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# Afkorting Betekenis
A A Altitude in hundreds of feet.
AA Approved Agency.
A/A Air-to-Air.
AAD Assigned Altitude Deviation
AAIM Aicraft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring.
AAL Above Aerodrome Level.
ABM Abeam.
ABN Aerodrome Beacon.
ACARS Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System.
ACAS Airborne Collision Aviodance system.
ACC Area Control Centre of Area Control.
ACCID Notification of an aircraft accident.
ACFT Airfract.
ACK Acknowledge.
ACL Altimeter Check Location.
ACN Aircraft Classification number.
ACT Active.
AD Aerodrome.
ADA Advisory Area.
ADC Aerodrome chart.
ADNN Additional
ADF Automatic Direction Finder.
ADIZ Air Defense Identification Number.
ADO Aerodrome Office.
ADR Advisory route.
ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast.
ADS-C Automatic Dependent Surveillance Contract.
ADSU Automatic Dependent Surveillance Unit.
ADVS Advisory Area.
AES Aircraft Earth Station
AFIL Flightplan Filed in the Air
AFIS Aerodrome Flight Information Service.
AFIZ Aerodrome Flight Information Zone.
AFM Affirm
AFS Aeronautical Fixed Service.
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network.
A/G Air-to-Ground
AGL Above Ground Level
AGN Again.
AIC Aeronautical Information Circular.
AIDC Air Traffic Services Inter facility Data Communication.
AIP Aeronautical Information Publication.
Airac Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control.
AIREP Air Report.
AIS Aeronautical Information Services.
ALA Alighting Area.
ALERFA Alert Phase.
ALPHA Scramble Immediate departure with high priority (only used during QRA).
ALR Alerting.
ALRS Alerting Service.
ALS Approach Light System.
ALT Altitude.
ALTN Alternate airport.
AMA Area Minimum Altitude.
AMC Airspace Management Cell.
AMD Amend.
AMDT Amendment.
AMHS ATS Message Handling System.
AMS Aeronautical Mobile Service.
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level.
AMSS Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service.
ANC Aeronautical Chart.
ANCS Aeronautical Navigation Chart.
ANM ATFM Notification Message.
AO Aircraft Operator.
AOC Aerodrome Obstacle Chart.
AOCS Air Operations Control Station.
AOM Airside Operations Manager.
AP Autopilot.
AP Airport.
APAPI Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator.
APCH Approach.
APDC Aircraft Parking or Docking Chart.
APN Apron.
APP Approach Control
APRX Approximate.
APSG After Passing.
APU Auxiliary Power Unit.
APV Approve.
ARC Area Chart.
ARN Arrange.
ARO Air Traffic Service Reporting Office.
ARP Aerodrome Reference Point.
ARQ Automatic Error Correction.
ARR Arrival.
ARS Special Air Report.
ASC Ascent.
ASDA Accelerate Stop Distance Availeble.
ASE Altimetry Stop Distance Availeble.
ASI Airspeed Indicator.
ASM Airspace Management.
ASR Approach Surveillance Radar.
ATA Actual Time of Arrival.
ATAS Automatic Telephone Answering System.
ATC Air Traffic Control.
ATCS Air Traffic Control Service.
ATD Actual Time of Departure.
ATFM Air Traffic Flow Management.
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service.
ATM Air Traffic Management.
ATN Aeronautical Telecom Network.
ATS Air Traffic Services.
ATZ Aerodrome Traffic Zone.
AUP Airspace Use Plan.
AUX Auxiliary.
AVG Average.
AVGAS Aviation Gasoline.
AWTA Advice at What Time Able.
AWY Airway.
AZM Azimuth.
B BA Braking Action
BARO-VNAV Barometric Vertical Navigation
BASE Cloud base
BCFG Fog patches
BCN Beacon (aeronautical ground light)
BCST Broadcast
BDRY Boundary
BECMG Becoming
BFR Before
BKN Broken
BL Blowing (followed DU = dust, SA = sand or SN = snow)
BLDG Building
BLO Below Clouds
BOMB Bombing
BR Mist
BRG Bearing
BRKG Braking
BS Broadcasting station
BTL Between Layers
BUFR Binary Universal Form for the Representation of meteorological data
C C Degrees Celsius.
CA Course to an Altitude.
CADF Centralized Airspace Data Function.
CAS Calibrated Air Speed.
CAT Category.
CAT Clear Air Turbulence.
CAVOK Ceiling and Visibility are Okay.
CB Cumulonimbus.
CBA Cross border area.
CC Cirrocumulus.
CDA Continuous Descent Approach.
CDI Course Deviation Indicator.
CDU Control Display Unit.
CDM Collaborative Decision Making.
CDO Continuous Descent Operations.
CDR Conditional Route.
CF Course to a Fix.
CFM Confirm.
CGL Circling Guidance Light(s).
CH Channel.
CHEM Chemical.
CHG Modification.
CI Cirrus.
CI Cost Index.
CIDIN Common ICAO Data Interchange Network.
CIT Near or over large towns.
CIV Civil.
CK Check.
CL Centre line.
CLA Clear type of ice formation.
CLBR Calibration.
CLD Cloud.
CLG Calling.
CLIMB-OUT Climb-out Area.
CLR Clear(s), ‘cleared toor ‘clearance’.
CLSD Close or Closed or Closing.
cm Centimetre.
CMB Climb to or Climbing to.
CMPL Completion or Completed or complete.
CNL Cancel or Cancelled.
CNL Flight plan Cancellation.
CNS Communications, Navigation and Surveillance.
COM Communications.
CONC Concrete.
COND Condition.
CONS Continuous.
CONST Construction or Constructed.
CONT Continue(s) or Continued.
COOR Co-ordinate or Co-ordination.
COORD co-ordinates.
COP Change-over point.
COR Correct or Correction or Corrected.
COT At the Coast.
COV Cover or Covered or Covering.
CPDLC Controller-pilot Data Link Communications.
CPL Current Flight Plan.
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check.
CRM Collision Risk Model.
CRZ Cruise.
CS CallSign.
CS Cirrostratus.
CTA Control Area.
CTAM Climb To And Maintain.
CTC Contact.
CTL Control
CTN Caution.
CTOT Calculated Take-Off Time.
CTR Control Zone.
CU Cumulus.
CUF Cumuliform.
CUST Customs.
CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder.
CW Continuous Wave.
CWY Clearway.
D D Downward.
DA Decision Altitude.
D-ATIS Data Link Automatic Terminal Information Service.
DCD Double Channel Duplex.
DCKG Docking.
DCP Datum Crossing Point.
DCPC Direct Controller-Pilot Communications.
DCS Double Channel Simplex.
DCT Direct.
DEC December.
DEG Degrees.
DEP Depart or Departure.
DEPO Deposition.
DER Departure End of the Runway.
DELTA Scramble Fighter jets are starting and they'’re standing by for further instructions (only used during QRA).
DES Descend to or Descending to.
DEST Destination.
DETRESFA Distress phase.
DEV Deviation or Deviating.
DF Direction Finding.
DFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder.
DFTI Distance From Touchdown Indicator.
DH Decision Height.
DIF Diffuse.
DIST Distance.
DIV Divert or Diverting.
DLA Delay or Delayed.
DLIC Data Link Initiation Capability.
DLY Daily.
DME Distance Measuring Equipment.
DNG Danger or Dangerous.
DOG Date of Flight.
DOM Domestic.
DP Dew Point (temperature).
DPT Depth.
DR Dead Reckoning.
DR Low Drifting.
DRG During.
DS Duststorm.
DSB Double Sideband.
DTAM Descend To And Maintain.
DTG Date-Time Group.
DTHR Displaced Runway Threshold.
DTRT Deteriorate or Deteriorating.
DTW Dual Tandem Wheels.
DU Dust.
DUC Dense Upper Cloud.
DUPE Duplicate message.
DUR Duration.
DVOR Doppler VOR.
DW Dual wheels.
DZ Drizzle.
E E Endurance.
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency.
EAS Equivalent Air Speed.
EAT Expected Approach Time.
EAUP European Airspace Use Plan.
EB Eastbound.
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference.
EDA Elevation Differential Area.
EEE Error.
EET Estimated Elapsed Time.
EFC Expect Further Clearance.
EFCT Expected Further Clearance Time.
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System.
EGNOS European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service.
EHF Extremely High Frequency.
ELBA Emergency Location Ceacon Aircraft.
ELEV Elevation.
ELR Extra Long Range.
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter.
EM Emission.
EMBD Embedded in a layer.
EMERG Emergency.
En English.
END Stop-end.
ENE East-North-East.
ENG Engine.
ENR En-route.
ENRC En-route chart.
EPU Emergency Power Unit.
EOBT Estimated Off-Block Time.
EQPT Equipment.
ESE East-South-East.
EST Estimate or Estimated or Estimate.
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival or Estimating Arrival.
ETD Estimated Time of Departure or Estimating Departure.
ETO Estimated Time Over Significant Point.
EUR RODEX European Regional OPMET data exchange.
EUUP European Updated Airspace Use Plan.
EV Every.
EVS Enhanced Vision System.
EXC Except.
EXER Exercises or Exercising or to Exercise.
EXP Expect or Expected or expecting.
EXTD Extend or Extending.
F F degrees Fahrenheit.
F Fixed.
FA Fourse from a fix to an altitude.
FAC Facilities and Forward Air Controller
FAF Final Approach Fix.
FAL Facilitation of International air Transport.
FANS Future Air Navigation System.
FAP Final Approach Point.
FAS Final Approach Segment.
FATO Final Approach and Take-Off area.
FAX Facsimile Transmission.
FC Funnel Cloud.
FCST Forecast.
FCT Friction Coefficient.
FDPS Flight Data Processing System
FEB February.
FEW Few.
FG Fog.
FIC Flight Information Centre.
FIO Flight Information Office.
FIR Flight Information Region.
FIS Flight Information Service.
FISA Automated Flight Information Service.
Fl Flashing.
FL Flight level.
FLD Field.
FLG Flashing.
FLR Flares.
FLT Flight.
FLTCK Flight Check.
FLUC Fluctuating, Fluctuation or Fluctuated.
FLW Follow(s) or Following.
FLY Fly or Flying.
FM Course from a fix to a termination.
FM From.
FMC Flight Management Computer.
FMP Flow Management Position.
FMS Flight Management System.
FMU Flow Management Unit.
FNA Final Approach.
FOXTROT Scramble Cancellation (only used during QRA).
FPAP Flight Path Alignment Point.
FPL Filed Flight Plan.
FPM Feet Per Minute.
FPR Flight Plan Route.
FR Fuel Remaining.
Fr French.
FREQ Frequency.
FRI Friday.
FRNG Firing.
FRONT Front.
FROST Frost.
FRQ Frequent.
FSC Flight Service Centre.
FSL Full Stop Landing.
FSS Flight Service Station.
FST First.
FSU Flight Service Unit.
ft Feet.
FTE Flight Technical Error.
FTP Fictitious Threshold Point.
FTT Flight Technical Tolerance.
FU Smoke.
FUA Flexible Use Of Airspace.
FZ Freezing.
FZDZ Freezing Drizzle.
FZFG Freezing Fog.
FZRA Freezing Rain.
G –G Green.
GA General Aviation.
GA Go Ahead.
G/A Ground-To-Air.
G/A/G Ground-To-Air and Air-To-Ground.
GAGAN GPS And Geostationary Earth Orbit Augmented Navigation.
GAIN Airspeed or Headwind Gain.
GAMET Area Forecast For Low Level Flights.
GARP GBAS azimuth reference point.
GAT General Air Traffic.
GBAS Ground-Based Augmentation System.
GCA Ground Controlled Approach System or Ground Controlled Approach.
Ge German
GEN General.
GEO Geographic Or True.
GES Ground Earth Station.
GHz Giga Hertz.
GLD Glider.
GLLFC Graphical Low Level Forecast.
GLONASS Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System.
GLS GBAS Landing System
GMC Ground Movement Chart.
GND Ground
GNDCK Ground Check.
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System.
GP Glide Path.
GPA Glide Path Angle.
GPIP Glide Path Intercept Point.
GPS Global Positioning System.
GPU Ground Power Unit.
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System.
GR Hail.
GRAS Ground-Based Regional Augmentation System .
GRASS Grass Landing Area.
GRVL Gravel.
GS Ground Speed.
GS Small Hail and/or Snow Pellets.
GUND Geoid Undulation.
H H24 Continuous day and night.
HA Holding/ to an Altitude.
HAP Heli Aiming Point.
HAPI Helicopter Approach Path Indicator.
HBN Hazard Beacon.
HDF High Frequency Direction Finding Station.
HDG Heading.
HEL Helicopter.
HEMS Helicopter Emergency Medical Service.
HF High Frequency.
HF Holding to a Fix.
HGT Height.
HJ Sunrise to Sunset.
HLDG Holding.
HM Holding to a manual Termination.
HMR Helicopter Main Route.
HO Service available to meet operational requirements.
Ho Dutch/Holland/Netherlands.
HOL Holiday.
HOSP Hospital Aircraft.
hPa Hectopascal.
HPZ Helicopter Protection Zone.
HR Hours.
HS Service available during hours of scheduled operations.
HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator
HTZ Helicopter Traffic Zone.
HUD Head-Up Display.
HURCN Hurricane.
HVDF High and Very High Frequency Direction Finding stations.
HVY Heavy.
HYR Higher.
HZ Haze.
Hz Hertz.
I IAC Instrument Approach Chart.
IAF Initial Approach Fix.
IAO In And Out of clouds.
IAP Instrument Approach Procedure.
IAR Intersection of Air Routes.
IAS Indicated Airspeed.
IBN Identification Beacon.
IC Ice Crystals.
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization.
ICE Icing.
ID Identifier / Identify.
IDENT Identification.
IF Intermediate Approach Fix.
IFF Identification Friend/Foe.
IFPS Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System.
IFR Instrument Flight Rules.
IGA International General Aviation.
ILS Instrument Landing System.
IM Inner Marker.
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions.
IMG Immigration.
IMI Interrogation Sign.
IMPR Improve or Improving.
IMT Immediate / Immediately.
INA Initial Approach.
INBD Inbound.
INC In Cloud.
INCERFA Incertainty Phase.
INFO Information.
INOP Inoperative.
INP If Not Possible.
INPR In Progress.
INS Inertial Navigation System.
INSTL Install.
INSTR Instrument.
INT Intersection.
INTL International.
INTRG Interrogator.
INTRP Interrupt / Interruption.
INTSF Intensify / Intensifying.
INTST Intensity.
IR Ice on Runway.
IRS Inertial Reference System.
ISA International Standard Atmosphere.
ISB Independent Sideband.
ISOL Isolated.
J JAA Joint Aviation Authorities.
JAN January.
JPALS Joint Precision Approach and Landing System
JRCC Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre.
JTST Jet Stream.
JUL July.
JUN June.
K kg Kilograms.
kHz Kilohertz.
KIAS Knots Indicated Airspeed.
km Kilometres.
kmH Kilometres per Hour.
kPa Kilopascal.
KT Knots.
kW Kilowatts.
L LAAS Local Area Augmentation System.
LAM Logical Acknowledgement.
LAN Inland
LAT Latitude
lb pounds
LCA Local
LCN Load Classification Number
LDA Localizer-type Directional Aid.
LDA Landing Distance Available
LDAH Landing Distance Available, Helicopter
LDG Landing
LDI Landing Direction Indicator
LEN Length
LF Low Frequency
LGT Light / Lighting
LGTD Lighted
LIH Light Intensity High
LIL light Intensity Low
LIM Light Intensity Medium
LLFC Low Level Forecast
LM Locator Middle
LMT Local Mean Time
LNAV Lateral Navigation
LNG Long
LO Locator Outer
LOC Localizer
LONG Longitude
LOSS Airspeed Or Headwind Loss
LPV Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance
LRG Long Range
LTD Limited
LTP Landing Threshold Point
LTT Landline Teletypewriter
LV Light and Variable
LVE Leave / Leaving
LVL Level
LVP Low visibility procedures
LYR Layer or layered
M MAA Maximum authorized altitude.
MAA Medical Air Assistance.
MAA Maastricht Aachen Airport
MAG Magnetic.
MAHF Missed approach holding fix.
MAINT Maintenance.
MAP Missed Approach Point.
MAP Aeronautical maps and charts.
MAPT Missed approach point.
MAR at sea.
MAR March.
MAS Manual A1 Simplex.
MATF Missed Approach Turning Fix.
MAX Maximum.
MAY May.
MBST Microburst.
MCA Minimum Crossing Altitude.
MCW Modulated Continuous Wave.
MDA Minimum Descent Altitude.
MDCN Military Diplomatic Clearance Number.
MDF Medium Frequency Direction Finding Station.
MDH Minimum Descent Height.
MEA Minimum En-Route Altitude.
MEHT Minimum Eye Height over Threshold.
MET Meteorological.
METAR Meteorological Aerodrome Report.
MF Medium Frequency.
MFA Minimum Flight Altitude.
MFD Multifunction Display.
MHDF Medium and High Frequency Direction Finding Stations.
MHVDF Medium, High and Very High Frequency Direction Finding Stations.
MHz Megahertz.
MID Mid-point.
MIFG Shallow Fog.
MIL Military.
MIN Minutes.
MIS Missing.
MKR Marker Radio Beacon.
MLA Microlight Aeroplane.
MLS Microwave Landing System.
MLW Maximum Certificated Landing Weight.
MM Middle marker.
MNM Minimum.
MNPS Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications.
MNT Monitor.
MNTN Maintain.
MOA Military Operating Area.
MOC Minimum Obstacle Clearance.
MOCA Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude.
MOD Moderate.
MOGAS Motor Gasoline.
MON Above Mountains.
MON Monday.
MOPS Minimum Operational Performance Standards.
MOV Move.
Mpa Megapascal.
mps Metres per Second.
MRA Minimum Reception Altitude.
MRG Medium Range.
MRP ATS/MET Reporting Point.
MRVA Minimum Radar Vector Altitude.
MS Minus.
MSA Minimum Sector Altitude.
MSAW Minimum Safe Altitude Warning.
MSG Message.
MSL Mean Sea Level.
MSR Messagel.
MSSR Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar.
MT Mountain.
MTI Marked Temperature Inversion.
MTMA Military Terminal Control Area.
MTOW Maximum Take-Off Weight.
MTU Metric Units.
MTW Mountain Waves.
MVA Minimum vectoring altitudes.
MVDF Medium and Very High Frequency Direction Finding Stations.
MWO Meteorological Watch Office.
MX Mixed type of Ice Formation.
N NA Not Applicable.
NADP Noise Abatement Departure Procedure.
NASC National AIS System Centre.
NAT North Atlantic.
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
NAV Navigation.
NAVO Noord Atlantische Verdrags Organisatie.
NB Northbound.
NBFR Not Before.
NC No Change.
NCD No Cloud Detected.
ND Navigation Display.
NDB Non-Directional Radio Beacon.
NDV No Directional Variations Available.
NE North-East.
NEB North-Eastbound.
NEG No / Negative.
NGT Night.
NIL None.
NM Nautical Miles.
NML Normal.
NN No Name.
NNE North-North-East.
NNW North-North-West.
NO No / Negative.
NOF International NOTAM Office.
NOSIG No Significant Change .
NOTAM Notice to Airmen.
NOV November.
NOZ Normal Operating Zone.
NPA Non-Precision Approach.
NR Number.
NRH No Reply Heard.
NS Nimbostratus.
NSC Nil Significant Cloud.
NSE Navigation System Error.
NSW Nil Significant Weather.
NTL National.
NTZ No Transgression Zone.
NU Not Usable.
NW North-West.
NWB North-Westbound.
NXT Next.
O OAC Oceanic Area Control Centre.
OAS Obstacle Assessment Surface.
OAT Operational Air Traffic.
OBS Observe / Observed / Observation.
OBSC Obscure / Obscured / Obscuring.
OBST Obstacle.
OCA Obstacle clearance Altitude.
OCA Oceanic Control Area.
OCC Occulting.
OCH Obstacle Clearance Height.
OCNL Occasional / Occasionally.
OCS Obstacle Clearance Surface.
OCT October.
OFZ Obstacle Free Zone.
OGN Originate.
OHD Overhead.
OIS Obstacle Identification Surface.
OLDI Online Data Interchange.
OM Outer Marker.
OPA Opaque.
OPC Control Indicated is Operational Control.
OPMET Operational Meteorological.
OPN Open.
OPR Operator.
OPS Operations.
O/R On Request.
ORD Order.
ORP Original Readiness Platform.
OSV Ocean Station Vessel.
OTP On Top.
OTS Organized Track System.
OUBD Outbound.
OVC Overcast.
P PA Precision Approach.
PALS Precision Approach Lighting System.
PANS Procedures For Air Navigation Services.
PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator.
PAR Precision Approach Radar.
PARL Parallel.
PATC Precision Approach Terrain Chart.
PAX Passenger(s).
PBN Performance-Based Navigation.
PCD Proceed Or Proceeding.
PCL Pilot-Controlled Lighting.
PCN Pavement Classification Number.
PDC Pre-Departure Clearance.
PDG Procedure Design Gradient.
PDT Procedure Design Tool.
PER Performance.
PERM Permanent.
PIB Pre-flight Information Bulletin.
PIC Pilot in Command.
PJE Parachute Jumping Exercise.
PL Plain Language.
PL Ice Pellets.
PLA Practice Low Approach.
PLN flight Plan.
PLVL Present Level.
PN Prior Notice Required.
PNR Point of No Return.
PO Dust/Sand Whirls.
POB Persons On Board.
POSS Possible.
PPI Plan Position Indicator.
PPR Prior Permission Required.
PPSN Present Position.
PRFG Aerodrome Partially Covered by Fog.
PRI Primary.
PRKG Parking.
PROB Probability.
PROC Procedure.
PROV Provisional.
PRP Point-in-space Reference Point.
PS Plus.
PSG Passing.
PSN Position.
PSP Pierced Steel Plank.
PSR Primary Surveillance Radar.
PSYS Pressure System(s).
PTN Procedure Turn.
PTS Polar Track Structure.
PWR Power.
Q QDM Magnetic heading with no wind.
QDR Magnetic bearing.
QFE Atmospheric pressure at aerodrome elevation.
QFU Magnetic orientation of runway.
QNH Atmospheric pressure.
QRA Quick Reaction Alert.
QTE True bearing.
R RA Rain.
RA Resolution Advisory.
RAC Rules of the air and air traffic services.
RAG Ragged.
RAG Runway Arresting Gear.
RAI Runway Alignment Indicator.
RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring.
RAPCON Radar Approach Control.
RASC Regional AIS System Centre.
RASS Remote Altimeter Setting Source.
RB Rescue Boat.
RCA Reach Cruising Altitude.
RCC Rescue Co-ordination Centre.
RCF Radio Communication Failure.
RCH Reach / Reaching.
RCL Runway Centre Line.
RCLL Runway Centre Line Light(s).
RCLR Recleared.
RCP Required Communication Performance.
RDH Reference Datum Height.
RDL Radial.
RDO Radio.
RE Recent.
REC Receive / Receiver.
REDL Runway edge light(s).
REF Reference.
REG Registration.
RENL Runway End Light(s).
REP Report / Reporting point.
REQ Request / Requested.
RERTE Re-Route.
RESA Runway End Safety Area.
RETD Revised Estimated Time of Departure.
RF Constant Radius arc to a Fix.
RFP Replacement Flight Plan.
RG Range.
RHC Right-Hand Circuit.
RIF Reclearance In Flight.
RIME Rime.
RITE Right.
RL Report Leaving.
RLA Relay.
RLCE Request Level Change En-route.
RLLS Runway Lead-in Lighting System.
RLNA Request Level Not Available.
RMK Remark.
RMZ Radio Mandatory Zone.
RNAV Area Navigation.
RNG Radio Range.
RNLAF Royal Netherlands Air Force.
RNN Royal Netherlands Navy.
RNP Required Navigation Performance.
ROBEX Regional OPMET Bulletin Exchange.
ROC Rate Of Climb.
ROD Rate Of Descent.
RON Receiving Only.
RPAS Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.
RPDS Reference Path Data Selector.
RPI Radar Position Indicator.
RPL Repetitive Flight Plan.
RPLC Replace / Replaced.
RPS Radar Position Symbol.
RPT Repeat.
RQ Request.
RQMNTS Requirements.
RQP Request Flight Plan.
RQS Request Supplementary Flight Plan.
RR Report Reaching.
RSC Rescue Sub-Centre.
RSCD Runway Surface Condition.
RSP Responder Beacon.
RSR En-route Surveillance Radar.
RSS Root Sum Square.
R/T Radiotelephony.
RTD Delayed.
RTE Route.
RTF Radiotelephone.
RTG Radiotelegraph.
RTHL Runway Threshold Light(s).
RTN Return / returned.
RTODAH Rejected Take-Off Distance Available Helicopter.
RTS Return To Service.
RTT Radioteletypewriter.
RTZL Runway Touchdown Zone Light(s).
RV Rescue Vessel.
RVR Runway Visual Range
RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum.
RWY Runway.
S SA Sand.
SALS Simple Approach Lighting System.
SAN Sanitary.
SAP. As Soon as Possible
SAR Search And Rescue.
SARPS Standards And Recommended Practices.
SAT Saturday.
SATCOM Satellite Communication.
SB Southbound.
SBAS Satellite-based augmentation system.
SC Stratocumulus.
SCT Scattered.
SD Standard Deviation.
SDBY Standby.
SDF Step Down Fix.
SDF Simplified Direction Facility.
SE South-east.
SEA Sea.
SEB South-eastbound.
SEC Seconds.
SECN Section.
SECT Sector.
SEL SELCAL (see one below).
SELCAL Selective Calling System.
SEP September.
SER Service / served.
SERA Standardised European Rules of the Air.
SEV Severe.
SFC Surface.
SG Snow Grains.
SGL Signal.
SH Showers.
SHF Super High Frequency.
SI International system of units.
SID Standard Instrument Departure.
SIF Selective Identification Feature.
SIG Significant.
SIGMET Information concerning en route weather.
SIMUL Simultaneous / Simultaneously.
SIWL Single Isolated Wheel Load.
SKED Schedule / Scheduled.
SLP Speed Limiting Point.
SLW Slow.
SMC Surface Movement Control.
SMR Surface Movement Radar.
SN Snow.
SNOCLO Aerodrome Closed due to Snow.
SNOWTAM Notifications of runway/taxiway/apron status with respect to snow, ice, and standing water
SOC Start Of Climb.
SPECI Aerodrome special meteorological report.
SPECIAL Special local meteorological report
SPI Special position indicator.
SPL Supplementary Flight Plan.
SPOC SAR Point of Contact.
SPOT Spot Wind.
SQ Squall.
SQL Squall Line.
SR Sunrise.
SR-30 30 minutes BEFORE sunrise.
SRA Surveillance Radar Approach.
SCRAMBLE Urgent flight. Combat control uses multiple statuses: Alpha scramble = Immediate departure, high priority; Delta scramble = Fighter jets are starting and they’re standing by for further instructions; Tango scramble = Exercise; Foxtrot scramble = Cancell
SRE Surveillance Radar Element of PAR.
SRG Short Range.
SRR Search And Rescue Region.
SRY Secondary.
SRZ Special Rules Zone.
SS Sandstorm.
SS Sunset.
SS+30 30 minutes AFTER sunset.
SSB Single Sideband.
SSE South-south-east.
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar.
SST Supersonic Transport.
SSW South-south-west.
ST Stratus.
STA straight-in Approach.
STA Scheduled Time of Arrival
STAR Standard Instrument Arrival.
STD Standard.
STD Scheduled Time of Departure.
STF Stratiform.
STN Station.
STNR Stationary.
STOL Short take-off and landing.
STS Status.
STWL Stopway light(s).
SUBJ Subject.
SUN Sunday.
SUP Supplement.
SUPPS Regional Supplementary Procedures.
SVC Service Message.
SVCBL Serviceable.
SW South-west.
SWB South-westbound.
SWC Significant Weather Chart.
SWY Stopway.
T TA Traffic Advisory.
TA Transition Altitude.
TAA Terminal Arrival Altitude.
TACAN Tactical Air Navigation Aid.
TAF Aerodrome Forecast.
TA/H Turn At an Altitude/Height.
TAIL Tail Wind.
TANGO Scramble Exercise, also known as MOCK scramble (only used during QRA).
TAR Terminal Area Surveillance Radar.
TAS True Airspeed.
TAX Taxiing / Taxi.
TC Tropical Cyclone.
TCAC Tropical Cyclone Advisory Centre.
TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System.
TCH Threshold crossing height.
TCU Towering Cumulus.
TDO Tornado.
TDZ Touchdown Zone.
TECR Technical Reason.
TEL Telephone.
TEMPO Temporary / Temporarily.
TF Track to Fix.
TFC Traffic.
TGL Touch-And-Go Landing.
TGL Temporary Guidance Leaflet.
TGS Taxiing Quidance System.
THR Threshold.
THRU Through.
THU Thursday.
TIBA Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft.
TIL Until.
TIP Until past.
TIZ Traffic Information Zone.
TKOF Take-Off.
TL Till.
TLOF Touchdown and Lift-Off Area.
TMA Terminal Control Area.
TMZ Transponder Mandatory Zone.
TN Minimum Temperature.
TNA Turn Altitude.
TNH Turn Height.
TOBT Target Off-Block Time.
TOC Top Of Climb.
TODA Take-Off Distance Available.
TODAH Take-Off Distance Available Helicopter.
TOP Cloud Top.
TORA Take-Off Run Available.
TOX Toxic.
TP Turning Point.
TR Track.
TRA Temporary Reserved Airspace.
TRA Transavia.
TRANS Transmits / Transmitter.
TREND Trend forecast.
TRL Transition Level.
TROP Tropopause.
TS Thunderstorm.
TSA Temporary Segregated Area.
TSAT Target Start-up Approval Time.
TSUNAMI Tsunami.
TT Teletypewriter.
TUE Tuesday.
TURB Turbulence.
TVOR Terminal VOR.
TWR Aerodrome control Tower.
TWY Taxiway.
TWYL Taxiway Link.
TX Maximum Temperature.
TXT Text.
TYP Type of Aircraft.
TYPH Typhoon.
U UHF Ultra High Frequency.
UM Unaccompanied Minor
UIR Upper Information Region.
V VFR Visual Flight Rules.
VHF Very High Frequency.
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions.
VNAV Vertical Navigation.
VOR VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range.
VSI Vertical Speed Indicator.
W WCHC Wheel Chair Carry on/off; (for pax who can't walk)
WCHR Wheel Chair Ramp; (for pax who cannot walk long distances).
WCHS Wheel Chair Steps; (pax who cannot walk on stairs).
X X Cross.
XBAR Crossbar.
XNG Crossing.
XS Atmospherics.
Y YCZ Yellow Caution Zone.
YES Yes / Affirmative
YP Young Passanger
YR your
Z ZULU Universal time
ZULU Interne eenheidsnaam Politie helikopters.