college (bestuurslichaam) board
college- en examengelden tuition and examination fees
College van Beroep voor de Examens (CBE) Examination Appeals Board
College van Beroep voor het Hoger Onderwijs (CBHO) Higher Education Appeals Tribunal (CBHO)
College voor Promoties (CvP) Doctorate Board (CvP)
college- en examengelden tuition and examination fees
collegegeld tuition fees
collegegeldkrediet tuition fee loan
collegejaar academic year
collegekaart student card / university ID (card)
collegereeks college-volggroep course of lectures / series of lectures study component monitoring group
collegevrije periode recess
collegezaal lecture room / classroom / lecture hall / lecture theater
colloquium doctum university entrance examination
commissaris onderwijs (functie binnen een studievereniging) education officer
competentiegericht (leren) competency-centered (learning)
concept (document) draft (document)
contractant contract student
CROHO (Centraal Register Opleidingen Hoger


Central Register of Higher Education Degree Programs (Central

Accreditation Council)

cum laude with honors / with distinction
cursus (short) course
cursusaanbod courses on offer / range of courses
cursusduur course duration
cursusjaar academic year
deelbeoordeling partial assessment
deelcertificaat modular certificate
deelcijfer partial grade
deeltijdstudent part-time student
deficiëntieprogramma deficiency program / pre-Master’s program
derde geldstroom contract research / third flow of funds (VSNU)
dictaat (course) reader / lecture notes
didactisch pedagogical
Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) Education Executive Agency (DUO)
Diensthoofden Overleg (DHO) Director Council (DHO)
Dienstraad Services Council
Digitale Leer- en Werkomgeving (DLWO) digital learning and working environment
diploma degree / (university) diploma
diploma-uitreiking graduation ceremony
docent docentcoach teacher / lecturer / docent (not preferred) teacher coach
docentondersteuner teacher support officer
doorbelasten to cross charge
doorlussen (establish a) two-way live connection
doorluszaal two-way live connection room/hall
doorstroom Mastersopleiding (ook doorstroommaster) direct-access Master’s program
eerste geldstroom direct funding / first flow of funds (VSNU)
eindtermen (learning) outcomes / descriptors
eindtoets final test
examen final examination
examencommissie Examination Committee
examinering final examination and assessment
examinering en tentaminering examination and assessment at interim and final level
examenprogramma program of examinations / exam program (more informal)
examenreglement examination regulations
examenzitting final examination session
extraneus external student
facultair department(al)
facultaire ESA team departmental ESA team
Facultaire Toelatingscommissie (FTC) Departmental Admissions Committee (FTC)
faculteit department
faculteitoverstijgend supra-departmental
faculteitsbestuur Department Board
faculteitsraad Department Council
faculteitsreglement Department Regulations
Fraudebeleid Onderwijs TU/e TU/e Education Fraud Policy
functiebeperking functional impairment
functioneringsgesprek (verouderde term, nu

vervangen door jaargesprek)

(annual) job performance interview
gedragscode wetenschapsbeoefening Code of Conduct for Scientific Integrity
geheimhoudingsovereenkomst non-disclosure agreement
geldigheidsduur term of validity
geldstroom (zie eerste, tweede, derde) funding / flow of funds (VSNU term)
gemengde studiefinanciering mixed student grant
GS-UR Graduate School – University Council Education Committee (GS-UR)
harde knip Bachelor-before-Master rule
hardheidsclausule hardship clause
HBO-TOP programma HBO Excellence Program
herinschrijving re-enrollment (after a short or extended break in studies)
herkansing retake/resit
hertentamen retake/resit
Hogere Beroepsopleiding (HBO) Higher Vocational Education (HBO)
hogeschool university of applied sciences
honorstraject honors track
hoofdinschrijving main enrollment
hoofdvak major / main subject
hoogleraar (full) professor
hoorcollege lecture
impulssubsidie incentive subsidy
ingenieur (ir.) (formele titel) Master of Science (MSc)
ingenieur (beroep) engineer
ingenieursopleiding BSc/MSc (degree) program
inschalingscommissie entrance assessment committee
inschrijfformulier (inschrijving bij de universiteit) enrollment form (enrollment at the university)
inschrijven to enroll (at TU/e)
inschrijving (als student aan TU/e of aan een


enrollment (at TU/e or in a TU/e program)
inschrijving (voor een cursus) registration (on/for a course)
inschrijvingen enrollment numbers
inschrijving annuleren cancellation of enrollment
inschrijving beëindigen termination of enrollment
inschrijving intrekken (intrekken van


to withdraw a request for enrollment
inschrijvingsbeleid enrollment policy
inschrijvingsbewijs proof of enrollment
inschrijvingsboekje enrollment booklet
inschrijvingsduur period of enrollment
inschrijvingsprocedure (voor de universiteit) enrollment procedure
inschrijvingsprocedure (voor een cursus) registration procedure
inschrijvingsregeling enrollment regulations
instapcursus introductory course
instelling(s) institution(al)
instellingsbestuur institute board
Instellingsgebonden Overleg (IGO) University Consultation Body
instellingstoets institutional audit
instromer entrant
instroom number of students enrolling / intake
instroommoment intake period
interfacultair interdepartmental
internationalisering internationalization
Intro, de Orientation Week / Introduction Week
jaargesprek annual job performance interview
jaarraad student advisory council for education
judicium adjudication
kernonderwijseenheid core study component
ketenmanager (process) chain manager
keuzeruimte elective space
keuzevak elective (course)
koepelbestuur Federation Board
koepeloverleg (ESA met studieverenigingen en studentenverenigingen) Federation Annual Meeting
Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW) The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)
kostenplaatsnummer cost center
kwaliteitszorg quality control
kwaliteitszorgbeleid quality assurance policy
kwartiel quarter / quartile† (†informal TU/e usage only)
langstudeerders students taking too long to complete their studies
leerlijn learning trajectory
leeromgeving learning environment
leerstoel chair
leerstoelgroep chair group
lezing (op een conferentie) to give a paper / to present a paper (at a conference)
loopbaanadvies career(s) advice
machtiging tot incasso direct debit authorization (DDA)
majoronderwijseenheid major study component
major/minorstructuur major/minor structure
master a master’s
  • Smith is doing a master’s (program) at the TU/e
  • Smith is doing the Master’s Program of Industrial Design
masteropleiding master’s (degree) program (usage with or without ‘degree’ is found, but please be consistent within one text)
  • Smith is doing the Master’s Program of Biomedical Engineering
masterprogramma master ‘s (degree) program
  • Smith is doing the Master’s Program of Mechanical Engineering
masterstudent graduate / master’s student
masterstudie master’s (degree) program
mastertitel master’s degree

The TU/e annually confers hundreds of master’s degrees. The TU/e conferred 143 Master of Electrical Engineering degrees in 2016.

materiedeskundige subject specialist
meeloopdag (student) experience day
Minister van Onderwijs, Cultuur en


Minister of Education, Culture and Science
Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en

Wetenschappen (OC&W)

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OC&W)
medewerker internationalisering internationalization officer
mederwerker kwaliteitszorg quality care officer
medewerker onderwijsontwikkeling program development officer (degree program) / education

development officer (general development)

medewerker studentenzaken student administration officer
mediatheek multimedia library
missie mission statement
mondeling examen oral (examination)
monitorgroep Bachelor College the Bachelor College Monitoring Group
monitorgroep masteropleidingen the Master’s Programs Monitoring Group
natuurwetenschappen physical sciences
neveninschrijving secondary enrollment
nominale studieduur nominal / statutory duration of the study program
nominaal studietempo nominal study progress
Notebookregeling (TU/e) Notebook Plan
Notebookregeling (TU/e) Participatie-


Notebook Plan (TU/e) contract
numerus fixus

De TU/e heeft verschillende opleidingen met een numerus fixus.

intake restriction

De TU/e has a number of restricted intake programs.

OASE (Online Active Study Environment) Verouderde term – nu vervangen door Canvas OASE - Online Active Study Environment (TU/e digital education information system) – Outdated term that is now replaced by Canvas
omzwaaier (een student, die in het studiejaar waarin hij het verzoek doet, reeds een inschrijving heeft bij de TU/e en zijn inschrijving in een bepaalde opleiding dan wel een bepaald schakelprogramma gedurende het studiejaar wenst te wijzigen) intra-university transfer student
Ondersteunend- en Beheerspersoneel (OBP) Administrative and Support Staff
onderwerp subject / topic

Het is essentieel dat iedereen goed onderwijs geniet.

De universiteit biedt onderwijs aan op verschillende niveaus.

Onderwijzen is een lastig vak.

education / courses / field of education / teaching / instruction

/ program

It is essential for everyone to have a good education.

The university offers courses/programs at different levels. Teaching is a difficult job.

onderwijsadministratie (verouderde term

vervangen door de Engelse term)

Center for Student Administration
onderwijsbestuur (Deans + Directeur ESA) Education Board
Onderwijs- en Examenregeling (OER) Program and Examination Regulations (PER)
onderwijsbevoegdheid teaching qualification
onderwijscatalogus course catalogue
onderwijscoördinator program coordinator
onderwijseenheid study component
onderwijsevaluatie course evaluation
onderwijsinspectie (Dutch) Inspectorate of Education
onderwijsonderdeel (deel van onderwijseenheid) study subcomponent
(coherent) onderwijspakket (coherent) program package
onderwijsplanning program management
onderwijstaken educational duties
onderwijsvernieuwingsproject educational renewal project
onderwijsvorm forms of education / types of training
onderwijsvrije periode no-class day(s) / no classes
onderzoek research
onderzoekinstituut research institute
onderzoekschool research school
onderzoektaken research duties
onvoldoende (een) a fail / an insufficient
ontwerpersopleiding PDEng program (Professional Doctorate in Engineering program)
Ontwerpgericht Onderwijs (OGO) Design-Based Learning (DBL)
Open Dag Open Day
opleiding study program (inf) / degree program
(gemeenschappelijke) opleidingscommissie


(joint) program committee (J)(PC)
opleidingsdirecteur Program Director
opleidingsdirectie Program Management
opleidingsgids course guide
overgangsregeling transitional arrangement
Overleg Opleidingsdirecteuren (OO) Program Director Council (OO)
ov-jaarkaart public transport season card
PDEng trainee PDEng trainee
p-raad (zie ook jaarraad) propaedeutical education advisory council
proefschrift dissertation
proefstudeerdag student for a day
proefstuderen being a student for a day
Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng)
profiel (in het voortgezet onderwijs) subject cluster / subject package
profiel (vakkenpakket in het vwo) pre-university subject package
profielcoördinator subject coordinator
profiel Cultuur & Maatschappij subject package Culture & Society
profiel Economie & Maatschappij subject package Economics & Society
profiel Natuur & Gezondheid subject package Science & Health
profiel Natuur & Techniek subject package Science & Engineering
profileringsfonds student financial support
projectleider project leader
promotie to obtain a doctorate / conferral of a doctorate
promotie (de bezigheid) study for a doctorate / take a PhD
promotie (de ceremonie) PhD (conferral) ceremony / public defense of thesis
promotieonderzoek doctoral research / PhD research
promotiecommissie doctoral committee
promotieplaats PhD position
promotieproject doctoral project / PhD project (informal)
promotiereglement doctorate regulations / PhD regulations (informal)
promotietraject statutory PhD/doctoral period
promotiewerk PhD work / doctoral work
promotor PhD supervisor / doctoral supervisor
promotores PhD supervisors / doctoral supervisors
promovendus PhD student / PhD candidate
promovendusopleiding PhD program
promoveren (de bezigheid) take a PhD/ to study for a doctorate
promoveren (de ceremonie) to obtain a doctorate
propedeuse freshman year / first year / propaedeutic year*

*propaedeutic is a highly formal term and should be reserved for formal contexts only – use the other translations for less formal contexts (this also applies to the terms with propaedeutic below)

propedeuse-examen freshman final examination / first-year final examination /

propaedeutic examination

propedeuse diploma freshman diploma / first-year diploma / propaedeutic diploma
propedeuseverklaring freshman-year transcript / first-year transcript / propaedeutic transcript
propedeutische fase freshman year (for less formal contexts) / first year (for less formal contexts) / propaedeutic(al) year / propaedeutical phase
publiek-private samenwerking (PPS) public-private partnership (PPP)
schuldbekentenis (TU/e Notebook) obligation (TU/e Notebook)
scriptie (Bachelor’s/Master’s) thesis
scriptie begeleiden to supervise a (Bachelor’s/Master’s) thesis
scriptiebegeleider thesis supervisor
scriptie schrijven to write a (Bachelor’s/Master’s) thesis
secretariaat (algemeen) administrative office
secretariaat (ambt) secretariat
seniorkwalificatie onderwijs (SKO) senior university teaching qualification (SKO)
slagingspercentage pass rate
spijtoptant Re-enroller (a student who re-enrolls after a short or longer

break in his/her studies)

stage (intern/extern) internship (research credited by the university) / traineeship (paid traineeship with an emphasis on vocational training)
stage (professionele ervaring opdoen) externship (shadowing a professional)
stagebegeleider internship supervisor
stagecoördinator internship coordinator
stageproject internship project
stagevergoeding internship allowance / traineeship allowance
stagiaire intern / trainee
Stichting Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie


The Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter
Stichting voor de Technische Wetenschappen (STW) Technology Foundation (STW)

De studeerbaarheid van het programma is goed.

manageable (studiable and studiability are only used rarely)

The program is very manageable.

studentenadviesorgaan (SAO) Student Advisory Body (SAO)
studeerwijzer study guide
studentadviseur (student die een faculteitsbestuur adviseert) (advisory) student representative
studentdossier student dossier
studentenadviseur (m.b.t. STU-medewerker) student advisor
studentendecaan student counselor
studentenpsycholoog student psychologist
studentenstatuut studentenvereniging studentlid studentmentoraat Student Statute (TU/e) student association student member

student mentoring program


Welke studie volg je?

Hoe gaat het met de studie?

study program (informal) / degree program (formal) / studies Which degree program are you enrolled in?

How are your studies going?

studie-advies recommendation
studie-advies (bindend) binding recommendation (on the continuation of studies)
studie-adviseur academic advisor
studiebegeleiding student guidance (preferred term)/ supervision / support
studiecontract study contract
studieduur duration of study
studiefinanciering (Dutch system of) student grants and loans
studiefinanciering (het bedrag) student grant
studiefinanciering aanvragen to apply for a student grant
(digitale) studiegids (digital) education guide
studiejaar academic year / year of program
studiekeuzeadviseur study choice advisor
studiekeuzecheck study choice check
studiekosten study costs
studielast studieloopbaanadviseur


study load

academic planning and career advisor study management advisor

studiemateriaal course material / study material / program material
studieopbouw degree structure
studiepakket study package / course package / curriculum
studieplan study plan
studiepunt (study) credit – only use the word ‘study’ if the context offers

insufficient disambiguation

studierendement (study) success rate (used in a general context) / study output

(used in a business context)

studierichting degree program
studierooster schedule
studietempo study progress
studievereniging study association
studieverlenging extra time (for studies) / extension (of studies)
studievertraging study delay
studievertraging oplopen falling behind with your studies
studievoorlichter information and recruitment officer
studievoorlichting (materiaal) information for prospective students
studievoorlichting (activiteiten) information and recruitment activities
studievoortgang study progress / academic progress / academic progression
studievoortgangseis (SVE) academic progress requirement (SVE)
studievoortgangsoverzicht study progress overview / academic progress overview
studievoorschotmiddelen (wordt niet vertaald i.o.

van CvB)

explanation to be placed in parentheses:

(resources from the student loan system)

studiewijzer study guide
surveillant proctor / exam monitor
surveilleren to monitor
switcher (iemand die in het studiejaar voorafgaand aan het studiejaar waarvoor hij zich aanmeldt een inschrijving heeft aan de TU/e (interne switcher) dan wel elders bij een instelling voor hoger of wetenschappelijk onderwijs

(externe switcher)

(internal) transfer student / (external) transfer student
technische universiteit technical university
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
technisch-wetenschappelijke opleiding/studie engineering science (study) program
tentamen examination / exam (informal)
tentamenafname administering of an exam(ination)
tentamenrooster exam schedule
tentamenzaal exam room
tentamenvorm form of examination
tentaminering examination and assessment
(met) terugwerkende kracht (with) retrospective effect
tewerkstellingsvergunning (TWV) work permit
titel academic title
titulatuur (system of) titles / forms of address
TNO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek) TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)
toegang (tot een opleiding) admission / access
toegangsselectie selection for admission
toegelaten worden to be admitted
toegepast onderzoek applied research
toekomstgerichte onderwijsorganisatie (TOO) future-oriented educational organization (TOO)
toekomstig student prospective student
toelaten to admit
toelating (tot een opleiding) admission (to a program)

toelatingscommissie (zie ook facultaire)

proof of admission

admissions committee (see entry under facultaire)

toelatingsdiploma admission(s) qualification / entry qualification / entrance qualification
toelatingsexamen entrance examination
toelatingsverzoek indienen/annuleren to submit/cancel an application
toets test / assessment
(facultair) toetsbeleid (departmental) assessment policy
toetscommissie assessment committee
toetskader assessment framework
toetsplan assessment plan
topsportcoordinator top-level sports coordinator
TU/e Phd-PDEng Council (PPC) TU/e PhD-PDEng Council (PPC)
tussentijds examen interim examination
tussentoets interim test
TWAIO (verouderde term nu vervangen door PDEng trainee) PDEng trainee
tweede geldstroom indirect funding /second flow of funds (VSNU)
tweedejaars student second-year student
TWV (tewerkstellingsvergunning) work permit
uitschrijfverzoek request for termination of enrollment
uitschrijven (van student) to terminate the enrollment of…
uitschrijving termination of enrollment
uitstel (geven) (to grant) a delay
uitstel (van betaling) extension (of payment)
uitstroom number of students graduating
uitvoerbaarheidstoets feasibility test / feasibility assessment
uitwisselingsprogramma exchange program
uitwisselingsstudent exchange student
universitair onderwijs university education
universiteit university
Universiteitsraad (UR) University Council (UR)
(professionele) vaardigheid (professional) skill
vaardigheidslijn (=leerlijn) learning trajectory
vak (beroep) profession
vak (leervak VWO) subject
vak (universiteit) course
vakgebied field / specialization
vakgroep (verouderde term vervangen door


vakinhoud course content
vakkengids course guide
vakkennis expertise
vakkenpakket subject package / cluster of subjects
verblijfsvergunning residence permit
Vereniging van Universiteiten (VSNU ) Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU)
vergunning tot verblijf residence permit
verhoogd wettelijk collegegeld higher-rate statutory tuition fees
verkorte opleiding fast-track program
verplicht vak required course / compulsory course
verroostering scheduling
versterking bestuurskracht van


governance reinforcement for educational institutions
vertrouwenspersoon confidential counsellor
vervolgonderwijs (in de context van het eerste jaar van een ontwerpersopleiding) advanced course
vervolgvak advanced course
verzoeker (opleidingsverzoeker) applicant
visitatie (-commissie) review (review committee; visitation committee)
VKO’er (verouderde term nu vervangen door


pre-Master’s student
voldoende (een) a pass grade / a pass mark
vooraanmelder advance registrant/ advance applicant
vooraanmelding advance registration/advance application
vooraanmeldingscijfers advance registration figures/advance application figures
voorjaarsnota Spring memorandum
voorkennis (voor een vak) prerequisites / prior knowledge
voorlichting (zie studievoorlichting) see entry studievoorlichting
vooropleiding prior education / preparatory training / pre-university education
voortgezet onderwijs high school education / pre-university education
voorzitter examencommissie chair of the Examination Committee
vrij onderwijsprogramma flexible degree program
vrijstelling exemption
vrijstelling hebben to be exempted from
vrijstelling verlenen to exempt
vwo-aansluiter joiner from pre-university education
vwo-diploma high-school certificate / pre-university certificate
vwo-leerling (vwo’er) high school pupil / pre-university pupil
werkgroep (onderwijsvorm) tutorial / seminar
werkgroep (facultair) working group
werkvorm (onderwijs) teaching method
werkvorm (niet onderwijs) work method
Wet op het Hoger Onderwijs en

Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (WHW)

Higher Education and Scientific Research Act (WHW)
Wet Studiefinanciering (WSF) Student Finance Act (WSF)
wetenschappelijk directeur Academic Director
wetenschappelijk onderwijs (wo) university education / scientific education
wetenschappelijke personeel/staf (WP) academic staff / scientific staff / faculty
wetenschapswinkel science information center
wo university education
wo-bachelorgetuigschrift university Bachelor’s degree certificate
wo-mastergetuigschrift university Master‘s degree certificate
wo-studenten university students
wo-vooropleiding previous university training
zakken (voor een examen) to fail an examination
zelf bekostigen (studenten die hun opleiding) self-financing students
zij-instromer transfer student
zwaarte van de studie (level of) difficulty of a study program

TU/e ketenprocessen

Ketenproces / chain process English description
Onderwijsplanning/verroostering Education Planning & Scheduling
Onderwijsplanning/tentamens+fraude Exam Planning/Fraud
Docentondersteuning Teacher Support
Kwaliteitszorg Quality Assurance
Onderwijsregelingen Education Rules & Regulations
Studieadvisering Academic Advisement
(Internationale) toelating (Inter)national Admissions
International experience International Experience
Studievoortgang (cijferverwerking, examinering en ondersteuning examencommissies) Study Progress

(grade processing, examination, and support of examination committees)

Ondersteuning examencommissies (tijdelijke onderzoeksopdracht) Support of Examination Committees

(temporary research assignment)

Van aanmelden tot inschrijven From registration to enrollment
HBO aansluiting & premasters HBO bridging & Pre-Master’s programs
Employability Employability
Language Skills Language Skills
Onderwijsbeleid Education Policy
Wisselstroom Cross-current student flow

ESA afdelingen, teams en functies

Center for Student Administration Center for Student Administration
Manager of Center for Student Administration Manager of Center for Student Administration
Team onderwijsplanning Educational Logistics Team
Teamleider onderwijsplanning Team Leader of Educational Logistics Team
Medewerker studentenzaken Student Administration Officer
Medewerker studentenzaken tentamens en AV- technieken Student Administration Officer for Examinations and Audiovisual Technician
Medewerker studentenzaken zalenverroostering Student Administration Officer Room Scheduling
Medewerker studentenzaken (faculteit) Student Administration Officer (department)
Team functioneel beheer Educational Applications Team
Teamleider functioneel beheer / functioneel analist Team leader of Educational Applications
Functioneel beheerder onderwijssystemen Educational Applications Administrator
Team In-, Door- en Uitstroom Enrollment Team
Teamleider In-, Door- en Uitstroom Team leader of Student Inflow, Progress and Outflow
Administratief medewerker studentenadministratie Student Administration Assistant
Team Bureau Buitenland International Office
Teamleider International office Team Leader of International Office
Medewerker internationalisering (immigratie) Internationalization Officer for Visas
Medewerker internationalisering (uitgaande mobiliteit) Internationalization Officer for Exchanges
Senior medewerker internationalisering (internationale betrekkingen) Senior Internationalization Officer (Admissions, Erasmus+ and Policy)
Medewerker internationalisering (huisvesting) Internationalization Officer for Housing
Medewerker toelating Admissions Officer
Team studievoortgang Study Progress Team
Bedrijfsbureau CSA CSA Support Team
Medewerker studentzaken Student Administration Officer
Manager Student facilities Manager of Student facilities
Team Language Center Language Center Team
Teamleider Language Center Team Leader of Language Center
Vaardigheidsdocent Engels Skills Trainer of Academic English
Vaardigheidsdocent Nederlands als 2e taal Skills Trainer of Dutch for Foreigners
Vertaler/tolk Translator/Interpreter
Team Student coaching, counseling & information Student Coaching, Counseling & Information Team
Teamleider Student coaching, counseling & information Team Leader of Student Coaching, Counselling & Information
Studentendecaan Student Counselor
Studiemanagement adviseur Study Management Advisor
Studentenpsycholoog Student Psychologist
Studieadviseur + naam faculteit Academic Advisor + name of department
Keten Studiebegeleiding Student Guidance Chain
Team Career Academy & Professional Skills Career Academy & Professional Skills Team
Teamleider Career Academy & Professional Skills Team Leader of Career Academy & Professional Skills
Vaardigheidsdocent Skills Trainer
Studieloopbaanadviseur Academic Planning and Career Advisor
Studiekeuzeadviseur Study Choice Advisor
Bedrijfsbureau Student Facilities Planning & Support Center for Student Facilities
Medewerker studentzaken Student Administration Officer
Manager Teacher Support & Quality Assurance Manager of Teacher Support & Quality Assurance
Beleidsmedewerker Policy Advisor
Medewerker kwaliteitszorg Quality Assurance Officer
Medewerker studentenzaken tentamens en AV- technieken Student Administration Officer for Examinations and Audiovisual Technician
Manager Policy, Advice & Projects Manager Policy, Advice & Projects
Beleidsmedewerker Policy Advisor
Medewerker internationalisering Policy Advisor for Internationalization
Onderwijsjurist Education Lawyer
Medewerker bestuurlijke informatievoorziening Management Information Officer
Institutional Research Officer Institutional Research Officer
Projectleider Project Leader

DFEZ financiële termen / Finance and Control financial terminology

(Please note some terms conflict with the central list, which remains leading for all non-financial contexts.)

In the list below terms marked with † require capitals if used to address specific entities. For example:

  • All deans are expected to attend the central meeting. (NON-SPECIFIC)
  • The Dean of the Graduate School has announced that….. (SPECIFIC)
30% regeling 30% rule (for foreign employees)
Aanmelden (via Studielink) to apply (for a program) / to register (via Studielink)
Aanmelden (voor een examen) to register (for an exam)
Aanmeldingscijfers number of applicants
Aanschaf (bijvoorbeeld apparatuur en inventaris) purchase (e.g. equipment and inventory)
Aanstelling (baan) position
Aanstelling (benoeming) appointment
Aanstelling (tijdelijk) (zie ook dienstverband) temporary appointment
Aanstelling (vast) (zie ook dienstverband) permanent appointment
Aanstellingsbesluit appointment decision
Aanstellingsbrief letter of appointment
Aanstellingsdatum date of appointment
Aanvangsdatum starting date
Aanvraag application, request (for)
Academisch jaar academic year
Academische graad university degree
Adjunct (directeur) deputy (director)†
Advies commissie advisory committee
Advies- en overlegorgaan advisory and consultative board
Adviesraad advisory council†
Adviesrecht right to be consulted
Adviseur P&O personnel advisor
Afdelingshoofd (niet wetenschappelijk) head
Afgestudeerde graduate
Aflossing repayment
Afrondingsverschillen rounding differences
Afschrijving depreciation
Afschrijving apparatuur en inventaris depreciation equipment and inventory
Afschrijving gebouwen depreciation buildings
Afstemmen align with
Algemeen management general management
Algemeen nut beogende instelling (ANBI) institution aimed at the common good (ANBI)
Algemene winst- en verliesrekening income statement
Allocatiemodel allocation model
Apparatuur en inventaris equipment and inventory
Arbeidsmarkt labor market
Arbeidsmarkttoelage labor market allowance
Arbeidsomstandigheden working conditions
Arbeidsongeschikt work disability
Arbeidsovereenkomst employment contract
Arbeidsrecht labor Law
Arbeidsvoorwaarden terms of employment
Arbeidsvoorwaardengelden terms of employment funds
Audit Committee audit Committee
Bachelordiploma bachelor’s degree (diploma/certificate)†
Bacheloropleiding bachelor’s program†
Bachelorprogramma bachelor’s degree program†
Bachelortitel bachelor’s degree†
Balans balance sheet
Basisvak/kernvak basic course
Baten income
Batenanalyse income analysis
Begroting budget
Beheerseenheid management unit
Beheersing van werkdruk workload control
Bekostigde (2e of 2e geldstroom) subsidized
Bekostigde (overheid) government-funded
Bekostigde inschrijving funded registration
Bekostiging funding
Bekostigingsbrief allocation letter
Bekostigingsmodel funding formula
Beleid policy
Beleidsnota policy document
Beleidsnotitie (universitaire) (university) policy paper
Beloning voor arbeid remuneration for work
Beslistermijn decision period
Besluit decision
Bestemmingsreserve special purpose reserve
Besturingsfilosofie governance philosophy
Besturingsmodel governance framework
Bestuursverklaring board statement
Betalingskortingen discounts
Betalingsmodule collegegeld tuition fee payment module
Betalingsverkeer payment transactions
Beurs grant
Bewaartermijn retention period
Bewijs van inschrijving proof of enrolment
Bezoldiging remuneration
Bezwaarschrift letter of objection
Bijzonder verlof special leave
Bijzondere beloning special remuneration
Bindend studieadvies (BSA) binding recommendation (on the continuation of studies) (BSA)
Bouw- en onderhoudskosten expenses for construction and maintenance
Bron (inzet voor een doel) source (to exchange for a target)
Budgethouder budget holder
Budget(ten) in beheer controlled budget plan(s)
Buiten promovendus not-on-payroll PhD
Buitengewone baten en lasten income from discontinued operations
CAO Nederlandse Universiteiten (CAO NU) collective labor agreement for Dutch universities (CAO NU)
Capaciteitsgroep group
Centrale middelen centralized funds
Collectievorming bibliotheek library collection
College van bestuur Executive Board
Collegegeld tuition fee
Collegegeld (bovenwettelijk) tuition fee exceeding the statutory minimum
Communicatiekosten communication expenses
Concern control concern control
Contractonderwijs contract teaching
Contractonderzoek contract research
Contractwaarde contract value
Control control
Controleverklaring audit report
Controller controller
Decaan (faculteit) dean†
Decentrale selectie decentralized selection
deelnemingen participating interests
Dekkingsbijdrage contribution margin
Dictaten course readers / lecture notes
Dienst service
Dienst Algemene Zaken (DAZ) General Affairs (DAZ)
Dienst Communicatie Expertise Centrum (CEC) Communication Expertise Center (CEC)
Dienst Education and Student Affairs (ESA) Education and Student Affairs (ESA)
Dienst Financiële en Economische Zaken (DFEZ) Financial and Economic Affairs (DFEZ)
Dienst Huisvesting (DH) Real Estate Management (DH)
Dienst Informatie Expertise Centrum (IEC) Information Expertise Center (IEC)
Dienst Information Management & Services (IMS) Information Management & Services (IMS)
Dienst Interne Zaken (DIZ) Internal Affairs (DIZ)
Dienst Personeel en Organisatie (DPO) Personnel and Organization (DPO)
Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) Education Executive Agency (DUO)
Dienstreis business travel
Dienstverband (vast / tijdelijk)(zie ook aanstelling) employment contract (temporary / permanent)
Dienstverlening service provision
Dienstverlening derden services provided by third parties
Diploma’s degree certificates
Directeur Bedrijfsvoering managing director†
Diverse kosten other costs and expenses
Docent lecturer
Doeluitkeringen special-purpose grants
ECTS ECTS (commonly referred to as credits)
Eenheid unit
Eigen vermogen equity capital
Emeritaat (met….gaan) be accorded emeritus status
Emeritus hoogleraar emeritus professor
Employability employability
Energie/water kosten energy and water expenses
Exacte wetenschappen exact sciences
Examengeld examination fee
Exploitatierekening income statement
Facilitaire zaken facilities
Facultaire reserves departmental reserves
Faculteit Biomedische Technologie (BMT) Department of Biomedical Engineering (BMT)
Faculteit Bouwkunde (B) Department of the Built Environment (B)
Faculteit Electrical Engineering (EE) Department of Electrical Engineering (EE)
Faculteit Industrial Design (ID) Department of Industrial Design (ID)
Faculteit Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS)
Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie (ST) Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (ST)
Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde (TN) Department of Applied Physics (TN)
Faculteit Werktuigbouwkunde (W) Department of Mechanical Engineering (W)
Faculteit Wiskunde en Informatica (W&I) Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (W&I)
Faculteitsbestuur department board†
Finance finance
Financieel jaarverslag annual financial report
Financiële activa financial assets
Financiële baten en lasten financial income and expenses
Financiële kengetallen financial key indicators
Financiële lasten financial expenses
Financiële middelen financial means / cash and cash equivalents
Financiële passiva financial liabilities
Financieringsstatuut financing statute
fondsenwerving fundraising
Formatiebeginsel permanent staff position principle
Formatieplaats (fte) full-time equivalent (FTE)
Formulier form
Functie (job) position
Functieniveau job level
Functieprofiel job profile
Functieschaal salary scale
Functietitel job title
Functioneringstoelage performance-based allowance
Fundamenteel onderzoek fundamental research
Gastcollege guest lecture
Gastdocent visiting lecturer
Gasthoogleraar visiting professor
Gastonderzoeker visiting researcher
Geactiveerde kosten capitalized cost
Geactiveerde personele lasten capitalized personnel cost
Gebouwen en voorzieningen accommodation and facilities
Geconsolideerde balans consolidated balance sheet
Geldigheidsduur term of validity

1e geldstroom

2e geldstroom

3e geldstroom

flow of funds

1st tier funding (preferred term Executive Board

2nd tier funding (preferred term Executive Board)

3rd tier funding (preferred term Executive Board)

Gelieerde instelling affiliated institution
Gelieerden (personeel) affiliated (staff)
Gemiddeld average
Geprognotiseerde stijging forecasted increase
Gewogen inschrijving weighted registration
Graad degree
Grondslagen accounting policies
Grondstoffen raw materials
Handmatig voorschot manual advance
Hardheidsclausule hardship clause
Herplaatsing re-employment
Hersteltermijn (niet met betrekking tot personen) rectification term
Hoogleraar professor
Huisvesting real estate
huisvestingslasten housing costs
Huur rental expenses
In control verklaring / verantwoording ‘in control’ statement
Inhouding deduction
Inkomsten income
Inschrijving enrollment
Instellingscollegegeldtarief institutional tuition fee rate
instellingsplan strategic plan
Instellingstarief institutional fee
Instemmingsrecht right of approval
Instroom student intake
Instroombeleid intake policy
Instroomeisen admission requirements
Integrale kostprijs full cost model
Interdisciplinair interdisciplinary
Internationale samenwerking international cooperation
Internationalisering internationalization
Interne boekingen internal journal entries
Interne dienstverlening internal services
Interne verrekening internal settlements
Investeringen investments
Jaarplan annual plan
Jaarrekening annual Statement of Accounts
Jaarverslag annual Report
Kaderbrief framework letter
Kantoorbehoeften en kleine inventaris stationary and small inventory
Kasstroom cash flow
Kengetal indicator
kennisvalorisatie knowledge valorization
Keuzemodel arbeidsvoorwaarden selection model
Kort Vreemd vermogen short-term loans
Korting credit
Kosten costs
Kosten fietsenplan expenses for bicycle plan
kritische prestatie-indicator(en) (KPI’s) key performance indicator(s) (KPIs)
Lasten expenses
Lasten apparatuur en inventaris expenses for equipment and inventory
Lastenanalyse expenditure analysis
Leerstoel chair†
Leerstoel (bezetten van) to hold a chair
Liquide middelen cash and cash equivalents
Liquiditeitspositie liquidity position
LOR letter of Representation
Macrokader macro framework
Magazijnverschillen warehouse differences
Management samenvatting management summary
Masterprogramma master’s degree program†
Materiaal gebonden lasten material-related expenses
Medewerker employee
Meerjarenafspraak long-term agreement
Meerjarenbegroting long-term budget
Meerjarige afspraak long-term agreement
Miljoenennota (national) budget memorandum
Ministerie van Onderwijs Cultuur en Wetenschap (OCW) Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW)
Mutatie uitkering WW/BW en wachtgelden mutation in unemployment benefit/supplementary unemployment benefit
Nabetaling subsequent payment
Nederlands belastingrecht Dutch tax law
Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (NWO) Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)
Netto berekening net calculation
Netto uit te betalen net amount payable
Nevenwerk ancillary activities
Niet van toepassing (n.v.t.) not applicable (n.a.)
Niet-bekostigde (master) non-government-funded (master’s) program or course
Nominaal nominal
Notitie memorandum
Numerus fixus intake restriction / restricted intake (program)
Omzet revenue
Onderbenutting underutilization
Onderbrengen assign to
Onderhanden werk work in progress
Ondermandaat sub-mandate
Onderschrijding under running the budget
Ondersteunend- en beheerspersoneel (obp) Administrative and Support staff (OBP)
Ondersteunende diensten support services
Onderwijsambities educational objectives
Onderwijsbudget education budget
Onderwijsdeel education component
Onderwijskwaliteit quality of education
Onderwijsopslag education surcharge
Onderwijsrendement study success (rates)
Onderzoeksdeel research component
Onderzoeksopslag research surcharge
Onkosten expenses
Onkostenvergoeding reimbursement of expenses
Ontheffing exemption
Ontvankelijkheid admissibility
Ontwerperscertificaat design certificate
Opbrengsten revenues
Organogram organizational chart
Overeenkomst agreement
Overgangsregeling transitional arrangement
Overige baten other income
Overige exploitatielasten other operating expenses
Overige huisvestingskosten other real estate expenses
Overige kosten apparatuur en inventaris other expenses related to equipment and inventory
Overige lasten other expenses
Overige opbrengsten Bibliotheek other income library
Overige personeelskosten other personnel costs
Overige toelagen other allowances
Overschrijding exceeding
Overtolligheid redundancy
Participatiewet participation Act
Pensioen pension
Pensioenpremie retirement contribution
Penvoerder coordinator / coordinating body
Personeelsbeleid personnel policy
Personeelsbestand workforce
Personeelsinformatiesysteem personnel information system
Personeelskosten derden personnel expenses of third parties
Personeelsnummer employee number
Personeelszaken human resources
Personele lasten personnel costs
Persoonsgebonden subsidie personal grant
Persoonsgebonden toekenning personal award
Positief bindend studie advies positive binding recommendation on continuation of studies in the 1st year
Postdocs postdocs
Premie's sociale verzekeringen social insurance contributions
Prestatie bekostiging performance-based funding
Prestatieafspraken performance agreements
profileringsafspraken profiling agreements
Prognose forecast
Promotierendement PhD pass rate
Promoties study for a doctorate
Promovendus PhD student
Quotumwet Quota Act
Raad van Toezicht Supervisory Board
Randvoorwaarde precondition
Ratio ratio
Realisatie realization
Reglement regulations
Reis- verblijf en deelnemingskosten business travel expenses
Rente interest
Rentedragend interest-bearing
Representatie representation
Restauratieve verzorging catering
Resultaat op deelnemingen result on participation interests
Rijksbijdrage government grant
salarisschaal salary scale
Salarissen salary expense
Salarisstrook salary slip
Salaristrede salary scale classification
Schakelprogramma pre-master’s program†
Schoonhouden gebouwen cleaning of buildings
Sociale lasten social security contributions
Speerpunt key objective
Studentenpopulatie student population
Studiepunten credits
Studiesucces pass rate
Studievoorschotmiddelen advanced study funds
Subsidies en bijdragen grants and contributions
Tegemoetkoming ziektekosten compensation medical expenses
Teniet: wordt teniet gedaan is offset by
Terugwerkende kracht retrospective
Toekenningsbrieven allocation letters (e.g. of grants)
Totaaltelling total count
Totale vermogen total capital
Traject track
Transitievergoeding transition allowance
Treasurystatuut treasury Statute
Trefwoordenlijst keyword overview
Uitdiensttreding termination of employment
Uitkeringen benefits
Uitnutting utilization
Uitvoeringsbesluit implementation order
Universitair Docent (UD) assistant professor†
Universitair Functie ordenen (UFO) University Job Classification System (UFO)
Universitair hoofddocent (UHD) associate professor†
Universiteitsraad University Council (UR)
Vacaturestop recruitment freeze
Vak (beroep) profession
Vakantietoelagen vacation allowance
Vennootschapsbelasting corporate income tax
Verantwoording accountability
Verbeteractie measure for improvement
Verblijfkosten accommodation expenses
Verdieping deepening (e.g. of learning)
Vereniging van Samenwerkende Nederlandse Universiteiten (VSNU) Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU)
Vergoeding reimbursement
Verhuur van ruimten revenue from renting out property
Verkoop leermiddelen sale of learning materials
Verkoop magazijngoederen sale of warehouse goods
Verkorte jaarrekening summarized financial statements
Vermogenspositie capital position
Vicisubsidie (NWO) Vici grant
Vidisubsidie (NWO) Vidi grant
Visitatie assessment (procedure)
Visitatiecommissie assessment panel
Vlottende activa current assets
Voorjaarsnota framework letter
Voorziening provision
Vorderingensaldo financing balance
Vrije beleidsruimte available policy space
Vrijval van een voorziening release of a project reservation
Waardering van activa en passiva valuation of assets and liabilities
Waarnemend interim
Weging weighting
Werk voor derden work for third parties
Wetenschappelijk personeel academic staff
Wettelijke lasten legal charges
Zwaartekrachtprogramma focus program
Zwaartepuntvorming prioritization