The history of the Lexicon

  1. First there was the book (1997)
  2. then the CD-ROM (2000)
  3. culminating in the launch of FELOnline in 2003;
  4. from 2020 it is available as an Add-On to WordFinder Unlimited.

A vast collection of Financial and Economic terminology PLUS related contemporary themes

In addition, the Lexicon contains many terms relating to real estate, the actuarial profession, pensions, insurance (life/non-life/health), environment, climate, business, social and political issues, accountancy, and supervisory legislation. There is also extensive coverage of related legal topics.

The Lexicon (FEL) reflects the author’s practical experience in translating financial and economic texts over a period of more than 35 years.

FEL is not just a dictionary in the strict sense of the word, but also offers useful guidance for all your translations on financial matters and related subjects. It does not only provide translations but also offers suggestions and ideas that may inspire a suitable translation solution. In some cases, the user may need to exercise judgment in order to select the appropriate translation for the specific context.

Target group

FEL is aimed at professional financial translators and those who encounter financial terminology through their job or occupation.

Here are some of the disciplines that are strongly represented in FEL:

  • banking - economics
  • investment - real estate
  • annual reports - actuarial activities
  • asset management - insurance (life/non-life/health)
  • financial analysis - pensions
  • environment/climate - business
  • annual accounts - (EU) supervisory legislation
  • accountancy - initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • consultancy - corporate legal

Solutions for today's financial translation practice

  • FEL is a unique reference work for all your financial translations.
  • FEL is designed for everyday financial translation, the work from which it was derived.
  • FEL not only provides translations but also offers suggestions and ideas that may help you find a suitable translation.
  • FEL is also frequently used as a bridge to other languages.

The Lexicon is continuously expanded and updated and now comprises:

Dutch to English module:

  • 46,000 entries - 79,000 translations and useful suggestions.

English to Dutch module:

  • 53,000 entries - 74,000 translations and useful suggestions.