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Category Abbreviation
General gen.
Computers comp.
Geology geol.
Biology biol.
Aviation avia.
Zoology zool.
Ancient Greek
Nautical nautic.
Medical med.
Informal inf.
Poetry (terminology) poetry
Jargon jarg.
Dialectal dial.
American (usage, not spelling) amer.
French fr.
Ironical ironic.
Clerical cleric.
Obsolete / dated obs.
Figurative fig.
Botany bot.
Sports sport.
Eskimo (usage) eskim.
Poetic poetic
Latin lat.
Military mil.
Psychiatry psychiat.
Philosophy philos.
Mineralogy mineral.
Technology tech.
Bookish / literary book.
Agriculture agric.
Humorous / Jocular humor.
Spanish-American span.-am.
Professional jargon prof.jarg.
Historical hist.
Uncommon / rare uncom.
Grammar gram.
Chemistry chem.
Construction construct.
Anatomy anat.
Collective coll.
Mathematics math.
Card games cards
Religion relig.
British English (spelling) BrE
Meteorology meteorol.
Rail transport railw.
Law law
Alternative dispute resolution law, ADR
Commerce commer.
Economy econ.
Accounting account.
Pharmacology pharm.
Linguistics ling.
Finances fin.
Statistics stat.
Insurance insur.
Australian austral.
Automobiles auto.
Arabic language arabic
Archaeology archaeol.
Architecture archit.
Astronomy astr.
Artillery mil., artil.
Bacteriology bacteriol.
Bible bible.term.
Stock Exchange st.exch.
Veterinary medicine
Hungarian Language hung.lang.
Military lingo mil., lingo
Rude rude
Geography geogr.
Surveying survey.
Geometry geom.
Heraldry herald.
Hydrography hydrogr.
Dutch Dutch
Mining mining.
Greek and Roman mythology myth., gr.-rom.
Greek greek.lang.
Childish child.
Classical antiquity (excl. mythology) clas.ant.
Road works road.wrk.
Diplomacy dipl.
Painting paint.
Hindi hindi
Irish irish.lang.
Spanish span.
Art arts.
Italian ital.
Cinematography cinema
Cooking cook.
Forestry forestr.
Martial arts and combat sports mart.arts
Logic logic
Metallurgy met.
Mythology myth.
Gloomy gloom.
Music mus.
German germ.
Optics (branch of physics) opt.
Hunting hunt.
Contracts law, contr.
Polygraphy polygr.
Politics polit.
Contemptuous contempt.
Psychology psychol.
Radio radio
Russian language russ.lang.
Rhetoric rhetor.
Sanskrit sanscr.
Scotland Scotl.
Common law (Anglo-Saxon legal system) law,
Stylistics stylist.
Television TV
Telecommunications telecom.
Turkish language turkish
Disapproving disappr.
Entomology entomol.
Abbreviation abbr.
Theatre theatre.
Textile industry textile
Topography topogr.
University univer.
Physics phys.
Physiology physiol.
Phonetics phonet.
Photography photo.
Surgery surg.
Chess chess.term.
Euphemistic euph.
Ethnography ethnogr.
Electronics el.
Southern Chinese s.chin.
Slang slang
Persian pers.
Information technology IT
Literature lit.
Chinese chinese.lang.
Oil / petroleum oil
Embryology embryol.
Biophysics biophys.
Genetics genet.
Obstetrics obst.
Allergology allergol.
Microbiology microbiol.
Cardiology cardiol.
Anesthesiology anaesthes.
Ophthalmology ophtalm.
Radiology radiol.
Turkey Turk.
Immunology immunol.
Neurology neurol.
Gastroenterology gastroent.
Hematology hemat.
Dentistry dentist.
Dermatology dermat.
Pathology pathol.
Teratology terat.
Parasitology parasitol.
Cytology cytol.
Helminthology helminth.
Histology histol.
Biochemistry biochem.
Cantonese cant.
Laboratory equipment lab.eq.
Virology virol.
Hygiene hygien.
Business style bus.styl.
Gynecology gynecol.
Toxicology toxicol.
Oncology oncol.
Venereology venereol.
Urology urol.
Nephrology nephr.
Sexology sexol.
Neurosurgery neurosurg.
Orthopedics orthop.
Anthropology anthr.
South African south.afr.
Pediatrics pediatr.
Emphatic emph.
Swedish swed.
Czech chech.
Folklore folk.
Diminutive dimin.
Turk tirk.
College vernacular college.vern.
Ukrainian (usage) ukr.usg.
Sociology sociol.
Scandinavian scandinav.
Communications commun.
Gardening garden.
Fish farming (pisciculture)
Romanian romanian.lang.
Astronautics astronaut.
Beekeeping beekeep.
Nonstandard nonstand.
Portuguese port.
Polish polish.
Paleontology paleont.
Formal formal
Cartography cartogr.
Figure of speech fig.of.sp.
New Zealand new.zeal.
Moldavian moldav.
Malay malay.
Korean korea.
Leather leath.
Officialese offic.
Canada Canada
Ichthyology ichtyol.
Iceland icel.
Iimitative (onomatopoeic) imitat.
Egyptology egypt.
Ancient Hebrew anc.hebr.
Hebrew hebr.
Danish dan.
Hawaii hawai.
Spain Spain
Sublime subl.
Pulp and paper industry pulp.n.paper
Low register low
Banking bank.
Biotechnology biotechn.
Fiber optic fib.optic
Geophysics geophys.
Demography demogr.
Labor organization
Ritual rit.
Transport transp.
Bridge (card game) bridge.
Algebra alg.
Applied mathematics appl.math.
Netherlands (usage) netherl.
Heavy equipment vehicles heavy.eq.
Cybernetics cyber.
Polo polo.
Topology topol.
Food industry food.ind.
Resins resin.
Mechanic engineering mech.eng.
Silicate industry silic.
Nuclear and fusion power nucl.pow.
Aeronautics aeron.
Hydroelectric power stations
Engines engin.
Integrated circuits int.circ.
Radiolocation radioloc.
Metrology metrol.
Mechanics mech.
Perfume perf.
Strength of materials str.mater.
Foil ships foil.ships
Packaging pack.
Mongolian mong.
Thermal engineering therm.eng.
Knitted goods knit.goods
Trademark tradem.
Refrigeration refrig.
Company name
Sewing and clothing industry sew.
Ecology ecol.
Cathode-ray tubes CRT
Energy industry energ.ind.
Welding weld.
Shanghainese shangh.
Manchu language manch.
British (usage, not spelling) brit.
Australia Australia
Irish (usage, not language) irish
Doping doping.
Dragon boat drag.
Kick volleyball kick.volley.
Dragon dance
Croquet croq.
Computer numerical control CNC
Desert science desert.
Israel Isr.
France France
Japan Jap.
Japanese language jap.
Ancient French
Police police
Seismology seism.
Advertising adv.
Taxes tax.
Patents patents.
Mass media media.
Business busin.
Tectonics tecton.
Petrography petrogr.
Ore formation ore.form.
Geomorphology geomorph.
Geochemistry geochem.
Hydrogeology hydrogeol.
Crystallography crystall.
Lithology lithol.
Stratigraphy stratigr.
Trade classification trd.class.
Volcanology volcan.
Publishing publish.
Engineering eng.
Household appliances house.
Canadian canad.
Northeastern Mandarin n.east.mand.
Beijing dialect beij.
Proverb proverb
Drilling dril.
Sakhalin O&G, sakh.
Oil and gas technology O&G. tech.
Oilfields O&G, oilfield.
Baseball baseb.
Production product.
Postal service post
Criminal law
Audit audit.
Bills bill.
Management manag.
Copyright law, copyr.
Education ed.
Customs cust.
Industry industr.
Verbatim verbat.
Environment environ.
Real estate real.est.
Warehouse wareh.
Welfare & Social Security welf.
Inheritance law
Planning plann.
American English (spelling) AmE
Foreign exchange market forex
Microelectronics microel.
Investment invest.
Missiles missil.
Football footb.
Computer networks comp., net.
Solar power sol.pow.
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development EBRD
Polymers polym.
Scottish (usage) scottish
Austrian (usage) austrian
Compressors compr.
Vienna dialect vien.
Galvanoplasty galv.plast.
Crustacean crust.
Companies & Partnerships comp. & partnerships
Confectionery confect.
Canning can.
Criminology crim.
Magnetics magn.
Navigation navig.
Norway norw.
Occupational health & safety OHS
Programming progr.
Rhine Rhine.
Plumbing plumb.
Sugar production sugar.
Operation systems op.syst.
Transformers transf.
Philately / stamp collecting philat.
Philology philolog.
Swiss term swiss.
South German s.germ.
Eastern Chinese east.chin.
Avuncular avunc.
Northern German nor.germ.
Automated equipment automat.
Belarus Belar.
Nuclear physics nucl.phys.
Berlin expression berl.
East-Middle-German east-mid.germ.
South-West-German s.w.germ.
Middle German mid.germ.
Lower German low.germ.
Invective invect.
Foreign trade
Travel trav.
Black slang / African-American Vernacular
Jamaican English jamaic.eng.
Quality control and standards qual.cont.
Press equipment press.
Extrusion extr.
West-German w.germ.
Stratified plastics strat.plast.
Dice dice.
Money & world curencies money
Plastics plast.
Echinoderms echinoderm.
Coelenterates coelent.
Data processing dat.proc.
Socialism social.
Robotics robot.
Wood processing wood.
Roll stock roll.
Brewery brew.
Weapons and gunsmithing weap.
Semiconductors semicond.
Watchmaking watchm.
Acoustics acoust.
Lunfardo lunfardo.
Paint work paint.w.
Telephony tel.
Sanitation sanit.
Concrete concr.
Hydraulics hydraul.
Heating heat.
Sakhalin R O&G, sahk.r.
Oceanography & oceanology ocean.
Sakhalin S O&G, sahk.s.
Sakhalin A O&G, sakh.a.
Petanque petanq.
Tools tools
Scientific scient.
Telegraphy telegr.
Bricks bricks
News style news
Mathematical analysis math.anal.
Cables and cable production cables
Reliability reliabil.
Forensic medicine
Pulmonology pulm.
Traumatology traumat.
Diseases med., dis.
Epidemiology med., epid.
Endocrinology endocr.
Medical appliances med.appl.
Notarial practice notar.
Molluscs moll.
Well control well.contr.
Furniture furn.
Timber floating timb.float.
Reinforced concrete reinf.conc.
Hong Kong Hong.Kong.
Vacuum technique vac.
Taxation of forests tax.for.
Forest chemistry for.chem.
Logging logging
United Kingdom UK
Aerial photography and topography aer.phot.
Drawing drw.
Gravimetry grav.
Radiogeodesy rad.geod.
Weapons of mass destruction mil., WMD
Diesel engines diesel.
Quantum mechanics quant.mech.
Nonlinear optics nonlin.opt.
Genetic engineering gen.eng.
Chromatography chromat.
Electrophoresis electrophor.
Transplantology transpl.
Molecular genetics mol.gen.
Microscopy microsc.
Cytogenetics cytog.
Steam boilers steam.
Boiler equipment boil.
Pottery pott.
Tabletop games
Analytical chemistry anal.chem.
Metal physics met.phys.
Non-destructive testing non-destruct.test.
Blast-furnace practice blast.furn.
Open-hearth process op.hearth.
Mineral processing min.proc.
Continuous casting cont.cast.
Nonferrous industry nonferr.
Powder metallurgy powd.met.
Tenders tenders
Converter industry conv.ind.
Forging forg.
Stamping stmp.
Metal science met.sci.
Wire drawing wire.drw.
Radioengineering radioeng.
Aviation medicine avia., med.
International Classification of Goods and Services NCL
Foreign policy for.pol.
Labor law
Germany Germ.
East Germany GDR
Private international law
Quran quran
Gaelic gaelic
Norse mythology myth., nors.
Procedural law
Public law
Pulling equipment pull.eq.
Legal theory / Jurisprudence
Administrative law
International law int. law.
Old-fashioned or obsolescent old.fash.
Economic law
Civil law
School (terminology) school
Cliche / convention cliche.
Jewelry jewl.
Engineering geology eng.geol.
Spectroscopy spectr.
Solid-state physics
Biotaxy biotaxy.
Local name
Subsurface mining subsurf.
Geochronology geochron.
Mineral classification min.class.
Mine surveying mine.surv.
Rollerblades rollers.
Geomechanics geomech.
Mineral products
Physical chemistry phys.chem.
Criminal jargon crim.jarg.
Finishing finish.
Makarov Makarov.
Archaic arch.
Melioration melior.
Soil science soil.
Herpetology (incl. serpentology) herpet.
Quantum electronics quant.el.
Neural networks
Meaning 4 mean.4
Bobsley bob.
Grass hockey grass.hock.
Prefix pref.
Opencast mining opencast.
Nonwoven fabric nonwoven.
Kayaking kayak.
Port facilities port.facil.
Poultry farming poultr.
Pig breeding pig.
Plastic surgery plast.surg.
Meat processing meat.
Ethology ethol.
Alcohol distilling acl.
Horse breeding hrs.brd.
Floriculture flor.
Milk production milk.
Tribology trib.
Palynology palyn.
Aerodynamics aerodyn.
Wine growing
Mycology mycol.
Thermodynamics therm.
Bionics bion.
Flour production
Selective breeding sel.breed.
Derogatory derog.
Northern Chinese n.chin.
Checkers checkers.
Ground forces (Army) mil., grnd.forc.
Cockney rhyming slang cockney
Wales wales
Latin American slang
LGBT lgbt
Exclamation excl.
Mexican mexic.
Navy mil., navy
Northern Ireland N.Ireland.
North American (USA and Canada) n.amer.
West Indies west.Ind.
Thai thai.
Taboo expressions and obscenities taboo
Molikpaq O&G, molikpaq.
Road traffic traf.
Cycling (other than sport) cycl.
Motorcycles moto.
Machinery and mechanisms mach.mech.
Trucks/Lorries trucks
Circus circus
Security systems sec.sys.
Vernacular language vernac.
Slavonic slavon.
Literally literal.
Augmentative augm.
Ornithology ornit.
Tatar tat.
Gold mining goldmin.
Theology theol.
Affectionate affect.
Eastern Orthodoxy rel., east.orth.
Catholic rel., cath.
Tauromachy taur.
Andalusia Andalus.
Antilles Ant.
Aragon Arag.
Argentina Arg.
Asturias Astur.
High energy physics hi.energ.
Bolivia Bol.
Brazil Braz.
Oriental orient.
Venezuela Venezuel.
Galicia Galic.
Guatemala Guatem.
Columbia Col.
Costa Rica C.-R.
Cuba Cuba
Netherlands Netherl.
Morocco Moroc.
Egyptian Arabic
Egypt (modern state) Egypt
Panama Panam.
Peru Peru.
Puerto Rican Spanish puert.
Salvadoran Spanish salvad.
Otorhinolaryngology otorhinol.
Uruguayan Spanish urug.sp.
Philippines Philipp.
Central America Centr.Am.
Chile Chil.
Ecuador Ecuad.
South Asia S.Asia
South America S.Amer.
Internet inet.
Cryptography cryptogr.
Bibliography bibliogr.
File extension file.ext.
Drug name
World trade organization WTO
Firefighting and fire-control systems fire.
Electric machinery el.mach.
Power lines pwr.lines.
Automatic control auto.ctrl.
Electrothermy el.therm.
Measuring instruments meas.inst.
Isolation isol.
Accumulators accum.
Drives drv.
Drugs and addiction medicine drugs
Energy system energ.syst.
Energy distribution energ.distr.
Electric traction el.tract.
Switches swtch.
Old orthography old.orth.
Lighting (other than cinema) light.
Electrochemistry el.chem.
Elevators elev.
Telemechanics tel.mech.
Wiring wir.
Winding wnd.
Signalling signall.
Electrometallurgy el.met.
Foundry foundr.
SAP tech.
SAP finance SAP.fin.
Drug-related slang sl., drug.
Oil and gas O&G
Gas processing plants gas.proc.
Industrial hygiene indust.hyg.
Oil processing plants oil.proc.
Bakery baker.
Ice formation ice.form.
Facilities facil.
Argot123 argot123
Belgian (usage) belg.
Proper and figurative prop.&figur.
Regional usage (other than language varieties) reg.usg.
Choreography choreogr.
Astrology astrol.
Typography typogr.
Fencing fenc.
Modern use modern
Refractory materials refr.mat.
Glass production glass
Ceramics ceram.
Verlan verl.
Psychotherapy psychother.
Parapsychology parapsych.
Psychophysiology psychophys.
Mental health
Psycholinguistics psycholing.
Ethnopsychology ethnopsychol.
Logistics logist.
Ice hockey hockey.
Figure skating fig.skat.
Tengiz O&G, tengiz.
Alpine skiing
Aerohydrodynamics aerohydr.
Phytophathology phytophath.
Biogeography biogeogr.
Mammalogy mamal.
Biometry biom.
Protozoology protozool.
Malacology malac.
Bioacoustics bioacoust.
Evolution evol.
Carcinology carcin.
Sample preparation sampl.
Reproductive biology repr.biol.
Cheesemaking (caseiculture) cheese
Exhibitions exhib.
Karachaganak O&G, karach.
Foreign affairs foreig.aff.
Combating corruption corrupt.
Yiddish yiddish.
Hotel industry hotels
Foundation engineering found.engin.
Building materials build.mat.
Stonemasonry stn.mas.
Tunneling tunn.
Soil mechanics soil.mech.
Building structures build.struct.
Acupuncture acup.
Belarusian (usage) bel.usg.
Russian (usage) rus.usg.
Indonesian Indones.
Saying saying.
Southern Dutch south.Dutch.
Dog breeding dog.
Maori maor.
Polynesian polynes.
Billiards billiar.
Christianity rel., christ.
Judaism rel., jud.
Armored vehicles mil., arm.veh.
Scuba diving scub.
Yachting yacht.
Tuscan tuscan.
Neapolitan neapolitan.
Marketing market.
Political economy polit.econ.
Astrometry astrometr.
Astrophysics astrophys.
Radioastronomy radioastron.
Celestial mechanics cel.mech.
Astrospectroscopy astrospectr.
Anglicanism anglic.
Space space
Aluminium industry alum.
Latin American lat.amer.
Paint, varnish and lacquer paint.varn.
Machine components mach.comp.
Caspian O&G, casp.
Combustion gas turbines combust.
Pumps pmp.
Waste management
Bodybuilding bodybuild.
Antarctic antarct.
Geobotanics geobot.
Fodder fodd.
Zootechnics zoot.
Agrochemistry agrochem.
Horticulture horticult.
Fishery (fishing industry) fishery
Gambling gambl.
Human resources HR
Securities securit.
Journalism (terminology) journ.
Shipbuilding shipb.
Tobacco industry tobac.
Starch industry starch.
Fat-and-oil industry fat.oil.
Cinema equipment cinema.equip.
Narrow film
Film lighting equipment film.light.
Photographical sound recording photo.sound.rec.
Projectors project.
Sound recording snd.rec.
Film processing film.proc.
Bowling bowl.
Sensitometry sens.
Filming equipment film.equip.
Magnetic image recording magnet.image.rec.
Animation and animated films animat.
Stereo stereo.
Road sign road.sign.
Disaster recovery disast.
Show business
Clothing cloth.
Electrical engineering electr.eng.
Kabaddi kabad.
Air defense mil., air.def.
Karate karate.
Infrared technology infr.techn.
Anti-air artillery mil., AAA
United States USA
Explosives and Explosive Ordnance Disposal expl.
Fermentation industry ferm.
Water supply water.suppl.
Ventilation vent.
Ballistics ballist.
Military aviation mil., avia.
Intelligence and security services intell.
Mahjong mahjong.
Fantasy and science fiction fant./sci-fi.
Skateboarding skateboard.
Names and surnames names
High frequency electronics HF.electr.
Genealogy geneal.
Boxing box.
Laser medicine
Africa afr.
Basketball sport, bask.
Prison slang
Computer graphics comp.graph.
Research and development R&D.
Flow measurement flow.
Printed circuit boards PCB
Level measurement level.
Procurement procur.
Molecular biology mol.biol.
Pharmacy and pharmacology pharma.
Computer games
Aikido aikido.
Microsoft comp., MS
International relations int.rel.
United Nations UN
Machine tools mach.
Cement cem.
Toponym topon.
European Union EU.
Cosmetics and cosmetology cosmet.
Valves valves
Handicraft handicraft.
Galvanizing galv.
Chalcidology chalcid.
Loading equipment load.equip.
Elections elect.
Coal coal.
Health care health.
Soviet soviet.
Nanotechnology nano
LP players
Hi-Fi hi-fi
Hacking hack.
Glass container manufacture glass.
Dominican Republic dominic.
Non-governmental organizations NGO
Chat and Internet slang chat.
Royal lexicon royal Shabe
New York Stock Exchange NYSE.
Airports and air traffic control airports
Software softw.
Monks' lexicon monk. Shabe
Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI.
Unit measures unit.meas.
Short message service sms
American stock exchange AMEX.
Trade unions unions.
Librarianship libr.
International trade
Museums museum.
Databases d.b..
Quotes and aphorisms quot.aph.
Office equipment office.equip.
Project management proj.manag.
Winemaking winemak.
Ceramic tiles ceram.tile.
Idiomatic idiom.
Respectful respect.
Fairy tales lit., f.tales
Puzzle puzzle.
Epic of Jangar Jangar.
Torgut language torgut.
Derbet language derbet.
Employment empl.
Esperanto esper.
Dactyloscopy dactyl.
International transportation int.transport.
Dental implantology dent.impl.
Skydiving skydive.
Mountaineering mount.
Organized crime org.crime.
Numismatics numism.
Radiobiology radiobiol.
African african.
Algeria Alg.
School and university subjects ed., subj.
Greenhouse technology
Conventional notation conv.notation.
Clinical trial clin.trial.
Digital sound processing snd.proc.
Corporate governance
Public utilities publ.util.
Comics comic.
Sicilian sicil.
Footwear footwear
Esoterics esot.
Fashion fash.
Neuropsychology neuropsychol.
Cultural studies cultur.
Air conditioners airccon.
Lean production
Oils and lubricants oil.lubr.
Homeopathy homeopath.
Permit to work system permits.
Hydrology hydrol.
Information security and data protection data.prot.
Econometrics econometr.
Heat transfer heat.transf.
Heat exchangers heat.exch.
Lasers laser.
Ufology ufol.
Road construction road.constr.
Public relations PR
Satellite communications sat.comm.
Alkaloids alk.
Landscaping landsc.
Metro and rapid transit metro
Windows windows
Excavation support exc.supp.
American football amer.footb.
Social media
Helicopters helic.
Vibration monitoring vibr.monit.
Horse racing horse.rac.
Hovercraft hovercr.
Torpedoes torped.
Hydromechanics hydromech.
Submarines subm.
Hydroacoustics hydroac.
Sailing ships sail.ships
Radiography radiogr.
Amphibians and reptiles reptil.
Traffic control traf.contr.
Bridge construction bridg.constr.
Road surface
Apollo-Soyuz Apollo-Soyuz
Chemical fibers chem.fib.
Sewage and wastewater treatment sewage
Vietnamese viet.
Albanian language alban.
Cooperage coop.
Bulgarian language bulgar.
Estonian language est.
Hairdressing hairdr.
Pipelines pipes.
Sailing sail.
Gymnastics gymn.
Shooting sport shoot.
Cycle sport
Skiing skiing
Platform diving platf.div.
Throw throw.
Wrestling wrest.
Horse riding (equestrianism) & tack hrs.riding
Equestrian sports equest.sp.
Ski jumping ski.jump.
Athletics athlet.
Luge luge.
Rowing row.
Swimming swim.
Handball handb.
Volleyball voll.
Tennis tenn.
Long jump lo.jump.
High jump hi.jump.
Speed skating speed.skat.
Table tennis tab.tenn.
Trampolining trampol.
Judo judo.
Archery archer.
Water polo w.polo.
Rugby football rugb.
Pole vaults p.vault.
Weightlifting weightlift.
Waterskiing waterski.
Acrobatics acrob.
Gyroscopes gyrosc.
Power system protection PSP
Teenager slang sl., teen.
Somatics som.
Neologism neol.
Tibetan tib.
Hydraulic engineering hydr.
Spinning spin.
Weaving weav.
Dyes dye.
Gear train
Antennas and waveguides antenn.
Astringents atring.
Additive manufacturing & 3D printing addit.
Chemical nomenclature chem.nomencl.
Nuclear chemistry nucl.chem.
Contextual meaning context.
Organic chemistry org.chem.
Chemical compounds chem.comp.
Distillation distil.
Fermentation ferm.
Colloid chemistry colloid.chem.
Inorganic chemistry inorg.chem.
Sculpture sculp.
Materials science
Mammals mamm.
Consulting consult.
Pets pets
Merchant navy merch.nav.
Golf golf.
Artificial intelligence AI.
Sex and sexual subcultures sex
Pejorative pejor.
Ethnology ethnol.
Psychopathology psychopathol.
Superlative superl.
Angling (hobby) angl.
Archiving archive.
Natural sciences
Life sciences
Natural resourses and wildlife conservation nat.res.
Earth sciences
Social science
Hobbies and pastimes hobby
Municipal planning mun.plan.
Animal husbandry anim.husb.
Work flow work.fl.
Immigration and citizenship immigr.
Government, administration and public services gov.
Physical sciences
Human rights activism h.rghts.act.
English engl.
Phaleristics phaler.
Food service and catering food.serv.
Traditional medicine
Afghanistan afghan.
Climatology clim.
Mobile and cellular communications
Medicine - Alternative medicine med., alt.
Manual therapy and osteopathy manu. ther.
Proper name
Nursing nurs.
Optometry optometr.
Buddhism rel., budd.
Manga manga.
Polite polite
Shinto shinto.
Sumo sumo.
Surname surn.
Historical figure hist.fig.
Given name given.
Name of organization
Product name
Titles of works of art titles
Epistolary epist.
Timberwork timb.
Risk Management
Wind Energy wind.
Computing slang
E-mail email
Computer security comp.sec.
Thermal Energy therm.energ.
Material safety data sheet MSDS
Palaeography paleogr.
Deafblindness deaf.
Personal protective equipment PPE
Chemical industry chem.ind.
Seismic resistance seism.res.
Paleozoology paleozool.
Barbarism barbar.
Screenwriting scr.
Phonology phonol.
Pragmatics pragm.
Syntax synt.
Morphology morph.
Semantics semant.
Typology typol.
Semiotics semiot.
Sociolinguistics socioling.
Tagmemics tagmem.
Neurolinguistics neugoling.
International Monetary Fund IMF.
Taiwan taiw.
Logopedics logop.
Biathlon biath.
Champagne and sparkling wines champ.
Hearing aid hear.
Magnetic tomography magn.tomogr.
Alloy addition dop.
Electronic commerce
Cults and miscellaneous spiritual practices cults
Paragliding paraglid.
Curling curl.
Darts dart.
Identification systems ident.sys.
Coffee coff.
Maritime law & Law of the Sea
Design design.
Limnology limn.
Musical instruments mus.instr.
Ship handling ship.handl.
Surfing, windsurfing, SUP surfing surf.
Snowboard snowb.
Charities charit.
Physiotherapy physioth.
Speech disorders sp.dis.
Wellness welln.
Dams dam.
Survey surv.
Antitrust law antitrust.
Sarcastical sarcast.
Legal entity types (business legal structures) leg.ent.typ.
Belarusian language belar.
Ukraine Ukraine
Ukrainian language ukr.
Misused misused
Loan translation calque.
Drywall drywall
Austria Austria
Public transportation publ.transp.
Kazakhstan Kazakh.
Cyprus Cypr.
Records management rec.mngmt
Poland Poland
Computer tomography CT
Glaciology glac.
Electricity electric.
Jet engines jet.
Turbines turb.
Hydroplanes hydropl.
Tinware tin.
Airships airsh.
Fortification mil., fort.
Pneumatics pneum.
Ammunition ammo
Pedagogics pedag.
Penitentiary system penitent.
Model sports model.
Reservoir simulation reserv.sim.
Spices spice.
Beverages bev.
Book binding book.bind.
Dyalysis dialys.
ICAO avia., ICAO
Bioenergy bioenerg.
Acridology acrid.
Water resources water.res.
Pest control pest.contr.
Remote sensing rem.sens.
Vacuum tubes vac.tub.
Electric motors el.mot.
Power electronics pow.el.
Piezoelectric crystals piez.
Electricity generation el.gen.
Video recording video.
Superconductivity supercond.
Ultrasound ultrasnd.
Sound engineering sound.eng.
Electrolysis els.
Speleology speleo.
Gemmology gem.
Quarrying quar.
Agronomy agr.
Sedimentology sed.
Cricket crick.
Dancing danc.
Typewriters and typewriting typewrit.
Audio electronics audio.el.
Calligraphy calligr.
Russia Russia
Dietology diet.
Groceries groc.
Wushu wushu.
Spoken spoken
Photometry photometr.
Hydrometry hydrom.
Stationery station.
Toys toy.
Sporting goods sport.goods
Haberdashery hab.
Fertilizers fert.
Enameling enamel.
Multimedia multimed.
Digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, blockchain dig.curr.
Vulgar vulg.
Finnish language finn.
Wine tasting win.tast.
Ampelography amp.
Meaning 1 mean.1
Meaning 2 mean.2
Meaning 3 mean.3
Ball bearings ball.bear.
Racing and motorsport racing
Games (other than sports) games
Outdoor activities and extreme sports outd.
Emergency medical care
Ballet ballet.
Hydrobiology hydrobiol.
Written written
Taoism tao.
Law enforcement law.enf.
Court (law) law, court
Police jargon police.jarg.
India India
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz.
Islam rel., islam
Explanatory translation explan.
Translator's false friend faux ami
Forensics forens.
Administrative geography admin.geo.
Offshore companies offsh.comp.
Confucianism rel., conf.
Middle Chinese mid.chin.
Pigeon racing pigeon.race.
Amateur radio service radio.amat.
Approving appr.
Taekwondo taekwondo.
Hinduism rel., hind.
Felinology felin.
China China
Iran Iran
Collecting collect.
Service industry svc.ind.
Languages langs
Jargon and slang
Stylistic values stylistic
Badminton badm.
Countries and regions countr.reg.
Grammatical labels gramm.lab.
Auxilliary categories (editor use only)
Parasciences para
Art and culture art.cult.
Emotional values emot.val.
Light industries light.ind.
Wood, pulp and paper industries wood.pulp.
Crafts crafts
Companion animals comp.anim.
Instead of instead.
Word formation word.form.
Steel production steel.
Cast iron cast.iron.
Subjects for Chinese dictionaries chin.subj.
Bavarian dialect bav.
Cloud technologies Cloud.
Testing Test.