Eskom Dictionary for power generation and distribution (English-Afrikaans)

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A (ampêre): A (ampêre)
A (angstrom)*: A (angstrom)* (10"1° m)
AA (dry-type self cooled): A.A. (droë selfgekoelde)
a.a.a.c. (all aluminium alloy conductor): soliede aluminiumallooigeleier
AA/FA (dry-type self-cooled/forced-air cooled): AA/FA (droë selfgekoelde/geforseerdeluggekoelde) (TRFR)
AC, a.c. (alternating current): WS, ws. (wisselstroom)
a.c.a.r (aluminium conductor, alloy reinforced): allooiversterkte aluminiumgeleier
AC bearing oil pump: WS-laeroliepomp
AC coupling: WS-koppeling
AC flushing oil pump: WS-spoeloliepomp
AC generator, a.c. generator: WS-generator,ws.-generator
AC seal oil pump: WS-seëloliepomp
a.c.s.r. (S.C.A., steel cored aluminium): SKA (staalkernaluminium)
AC supply (a.c. supply): ws.-toevoer, WS-toevoer
AC tacho-generator: WS-tagogenerator
AC welding generator: WS-sweisgenerator
AFA (dry type forced-air cooled): AFA (droë geforseerdeluggekoelde) (TRFR)
A.G.R. (advanced gas-cooled reactor): G.G.R. (gevorderde gasgekoelde reaktor)
amu (atomic mass unit): ame (atoommassaeenheid)
AOC (aux. oil cooler): HOK (hulpoliekoeler)
A.U.H. (air unit hour): LEU (lugeenheid-uur)
A battery (low tension battery): gloeistroom-battery, laespanningsbattery
AB power pack: AB-kragvoereenheid
A pole: A-mas
ARC (auto-reclosure): OHS (outohersluiting)
a.t. (ampere-turns): aw. (ampêrewindings)
AVR (automatic voltage regulator): OSR (outomatiese spanningsreëlaar)
abampere*: abampêre* (1 x 101 ampêre)
abaxial: abaksiaal
abcoulomb*: abcoulomb* (1 x 101 coulomb) aberration: afwyking, aberrasie (lig) aberrometer: aberrometer
abfarad*: abfarad*
abhenry*: abhenry* (1 x 10-9 henry)
abmho*: abmho* (1 x 10-9 siemens)
abnormal glow discharge: abnormale glimontlading abnormal reflection: abnormale weerkaatsing abohm*: abohm* (1 x 10-9 ohm)
above ground link box (distribution pillar): bogrondse verdeelkas
abrade: afskuur, afslyp abrasion: afskuring, afslyping abrasion damage: skuurskade
abrasive: skuurmiddel, slypmiddel
abrasive action: skuurwerking, slypwerking
abrasive crystal: slypkristal (tipe slypwielbywerker)
abrasive grains: slypkorrels (slypwiel)
abrasive material: skuurmateriaal, slypmateriaal
abrasiveness: afskuurvermoë, afslypvermoë (bv. van steenkool)
abrasive paste: skuurpasta, slyppasta
abrasive resistance (abrasion resistance): skuurvastheid, skuurweerstand
abrasive wheel (grinding wheel): slypskyf, slypwiel
abrupt front: steil front (golf)
abscissa: absis
absolute ampere: absolute ampere (MKS-stelsel)
absolute block: absolute blokkering
absolute dielectric constant (absolute capacitivity): absolute diëlektriese kon-stante, permittiwiteit absolute capacitivity (absolute dielectric constant, permittivity): absolute diëlek-triese konstante, permittiwiteit
absolute centre: absolute middelpunt (rattande) absolute coefficient: absolute koëffisiënt absolute efficiency: absolute rendement
absolute electrical unit: absolute elektriese eenheid (regstreeks van basiese eenhede afgelei)
absolute electrical units system: stelsel van absolute elektriese eenhede
absolute electromagnetic centimetre-gram-second system: absolute elektromag-netiese sentimeter-gram-sekondestelsel
absolute electrode potential: absolute elektrodepotensiaal
absolute error: absolute tout
absolute galvanometer: absolute galvanometer
absolute life: absolute lewensduur
absolute lock and block instrument: absoluutgrendel-en-blokinstrument
absolute luminosity curve: absolute helderheidskromme
absolute measurement: absolute meting
absolute method of measurement: absolute meetmetode absolute peak: absolute spitswaarde, absolute topwaarde absolute peak load: absolute toplas, spitsbelasting absolute permeability: absolute permeabiliteit
absolute permissive block: voorwaardelike blok
absolute permittivity: absolute diëlektriese konstante, absolute permittiwiteit
absolute pressure: absolute druk (t.o.v. nuldruk) absolute sensitivity: absolute gevoeligheid absolute slip: absolute glip
absolute speed drop: absolute snelheidsafname absolute speed rise: absolute snelheidstoename absolute speed variation: absolute snelheidsverandering
absolute threshold of luminance: absolute luminansiedrumpel
absolute unit of current: absolute stroomeenheid
absolute unit of force: absolute krageenheid
absolute unit of potential difference: absolute potensiaalverskileenheid
absolute unit of resistance: absolute weerstandseenheid
absolute value (modulus): absolute waarde, modulus

absolute voltage drop: absolute spanningsval
absolute voltage rise: absolute spanningstoe-name, absolute spanningstyging
absorb: 1. absorbeer, 2. breek, demp (skok bv.) absorbed power: geabsorbeerde drywing absorbent: absorbeermiddel
absorbent material: absorbeermateriaal
absorber 1: absorbeerder (alg.) 2: (damper): demper (vonk) absorber circuit (absorption circuit): absorbeerkring absorber valve: absorbeerbuis
absorbing resistance (absorption resistance): absorbeerweerstand
absorptance: absorpsieverhouding (verhoud-ing: geabsorbeerde ligvloed tot invallende vloed)
absorption: 1. absorpsie 2. opname (van spanning)
absorption circuit (absorber circuit): absorbeerkring
absorption coefficient (absorption factor): absorpsiefaktor, absorpsiekoëffisiënt (gas, energie,
klank, ens.)
absorption coil: absorbeerspoel
absorption cross-section (action radius, effective area): effektiewe oppervlakte, nut-tige oppervlakte (antenne)
absorption current: absorpsiestroom
absorption cycle: absorpsiesiklus (bv. by ver-damping van koelmiddel) absorption dynamometer: absorp-siedinamometer (bv. hidr. rem) absorption equipment: absorbeeruitrusting
absorption factor (absorption coefficient): absorpsiefaktor, absorpsiekoëffisiënt
absorption frequency meter: absorpsiefrekwensiemeter absorption limiting frequency: absorpsiegrensfrekwensie absorption modulation: absorpsiemodulasie
absorption modulator: absorpsie modulator, absorpsiemoduleerder absorption of charged particles: absorpsie van gelaaide deeltjies absorption peak: absorpsiespits (golflengte by maks. elektromagn. absorpsie) absorption plane: absorpsievlak
absorption resistance (absorbing resistance): absorbeerweerstand
absorption unit: absorpsie-eenheid
absorptive charge: opneembare lading
absorptive power (absorptivity): absorbeer-vermoë absorpsievermoë
absorptivity (absorptive power): absorbeervermoë
abvolt*: abvolt* (1 x 10-8 volt)
abutment: 1. stootstuk, 2. eindsteun 3. oewer-steun (dam)
abutment line (closing line): sluitlyn
accelerate: versnel
accelerated ageing test (accelerated life test): versnelde verouderingstoets
accelerated commutation: oorkommutering accelerated fatigue test: versnelde vermoeidheidstoets accelerating anode (accelerator anode): versnelanode accelerating chamber: versnelkamer
accelerating contactor: versnelkontaktor (teen motoraansitweerstand)
accelerating current: versnelstroom
accelerating electrode (accelerator): ver-snelelektrode (versneller in termioniese buis)
accelerating force (accelerative force): versnel(lings)krag
accelerating grid: versnelrooster
accelerating power (accelerating ability): versnelvermoë
accelerating relay: versnelrelê
acceleration resistance: 1. versnelweerstand 2. (acceleration resistor): versnelresistor
acceleration resistor (acceleration resistance 2): versnelresistor acceleration torque (accelerating torque): versnellingsdraaimoment acceleration: versnelling
acceleration constant: versnellingskonstante
acceleration meter (accelerometer): versnellingsmeter
acceleration of gravity (gravitational acceleration): swaartekragversnelling
accellerative force (accelerating force): versnel(lings)krag
accelerator 1: versneller (bv. kern) 2: (accelerating electrode): versneller, versnelelektrode
accelerator anode (accelerating anode): versnelanode
accelerometer (acceleration meter): versnellingsmeter
accent lighting (directional lighting): gerigte verligting, rigverligting
accept: aanvaar (’n alarm)
acceptance test: aanneemtoets, aan-vaardingstoets (uitrusting)
acceptance proof test: aanvaarbaar-heidstoets
acceptor 1: akseptor, ontvanger (elektron) 2: aanneemkring, deurlaatkring acceptor impurity: akseptoronsuiwerheid, ont-vangeronsuiwerheid (transistor) acceptor ion: akseptorioon, ontvangioon
acceptor level: aanneemvlak, ontvangervlak acceptor unit: aanneemeenheid, deurlaateenheid access: 1: ingang (bv. kabel), 2: toegang (alg.) access block: toegangsblok
access-block tag: toegangsblokoor
access control relay: toegangsbeheerrelê, toegangskontrolerelê
access cover: toegangsdeksel access door: toegangsdeur access fitting: toegangshulpstuk accessible: bereikbaar, toeganklik
accessibility: beskikbaarheid, toeganklikheid accessories: bybehoorsels, bybehore accessory: bybehoorsel
accessory apparatus: byapparaat, bytoestel accessory equipment (accessory plant): byuitrusting accessory plant (accessory equipment): byuitrusting accessory plug point: bybehorende proppunt
access shaft: toegangskag
access switch: toegangskakelaar
access tunnel: toegangstonnel (hidroëlek-triese kragstasie)
accidental exposure: toevallige blootstelling accumulate: akkumuleer, ophoop, versamel accumulated dose: opgehoopte dosis
accumulating stimulus (creeping stimulus): insluipende prikkel
accumulation: akkumulasie, ophoping, versameling
accumulator 1: (secondary battery, storage battery): akkumulator, sekondêre battery 2: (accumulator cell, secondary cell, storage cell): sekondêre sel
accumulator acid: akkumulatorsuur accumulator box: akkumulatorkas accumulator capacity: akkumulatorkapasiteit accumulator case: akkumulatorbak
accumulator cell (accumulator, secondary cell, storage cell): sekondêre sel
accumulator grid: akkumulatorrooster accumulator insulator: akkumulatorisolator accumulator jar: akkumulatorfles accumulator plate: akkumulatorplaat accumulator pressure: opgaarderdruk accumulator regulator: akkumulatorreëlaar
accumulator switch (battery regulating switch): akkumulatorskakelaar, batteryskakelaar
accumulator tank: opgaartenk accumulator voltage: akkumulatorspanning accuracy: akkuraatheid, noukeurigheid
accuracy class: akkuraatheidsklas (instrumenttransformator)
accuracy factor: akkuraatheidsfaktor accuracy rating: akkuraatheidskenwaarde accuracy test: akkuraatheidstoets
accurate current range: effektiewe stroomgebied, effektiewe stroombestek (meter)
acetylene light: asetileenlig
acetylene welding: 1: asetileensweising (me-tode) 2. asetileensweiswerk
acid: suur
acid bath: suurbad
acid control valve (acid filling control valve): suurbeheerklep
acid counterflow: suurteenstroom acid delivery valve: suurleweringsklep acid dilution tank: suurverduntenk
acid dipping: suurdompeling, suurdoping
acid dosing: suurdosering acid electrolyte: suurelektroliet acid filling valve: suurvulklep
acid handling plant: suurinstaliasie
acidify: aansuur
acidimeter (acidometer): suurmeter
acid injector: suurinspuiter
acid injector water: suurinspuitwater
acid isolating valve (acid filling isolating valve): suurafsonderklep
acidity: suurgehalte
acid lift: suuropsuiging
acid measurement: suurmeting
acid process: suurproses
acid-proof: suurbestand, suurvas
acid resin: suurhars
acid-resistant: suurwerend
acid-resistant steel: suurwerende staal
acid test: suurtoets
acid transfer: suuroordrag
acknowledging contactor (acknowledging switch, forestalling switch): attensieknop
A-class insulation: A-class-isolering
acme screw thread (acme thread): ac-medraad, acmeskroefdraad acme thread (acme screw thread): ac-medraad, acmeskroefdraad acme-threaded spindle: acmedraadspil, spil met acmedraad
acoustic absorption (acoustic damping, sound deadening): akoestiese absorpsie, geluidabsorpsie
acoustical system: akoestiese stelsel
acoustic baffle: akoestiese skot
acoustic control: akoestiese kontrole, geluidskontrole
acoustic dispersion: akoestiese dispersie
acoustic dissipation: akoestiese dissipasie
acoustic emission (AE): akoestiese emissie (waarskustelsels; grond en damme)
acoustic horn: akoestiese horing
acoustic filter: akoestiese filter, akoestiese filter, geluidsfilter
acoustic impedance: akoestiese impedansie (klankdruk teen oppervlak tot vloed deur oppervlak)
acoustic inertance (acoustic mass): akoestiese traagheid
acoustic insulation: akoestiese isolasie
acoustic mass (acoustic inertance): akoestiese inertansie, akoestiese traagheid
acoustic oscillation: akoestiese ossilasie acoustic reactance: akoestiese reaktansie acoustic stiffness: akoestiese styfheid
acoustic vibration: akoestiese trilling, akoestiese vibrasie
acoustoelectric effect: akoestoëlektriese ef-fek (ontwikkeling van GS deur klankgolwe parallel met geleier)
acquintance course: bekendstellingskursus
across-the-line starter (direct switching starter, direct on-line starter): direkte aansitter
across the line starting: aansitting op voile spanning, direkte aansitting
acrylic resin: akrielhars
act: aangryp, inwerk (kragte)
act at: inwerk op (bv. krag op punt) actinic: aktinies (fotochemies) actinic radiation: aktiniese straling actinic ray: aktiniese straal
actinic screen: aktiniese skerm actinism: aktinisme actinometer: aktinometer action: werking
action spike: aksietoppotensiaal
activate: aktiveer
activated electrode: geaktiveerde elektrode activated nucleus: geaktiveerde kern activated water: geaktiveerde water (kern) activation: aktivering
activation overvoltage: aktiverings-

activator 1: aktiveerder 2: aktiveermiddel active area (hot area): warmgebied (radioakt.) active capacity: aktiewe opgaarvermoë active circuit: aktiewe kring
active coil side: aktiewe spoelsy
active component (wattful component, watt component): aktiewe komponent, wattkom-ponent (stroom of spanning)
active component 1 (active current, in-phase component, power component): aktiewe stroom(komponent), werksame stroom(komponent)
active component 2 (active voltage, in-phase component): aktiewe span-ning(skomponent), werksame span-ning(skomponent)
active conductor: aktiewe geleier
active current: Kyk “active component of the current” active current compensator: werkstroomkompenseerder active decay product: aktiewe volgproduk (kern)
active electric network: aktiewe elektriese net
active electrode: aktiewe elektrode
active-energy meter (watt-hour meter): watt-uurmeter
active lattice: reaktorrooster (kern)
active length: aktiewe lengte (van geleier)
active line: aftaslyn, beeldlyn
active material: 1. aktiewe massa (som v. es-sensiële materiaal in elek. toestel) 2. aktiewe stowwe (radioaktief)
active materials: aktiewe massa
active network: aktiewe net
active polar surface: aktiewe poolvlak
active power 1: aktiewe dry wing, ware dryw-ing, werksame dry wing (meerfasige kring) 2: Kyk “active volt-ampere”
active power relay; aktiewedrywingrelê active region: aktiewe gebied
active return loss: aktiewe eggoverswakking
active singing point: aktiewe fluitpunt
active surface (working surface): werksame oppervlak
active terminal: aktiewe eindpunt
active transducer: aktiewe transduseerder
active voltage (active component of the voltage, in-phase component of the voltage): aktiewe spanning(skomponent), werksame spanning(skomponent)
active volt-ampere: aktiewe voltampêre, drywingsvoltampêre, werksame voltampére
active wire: aktiewe draad
activity coefficient: aktiwiteitskoëffisiënt
activity dip: aktiwiteitsvermindering (kristal)
actual commutation curve: werklike kommutasiekromme
actual commutation line: werklike kommutasielyn
actual current 1: werklike stroom 2: (effective current, virtual current): effektiewe stroom
actual dimension: werklike maat, werklike afmeting
actual effort: werklike krag, werklike mag
actual final velocity: werklike eindsnelheid
actual horsepower: werklike perdekrag (verouderde eenheid herlei na watt)
actual initial velocity: werklike aanvangsnelheid actual load: werklike las, werklike belasting actual monitor: uitgangsmonitor (telev.)
actual power: 1. werklike dry wing 2. werklike vermoë
actual reactance: werklike reaktansie
actual resistance: werklike weerstand
actual tool angle: werklike beitelhoek (hoek met werkstuk)
actual value: werklike waarde
actual velocity: werklike snelheid (nie relatief) actuate: 1. aandryf, dryf, 2. aktueer (in working stel) actuating circuit: dryfkring
actuating coil: dryfspoel
actuating current: dryf stroom
actuating disc. 1: aandryfskyf 2: aktueerskyf
actuating mechanism: 1. aktueermeganiek (toestel/apparaat) 2. aktueermeganisme (ak- tueerbeginsel) 3. dryfmeganiek (direk) 4. dryfmeganisme (beginsel van direkte meganiek) actuating quantity: werkgrootheid
actuating range: belnvloedingsgebied
actuating switch: werkskakelaar
actuating unit: 1. dryfeenheid 2. aktueereenheid
actuator: 1. aandrywer, 2. aktueerder, inwerkingsteller actuator coil (actuating coil): 1. dryfspoel 2. aktueerspoel actuator rod: dryfstang
acute exposure: akute blootstelling (straling) acute tape: skerp tapsheid, skerp spitsheid acyclic: asiklies
acyclic dynamo (homopolar/unipolar dynamo): asikliese dinamo
acyclic generator (homopolar generator): asikliese generator
acyclic machine (homopolar machine, unipolar machine): periodiese masjien (GS)
Adamson ring: Adamson-ring (ketelpyplasversterking) adapt: 1. aanpas 2. geskik maak (vir), wysig (vir) adaptation: aanpassing
adapter (adaptor): 1. passtuk (alg.), 2. pasprop (elek.)
adapter block: pasblok
adapter casing: passtukhulsel, passtukomhulsel
adapter plate: hegplaat
adapter plug: Kyk “adapter”
adapter plug shroud: paspropmantel
adapter sleeve: passtukhuls
adapter transformer: pastransformer (vir ’n enkele lamp)
adapting apparatus (converter set): voor-setapparaat, pastoerusting
adaptor (adapter): 1. passtuk (alg.), 2. pasprop (elek.)
adopter plug: Kyk “adapter”
add: 1. byvoeg, 2. bytel (frekwensie) 3. optel (rekenkunde)

add-and-substract relay (bidirectional relay): tweerigtingrelê addendum: addendum (afstand tussen steek-sirkel en top van rattand) adding capacitor (additional capacitor): ek-stra kapasitor, bykapasitor addition: 1. byvoeging, toevoeging, 2. optel-ling, bytelling
additional capacitor (adding capacitor): ek-stra kapasitor, bykapasitor
additional clearance angle: bykomstige vryloophoek
additional load: ekstra belasting, bybelasting, bykomende belasting additional resistance: bykomende weerstand, ekstra weerstand additional voltage: aanvullende spanning, bykomende spanning addition of vectors (vector addition): vektoroptelling
add vectorially: vektories optel
adherence (adhesion): klewing, vasklewing (bv. anker)
adhesion: 1. aanklewing (alg.) 2. adhesie (teg-nies; een aan die ander) 3. klewing, vasklewing (bv. anker, magneet)
adhesion coefficient: adhesiekoëffisiënt adhesive: kleefmiddel, kleefstof adhesive a.: kleef-, klewend
adhesive band: kleefstrook
adhesive force: adhesiekrag
adhesive insulating tape (friction tape): kleefisoleerband
adhesive tape (sticky tape): kleefband
adhesive weight (static adhesive weight): adhesiegewig
adiabatic efficiency: adiabatiese rendement adiabatic expansion: adiabatiese uitsetting adiabatic heat drop: adiabatiese warmteval
adiathermanous (athermanous): atermaan, adiatermaan
adjacent coils: buurspoele
adjacent conductor: buurgeleier
adjacent poles (neighbouring poles): buurpole adjoining section: aanliggende seksie adjoining span: aanliggende span
adjust: 1. aansuiwer (rekening) 2. instel, stel (kontroles instrumente, ens.) 3. regstel, ver-stel (uit
verkeerde stand)
adjustable: stelbaar
adjustable air-gap: stelbare lugspleet
adjustable air-gap protector: stelbare lugspleetafleier
adjustable arm: stelbare arm adjustable bracket: stelbare steun adjustable brush: stelbare borsel
adjustable capacitor (variable capacitor): stelbare kapasitor, veranderlike kapasitor adjustable consender (adjustable capacitor): stelbare kapasitor, veranderlike kapasitor adjustable constant speed motor: stelbare konstantespoedmotor
adjustable contact: stelbare kontak
adjustable curved slipper: stelbare boog-glyer, stelbare boogglystuk
adjustable end support: stelbare entsteun adjustable hand lever: stelbare handhefboom adjustable hanger bearing: stelbare hangerlaer adjustable inductor: instelbare induktor adjustable lamp holder: stelbare lamphouer adjustable packing block: stelbare pakblok adjustable plug: stelbare prop
adjustable potentiometer (balancing potentiometer): instelbare potensiometer
adjustable pulley: stelbare katrol
adjustable resistance 1. stelbare weerstand 2. stelbare resistor adjustable resistor (adjustable resistance): stelbare resistor adjustable self-acting end stop: stelbare ou-tomatiese entaanslag adjustable sensitivity: stelbare gevoeligheid, stelbare sensitiwiteit adjustable socket: stelbare sok
adjustable spark gap: stelbare vonkgaping
adjustable speed induction motor: induksie-motor met spoedreëling adjustable speed motor (variable speed motor): motor met spoedreëling adjustable spot-light: kollig
adjustable stop: stelbare aanslag adjustable stop nut: stelbare stuitmoer adjustable sunk key: stelbare versinkspy adjustable thermostat: stelbare termostaat
adjustable time-delay: stelbare tydvertraging, reëlbare tydvertraging
adjustable tongue: stelbare tong
adjustable transformer (variable transformer): stelbare transformator
adjustable variable-speed motor: motor met stelbare spoedreëling
adjustable varying voltage control: 1. stelbare kontrole van ’n veranderlike spanning 2. stelreëling van ’n veranderlike spanning
adjustable voltage control: 1. stelbare span-ningskontrole 2. spanningstelreëling (die stelsel)
adjustable voltage divider: stelbare span-ningsdeler, reëlbare spanningsdeler
adjuster screw: Kyk “adjusting screw” adjusting a bridge for balance: brugafstelling adjusting cam: stelnok
adjusting catch: stelknip adjusting clip: stelkiem adjusting collar: stelkraag
adjusting device (meter-adjusting device): meterinsteltoestel
adjusting nut: stelmoer
adjusting plate (adjustment plate): stelplaat
adjusting resistor (adjusting resistance): stelresistor, stelweerstand
adjusting rheostat: stelreostaat
adjusting ring: stelring
adjusting-ring support: stelringsteun adjusting screw: stelskroef adjusting set screw: stelklemskroef adjusting spring: stelveer
adjusting stop dog (adjustment dog): stelaanslag, stelstuiter
adjusting tube: stelbuis
adjustment: 1. stelling, regstelling, instelling, 2. reeling 3. aansuiwering (rekening)
adjustment data: steldata, stelgegewens
adjustment dog (adjusting stop dog):
adjustment of gain: verstelling van versterking adjustment of loss: verstelling van verlies adjustment plate (adjusting plate): stelplaat adjustment value: instelwaarde
admission: inlaat (bv. stoom) admission chest: inlaatkas admit: inlaat (bv. stoom) admittance: admittansie (stroom)
admittance function: admittansiefunksie admittance relay: admittansierelê admittance triangle: admittansie driehoek
admittance unbalance bridge: admittansieon-balansbrug, admittansieonewewigbrug
adsorb: adsorbeer
adsorbate: adsorbaat (geadsorbeerde stof) adsorbent: adsorbeermiddel, adsorbens adsorber: adsorbeerder
adsorption: adsorpsie
advance: vervroeg (tydreëling)
advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR): gevor-derde gasverkoelde reaktor (AGR) aeolian vibration: eoliese trilling, eoliese vibrasie, windtrilling (geleiers) aeration: belugting
aeration jet pump: belugtingstraalpomp
aerial: antenne
aerial array: antennerignet
aerial cable: lugkabel, bogrondse kabel
aerial conductor: luggeleier
aerial current: antennestroom
aerial impedance: antenne-impedansie
aerial line (air line, overhead line): lugleid-ing, luglyn, bogrondse lyn
aerial ropeway: lugkabelbaan, lugkabelspoor
aerial transformer: antennetransformator
aerial wire 1. (antenna wire): antenne-draad 2. (overhead wire): bogrondse draad
aerofoil blade: vlerkblad
aerofoil bladed fan: vlerkbladwaaier
aerofoil profile: vlerkprofiel
aerogenerator (wind-driven generator): windgenerator
affinity: affiniteit
afterbay dam: reguleerdam
aftercondenser (condenser vapour cooler): konsensatordampkoeler
aftercooler: nakoeler
after-diversity demand (non-simultaneous maximum demand): nie-gelyktydige maksi-mum aanvraag
afterglow (persistence): nagloed, nagloeiing
afterheat: nahitte, nawarmte
after-image: nabeeld
after-market: sekondêre mark age n: leeftyd ouderdom (kern) age v: verouder
age-hardening: tydverharding
ageing: veroudering
ageing test: verouderingstoets
agglomerate cell: agglomeraatsel agglomeration: samepakking (van steenkool) agitator: roerder, roertoestel
agitation tank: roerketel, roervat
agonic line (line of zero variation): agoniese lyn, agoon, magnetiese ewenaar
agreed voltage: ooreengekome spanning air-actuated (air-operated): lug-, luggewerk air agitation: lugroering
air baffle (air deflector): lugdeflektor
air blast: lugslag, lugstoot
air-blast circuit-breaker: lugblaasbreker, lug-blaasstroombreker, druklugstroombreker
air-blast cooling: drukiugkoeling, blaaslugkoeling
air-blast switch: druklugskakelaar, lugblaasskakelaar
air-blast switchgear: lugblaasskakeltuig, druklugskakeltuig
air bleeder (air release, air vent): luglater
air blower: lugblaser
air blow-off valve: lugafblaasklep
airborne contamination: luggedrae besmetting
airborne particulates: swewende stof (kern)
air-break circuit-breaker (air circuit breaker): lug-stroombreker
air-break contactor: lugbreekkontaktor
air-break isolating switch (air-break isolator): lugbreekafsonderskakelaar
air-break isolator: Kyk “air-break isolating switch’’
air-break overhead track equipment switch (air-break track switch): bobaanlugbreekskakelaar
air-break switch (A.B. SW.): lugbreek-skakelaar (LB-SK)
air-box: lugkas, lugketel
air-break switchgear: lugbreekskakeltuig
air-break track switch (air-break overhead track equipment switch): bobaanlugbreekskakelaar
air bypass: lugomloop
air capacitor (air-spaced capacitor): lugkapa-sitor (met lugdiëlektrikum)
air cell (air depolarised cell): lugsel, lug-gedepolariseerde sel
air-cell battery: lugselbattery
air circuit: lugbaan, lugkring
air circuit breaker: lugstroombreker
air cock: lugkraan
air compressor: lugkompressor air conditioner: lugversorger air conditioning: lugversorging
air-cooled: lugverkoel, met lugkoeling
air-cooled condenser: lugverkoelde konden-sator (stoom)
air-cooled transformer: lugverkoelde transformator
air-cooled tube: lugverkoelde pyp
air-cooler: lugkoeler (verkoeling van lug) air-cooling: lugverkoeling (van ’n masjien) air core: lugkern
air-core cable: lugkernkabel
air-core choke: lugkernsmoorspoel
air-core coil: lugkernspoel
air-core inductance (air-core inductor): lugkerninduktor air-core inductor (air-core inductance): lugkerninduktor air-core reactor: lugkernreaktor
air-core ring solenoid: lugkernringsolenoTed
air-core solenoid: lugkernsolenoïed
air-core transformer: lugkerntransformator
air damper: lugdemper

alternating-current series motor: wisselstroomseriemotor
alternating-current standby oil pump: wisselstroombystandsoliepomp
alternating-current supply: wisselstroomtoevoer alternating-current system: wissel stroomstelsel alternating-current theory: wisselstroomleer
alternating-current track circuit: wisselstroomspoorkring
alternating-current traction: wisselstroomtrek-krag, wisselstroomtraksie
alternating-current transmission: wisselstroomtransmissie
alternating-current transmission system: wisselstroomtransmissiestelsel
alternating-current voltage (alternating current pressure): wisselstroomspanning
alternating-current wave: wisselstroomgolf
alternating-current welder (a.c. welder, AC welder): wisselstroomsweiser (ws.-sweiser, WS- sweiser)
alternating-current winding: wissel-stroomwikkeling
alternating electromotive force: wisselende elektromotoriese krag alternating field (alternating-current field): wisselveld alternating flux: wisselvloed
alternating horizontal field: wisselende horisontale veld
alternating load: wissellas, wisselbelasting
alternating magnetic field: wisselende mag-netiese veld alternating potential difference: wisselende potensiaalverskil alternating quantity: wisselgrootheid
alternating sine wave: wisselsinusgolf
alternating sinusoidal potential difference: wisselende sinuspotensiaalverskil
alternating spark-over voltage: wisselstroomoorslagspanning
alternating stator flux: wisselende statorvloed
alternating stress: wisselspanning
alternating supply (alternating-voltage supply): wisselspanningstoevoer, wisselstroomtoevoer
alternating term: wisselstroomlid (van vergelyking)
alternating vertical field: wisselende vertikale veld
alternating-voltage (alternating tension): wisselspanning, wisselstroomspanning
alternating-voltage supply (alternating supply): wisselspanningstoevoer, wisselstroomtoevoer alternating-voltage wave (alternating wave): wisselspanningsgolf, wisselstroomgolf alternating wave (alternating voltage wave): wisselspanningsgolf
alternation: 1. wisseling, 2. halfperiode
alternator: alternator
alternator current: alternatorstroom
alum dilution tank (ADT): aluinverduntenk (AVT) alum dosing: aluindosering (waterbehandeling) aluminise: aluminiseer
aluminised screen: gealuminiseerde skerm aluminium alloy: aluminiumaliooi aluminium anode: aluminiumanode
aluminium arrester (aluminium surge arrester, electrolytic arrester): elektrolitiese stuwingsafleier
aluminium conductor: aluminium geleier (geheel aluminium)
aluminium conductor, steel reinforced
(A.C.S.R., steel-cored aluminium conductor): staalkernaluminiumgeleier aluminium electrolytic capacitor: aluminium-elektrolietkapasitor aluminium covered steel wire: aluminiumom-hulde staaldraad (geleier) aluminium foil: aluminiumfoelie, bladaluminium
aluminium liner: aluminiumvoering, aluminiumslytstuk, aluminiumvulstuk
aluminium polyethylene laminate cable: aluminium-poliëtileenlamelkabel aluminium-sheathed cable: aluminium om-hulde kabel, aluminiumbemantelde kabel aluminium-steel conductor: Kyk ‘aluminium-conductor, steel reinforced”
aluminium stranded conductor (ASC): aluminiumstringgeleier (ASG)
aluminium tray: aluminiumbakkie
aluminium trihydrate: aluminiumtrihidraat (vulsel vir elek. apparaat)
alundum: alundum, elektrokorund amalgam: amalgam amalgamate: amalgameer
amalgamation: amalgamasie, amalgemering
amber: amber, barnsteen
ambient air (ambient atmosphere, surrounding atmosphere): omringende lug
ambient air temperature: omringende lugtemperatuur
ambient atmosphere (ambient air, surrounding atmosphere): omringende lug
ambient conditions: omgewingstoestande
ambient operating temperature range: bedryfstemperatuurstrek van die omgewing
ambient temperature: omringende temperatuur
American twist joint: Amerikaanse draailas
American type binder: Amerikaanse binder
American type binding: Amerikaanse bindmetode
American wire gauge (A.W.G.): Amerikaanse draadnommer (ADN)
American wire gauge: Amerikaanse draad-maat (instr.) ammeter (amperemeter): ammeter, ampêremeter ammeter range switch: ammeterstrek-skakelaar ammeter selector switch: ammeterkiesskakelaar ammeter shunt: ammetersjunt, ammeteromtak ammeter transformer: ammetertransformator amorphous metal: amorfe metaal
amortisseur (damping grid, damper winding, damping winding): dempwikkeling
amosite asbestos fibre: amosietasbesvesel
amount of N pole: N-poolsterkte
amount of pole (pole strength, strength of pole): poolsterkte
amount of S pole: S-poolsterkte
amp: verouderde afkorting vir ‘ampere”
amperage: stroomsterkte
ampere (A): ampere (A)
ampere balance (Kelvin balance): stroomba-lans van Kelvin, Kelvinbalans
ampere-conductors: ampêregeleiers (van masjienwikkeling)
ampere foot: ampêrevoet
ampere hour (A.h): ampêre-uur* (A.h) (Coulomb in SI)
ampere-hour capacity: ampere uurkapasiteit ampere-hour efficiency: ampêre-uurrendement ampere-hour meter: ampêre-uurmeter amperemeter (ammeter): ammeter, ampêremeter ampere rating: ampêreaanslag, ampëre-kenvermoë ampere second: ampêre-sekonde
Ampere’s rule: Ampëre se reël
ampere turn: ampêrewinding
ampere-turn diagram: ampêrewindings diagram

ampere-turn method: ampërewindingsmetode
ampere-turns per pole: ampêrewindings per pool
ampholite (amphoteric electrolyte): amfoliet, amfotêre eletroliet amphoteric electrolyte (ampholyte): amfoliet, amfotêre elektoliet amp-hour: Kyk ‘‘ampere hour”
amp-hour efficiency: Kyk ‘‘ampere hour efficiency”
amplidyne: amplidine (magn. versterking)
amplidyne generator (cross-field generator): dwarsveldgenerator amplidyne running: loop met amplidine, working met amplidine amplification: versterking
amplification constant (amplification factor, coefficient of amplification): versterkings-faktor (termioniese buis)
amplification factor (amplification constant, coefficient of amplification): versterkings-faktor (termioniese buis)
amplification voltage: versterkingspanning, versterkspanning
amplifier: versterker
amplifier efficiency: versterkerrendement
amplifier gain: versterkerwins
amplifier tube (amplifier valve): versterkerbuis amplifier valve (amplifier tube): versterkerbuis amplify: versterk (spanning)
amplifying vibrograph: versterkende vibrograaf amplifying winding: versterkwikkeling (metadine) amplitude: amplitude
amplitude demodulator: amplitudedemodula-tor, amplitudedemoduleerder
amplitude discriminator: amplitudediskrimineerder
amplitude distorsion: amplitudevervorming
amplitude factor (crest factor, peak factor): kruinfaktor, (spitswaarde tot effektiewe waarde van
sinusvormige ws.)
amplitude fading: amplitudedeining
amplitude frequency response: am-plitudefrekwensieresponsie (transduseerder)
amplitude gate (slicer): amplitudehef, weg-snyer (transduseerder)
amplitude limiter: amplitudebegrenser amplitude linearity: amplitudelineariteit amplitude modulated: amplitudegemoduleer
amplitude modulation (AM): am-plitudemodulasie (AM) amplitude modulator: amplitudemodulator, amplitudemoduleerder amplitude reference level: amplitudeverwysingspeil
amplitude resonance: amplituderesonansie
amp meter: Kyk “ammeter”
analogue: analoog-analogue computer: analoogrekenoutomaat, analoogrekenaar
analogue telemetering: analoogtelemeting
analogous transistor: analoë transistor, buitetransistor analogy: 1. analogic, ooreenkoms, 2. eweredigheid (wisk.) analyser: analiseerder, ontleder (meter vir volt, ohm , ampere) anchor (stay): anker
anchorage: 1. ankerplek, 2. (ver)ankering
anchorage insulator: afspanisolator, (ver)ankerisolator
anchor clamp: ankerklamp
anchor ear: ankeroor
anchor log (dead man): ankerhout
anchor pole (stay pole): ankerpaal
anchor support (section support): treksteun
anchor tower: ankermas
ancillary (auxiliary, subsidiary): bybehorend, hulp-ancillary circuit (auxilliary circuit): hulpkring ancillary equipment (auxilliary equipment, subsidiary equipment): bybehorende uitrusting, hulpuitrusting
ancillary plant: 1. bybehorende uitrusting, 2. hulpaanleg
AND circuit (AND gate): EN-kring AND-OR circuit: EN-OF-kring anelectric: anelektries, nie-elektries angle: hoek
angle armature relay: hoekankerrelê
angle box: hoekkas (verligt.)
angle cable lug: haakse kabeloor, haakse kabelskoen
angle clamp: haakse klamp
angle light fitting: skuinsstraalmontasie
angle mast (angle tower): hoekmas
angle of advance: vervroegingshoek (gelykrigter)
angle of brush displacement (brush displacement): borselverskuiwingshoek (by kommutatormasjien)
angle of cut-off: afsnyhoek (reflektors) angle of deflection: defleksiehoek angle of deviation: afwykhoek
angle of dip (angle of

air damping: lugdemping
air dashpot: lugdemppot
air-depolarised primary cell: lugdepolariseer-de primêre sel
air dielectric: lugdiëlektrikum
air discharge: 1. atmosferiese ontlading, ont lading in die lug (elek.) 2. lugontlading, luguitlating
air distribution frames: lugverspreidingsrame
air drier: lugdroër
air drying varnish: lugdroogvernis
air duct: luggang, lugkanaal air eduction: luguitstroming air ejector: lugejekteur
air ejector pump: lugejekteurpomp
air engine: lugenjin (deur druklug aangedryf)
air filter: lugfilter
air flow switch: lugvloeiskakelaar air furnace process: lugoondproses air flux density: lugvloeddigtheid air friction: lugwrywing
air gap: lugspleet
air-gap factor: lugspleetfaktor
air-gap arrester (air-gap protector): lug-spleet(stuwings) afleier, lugspleet(stuw-ings)weer der
air-gap clearance: lugspleet(wydte)
air-gap field: lugspleetveld
air-gap inductance: lugspleetinduktansie
air-gap line: lugspleetlyn, vloed instand-houdingslyn (reguit gedeelte van die ver- sadigingskarakteristiek by nullas)
air-gap power (rotating field power): draaiveldkrag, lugspleetkrag
air-gap protector: lugspleet(stuwings)afleier, lugspleet(stuwings)weerder
air guide (air duct): luggang, lugkanaal
air handling unit: waaiereenheid (lugversorging)
air heater: lugverwarmer
air-heater outlet: lugverwarmer-uitlaat
air-heater sootblower: lugverwarmerroetblaser
air-heating coil: lugverwarmingskronkel
air-heating thermostat: lugverwarmingstermostaat
air inlet (air intake): luginlaat air-inlet valve: luginlaatklep air-intake (air-inlet): luginlaat
air-insulated: luggeïsoleer, met lugisolering
air-insulated busbar: luggeïsoleerde geleistam
air-insulated switchgear: luggeïsoleerde skakeltuig
air-insulated terminal box: luggeisoleerde aansluiterkas air-insulated transformer: luggeisoleerde transformator air insulation: lugisolasie, lugisolering
air lancing: lugstraalbespuiting
air lane (stimulator): luggang, stimuleerder (steenkooltoevoer)
air lift: stofligter
air line: lugleiding
air line (aerial line, overhead line): bogrondse lyn, luglyn
air-line detection system: lugleidingverklik-stelsel (brandbestryding)
air main: hooflugpyp air monitor: lugmonitor air outlet: luguitlaat
air pollutant: lugbesoedelstof air pollution: lugbesoedeling air ports: lugpoorte
air pressure: lugdruk
air-pressure switch: lugdrukskakelaar
air radiation survey: lugstralingsopname air receiver (air vessel): lughouer, lugtenk air regulation: lugreëling
air release (air bleeder, air vent): luglater
air seal fans: lugseëlwaaiers
air scrub: lugskrop (kondensaat) air shield: lugskerm (draaimasjiene) air slide: stofgeut
air space (air break): lugruimte, lugspasie
air-spaced capacitor (air capacitor): lugkapasitor
air-spaced coil: lugspasiespoel
air sweeping: lugspoeling (steenkoolmeule)
air switch: lugskakelaar
air tap: Kyk “air cock”
air temperature thermostat: lugtermostaat
air terminal (lightning conductor top): lugeindpunt
air-termination network: lugeindnet
air test valve: lugtoetsklep
air-tight: lugdig
air-tight machine: lugdigte masjien
air-to-aircooled motor: luggekoelde motor met luggekoelde warmteruiler air trimmer (air trimming capacitor): lugfyn-stelkapasitor, lugfynsteller air valve: lugklep
air vane: lugvaan
air vent: lugopening, ontlugter
air vessel (air vessel): lughouer, lugtenk
air-wall ionisation chamber: lugwandionisasiekamer
alarm: alarm
alarm accept button (alarm acknowledgement button): alarmaanvaarknop alarm acknowledgement button (alarm accept button): alarmaanvaarknop alarm bell: alarmklok
alarm buzzer: alarmgonser
alarm cancellation: alarmkansellering
alarm circuit: alarmkring
alarm contact: alarmkontak
alarm cut-off key: alarmafsnysleutel alarm delay circuit: alarmvertraagkring alarm display panel: alarmvertoonpaneel
alarm equipment rack: alarmuitrustingsraam
alarm panel: alarmpaneel alarm pilot light: alarmkliklamp alarm receiver: alarmontvanger
alarm relay: alarmrelê, waarskuwingsrelê alarm-restored lamp: alarmherstellamp alarm signal: alarmsein
alarm switch: alarmskakelaar
alarm test-key: alarmtoetssleutel
alarm timer (alarm timing relay): alarmtydrelê alarm timing relay (alarm timer): alarmtydrelê alarm trip arm: alarmuitklinkarm
albedo (reflection factor): albedo, kaatsfaktor
align (line up): 1. instel (bv. radio) 2. rig, in lyn bring

align (line up): 1. instel (bv. radio) 2. rig, in lyn bring alignment: 1. instelling (bv. radio) 2. rigting, lynrigting alignment error: rigfout
alignment of nuclei: kernrigting
alive (live): lewendig, onder spanning
alive wire (live wire): lewendige draad, draad onder spanning
alkaline accumulator: alkaliakkumulator
alkaline battery: alkalibattery
alkaline cell: alkali-sel
alkaline electrolyte: alkali-elektroliet
all-angle cog wrench: meerhoek-ratsleutel
all-angle fuse puller: meerhoek-sekeringtrekker
all-day efficiency: dagrendement
all-electric contactor: geheel elektriese kontaktor
all-electric interlocking apparatus: geheel elektriese blokkeerstelsel, geheel elektriese grendelapparaat, geheel elektriese grendeltoestel
all-field regulation: geheelveldregulasie allied equipment: verwante toerusting alligator clip (crocodile clip): kaaimanklem
all-insulated switch (home/office switch, shockproof switch): volledig geïsoleerde skakelaar
all-insulated-type lamp: geheel geisoleerde lamp
all magnetic television tube: magnetiese televisiebuis
all-in tariff: algemene tarief, normale tarief all-or-nothing relay: growwe relê allocate: toewys
allowable load (permissible load): 1. toelaat-bare belasting, toelaatbare las (elek.) 2. toelaatbare vrag (meg.)
allowable short-circuit time: toelaatbare kortsluittyd allowable stress (permissible stress): toelaatbare spanning allowed band: toelaatband (kernfis.)
alloy: allooi, legering
alloy junction (fused junction): allooivoeg, legeringsvoeg (transistor) alloy junction transistor: allooivoegtransistor, legeringsvoeg transistor alloy plate: allooineerslag, legeringsneerslag
all-pass filter: allesdeurlaatfilter
all-pass function: allesdeurlaatfunksie (lineêre passiewe net)
all-pass network (all-pass transducer): alles-deurlaatnet (vir slegs faseverskuiwing)
all-pass transducer (all-pass network): alles-deurlaatnet (faseverskuiwing)
all-relay interlocking: relêblok keerinrigting
all-watt motor: motor met arbeids faktor van een
all-wave aerial (all-wave antenna): veelgolfantenne
all-wave oscillator: veelgolfossillator
all-wave receiver: veelgolfontvanger
all-wave signal generator: veelgolfseingenerator
Almalec: Almalec (geleier-aluminium)
Alnico: Alnico (magn. allooi) Alnico magnet: Alnikomagneet alpha: alfa
alpha-chamber: alfa-ionisasiekamer
alpha decay (alpha disintegration): alfaverval
alpha emitter: alfastraler alpha particle: alfadeeltjie alpha radiation: alfastraling alpha ray: alfastraal
alpha transmitter: alfastraler (stowwe)
alternating back electromotive force: wisselende teenelektromotoriese krag alternating change characteristic: wisselstroomladingseienskap alternating-commutator machine: wisselstroomkommutatormasjien alternating component: wisselkomponent
alternating current (a.c. AC): wisselstroom (ws., WS)
alternating-current arc: wisselstroomboog
alternating-current balancer (static balancer): statiese effenaar, statiese balanseerder
alternating-current bearing oil pump: wisselstroomlaeroliepomp
alternating-current bridge: wisselstroombrug alternating-current cable: wisselstroomkabel alternating-current circuit: wissel stroomkring
alternating-current commutator motor: wisselstroomkommutatormotor
alternating-current component: wisselstroomkomponent
alternating-current cycle: wisselstroomsiklus
alternating-current electromagnet: wisselstroomelektromagneet
alternating-current exciter: wisselstroomopwekker
alternating-current failure relay: wisselstroomonderbrekingsrelê
alternating-current field (alternating field): wisselveld
alternating-current flushing oil pump: wisselstroomspoeloliepomp
alternating-current generator: wisselstroomgenerator alternating-current instrument: wisselstroominstrument alternating-current load: wisselstroombelas-ting, wisselstroomlas alternating-current mains: wisselstroomnet
alternating-current machine: wisselstroommasjien
alternating-current machinery: wisselstroommasjinerie
alternating-current mains: wisselstroomnet, wisselstroomhoofleiding
alternating-current motor: wisselstroommotor
alternating-current plate resistance (dynamic plate resistance): wisselstroomanodeweerstand alternating-current pressure (alternating-current voltage): wisselspanning, wisselstroomspanning alternating-current relay: wisselstroomrelê
alternating-current resistance: Kyk “high-frequency resistance’’
alternating-current ripple: wisselstroomrimpel
alternating-current seal oil pump: wisselstroomseëlolipomp

angle of elevation (elevation angle): elevasiehoek angle of incidence: invalshoek (ook kernenergie) angle of inclination (angle of dip): inklinasiehoek angle of lag: naloophoek
angle of lead: voorloophoek
angle of loss: verlieshoek
angle of polarisation: polarisasiehoek
angle of radiation (radiation angle): straiing-shoek, uitstraalhoek angle of reflection: refleksiehoek, kaatshoek (ook kernenergie) angle of refraction: brekingshoek (lig)
angle of repose: rushoek, natuurlike rushoek
angle of retard: vertragingshoek
angle of rotation: draaihoek, rotasiehoek
angle of scan: aftashoek
angle of voltage and current: spanning-en-stroomhoek
angle pole: hoekpaal angle section: hoekprofiel angle stay: hoekanker
angle straggling: rigtingspreiding (kern)
angle strainer stay: hoektrekanker
angle support (corner bracket, angle bracket): hoeksteun
angle terminal: haakse aansluiter, haakse klem
angle tower (angle mast): hoekmas
angstrom* (A): angstrom* (A)* (=10'10m, 10 A = 1 nanometer: elektromagnetiese golflengte)
angular acceleration: hoekversnelling angular aperture: hoekopening (reflektor) angular deviation loss: afwykhoekverlies
angular contact ballbearing: hoekkontakkoeëllaar angular displacement: hoekverskuiwing (by transformator) angular distance: hoekafstand, radiaalafstand
angular frequency (radian frequency): hoek-frekwensie, radiaalfrekwensie
angular magnet: hoekmagneet
angular misalignment: hoekige wanplasing (leipyp)
angular modulator: hoekmodulator, hoekmoduleerder
angular momentum: 1. draaimomentum, orbi-tale hoekmomentum (deeltjies) 2. hoek-momentum (om punt op liggaam met lineêre momentum)
angular phase difference: faseverskuiwingshoek
angular phase-pitch: hoekfasesteek angular spacing: hoekspasiëring (antenne) angular variation: hoekafwyking
angular velocity: hoeksnelheid
animating electrode: ioniseerelektrode, aanwakkerelektrode
animation: animaat (reklame)
anion: anioon
anion buffer: anioonbuffer (waterbehandeling)
anion cell: anioonsel
anion exchanger: anioonruiler anion inlet: aniooninlaat anion outlet: anioonuitlaat
anion rinse recovery: anioonspoelherwinning
anion wash: anioonwas
anisotropic: anisotroop, anisotropies
anisotropic conductivity: anisotrope geleivermoë
annealed copper: uitgegloeide koper
annealed wire: uitgegloeide draad
annihilation radiation: annihilasiestraiing (kern)
annular: ring-, ringvormig
annular electromagnet: ringelektromagneet annular fixed contact: vaste ringkontak annular gap: ringgaping
annular magnet (ring magnet, ring-shaped magnet): ringmagneet
annular pole: ringpool
annular rotating field: sirkelvormige draaiveld
annulus: annulus, ring
annunciator: verklikker (brandweer)
anode (plate, U.S.; positive electrode): anode, positiewe elektrode
anode alternating current conductance (differential anode conductance):
anode alternating current resistance (differential anode resistance):
anode baffle: anodeskot
anode bag (anode envelope): anodesak
anode balancing coil: anodestroombalanseerspoel
anode battery (B-battery, plate battery): anodebattery, B-battery
anode breakdown voltage: anodedeurslagspanning
anode butt: anodestuik
anode characteristic (plate characteristic): anodekenkromme
anode choke (coil): anodesmoorspoel anode circuit (plate circuit): anodekring anode conductance: anodekonduktansie anode converter: anodeomsetter
anode current (plate current): anodestroom
anode dark space: anodedonkerruimte
anode decoupling resistor: anodeontkoppel-resistor, anodeontkoppelweerstand anode differential resistance: anodedifferen-siaalweerstand (interne weerstand) anode dissipation (plate dissipation): anodedissipasie
anode drop (anode fall): anode potensiaalval, anodeval
anode effect: anode-effek
anode efficiency: anoderendement
anode fall (anode drop): anode potensiaalval, anodeval anode glow (positive glow): anodeglimlig, positiewe glimlig anode impedance: anode-impedansie
anode inductance: anode-induktansie
anode input (plate input): anode-inset, anode-kraginset
anode layer: anodiese laag
anode load (plate load): anodebelasting, anodelas
anode mud: anodeslik
anode paralleling reactor: anodeparallel-geskakelde reaktor

anode potential drop (anode potential fall): Kyk “anode drop'
anode power input: Kyk “anode input1 anode power supply: anodekragtoevoer anode ray: anodestraal
anode-ray current (positive-ray current): anodestraalstroom anode rectification (anode bend rectification): anodegelykrigting anode relay: anoderelê
anode relieving: anodeontlasting
anode resistance: anodeweerstand
anode saturation (current saturation, plate saturation, voltage saturation): anodeversadiging
anode scrap: anoderes
anode shield: anodeskerm
anode sputtering: anodeverstuiwing
anode supply (plate supply): anodetoevoer
anode-to-cathode voltage-current characteristic (anode characteristic, plate characteristic):
anode voltage (plate voltage): anodespanning
anodic (electronegative): anodies, elektronegatief
anodic brightening (electro-brightening): anodiese glansing
anodic etching: anode-etsing
anodic inhibitor: anode-inhibeerder, anodestremmer
anodic oxidation (anodic treatment, anodizing): anodisering
anodic passivation: anodiese passivering
anodic polarization: anodepolarisasie
anodic treatment (anodic oxidation, anodizing): anodisering
anodize: anodeer, anodiseer
anodizing: Kyk “anodic oxidation’’
anode luminescence: anodoluminessensie
anolyte: anoliet
anomalous dispersion: anomale dispersie
anomalous magnet: anomale magneet, volgpoolmagneet
anthracite: antrasiet
anthracite coal: antrasietkool
antedate: terugdateer, vroeër dateer anticapacitance switch: teenkapasi-tansieskakelaar anticapacity switch: Kyk ’anticapacitance switch’’ anticathode: Kyk “anode’’
anti-chatter: klapperdempend
anti-chatter armature reed: ankerdempveer anti-chatter spring: klapperdempveer anticipatory device: antisipeertoestel anticipatory gear: antisipeeruitrusting
anti-climbing device: klimweerder
anti-climbing guard: klimversperring
anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise): links om, teenkloksgewys
anti-clockwise polarised wave (counterclockwise polarised wave): linksom-gepolariseerde golf, teenkloksgewys-gepolariseerde golf
anti-clockwise rotation (counter-clockwise rotation): linksomdraaiing, teenkloksgewyse draaiing anticompound generator (decompounded generator): differensiaalserieparallelgener-ator, teenserie-parallelgenerator
anticompound motor (decompounded motor): teenserieparallelmotor (parallelmotor met serieteenwikkeling)
anticorona ring: koronaweringsring, koronawerende ring anticorrosive (corrosion-resistant): korrosiewerend anticorrosive finish: korrosiewerende afwerking anticreep device: kruipwerende toestel
anti-electrolysis covering: elek-troliesewerende bekleding of bedekking
anti-electrolysis sheath: elektrolisewerende (om)hulsel
anti-erosive coating: erosiewerende laag antifreeze pin (or stud): teenkleefpen antifreeze plate (residual plate): teenkleefplaat antifrictional graphite: smeergrafiet antifriction alloy: laerallooi, laerlegering antihum winding: bromwerende wikkeling antihunting circuit: waggelwerende kring
antihunt transformer: waggelwerende transformator
anti-induction network: teeninduksienet
anti-interference radio capacitor: steuring-werende radiokapasitor
antilogous pole: antiloge pool, teenstrydige pool antimagnetic: antimagneties, magnetismewerend antimagnetic shield: magnetismewerende skerm antimatter: antimaterie
antimony: antimoon
antinodal point (antinode): antinode, buikpunt
antinode point: 1. antinode, buikpunt, 2. buik
anti-noise microphone: geraaswerende mikrofoon
anti-overshoot: oorskrydingsbeperking
anti-oxidant: antioksideermiddel, oksidasie-werende middel
antiparallax: antiparallaks
antiparallel coupling: teenparallelverbinding
antiparticle: antideeltjie
antiphase n. (counterphase): teenfase
antiphase (in opposition to): teenfasig
anti-pickup factor: nie-opkomfaktor, teenaantrekfaktor
antiplugging protection: teenplukbeveiliging
antiplugging relay: teenblokkeringrelê, blok-keringwerende relê
antiproton (negative proton): antiproton
antipump device (pump-free device): an-tipomptoestel, pompwerende toestel
antipumping circuit: antipompkring, pompwerende kring antipumping relay: antipomprelê, pompwerende relê anti-reaction: teenterugkoppeling
antiresonance: teenresonansie
antiresonance frequency: teen-resonansiefrekwensie
antiresonant circuit (antiresonance circuit,

parallel resonant circuit): teenresonansiekring antistructure disorder: ioniese wanorde antisurge baffle: stuwingwerende skot antivibration spring: trillingdempveer antivibration device: trillingdemptoestel antivibration mounting: trilling-dempmontering antivibrator: trillingdemper
aperiodic (dead-beat): 1. aperiodies, 2. aperi-odiek (Kyk “periodic1)
aperiodic circuit: aperiodiese kring
aperiodic component: aperiodiese komponent (van ’n kortsluitstroom)
aperiodic damping: Kyk “overdamping1
aperiodic element: aperiodiese element
aperiodic galvanometer (dead-beat galvanometer): aperiodiese galvanometer
aperiodic instrument: aperiodiese instrument
aperiodic phenomenon: aperiodiese verskynsel
aperture: 1. effektiewe stralingsvlak (antenne) 2. gaatjie, gleuf, opening (alg.) 3. (lens aperture): lensopening
aperture illumination: openingsbeligting
apertured disc: gaatjieskyf
apex: top, toppunt
A-pole: A-mas
A-power supply (filament power supply): A-kragtoevoer, gloeidraadkragtoevoer
apparatus: apparaat
apparatus panel: apparaatpaneel
apparent activation energy: skynbare aktiveringsenergie
apparent area: skynbare oppervlakte
apparent electromotive force: skynbare elek-tromotoriese krag apparent-energy meter: Kyk “volt-ampere-hour meter’’ apparent flux density: skynbare vloeddigtheid
apparent foot-candle: skynvoetkers
apparent impedance: skynbare impedansie
apparent iron cross-section: skynbare ysterdeursnee
apparent iron volume: skynbare ystervolume
apparent power: skyndrywing (produk van w.g.k.-stroom en w.g.k.-spanning in masjiene)
apparent reactance: skynreaktansie
apparent resistance: skynweerstand
apparent sag: skynbare deurhang (tussen twee steunpunte nie op dieselfde vlak nie)
apparent watts: skynbare watts
appliance: toestel: appliance switch: toestelskakelaar
applicator (applicator electrode): toepaselektrode
applied electromotive force: aangelegde elektromotoriese krag, aangewende elek-tromotoriese krag applied fault protection: fouttoepassingsbe-veiliging (bv. tout ingevoer om sekering te laat smelt) applied potential (applied voltage): aangelegde potensiaal, aangelegde spanning
applied pressure: Kyk “applied voltage’’
applied potential (applied voltage): aangelegde spanning

applied voltage (applied potential): aangelegde spanning apply: 1. toepas 2. aanwend, aanlê (spanning) apprentice: vakleerling
apprentice training: vakleerlingopleiding
apportionment: verbesondering, verdeling (bv. v. koste)
approach: nadering (verskil tussen temp. v. gekoelde water en temp. v. omringende lug by koeltoring) approach to dry-bulb temperature: afstand van droëboltemperatuur, verskil tot droëboltemperatuur approximate efficiency: benaderde rendement
approximate equivalent circuit: benaderde ekwivalente kring approximate percentage regulation: benaderde persentasie regulering approximate regulation: benaderde regulering
approximation: benadering
apron: skort
aqueous homogeneous reactor: waterhomogene reaktor
aqueous solution: waterige oplossing
Araldite: Araldiet (hars vir elektriese apparaat)
arbitrary angle: arbitrêre hoek, willekeurige hoek
arbitrary phase-angle power relay: kragrelê met willekeurige fasehoek
arbitrary signal: arbitrêre sein
arc n.: boog
arc v. (arc across, arc over, flash across, flash over, spark over): oorslaan, oorvonk arc across (arc, arc over, flash across, flash over, spark over): oorslaan, oorvonk arc-back n. (back-fire): terugslag, terugvonking
arc back v.: terugslaan, terugvonk
arc baffle: boogskot
arc-chute: blusgeut
arc chute splitter: blusgeutskeier
arc control device: 1. blustoestel, 2. (“arcing chamber1): bluskamer
arc converter: boogomsetter
arc discharge: boogontlading
arc-discharge tube: boogontladingsbuis
arc dispersion: boogdispersie, boogverspreiding
arc-drop loss: boogverlies
arc-drop voltage (arc drop): boogspanningsval
arc-duration: boogduur
arc energy: boogenergie
arc extinction: boogblussing
arc extinguisher (arc extinguishing device): boogblusser
arc extinguishing chamber: boogbluskamer
arc extinguishing device: boogblusser
arc extinguishing medium: boogblus-medium
arc gap: boogspleet, booggaping
arch bound commutator: booggebinde kommutator
arch dam: boogdam
arc horn (arcing horn, protective horn): booghoring, isolatorhoring, oorslaghoring 13

arcing (arcing over, flashing, flashing over, flashover): boogvorming, oorslag, oorvonking
arcing back (arc-back, back-fire): terugslag, terugvonking
arcing chamber (1. arc control device 2. explosion pot): bluskamer, boogbluskamer
arcing contact (sparking contact): boogkontak
arcing distance: oorvonkafstand
arcing fault: foutboog
arcing ground: boogaarding
arcing horn (arc horn, protective horn): oorslaghoring, booghoring, isolatorhoring
arcing over (arcing, flashing, flashing over, flashover): boogvorming, oorslag, oorvonking
arcing over v.: oorvonk(ing)
arcing over voltage (flash-over voltage): oorslagspanning, oorvonkspanning
arcing ring: oorslagring, oorvonkring
arcing shield (arc resisting shield, arc shield): boogskerm
arcing spot: boogbrandpunt
arcing time (arc duration): boogduur
arc interruption: boogonderbreking
arc lamp (electric arc): booglamp (elektriese boog)
arc length: booglengte
arc lighting: boogverligting, vlam boogverligting
arc modulation: boogmodulasie
arc of contact: kontakboog
arc of travel: werkboog
arc-over n.: oorvonking, oorslag
arc over v. (arc, arc across, flash across, flash over, spark over): oorvonk, oorslaan
arc path: boogbaan
arc rectifier: booggelykrigter
arc resistance: boogweerstand
arc resisting field: boogweerskerm
arc shield: boogskut
arc-stream voltage: boogspanningsval
arc suppression: 1. boogonderdrukking, 2. roosterblussing
arc suppression coil (Petersen coil): aards-luitkompensasiespoed, boogonderdrukspoel
arc suppression thyratron: boogonderdruktiratron
arc through v.: deurslaan arc-through n.: deurslag arc tube: boogbuis
arc welding: boogsweising
arc-welding electrode: boogsweiselektrode
arc-welding transformer: boogsweistransformator
area lightning: gebiedsverligting, oppervlakverligting
area of contact 1: kontakoppervlakte 2. (contact face, contact surface): kontakvlak
area of isotope retention: isotoop terughougebied
area of reservoir: reservoiropper vlakte
area of supply: voorsieningsgebied
area that fails to concentrate the isotope: isotoopuitvalgebied area tie line (interconnector, interconnection): koppellyn argon: argon
argon glow lamp: argonglimlamp argon lamp: argonlamp argument: argument (impedansie) argument angle: argumentshoek armanent: bewapening
armature: anker
armature adjusting plate: ankerstelplaat
armature air gap: ankerlugspleet
armature ampere-turn: ankerampére winding armature assembly: ankersamestel armature backstop: ankeragterstuiter armature band: ankerband
armature bar: ankerstaaf armature bearing: ankerlaer armature binder: ankerbinder armature binding: ankerbindsel armature body: ankerliggaam
armature bore: ankerboring
armature bushing (armature sleeve): ankerbus
armature chatter: ankerklappering armature circuit: ankerkring armature clamp: ankerklamp armature clearance: ankervryruimte
armature coil: ankerspoel (ankergeleiers tesame)
armature conductor: ankergeleier
armature contact (movable contact): be-weegbare kontak
armature control lever: ankerbeheer-hefboom armature copper loss: ankerkoperverlies armature core: ankerkern
armature core disc: Kyk “armature lamination/punching/stamping’’
armature core plate: Kyk “armature lamination, armature punching, armature stamping
armature cross (armature spider, armature star): ankerster
armature current: ankerstroom
armature current limitation: anker stroombegrensing armature direct axis (armature pole axis): ankerpoolas armature drum: ankertrom
armature duct: ankerkoelkanaal, ankerkanaal armature end-connection: ankerent verbinding armature end play: ankerentspeling
armature end slug: voorvertraaghuis (relê)
armature field: ankerveld armature flux: ankervloed armature gap: ankerspleet
armature head (armature end plate): ankerentplaat
armature hub: ankernaaf
armature impedance: ankerimpedansie
armature input: ankerinset
armature lamination (armature punching, armature stamping): ankerlamel
armature leakage: ankerlekkasie
armature pole: ankerpool
armature pole axis (armature direct axis): ankerpoolas
armature pressure: ankerdruk
armature punching (armature lamination,

armature stamping): ankerlamel
armature quadrature axis: ankerhaaksas
armature quill 1: (armature sleeve): anker-bus 2: (armature spider): ankerster
armature reactance: ankerreaktansie armature reactance drop: ankerreaktansieval armature reaction: ankerreaksie
armature-reaction excited machine: masjien opgewek deur ankerreaksie
armature reed: ankerveer (relês, meters, ens.) armature-reed support: ankerveersteun armature relay: ankerrelê
armature resistance: ankerweerstand
armature resistance drop: ankerweerstandsval
armature restoring spring: ankerherstelveer (relês, instrumente)
armature restraining spring: ankerstremveer armature retaining plate: ankerkeerplaat armature segment: ankersegment
armature shaft: ankeras
armature sleeve 1. (armature quill): anker-bus 2. (armature spider): ankerster
armature slot: ankergleuf
armature spider (armature star): ankerster
armature stamping (armature lamination, armature punching): ankerlamel
armature star (armature spider): ankerster
armature stop plate: ankerstuitplaat
armature stray field: ankerlekveld armature stroke: ankerslag armature terminal: ankeraansluiter armature tooth: ankertand armature travel: ankerslag armature turn: ankerwinding armature voltage: ankerspanning
armature-voltage control: ankerspanningsreëling armature voltage drop: ankerspanningsval armature winding: ankerwikkeling
armature winding equalizer (equalizer ring, balancing ring): ankereffeningsring armature winding wire (armature wire): ankerdraad, ankerwikkeldraad armature wire (armature winding wire): ankerdraad, ankerwikkeldraad
arm contact: armkontak armour n.: pantser, pantsering armour v.: pantser (kabels)
armour-cased (armour-clad, armoured): gepantser, pantser-armour-clad (armour-cased, armoured): gepantser, pantser-armour-clamp (armour-gland, armour-grip): pantserklamp armoured (armoured-cased, armour-clad): gepantser, pantser-armoured cable: gepantserde kabel, pantserkabel
armoured composite cable: saamgestelde pantserkabel
armoured insulated conductor: gepantserde geïsoleerde geleier
armoured paper-insulated lead-covered cable: gepantserde papiergeisoleerde lood-omhulde kabel
armoured star-quad cable: gepantserde stervierlingkabel armour-gland (armour-clamp, armour-grip): pantserklamp armour-grip (armour-clamp, armour-gland): pantserklamp armouring (armour): pantsering, pantser
armouring tape (armouring tape): pantserband
armouring wire: pantserdraad armour-plating: (be)pantsering armour splice: pantsersplitslas
armour tape (armouring tape): pantserband
arm terminal: armaansluiter
arrangement: 1. inrigting (bv. van stelsel of toestel) 2. reëling 3. rangskikking, uitleg
arrangement drawing: rangskik-kingstekening
array: opstelling, rangskikking
arrester: Kyk ‘‘surge arrester1, ‘surge divert-er” arresting strip: afleistrook, afweerstrook arrival current: aankomsstroom
arrival curve: aankomskromme
arrival voltage: aankomspanning
articulated joint (articulating joint): gewrigskoppeling articulating joint (articulated joint): gewrigskoppeling artificial cable (cable simulator): gesimuleer-de kabel artificial cooling: kunsmatige koeling
artificial daylight lamp: kunsma-tigedaglig-lamp
artificial dielectric: kunsmatige diëlektrikum
artificial earth (capacitance earth, counterpoise, counterpoise earth): kapasitan-sieaarde, teenwigaarde
artificial illumination (artificial lighting): kunsmatige verligting
artificial light: kunslig, kunsmatige lig
artificial lighting (artificial illumination): kunsmatige verligting
artificial light source: kunsmatige ligbron
artificial line (line simulator): gesimuleerde lyn
artificial load (dead load, dummy load): kunsmatige belasting, kunsmatige las
artificially cooled transformer: kunsmatige verkoelde transformator
artificial magnet: kunsmagneet
artificial neutral: kunsmatige nulgeleier
artificial radioactivity (induced radioactivity): kunsmatige radioaktiwiteit
artificial silk braiding: kunssyomvlegting, kunssyomvlegsel
asbestos: asbes
asbestos cloth: asbesweefsel
asbestos-covered: asbesbeklee
asbestos-covered wire: asbesbeklede draad
asbestos fibre: asbesvesel asbestos millboard: asbespersbord asbestos sheet: asbesplaat asbestos string: asbestou asbestos tape: asbesband asbestos tissue: asbesweefsel
asbestos wool (cotton asbestos): asbeswol ascending current: stygende stroom, stygstroom ash booster pump: asaanjapomp
ash box: askis

ash content: asinhoud
ash crusher: asvergruiser
ash delivery pipe: asafvoerpyp
ash disposal plant: asverwyderingsaanleg
ash door: asdeur
ash fusion temperature: assmeltpunt ash handling (ash plant): asinstallasie ash hopper: asstortbak
ashing: asverwydering
ashing doors: asverwyderingsdeure
ashing water: asafvoerwater
ash pit: asput, askuil
as plant (ash handling plant): asinstallasie
ash pump: aspomp
ash reservoir: asvergaarbak
ash sluice trench: asafvoerkanaal
ash sluice way: asspuikanaal
ash sump: asput
ash water return pipe: aswaterterugvoerpyp
ash water return plant: aswaterterugvoerinstallasie
aside stock: opsyvoorraad (ondiensbaar en gehou hangende ’n besluit)
askarel: Kyk “chlorinated biphenyl" aspect ratio: beeldverhouding (telev.) assemble (rig up): inmekaarsit, monteer assembly: samestel
assessed room: aangeslane kamer assigned rating: bepaalde aanslag associated cable: bybehorende kabel
associated control panel: bybehorende beheerpaneel associated equipment: bybehorende uitrusting associated leg: bybehorende draad, verbonde draad associated pipework: bybehorende pype
associated relay: bybehorende relê, verbonde relê
Association of Municipal Engineers insulated wire (A.M.E. insulated wire): “Association of Municipal Engineers'-geisoleerde draad (A.M.E-geisoleerde draad)
astatic: astaties
astatic coil: astatiese spoel
astatic instrument: astatiese instrument astatic wattmeter: astatiese wattmeter Aston dark space: Aston se donkerruimte
A-supply (low-tension supply): laespanningstoevoer
asylum switch (locked-cover switch, locking switch, secret switch): afgeslote skakelaar
asymmetric (assymtricalj: asimmetries,
asymmetrical (asymmetric): asimmetries
asymmetrical alternating current: assim-metriese wisselstroom
asymmetrical breaking capacity (asymmetrical rupturing capcity): asimmetriese breekvermoë
asymmetrical breaking current: asimmetriese breekstroom
asymmetrical cell: asimmetriese sel
asymmetrical circuit: asimmetriese stroom-kring (impedansie in twee rigtings verskil asymmetrical conductivity: asimmetriese geleivermoë, asimmetriese geleidingsvermoë asymmetrical current: asimmetriese stroom
asymmetrical deflection: asimmetriese defleksie, asimmetriese uitslag
asymmetrical end connection: asimmetriese entverbinding
asymmetrical heterostatic circuit (Kelvin): asimmetriese heterostatiese stroombaan (Kelvin)
asymmetric hybrid coil: asimmetriese differensiaaltransformator
asymmetrical load: asimmetriese las asymmetrical rating: asimmetriese aanslag asymmetrical wave: asimmetriese golf asymmetric conductor: asimmetriese geleier
asymmetric hybrid coil: asimmetriese differensiaaltransformator
asymmetric lighting fitting: asimmetriese lampmontasie asimmetriese lamptoebehore
asymmetry (dissymetry): 1. asimmetrie (vorm) 2. onbalans, onewewig asymptotic breakdown voltage: asimptotiese deurslagspanning asynchronism: asinchronisme
asynchronous (non-synchronous): asinchroon asynchronous admittance: asinchrone admittansie asynchronous generator: asinchrone generator asynchronous impedance: asinchrone impedansie asynchronous machine: asinchrone masjien asynchronous motor: asinchrone motor asynchronous reactance: asinchrone reaktansie asynchronous starting: asinchrone aansitting
athermanous (adiathermanous): adiaterma-an, atermaan atmospheric discharge: atmosferiese ontlading atmoshpheric disturbance: lugsteuring, atmosferiese steuring atmospheric dust: atmosfeerstof
atmospheric pressure: atmosferiese druk atmospheric vent (air relief vent, air vent): ontlugter atomic energy (nuclear energy): kernenergie
Atomic Energy Board (A.E.B): Raad op Atoomkrag (RAK)
atomic mass: atoommassa atomic nucleus: atoomkern atomic pile: Kyk “nuclear reactor"
atomic power (nuclear power): kernkrag
atomic power station: Kyk “nuclear power station"
atomic reactor: Kyk “nuclear reactor” atomic structure: atoomstruktuur atomic theory: atoomteorie
atomic weight: atoomgewig atomization: verstuiwing (brandolie) atomize: verstuif
atomizer: verstuiwer
atomizing spray pump: verstuifsproeipomp
atomizing steam: verstuifstoom
atonic interrupter: veelfrekwensieonderbreker attemperator (desuperheater): stoomkoeler attempering air (tempering air): temperlug attended station: bemande stasie

attenuate: 1. verswak (magnetisme) 2. veryl (gas)
attenuating resistance: 1. verswakweerstand, 2. verswakresistor
attenuating resistor: verswakresistor
attenuation: 1. verswakking (elektromagn. ver-skynsels) 2. veryling (bv. gas)
attenuation coefficient: verswak kingskoëffisiënt
attenuation compensation: verswak kingskompensasie
attenuation constant (attenuation coefficient): verswakkingskoëffisiënt, verswakkingskonstante
attenuation correction: verswakkingskorreksie attenuation loss: verswakkingsverlies attenuation ratio: verswakkingsverhouding attenuation test set: verswakkingstoetsstel attenuator: verswakker
attosecond: attosekonde
attract: aantrek
attracted-iron motor (attraction motor): draaiystermotor
attraction: aantrekking
attraction: aantrekkingsvermoë attractive force: Kyk “force of attraction’’ attritor (type) mill: wryfmeul
audible alarm: hoorbare alarm
audible alarm isolator: hoorbare alarm-afsonderskakelaar
audible warning device: hoorbare waarskutoestel
audio (audio-frequency): oudio-, oudiofrekwensie
audio band (audio-frequency band): oudio-band, oudiofrekwensieband
audio-frequency (audio): oudio-, oudiofrekwensie-,
audio-frequency band (audio band): oudio-band, oudiofrekwensieband
audio-frequency variation (audio variation): oudiofrekwensiewisseling, oudiowisseling
audiometer: eudiometer
audio variation (audio-frequency variation): oudiofrekwensiewisseling, oudiowisseling
austenitic steel: oustennietstaal
auto-alarm: outoalarm, outomatiese alarm
auto-alarm equipment: outoalarmuitrusting
auto-compounded current transformer: stroomtransformator met seriehulpwikkeling
auto-connection: outoverbinding
auto cut-in relay: outo-inskakelrelê, outomatiese inskakelrelê
auto-excitation (self-excitation): selfopwekking auto-leakage transformer: outolektransformator auto manual switch: outohandskakelaar automatic advance: outomatiese vervroeging
automatic advance mechanism (automatic ignition advance): outomatiese vervroeger
automatic alarm: outomatiese alarm
automatic alarm receiver: outomatiesealarm-ontvanger automatically reset (self-resetting): selfterugstel-, selfterugstellend automatically switched circuit: outomaties geskakelde verbinding automatic change-over: outomatiese oorskakeling
automatic change-over switch: outomatiese oorskakelaar automatic charging rectifier: gelykrigter vir outomatiese laaiwerk automatic circuitbreaker: outomatiese stroombreker
automatic circuit-recloser (automatic-reclosing circuitbreaker): outohersluitstroombreker
automatic closing valve: selfsluitklep
automatic combustion control: outomatiese verbrandingsbeheer automatic control: outomatiese beheer, outomatiese kontrole automatic control valve: outomatiese beheerklep
automatic cross feed: outomatiese dwarstoevoer automatic cut-out: outomatiese uitskakelaar automatic earthing: outomatiese aarding
automatic earthing switch: outomatiese aardingskakelaar
automatic equalisation: outomatiese effening automatic error detection: outomatiese foutspeuring automatic excitation: outomatiese opwekking
automatic fault alarm signalling: outomatiese foutalarmseining
automatic feed (automatic feeding, self-acting feed, self-feet: outomatiese (toe)voer automatic feed-back control system: outomatiese terugvoerkontrolestelsel automatic feed engagement: outomatiese voerkoppeling
automatic feed equipment: outomatiese voeruitrusting
automatic feeder equipment: outomatiese be-dieningsuitrusting (vir substasie)
automatic feed knock-off mechanism: outovoerontkoppelmeganisme
automatic feed mechanism: outomatiese voermeganisme
automatic field regulator (automatic field rheostat): outomatiese veldreëlaar, outomatiese veldreostaat
automatic field weakening: outomatiese veldverswakking automatic fire-alarm system: outomatiese brandalarmstelsel automatic frequency control: outomatiese frekwensiebeheer automatic gate lock: outomatiese hekslot
automatic generation control: outomatiese ontwikkelingsbeheer
automatic high-speed track circuitbreaker: outomatiese bobaansnelstroombreker
automatic isolator: outomatiese afsonderskakelaar automatic isolation: outomatiese afsondering automatic load limitation: outomatiese lasbegrensing automatic opening: outomatiese uitklinking
automatic operation: 1. outomatiese werking 2. outomatiese bediening
automatic polarity reversal: outomatiese poolomkering, outomatiese poolsomstelling
automatic reclosing circuit-breaker (automatic circuit-recloser): Kyk ‘auto-reclose circuit-breaker”
automatic reclosure: outomatiese hersluiting
automatic release: 1. outomatiese vrymaker, outomatiese vrysteller 2. outomatiese ver-breker 3. outomatiese verbreking
automatic reset relay: relê met outomatiese herstel

automatic short-circuit: outomatiese kortsluiter
automatic shut-down: outomatiese afsluiting
automatic signalling: outomatiese seining, outomatiese seinstelsel automatic smoke alarm system: outomatiese rookalarmstelsel automatic starter: outomatiese aansitter
automatic station: outomatiese stasie
automatic stopping device: outomatiese stoptoestel automatic switch (auto switch): outomatiese skakelaar automatic switchgear: outomatiese skakeltuig
automatic synchroniser (Magslip, selfsynchronising/self-synchronous device, selsyn):
outomatiese sinchroniseerder
automatic take-up: outomatiese spelingopname
automatic throw-over equipment of the fixed preferential type: Kyk automatic transfer equipment of the fixed preferential type”
automatic throw-over equipment of the selective preferential type: Kyk “automatic transfer equipment of the selective preferential type”
automatic transfer equipment: outomatiese spanningsverdeeluitrusting
automatic transfer equipment of the fixed preferential type: outomatiese vastevoorkeur- oorskakeluitrusting
automatic transfer equipment of the selective preferential type: outomatiese oor-skakeluitrusting met voorkeurkiesing
automatic transfer switch: outomatiese oorskakelaar
auto-trip (automatic trip): outomatiese-uitklinker, outo-uitklinker
automatic tripping: outomatiese uitklinking
automatic tripping contactor (magnetic full voltage starter): kontaktor met outomatiese uitklinking, (magn. volspanningaansitter)
automatic voltage control: outomatiese spanningsbeheer
automatic voltage regulator: outomatiese spanningsreëlaar
automatic voltage regulator panel (AVR panel): outomatiese spanningsreëlaar-paneel (ASR- paneel)
automation: outomatisasie, outomatisering
auto power water: outowaterstraal
auto-reclose (ARC): outohersluiting (OHS)
auto-reclose breaker (auto-reclose circuit-breaker): Kyk ‘auto-reclose circuit-breaker”
auto-reclose circuit-breaker (auto-reclose breaker): outohersluitstroombreker
auto-reclose interlock (ARC interlock): outo-hersluitgrendel (OHS-grendel)
auto-reclose relay (ARC relay, autoreclosing relay): outohersluitrelê (OHS-relê)
auto-reclosing dead time: outohersluitdooietyd
auto-reclosing relay (auto-reclose relay): outohersluitrelê, outomatiesehersluitrelê (OHS-relê)
autoregulation induction heater: selfreëlinduksieverwarmer auto-self-excitation (self-saturation): direkte selfopwekking auto-starting device: Kyk ‘‘automatic starter”
auto-start-trip mechanism: outomatiese aansit-en-uitklinkmeganisme
autoswitch: Kyk “automatic switch” autosynchronous motor: outosinchrone motor autotransductor: outotransduktor autotransformer: outotransformator
autotransformer-starter: outotrans-formatoraansitter
autotransformer starting: aansit met outotransformator, outotransformatoraansitting
autotrip: outouitklink
auxiliaries: 1. hulptoerusting, 2. hulptuig (bv. skakeltuig) auxiliary a. (ancillary, subsidiary): hulp-auxiliary n.: hulpstuk auxiliary anode: hulpanode
auxiliary arm: hulparm auxiliary bay: hulpuitrustingsvak auxiliary boiler: hulpketel
auxiliary breaker: hulpstroombreker auxiliary busbar: hulpstam auxiliary cable: hulpkabel (traksie) auxiliary carrier cable: hulpdrakabel
auxiliary circuit: 1. stroomkring van hul-puitrusting, 2. hulpkring
auxiliary coil: hulpspoel
auxiliary commutator: hulpkommutator
auxiliary contact: hulpkontak
auxiliary control instrument: hulpkontrole-instrument
auxiliary cooling pump: hulpkoelpomp auxiliary electrode: hulpelektrode auxiliary equipment: hulpuitrusting auxiliary field coil: hulpveldspoel auxiliary filament: hulpgloeidraad auxiliary fuse: hulpsekering
auxiliary exciting winding: hulpopwekwikkeling
auxiliary gear: hulpinrigting, hulptuig
auxiliary generator: 1. hulpgenerator (elek.) 2. hulpontwikkelaar (gas)
auxiliary generator set: hulpgeneratorstel
auxiliary line: hulplyn
auxiliary motor: hulpmotor auxiliary oil pump: hulpoliepomp auxiliary oscillator: hulpossilator
auxiliary-plant assistant: hulpinstallasie-assistent
auxiliary-plant operator: hulpinstallasiebediener
auxiliary pole (commutating pole, compole, interpole): hulppool
auxiliary power station: hulpkragstasie
auxiliary relay: hulprelê
auxiliary secondary winding: nulopvolgspan-ningswikkeling

auxiliary spillway: nooduitloop (damme) auxiliary starting electrode: hulpaansitelektrode auxiliary steam: aftakstoom (turbogenerator) auxiliary steam manifold: hulpstoomspruit auxiliary supply: hulptoevoer
auxiliary supply change-over relay: hulptoevoer-oorskakeirelê auxiliary transformer regulation: reeling met hulptransformator auxiliary switch (AUX SW): hulpskakelaar (HULP-SKR) auxiliary switchgear: hulpskakeltuig
auxiliary transformer (AUX TRFR): hulptransformator (HULP-TRFR)
auxiliary winding: hulpwikkeling auxiliary wire: hulpkabel availability: beskikbaarheid
availability factor: beskikbaarheidsfaktor
availability time: beskikbaarheid, beskikbaarheidstyd
available conversion gain: beskikbare omsettingswins
available short-circuit current (prospective short-circuit current): beskikbare kortsluitstroom
available volts: beskikbare spanning, beskikbare volts
avalanche breakdown: lawinedeurslag avalanche diode: stortdiode, lawinediode average brightness: gemiddelde helderheid
average current (periodic current): perio-diese stroom average electrode current: gemiddelde elektrodestroom average net head: gemiddelde netto drukhoogte average power (mean power): gemiddelde vermoë
average voltage of an electrode: gemiddelde elektrodespanning
average voltage: gemiddelde klemspanning
award: toeken (kontrak)
axial breeder: 1. aksiale kweekgebied (aks. mantel) 2. aksiale kweekgedeelte (van brandstofelement)
axial distribution: aksiale distribusie
axial duct: aksiale gang
axial flow fan: aksialevloei-waaier, asvloeiwaaier
axial flow turbine: aksialevloeiturbine
axial lead: aksiale leiding
axial light distribution: aksiale ligdistribusie
axial ratio: asverhouding
axial slot: aksiale gleuf
axial stress: aksiale spanning
axial vector: aksiale vektor
axis of commutation: kommutasielyn, kommutasiediameter
axis of rotation: draaias
axle bearing: aslaer
axle bearing dust cover (axle bearing dust guard): aslaerstofskerm
axle-driven generator (axle generator): as-gedrewe generator axle generator (axle driven generator): as-gedrewe generator Ayrton shunt (universal shunt): Ayrton-sjunt, aftaksjunt

B (symbol for flux density in magnetic circuit): B (simbool vir vloeddigtheid in magn. baan)
B.A. nut, British Association nut: B.A.-moer (British Association-moer)
B.A. thread (B.A. screw-thread, British Association screw thread): B.A.-skroefdraad (British Association-skroefdraad)
B. and S. Wire Gauge (Brown and Sharpe Wire Gauge): B-en-S-draadmaat
b.c. (bayonet cap): bd (bajonetdop)
B/D (braided): B/D, omvleg (kabels)
BDV (breakdown voltage): DSS (deur slag-spanning)
BEAB (British Electrotechnical Approvals Board): BEAB
bev.* (abbr. for billion electron-volts): bev* (biljoen elektronevolt) (Kyk GeV)
B.F.P. (boiler feed-pump): KVP (ketelvoerpomp)
B.H.P.*, b.h.p.* (brake horse-power): RPK\ rpk* (rem perdekrag) (745,7 watt)
Bi* (abampere*, biot*): Bi* (abampëre*, biot*) (10 Sl-ampêre)
BKR (breaker): BKR (breker)
BLR (boiler: KTL (ketel)
B.M. diagram (bending-moment diagram): BM-diagram (buigmomentdiagram)
B.P.O. (British Post Office): B.P.O. (British Post Office)
Brd. (braided): omvleg (kabels)
B.S.B. (British Standard Brass): B.S.B. (British Standard Brass) (Skroefdraad)
b.s.c. (bayonet single contact): ebk. (enkelbajonetkontak)
B.S.F. (British Standard Fine): B.S.F. (Britse Standaardfyn) (Skroefdraad)
B.S.I. (British Standards Institution): B.S.I. (British Standards Institution)
B.S.P. (British Standard Pipe): B.S.P. (British Standard Pipe) (Skroefdraad)
B.S.S. (British Standard Specification): BSS (Britse Standaardspesifikasie)
B.S.W. (British Standard Whitworth): B.S.W. (British Standard Whitworth) (Skroefdraad)
*B. Th. U.* (British Thermal Unit): B. Th. U.* (Britse termiese eenheid)* (Sit om in joule)
BTU (Board of Trade Unit): BTU (Board of Trade Unit) (1 kW.h)
B.W.G. (Birmingham Wire Gauge): BDN (Birminghamdraadnommer)
BWR (boiling water reactor): BWR (kookwaterreaktor)
Babbitt metal: babbitmetaal, witmetaal
Babcock-Storck chain grate: Babcock-Storck-kettingrooster
Babcock-Wilcox boiler: Babcock-Wilcox-ketel
back ampere-turns: teenampêrewindings
back pitch of a winding: agtersteek van ’n wikkeling (verste vanaf die kommutator)
backboard: monteerbord
backbone farm line route (farm line backbone): plaaslynstamroete
back conductance: terugkonduktansie, sperkonduktansie back contact: 1. agterkontak (alg.) 2. ruskon-tak (relê) back-current (reverse current): teenstroom, (transistor)
back electromotive force (back EMF, counter electromotive force, counter EMF): teen- elektromotoriese krag (teen-e.m.k.)
back-electromotive-force cell (counter cell, counter-electro motive force cell): teensel
back-EMK (back electromotive force, counter electromotive force, counter EMF): teen-EMK (teen-elektromotoriese krag)
back emission: teenemissie, teenstraling
back entry draw-in box: intrekkas met agterinlaat
back-filling: terugvulling (bouwerk, grondverskuiwing)
back-fire (back-firing) n. 1. terugploffing (bin-nebrandenjin) 2. (arc-back, arcing back): terugslag, terugvonking (elek.)
back-fire v. 1. terugplof 2. (arc back): terugslaan, terugvonk
back-fire counting device: terugslagteller
back-fire recording device: terugslagregis-treerder (sterkstroom)
back-fire relay: terugslagrelê (sterkstroom)
back-firing (arc-back, arcing back, back-fire)
terugploffing 2. (arc back, arcing back, back-fire): terugslag, terugvonking
back flange: agterflens
back flashover: omgekeerde oorslag background loudspeaker: agtergrond luidspreker back guy: teenanker
back guy bolt: teenankerbout
back guy wire: teenankerdraad
backing ring (supporting ring): steunring
backing spring: steunveer
backlash (rebound): terugslag, terugsprong backlash current: omgekeerde roosterstroom back lock: ruggrendel
back-locking: teruggrendeling
back-locking position: teruggrendelstand back magnetisation: teenmagnetisering back-magnetise: teenmagnetiseer
back magnetomotive force: teen-magnetomotoriese krag back nut (check nut, locking nut, lock nut): sluitmoer back pitch: agtersteek (wikkeling)
back plate: rugplaat
back plate lampholder (batten lamp holder): platvoetlamphouer
back pressure: teendruk
back-preSsure controller: teendrukkontrole
back pressure control switch: teendrukkon-troleskakelaar (keeling)
back pressure regulator: teendrukreëlaar
back-pressure turbine (extraction turbine): aftapturbine (uitlaatstoom vir verwarming)
back resistance (backward resistance): truweerstand, sperweerstand
back-scattering: terugstrooiing (lig, golwe, ook deeltjies)
back-seated valve: klep met agterbedding
back side: rugsy (dryfband)
back stop: agterstuiter
back-stop lever: agterstuithefboom
back-stop pawl: agterstuitpal

back strap: armklamp (pale)
back stroke locking: terugslaggrendeling
backswing voltage: terugswaaispanning
back-to-back connection: rug-aan-rugverbinding
back-to-back method: teenskakelmetode, terugvoermetode (buise)
back-to-back test: teenskakeltoets (elek. masjiene)
back up: stut, steun
back-up distance protection: reserwe-afstandsbeveiliging
back-up fuse: deksekering
back-up protection (reserve protection): reserwebeveiliging
back-up relay: reserwebeveiligingsrelê
back-up safety device (auxiliary safety device): veiligheidshulptoestel
back-up safety system: reserwebeveiligingstelsel
back-up overcurrent relay: reserwe-oorstroomrelê
back-up trip (B.U. trip): reserwebeveiligingsk-link (RB-klink) back-up valve: reserweklep (sirkuleerwaterstelsel) backwall cell: rugwandsel (soort fotovoltasel)
backward bias (reverse bias): teen voorspanning
backward-bladed fan: trubladwaaier
backward brush displacement (backward lead, backward shift, brush lag): agter-waartse borselverskuiwing, borselverskui-wing na agter
backward curve: agterwaartse kromming (wieke, sentrifugale pomp)
backward lead (backward brush displacement, backward shift, brush lag): agterwaartse borselverskuiwing
backward pull: 1. terugtrekking 2. terugtrek-krag, trutrekkrag backward resistance (back resistance): truweerstand backward rotating field: trudraaiveld
backwards and forwards positive overlap: besliste wederkerige oorslag
backward shift (backward brush displacement, backward lead, brush lag): agterwaartse borselverskuiwing
backward wave: terugloopgolf, trugolf
backwash: terugspoeling
backwash inlet valve: terugspoel-inlaatklep backwash outlet valve: terugspoel-uitlaatklep backwater: stuwater
backwater curve: stukromme
bad contact: slegte kontak, swak kontak
bad conductor: swak geleier
bad earth (bad ground): slegte aarding, swak aarding bad ground (bad earth): slegte aarding, swak aarding bad joint: slegte las, swak las
baffle: 1. skot 2. klankskot, dempplaat
baffle box: klankkas
baffle controller: skotkontrole baffled venting: skotontlugting baffle plate: skotplaat
baffle tube: skotbuis (elektron.)
bail: 1. beuel 2. hingsel
Bailey wall block: Bailey-wandblok
bakelise: bakeliseer
bakelised paper: bakelietpapier bakelised wood: gebakeliseerde hout bakelite: bakeliet
bakelite bar: bakelietstaaf
bakelite tube: bakelietpyp
bake-out: voorverhitting (kwikbooggelykrigter)
bake-out current: droogstroom
bake-out resistance (formation load resistance): droogweerstand bake-out transformer (baking transformer): droogtransformator baking current: formeerstroom
balance n.: 1. balans, ewewig 2. skaal
balance v.: balanseer
balanced capacitance: gebalanseerde kapasitansie
balance chamber: balanseerkamer balance coil: balanseerspoel balance disc: balanseerskyf balanced: gebalanseer
balanced armature: gebalanseerde anker
balanced-beam relay: balansankerrelê
balanced bridge transition: gebalanseer-debrugoorgang (motorskakeling, bv. serie na parallel)
balanced circuit: gebalanseerde kring
balanced component: 1. gebalanseerde kom-ponent 2. gebalanseerde onderdeel (van masjien)
balanced currents: gebalanseerde strome balanced draught: gebalanseerde trek balanced entry: gebalanseerde inskakeling
balanced impulsing path: gebalanseerde impulskring
balanced input: gebalanseerde inset
balanced line: gebalanseerde lyn
balanced load: gebalanseerde belasting, gebalanseerde las
balanced loop: gebalanseerde lus
balanced magnetic field: gebalanseerde mag-netiese veld
balanced network: gebalanseerde net balanced output: gebalanseerde lewering balanced phases: gebalanseerde fases
balanced polyphase load: gebalanseerde veelfaselas, simmetriese veelfaselas
balanced polyphase system (symetrical polyphase system): gebalanseerde veel-fasestelsel, simmetriese veelfasestelsel (van kringe)
balanced protection (differential protection, earth leakage protection): gebalanseerde beveiliging, differensiaalbeveiliging
balanced protective system (balanced system of protection, differential protective system):
gebalanseerdebeveiligingstelsel, differensiaalbeveiligingstelsel
balanced quadripole: gebalanseerde vierpool
balanced steam admission valve: balanseerstoominlaatklep
balanced system: gebalanseerde stelsel
balanced system of protection (balanced protective system, differential protective system):
gebalanseerde beveiligingstelsel, differensiaalbeveiligingstelsel

balanced termination: gebalanseerde afsluiting
balanced three-phase current: gebalanseerde driefasestroom balanced three-phase line: gebalanseerde driefaselyn balanced three phase load: simmetriese driefasige belasting
balanced three-phase resistance load: gebalanseerde driefasige weerstandslas
balanced three-phase system: gebalanseerde driefasestelsel balanced three-phase voltage: simmetriese driefasespanning balanced three-wire system: gebalanseerde driedraadstelsel balanced transformer: gebalanseerde transformator
balanced-unbalanced transformer (balance-to-unbalance transformer, balun):
balanced valve: gebalanseerde klep
balanced voltage differential protection: differensiaalbeveiliging met gebalanseerde spanning
balanced winding: gebalanseerde wikkeling
balance indicator: balanswyser
balance main: balanseerleiding
balance method (null method, zero method): nulmetode, serometode
balance outness: onbalans
balance piston: balanseersuier (blinde suier)
balancer: balanseerder
balance relay: balansrelê
balancer field-rheostat (balancing field-rheostat, field rheostat): veldreëlreostaat, veldreostaat .
balancer set (compensation set): kompen-sasiestel, balanseerstel
balancer transformer: aanpastransformator
balance simulator: balansnabootser
balance spring (hair spring): 1. balansveer, haarveer (instr.) 2. onrusveer balance-to-unbalance transformer (balanced-unbalanced transformer, balun): simmetreertransformator
balance valve (balancing valve): balanseerklep
balance water: balanseerwater
balance weight (balancing weight): balanseergewig
balancing (matching): 1. aanpassing, afstem-ming (klankversterker) 2. balansering
balancing capacitance: aanpaskapasitansie, balanseer kapasitansie
balancing capacitor (trimmer): aanpaskapasitor
balancing inductance: aanpasinduktansie, balanseer induktansie
balancing network (impedance simulating network): aanpassingsnet, balanseernet
balancing piston: balanseersuier
balancing reactor: balanseerreaktor
balancing repeating coil: balanseeroordraspoel
balancing resistor: balanseerresistor, balanseerweerstand
balancing ring: Kyk “armature winding equalizer" en “equilizer ring" balancing speed (free-running speed): ewewigsnelheid, ewewigspoed balancing unit: balanseereenheid
balata: balata (rubber vir isolering) ball: 1. bol (wisk.) 2. koeël (tegn.) 3. bal ball and race mill: koeël-en-ringmeule
ball and socket insulator: gewrigsisolator ball and socket joint: koeëlgewrig ballast: ballas
ballast feed: ballastoevoer
ballast leakage: ballasbedverliese
ballast resistance: ballasweerstand, voorskakelweerstand
ballast resistor (barretter, steadying resistor): ballas resistor, voorskakelresistor (used to swamp or compensate changes in a circuit)
ballast tube: ballasbuis
ball bearing (ball race): koeëllaer
ball check (ball-check valve): koeëlkeerklep
ball-check valve: koeëlkeerklep
ball-check relief valve: koeëlontlasklep
ball clevis: koeëlvurk
ball-ended clevis: klepelvurk
ball-ended link (ball eye link): klepeloogskakel
ball-ended hook: klepelhaak
ball-ended pigtail: klepelkruldraad
ball-ended tongue: klepeltong
ball-ended eye link (ball eye link): klepeloogskakel
ball-eye link: klepeloogskakel
ball float: bolvlotter
ball hose coupling: koeëlslangkoppeling
ballistic factor: ballistiese faktor (van ’n meetinstrument) •
ballistic galvanometer: ballistiese galvanometer
ballistic kick: ballistiese swaai (kapasitor)
ball joint: koeëlgewrig
balloon v.: uitbol (geleiers in kabel)
ball point micrometer: koeëlpuntmikrometer
ball race 1. (ball-bearing): koeëllaer 2. (ballbearing ring): koeëllaerring
ball-race housing: koeëllaeromhulsel
ball-race journal: koeëllaerastap
ball-race ring: koeëllaerring
ball socket adjuster: koeëlsoksteller ball thrust bearing: drukkoeëllaer ball valve: koeëlklep, vlotterklep
balun (balanced-unbalanced transformer, balance-to-unbalance transformer):
balun connection: balans-onbalansverbinding
banana plug: bananaprop
band: band (ook golwe)
band filter (band-pass filter): banddeurlaatfilter banding-base insulation: bandonderisolasie banding material: bandmateriaal
banding wire: banddraad
band loading (band occupancy): bandbesetting
band of frequencies (frequency band): frekwensieband
band pulley (belt pulley): bandkatrol

band spectrum: bandspektrum band winding: bandwikkeling bank: groep, stel (lampe, relês) bank contact: bankkontak banked boiler: opgebankte ketel
banked condition: opgebankte toestand banking: 1. opbanking 2. groepskakeling bank of relays: stel relês
bank of resistances: weerstandsgroep
B.A. nut: B.A.-moer
bar n.: 1. staaf 2. bar * (druk)
bar v.: sper, versper
bar-and-post transformer (cross-bar transformer): T-omvormer
bar armature (bar-wound armature): staafanker
bar contact: staafkontak
bar-current-transformer: staaf-stroomtransformator
bare (naked): kaal, ongeisoleer (bv. draad), onbeklee
bare conductor (uninsulated conductor): kaal geleier, ongeisoleerde geleier
bare current carrying elements: kaal stroom-geleidende dele
bare electrode: kaal elektrode, onbeklede elektrode
bare wire: kaal draad
bare wire wiring: kaal bedrading
bare stranded copper wire: kaal koperstringdraad
bar generator: staafgenerator
bar-lift mechanism: stangligter
bar magnet (straight magnet): staafmagneet barometric allowance: barometriese toelating barometric height: barometerstand barometric leg: barometerbeen
barometric pressure: barometerdruk barometric switch: barometriese skakelaar baroresistor: baroresistor
barrage: barrage, keerdam
barrel: 1. boorhuls 2. silinder (pomp) 3. slag (luglyn) 4. romp 5. vat
barrel joint: kokerlas barrel nipple: rompnippel barrel stud: romptapbout
barrel type feed pump: vatvoerpomp
barrel-type inner casing (barrel-type inner shell): silindriese binnehulsel
barrel-type inner shell: silindriese binnehulsel
barrel-type rotor: silindriese rotor
barrel winding (drum winding): tromwikkeling
barretter (ballast resistance, ballast resistor, steadying resistance) 1. ballasresistor 2. voorskakelresistor
barrier: 1. versperring 2. (depletion layer): sperlaag
barrier board: sperbord, versperringsbord
barrier box: versperringskas, sperkas
barrier film rectifier (dry plate rectifier): metaalgelykrigter
barrier frequency: afsnyfrekwensie
barrier height: sperlaaghoogte
barrier joint (stop joint): sperhuls, spersok, kabelsperlas barrier layer (depletion layer): sperlaag, ver-armde laag barrier layer capacitance: sperlaagkapasitansie
barrier-layer cell: sperlaagsel (’n fotovoltasel)
barring gear (turning gear): wenteltuig
barring gear booster pump: wenteltuigaanjapomp
barring gear oil pump: wenteltuigoliepomp
bar stock: stawe, staafmateriaal
bar suspension (yoke suspension): stanghanging, staafhanging
bar terminal box: staafaansluitkas
bar-to-bar connection: segment-tot-segment-verbinding
bar-type transformer: staaftransformator, staafstroomtransformator
bar winding: staafwikkeling
bar-winding armature (bar-wound armature): anker met staafwikkeling, staafanker bar-wound armature (bar-winding armature): anker met staafwikkeling, staafanker bar-wound slip-ring rotor: staafsleepringrotor (sleepringrotor met staafwikkeling) barye: barye, mikrobar (nou 0,10 N/m2)
base: 1. basis (chem.) 2. basis, grondslag (alg.) 3. grondplaat, grondraam, voet (toestel) 4. (host crystal, base material, bulk material, matrix): moedermateriaal (geol.) 5. voetstuk (mas) baseboard: monteerplank
base casting: voetgietstuk
base circle: basissirkel, grondsirkel
base electrode: basiselektrode (transistor)
base element: basiselement
base exchange water softening plant: water-versaginstallasie met basisuitruiling
base-ground return resistance: basis-aardterugleidingweerstand
base insulator: voetisolator (mas)
base line: basislyn
base load: 1. basislas (minimum las oor gegewe tyd) 2. voetbelasting, voetlas
base load generation: basislasontwikkeling
base load resistor: basislasresistor, basislasweerstand
base-load station: basislasstasie
base material (host crystal, bulk material, matrix, host, base): moedermateriaal (geol.)
base metal: 1. basismetaal (sweis) 2. onedele metaal
base of time (time base): tydbasis
base pin (pin, prong): voetpen
base plate: 1. grondplaat 2. (bed plate): fondamentplaat
base resistance: basisweerstand (transistor)
base ring: drukring
base spreading resistance: basismassaweerstand
base terminal: 1. basisaansluiter (transistor) 2. voetaansluiter (battery)
base voltage: basisspanning
basic: basies
basic adjustment: basiese installing basic charge: basiese bedrag basic circuit: basiese kring
basic conductor load: basiese geleierlas, basiese geleierbelasting (meg. belasting)
basic cost: basiese koste
basic dimension: basiese afmeting,

nominate maat (passing)
basic metal: basiese metaal (bv. laefosforstaal)
basic network: basiese kragnet (kragnetanalise)
basic noise: basiese geruis
basic principle (fundamental, fundamental principle): grondbeginsel
basic process: basiese proses
basic rate: basiese tarief
basic structure: basiese struktuur basic time: basiese tyd, basistyd basic units: basiese eenhede basket coil: korfspoel
basket winding: kettingwikkeling, korfwikkeling bastard thread: basterdraad (skroewe ens.) batch: lot
bath (electrolyte, fused electrolyte, fused salt): bad
bathtub capacitor: badkapasitor
bath voltage: badspanning (elektrolitiese sel)
batten: 1. klamp, 2. strooklig
batten holder (back-plate lampholder, batten lampholder): platvoetlamphouer
battery: battery
battery acid: batterysuur (verd. swawelsuur)
battery anode: batteryanode battery booster: batteryopjaer battery box: batterykas
battery capacity: batterykapasiteit battery carbon: batterykool battery cell: batterysel
battery charger: batterylaaier
battery charging: batterylaai, batterylaaiwerk battery charging machine: batterylaaimasjien battery charging panel: batterylaaipaneel battery charging rectifier: batterylaaigelykrigter
battery charging resistance: batterylaaiweerstand
battery charging set: batterylaaistel
battery charging terminal: batterylaaiaansluiter
battery circuit: batterykring
battery circuit breaker: batterystroombreker
battery current: batterystroom
battery clip: batteryklem
battery coil ignition (battery ignition): batteryontsteking
battery compartment: batterykompartement
battery connector: batteryverbinder battery coupling: batterykoppeling battery crate: batterykrat
battery current: batterystroom
battery-current regulator: laaistroomreëlaar
battery cut-out: battery-uitskakelaar
battery drive: batteryaandrywing
battery-driven: battery-, batteryaangedrewe, batterygedrewe
battery earth fault: batteryaardfout
battery electric traction: batterytraksie
battery electrolite (battery solution): battery-elektroliet
battery eliminator: batteryvervanger (deur WS.-bron gevoer maar I ewer GS.)
battery feed (battery supply): batterytoevoer
battery fuse: batterysekering
battery ignition (battery-coil ignition): batteryontsteking
battery mud (battery sediment): batteryafsak-sel, batterysediment
battery noise: voedingsruis
battery of ammeters: groep ammeters battery-operated machine: batterymasjien battery operation: batterywerking
battery plate (cell plate): batteryplaat
battery plate separator: batteryplaatskeier battery polarisation: batterypolarisasie battery pole: batterypool
battery power: batterykrag
battery relay: batteryrelê
battery relay set-up resistance: batteryrelêweerstand
battery resistance: batteryweerstand battery reverser: batteryomsteller battery room: batterykamer
battery sediment (battery mud): batteryafsak-sel, batterysediment
battery solution (battery electrolyte): battery-elektroliet
battery spear: batterytoetspen
battery supply (battery feed): batterytoevoer
battery syringe: batteryspuit
battery terminal: batteryaansluiter battery trickle charger: batterysypellaaier battery tripping unit: batteryklinkeenheid battery vent plug: batteryontlugprop battery voltage: batteryspanning
Bauch transformer: Bauch-transformator
bay: vak
bay feeder: vakvoerder
bay layout: vakrangskikking
bayonet : bajonetvoet
bayonet cap (b.c.): bajonetdop (bd.) (gloeilamp)
bayonet catch (bayonet fitting, bayonet joint): bajonetsluiting bayonet fitting (bayonet catch, bayonet joint): bajonetsluiting bayonet holder: bajonethouer, bajonetsok
bayonet lamp: bajonetlamp
bayonet lamp cap: bajonetlampdop
bayonet single contact (b.s.c.): enkelbajonet-kontak (ebk.)
bayonet socket: bajonetsok
bay screen: vakskerm
bazooka: Kyk “balance-to-unbalance-transformer”
B-battery (anode battery, plate battery): anodebattery, B-battery
B-battery eliminator (B-eliminator): B-batteryvervanger
beacon: baken
bead: kraal
beaded cable tail: gekraalde kabelstert beaded commutator: gekraalde kommutator bead transistor: kraaltransistor
beam: bundel, straalbundel
beam absorption screen: bundel-absorpsieskerm
beam angle (angle of beam): bundelhoek
beam current: bundelstroom (katodestraalbuis)
beam deflecting plate (beam plate): bundel-buigplaat (ossillograaf)
beam distribution: bundeldistribusie, bundelverdeling beam divergence: bundeldivergensie, bundelspreiding beam factor: bundelfaktor
beam flux: bundelvloed
beam focus: bundelfokus
beam intensity: bundelintensiteit, bundelsterkte
beam of light (light beam): ligbundel
beam plate (beam deflecting plate): bundel-buigplaat (ossillograaf)
beam power: bundelvermoë
beam projector: bundelprojektor
beam reflector: bundelreflektor, bundelweerkaatser
beam relay: balkrelê
beam spread: bundelspreiding
beam spread angle: bundelspreihoek
bearer cable (catenary, catenary wire, messenger cable, messenger wire): drakabel, kettingdraad (trekkrag)
bearer plate: draplaat
bearer spring buckle: draveerbeuel
bearing: laer

bearing area: laeroppervlakte
bearing area (bearing surface): 1. dravlak, 2. laervlak
bearing block: drablok
bearing body: laerromp
bearing bracket: drasteun (bv. meter)
bearing bush: laerbus bearing cage: laerkooi bearing cap: laerkap, laerdop bearing clamp: laerklamp
bearing clearance: laervryruimte
bearing collar: laerkraag
bearing cool water: laerkoelwater (sirkuleerwaterpomp)
bearing cover: laerkap
bearing distance sleeve: laerafstandshuls
bearing end shield: laerentskerm bearing friction: laerwrywing bearing half: halflaer
bearing housing: laeromhulsel, laerhulsel bearing inner race: laerbinnering bearing journal: laerastap
bearing liner: laervoering
bearing locating bolt: laerstandbout
bearing lug: laeroor
bearing metal (anti-friction metal): laermetaal
bearing oil cooler: laeroliekoeler bearing oil filter: laeroliefilter bearing oil pressure: laeroliedruk bearing oil pump: laeroliepomp bearing pedestal: laervoetstuk
bearing pressure: 1. dradruk, 2. laerdruk bearing retaining nut: laerkeermoer bearing seal: laerseël
bearing seating: laerbedding bearing sleeve: laerhuls bearing spacer: laerskeibus bearing spindle: draspil bearing stress: draspanning
bearing surface: 1. dravlak 2. laervlak bearing temperature: laertemperatuur bearing vibration: laertrilling
beat v.: 1. sweef, 2. klop
beating: 1. swewing, 2. klopping
bee carcel: bee carcel (ligintens.) (verouderd) bed: 1. bed (bv. draaib.) 2. bedding (klep) bedded: bedek met ’n onderlaag
bedding (serving): onderlaag (kabel)
bedding-in: pasmaak (laers)
bed plate (base plate): fondamentplaat
beehive lamp: byekorflamp
bees-wax: byewas
before-diversity demand (simultaneous maximum demand): gelyktydige maksimum aanvraag
behaviour: gedrag (bv. metaal)
bel: bel (eenh.)
B-eliminator (B-battery eliminator): B-batteryvervanger
bell: 1. klok, klokkie 2. (socket): kontaksok, sok
bell armature: klokanker
bell armature stop: klokankerstuiter
bell assembly: kloksamestel
bell circuit: klokkring
bell coil: klokspoel
bell crank: kniehefboom
bell crank bearing: kniehefboomlaer bell-crank hanger: kniehefboomsteun bell crank pitch: kniehefboomsteek bell electrometer: klokelektrometer bell insulator: klokisolator
bell-mouthed pipe: klokbekpyp bell mouth intake: klokmondinlaat bellows: 1. konsertina, 2. blaasbalk
bellows assembly: konsertinasamestel
bellows connection: konsertinaverbinding
bellows housing: konsertinahulsel, konsertina-omhulsel bellows-type expansion valve: konsertina-uitsitklep bell push: belknop, skelknop
bell signal: kloksein
bell switching set: klokskakelstel
bell system: klokstelsel
bell transformer: kloktransformator
bell wire: klokdraad
bell wiring: klokbedrading
belling test: kegelingstoets (by kabels)
belt (drive belt, driving belt): band, dryfband
belt conveyor: bandvervoerder
belt coupling (belt fastener): bandhegter, bandkoppeling
belt creep: bandkruiping
belt dressing: bandsmeer(sel)
belt drive (belt driving): bandaandrywing
belt-driven: bandgedrewe
belt drum: bandtrom
belted cable: gordkabel, bandomwikkelde kabel
belt fastener (belt coupling): bandhegter, bandkoppeling
belt fork (belt shifting fork, belt striker): bandgaffel, bandvurk
belt guide: bandleier
belt idler pulley: bandleiroller (bv. vervoerband) belting (belt material): band, bandmateriaal belting (belts): bande, dryfbande
belt insulation: bandisolering, strookisolering
belt joint: bandlas
belt pulley: bandkatrol
belt-shifting fork (belt fork, belt striker): bandgaffel, bandvurk
belt-shifting mechanism: band-skuifmeganisme
belt slip: bandglip
belt speed: bandspoed
belt striker (belt fork, belt shifting fork): bandgaffel, bandvurk
belt surface speed: bandoppervlakspoed
belt tension: bandspanning, band-trekspanning belt tension indicator: bandspanningswyser belt tensioning pulley: bandspankatrol
belt tightener (belt tightening gear): bandspanner belt tightening gear (belt tightener): bandspanner belt transmission: bandoorbrenging
belt transmission system: bandoor-bringstelsel
bench mark: norm
bench-mark data: verwysingsgegewens
bench-mark post: normpos
bench-mark test: normtoets
bend n.: 1. bulging, bog 2. buigstuk
bend v.: buig
bender: buier
bending block: buigblok (leipyp) bending effect: buigeffek bending force: buigkrag
bending moment (moment of flexure): buigmoment
bending moment diagram (B.M. diagram): buigmomentdiagram (BM-diagram)
bending stress: buigspanning
bend radius: buigstraal
beneficiate: veredel (bv. steenkool deur wassing)
beneficiation: veredeling
bent coil: geboë spoel
bent duck-bill pliers: krom eendbektang
bent-nose pliers: krombektang
Berry-type transformer: Berry-transformator
Berzilius lamp: Berziliuslamp
beta: beta-beta decay: betaverval (kern)
beta disintegration: betadisintegrasie, betaverval (kern)
beta emitter: betastraler (stowwe) beta oscillation: betaossillasie beta particle: betadeeltjie
beta radiation: betastraling
beta ray: betastraal
betatron (rheotron): betatron
bevel n: afskuinsing
bevel v.: afskuins
bevel angle: afskuinshoek
bevel gear (bevel wheel): keëlrat, koniese rat
bevel gear drive: keëlrataandrywing
beveled pole: afgeskuinste pool
bevel wheel (bevel gear): keëlrat, koniese rat
bezel: gleufring (bv. van meters)
B/H curve (magnetisation curve): B/H-kromme, magnetiseerkromme B/H loop (magnetic hysteresis loop): B/H-lus, magnetiesehistereselus bias n.: 1. beswaring (meg.) 2. voorbekragting
3. (biasing voltage, bias voltage): voorspanning
bias v.: 1. beswaar (meg.) 2. voorbekrag 3. voorspanning gee (elek.)
bias-adjusting bracket: beswaringstelarm bias-adjusting lever: beswaringstelhefboom bias-adjustment plate: beswaringstelplaat bias arm: beswaringsarm
bias-arm stop: beswaringsarmstuiter
bias cell: voorspanningsel
bias coil: voorspanningspoel
bias corrector: voorspanningsteller
bias current: voorstroom
bias differential feeder protection (biased differential protection, percentage differential protection): persentasie differensiaalbeveiliging
biased differential protective system: gebalanseerde beveiligingstelsel met voorbekragting
biased relay: voorbekragte relê
biasing: 1. beswaring, voorbekragting, voor-magnetisering, voorspanning
biasing battery: voorspanningsbattery
biasing coil: voorbekragspoel
biasing screw: voorspanningskroef (meg. spanning)
biasing spring (bias spring): voorspannings-veer (meg. spanning)
biasing transformer: voorbekrag transformator
biasing voltage (bias, bias voltage): voorspanning bias lever (biasing lever): beswaringshefboom bias magnet: beswaringsmagneet
bias potentiometer: voorspannings-potensiometer
bias regulator: voordrukreëlaar (turbine) bias resistance: voorspanningsweerstand bias resistor: voorspanningsresistor
bias rheostat: voorspanningsreostaat
bias spring (biasing spring): voorspanningsveer
bias stabilisation: voorspanningstabilisasie
bias voltage (bias, biasing voltage): voorspanning bias winding: voormagnetiseerwikkeling bichromate cell: bichromaatsel
biconjugate network: paarsgewys vertak-kende net
bidirectional current: tweerigtingstroom
bidirectional relay (add-and-subtract relay): tweerigtingrelê bifilar: bifilêr, tweedraad-bifilar choke: bifilêre smoorspoel bifilar galvanometer: bifilêre galvanometer
bifilar suspension: bifilêre suspensie
bifilar winding: bifilêre wikkeling, tweedraadwikkeling
bifurcated magnet: vurkmagneet
bifurcated rivet: gesplete klinknael
bifurcated root fastening: tweetandvoetheg-ting (turbineblad) bifurcating box: tweeaarkabelverdeelkas, tweekabelvurkkas bigrid valve: tweeroosterbuis
bilateral: 1. tweesydig, aan twee kante 2. tweesydig, van twee kante/ partye
bilateral gear: tweesydige ratstelsel
bilateral impedance: tweesydige impedansie bilateral tolerance: tweesydige toleransie bilateral transmission: tweesydige transmissie billicycle (kilomegacycle): kilomegasiklus
bill of quantities: besteklys, hoeveelheidslys
bimetal n.: bimetaal
bimetal a. (bimetallic): bimetaal-bimetal fuse: bimetaalsekering
bimetallic crimping sleeve: bimetaal-knelhuls
bimetallic instrument: bimetaalinstrument
bi-metallic releaser (bimetallic tripping device): bimetaallosser, bimetaaluitklinker
bimetallic strip (bimetal strip): bimetaalstrook
bimetallic support: bimetaalsteun
bimetallic thermometer: bimetaaltermometer bimetallic washer: bimetaalwaster bimetallic wire: bimetaaldraad
bimetal strip (bimetallic strip): bimetaalstrook
bimetal thermal strip unit: termiese bimetaalstrookeenheid
bimetal thermal switch: bimetaal termoskakelaar bin and feeder system: bak-en-voerderstelsel binder: 1. bindmiddel 2. binder
binder making tool: geleiervasbindwerktuig
binding cam: koppelnok
bind in: inbind

binding band (binding tape): bindband binding energy: bindingsenergie binding force: bindkrag
binding material: bindmateriaal binding post: afhegpaal, afspanpaal binding screw: klemskroef
binding tape (binding band): bindband
binding wire (tie-wire): binddraad
binocular feeder (double co-axial feeder, double concentric feeder): dubbele koak-siale voerder,
dubbele konsentriese voerder
binode: binode, duodiode (elektron. buis) binomial corner: binomiale elmboog binomial twist: binomiale draaistuk biological shield: biologiese skerm (straling)
biot * (Bi)*(abampere)*: abampëre*, biot* (Bi)*
Biot-Savart’s law: wet van Biot en Savart (veldintensiteit om geleiers)
biphase (two-phase): tweefase-, tweefasig
biphase circuit (two-phase circuit): tweefasekring biphase current: tweefasestroom, tweefasige stroom biphase motor: tweefasemotor
bi-pin cap (two-pin cap): tweependop
bi-pin holder: tweepenhouer
biplane grid filament (biplane filament): tweevlakgloeidraad, tweevlakroostergloeidraad bipolar (dipolar, two-pole): bipolêr, tweepolig, tweepool-bipolar armature: bipolêre anker, tweepoolanker
bipolar co-ordinate: bipolêre koórdinate, tweepool koórd i nate
bipolar corrosion: bipolêre korrosie (aardelektrodes)
bipolar electrode system: bipolêre elek-trodestelsel, tweepolige elektrodestelsel
bipolar generator: bipolêre generator, tweepoolgenerator bipolar machine: bipolêre masjien, tweepoolmasjien bipolar motor: bipolêre motor, tweepoolmotor
bi-post lamp: tweepenlamp
bird guard: voëlweerder
birdsnesting: aaneenklonting (as)
Birmingham Wire Gauge (Birmingham Gauge) (B.G., B.W.G.): Birminghamdraad-nommer (BDN) (Verouderend)
birth: vrystelling (bv. neutrone)
bismuth: bismut
bismuth spiral: bismutspiraal (meting v. mag-netiese vloed)
bistable operation: bistabiele werking bitumen cable: bitumenkabel bitumen compound: bitumenmengsel
bitumen-compounded jute bedding: bitumen-en-juteonderlaag
bitumenised cotton braiding: gebitumineerde katoenomvlegsel, gebitumineerde katoenomvlegting
black body radiation: Planckstraling, swartstraling
black lamp (black-light lamp): swart-gloeilamp, swartlamp
black lead (graphite, plumbago): grafiet
blacklead v.: met grafiet smeer
black light: swart lig
black-light lamp (black lamp): swart-gloeilamp, swartlamp
black-out n.: verdonkering black out v.: verdonker black-out effect: verdowwing
black-out voltage (cut-off bias): afsnyvoor-spanning (katode straalbuis)
black selenium: swartseleen
blade: 1. blad (stoomturbine) 2. skoep (water-turbine) 3. lem (kontak, skakelaar)
blade contact: lemkontak
blade contact connector: lemkontakverbinder
blade guide: lemleier blade latch: lemknip blade plug: tongprop
blade ring: bladring, wiekring
blade root: bladvoet, wiekvoet
Blaine: Blaine (permeametereenheid om fyn-heid v. stowwe uit te druk)
blank: ru-stuk
blank circle: ru-sirkel
blank diameter: ru-diameter
blank flange: blindeflens
blanket v.: 1. afskerm 2. sluier, smoor, sper
blanket condenser: smoorkapasitor
blanket material: mantelmateriaal (reaktors) blanking control: onderdrukkontrole (ossillograaf) blanking end cap (blanking end cover): entafdigdop blanking level: onderdrukpeil
blanking-off plate (blanking plate): afdigplaat
blank off: afdig
blast (air blast): 1. blaaswind, drukwind 2. lugslag, lugstoot
blast contact: bluskontak

blast damage: lugslagskade
blast freezer: blaasvrieser
blast furnace coke: hoogoondkooks blasting air (blast air): blaaslug, druklug bled steam: aftapstoom
bled-steam feed-water heating: aftapstoom-voedi ngswaterverwarm i ng
bled-steam valve: aftapstoomklep bleeder (bleeder resistor): aflaatresistor bleeder circuit: aflaatkring
bleeder current: aflaatstroom (radio)
bleeder resistor (bleeder): aflaatresistor
bleed-off pressure: aflaatstoomdruk (voerpompturbine)
bleed pipe: 1. aftappyp, 2. luglaatpyp
bleed point: aftappunt
bleed valve: aftapklep
blend coking: mengkookskool
blend coking middlings: gemengde gruiskool
blended light: gemengde lig
blended light lamp (mixed light lamp): mengliglamp
blind bush: blinde bus blind coal: maer kole blinker (blink light): kniplig blink light (blinker): kniplig
Bloch band, energy band: Bloch-band, ener-gieband (gas)
block v.: afsluit, blokkeer, versper, verstop
block and tackle: katrolstel
block demand: vasteperiodeaanvraag
block diagram (block schematic, block schematic diagram): blockdiagram
blocked impedance: sperimpedansie (insetim-pedansie van ’n oordraer wanneer die lewering aan ’n las van oneindige impedansie verbind is)
blocked voltage: versperde spanning
blocking: 1. blokkering, versperring (bv. radio) 2. verseëling (kabel) 3. verstopping (pype)
blocking bias: spervoorspanning
blocking capacitor (buffer capacitor,
coupling capacitor, stopping capacitor): sperkapasitor
blocking diode: sperdiode
blocking element: sperelement (BS) blocking function: sperfunksie blocking grid: sperrooster
blocking grid bias: sperroostervoorspanning blocking layer (depletion layer): sperlaag blocking oscillator: sperossillator
blocking period: blokkeerperiode, sperperiode
blocking rectifier: spergelykrigter blocking relay: sperrelê blocking spring: sperveer blocking system: sperstelsel
block interval demand meter (integrated demand meter): aanvraagmeter met vaste meetperiode
block joint: sperlas
block of capacitors (capacitor block): kapasitorblok
block of plates: plaatstel
block plan: blokplan
block rate unit tariff: blokeenheidtarief (’n tarief vir blokke van eenhede, bv. 5c vir eerste honderd eenhede verbruik, 3c vir volgende honderd, ens.)
block relay: blokrelê
block schematic (block diagram, block schematic diagram): blokdiagram block schematic diagram (block diagram, block schematic): blokdiagram blocks clamp: katrolklamp (lewendigelynwerk)
block switch: seksieskakelaar block system: blokstelsel block tariff: bloktarief
block type meter (block type demand meter, block type maximum demand meter):
Blondel diagram: Blondel-diagram (Fasordia-gram om strome en vloedkoppeling van transformator se primêre en sekondêre wik-keling te toon)
blow: 1. smelt (sekering) 2. uitbrand (lamp)
blow-down n.: (die) afspui
blow down v.: afspui
blow-down cock: spuikraan blow-down sump: spuitrog blow-down tank: spuitenk blow-down valve: spuiklep
blow-down vessel: spuiwaterhouer
blower: blaser
blower fan: blaaswaaier blower motor: blasermotor blower set: waaierstel
blown (out) fuse: gesmelte sekering
blow-off cock: afblaaskraan blow-off pressure: afblaasdruk blow-off valve: afblaasklep blow-off water; afblaaswater
blow-out 1. (blow-out coil, magnetic blowout): blusspoel, boogblusspoel 2. (blow-out device): boogblusser
blow-out coil (blow-out, magnetic blow-out): blusspoel, boogblusspoel
blow-out core: boogblusserkern, blusspoelkern
blow-out effect: bluseffek blow-out field: boogblusveld blow-out flux: blusvloed (boog)
blow-out magnet: blusmagneet
blow-out solenoid: Kyk “blow-out coil”
blow-pipe: blaaspyp
blow through: deurblaas
blow-through cock: deurblaaskraan
blue actinic fluorescent lamp: blou aktiniese fluoresseerlamp
blue glow: blou glimming blue phase: blou fase blueprint: bloudruk
blueprinting machine: bloudrukmasjien
board designation: bordaanwysing (op skakelbord)
board-form insulation: bordisolasie
Board of Trade Unit (B.T.U.): Board of Trade Unit (B.T.U.) (Britse eenh. 1 kW.h)
bobbin: bobyn
bobbin bolt: bobynbout
bobbin coil: bobynspoel
bobbin insulator: bobynisolator
bobbin winding (spool winding): bobynwikkeling
Bode-diagram: Bode diagram (uitstipping van logaritmiese toename en fasehoekwaardes op ’n logaritmiese frekwensiebasis)
body: 1. bak (voert.) 2. huis (klep) 3. liggaam (vernaamste of grootste deel) 4. lywigheid (verf, olie)
body capacitance: liggaamskapasitansie Bohr atom: Atoommodel volgens Bohr boil: kook
boiler (steam boiler): ketel, stoomketel
boiler annulus: ketelring (in drukvat v. kernkragstasie)
boiler auxiliaries: ketelhulpuitrusting
boiler board: ketelbord
boiler bunker: ketelbrandstofruimte boiler capacity: ketelvermoë boiler connection: ketelverbinding boiler control: ketelbeheer
boiler control desk: ketelbeheertafel boiler control panel: ketelbeheerpaneel boiler crown valve: ketelkruinklep boiler draught plant: keteltrekinstallasie boiler drum pressure: keteltromdruk
boiler economiser: ketelwarmtebespaarder, warmtebespaarder
boiler element: ketelelement
boiler end: ketelent
boiler feed piping: ketelvoerpype
boiler feed pump: ketelvoerpomp
boiler feed regulator: ketelvoedingsreëlaar
boiler feed valve: ketelvoerklep
boiler filling control valve: ketelvulbeheerklep boiler filling isolating valve: ketelvulafsonderklep boiler filling regulating valve: ketelvulreëlklep boiler fitting: keteltoebehoorsel
boiler flue discharge damper: ketelrookgasuitlaatdemper
boiler header: ketelspruitstam
boiler heating surface: ketel-verwarmingsoppervlak
boiler house: ketelhuis
boiler lead: ketelleiding
boiler load distributor: ketellasverdeler
boiler log-book: stoomketellogboek
boiler master controller: ketel-meesterkontrole
boiler meter reading (boiler performance reading): ketelmeterlesing
boiler outlet: keteluitlaat
boiler overload relay: keteloorlasrelê
boiler plate: ketelplaat
boiler-plate tank: ketelplaattenk
boiler pressure: keteldruk
boiler pressure gauge: keteldrukmeter
boiler pressure gauge control: keteldrukmeterbeheer
boiler pressure transmitter: keteldruksender
boiler pump motor: ketelpompmotor
boiler room: ketelkamer
boiler room main: ketelkamerhoofleiding
boiler safety fittings: ketel veiligheidstoebehore
boiler setting: ketelbed (steun vir ketel, bv. van stene of beton)
boiler shell: ketelromp
boiler sootblower: ketelroetblaser boiler transformer: keteltransformator boiler tube: ketelpyp
boiler water level: ketelwaterpeil
boiling point: kookpunt
boiling water reactor: kookwaterreaktor (kern)
bolometer: bolometer (stralingsenergie, radiofrekwensiestrome)
bolometric instrument: bolometerinstrument
bolt n.: bout
bolt v.: 1. vasbout, 2. grendel
bolt detection relay (bolt detector relay): grendeldetektorrelê bolt proving contact (lock proving contact): grendelbewyskontak bolted strain clamp: geboute spanklamp
Boltzmann equation: vergelyking van Boltzmann, Boltzmannvergelyking (deeltjies)
bombard: beskiet, bombardeer (atome) bombarding electron: bombardeerelektron bombardment: bombardering, bombardement
bond n.: 1. binding (chem., meg.) 2. deurver-binder (elek.) 3. verband 4. verbindings-draad: (stuwingsbeveiliging)
bond v.: verbind, deurverbind
bond connection (bonding): deurverbinding
bonded cable: deurverbinde kabel
bonded carbide (cemented carbide, sintered carbide): sinterkarbied
bonded mica splittings: gebinde mikaskilfers
bonded together: 1. aanmekaar verbind 2. deurverbind
bonderise: bonderiseer
bonding: 1. binding 2. bindmiddel 2. deurverbinding 4. verband
bonding bar: deurverbindstaaf
bonding clamp: deurverbindingsklamp bonding material: deurverbindmateriaal bonding medium (bonding): bindmiddel bonding strip: deurverbindstrook
bonding wire (bond wire): deurverbinddraad
bond winding: deurverbinderwikkeling
bond wire (bonding wire): deurverbinddraad
boning rod: korrelstok
book capacitor: boekkapasitor
boom: 1. boom 2. hangstok (mikrofoon) 3. kraanarm 4. sluitpaal
boost n.: aanjaging
boost v.: aanjaag
boost charge (of a battery): opjalading
boost current: aanjastroom
booster: aanjaer
booster armature: aanjaeranker
booster battery: aanjabattery
booster charge (boost charge): opjalading
booster fan: aanjawaaier booster incoming: aanjaer in booster outgoing: aanjaer uit booster pump: aanjapomp booster station: aanjastasie
booster transformer (boosting transformer): aanjatransformator
boost steam (boosting steam): aanjastoom
boot (cable joint): stofhuis
bootstrap circuit: gelykstygkring
bootstrapped sawtooth generator: gelykstyg-ossilleerbuisAkring
bootstrapping: gelyk laat styg, gelyk styg
bore: 1. boring (opening) 2. boring, kaliber, binnemaat
boron: boor
boron chamber: boorionisasiekamer
boron counter: boorteller

boron counter: boorteller
boss: 1. naaf 2. oogverdikking bottom ash: bodemas (keteloonde) bottom contact: onderkontak
bottom diameter: Kyk “core diameter”, “root diameter”
bottom dock: bodemplaat
bottom electrode: bodemelektrode
bottom face: ondervlak
bottom flue: onderste rookgang
bottom half bearing: onderste halflaer bottoming: 1. bodembegrensing 2. bodemdaling bottom sheet: bodemskerm
Boucherot circuit: Boucherot-kring (konstante stroom)
Boucherot squirrel-cage motor: Kyk “double squirrel-cage motor” Boucherot squirrel-cage winding: Kyk “double squirrel-cage winding' bounce n.: 1. (bouncing): wippering 2. (rebound): terugsprong bounce v.: wipper (kontak)
bouncing: wippering
boundarypotential: grensvlakpotensiaal
boundary wavelength (quantum limit): grensgolflengte
bound electron: gebonde elektron bounding surface: grensvlak bound in: ingebind
bound joint: bindlas
Bourdon gauge (Bourdon-pressure gauge): Bourdon-drukmeter
Bourdon tube: Bourdonbuis
Bourdon vacuum gauge: Bourdon-vakuummeter
bow: beuel, sleepbeuel bow frame: beuelraam bowl: kom
bow-tie water tree: dubbele waterboom (in isoleermateriaal)
box: doos, kas
box capacitor: dooskapasitor
box column: kokerkolom
box cut: slootinbraak (dagmynbou) boxed contact: ingeslote kontak box-frame motor: kokerraammotor box spanner: soksleutel
box-type brush holder: borselkas, kastipe borselhouer
box-type capacitor: Kyk “box-capacitor’
box-type frame: kokerraam
box-type furnace: kasoond
box-type negative plate (cage-type negative plate): doosnegatiefplaat, geklemde negatiewe plaat (akkumulators)
box up (a boiler or mill): demp, smoor
B-power supply (B-supply): B-kragtoevoer
brace n. 1. (bracing): spanstuk, verspanner, verspanstuk 2. (belly brace, breast brace, hand brace): omslag
brace v.: verspan
braced basket winding: verspande korfwikkeling
braced bay: verspanvak
braced frame (braced framing): verspande raamwerk
braced structure: verspande struktuur
bracing: 1. verspanning 2. spanstuk, verspanner, verspanstuk
bracer strap (bracing strap): verspanband
bracket: 1. (support): steun (algemeen) 2. arm (lamp) 3. (bracket arm): dwarsarm, paalarm
bracket-base insulator: dwarsarm-steunisolator
bracket insulator: dwarsarmisolator
braid n.: vlegsel
braid v.: 1. omvleg 2. vleg
braided cable: omvlegte kabel
braiding: 1. omvlegsel 2. omvlegting, omvleg-werk, vlegwerk (kabel)
brake: rem
brake air tank: remlugtenk (hidroëlektriese turbine)
brake horsepower*: remperdekrag* (745.7 watt)
brake magnet: remmagneet (wat meganiese rem in werking stel)
brake test: remtoets
brake valve: remklep (hidroëlektriese ontwikkeling)
braking: remming
braking action: remwerking
braking coefficient: remkoëffisiënt (slegs van toepassing op meganiese dele)
braking effort (braking force): remkrag
braking force (braking effort): remkrag
braking magnet (drag magnet, retarding magnet): remmagneet
braking torque: remdraaimoment, remmoment
branch: tak
branch box (feeder box, connecting box): aansluitkas, aftakkas, verbindingskas
branch cable (spur cable): takkabel
branch circuit: takkring branch current: takstroom branch fuse: aftaksekering branching off: aftakking
branch-joint (tee-joint): aftakklasstuk, T-lasstuk
branch line (tee-line): aftaklyn
branch pipe: takpyp
branch point (junction point, take-off point): aftakpunt
branch switch: aftakskakelaar
branch terminal: aftakklem
brand name: handelsnaam, handelsmerk
brass: geelkoper
brass bobbin: geelkoperbobyn brass core: geelkoperkern brass stud: geelkoperknop
brazing: 1. sweissoldering (metode) 2. sweissoldeerwerk
breadth coefficient (breadth factor): Kyk “distribution factor”
break n.: 1. breekplek, breuk 2. verbreking 3. (break distance): kontakafstand
break v.: 1. breek, verbreek (bv. kring) 2. demp, (skok)
breakage: brekasie
break-and-make contact: verbreek-en-sluitkontak break-before-make contact: verbreek-voor-sluitkontak break contact: breekkontak, verbreekkontak

break-contact operating time (operating break time): (ver)breekkontak-opkomtyd, opkom- verbreektyd
break contact release time: (ver)breekkontak-' afvaltyd, breekkontakvrysteltyd
break current: breekstroom
breakdown n. 1. (failure): onklaarraking (al-gemeen), onderbreking (toevoer) 2. (puncture, rupture):
deurslag (isolasie) 3. defek
break down v. 1. (fail): onklaar raak (al-gemeen) 2. (puncture, rupture): deurslaan (isolasie)
break-down factor: deurslagfaktor
break-down strength (dielectric strength): deurslagsterkte, diëlektriese sterkte
break-down test: deurslagtoets
break-down voltage: deurslagspanning (tussen twee elektrodes)
breaker (circuit-breaker): kringbreker, stroombreker
breaker box (circuit breaker box): brekerkas, stoombrekerkas breaker cell (circuit breaker cell): brekersel, stroombrekersel breaker chamber: brekerkamer
breaker closing circuit (circuit breaker closing circuit): brekersluitkring, stoombreker-sluitkring breaker closing coil (circuit breaker closing coil): brekersluitspoel, stroombrekersluit-spoel breaker closing contactor (circuit breaker closing contactor): brekersluitkontaktor, stroombrekersluitkontaktor
breaker control: brekerbeheer
breaker earth link (BKR earth link): breker-aardskakel (BKR-aardskakel)
breaker gear (circuit breaker gear): stroombrekeruitrusting
breaker head (circuit breaker head): stroombrekerkop
breaker heater (circuit breaker heater): brekerverwarmer, stroombrekerverwarmer
breaker holding coil (circuit breaker holding coil): brekerhouspoel, stroombrekerhouspoel
breaker oil (circuit breaker oil): stroombrekerolie
breaker oil tank: brekerolietenk
breaker operating handle (circuit breaker operating handle): (stroom)brekerbedienhandvatsel
breaker signal lamp: brekerstandlamp
breaker spring motor (breaker spring rewind (contactor): brekerveermotor breaker spring rewind (contactor breaker spring motor): brekerveermotor breaker station (switching station): brekerstasie
breaker tripping circuit (circuit breaker tripping circuit): brekeruitklinkbaan, stroombreker uitklinkbaan
breaking capacity (interrupting capacity): breekvermoë, verbreekvermoë
breaking chamber: verbreekkamer breaking current: (ver)breekstroom breaking force: breekkrag
breaking impulse (break impulse): breekimpuls
breaking load: breekbelasting, breeklas
break pulse: breekpuls break spark: uitskakelvonk break spring: verbreekveer
break-time (interrupting time): stroombreek-tyd, breektyd
break-to-make ratio: breek-sluitverhouding
breather: asemer, asemhaler
breather cap: asemdop
breather hole (breathing hole): asemgat breathing arrangement: asfemhaalstelsel breathing device: asemhaaltoestel breathing groove: asemgroef (turbine-as) breathing hole (breather hole): asemgat
breathing of transformer: asemhaling van transformator
breed: kweek
breeder: Kyk “breeder reactor’’
breeder reactor: kweekreaktor
breeding gain: kweekwins, (kernreaktor)
bridge n.: 1. brug (meetstelsel met hele of gedeeltelike brugkring) 2. (bridge network): kruisnet
bridge v.: oorbrug
bridge balance: brugbalans bridge capacitor: brugkapasitor bridge circuit: brugkring
bridge connection: brugverbinding bridge connector: brugverbinder bridge contact: brugkontak
bridge-control cord circuit: brugbeheerde koordkring/snoerkring
bridged circuit: oorbrugde kring
bridged hybrid (hybrid junction): differensiaalaansluiting
bridged T-network: oorbrugde T-net
bridge error: brugfout
bridge network (bridge, lattice network): kruisnet
bridge out (short out): uitbrug bridge rectification: bruggelykrigting bridge rectifier: gelykrigbrug
bridge switching circuit: brugskakelkring
bridge test: brugtoets
bridge transformer (differential transformer, hybrid coil): differensiaaltransformator
bridge transition: brugoorgang
bridging: 1. oorbrugging (elek.) 2. brugvorm-ing (lossersteenkool)
bridging apparatus; oorbrugapparaat bridging capacitor: oorbrugkapasitor bridging coil: oorbrugspoel
bridging conductor (by-pass conductor): om-loopgeleier, oorbruggeleier
bridging contact: oorbrugkontak
bridging impedance: oorbrugimpedansie
bridging jack: oorbrugklink, parallelklink
bridging plug: brugprop
bridle: 1. (bridle wire): aanvoerdraad (paalap-paraat) 2. (bearer cable): Kyk “catenary'
bridle wire: aanvoerdraad (paalapparaat)
brighten: verhelder brightener: glansmiddel brightness: helderheid
brightness level: helderheidspeil (lig) bright plating: glansgalvanisering bright steel: blinkstaal

brilliance (brightness, luminosity): helder-heid, liggewendheid
brine: pekel
brine cooling plant: pekelkoelinstallasie
brine liquid starter: pekelvloeistofaansitter (met pekelkoelmiddel)
brine tank: pekeltenk (waterbehandeling)
brine pump: pekelpomp
Britania joint: Britanialas
British Association nut (B.A. nut): British Association-moer (B.A.-moer) British Association screw (B.A. screw): British Association-skroef (B.A.-skroef) British Association thread: British Association-skroefdraad
British Colour Council reference: Britse Kleurraadverwysing
British Heat Unit* (B.Th.U.*) (British Thermal Unit*): Britse termiese eenheid* (Btu*)
British Standard Candle: Britse Standaardkers
British Standard Fine thread: Britse Standaardfyndraad
British Standard Specification (B.S.S.): Britse Standaardspesifikasie (B.S.S.)
British Standard Whitworth thread (Whitworth thread): Britse Standaard-Whitworthdraad, Whitworthdraad
British Standard Wire Gauge (S.W.G., Standard Wire Gauge): Britse Standaarddraad-nommer, standaarddraadnommer (SDN)
British Thermal Unit* (BThU*): Britse Termiese Eenheid* (BThU*) broad-base tower: breëvoettoring, toring met breë voetstuk broken circuit: verbreekte kring
bromine: broom
bronze: brons
bronze conductor: bronsgeleier
bronze wire: bronsdraad
brown coal: bruinkool, ligniet brown-out: selektiewe verdonkering brush: 1. borsel (elek.) 2. kwas
brush and sponge plating: stryk-galvanisering
brush arm: borselarm
brush arm support: borselarmsteun
brush assembly (brush rigging): borselinrigt-ing, borselsamestel
brush axis: borselas
brush box: borselkas
brush box arm: borselkasarm
brush box connection: borselkasverbinding
brush box lead: borselkasleiding brush box support: borselkassteun brush clamp: borselklamp
brush connection: borselverbinding
brush contact: borselkontak
brush contact drop: borselkontakval (spanning) brush contact loss: borselkontakverlies (l2R-verlies) brush contact pressure: borselkontakdruk
brush contact resistance: borsel-kontakweerstand
brush discharge: pluimontlading
brush displacement (angle of brush displacement): borselverskuiwingshoek (kommutatormasjiene)
brush feed: borseltoevoer
brush fit: borselpassing
brush friction loss: borselwrywingsverlies
brush gear: Kyk “brush assembly’’
brush hammer (brush pressure finger, brush spring finger): borseldrukvinger, borselveervinger
brush-holder: borselhouer (arm en kas)
brush holder key: borselhouerspy
brush lag (backward brush displace ment, backward lead, backward shift): agterwaartse borselverskuiwing, borselverskuiwing na agter
brush lead (brush shift): borselverskuiwing brushless alternator: borsellose alternator brush lifting device: borselligter
brush loss: borselverlies
brush pigtail: borselkruldraad, borselvarkstert
brush position: borselstand
brush potential difference: borselpotensiaalverskil
brush pressure finger (brush hammer, brush spring finger): borseldrukvinger, borselveervinger
brush resistance: borselweerstand
brush resistance loss: borselweer-standsverlies
brush retainer: borselkeerder
brush rigging (brush assembly): borselinrig-ting, borselsamestel
brush ring: Kyk “brush rocker”
brush-rocker (brush rocker ring): borselbrug
brush-rocker gear: 1. borselbrugaandrywing 2. borselbrugwurmwiel
brush rocker ring (brush rocker): borselbrug
brush seating: borselstand brush seater: borselinbedder brush set: borselstel
brush shift (brush lead): borselverskuiwing
brush spindle: borselspil
brush spring: borselveer
brush spring finger (brush hammer, brush pressure finger): borseldrukvinger, borselveervinger
brush spring tension: borselveerspanning
brush tip: borselpunt
brush track diameter (commutator brush track diameter): borselbaandiameter, kommutatorborselbaandiameter
brush yoke: borseljuk
B supply (B-power supply): B-kragtoevoer
bubble chamber: borrelkamer
Buchholz alarm: Buchholz-alarm (warning of faults in oil-filled tanks)
Buchholz double-float relay: Buchholzdubbelvlotterrelê
Buchholz protection: Buchholz-beveiliging
Buchholz protective device (gas-bubble protective device): Buchholz-beveiligingstoestel
Buchholz relay: Buchholz-relê (beveiligings-relê vir oliegedompelde apparaat)
Buchholz relay test rig: Buchholz-relêtoetsinrigting
Buchholz time relay: Buchholz-tydrelê
Buchmann and Meyer pattern (Christmas-tree pattern): Buchmann-Meyerpairoon,

buck: teenwerk
buck current: teenstroom
bucket: skoep
bucket armature: dopanker
bucket chain excavator: skoepkettinguitgra-wer (steenkool)
bucket conveyor: bakvervoerband, bakkiesband
bucket piston: baksuier
bucket wheel excavator: skoepwieluitgrawer
bucking bar: teenstaaf bucking circuit: teenkring bucking coil: teenspoel
bucking voltage (opposing voltage, reverse voltage): teenspanning
bucking winding: teenwikkeling
buckling: verbuiging (batteryplate)
buck transformer (boost transformer): reguleertransformator
buff v.: 1 fynskuur, 2. poleer
buffer battery (floating battery): bufferbat-tery, vlottende battery
buffer capacitor: Kyk “blocking capacitor’’ buffer resistance: bufferweerstand buffer tank: buffertenk
buffer transformer: buffertransformator building line: bougrens, boulyn bulding-out cable: uitboukabel building-out network: uitbounet building-up curve: opboukromme build out: uitbou (bv. net)
build up: opbou
build-up (voltage build-up): spanningsopbou (van ’n selfopwekgenerator)
build-up resistance: opbouweerstand
build-up speed: opbousnelheid built-in fan: ingeboude waaier built-on motor: aangeboude motor built-up area: beboude gebied built-up core: saamgestelde kern
built-up member: saamgestelde deel
built-up mica: saamgestelde mika
built-up reflector: saamgestelde weerkaatser
bulb: 1. bol, kolf, omhulsel 2. (globe, filament lamp, incandescent lamp, bulb, light bulb):
bulb bar: kolfprofielstaaf bulb envelope: kolfomhulsel bulb turbine: kolfturbine
bulb-type turbogenerator set: kolfturbogeneratorstel
bulk clean oil: massaskoonolie bulkhead fitting: skotlamptoebehore bulkhead light: skotlamp
bulk material (host crystal, matrix, host, base, base material): moedermateriaal
bulk oil circuit-breaker: massaoliebreker, olieryke breker
bulk oil store (oil storage area): olie-opslagterrein
bulk-oil switchgear: massaolieskakeltuig
bulk supply: grootmaattoevoer
bulk supply input: inset van grootmaattoevoer, g root maattoevoerin set
bulk supply meter: grootmaattoevoermeter
bull-ring: spanring (spandrade)
bump: knop (golfkruin)
bunch n. (bundle): bondel
bunch v.: bondel (drade in kabel, ook elektrone)
bunched cables (bundle of cables): kabelbondel
bunched conductor: (bundle conductor, multiple conductor): geleierbondel, meer-voudige geleier buncher: 1. verdigter (elektrone) 2. (buncher resonator, input resonator): bondelmodu-lator, ingangsresonator, modulasieresonator
buncher grid: verdigrooster
buncher resonator (buncher, input resonator): bondelmodulator, ingangsresonator (klistron)
buncher space: modulasieruimte
bunch filament: bondelgloeidraad
bunching: 1. bondeling (drade in kabel) 2. bondelvorming (elektrone in bondelmodulator)
bunching angle: bondelhoek, verdigtingshoek
bunching parameter: bondelparameter, verdigtingsparameter
bunch-stranded cable: bondelstringkabel bunch stranding: bondelstringvorming bundle (bunch): bondel
bundle conductor (bunched conductor, multiple conductor): geleierbondel, meer-voudige geleier
bundle of cables (bunched cables): kabelbondel
bunker: bunker
bunker bay: bunkervak
bunker door pinion: bunkerdeurkleinrat bunker door rack: bunkerdeurtandstang bunker gallery: bunkergalery
burglar alarm (intruder alarm): inbraakalarm
burial ground (graveyard): begraafplaas (kern)
buried cable (underground cable): onder-grondse kabel buried transformer: ondergrondse transformator burnable poison: verteerbare gifstof (reaktor)
burner: brander
burner lighter: branderaansteker burner motor: brandermotor burner selector: branderkieser
burning voltage (maintenance voltage): glimspanning burn-out n.: 1. deurbrand (kristalgelykrigter) 2. uitbranding burn out v.: uitbrand
burn-out lamp: uitgebrande gloeilamp burnt deposit: verbrande neerslag burnt-out: uitgebrand
bursting diaphragm: skeurdiafragma
bursting pressure: barsdruk bus (busbar, busrod): geleistam busbar (bus, busrod): geleistam
busbar (bus) a.: geleistam-, stam-busbar branch: geleistamtak
busbar chamber: geleistamkamer busbar clearance: geleistamvryruimte busbar column: geleistamkolom
busbar connection: geleistamverbinding
busbar coupler (bus coupler): (gelei)stamkoppelaar

busbar dropper: stamhangdraad
busbar isolator: (gelei)stamafsonderskakelaar
busbar dropper: stamhangdraad
busbar isolator: (gelei)stamafsonderskakelaar
busbar link (bus link): stamskakel
busbar link cubicle: stamskakelhokkie
busbar potential difference: (gelei)stampotensiaalverskil
busbar section breaker (bus section breaker): stamseksiebreker
busbar sectionalizing switch (bus section switch): geleistamskeiskakelaar, stamskeiskakelaar
busbar selection isolator: (gelei)stamkiesafsonderskakelaar
busbar shaft: geleistamskag busbar supply: stamtoevoer busbar voltage: stamspanning
busbar voltage transformer: stamspanningstransformator
busbar voltmeter: stamvoltmeter
bus coupler (busbar coupler) (BUS CPLR): stamkoppelaar (STAM-KPLR) bus coupler breaker (bus coupler circuit breaker): stamkoppelaarbreker bus-coupler circuit-breaker (bus-coupler breaker): stamkoppelaarbreker bus-coupler switch: stamkoppelskakelaar
bus feeder: stamvoerder
bush: 1. bus 2. (bushing, bushing insulator): deurvoerder, deurvoerisolator
bush v.: van ’n bus/deurvoerder voorsien
bushing: 1. busse 2. (bushing insulator): deurvoer isolator
bushing adapter: deurvoerderpasstuk
bushing barrier board: deurvoerdersperbord
bushing current transformer: deurvoer-stroomtransformator (in deurvoerder ingebou)
bushing spacer: afstandisoleerbus, spasieerisoleerbus
bushing stalk: isoleerbussteel
bushing transformer: Kyk “bushing current transformer”
bushing-type current transformer (inlet-current transformer): deurvoerstroomtransformator
bus line: stamkabel, versamelkabel bus link (busbar link): stamskakel bus pipe: stampyp
bus ring: stamring
busrod (bus, busbar): geleistam, stam
bus section: stamseksie
bus sectionalizer: stamskeier
bus section breaker (busbar section breaker): stamseksiebreker
bus section link: stamseksieskakel
bus section switch (busbar sectionalizing switch): geleistamskeiskakelaar, stamskeiskakelaar
bus side: stamkant
bus stripping isolator: stamstroop-afsonderskakelaar
buswire: stamdraad
bus zone: stamsone
bus zone disagreement: stamsonetweespalt
bus zone panel: stamsonepaneel
bus zone protection: stamsonebeveiliging
bus zone switch: stamsoneskakelaar
butt n. (butt end): dik ent
butt v.: afbind (kabel)
butt contact: stuikkontak, stootkontak butt end: 1. dik ent, 2. stuikent butterfly circuit: vleuelkring
butterfly joint: vleuellas
butterfly nut (fly nut, wing nut): vleuelmoer butterfly-type contact: vleuelkontak butterfly valve: vleuelklep
butt joint: 1. stootvoeg 2. stuiklas
button: knop, knoppie
button switch (pushbutton switch): drukknopskakelaar
buttress dam: stutmuurdam
buttress thread (trapezoidal thread): saag-draad, trapesiumdraad (skroewe, ens.)
butt ring ladder: ringoogtopleer
butt weld: stuiksweislas
buyer (buying officer): aankoopbeampte, aankoper
buzz n.: gegons buzz v.: gons buzzer: gonser
buzzer signal: gonssein
buzz stick (testing rod): spanningstok, toetsstok
BX cable: BX-kabel (geïsoleerde drade in buigsame metaalomhulsel)
by-pass: omlei, omloop
by-pass v.: omlei, omtak, oorbrug
by-pass anode (relieving anode): aflosanode
by-pass capacitor: omloopkapasitor
by-pass conductor (bridging conductor): om-loopgeleier, oorbruggeleier
bypass connection: omloopverbinding
by-pass discharge path: aflosontlaaibaan
by-pass duct: omleigang, omloopgang, omloopkanaal
bypass isolator: omloopafsonderskakelaar
bypass jumper: 1. tydelike oorbrugdraad 2. oorbrugstok
by-pass link: omloopskakel
bypass pump: omlooppomp
by-pass rectifier: aflosgelykrigter
by-pass sedimentation plant: omloopbesinkaanleg
by-pass valve: omleiklep
by-product: neweproduk, byproduk
C (Celsius): C (graad Celsius, grade Celsius)
C (coulomb): C (coulomb)
c-(cent!-): c-(senti-)
c.a.d. (computor-aided design): rekenaar-gesteunde ontwerp
cal* (calorie*): kal* (kaiorie*) (vervang deur joule)
cap. (capacity): vermoë
CB (circuit breaker): SB (stroombreker)
cd (candela): cd (kandela, kers)
eg (centigram): eg (sentigram)
cgs, CGS (centimeter-gramme-second): cgs, CGS (sentimeter-gram-sekonde)
cgs emu* (centimetre-gram-second electromagnetic unit*): cgs eme* (sentimeter-gram-sekonde- elektromagnetiese eenheid)* (vervang deur Sl-eenhede)
cgs esu* (centimetre-gram-second electrostatic unit*): cgs ese* (sentimeter-gram-sekonde- elektrostatiese eenheid)* (vervang deur Sl-eenhede)
c.h.p. (combined heat and power): w. en d. (warmte en dry wing)
CHU (centigrade heat unit): CWE (celcius-warmte-eenheid)
cl (centilitre): cl (sentiliter)
cm3 (cubic centimetre): cm3 (kubieke sentimeter)
cm/s (centimetres per second): cm/s (sentimeter per sekonde)
CO (close-open (operation)): SB (sluitbreekwerking)
cos (cosine): kos (kosinus)
cosec (cosecant): kosek (kosekans)
cot (cotangent): kot (kotangens)
c.p.* (candle-power*): kk.* (kerskrag*)
c/s* (cycles per second*, hertz, Hz): Hz (hertz)
c.p.s.* (cycles per second, hertz, Hz): Hz (hertz)
C.R.O. (cathode ray oscilloscope): KSO
CT (current transformer): ST
cub ft* (cubic foot*): kub vt* (kubieke voet*)
cub m* (cubic metre): kub m* (kubieke meter), m3
C.V.T. (capacitive voltage transformer): KST
(kapasitiewe spanningstransformator)
c.w. (continuous wave): gg. (gelykgolf)
c/w (clockwise): regs om
CW dock: KW-dok (koelwaterdok)
cwt* (hundredweight*): cwt* (sentenaar*) CW (circulating water): SW (sirkuleerwater) cabinet bay: kabinetvak
cable: kabel
cable v.: 1. kabels lê 2. bekabel cable access: kabelingang cable armouring: kabelpantser
cable balancing: kabelbalansering cable bedding: kabelonderlaag cable belting: kabelomwindsel cable bender: kabelbuier
cable bond (cable-sheath bond): 1. kabelhul-seldeurverbinder 2. kabelmantellas
cable box: kabelkas
cable bracket (cable support): kabelsteun
cable capacitance: kabelkapasitansie
cable capacity: 1. kabelvermoë 2. (cable size): kabelparetal
cable carrier (cable rack): kabelrak
cable chamber: kabelput
cable change-over: kabeloorskakeling, kabelverwisseling
cable chase: kabelgroef
cable chute: Kyk “cable tray', ‘cable trough”
cable clamp (cable cleat): kabelklamp cable cleat (cable clamp): kabelklamp cable clip: kabelklem
cable code: kabelkode
cable compound (sealing compound): kabelseëlmengsel
cable conductor: kabelgeleier
cable conduit: kabelleipyp
cable connection: kabelverbinding
cable connection box: kabelverbindingskas cable construction (cabling): kabelaanleg cable core: kabelkern
cable core binder: kabelkernbindsel
cable corrosion: kabelkorrosie
cable coupler: kabelkoppelaar, kabelkoppelstuk
cable cover (cable sheath, cable sheathing): kabelhulsel, kabelomhulsel
cable covering: kabelbekleding
cable creepage: kabelkruiping
cable current transformer (slip-over current transformer): kabelstroomtransformator
cable cut-out: 1. kabeluitskakelaar 2. kabeluitskakeling
cable distribution: kabelverdeling
cable distribution box, cable dividing box, cable end box): kabelentkas, kabelverdeelkas
cable distribution point: kabelverdeelpunt
cable dividing box (cable distribution box, cable end box): kabelentkas, kabelverdeelkas
cable drum (cable reel): kabelhaspel, kabeltol cable drum barrel (drum barrel): kabeltolsilinder cable-drum batten: kabeltollat, kabeltolstrook
cable-drum trailer (cable carrier, cable trailer): kabelsleepwa
cable duct: kabelgang, kabelkanaal
cable duct cover: kabelingangdeksel, kabelkanaaldeksel
cable duplex: kabeldupleks
cable earthing link: kabelaardingskakel cable earthing switch: kabelaardingskakelaar cable end: kabelent
cable end box (cable distribution box, cable dividing box): kabelentkas, kabelverdeelkas
cable end box frame: kabelentkasraam cable end connection: kabelentverbinding cable entrance fitting: kabelingangpasstuk cable-entry: kabelingang
cable fan (cable fanning): kabelspreiding cable fanning (cable fan): kabelspreiding cable fault: kabelfout
cable fault locator: kabelfoutopspoorder, kabelfoutsoeker
cable feeder: kabelvoerder cable filler: kabelvulsel cable form: kabelvorm
cable gland: kabeldrukstuk, kabelafdigstuk
cable gland plate: kabelinleiplaat
cable grease (cable lubricant): kabelsmeermiddel
cable grip (cable sock): kabelgrypkous
cable guard: kabelskut
cable guide: kabelleier
cable guy-rope: kabelankertou
cable hanger (cable sling, cable suspender): kabelhanger
cable harness: kabelharnas
cable hauling gear: kabeltrektuig, kabeltrekuitrusting
cable head: kabelkop
cable house: kabelhuis
cable inlet (cable entry): kabelingang
cable inlet gland: kabelingangdrukstuk, kabelingangafdigstuk
cable insulation: kabelisolasie
cable insulator: kabelisolator
cable joint: kabellas
cable joint box: kabellaskas cable jointer: kabellasser cable jointing: kabellaswerk
cable jointing chamber: kabellasput cable-joint mould: kabellasvorm cable junction: kabelaansluiting
cable junction box: kabelaansluitkas, kabelaftakkas
cable knife: kabelmes
cable layer: 1. kabellaag 2. kabellêer (persoon)
cable laying: kabellêwerk cable lay-out: kabelindeling cable lead: kabelleiding cable line: kabellyn
cable link: kabelskakel
cable locator: kabelsoeker
cable loss: kabelverlies (verlies in kabel)
cable lubricant (cable grease): kabelsmeermiddel
cable lug: kabeloor
cable maintenance: kabelonderhoud
cable make-up: kabelsamestelling
cable marker: kabelmerker, kabelaanwyser
cable network: kabelnet cable oil: kabelolie cable pair: kabelpaar cable pin: kabelpen cable pipe: kabelpyp cable post: kabelpaal
cable pulley (cable sheave): kabelkatrol
cable rack (cable carrier): kabelrak
cable reel (cable drum): kabelhaspel, kabeltol
cable ring: kabelring cable roller: kabelroller cable route: kabelroete cable run: kabelloop cable runway: kabelbaan
cable schematic plan: skematiese kabelplan
cable sealing box: kabelseëlkas
cable sealing compound: kabelafdigmengsel, kabelseëlmengsel
cable section: kabelgedeelte
cable serving: kabeldekking, kabelbekleding
cable shaft: kabelskag

cable sheath (cable cover, cable sheathing): kabelhulsel, kabelomhulsel cable-sheath bond (cable bond): kabelhulsel-deurverbinder, kabelhulsellas cable sheating (cable sheath, cable cover): kabelhulsel, kabelomhulsel cable sheave (cable pulley): kabelkatrol
cable shoe: kabelskoen
cable simulator (artificial cable): gesimuleer-de kabel
cable size: 1. kabelgrootte 2. kabelparetal
cable sling (cable hanger, cable suspender): kabelhanger
cable socket: kabelsok cable splice: kabelsplitslas cable spreader: kabelspreier cable stopper: kabelprop cable strand: kabelstring
cable strip: kabelaansluitstrook cable stripper: kabelstroper cable stub: kabelstomp
cable subway: kabeltonnel
cable support (cable bracket): kabelsteun
cable suspender (cable hanger, cable sling): kabelhanger
cable suspender wire: kabelhangdraad cable suspension clamp: kabelhangklamp cable suspension ring: kabelhangring
cable suspension wire (cable suspender wire): kabelhangdraad
cable tail: kabelstert
cable taping paper: kabelombindpapier
cable terminal: kabeleindpunt
cable terminal box: kabelklemkas
cable terminating box (cable end box, cable terminal box): kabelentkas
cable terminating pole: kabelentpaal
cable terminating section: kabelentgedeelte
cable termination: 1. kabeleindpunt 2. kabelafhegting
cable thimble: kabelkous
cable through box: kabeldeurloopkas
cable tie: kabelbinder
cable tracer: kabelkendraad
cable trailer (cable carrier, cable drum trailer): kabelsleepwa
cable tray (cable trough): kabelgeut, kabeltrog
cable trench: kabelvoor
cable trough (cable tray): kabelgeut, kabeltrog
cable turning chamber: kabeldraaiput
cable wagon: kabelwa
cable waxing: kabelbewassing
cable with pilot core: kabel met loodsaar
cable with sector-shaped cores: kabel met sektorvormige are/kerne
cable yarn: kabelgaring
cabling: 1. bekabeling, kabels 2. (cable construction): kabelaanleg
cabling schedule: bekabelingstaat
cab-tyre sheathing: bandrubberomhulsel, bandrubbermantel
cadmium: kadmium
cadmium cell: kadmiumsel
cadmium copper: kadmiumkoper
cadmium copper binder: kadmium-koperbinder
cadmium-nickel accumulator:
cadmium phosphate: kadmiumfosfaat
cadmium-plate: kadmiumplateer, verkadmium cadmium-plated: kadmiumgeplateer, verkadmium cadmium plating: kadmiumplatering
cadmium sulphate solution: kadmium-sulfaatoplossing
cadmium tungstate: kadmiumwolframaat
cadmium vapour: kadmiumdamp
cadmium-vapour lamp: kadmiumdamplamp
caesium cell: sesiumsel
caesium tube: sesiumbuis
caesium vapour lamp: sesiumdamplamp cage: 1. hok(kie) 2. kooi (laers) 3. kou (motore) cage bar: koustaaf
cage classifier: kouklassifiseerder
cage rotor (short-circuit rotor, squirrel-cage rotor): kooianker, kooirotor cage-type negative plate (box-type negative plate): kastipe negatiewe plaat cage winding (squirrel cage winding): kooiwikkeling
caking: binding, koekvorming (steenkool) caking index: bindindeks (poeierkool) calamine electric: hemimorfiet (sinkerts)
calcification: kalsifikasie, kalsifisering, verkalking
calcine: kalsineer
calcining: 1. kalkbranding 2. kalsinering
calcium: kalsium
calcium carbonate: kalsiumkarbonaat calcium hydrate: kalsiumhidraat cakculate: bereken
calculated dimension: berekende afmeting
calculation: berekening
calibrate: 1. instel 2. kalibreer (met skaalver-delings) 3. yk (vgl. met standaard)
calibrated dial: gekalibreerde wyserplaat calibrated disc: gekalibreerde skyf calibrated motor: geykte motor
calibrating shunt: 1. kalibreeromtak 2. ykomtak
calibrating terminals (testing terminals): ykk-lemme, toetsklemme
calibration: 1. instelling 2. kalibrering 3. yking
calibre gauge (internal gauge, hole gauge): kalibermaat
calibration chart: 1. kalibreerkaart 2. ykkaart
calibration curve: ykkromme calibration error: kalibreerfout calibrator: 1. kalibreerder 2. yker (toets)
caliper bar (caliper beam): passerbalkie (noniuspasser) caliper beam (caliper bar): passerbalkie (noniuspasser) caliper gauge: speermaat
caliper jaws: passerkake
calipers (compasses): meetpasser calorie*: kalorie* (herlei na joule) calorific power: warmtevermoë
calorific value: hittewaarde (brandstof), kaloriewaarde (verouderd; kyk “joule value1)
calorimeter: kalorimeter
calotte-shaped: halfbolvormig calumet burner: calumet-brander cam: nok
camber: ronding
cambric cable (cambric-covered cable): kamerdoekkabel, kamer doekbeklede kabel cambric-covered cable (cambric cable): kamerdoekbeklede kabel, kamerdoekkabel cambric-insulated cable: kamerdoek-geïsoleerde kabel
cam controller (cam-operated switch): nokskakelaar
cam disc: nokskyf
cam lobe: noklob
cameron flywheel pump: cameron-vliegwielpomp
cam feed: noktoevoer cam groove: nokgroef cam group: nokgroep cam lever: nokhefboom
cam-lift actuated steam admission valve: stoominlaatklep met nokligting, nokbe-diende stoominlaatklep
cam lock arbor: noksluitspil
cam-operated chuck: nokkloukop
cam-operated contact: nokkontak
cam operated interrupter: nokgedrewe onderbreker
cam-operated switch: nokskakelaar
cam-operated transition switch: nokgedrewe oorgangskakelaar
cam ratchet: noksperrat
cam ring: nokring cam riser: noklob cam roller: nokroller camshaft: nokas
camshaft position: nokasstand
cam sleeve: nokhuls
cam slot: nokgleuf
cam-type switch: nokskakelaar
can n.: hulsel (kapasitor, droësel)
can v.: verkan
cancel: 1. afstempel 2. intrek, kanselleer (alg.) 3. opsê (kontrak)
cancelling relay: kanselleerrelê
candela (new candle): kandela (verligtingseenheid)
candle: kers
candle coal (cannel coal, long flame coal): kerskool
candle-hour: kers-uur
candle power* (c.p.*): kerskrag* (kk.*)
candlestick-type moving contact (candle-type moving contact): kerstipe beweegkontak candle-type moving contact (candlestick-type moving contact): kerstipe beweegkontak Candohm resistor: Candohmresistor, Candohmweerstand
canal: kanaal
canal ray (positive ray): positiewe bundel
canned ballast: ingeslote ballas
cannel coal (candle coal, long-flame coal): kerskool
canning: verkanning
canopy: baldakyn (strookafboumetode by ’n steenkoolmyn)
cant n.: 1. kanteling 2. oorhelling
cant v.: 1. kantel 2. oorhel

cantilever: vrydraer, kantelbalk cantilever mast: vrydraermas cantop protector: kantopafleier canvas belting: seilband
cap: 1. dop 2. dekstuk (by masvoet) 3. kap (isolator, laer) 4. mus (op paal of mas) capability: bedryfsvermoë (maks. deurlopende stelsellewering gedurende gegewe tyd) capability margin: bedryfsvermoëres
capacitance: kapasitansie
capacitance balance: kapasitansiebalans
capacitance balancing (capacity balancing): kapasitansiebalansering
capacitance box: kapasitansiekas
capacitance bridge: kapasitansiebrug
capacitance charging current: kapasitansielaaistroom
capacitance component (capacitance current): kapasitansiekomponent, kapasitansiestroom
capacitance coupling (capacity coupling): kapasitansiekoppeling
capacitance current (capacitance component): kapasitansiekomponent, kapasitansiestroom
capacitance deviation: kapasitansieafwyking
capacitance earth: kapasitansie-aarde
capacitance gauge (capacitance meter): kapasitansiemeter
capacitance-inductance constant (LC constant): kapasitansie-induktansiekonstante (LC-konstante)
capacitance meter (capacitance gauge): kapasitansiemeter
capacitance of a conducting body: kapasitansie van ’n (afgesonderde) geleier capacitance potential device: kapasitan-siepotensiaaltoestel (spanningstransformasie) capacitance standard (standard capacitor): kapasitansiestandaard, standaardkapasitor capacitance storage: kapasitansiebewaring
capacitance test: kapasitansietoets capacitance unbalance: kapasitansieonbalans capacitance unit: kapasitansie-eenheid (farad)
capacitive unit (capacity unit, unit of capacity): Kyk “capacitance unit’’
capacitive: kapasitief
capacitive balance: kapasitiewe balans capacitive branch: kapasitiewe tak capacitive circuit: kapasitiewe kring capacitive coupling: kapasitiewe koppeling capacitive discharge: kapasitiewe ontlading
capacitive feed-back (capacitive reaction): kapasitiewe terugkoppeling capacitive load (leading load): kapasitiewe belasting, kapasitiewe las capacitive potentiometer: kapasitiewe potensiometer
capacitive reactance: kapasitiewe reaktansie
capacitive reaction (capacitive feed-back, capacitive regeneration): kapasitiewe terugkoppeling capacitive regeneration (capacitive reaction, capacitive feed-back): Kyk “capacitive reaction’’ capacitive susceptance: kapasitiewe susseptansie
capacitive unbalance: kapasitiewe onbalans capacitive volt drop: kapasitiewe spanningsval capacitor (condenser): kapasitor
capacitor and clear test: kapasitor-en-skoon-toets
capacitor bank: kapasitorgroep
capacitor block (block of capacitors): kapasitorblok
capacitor box: kapasitorkas capacitor charge: kapasitorlading capacitor circuit: kapasitorkring
capacitor colour code: kapasitorkleurkode capacitor coupling: kapasitorkoppeling capacitor discharge: kapasitorontlading capacitor failure: kapasitoronklaarraking
capacitor-fed (condenser-fed): met kapasitortoevoer capacitor feed (condenser feed): kapasitortoevoer capacitor foil: kapasitorfoelie
capacitor leakage: kapasitorlekkasie
capacitor motor: kapasitormotor (met kapas-tor in serie met ’n hulpwikkeling)
capacitor plate (capacitor vane): kapasitorplaat
capacitor reactance: kapasitorreaktansie
capacitor-resistor unit (capristor, packaged circuit, rescap): kapasitorresistoreenheid, kapristor capacitor split-phase motor (capacitor-start induction-run motor, capacitor-start motor): induksiemotor met kapasitoraansitting
capacitor starting (split-phase starting): kapasitoraansitting, hulpfaseaansitting
capacitor-startmotor (capacitor split phase motor, capacitor-start induction-run motor):
induksiemotor met kapasitoraansitting
capacitor stator (condenser stator): kapasitorstator
capacitor surge absorber: kapasi-torstuwingsabsorbeerder capacitor-type bushing (condenser bushing): kapasitordeurvoerder capacitor vane (capacitor plate): kapasitorplaat
capacitor voltage transformer: 1. kapasitor-spanningstransformator 2. kapasitiewespanningtransformator
capacity: 1. inhoud, inhoudsvermoë, ruimte 2. kapasiteit (battery) 3. (power): vermoë
capacity balancing: Kyk “capacitance balancing”
capacity coupling (capacity coupling): Kyk “capacitance coupling”
capacity current: 1. (capacitance current): kapasitansiestroom 2. kapasiteitstroom, vermoëstroom
capacity effect: kapasiteitseffek
capacity for dynamic overloading: dinamiese oorbelasbaarheid
capacity load: kapasiteitsbelasting, kapasiteitslas
capacity of work: arbeidsvermoë
capacity regulator: leweringsreëlaar (kompressor)
capacity switch: vermoëskakelaar
capacity unit (capacitive unit,

unit of capacity): Kyk ‘capacitance unit” cap and pin insulator: kap-en-penisolator cap contact: dopkontak
cap end (cover cap): afsluitdop
cap-fixing arc horn: dopkeer-beskermhoring, dopkeer-booghoring capillary viscosimeter: kapillêrviskosimeter, kapillêrviskometer capital assets: kapitaalgoedere
capital spares: reserwedele op kapitaalreken-ing, kapitaalreserwedele
cap nut: dopmoer
capped end: 1. dopent 2. (sealed end): geïsoleerde ent
cap plate (sole plate): bedplaat, voetplaat
capristor (rescap, capacitor-resistor unit, packaged circuit): kapasitor-resistoreenheid, kapristor
cap-screw: dopskroef
capstan-headed screw (capstan-screw): knewelskroef capstan screw (capstan-headed screw): knewelskroef capsule type vacuum gauge: kapsulevakuummeter cap terminal: dopaansluiter (battery)
captive bolt: geankerde bout
captured particle: gevange deeltjie capture gamma ray: vangsgammastraal cap-type insulator: dopisolator
car apron (landing apron): hyserskort carbide of silicon: silikonkarbied carbide-tipped drill bit: karbiedpuntboor carboloy cutting steel: carboloy-snystaal
carbon: 1. koolstof 2. (carbon block): kool-blok, koolblokkie
carbon arc: koolboog
carbon-arc cutting (arc cutting): boogsnyding
carbon arc lamp: kool(stof)booglamp carbon arc welding: koolboogsweising carbonate: karbonaat
carbon block (carbon): koolblok, koolblokkie
carbon brush: koolborsel
carbon composition resistor: kool-samestellingsresistor
carbon content: koolstofgehalte
carbon deposit: koolaanslag, koolaanpaksel carbon dioxide: koolstofdioksied, koolsuurgas carbon dioxide cylinder: koolstof-dioksiedsilinder
carbon dioxide exhaust valve: koolstofdioksieduitlaatklep carbon dioxide exhaust pipe: koolstofdioksiedvulpyp carbon dioxide filling valve: koolstofdioksiedvulklep carbon dioxide flash tank: koolstofdioksieddemptenk carbon dioxide manifold: koolstof dioksiedspruitstam carbon dust: koolpoeier
carbon electrode: koolelektrode (vir boogoonde)
carbon filament (carbon filament wire): koolgloeidraad
carbon-filament lamp (carbon incandescent lamp): kooldraadlamp
carbon filament wire (carbon filament): koolgloeidraad
carbon filter: koolfilter
carbon formation: koolvorming
carbon gauge (carbon strain-gauge): koolstof-vervormingsmeter
carbon granule: koolkorrel, koolkorreltjie
carbon holder clamp: koolhouerklamp
carbonization: 1. aankoling 2. karbonisering, verkoling 3. karbonering (koolimpregnering)
carbonic acid: koolsuur
carbon incandescent lamp (carbon filament lamp, carbon lamp): kooldraadlamp
carbonization (carburization): 1. aankoling 2. karbonisering 3. karbonering
carbonize: 1. aankool 2. karboniseer 3. karboneer
carbonized filament: aangekoolde gloeidraad, koolbeklede gloeidraad
carbon monoxide: koolstofmonoksied
carbon pile: koolstapel, koolsuil
carbon pile regulator: koolstapelreëlaar, koolsuilreëlaar
carbon plate: koolplaat carbon protector: koolafleier carbon regulator: koolreëlaar
carbon resistance (carbon resistor): koolresistor carbon resistor (carbon resistance): koolresistor carbon rheostat: koolreostaat
carbon ring: koolring
carbon-ring contact: koolringkontak carbon-ring retainer: koolringkeerder carbon steel: koolstaal
carbon strain-gauge (carbon gauge): koolstofvervormingsmeter
carbon terminal plug: koolaansluitprop
carbon-to-metal type contact: koolstof-op-metaal-kontak
carbon tool steel: koolgereedskapstaal carbonway: koolborselbaan (kommutator) carborundum: karborundum carborundum wheel: karborundumslypwiel carburettor: vergasser
carburise: dopverhard (met koolstof), inkool,-karboneer
carcass: raam(werk), romp (bv. motor)
cardan drive (universal drive): kardanaandrywing
cardan shaft: kardan-as
care and maintenance: versorging en onderhoud/instandhouding
Carey-Foster bridge: Carey-Fosterbrug cargo boom: vragarm (lewendigelynwerk) carnauba wax: carnaubawas
carrier: 1. draer, dragolf 2. (driver): meenemer (draaibank)
carrier-alarm facilities: draeralarmgeriewe
carrier chain: draketting
carrier circuit: draerverbinding
carrier communication equipment: draeruitrusting carrier communications: draerkommunikasie carrier-coupling: draerkoppeling
carrier current: draerstroom
carrier frequency (center frequency, resting frequency): draerfrekwensie
carrier intertripping: draer-tussenuitklinking

carrier isolator: draerafsonderskakelaar
carrier supply: draertoevoer
carrier wave: dragolf
carry: dra (stroom)
carry electrode: oordraelektrode
carrying air: draaglug (van steenkoolmeul)
carrying bar: drastaaf
carrying capacity (loading capacity): dravermoë
carrying water: vervoerwater
carrying wire: dradraad
carry-over: oordrag (onsuiwerhede saam met stoom na superverhitter)
carry-over water: oorvalwater (koeltoring) cartridge: patroon (bv. sekering) cartridge brass: patroongeelkoper
cartridge fuse (cartridge fuse-link): patroon-sekering, smeltpatroon cartridge fuse-link (cartridge fuse): patroon-sekering, smeltpatroon cartridge fuse switch: patroon sekeringskakelaar
cartridge type housing: patroontipe hulsel, patroontipe omhulsel
cascade n.: kaskade
cascade v.: (connect in cascade): in kaskade verbind
cascade amplification: kaskadeversterking cascade amplifier: kaskadeversterker cascade-connected: kaskadeverbind
cascade connection (tandem connection): kaskadeverbinding cascade control: 1. kaskadebeheer 2. kaskadekontrole cascade converter: Kyk “motor converter”
cascaded stages: trappe in kaskade
cascade rectifier (cascade rectifier circuit): kaskadegelykter, kaskadegelykrigkring
cascade resistance: kaskadeweerstand cascade tripping: kaskade-uitklinking cascade set: kaskadestel
cascade speed control: kaskadespoedbeheer cascade synchronism: kaskadesinchronisme cascade tripping: kaskade-uitklinking
cascade-type voltage transformer: kaskadespanningstransformator
case: 1. bak (battery) 2. (box): kas, kis 3. (casing, housing): hulsel, omhulsel case v.: uitvoer
case-harden: dopverhard
case-hardened bush: dopverharde bus
case-hardened mild steel: dopverharde sagte staal
case-hardening: dopverharding
case hardening compound: dopverhardingsmengsel
casing: 1. dop 2. (case 2, box,): kas, kis 3.
(case 3, housing): hulsel, omhulsel 4.
(liner, lining, sleeve): voering 5. (boiler): bekleding 6. mantel (laedruksilinder)
casing bush: hulselbus
casing deflection: hulseldefleksie
casing distortion: hulselvervorming, hulselverwringing
casing flange: hulselflens casing partition: hulselafskorting casing pressure: hulseldruk cast: giet
cast aluminium: gegote aluminium cast brasses: gegote laermetale castellated nut (castle nut): kroonmoer castellated sleeve: kroonhuls
casting 1.: gietsel, gietstuk 2.: gietwerk casting temperature: giettemperatuur cast iron (foundry iron): gietyster cast-iron base: gietystervoetstuk
cast-iron conduit: gietysterleipyp cast-iron core: gietysterkern cast-iron pulley: gietysterkatrol cast-iron spider: gietysterster
cast-iron split pulley: gietystersplitkatrol castle nut (castellated nut): kroonmoer cast monel metal: gegote monelmetaal cast steel: gietstaal
cast T slot: gegote T-gleuf
casual employment: geleentheidswerk, los werk
catalogue number: katalogusnommer
catalyst: katalisator
catalytic agent: kataliseermiddel
catch: knip
catcher (thermionics): vanger (termionika)
catcher space: vangruimte
catch lever: kniphefboom
catch net (cradle, cradle guard): vangnet, veiligheidsnet
catch plate: 1. (catch-pin driving plate): meeneemplaat (draaibank) 2. slagplaat
catenary: 1. (bearer cable, messenger cable): drakabel, kettingdraad (traksie) 2. (catenary curve):
kettingkromme, kettinglyn
catenary aerial cable: lugkabel met drakabel
catenary cross-span suspension: drakabel-dwarsspanhanging, kettingdraaddwarsspanhanging
catenary curve: kettinglyn
catenary insulator: drakabelisolator, kettingdraadisolator catenary sag: drakabeldeurhang, kettingdraaddeurhang catenary suspension: drakabelhanging, kettingdraadhanging
catenary suspension insulator: drakabel-hangisolator, kettingdraadhangisolator
cathode: katode
cathode beam: katodebundel
cathode bias: katodevoorspanning
cathode bias resistor: katodevoorspanningsresistor
cathode border: katodegrensvlak
cathode circuit: katodekring
cathode coupling: katodekoppeling
cathode cup (concentration cup, focussing cup): fokusseerdop, katodedop
cathode current: katodestroom
cathode dark space (Crookes or Hittorf dark space): katodedonkerruimte (Crookes of Hittorf se donkerruimte)
cathode disintegration: katodedisintegrasie
cathode drop (cathode fall, cathode voltage drop): katodeval
cathode earthing switch: katode-aardingskakelaar
cathode fall (cathode drop, cathode voltage drop): katodeval
cathode glow: katodeglimming
cathode heating time: katodeverhittyd cathode inductance: katode-induktansie cathode load: katodebelasting, katodelas cathode loading: katodebelasting
cathode luminescence: katodeluminessensie
cathode oscillograph (cathode-ray oscillograph): katodestraalossillograaf
cathode pool: katodepoel
cathode potential: katodespanning
cathode ray: katodestraal
cathode-ray oscillograph: katodestraalossi Hog raaf cathode-ray oscilloscope: katodestraalossilloskoop cathode-ray tube: katodestraalbuis
cathode reactance: katodereaktansie
cathode region: katodegebied
cathode seal (cathode insulator): katode-isolator
cathode spot: katodekol
cathode (or anode) sputtering: katodever-stuiwing, anode verstuiwing cathode voltage drop (cathode drop, cathode fall): katodeval cathodic: katodies

cathodic discharge: katodiese ontlading cathodic protection: katodiese beskerming catholyte (catolyte): katoliet
cation (cathion): katioon
cation acid outlet: katioonsuuruitlaat
cation acid sample: katioonsuurmonster
cation exchanger: katioonruiler (waterbehandeling)
cation injection: katiooninjekteur
cation inlet: katiooninlaat
cation outlet: katioonuitlaat
cation regeneration: katioonregenerasie
cation sample: katioonmonster cation wash: katioonwas catolyte (catholyte): katoliet
cauliflower v.: saamkoek (steenkool op rooster)
caulk: kalfater
caulking compound: kalfaatsel caulking strip: kalfaatstrook caulking wire: kalfaatdraad causeway: laagwaterbrug caustic-lye: bytsodaloog
caustic lye transfer pump: bytloogoorvoerpomp
caustic potash: bytpotas
caustic soda cell: bytsodasel
caustic soda electrolyte: bytsoda-elektroliet
caution light: waarskulig
cavern: spelonk
cavity: 1. holte 2. (cavity resonator, resonant cavity, resonating cavity): resonansieholte, resoneerholte
cavity frequency meter: holtefrekwensiemeter
cavity magnetron: holtemagnetron cavity resonator: Kyk “rhumbatron” cavity wavemeter: holtegolfmeter
C-battery (control grid battery, grid bias battery): C-battery, roostervoorspanningsbattery
C-bias (grid bias, grid bias voltage): roostervoorspan n i ng
C clamp: C-klamp
C core: C-kern
ceiling demand (peak demand): spitsaan-vraag, topaanvraag
ceiling fan: plafonwaaier
ceiling fitting: plafonmontasie, plafonlamptoebehore
ceiling lamp: piafonlamp
ceiling light: 1. plafonlig 2. (lay light): plafonsteellig
ceiling mounting: plafonmontering
ceiling ring: plafonring
ceiling switch: plafonskakelaar
ceiling voltage: topspanning (opwekker)
cell: sel
cell amplification: selversterking cell charging: sellaai, sellaaiwerk cell filler: selvuller
cell partition (intercell partition): selafskor-ting (battery)
cell plate (battery plate): batteryplaat
cell tester: seltoetser
Celsius: Celsius (Sl-benaming)
cement n.: sement
cement v.: sementeer
cementation: sementasie, sementering cementation furnace: sementasieoond cementation process: sementasieproses
cemented carbide (bonded carbide, sintered carbide): sinterkarbied
cemented tungsten carbide: gesementeerde wolframkarbied
cemented tungsten-carbide alloy: gesementeerde wolframkarbiedlegering
cementing varnish: sementeervernis cementite carbon: sementietkoolstof centering disc: sentreerskyf
centering washer (centring washer): sentreerwaster
Centigrade*: Celsius
Centigrade temperature*: Celsius-temperatuur
centigram (eg): sentigram (eg) centilitre (cl): sentiliter (cl) centimetre (cm): sentimeter (cm) centimetre dyne: sentimeterdine centimetre gramme: sentimetergram
centimetre-gram-second system (CGS system, cgs system): sentimeter-gram-sekondestelsel (CGS-stelsel, cgs-stelsel)
centimetre wave (centimetric wave): sentimetergolf
central admission (centre admission): sen-trale toevoer, sentrale toegang
central axis: sentrale as
central battery (common battery): gemeen-skaplike battery, sentrale battery central battery feed (common battery supply): gemeenskaplikebattery-toevoer central contact: middelkontak
central control position: sentrale beheerpunt, sentrale kontrolepunt
central disc: sentrale skyf
central evaporator: sentrale verdamper
central gland: sentrale afdigstuk, sentrale inleistuk
centralisation: sentrering
centralise (centre): sentreer
centralised power distribution: gesen-traliseerde kragdistribusie
centralising device: sentreertoestel
centralising pin: sentreerpen
centralising set screw: sentreerklemskroef
central load (centre load): sentrale las, sen-trale belasting
central locking handle: sentrale sluithefboom
central position (centre position): middelstand
central reserve feed tank: sentrale reserwevoedingstenk central sectionalising valve pit: sentrale seksieklepput central shaft: sentrale as
central spindle: sentrale spil
central storage tank: sentrale opgaartenk
centre: 1. sentrum 2. (centre point): middel-punt 3. senter (draaibank)
centre v. (centralise): sentreer
centre admission (central admission): sentrale toevoer, sentrale toegang, sentrale inlating
centre axis: senteras
centre bearing: middellaer
centre conductor (inner conductor): binnegeleier
centre conductor rail: middelstroomspoor
centre distance (distance between

centres): hartafstand (katrolle, ratte, ens.)
centre hole: middelgat, sentergat
centre line (line of centres): hartlyn
centre load (central load): sentrale belasting, sentrale las
centre of distribution (distribution centre, distribution point): distribusiepunt, dis-tribusiesentrum, verdeelpunt
centre of gravity: swaartepunt
centre of inertia (centre of mass): massamiddelpunt
centre of pressure: drukpunt centre of rotation: draaipunt centre piece: senterstuk
centre point (centre): middelpunt
centre position (central position): middelstand
centres (centre, distance, distance between centres): hartafstand
centre shank: senterskag
centre-stable relay (centre-zero relay): mid-delrusrelê, middelstrandrelê
centre tap: middeltap
centre tapped: met middeltap
centre-tapped repeating coil: oordragspoel met middeltap centre-to-centre spacing: senter-tot-senterspasiëring centre tool: senterstut
centre valve: senterklep
centre value: middelwaarde (sinusgolf)
centre work: senterwerk
centre zero: middelpunt, middelzero
centre-zero instrument: middelzero-instrument
centre-zero relay (centre-stable relay): mid-delrusrelê, middelstandrelê
centre-zero scale: middelzeroskaal
centre-zero voltmeter: middelzerovoltmeter centrifugal: middelpuntvliedend, sentrifugaal centrifugal blower: sentrifugale blaser centrifugal clutch: sentrifugale koppelaar centrifugal collector: sentrifugale vanger centrifugal compressor: sentrifugale kompressor centrifugal coupling: sentrifugale koppeling centrifugal cut-out: sentrifugale uitskakelaar centrifugal dirt collector: sentrifugale stofvanger centrifugal fan: sentrifugale waaier
centrifugal force: middelpuntvliedende krag, sentrifugale krag centrifugal governor: sentrifugale spoedreëlaar centrifugally-cast iron: sentrifugaal gegote yster
centrifugal mill: sentrifugale meule centrifugal pump: sentrifugale pomp centrifugal relay: sentrifugale relê
centrifugal separator: sentrifugale skeier (waterbehandeling)
centrifugal sifter: sentrifugale siwwer
centrifugal single-stage pump (single-stage centrifugal pump): sentrifugale eentrappomp
centrifugal starter: sentrifugale aansitter centrifugal switch: sentrifugale skakelaar centrifugal tachometer: sentrifugale tagometer centrifuge: sentrifuge
centripetal: middelpuntsoekend, sentripetaal centripetal force: middelpuntsoekende krag centroid: sentroiëd
ceramic: keramiek
ceramic bobbin: keramiekbobyn ceramic bushing: keramiekisoleerbus ceramic capacitor: keramiekkapasitor ceramic fuel: keramiekbrandstof ceramic insulator: keramiekisolator ceramic reactor: keramiekreaktor ceramic sleeve: keramiekhuls ceramic tube: keramiekbuis
ceramoplastic: mikaglas, glasgelamelleerde mika
certificate of authority: magtigingsertifikaat
certificate of competency (competency certificate, proficiency certificate): bevoegdheidsertifikaat
certificate of compliance: voldoeningsertifikaat certificate of indemnity: vrywaringsertifikaat certified meter: gesertifiseerde meter
C gauge: C-maat
C.G.S. electromagnetic unit: elektromag-netiese CGS-eenheid
chain: ketting
chainage: meetpunt (kettingmeting)
chain binder: kettingbinder
chain drive (chain driving, chain gearing): kettingaandrywing chain driving (chain drive, chain gearing): kettingaandrywing chain drum: kettingtrom
chain gearing (chain drive, chain driving): kettingaandrywing
chain grate: kettingrooster
chain-grate stoker: kettingroosterstoker

chain grate stoker-fired boiler: ketel met kettingroosterstoker
chain grate stoker-fired boiler: kettingroosterstoker
chain insulator: kettingisolator
chain link: kettingskakel
chain of contacts: kontakketting, kontakreeks chain of relays (relay chain, relay train): relêreeks chain pulley (chain pulley block): kettingkatrol chain pulley block (chain pulley): kettingkatrol chain reaction: kettingreaksie
chain riveting: kettingklinkwerk
chain sprocket (chain wheel, sprocket, sprocket wheel): kettingrat
chain tongs: kettingsleutel
chain wheel (chain sprocket, sprocket, sprocket wheel): kettingrat chamber: 1. kamer, ruim (hidroëlek. krag-stasie) 2. put (kabels) chamber furnace (muffle furnace): moffeloond
chamfer n.: afkanting
chamfer v.: afkant
chamfer-head screw: skuinskopskroef
chance failure: toevallige onklaarraking
chandelier (candelabrum): kandelaber, kroonlugter
change v.: 1. omruil 2. verander change feed box: toevoerwisselkas change gear (change wheel): wisselrat change of direction: rigtingverandering
change of momentum: momentum-verandering change of velocity: snelheidsverandering change-over: oorskakeling
change over v.: oorskakel
change-over cam group: oorskakelnokgroep
change-over circuit: oorskakelbaan change-over contact: oorskakelkontak change-over contactor: oorskakelkontaktor
change-over control relay: oorskakelkontrolerelê
change-over link: wisselskakel
change-over on load: oorskakel onder las change-over panel: oorskakelpaneel change-over relay: oorskakelrelê
change-over span: wisselspan change-over spring: oorskakelveer change-over switch: oorskakelaar change-over valve: oorskakelklep change speed box: gangwissel(rat)kas
change wheel (change gear): wisselrat
change-wheel gear box: wisselratkas
change-wheel mechanism: wisselrat-meganisme
channel: 1. kanaal 2. groef channel equaliser: kanaaleffenaar channel gasket: groefpakstuk
channel iron (parallel iron): U-yster, kanaalyster
channel modulation: kanaalmodulasie
channel ring: groefring channel steel: U-staal chamois leather: seemsleer char v.: verkool
char: 1. verkoolsel (onvolledig verbrande oor-blyfsel) 2. sintel (steenkool)
characteristic: 1. eienskap, karakteristiek, kenmerk 2. (characteristic curve): kenkromme 3. wyser (logaritmes)
characteristic a.: karakteristieke, ken-, kenmerkende
characteristic diffusion curve: diffusiekenkromme
characteristic distortion: karakteristieke ver-vorming, kenmerkende vervorming characteristic equation: 1. karakteristieke ver-gelyking 2. karakteristiekvergelyking (van differensiaalvergelyking)
characteristic frequency: kenfrekwensie
characteristic impedance (surge impedance): kenimpedansie
characteristic pitch: karakteristieke toonhoogte characteristic wave impedance: kengolfimpedansie charcoal (wood charcoal): houtskool
charcoal iron: houtskoolyster
charge n.: 1. vordering, bedrag, heffing 2. (charging current): laaistroom (van battery) 3. lading (van kapasitor: ook staalkoeëls in ’n steenkoolmeul)
charge v.: 1. vorder (bedrag) 2. laai (battery) 3. vul (pyp onder druk)
charge air: aanjalug
charge curve: laaikromme
charge cycle (charging cycle): laaisiklus charged body: gelaaide liggaam (elek.) charged density: ladingsdigtheid charged lap: gelaaide fynslyper
charged particle: gelaaide deeltjie
charged particle accelerator: gelaaidedeeltjieversneller
charge exchange: ladingsruiling
charge-exchange phenomenon: ladingsuitruilverskynsel
charge hole: laaiopening
charge-mass ratio: lading-massaverhouding
charger: laaier, laaitoestel
charge rate (charging rate, rate of charge): laaitempo
charge selector: ladingkieser charging: laai, laaiing charging bus: laaistam charging capacity: laaivermoë charging circuit: laaibaan
charging current (charge): laaistroom charging curve (charge cure): laaikromme charging cycle (charge cycle): laaisiklus charging door: laaideur
charging equipment: laaiuitrusting
charging period: laaityd
charging port: laaipoort
charging rate (charge rate, rate of charge): laaitempo
charging rectifier: laaigelykrigter charging resistor: laairesistor charging set: laaistel
charging transrector: laaitransrektor charging tube: laaibuis (reaktor) charging valve: drukvulklep charging voltage: laaispanning Charles’s law: wet van Charles
chart recording instrument (chart registering instrument): kaartregistreerinstrument
chasing dial (screw-cutting dial, screwing dial): draadsnywyser
chassis: 1. monteerplaat 2. onderstel
chatter (chattering): 1. geklapper, klappering (ook kontakte) 2. trilling (slypwiel)
chatter v.: klapper

chattering (chatter): 1. geklapper, klappering (ook kontakte) 2. trilling (slypwiel)
chatter mark: klappermerk
check n.: kontrole
check v.: 1. kontroleer 2. stuit
check back impulse: terugkontroleerimpuls check-back relay: terugkontroleerrelê check-back signal: terugkontroleersein
check gauge (master gauge, reference gauge): ykmaat
checking brake: vertraagremming
checking circuit: kontrolebaan, kontrolekring
checking equipment: kontrole-uitrusting
check kilowatt-hour meter (check kWh-meter): kontrole-kilowatt-uurmeter (kontrole-kWh-meter)
check lock circuit: keergrendelbaan
check nut (locking nut, lock nut): sluitmoer
check piece: toetsstuk
check reading: kontrolelesing
check relay: kontrolerelê
check screw (stop screw): stuitskroef
check sheet: kontrolestaat check system: kontroleerstelsel check-testing: kontroletoetsing
check valve: terugslagklep, keerklep
check voltage transformer: kontrole-spanningstransformator
check zone: kontrolesone
cheese-head locking bolt: dikkopsluitbout
cheese-head pin: dikkoppen
cheese-head screw: dikkopskroef
chemical n.: chemiese stof, chemikalie
chemical adj.: chemies, skeidundig chemical action: chemiese werking chemical analysis: chemiese analise chemical change: chemiese verandering
chemical composition: chemiese samestelling chemical compound: chemiese verbinding chemical constituents: chemiese bestanddele chemical corrosion: chemise korrosie chemical dosing valve: chemiese energie chemical energy: chemiese energie
chemical equivalent: chemiese ekwivalent chemical extinguisher: chemiese brandblusser chemical impurity: chemiese onsuiwerheid chemical injection: chemikalie-insputing chemical injection valve: chemikalie-inspuitklep
chemically-combined water: chemiese ge-bonde water, kristalwater chemically deposited printed circuit: chemieseneerslagkring chemically pure: chemies suiwer
chemically stable: chemies stabiel chemical mixer: chemikaliemenger chemical mixing tank: chemikaliemengtenk chemical pump: chemikaliepomp
chemical reaction: chemiese reaksie
chemical reservoir drain valve: dreineerklep van chemikalietenk
chemical solvent: chemiese oplosmiddel
chemical tank: chemikalietenk
chemical treatment: chemiese behandeling chemi-luminescence: chemiluminessensie chemistry: chemie, skeikunde
chemist: chemikus, skeikundige
chequer plate: geruite plaat
cherry picker: Kyk “hydraulic platform’’ cherry red: kersierooi (kleurtoets) cherry-red heat: kersierooihitte
Child-Langmuir equation: Child-Langmuirvergelyking, vergelyking van Child en Langmuir
Child-Langmuir law: Child-Langmuirwet
chill: verkil
chilled casting: kilgietstuk chilled cast iron: kilgietyster chilled water: kilwater chilling: verkilling (metaal)
chimney (chimney stack): skoorsteen
chimney flue: rookgang, rookkanaal
chimney inlet isolating valve: skoorsteeninlaatafsonderingsklep
chimney interconnector: skoorsteen tussenverbinder
chimney stack (chimney): skoorsteen
chimney stack loss: skoorsteenverlies
china housing: porseleinhulsel, porseleinomhulsel
chip: 1. vlokkie (halfgeleier) 2. miniatuur-geïntegreerde kring 3. skerf, splinter (metaal) 4. spaander, splinter (hout)
chip v.: (chip off) 1. afbeitel, afkap 2. afsplinter chip off: 1. (chip): afbeitel, afkap 2. afsplinter chip out: uitbeitel, uitkap
chipping: 1. afbeiteling 2. afsplintering chipping hammer: bikhamer chloride: chloried
chloride cell: chloriedsel
chlorinated biphenyl (askarel): gechloreerde difeniel
chlorinated oil: chloorolie
chlorinated rubber: chloorrubber
chlorinated water: chloorwater
chlorophosphate: chloorfosfaat
chlorosulphonated polyethelene (c.s.p.): chloorsulfoonpoliëtileen
choke n.: 1. smoorder 2. (choke coil, choking coil, retardation coil, retard coil): smoorspoel
choke: smoring
choke v.: smoor
choke coupling: smoorkoppeling
choked: verstop
choke coil (choke, choking coil, retardation coil, retard coil): smoorspoel (frekw.)
choke coil guard (choke coil protection cage): smoorspoelskut choke coil protection cage (choke coil guard): smoorspoelskut choke flange: smoorflens
choke input filter: smoorspoelingangsfilter
choke modulation (constant-current modulation, Heising modulation): Heising-modulasie, smoorspoelmodulasie

choke piston (choke plunger): smoorsuier (golfleier)
choke plunger (choke piston): smoorsuier (golfleier)
choking coil (choke, choke coil, retardation coil, retard coil): smoorspoel
chopped continuous wave (i.c.w., interrupted continuous wave, tonic train): onder-broke gelykgolf
chopped impulse voltage: gekapte impuls-spanning, kapimpulsspanning
chopped impulse wave: gekapte impulsgolf, kapimpulsgolf
chopped response (chopping): onderbroke responsie, onderbroke weergawe
chopped surge wave: afgekapte stugolf chop-over contactor: oorslaankontaktor chord: koord
chordal addendum (corrected addendum): koordkophoogte
chordal distance: koordafstand
chordal height: koordhoogte
chord thickness (chordal thicness): koord-dikte (rattand)
chorded coil: koordspel
chorded winding: koordwikkeling
chording: koording
chromatic: chromaties, kleur-chromatic dispersion: chromatiese dispersie, chromatiese skifting
chromatic distortion: chromatiese vervorming chromatography technique: chromatografiese tegniek chrome (chromium) n.: chroom
chrome v. (chromium plate): chroomplateer, verchroom
chrome nickel steel: chroomnikkelstaal
chromium (chrome): chroom
chromium molybdemun steel: chroommolibdeenstaal
chromium-plated (chromed): verchroom
chromium steel (chrome steel): chroomstaal chronic exposure: chroniese blootstelling (bestraling) chuck blank: steelkloukop
chute: 1. (trough): geut, trog (kabels) 2. stort-geut 3. glybaan
chute magnet: geutmagneet, trogmagneet
cill (sill): drumpel (koeltoring)
cinders: sintel
circle: sirkel
circle diagram: sirkeldiagram
circle of illumination (luminous circle): ligkring
circlip: borgring
circuit: 1. kring, stroomkring 2. lyn, verbinding (tele.)
circuital magnetisation (solenoidal magnetisation): solenoïde magnetisering
circuit analyzer: kring-ohm-milliameter (Kyk “multimeter”)
circuit angle: kringfasehoek, fasedraaiing
circuit arrangement (circuit design): kringontwerp
circuit-breaker (breaker, current breaker) (C.B.): stroombreker (SB)
circuit-breaker blocking: stroombrekerversperring
circuit-breaker box (breaker box): brekerkas, stroombrekerkas
circuit-breaker cell (breaker cell): brekersel, stroombrekersel
circuit-breaker closing circuit (breaker closing circuit): brekersluitbaan, stroombrekersluitbaan circuit-breaker closing coil (breaker-closing coil): brekersluitspoel, stroombrekersluitspoel circuit-breaker closing contactor (breaker closing contactor): brekersluitkontaktor, stroombrekersluitkontaktor
circuit-breaker gear (breaker gear): stroombrekeruitrusting
circuit-breaker head (breaker head): stroombrekerkop
circuit-breaker heater (breaker heater): brekerverwarmer, stroombrekerverwarmer
circuit-breaker holding coil (breaker holding coil): brekerhouspoel, stroombrekerhouspoel circuit breaker isolation device (breaker isolation device): brekerafsondertoestel, stroombrekerafsondertoestel
circuit-breaker lock-out (breaker lock-out): stroombrekeruitsluiting
circuit-breaker lock-out relay (breaker lockout relay): brekeruitsluitrelê, stroombrekeruitsluitrelê
circuit-breaker mechanism: breker-meganisme, stroombrekermeganisme
circuit-breaker mounting (switch base): brekeronderplaat
circuit-breaker oil (breaker oil): stroombrekerolie
circuit-breaker operating handle (breaker operating handle): brekerbedienhandvat-sel, stroombrekerbedienhandvatsel
circuit-breaker pole (breaker pole): stroombrekerpool
circuit-breaker shunt trip (breaker shunt trip): brekerparallelklink, stroombrekerparallelklink
circuit breaker station (breaker station): brekerstasie, stroombrekerstasie
circuit-breaker tank: stroombrekertenk
circuit-breaker top-plate: stroombrekerboplaat
circuit-breaker tripping circuit (breaker tripping circuit): brekeruitklinkbaan, stroombrekeruitklinkbaan
circuit-breaking: stroomverbreking
circuit change: baanverandering
circuit-closing connection: kringsluitverbinding
circuit component: kringkomponent circuit connection: kringverbinding circuit constant: kringkonstante
circuit controlling device: kring kontroleertoestel
circuit description (circuit explanatory): kringbeskrywing circuit design (circuit arrangement): kringontwerp circuit designation: lynnaam, kringnaam
circuit diagram: kringdiagram
circuit element: kringelement

circuit equalisation: kringeffening
circuit equivalent: kringekwivalent
circuit explanatory (circuit description): kringbeskrywing circuit failure: kringonklaarraking, kringonderbreking circuit gap admittance: kringgapingadmittansie
circuit gap impedance: kring-gapingimpedansie circuit identification letter: lynkenletter, kringkenletter circuit link (circuit tie): kringkoppeling, kringverbinding circuit model: kringmodel
circuit noise: kringgeruis
circuit number: kringnommer
circuit-opening connection: kringbreekverbinding
circuit operating current: kringwerkstroom
circuit operation: 1. kringbediening 2. kringwerking
circuit outage: 1. kringonderbreking, kringuit vailing (gedwonge ...) 2. kringuitdiensnem- ing/uitgebruikneming (beplande ...) 3. (circuit outage time): kringbuitebedryfstyd, kringonbruiktyd circuit parameter: kringparameter
circuit recloser: (stroom)kringhersluiter circuit report: stroomkringverslag circuit resistance: kringweerstand
circuitry: stroomkringwerk circuit switch: kringskakelaar circuit terminal: 1. lynklem 2. stroomkringklem
circuit tester: kringtoetser
circuit voltage class: kringspanningsklas (isolering)
circuit wiring: kringbedrading circular: rond, sirkel-, sirkelvormig circular base: sirkelvormige voetstuk circular coil: sirkelvormige spoel
circular conductor (round conductor): ronde geleier circular cross-section: sirkelvormige dwarsprofiel circular cutter: ronde snybeitel
circular cylinder: ronde silinder circular die-plate: ronde snyplaat circular finned coil: ronde vinkronkel circular flange: ronde flens
circular fluorescent lamp: sirkelfluoresseer-lamp, sirkelvormige fluoresseerlamp
circular gasket: sirkelvormige pakstuk
circular lifting magnet: sirkelvormige hefmagneet
circular magnetisation: sirkelmagnetisering, sirkelvormige magnetisering circular mil: diametermil, sirkelmil (grootte van draad met diam 1 mil) circular motion: sirkelbeweging, sirkelvormige beweging
circular path: sirkelbaan circular pitch: sirkelsteek (ratte) circular-pitch cutter: sirkelfrees
circular plate: ronde plaat, sirkelplaat
circularly polarised wave: sirkelvormige gepolariseerde golf circular polarisation: sirkelpolarisasie, sirkelvormige polarisasie circular pole: sirkelvormige pool
circular recess: sirkeluitholling circular route: sirkelroete circular scale: sirkelskaal
circular slotting-tool holder: ronde gleufbeitelhouer circular thread-cutting tool: ronde draadsnybeitel circular tunnel: ronde tonnel, sirkelvormige tonnel
circular type loudspeaker (round type loudspeaker): ronde luidspreker
circulate: sirkuleer
circulating current: sirkuleerstroom
circulating current system: sirkuleerstroomstelsel circulating mains: sirkuleerhoofleidings circulating pump: sirkuleerpomp
circulating water: sirkuleerwater
circulating water booster pump (C.W. booster pump): sirkuleerwateraanjapomp (SW-aanjapomp)
circulating water capacity: sirkuleerwatervermoë
circulating water clarification plant: sirkuleerwaterverhelderaanleg
circulating water flow: sirkuleerwater-vloei(ing), sirkuleerwaterstroming
circulating water flow rate (circulating water quantity rate): sirkuleerwatervloeitempo
circulating water inlet screens: waterinlaatsiwwe circulating water inlet valve: sirkuleerwaterinlaatklep circulating water outlet valve: sirkuleerwateruitlaatklep
circulating-water pump (C.W. pump): sir-kuleerwaterpomp (SW-pomp) circulation: 1. sirkulasie, sirkulering 2. om-loopintegraal (van ’n vektor) circulation controller: sirkulasiekontroleerder, sirkulasiekontrole circulation system: sirkulasiesteisel
circulator: 1. sirkulator (golfleier) 2. sirkuleer-der (koeling)
circulator motor: sirkuleerdermotor
circumference (girth): omtrek
circumferential area: omtrekoppervlakte (silinder)
circumferential key: ringspy
circumferential pitch: omtreksteek
circumscribed circle (circumscribing circle, circumcircle): omsirkel
cistern: 1. bak, spoelbak 2. tenk
clack valve: valklep clad: omhul cladding: bedekking
clamp n.: 1. (splicing, fitting): lasklamp 2. (cleat): klamp
clamp v.: vasklamp, klamp
clamp adapter (clamp adaptor): klamppasstuk
clamp bed: klampbed
clamp block (clamping block): klampblok
clamp connector: klampverbinder
clamp down (clamp): vasklamp

clamp holder: klamphouer clamping bolt: klembout clamping face: klemvlak
clamping: 1. (amplitude clamping): am-plitudebegrensing, amplitude-inperking 2. vasklamping
clamping bow: klampboog
clamping-bush: klampbus
clamping circuit: golfvoorspanningsbaan
clamping face: klemvlak clamping force: klemkrag clamping lever: klemhefboom
clamping load (clamp load): klembelasting, klemlas
clamping nut: 1. klampmoer 2. klemmoer
clamping pad: klemkussing clamping plate: klemplaat clamping ring: klemring
clamping screw (binding screw, set screw): klemskroef
clamping strap: klemstrop
clamp jig: klampsetmaat
clamp load (clamping load): klampbelasting, klamplas
clamp-on ammeter (snap-on ammeter): vasknypammeter, vasklampammeter
clamp stand: klampstaander
clamp stick: klampstok
clamp-type brush holder: klampborselhouer clapper (clapper armature): klapperanker clapper armature (clapper): klapperanker clapper box: wipbeitelhouer
clarified water sump: helderwaterput
clarifier: verheldertenk
clarifier stirrer: verheldertenkroerder
clarite: klariet (min.)
Clark cell: Clarksel
class (classify): klas, klasseer, klassifiseer
class A amplifier: klas-A-versterker
class A insulation: klas-A-isolasie
class AB valve operation: klas-AB-buiswerking
class A modulation: klas-A-modulasie class B amplification: klas-B-versterking class B insulation: klas-B-isolasie
class B modulation: klas-B-modulasie class B valve operation: klas-B-buiswerking class C insulation: klas-C-isolasie
class C valve operation: klas-C-buiswerking
class H insulation: klas-H-isolasie
classification: indeling, klassifikasie, klassifisering
classifier chamber: klassifiseerkamer (steenkoolmeul)
classify (class): 1. indeel, klassifiseer (alg.) 2. klas, klasseer (bv. eenderse dinge volgens kwaliteit)
class 90 insulation: klas-90-isolasie class of accuracy: akkuraatheidsklas class of fit: klas passing
claw: klou
claw clutch (dog clutch): kloukoppelaar
claw coupling: kloukoppeling claw-grip washer: klouwaster clay bond: kleibindmiddel clay conduit: kleileipyp clean: skoonmaak
clean break: skoon breuk
clean casting: skoongietsel, skoongietstuk
clean drains tank: skoondreineerwatertenk
clean-end plain shafting: gewone asse met afgewerkte ente
cleanliness factor: reinheidsfaktor
clean-oil pump: skoonoliepomp
clean reactor (cold clean reactor): reinreaktor
clean supply: suiwer toevoer
clear v.: 1. afhandel 2. herstel (fout) 3. opruim, ontruim 4. uitklaar clear a.: 1. helder 2. (free, open): onbelem-mer, vry, oop 3. uitgeklaar clearance: 1. vry ruimte 2. (clearance
height): vry hoogte 3. tussenruimte 4. klar-ing (bv. doeane) 5. clearance angle: (angle of clearance, relief angle): vryloophoek
clearance fit: vry passing clearance form: klaringsvorm clearance gauge: vryruimtemaat
clearance height (clearance): vry hoogte
clearance hole: vrypasgat
clearance relay: ontruimrelê
clearance restriction: vryruimtebeperking
clear bulb: 1. (clear-finished lamp, clear glass globe, clear lamp): helder gloeilamp 2. helder kolf (instrumente, ens.)
clear-finished lamp (clear bulb, clear glass globe, clear lamp): helder gloeilamp
clear glass: helder glas
clear glass bulb: helderglaskolf
clear glass globe: 1. helder glasbol, helder glaskolf 2. (clear bulb, clear finished lamp, clear lamp):
helder gloeilamp
clearing: 1. afhandeling 2. herstel (fout) 3. opruiming; ontruiming
clearing time (total break time): totale (ver)breektyd
clear lamp (clear bulb, clear-finished lamp, clear glass globe): helder gloeilamp
cleat: 1. (clip): klem 2. (clamp): klamp 3. (clear insulator): klampisolator
cleat v.: klamp, vasklamp
cleated wiring (cleat wiring): klampbedrading
cleat entry: klampinlaat
cleat insulator: klampisolator
cleat type: 1. klamptipe (isolator) 2. klemtipe
cleat-type insulator: klampisolator
cleat wiring (cleated wiring): klampbedrading
cleat work: klampwerk
cleavage flare: splytvlam (kristal) cleavage plane: splytvlak cleave: splyt
clerical staff: klerke, klerklike personeel
clevis: vurk
clevis ball: vurkklepel
clevis clevis: dubbele vurk
clevis-ended snail clamp: gevurkte slakklamp
clevis-ended socket adapter: gevurkte sokpasstuk
clevis-ended strain clamp: gevurkte spanklamp
clevis link: vurkskakel clevis pin: vurkpen clevis socket: vurksok clevis tongue: vurktong click stop: klikstuiter click test: kliktoets

climbing iron (climbing angle, pole climber): klimyster
climbers (climbing irons): klimysters climbing bracket: klimbeuel climbing space: klimhoogte
climb milling (downcut milling, down-cutting, down-milling, hook milling): klimfreeswerk
clinker dam: klinkerligter (kettingrooster)
clinometer (incline indicator, inclinometer): hellingmeter, klinometer
clip: 1. beuel (pyp) 2. (cleat): klem
clip v.: 1. afkap (seine) 2. afknip 3. vasklem clip-contact connector: klemkontakverbinder clip in: inhaak (luglyne)
clip joint: kniplas (dryfband)
clip lead: klemleiding
clip-on hinged band: knipskarnierband
clipper: 1. afkapper 2. knipper
clipper fastener: kniphegter (dryfband)
clipping: afkapping (sein) clipping stage: afkaptrap (elek.) clock: 1. horlosie 2. kick
clock control: klokkontrole
clock gauge (dial gauge); wysermeter clock movement: horlosiemeganisme clock-pulse generator: klokpulsgenerator
clock pulse repeat relay: klokpulsherhaalrelê clock relay (time switch): tydskakelaar clock selection: klokkiesing
clock selector: tydkieser
clockwise: regs om
clockwise movement: regsommoment
clockwise-polarised wave (right-hand polarised wave): regsom gepolariseerde golf
clockwise rotation: regsomdraaiing clockwork motor: opwenmotor, uurwerkmotor clockwork time-lag relay: uurwerkvertraagrelê clog: 1. belemmer 2. verstop
clogged: verstop
close v.: 1. sluit (bv. ’n kring) 2.toemaak (alg.) sluit (kleppe)
close coiling: digte wikkeling
close coupling (tight coupling): vaste koppeling
closed angle: geslote hoek
closed armature winding: geslote ankerwikkeling
closed armouring: geslote pantsering
closed circuit: geslote kring, toe kring
close-circuit alarm device: geslotekringalarm-toestel, toekringalarmtoestel closed-circuit alarm system: geslotekrin-galarmstelsel, toekringalarmstelsel closed-circuit contact: werkkontak
closed-circuit gravity system: valstelsel met geslote leiding (koeling)
closed-circuit impedance: geslotekringim-pedansie, toekringimpedansie
closed-circuit operation (closed-circuit working): geslotekringwerking, toekringwerking
closed-circuit system: geslotekringstelsel, toekringstelsel
closed-circuit television (closed-loop television, industrial television): toekringtelevisie
closed-circuit ventilation: geslotebaan-koeling (motor)
closed-circuit voltage (on-load voltage, working voltage -USA): geslotekringspan-ning,
closed-circuit winding: geslotekringwikkeling, toekringwikkeling
closed-circuit working (closed-circuit operation): geslotekringwerking, toekringwerking
closed coil armature: anker met geslote wikkeling
closed core: geslote kern
closed-core transformer: geslotekern-transformator
closed curve: geslote kromme
closed-cycle control system: geslotesiklus-beheerstelsel closed electric circuit: geslote elektriese kring, toe kring closed-end reflector: toe-entweerkaatser
closed figure: geslote figuur
closed loop: geslote lus
closed-loop automatic control: outomatiese beheer met geslote lus
closed-loop control system: geslotelus-beheerstelsel
closed-loop manual control: geslotelus-handbeheer
closed-loop television (closed-circuit television, industrial television): toekringtelevisie
close magnet: geslote magneet
closed magnetic circuit: geslote magnetiese baan closed monitoring transition: geslote aandryfoorgang closed numbering scheme: geslote nommerstelsel
closed overlap (closed overlap span): gé-slote oorslagspan (traksie)
closed-overlap span (closed overlap): geslote oorslagspan
cosed path: geslote baan
closed position: geslote stand, toe-stand
closed slot (totally-closed slot, tunnel slot): tonnelgleuf
closed stand pipe: afgeslote standpyp
closed-top fitting: toekoparmatuur
closed-top reflector: weerkattser met toe bokant
closed-type storage cell: ingeslote sekondere sel, toe sekondere sel
closed winding: geslote wikkeling close fit: digte passing, nou passing close-fitting: digpassend, noupassend close-fitting piston: digpassende suier close-grained: digkorrelrig
close-grained cast iron: digkorrelrige gietyster, digtekorrelgietyster
close-in fall-out: nabyneerslag (kern)
close limits: nou grensmate, nou grense
closeness of winding: wikkelingsdigtheid, windingsdigtheid
close-open operation: sluit-breekwerking
close operation: sluitwerking
close-run fit: suiwerlopende passing
close scanning (fine scanning): fyn aftasting (TV)

close spring rewind: sluitveerterugwen
close-time delay-open operation (CTO): sluit-vertraagbreekwerking (SVB) (Skakeltuig, sluitwerking gevolg deur vertraagde breekwerking
close tolerance: klein toleransie, geringe toleransie
close-up (close-up view): vergrote aansig
closing circuit: sluitkring
closing coil: sluitspoel
closing contactor: sluitkontaktor
closing handle (locking handle): sluithandvatsel
closing interlock: sluitgrendel
closing relay: sluitrefê
closing solenoid: sluitsolenoTed closing span: sluitspan (kraglyne) closing time: sluittyd
clot: stol
cluster n.: tros
cluster n.: 1. bondel (metallurgie) 2. tros (chem.)
cluster contact: veelkontak cluster gear: veelrat cluster of rods: staafbondel clutch: koppelaar
clutch control arm: koppelaarkontrolearm clutch control lever: koppelaarbeheerhefboom C-network: C-kragnet, C-net
coal: steenkool
coal beneficiation: gehalteverbetering van steenkool
coal bin: steenkoolbak
coal bunker: steenkoolbunker, koolbunker
coal chute: (steen)koolstortgeut
coal conditioner: steenkooldroër coal consumption: steenkoolverbruik coal conveyor: steenkoolvervoerband
coal crusher: 1. koolvergruiser (eindproduk klein stukkies) 2. koolbreker (eindproduk groot stukke)
coal crushing and sampling plant: steenkoolvergruisings-en-monsternemings-aanleg
coal dust: steenkoolstof
coal equivalent: steenkoolekwivalent
coal feed: steenkooltoevoer
coal feed bar (feed bar): koolreëlstaaf
coal feeder: steenkoolvoerder
coal-fired: steenkool-, steenkoolgestookte coal flame failure: koolvlamonderbreking coal gasification: steenkoolvergassing
coal hang-up (coal stoppage) steenkoolsaam-pakking, steenkoolverstopping
coal hopper: (steen)koollosser, (steen)koolstortbak
coal level controller: koolpeilkontrole coal petrography: steenkoolpetrografie coal plant: steenkoolaanleg
coal plant board: (steen)koolaanlegbord
coal plant transformer (coal plant TRFR): (steen)koolaanlegtransformator (koolaanleg-TRFR)
coal roller: (steen)koolroller
coal sampler: (steen)koolmonsternemer (per-soon en toestel)
coal slate: skilferkool
coal staith: (steen)koolbergbak
coal staith tunnel: steenkoolbergbaktonnel, koolbergbaktonnel
coal stoppage (coal hang-up): steenkool-saampakking, steenkoolverstopping
coal store: steenkoolstapel
coal surge bin: (steen)koolstuwingsbak
coal tar: koolteer
coal washer: steenkoolwassery coal weigher: steenkoolskaal coarse control: growwe instelling coarse control rod: grofbeheerstaaf
coarse control valve: grofbeheerklep
coarse feed: growwe toevoer coarse finish: growwe afwerking coarse-grained: grofkorrelrig coarse grit: growwe grint (slypwiel) coarse joint: growwe las
coarse open grain: growwe oop korrelstruktuur
coarse-pitch thread (coarse thread, large thread): growwe draad
coarse position: grofstand
coarser fractions: growwer fraksies (brandstof)
coarse thread (coarse-pitch thread, large thread): growwe draad
coarse-threaded series: growwedraadserie
coasting: vryloop
coat n. (coating): 1. aanpaksel 2. bedekking 3. laag
coat v.: 1. bedek 2. bestryk
coated cathode: bedekte katode coated conduit: beklede leipyp coated electrode: bedekte elektrode coated filament: bedekte gloeidraad coated particle: bedekte deeltjie
coating (coat): 1. aanpaksel 2. bedekking 3. laag coaxial n.: Kyk ‘‘coaxial transmission line” coaxial a.: koaksiaal
coaxial cable (concentric cable): koaksiale kabel, konsentriese kabel (cable containing one or more coaxial lines)
coaxial-cable repeater: versterker vir koaksiale geleiers
coaxial circuit: koaksiale of konsentriese verbinding
co-axial coils: ko-aksiale spoele coaxial conductor: koaksiale geleier coaxial connector: koaksiale verbinder coaxial filter: koaksiale filter
coaxial line: Kyk ‘‘coaxial transmission line”
coaxial line tube: koaksiale lynbuis (mikrogolf)
coaxial pair: koaksiale paar (verouderd; kyk ‘‘coaxial transmission line', “coaxial cable')
coaxial plug: koaksiale prop
coaxial relay: koaksiale relê
coaxial resonator: koaksiale resonator
coaxial socket: koaksiale sok
coaxial supergroup: koaksiale supergroep (groter getal geleiers)
coaxial terminal: 1. koaksiale aansluiter 2. koaksiale eindpunt
coaxial transmission line (coax, coaxial line, concentric line): koaksiale transmissielyn, konsentriese transmissielyn
cobalt high-speed steel: kobaltsnelstaal
cobalt-steel alloy: kobaltstaalallooi, kobaltstaallegering
cobalt steel magnet: kobaltstaalmagneet
cobbles: herdkool
cock: kraan

cocking lever: oorhaalhefboom
cocoon silk: kokonsy
code n.: kode
code v.: kodeer
code character: kodeteken
code conversion: kodeomsetting coded current: gekodeerde stroom code digit: kodesyfer
code of practice: gebruikskode, praktykkode
coder: kodeerder
code relay: koderelê
code sender (code transmitter): kodesender
code sending relay: kodesendrelê
code signal: kodesein
code system (coding system): kodestelsel code transmitter (code sender): kodesender coding: kodering
coding circuit: kodeerkring
coding system (code system): kodestelsel
coefficient: koëffisiënt
coefficient of absorption (absorption coefficient): absorpsiekoëffisiënt
coefficient of adhesion (adhesion coefficient): adhesiekoëffisiënt
coefficient of amplification (amplification constant, amplification factor, mu factor):
versterkingsfaktor (termioniese buis)
coefficient of brightness (luminosity coefficient): helderheidskoëffisiënt
coefficient of capacitance: kapa-sitansiekoëffisiënt
coefficient of coupling (coupling coefficient, coefficient of inductive coupling): koppel koëffisiënt
coefficient of contraction: 1. inkrimping-skoëffisiënt, krimpkoëffisiënt (magn., spleet-wydte) 2. vernouingskoëffisiënt (hidroulika)
coefficient of discharge: uitlaatkoëffisiënt (vloeistof)
coefficient of expansion (expansion coefficient): uitsettingskoëffisiënt
coefficient of friction: wrywingskoëffisiënt
coefficient of grounding: aardingskoëffisiënt
coefficient of inductance (inductance, inductance coefficient): induktansiekoëffisiënt
coefficient of inductive coupling: Kyk “coefficient of coupling’’ coefficient of linear expansion: lineêre-uitsettingskoëffisiënt coefficient of magnetisation: magnetisasiekoëffisiënt
coefficient of reflection (reflectance, reflection coefficient, reflection factor, reflectivity):
weerkaatsingskoëffisiënt, refleksie-koëffisiënt, reflektiwiteit
coefficient of resistance: weerstandskoëffisiënt
coefficient of self-induction: Kyk “coefficient of self-inductance” coefficient of self-inductance: selfinduktansiekoëffisiënt coefficient of velocity: snelheidskoëffisiënt
coercive force (coercive intensity): dwing-krag (ontmagnetiserende veldsterkte)
coercive intensity (coercive force): dwingkrag coercivity: versadigingsdwingkrag (magn.) coffer dam: kofferdam
cog: kamrat
cogging: tandeffek, wringkragskommeling
cognate business: verwante bedryf, verwante saak
coherent light: koherende lig
coherent oscillator: koherente ossillator
cohesion: kohesie
coil: 1. kronkel (vere) 2. rol (draad) 3. spoel (elek.) coil v.: 1. kronkel 2. opdraai, oprol 3. (coil up): oprol coil assembly: spoelsamestel
coil binding: spoelbindsel
coil bobbin: spoeltol
coil brace: 1. (coil support): spoelsteun 2. (coil wedge): poolspoelwig, veldspoelwig coil cheek: 1. spoelwang (alg.) 2. spoelflens coil collar: Kyk “coil flange”
coil connection: spoelverbinding coil core bolt: spoelkernbout coil drain: afvoerkronkel(pyp)
coiled-coil filament: dubbelkronkelgloeidraad, dubbelspiraalgloeidraad
coiled coiling: dubbelkronkeling, dubbelspiraal
coiled-coil lamp: dubbelspiraallamp
coiled filament: kronkelgloeidraad, spiraalgloeidraad
coiled tungsten wire: spiraalwolframdraad
coiled wire: opgerolde draad
coil effect: kronkeleffek (by bandkoppelaar)
coil end (coil head): spoelent
coiler: spoelapparaat
coil-excitation flux (coil-excited flux): spoel-opgewekte vloed coil-excited flux (coil-excitation flux): spoel-opgewekte vloed coil flange (coil collar): spoelflens
coil form: spoelvorm
coil former: spoelvormer
coil group: spoelgroep (van ’n verspreide wikkeling sonder kommutator)
coil head (coil end): spoelent
coil holder: spoelhouer
coil housing: spoelhulsel, spoelomhulsel
coil ignition: spoelontsteking
coiling (winding): opspoeling, opwikkeling
coiling drum: aanhaaltol, oproltol
coil lashing: 1. spoelbinder (die band) 2. spoelwoeling (na gebruik van 1)
coil lead: spoelleiding
coil-loaded cable: spoelbelaste kabel, spoelkabel
coil-loaded circuit: spoelbelaste verbinding
coil loading: spoelbelasting
coil of wire: 1. draadwinding 2. rol draad
coil pitch: spoelsteek
coil rack: spoelrak
coil resistance: spoelweerstand
coil section: 1. spoeldeel (van verspreiwikke-ling sonder kommutator) 2. (loading

section): belastingsgedeelte 3. (coil side): spoelsy
coil shape factor: spoelfatsoenfaktor (gegrond op diameter en lengte) coil shield: spoelskerm
coil side (coil section, section side): spoelsy
coil space factor: spoelruimtefaktor (dwars-deursneeoppervlakte v. geleier tot totale dwarsdeursneeoppervlakte van spoel)
coil spacing: spoelafstand
coil span: spoelspan
coil span factor: spoelspanfaktor (EMK-vergelyking)
coil spread: spoelspreiding coil spring: kronkelveer coil stack: spoelstapel
coil terminal: spoelaansluiter
coil tester: spoeltoetser
coil tunnel: spoeltonnel
coil up (coil v.): opdraai, oprol
coil width: spoelwydte, spoelbreedte
coil winder: spoelwikkelaar
coil winding: spoelwikkeling
coil winding machine: spoelwikkelmasjien
coinage bronze: muntbrons
coincide: saamval
coincidence factor: gelyktydigheidsfaktor
coincidence gate (coincidence circuit, coincidence counter): saamvalhek
coincident: gelyktydig, saamvallend
coincident demand: Kyk “simultaneous demand"
coincident maximum demand: Kyk simultaneous maximum demand"
coke n.: kooks
coke v.: verkooks
coke nest: kooksklont, kookskoek
coke oven: kooksoond coking coal: kookskool cold cathode: koue katode
cold-cathode discharge lamp: kouekatodeontladingslamp
cold-cathode emission: kouekatode-uitstraling
cold-cathode lamp: kouekatodelamp
cold-cathode rectifier: kouekatodegelykrigter (radio)
cold-cathode tube (cold-cathode valve): kouekatodebuis
cold-cathode tubular fluorescent lamp: kouekatodebuisfluoresseer lamp
cold-cathode valve (cold-cathode tube): kouekatodebuis cold clean reactor (clean reactor, cold reactor): reinreaktor cold reactor: Kyk “cold clean reactor"
cold reserve: koue reserwe (termiese ontwik-kelvermoë beskikbaar)
cold electrode: koue elektrode
cold extinguishing liquid: koue blusvloeistof
cold galvanising (electrogalvanising): elektrogalvanisering
cold junction: koue las (elektr. meetinstr.)
cold requirements: kouevereistes cold resistance: koudweerstand cold-rolled: koudgewals
cold-rolled section: koudgewalste profiel cold-rolled steel: koudgewalste staal cold-sawing machine: koudsaagmasjien cold-setting resin: koudhardende bars cold shortness: koudbrosheid
cold spark plug: kouevonkprop
cold springing: koudrekking (pype, uitsettingsvoorsorg)
cold start (cold starting): koudaansitting cold starting (cold start): koudaansitting cold-starting aid: koudaansithulpmiddel cold-starting engine: koudaansitenjin cold-start lamp: koudaansitlamp
cold temperature: koudtemperatuur
cold working: koudbewerking (metale)
collapse n.: in(een)storting, swigting, wegval
collapse v.: 1. instort, inval, swig (alg.) 2. swig (breektoets) 3. wegval (golf)
collapsible: voubaar
collapsing field: wegvallende veld collapsing load: swiglas, kniklas collar: kraag
collar bearing: kraaglaer collar disc: kraagskyf collate: kollasioneer
collation: kollasie, kollasionering collect: afvoer (stroom) collecting hopper: asstortbak
collecting ring: Kyk “collector ring" collecting shoe: Kyk “collector shoe" collecting vessel: versamelvat (verdamper)
collection electrode rapper: versamelelek-trodeklopper (rookgasprodukte)
collective fault indication: kollektiewefout-aanwysing
collective lighting: gemeenskaplike verligting
collector: kollektor (streek by basis v. transistor; ook versamelelektrode)
collector/base cicuit: kollektor-basiskring
collector/base conductance: kollektor-basiskonduktansie collector/base junction: kollektor-basis-voegvlak collector current: kollektorstroom
collector current multiplication factor: vermenigvuldigingsfaktor vir kollektorstroom
collector depletion capacity: kollektorledigingsvermoë
collector dissipation: kollektordissipasie collector electrode: kollektorelektrode collector element: kollektorelement collector flash: kollektorvonking
collector junction: kollektorvoegvlak (transistor)
collector pan: afvoerderpan
collector plates: geleiplate (in selvoering)
collector region: kollektorgebied
collector ring (collecting ring, slip ring): sleepring
collector shoe (contact shoe): afvoerskoen, kontakskoen, sleepkontak
collector slipper: Kyk “collector shoe1, “contact shoe"
collector spring: kollektorveer
collector terminal: kollektoraansluiter
collector-to-base capacitance: kollektor-basiskapasitansie collector-to-base conductance: kollektor-basiskonduktansie collector voltage: kollektorspanning

collector wire: afvoerdraad
collet: 1. (split collar): splitkraag, klemkraag
(collet chuck): splitkloukop
colliding beam accelerator: bots-bundelversneller
colliery: steenkoolmyn
collimate: kollimeer
collimated light: gekollimeerde lig
collimating condenser lens: kollimeerkondensorlens collimation line (line of collimation): kol-limasielyn, riglyn collinear: kollineêr, saamlynig
collision: botsing
collision excitation: botsopwekking (van ’n gas)
collission frequency: botsfrekwensie
collission ionisation: botsionisering (van ’n gas of damp) collission of the first kind: botsing van die eerste soort collision of the second kind: botsing van die tweede soort colloidal graphite: kolloïdale grafiet
colour: kleur
colour adaption (luminance adaption): kleuraanpassing, luminansieaanpassing
colour characteristics: kleureienskappe
colour code: kleurkode
colour distorsion: kleurvervorming coloured body: gekleurde liggaam coloured cotton: gekleurde katoen
coloured image (colour picture): kleurbeeld (telev.)
coloured indicator light: 1. gekleurde aan-wyslig 2. gekleurde wyserlig
coloured light (colour light): gekleurde lig, kleurlig
coloured tab: kleurkenstrokie, kleurstrokie
colour emissivity: kleuremissievermoë, kleuruitstraalvermoë
colour fidelity: kleurgetrouheid
colour filter: (coloured filter, selective filter): kleurfilter, selektiewe filter
colour light (coloured light): gekleurde lig, kleurlig
colour of insulation: isolasiekleur
colour picture (coloured image): kleurbeeld (telev.) colour port (bicolour gauge): tweekleur-peilglas colour telecast: kleurtelevisie-uitsending
colour television: kleurtelevisie colour temperature: kleurtemperatuur colour test: kleurtoets
column: 1. kolom 2. suil column gearbox: kolomratkas column selector: kolomkieser column sleeve: kolomhuls
column-type transformer: suiltransformator
comb collector: kamkollektor
combination condenser: kombinasiekondensator
combination current and voltage regulation: gekombineerde stroom-en spanningsreëling
combination fuse switch (fuse switch): sekeringskakelaar
combination (insulator) handle: kombinasie-isolatorvangraam, kombinasievangraam
combination switch: kombinasieskakelaar combination voltmeter: kombinasievoltmeter combine: 1. verbind (chem.) 2. kombineer
combined action: gesamentlike werking, gesamentlike inwerking
combined ball and washer: saamgestelde koeëlwaster
combined capacity: 1. gesamentlike in-houd/inhoudvermoë 2. gesamentlike kapasiteit
combined critical speed: gekombineerde kritieke spoed
combined efficiency: gesamentlike rendement
combined electric lock and circuit controller: elektriese grendel met kontakte
combined field weakening: gesamentlike veldverswakking, gekombineerde veldverswakking
combined high-steam and low-water valve: hoëdruk-en-laagwaterklep combined journal and thrust ball bearing: astap-en-drukkoeëllaer combined machine: saamgestelde masjien
combined mechanical and hydraulic drive: gekombineerde meganiese en hidrouliese aandrywing
combined points machine: saamgestelde wisselmasjien
combined reluctance: gesamentlike reluktansie
combined resistance: gesamentlike weerstand
combined starter and regulator: saamgestelde aansitterreëlaar combined stop and emergency valve: afsluit-en-noodklep combined weight: gesamentlike gewig
combining equipment: saamvoeguitrusting
combining panel: saamvoegpaneel
comb pole: vinpool
comb scraper: kamskraper combust: 1. ontbrand 2. verbrand combusted fuel: verbrande brandstof
combustible n.: brandbare stof/materiaal combustible a.: brandbaar, ontvlambaar combustion: 1. ontbranding 2. verbranding combustion chamber: verbrandingskamer
combustion chamber control(ler): verbrandingskamerkontrole
combustion control: verbrandingsbeheer combustion port: verbrandingspoort combustion space: verbrandingsruimte combustion test: brandbaarheidstoets come along (line puller): lyntrekker (elek.) come-along clamp: trekklamp (elek.) comfort cooling plant: geriefskoelinstallasie comfort cooling unit: geriefskoeleenheid
comfort heating unit: geriefs-verwarmingseenheid
comfort selector: geriefskieser (lugversorging)
coming into step: in sinchronisme kom (van ’n sinchrone masjien)
command control: afsonderlike eenheidbeheer
commanding signal: bevelsein
commercial demagnetisers: volskaalse ontmagnetiseerders commercial diamond (industrial diamond): nywerheidsdiamant commercial efficiency: kommersiële rendement

commercial frequency: handelsfrekwensie, kommersiële frekwensie
commercial grade: handelsgraad, kommer-siële graad commercial grade meter: kommersiële meter commercial lamp: kommersiële lamp
commercial metals: handelsmetale, kommer-siële metale commercial threads: kommersiële skroefdrade commercial vehicle: handelsvoertuig
commercial zinc (spelter): handelsink, spelter commission: in diens stel, in gebruik neem commissioning test: ‘inbedryfsteltoets
common-base circuit: gemeenskap-likebasis-kring
common battery: gemeenskaplike battery
common battery supply: gemeenskap-likebattery-toevoer common bus-main: gemeenskaplike geleistamhoofleiding common bus system: gemeenskaplike stam-stelsel (sirkuleerwater) common cathode: gemeenskaplike katode
common circuit: gemeenskaplike kring common current: gemeenskaplike stroom common denominator: gemene noemer common earth: gemeenskaplike aarde
common factor: 1. gemene deler, gemene faktor 2. gemeenskaplike faktor
common fault relay: gewonefout-relê
common grate link: gewone roosterskakel
common impedance coupling: gemeenskaplike-impedansiekoppeling
common iron: gewone yster
common joint: 1. gemeenskaplike las 2. gemeenskaplike verbinding
common lead: gemeenskaplike leiding
common load: gemeenskaplike belasting, gemeenskaplike las
common logarithm: gewone logaritme
common metal: gewone metaal
common negative: gemeenskaplike negatief
common negative return: gemeenskaplike negatiewe terugleiding
common normal (common tangent): gemene raaklyn common return wire: gemeenskaplike terugleidraad common soda: gewone soda
common synchronous time switch: gemeenskaplike sinchrone tydskakelaar
common tangent (common normal): gemene raaklyn
common terminal: gemeenskaplike aansluiter (by kringeind-of beginpt.)
commoning terminal: saamverbindpunt
communication: 1. berig, mededeling 2. kom-munikasie, verbinding
communication battery: kommunika-siebattery communication battery charger: kommunikasiebatterylaaier communication equipment: kommunikasietoerusting communication facilities: kommunikasiegeriewe communications board: kommunikasiebord communications room: kommunikasiekamer
commutate: kommuteer
commutating angle: kommutasiehoek
commutating ampere-turn: kommutasieampêrewinding commutating coil: kommutasiespoel, kommuteerspoel commutating edge: kommutasie-ent (van pool) commutating field: kommutasieveld, kommuteerveld
commutating field winding (compole winding): kommutasieveldwikkeling, hulppoolwikkeling
commutating group: kommuteergroep
commutating impedance: kommuteer-impedansie
commutating machine (commutator machine): kommutatormasjien
commutating number: kommutasietal
commutating period: kommutasieperiode
commutating pole (auxiliary pole, compole, interpole): hulppool
commutating reactance: kommutasie-reaktansie commutating switch: kommuteerskakelaar commutating winding: kommutasiewikkeling commutation: kommutasie
commutation curve: kommutasiekromme commutation factor: kommutasiefaktor commutation failure: kommutasiefout
commutation line (axis of commutation, diameter of commutation): kommutasielyn
commutator: kommutator
commutator bar (commutator segment): kommutatorsegment commutator bar support: kommutator-segmentsteun commutator brush: kommutatorborsel
commutator chamber: kommutatorruim, kommutatorkamer commutator connection: kommutator-verbinding commutator end: kommutatorent
commutator end shield: kommutator-endskerm
commutator face (commutator surface): kommutatoroppervlak
commutator handle: kommutatorhandvatsel
commutator hub (commutator shell, commutator sleeve): kommutatornaaf commutator insulating segments: kommutatorisoleersegmente commutator insulation bush: kommutatorisoleerbus
commutator lock: kommutatorgrendel
commutator lug (commutator riser, commutator tag): kommutatoroor commutator machine (commutating machine): kommutatormasjien commutator motor: kommutatormotor
commutator pitch: kommutatorsteek commutator position: kommutatorstand commutator relay: kommutatorrelê
commutator ripple: kommutatorrimpel
commutator riser (commutator lug, commutator tag): kommutatoroor
commutator sector: kommutatorsektor
commutator segment (commutator bar): kommutatorsegment
commutator shell (commutator hub, commutator sleeve): kommutatornaaf
commutator shrink ring: kommutator-krimpring

commutator sleeve (commutator hub, commutator shell): kommutatornaaf
kommutator spider: kommutatorster, kommutatordraer
commutator surface (commutator face): kommutatoroppervlak
commutator tag (commutator lug, commutator riser): kommutatoroor commutator type frequency converter: frek-wensieomsetter met kommutator commutator vee ring (commutator V-ring): kommutator-V-ring
commutator voltage: kommutatorspanning
commutator wear: kommutatorslytasie
commutator working surface: kommu-tatorwerkvlak
compact concrete: verdigte beton compacted filling: verdigte vulling compaction: verdigting (bv. grond)
compartment cover-mounting plate (pot-head): kokerplaat
compactness: kompaktheid
compact source lamp: puntliggloeilamp
companion flange: meegaande flens
companion-trip multipole circuit breaker: meerpolige mede-uitklinkstroombreker
comparative performance: vergelykende prestasie
comparative resistance: vergelykende weerstand
comparator 1. (comparator gauge): kompara-tor 2. komparator, vergelyker
comparator dial: komparatorwyserplaat comparator gauge (comparator): komparator comparator unit: komparatoreenheid compare: vergelyk
comparison-and-controiling unit: vergelyk-en-beheereenheid comparison electrode: hulpverge-lykingselektrode comparison gas: vergelykingsgas
comparison lamp: vergelykingslamp
comparison surface: vergelykingsoppervlak (van ’n visuele fotometer)
comparison test: vergelykingstoets
compass: 1. kompas 2. omvang, bestek
compasses: 1. passer 2. (calipers): meetpasser
compass needle: kompasnaald compatibility: aanpasbaarheid (telev.) compensate: kompenseer
compensated alternator: gekompenseerde alternator
compensated induction motor: gekompenseerde induksiemotor compensated instrument transformer: gekompenseerde meettransformator compensated lead: gekompenseerde leiding
compensated loading: gekompenseerde belasting, gekompenseerde las
compensated motor: gekompenseerde motor
compensated semi-conductor: gekompenseerde halfgeleier
compensated series-wound motor: motor met gekompenseerde seriewikkeling
compensated voltmeter: gekompenseerde voltmeter compensating charge (trickle charge): sypellading compensating choke: suigsmoorspoel compensating circuit: kompenseerbaan compensating coil: kompenseerspoel
compensating cross-jet pot: kompen-seer-dwarsstraalpot compensating current: kompenseerstroom compensating error: kompenseerfout
compensating magnet: kompenseermagneet
compensating network: kompenseernet
compensating pole: hulppool (elek. masjiene)
compensating resistance (compensator resistance): kompenseerweerstand
compensating spring: kompenseerveer compensating transformer: kompen-seertransformator compensating voltage: kompenseerspanning
compensating voltage transformer: kompenseerspanningstransformator
compensating winding: kompenseer-wikkeling
compensation: 1. kompensasie (wikkelings, ens.) 2. kompensasie, skadeloosstelling, (skade)vergoeding
compensation switching: kompensa-sieskakeling (van snelreëlaar)
compensation theorem: kompensasiestelling
compensatory leads: kompenseerleidings
compensator resistance (compensating resistance): kompenseerweerstand
compensator: kompenseerder (reëling van funksionering)
competency certificate (certificate of competency, proficiency certificate):
bevoegdheidsertifikaat, sertifikaat van bevoegdheid competent person: bevoegde persoon complement: personeeltal
complementary: aanvullend, komplementêr
complementary symmetry: komplementêre simmetrie complementary symmetry circuit: komplementêresimmetriebaan complementary wavelength: komplementêre golflengte complement of gearwheels: rattestel
complete circle: voile sirkel
complete electric circuit: volledige elektriese kring
complete failure: 1. algehele mislukking (bv. toets) 2. algehele onklaarraking (uitrusting), algehele onderbreking (kragtoevoer) 3. algehele weiering
complete fusion: 1. volledige samesmelting 2. volledige versmelting (kern)
completely magnetised: volledig

complete revolution: voile omwenteling complete shut-down: algehele afsluiting completion date: voltooiingsdatum
complex admittance: komplekse admittansie complex current: komplekse stroom complex frequency: komplekse frekwensie complex impedance: komplekse impedansie complex numbers: komplekse getalle complexor (diagram): kompleksordiagram complex power: komplekse drywing complex quantity: komplekse grootheid complex radiation: saamgestelde straling
complex single current: komplekse enkelstroom
complex sound: komplekse klank
complex transient: komplekse stuwingstroom
complex wave: komplekse golf
compliance extension: soepelheids-verbinding
compliance voltage: bybehorende spanning, voldoenspanning (kragvoorsiening)
compole (auxiliary pole), commutating pole, interpole): hulppool
compole coil (interpole coil): hulppoolspoel
component n.: 1. bestanddeel (chem.) 2. komponent (fis.) 3. (component part, part): onderdeel (masjien, toestel)
component a.: samestellend
component acceleration: komponent-versnelling component current: komponentstroom component force: samestellende krag component of a force: komponent van ’n krag component of velocity: snelheidskomponent
component part (component, part): onderdeel, masjien, toestel
component velocity: komponentsnelheid
composite: saamgestel
composite braking: gekombineerde remming composite cable: saamgestelde kabel composite circuit: saamgestelde verbinding composite conductor: saamgestelde geleier composite electrode: saamgestelde elektrode composite filter: saamgestelde filter composite lever: saamgestelde hefboom composite line: saamgestelde lyn
composite machine: saamgestelde masjien
composite metal conductor: saamgestelde metaalgeleier
composite resistor: saamgestelde resistor
composite star-squad cable: saamgestelde stervierlingkabel
composite switchboard: saamgestelde skakelbord
composition: 1. komposisie 2. (compound): mengsel 3. samestelling composition alloy pipe: komposisie-allooipyp, komposisielegeringspyp composition carbon resistor: komposisiekoolresistor
composition insulator: komposisie-isolator
compound: 1. mengsel 2. verbinding (chem.) 3. samestelling
compound a.: 1. saamgestelde 2. gekompen-seer, serieparallel-(generator)
compound alternator: serieparallelalternator compound axle: saamgestelde as compound brush: saamgestelde borsel
compound catenary: saamgestelde drakabel/meervoudige drakabel
compound commutator motor: Kyk “compound motor”
compound-connected transistors: transistors met saamgestelde verbinding
compound dynamo: serieparalleldinamo
compounded cable: geïmpregneerde kabel
compound drive (compound gearing): saamgestelde aandrywing compounded fibrous material: mengselbe-handelde veselmateriaal compounded paper tape: mengselbehan-delde papierband compound excitation: serieparallelopwekking
compound-filled switchgear: mengselgevuide skakeltuig
compound gearing: 1. saamgestelde ratwerk 2. (compound drive): saamgestelde aandrywing
compound gear train (compound train): saamgestelde ratstel
compound generator (compound-wound generator): serieparallelgenerator compound indexing: saamgestelde instelling, saamgestelde indeksering compounding: 1. samestelling 2. serieparallelbewikkeling
compound magnet: saamgestelde magneet compound lever: saamgestelde hefboom compound mast: demonteerbare mas
compound motor (compound-wound motor): serieparallelmotor
compound oil: saamgestelde olie
compound reduction system: saamgestelde reduksiestelsel
compound signal: saamgestelde sein
compound toolpost: saamgestelde gereedskaphouer compound train (compound gear train): saamgestelde ratstel compound wheel: saamgestelde rat
compound winding (series-parallel winding): serieparallelwikkeling
compound-wound: met serieparallelwikkeling
compound-wound current transformer: stroomtransformator met hulpwikkeling compound-wound generator (compound generator): serieparallelgenerator compound-wound interpole generator: serieparallelgenerator met hulppole compound-wound motor (compound motor): serieparallelmotor
compress: saamdruk, saampers compressed air: druklug, perslug compressed-air cylinder: druklugsilinder compressed-air drive: druklugaandrywing
compressed-air energy storage (c.a.e.s.): druklug-energiebewaring
compressed-air equipment: drukluguitrusting compressed-air filter drain valve: druklugfilterdreineerklep compressed-air inlet valve: drukluginlaatklep compressed-air installation: druk-luginstallasie compressed-air lance: druklugstraal
compressed-air line: druklugleiding
compressed-air ring: druklugring, druklughoofleiding
compressed-air services: druklugleidings
compressed-air storage scheme: druklugopgaarstelsel
compressed-air switch: druklugskakelaar
compressed asbestos jointing material: geperste asbesvoegmateriaal
compressed fluid: drukvloeistof
compressed-gas cut-out: uitskakelaar met drukgasvonkblussing compressed strand: saamgedrukte string, saamgeperste string compressibility: saamdrukbaarheid, saampersbaarheid compressible washer: saamdrukbare waster
compressing screw: drukskroef
compression: 1. kompressie 2. saamdrukking, saampersing compression amplifier: kompressieversterker compression cable: Kyk “pressure cable”
compression clamp: drukklamp compression connectors: vaspersverbinder compression cycle: kompressiesiklus
compression force (compressive force): drukkrag

compression fuse: kompressiesekering compression gland: drukafdigstuk (kabels) compression ignition: kompressieontsteking
compression load: kompressiebelasting, kompressielas compression ratio: kompressieverhouding compression ring: kompressiering
compression screw: kompressieskroef
compression spring: drukveer, kompressieveer
compression strength (compressive strength): druksterkte, drukvastheid
compression stress (compressive stress): drukspanning
compression stroke: kompressieslag
compression tap connector: kompressie-tapgatverbinder, kompressie-tapgatverbindingsklamp
compression test (compressive test): saamdruktoets
compression tool: perslasser
compression type repair sleeve: druktipe herstelhuls (pale) compressive force (compression force): drukkrag compressive load: druklas, drukbelasting
compressive strain: drukvormverandering
compressive strength (compression strength): druksterkte, drukvastheid
compressive stress (compression stress): drukspanning compressive test (compression test): saamdruktoets compressor: kompressor
compressor capacity (compressor output): kompressorlewering
compressor circuit: kompressorbaan
compressor contactor: kompressorkontaktor compressor control panel: kompressorkontrolepaneel compressor control set: kompressor-beheerstel compressor cylinder: kompressorsilinder compressor dome: kompressorkoepel
compressor gauge panel: kompressor-meterpaneel
compressor governor: kompressorreëlaar
compressor-governor cut-out cock: kompressorreëlaarafsluitkraan
compressor head: kompressorkop
compressor house (compressor room): kompressorkamer
compressor motor: kompressormotor
compressor output (compressor capacity): kompressorlewering
compressor plant: kompressorinstallasie
compressor pulsation: kompressorpulsasie
compressor room (compressor house): kompressorkamer
compressor set: kompressorstel compressor stage: kompressortrap compressor station: druklugstasie compute: bereken
computer: rekenaar, rekenoutomaat
computerize: rekenariseer
computer power system: rekenaar-kragstelsel concatenated connection (concatenation): aaneenskakeling concatenation (concatenated connection): aaneenskakeling concave: holrond, konkaaf
concave and convex gauge (fillet gauge, radius gauge): straalmeter
concave blade: konkaaflem concave cutter: holfrees concave edge: konkaafrand
concave reflector: hoi reflektor, hoi weerkaatser
concealed light: verskuilde lig
concealed lighting: skuilverligting, versteekte lampe concealed wiring: skuilbedrading, versteekte bedrading concentrate: konsentreer
concentrated beam: gekonsentreerde bundel
concentrated cooling water: gekonsentreerde koelwater (waterbehandeling)
concentrated filament: gekonsentreerde gloeidraad
concentrated load: gekonsentreerde las, puntbelasting
concentrated winding: gekonsentreerde wikkeling (in een gleuf per pool of op uitsteekpool)
concentrating-type fitting: konsentreerlampmontasie
concentrating-type reflector: konsentreer-reflektor, konsentreerweerkaatser
concentration: konsentrasie
concentration cup (cathode cup, focusing cup): fokusseerdop, katodedop
concentration of circuits: konsentrasie van verbindings
concentration (density) of electrons: elek-tronedigtheid, elektronekonsentrasie concentration position: konsentrasiebedien-punt, konsentrasiepunt concentration switch: konsentrasieskakelaar
concentric: konsentries, eenmiddelpuntig
concentric stranding: konsentriese kabelopbouing concentrically stranded cable: Kyk “concen-• trie cable” concentric bores: konsentriese borings
concentric cable (coax, coaxial cable): konsentriese kabel, koaksiale kabel
concentric coil: konsentriese spoel
concentric conductor: koaksiale geleier, konsentriese geleier
concentric connector: konsentriese ver-binder, konsentriese verbindingsklamp
concentric cylinder winding: konsentriese silindriese wikkeling concentric dovetailed groove: konsentriese swaelstertgroef concentric feed: konsentriese toevoer
concentric feeder: konsentriese voerder concentric grooves: konsentriese groewe concentricity: konsentrisiteit
concentric-lay cable: kabel met konsentriese slae

concentric-line oscillator: konsentrieselynossillator
concentric reduction clamp: konsentriese reduksieklamp
concentric rotary motion: konsentriese draaibeweging: concentric stranding: konsentriese kabelopbouing
concentric terminal: konsentriese aansluiter concentric transmission line: Kyk ‘‘coaxial transm. line” concentric twin cable: konsentriese tweelingkabel concentric winding: konsentriese wikkeling
concept: begrip, konsep
concrete: beton
concrete biscuit foundation: betonskyffondament
concrete column: betonkolom
concrete-filled steel pole: betongevulde staalpaal
concrete floor: betonvloer
concrete mat (concrete slab): betonblad, betonplaat concrete-lined: betonbeklede, betongevoerde concrete pole: betonpaal
concrete pouring: betonplasing
concrete slab (concrete mat): betonblad, betonplaat concurrent forces: konkurrente kragte, saam-lopende kragte condensance: kapasitansie Kyk ‘‘capacitance”
condensate: kondensaat
condensate circuit: kondensaatbaan
condensate circulation pipe: kondensaatsirkuleerpyp condensate conductivity: kondensaat-geleivermoë condensate drain: kondensaatafvoerder
condensate dump valve: konden-saatstortklep condensate evaporator: konden-saatverdamper condensate extraction pump: kondensaatpomp condensate filling pipe: kondensaatvulpyp condensate flow: kondensaatvloei
condensate oxygen content: kondensaat-suurstofgehalte
condensate pH: kondensaat-pH
condensate polishing plant: kondensaatsuiweringsinstallasie
condensate pressure: kondensaatdruk
condensate pump: kondensaatpomp
condensate recirculation valve: kondensaat-hersirkuleerklep
condensate valve: kondensaatklep condensation: kondensasie, kondensering condense: kondenseer, verdig
condensed-mercury temperature: vloeikwiktemperatuur
condensed moisture: gekondenseerde vog
condensed water: gekondenseerde water
condenser: 1. kondensator (koeling) 2. kon-densor (lense) 3. (capacitor): kapasitor (elek.)
condenser bank: kapasitorgroep, kapasitorstel
condenser cooler: kondensatorkoeler
condenser bushing (capacitor-type bushing): kapasitordeurvoerder condenser bushing terminal: aansluiter met kapasitordeurvoerder condenser constant: kapasitorkonstante
condenser-controlled timing: kapasitorbe-heerde tydreëling
condenser fan: kondensatorwaaier
condenser-fed (capacitor-fed): met kapasitortoevoer condenser fittings: kondensatortoebehore condenser flash box: kondensatorafdamper condenser gang: kapasitorstel
condenser hotwell: kondensaattenk condenser impulse: kapasitorimpuls condenser lens: kondensorlens condenser level: kondensatorpeil
condenser microphone (capacitor microphone): kapasitormikrofoon
condenser neck: kondensatornek condenser pressure: kondensatordruk condenser receiver: kondensatorhouer condenser shell: kondensatorromp condenser stage: kondensatortrap
condenser stage air ejector: kondensatortrap-lugstraler condenser stator (capacitor stator): kapasitorstator condenser temperature: kondensator-temperatuur
condenser tube: kondensatorpyp condenser valve: kondensatorklep condenser water: kondensatorwater condenser waterbox: kondensatorwaterkas
condensing air temperature: kondenseerlugtemperatuur
condensing chamber: kondenseerkamer condensing coil: kondenseerkronkel condensing plant: kondenseerinstallasie condensing pressure: kondenseerdruk
condensing temperature: kondenseertemperatuur condensing unit: kondenseereenheid condensing water: kondenseerwater
condition: 1. kondisioneer 2. versorg (lug)
conditional locking: voorwaardelike grendeling
condition of equilibrium (steady state): ewewigstoestand
conditions of supply: voorsieningsvoorwaardes
conduct v.: gelei
conductance: konduktansie
conductance component: konduktansiekomponent
conductance relay: konduktansierelê conducted heat: geleidingswarmte conducting core: geleikern
conducting direction: deurlaatrigting, geleirigting
conducting earth: geleiaarde
conducting layer (conductive coating): geleilaag
conducting mass: geleimassa conducting material: geleidingsmateriaal conducting paint: geleiverf
conducting part: geleideel conducting path: geleibaan conducting period: geleiperiode
conducting property: gelei-eienskap, geleidingseienskap
conducting shield: geleiskerm conducting wire: geleidraad conduction: geleiding conduction band: geleiband conduction current: geleistroom
conduction electron (outer-shell electron, valence electron): gelei-elektron, buiteskil elektron, valensie-elektron
conduction of heat (heat conduction, thermal conduction): warmtegeleiding
conductive: geleidend
conductive coating (conducting layer): geleilaag

conductive coupling: geleikoppeling
conductivity (quantitative): geleivermoë, spesifieke konduktansie (verhouding elek-triese stroomdigtheid tot elek. veld in materiaal)
conductivity (qualitative): geleivermoë, konduktiwiteit
conductivity modulation: geleivermoë-modulasie (in halfgeleier) conductivity modulation transistor: geleivermoëmodulasietransistor conductivity recorder: gelei-vermoëregistreerder
conductor: geleier
conductor arrangement: geleierrangskikking, masbeeld
conductor breakage: geleierbreuk
conductor cart: geleierkarretjie (lynwerk) conductor centre: geleierhart, geleiermiddelpunt conductor clamp: geleierklamp
conductor conflict: geleierkonflik (by strydige plasing) conductor continuity test: geleierkontinulteitstoets conductor dancing (conductor galloping): geleierdans conductor element: geleierelement
conductor field: geleierveld
conductor joint: geleierlasstuk
conductor load: geleierbelasting, geleierlas
conductor loading: geleierbelasting
conductor midspan joint: geleier-middelspanlasstuk
conductor metal: geleiermetaal
conductor of heat (heat conductor): warmtegeleier conductor rail (contact rail): stroomspoor conductor resistance: geleierweerstand conductor shielding: geleierskermhuis
conductor spacer: geleierafstandstuk conductor spacing: geleierspasiëring conductor spacing yoke: geleierskeijuk conductor strain clamp: geleierspanklamp conductor strand: geleierstring
conductor support: geleiersteun conductor support box: geleiersteunkas conductor surface: geleieroppervlak conductor tension: geleierspanning conductor vibration: geleiertrilling
conductor vibration damper: lyntrillingsdemper
conduit: leipyp
conduit bend: leipypbuigstuk conduit bender: leipypbuier conduit box: leipypkas
conduit box flange: leipypkasflens conduit connector: leipypverbinder conduit coupler: leipypsok conduit coupling: leipypkoppeling conduit elbow: leipypelmboog conduit fittings: leipyptoebehore
conduit run: 1. (duct bank, U.S.A.; multiple duct, G.B.): meervoudige kabelpyp 2. leipyploop
conduit system (slot system): isoleerpypstelsel
conduit tee: leipyp-T-stuk cone: keël (van ’n katodestraal) cone angle: keëlhoek
cone bearing: keëllaer
cone clutch (conical clutch): keëlkoppelaar
cone diaphragm: keëldiafragma
cone-driven lathe: keëlgedrewe draaibank
cone-driven type headstock: keëlgedrewe vaskop
cone friction clutch: keëlwrywingskoppelaar
cone loudspeaker: keëlluidspreker, koniese luidspreker
cone of gears: keëlratstel
cone of light (luminous cone): ligkeël cone of protection: beskermingskeël cone plunger: keëlplunjer
cone pulley (step pulley): keëlkatrol, trappieskatrol
cone ring insulation: keëlringisolasie
cone shaft: keëlas
cone sleeve: keëlhuls
configuration: konfigurasie (van kragnet)
congestion: 1. ophoping (alg) 2. oorbelasting
conical: konies, keëlvormige, keel-conical bearing: koniese laer
conical bolt: koniese bout
conical cast pivot: koniese gietspil
conical clutch (cone clutch): keëlkoppelaar
conical horn: koniese boring

conical pendulum: koniese pendule
conical seating: koniese bedding
conically shaped (conical): keël-, keëlvor-mige, konies
conical pivot: koniese spil
conical reflector: keëlreflektor, keëlweerkaatser
conical sling: koniese slinger
conical surface: koniese vlak
connect: 1. verbind, koppel (twee lyne) 2. aansluit, verbind (’n toevoer, verbruiker)
connect across: 1. dwars verbind 2. oorkruis verbind
connected consumer: aangeslote verbruiker, verbinde verbruiker
connected flux: gekoppelde vloed connected in leak: in lekverbinding wees connected up: verbind
connect in cascade: in kaskade verbind connect in delta: in delta verbind connecting arm: koppelarm connecting bar: verbindingstaaf
connecting block: verbindingsblok (elek.)
connecting box (feeder box): aftakkas, ver-bindingskas, aansluitkas
connecting cable: 1. (general): aansluitkabel, verbindingskabel 2. (traction): koppelkabel connecting circuit (connect circuit, connection circuit): aansluitkring, verbindingskring connecting cord: verbindingskoord
connecting flange: koppelflens connecting lead: koppelleiding connecting lever: koppelhefboom
connecting link (connector link): koppelskakel
connecting lug (connecting tag, connection tag): aansluitoor
connecting pipe: verbindingspyp
connecting plug: aansluitprop
connecting relay: aansluitrelê, deurskakelrelê connecting rod: 1. koppelstang 2. (piston rod): suierstang connecting-rod bearing: suierstanglaer
connecting-rod small end: suierstangkleinkop connecting strap: verbindingsband connecting strip: verbindingstrook
connecting tag (connecting lug, connection lug): aansluitoor
connecting tail: aansluitstert, verbindingstert connecting terminal (terminal): aansluiter connect in mesh: in veelhoek verbind
connect in multiple: meervoudig verbind (motorwaens)
connect in parallel (connect in shunt, shunt): parallel verbind, omtak, sjunt
connect in series: in serie verbind
connect in shunt (connect in parallel, shunt): parallel verbind, sjunt
connect in star: in ster verbind connect in T: in T verbind connect in V: in V verbind connection: konneksie, verbinding
connection block (connecting block): ver-bindblok (elek.)
connection box (connecting box): aftakkas, verbindingskas
connection circuit (connect circuit, connecting circuit): verbindingskring connection diagram (diagram of connections): verbindingsdiagram connection fee: aansluitgeld
connection of the supply networks (grid operation): netkoppeling
connection panel: verbindingspaneel
connection point (point of connection): verbindingspunt
connection strap: verbindingstrook
connection tag (connecting lug, connecting tag): aansluitoor
connection terminal: Kyk “terminal1 connector: verbinder (elek.) connector clamp: verbindingsklamp
connector link (connecting link): koppelskakel
connector support: verbinderstoel connect up (connect): aansluit, verbind connect zigzag: sigsag verbind consecutive anode: volganode
consecutive barrel: opeenvolgende slag (luglyne)
consecutive coil: volgspoel
consecutive discharge paths: volgontladingsbane
consecutive number: volgnommer consecutive phase: volgfase consecutive poles: volgpole consecutive series: volgreeks consequent pole: gevolglike pool (magn.) conservation: behoud, bewaring conservation dam: opgaardam
conservation of energy: energiebewaring, energiebehoud conservation storage: bruikbare opgaring (water) conservative flux: konserwatiewe vloed
conservator (conservator tank): uitsittenk (transformator) conservator tank (conservator): uitsittenk (transformator) conservator-type transformer: uitsittenktransformator

constant n.: konstante
constant adj.: konstant(e)
constant air gap: vaste lugspleet
constantan: konstantaan (allooi; resistors, termokoppels) constant angular velocity: konstante-hoeksnelheid constant applied voltage: konstante aangelegde spanning constant current: konstante stroom
constant-current charge: konstante laaistroom
constant current generator: konstantestroomgenerator constant current power supply: konstantestroom-kragtoevoer constant-current regulation: konstantestroomreëling constant-current transformer: konstantestroomtransformator
constant current constant voltage supply: konstantestroom-en-spanningkragtoevoer

constant-delivery pump: konstanteleweringspomp
constant-dissipation curve: konstantedissipasiekromme
constant effective mains voltage: konstante effektiewe netspanning
constant failure rate: konstante onklaarrakingstempo constant-flux machine: masjien met konstante vloed constant force: konstante krag
constant fraction: konstante breuk (syfers) constant head tank: konstantedruktenk constant iron loss: konstanteysterverlies constant-K filter: filter met konstante K
constant luminance system: stelsel met konstante helderheid (verligting)
constant mesh: konstante inkamming
constant potential: konstante potensiaal
constant-power dissipation line: konstantekragdissipasielyn
constant-pressure valve: konstantedrukklep
constant pressure oil valve: konstantedrukolieklep
constant-pressure pilot valve: konstantedruk-leiklep, konstante drukvoorklep
constant rate: konstante tempo
constant resistance network: konstanteweerstandsnet constant-speed motor: konstantespoedmotor constant speed ratio: konstante spoedverhouding constant supply: konstante toevoer
constant term: konstante lid (wisk)
constant terminal voltage: 1. konstante aan-sluiterspanning 2. konstante eindpuntspan-ning,
konstante eindspanning
constant-torque drive: konstante wringkragaandrywing
constant-torque load: las by konstante wringkrag
constant-torque range: konstante draai-momentbestek, spoedbestek vir konstante draaimoment
constant-torque resistor: selfreëlende resistor constant-current generator: konstantestroomgenerator constant-frequency system: konstantefrekwensiestelsel
constant-velocity generator: generator vir konstante spoed, konstantespoedgenerator constant viscosity fluid: vloeistof met konstante viskositeit, viskositeitsvaste vloeistof constant-voltage constant-current power supply: konstantespanning-en-stroomkragtoevoer constant voltage charge: konstante spanningslading
constant-voltage machine: konstantespanningsmasjien
constant-voltage mains: 1. konstantespan-ningshoofleiding 2. konstantespanningskragnet
constant voltage power supply: konstantespanning-kragtoevoer
constant-voltage source: konstantespanningsbron
constant voltage supply: konstantespanning-toevoer, toevoer by konstante spanning constant voltage system: konstantespanning-stelsel, stelsel vir konstante spanning constant-voltage transformer: konstantespanningstransformator
constituent: bestanddeel
constitution: samestelling (alg.)
constrained current operation: gedwonge stroomwerking
construct: 1. aanlê, oprig (bv. kraglyne) 2. bou, oprig (geboue) 3. konstrueer
construction: 1. aanleg, oprigting (kraglyn) 2. bou, oprigting (geboue) 3. konstruksie (strukture, meetkundige figure, ens.)
construction diagram: konstruksiediagram construction work: konstruksiewerk consulting engineer: raadgewende ingenieur consume: verbruik
consumer: verbruiker
consumer impedance: verbruiksimpedansie
consumer load: verbruikerslas
consumer’s cable: verbruikerskabel consumer’s installation: verbruikersinstallasie consumer’s terminal: verbruikersaansluitpunt consumer substation: verbruikersubstasie consumption: verbruik
consumption device: verbruikstoestel
consumption of current (current consumption): stroomverbruik consumption of energy (energy consumption): energieverbruik contact: 1. kontak (elek.) 2. aanraking
contact ampêre-hour meter: kontakampêre-uurmeter
contact area: kontakoppervlakte contact arm: kontakarm contact blade: kontaklem
contact bounce: kontaksprong(e) contact box (contact case): kontakkas contact breaker: kontakbreker
contact cam: kontaknok
contact carrier: kontakdraer
contact case (contact box): kontakkas
contact chamber: kontakkamer
contact chatter (chattering): kontakklapper-ing, kontakbewing
contact cleaner: kontakskoonmaker, kontakskuurder
contact clearance (contact gap, contact separation): 1. kontakgaping 2. kontakaf-stand (op groter skaal)
contact clip: kontakklem
contact conductor (contact wire): kontak-draad, kontakgeleier (traksie) contact current: 1. kontakstroom 2. (tripping current): klinkstroom, uitklinkstroom contact current-closing rating: stroomsluit-kenvermoë van kontak (relês) contact device: kontaktoestel
contact disc: kontakskyf
contact drop: kontakspanningsval
contact electromotive force: kontak-elektromotoriese krag contact element (contact member): kontakelement contact face (contact surface): kontakvlak
contact fault: kontakfout
contact finger: kontakvinger
contact follow (contact follow-up):
contact force: kontakdruk, kontakkrag contact gap: kontakgaping (van ’n relê) contact gear: kontakinrigting, kontaktuig contacting unit (contact unit): kontakeenheid contact jaw: kontakbek
contact length: kontaklengte (pantograaf)
contact lever: kontakhefboom
contact lift (contact throw, contact travel): kontakslag
contact making clock: kontaksluitklok
contact-making mechanism: kontaksluitmeganisme
contact manometer: kontakmanometer
contact member (contact element): kontakelement contact-notch segment: kontakkeepsegment contact-opening time: kontakbreektyd (relê) contact-operating bar: kontakbedienstaaf
contact-operating disc: kontakbedienskyf contact-operating lever: kontakbedienhefboom contactor: kontaktor
contactor coil (contactor operating coil): kontaktorspoel, kontaktorbedienspoel
contactor equipment: kontaktoruitrusting
contactor magnetic side plate: magnetiese kontaktorsyplaat
contactor mechanism: kontaktormeganisme
contactor motor starter: kontaktormotoraansitter
contactor operating coil (contactor coil): kontaktorspoel, kontaktorbedienspoel
contactor panel: kontaktorpaneel contact path: kontakbaan contact pillar: kontakpilaar contact pin: kontakpen
contact plate: kontakplaat
contact plug (male plug, plug): kontakprop, prop
contact point (point of contact): 1. kontak-punt 2. raakpunt (wisk.)
contact-point insert (electrode-tip insert): invoegkontakpunt
contact potential (Volta effect): kontak-potensiaal, Volta-effek (verskillende metale in kontak)
contact-potential barrier: kontakpotensiaal-versperring (tussen twee stowwe)
contact-potential difference: Kyk ‘‘contact potential”
contact pressure: kontakdruk
contact pressure gauge: kontakdrukmeter contact pressure spring: kontakdrukveer contact rail (conductor rail): stroomspoor contact rectifier: kontakgelykrigter contact resistance: kontakweerstand contact ring: kontakring
contact rod: kontakstaaf
contact rod guide: kontakstaafleier contact screw: kontakskroef contact segment: kontaksegment
contact separation: 1. kontakskeiding, kon-takbreking 2. (contact clearance, contact gap):
contact shoe (collector shoe): afvoerskoen, kontakskoen, sleepskoen contact skate (sliding contact skate): kon-takskaats (pantograaf) contact slide: kontakskuif
contact slipper: Kyk ‘‘collector shoe', ‘‘contact shoe”
contact spot: kontakkol contact spring: kontakveer contact stick: kontakstok
contact strip (wearing strip): kontakstrook, slytstrook
contact stud: kontakknop
contact support: kontakdraer
contact surface (contact face, engagement face): kontakvlak
contact switching: kontakskakeling
contact system: 1. kontakleiding 2. kontakstelsel contact system gauge: vryruimte profiel van bobaan contact tag: kontakoor (alg.)
contact throw (contact lift, contact travel): kontakslag
contact tip: Kyk “contact point"
contact tongue: kontaktong
contact travel (contact lift, contact throw): kontakslag
contact tube: kontakbuis
contact unit (contacting unit): kontakeenheid
contact voltage: kontakspanning contact voltmeter: kontakvoltmeter contact weight: kontakgewig contact welding: kontaksweising
contact wheel (electrode wheel): elek-trodewiel (naatsweis)
contact wire: rydraad (bobaan)
contact-wire circuit: rydraadkring
container (holder, receiver, receptacle): houer containment building: inperkgebou (kern) containment steel lining: inperk-gebou-staalvoering containment vessel: insluitingsvat (kern) contaminant: smetstof (kern)
contaminate: besmet, besoedel contamination: besmetting, besoedeling contamination level: besmettingspeil (kern) content: gehalte
continental code: kontinentale kode
contingent service (incidental service): bykomstige diens
continued fraction: kettingbreuk
continuity: 1. deurlopendheid, onafgebroken held, kontinulteit 2. samehang, verband
continuity cable-bond: deurlopende kabelmantellas continuity clamp: deurverbindingsklamp, kontinuïteitsklamp continuity test: kontinuïteitstoets
continuous: onafgebroke, deurlopend, kon-tinu, ononderbroke continuous absorption system: deurlopende absorpsiestelsel continuous ash collector: asversamelaar met deurlopende werking continuity fitting: deurverbinding
continuity of service: onafgebroke diens continuity of supply: ononderbroke toevoer continuity test: kontinuïteitstoets continuous belt: deurloopband
continuous chain: ringketting
continuous coiling: deurlopende spiraalwikkeling
continuous control system (servo mechanism): ononderbroke beheerstelsel
continuous current: 1. (direct current): gelyk-stroom 2. deurlopende stroom
continuous-current generator (DC generator, d.c. generator): gelykstroomgenerator (gs.- generator, GS-generator)
continuous-current motor: Kyk ‘direct-current motor’’
continuous-current tests: onafgebrokestroomtoets
continuous curve distance-time protection: afstandbeveiliging met deurlopende tydkromme
continuous cut: deurloopsny
continuous discharge current: deurlopende ontlaaistroom
continuous duty: deurlopende diens
continuous-duty rating: deurlopen-dediens-kenvermoë
continuous electrode: deurlopende elektrode (vir boogoonde)
continuous electromotive force (direct electromotive force): gelyke elektromotoriese krag

continuous-flowing cutting compound: deurlopend vloeiende snymengsel continuous hand-welding current: stroom vir deurlopende handsweising continuous lead: deurloopleiding
continuous-line recorder: deur-lopendelynregistreerder
continuous load current: deur-lopendelas-stroom
continuous-load rating: deurlopendelas-aanslag, deurlopendelaskenvermoë
continuous loading: deurlopende belasting
continuously adjustable capacitor: deurlopend reëlbare kapasitor continuously adjustable inductor: reëlbare induktor continuously adjustable resistor: deurlopend reëlbare resistor contininuously loaded cable: deurlopend be-laste kabel
continuously-running duty: onafgebroke diens (met veranderlike belasting)
continuously variable control: deurlopend reëlbare kontrole
continuously wound: deurlopend gewikkel, aaneengewikkel
continuous maximum rating: deurlopende maksimum kenvermoë (ketel)
continuous miner: aaneendelwer
continuous operation: deurlopende werking
continuous oscillation (undamped oscillation): ongedempte ossillasie
continuous output: deurlopende lewering continuous path: deurlopende baan continuous process: deurlopende proses
continuous rated current: deurlopende kenstroom
continuous rating: 1. deurlopende aanslag 2. (continuous rated power): deurlopende kenvermoë
continuous rotation: deurlopende rotasie, deurlopende draaiing
continuous running: deurlopende werking continuous-running rolling mill: deurlopende wals continuous service: deurlopende diens
continuous spectrum: deurlopende spektrum, ononderbroke spektrum continuous speed adjustment: deurlopende spoedreëling continuous spiral: deurloopspiraal
continuous square thread: deurlopende vier-kantige skroefdraad
continuous supply: ononderbroke toevoer
continuous time curve: deurlopende tydkromme
continuous track circuiting: (throughout track circuiting): deurlopende spoorstroombane continuous tractive effort (abbr. of tractive effort at continuous rating): duurtrekkrag (trekkrag by deurlopende kenvermoë)
continuous voltage-rise test: toets met voort-durende spanningstyging
continuous wave (c.w.): gelykgolf (gg.) continuous winding: aaneenlopende wikkeling
contour: kontoer
contour circuit: kontoerbaan
contour map: kontoerkaart
contour map switch: kontoer-karteerskakelaar
contour operation: kontoerwerking contour plate gauge: kontoerplaatmaat contour profile: kontoerprofiel
contra-clockwise moment (anti-clock wise moment): linksommoment
contract: krimp
contract demand: kontrakaanvraag (which the supplier agrees to have available)
contraction: inkrimping
contractor: 1. kontraktant (deelhebber aan ooreenkoms) 2. kontrakteur (wat diens of produk moet lewer)
contra-flexure: teenbuiging
contrast: kontras
contrast control: kontraskontrole (telev.)
contrast expansion: kontrasuitbreiding
contrast glare: kontrasskittering
contrast gradient: kontrasgradiënt
contrast hue (relative hue): relatiewe skakering
contrast photometer (equality of brightness photometer, equality of contrast photometer, equality of luminosity photometer): kontrasfotometer
contrast range: kontrasbestek, kontrasstrek
contrast sensitivity: kontrasgevoeligheid, kontrassensitiwiteit
contravention: oortreding
contrivance: hulptoestel, noodtoestel
control n.: 1. (abstract): beheer (abstrak) 2. (controller): kontrole (konkreet)
control v.: beheer
control air: beheerlug
control air compressor: beheerlug-kompressor
control air failure: beheerlugonderbreking

control air pressure: beheerlugdruk control air reservoir: beheerlugreservoir control amplifier: kontroleversterker
control and starter link: • beheer-en-aansitterskakel control apparatus (controller apparatus): beheerapparaat control bias rectifier: gelykrigter met kontrolevoorspanning control board: kontrolebord
control brush arm: kontroleborselarm
control bus selector switch: beheerstamkiesskakelaar
control button: kontroleknop
control cable: 1. (aux. cable for measuring, control, protection and communication circuits): beheerkabel 2. kontrolekabel
control camshaft: kontrolenokas
control characteristic: beheerkenkromme
control circuit: beheerkring
control circuit apparatus: beheerkringapparaat control circuit transformer: beheerkringtransformator control code: kontrolekode
controlled conditions: beheerde toestande control connection: kontroleverbinding control console: beheerkonsole
control contact (controlling contact): kontrolekontak
control coupler plug: kontrolekoppelaarprop control coupler socket: kontrole koppelaarsok control cubicle: beheerhokkie
control current (controlling current): beheerstroom
control desk: kontrolebank
control device: beheertoestel
controlled size reduction: gekontroleerde groottevermindering (brandstof)
control electrode: beheerelektrode
control element: kontrole-element
control equipment (control gear): beheeruitrusting
control exciter: kontroleopwekker control field current: beheerveldstroom control finger: kontrolevinger
control fittings: kontroletoebehore
control fuse: beheersekering
control gear (control equipment): beheeruitrusting
control governor: kontrolereëlaar
control grid: beheerrooster
control-grid battery (C-battery, grid bias battery): C-battery, roostervoorspan n ingsbáttery
control-grid modulation: beheerroostermodulasie control grid voltage: beheerroosterspanning control handle: kontrolehandvatsel
control head: kontrolekop
control impedance: kontrole-impedansie
control indicator: kontrolewyser
control input: kontrole-inset
control instrument (controller instrument): kontrole-instrument
control insulator: kontrole-isolator control jumper cable: kontrole-oorleikabel control knob: kontroleknop
controlled atmosphere: beheerde atmosfeer controlled beam: beheerde bundel controlled rectifier: beheerde gelykrigter controlled running: beheerde loop controller: kontroleur
controller apparatus (control apparatus): beheerapparaat
controller drum segment: beheertromsegment
controller instrument (control instrument): kontrole-instrument
controller regulator: beheerderreëlaar controller resistance: beheerderweerstand control lever: beheerhefboom
control line: kontrolekabel
control mechanism: beheermeganisme controlling battery: beheerbattery controlling coil: beheerspoel
controlling current (control current): beheerstroom
controlling element: beheerelement controlling force: beheerkrag controlling system: beheerstelsel controlling torque: beheerwringkrag control magnet: rigmagneet
control oil: beheerolie
control oil filter: beheeroliefilter
control panel: beheerpaneel
control panel layout: beheerpaneeluitleg
control panel supply: beheerpaneeltoevoer
control panel wiring diagram: beheerpaneelbedradingsdiagram
control position: beheerpunt, kontrolepunt
control pressure: beheerdruk
control pushbutton: beheerdrukknop
control ratio: 1. beheerverhouding (alg.) 2. kontroleverhouding (draerstelsel)
control relay: beheerrelê
control reservoir: kontrolereservoir control rod: beheerstaaf (kernenergie) control room: beheerkamer
controls: kontroles
control schematic (control schematic diagram): skematiese kontrolediagram
control schematic diagram (control schematic): skematiese kontrolediagram control selector: beheerkieser
control selector switch: beheerkiesskakelaar
control set: beheerstel
control shaft: kontroleas
control sheet (check sheet): kontrolestaat
control signal: beheersein
control switch: beheerskakelaar
control switchgroup: beheerskakelaargroep
control system: beheerstelsel control terminal: kontroleaansluiter control track: beheerbaan
control unit: beheereenheid control valve: beheerklep control vanes: beheerwieke
control voltage: beheerspanning
control wheel (regulating wheel): kontrolewiel
control winding: beheerwikkeling
control winding current: beheerwikkelingstroom
control wiring: kontrolebedrading
converted heat: konveksiewarmte
convection coil: konveksiespiraal (pype -superverhitter)
convection current: konveksiestroom
convection-type heater: konveksieverwarmer convector: konvektor (verwarmer met konveksiewerking) convector reflector: konvektorweerkaatser
convenient scale: gerieflike skaal
conventional island: konvensionele eiland (turbine-en-generatorkompleks)
conventional sign: gebruiklike teken, konvensionele teken
converge: ineenloop, konvergeer, saamloop
convergence ratio: konvergensieverhouding
convergent beam (converging beam): ineen-lopende bundel, konvergerende bundel
convergent rays: ineenlopende strale, konvergerende strale
converging beam (convergent beam): ineenlopende bundel, konvergerende bundel
converging lens: konvergeerlens, saamtreklens
conversion: 1. herleiding (wisk.) 2. omsetting (bv. een vorm v. energie in ’n ander) 3. (remodelling): ombouing
conversion coefficient: omsettingskoëffisiënt
conversion conductance (conversion transconductance): omsitkonduktansie, omsittranskonduktansie
conversion efficiency: omsettingsrendement (elek. omsetting)
conversion factor: herleidingsfaktor conversion kit: omsitstel, omsituitrusting conversion loan: omsettingslening conversion ratio: omsitverhouding (transf.) conversion relay set: omsitrelêstel conversion table: 1. herleitabel 2. omsittabel
conversion transconductance (conversion conductance): omsitkonduktansie, omsittranskonduktansie (elektronebuis)
conversion transformer: omsittransformator
convert: 1. herlei (wisk.) 2. omsit (bv. frekwen-sie) 3. (remodel): ombou
converter: omsetter, konvertor converter apparatus: omsitapparaat converter equipment: omsetteruitrusting converter reactor: omsitreaktor
converter station: omsitstasie (alg., ws in gs.

of omgekeerd)
converter tube: omsitbuis
converting plant: omsitinstallasie, omsituitrusting
converting transmitter: omsitsender convex: bol-, bolrond, konveks convex blade: konvekslem
convex cutter: bolfrees
convex lens: bollens, konvekse lens
convexo-concave: holbol-, konveks-konkaaf
convexo-convex (biconvex): bikonveks, dubbelkonveks
convey: 1. oorbring (krag), oordra 2. vervoer
conveyor: vervoerder
conveyor belt: vervoerband
conveyor board: vervoerderbord conveyor drive: vervoerderaandrywing conveyor hooter: vervoerdertoeter conveyor machinery: vervoermasjinerie conveyor substation: vervoerdersubstasie
conveyor system (conveying system): vervoerstelsel
conveyor transformer: vervoerder-transformator
cool v.: 1. koel, verkoel 2. afkoel
cool air: koellug
coolant: 1. (cooling agent, cooling medium, 2. refrigerant): koelmiddel
coolant circulation: koelmiddelsirkulasie
coolant head tank: koelmiddelbotenk
coolant leak detector: koelmiddel-lekverklikker coolant make-up strainer: koel-middel-aanvulsif coolant panel: koelmiddelpaneel
coolant pump: koelmiddelpomp coolant purifier: koelmiddeisuiweraar coolant test: koelmiddeltoets
cool down (cool): 1. afkoel 2. verkoel cooled-anode valve: verkoelde anode-buis cooler: koeler, verkoeler
cooler air vent: koeler-luguitlater
cooler body: koelerromp (dreineerwater)
cooling: 1. koeling, verkoeling 2. afkoeling
cooling agent: 1. (coolant, cooling medium, 2. refrigerant): koelmiddel
cooling air: koellug
cooling area: koeloppervlakte
cooling coefficient: koelingskoëffisiënt
cooling coil (refrigerant coil, refrigerator coil): koelkronkel
cooling condensate differential pressure: koelkondensaatdifferensiaaldruk
cooling condensate pressure: koelkondensaatdruk cooling curve: koelingskromme, koelkromme cooling duct: koelkanaal
cooling fan: koelwaaier cooling fin: koelvin cooling funnel: koeltregter cooling gas: koelgas cooling grate: koelrooster cooling load: koellas
cooling lubricant: koelsmeermiddel
cooling medium: 1. (coolant, cooling agent 2. refrigerant): koelmiddel
cooling pipe: koelpyp cooling plant: koelinstallasie cooling pump: koelpomp cooling ribs: koelvinne cooling slit: koelspleet cooling stack: koelstapel
cooling surface: koeloppervlak cooling system: koelstelsel cooling tank: koeltenk
cooling time-constante: koelingstydkonstante
cooling tower: koeltoring
cooling tower pond: koeltoringopgaardam cooling tower shell: koeltoringromp cooling stack: verkoelingstapel
cooling water: koelwater
cooling water booster pump: koelwateraanjapomp
co-ordinate: koórdinaat
co-ordinate axis: koórdinaatas
co-ordinated transposition: gekoórdineerde transposisie

co-ordinating (spark) gap: koórdinasiegaping, koórdinerende vonkgaping
co-ordination of insulation: isolasiekoórdinering
Copes valve: Copesklep
coplanar electrodes: saamvlakkige elektrodes
coplanar forces: saamvlakkige kragte
copper: koper
copper v. (copper-plate): verkoper copper alloy: koperallooi, koperlegering copper brush: koperborsel
copper clad: koperbeklee
copperclad connecting wire: koperstaaldraadverbinding
copper-clad steel conductor: Kyk “steel-cored copper conductor*
copper conductor: kopergeleier
copper connector: koperverbinder
copper contact strip: koperkontakstrook
copper-covered steel wire: Kyk “steel-cored copper wire’’
copper disc: koperskyf
copper discoloration: koperverkleuring coppered (copper-plated): verkoper copper electrode: koperelektrode
copper equivalent: koperekwivalent (aluminiumhoeveelheidkoper)
copper factor: koperfaktor (elektr. masjien)
copper ferrule: koperbeslagpypie copper foil: bladkoper, koperfoelie copper gauze: kopergaas
copper graphite brush: kopergrafietborsel coppering (copper plating): verkopering copper jointing sleeve: koperlashuls
copper loss (direct load loss, I2R loss): koperverlies, l2R-verlies
copper oxide: koperoksied
copper oxide plate: koperoksiedplaat
copper oxide rectifier: koperoksiedgelykrigter
copper pad: koperblok, koperkussing
copper pipe: koperpyp
copper plate (sheet copper): koperplaat, plaatkoper
copper-plate (copper) v.: verkoper
copper segment: kopersegment
copper sheath (copper sheating): koperman-tel, koperhulsel
copper sleeve: koperhuls
copper slug: kopervertraaghuls (relê) copper space factor: kopervulfaktor copper steam pipe: koperstoompyp copper strap: koperband
copper strip: koperstrook
copper sulphate: kopersulfaat
copper sulphate dip test: kopersulfaatindooptoets copper-sulphate solution: kopersulfaatoplossing copper thread compound: koperskroefdraadmengsel copper-tin alloy: kopertinallooi, kopertinlegering copper volume: kopervolume
copper washer: koperwaster
copper-weld wire (copperclad steel wire): koperbekledestaaldraad, koperomhulde staaldraad, koperstaaldraad
copper wire: koperdraad
copper-zinc alloy: kopersinkallooi, kopersinklegering
copying device: kopieerder, kopieertoestel
copying finger: kopieerstif
cord: koord, snoer
cord armouring: koordpantser
cord circuit: koordbaan
cord fastener: koordhegstuk cord grip (flex grip): koordklem cord lamp: koordlamp
cord repair pliers: koordhersteltang
cord shortener: koordsteller, snoerrol
cord switch: koordskakelaar
cord terminal strip: koordaansluitstrook
core: 1. hart (reaktor) 2. aar, kern (kabels) 3. kern (alg.) 4. pit
core v.: holgiet (metaal)
core balance: kernbalans
core balance protective system: kernbalans-beveiligingstelsel (aardlekke, meerfasige stelsels)
core balance system: kernbalansstelsel (transformator)
core balance transformer: kern-balanstransformator
core box: 1. hartkis (reaktor) 2. kernkas (gietery) 3. kernkis (geol.)
cored carbon: kernkoolstof(staaf) (booglamp)
core diameter: kerndiameter
cored electrode: kernelektrode (sweis)
core density: kerndigtheid
core diameter (root diameter): kerndiameter (bv. v. skroefdraad)
core disc: Kyk “core lamination”
core duct: kernluggang, kernventileerkanaal (elek. masjiene) core end plate (core flange): kernentplaat (magn. kern) core fault: kernfout
core flange: Kyk “core end plate”
core flux: kernvloed
core iron: kernyster
core lamination (core punching): kernlamel
core leg: kernbeen (magn. kern)
core length: kernlengte (oorlangs)
coreless induction furnace: kernlose induksieoond
coreless transformer: kernlose transformator
core loss: kernverlies
core plate: Kyk “core lamination”
core pole face: kernpoolvlak
core punching (core lamination): kernlamel
core ratio: kernverhouding
core saturation: kernversadiging
core section: 1. kerngedeelte (motor) 2. kern-profiel (kabel)
core sectional area: kerndeur-sneeoppervlakte
core transformer (core-type transformer): kerntransformator core-type transformer (core transformer): kerntransformator core-type single-phase transformer: een-fasige kerntransformator cork board: kurkbord
corner bracket (angle bracket): hoeksteun corner fired burner: hoekgestookte brander corner mast: hoekmas

corner post: hoekhaak, hoekpen (bedradingstuig)
corner reflector: hoekreflektor Cornwall boiler: Cornwall-ketel corner strain clamp: hoekspanklamp corona: korona
corona discharge: korona-ontlading corona effect (corona): korona corona recharge: korona-oplading corona loss: koronaverlies
corona ring: koronaring
corona screen: koronaskerm
corona voltmeter: koronavoltmeter correct: 1. korrigeer 2. (adjust): regstel corrected bearing: gekorrigeerde peiling
corrected effective output: gekorrigeerde ef-fektiewe lewering (van ’n hittemotor)
corrected kW.h: gekorrigeerde kW.h
correcting coil (peaking coil): korreksiespoel
correcting device: korreksietoestel correcting magnet: korreksiemagneet correcting network: korreksienet correcting weight: korreksiegewig
correction: 1. korreksie 2. (adjustment): regstelling
correction curve: korreksiekromme correction factor: korreksiefaktor corrective action: korrigeerwerking
corrective maintenance: korrektiewe onderhoud corrective network (correcting network): korreksienet correct meshing: korrekte inkamming
correctness: juistheid, korrektheid
correct operation: korrekte werking (bv. beveiliging) corrector: 1. korrektor, korrigeerder 2. regsteller corrector choke: korreksiesmoorspoel
correlation computer: korrelasierekenaar correspondence light: kloplig correspondence relay: kloprelê corresponding force: ooreenstemmende krag
corresponding values: ooreenkomstige waardes
corridor equipment: ganguitrusting
corridor switchboard (duplex switchboard): dubbele skakelbord met tussengang
corrode: korrodeer corrodible: korrodeerbaar corrosion: korrosie
corrosion inhibitor: korrosieweerder
corrosion proof (corrosion resistant): kor-rosiebestand, korrosievas
corrosion-resistance: korrosievastheid, korrosiebestandheid
corrosion resistant: 1. (anti-corrosive): kor-rosiewerend 2. (corrosion-proof): korrosie-bestand, korrosievas
corrosion resistant finish: korrosiebestande afwerking corrosion resistant paint: korrosiewerende verf corrosion resistant serving: korrosiewerende dekking corrosive n.: korrodeermiddel
corrosive adj.: korrodeer-, korroderend corrosive action: korrodeerwerking corrugated: geriffel, gegolf
corrugated cable sheathing (flexible armouring): buigsame kabelmantel
corrugated cooling fin: geriffelde koelvin, riffelkoelvin
corrugated expansion joint: geriffelde uitdy-las, geriffelde uitdyvoeg
corrugated furnace tube: geriffelde oondpyp corrugated joint: riffellas, riffelvoeg corrugated pipe: riffelpyp
corrugated ring: riffelring
corrugated-tank transformer: riffeltenktransformator
corrugation: riffel
corundum: korund
cosine curve: kosinuskromme
cosine error: kosinusfout
cosine law (Lambert’s cosine law): kosinuswet cosine law of emission: kosinuswet van uitstraling cosine law of illumination: kosinuswet van verligting cosine-squared pulse: kosinuskwadraatpuls
cosine rules: kosinusreëls
cosine wave: kosinusgolf
cosmic radiation: kosmiese straling
cost analysis sheet: koste-ontledingstaat
cotter (cotter pin): dwarsspy
cotter foundation bolt: fundasiespybout
cotter-key holder: dwarsspyhouer
cotter-key installing tool: dwarsspy-insteker
cotter-key pusher: dwarsspystoter
cotter pin: 1. (cotter): dwarsspy 2. (split pin): splitpen cotton belting: 1. katoenband 2. katoenbandwerk cotton-braided cable: katoenomvlegte kabel
cotton braiding: katoenomvlegting
cotton-covered cable: katoenbeklede kabel cotton-covered wire: katoenbeklede draad cotton covering: katoenbekleding
cotton fabric: katoendoek
cotton-insulated cable: katoengeïsoleerde kabel
cotton lapping: katoenoorslagwindsel cotton packing: katoenpakking cotton rope: katoentou
cotton tape: katoenband
cotton webbing: katoentouweefsel cotton worming: katoentussenwindsel coulomb (c): coulomb (c)
Coulomb’s law: wet van Coulomb
coulometer (voltameter): coulometer, voltameter
counter: teller
counteract: teenwerk
counterbalance (counterweight, counterpoise): teengewig, teëwig (ook fig.)
counterbalance v.: teenbalanseer counterbore n.: teenboring counterbore v.: teenboor counterbored hole: teengeboorde gat
counterbrace (cross-brace): kruisverspanner
counterbracing (cross-bracing): kruisverspan-ning, kruisverspanners
counter-clockwise (anti-clockwise): links om, teenkloksgewys
counter-clockwise rotation (anti-clockwise rotation): linksom draaiing, teenkloksgewyse draaiing

counter-compound motor: Kyk “differential compound motor”
counter-compound winding: Kyk “differential compound winding”
counter current (inverse current, reverse current): teenstroom, trustroom (alg.)
counter electrode: teenelektrode
counter electromotive force (back electromotive force, back e.m.f.): teenelek-tromotoriese krag, teen-e.m.k.
counter-excitation: teenopwekking
counter-flow condenser: teenvloei-kondensator
counter-phase (anti-phase): teenfase
counterpoise: 1. (counterbalance, counter weight): teengewig, teëwig (ook fig.) 2. (artificial earth, capacitance earth, counterpoise earth): teenwigaarde
counterpoise earth (artificial earth, capacitance earth, counter poise): teenwigaarde
counter-relay: teenrelê
counter-rotate: teenoorgesteld draai (helftes van spilrat)
countershaft: tussenas countershaft pulley: tussenaskatrol countersink: versink
countersunk screw: versinkskroef, versonke skroef
countersunk rivet: versonke klinknael
counter-threaded collar: kraag met teen-gerigte draad
counterweight (counterbalance, counterpoise): teengewig, teëwig (ook fig.)
counterweight arm: teëwigarm, teengewigarm
counting circuit: telbaan
counting device: teltoestel
counting frequency meter: telfrekwensiemeter
counting mechanism (register): register, tel-meganisme (van ’n meter)
counting relay (metering relay): telrelê
couple n.: 1. koppel 2. paar
couple back (feed back, react): terugkoppel (radio) coupled axles: gekoppelde asse (bv. motorvoertuig) coupled circuit: gekoppelde kring
coupled surge: geinduseerde stuwing
coupled switches (linked switches): gekoppelde skakelaars (meganies) coupled wheel-base (fixed wheel-base, rigid wheel-base): vasteasafstand coupler: 1. koppelaar (elek.) 2. (coupling sleeve): koppelstuk
coupler plug: koppelprop
coupler switch (coupling switch): koppelskakelaar
coupling: 1. koppeling (ook bane, kringe) 2. koppelflens (golfleier)
coupling block: koppelblok
coupling box: koppelkas
coupling capacitor (blocking capacitor, buffer capacitor, stopping capacitor): sperkapasitor
coupling capacitance: koppelkapasitansie
coupling circuit: koppelkring
coupling cock: koppelkraan
coupling coefficient (coefficient of coupling, coefficient of inductive coupling): koppelkoëffisiënt
coupling coil: koppelspoel
coupling condenser: Kyk “coupling capacitor”
coupling device: koppeltoestel coupling disc: koppelskyf coupling effect: koppeleffek coupling element: koppelelement coupling error: koppelfout
coupling factor: koppelfaktor (van ’n golfleier) coupling flange (connection flange): koppelflens coupling guard: koppelingskerm
coupling linkage: koppeling (elek.) coupling loop: koppellus coupling pin: koppelpen
coupling resistor: koppelresistor coupling sleeve: koppelhuls coupling spring: koppelveer
coupling switch (coupler switch): koppelskakelaar
coupling transformer (CPL TRFR): kop-peltransformator (KPL-TRFR)
cove lighting: hollysverligting, nisverligting
cover n.: 1. deksel, dekstuk 2. bedekking 3. (covering): bekleding (draad) 4. dekking 5. dop 6. (sheath, sheathing): hulsel, omhulsel
cover v.: 1. bedek, toemaak (alg.) 2. beklee 3. omhul
coverage: dekking (versekering) cover casting: dopgietstuk cover clamp: dekselklamp cover clip: deksekklem
cover door: sluitdeur
covered: 1. bedek 2. beklee 3. (sheathed): omhul (kabels) covered electrode (coated electrode): bedekte elektrode covered wire: beklede draad
covered-wire circuit: beklededraad-kring
covering: 1. (cover): bedekking 2. (cover): bekleding (draad) 3. hulsel, omhulsel
cover plate: 1. (faceplate): afsluitplaat 2. dekplaat
cover plug: dekprop
cover removing (sheath stripping): stroping
cover stop: dekselstuiter
coverup technique: bedektegniek C power supply: C-kragtoevoer crab (crab winch): krapwenas crab winch (crab): krapwenas crack n.: bars
crack v.: skreef (klep), effens oopmaak
crack detector: kraakspeurder
crack detector compound: kraak-speurmengsel
cracked: gebars
cracked carbon resistor: gekraakte kool-resistor
crackle: knetter
crackle finish: kraaklaag, windbarsafwerking
crackle test: kraaktoets (isoleerolie)

crackling: geknetter, knettering
crack locator: kraakbepaler
cradle: 1. wieg (motor) 2. (catch net, cradle guard): vangnet, veiligheidsnet
cradle base: wiegvoetstuk
cradle cross arm: vangnetdwarsarm
cradle guard (catch net, cradle): vangnet, veiligheidsnet
cradle pole: vangnetpaal cradle switch: mikskakelaar cradle wire: vangnetdraad cradle type clamp: wiegklamp
cradle type suspension clamp: wieghangklamp
cramp n.: klamp
cramp v.: klamp, vasklamp crane: kraan, hyskraan crane brake: kraanrem crane chain: kraanketting
crane column (crane post): kraanspil
crane head: kraankop
crane hook: kraanhaak
crane isolator: hyskraanafsonderskakelaar crane post (crane column): kraanspil crane rail: kraanspoor
crane rope: kraantou
crank n.: kruk
crank v.: slinger, draai
crank angle: krukhoek
crank-angle base: krukhoekbasis
crank arm: krukarm crankcase: krukkas crank disc: krukskyf
cranked coil: gekrukte spoel
cranked compound lever: saamgestelde krukhefboom
cranked handle (crank handle): slinger cranked lever (crank lever): krukhefboom cranked trip rod: gekrukte uitklinkstang crank end: krukend
crank handle (cranked handle): slinger
cranking contactor (starting contactor): aansitkontaktor
crank journal (crankshaft journal): krukastap crank lever (cranked lever): krukhefboom crank-pin: krukpen
crank-pin block: krukpenblok crank-pin circle: krukpensirkel crank plunger: krukplunjer crank radius: krukstraal crankshaft: krukas
crankshaft journal (crank journal): krukastap crankshaft web (crank web): krukwang crank spindle: slingerspil
crank-spindle ratio: kruk-spilverhouding crank web (crankshaft web): krukwang cratering: kratervorming, kratering crawling: kruip (van ’n asinchrone masjien)
crazing: windbarsies (isolator)
creep n.: kruiping
creep v.: kruip (bv. metaal)
creepage: kruiping
creepage distance: kruipafstand
creep limit: kruipgrens
creep resistance: kruipweerstand
creep speed: kruipspoed
creosoted pole: gekreosoteerde paal crescent-shaped blade: sekelvormige blad crescent-shaped cam: sekelnok
crest (peak, top): kruin, spits, top
crest current: kruinstroom
crest diameter: kruindiameter
crest factor (amplitude factor, peak factor): kruinfaktor crest level: kruinvlak (water) crest of thread: skroefdraadkruin crest value (peak value): kruinwaarde
crest voltmeter: topspanningsmeter
crevice corrosion: spleetkorrosie, raakvlakkorrosie
crimp: krimp, wurg (huls)
crimping ferrule: krimplashuls, wurglashuls crimping pliers: 1. krimptang, wurgtang 2. (detonator pliers): doppietang
crimping tool: krimplasser, wurglasser criterion of degeneracy: ontaardingskriterium critical angle: kritieke hoek
critical angle of radiation: kritieke stralings-hoek, kritieke uitstraalhoek
critical build-up resistance: kritieke opbouweerstand critical build-up speed: kritieke opbousnelheid critical coupling: kritieke koppeling
critical damping: kritieke demping
critical dimension (broad dimension): kritieke afmeting (golfleier)
critical grid current: kritieke roosterstroom critical grid voltage: kritieke roosterspanning critical impulse: kritieke impuls
critical impulse flashover voltage: kritieke-impulsoorvonkspanning
critical impulse time: kritieke-impulstyd
critical level: kritieke peil critical mass: kritieke massa critical point: kritieke punt critical reactor: kritieke reaktor
critical resistance: kritieke weerstand critical self-excitation: kritieke selfopwekking critical size: kritieke grootte
critical slope: kritieke helling
critical speed (whirling speed): kritieke spoed critical speed: kritieke snelheid (van ’n snelmasjien) critical steam pressure: kritieke stoomdruk
critical temperature: kritieke temperatuur critical tuning: kritieke instemming critical value: kritieke waarde
critical voltage: kritieke spanning
critical-voltage parabola (cut-off parabola): kritiekespanningsparabool
critical withstand current: kritieke weerstaan-stroom (sonder voorkoms van deurslagontlading)
critical withstand voltage: kritieke weerstaanspanning
crocodile clip (alligator clip): kaaimanklem
Crookes (Hittorf dark space, cathode dark space): Crookes of Hittorf se donkerruimte, katodedonkerruimte
Crosby clip: Crosby-klem
cross adjustment: dwarsverstelling
cross arm: dwarsarm
cross-arm brace: dwarsarmspanstuk
cross-arm eye bolt: dwarsarmoogbout

cross-arm eye link: dwarsarmoogskakel
cross-arm saddle: dwarsarmsaal
cross-arm shroud: dwarsarmskerm (lewendigelynwerk)
cross-arm strap: dwarsarmstrop
cross-arm strut: dwarsarmstut
cross-arm tie-strap: dwarsarmbindband
cross-arm type tong saddle: dwarsarm-tangsaal cross bar: 1. dwarsstaaf 2. dwarsbalk 3. kruisstang cross-bar moving contact: dwarsstaafbeweegkontak cross bar pivot pin: dwarsstaafspilpen
cross-bar transformer (bar-and-posttransformer): T-omvormer (golfleier)
cross beam: dwarsbalk
cross-blast explosion pot (cross-jet explosion pot): dwarsstraalplofpot
cross-blast oil circuit-breaker (cross-jet circuit breaker): dwarsstraalstroombreker
cross bond: dwars-deurverbinder (spoorstawe, elek. traksie)
cross bonding: meervoudige kabel-hulsellaswerk
cross-brace (cross-bracing, counter bracing): kruisverspanstuk
cross cable-bond: meervoudige kabelhulsellas
cross clamp: kruisklamp
cross-connect: kruisverbind
cross-connecting point: kruisverbindingspunt cross-connecting valve: dwarsverbindklep cross-connecting wire: kruisverbindingsdraad cross-connection: kruisverbinding
cross-connection wire (jumper wire): oorleidraad
cross-connection distributing ring (jumper distributing ring, jumper ring): oorleidingring
cross-connection field (jumper field): oorleidingveld
cross-connector: kruisverbinder
cross-country transmission line: veldtransmissielyn
cross-coupling: kruiskoppeling
crossed belt: oorkruisband
crossed-belt drive: oorkruisbandaandrywing
cross feed n.: dwarstoevoer
cross feed v.: dwarsvoer
cross feed handle: dwarsvoerhandvatsel cross feed screw: dwarsvoerskroef cross feed spindle: dwarsvoerspil crossed joint: kruislas
cross-field: dwarsveld
cross-field generator: dwarsveldgenerator
cross-field machine: dwarsveldmasjien
crosshead: 1. ankerbeuel (paalanker) 2. kruiskop (dryfstang) 3. kruisstuk (rem) 4. steunraam (parallelskuifklep)
crossing: 1. kruising 2. oorgang crossing of phases: kruising van fases crossing span: kruisspan
crossing span structure: kruisspanstruktuur
cross-jet arc control pot: dwarsstraalboogkontrolepot
cross-jet circuit-breaker (cross-blast oil circuit-breaker): dwarsstraalstroombreker
cross-jet explosion pot (cross-blast explosion pot): dwarsstraalplofpot
cross-linked polyethylene: kruisgebonde poliëtileen
cross-magnetisation: dwarsmagnetisering
cross-magnetising ampere-turns: dwarsmag-netiserende ampêrewindings
cross-magnetising component: dwarsmag-netiserende komponent
cross-magnetising field: dwarsmagnetiseerveld
cross-magnetising flux: dwarsmagnetiseervloed
cross multiply: kruisvermenigvuldig
cross-neutralisation: kruisneutralisasie
crossover (cross-over point): kruispunt (bv. bundel)
cross-piece: dwarsstuk
cross-over (cross-over point): kruispunt (bv. bundel)
cross-over coil: oorgangspoel
cross-over distortion: kruisvervorming
cross-over frequency (transition frequency): oorgangsfrekwensie (verdeelnet)
cross-over network: frekwensieverdeelnet
cross-over pipe: oorkruispyp
cross-over point (cross-over): kruispunt (bv. bundel)
cross-under pipe: onderkruispyp cross-over valve: kruisvoerklep cross piece: dwarsstuk
cross plate: dwarsplaat
crosspoint selector (switch): kruispuntkieser
cross-polarisation: kruispolari-seringApolarisasie
cross-polarised component: dwars-gepolariseerde komponent
cross product (vector product): vektorproduk cross protection relay: kruisbeveiligingsrelê cross-rail: dwarsreling
cross-section: 1. deursnee (kernfisika) 2. dwarsdeursnee, dwarsdeursnit 3. dwarsprofiel
cross-sectional area (area of cross-section): dwarsdeursneeoppervlakte
cross-sectional elevation: dwarsdeursnee-aansig cross span: 1. dwarsspan (elek.) 2. dwarsdraad cross-span suspension: dwarsspanhanging
cross-span suspension by means of cable-girders: kabelportaal
cross-span wire: dwarsspandraad (glydraadhanging)
cross splice: kruissplitslas cross splicing: kruissplitsing cross stringer: dwarsspandraad cross tie: dwarsbint
cross-travel lead: dwarsglydraad
cross traverse (crosswise motion, transverse motion): dwarsbeweging, oorkruis-beweging, sydelingse beweging
cross-traverse screw: dwarsvoerskroef
cross tube: dwarspyp
cross ventilation: dwarsventilasie
crosswise direction: oorkruisrigting, dwarsrigting
crosswise motion (cross traverse,

transverse motion): dwarsbeweging, oorkruis-beweging, sydelingse beweging
crown: kruin (van suier)
crowned face: geronde vlak
crowned-rim pulley: katrol met geronde veiling crowning (rounding): ronding (katrolvelling) crown of furnace (furnace crown): vuurtop (oond) crown-pin coupling: kroonpenkoppeling
crown valve: kruinklep
crucible: smeltkroes
crucible cast steel (crucible steel): kroesstaal crucible steel (crucible cast steel): kroesstaal cruciform core: kruisvormige kern
cruciform yoke plate: kruisjukplaat
crude coal tar: rukoolteer
crude metallic copper: rumetaalkoper crude water (raw water): ruwater crumble: verbrokkel, verkrummel
crush: 1. vergruis 2. fynstamp 3. ineendruk
crushed coal: gemaalde steenkool
crusher (pulveriser): vergruiser crusher plant: vergruisaanleg crushing and screening: maal en sit crushing cycles: vergruisingstappe crushing stress: saampersspanning
cryogenics: kriogenetika (studie van materiale by lae temperatuur)
crystal: kristal
crystal circuit: kristalkring
crystal control: kristalbeheer
crystal diode (crystal rectifier): kristaldiode, seingelykrigter
crystal filter: kristalfilter
crystal formation (crystallisation): kristal-vorming, kristallisasie crystallisation: kristallisasie, (verandering, om-vorming tot kristalle) crystal oscillator (crystal controlled oscillator): kristalossillator crystal rectifier (crystal diode): kristal-gelykrigter, kristaldiode crystal vibrator: kristaltriller
cube: kubus
cubic capacity: kubieke inhoudsvermoë
cubic centimetre (cm3): kubiekesentimeter (cm3)
cubic expansion: volume-uitsetting
cubic expansion coefficient (volumetric expansion coefficient): volume-uitsettings-koëffisiënt
cubic metre (m3): kubieke meter (mJ) cubicle: 1. kamertjie 2. (booth): hok, hokkie cubicle heater: hokkieverwarmer
culvert: duiker
cum-a-long: cum-a-long (klamp)
cumulative action: kumulatiewe werking
cumulative compounded: met kumulatiewe serie-en sjuntwikkeling
cumulative compound excitation: kumulatiewe serieparallelopwekking (mee-werkende serieparallelopwekking)
cumulative compound generator: kumulatiewe serieparallelgenerator cumulative compound motor: kumulatiewe serieparallelmotor cumulative deviation: kumulatiewe afwyking
cumulative distorsion (additive distorsion): kumulatiewe vervorming
cumulative effect: kumulatiewe effek
cumulative excitation: kumulatiewe opwek-king (atome) cumulative ionisation: kumulatiewe ionisering (van ’n gas of damp) cup:dop
Cupal disc: Cupalskyf
cup-and-bucket circuit: vul-en-ledigkring (kontroletoetskring)
cup-and-cone fracture: kelkvormige breuk
cup grinding wheel: hoi slypwiel cup head rivet: rondekopklinknael cup leather: dopwaster, bakwaster cupola furnace: koepeloond
curie: curie (eenheid van radioaktiwiteit)
Curie point: Curiepunt (ferromagn. word paramagn.)
curing (seasoning): droging (hout)
curl field: rotasieveld
current: stroom
current amplification: stroomversterking current antinode: stroomteennodus current axis: stroom as
current balance protection: stroombalansbeveiliging current balance relay: stroombalansseerrelê current balancing reactor: stroombalanseerreaktor
current breaker (breaker, circuit breaker): stroombreker
current-breaking capacity: stroombreekvermoë
current carrier: stroomdraer
current-carrying: stroomdraend
current-carrying capacity: stroomdravermoë current-carrying conductor: stroomdraende geleier current-carrying terminal: stroomdraende klem current chopping level: stroomafsnypeil
current circuit: 1. stroom kring 2. seriekring (instrumente)
current coil: stroomspoel
current collector: stroomafnemer current component: stroomkomponent current conduction: stroomgeleiding
current consumption (consumption of current): stroomverbruik
current convertor: stroomkonvertor, stroomomsitter
current curve: stroomkromme
current cut-off (current cut-off overload protector): lasoorstroombeperker
current density: stroomdigtheid (ampere per dwarsdeursneeoppervl.)
current directional relay (reverse-current relay): trustroomrelê (gelykstroom in een rig-ting toegelaat)
current divider: stroomdeler
current drain (drain): 1. stroomtrekking 2. stroomtrekker
current efficiency: stroomrendement
current failure (lack of current): stroomonderbreking

current feed (current supply): stroomtoevoer current feed back: stroomterugkoppeling current flow: stroomvloei
current flux: Kyk “electric flux’’ current form: stroomvorm current fuse: stroomsekering current gain: stroomwins current impulse: stroomimpuls current indicator: stroomwyser current inrush: instootstroom
current intensity (current strength): stroomsterkte
current lag: stroomnaloop current lead: stroomvoorloop current leakage: stroomlekkasie
current limit control: 1. stroomgrensbeheer (stroombeheer) 2. beheer met stroom-begrensing (spoedbeheer)
current limiter: stroombegrenser
current-limiting circuit: stroombegrenskring current-limiting coil: stroombegrensspoel current-limiting fuse: stroombegrenssekering current-limiting range: stroom begrensingsbestek
current-limiting resistance: Kyk “current-limiting resistor’’ current-limiting resistor: (stroom)begrensresistor current loading: stroombelasting, stroomlas
current loss (loss of current): stroomverlies
current-measuring instrument: stroommeetinstrument
current node: stroomnodus
current-operated balanced relay: stroomgë-balanseerde relê
current-operated device: stroomgewerkte toestel
current-operated leakage trip: stroomlekklinkskakelaar
current-operated thermal starter: stroomgewerkte termoaansitter
current output: stroomlewering
current overload relay (current-tripped overload relay): stroomoorlasrelê
current peak: stroomspits, stroomtop
current phase-balance protection: fase-balansveveiliging, faseonbalans-stroombreker
current polarity: stroompolariteit current protection: stroombeveiliging current pulse: stroompuls
current rating: stroomaanslag
current ratio: stroomverhouding
current regulator: 1. stroomreëlaar (elektro-nies) 2. (constant-currrent transformer):
current relay: stroomrelê
current relationship: stroomverhouding
current resonance: stroomresonansie (van stroomkringe)
current responsive element: stroomresponsie-element
current reversal (reversal of current): stroomomkering, stroomomstelling
current reverser: stroomomsteller current ripple: stroomrimpel current scale: stroomskaal
current sensing resistor: stroomvoelresistor
current sensitivity: stroomgevoeligheid (bv. van galvanometer)
current series feedback: stroom-serieterugkoppeling
current strength (current intensity): stroomsterkte
current supply: 1. (current source): stroom-bron 2. (current feed) stroomtoevoer
current supply loss: stroomtoevoerverlies current tap: stroomaftakking, stroomaftappunt current test: stroomtoets
current-time characteristic: stroomtyd-kenkromme (vaste vorm) current-time curve: stroom-tydkromme (wis-selende vorm) current-time graph: stroom-tydgrafiek (oor langer tydperk) current transver ratio: stroomoordragverhouding
current transformer: stroomtransformator (ook vir meting)
current-tripped overload relay (current overload relay): stroomoorlasrelê
current vector: stroomvektor
current wave: stroomgolf
current-wave form: stroomgolfvorm
cursor: loper (skuifliniaal)
curvature: 1. kromming (alg.) 2. deurbuiging (hangende geleiers)
curve: 1. draai (pad) 2. kromme (grafiek) 3. boog
curbed: geboë, gerond
curved cylinder: geboë silinder curved head bolt: saalkopbout curved nut: saalmoer
curved pulley arm: S-vormige katrolspeek
Curtis stage: Curtis-trap (turbine) curved slipper: boogglyer, boogglystuk curved suspension bolt: krulhangbout
curved suspension bow (curved suspension clevis): krulhangvurk curved suspension clevis (curved suspension bow): krulhangvurk curved tooth crest: geboë tandkruin (wurmrat)
curved washer: geboë waster, saalwaster
curve of commutation (commutation curve): kommutasiekromme
curve of intensity distribution: intensiteitsdis-tribusiekromme, intensiteitverdelingskromme
curve of luminous flux (luminous flux curve): ligvloedkromme
curvilinear distortion: kromlynige vervorming
cushion: kussing
cushion gas: omherwinbare gas
custom plant: aanleg na bestelling
cut n.: 1. sny 2. snee (gereedskap) 3. kap (vyl) 4. snit (bv. kristal)
cut v.: 1. kap. 2. saag 3. sny
cut away: wegsny
cut back: terugsny
cut in: 1. insny (tot 'n diepte) 2. inskakel (in ’n baan) 3. invoeg (bv. isolator)
cut-in bridge: invoegbrug
cut-in contactor: inskakelkontaktor
cut-in range: inskakelbestek
cut-in relay: inskakelrelê
cut-in setting: inskakelspoed (generator)
cut-in temperature: inskakeltemperatuur
cut-in valve: inskakelklep
cut-off n.: 1. afsnyding (bv. lig) 2. begrensing
cut-off v.: afsny (toevoer)
cut-off current: 1. afsnystroom 2. (back current, reverse current): teenstroom, trus-troom (transistor)
cut-off jack: afsnyklink
cut-off key: afsnysleutel
cut-off parabola (critical-voltage parabola): kritiekespanningsparabool
cut-off range: afsnyafstand
cut-off region: afsnygebied
cut-off relay: afsnyrelê, skeirelê
cut-off switch: afskakelaar, verbreekskakelaar
cut-off valve: 1. (shut-off valve, stop valve): afsluitklep 2. afsluiter (steenkool)
cut-off voltage: afsnyspanning (van ’n elektronebuis)
cut-off waveguide: wegsterfgolfleier cut-out (cut-out switch): uitskakelaar cut out v.: uitskakel (elek.)
cut-out box: uitskakelkas
cut-out cock (Stop-cock): afsluitkraan
cut-out contact: uitskakelkontak
cut-out fuse: uitskakelsekering
cut-out magnet valve: uitskakelmagneetklep
cut-out relay: uitskakelrelê
cut-out solenoid: uitskakelsolenoTed
cut-out switch (cut-out): uitskakelaar
cut-out temperature: uitskakeltemperatuur
cut-out tool: uitskakelaarwerktuig (lewendigelynwerk)
cut-out valve: uitskakelklep
cut-set: verdeelbare kragnet
cutter: 1. mes, snyer 2. (cutting tool): snybeitel (draaibank) 3. (mill, milling cutter): frees (freesmasjien) 4. beitel (skaaf) 5.
(cutting torch): vlamsnyer cutting edge: snykant, snee cutting-in point: inskakelpunt cutting-in pressure: inskakeldruk
cutting-out device: uitskakeltoestel cutting-out point: uitskakelpunt cutting-out pressure: uitskakeldruk cutting plane: snyvlak
cutting point: snypunt
cutting speed (peripheral speed): snyspoed
cutting stroke: snyslag cutting tool (cutter): snybeitel cutting tools: snygereedskap cycle: 1. siklus 2. kringloop cycle charge: sikluslading cycle diagram: siklusdiagram
cycle efficiency: siklusrendement
cycle of magnetisation (magnetic cycle): magnetiseersiklus
cyclic light dimmer: sikliese ligverdowwer
cyclic operation: siliese werking
cycle per second* (c.p.s., *C/S, Hz): hertz (Hz) (ook mv.) cyclic: siklies, siklus-cyclic admittance: sikliese admittansie cyclic change: sikliese verandering
cyclic current: sikliese stroom
cyclic impedance: sikliese impedansie cyclic irregularity: sikliese onreëlmatigheid cyclic reactance: sikliese reaktansie
cyclic switching: siklusskakeling
cyclic variation: sikliese variasie cycling control: sikluskontrole cycling time: siklustyd
cyclone grit arrester: sikloongrintvanger (poeierkool)
cylindrical rotor: silindriese rotor
cylindrical rotor generator: silindriese rotorgenerator cylindrical rotor machine: masjien met silindriese rotor cylindrical valve: silindriese klep

d-(deci-): d-(desi-)
da-(deca-): da-(deka-)
dag (decagram): dag (dekagram)
dal (decalitre): dal (dekaliter)
dam (decametre): dam (dekameter) daN (decanewton): daN (dekanewton) dB (decibel): dB (desibel)
d.c., DC (direct current, continuous current): gs., GS (gelykstroom)
d.c. circuit, DC circuit (direct current circuit): GS-kring
DCE (data communication equipment): DKT (datakommunikasietoerusting)
d.c. generator, DC generator: GS-generator
d.c. resistance, (ohmic resistance, true resistance): GS-weerstand
d.c. static convertor, DC static convertor: statiese GS-konvertor
d.c. supply, DC supply (direct current supply): GS-toevoer (gelykstroomtoevoer)
D.C.C. (double cotton-covered, d.c.c): DKB (dubbelkatoenbeklede)
dcwc (dc working current): gsws (gelykstroomwerkspanning)
d.c. welder, DC welder (direct-current welder): GS-sweiser, (gelykstroomsweiser)
DEH control (digital electrohydraulic control): syfer-elektrohidrouliese beheer
dg (decigram): dg (desigram)
dl (decilitre): dl (desiliter)
dm (decimetre): dm (desimeter)
DP (differential pressure): DD (differensiaaldruk)
d.p.d.t (double-pole double throw): tpts. (tweepooltweeslag-)
d.p.s.t. (double-pole single-throw): tpes. (tweepooleenslag-)
d.p.s.t. toggle switch (double-pole singlethrow toggle switch): tpes.-swikskakelaar (tweepooleenslagswikskakelaar)
D.P.R. (d.p.r. double pure rubber, double lapping of pure rubber): dro. (dubbelrubberomwindsel)
d.s.c. wire (double silk-covered wire): DSB-draad (dubbelsybeklede draad)
D.P.C. (d.p.c., double-paper-covered): dpb., DPB (dubbelpapierbeklede, dubbelpapier-beklee)
DTE (data terminal equipment): DTT
DWBA (distorted-wave Born approximation): DWBA (vervormdegolf-Born-benadering)
D.W.S. (d.w.s., double white silk): DWS (dubbelwitsy-)
daily cycle: daaglikse siklus
Dalton’s law (of partial pressures): Dalton se wet (van gedeeltelike druk), wet van Dalton
dam: damwal, dam
damage n.: 1. skade, 2. beskadiging
damage v.: beskadig
damp 1: demp 2 (dampen): bevogtig, klam maak
damp and dust-proof: vog-en stofdig
damped harmonic system: gedempte bofrek-wensiestelsel, gedempte harmoniese stelsel
damped oscillation: gedempte ossillasie
damped oscillatory circuit: gedempte ossilleerkring
damped periodic element: gedempte perio-diese element damped periodic instrument: gedempte periodiese instrument damped sinusoidal quantity: gedempte sinusgrootheid damped vibration: gedempte trilling
damped wave: gedempte golf
dampen (damp 2): bevogtig, klam maak
damper: demper (alg.)
damper: (absorber): demper (vonk)
damper auto-closing: demper-outosluiting
damper auto reclosing (damper automatic reclosing): demper-outohersluiting
damper bar: dempstaaf
damper control: 1. demperbeheer (waaier) 2. demperkontrole
damper emergency control: dempernoodkontrole
damper hole: dempergat
damper motor: dempermotor
damper position switch: demperstandskakelaar
damper winding (amortisseur, damping winding): dempwikkeling
damper wing: dempvleuel damp heat test: klamhittetoets damping: demping (alg.)
damping amortiseur: Kyk “damping winding” damping arrangement: dempinrigting damping bar: dempstaaf
damping buffer: dempstootstuk
damping coefficient (decay coefficient): dempingskoëffisiënt
damping coil: dempspoel
damping cup bearing: dempdoplaer (vertraagrelê)
damping device: demptoestel
damping factor: 1. dempingsfaktor 2. (ballistic factor): ballistiese faktor (van 'n meetinstrument)
damping magnet: dempmagneet (meetinstrument)
damping pad: dempkussing damping piston: dempsuier damping ratio: dempingsverhouding
damping resistor: dempresistor, dempweerstand
damping ring: dempring damping spring: dempveer damping torque: dempmoment
damping winding (amortisseur winding, damper winding): dempwikkeling
dampness: klammigheid, vogtigheid
damp out: demp (skokke en trillings)
danger area (hazardous area): gevaargebied danger coefficient: reaktiwiteitskoëffisiënt (kern) danger notice: gevaarkennisgewing
dangerous voltage: gevaarlike spanning
daraf: daraf (elastansie-eenheid)
dark conduction (dark current): donker stroom (fotosel)
dark current (dark conduction): donker stroom
dark current pulse: donkerstroompuls
dark discharge: donker ontlading

dark resistance: donker weerstand (fotosel in donker)
dark-room lamp: donkerkamerlamp dark shadow: donker skaduwee dark space: donker ruimte
Dart leader stroke: deurlopende voorontlading
dash magnet: streepmagneet
dash pot: demppot
dashpot buffer: demppotbuffer dashpot piston: demppotsuier dash relay: streeprelê
dash selector: streepkieser
data: data, gegewens
data acquisition: dataverkryging data collection: data-insameling data generation: data-ontwikkeling data processing: dataverwerking datum (datum point): uitgangspunt
datum error: beginfout, uitgangsfout
datum line (reference line): uitgangslyn, verwysingslyn
datum point (datum): uitgangspunt
datum surface: uitgangsvlak
daughter (daughter product): volgproduk
daughter nucleus: volgkern
day drain: dagtrek, dagverbruik
daylight-blue glass: dagligblou glas
daylight factor (window efficiency ratio): dagligfaktor
daylight factor contour: dagligfaktorkontoer daylight illumination (daylighting): dagligverligting daylight lamp: dagliglamp
dazzle 1: verblinding 2. (glare): skittering
D.C. bearing oil pump: GS-laeroliepomp
D.C. flushing oil pump: GS-spoeloliepomp
D.C. seal pump: GS-seëlpomp
D.C. seal oil pump: GS-seëloliepomp
D cutter: D-frees
D cable: D-kabel (met afsonderlik geïsoleerde D-vormige geleiers)
D dimension: D-afmeting (van onderkant van voet tot by middellyn van motoras)
deactivate: deaktiveer
dead: 1. dood (sender vermoë) 2. onbekrag, spanningloos
dead battery: dooie battery
dead-beat 1. (aperiodic): aperiodies, kritiek gedemp 2. (strongly damped): swaar gedemp
dead beat galvanometer (aperiodic galvanometer): aperiodiese galvanometer
dead-beat moving coil: kritiek gedempte draaispoel
dead-beat voltmeter: aperiodiese voltmeter
dead bed: dooie bed (stoomketels)
dead breaker (dead circuit breaker): span-ninglose stroombreker dead centre 1. (dead point): dooiepunt 2: vaste senter (draaibank) dead circuit breaker (dead breaker): spanninglose stroombreker dead condition: spanninglose toestand
dead earth (dead ground): volmaakte aards-luiting, volkome aarding
dead end: blinde ent
dead end assembly: afspansamestel, blinde-entsamestel
dead-end clamp: blinde-entklamp, entklamp
dead-ended feeder (independent feeder, radial feeder): onafhanklike voerder dead-end guy: afspanankering (tousamestel), afspanankertou (enkele tou) dead end jack: onttrekker (lynwerk)
dead-end network: eindige net
dead-end tie: afspanbinding
dead-end tower (terminal tower): eindmas
dead-end yoke (dead yoke): dooie juk (kraglyne)
dead-front switchboard: gelsoleerde skakelbordpaneel
dead hard (hardened throughout): deurverhard
dead load 1. (immobile load): dooie las, dooie belasting, onbeweeglike las 2. (artificial load, dummy load): kunsmatige belasting, kunsmatige las
dead load valve (dead-weight safety valve): gewigklep
deadlock: vassteekpunt
dead man (anchor log): ankerhout dead operation: spanninglose werking dead point (dead centre): dooiepunt
dead section (neutral section): spanninglose seksie
dead short: volkome kortsluiting dead side: spanninglose kant dead-smooth file: dubbelsoetvyl dead stop: stuitaanslag
dead storage: dooie opgaring
dead-tank oil circuit-breaker: oliestroombre-ker met geaarde tenk
dead time: dooie tyd (contr. systems)
dead true: doodsuiwer
dead weight: dooiegewig
dead-weight cable: dooiegewigkabel
dead-weight safety valve: veiligheidsklep met dooiegewig
dead yoke (dead-end yoke): dooie juk
dead zone: neutrale gebied deaerate: ontlug deaerator: ontlugter
deaerator feed inlet: ontlugter-voedinginlaat
deaerator level: ontlugterpeil
deaerator level control: ontlugterpeilkontrole
deaerator offload heating: ontlugterverwar-ming (onbelas)
deaerator storage tank: ontlugteropgaartenk
deaerator storage tank outlet: ontlugteropgaartenkuitlaat
deaerator vent: ontlugteruitlaat
deaerator vent condenser: ontlugter-dampkondensator
debouncing: ontwippering debug: ontfout debugging: ontfouting
debunching: spreiding (elektrone)
deca-(da-): deka (da-)
decade box: dekadekas
decade capacitance box: dekadekapitansiekas decade conductance box: dekadekonduktansiekas decade counter tube: dekadetelbuis, tientelbuis decade inductance box: dekade-

decade pulse generator: dekadepulsgenerator decade resistance box: dekadeweerstandskas decagram (dag): dekagram (dag)
decalitre (dal): dekaliter (dal) decametre (dam): dekameter (dam) decan: ontkan (kern)
decanewton (daN): dekanewton (daN)
decarbonise: ontkool
decarbonising agent: ontkoolmiddel decarburisation: ontkoling (van staal) decarburising agent: ontkoolmiddel
decay n. 1: wegsterwing (elek. luminessensie) 2. (disintegration): verval (kern) 3. verrotting
decay v. 1: wegsterf 2. verval (kern.) 3. verrot
decay chain (decay family, decay series): vervalreeks
decay characteristic (persistence characteristics): nagloeikromme (van ’n luminesseerskerm)
decay coefficient (damping coefficient): dempingskoëffisiënt
decay control: wegsterfkontrole
decay current: wegsterfstroom
decay curve: 1. wegsterfkromme 2. vervalkromme
decay family (decay chain, decay series): vervalreeks decay time: 1. vervaltyd (isotope, rek.) 2. weg-sterftyd (elek.) decay factor: wegsterwingsfaktor
decaying conduction current (irreversible absorption current): wegsterwende geleistroom
decaying voltage: wegsterwende spanning
decay period: wegsterfperiode decay product: vervalproduk decay time: wegsterftyd
decelerate: snelheid/spoed verminder, versta-dig, vertraag
deceleration (retardation, negative accela-tion): spoedvermindering, verstadiging (be-weging), vertraging
decelerating electrode (retarding electrode): remelektrode, vertraagelektrode
deci-(d-): desi-(d-)
decibel (dB): desibel (dB) decibel-meter: desibelmeter decigram (dg): desigram (dg) decilitre (dl): desiliter (dl) decimal: desimaal
decimal binary conversion: desimaal-binêre herleiding
decimal equivalents: desimale ekwivalente
decimal place: desimale plek
decimal system: desimaalstelsel, desimale stelsel
decimal value: desimale waarde decimetre (dm): desimeter (dm) decimetric wave: desimetergolf decineper: desineper (Kyk “neper1) decking motor: gelykstelmotor
declared efficiency: nominale rendement
declination: deklinasie decode: dekodeer decoder: dekodeerder
decoder element: dekodeerelement
de-commission: buite diens stel
decomposition voltage: elektrolisespanning
decompounded generator: Kyk differential compound generator' decompounded motor: Kyk ‘differential compound motor’’ decontaminate: dekontamineer, ontsmet
decontamination: ontsmetting
decoupler: ontkoppelaar
decoupling: ontkoppeling (vermindering van koppeling)
decoupling capacitor (decoupling condenser): ontkoppelkapasitor
decoupling network: ontkoppelnet
decoupling resistor: ontkoppelresistor
decrease n.: 1. afname, daling, vermindering 2. verlaging
decrease v.: afneem, daal, verminder
decrease of speed: snelheidsafname, snel-heidsvermindering (reglyning) spoedvermindering (bv. by draaiende voorwerp)
decrement: dekrement (afname van amplitude, gedempte beweging)
decremeter: dekre(ment)meter
dedendum: dedendum, voethoogte,(ratte, tande) dedendum circle: dedendumsirkel, tandvoetsirkel deduce (derive): aflei
deduction: 1. (derivation): afleiding, gevolg-trekking 2. (subtraction): aftrekking
de-energization: ontkragting, veldopheffing
de-energise: ontkrag, spanningloos maak
de-energised: ontkrag, spanningloos, stroomloos
de-energised contact: ontkragte kontak, spanninglose kontak
deep-bar rotor: diepstaafrotor
deep-groove ball bearing: diepgroefkoeëllaer
deep headed insulator: diepkeepisolator
de-excite: ontwek
defeat: verydel (bv. outohersluiting)
defect (flaw): gebrek, defek
defective (faulty): onklaar, defek, foutief, gebrekkig
defective condition (faulty condition): onklaar toestand, defekte toestand
defective material: defekte materiaal, gebrek-kige materiaal
defective motor: onklaar motor, defekte motor deferred alarm (deferred attention alarm): uitstelalarm deferred attention alarm (deferred alarm): uitstelalarm deficiency 1: gebrek, tekort 2. (deficit): tekort
deficit (deficiency): tekort
definite minimum inverse time relay (inverse time-lag relay with definite minimum): relê met omgekeerde vertraging tot ’n bepaalde minimum
definite purpose motor: bepaaldedoelmotor, eendoelmotor
definite time: bepaalde tyd
definite time-delay (definite time-lag): bepaaldetydvertraging definite time-delay relay: relê met bepaaldetydvertraging definite-time lag (definite-time delay):
definite time overcurrent relay: oorstroom-relê met bepaaldetydvertraging
definition (resolution): beeldskerpte, definisie
deflect: 1. buig, deflekteer (strale) 2. uitswaai, afwyk (naald) 3. (laat) deurbuig, (laat) deurhang (balke, ens.)
deflecting coil (deflector coil, sweeping coil): deflekteerspoel
deflecting electrode: deflekteerelektrode
deflecting force (deflective force): 1 buig-krag 2. deflekteerkrag
deflecting torque (driving torque): deflekteer-moment, uitwykmoment deflecting voltage (deflection voltage): defleksiespanning, deflekteerspanning deflecting yoke: defleksiejuk, deflekteerjuk
deflection: 1. bulging, defleksie (strale) 2. af-wyking, uitwyking 3. deurbuiging, deurhanging
deflection(al)-type frequency meter: uitwykfrekwensiemeter deflection coefficient: defleksiekoëffisiënt (van 'n katodestraalbuis) deflection current: deflekteerstroom
deflection defocusing: defleksiedefokussering
deflection factor: deflekteerfaktor
deflection method: defleksiemetode
deflection plate (deflecting plate, deflector plate): deflekteerplaat
deflection potentiometer: uitwykpotensiometer deflection sensitivity: defleksiegevoeligheid deflection system: deflekteerstelsel
deflection test: 1. buigtoets, defleksietoets 2. uitwyktoets, uitslagtoets
deflection tube (beam deflection tube, deflection valve): deflekteerbuis, bundeldeflekteerbuis deflection valve (beam deflection tube, deflection tube): deflekteerbuis, bundeldeflekteerbuis deflection voltage (deflecting voltage): deflekteerspanning
deflectometer: deflektometer (deurbuiging)
deflector 1: deflektor (alg.) 2. (baffle): klank-skot (luidspreker) deflector coil (deflecting coil, sweeping coil): deflekteerspoel deflector cowl: deflekteerkap
deflector plate (deflecting electrode): deflekteerplaat, defleksieplaat, defleksie-elektrode
defocus: defokusseer defocusing: defokussering deform: vervorm, vorm verander
deformation: 1. vervorming (alg.) 2. defor-masie, vormverandering (geol.)
degas (degasify): ontgas
degassed water pump: ontgastewaterpomp degassed water tank: ontgastewatertenk degasser: ontgasser (waterbehandeling) degasser exhaust fan: ontgasser-uitlaatwaaier degassifier: ontgasser (waterbehandeling) degasify (degas): ontgas
degassing: ontgassing degassing tank: ontgastenk degausser: teenmagnetiseerder
degaussing network: teenmagnetiseernet degenerate gas: ontaarde gas degeneracy: ontaarding
degenerate v.: ontaard
degenerative: negatief teruggekoppel
degradation: 1. verlangsaming (kern) 2. degradasie, afbreking 3. degradasie, verlaging
degradation products: afbrekingsprodukte (in olie)
degree: graad, mate
degree of accuracy: akkuraatheidsgraad
degree of asymmetry: asimmetriegraad
degree of hardness: hardheidsgraad
degree of intensity: intensiteitsgraad
degree of magnification: vergrotingsgraad, vergrotingsgetal
degree of saturation: versadigingsgraad
degree reading: graadlesing
degree scale: gradeskaal
degrees Centigrade*(°C): grade Celsius (°C)
degrees Celsius: grade Celsius
degrees Fahrenheit*(°F)*: grade Fahrenheit*(°F)*
degrees kelvin (°K): grade kelvin (°K)
degree spacing: graadspasiëring
degrees Rankine (°R): grade Rankine (°R)
degree value: graadwaarde degritting pump: ontgruispomp dehumidification: ontvogting dehumidifier: ontvogter
dehumidifying apparatus: ontvogapparaat
dehydrate: 1. ontwater (alg. ook medies) 2. dehidrateer (anorg. water onttrek)
dehydrogenate: dehidreer, dehidrogeneer
de-ionisation: deïonisasie, deïonisering
de-ionisation grid (de-ionising grid): deioniseerrooster
de-ionisation potential: Kyk “de-ionisation voltage”
de-ionisation rate: deïonisasietempo
de-ionisation voltage (de-ionisation potential, extinction potential, extinction voltage):
blusspanning, doofspanning
de-ionise: deïoniseer
de-ionising potential: Kyk “extinction potential”, “extinction voltage”
De Laval turbine: De Laval-turvine
delay n.: 1. oponthoud 2. vertraging (tegn.)
delay v.: vertraag
delay angle: vertragingshoek daily basis: vertragingsbasis delay circuit: vertraagkring delay device: vertraagtoestel
delayed action: vertraagde werking (Kyk ook “time-delay”, “time element”, “time lag”, “time-limit”)
delayed-action alarm (delayed alarm): vertraagde alarm
delayed-action switch: skakelaar met vertraagde werking
delayed critical: vertraagkritiek (kritiek as gevolg van vertraagde neutrone)
delayed neutron: vertraagde neutron
delay equaliser: vertragingseffenaar
delay indicator: vertragingsaanwyser, vertragingswyser
delay relay: vertraagrelê

delay tank: vertraagtenk
deleterous substance: skadelike stof
delicate: fyn (instr.)
deliver: 1. lewer 2. afvoer (kompressor)
delivery: 1. lowering 2. afvoer delivery air vessel: afvoerlughouer delivery pipe: leweringspyp delivery port: leweringspoort delivery pressure: leweringsdruk
delivery side: leweringskant (bv. klep) delivery stroke: leweringslag delivery valve: leweringsklep
delivery-valve chamber: leweringsklepkamer
deload: ontlas (kabel)
delta alloy: delta-allooi, deltalegering
delta-connected, deltaverbind
delta-connected circuit: deltaverbinde stroomkring
delta-connected load: deltalas, deltabelasting
delta connection: deltaverbinding
delta-delta connection: delta-deltaverbinding delta-delta transformer: delta-deltatransformator delta metal: deltametaal
delta-star connection: delta-sterverbinding
delta-star transformer: delta-stertransformator
delta voltage (mesh voltage): deltaspanning, driehoekspanning
delta winding: deltawikkeling
delta-zig-zag connection: delta-sigsagverbinding deluge valve: oorstroomklep (brandbestryding) demagnetisation: demagnetisering demagnetisation factor: demagnetiseringsfaktor demagnetise: demagnetiseer
demagnetising ampere-turn: demagnetiseerampêrewinding demagnetising component: demag-netiserende komponent demagnetising factor: demagnetiseringsfaktor demagnetising field: demagnetiseerveld
demagnetising turn: demagnetiseerwinding
demand: 1. vraag (algemeen) 2. aanvraag (kW of kV.A)
demand attachment: aanvraaghegstuk demand charge: aanvraaggeld demand curve: aanvraagkromme demand factor: aanvraagfaktor demand indicator: aanvraagaanwyser demand interval: aanvraagtyd (meter) demand meter: aanvraagmeter
demand printometer (printometer): aanvraagregistreerder
demand register: aanvraagregistreerinrigting
demand related costs: aanvraagverbonde koste
demand totalising relay: aanvraagsommeer-relê, aanvraagtotaliseerrelê
demarcate: afbaken, begrens, grense vasstel
demarcation: afbakening
demarcation line (line of demarcation): af-bakeningslyn, grenslyn
demineralisation plant: demineraliseeraanleg
demineralise: demineraliseer
demineralised water: gedemineraliseerde water demineralised water meter: gedemineraliseerdewatermeter demineralised water tank: gedemineraliseerdewatertenk demineraliser: demineraliseerder
demodulate (detect): demoduleer
demodulation (detection): demodulasie
demodulation effect (modulation suppression): demodulasie-effek, modulasieonderdrukking
demodulator (detector): demodulator
denominator: noemer
densitometer: digtheidsmeter (fot.)
density: digtheid (bv. van elektrone, elek-tromagn. energie)
density modulation: digtheidsmodulasie (van ’n elektronebundel)
density (concentration) of electrons: elek-tronedigtheid, elektronekonsentrasie
density of ionisation: ionisasiedigtheid
density of surface charge: oppervlakladingsdigtheid density of volume charge: ruimteladingsdigtheid denudation: denudering (grondverwydering)
de-oxidise: deoksideer
dependent node: afhanklike knooppunt (kragnetontleding) dependent time-lag relay: relê met afhanklike vertraging dependent variable: afhanklike veranderlike
depleted material: verarmde materiaal depleted uranium: verarmde uraan depletion: verarming (kern)
depletion layer: sperlaag
depletion region: spergebied depolarisation: depolarisasie, depolarisering depolarise: depolariseer
depolariser: depolariseerder
deposit n.: 1. aanpaksel (pype, ens.) 2. afset-sel, afsetting (chem., geol.) 3. neerslag (fis., meteor., ook verbrandingsprodukte) 4. neersmeltsel (sweis) 5. presipitaat (chem.)
deposit v,: 1. aanpak 2. afset 3. neerslaan 4. neersmelt 5. presipiteer
deposit box: slibkas
deposited carbon resistor: neerslagkoolweerstand
deposition: 1. aanpakking 2. afsetting 3. neerslag (alg-, ook verbrandingsprodukte) 4. neersmelting (deposit): Kyk “deposit"
depot: depot
depreciation: waardevermindering depression bar contact: afdrukstaafkontak depress: 1. afdruk 2. indruk
depression: duik, holte
depression bar contact: afdrukstaafkontak
depth-gauge: dieptemeter depth of cut: snydiepte depth of groove: groefdiepte
depth of hardening: hardingsdiepte
depth of thread (height of thread): draaddiepte
depth of tooth: tanddiepte
depth vernier scale: noniusdiepteskaal
depletion layer: verarmde laag (transistor)
derate (rate down): kleiner vermoë toeken, minder belas
derating factor: vermoëverminderingsfaktor

Deri motor: Derimotor (borselverskuiwing-spoedbeheer) Deri winding: Deriwikkeling (kompenseerwikkeling) derivation (deduction): afleiding, gevolgtrekking derivative control-action: verkreë beheeraksie
derive (deduce): aflei
derived circuit: afgeleide kring
derived constant (secondary constant): afgeleide konstante, sekondêre konstante
derived unit: afgeleide eenheid derrick: kraantoring, boortoring derrick pole: hyspaal desalination: ontsouting
de-scaling compound: ketelsteenverwyderaar
describe: 1. beskryf 2. trek (boog, sirkel)
de-seaming: skoonbranding
desiccant: droogmiddel, vogabsorbeermiddel
desiccate: ontvog, uitdroog
design n.: ontwerp
design v.: (lay out): beplan, ontwerp
design-A-motor: ontwerp-A-motor (V.S.A. vir hoë geklemderotorstroom)
designation 1: ampsbenaming 2. aanwysing
design-B-motor: ontwerp-B-motor
design capacity (designed capacity): ont-werpvermoë (alg.) designed capacity (design capacity): ont-werpvermoë (alg.) design current: ontwerpstroom
designer: ontwerper
design current: ontwerpstroom
designer: ontwerper
design test: ontwerptoets desired value: verlangde waarde desk type layout: tafeltipe uitleg
desludging: ontslikking, ontslyking
despatch n.: afsending, versending
despatch v.: afsend, afstuur, uitstuur, versend destructive arc: destruktiewe boog, ver-nietigende boog destructive wear: beskadigende slytasie desuperheater (attemperator): stoomkoeler desuperheater spray water: stoomkoelersproeiwater detachable: 1. afneembaar (alg.) 2. los (bv. boor) detachable cap: los dop
detachable cord set: los snoerstel detachable pinion: afneembare kleinrat detachable terminal: afneembare aansluiter detail: besonderheid, besonderhede, detail detail drawing: detailtekening
detailed: breedvoerig, gedetailleer, uitvoerig
detailed survey: uitvoerige opmeting
detailed description: breedvoerige beskrywing,
detect: opspoor (defekte), ontdek
detecting instrument: detektorinstrument, speurinstrument, verklikinstrument
detecting relay: detektorrelê, speurrelê detection: opsporing, ontdekking detection circuit: speurbaan (alg.)
detection contact (detector contact): detektorkontak detection manifold: verklikspruit (brandbestryding) detector: 1. detektor 2. verklikker
detector probe: detektorvoelpen
detection relay (detector relay): detektorrelê
detection transformer (detector transformer): detektortransformator
detent: stuiter
detent control shaft: stuiterbeheeras
detent face: stuitervlak detent guard: stuiterskut detent lever: stuithefboom
detent-operating lever: stuiterhefboom, stuiterbedienhefboom
detent pin: stuitpen
detent plate (stop plate): stuitplaat detent ratchet: stuitersperrat detent release latch: stuiterlosknip
detent shock absorber: stuiterskokbreker detent spring: 1. stuiterveer 2. stuitveer detergent: reinigingsmiddel
deterioration: 1. verslegting (bv. olie) 2. ver-swakking (droë sel)
deterioration products: verslegtingsprodukte (olie)
detrain: skei
detraining tank: afskeitenk
deuterium: deuterium (waterstofisotoop) deuteron: deuteron (deuteriumkern) develop: ontwikkel (elek., gas, ens.) deviate: afwyk (bv. instr.)
deviation: 1. afwyking, (bv. instr.) 2. verleg-ging, verskuiwing (kraglynroete)
deviation factor: afwykingskoëffisiënt
deviation link: swenkskakel
deviation of frequency: frekwensie-afwyking
device: toestel
dewatering plant: ontwaterinstallasie
diagnostics terminal block: ontledingsaansluitblok
diagonal n.: diagonaal, hoeklyn diagonal a.: diagonaal, oorhoeks diagonal brace: diagonale verspanstuk
diagonally opposite: diagonaal teenoorlig-gend, diagonaal teenoorgesteld
diagonal side-cutters: skuinssykniptang
diagram: diagram
diagrammatical: diagrammaties
diagrammatic representation: diagram-matiese voorstelling
diagrammatic sketch: diagrammatiese skets diagrammatic view: diagrammatiese aansig diagram of connections: verbindingsdiagram diagram of forces: kragtediagram
diagram of stresses: spanningsdiagram diagram of work: arbeidsdiagram diagram switch: diagramskakelaar
diagram transformer: diagramtransformator dial (dial face, indicator dial): wyserplaat dial v.: skakel
dial bracket: wysersteun
dial face (dial, indicator dial): wyserplaat
dial gauge (dial indicator): wysermeter
dial indicator: wysermeter, wyserplaatmeter
dial lamp: wyserplaatlamp
dial test indicator: wysertoetser
dial-type micrometer: wyserplaatmikrometer
dial-type thermometer (indicating dial thermometer): wyserplaattermometer

diamagnetic: diamagneties
diamagnetic substance: diamagnetiese stof
diameter: diameter
diameter of commutation: kommutasiediameter
diameter of wire: draaddikte
diametral brush: diametrale borsel diametral clearance: diametrale vryruimte diametral connection: diametrale verbinding diametral pitch: diametrale steek
diametral pitch cutter: diametralesteekfrees (ratsnywerk)
diametral plane: diametrale vlak
diametral winding: diametrale wikkeling diametrically opposite: diametraal teenoorliggend diametrical voltage: diametrale spanning diamond winding: ruitwikkeling
diaphragm: diafragma
diaphragm pressure gauge: diafragmadrukmeter
diaphragm pump: diafragmapomp
diaphragm expansion valve: diafragmauitsitklep
diaphragm-type fuel pump: diafragmabrandstofpomp diathermanous: diatermaan (deurdringbaar vir stralingswarmte) dichromate cell: Kyk “bichromate cell”
dicing fracture: ruitjiesbreuk
die: 1. snyblok (draad) 2. snymoer (skroef-draad) 3. matrys (gietwerk)
die-casting alloy: vormgietallooi, vormgietlegering
die-head: draadsnykop dielectric n.: diëlektrikum dielectric a.: diëlektries
dielectric absorption: diëlektriese absorpsie dielectric coefficient: diëlektriese koëffisiënt dielectric constant: diëlektriese konstante dielectric dispersion: diëlektriese dispersie
dielectric dissipation factor: diëlektriese dissipasiefaktor
dielectric heating: diëlektriese verhitting dielectric hysteresis: diëlektriese histerese dielectric loss: diëlektriese verlies
dielectric loss angle: diëlektrieseverlieshoek
dielectric phase angle: diëlektrikumfasehoek
dielectric polarisation: diëlektriese polarisering dielectric power factor: diëlektriese kragfaktor dielectric radiator: diëlektriese straler dielectric resistance: diëlektriese weerstand dielectric strain: Kyk “electrical displacement”
dielectric strength (breakdown strength, disruptive strength): deurslagsterkte, diëlek-triese sterkte
dielectric stress (electric stress): diëlektriese spanning
dielectric tester: diëlektrikumtoetser
dielectric test voltage: diëlektriese toetsspanning
dielectric thickness: diëlektrikumdikte dielectric viscosity: diëlektriese viskositeit die-nut: snymoer
die-plate: snyplaat
diesel control air compressor: diesel-beheerlugkompressor
diesel generator (diesel-electric generator): dieselgenerator, dieselelektriese generator
diesel-electric generator: dieselelektriese generator diesel engine power station: dieselenjinkragstasie diesel generating set: dieselontwikkelstel
Dieselhorst-Martin cable (multiple-twin cable): Dieselhorst-Martinkabel, dubbeltweelingkabel
die-stamping: vormstampwerk difference clock: verskilklok difference current: verskilstroom
difference of potential (p.d., (potential difference): potensiaalverskil (PV)
difference time: verskiltyd
differential: 1. differensiaal 2. ewenaar (masjien)
differential adjustment: differensiaalverstelling
differential anode resistance: anodespanning-stroomhelling, inwendige wisselstroomweerstand (elektrodebuis)
differential axis: differensiaalas differential booster: differensiaalaanjaer differential calculus: differensiaalrekene
differential capacitance: differensiaalkapasitansie
differential capacitor (differential condenser): differensiaalkapasitor
differential control: differensiaalbeheer
differential compound excitation: teenwer-kende serieparallelopwekking
differential-compound machine: differensiaalserieparallelmasjien
differential-compound motor (differentially-wound motor): differensiaalserieparallelmotor differential-compound winding (decompounding winding): differensiaalserieparallelwikkeling differential connection: differensiaalverbinding
differential current: differensiaalstroom
differential current protection: differensiaalstroombeveiliging differential current transformer: differensiaalstroomtransformator differential excitation: differensiële opwekking
differential expansion: differensiële uitsetting
differential feeder protection: differensiaalvoerderbeveiliging differential galvanometer: differensiaalgalvanometer differential index: differensiaalindeks
differential indexing: differensiële instelling
differential leakage: differensiaallekkasie (in lugspleet van induksiemotor) differentially compounded (differentially wound): differensieel bewikkel, met differensiaal(serieparallel)wikkeling
differential measuring instrument: differensiaalmeetinstrument
differential oil pressure: differensiaaloliedruk differential output: differensiaallewering differential permeability: differensiële permeabiliteit differential permitivity: differensiële permittiwiteit
differential phase shift: differensiële faseverskuiwing
differential piston: differensiaalsuier
differential pressure: differensiaaldruk
differential pressure gauge: differensiaaldrukmeter
differential protection: differensiaalbeveilig-ing, gebalanseerde beveiliging
differential protective system (balanced protective system, balanced system of protection):
differensiaalbeveiligingstelsel, gebalanseerde beveiligingstelsel
differential pulley block: differensiaalkatrol
differential relay: differensiaalrelê
differential resistance: differensiaalweerstand
differential shunt motor: Kyk ‘differential compound motor” differential squelch circuit: differensiaalonderdrukbaan differential surge tank: "differensiaalstutenk
differential susceptibility: differensiële magnetiseerbaarheid
differential temperature device: differensiaaltemperatuurtoestel
differential transformer (bridge transformer, hybrid coil): differensiaaltransformator
differential valve: differensiaalklep (druklugpyp) differential voltmeter: differensiaalvoltmeter differential winding: differensiaalwikkeling differentiated impulse: gedifferensieerde impuls

differentiation: differensiasie, differensiëring (alg., ook tegnies)
diffraction: diffraksie (strale)
diffuse n. 1: diffuus, versprei, (lig), verstrooi (klank) 2: diffuus, verstrooi, (magn. kraglyne) 3: diffuus, gediffundeer (gas), (ver)yl
diffuse v.: diffundeer, verstrooi
diffused illumination (diffused (lighting): diffuse verligting, spreiverligting
diffused junction: diffusievoeg
diffused lighting (diffused illumination): diffuse verligting, spreiverligting
diffused radiation: verspreide straling diffused-junction silicon: diffusievoegsilikon diffuser: spreier, ligspreier
diffuse reflectance (diffuse reflection factor): spreiweerkaatsingsfaktor, diffuse reflektansie
diffuse reflection: diffuse weerkaatsing, spreiweerkaatsing
diffuse reflection factor (diffuse reflectance): diffuse reflektansie, spreiweerkaatsingsfaktor
diffuse sound: diffuse klank, verstrooide klank
diffuse(d) transmission: diffuse transmissie, spreideurlating, spreitransmissie (lig) diffuse transmission factor (diffuse transmittance,): spreideurlatingsfaktor diffuse transmittance, (diffuse transmission factor): spreideurlatingsfaktor diffuse trough reflector: spreitrogreflektor, spreitrogweerkaatser
diffusing glass (light diffusing glass): ligspreiglas
diffusing globe: ligspreibol
diffusing luminaire: ligspreimontasie diffusing-patterned glass: ligspreipatroonglas diffusing screen: ligspreiskerm
diffusion 1: diffusie (alg.) 2: verstrooiing, spreiding (bv. lig) 3: verspreiding, veryling (gas) 4: vermenging, deursyfering (vloeistof)
diffusion constant: diffusiekonstante, spreidingskonstante
diffusion factor: diffusiefaktor, spreidingsfak-tor (van ’n sekondêre bron)
digit: syfer
digital code (numerical code): syferkode
digital computer: syferrekenaar, syferrekenoutomaat
digital integrator: syferintegreerder
digital multimeter: syfermultimeter
digital recorder: syferregistreerder (registreermeter)
digital representation: syfervoorstelling digital voltmeter: syfervoltmeter digitize: versyfer
digit discrimination circuit: syferonderskeibaan digit storage: syferbewaring, syferopgaring diluted acid: verdunde suur
diluting water: verdunwater (sure, ens.)
dim v.: verdof (lig)
dim a.: dof
dimension (measurement): 1. afmeting, maat 2. dimensie (wisk.)
dimensional inspection: maatinspeksie
dimensioned drawing (dimensioned sketch): maattekening dimensioned sketch (dimensioned drawing): maattekening dimension sheet: afmetingstaat, maatstaat
dimmer series resistance: verdofserieweerstand
dimming system: verdofstelsel (lampe)
dim switch (dimmer, dim switch): verdofskakelaar
diode: diode
diode bias: diodevoorspanning
diode rectification: diodegelykrigting
dip n. (inclination, magnetic inclination): 1. inklinasie, magnetiese inklinasie 2. helling 3. knik (skerp kort daling in spanning)
dip v.: 1. domp (lig) 2. indompel, indoop 3. inklineer 4. knik, val dipolar (bipolar, two-pole): dipolêr, tweepolig, tweepool-, bipolêr diplex operation: diplekswerking
dipole: dipool (2 teengestelde pole) dipper (dipper switch): dompskakelaar dip-varnished: dompelvernis
direct-acting pump: direkwerkende pomp direct-acting regulator: regstreekse reëlaar direct admittance: direkte admittansie direct arc furnace: direkteboogoond
direct arc heating: direkte boogverhitting
direct-axis component: poolaskomponent (ankerstroom)
direct-axis current: poolasstroom
direct-axis reactance: poolasreaktansie

direct-axis subtransient impedance: poolassuboorgangsimpedansie direct-axis synchronous impedance: poolas-sinchrone impedansie direct-axis synchronous reactance: poolas-sinchrone reaktansie direct axis transient impedance: poolasoorgangsimpedansie
direct-axis transient reactance: poolasoorgangsreaktansie direct-axis transient voltage: poolasoorgangspanning direct capacitance: direkte kapasitansie
direct circuit (point-to-point circuit): 1.
direkte verbinding 2. regstreekste kring
direct-connected exciter: direkgekoppelde opwekker
direct-contact de-aerator: ontlugter met direkte kontak
direct-contact feedheater: voedingswaterver-warmer met direkte kontak
direct control: 1. direkte beheer, regstreekse beheer (werksaamheid) 2. direkte kontrole (hefboom, klep, skakelaar, ens.)
direct coupled: direk gekoppel (1. met ver-bonde kringe 2. met gemeenskaplike as)
direct coupled motor: direk gekoppelde motor (gemeenskaplike as)
direct coupling: direkte koppeling
direct current (DC, d.c., continuous current): gelykstroom (GS, gs.)
direct-current armature: gelykstroomanker
direct-current balancer: gelykstroomeffenaar (pare masjiene vir konstante spanning)
direct-current blocking voltage: gelykstroomsperspanning
direct current busbar (d.c. busbar, DC busbar): gelykstroomstam (GS-stam) direct-current circuit (d.c. circuit, DC circuit): gelykstroomkring (GS-kring) direct-current circuit-breaker: gelykstroombreker
direct-current commutating machine: gelykstroomkommuteermasjien
direct-current component (d.c. component, DC component, zero-frequency component):
gelykstroomkomponent (gs.-komponent, GS-komponent)
direct-current convertor: gelykstroomomset-ter (spanningsverandering)
direct-current dynamic short-circuit ratio: gelykstroom-dinamiese kortsluitverhouding
direct-current distribution: gelykstroomdistribusie
direct-current dynamic short-circuit ratio: gelykstroom-dinamiese kortsluitverhouding
direct-current excitation: gelykstroomopwekking
direct-current generator: gelykstroomgenerator
direct-current load: gelykstroombelasting, gelykstroomlas
direct-current machine: gelykstroommasjien
direct-current mains (direct-current network): gelykstroomnet direct-current measuring transductor: gelykstroommeettransduktor direct-current motor (continuous-current
motor): gelykstroommotor
direct-current network (direct-current mains): gelykstroomnet
direct-current operation: gelykstroomwerking
direct-current output: gelykstroomlewering
direct-current potential difference: gelykstroompotensiaalverskil
direct-current power: gelykstroomvermoë
direct-current pressure: Kyk ‘direct-current voltage”
direct-current relay: gelykstroomrelê
direct-current restorer: gelykstroomhersteller
direct-current resistance (DC resistance, ohmic resistance): gelykstroomweerstand
direct-current series motor: gelykstroomseriemotor
direct-current starter: gelykstroomaansitter direct-current supply: gelykstroomtoevoer direct-current switch: gelykstroomskakelaar
direct-current traction current (traction direct current): trekkraggelykstroom, traksiegelykstroom direct-current transformer: gelykstroomtrans-formator, gelykstroominstrumenttrans-formator direct-current transmission: gelykstroomtransmissie
direct-current value (ohmic value): gelykstroomwaarde
direct-current voltage: gelykstroomspanning
direct-current voltage transformer (DC converter): gelyk-stroomspanningstransformator
direct-current winding: gelykstroomwikkeling (in gelykrigter)
direct drive (direct gearing): direkte aandrywing direct-drive machine: direk aangedrewe masjien direct-drive motor: asmotor (traksie)
direct-driven: direk (aan)gedrewe
direct branch: gerigte tak (kragnetanalise)
direct electromotive force 1. (not alternating): gelyke elektromotoriese krag 2. (directly applied): direkte elektromotoriese krag
direct fault to earth: direkte aardfout
direct feeder: direkte voerder
direct illumination (direct lighting): direkte verligting, regstreekse verligting
direct impedance: direkte impedansie
direct inductive coupling: direkte induktiewe koppeling
directing magnet: rigmagneet
direct interelectrode capacitance: direkte interelektrodekapasitansie
direction: 1. aanwysing 2. leiding 3. rigting
directional circuit-breaker: gerigte stroombreker, teenstroombreker
directional current protection: stroomrigtingbeveiliging directional earth fault relay: gerigte aardfoutrelê directional element: rigtingelement
directional illumination (directional lighting): gerigte verligting, rigverligting
directional intensity ratio: rigtingintensiteitverhouding
directional lighting (directional illumination):
gerigte verligting, rigverligting
directional lighting fitting (directive fitting): gerigte lamptoebehore, riglamptoebehore
directional operation: rigtingwerking
directional overcurrent protection: gerigte oorstroombeveiliging
directional overcurrent relay: gerigte oorstroomrelê
directional phase changer (directional phase shifter): rigtingfaseverskuiwer
directional phase shifter: rigtingfaseverskuiwer directional power protection: krag-rigtingbeveiliging directional power relay: kragrigtingrelê
directional radiation: gerigte straling
directional relay: rigtingrelê
directional response pattern: rigtingkarakteristiek directional indicator lamp: rigtingwyserlamp direction of current: stroomrigting
direction of energy flow: energievloeirigting
direction of feed: voerrigting direction of field: veldrigting direction of flux: vloedrigting direction of force: kragrigting
direction of lay (cables): slagrigting (kabels)
direction of lines of force: kraglynrigting
direction of magnetic field: rigting van mag-netiese veld
direction of magnetisation: magneti-seerrigting
direction of motion (direction of travel, direction of traverse): beweegrigting direction of polarisation: 1. polarisasierigting (in ’n golfleier) 2. polariseerrigting (alg.) direction of rotation: draairigting
direction of travel (direction of motion, direction of traverse): beweegrigting direction of traverse (direction of motion, direction of travel): beweegrigting direction relay (directional relay): rigtingrelê
direction switch: rigtingskakelaar
directive feed: rigtingkoppelaar
directive fitting (directional lighting fitting): gerigte lamptoebehore, riglamptoebehore
directive force: rigkrag
direct lighting (direct illumination): direkte verligting, regstreekse verligting
direct liquid cooling system: regstreekse vloeistofkoelstelsel
direct loading: direkte belasting, direkte las
direct load loss (copper loss, l2R loss): koperverlies, l2R-verlies directly controlled variable: regstreeks beheerde veranderlike directly coupled: direk gekoppel
directly proportional: reg eweredig, direk eweredig
direct magnetisation: direkte magnetisering
direct measurement: direkte meting
direct motor-driven: met direkte motoraandrywing
direct-on-line start: regstreekse aansitting
direct-on-line starter (across-the-line starter, direct-on starter, direct-switching starter):
regstreekse aansitter
direct-on starter (across-the-line starter, direct-on-line starter, direct switching starter):
regstreekse aansitter
direct raw-water cooling system: regstreekse ruwaterkoelstelsel
direct ray: direkte straal, regstreekse straal direct reading: direkte lesing, regstreekse lesing direct-reading instrument: direkleesinstrument
direct reflectance (direct reflection factor): d i rekteweerkaatsi ngsf aktor direct (regular, specular) reflection: direkte weerkaatsing, spieëlweerkaatsing direct reflection factor (direct reflectance): direkteweerkaatsingsfaktor
direct release: direk bekragte klink
direct-start fluorescent lamp: Kyk ‘rapid-start fluorescent lamp”
direct stroke: direkte blits
direct switching: regstreekse skakeling
direct-switching starter (across-the-line starter, direct-on-line starter): regstreekse aansitter
direct transmission factor (direct transmittance): direkte deurlatingsfaktor direct transmittance (direct transmission factor): direkte deurlatingsfaktor direct voltage: Kyk ‘‘direct-current voltage”
direct-voltage high-potential test: gelykstroomhoëspanningstoets
dirt: vuilis, vuiligheid
dirty oil range: vuiloliepyp
disablement: arbeidsongeskiktheid disagreement: tweespalt (geleistamsones) disagreement alarm: tweespaltalarm disc: skyf
disc-and-drum turbine: Kyk “impulse-reaction turbine”
disc armature: skyfanker
disc bore: skyfboring
disc clutch (plate clutch): skyfkoppelaar, plaatkoppelaar
disc contact: skyfkontak disc crank: skyfkruk disc cut: komsny
disc grinding machine: skyfslypmasjien
discharge: 1. afvoer, afvoerstowwe 2. ontla-ding (elek.)
discharge v.: 1. afvoer (vloeistof) 2. ontlaai (elek.) 3. leegmaak, uitlaat
discharge capacity: 1. afvoervermoë (vloeistof) 2. ontlaaikapasiteit (battery) 3. ontlaaivermoë (afleier)
discharge circuit: ontlaaikring discharge coil: ontlaaispoel discharge column: ontladingskolom discharge culvert: uitlaatduiker discharge current: ontlaaistroom
discharge curve (discharging curve): ontlaaikromme
discharge damper: uitlaatdemper discharged battery: ontlaaide battery discharged condition: ontlaaide toestand discharge flange: uitlaatflens
discharge gap: ontlaaigaping, ontlaaispleet
discharge grille: afvoerrooster
discharge head (delivery head, outlet head):
discharge inception voltage: ontladingsdrumpelspanning
discharge isolating valve: afvoerafsonderklep
discharge lamp: ontladingslamp
discharge line: afvoerleiding (koeling)
discharge non-return valve: afvoer-terugslagklep
discharge nozzle: afvoerspuitstuk discharge opening: uitlaatopening discharge path: ontladingsbaan
discharge pipe (discharge tube, drainage tube): afvoerpyp
discharger: ontlaaier
discharge rate (rate of discharge): 1. afvoer-tempo 2. ontlaaitempo
discharge resistance: ontlaaiweerstand discharge resistor: ontlaairesistor, (konkreet) discharge stop valve: afvoersluitklep discharge stroke: uitlaatslag
discharge tube: 1. ontladingsbuis 2. (drainage tube): afvoerpyp
discharge valve: 1. afvoerklep 2. (exhaust valve): uitlaatklep
discharge voltage: ontlaaispanning discharging curve: Kyk ‘‘discharge curve” discharging resistor: Kyk “discharge resistor” discharging rod: ontlaaistaaf
discharging tongs: ontlaaitang disc insulator: skyfisolator discoloration: verkleuring
disconnect: 1. diskonnekteer (elek. kraglyne, toevoer) 2. ontkoppel (geleiers, pype) 3. af-sluit (verbruiker) 4. afsonder (apparaat, uitrusting)
disconnectable joint: ontkoppelbare las
disconnecting device: afsondertoestel
disconnecting fuse (fuse-disconnecting switch): ontkoppelsekering, ontkoppel-skakelaar met sekering
disconnecting link (disconnection link, isolating link): afsonderskakel
disconnecting pothead: afsonderkoker
disconnecting switch (isolating switch, isolator): afsonderskakelaar
disconnecting switch reverser: afsonder-en-omstelskakelaar
disconnection: 1. diskonnektering 2. ontkop-peling 3. afsluiting 4. afsondering
disconnection fault: diskonnekteerfout
disconnection link (disconnecting link, isolating link): afsonderskakel
disconnector: Kyk “disconnecting switch”
disconnect stick: afskakelstok
discontinuance: 1. beëindiging (deur ver-skaffer) 2. opsegging (deur verbruiker) 3. staking (alg.)
discontinue: 1. beëindig 2. opsê 3. staak discontinuity: diskontinuTteit, onderbrokenheid discontinuous load: onderbroke belasting discrepancy: verskil, teenstrydigheid
discrepancy-indicating relay: teenstrydigheidsrelê discrepancy switch: tweespaltskakelaar discrepancy trip: verskilklink
discrete (distinct, separate): afsonderlik
discrete section: afsonderlike seksie (van ’n geleistam) discrete value: afsonderlike waarde, diskrete waarde discriminate: 1. diskrimineer 2. (onder)skei discriminating apparatus: diskrimineerapparaat discriminating element: diskrimineerelement discriminating relay: diskrimineerrelê
discrimination: 1. skeiding (wortels) 2. dis-kriminasie, diskriminering, onderskeiding
discrimination factor: diskriminasiefaktor, voorkeurfaktor (kern.)
discriminative protective gear: diskrimineerbeveiligingstuig
discriminator: 1. diskrimineerder, onderskeier 2. (frequency discriminator): diskrimineerder, frekwensiediskrimineerder (radio)
disc rotor motor: skyfrotormotor (waaiers)
disc seal: skyfseël
disc-seal tube (disc seal valve): Kyk “mega-tron”
disc type insulator: skyfisolator disc wheel: skyfwiel (slypwiel) disc winding: skyfwikkeling disengage: ontkoppel (koppelaar) disengagement: ontkoppeling dish: kom (van ’n antenna)
dish grinding wheel: komslypwiel
disincrustant: ketelsteenoplosmiddel
disintegrate: 1. ketelsteenoplosmiddel, disin-tegreer, verbrokkel (alg.) 2. disintegreer (fisika) 3. disintegreer, verbrokkel (chem., geol.) 4. verval (kern)
disintegration energy: vervalenergie (kern.) dismantle: aftakel, demonteer, uitmekaarhaal dispel (drive off): afdryf (gas)
dispenser cathode: voorraadkatode
disperse: 1. dispergeer (lig.) 2. dispergeer, versprei (chem.) 3. versprei
dispersion: 1. dispersie, (fisika, bv. lig) 2. dis-persie, verspreiding (chem.) 3. verspreiding
dispersion coefficient: dispersiekoëffisiënt, lekfaktor (kern.)
dispersion tube: spreibuis (koeling) dispersive medium: dispersiemedium displace: 1. verplaas 2. verskuif
displacement: 1. verplasing (elektrone) 2. ver-skuiwing (fase)
displacement current: verskuiwingstroom displacement curve: verplasingskromme displacement equipment: vervanguitrusting displacement factor: verskuiwingsfaktor displacement switch: verplasingskakelaar
display: 1. (cathode ray tube illuminated print-out): skermbeeld, ligbeeld, beeld 2. vertoning (alg.)
disposal: beskikking (materiaal)
disposable fuse (throw-away fuse): weggooisekering
disruptive discharge: deurslagontlading
disruptive strength (breakdown strength, dielectric strength): diëlektriese sterkte, deurslagsterkte
disruptive voltage (break-down voltage, puncture voltage, rupturing voltage): deurslagspanning
disassemble: aftakel, uitmekaar haal
dissimilar metals: ongelyksoortige metale
dissipate: 1. verlore gaan (warmte bv.) 2. dis-sipeer, kwytraak
dissipation: dissipasie, kwytraking dissipation curve: dissipasiekromme dissipation factor: dissipasiefaktor dissipation of current: stroomdissipasie
dissolve: 1. oorgaan, vervaag (in) oorvloei (beeld) 2. oplos (stowwe)
dissolved oxygen analyser: opgelostesuurstofontleder dissolved oxygen recorder: opgelostestuurstofregistreerder dissymmetry: dissimetrie
distance: afstand

distance between centres (centre distance, centres): hartafstand
distance bolt (spacing bolt): afstandsbout, skeibout
distance force: afstandskrag
distance measuring equipment: afstandsmeetuitrusting
distance phase fault relay: afstandsfasefoutrelê
distance phase protection terminal: af-standsfasebeveiligingsaansluiter, afstandsfasebeveiligingsklem
distance protection: Kyk “impedance protective system’’ distance (protection) earth fault relay: afstandsaardfoutrelê distance relay (impedance relay): afstands-relê, impedansierelê distance ring: afstandring
distance washer: afstandswaster
distance yoke: afstandjuk
distant (remote): afstands-distant control (remote control): 1. afstands-beheer 2. afstandskontrole (instr.)
distant-reading tachometer: afstandstagometer
distant-reading thermometer (distance thermometer): afstandstermometer
distillate pump: distillaatpomp
distilled water: gedistilleerde water
distilled water pump: gedistilleerdewaterpomp distinct (discrete, separate): afsonderlik distinguish: onderskei
distort: 1. vervorm (elek.) 2. verwring (meg.)
distorting ampere-turn: vervormende ampêrewinding
distorting component (distortion component): vervormingskomponent
distortion: 1. vervorming (elek.) 2. verwringing (meg.)
distortion bridge: vervormingsbrug
distortion factor: vervormingsfaktor
distortionless: vervormingsvry (kabel lewer-ing, ens.)
distortion margin: vervormingsgrens distortion test: vervormingstoets distress signal: noodsein
distribute: 1. distribueer, verdeel, versprei (alg.) 2. versprei, distribueer (elek.)
distributed capacitance: verspreide kapasitansie distributed constant: verspreide konstante distributed inductance: verspreide induktansie distributed load: verspreide las, verspreide belasting distributed winding: verspreide wikkeling distributing busbar: verdeelgeleistam
distributing main (distributor): verdeelhoofleiding
distribution: 1. distribusie, verdeling, ver-spreiding 2. distribusie, verspreiding
distribution board: distribusiebord, verdeelbord distribution box: verdeelkas (in verbruiker se huis) distribution cable: distribusiekabel
distribution curve: distribusiekromme, verdelingskromme
distribution cut-out: distribusielynuitskakelaar
distribution diagram: distribusiediagram, verdelingsdiagram
distribution factor (breadth factor): dis-tribusiefaktor (EMK-berekening)
distribution feed: distribusietoevoer (elek.) distribution feeder: distribusievoerder distribution line: distribusielyn, verdeellyn distribution main: distribusiehoofleiding distribution network: distribusienet, verdeelnet
distribution oil cut-out: distribusielyn-olie-uitskakelaar distribution open cut-out: oop distribusielynuitskakelaar distribution open link cut-out: oopskakeldistribusielynuitskakelaar distribution panel: distribusiepaneel, verdeelpaneel
distribution pillar (above ground link box): bogrondse verdeelkas
distribution pillar box (above ground link box, distribution pillar): bogrondse verdeelkas
distribution point: distribusiepunt, verdeelpunt distribution pole: distribusiepaal, verdeelpaal distribution station: Kyk ‘substation’’ distribution substation: distribusiesubstasie distribution switchboard: distribusieskakelbord distribution system: distribusiestelsel distribution transformer: distribusietransformator
distributive fitting (distributive type fitting): wydstraallamptoebehore distributor (current distributor, ignition distributor, timer): verdeler distributor duct: distribusieleidingkanaal
distributor head: verdeelkop
distributor box (distribution box): verdeelkas (in verbruiker se huis) distributor drain blowdown valve: verspreitromspuiklep disturbance (interference): steuring (alg.)
disturbance recorder (perturbograph): per-tubograaf, steuringsregistreerder
disturbed circuit: versteurde baan
disturbing effect: steurende effek, steuringseffek
dither: bibbering
diverge: divergeer, uiteenloop
divergence: divergensie, uiteenlopendheid divergence coefficient: divergensiekoëffisiënt diversion dam (diversion weir): uitkeerdam diversion weir (diversion dam): uitkeerdam
diversity factor: diversiteitsfaktor (m.b.t. ver-skillende verbruikers se maks. aanvrae)
divert: 1. aflei (alg.) 2. herroeteer, omlei (bv.

verkeer) verlê 3. omlei (geleier) diverter: 1. afleier 2. afleier, omleier diverter field control: omleiveldkontrole
diverter resistance (diverting resistance): omleiweerstand diverting resistance (diverter resistance): omleiweerstand diverting valve (spray water): omleiklep
divide: 1. deel 2. verdeel
divided bearing (split bearing): splitlaer
divided circuit: verdeelde kring
divided commutator: verdeelde kommutator
divided-conductor protection: verdeeldegeleier-beveiliging
dividend: 1. dividend 2. deeltal
divider 1: deler, verdeler 2. (separator): skeier (bv. battery)
divider resistor: verdelerresistor dividers: verdeelpasser dividing box: vertakkas
dividing network: frekwensieselektiewe (verdeel)net
divisible: deelbaar
dividing-head spindle: verdeelkopspil
division: 1. deling 2. indeling (skaal) 3. verdeling
division door: skeideur
divisor: deler
Doby stoker: Doby-stoker
dog: 1. grypklou 2. klink, pal
dog clutch (claw clutch): kloukoppelaar
domestic: huishoudelik
domestic appliance (household appliance): huishoudelike toestel domestic consumer (domestic user): huishoudelike verbruiker domestic socket outlet: huishoudelike sokuitgang
domestic supply: huishoudelike toevoer
domestic user (domestic consumer): huishoudelike verbruiker
dominant frequency: oorheersende frekwensie dominant mode: grondmodus (van ’n golfleier) dominant wave-length: oorheersende golflengte
donut (doughnut toroid): 1. toroïed (mv. toroïede) 2. vloedversterker, ringbuis (elektronetoestel)
door: deur
door bell: deurklokkie
door interlocks: deurvergrendeling
door-knob transformer: kolftransformator, boltransformator, deurknoptransformator
door interlock (door lock): deurgrendel (hyser) door lock (door interlock): deurgrendel (hyser) door-operated switch (door switch): deurskakelaar dope: doteer (halfgeleier)
doping compensation: kompenseerbyvoeging
doping: dotering
doping test: balanseertoets
dose n. (dosage): dosis
dose build-up factor: dosisophoopfaktor dose meter (dosimeter): dosismeter dose protraction: dosisrekking (kern) dose rate: dosistempo
dosimeter: dosismeter (straling)
dosing pump: doseerpomp dot-dash line: streepstippellyn dotted line: stippellyn
dot relay: puntrelê
dot product (scalar product): skalaarproduk
dots and dashes: punte en strepe dotted curve: stippelkromme double-acting: dubbelwerkend
double-acting force pump: dubbelwerkende perspomp double-acting plunger pump: dubbelwerkende plunjerpomp double-acting pump: dubbelwerkende pomp
double-acting relay: dubbelwerkende relê
double-acting steam engine: dubbelwerkende stoomenjin
double adapter: dubbelpasstuk
double amplitude peak: dubbelamplitudespits
double armature: dubbelanker
double armature relay: dubbelankerrelê double armouring: dubbelpantser (kabels) double auxiliary relay: dubbelhulprelê
double ball thrust washer: dubbelkoeëldrukwaster
double banked transformer: parallel-geskakeldeAverbinde transformator
double-beam cathode-ray tube: tweebundelkatodestraalbuis
double bearing: dubbellaer double-beat valve: dubbelslapklep double belt: dubbelband
double bend: 1. dubbele buigstuk 2. dubbele bulging
double-break contact: dubbelbreekkontak double-break breaker: dubbelbreekstroombreker double break switch: dubbelbreekskakelaar
double bridge (Kelvin bridge): dubbelbrug, Kelvinbrug
double-busbar switchgear: dubbelgeleistamskakeltuig
double-cage rotor: dubbelkooirotor
double-capped tubular lamp: tweedopbuislamp
double-casing machine: dubbelhulselmasjien, dubbelomhulselmasjien
double catenary suspension line: bobaan met twee drakabels, tweedrakabel-bobaan
double check valve: dubbelkeerklep
double-circuit line (dual circuit line): dub-belkraglyn, dubbelkringlyn, tweelingkraglyn
double-circuit tower: dubbelbaanmas
double coaxial feeder (binocular feeder): dubbele koaksiale voerder
double-coil plunger solenoid: tweespoelplunjersolenoïed double commutator armature: tweekommutatoranker double commutator motor:
double conductor (twin conductor): dubbel-geleier, tweelinggeleier
double connection: dubbelverbinding
double-contact lamp: tweekontakgloeilamp
double-contact-wire system: tweerydraadstelsel
double-core cable (twin-core cable): tweekernkabel
double cotton-covered wire (d.c.c. wire): dubbelkatoenbeklededraad (dkb.-draad)
double-cup grinding wheel: dubbelholslypwiel
double-current cable code (two-condition cable code): tweestandkabelkode
double-current generator: dubbelstroomgenerator double-current system: dubbelstroomstelsel double-cut file: kruiskapvyl
double cylinder: dubbelsilinder
double-deck screen: dubbeldeksif (steenkool) double-delta connection: dubbeldeltaverbinding double detection: dubbelspeuring
double-fed asynchronous machine: dubbel-gevoerde asinchrone masjien
double detent: dubbelstuiter
double-disc winding: tweeskyfwikkeling
double disc coil winding: tweeskyf-spoelwikkeling
double drilling: dubbelboorwerk double element: dubbelelement double-element relay: dubbelementrelê
double-ended cord: dubbelentkoord, tweekopkoord
double-ended lamp: tweekoplamp
double-ended set spanner: dubbelentoopbeksleutel
double-ended socket: twee-entstok
double-ended spanner: dubbelentsleutel
double-ended tap wrench: dubbelentkraansleutel
double-faced tape: tweevlakbedekte band
double-filament lamp (duel-filament lamp, twin-filament lamp): tweegloeidraadlamp
double-float relay: dubbelvlotrelê
double flow low pressure cylinder: dubbelvloei-laedruksilinder (turbines) double-flow intermediate-pressure cylinder: dubbelvloeitussendruksilinder double-flux commutation: dubbel-vloedkommutasie
double gear: dubbelrat
double gearing system: dubbelratstelsel double gear ratio: dubbelratverhouding double-groove insulator: dubbelgroefisolator
double-headed gib: tweekopteenspy (noniuspasser)
double-headed key (double-headed sliding key): tweekopspy double-headed sliding key (double-headed key): tweekopspy double helical gear: dubbelheliese rat
double image (echo, ghost, ghost image, multiple image): dubbelbeeld, spookbeeld
double jumper terminal: dubbele oor-brugaansluiter, dubbele oorbrugklem, dubbele oorleiaansluiter, dubbele oorleiklem
double keyway: dubbelspygleuf
double-layer screen: dubbellaagskerm
double-layer winding (two-layer winding): tweelaagwikkeling
double-make contact: dubbelverbindingskontak
double motor: tweeankermotor
double-petticoat insulator (double-shed insulator): dubbelmantelisolator double-pipe counterflow condenser: dubbelpypteenvloeikondensator double plug: dubbelprop
double-point arc horn: tweepuntbooghoring
double-pole carrier yoke: dubbelpaaldrajuk
double pole change-over switch: tweepooloorskakelaar
double-pole cut-out: tweepooluitskakelaar
double-pole cut-out: tweepooluitskakelaar
double-pole double throw (d.p.d.t.): tweepooltweeslag (TPTS).
double-pole double-throw switch (d.p.d.t. switch): tweepooltweeslagskakelaar (TPTS-skakelaar)
double-pole fusing: tweepoolsekering double pole-pitch: dubbelpoolsteek double pole relay: tweekontakrelê
double-pole single-throw (d.p.s.t.): tweepooleenslag-(TPES-)
double-pole single-throw toggle switch (DPST toggle switch): tweepooleenslag-swikskakelaar (TPES-swikskakelaar)
double-pole switch: tweepoolskakelaar
double-pole switch-off: tweepoolafskakeling
double-purchase crab (double-purchase winch): dubbelwenas, dubbelwindas double-purchase winch (double-purchase crab): dubbelwenas, dubbelwindas double reduction system: dubbelreduksiestelsel
double return bend: dubbelterugbuiging (pype)
double-riveted lap joint: dubbelklinkoorslag-las, dubbelgeklinkte oorslaglas
double-range voltmeter: tweebestekvoltmeter, tweestrekvoltmeter
double refraction: dubbelbreking
double resistance box: dubbelweerstandskas
double roll clinker grinder: dubbelrolklinker-meul (bodemas)
double route power line 1: dubbel-roetekraglyn (een van ’n paar) 2: (doublecircuit line): dubbelkraglyn, tweelingkraglyn (albei)
double row ball bearing: dubbelrykoeëllaer
double secondary transformer: transformator met twee sekondêre wikkelings
double shear: dubbelafskuiwing
double-shear steel: dubbelsnystaal
double shear stress: dubbelskuifspanning
double shed insulator (double-petticoat insulator): dubbelmantelisolator
double-shell high-pressure cylinder: dubbelromp-hoëdruksilinder
double silk-covered wire (d.s.c./DSC wire): dubbelsybeklede draad (DSB-draad) double squirrel-cage motor( (double cage induction motor): dubbelkoumotor double squirrel-cage winding:
double-star connected: in dubbelster verbind double-star connection: dubbelsterverbinding double star winding: tweesterwikkeling
double steel tape armoured cable (DSTAC): dubbelstaalbandpantserkabel (DSBPK)
double subscript notation: dubbelonderskrifnotasie
double termination: dubbele afhegting double-thickness nut: dubbeldiktemoer double-thread screw: dubbeldraadskroef double-throw contact: wisselkontak
double-throw contact with neutral position: wisselkontak met neutrale stand
double-throw crankshaft (two-throw crankshaft): tweeslagkrukas
double-throw switch: tweeslagskakelaar double thrust ball race: dubbeldrukkoeëllaer double triode (twin triode): dubbeltriode double-tuned circuit: dubbelingestemde baan
double unit sub-station: dubbeleenheidsubstasie
double ventilation: dubbelventilasie
double-walled apron: dubbelwandskort
double-walled glass tube: dubbelwandglasbuis double-walled jacket: dubbelwandmantel double-way connection: tweewegverbinding double-way rectifier: tweeweggelykrigter double-width nut: dubbelwydtemoer
double winding: dubbele wikkeling, dubbelwikkeling
double-winding synchronous generator: sin-chrone generator met twee geskeide wikkelings
double wire-armoured cable: dubbeldraadpantserkabel
double-wire circuit (two-wire circuit): dubbel-draadverbinding, tweedraadverbinding
double-wound: dubbelgewikkel, met dubbelwikkeling double-wound transformer: dubbelwikkelingtransformator double zigzag connection: dubbelsigsagverbinding doubling: verdubbeling
doughnut (toroid): toroied dovetail: swaelstert dovetailed key: swaelstertspy
dovetail groove: swaelstertgroef dovetail slide: swaelstertskuif dovetail way: swaelstertspygleuf dowel bar: tappenstaaf
dowel pin: tappen
down belt: afwaartse band
downcomer: daalpyp
downcomer blowdown valve: daalpypspuiklep
down conductor: afgeleier
down-draught fan: afstroomwaaier
down feed: afwaartse toevoer
downshop lead: langsglydraad (hyskrane)
downstream: stroomaf
downstream isolation: stroomaf-afsondering
down-stroke: daalslag (suier)
down-time Kyk “outage time’’
downward load: afwaartse las, afwaartse belasting
downward pressure: afwaartse druk downward stroke (down-stroke): daalslag draft tube: suigpyp (turbine)
draft tube gate: suigpyphek
draft tube valve: suigpypklep
drag v.: sleep (vyl op sagte metaal), trek
drag link feeder: sleepkettingvoerder
drag magnet (braking magnet, retarding magnet): remmagneet
drain 1. (underground): riool 2. (open drain): dreineervoor 3. (drain pipe): aftappyp, dreineerpyp 4. (current drain): (stroom)trek
drain v.: 1. dreineer (alg.) 2. trek (stroom)
drainage: dreinering
drainage coil: dreineerspoel drainage pump: dreineerpomp drainage sump: dreineerput drain away: wegdreineer, aftap drain circuit: dreineerbaan
drain cock: aftapkraan, dreineerkraan
drain condenser: dreineerwaterkondensator
drain cooler: dreineerwaterkoeler
drain cooler bypass: dreineerwaterkoeleromloop drained battery: afgeloopte battery, pap battery drained cable: gedreineerde kabel
draining transformer: suigtransformator
drain off: dreineer
drain pipe: aftappyp, dreineerpyp
drainage plug (drain plug): aftapprop, dreineerprop
drain side air vent (drain cooler): dreineerkant-luglater (dreineerkoeler)
drain tower: dreineertoring
drain valve: aftapklep, dreineerklep drain vessel: dreineertenk draught: trek (skoorsteen)
draught gauge: trekmeter draught group: waaiergroep draught plant: trekinstaliasie draught pressure: trekdruk draught suction: suigtrek draw: 1. teken 2. trek
draw bar: trekstang
draw-bar pull: trekstangtrekkrag
draw blank: trekrustuk
draw-bolt: trekbout
draw-box (draw-in pit): invoerkas (kabels)
draw cold: koud trek (metaal)
draw down level: laagste onttrekkingshoogte, laagste onttrekkingvlak
drawer (extractor): trekker, uittrekker
draw head: trekkop
draw hot: warm trek (metaal)
draw in: intrek
draw-in bolt: intrekbout
draw-in box: intrekkas
drawing: 1. tekening, tekenwerk, tekene (vak) 2. trekking (metaal)
drawing office: tekenkantoor
drawing paper: tekenpapier
drawing tube: trekpyp (uittrek van busse)
draw-in pit: intrekput
drawn wire: getrokke draad
drawn-wire tungsten filament: getrokke wolframgloeidraad
draw off: aftap (skuim)
draw-off period: uitvloeityd (reservoir)
draw out: 1. uittrek, 2. uithamer
draw-out switchboard: uittrekskakelbord
draw-out switchgear: uittrekskakeltuig
draw the temper: temper trek, aanlaat (staal)
draw screw: trekskroef
draw vice (straining vice): spanskroef draw wire (fish wire): deurtrekdraad dredger: baggermasjien
dress (dress up): 1. bewerk (bouklip) 2. op-knap, bywerk (slypwiel) 3. klop, inklop (kabels) 4. smeer (dryfband) 5. toerus, van toebehore voorsien (kragpaal)
dress down: pasklop (kabelhulsel) dressed-in end: ingeklopte ent (kabel) dresser: 1. bywerker, opknapper (slypwiel)

klophamer, klopper
dressing: 1. bewerking (messelklip) 2. op-knapping, bywerking (slypwiel) 3. (die) klop, inklopping (kabels) 4. smering 5. voorsien-ing van toebehore, (die) uitrus (maste, transformators)
dressing wheel: bywerkwiel, opknapwiel (slypwiele)
dress up (dress): 1. afwerk (bv. metaal) 2. bewerk 3. bywerk, opknap (slypwiel) 4. klop (kabel) 5. smeer 6. van toebehore voorsien (toring/transformator)
drier coil: droërkronkel
drift: dryfyster
drift: 1. drif (elektrone, beheerstelselafwyking) 2. dwaling (frekwensie)
drift compensation: drifkompensering drift current: drifstroom (halfgeleier) drift space: dryfruimte (elektronebuis)
drift transistor: sypeltransistor
drift tunnel: inhaalpyp
drill: boor
drill brace (brace, hand brace): omslag
drill chuck: boorkop, boorkloukop
drill extractor: boortrekker drill feed: boortoevoer drilling: boorwerk
drilling arm: boorarm
drilling jig (drill jig): boorsetmaat drill jig (drilling jig): boorsetmaat drill press: boorpers
drill sleeve: boorhuls
drill socket: boorsok
drip feed lubricator: drupsmeerder
drip pan (drip tray): drupbak
drip proof: drupdig
drip-proof cage motor: drupdigte koumotor
drip-proof cowl: drupdigte kap
drip-proof fitting: drupdigte toebehore drip-proof motor: drupdigte motor drip tank: druptenk
drip tray (drip pan): drupbak
drive n.: 1. (driver): aandrywer, drywer 2. aandrywing
drive: aandryf, dryf
drive belt: Kyk “driving belt” drive chain: dryfketting drive circuit: dryfkring
drive magnet interrupter: dryfmagneetonderbreker
drive mechanism: aandryfmeganisme
driven: aangedrewe, gedrewe driven coupling: gedrewe koppeling driven feed shaft: gedrewe voeras
driven gear (driven wheel): gedrewe rat driven member (driven part): gedrewe deel driven part (driven member): gedrewe deel driven pinion: gedrewe kleinrat
driven pulley (follower, follower pulley): gedrewe katrol
driven rod earth: inslaanstaafaarde
driven shaft: gedrewe as
driven wheel (driven gear): gedrewe rat
drive off (dispel): afdryf (gasse) drive on: aandryf (bv. spy) drive pulley: dryfkatrol
driver 1. (drive): aandrywer, drywer 2. (carrier): meenemer (draaibank)
drive shaft (driving shaft): dryf as
drive system (driving system): dryfstelsel
drive unit: dryfeenheid
drive voltage: dryfspanning
driving belt (belt, drive belt): dryf band
driving bolt: dryf bout
driving cone pulley: koniese dryfkatrol driving coupling: dryf koppeling driving disc: dryfskyf
driving dog: dryfklou
driving element: aandryfelement driving end (operating end): dryfent driving face: dryfvlak (skroefdraad) driving fit: dryf passing
driving force (driving power): dryf krag
driving gear (driving gearwheel): dryf rat
driving gearwheel (driving gear): dryf rat
driving grate link: aandryfroosterskakel (kettingrooster)
driving magnet: dryfmagneet
driving mechanism: dryfmeganisme
driving member: dryfdeel (van koppelaar bv.)
driving motor: dryfmotor driving part: dryfdeel driving pinion: dryfkleinrat driving plate: dryfplaat
driving-point admittance: dryfpuntadmittansie driving point impedance: dryfpuntimpedansie driving power: dryfvermoë, dryf krag
driving pulley: dryfkatrol
driving ratchet: dryfsperrat driving shaft (drive shaft): dryf as driving spindle: dryfspil
driving strain: aandryfvervorming
driving torque: aandryfmoment, dryfwringkrag
driving turbine: dryfturbine
driving wheel: dryfwiel
drooping characteristic: dalende kenkromme
drop: afname, val, vermindering
drop away (drop out, release): afval, uitskei (relê)
drop-away current (drop-out current, release current): afvalstroom, uitskeistroom
drop-away function: afvalfunksie
drop-away test (release test): afvaltoets (relê)
drop-away time (release lag, release period): afvaltyd, uitskeityd (relê)
drop-away value (drop-out value): afval-waarde, uitskeiwaarde
drop forging: valsmeewerk drop-in winding: inlêwikkeling drop out: afval, uitskei (relê)
drop-out current (drop-away current, release current): afvalstroom, uitskeistroom
drop-out fuse link: uittreksmeltbrug
drop-out value (drop-away value): afval-waarde, uitskeiwaarde drop-out voltage: Kyk ‘‘extinction potential', “extinction voltage” dropper: 1. hangdraad (rydraad) 2. afleier

spar (heining)
dropping resistor: spanningsverlagingsresistor drop test: 1. spanningsvaltoets 2. valtoets (meg.) drop-valve relay: valkleprelê
drop wire: valdraad (vanaf geleier)
dross: droeskool, stofsteenkool
drum: 1. silinder 2. trom, trommel 3. tol (draad) 4. vat, konka (houers)
drum armature: tromanker, trommelanker drum barrel (cable drum barrel): tolsilinder drum blowdown valve: tromspuiklep
drum coil: tromspoel
drum gate: trommelsluis
drum level (drum water level): tromwaterpeil, tromwaterstand
drum level transmitter: tromwaterpeilsender drum motor: trommotor (met tromwikkeling) drum potentiometer: trompotensiometer drum pressure: tromdruk
drum relay: tromrelê
drum safety valve: tromveiligheidsklep
drum shaft: tromas
drumspindle: tromspil
drum switch (cylindrical controller): trom-skakelaar (met roteersilinder of -nok)
drum type armature: tromanker
drum water level: tromwaterpeil
drum winding (barrel winding): tromwikkeling drum-wound armature: anker met tromwikkeling drunken threads: doldrade
dry accumulator: droë akkumulator
dry-arcing distance: droëoorvonkafstand dry battery (dry-cell battery): droë battery dry-bottom furnace: droëbodemoond
dry cell: droë sel
dry-cell battery (dry battery): droë battery
dry cementation process: droë sementasieproses
dry cooling tower: droëkoeltoring
dry-core cable: droëkernkabel, kabel met lugisolasie
dry-core paper-insulated cable: papier-geïsoleerde droëkernkabel
dry-disc rectifier: Kyk “metallic rectifier cell/stack”
dry electrolytic capacitor (dry electrolytic condenser): droë elektrolitiese kapasitor
dry fabric filter: droëdoekfilter
dry flash-over: droë oorvonking, droë oorslag
dry flash-over test: droëoorslagtoets (sterkstroom)
dry flash-over voltage (dry spark-over voltage): droëoorslagspanning, oorslagspan-ning in droë lug
dry gas-pressure cable: ongedrenkte gas-drukkabel, ongeïmpregneerde gasdrukkabel
dry grinding: droogslypwerk
dry-heat test: droëhittetoets
dry impulse flash-over: droë impulsoorvonk-ing, droë impulsoorslag
drying-out: droging (kabel)
dry joint: droë las (met hoë weerstand a.g.v. oksied)
dry liner: droë voering
dry-plate rectifier (barrier-film rectifier, dry-plate rectifier): metaalgelykrigter
dry run (dummy run): kammalopie
dry solids: droë vaste stowwe
dry spark-over voltage (drý flash-over voltage): droë oorslagspanning
dry test: droë toets
dry-test voltage: droëtoetsspanning
dry type filter: droë filter
dry type transformer: droë transformator
dry withstand voltage: droë spanningsbestandheid
D-shackle: D-harp
dual ammeter: dubbelammeter
dual amplification: dubbele versterking
dual capacitor: dubbelkapasitor
dual control: 1. dubbelbeheer (handeling) 2. dubbelkontrole (instr.)
dual-circuit line (double circuit line): dub-belkraglyn, dubbelkringlyn, tweelingkraglyn
dual contactor: tweeledige kontaktor
dual-control switchboard: dubbelkontroleskakelbord
dual-filament lamp (double-filament lamp): tweegloeidraadlamp
dual function: tweeledige funksie
dual lift control: dubbele hyserkontrole
dual mode control system: dubbelmoduskontrolestelsel
dual ratio transformer: dubbelverhouding-transformator
dual release(dual trip): dubbeldienstige klink, dubbeldoelklink dual resistance thermometer: dubbelweerstandstermometer dual switchboard: tweesydige skakelbord
dual unit: dubbeleenheid
dual voltage indicator: dubbelspanningswyser
dual-wound motor: dubbelwikkelingmotor, motor met dubbelwikkeling
duck: seildoek
duck-bill pliers: eendebektang
duct: 1. gang, kanaal 2. leibaan (drade)
ductile: rekbaar
ductile metal: rekbare metaal
ductile steel conduit: rekbarestaalleipyp
ductility: rekbaarheid (metaal)
ducting: 1. gange, kanale 2. leibane (kragbedrading) duct-ventilated motor: kanaalgeventileerde motor Duddell arc (singing arc): Duddellboog, singboog duff: gruissteenkool, fynsteenkool
dull v.: stomp word (beitel)
dull adj.: 1. dof (geluid bv.) 2. mat (kleure) 3. stomp (beitel)
dull-edged tool: stomp beitel
dull heat (dull red heat): matrooihitte dull red heat (dull heat): matrooihitte dull-emitter valve: dowwekatodebuis

dull-emitting cathode: dowwe katode dummy coil (idle coil): onaktiewe spoel dummy coupling: propkoppeling dummy electrode: blinde elektrode dummy fuse: blinde sekering
dummy load (artificial load): kunsmatige belasting, kunsmatige las
dummy piston: blinde suier
dummy plug: blinde prop
dummy resistance: kunsmatige weerstand
dummy run (dry run): kammalopie
dummy terminal: blinde aansluiter, blinde klem
dump: stort (kondensaat)
dump coal: steenkoolafval, stortsteenkool
dumping bar support beam (beam supporting dumping nose): stortstuk-steunbalk
dumping nose: stortneus dumping plates: stortplate dump power: oorskotkrag dump tube: stortpyp
Duo-bias: Duo-bias (handelsnaam)
Duo-bias relay: Duo-bias-relê
duodiode (double diode, binode): dubbeldiode
duodiode-triode: dubbeldiode-triode
duolateral coil (honeycomb coil, lattice coil): heuningkoekspoel, kruisspoel (radio)
duotriode: duotriode (elektronebuis) duplex circuit: dupleksverbinding duplex gauge: dupleksmeter
duplex pressure gauge: dupleksdrukmeter duplex roller chain: tweelingrolketting duplex strainer: dupleks-sif
duplex system: dupleksstelsel
duplex switchboard (corridor switchboard): dupleksskakelbord, dubbelskakelbord met tussengang
duplicate battery system: d u pi i kaatbatte ry ste I se I
duplicate busbar: duplikaatgeleistam
duplicate circuitry: dubbele stroomkring duplicate feeder (dual feeder): duplikaatvoerder duplicate lines: duplikaatlyne
duplicate plant (off-the-shelf plant, replica plant, standard plant): replika-aanleg
duplicate reactor: duplikaatreaktor
duplicate supply power line: duplikaatkraglyn duplicate type arc horn: dubbele booghoring durability: duursaamheid
durable: duursaam
duralumin: duralumin
dust and grit extraction plant: stof-en-grintverwyderinstallasie
dust core: poeierkern (magn.)
dust-core coil: poeierkernspoel
dust extractor (dust trap): stofvanger dust guard (dust cover): stofskerm dust hood: stofkap
dust hopper: stofbak
dust-ignition-proof machine: stofontstekings-digte masjien
dust-proof (dust-tight): stofdig
dust-proof machine: stofdigte masjien dust-proof switch: stofdigte skakelaar dust-tight (dust-proof): stofdig
dust-tight fitting: stofdigte toebehore dust-tight unit: stofdigte eenheid dust trap (dust extractor): stofvanger dust valve: stofklep
dusty air: stowwerige lug
duty: diens
duty cycle: dienssiklus
duty cycle rating: dienssiklusaanslagZ-kenvermoë
duty factor: diensfaktor duty motor: diensmotor duty pump: dienspomp duty rating: diensaanslag duty set: diensstel
dyke: dyk (waterskemas)
dynamic: dinamies
dynamically balanced: dinamies gebalanseer dynamic balance: dinamiese balans dynamic balancing: dinamiese balansering dynamic braking: dinamiese remming
dynamic characteristic (dynamic transfer characteristic): dinamiese kenkromme (bv. buis)
dynamic conductance (dynamic mutual conductance): dinamiese konduktansie
dynamic equilibrium: dinamiese ewewig
dynamic frictional torque: dinamiese wrywingsdraaimoment
dynamic impedance: dinamiese impedansie
dynamic luminous sensitivity: dinamiese lig-gevoeligheid (van ’n fotoëlektriese toestel)
dynamic range: dinamiese strek
dynamic resistance: dinamiese weerstand
dynamics: dinamika
dynamic sensitivity: dinamiese gevoeligheid
dynamic short-circuit resistance: dinamiese kortsluitweerstand
dinamic store: dinamiese geheue (rek.)
dynamic transfer characteristic (dynamic characteristic): dinamiese kenkromme
dynamic viscosity: dinamiese viskositeit
dynamo: dinamo (bv. alternator)
dynamo drive: 1. dinamoaandrywer 2. dinamoaandrywing
dynamo-electric machine: dinamoëlektriese masjien
dynamometer: dinamometer (meet spanning in geleiers; ook wringkrag) dynamometer-type energy meter: dinamometerenergiemeter dynamometer wattmeter: dinamometerwattmeter
dynamotor (rotary converter): dinamotor (gelyktydig motor en generator)
dynatron: dinatron (elektronebuis)
dynatron characteristic (dynatron effect): dinatroneffek dynatron effect (dynatron characteristic): dinatroneffek dynatron oscillator: dinatronossillator
dyne: dine
dynode: dinode (van ’n elektronebuis)

EE (exciter end): OE (opwekkerent)
E-EMS (Escom’s Energy Management System): E-EBS (Evkom se Energiebeheerstelsel)
EF (SAE Extra Fine Series): EF
EHT (extra high tension, extra high voltage): EHS (ekstrahoë spanning)
EHV (extra high voltage): EHS (ekstrahoë spanning)
E-IDS (Escom’s Information and Decision System): E-IBS (Evkom se Inligting-en Beslissingstelsel)
e.I.c.b. (ELCB, earth-leakage circuit-breaker): ALSB (aardlekstroombreker)
EMF (electromotive force): EMK (elek-tromotoriese krag)
EMF commutation: EMK-kommutasie
EMF curve: EMK-kromme
EMF equation: EMK-vergelyking
EMF method: EMK-metode
EMF of self-induction: EMK van selfinduksie
EMF ratio: EMK-verhouding
EMF-time curve: EMK-tydkromme
EMF vector diagram: EMK-vektordiagram
EMF wave: EMK-golf
e.m.u. (electromagnetic unit): e.m.e. (elek-tromagnetiese eenheid)
EP (extraction pump): KP (kondensaatpomp)
ESU (electrostatic unit): ESE (elektrostatiese eenheid)
ESV (emergency stop valve): NAK
EU (evaporative unit): VE (verdampingseenheid)
e.v. (electric vehicle): e.v. (elektriese voertuig)
eV (electron-volt): eV (elektronvolt) early-break contact: voorbreekkontak early cut-off: vroeë afsnyding
early failure period: vroeë-onklaarrakingstyd
early-make contact: voorsluitkontak
earth n.: 1. (ground): aarde 2. (earthing): aarding (abstrak en konkreet)
earth v. (ground): aard
earth bar: aardstam
earth bond: aarddeurverbinder
earth brush: aardborsel
earth busbar: aardgeleistam
earth cable (ground cable): aardkabel
earth circuit: aardkring
earth clamp: aardklamp
earth clearance: 1. aardvryruimte 2. vryhoogte
earth commoning clip: saamaardklem earth conductivity: aardgeleivermoë earth conductor: aardgeleier
earth connected neutral: geaarde neutrale geleier earth connection (ground connection): aardverbinding earth contact: aardsluiting
earth-continuity conductor: aardkontinuiteitsgeleier
earth current (ground current): aardstroom earth detector: aardverklikker, aardlekaanwyser earthed (grounded): geaard
earthed capacitance: geaarde kapasitansie
earthed circuit: geaarde kring
earthed metallic strip: geaarde metaalstrook
earthed neutral: geaarde nulgeleier
earthed neutral system: stelsel met geaarde nulpunt
earthed pole: geaarde pool
earthed switch: geaarde skakelaar
earthed system: geaarde net, geaarde stelsel earth electrode (ground electrode): aardelektrode earthenware conduit: erdeleipyp
earth fault: aardfout
earth-fault protection: aardfoutbeveiliging
earth fault relay: aardfoutrelê
earth grid: aardrooster
earth impulse: aardimpuls
earthing (earth): aarding
earthing apparatus: aardingsapparaat
earthing auto-transformer: Kyk “earthing reactor”
earthing brush: aardingsborsel
earthing cable: aardingskabel, aardkabel
earthing cable-bond: aardingskabeldeurverbinding
earthing cap: aardingsdop
earthing choke coil: aardingsmoorspoel
earthing circuit: aardingskring
earthing clamp: aardingsklamp
earthing compensation: aardingskompensasie
earthing compensator: aardingskompensator
earthing compensator link: aardingskompensatorskakel
earthing conductor: aardingsgeleier
earthing contact (grounding contact): aardingskontak
earthing device: aardingstoestel
earthing gear: aardingstuig
earth leakage circuit breaker: aardlekstroombreker
earthing link: aardingskakel, aardskakel earthing reactor: aardingsreaktor earthing relay: aardingsrelê
earthing resistance (earth resistance): aardingsweerstand earthing resistor (earth resistor): aardingsresistor earthing stick: aardingstok (lewendigelynonderhoud) earthing strap (earth strap): aard(ings)band, aardingstrop earthing-switch (grounding switch): aardingskakelaar earthing system: aardingsinstallasie
earthing terminal (grounding terminal): aardingsklem
earthing transformer: Kyk “earthing reactor”
earth lead: aardleiding
earth leakage: aardlek
earth leakage current: aardlekstroom
earth leakage indicator: aardlekverklikker earth leakage protection: aardlekbeveiliging earth leakage relay: aardlekrelê
earth link: aardskakel
earth mat: aardmat
earth monitoring protection: aard-moniteringsbeveiliging (teen elek. skok)
earth plate: aardplaat

earth potential (zero potential): aardpotensiaa!
earth protection: aardbeveiliging
earth pulse: aardpuls
earth relay (ground relay): aardrelê
earth resistance (earthing resistance): aardingsweerstand (by geaarde geleier)
earth resistance meter: aardweerstandsmeter
earth resistivity: spesifieke weerstand van die aarde earth resistor (earthing resistor): aardresistor earth return (earth return circuit): aardterugleiding earth return brush: aardterugleiborsel
earth return circuit (earth return): aardterugleiding
earth return system: aardterugleistelsel (net of stelsel met terugleiding deur die aarde)
earth rod: aardstaaf
earth screen (earth shield): aardskerm, aardskut
earth shield (earth screen): aardskerm, aardskut
earth strap (earthing strap): aar(dings)band, aardingstrop
earth system (ground system): aardstelsel
earth tap: aardaftakking
earth terminal (ground terminal): aardklem, aardaansluiter
earth tester: aardtoetser
earth-wire: aarddraad
ease v.: 1. laat skiet, skietgee 2. losser maak 3. slapper maak
ease off: losmaak, wegneem (met vyl of skraper) easing oil (penetrating oil): indringolie, penetreerolie easy fit: ruim passing
eat away: wegvreet (roes) ebonite insulator: ebonietisolator ebullator: kookpuntreëlaar
eccentric adj.: eksentries, uitmiddelpuntig
eccentric n.: eksentriek
eccentricity: eksentrisiteit
eccentric loading: eksentriese belasting eccentric motion: eksentriese beweging eccentric pole: eksentriekpool
echo: 1. eggo (bv. radar) 2. (double image, ghost, ghost image, multiple image): dubbelbeeld, spookbeeld (telev.) 3. (reverberation): eggo, nagalm, weerklank
economic load dispatching: ekonomiese lasreëling
economiser: (brandstof)bespaarder
economiser bypass damper: bespaarderomloopdemper economiser drain valve: bespaarder-dreineerklep economiser gas inlet: bespaardergasinlaat
economiser inlet pressure: bespaarderinlaatdruk economiser relief valve: bespaarderontlasklep economiser water outlet: bespaarderwateruitlaat eddy current (Foucault current): werwelstroom eddy-current braking: werwelstroomremming eddy-current loss: werwelstroomverlies
edge n.: 1. (cutting edge), snee, snykant (gereedskap) 2. kant 3. rand
edge v.: afkant, afrand
edge-flange weld: randflenssweislas
edge grate link: randroosterskakel
edge-illuminated (edge-lighted): randverlig edge-lighted (edge-illuminated): randverlig eduction: eduction
Edison screw-cap: Edisonskroefdop
effect: effek, invloed, uitwerking
effective accelerating torque: effektiewe versnellingsdraaimoment
effective area: effektiewe oppervlakte
effective armature inductance: effektiewe anker-induktansie
effective average: effektiewe gemiddelde effective capacitance: effektiewe kapasitansie effective capacity: effektiewe kapasiteit effective circumference: effektiewe omtrek
effective clockwise moment: effektiewe regsommoment effective conductance: effektiewe konduktansie effective conductivity: effektiewe geleivermoë
effective cooling surface: effektiewe koeloppervlak
effective current (actual current, virtual current): effektiewe stroom effective current range: effektiewe stroomge-bied (van ’n meter) effective date: geldigheidsdatum
effective diameter: effektiewe diameter
effective field ratio (field ratio): effektiewe veldverhouding
effective flux: effektiewe vloed
effective frictional load: effektiewe wrywingslas
effective gap capacitance: effektiewe spleetkapasitansie
effective input admittance: effektiewe ingangsadmittansie
effective input/output capacitance: effektiewe ingangs/uitgangskapasitansie
effective input/output impedance: effektiewe ingangsimpedansie/ uitgangsimpedansie
effective luminous length: effektiewe liglengte
effective output admittance: effektiewe uitgangsadmittansie
effective plate voltage: effektiewe anodespanning, nuttige anodespanning
effective pressure: 1. effektiewe druk 2. Kyk ‘‘effective voltage”
effective range: effektiewe bereik
effective resistance (high-frequency resistance): effektiewe weerstand effective pull (effective tension): effektiewe trekkrag (bandaandrywing) effective reactance: effektiewe reaktansie
effective resistance: effektiewe weerstand
effective resistivity: effektiewe resistiwiteit
effective synchronous reactance: effektiewe sinchrone reaktansie effective tension (effective pull): effektiewe trekkrag (bandaandrywing) effective transmission: effektiewe transmissie
effective turning force: effektiewe draaikrag effective turning moment: effektiewe draaimoment effective value (virtual value): effektiewe waarde

effective voltage (RMS voltage): effektiewe spanning, WGK-spanning
effect of gravity: swaartekrageffek
effect of temperature: temperatuureffek
efficiency: 1. rendement (tegnies, persentasie) 2. doeltreffendheid (metode) 3. bekwaam-heid (persoon) 4. nuttigheid
efficiency cuive: rendementkromme
efficiency loss: rendementverlies
efficiency of rectification: gelykrigrendement
efficiency of transmission: transmissierendement efficiency test: 1. bekwaamheidstoets 2. rendementtoets efficient: doeltreffend, nuttig
efficient draught: nuttige trek (stoomketel) effluent disposal pump: uitvloeisel-afvoerpomp effluent pumphouse: uitvloeiselpomphuis effluent sump: uitvloeiselput (waterbehandeling) effort: 1. hyskrag (katrol) 2. krag, mag (hefboom) effort circle: kragsirkel
effort curve: kragkromme
effort line (force line, line of force): kraglyn
effort load: kragbelasting, kraglas
egg coal (ovoids, ovoids coal): eierkool
egg crate type packing: eierkratpakking (in koeltoring)
egg insulator: eierisolator
eight-pole: agtpolig, agtpool-eight-pole alternator: agtpoolalternator eight-pole lap-wound armature: agtpoolanker met luswikkeling eight-pole machine: agtpoolmasjien
Einstein’s law: wet van Einstein
ejection pump (ejector pump): ejekteurpomp
ejector: ejekteur (vir lug)
elastance: elastansie (resiprook v. kapasitan-sie. Kyk “daraf‘)
elasticity: 1. elastisiteit 2. rekbaarheid (algemeen) elasticity coefficient: elastisiteitskoëffisiënt elastic limit (limit of elasticity): elastisiteitsgrens elastic limit strength: elastisiteitsgrenssterkte
elastic modulus (modulus of elasticity): elastisiteitsmodulus
elastomer: elastomeer
elbow: elmboog (pyp)
electric absorption: elektriese absorpsie
electrical (electric): elektries, elektriese
electrical angle: elektriese hoek (vektorfaseverskil) electrical apparatus: elektriese apparaat electrical appliance: elektriese toestel
electrical auxiliaries: elektriese hulpmasjiene, elektriese hulpapparaat
electrical axis: elektriese as
electrical capacity: elektriese vermoë (bv. kragstasie)
electrical centring: elektriese sentrering
electrical charge: elektriese lading
electrical conductivity: elektriese gelei(dings)vermoë
electrical conductor: elektriese geleier
electrical continuity: elektriese kontinuiteit
electrical control apparatus: elektriese kontroleapparaat
electrical coupler: elektriese koppelaar
electrical degree: elektriese graad (Kyk ook “electrical angle') electrical detection (electric detection): elektriese speuring electrical device: elektriese toestel
electrical displacement (dielectric strain, electric flux density): elektriesevloeddigtheid
electrical disturbance: elektriese steuring electrical efficiency: elektriese rendement electrical emergency trip: elektriese noodklink electrical energy: elektriese energie
electrical engineer: elektriese ingenieur
electrical engineering: elektroteg-niese/elektriese ingenieurswese
electrical equilibrium: elektriese ewewig electrical equipment: elektriese uitrusting electrical equivalent: elektriese ekwivalent electrical fitting: elektriese toebehoorsel electrical flux density: elektriese vloeddigtheid
electrical generating plant: elektrisiteitsontwikkelinstallasie
electrical horsepower: elektriese perdekrag electrical installation: elektriese installasie electrical instrument: elektriese instrument electrical interlock (electric lock): elektriese grendel
electrical load (electric load): elektriese belasting, elektriese las
electrical loading: elektriese belasting, elektriese las
electrical loss: elektriese verlies
electrically actuated (electrically operated): elektriese geaktueer, elektries bedien
electrically assisted: elektries gesteun electrically charged: elektries gelaai electrically connected: elektries verbind
electrically developed area: geëlektrifiseerde gebied, elektries ontwikkelde gebied
electrically driven: elektries, elektries aan-gedrewe, elektries gedrewe
electrically-driven pump: elektriese pomp
electrically heated: elektries verb it, elektries verwarm
electrically-heated soldering tool (electric solder-bolt): elektriese soldeerbout
electrically heated thermocouple: elektriese verhitte termokoppel
electrically inoperative: elektries buite werking electrically interlocked: elektries gegrendel electrically lighted: elektries verlig
electrically measuring instrument: elektries-metende instrument (meet met behulp van elektrisiteit)
electrically operated (electrically actuated): elektries geaktueer, elektries bedien
electrically operated safety valve: elektriese

electrically welded: elektries gesweis
electrical machinery: elektriese masjinerie
electrical measuring instrument: elektriese meetinstrument
electrical oscillation: elektriese ossillasie
electrical overhead travelling crane: elektriese bobaankraan
electrical overload: elektriese oorbelasting
electrical plant: elektriese uitrusting
electrical power (electric power): 1. elektriese krag 2. elektriese drywing (arbeid) 3. (electric capacity): elektriese vermoë
electrical precipitation (electrostatic precipitation): elektrostatiese neerslag
electrical precipitator: elektriese presipitator (by skoorstene)
electrical pressure: elektriese spanning electrical pump: elektriese pomp electrical pyrometer: elektriese pirometer
electrical radian displacement: elektriese radiaalverskuiwing
electrical resetting: elektriese terugstelling electrical resistance: elektriese weerstand electrical scanning: elektriese aftasting
electrical strain gauge: elektriese vervormingsmeter electrical strength: Kyk “dielectric strength” electrical system: elektriese stelsel
electrical technology (electrotechnology): elektrotegnologie
electrical thermometer: elektriese termometer
electrical thread (electric thread): elektriese skroefdraad
electrical transmission (electric transmission): elektriese transmissie
electrical trip: elektriese klink
electrical unit (electric unit): elektriese eenheid
electrical value: elektriese waarde
electrical welding: elektriese sweising
Electrical Wiremen and Contractors Act: Wet op Elektrotegniese Draadwerkers en Aannemers
electrical zero: elektriese sero electrical analogon: elektriese analogon electric arc: elektriese boog (algemeen)
electric arc furnace (arc-type electric furnace): boogoond
electric braking: elektriese remming
electric cable: elektriese kabel
electric centre: elektriese nulpunt (uitfasige masjien) electric change-over: elektriese oorskakeling electric charge (electrical charge): elekriese lading electric circuit: elektriese kring
electric conductor: elektriese geleier
electric controller: elektriese kontroleerder electric cord (flex, flexible cord): elektriese koord electric convector: elektriese konveksieverwarmer electric coupling: elektriese koppeling
electric current: elektriese stroom
electric detection (electrical detection): elektriese speuring
electric dipole (electric doublet): elektriese dipool
electric discharge: elektriese ontlading
electric discharge lamp: Kyk “gas discharge lamp” electric doublet (electric dipole): elektriese dipool electric drive: elektriese aandrywing
electric (electrical) energy: elektriese energie
electric feed pump: elektriese voerpomp, elektriese voedings(water)pomp
electric field: elektriese veld
electric field intensity: Kyk “electric field strength”
electric field strength: elektriese veldsterkte
electric field vector: elektrieseveldvektor (by ’n punt in ’n elek. veld)
electric flux: elektriese vloed
electric flux density (dielectric strain, electrical displacement): elektriesevloeddigtheid
electric furnace: elektriese oond electric fuse: elektriese sekering electric generator: elektriese generator electric geyser: elektriese geiser
electric globe (electric lamp bulb, electric light bulb, electric light globe): elektriese gloeilamp
electric heater: elektriese verwarmer electric heating: elektriese verwarming electric hoist: elektriese hysmasjien electric hooter: elektriese toeter electric hysteresis: elektriese histerese electrician: elektrisiën
electricity: elektrisiteit
Electricity Control Board: Elektrisiteitsbeheerraad
electric induction (dielectric flux density): elektriese induksie
electricity meter: elektrisiteitsmeter
electricity scheme: elektrisiteitskema
electricity supply: 1. elektrisiteitstoevoer 2. elektrisiteitsvoorsiening
electric lamp: elektriese lamp
electric lamp bulb (electric globe, electric light bulb, electric light globe): elektriese gloeilamp
electric light: elektriese lig
electric light bulb (electric globe, electric lamp bulb, electric light globe): elektriese gloeilamp electric light globe (electric light bulb, electric globe, electric lamp bulb): elektriese gloeilamp electric lighting: elektriese verligting
electric line: elektriese (krag)lyn
electric load (electrical load): elektriese belasting, elektriese las
electric loading: elektriese belasting
electric lock (electrical interlock): elektriese grendel
electric locomotive: elektriese lokomotief electric machine: elektriese masjien electric main: elektrisiteitshoofleiding electric mains: elektrisiteitsnet
electric measuring instrument: elektriese meetinstrument
electric moment: elektriese moment (produk v. enige van die ladings se omvang en

afstand tussen hulle)
electric motor: elektriese motor
electric operation: 1. elektriese bediening 2. elekriese werking
electric potential: elektriese potensiaal
electric power (electrical power): 1. elektriese krag 2. elektriese drywing
electric propulsion: elektriese aandrywing
electric pump: elektriese pomp
electric pyrometer: elektriese pirometer (temperatuurmeter)
electric range: elektriese bestek
electric screen: elektriese skerm (bv. katodestraalbuis)
electric sensitivity: elektriese sensitiwiteit
electric shock: elektriese skok electric sign: lig(reklame)teken electric siren: elektriese sirene
electric solder bolt (electrically-heated soldering tool): elektriese soldeerbout
electric steel: elektrostaal
electric stress (dielectric stress): diëlektriese spanning
electric supply: elektriese toevoer
electric supply equipment: elektriesetoevoeruitrusting
electric switch: elektriese skakelaar
electric tachometer: elektriese tagometer (draaispoedmeting)
electric terminal: klem (van 'n masjien)
electric thermometer: elektriese termometer (met wisselende weerstand)
electric thread (electrical thread): elektriese skroefdraad
electric traction: elektriese traksie, elektriese trekkrag
electric transmission (electrical transmission): elektriese transmissie
electric unit (electrical unit): elektriese eenheid electrical vehicle (e.v.): elektriese voertuig (ev.) electric water heater: elektriese waterverwarmer electric wave: elektriese golf
electric wave filter: elektriese golffilter
electric welding: 1. elektriese sweising (me-tode) 2. elektriese sweiswerk
electric wiring: elektriese bedrading
electrification: 1. elektrifikasie, elektrifisering 2. elektrisering (bv. ’n gas)
electrification scheme: elektrifiseerskema
electrified area: geëlektrifiseerde gebied
electrify: 1. elektrifiseer (’n gebied) 2. elek-triseer (bv. ’n gas)
electro-acoustic: elektroakoesties
electro-acoustic force factor: elektroakoes-tiese koppelfaktor
electro-acoustic transducer: elektroakoes-tiese oordraer (bv. luidspreker)
electrocapillarity: elektrokapillariteit (van kwik) electrocapillary phenomena: elektrokapillêre verskynsel electrochemical: elektrochemies
electrochemical equivalent: elektrochemiese ekwivalent (afsetsel by katode)
electrochemical process: elektrochemiese proses electrochemical reaction: elektrochemiese reaksie electrochemistry: elektrochemie
electrocute: (elektries) doodskok, elektriseer
electrode: elektrode
electrode admittance: elektrodeadmittansie electrode bias: elektrodevoorspanning electrode boiler: elektrodeketel
electrode capacitance: elektrodekapasitansie electrode characteristic: elektrodekenkromme electrode conductance: elektrodekonduktansie "
electrode current: elektrodestroom (van ’n elektronebuis)
electrode-current averaging time: integreer-tyd van ’n elektrodestroom
electro-deposition: elektroafsetti ng
electrode differential resistance: Kyk “differential anode resistance”
electrode dissipation: elektrodedissipasie electrode drop: elektrodespanningsval electrode impedance: elektrode-impedansie electrode inverse current: elektrodeteenstroom electrodeposition: elektroneerslag
electrode radiator: elektrodekoeler electrode reactance: elektrodereaktansie electrode resistance: elektrodeweerstand
electrode susceptance: elektrodesusseptansie electrode voltage: elektrodespanning electrodynamic: elektrodinamies
electrodynamic balance: elektrodinamiese balans electrodynamic instrument: elektrodinamiese instrument electrodynamic potential: elektro-dinamiese potensiaal electrodynamic relay: elektrodinamiese relê electrodynamics: elektrodinamika electrodynamometer: elektrod i namometer
electro-erosion: elektroërosie
electrogalvanising (cold galvanising): elektrogalvanisering
electrographite: elektrografiet
electrographitic brush: elektrografitiese bor-sel (draaimasjiene) electrohydraulic governor: elektrohidrouliese reëlaar electrohydraulic valve: elektrohidrouliese klep
electrokinetic energy: elektrokinetiese energie
electrokinetics: elektrokinetika
electrolise: elektroliseer electroluminescence: elektroluminessensie electrolyser: elektroliseerder
electrolysis: elektrolise
electrolyte: elektroliet
electrolyte level control tank: elektrolietpeilbeheertenk
electrolytic: elektrolities
electrolytic arrester (aluminium arrester, aluminium surge arrester): elektrolitiese stuwingsafleier
electrolytic capacitor (electrolytic condenser): elektrolitiese kapasitor
electrolytic cell: elektrolitiese sel
electrolytic condenser (electrolytic

capacitor): elektrolitiese kapasitor
electrolytic copper: elektrolitiese koper electrolytic corrosion: elektrolitiese korrosie electrolytic generator: elektrolitiese generator
electrolytic lightning arrester: Kyk “electrolytic surge arrester”
electrolytic meter: elektrolitiese meter electrolytic plant: elektroliseaanleg electrolytic plating: elektrolitiese platering electrolytic rectifier: elektrolitiese gelykrigter electrolytic resistance: elektrolitiese weerstand
electrolytic surge arrester: elektrolitiese stuwings afleierAweerder
electrolytic tank: elektrolitiese tenk electromagnet: elektromagneet electromagnet armature: elektromagneetanker electromagnetic: elektromagneties
electromagnetically induced: elektromagneties geïnduseer
electromagnetic attraction (electromagnetic pull): elektromagnetiese aantrekking
electromagnetic braking: elektromagnetiese remming electromagnetic clutch: elektromagnetiese koppelaar electromagnetic coil: elektromagnetiese spoel
electromagnetic compatibility: elektromagnetiese verenigbaarheid electromagnetic coupling: elektromagnetiese koppeling electromagnetic effect: elektromagnetiese effek
electromagnetic energy: elektromagnetiese energie electromagnetic field: elektromagnetiese veld electromagnetic force: elektromagnetiese krag electromagnetic induction: elektromagnetiese induksie
electromagnetic inertia: elektromagnetiese in-ersie, elektromagnetiese traagheid
electromagnetic instrument: elektromagnetiese instrument electromagnetic interaction: elektromagnetiese wisselwerking electromagnetic mass: elektromagnetiese massa electromagnetic microphone: elektromagnetiese mikrofoon electromagnetic potential: elektromagnetiese potensiaal
electromagnetic pull (electromagnetic attraction): elektromagnetiese aantrekking electromagnetic radiation: elektromagnetiese straling (X-strale, ligstrale, ens.) electromagnetic relay: elektromagnetiese relê
electromagnetic screen: elektromagnetiese skerm
electromagnetic separator: elektromagnetiese skeier (verwydering v. magn. metaal uit steenkool) electromagnetic solenoid braking (solenoid braking): elektromagnetiese solenoïedremming, solenoiedremming
electromagnetic spectrum: elektromagnetiese spektrum (radio-, warmte-, lig-, X-straal-, gammagolwe)
electromagnetic system: elektromagnetiese stelsel
electromagnetic unit (e.m.u.): elektromagnetiese eenheid (e.m.e.) electromagnetic vibration: elektromagnetiese trilling, elektromagnetiese vibrasie electromagnetic wave: elektromagnetiese golf
electromagnetism: elektromagnetisme electromagnet link: elektromagneetskakel electromechanical: elektromeganies electromechanical device: elektromeganiese toestel
electromechanical drive: 1. elektromeganiese aandrywing 2. elektromeganiese drywer
electromechanical relay: elektromeganiese relê
electromechanical transducer: elektromeganiese oordraer (bv. elektriese motor)
electrometallurgy: elektrometallurgie
electrometer: elektrometer (pv.-meting)
electrometer tube (electrometer valve): elektrometerbuis electrometer valve (electrometer tube): elektrometerbuis electromotive force (EMF): elektromotoriese krag (EMK) electromotor: elektriese motor, elektromotor
electron: elektron
electron accelerator: elektronversneller
electron beam: elektronebundel, elektronestraal electron beam valve (tube): elektronebundelbuis electron-beam voltage: elektronebundelspanning electron beam welding: elektronsweising electron charge: elektronlading
electron charge-mass ratio: elektronlading-massaverhouding
electron collector: ontvangelektrode (mikrogolfbuis)
electron current: elektronestroom
electron dynamics: elektronedinamika
electron emission: elektrone-emissie, elektrone-uitstraling
electron flow: ëlektronevloei electron gas: elektronegas electron gun: elektronekanon electronic: elektronies
electronic brain: elektroniese brein, beheeroutomaat
electronic circuit: elektroniese kring
electronic computer: elektroniese rekenou-tomaat, elektroniese rekenaar
electronic contact rectifier: Kyk “metal rectifier”
electronic control: 1. elektroniese beheer, elektroniese kontrole (abstrak) 2. elektroniese kontrole (instr.)
electronic current: elektronestroom
electronic data processing: elektroniese dataverwerking electronic efficiency: elektroniese rendement electronics engineer: elektroniese ingenieur
electronic frequency changer: elektroniese frekwensieomsetter

electronic heating: elektroniese verhitting electronic instrument: elektroniese instrument electronic rectifier: elektroniese gelykrigter
electronics: 1. elektronika 2. elektroniek (van ’n toestel)
electronic transformer: elektroniese transformator (vir ’n kring wat elektroniese of vastestaattoestelle bevat)
electronic tube (electronic valve, electron tube): elektronebuis electronic valve (electronic tube, electron tube): elektronebuis electron avalanche: elektronelawine
electron beam: elektronebundel, elektronestraal
electron injector: elektronespuit
electron multiplier: elektronevermenigvuldiger (van ’n elektronebuis)
electron optics: elektrone-optika
electron-ray indicator tube: elektrones-traalaanwyserbuis, aanwyserbuis
electron sheath: elektronelaag
electron-shell: elektroneskil (in ’n atoom) electron stream: elektronestroom electron transition: elektroneoorgang
electron tube (electronic tube, electronic valve): elektronebuis
electron-volt (eV): elektronvolt (eV) electrophysics: elektrofisika electroplate: elektroplateer
electroplating: 1. elektroplateerwerk 2. elek-troplatering (metode) electropneumatic contactor: elektropneu-matiese kontaktor electropneumatic control system: elektrop-neumatiese kontrolestelsel electropneumatic line breaker: elektropneu-matiese lynbreker electropneumatic relay: elektropneumatiese relê
electropneumatic switch: elektropneumatiese skakelaar electropneumatic valve: elektropneumatiese klep electroscope: elektroskoop
electrostatic: elektrostaties
electrostatic actuator: elektrostatiese aandrywer/aktueerder
electrostatic arrester: elektrostatiese afleier, elektrostatiese weerder
electrostatic capacitance (electrostatic capacity): elektrostatiese kapasitansie
electrostatic capacity (electrostatic capacitance): elektrostatiese kapasitansie electrostatic charge: elektrostatiese lading electrostatic corona: elektrostatiese korona
electrostatic deflection: elektrostatiese defleksie, elektrostatiese buiging
electrostatic discharge: elektrostatiese ontlading electrostatic energy: elektrostatiese energie electrostatic field: elektrostatiese veld electrostatic generator: elektrostatiese generator
electrostatic induction: 1. elektrostatiese in-duksie 2. induktiewe elektrisering
electrostatic instrument: elektrostatiese instrument
electrostatic potential: elektrostatiese potensiaal
electrostatic potential difference: elektrostatiese potensiaalverskil
electrostatic precipitation (electrical precipitation): elektrostatiese neerslag electrostatic precipitator: elektrostatiese ont-stowwer, elektrostatiese presipiteerder electrostatic pressure: elektrostatiese druk
electrostatic relay: elektrostatiese relê electrostatic resistance: elektrostatiese weerstand electrostatics: elektrostatika
electrostatic screen: elektrostatiese skerm electrostatic store: elektrostatiese geheue (rek.) electrostatic unit (ESU): elektrostatiese eenheid (ESE) electrostatic voltmeter: elektrostatiese voltmeter electrostriction: elektrostriksie
electrostrictive effect: elektrostriktiewe effek (rek.)
electrotechnics: elektrotegniek
electrotechnology (electrical technology): elektrotegnologie
electrothermal: elektrotermies
electrothermal efficiency: elektrotermiese rendement electrothermal expansion element: elektrotermiese uitsitelement electrothermal relay: elektrotermiese relê
electrothermics: elektrotermika
electrothermic instrument (thermal instrument): (elektro)termiese instrument
electrothermometer: elektrotermometer
element: element
elementary diagram: Kyk “schematic diagram” elementary theory: elementêre teorie elementary treatment: elementêre behandeling element former: elementdraer
elevated duct: lugkanaal (radio)
elevated position: hoogteposisie
elevation: 1. elevasie, hoogte 2. aansig (tokening)
elevator (lift): hysbak, hyser
Elihu Thomson motor meter: Elihu Thomson-motormeter eliminator: 1. elimineerder (antenne) 2. ver-vanger (battery) ellipse: ellips
elliptical cross-section: elliptiese dwarsprofiel
elliptical field: ellipsveld
elliptically polarised wave: ellipties gepolariseerde golf
elliptical spring: elliptiese veer
elongate: 1. langwerpig maak (bv. gat) 2. ver-leng (alg.)
elongation: 1. verlenging 2. rekking
eluate n.: deurwasstof, eluaat, uitwasstof (chem. tegn.)
eluate v.: deurwas, elueer, uitwas
eluent: eluent, spoelmiddel (kern)
elution: deurwassing, eluering, uitwassing (kern)

emanation: afgeefsel, emansie
embed v.: inlê, inlaat
embedded temperature detector: ingeboude temperatuurverklikker (elek. masjien)
emergence energy: uittree-energie (stoom)
emergence loss: uittreeverlies (stoom)
emergence velocity: uittreesnelheid (stoom uit turbine) emergency (adj): nood-(n) : nood, noodgeval, noodtoestand emergency battery: noodbattery
emergency busbar: noodstam
emergency change-over switch: noodoorskakelaar emergency coal supply: noodsteenkoolvoorraad emergency drain: nooddreineerpyp
emergency drainage pump: nooddreineerpomp emergency exhaust valve: nooduitlaatklep emergency feed control valve: noodvoerbeheerklep emergency feed pump: noodvoerpomp
emegency feed strainer: noodvoersif emergency feed telltale: noodvoer-verklikker emergency feed valve: noodvoerklep emergency gate: noodsluis
emergency generator: noodgenerator emergency isolator valve: noodafsonderklep emergency light: noodlig
emergency lighting: noodverligting
emergency manual shutdown: noodhandafsluiting emergency power supply: noodkragtoevoer emergency push-button: nooddrukknop
emergency reserve feed water: noodreserwevoedingswater
emergency service water: nooddienswater emergency shut-off valve: noodafsluitklep emergency stop: noodstop
emergency stop valve (ESV, emergency shut-off valve): noodafsluitklep (NAK)
emergency switch: noodskakelaar
emergency switching: noodbrekerbediening, noodskakeling
emergency transfer capability: noodoorplaas-vermoë (max. amount of power that can be interchanged)
emergency trip: noodklink
emery: amaril
emery cloth: amarildoek emery stone: amarilsteen emery wheel: amarilskyf
emission: 1. emissie (alg.) 2. uitstraling (bv. warmte; ook radioaktiewe ...) 3. uitlating (water, gas, stof)
emission characteristic: emissiekenkromme, uitstralingskenkromme
emission current: Kyk “thermionic current”
emission curve: emissiekromme, uitstralingskromme
emission efficiency: emissiedoeltreffendheid, emissjerendement
emission rate: emissietempo
emissive material: emissiemateriaal
emissive power (emissivity): emissiwiteit, soortlike uitstraalvermoë
emit: 1. send 2. uitskiet, uitstraal
emissivity (emissive power): emissiwiteit, soortlike uitstraalvermoë
emitron: emitron (telev.)
emitter: 1. emitter (van transistor) 2. straler (bv. fotone)
emitter-base cicuit: emittor-basiskring
emitter-base conductance: emittor-basiskonduktansie
emitter-base junction: emittor-basisvoeg emittor electrode: emittorelektrode emulsified oil: emulsie-olie
emulsion: emulsie
enamel: emalje
empty running: sender vrag loop
enamel-covered wire (enamelled wire): emal-jebeklede draad, emaljedraad
enamel-insulated wire: emaljegeisoleerde draad
enamelled cable: emaljekabel
enamel covered wire: emaljebeklede draad, emaljedraad enamelled silk and cotton cable: geëmaljeer-de sy-en-katoenkabel enamelled soft-iron wire: geëmaljeerde sagteysterdraad
enamelled wire (enamel-covered wire): emaljebeklede draad, emaljedraad
encasement: omhulsel
encircling spring: omringende veer enclose: 1. toebou 2. insluit, omhul, omsluit enclosed arc lamp: ingesloteboog-lamp
enclosed single pole air switch: omhulde eenpoollugskakelaar
enclosed starter: omhulde aansitter enclosed switch: omhulde skakelaar enclosed-type battery: toe battery
enclosed ventilated-type motor: toe geven-tileerde motor enclosure: 1. ingeslote ruimte 2. afskorting 3. omhulsel encrust: bekors, aankors
end: 1. ent (konkreet) 2. end, einde, eind-(tyd, proses, ens.)
end bearing: entlaer
end bell (coil retaining ring, coil binding ring, end cap, retaining ring): entkap, keerring
end block: entblok
end box (cable end box, cable terminal, cable terminal box): kabelentkas, entkas
end bracket: entsteun end casing: entkas end clamp: entklamp
end connection: entverbinding
end cover: entdeksel
end elevation (end view): entaansig
endless belt: ringband
endless chain: ringketting
endless V-rope drive: V-ringtouaandrywing
end mast: eindmas
end-of-line test unit: lynenttoetseenheid
end piece: entstuk
end plate: entplaat
end play (endway movement, endwise movement): entspeling
end ring: entring (van induksiemotorrotor. Koper-of aluminiumstawe is daaraan verbind)

end shield: entskerm (generator)
end shift frame: entskuifraam (statorraam wat langs masjienas kan skuif)
end stop: entstuiter
end thrust: entdruk
endurance test: 1. duurtoets 2. vermoeidheidstoets
end view (end elevation): entaansig
endway movement (end play, endwise movement): entspeling
end winding: entwikkeling energisation: bekragting energise: bekrag
energised contact: bekragte kontak energising circuit: bekragkring energising current: bekragstroom energy: energie
energy build-up factor: energieopboufaktor
energy band (energy lever): energievlak (af-gesonderde atoom)
energy component (active component, active current): energiekomponent energy consumption limit: energieverbruiks-grens (huishoudelike toestelle) energy conversion (energy transformation): energieomsetting
energy degradation: energievermindering
energy dissipation: energiedissipasie, energiekwytraking
energy distribution: energiedistribusie
energy efficiency: energierendement
energy-efficient motor (HE motor, high energy motor): hoërendementmotor
energy gap: energiesprong, energieverskil
energy input: enérgie-TnsëT
energy level: energiepeil, energievlak (verligting) energy-level diagram: energievlakdiagram energy loss (loss of energy): energieverlies energy meter: energiemeter
energy of motion: Kyk “kinetic energy”
energy production: energieproduksie
energy (static) sensitivity: statiese gevoelig-heid (van ’n fotoëlektriese toestel)
energy transformation (energy conversion): energieomsetting
engage: 1. haak, inhaak 2. inkoppel, koppel (kring, apparaat) 3. inskakel (radio)
engaged indicator: besetaanwyser (telef.) engaging lever: inskakelhefboom (draaibank) engaging nut: inkammoer (draaibank) engine: enjin
engine-alternator lighting set: enjin-alternatorligtoestel
engine bed: enjinbed
engine-driven generator: enjingedrewe generator engine-driven welding set: enjinsweisstel engineer: ingenieur
engineer v.: genieer
engineering: ingenieurswese
engineering construction: ingenieurskonstruksie engineering industry (engineering trade): ingenieursbedryf engineering material: werktuigkundige materiaal engineering practice: ingenieurspraktyk
engineering tempered stainless steel: getemperde vlekvry ingenieurstaal
engineering trade (engineering industry): ingenieursbedryf
engineering works: ingenieurswerke
engineering workshop practice: i ngenieu rswerkplaaspraktyk
English measurement: Engelse maat English measuring vernier: Engelse nonius English sine bar: Kyk “sine bar”
enquiry: tenderdokument, tenderuitnodiging
enriched fuel: verrykte brandstof
enthalpy: entalpie
entrance cable (lead-in cable): inleikabel
entrance circuit: inleikring entrance sleeve: inleihuls entrance throat: ingangskeel entropy: entropie
entry: inlating (stoom)
envelope: 1. omhulsel (bv. gloeilamp) 2. om-hulling (golwe) 3. omhullende kromme, raakkromme environmentalist: 1. omgewingkundige 2. om-gewinggeesdriftige, omgewingsbewaarder environmental radiation: omgewingstraling
epoxy pole: epoksipaal
epoxy resin: epoksihars
equal action: gelykmatige aksie, gelykmatige werking
equal and opposite velocity: gelyke en teen-gestelde snelheid
equal and similar charge: gelyke en een-derse lading
equal charge: gelyke lading
equal force: gelyke krag equalibrant: ekwilibrant, ewewigskrag equalize: effen
equalizer: effenaar (Alg. Kyk ‘equalizer ring', “equalizing network', ens.)
equalizer bar: effeningstaaf (bus-bar connecting the armature ends of the series-field windings of compound-wound generators)
equalizer ring: effeningsring (conductor on the armature serving to connect two points that are normally at the same potential)
equalizer switch: effeningskakelaar (for connecting to an equilizing bar when machines must operate in parallel)
equalizer tube (equalizing pipe): effeningspyp equalizing charge: effeningslading (battery) equilizing network: effeningsnet (Telekom.) equalizing pipe (equalizer tube): effeningspyp equalizing pulse: effeningspuls
equalizing resistance: effeningsweerstand
equal pole: gelyke pool
equation: vergelyking
equation of moments: momentevergelyking equation of motion: bewegingsvergelyking equilibrant: ewewigskrag
equilibrium: ewewig
equipment (gear): uitrusting
equipotential cathode (indirectly heated cathode, impotential cathode): onreg-streeks verhitte katode
equipotential connection (equaliser): effenaar equipotential curve: ekwipotensiaalkromme equipotential grounding system: effeningsaardingstelsel equipotential line: ekwipotensiaallyn
equipotential point: ekwipotensiaalpunt equipotential surface: ekwipotensiaalvlak equipotential volume: ekwipotensiaalruimte
equipped capacity (installed capacity): installasievermoë equivalence (equivalency): ekwivalensie, gelykwaardigheid equivalency (equivalence): ekwivalensie, gelykwaardigheid equivalent armature coil: ekwivalente ankerspoel

equivalent circular pitch: ekwivalente sirkel-steek (ratte) equivalent circuit: ekwivalente kring (circuit design/analysis) equivalent core-less resistance: ekwivalente kernverliesweerstand equivalent current: ekwivalente stroom
equivalent diode: ekwivalente diode
equivalent diode voltage: ekwivalentediodespanning equivalent drift voltage: ekwivalente drifspan-ning (rek.) equivalent impedance: ekwivalente impedansie
equivalent network: gelykwaardige kragnet (Kyk “networks of general equivalence', "... of limited equivalence')
equivalent phase displacement: ekwivalent faseverskuiwing equivalent primary resistance: ekwivalente primêre weerstand equivalent rating: ekwivalente kenvermoë
equivalent reactance: ekwivalente reaktansie
equivalent resistance: ekwivalente weerstand
equivalent secondary reactance: ekwivalente sekondêre reaktansie equivalent secondary resistance: ekwivalente sekondêre weerstand equivalent series circuit: ekwivalente seriekring
equivalent series resistance: ekwivalente serieweerstand equivalent single-phase current: ekwivalente eenfasestroom equivalent steady current: ekwivalente bestendige stroom erasable store: uitwisbare geheue (rek.)
erect: 1. aanlê (kraglyne) 2. bou (geboue) 3. monteer, opstel (masjiene) 4. oprig (alg., bv. geboue, kraglyne)
erection: aanlegging, bou, montering, opstel-ling, oprigting (See “erect')
erection hatch: oprigtingsluik (waardeur hyskraanwerk)
erg: erg (energie-eenheid; CGS-stelsel)
erode: erodeer, wegvreet
erosive ingredients: skuurbestanddele
error: fout
error detection: foutspeuring, foutverklikking
error range: foutbestek
error signal: foutsein
error voltage: foutspanning escape: ontsnap escalation: prysstyging
escalation clause: prysaanpassingsklousule
escutcheon: beslag
essential load: essensiële las
establish: 1. instel (telefoondiens) 2. oprig (kraglyn) 3. oprig, stig (maatskappy)
established area tariff: tarief vir gevestigde gebied establishment: diensstaat (goedgekeurde poste) estimate n.: 1. raming 2. skatting
estimate v.: 1. raam 2. skat estimated load: geraamde las estimates item: begrotingsitem etch: ets
etching agent: etsmiddel
ethylene-fluorocarbon copolymer: etileen-fluorokoolpolimeer ethylene-propylene copolymer: etileen-propilaenkopolimeer ethyl propylene rubber: etielpropileenrubber
ethyl vinyl acetate (e.v.a.): etielvinielasetaat (e.v.a.)
evacuate: lugledig, lugleeg maak
evacuated (exhausted): lugledige, lugleë evacuating equipment: luglediger, vakuumuitrusting evaporate: verdamp
evaporation: verdamping
evaporation dam: verdampingsdam
evaporative unit (EU): verdampingseenheid (VE)
evaporativity: verdampingsvermoë
evaporator: verdamper
even harmonic: ewebofrekwensie even pitch: gelyke steek examination: ondersoek excavation: uitgrawing
excess and total meter: oorskrydings-en-totaalmeter
excessive charge: oormatige lading excessive current: oormatige stroom excess meter: oorskrydingsmeter excess reactivity: oorreaktiwiteit (kern) excess voltage: oormaatspanning
excess voltage protection: oormaatspanningsbeveiliging
excitation: opwekking
excitation amperes: opwekampëres
excitation anode (keep-alive electrode): instandhouanode
excitation band: opwekband
excitation characteristic: opwekkenkromme excitation current (exciting current): opwekstroom excitation energy: opwekenergie
excitation fault relay: opwerkfoutrelê
excitation inrush current: opwekaanskakelstroom
excitation level (excitation state): opwekvlak, opwektoestand (pelI)
excitation loss: opwekverlies excitation potential: opwekpotensiaal excitation relay: opwekrelê excitation system: opwekstelsel
excitation transformer: opwektransformator
excitation vector: opwekvektor excitation voltage: opwekspanning excitation voltage test:
excitation winding (exciting winding, field winding): opwekwikkeling, veldwikkeling
excite: opwek
excited-atom density: opgewekteatoomdigt-heid (van ’n gas)
excited ion: opgewekte ioon
exciter: opwekker
exciter air cooler: opwekkerlugkoeler exciter bearing: opwekkerlaer exciter brush: opwekkerborsel exciter circuit: opwekkring
exciter dynamo: opwekdinamo
exciter end (EE): opwekkerent (OE) (turbogenerator)
exciter end bearing: opwekkerentlaer
exciter end regulator (EE-regulator): opwek-kerentreëlaar (OE-reëlaar)
exciter field resistance: opwekkerveldweerstand
exciter gear oil: opwekkerratolie exciter generator: opwekgenerator exciter resistance: opwekkerweerstand exciter set: opwekstel
exciter voltage response: opwekkerspan-ningsresponsie, opwekkerspanningsreaksietyd
exciting coil: opwekspoel
exciting current (excitation current): opwekstroom
exciting radiation: opwekstraling
exciting winding (excitation winding, field-winding): opwekwikkeling, veldwikkeling
excitron: eksitron
excursion (transient deviation): tydelike afwyking
executive: bestuursbeampte
exert: uitoefen (krag)
exhaust n.: 1. afvoer, uitlaat 2. afvoerpyp, uit-laatpyp (gas) 3. uitgewerkte arbeidsmiddel (stoom, gas, vloeistof)
exhaust v.: 1. afvoer, uitlaat (stoom, gas) 2. uitput 3. ledig, uitpomp
exhausted (evacuated): lugleë, lugledige
exhaust air: uitgelate lug
exhausted steam: 1. uitgelate stoom 2. uit-geputte stoom, uitgewerkte stoom
exhauster: lediger, uitsuier
exhauster fan: uitlaatwaaier, uitsuigwaaier
exhaust gas: uitlaatgas
exhaust steam temperature: u itlaatstoomtem peratu u r
exhaust stop valve: uitlaatafsluitklep
exhaust valve: uitlaatklep expand: 1. uitsit 2. uitdy expanding anchor: uitsitanker expansion: 1. uitdying 2. uitsetting expansion bolt: uitdybout
expansion chamber: 1. uitsitruim (hidro. en stoomturb.) 2. Wilsonvat (kern) 3. (expansion vessel):
uitsittenk (TRFR)
expansion circuit-breaker: uitsitstroombreker
expansion clamp: uitsitklamp
expansion/deflection coupling: uitsit-/buig-koppeling (leipype, kokers, ens.)
expansion joint: uitdyvoeg, uitdylas expansion tank (expansion vessel): uitsittenk expansion sleeve: uitsithuls
expansion thermometer: uitsettingstermometer
expansion tunnel: uitsittonnel (hidroëlek.)
expansion vessel: 1. (expansion tank, expansion chamber): uitsittenk 2. uitsitvat (oliedrukkabel)
expendable spares (consumable spares): verbruiksreserwedele
expended power: verbruikte krag experiment: eksperiment, proefneming exploratory tunnel: proeftonnel
exploring coil (search coil): meetspoel, peil-spoel (magn. veld)
explosion diaphragm: blusdiafragma (in transformator)
explosion pot: plofpot (stroombreker)
explosion-proof: 1. plofvas 2. (flame-proof): plofvry, vlamdig (bv. motor)
explosion-proof air-cooled transformer: plofvry lugverkoelde transformator explosion-proof luminaire (flameproof lighting fitting): vlamdigte lamptoebehore explosion-proof motor (flame-proof motor): plofvry motor, vlamdigte motor explosive: 1. vonkend (vonktoets) 2. plofbaar
explosive atmosphere: ontplofbare atmosfeer
exponential damping: eksponensiële demping
exponentially decaying voltage: eksponen-sieel wegsterwende spanning
exponential operator: eksponensiële operator (wisk.) exponential rate of discharge: eksponensiële ontlaaitempo exposed: 1. onbedek 2. ontbloot, oop
exposed equipment: onbedekte uitrusting
exposed installation: installasie blootgestel aan atmosferiese oorspannings
exposed wiring: oop drade
exposure: 1. (illumination): beligting (fot.) 2. blootstelling
expression: uitdrukking
expulsion fuse: blusbuissekering, uitskopsekering
expulsion type arrester: gasblusafleier, gasblus-stuwingsweerder extend: 1. vergroot (bv. ruimte), uitbrei 2. ver-leng (bv. lyn) extended area: vergrote gebied
extension: 1. verlenging 2. uitbreiding 3. by-lyn (telefoon) extension area: uitbreidingsgebied (elektrifisering) extension arm: verlengarm
extension charge: uitbreidingsgeld extension cord: verlengsnoer extension grate: verlengrooster extension horn: verlenghoring extension lead: verlengleiding
extension scheme (network): uitbreidingskema
extensometer: ekstensometer (vir dimen-sionele verandering in materiaal)
exterior lighting: buiteverligting
exterior wiring (external wiring): buitebedrading
external: buite-, ekstern, uitwendig external bias: eksterne voorspanning external caliper gauge: buitespeermaat
external characteristic: uitwendige kenkromme
external circuit: buitekring
external conductor (outer conductor): buitegeleier external critical resistance: eksterne kritieke weerstand external current: eksterne stroom
external diameter (outside diameter): buitediameter
external earth terminal: eksterne aardklem
external force: eksterne krag
external gauge: buitekaliber, buitemaat
external load: uitwendige belasting, uitwendige las

external load circuit: eksterne laskring
externally operable: uitwendig bedienbaar
externally ventilated machine: masjien met afsonderlike waaier
external magnetic field: eksterne magnetiese veld
external measurement (external size, outside measurement): buitemaat
external resistance: eksterne weerstand
external size (external measurement, outside measurement): buitemaat
external taper: buitetapsheid, buitespitsing
external thread: buitedraad
external thread gauge: buitedraadmaat
external tooth lock washer: buitetand-sluitwaster external wiring (exterior wiring): buitebedrading extinction (quenching): blussing (bv. vonk)
extinction chamber: bluskamer (outomatiese skakelaar in stoomtransformator) extinction coefficient (absorption coefficient): absorpsiekoëffisiënt (verligting) extinction current: blusstroom (ionisasie)
extinction potential (extinction potential): blusspanning, doofspanning extinction voltage (extinction potential): blusspanning, doofspanning extinguish: blus, uitdoof (bv. vonk)
extract n.: ekstrak
extract v.: 1. ekstraheer 2. uittrek
extraction: afskeiding (erts, steenkool), uitlog-ing, uittrekking, ekstraksie (chem. en kern)
extraction fan (extractor fan): suigwaaier extraction pump (EP): kondensaatpomp (KP) extractor fan (extraction fan): suigwaaier
extra-high-pressure mercury-vapour lamp: ekstrahoëdrukkwiklamp
extra high tension (e.h.t.) (extra high voltage): ekstrahoë spanning (EHS)
extra high-tension coil: ekstrahoëspanningspoel
extra high-tension winding: ekstrahoëspanningswikkeling
extra high voltage (e.h.t.) (extra high tension): ekstrahoë spanning (EHS)
extra-low voltage lighting: ekstralaespanningsverligting
extrapolate: ekstrapoleer
extremely high frequency (EHF): ekstreem hoë frekwensie extrinsic semi-conductor: ekstrinsieke halfgeleier extrude: uitdruk (metaal in draad)
eye: oog
eye bend: oogbuigstuk
eye bolt: oogbout eye link: oogskakel eye nut: oogmoer
eye protection: oogbeskerming
Ezy-out: Kyk “stud extractor’’

F (farad): F (farad)
F ‘(Fahrenheit)*: F ‘(Fahrenheit)*
FRI (Fuel Research Institute): BNI (Brandstofnavorsingsinstituut)
ft-cd *(foot-candela,‘ foot-candle)*: vt-cd *(voet-kandela,‘ voet-kers)*
ft-L ‘(foot-lambert)*: vt-L *(voet-lambert*)
FM (frequency modulation): FM (frekwensiemodulasie)
FW (feed water): VW (voedingswater) fabric-covered wire: doekbeklede draad face n.: 1. (facing): vlak 2. voorvlak
face v.: vlak
faced flange: gevlakte flens
faced tube: gevlakte pyp
face grinder (face grinding machine): vlakslypmasjien face grinding machine (face grinder): vlakslypmasjien face milling: vlakfreeswerk
face-plate: 1. skermvenster (van ’n katodes-traalbuis) 2. vlakplaat (skakelaars, aansitters)
face-plate sliding contact starter: vlakplaatskuifkontakaansitter
face plate switch: vlakplaatskakelaar
facing (face n.): vlak
Factories, Machinery and Building Work Act: Wet op Fabrieke, Masjinerie en Bouwerk
factor of safety (safety factor): veiligheidsfaktor
fade v.: 1. dein (etergolwe) 2. vervaag (alg.)
fading (fade): 1. deining (etergolwe) 2. dowing (radioprogramme)
fail: 1. faal 2. misluk (toets) 3. onderbreek (word) (krag) 4. (break down): onklaar raak (algemeen) 5. weier (aansitter) 6. swig (staal)
failing characteristic: dalende kenkromme
failing load: faalbelasting, faallas
failure: 1. failing 2. mislukking 3. onderbrek-ing 4. onklaarraking (algemeen) 5. weiering 6. swigting
failure of service (interruption of service, service failure): diensonderbreking
failure rate: 1. faaltempo 2. onklaartempo (komponente, elektriese uitrusting)
falling out of step: uit pas raak
falling out of synchronism: uit sinchronisme raak
falling part: daalkant (van ’n golf)
fall of potential (drop of potential): Kyk “potential drop” fall of voltage (drop of voltage): Kyk “voltage drop” fallout: neerslag (radioaktiewe stof)
false excitation (improper excitation): fou-tiewe opwekking
false zero: vals nulpunt, vals zero
familiarization tour: vertroudmakingstoer, vertroudstellingstoer
fan: waaier
fan bearing: waaierlaer
fan casing: waaieromkasting
fan-cooled motor: motor met waaierkoeling, waaierverkoelde motor
fan duct: waaierkanaal
fan impeller: waaierstuwer
fanning action: waaierwerking
fanning strip: spreistrook, uitwaaierstrook (kabel)
fan out: uitsprei, uitwaaier (kabel)
fan-ventilated motor: motor met waaierventilasie
farad: farad
Faraday cage: Faraday-kou
Faraday dark space: Faraday se donkerruimte
Faraday’s first law of electrolysis: Faraday se eerste wet van elektrolise
Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction: Faraday se wet van elektromagnetiese induksie
fascia: instrumentebord
fast-acting switch (high-speed switch, quick make-and-break switch, snap switch):
(oor)springskakelaar, snelskakelaar
fast breeder (fast breeder reactor): snelk-weekreaktor, snelkweker fast breeder reactor (fast breeder): snelk-weekreaktor, snelkweker fast coupling (permanent coupling): vaste koppeling
fastening: 1. sluiting, sluiter 2. vasmaker, hegstuk 3. grendeltoestel (bedienmeganisme)
fastening bolt: hegbout
fast fission: snelklowing, snelneutronklowing
fast neutron: snelneutron, vinnige neutron
fast neutron reactor (fast reactor): snel-neutronreaktor, snelreaktor
fast-operating relay (quick-acting relay): snelrelê
fast-pitch screw: snelskroef
fast pulley (fixed pulley): vaste katrol
fast reactor (fast neutron reactor): snelreaktor, snelneutronreaktor
fast static compensator: elektrostatiese snelkompenseerder
fast store (quick access store): snelgeheue (rek)
fat coal: glanskool, vet steenkool
fatigue: 1. vermoeidheid (metaal) 2. (dark burn): vermoeidheid (luminesseermateriaal)
fatigue break: vermoeidheidsbreuk
fault: tout
fault current: foutstroom
fault diagnosis: foutdiagnose, foutontleding
fault discrimination: foutdiskriminasie, foutdiskriminering fault electrode current (surge electrode current): foutstroom fault finding (faulting, trouble shooting): foutspeuring
fault imitation: foutnabootsing
fault indication: foutaanwysing
faulting (fault finding, trouble shooting): foutspeuring
fault level: foutpeil
fault localization (fault location): foutlokalisering
fault locating set (fault locator): foutbepaler, foutopspoorder
fault locator (fault locating set): foutbepaler, foutopspoorder

fault protection: foutbeveiliging
fault relay: foutrelê
fault resistance: foutweerstand
fault setting: foutstelling fault surge: foutstuwing fault test: fouttoets
fault throwing: kunsmatigefoutuitklinking
fault to earth: aardfout
fault trip alarm: foutklinkalarm
faulty: defek, foutief
faulty apparatus: defekte apparaat
faulty operation (false operation, incorrect operation, maloperation): foutiewe werking
feed n.: 1. toevoer 2. voeding
feed v.: voer
feed-back n.: 1. terugkoppeling (radio) 2. (return current): trustroom
feed back v.: 1. terugvoer (stroom) 2. terug-koppel (radio)
feedback current: terugvoerstroom feedback network: terugkoppelnet feedback signal: terugvoersein feedback voltage: terugvoerspanning feedback winding: terugkoppelwikkeling feed bar (coal feed bar): koolreëlstaaf
feed bypass valve: voedingswateromloopklep
feed chute valve: voergeutsluis
feed circuit (feeding circuit): voerkring
feed crossover valve: voedingswater-kruisvoerklep
feed current (feeder current): voerstroom
feed delivery pipe: toevoerpyp
feed discharge stop valve: voedingsafsluitklep
feed donkey: hulpvoedingspomp
feeder: voerder
fëeder bay: voerdervak
feeder bond: voerderdeurverbinder
feeder box (connecting box, junction box): aansluitkas, aftakkas, verbindingskas
feeder busbar: voerdergeleistam, voerderstam
feeder cable: voerkabel
feeder circuit protection: voerderkringbeveiliging
feeder clamp: voerderklamp
feeder clutch: voerderkoppelaar (booglamp) feeder control panel: voerderbeheerpaneel feeder current (feed current): voerstroom feeder line: voerlyn
feeder load: voerderlas
feeder panel: voerderpaneel
feeder point (feeding point, feed point): voerpunt
feeder post current transformer: voerder-paalstroomtransformator
feeder protection: voerderbeveiliging
feeder-protective circuit breaker: voerderbeveiligingsbreker
feeder switch trip counter: voerderbreker-klinkteller
feeder terminal box: voerderaansluitkas
feeder wire (feed wire): voerdraad
feed flow: voedingswatervloei
feed heater (feed water heater): voedingswatervoorverwarmer
feed heater panel: voedingsverwarmerpaneel feed hopper: laaitregter, laaibunker (vir steenkool) feeding circuit (feed circuit): voerkring
feeder point (feeder point, feed point): voerpunt
feed integrator: voedingsintegreerder
feed interconnector: voedingswaterverbindingspyp
feed isolating valve: voedingswater-afsonderklep
feed mechanism: voermeganisme
feed meter: voedingsmeter
feed non-return valve: terugslagvoerklep
feed pipe: voerpyp (voedingswater)
feed pipe drain valve: voerpypdreineerklep
feed point (feeder point, feeding point): voerpunt
feed-point impedance: voerpuntimpedansie
feed pressure: voedingswaterdruk
feed pressure differential: voedingsdrukverskil
feed pressure gauge: voedingsdrukmeter
feed pressure transmitter: voedingsdruksender
feed pump: voerpomp (voedingswater)
feed pump alarm: voerpompalarm
feed pump control panel: voerpompbeheerpaneel feed pump leak-off valve: voerpompaflaatklep feed pump motor: voerpompmotor
feed pump turbine: voerpompturbine feed range: voeding(swater)stampyp feed rate: voertempo
feed reactance: toevoerreaktansie
feed regulating valve (feed regulator, feed-water regulator, feed-water regulating valve):
toevoerreëlklep, voedingsreëlklep
feed regulation: toevoerreëling
feed regulator (feed regulating valve, feed-water regulator, feed-water regulating valve):
toevoerreëlklep, voedingsreëlklep
feed regulator selector valve: voedings(water)reëlaarkiesklep
feed sample: voedingswatermonster
feed sump: voedings(water)trog (koeltorings) feed-through capacitor: deurvoerkapasitor feed-through insulator: deurvoerisolator
feed transformer (supply transformer): toevoertransformator
feed valve: voerklep
feed water: voedingswater
feed-water check valve: voedingswaterkeerklep
feed-water contactor panel: voedingswaterkontaktorpaneel
feed water flow: voedingswatervloei
feed-water heater (feed heater): voedingswatervoorverwarmer
feed-water inlet valve: voedingswaterinlaatklep
feed-water pressure transmitter: voedingswaterdruksender
feed-water pump: voedingswaterpomp
feed-water range: voedingswaterstampyp
feed-water regulating valve (feed-water regulator, feed regulating valve, feed regulator):
toevoerreëlklep, voedings(water)reëlklep
feed-water regulator (feed-water regulating

valve, feed regulating valve, feed regulator): toevoerreëlklep, voedingsreëlklep
feed-water sampling valve: voedingswatermonsterklep
feed-water treatment plant: voedingswaterbehandelinstallasie
feed wire (feeder wire): voerdraad
felt packing: viltpakking
female coaxial socket (coaxial socket): koaksiale sok
female contact: sokkontak female plug: sokprop female thread: moerdraad
fence v.: afskerm (dryfbande bv.)
Fermi characteristic-energy level (Fermi level): Fermivlak
Fermi-Dirac-Sommerfeld velocity-distribution law (FDS law): snelheidsverdelingswet van Fermi, Dirac en Sommerfeld (FDS-wet)
Fermi level (Fermi characteristic-energy level): Fermivlak
Fermi statistics: statistiek van Fermi
Ferranti mercury meter (Ferranti meter): Fer-rantikwikmeter, Ferrantimeter
Ferranti meter (Ferranti mercury meter): Fer-rantikwikmeter, Ferrantimeter (Elek. toevoer)
Ferraris instrument: Ferrarismeter, induksiemeter
ferritic steel: ferritiese staal
ferrodynamic instrument: ferrodinamiese instrument
ferrodynamic relay: ferrodinamiese relê
ferro-electric amplifier: ferroëlektriese versterker ferro-magnetic material: ferromagnetiese materiaal ferromagnetic substance: ferromagnetiese stof ferromagnetics: ferromagnetika
ferromagnetism: ferromagnetisme
ferro-manganese: ferromangaan, ystermangaanlegering
ferroso-ferric oxide: ferroferrioksied
ferrous metal: ferrometaal, ystermetaal
ferrule: 1. beslagring, beslagpypie 2. afstandspyp
fertile material: kweekstof (kern)
fibre: vesel
fibre insulation: veselisolasie, veselisolering
fibre ring: veselring
fibrolite: fibroliet
fibrous material: veselmateriaal
field: 1. veld (magnetiese veld) 2. raster (televisie)
field ammeter: veldammeter
field ampere: veldampêre
field ampere turn: veldampërewinding
field breaker (field circuit breaker): veldstroombreker
field break(-up) switch (field sectionalising switch): veldskeiskakelaar
field circuit: veldkring
field circuit breaker (field breaker): veldstroombreker
field coil: veldspoel
field connection: veldverbinding
field control: veldbeheer
field copper loss: veldkoperverlies
field core: veldkern
field critical resistance: kritieke veldweerstand
field current: veldstroom
field current axis: veldstroomas field distortion: veldvervorming field diversion: veldomleiding
field-effect transistor (unipolar transistor): eenpooltransistor, veldeffektransistor
field emission: veldemissie (elektronika en kernenergie)
field emission arc: veldemissieboog
field energisation: veldbekragting
field excitation (excitation of the field): veldopwekking
field excitation current: veldopwekstroom
field-free emission current: veldvrye emissiestroom
field input: veldinset
field intensity (field strength, intensity of field, strength of field): veldsterkte
field-intensity meter (field-strength meter): veldsterktemeter
field limiting adjusting means: veldbeperkingstelmiddel
field loss: veldverlies
field magnet: veldmagneet
field of uniform strength: egalige veld, veld van egalige sterkte
field of varying strength: onegalige veld, veld van wisselende sterkte
field pole: veldpool
field protection: veldwikkelingsbeveiliging
field protective relay: veldbeveiligingsrelê
field ratio (effective field ratio): effektiewe veldverhouding, veldverhouding
field regulator: Kyk “field rheostat”
field resistance: veldweerstand
field rheostat (field regulator): veldreëlaar, veldreostaat
field sectionalising switch (field break(-up) switch): veldskeiskakelaar
field shunt: veldomtak
field shunting: veldomtakking, veldverswakking deur parallelverbinding
field spider (magnet wheel): veldster
field spool: veldspoeltol
field strength (field intensity, intensity of field, strength of field): veldsterkte
field-strength meter (field-intensity meter): veldsterktemeter
field suppression: veldonderdrukking
field suppression switch: veldonderdrukskakelaar
field switch: veldskakelaar
field system: veldstelsel (bv. van generator)
field tapping (field weakening by tapping): veldverswakking deur veldaftakking, veldaftapping
field tap switch: veldtapskakelaar
field turn: veldwinding
field weakening: veldverswakking
field weakening ratio (weakening ratio): veldverswakkingsverhouding field winding (excitation winding): opwekwikkeling, veldwikkeling fifth harmonic: vyfde bofrekwensie

figured glass (configurated glass): patroon-glas (verligting)
figure-reading electronic device: elektroniese syferleser (rekenaar)
filament: gloeidraad
filamentary transistor: draadvormige transistor
filament emission: gloeidraademissie, gloeidraaduitstraling
filament lamp (bulb, globe incandescent lamp, lamp bulb, light bulb): gloeidraad-lamp, gloeilamp
filament life: gloeidraadlewensduur filament mount: gloeidraadmontasie filament resistance: gloeidraadweerstand
filament tension (filament voltage): gloeidraadspanning filament voltage (filament tension): gloeidraadspanning file n.: 1. vyl 2. lêer (rekenaar)
filing: 1. vylwerk 2. liassering
filled tape: gedrenkte band, geimpregneerde band
filler metal: vulmetaal
filler plug (filling plug): vulprop (battery) filling: isoleermassa (kabels), vulstof film: lagie, vlies
film resistor: laagresistor
filter n.: filter
filter v.: filtreer
filter backwash pump: filterterugspoelpomp
filter bandwidth: filterbandbreedte (elektronika)
filter cake: filterkoek (steenkoolflodder wat gedroog is)
filter capacitor: filterkapasitor (elektronika) filter check valve: filterkeerklep (meganies) filter coil: filterspoel
filter delivery valve: filterleweringsklep (meg.)
filter discrimination: filterdiskriminasie, filter-diskriminering (elektronies)
filter element: filterelement (elek. en meg.)
filtering: filtrering
filtration plant: filtreeraanleg (voedingswater) final amplifier (terminal amplifier): eindversterker final feed temperature: eindvoedingtemperatuur final position: eindposisie, eindstand
final stage heater: finaletrapverwarmer
final steam pressure: eindstoomdruk
final steam temperature: eindstoomtemperatuur
final superheater: eindsuperverhitter
final velocity: eindsnelheid
fine adjustment: fynstelling
fine control (fine adjustment): fyn installing
fine control valve: fynbeheerklep
fine-cut file: soetvyl
fine detection: fyn speuring fine-edged tool: fyn snybeitel fine feed: fyn toevoer
fine finish (high finish): fyn afwerking
fine-grained cast iron: fynkorrelrige gietyster
fine grinding process: fynslypproses
fine grit: fyn grint
fine limit: fyn grensmaat
fine pitch: fyn steek (skroefdraad) fine polish work: fyn polyswerk fines (duff): fynkool
fine thread: fyn draad
fine toolwork: fyn gereedskapwerk
finger clamp: vingerklamp finger switch: vingerskakelaar fingery coke: vingeragtige kooks
finish n.: 1. afwerking 2. deklaag (verf) 3. eindpunt (bv. spoelwikkeling)
finish v.: (finish off): afwerk finish end: endpunt (spoel) finishing: afwerking finishing tool: afwerkbeitel finish off (finish): afwerk
finish turning: nadraaiing, nadraaiwerk
finite: eindig, meetbaar
fire n.: 1. brand 2. vuur
fire v.: 1. bak (in ’n oond) 2. (ignite): ontsteek 3. stook (ketel) 4. (start): vat (enjin) 5. (spark): vonk (kontakte)
fire alarm: brandalarm
fire alarm and indication system: brandalarm-en-aanwysingstelsel
fire-alarm signal: brandalarmsein
fire bar: roosterstaaf
firebrick: vuurvaste steen
fire clay (refractory clay): vuurvaste klei
fire-damp proof machine: vlamgasdigte masjien
fire-detection wire: brandspeurdraad
fire door: stookdeur
fire engine: brandweerwa
fire escape (fire exit): branduitgang fire exit (fire escape): branduitgang fire extinguisher: brandblusser
fire fighting equipment: brandblusuitrusting
fire grate: vuurrooster
fire hazard: brandgevaar
fire-hole: vuurgat, stookgat
fire-hose cradle: brandslangmandjie
fire house: brandpos
fire hydrant: brandkraan
fire insurance: brandversekering
fire line: vuurgang (stoomketel)
fire-main stop: brandhoofleidingafsluitklep
fire precaution: voorsorg teen brand
fire-proof (flame-proof): brandbestand, vuurvas
fire-proof insulating material: brandbestande isoleermateriaal, vuurvaste isoleermateriaal
fire pump trickle charger: brandpompsypellaaier
fire resistant fluid: brandbestande vloeistof
fire-resisting (fire-resistant): brandwerend
fire-resisting wire: Kyk “heat-resisting wire”
fire service (fire main): brandleiding fire-service house: brandweerhuis fire-service main: brandhoofleiding fire-service pump: brandweerpomp fi re-tube: vlampyp (stoomketel)
fi re-tube boiler: vlampypketel
firing: stook (ketels)
firing equipment: stookuitrusting
firing floor: bedryfsvloer
firing method: stookmetode
firing voltage (ignition voltage, striking voltage): ontsteekspanning (bv. buis)
firm power: vaste vermoë
firm transfer capability: vaste oorplasingsvermoë
first aid: eerstehulp, noodhulp
first Townsend discharge: eerste Townsend-ontlading
fish tape: deurtrekband
fish wire (draw wire): deurtrekdraad
fissile material (fissionable material): kloof-bare stof
fission: klowing, splyting (kern.) fissionable material: Kyk “fissile material” fission product: klowingsproduk
fit n.: pas, passing

fit v.: 1. aansit 2. insit 3. monteer 4. pas, . pasmaak
fitted: toegerus
fitments (fittings): toebehore
fitter: 1. passer, monteur 2. bankwerker
fitter and turner: passer-en-draaier
fitting n.: 1. passing, paswerk 2. toebehoorsel 3. montering 4. montasie (bv. van lamp)
fitting proof against water jets: waterstraal-digte toebehore (verligting)
fittings (fitments): toebehore(ns), toebehoorsels
fitting shop: monteerwinkel, paswinkel
fix: bevestig, vasmaak, vassit fixative compound: hegmengsel fixed bias: vaste voorspanning
fixed blade: leiskoep (turbine), vaste lem, vaste skoep fixed caliper gauge (snap gauge, gap gauge): bekmaat fixed charge: vaste bedrag, vaste vordering
fixed coil: vaste spoel
fixed condenser: vaste kapasitor fixed contact: vaste kontak fixed electrode: vaste elektrode fixed element: vaste element
fixed expansion: konstante (vaste) uitsetting (stoommasj.)
fixed field (stationary field): vaste veld fixed frequency: vaste frekwensie fixed light: vaste lig
fixed measurement: vaste afmeting, vaste maat
fixed pulley (fast pulley): vaste katrol fixed resistance: vaste weerstand fixed resistor: vaste resistor
fixed scale: vaste skaal
fixed store (read-only store): leesgeheue (rekenaar)
fixed temperature: vaste temperatuur
fixed-trip circuit breaker (non-trip-free circuit breaker): nie-vryuitklinkstroombreker, vergrendelde stroombreker
fixed zero: vaste zero, vaste nulpunt
fixing agent: bevestigingsmiddel, bindmiddel, fikseermiddel (fotografie)
fixture: 1. vaste toebehoorsel 2. (adjunct, attachment): hegstuk
flag (flag indicator): vlaggie
flag indicating relay (flag relay): vlagrelê
flag indicator (flag): vlaggie
flag relay (flag indicating relay): vlagrelê
flag-type indicator: vlagwyser
flake: 1. skilfer 2. vlok
flame: vlam
flame arc lamp: vlambooglamp
flame failure relay: vlamonderbrekingsrelê
flame monitor equipment: vlam-moniteeruitrusting (poeierkoolketel)
flame monitoring: vlammonitering
flame-proof: 1. (explosion-proof): plofvry, vlamdig (bv. motor) 2. (fire-proof: brand-bestand, vuurvas)
flame-proof apparatus: vlamdigte toestel, plofvry toestel
flame-proof cable: brandvry kabel
flame-proof lighting fitting (explosion proof luminaire): vlamdigte lamptoebehore, plof-vrye lamptoebehore
flame-proof machine: vlamdigte masjien
flame-proof motor (explosion-proof motor): plofvry motor, vlamdigte motor
flame-proof switch: vlamdigte skakelaar
flame-resistant cable (flame-retarding cable): vlamtrae kabel
flammable (inflammable): ontvlambaar, vlambaar
flame travel: vlamstrek
flange: flens
flange box: flenskas
flange coupling: flenskoppeling flange connector: flensverbinder flanged base: flensvoetstuk flanged cap: flensdop
flanged face: geflensde vlak flanged gland: flensdrukstuk flanged -pipe: flenspyp
flanged steam pipe: flensstoompyp flange face: flensvoorvlak flange(d) joint: flenslas, flensvoeg flank of thread: draadflank
flap damper: klapdemper
flap gate: klapsluis
flap-protected push button: drukknop met klapbeskerming
flap valve: skarnierklep
flare n.: 1. oopsperring (pyp) 2. (horn): horing (antenne) 3. (torch): fakkel
flare v.: oopsper (bv. pyp)
flare connection: oopsperaansluiting
flash n.: flits
flash v.: 1. flits (bv. lig) 2. flitsbekrag (bv. magneet)
flash across (arc, arc across, arc over, flash over, spark over): oorslaan, oorvonk
flash-barrier: oorslagversperring, oorvonkversperring
flash boiler: snelverdampingsketel
flash box: snelafdamper
flash-butt welding: flitsstuiksweising
flash current (short-circuit current): kortsluitstroom
flash duration: flitsduur
flasher: flitser
flasher beacon: flikkerbaken
flashing (arcing, arcing over, flashing over, flashover): oorvonking, oorslag
flashing alarm indicator: flitsalarmaanwyser
flashing light: flitslig
flashing over (arcing, arcing over, flashing, flashover): oorslag, oorvonking
flashing tank (flash tank): (af)damptenk
flash magnetization: flitsmagnetisering
flashover (arcing, arcing over, flashing over): oorslag, oorvonking
flash over (arc, arc across, arc over, flash across, spark over): oorslaan, oorvonk
flashover voltage: oorvonkspanning, oorslagspanning
flash point: flitspunt (bv. olie)
flash tank (flashing tank): (af)damptenk
flash test: flitstoets
flash voltage: flitsspanning
flat n.: platkant
flat armature: plat anker
flat battery (run-down battery): afgeloopte battery, pap battery
flat-belt drive: platbandaandrywing
flat cable: 1. defekte kabel 2. plat kabel
flat chisel: vlakbeitel
flat coil: plat spoel

flat compounded (level compounded): gelykgekompenseer
flat compounded generator (level compound-wound generator): gelyk-gekompenseerde serieparallelgenerator
flat-compound excitation (level-compound excitation): gelykgekompenseerde serieparallelopwekking
flat drill: platboor
flat conductor (flat conductor, strip conductor): plat geleier
flat file: platvyl
flat gauge (flat limit gauge, plate gauge, plate limit gauge): plaatmaat flat limit gauge (flat gauge, plate gauge, plate limit gauge): plaatmaat flat rate: vaste tarief
flat rate tariff: enkelkoerstarief, uniforme tarief
flat scraper: vlakskraper
flat strip conductor (flat conductor, strip conductor): plat geleier
flat surface: plat vlak, plat oppervlak
flat-topped wave: platgolf
flat type arc horn: plat beskermhoring, plat booghoring Fleming’s right hand rule: Fleming se regterhandreël flex (flexible cord, flexible lead): elektriese koord, koord
flexibility: 1. buigbaarheid 2. buigsaamheid, elastisiteit, veerkragtigheid, soepelheid 3. aanpasbaarheid, soepelheid
flexibility ratio: soepelheidsverhouding (elek. traksie)
flexible: 1. buigbaar 2. aanpasbaar, soepel (bv. ’n stelsel) 3. buigsaam, elasties, veer-kragtig, soepel
flexible cable: buigsame kabel
flexible conduit: buigsame leipyp, slagleipyp
flexible cord (flex, flexible lead): elektriese koord/snoer
flexible coupling: elastiese koppeling
flexible insulated wrench: buigsame geisoleerde moersleutel
flexible joint: buigsame las
flexible lead (flex, flexible cord): elektriese koord/snoer flexible lead connector: koordverbinder, snoerverbinder flexible mounting: elastiese montering
flexible packing: buigsame pakking flexible pipe: buigsame pyp flexible support: elastiese steun
flexible time (flextime, flexitime, pliotime): keusetyd, skiktyd
flexible waveguide: buigsame golfleier
flexible wire: buigsame draad
flexitime (flexible time, flextime, pliotime): keusetyd, skiktyd flextime (flexitime, flexible time, pliotime): keusetyd, skiktyd flexural vibration: buigtrilling
flicker n.: flikkering, geflikker
flicker v.: flikker
flicker effect (flickering effect): flikkereffek
flicker frequency: flikkerfrekwensie
flickering effect (flicker effect): flikkereffek flickering light (flicking light): flikkerlig flicking light (flickering light): flikkerlig
flip-flop: 1. (bistable multivibrator): bistabiele wipkring 2. (toggle): wipkring 3. (multivibrator):
float: dobber, vlotter
float v.: 1. (float charge): vlottend laai (battery) 2. (valves): instel
float charge (float v.): vlottend laai
floating: druktoetsing (van ’n klep by drukvate)
floating: vlottend
floating battery (buffer battery): bufferbat-tery, vlottende battery
floating body: drywende liggaam
floating bucket trap: dryfbakvanger (stoom)
floating charge: vlottende lading
floating-grid (floating-potential grid, free grid): vry rooster
floating neutral: vry neutrale geleier
floating-point system: dryfpuntstelsel (rekenaar)
floating-potential grid (floating-grid, free grid): vry rooster
float switch (liquid-level switch): vlotter-skakelaar, vloeistofpeilskakelaar float type depth gauge: vlotterdieptemeter, vlotter-standmeter flocculant: flokkuieermiddel, uitvlokmiddel
flocculate v.: flokkuleer, uitvlok (chem.)
floodlight: spreilig floodlighting: spreiverligting floodlight tower: spreiligtoring floodlit: spreiverlig
flood relief gate: vloedsluis (dam) floor standard lamp: staanlamp floor washing pump: vloerwaspomp flopper gate: uitkeersluis
flow n.: 1. stroming, vloei 2. (rate of flow): vloeitempo
flow v.: stroom, vloei
flow-back: terugvloeiing
flow chart (flow diagram, flow sheet): ver-loopdiagram, vloeidiagram
flow control valve: vloeibeheerklep (waterbehandeling)
flow diagram (flow chart, flow sheet): ver-loopdiagram, vloeidiagram
flow distributor: vloeiverdeler (brandstof)
flow meter: vloeimeter (vloeistof)
flow of current (current flow): stroomvloeiing

flow regulating valve: vloeireëlklep
flow soldering: vloeisoldering, vloeisoldeerwerk
fluctuate: skommel
fluctuating load: skommelende las, skom-melende belasting
fluctuating power: skommelende dry wing
fluctuation: skommeling
flue: rookgaskanaal, rookgasgang
flue dust: gasgangroet
flue gas: rookgas
flue-gas blower: rookgasblaser
flue-gas liquid ring pump: rookgasvloeistofringpomp
fluid: 1. fluTed, fluide stof 2. (liquid): vloeistof
fluid a. (liquid): vloeibaar
fluid conditioner: vloeistofkondisioneerder (koeler) fluid coupling (hydraulic coupling): vloeistofkoppeling fluid coupling cooler: vloeistofkoppelingkoeler
fluid-fueled fast reactor (FFFR): vloeibrandstofsnelreaktor fluidised bed combustion: fluïedbedverbranding fluidised-bed boiler: fluiedbedketel
fluidised-bed reactor: korrellaagreaktor, kwasifluïedreaktor
fluidity: vloeibaarheid
fluid pressure: vloeistofdruk fluid pump: vloeistofpomp fluid slag: vloeibare slakke fluor: vloeispaat, fluoriet fluoresce: fluoresseer fluorescence: fluoressensie
fluorescent: fluoresserend, fluoresseer-fluorescent bulb: fluoresseerbol
fluorescent coating: fluoresserende laag fluorescent lamp: fluoresseerlamp fluorescent light: fluoresseerlig fluorescent lighting: fluoressensieverligting
fluorescent mercury-vapour lamp: fluoresserende kwiklamp
fluorescent powder: fluoresseerpoeier
fluorescent tube: fluoresseerbuis
fluorescent tube starter: fluoresseerbuisaansitter
fluorosilicone: fluorosilikoon (isolasie)
flush a.: 1. gelyk 2. gelykvlakkig 3. glad 4. vlak
flush v.: uitspoel (bv. met water)
flushing oil pump: spoeloliepomp
flush switch (recessed switch, sunk switch): vlakskakelaar
flute n.: groef
flute v.: groef, uitgroef
flutter: fladder (frekwensie, amplitude)
flux: 1. vloed (magneties) 2. (fluxing agent): smeltmiddel, vloeimiddel (soldeer)
flux curve: vloedkromme
flux density: vloeddigtheid
flux density distribution: vloeddigtheidverspreiding
flux diagram: vloeddiagram
flux distribution: vloeddistribusie
flux distribution curve: vloeddistribusiekromme fluxible alloy: smeltlegering, vloeilegering fluxing agent (flux): smeltmiddel, vloeimiddel flux linkage: vloedkoppeling
flux meter: vloedmeter
flux of a vector: vektorvloed
flux wave: vloedgolf
fly ash: vliegas
flying stay (overhead stay): luganker
fly ring: vliegring (turbine)
flywheel: vliegwiel
flywheel-type alternator: vliegwielalternator
flywheel-type rotor: vliegwielrotor
focus n.: fokus, brandpunt focus v.: fokus, fokusseer, instel focusing coil: fokusseerspoel
focusing electrode: fokusseerelektrode focusing magnet: fokusseermagneet focus-type lamp: fokuslamp
fog light: mislig
fog-type insulator: misisolator
foil: 1. blad, foelie 2. dunplaat
follow current: volgstroom (deur ’n stuwing-safleier of ’n vonkgaping) follower: 1. volger 2. (driven pulley, follower pulley): gedrewe katrol follower pulley (follower, driven pulley): gedrewe katrol
follow-up element: volgelement
follow-up potentiometer: volgpotensiometer
foolproof: 1. onfeilbaar (stelsel) 2. flousvry, peutervry
foot: 1. (ft): voet (vt) (verouderd 3,048 x 10"1 m) 2. (base): voet 3. (stem): stam (gloeilamp)
foot-candela (ft-cd, foot-candle): voet-kandela, voetkers (vt-cd) (verouderd 1,076391 x 10’ lux)
foot-candle (ft-cd, foot-candela): voet-kandela, voetkers (vt-cd)
footing (foundation): fondament, voet (paal, mas)
foot-lambert (ft-L): voet-lambert (vt-L) (verouderd 3,486259 x 10° cd/m2)
foot-pound: voetpond (vervang deur Newton-meter en joule)
foot run: strekvoet
force n.: krag
forced aeration: drukbelugting
forced-air cooled transformer: forseerlugge-koelde transformator forced-air cooling system: dwanglugkoelstel-sel, forseerlugkoelstelsel forced circulation boiler: stoomketel met geforseerde sirkulasie forced commutation: gedwonge kommutasie (elek. masjien)
forced cooling: dwangkoeling, geforseerde koeling
force diagram: kragtediagram
forced draught: dwangtrek, geforseerde trek (stoomketel)
forced draught damper: dwangtrekdemper
forced draught fan: dwangtrekwaaier
forced-draught fan motor: dwangtrekwaaier-motor, verkoelwaaiermotor
forced-draught type motor: forseerlugge-koelde motor
forced excitation: gedwonge opwekking
forced liquid cooling: geforseerde

forced lubrication (force-feed lubrication, pressure lubrication): druksmering
forced magnetisation: gedwonge magnetisering
forced-oil cooled transformer: drukoliege-koelde transformator
forced oscillation: gedwonge ossillasie
forced outage: gedwonge uitvalling, gedwonge uitdiensneming
forced-ventilated motor: Kyk “forced-draught type motor”
force-feed lubrication (forced lubrication, pressure lubrication): druksmering
force fit: drukpassing
force line (line of force, field line): veldlyn
force of attraction: aantrekkingskrag
force of electrical attraction: elektriese aantrekkingskrag force of electrical repulsion: elektriese afstotingskrag force of gravity (gravitation, gravity): swaartekrag force of repulsion (repelling force): afstotingskrag
force out: uitforseer
forced outage: gedwonge uitgebruikneming, uitvalling
force pump: perspomp
force ratio: kragteverhouding
forces at right angles: reghoekige kragte
force scale: kragteskaal
force system (system of forces): kragtestelsel
force triangle: kragtedriehoek force vector: kragtevektor foreign matter: vreemde stof
forebay: 1. balanseerdam (pompstasie) 2. ver-samelpunt, voorput (sirkuleerwater vanaf koeltoring)
forge n. (smith’s shop): smidse, smidswinkel
forge v.: smee
forge cold: koud smee
forged brass: smeegeelkoper
forged mild steel: sagte smeestaal
forged solid: in een stuk gesmee, solied gesmee
forged steel: smeestaal
forged-steel header: smeestaalaftakkas (stoomketel)
forged strain clamp: smeestaalspanklamp forging: 1. smeedsel, smeestuk 2. smeewerk fork: vurk
fork connection: vurkverbinding
forked (fork-shaped): gevurk, vurkvormig
forked circuit: vertakte stoomkring
forking cord: vertakkoord
fork relay: vurkrelê
fork-shaped (forked): gevurk, vurkvormig
form n. (shape): vorm, fatsoen form v.: vorm, fatsoeneer formation: vorming
formation voltage: formeerspanning
form cutter (formed milling cutter): vorm-frees, profielfrees formed milling cutter (form cutter): vorm-frees, profielfrees form out: uitbind (kabellaswerk)
former: 1. vorm 2. vormer
former-wound coil (form-wound coil): vormspoel .
form factor: 1. vormfaktor (verhouding: effektiewe waarde v. periodiese funksie, bv. WS, tot sy gemiddelde absolute waarde) 2. Kyk “shape factor”
forming: vormwerk, profileerwerk
forming tool (form tool, profile tool): profielbeitel form tool (forming tool, profile tool): profielbeitel formula: formule
form-wound coil (former-wound coil): vormspoel forward-acting mechanism: heenwerkmeganisme forward-acting regulator: heenwerkende reëlaar forward admittance: heenadmittansie, meeadmittansie forward bias: meevoorspanning
forward-bladed fan: vorentoebladwaaier
forward-blocking characteristic: heenspereienskap
forward conductance: geleidingskonduktan-sie, heenkonduktansie, meekonduktansie
forward controlling elements: Kyk “forward elements”
forward current: geleidingstroom, heenstroom
forward elements: heenliggende elemente (outomatiese beheerstelsels: elemente tussen aktueersein en beheerde veranderlike)
forward lead (forward shift): voorwaartse ver-skuiwing (borsels)
forward period: heenperiode (wisselspanning)
forward power: heenkrag
forward power loss: heenkragverlies
forward resistance: geleidingsweerstand, heenweerstand
forward rotating field: meedraaiveld
forward rotation: meedraaiing
forward shift (forward lead): voorwaartse ver-skuiwing (borsels) forward travelling stator: vorentoeneigende stator (elek. motore) forward voltage: heenspanning
fossil fuelled power station: fossielbrandstofkragstasie
Foucault brake: Foucault-rem
Foucault current: Kyk “eddy current”
fouling: 1. besoedeling (van isolasie) 2. ketel-steenvorming (ketels)
foundation: 1. fondament 2. fondament, voet (mas, paal) 3. fundasie, fundering (bv. die handeling)
foundation bolt: fundasiebout
foundry: gietery
foundry iron (cast iron): gietyster four-core cable: vieraarkabel fourier: Kyk “thermal ohm”
Fourier analysis: Fourieranalise, Fourierontleding
Fourier series: Fourier-serie
four-point contact ball bearing: vierpuntkontak-koeëllaer
four-point plug fuse: vierpuntpropsekering
four-pole: vierpolig, vierpool-four-pole alternator: vierpoolalternator
four-pole armature: vierpoolanker
four-pole cylindrical field system: silindriese veldstelsel met vier pole
four-pole double-throw switch: vierpolige tweeslagskakelaar
four-pole dynamo: vierpooldinamo
four-pole generator: vierpoolgenerator
four-pole lap winding: vierpoolluswikkeling
four-pole lap-wound armature: vierpoolanker met luswikkeling
four-pole lap-wound direct-current generator: vierpolige gelykstroomgenerator met luswikkeling
four-pole machine: vierpoolmasjien
four-pole motor: vierpoolmotor
four-pole network (quadripole network): vierpoolkragnet
four-pole simple lap-wound direct-current shunt generator: vierpolige gelykstrooms-juntgenerator met enkelvoudige luswikkeling
four-pole single-phase alternator: vierpolige eenfasealternator
four-pole two-phase armature: vierpolige tweefasige anker
four-pole wave-wound direct-current machine: vierpolige gelykstroommasjien met golfwikkeling
for-pole wave-wound machine: vierpoolmasjien met golfwikkeling
four-position valve: vierstandklep four-start thread: viervoudige draad four-terminal network: vierklemnet
four-way expanding anchor: vierweguitsitanker
four-wire system: vierdraadstelsel
fox-wedge: tapsplytwig
fraction: breuk

fractional-horsepower motor: breukper-dekragmotor (verouderd; kyk “watt motor1)
fractional-pitch coil: breuksteekspoel fractional-pitch winding: breuksteekwikkeling fractional slip: breukglip
fractional-slot winding: breukgleufwikkeling
fracture: 1. breuk 2. bars (bv. pyp)
fracture v.: 1. breek 2. bars
frame: 1. raam 2. (picture, image): beeld (TV) frame-leakage protection: raamlekbeveiliging frame structure: raamstruktuur
frame suspended motor: raammotor
Francis turbine: Francis-turbine (waterturbine)
free capacitance: vry kapasitansie
free current operation: vry stroomwerking, natuurlike opwekking
free electron: vry elektron
free end (running end): afrolent, los ent, vry ent (kabel)
free energy: vry energie
free-falling body (freely-falling body): vryvallende liggaam free grid (floating grid, floating-potential grid): vry rooster free impedance: vry impedansie
freely-falling body (free-falling body): vryvallende liggaam
free magnetisation: vry magnetisering
free N pole: vry N-pool
free oscillation (natural oscillation): natuurlike ossillasie, vry ossillasie
free positive charge: vry positiewe lading
free S pole: vry S-pool
free-standing chimney: vrystaande skoorsteen
free wave: vry golf freon: freon (gas) frequency: frekwensie
frequency bias: voorfrekwensie
frequency changer (frequency convertor): frekwensieomsetter frequency control: frekwensiebeheer, frekwensiekontrole frequency convertor (frequency changer): frekwensieomsetter frequency distortion: frekwensievervorming
frequency indicator (frequency meter): frekwensiemeter frequency influence: frekwensie-invloed (meters) frequency meter (frequency indicator): frekwensiemeter frequency modulation (FM): frekwensie-modulasie (FM)
frequency monitor: frekwensiemonitor frequency multiplier: frekwensievermenigvuldiger frequency protection: frekwensiebeveiliging frequency range: frekwensiestrek
frequency range characteristic: frekwensie-bereikkarakteristiek (van ’n toring)
frequency regulator: frekwensiereëlaar frequency relay: frekwensierelê frequency response: frekwensieresponsie
frequency sensitive relay: frekwensiegevoe-lige relê
frequency stabilisation: frekwen-siestabilisasie, frekwensiestabilisering frequency-swept oscillator (wobbulator): frekwensieslingerossillator frequency transformer: frekwensietransformator
freshening charge: opfrislading (battery) fretting corrosion: knaagkorrosie (geleiers) friction: wrywing
friction bearing: wrywingslaer
frictional contact: wrywingskontak
frictional grip: wrywingsgreep (band op katrol) frictional electricity: wrywingselektrisiteit frictional heat: wrywingswarmte
frictional load: wrywingslas, wrywingsbelasting
frictional loss: wrywingsverlies
frictional resistance: wrywingsweerstand frictional torque: wrywingsdraaimoment friction angle (angle of friction): wrywingshoek friction band: wrywingsband
friction compensator: wrywingskompenseerder
friction force: wrywingskrag
frictionless ball bearing: wrywingsvry koeëllaer frictionless machine: wrywingsvry masjien frictionless resistance: wrywingsvry weerstand

friction lining: wrywingsvoering friction loss: wrywingsverlies friction mark: wrywingsmerk friction material: wrywingsmateriaal friction ring: wrywingsring
friction surface: wrywingsvlak
friction torque: wrywingsdraaimoment friction wheel: 1. wrywingsrat 2. wrywingswiel fringing effect: randeffek (magn.)
fringing field: randspreidingsveld (anker)
frog-leg winding: paddabeenwikkeling (saam-gestel uit een lus-en een golfwikkeling)
from rest: vanuit rus, uit die russtand
front bearing: voorlaer
front brace: voorste verspanstuk
front bus voltmeter: voorstamvoltmeter
front contact: 1. voorkontak (alg.) 2. werkkon-tak (reiê)
front elevation (front view): vooraansig
front face: 1. voorvlak 2. (load-resisting face): dravlak (skroefdraad)
front pitch: voorsteek (van ’n wikkeling)
front rake: voorsnyhoek
front seal: voorste digting, voorste seël
front view (front elevation): vooraansig frontwall cell: voorwand-sel (soort fotovoltasel) front wall drain valve: voorwand-dreineerklep front wall tube: voorwandpyp
frosted glove (frosted lamp, pearl lamp): matglaslamp, matgloeilamp frosted lamp (frosted globe, pearl lamp): matglaslamp, matgloeilamp fuel: 1. brandstof (alg.) 2. splytstof (kern.)
fuel-air ratio: brandstof-lugverhouding
fuel bed: brandstoflaag
fuel bundle: brandstofbundel (kern.)
fuel element: brandstofelement (kern.)
fuel firing plant: (brandstof)aansteektoerusting
fuel hopper: brandstofgeutbak
fuel manipulator crane: brandstofmanipuleerkraan
fuel oil: brandolie
fuel oil pressure: brandoliedruk
fuel oil pump: brandoliepomp
fuel manipulator crane: brandstofmanipuleerkraan
fuel pump: brandstofpomp
fuel rod: splytstofstaaf (kernkragstasie)
fuel tank: brandstoftenk
fuel transfer canal: brandstofoorbringkanaal (kern.)
fuel transfer tube: brandstofoorbringbuis (kernbrandstof)
fulcrum n.: draaipunt, steunpunt
fulcrum v.: om ’n draaipunt bevestig
full admission turbine: volledrukturbine
full brilliance: voile helderheid
full-cored insulator: volkernisolator full-current wave: volstroomgolf full diameter: voile diameter
full excitation: voile opwekking
full-field connection: volveldverbinding
full-field relay: relê vir voile veldopwekking
full impulse voltage: voile impulsspanning, voile stootspanning
full impulse wave: voile impulsgolf, voile stootgolf
full line voltage: voile lynspanning
full load (nominal load): nominale belasting, voile belasting, voile las
full-load brake test: vollasremtoets
full-load characteristic: vollaskenkromme
full-load coefficient: vollaskoëffisiënt full-load copper loss: vollaskoperverlies full-load current: vollasstroom
full-load drop: vollasval
full-load efficiency: vollasrendement
full-load electromotive force: elek-tromotoriese krag onder voile belasting, vollas elektromotoriese krag
full-load excitation: vollasopwekking
full-load heat-run test: hittetoets by vollas
full-load high-tension current: vollashoëspanningstroom
full-load input: vollasinset
full-load iron loss: vollasysterverlies
full-load line current: voliaslynstroom
full-load low-tension current: vollaslaespanningstroom full-load meter adjustment: vollasinsteling (van ’n meter) full-load output: vollaslewering
full-load power factor: vollasarbeidsfaktor
full-load primary current (primary full-load current): primêre vollasstroom
full-load rated capacity: vollaskenvermoë
full-load regulation: vollasregulasie
full-load secondary voltage: sekondêre vollasspanning
full-load speed: vollasspoed
full-load stator current: vollasstatorstroom
full-load temperature rise: vollastemperatuurstyging full-load terminal voltage: vollasaansluiterspanning full-load torque: vollasdraaimoment
full parallel position: volparallelstand
full-pitch coil: volsteekspoel
full-pitch turn: volsteekwinding
full-pitch winding: volsteekwikkeling
full pressure (full voltage): voile spanning
full radiator (black body, Planckian radiator): Planckstraler, swartstraler
full rated capacity: voile kenvermoë
full rated load: voile kenlas
full-scale deflection: voile uitslag of uitwyking
full size drawing: volgroottetekening
full speed: voile spoed
full supply level: volvloerhoogte (dam) full supply voltage: voile voerspanning full thread: voile draad
full voltage (full pressure): voile spanning full voltage starter: volspanningsaansitter full wave: heelgolf, volgolf
full-wave connection: heelgolfverbinding, volgolfverbinding full-wave mercury-arc rectifier: volgolfkwikbooggelykrigter full-wave rectification: heelgolfgelykrigting, volgolfgelykrigting full-wave rectifier: heelgolfgelykrigter, volgolfgelykrigter
full-way valve: volgangklep
fully charged cell: volgelaaide sel
fully compensated: ten voile gekompenseer (dwarsveldgenerator)

fully energized: ten voile bekrag
fully impregnated insulation: volledig gedrenkte isolasie, volledig geïmpregneer-de isolasie
fully loaded: ten voile belas, volbelas functional designation: funksionele aanwysing functional test: werktoets
function test: werkingstoets
fundamental n.: 1. basis, grondslag 2. grondbeginsel
fundamental a.: fundamenteel, grond-fundamental component: fundamentele komponent, grondkomponent
fundamental current: fundamentele stroom
fundamental flux density: fundamentele vloeddigtheid
fundamental frequency: fundamentele frek-wensie, grondfrekwensie
fundamental impedance: fundamentele impedansie
fundamental particle: fundamentele deeltjie (kernenergie)
fundamental space distribution: fundamentele ruimteverspreiding (ontwerp elek. motore) fundamental transformer equation: fundamentele transformatorvergelyking fundamental unit: fundamentele eenheid, grondeenheid
fundamental voltage: fundamentele spanning fundamental wave (basic wave): fundamentele golf furnace: oond
furnace drain: oonddrein
furnace losses: oondverliese
furnace pressure set point: oonddruk-stelpunt furnace refractory: vuurvaste oondvoering furnace sootblower: oondroetblaser
furnace space: oondruimte furnace tube: oondpyp (stoomketel) furnace wall: oondwand
fuse n.: 1. sekering (elek.) 2. lont (springstowwe)
fuse v. (blow): 1. smelt (sekering) 2. uitbrand (lamp) 3. sekering insit
fuse-base: sekeringvoet fuse block: sekeringblok fuse box: sekeringkas
fuse-carrier (fuse holder): sekeringhouer
fuse cartridge: sekeringpatroon
fuse condenser: sekeringkondensator (vrygestelde gasse)
fuse contact: sekeringkontak
fuse-disconnecting switch: sekeringontkoppelskakelaar
fused isolator: isolator met sekering
fused switch: skakelaar met sekering(s)
fused terminal block: aansluitblok met sekerings
fused-type voltage transformer: span-ningstransformator met sekering
fuse element: sekeringelement, smeltelement
fuse failure: sekeringsmelting
fuse holder (fuse carrier): sekeringhouer
fuse-link: smeltbrug, sekeringbrug
fuse mounting: sekeringmontasie, sekeringmontering
fuse panel: sekeringpaneel
fuse puller: sekeringtrekker (lewendigelynwerk)
fuse rating: sekeringkenvermoë fuse terminal: sekeringklem fuse-tongs: sekeringtang
fuse-switch (combination fuse switch): sekeringskakelaar
fuse wire: sekeringdraad, smeltdraad
fusibility: smeltbaarheid
fusible: smeltbaar
fusible arc-welding electrode: smeltbare boogsweiselektrode
fusible cement: smeltsement fusible element: smeltelement fusible metal: smeltmetaal fusible plug: smeltprop fusible slag: smeltslakke fusing current: smeltstroom
fusing factor: smeltfaktor (sekering)
fusing point: smeltpunt
fusion: 1. smelting 2. samesmelting (chem.) 3. versmelting (kernfisika)
fusion frequency: saamsmeltfrekwensie
fusion spot welding: smeltpuntsweislas
fusion welding: 1. smeltsweising (metode) 2. smeltsweiswerk fusion welding with pressure: smeltsweising onder druk futures research: toekomsnavorsing

g 1. (gram, gramme): g (gram) 2. (symbol for osmotic coefficient, acceleration due to gravity): g (simbool vir osmotiese koëffi-siënt, swaartekragversnelling)
G 1. (symbol for constant of gravitation, thermodynamic potential, etc.): G (simbool vir gravitasiekonstante, ter-modinamiese potensiaal ens.)
2. (gauss)*: G*(gauss)* ( 1 x 10"4 Tesla) 3. (gulley): rioolput
G-(giga-): G-(giga-)
Gb (gilbert): Gb (gilbert)
G clamp: G-klamp
g-cm (gram-centimetre): g-cm (gram-sentimeter)
GeV (giga-electron-volt): GeV (giga-elektronvolt)
Gm (symbol for transconductance): Gm (simbool vir transkonduktansie)
G.M.T. (Greenwich Mean Time): M.G.T. (Mid-delbare Greenwichtyd) GNP (geometric neutral plane): GNV (geometries neutrale vlak) GSTM (gland steam): ASTM (afdigstoom)
gr ‘(grain)*: gr *(grein)*
gain n.: 1. wins, versterking (elek.) 2. afplat-ting (van houtpale) 3. afplatstuk
gain v.: afplat (van houtpale)
gain adjuster (gain adjusting device): versterkingsreëlaar gain adjusting device (gain adjuster): versterkingsreëlaar gain control 1.: versterkingskontrole (apparaat)
gain of momentum: toename in momentum
Gabbard: loopplatform galena: loodglans gall: vasvreet
gallery: 1. galery 2. gang
galling: vasvreting
Gallipoli oil (Venice terpentine): Venesiaanse terpentyn
‘gallon: ‘gelling (0,0046 m3) galloping: galop (van geleier) galvanic: galvanies, volta
galvanic cell (voltaic cell): Kyk “primary cell” galvanic corrosion: galvaniese korrosie galvanise: 1. galvaniseer 2. versink galvanised iron: versinkte yster
galvanised steel wire: versinkte staaldraad galvanised wire: versinkte draad galvanometer: galvanometer galvanometer shunt: galvanometeromtak galvanoscope: galvanoskoop
gamma: gamma
gamma decay: gammaverval gamma emitter: gammastraler gamma particle: gammadeeltjie gamma radiation: gammastraling gamma ray: gammastraal
gang n.: 1. werkspan 2. groep, stel
gang v.: (meganies) koppel
gang drilling machine (group drilling machine): spanboormasjien, groepboormasjien
ganged: gekoppel (radio)
ganged capacitors (gang capacitors): gekop-pelde kapasitors (meg.)
ganged circuits: (meganies) gekoppelde bane of kringe
ganged control (gang control): gekoppelde kontrole, meganies gekoppelde kontrole
ganged switch (gang switch): gekoppelde skakelaar
ganged unit: gekoppelde eenheid ganging: (meganiese) koppeling gang links: gekoppelde skakels gang miller: groepfrees
gang milling: groepfreeswerk
gang of cutters: groep frese
gang switch (ganged switch): (meganies) gekoppelde skakelaar
gangue: aarsteen, rifsteen
ganister: ganister
gantry crane: loopkraan, bokkraan
gap: 1. gaping 2. opening, spleet
gap choke: smoorspoel met lugspleet
gap gauge (fixed caliper gauge, snap gauge): bekmaat
gap induction: spleetinduksie
gap insulation: gapingisolasie
gap length: gapingwydte, kontakspleet
gap loading: gapingadmittansie
gap section (phase break): neutrale seksie (oop span) gas: 1. gas (chem.) 2. rookgas, rook 3. gaskool (brandstof) gas-actuated relay (gas operated relay): gasrelê
gas airheater outlet (gas outlet airheater): gasuitlaat van lugverwarmer gas amplification factor: gasversterkingsfak-tor (van ’n gasgevulde fotobuis) gas analyser: gasontleder
gasballast pump: gasballaspomp
gas-blast circuit-breaker: gasstroombreker, blaasgasstroombreker
gas bubble: 1. gasblasie 2. gasborrel
gas-bubble protective device (Buchholz protective device): Buchholz-beveiligingstoestel
gas burner: gasbrander
gas-burner fittings: gasbrandertoebehore
gas capacitor: gaskapasitor
gas-charged: gasgevul
gas coal: gaskool, gassteenkool
gas coke: gaskooks
gas conduction: gasgeleiding
gas-cooled reactor: gasgekoelde reaktor gas current (ionic current): ionestroom gas damper: gasdemper
gas detector: gasverklikker
gas discharge (gaseous discharge): gasontlading
gas-discharge lamp (electric discharge lamp): gasontladingslamp, gasluminessensielamp
gas-discharge tube: gasontladingsbuis
gas drier: gasdroër
gas drier change-over valve: gasdroëroorskakelklep
gas drier isolating valve: gasdroërafsonderklep
gas engine: gasenjin
gaseous: gasagtig
gaseous diffusion: gasdiffusie
gaseous discharge (gas discharge): gasontlading
gaseous discharge lamp: Kyk “gas-discharge lamp”

gaseous fuel: gasbrandstof, stookgas
gaseous luminescent lamp: Kyk “gas-discharge lamp”
gaseous matter: gasstof
gaseous refrigerant: gaskoelmiddel
gaseous tube: Kyk “gas tube”
gas-filled: gasgevul
gas-filled bulb: gasgevulde bol
gas-filled cable (pressure cable): gasgevulde kabel
gas-filled lamp: gasgevulde lamp
gas-filled rectifier (cold-cathode rectifier): kouekatodegelykrigter, gasgevulde gelykrigter
gas-filled triode: gasgevulde triode
gas-filled tube (gas-filled valve): Kyk “gas tube” gas-filled tungsten lamp: gasgevulde wolframlamp gas-filled valve (gas-filled tube): gasgevulde buis gas filling: gasvulling
gas-flame coal (gas long-flame coal): gasvlamkool
gas focusing: gasfokussering (ontladingsbuise)
gas flue: rookgaskanaal
gash v.: insny (gleuwe)
gas-heated boiler: gasketel
gas-heated soldering tool: gassoldeerbout
gashing angle: insnyhoek
gas-insulated switchgear: gasgeisoleerde skakeltuig
gasket: pakstuk
gasket paste: pakstukpasta
gas lamp: gaslamp
gas leak indicator: gaslekwyser
gas line: gasleiding
gas main: hoofgasleiding gas-operated relay: gasrelê gas passage: rookgasgang gas pipe: gaspyp
gas pliers: gastang gas pocket: gasholte gas pressure: gasdruk
gas-pressure cable: gasdrukkabel
gas probe: gasvoelpen
gas-proof: gasdig
gas-proof machine: gasdigte masjien gas regulating valve: gasreëlklep gas sampler: gasmonsternemer
gassing: gasontwikkeling, kook (akkumulator)
gas stove: gasstoof
gas-tight: gasdig
gas-tight system: gasdigte stelsel
gas torch: gassweispyp
gas tube (gas-filled tube, gas-filled valve): gasbuis
gas turbine: gasturbine
gate: 1. deurlaat, hek (elektronies) 2. sluis (meg.) 3. (gate circuit, gating circuit): deurlaatkring, hekkring
gate chamber: sluiskamer
gate circuit (gate, gating circuit): deurlaatkring, hekkring
gate controlled: hekbeheer(de)
gate non-trigger voltage: deurlaat-nie-snellerstroom
gate trigger voltage: deurlaatsnellerspanning gate type solenoid valve: sluissolenoTedklep gate valve: 1. skyfklep 2. deurlaatbuis (elektronies) gating: 1. hekwerking (radio) 2. (strobing): kiesing
gating circuit (gate, gate circuit): deurlaat-baan, hekbaan
gauge: 1. meter 2. peilglas 3. maat 4. dikte, nommer (draad)
gauge v.: 1. meet 2. yk 3. peil
gauge block (slip gauge): maatblok (Johansson)
gauge board: meterbord gauge bracket: metersteun gauge fit: maatpassing
gauge glass (sight glass): peilglas (stoomketel)
gauge glass cock: peilglaskraan
gauge glass drain valve: peilglasftapklep
gauge line: maatlyn
gauge pipe: meterpyp gauge pressure: meterdruk gauge system: maatstelsel gauging faces: meetvlakke
gauge room: meterkamer (substasie)
gauss*: gauss* (1 x 10-4 Tesla)
Gauss law: Wet van Gauss (elektrostatika)
gaussmeter: gaussmeter gauze filter: gaasfilter gauze screen: gaasskerm
gear: 1. (assemblies): inrigting (kleppe), tuig (skakeling) 2. (gear-wheel): rat 3. (equipment):
gear actuating mechanism: ratwerkmeganisme
gear back: terugrat
gearbox: ratkas
gear case: rathulsel, ratomhulsel
gear centre: ratsenter
gear change control: ratwisselkontrole gear changing lever: ratwisselhefboom gear cutter: ratfrees
gear cutting (gear milling): ratfreeswerk gear drive (gear driving): rataandrywing gear driving (gear drive): rataandrywing geared motor (gear motor): ratmotor gearing: 1. ratverhouding 2. ratwerk gearing drive: rataandrywing
gearing mechanism: ratmeganisme
gear lever: rathefboom
gear milling (gear cutting): ratfreeswerk
gear ratio: ratverhouding
gear rim (girth gear): kransrat
gear system: ratstelsel
gear-tooth micrometer: rattandmikrometer
gear-tooth vernier: rattandnonius
gear train (gear-wheel train, train of gears): ratstel
gear-type pump: ratpomp
gear-wheel (gear): rat
Geiger counter (Geiger-Muller counter):
Geigerteller, Geiger-Muller-teller
Geissler tube: Geisslerbuis
general duty station battery: stasiebattery vir algemene doeleindes
general purpose: aldoel-, aldoelig general purpose motor: aldoelmotor general-purpose relay: aldoelrelê
general-service lamp: algemenedienslamp
generate: 1. ontwikkel (elek., gas, stoom) 2. beskryf (baan bv.) 3. opwek (seine)
generated address (synthetic address): ont-wikkelde adres (rek.)
generated head: ontwikkelde drukhoogte generated voltage: ontwikkelde spanning generating capacity: ontwikkelvermoë
generating electric field meter (gradient meter): gradiëntmeter, potensiaalgradiënt-meter (veldmeter met opweklesing)
generating end: ontwikkelent
generating magnetometer: magnetometer met opwekspanning
generating mode: 1. ontwikkelbedryf, ontwik-kelsiklus (pompopgaarstelsel) 2. ontwikkel-metode (algemeen)
generating plant: 1. (power plant): kragin-stallasie, ontwikkelinstallasie 2. (power plant, generating sets): generatorstelle
generating set: generatorstel, ontwikkelstel
generating station (power station, supply station): kragstasie
generating voltmeter (rotary voltmeter): kapasitansievoltmeter, rotasievoltmeter
generation: ontwikkeling
generation efficiency: ontwikkelrendement (hidrokragstasie)
generation rate: ontwikkeltempo (halfgeleier) generation time: tussenklowingsduur (reaktorfisika) generator: generator
generator air-cooler: generatorlugkoeler generator armature: generatoranker generator bearing: generatorlaer
generator bearings vent fan: generatorlaer-ventileerwaaier
generator breaker bay: generatorbrekervak generator breaker trip: generatorbrekerklink generator busbar: generatorgeleistam, generatorstam generator casing: generatorhulsel
generator coil: generatorspoel generator cooler: generatorkoeler generator cooling: generatorkoeling generator coupling: generatorkoppeling
generator efficiency: generatorrendement
generator field: generatorveld
generator field relay: generatoropwekveldrelê generator guide-bearing: generatorriglaer generator H2 alarm: generator-H2-alarm generator input: generatorinset
generator lead: generatorleiding
generator loss: generatorverlies
generator oil circuit breaker: generator-oliestroombreker
generator oil pump: generatoroliepomp generator output: generatorlewering generator set: generatorstel
generator stator: generatorstator
generator stator slot: generatorstatorgleuf
generator terminal: generatoraansluiter, generatorklem generator transformer: generatortransforma-tor (by kragstasie) generator voltage: generatorspanning
generator voltage regulator: generatorspanningsreëlaar generator voltage-transformer: generatorspanningstransformator generator water pump: generatorwaterpomp
generator winding: generatorwikkeling genetic effect: genetiese effek geographical pole: geografiese pool geological survey: geologiese opname geometric: geometries, meetkundig geometric addition: geometriese optelling geometrical axis: geometriese as
geometrical definition: geometriese definisie, meetkundige definisie (van skroewe)
geometrical centre: geometriese middelpunt
geometrical construction: geometriese konstruksie geometrical horizon distance: geometriese horisonafstand geometrical neutral axis: geometries neutrale as
geometrical progression: geometriese reeks, meetkundige reeks
geometric configuration: geometriese konfigurasie geometric mean: meetkundige gemiddelde geometric neutral plane: geometries neutrale vlak geothermal energy: geotermiese energie geothermal power station: geotermiese kragstasie germanium: germanium
germanium diode: germaniumdiode getter: gasbinder (gloeilampe) geyser: geiser
ghost (double image, echo, ghost image, multiple image): dubbelbeeld, spookbeeld ghost image (double image, echo, ghost, multiple image): dubbelbeeld, spookbeeld gib: teenspy
gib-head (gib-head key): neusspy
gib-head key (gib-head): neusspy
gib-head taper key: spits neusspy, taps neusspy
gib strip: kopspilstrook
giga-(G-): giga-(G-)
gigacycle(s) per second: Kyk “gigahertz” gigahertz: gigahertz (siklusse per sekonde in 109) gilbert*(Gb):* gilbert*(Gb)* (CGS-eenheid)
Giorgi system (M.K.S.A. system): Giorgi-stelsel, (M.K.S.A.-stelsel)
gin pole: hyspaal
gin T: hyspaal-T-stuk
gin-top arm: hyspaaltoparm
girder: lêer, drabalk
girth gear (gear rim): kransrat (steenkoolmeul)
glacé cotton braiding: glanskatoenomvlegsel, glanskatoenomvlegting
gland: 1. drukstuk (pomp) 2. afdigstuk, afdig-ter (kabel)
gland condenser: afdigstoomkondensator

gland cooler: drukstukkoeler
gland heater: drukstukverwarmer
gland leak-off heater: afdiglekstoomverwarmer
gland nut: drukstukmoer
gland plate: 1. drukstukplaat 2. afdigplaat
gland seal: drukseël
gland seal cooler (gland sealing cooler): af-digkoeler, afdigseëlwaterkoeler
gland sealing: drukstukdigting
gland sealing cooler (gland seal cooler): af-digkoeler, afdigseëlwaterkoeler
gland seal pump: drukstukseëlpomp
gland seal steam pipe: afdigstoompyp
gland steam: afdigstoom
gland steam condenser: afdigstoomkondensator
gland steam condenser vent: afdigstoomkondensatoruitlaat
gland steam cooler: Kyk “gland steam desuperheater”
gland steam cooling circulating pump: afdigstoomkoelingsirkuleerpomp
gland steam desuperheater: afdigstoomkoeler gland steam eduction: afdigstoomuitstroming gland steam entry: afdigstoominlaat
gland steam equalizing pipe: afdigstoomeffeningspyp
gland steam panel: afdigstoompaneel
gland steam reducing valve: afdigstoomreduseerklep
gland steam strainer: afdigstoomsif
gland-vent condenser: drukstukdampkondensator
glare: blikkering, skittering
glare effect: blikkereffek
glare-free illumination: skittervry verligting
glass asbestos: glasasbes
glass-backed micanite: mikaniet met glasrug
glass-bonded mica: glasgebonde mika
glass bulb: 1. glaskolf 2. (glass globe): glasbol
glass-bulb rectifier: glasbolgelykrigter, glaskolfgelykrigter (soort kwikdampgelykrigter)
glass cell box: glasselkas
glass covered conductor: glasbeklede geleier glass cutter (glass cutting knife): glassnyer glass cutting knife (glass cutter): glassnyer glass envelope: glasomhulsel (buis, gloeilamp) glass envelope rectifier: glasom-hulselgelykrigter glass fence: glasskerm
glass fibre: glasvesel
glass globe (glass bulb): glasbol glass hard: glashard (staal) glass-harden: glasverhard
glass-hardened steel: glasharde staal glassine: glasperkament, kunsperkament glass inner envelope: glasbinneomhulsel glass insulator: glasisolator
glass paper: glas(skuur)papier
glass reflector: glasreflektor
glass-reinforced polyester: glasversterkte poliëster glass tube: 1. glaspyp 2. (glass valve): glasbuis glass tube fuse: glasbuissekering
glass-tube water-guage (glass water-gauge): waterpeilglas
glass valve (glass tube): glasbuis
glas water-guage: 1. (glass-tube water-gauge) waterpeilglas 2. glaswaterpeiler
glaze: glasuur
glazed: geglasuur
glazed ceramic bushing: glasuurkeramiek-isoleerbus glazed ceramic insulator: glasuurkeramiek-isolator glazed porcelain: geglasuurde porselein, glasuurporselein glazed porcelain insulator: glasuurporseleinisolator glazing: 1. glasuring, glasuurwerk 2. fynskuring
gliding contact: glykontak
glitch: steurspits
globe: 1. (bulb): bol 2. (bulb, incandescent lamp, lamp bulb, light bulb): gloeilamp globoidal worm gear (Hindley worm gear): globoiede wurmrat, Hindley-wurmrat glory hole spillway: tregterskaguitloop
glow n„: 1. glimming 2. gloed
glow v.: 1. glim 2. gloei
glow discharge: glimontlading
glow-discharge cathode: glimkatode
glow-discharge lamp (glow lamp): glimlamp, glimontladingslamp
glow-discharge rectifier: glimgelykrigter
glow-discharge tube: Kyk “glow tube”
glow lamp (glow-discharge lamp): glimlamp, glimontladingslamp
glow light: glimlig
glow starter (glow switch starter): glimaansitter glow tube (glow-discharge tube): glimbuis, gloeibuis go centre conductor: senterbinnegeleier
‘go” conductor: heengeleier
go gauge (GO gauge): kanmaat, pasmaat
goggles: skermbril
go-in end: pasent
going backward (backward creep, retrograde movement): terugkruiping, agter-waartse beweging
gold-beater’s skin: goudvlies
gold leaf: bladgoud
goliath cap (UK) (mogul base (USA)): goliatdop goliath Edison screw cap: groot Edisonskroefdop gong: ghong
good geometry: gunstige uitleg
goods lift: goederehyser
goose-neck pipe (siphon pipe): swanehal-spyp, hewelpyp
gouge n.: guts, gutsbeitel, holbeitel
gouge v.: guts, uitguts
govern: reël
governing valve: beheerklep
governor: 1. (regulator): reëlaar (brandstof)
2. (speed governor): spoedreëlaar governor actuator: reëlaaraktueerder governor air receiver: spoedreëlaarlugtenk

governor contact: reëlaarkontak
governor controlled gate: reëlaarbeheerde sluis governor controlled valve: reëlaarbeheerde klep governor control switch: spoedreëlaarbeheerskakelaar
governor drive: spoedreëlaaraandrywing, reëlaaraandrywing
governor emergency tank: reëlaarnoodtenk
governor gear: reëlaartuig
governor oil pressure: (spoed)reëlaar-oliedruk governor operating tank: reëlaardryftenk governor valve: reëlaarklep, spoedreëlaarklep governor solenoid: reëlaarsolenoïed
governor speed changer: reëlaarspoedwisselaar
grade: 1. graad 2. (gradient): helling
grade v.: 1. gradeer 2. helling gee (kabelvoor)
graded cable: gegradeerde kabel
graded control: gragradeerde beheer, gegradeerde kontrole
graded-insulated winding (graded-insulation winding): wikkeling met gegradeerde isolasie
graded insulation: gegradeerde isolasie
graded-insulation winding (graded-insulated winding): wikkeling met gegradeerde isolasie
grader: skraper
gradient: 1. gradient (temperatuur) 2. helling
gradient angle: hellingshoek
gradient meter (generating electric field meter): gradiëntmeter, potensiaalgradiënt-meter, veldmeter met opweklesing
gradient pressure relay: gradiëntdrukrelê
gradient stay: hellinganker
grading: 1. gradering 2. hellinggewing
grading shield (arcing shield): boogskerm, boogskut
gradual discharge: geleidelike ontlading
graduate: gradueer, in grade indeel/in grade verdeel
graduated bar: skaalstaaf
graduated dial: ingedeelte wyserplaat, skaalwyserplaat
graduated scale: maatskaal
graduated sleeve: skaalhuls
graduation (scale division): graadverdeling, graduering, skaalindeling, skaalverdeling
graduation dial: skaalkraag (freesmasjien bv.)
graduation scale: skaalindeling
grain*: 1. (gr)*: grein* (gr)* (0,065 g) 2. draad (hout), nerf (leer), korrel (metaal)
grain boundary: korrelgrens (metaal) grain direction: korrelrigting (staal) grain size: korrelgrootte
grain structure: korrelstruktuur
gram(me): gram
gram-atom: gramatoom
gram centimetre ( gram-sentimeter (g-cm)
gram centimetres per second ( gramsentimeter per sekonde (
gram-equivalent: gramekwivalent
gram-ion: gramioon
gram-molecule (mol): grammolekule (mol) Gramme-ring armature: (ring armature): ringanker granular: gekorrel, korrelrig
granular carbon: korrel koolstof granular fracture: korrelbreuk graph: grafiek
graphecon (image storing tube, storage camera tube): geheuebuis (telev.)
graphical solution: grafiese oplossing
graphic instrument (recording instrument, recorder, registering instrument): regis-treerder, registreerinstrument
graphite (black lead, plumbago): grafiet
graphite anode: grafietanode graphite brush: grafietborsel graphite carbon ring: grafietkoolring
graphite electrode: grafietelektrode (vir boogoonde)
graphite grease: grafietghries
graphite resistance: 1. grafietweerstand
2. (graphite resistor): grafietresistor
graphite resistor (graphite resistance): grafietresistor graph paper (squared paper): grafiekpapier grasshopper fuse: springsekering
grate: rooster
grate bar: roosterstaaf grate bearing: roosterlaer grate bed: roosterbed
grate bulb bar: roosterskakel-inrygstaaf grate carriage: roosterdraer (keteloond) grate end link: roosterentskakel
grate load: roosterbelasting
grate louvre damper: roosterhortjiesdemper
grate opening: roosterspleet
grate rail: roosterspoor
grate rest bar: roosterskakel-steunstaaf
grate roller: roosterroller
grate speed: roostersnelheid graticule (reticule): net, netwerk grating: roosterwerk
gravitation: 1. gravitasie, swaartekragwerking 2. (force of gravity, gravity): swaartekrag gravitational acceleration (acceleration of gravity): swaartekragversnelling gravitational constant: gravitasiekonstante, swaartekragkonstante
gravitational head: gravitasiehoogte
gravitational potential: gravitasiepotensiaal, swaartekragpotensiaal
gravitation prevention valve: gravitasievoorkomingsklep gravity (force of gravity, gravitation): swaartekrag gravity control: gravitasiebeheer
gravity feed: valtoevoer gravity impulse: valimpuls gravity switch: valskakelaar gravity system: valstelsel
gravity take-up: gravitasiespanner gravity-time curve: gewig-tyd-kromme grazing incidence: skramsinval grease n.: ghries
grease v.: ghries, smeer grease cup: ghriesdop grease head: ghrieskop
grease-impregnated hemp: ghriesdeurtrekte hennep, ghriesgedrenkte hennep
grease nipple: ghriesnippel

greased conductor: gesmeerde geleier
greenheart: groenharthout
grey cast iron (grey iron): grysyster, sagte gietyster grey iron (grey cast iron): grysyster, sagte gietyster grey selenium: grys seleen
grid: 1. rooster 2. (net, network): net, kragnet
grid bias (C-bias, grid-bias voltage): roostervoorspanning
grid-bias circuit: roostervoorspanningskring
grid-bias motor: roostervoorspanningsmotor
grid-bias transformer: rooster voorspanningstransformator grid bias voltage (C-bias, grid bias): roostervoorspan n i ng grid blocking: roosterblokkering, roosterversperring
grid-blocking relay: roostersperrelê grid characteristic: roosterkenkromme grid coil: roosterspoel
grid control: roosterbeheer
grid current: roosterstroom (elek.)
grid cut-off voltage: roosterafsnyspanning
grid extinguishing (arc suppression): roosterblussing
grid blow tube: roosterglimbuis
grid pitch: roostersteek
grid potential: roosterpotensiaal
grid potentiometer: roosterpotensiometer grid rapper: roosterklopper (presipiteerder) grid voltage: roosterspanning
grid wire: roosterdraad
grillage: fondamentrooster, roosterfondament grillage base: fondamentroostervoetstuk grille: 1. sierrooster 2. tralies, traliewerk grilled tubes: roosterpype
grind: 1. maal 2. slyp
grinding: slypwerk
grinding allowance: slyptoelating
grinding ball: maalkoeël (steenkoolmeul) grinding chamber: maalruim (steenkoolmeul) grinding drum: maalsilinder
grinding dust: slypstof grinding force: slypkrag grinding head: slypkop grinding machine: slypmasjien grinding paste: slyppasta
grinding plug gauge: slyppropmaat
grinding pressure: maaldruk (steenkoolmeul)
grinding process: slypproses
grinding roll: maalrol
grinding track: maalbaan (poeierbrandstofmeule)
grinding unit: maaleenheid
grinding wheel (abrasive wheel): slypskyf, slypwiel
grindstone: slypsteen
grip n.: greep
grip v.: vasgryp
grip-all clampstick: veelgreepklampstok
grip-handle fuse: greepsekering
grip joint: klemlas gripping power: grypkrag gripping surface: grypkrag gripping unit: grypeenheid grit: grint
grit arrester: grintvanger
grit-arresting plant: grintvanguitrusting, grintvanginstallasie
grit hopper: grintlosser
gritty fluid: grinterige vloeistof
grommet (grummet): 1. skaafring, skutbus (elek.) 2. touoog
groove n.: groef
groove v.: groef, uitgroef
grooved cam: groefnok
grooved cover clamp: gegroefde dekselklamp
grooved insulator: groefisolator
grooved loop clamp: gegroefde lysklamp
grooved ring: groefring
grooved wood separator: groefhoutskeier
grooving: 1. groewe 2. groewing, groefvreting 3. groefwerk
grooving a.: groef-grooving depth: groefdiepte
grooving tools: groefgereedskap
gross capacity: 1. bruto vermoë 2. bruto opgaarvermoë
gross flux: bruto vloed
gross generation (gross power): bruto kragontwikkeling, bruto vermoë
gross plant margin: brutovermoë-faktor
gross sample: bruto monster gross storage: bruto opgaring gross weight: bruto gewig ground n. (earth): aarde ground v. (earth): aard
ground cable (earth cable): aardkabel
ground clamp (earth clamp): aardklamp
ground connection (earth connection): aardverbinding
ground current:-!, (earth current): aard-stroom 2. (stray current): swerfstroom
grounded (earthed): geaard
grounded armature (earthed armature): geaarde anker
grounded base: geaarde basis
grounded brush (earthed brush): geaarde borsel
grounded capacitance (earthed capacitance): geaarde kapasitansie
grounded circuit (earthed circuit): geaarde kring
grounded coil: geaarde spoel
grounded-collector connection: geaardekollektorverbinding
ground effect: aarde-invloed
ground-electrode (earth electrode): aardelektrode
ground fault: aardfout
ground glass: mat glas
grounding clamp: aardingsklamp
grounding contact (earthing contact): aardingskontak
grounding grid: aardingrooster
grounding outlet: aardingsuitgang
grounding plate: aardingsplaat
grounding switch (earthing switch): aardingskakelaar grounding terminal (earthing terminal): aardingsklem grounding transformer: aardingstransformator ground lead (earth lead): aardleiding
ground level: grondhoogte, grondvlak ground mapping: grondkartering ground potential (earth potential):
ground relay (earth relay): aardrelê ground return: Kyk “earth return” ground rod: aardstang, aardingstang ground rod clamp: aardstamklamp
ground state (normal energy level, normal state): grondtoestand
ground strap: Kyk “earthing strap”
ground system (earth system): aardstelsel ground terminal (earth terminal): aardklem ground wire (earth wire): aarddraad
ground-wire clamp (earth-wire clamp): aarddraadklamp
ground-wire vibration damper: aardraadtril-lingdemper, aarddraadvibrasiedemper
group n.: groep
group v.: groepeer
group carrier: groepdraer
group connection: groepverbinding
group control: groepbeheer, groepkontrole
group drilling machine (gang drilling machine): groepboormasjien, spanboormasjien
group drive: groepaandrywing
group factor: groepfaktor
group frequency: groepfrekwensie group fuse cable: groepsekeringskabel grouping drum: groepeertrom
grouping relay circuit: groepeerrelêbaan group of conductors: geleiergroep group of contacts: kontakgroep
group of switches: skakelaargroep group relay cubicle: groeprelêpaneel group switch: groepskakelaar
group terminal bay: groepeindraam
group translating equipment: groepom-situitrusting (draerstelsel) group velocity (envelope velocity): groeps-nelheid (golwe) grout n.: bry
grout v.: met bry vul
grouting: bryvulling
growler: grommer (ankertoets)
grown junction: aangegroeide voeg, gek-weekte voeg
growth curve: toenamekromme growth of current: stroomtoename grub screw: skroeftap
grummet (grommet): 1. skaafring, skutbus (elek.) 2. touoog
guarantee: waarborg
guarantee period: waarborgtyd, waarborgtydperk
guard n.: 1. (protective guard): skutrooster, skut 2. (guard circuit): waakkring
guard v.: beskut
guard circuit (guard): waakkring
guard cradle: vangnet
guarded machine: Kyk “screen-protected machine”
guard equipment: waakuitrusting
guard net: vangnet
guard relay: waakrelê
guard ring: skutring
guard-ring circuit: skutringkring
guard steel (guard (steel) wire): skermaarddraad
guard terminal: skutaansluiter
guard wire: 1. (shield wire): skermdraad 2. skutdraad (isolasietoets) 3. vangdraad (kraglyne)
gudgeon pin: suierpen
gudgeon-pin bore: suierpenboring
guide: 1. leier 2. leibaan
guide v.: lei
guide bar: leistaaf
guide bearing: riglaer
guide blade (guide vane): leilem, leiskoep
guide block: leiblok
guide bracket: 1. leiarm 2. leisteun guide bushing: leibus, rigbus guide comb: leikam
guided wave: geleide golf guide electrode: lei-elektrode guide cap: leigaping
guide hole: leigat guide pin: rigpen guide plate: leiplaat
guide pulley (idler pulley): rigkatrol
guide rail: leireling guide rest: leistut guide rod: leistang guide screw: rigskroef
guide-screw shaft: rigskroefas guide sleeve (pilot sleeve): leihuls guide template: leipatroon
guide vane (guide blade): leilem, leiskoep guide vane limiter: leivaanbegrenser (hidro.) guide vane ring: leilemring, leiwiekring guide vane shear pin: leilemskuifpen
guide wave impedance: leiergolfimpedansie (golfleier)
guide wavelength: leiergolflengte
guide wheel: leiwiel
guide wire: eendraadgolfleier guillotine: guillotine (poeierkoolstoker) guillotine attenuator: skuifverswakker guillotine fire-door: guillotine-stookdeur Gulein’s rules: reels van Gulein
gullet v.: uithol
Gulstad relay: Gulstadrelê
gum n.: gom
gun blower: spuitblaser (roetblaser)
gunite: spuitsement
gunmetal: geskutmetaal
gusset (gusset plate): knoopplaat gusset plate (gusset): knoopplaat guttering chisel: geutbeitel
guy (stay): 1. anker 2. stormtou
guy clamp (anchor clamp): ankerklamp
guy grip: ankergreep guy guard: ankerskut guy hook: ankerhaak
guy insulator (anchorage insulator, stay insulator): afspanisolator, ankerisolator
guy plate: ankerplaat
guy rope: ankertou
guy shim: ankerstelplaat
guy wire: ankerdraad gyrator: girator gyromagnetic: giromagneties

h-(hecto-): h-(hekto-) H (henry): H (henry) h (hour): h (uur)
H-armature (shuttle armature): H-anker
H axis: H-as
hbar* (hectobar*): hbar* (hektobar*)
H bend: H-buiging
H.C. (high conductivity): HG (hoë geleivermoë)
H corner: H-elmboog
H.D. (hard drawn): hg. (hardgetrokke)
HD (heavy duty): SD (swaardiens)
HE motor (energy-efficient motor, high-energy motor): hoërendementmotor
HOP (heater drain pump): VDP (verwarmerdreineerpomp)
HF (high frequency, high-frequency): HF-(hoë frekwensie, hoëfrekwensie-)
HF power level (high-frequency power level): HF-kragpeil (hoëfrekwensie-kragpeil)
hg (hectogram): hg (hektogram)
h.i.d. lamp (high-intensity discharge lamp): h.i.o.-lamp (hoë-intensiteitontladingslamp)
H line: H-lyn
hm (hectometre): hm (hektometer)
Hmn mode: Hmn-modus
H mode: H-modus
hp.* (horsepower*): pk.*(perdekrag*)
HP (high pressure): 1. HD (hoë druk) 2. HD-(hoëdruk-)
HP oil pump (high-pressure oil pump): HD-oliepomp (hoëdrukoliepomp)
HPS (high pressure sodium): HDN (hoëdruknatrium) (in lampe)
HP thrust indicator (HP thrust bearing wear indicator): HD-laerslytaanwyser
h.r.c. fuse (high rupturing capacity fuse): hbv-sekering (sekering met hoë breekvermoë)
H2 seal oil: H2-seëlolie
HT (high tension, high pressure, high voltage): HS (hoë spanning, hoëspanning-)
HTGR (high-temperature gas-cooled reactor): HTGR (hoëtemperatuur-gasverkoelde reaktor)
HTR (heater): VWR (verwarmer)
HV (high voltage, high-voltage, high pressure, high tension): HS (hoë spanning, hoëspannings-)
HV system (high voltage system, high tension system): HS-stelsel (hoëspanningstelsel)
Hz (c.p.s.*, c/s/*) (cycles per second, hertz*): Hz (hertz)
hack: kap (slypwiel)
hack-saw: metaalsaag, ystersaag hack-saw blade: ystersaaglem hack-saw frame: ystersaagraam hack-saw handle: ystersaaggreep hair felt: haarvilt
hairpin winding: haarnaaldwikkeling
hair spring: haarveer
halation: ligkring (in 'n katodestraalbuis)
half axis: halfas
half bearing: halflaer
half boss: halfnaaf
halfbrasses: halflaermetale, halfdrametale
half centre (relieved centre): halfsenter
half-closed slot (semi-closed slot): halfge-slote gleuf, halftoe gleuf (anker)
half-coil loading: halfspoelbelasting
half-coil(ed) winding (hemitropic winding): halfspoelwikkeling, hemitropiese wikkeling
half-crest value: halfkruinwaarde
half cycle: halfsiklus
half-cycle peak: halfsikluskruin
half-hour rating: 1. (half-hour rated power): halfuurkendrywing 2. (half-hour rated capacity):
half-lapped cotton tape: halfoorslagkatoenband
half-lapped layer: halfoorslaglaag half-lap winding: halfoorslagwikkeling half-life: halfveertyd, halveringstyd half-load: halfbelasting, halflas
half-load efficiency: halflasrendement
half-load power factor: halflasarbeidsfaktor
half nut: halfmoer
half period: halfperiode
half pulse: halfpuls
half revolution: halwe omwenteling
half-section loading: halfgedeeltebelasting (kabel)
half set position: halfpadstand
half stroke: halfslag
half synchronous speed: halfsinchrone spoed
half thread: halfdraad half turn: halwe draai half wave: halfgolf
half-wave connection: halfgolfverbinding half-wave rectification: halfgolfgelykrigting half-wave rectifier: halfgolfgelykrigter halide: halied
Hall effect: Hall-effek
halo: ligkrans
halogen: halogeen (chem.)
hammer n.: hamer
hammer v.: hamer, klop (met hamer) hammer drill: hamerboor hammering: geklop (enjin)
hand adjusting wheel: handstelwiel
hand brace (brace, belly brace, breast brace): omslag
hand closing: handsluiting
hand control lever: handkontrolehefboom
hand drain valve: handdreineerklep
hand-driven generator (hand generator, hand-operated generator): handgenerator
hand elevating feed: handhystoevoer
hand feed: handtoevoer
hand feed control valve: handvoer-beheerklep
hand fitting: handpassing, handpaswerk
hand generator (hand-driven generator, hand-operated generator): handgenerator
hand grinding: handslypwerk
handhole: handgat
handhole cover: handgatdeksel
hand jig: handsetmaat
handle: 1. handvatsel 2. steel 3. greep (saag) handle chamber: steelkamer (soldeerbout) handle-type fuse: handvatselsekering
hand lever (hand-operated lever): handhefboom
hand line: handlyn

hand line hook: handlynhaak handling gear: hanteertuig hand of helix: heliksrigting hand of thread: draadrigting
hand-operate: met die hand bedien
hand-operated: 1. handbedien 2. handgedrewe
hand-operated (manually operated): hand-, handbedien
hand-operated generator (hand-driven generator, hand generator): handgenerator
hand-operated lever (handlever): handhefboom
hand-operated pawl: handpal
hand-portable radio transmitter: draradiosender
hand ratchet: handsperrat hand reamer: handruimer hand reaming: handruiming hand regulation: handreëling hand regulator: handreëlaar
hand reset relay: handterugstelrelê
hand-scraped way: 1. handgeskraapte spygleuf 2. handgeskraapte leibaan
hand starter: handaansitter
hand starting: handaansitting
hand switch (manually operated switch): handskakelaar
hand tools: handgereedskap
hand-tripped: handuitgeklink
hand truing: handronding, opsuiwering met die hand (slypwiel)
hand vertical feed: vertikale handtoevoer
hand wheel: handwiel
hand winding: handwikkeling
hanger: hanger
hanger bearing: hangerlaer
hanging lamp: hanglamp
hanging push-type switch: hangdrukskakelaar hanging rod (suspension rod): hangstang hard alloy steel: harde legeringstaal
hard-bearing portion: swaardradeel, swaardraende deel
hard-carbond brush: hardekoolborsel hard casting: harde gietsel, harde gietstuk hard cast iron: harde gietyster
hard cast steel: hardgegote staal
hard-drawn copper: hardgetrokke koper
hard-drawn copper line: lyn van hardgetrokke koper hard-drawn copper wire: hardgetrokke koperdraad hard-drawn steel: hardgetrokke staal
hard-drawn wire: hardgetrokke draad hard-drying varnish: harddroogvernis harden: hard, verhard
hardened area: verstewigde gebied (sekuriteit)
hardened steel: verharde staal
hardened throughout (dead hard): deurverhard
hardening: harding, verharding hardening action: hardingswerking hardening capacity: hardingsvermoë hardening carbon: hardingskoolstof hardening effect: hardingseffek hardening mixture: hardingsmengsel
hard-gas circuit-breaker: blusgasvormende breker
hard gear: harde rat
hard glass bulb: hardeglaskolf
hard-glass discharge tube: hardeglasontladingsbuis
hard-grade wheel: harde slypwiel hard image: harde beeld, skerp beeld hardness number: hardheidsgetal hardness test: hardheidstoets
hard packing (metallic packing): harde pak-king, metaalpakking
hard-rolled: hardgewals
hard solder (brazing solder, spelter solder): harde soldeersel, sweissoldeersel
hard-soldering: hardsoldering
hard starting (heavy starting): swaar aansit
hard-steel core: hardestaalkern
hard-steel gear: hardestaalrat
hardware: 1. ysterware 2. metaaldele (trans-missielyn) 3. (transmission line hardware, insulator hardware): toebehore 4. (computer): apparatuur
hardwood: hardehout, loofhout hardwood spacer: hardehoutafstandstuk hardwood wedge: hardehoutwig
H-armature (shuttle armature): H-anker harmonic (harmonic frequency): bofrekwensie harmonic component: bofrekwensiekomponent harmonic content: bofrekwensie-inhoud harmonic current: bofrekwensiestroom harmonic distortion: bofrekwensievervorming harmonic filter: bofrekwensiefilter
harmonic frequency (harmonic): bofrekwensie harmonic interference: bofrekwensiesteuring harmonic motion: harmoniese beweging harmonic oscillation: bofrekwensieossilasie harmonic restraint relay: bofrekwensiehourelê harmonic ripple: bofrekwensierimpel
harmonic suppression: bofrekwensie-onderdrukking
harmonic voltage: bofrekwensiespanning harness aid: bedradingshulpstuk harness assembly: bedradingstuig harness block: bedradingsblok
hatch in: arseer
hat leather: L-leerpakstuk
hauling gear: trektuig
hauling rope: 1. intrektou (kabel 2. sleeptou
hauling stress: intrekspanning (kabel)
haul out: uittrek (kabel)
hazard: gevaar
hazardous atmosphere: gevaarlike atmosfeer hazardous environment: gevaarlike omgewing head: 1. kop 2. drukhoogte (bv. van water) head clearance: bovryruimte
headed brush: borsel met kop
header: spruitstam (superverhitters, bespaar-ders, ens.)
header line: spruitstamleiding (turbogenerator)
header supports: spruitstamsteune header tank: 1. spruitstamtenk 2. botenk head lamp: koplamp
head of piston: suierkop
head of water (water head): waterdrukhoogte
head pond: drukdam (’n dam om drukhoogte te verkry vir die kragstasieturbines)
head pressure: kopdruk (kompressor)
headrace: aanloop, toevoer
headrace canal: toevoerkanaal, aanloopkanaal headrace tunnel: aanlooptonnel, toevoertonnel head spindle: kopspil
head stay (overhead stay): luganker, topanker (horisontale ankerdraad tussen twee pale)
head stock: dryfkop (klep) head tank: drukhoogtetenk headwater: boloop
healthy (apparatus): in orde healthy phase: gesonde fase hearth: herd

hearth load: vuurherdbelasting
heartwood: kernhout, pithout
heat n.: 1. warmte (algemeen; die verskynsel) 2. hitte (hoë graad v. warmte; ook elektronies)
heat v. (heat up): verhit, verwarm
heat absorber: warmteabsorbeerder
heat-absorbing capacity: warmteabsorbeervermoë
heat-absorbing value: warmteabsorbeerwaarde
heat barrier: hitteversperring (by motor v. ketelvoerpomp)
heat accumulator: warmteakkumulator
heat change: warmteverandering
heat coil: hittespoel, spoelsekering
heat conduction (conduction of heat, thermal conduction): warmtegeleiding
heat conductivity: warmtegeleidingsvermoë, termiese geleidingsvermoë
heat conductivity coefficient: warmtegeleidingskoëffisiënt
heat conductor: warmtegeleier heat consumption: warmteverbruik heat content: warmte-inhoud
heat control: warmtekontrole
heat diagram: warmtediagram
heat dissipation: warmtedissipasie, warmtekwytraking heat distribution: warmtedistribusie, warmteverspreiding heat energy: warmte-energie
heater (heating set, heating unit): 1. ver-warmer 2. verhitter (elektronebuis)
heater bank: verwarmergroep
heater body: verwarmerromp
heater bus circuit: verwarmerstamleiding
heater coil: verwarmerspoel
heater current: verwarmerstroom
heater drain pump: verwarmerdreineerpomp
heater element: verwarmerelement heater filament: verhittingsgloeidraad heater group: verwarmergroep
heater overload trip: verwarmeroorlasklink
heater switch: verwarmerskakelaar
heater transfer switch: verwarmeroorskakelaar
heater unit: verwarmeenheid
heater vent valve: verwarmeruitlaatklep
heater voltage (filament voltage): verhitter-spanning, gloeidraadspanning
heater wire: verwarmerdraad
heat exchange: warmtewisseling
heat exchange chamber: warmteruilkamer
heat exchanger: warmteruiler heat flow: warmtevloeiing heat gun: warmtestraler
heating: 1. verwarming (algemeen) 2. verhit-ting (hoë hitte: ook elektronies)
heating agent: verwarmmiddel, verhitmiddel heating by infra-red-radiation: infrarooiverwarming heating cable: verwarmingskabel
heating effect: verhiteffek, verwarmeffek
heating electrode: verhitelektrode
heating element: verhitelement, verwarmelement
heating inductor: verhitinduktor
heating limit: verwarmingsgrens
heating power: verhitvermoë, verwarmvermoë heating resistance: verwarmingsweerstand heating set (heater, heating unit): verwarmer heating surface: verhitvlak, verwarmvlak heating test (heat run): hittetoets
heating thermostat: verhittingstermostaat, verwarm i ngstermostaat
heating unit (heater, heating set): verwarmer heat insulation: warmte-isolasie, warmte-isolering heat load: warmtelas
heat loss: warmteverlies
heat-operated contact (thermal contact): hit-tekontak, termiese kontak
heat pump: warmtepomp
heat radiation: warmtestraling
heat rate: warmteomsettingsrendement
heat recovered: warmte herwin heat recovery: warmteherwinning heat rejection: warmteverlies
heat resistance: warmteweerstand
heat-resistant (heat-resisting): hittebestand heat-resisting (heat-resistant): hittebestand heat-resisting wire: hittebestande draad heat run (heating test): hittetoets
heat sensing: hitteaanvoeling, warmteaanvoeling
heat-shield: hitteskerm (van ’n katode)
heat sink: hitteverwyderaar heat tension: warmtespanning heat transfer: warmteoordrag
heat transfer engineering: hitteoordragkunde heat transfer surface: warmteoordravlak heat transfer fluid: warmteoordravloeistof
heat transmission: warmteoorbringing, warmtetransmissie
heat-treat: hittebehandeling gee heat treated: hittebehandel
heat-treated glass (tempered glass, toughened glass): getemperde glas
heat-treated steel: hittebehandelde staal
heat treatment: hittebehandeling
heat treatment bath: hittebehandelingsbad
heat up (heat): verwarm, verhit
heat up: warm word
heat-up period: verhittingstyd heat value: warmtewaarde heat vat: hittevat

heavily overdriven device: sterk oordryfde toestel
Heaviside conditions: Heaviside-toestande (waar oplossing deur Heaviside-metode ver-kry word)
heavy angle: groot hoek (transmissielyne) heavy concrete shield: swaarbetonskerm heavy current: sterkstroom
heavy-current conductor: sterkstroomgeleier
heavy-current contact: sterkstroomkontak
heavy-current furnace transformer: sterkstroomoondtransformator
heavy cut: swaar sny
heavy cutting oil: swaar snyolie heavy disc roller: swaar skyfroller heavy drive: swaar aandrywing heavy drive fit: stywe dryfpassing heavy duty: swaar diens
heavy-duty bed: swaardiensbed
heavy-duty contact: swaardienskontak heavy-duty contactor: swaardienskontaktor heavy-duty engine: swaardiensenjin
heavy-duty flange: swaardiensflens
heavy ending: 1. entswaarmaking, puntswaar-making 2. swaar ent
heavy engineering industry: swaar ingenieursbedryf
heavy fuel oil (HFO): swaarbrandolie (SBO)
heavy-gauge wire: dik draad
heavy load: swaar belasting, swaar las
heavy loss: hoë verlies
heavy-medium separators: swaarmedium-skeiers heavy momentary current: sterk kortstondige stroom heavy oil: dik olie
heavy-pattern stop cock: swaarmodelafsluitkraan
heavy shunt: sterkstroomsjunt, sterkstroomomtak heavy starting (hard starting): swaar aansit heavy upright column: swaar regopkolom heavy vehicle: swaar voertuig
heavy water: swaarwater
heavy water reactor: swaarwaterreaktor (kern) heavy-weight union: swaar moerkoppeling hectar (ha): hektaar (ha)
hectogram (hg): hektogram (hg) hectometre (hm): hektometer (hm) heel-end slug: agtervertraaghuis height: hoogte
height adjustment (height setting): hoogtestelling height gauge (height indicating gauge): hoogtemeter height indicating gauge (height gauge): hoogtemeter height of delivery: drukhoogte (pomp)
height of suction: suighoogte (pomp)
height of thread (depth of thread): draaddiepte
height of tooth: tandhoogte
height regulating gate: diktereguleersluis (poeierkoollaag)
height setting (height adjustment): hoogtestelling
held condition: houstand
held-in contactor: ingehoue kontaktor
helical: helies
helical coil: heliese spoel
helical cotton whipping: heliese katoenomwinding
helical drive: heliese aandrywing
helical gear: heliese rat
helical gearing: heliese ratwerk
helical groove: heliese groef
helical lapping: heliese oorslagwindsel
helical spring: heliese veer
helical tooth: Kyk “spiral-shaped tooth”
helical whipping: heliese omwinding, heliese omwindsel
helical winding: heliese wikkeling
helium: helium
helium lamp: heliumlamp
helium-mercury lamp: helium-kwiklamp
helix: heliks, skroeflyn
helix angle: helikshoek
Helmholz galvanometer: Helmholz-galvanometer, tweespoelgalvanometer
Helmholz-Thevenin theorem: Helmholz-Theveninstelling hemisphere: 1. halfbol, hemisfeer 2. halfrond hemispherical: halfbolvormig, halfrond, hemisferies
hemispherical bronze seating: bronshalf-bolbedding, halfronde bronsbedding hemispherical thrust bearing: halfboldruklaer, halfronde druklaer hemispherical valve: halfmaanklep
hemitropic winding: halfspoelwikkeling, hemitropiese wikkeling
hemp: hennep
hemp braiding: hennepomvlegting, hennepomvlegsel
hemp covering: hennepbekleding
hemp rope: henneptou
hemp rope gasket: henneptoupakstuk henry (H): henry (H) (mv. henrys) heptode: heptode
hermetically sealed: hermeties verseël
hermetic compressor (sealed compressor): hermetiese kompressor, verseëlde kompressor
hermetic insulation: hermetiese isolasie
hermetic system: hermetiese stelsel
hertz (c.p.s.*, c/s.*Hz cycles per second*): hertz (Hz)
Hertz effect: Hertzeffek Hertzian wave: Hertzgolf hessian: goiing
hessian covering: goiingbekleding heterodyne n.: heterodine heterodyne v.: heterodineer
heterodyne a.: heterodine-, swewings-heterodyne alternating current: swewingswisselstroom
heterogeneous reactor: heterogene reaktor
heteropolar: wisselpool-, heteropolêr
heteropolar field-magnet: wisselpoolveldmag-neet, heteropolêre veldmagneet
heteropolar machine: wisselpoolmasjien, heteropolêre masjien
hetero-polar magnetic field: heteropolêre magnetiese veld, wisselpool-magnetiese veld
heterostatic circuit: heterostatiese

heterostatic method: heterostatiese metode (meting v. spannings en ladings)
hexagon: seshoek
hexagonal: seshoekig, seskantig
hexagonal bar: seskantstaaf
hexagonal nut (hexagon nut): seskantmoer hexagon head: seskantkop (boute) hexagon nut (hexagonal nut): seskantmoer hexagon set screw: seskantklemskroef
hexagon voltage: seshoekspanning (sesfasestelsel)
hexaphase (six-phase): sesfasig, sesfase-hexode: heksode (seselektrode-elektronebuis)
hide-faced mallet: rouvelklophamer, velvlakhamer
high amperage: hoë stroomsterkte
high angle beam distribution: steilhoek(bundel)verdeling
high-bay lighting: hoëvlakverligting
high breaking capacity (high rupturing capacity): hoë breekvermoë
high brightness: hoë helderheid
high-brightness area: hoëhelderheidsgebied
high-capacity circuit breaker: hoëvermoëstroombreker
high-capacity switchgear (large-capacity switchgear): hoëvermoëskakeltuig
high-carbon steel: hoëkoolstaal, koolryke staal high charge: groot lading, swaar lading (elek.) high conductivity: hoë geleivermoë
high conductivity copper: hoëgeleidingskoper high definition: skerp definisie, skerp omlyning high efficiency motor: hoërendementmotor
high energy motor (energy efficient motor): hoërendementmotor
higher rank coking coal: hoërangse kookskool
high finish (fine finish): fyn afwerking
high-flux reactor: hoëvloedreaktor
high frequency (HF): hoëfrekwensie(HF)
high-frequency alternator: hoëfrekwensiealternator high-frequency amplification: hoëfrekwensieversterking high-frequency cable: kabel met hoëfrekwensiestroom high-frequency choke: hoëfrekwensiesmoorspoel
high-frequency compensation: hoëfrekwensiekompensasie
high-frequency current: hoëfrekwensiestroom high-frequency generator: hoëfrekwensiegenerator high-frequency heating: hoëfrekwensieverhitting
high-frequency inductance: hoëfrekwensie-induktansie
high-frequency low-voltage surge: laespanning-hoëfrekwensiestuwing
high-frequency power level (HF power level): hoëfrekwensiekragpeil (HF-kragpeil)
high-frequency resistance (alternating-current resistance, effective resistance): effektiewe weerstand
high-frequency response: hoëfrekwen-sieresponsie, hoëfrekwensieweergawe
high-frequency surge: hoëfrekwensiestuwing
high-frequency transformer: hoëfrekwensietransformator
high-frequency wave: hoëfrekwensiegolf
high-grade circuit: hoëgraadse kring
high-grade instrument: kwaliteitsinstrument
high-grade metal: hoëgraadmetaal
high-grade porcelain: hoëgehalteporselein
high-grade steel: hoëgraadstaal high head: groot drukhoogte high-head runner: hoëvalrotor
high-impedance coil: hoë-impedansiespoel
high-impedance differential protection: Kyk “impedance protective system”
high-impedance differential relay: hoë-impedansiedifferensiaalrelê
high-impedance relay: hoë-impedansierelê high-impedance rotor: hoë-impedansierotor high-inductance coil: hoë-induktansiespoel
high-insulation resistance: hoë isolasieweerstand
high-intensity carbon arc lamp: hoë-intensiteitskoolbooglamp high-intensity discharge lamp: hoë-intensiteitsontladingslamp high inverse-voltage rectifier: sperspanning-gelykrigter
high level: 1. hoë peil, hoë vlak 2. hoë stand (vloeistof)
high level limit-switch: hoëstandgrensskakelaar high-level solid waste: hoëaktiewe vaste afval high lift pump: hooghefpomp
high light output (high light yield): hoë liglewering
high limit: hoë grens
high-limit face: hoëgrensvlak
high-limit values: hoëgrenswaardes
high luminous efficiency: hoë ligrendement
high lustre: hoë glans
highly compressed: styf saamgepers (isolasie)
highly radial explosive: helder straalvonkend (vonktoets)
highly saturated: hoogs versadig
high melting point: hoë smeltpunt
high momentary value: hoë kortstondige waarde
high oil pressure: hoë oliedruk
high-pass filter: hoëdeurlatingsfilter
high permeability: 1. hoë permeabiliteit (elek.) 2. hoë deurdringbaarheid (alg.)
high-pitched noise: hoëtoongeruis
high potential: hoë potensiaal
high power cylinder joint: hoëdruksilinderverbinding
high power factor ballast: hoëarbeidsfaktorballas
high power factor transformer: hoëarbeidsfaktortransformator
high precision: hoë presisie
high pressure: 1. hoë druk 2. (high voltage, high tension): hoë spanning
high-pressure air: hoëdruklug
high pressure boiler: hoëdrukstoomketel
high pressure butt contact: hoëdruk-stuikkontak
high pressure casing: hoëdrukhulsel
high pressure cut-out: hoëdrukuitskakelaar high-pressure cylinder: hoëdruksiiinder high-pressure flash box: hoëdrukafdamper
high-pressure heater (HP heater): hoëdruk-verwarmer (HD-verwarmer)
high-pressure high intensity mercury vapour lamp: hoëspanningskwiklamp met hoë intensiteit

high-pressure hydraulic valve: hoëdruk hidrouliese klep
high-pressure inlet valve: hoëdrukinlaatklep
high pressure liquid line: hoëdrukvloeistofleiding
high-pressure low-speed steam engine (high pressure slow-running steam engine): hoëd ru k- laespoedstoomenji n
high pressure mercy (vapour) lamp: hoëdrukkwiklamp
high-pressure pipe flange: hoëdrukpypflens
high-pressure pipework: hoëdrukpype
high-pressure pump: hoëdrukpomp
high-pressure reheaters: hoëdrukherverwarmers high-pressure relief valve: hoëdrukontlasklep high-pressure ring main: hoëdruk-ringleiding
high pressure seal oil leak-off valve (HP SO leak-off valve): hoëdrukseëlolie-aflaatklep (HD-SO- aflaatklep)
high-pressure slow-running steam engine (high-pressure low-speed steam engine):
high-pressure sodium lamp (HPS lamp): hoëdruknatriumlamp high-pressure steam stop valve: hoëdrukstoomafsluitklep high-pressure system: Kyk “high-voltage system’’
high-pressure turbine: hoëdrukturbine
high-pressure vacuum pump: voorvakuumpomp
high-reactance auto-transformer: hoëreaktansie-outotransformator
high-reactance rotor: hoëreaktansierotor
high resistance: hoë weerstand
high-resistance brush: hoëweerstandborsel
high-resistance fault: hoëweerstandfout
high-resistance interruption: hoëweerstandbreking
high-resistance joint: hoëweerstandlas
high-resistance voltmeter: hoëweerstandvoltmeter
high resistivity: hoë spesifieke weerstand, hoë resistiwiteit
high ring: hoë klank (metaal)
high rupturing capacity (high breaking capacity: hoë breekvermoë
high rupturing capacity fuse (high breaking capacity fuse): sekering met hoë breekvermoë
high sensitivity: hoë gevoeligheid
high-slip motor: hoëglipmotor
high-speed air circuit breaker: snellugstroombreker
high-speed alternator: hoëspoedalternator
high-speed breaker (high-speed circuit breaker, quick-acting circuit breaker, rapid-acting circuit breaker): snelbreker, snelstroombreker
high-speed bush: hoëspoedbus
high-speed carry: sneloordrag (rek.)
high speed circuit breaker (high-speed breaker, quick-acting circuit braker, rapid-acting circuit braker): snelbreker, snelstroombreker
high-speed computor: snelrekenaar
high-speed contactor: snelkontaktor
high-speed discriminative protection: hoëspoeddiskrimineer-beveiliging
high-speed engine (fast-revving engine): hoëspoedenjin
high-speed excitation system: snelopwekstelsel
high-speed mill: hoëspoedmeule
high-speed machine: hoëspoedmasjien
high-speed machinery: hoëspoedmasjinerie
high-speed machine tools: snelmasjiengereedskap
high-speed machine work: snelmasjienwerk
high-speed machining operation: snelmasjinering
high-speed motor uniselector: hoëspoedmotordraaikieser
high-speed pulley: hoëspoedkatrol high-speed regulator: snelreëlkring high-speed relay: snelrelê
high-speed rotation: hoëspoeddraaiing
high-speed shaft: hoëspoedas
high-speed steel: snelstaal
high-speed steel alloy: snelstaallegering
high-speed switch (fast-acting switch, quick make-and-break switch): snelskakelaar, oorspringskakelaar
high-speed track circuit breaker: bobaansnelstroombreker
high-speed turbine: hoëspoedturbine
high-speed twist drill: snelspiraalboor
high-speed unit breaker: eenheidsnelstroombreker high-speed water turbine: hoëspoedwaterturbine high stability: hoë stabiliteit
high stability circuit: hoëstabiliteitkring
high starting current: hoë aansitstroom
high starting-torque: hoë aansitdraaimoment
high-steam and low-water valve: hoëdruklaagwaterklep
high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR): hoëtemperatuur-gasverkoelde reaktor (HTGR)
high-temperature reactor: hoëtemperatuur-reaktor (kern) high-temperature steam: stoom van hoë temperatuur high-tenacity steel: taai staal
high-tensile steel: trekvaste staal
high tension (HT , HV) (high voltage): hoë spanning (HS) (verkieslik “high voltage")
high-tension (HT , HV) (high voltage): hoëspanning(s)-(HS.-)
high-tension bushing (high voltage bushing): hoëspanningisoleerbus
high-tension cable (high-voltage cable): hoëspanningkabel
high-tension circuit: hoëspanningkring
high-tension circuit breaker (high-voltage

circuit breaker): hoëspanningstroombreker
high-tension coil: hoëspanningspoel
high-tension conductor: hoëspanninggeleier
high-tension control equipment (high-tension control gear): hoëspanningbeheeruitrusting high-tension control gear (high-tension control equipment): hoëspanningbeheeruitrusting high-tension converter: hoëspanningomsetter
high-tension current (high-voltage current): hoëspanningstroom
high-tension electrode: hoëspanningelektrode
high-tension fuse: hoëspanningsekering
high-tension line (high-voltage line): hoëspanning(krag)lyn
high-tension main: hoëspanninghoofleiding
high-tension overhead wire: bogrondse hoëspanningdraad
high-tension power system: hoëspanningkragstelsel
high-tension regulating transformer: hoëspanningreëltransformator
high-tension side: hoëspanningsy
high-tension supply: hoëspanningtoevoer
high-tension switchgear: hoëspanningskakeltuig
high-tension transformer (high-voltage transformer): hoëspanningtransformator
high-tension turn: hoëspanningwinding
high-tension winding (high-voltage winding): hoëspanningwikkeling
high-tension wire: hoëspanningdraad
high-tin alloy: hoëtinlegering, tinryke legering
high up: Kyk “hydraulic platform”
high vacuum: hoë vakuum
high-value capacitor: kapasitor met hoë waarde high-value resistor: resistor van hoë waarde high-velocity: hoë snelheid
high volatile coal: hoogs vlugtige steenkool
high voltage (HT , HV) (high tension): hoë spanning (HS) high-voltage (HT , HV) (high tension): hoëspanning(s)-(HS-) high-voltage alternator: hoëspanningalternator
high-voltage bushing: hoëspanningisoleerbus
high voltage cable: hoëspanningkabel
high-voltage circuit breaker: hoëspanningskring
high-voltage circuit breaker: hoëspanningstroombreker
high-voltage equipment: hoëspanninguitrusting high-voltage flash test: hoëspanningflitstoets high-voltage impulse: hoëspanningimpuls
high-voltage insulator: hoëspanningisolator
high-voltage line: hoëspanning(krag)lyn
high-voltage protective gear: hoëspanningsbeveiligingsuitrusting
high-voltage shunt reactor: hoëspanningsjuntreaktor
high-voltage supply: hoëspanningtoevoer
high-voltage surge: hoëspanningstuwing
high-voltage system (HT system, HV system): hoëspanningstelsel (HS-stelsel)
high-voltage test: hoëspanningtoets
high-voltage three-phase system: driefasige hoëspanningstelsel
high-voltage transformer: hoëspanningtransformator
high-voltage transmission: hoëspanningtransmissie
high-voltage transmission line: hoëspanningtransmissielyn
high-voltage winding: hoëspanningwikkeling
high-voltage yard: hoëspanningwerf
high water level alarm: hoëwaterpeil-alarm
highway lighting: padverligting
hindered settling: belemmerde afsakking
Hindley worm gear (globoidal worm gear): globoiede wurmrat, Hindley-wurmrat
hinge: skarnier
hinge bolt: skarnierbout
hinged: geskarnier
hinged armature: skarnieranker hinged bar: skarnierstaaf hinged cantilever: skarnierarm
hinged-iron armmeter: skarnierysterammeter (met spoel om ’n geleier)
hinged splice: skarnierlas
hinge pin: skarnierpen
H-network: H-net
hob: wurmfrees (ratvervaardiging)
hobbing: wurmfeeswerk
hobbing machine: wurmfreesmasjien Hóchstádter screen: Hochstadter-skerm hodoscope: hodoskoop
hogging ejector: Kyk “starting ejector”
hoist n.: hysmasjien
hoist v. (lift): hys, ophys
hoisting apparatus (hoisting device, lifting tackle): hysapparaat, hystoestel hoisting device (hoisting apparatus, lifting, tackle): hysapparaat, hystoestel hoisting rope: hystou
hold: vashou, vasklem (werkstuk)
hold current (holding current): houstroom holdfast: 1. vashouer, klem, klamp 2. klemhaak hold-closed mechanism: sluitstand-houmeganisme holding coil: houspoel
holding current (hold current): houstroom
holding-down bolt: ankerbout holding-down pressure: klemdruk holding-down stud: ankertapbout holding earth: houaarde
holding ejector: 1. waterejekteur 2. behou-ejekteur (stoom)
holding flux: houvloed holding-in contact: houkontak holding relay: hourelê
holding solenoid: housolenoled
holding spring: houveer
holding tong: houtang (lewendigelynwerk)
holding voltage: houspanning
holding winding (retaining winding): houwikkeling
hold-on coil: houspoel hold-out coil: keerspoel hole (electron hole): holte
hole basis: gatbasis (grensmaatstelsel)
hole circle: gatsirkel
hole conduction: holtegeleiding
hole conduction: holtegeleiding
hole gauge (calibre gauge, internal gaugeQ: kalibermaat
hollow borer (increment borer): buisvormige awegaar, holboor
hollow conductor (hollow-core annular conductor, hollow-core conductor): hoi gelei-er, holkerngeleier
hollow cone: hoi keël
hollow-core annular conductor (hollow-core conductor): Kyk “hollow conductor”
hollow cylinder: hoi silinder hollow insulator: hoi isolator hollow mandrel: hoi mandryn hollow piston: hoi suier hollow punch: hoi pons
hollow ram: 1. hoi plonser (suier) 2. hoi ram
hollow shaft: hoi as hollow sleeve: hoi huls hollow spindle: hoi spil
hollow-spindle capstan lathe: holspilrewolwerdraaibank
home v.: na russtand terugkeer
homogeneous carbon (plain carbon): homogene koolstof homogeneous casting: homogene gietstuk homogeneous circuit: homogene kring
homogeneous metal: homogene metaal homogeneous reactor: homogene reaktor homopolar: eenpolig, eenpool-, homopolêr homopolar alternator: homopolêre alternator
homopolar dynamo (acyclic dynamo, unipolar dynamo): eenpooldinamo, homopolêre dynamo
homopolar field magnet: eenpoolveldmagnet
homopolar generator (unipolar generator): eenpoolgenerator, homopolêre generator homopolar machine (unipolar machine): een-poolmasjien, homopolêre masjien hone v.: 1. aansit (snykant) 2. fynslyp
honeycomb grid (hexagonal grid): hek-sagonale rooster (reaktor)
honeycomb winding: heuningkoekwikkeling
hood: kap
hook: haak
hook and eye: haak en oog
hook bolt (J bolt): haakbolt, J-bout Hooke’s law: wet van Hooke (elastisiteit) hook type clamp: haakklamp
hook type suspension clamp: haakhangklamp
hook-up: 1. kringdiagram (elek. toestel) 2. skakelskema (radio)
hoop: hoepel
hoop stress: hoepelspanning
hoop tensile stress (hoop tension): hoepeltrekspanning hoop tension (hoop tensile stress): hoepeltrekspanning Hopkinson’s coefficient: koëffisiënt van Hopkinson hopper: 1. losser 2. stortbak
hopper cooling water pump: stortbakkoelwaterpomp
hopper spray pump: stortbaksproeipomp
horizontal n.: horisontale
horizontal adj.: horisontaal
horizontal-break circuit-breaker: stroombrek-er met horisontale werking horizontal broaching machine: horisontale profielruimmasjien horizontal centre line: horisontale hartlyn
horizontal comparator: horisontale kompara-tor (lengtes) horizontal polarisation: horisontale polarisasie horizontal scale: horisontale skaal
horizontal shaft: horisontale as
horizontal water drum: horisontale watertrom
horn: horing
horn-gap lightning arrester: horingblitsafleier
horsepower*(hp.*): perdekrag*(pk.*) (745,7 watt)
horsepower installed‘(installed horsepower*): geïnstalleerde pk., installasieperdekrag *
horsepower * output: perdekraglewering * horseshoe electromagnet: hoefelektromagneet horseshoe gauge: hoefmaat
horseshoe magnet: hoefmagneet horseshoe tunnel: hoefystertonnel hose: brandslang, slang
hose-proof enclosure: waterstraaldigte ruim
hose-proof machine: waterstraaldigte masjien
hospital busbar (reserve busbar): reser-westam, reserwegeleistam
host (host crystal base, base material, bulk material, matrix): moedermateriaal host crystal (host, base, base material, bulk material, matrix): moedermateriaal hot-bed cable: kabel met warm onderlaag
hot cathode (thermionic cathode): gloeika-tode, termioniese katode
hot cathode lamp: warmkatodelamp, gloeikatodelamp
hot-cathode tubular fluorescent lamp: buis-fluoresseerlamp met gloeikatode
Hotchkiss scum apparatus: Hotchkiss-skuimapparaat
hot conductor (live conductor): geleier onder spanning, lewendige geleier
hot connection: warm verbinding (met hoë weerstand)
hot-dip galvanise (hot galvanise): gal-vaniseer deur warmdompeling, warm galvaniseer hot-dip galvanising (hot galvanising): warm-dompelgalvanisering, warm galvanisering hot electrode: gloei-elektrode, warm elektrode
hot end: lewendige kant (bv. v. lewendigelynstok)
hot galvanise (hot-dip galvanise): warmdom-pelgalvaniseer, warm galvaniseer
hot galvanising (hot-dip galvanising): warm-dompelgalvanisering, warm galvanisering
hot junction: warm voeg (vlak)
hot-line tie stick: lewendigelynbindstok
hot-pressing: 1. warmpersing (proses) 2. warmpersstuk (produk)
hot resistance: gloeiweerstand
hot-rolled section: warmgewalste profiel hot-rolled steel: warmgewalste staal hot shortness: warmbrosheid
hot-short steel: warmbros staal
hot spark plug: warmvonkprop

hot spot: warmkol
hot-start lamp: warmaansitlamp
hot stick: lewendigelynstok (lewendigelynwerk)
hot-water cylinder: warmwatersilinder
hot-water system: warmwaterstelsel
hotwell (condenser hotwell): kondensaattenk
hot-wire ammeter: warmdraadammeter
hot-wire instrument: warmdraadinstrument
hot-wire microphone (thermal microphone): termiese mikrofoon, warmdraadmikrofoon
hot-wire principle: warmdraadbeginsel hot-wire voltmeter: warmdraadvoltmeter hot working: warm bewerking
hour (h): uur (h)
hour capacity: 1. uurkapasiteit (battery) 2. uurvermoë (masjien) hour counter (hour meter, time meter): tyd-meter, uurmeter hourly output: uurlewering
hourly rating (one-hour rating): uurontwerp-vermoë, uurkenvermoë
hour meter (hour counter, time meter): tyd-meter, uurmeter
house connection box: huisaansluitkas
house electricity service meter: huiselektrisiteitsmeter household appliance (domestic appliance): huishoudelike toestel household coal: huiskool, kaggelkool
house set: huisstel
house turbine: huisturbine
house wiring: huisbedrading
housing (case, casing): omhulsel
housing assembly: hulselsamestel, omhulselsamestel
housing cover: hulseldeksel, omhulseldeksel Hoyt’s ICE metal: Hoyt se binnebrandenjinmetaal H-pad (H network): H-net
h-parameter equivalent circuit: h-parametergelykwaardige kring (by kringontleding)
H-protection (distance protection): H-beveiliging, afstandsbeveiliging
H section: H-profiel
’H* strainer: H-trekpaal
hue: kleurtoon, tint
hum (humming): gebrom
hum v.: brom
humidifier: bevogtiger (lugreëling) humidity: humiditeit, vogtigheid humidity control: humiditeitskontrole
humus settlement tank scraper: humusbesinktenkskraper
hundred-pair armoured star-quad cable: honderdparige gepantseerde stervierlingkabel
hundreds digit: honderdesyfer hunting: skommeling (transformator) Huntington grinder: Huntington-slyper
Huntington wheel dresser (star wheel dresser): Huntington-opknapper, Huntington-bywerker (slypwiele)
huwood slicer (activated coal plough, oscillating plough): ossileersteenkoolploeg
hybrid circuit: differensiaalkring (kringwerk met differensiaal)
hybrid coil (differential transformer, hybrid, hybrid transformer): differensiaal, differensiaaltransformator
hybrid coupler: differensiaalkoppelaar hybrid junction: differensiaalaansluiting hybrid network: differensiaalnet
hybrid ring: differensiaalring
hybrid T: differensiaal-T (golfleiers)
hybrid transformer (hybrid coil): differensiaaltransformator
Hydran-cooler: Hydran-koeler (turbogenerator) hydrated lime (slaked lime): gebluste kalk hydraulic accumulator: hidrouliese akkumulator
hydraulically actuated (hydraulically operated): 1. hidroulies, met hidrouliese werking 2. hidroulies bedien
hydraulically driven: hidroulies, hidroulies aangedrewe, hidroulies gedrewe
hydraulically operated: 1. hidroulies, met hidrouliese werking 2. (hydraulically actuated): hidroulies bedien
hydraulically operated table: hidrouliese tafel
hydraulic bottom ash system: hidrouliese bodemasstelsel
hydraulic conduit: hidrouliese leipyp
hydraulic coupling (fluid coupling): hidrouliese koppeling hydraulic control unit: hidrouliese beheereen-heid (turbine) hydraulic crane: hidrouliese kraan
hydraulic cushioning device: hidrouliese demptoestel
hydraulic drive: hidrouliese aandrywing
hydraulic engine: hidrouliese enjin
hydraulic generating station: Kyk ‘hydroelectric power station” hydraulic height: hidrouliese hoogte (van damwal) hydraulicity: waterbeskikbaarheid (riviere)
hydraulic jack: hidrouliese domkrag hydraulic lift: hidrouliese hyser hydraulic lime: hidrouliese kalk hydraulic platform: hidrouliese platform
hydraulic power: hidrouliese krag
hydraulic press: hidrouliese pers
hydraulic pressing: hidrouliese perswerk, hidrouliese persing
hydraulic pressure: hidrouliese druk
hydraulic pressure machine (squeezer): hidrouliese drukmasjien (gietvorms)
hydraulic profile: hidrouliese profiel hydraulic pump: hidrouliese pomp hydraulic ram: hidrouliese ram hydraulics: hidroulika
hydraulic slip coupling: hidrouliese glykoppeling hydraulic table traverse: hidrouliese tafelbeweging hydraulic testing pressure: hidrouliese toetsdruk hydraulic valve: hidrouliese klep
Hydrauto piston housing: Hydrauto-suieromhulsel hydrazine: hidrasien (waterbehandeling) hydrazine dilution tank: Hidrasienverduntenk hydrazine injection: hidrasieninspuiting
hydrazine pump: hidrasienpomp hydrocarbon: koolwaterstof hydrochloric acid: soutsuur hydroelectric: hidroëlektries
hydroelectric generating set: hidroëlektriese generatorstel hydroelectric generating station: Kyk “hydroelectric power station* hydroelectric power: hidroëlektriese krag
hydroelectric power station: hidroëlektriese kragstasie
hydrogen: waterstof
hydrogen/air regulating valve: waterstof/lugreëlklep hydrogen control panel: waterstofbeheerpaneel hydrogen cooler: waterstofkoeler
hydrogen cooler booster pump: waterstofkoeleraanjapomp
hydrogen cooling: waterstofkoeling
hydrogen cylinder: waterstofsilinder
hydrogen detraining (tank) (H2 detraining tank): waterstofafskeitenk (H2-afskeitenk)
hydro-generator: hidrogenerator
hydrogen exhaust valve: waterstofuitlaatklep hydrogen filling pipe: waterstofvulpyp hydrogen flowmeter: waterstofvloeimeter
hydrogen generating plant: waterstofontwikkelinstallasie
hydrogen make-up valve: waterstofaanvulklep
hydrogen manifold selector valve: waterstofspruitstamkieserklep
hydrogen manometer: waterstofmanometer
hydrogenous moderator: waterstofhoudende remstof

hydrogen panel: waterstofpaneel
hydrogen pressure relief valve: waterstofd ru kontlaster hydrogen purity transmitter: waterstofsuiwerheidsender hydrogen seal oil: waterstofdigtingsolie
hydrogen separator: waterstofskeier
hydrogen vent drain valve: waterstofuitlaatdreineerklep hydrogen vent non-return valve: waterstofuitlaatkeerklep hydrojet ash plant: waterstraal-asinstallasie
hydromagnetics (magneto-hydrodynamics)(MHD): magneto-hidrodinamika (MHD)
hydrometer: hidrometer (vloeistofdigtheid)
hydrometer reading: hidrometerlesing
hydrostatic water level gauge: hidrostasie waterpeilmeter hydro-station: Kyk “hydro-electric power station” hygrometer: higrometer (humiditeit)
Hypalon: Hypalon (draadisolasie)
hyperbolic film type cooling tower: hiper-boliese laagtipe koeltoring
hypercharge: hiperlading
hypoid level gear (hypoid gear): hipoïedrat hypoid gear (hypoid level gear): hipoiedrat hypotenuse: hipotenusa, skuinssy
hypothetical reference circuit: hipotetiese vergelykingskring
hysteresis: histerese
hysteresis coefficient: histeresekoëffisiënt hysteresis coupling: histeresekoppeling hysteresis curve: histeresekromme hysteresis effect: histerese-effek hysteresis error: histeresefout
hysteresis factor: histeresefaktor hysteresis loop: histereselus hysteresis loss: histereseverlies hysteresis meter: histeresemeter

I (symbol for current): I (simbool vir stroom) I.A.* (IA)* (International angstrom*): I.A.* (IA*) (Internasionale angstrom)
IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency): IAEA (Internasionale Atoomenergieagentskap)
1C 1. (integrated circuit): IK (geintegreerde kring) 2. (internal connection): IC (binneverbinding)
ICE (internal combustion engine): BBE (binnebrandenjin)
ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection): IKRB (Internasionale Kommissie vir Radiologiese Beskerming)
i.c.w. (chopped continuous wave, interrupted continuous wave) OGG (onderbroke gelykgolf
I.D. (induced draught): ST-(suigtrek-)
i.d. (inside diameter): bd. (binnediameter)
I.D. fan (induced draught fan): ST-waaier (suigtrekwaaier)
IDMT (inverse definite minimum time): OVMT (omgekeerde vasteminimumtyd
I.E.E. (Institution of Electrical Engineers): I.E.E.
I.E.E.E. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: IEEE (VSA)
IF (intermediate frequency): TF
IF circuit (intermediate frequency circuit): TF-kring, (tussenfrekwensiebaan)
IGCC (Integrated Gasification/Combined Cycle): Geintegreerde Vergass-ing/Gekombineerde Siklus
i.h.p.*, IHP*(indicated horsepower*): IPK* (indikateurperdekrag)
IMSC (independent manual spring closed): afsonderlik hand-veerbedien
in.* (inch*, inches*): dm.* (duim)
in-lb * (inch-pound) *: dm-lb*(duimpond) i.p.s.,*i/s*(inches per second*): dm/s*(duim per sekonde)* I-beam: l-balk
ice-loading condition: ysaanpakking
ideal capacitor: ideale kapasitor
ideal commutation curve: ideale kommutasiekromme
ideal effort: ideale mag
idealized system: geidealiseerde stelsel
ideal load: ideale las, ideale belasting
ideal no-load DC voltage: ideale nullasgelykspanning
ideal paralleling: ideale parallelskakeling
ideal rectifier: ideale gelykrigter ideal short-circuit: ideale kortsluiting ideal solenoid: ideale solenoled ideal transducer: ideale oordraer
ideal transformer: ideale transformator
identification: herkenning, identifikasie, iden-tifisering, uitkenning
identification chart: kenkaart, identifikasiekaart identification light: identifikasielig, kenlig identification number: identifikasienommer identifying code: identifikasiekode, uitkenkode idiostatic circuit: idiostatiese stroom baan idiostatic method: idiostatiese metode
idle v.: luier
idle a.: onaktief, ongebruik idle bar: oopbaanstaaf idle coil: onaktiewe spoel
idle component (quadrature component, reactive component, wattless component): reaktiewe komponent, wattlose kom-ponent (stroom of spanning)
idle condition: vry stand/toestand
idle current (reactive current, wattless current): reaktiewe stroom, wattlose stroom
idle lagging component: reaktiewe naloopkomponent
idle leading component: reaktiewe voorloopkomponent idle period: 1. rusperiode (alg.) 2. stroomlose periode (buis) idler gear: tussenrat
idler pulley: leikatrol
idle running (of machine): onbelaste werking, nullaswerking
idler: 1. (idle wheel): tussenrat 2. (idling roller): leiroller (vervoerband)
idle stroke (non-cutting stroke, backward stroke, return stroke): terugslag
idle time: 1. losvrytyd 2. onbenutte tyd
idle wheel (idler wheel): tussenrat
idling-current connection: bekragting deur kring(ver)breking
ignite: 1. ontsteek 2. ontbrand, ontvlam (gas bv.)
ignite hole: aansteekgat igniter (ignitor): ontsteker ignition: ontsteking
ignition anode: ontsteekanode ignition arch: ontstekingsboog ignition cable: ontstekingskabel ignition coil: ontstekingspoel ignition control: ontstekingsbeheer
ignition converter: ontstekingskonvertor
ignition current (striking current): ontsteek-stroom (bv. buis)
ignition electrode: ontsteekelektrode
ignition initiator: ontstekingsinleier (keteloond)
ignition oil: aansteekolie
ignition spark: ontsteekvonk
ignition transformer: ontstekingstransformator
ignition voltage (firing voltage, striking voltage): ontsteekspanning (bv. buis)
ignitor (electronic fluorescent ignitor fluorescent ignitor): aansteker (fluoresseerbuis)
ignitor control: ontstekerbeheer
ignitor voltage drop: ontstekerspanningsval
ignitron (ignitron tube): ignitron (kwikbooggelykrigter)
illume v. (illumine): Kyk ‘illuminate”
illuminance: 1. (illumination): verligting 2. Kyk “illumination intensity”
illuminant: verligtingsmiddel
illuminate: verlig (fisies)
illuminated sign: 1. verligte reklamebord 2. verligte teken illuminating engineering: Kyk ‘illumination engineering” illumination: 1. (lighting up): verligting

2. (exposure): beligting 3. (illuminance, intensity of illumination): illuminasie, ver-ligtingsintensiteit, verligtingsterkte
illumination efficiency (coefficient of illumination): 1. verligtingsdoeltreffendheid (stel-sel) 2. verligtingsrendement (lamp)
illumination engineering: verligtingstegniek
illumination intensity (illumination, intensity of illumination): illuminasie, verligtingsin-tensiteit, verligtingsterkte
illumination level: verligtingspeil
illumination meter (photometer): verligtings-meter, fotometer
illumination value: verligtingswaarde
illuminator: beligter
illumine (illume): Kyk “illuminate”
illuminometer: Kyk “illumination meter”
image: beeld (alg.)
image converter: beeldomsetter image-converter tube: beeldomsitbuis image transmission: beelduitsending imbed: 1. inlaat (kabel) 2. in bed imbedded cable: ingelate kabel immerse: indompel
immersed liquid-quenched fuse: ondervloeistofsekering
immersion electrode: dompelelektrode immersion element: dompelelement immersion heater: dompelverwarmer immersion time: dompeltyd
immiscible liquid: onmengbare vloeistof
immission: grondvlakbesoedeling
immittance: immittansie (IMpedansie en adMITTANSIE)
impact: botsing, slag, skok
impact excitation (shock excitation): slagopwekking
impact force: botskrag
impact mill (percussion mill): slagmeul
impact potential distribution (surge potential distribution): stupotensiaalverdeling
impact resistance: slagweerstand
impact study: trefkragondersoek, uitwerkingsondersoek
impact type burner: trefbrander
impedance: impedansie
impedance bond: impedansieverband
impedance bridge: impedansiebrug
impedance characteristic: impedansiekenkromme
impedance coil: impedansiespoel impedance coupling: impedansiekoppeling impedance drop: impedansieval impedance function: impedansiefunksie
impedance matching (impedance match): impedansieaanpassing impedance-matching transformer: impedansieaanpastransformator impedance matrix: impedansiematriks
impedance protection: Kyk “impedance protective system”
impedance protective system (impedance protection): impedansiedifferensiaalbev-eiliging, impedansiebeveiligingstelsel
impedance ratio: impedansieverhouding
impedance relay (distance relay): afstands-relê, impedansierelê
impedance simulating network (balancing network): balanseernet
impedance transformation: impedansietransformasie
impedance transformation ratio: impedansietransformasieverhouding
impedance transformer: impedansietransformator impedance triangle: impedansiedriehoek impedance variation: impedansiewisseling
impedance voltage: impedansiespanning (van ’n transformator) impedor (impedance element): impedansie-element, impedor impeller: stuwer
impeller shaft: stuweras impeller-type fan: stuwaaier impervious: ondeurdringbaar
impervious machine: afgedigte masjien
impingement attack: botsaanslag (erosiewerk-ing in pype) .
impinge on: 1. aanslaan teen, bots met 2. tref
implosion: inploffing
import totaliser: invoertotalisator
impregnate: drenk, impregneer
impregnated (insulation): geïmpregneer (isolering)
impregnated carbon: 1. geimpregneerde kool-stof 2. geimpregneerde koolstofstaaf
impregnated cathode: geimpregneerde katode
impregnated cotton: geimpregneerde katoen
impregnated gas-pressure cable: geimpregneerde gasdrukkabel
impregnated graphite: geimpregneerde grafiet
impregnated paper: gedrenkte papier, geimpregneerde papier
impregnated paper insulation: gedrenkte papierisolasie, geimpregneerde papierisolasie
impregnated paper tape: geimpregneerde papierband
impregnated pole: geimpregneerde paal
impregnated yarn covering: geimpregneerde garingbedekking
impregnation: impregnering
impregnation plant: impregneerinstallasie (anker) impress: 1. afdruk 2. indruk 3. oplê, toepas impressed force: toegepaste krag
impressed voltage: opgelegde spanning
impression: afdruk
improper excitation (false excitation): fou-tiewe opwekking
impulse: impuls, stootgolf impulse action: impulswerking impulse cam: impulsnok impulse chasing: impulsvolging impulse circuit: impulskring impulse contact: impulskontak impulse current: impulsstroom
impulse distortion: impulsvervorming impulse-driven: impulsgedrewe impulse-driven clock: impulshorlosie impulse excitation: impulsopwekking
impulse flash-over: impulsoorvonking, impulsoorslag
impulse flashover level: impulsoorslagpeil

impulse flashover voltage (impulse voltage): impulsoorslagspanning
impulse frequency: impulsfrekwensie impulse generator: impulsgenerator impulse interval: impulsetussenpoos impulse meter: impulsmeter, impulsteller impulse pawl: impulspal
impulse period: impulsperiode (tyd tussen ooreenstemmende punte van twee impulse)
impulse protection level: impulsbeveiligingspeil
impulse ratio: impulsverhouding
impulse-reaction turbine: impulsreaksieturbine
impulse receipt relay: impulsontvangsrelê
impulse recorder: registrerende impulsmeter, impulsregistreerder
impulse regeneration: impulsterugvorming
impulse relay: impulsrelê impulse selector: impulskieser impulse spring: impulsveer
impulse supervisory relay: impulstoesigrelê impulse surge voltage: impulsstuspanning impulse test: impulstoets
impulse testing: impulstoetsing impulse train: impulsreeks impulse turbine: impulsturbine impulse-type pump: impulspomp
impulse voltage (impulse flashover voltage): impulsspanning (opgelegde kortstondige spanning vir toets)
impulse water turbine: impulswaterturbine impulse wave: impulsgolf, stootgolf impulse wheel: impulswiel (waterwiel)
impulse withstand level: impulsweerstandspeil
impulse withstand voltage: impulsweerstand-spanning (impulsspanning sender oorvonking)
impulsing component: impulskomponent impulsing indication: impulsaanwysing impulsing signal: impulssein
impulsive force: impulsiewe krag
impure: onsuiwer
impurities: onsuiwerhede (in ’n halfgeleier)
impurity: onsuiwerheid
impurity activation energy: aktiveerenergie as gevolg van onsuiwerhede
impurity atom: onsuiwerheidsatoom (transistor)
impurity compensation: onsuiwerheidskompensasie inaccuracy: onjuistheid, onnoukeurigheid, onakkuraatheid inactive (inert): onaktief
incandesce: 1. gloei 2. laat gloei incandescence: gloeiing incandescent: gloeiend
incandescent carbon filament: koolgloeidraad
incandescent gas-filled lamp (gas-filled lamp): gasgloeilamp, gasgevulde gloeilamp incandescent lamp (bulb, filament lamp, globe, lamp bulb, light bulb): gloeilamp incandescent lighting: gloeilampverligting
in cascade: in kaskade
inch v.: por
inching (jogging): 1. kruiping (vanself) 2. (aan)porring
inching starter: poraansitter
inch-pound*: duimpond*
inch set*: duimstel* (maatblokke)
inch unit*: duimeenheid*
incidence angle (angle of incidence): invalshoek incidental service (contingent service): bykomstige diens incident illumination: invalsverligting
incident ray: invalstraal
incident surge current (surge impinging on the termination): invalstustroom (by end van geleier)
incident surge voltage: invalstuspanning (by end van geleier)
incident voltage: invalspanning
incident wave: invalsgolf
incipient fault (in equipment): begingebrek inclinable work table: kantelbare werktafel inclination (dip): 1. helling 2. inklinasie (aardveld) incline n.: helling
incline v.: oorhel, hel
incline conveyor: skuinsvervoerband
inclined belt: skuinsband
inclined mirror: hellende spieël (profielprojektor)
inclined overhead contact line: bobaan met kettingdraad sydelings verplaas
inclined plane: hellende vlak
inclined shaft: skuins skag (hidrokragstasie)
inclined tie: hellende bint
incline indicator (clinometer, inclinometer): hellingmeter, klinometer
inclinometer 1. (clinometer, incline indicator): hellingmeter, klinometer 2. inklinasie-meter, inklinatorium (magn.)
included angle: ingeslote hoek
incombustible: onbrandbaar
incomer (incoming feeder): inkomende voerder, toevoerleiding
incoming (inward): inkomend
incoming air: inkomende lug
incoming feeder (incomer): inkomende voerder, toevoerleiding
incoming line: inkomende lyn
incoming link: inkomendetoevoer-skakel
incoming supply: inkomende toevoer
in commission: in bedryf
incompatible: onaanpasbaar (toerusting)
inconsistencies: strydighede
incorrect operation (faulty operation,
maloperation): 1. foutiewe werking 2. fou-tiewe bediening
increase n.: 1. styging 2. toename, vermeer-dering (getalle) 3. verhoging (bv. van huur, rente)
increase v.: (laat) styg, (laat) toeneem, verhoog, vermeerder
increase of speed: 1. snelheidsvermeerdering (bv. voertuig) 2. spoedvermeerdering (bv. wiel of as)
increment: 1. inkrement, toename 2. kerf, sprong
incremental fuel cost: differensiële brandstof-koste, brandstofmeerkoste
incremental permeability:
incremental sensitivity (instruments): toenamegevoeligheid incremental transmission loss: transmissievermeerderingsverlies incremental borer (hollow borer): buisvor-mige awegaar, holboor increment battery: aanvulbattery
indemnify: 1. vrywaar (bv. van skade) 2. (compensate): skadeloos stel
independent (individual) a.: afsonderlike, eie, onafhanklike
independent contact: onafhanklike kontak
independent earth electrode: onafhanklike aardelektrode
independent feeder: onafhanklike voerder
independent manual operation: onafhanklike handbediening
independent motor drive: eie motoraandryw-ing, onafhanklike motoraandrywing
independent points switch: onafhanklike wisselskakelaar independent time-lag relay: relê met onafhanklike vertraging indestructible wire: onvernietigbare draad
index n.: 1. eksponent 2. indeks
index v.: 1. instel, indekseer 2. indekseer (bv. items) index centre: indekssenter, instelsenter (verdeelkop) index crank: indeksslinger, instelslinger (verdeelkop) index drilling jig: instelboorsetmaat, indeksboorsetmaat indexing: instelling, indeksering
indexing trip: indekspal, instelpal index jig: instelsetmaat, indekssetmaat index plate: instelskyf, indeksskyf
india-rubber composition: rubberkomposisie
indicate: aanwys
indicated horse-power* (IHP*): suierperdekrag* (SPK)
indicated power: indikateurdrywing (in kW) indicating circuit (indication circuit): aanwyskring indicating device: aanwystoestel
indicating dial thermometer (dial-type thermometer): wyserplaattermometer, wysertermometer
indicating fuse: verkliksekering
indicating instrument: aanwysinstrument
indicating light (indication light, indicator light): aanwyslig
indication: aanwysing
indication circuit (indicating circuit): aanwyskring indication coil (indicating coil): aanwysspoel indication light (indicating light): aanwyslig indication relay: aanwysrelê
indication transformer: aanwysingstransformator
indicator: wyser, aanwyser
indicator diagram: indikateurdiagram indicator dial (dial, dial face): wyserplaat indicator needle: wysnaald
indicator coil: aanwyserspoel indicator light: (aan)wyslig indicator pointer: (aan)wysnaald indicator relay: (aan)wyserrelê
indicatrix of diffusion: diffusie-indikatriks, verspreidingsindikatriks
indirect: indirek, onregstreeks
indirect acting machine voltage regulator: onregstreekse masjienspanningsreëlaar
indirect illumination (indirect lighting): onregstreekse verligting
indirect interlocking: indirekte grendeling
indirect lighting (indirect illumination): onregstreekse verligting indirect measurement of efficiency: indirekte bepaling van rendement indirect lightning surge: indirekteblitsstuwing
indirect stroke: indirekte blitsslag indirect test: indirekte toets indirect wave: onregstreekse golf
individual (independent) a.: afsonderlike, eie, onafhanklike individual contactor equipment: afsonderlikekontaktor-uitrusting individual drive: eie aandrywing, afsonderlike aandrywing indoor: binne-, binnenshuis
indoor apparatus: binnetoestel
indoor electrical equipment: binnenshuise elektriese uitrusting
indoor lead: binnenshuise leiding indoor transformer: binnetransformator indoor wiring: binnebedrading
induce: induseer
induced charge: geïnduseerde lading induced current: geïnduseerde stroom induced draught: suigtrek
induced-draught fan (I.D. fan): suigtrekwaaier (ST-waaier)
induced draught fan inlet (I.D. fan inlet): suigtrekwaaierinlaat (ST-waaierinlaat)
induced electromotive force: geïnduseerde elektromotoriese krag
induced field current: geïnduseerde veldstroom induced magnet: geïnduseerde magneet induced magnetism: geinduseerde magnetisme
induced negative charge: geinduseerde negatiewe lading
induced pole: geinduseerde pool
induced positive charge: geinduseerde positiewe lading
induced radio-activity (artificial radioactivity): kunsmatige radioaktiwiteit
induced stray voltage: geinduseerde swerfspanning
induced voltage: geinduseerde spanning
inducing charge: induseerlading, induserende lading
inductance: 1. induktansie (verskynsel) 2. (coefficient of inductance, inductance coefficient):
induktansie, induktansie-koëffisiënt 3. (inductor): induktor
inductance box: induktansiekas
inductance bridge: induktansiebrug
inductance-capacitance coupling: Kyk ‘inductor-capacitor coupling” inductance coefficient (inductance 2.): induktansiekoëffisiënt inductance coil: induktansiespoel

inductance coupling: induktansiekoppeling (tussen stroomkringe)
inductance meter: induktansiemeter
induction: induksie
induction ammeter: induksieammeter
induction coil: induksiespoel
induction coupling: induksiekoppeling (elek. koppeling om wingkrag oor te bring)
induction current: induksiestroom induction cylinder: induksiesilinder induction disc: induksieskyf
induction energy meter: induksie-energiemeter
induction field: induksieveld
induction force: induksiekrag induction generator: induksiegenerator induction heating: induksieverhitting
induction instrument: induksie-instrument induction loop: induksielus (relê) induction meter: induksiemeter
induction motor: induksiemotor
induction potentiometer: induksiepotensiometer
induction pump: induksiepomp
induction relay: induksierelê
induction voltage regulator: induksiespanningsreëlaar
induction voltmeter: induksievoltmeter induction wattmeter: induksiewattmeter inductive: induktief
inductive action: induktiewe werking
inductive alternating-current load: induktiewe wisselstroombelasting, induktiewe wisselstroomlas
inductive circuit: induktiewe kring inductive coil: induktiewe spoel inductive drop: Kyk ‘‘inductive volt drop1) inductive effect: induktiewe effek
inductive feed-back: induktiewe terugkoppeling
inductive impedance: induktiewe impedansie
inductive load (lagging load): induktiewe belasting, induktiewe las
inductively coupled: induktief gekoppel inductive reactance: induktiewe reaktansie inductive resistance: 1. induktiewe weerstand
2. (inductive resistor): induktiewe resistor
inductive resistor (inductive resistance): induktiewe resistor
inductive rotor: induktiewe rotor
inductive shunt: induktiewe sjunt, induktiewe parallelverbinding
inductive unbalance: induktiewe onbalans
inductive voltage divider: induktiewe spanningsdeler inductive volt drop: induktiewe spanningsval inductive winding: induktiewe wikkeling inductometer (variable inductance): induktometer
inductor: 1. induktor (kringkomponent in staat tot induktansie) 2. (inductance, inductance coil):
inductor-capacitor coupling: induktor-kapasitorkoppeling
inductor generator: induktorgenerator
inductor starting: induktoraansitting
inductor-type synchronous generator sin-chrone induktorgenerator
inductor-type synchronous motor: sinchrone induktormotor
industrial electricity (service) meter: indus-triële elektrisiteitsmeter, nywerheidselektrisiteitsmeter
industrial lighting: nywerheidsverligting industrial unit rate: industriële eenheidstarief inequality (non-equality): ongelykheid
in equilibrium: in ewewig
inert: 1. inert, traag 2. (inactive): onaktief
inert cell: onaktiewe sel
inert gas: trae gas
inert-gas arc welding: traegas-boogsweising, boogsweising in trae gas
inert-gas tungsten-arc welding: traegas-wolframboogsweising, wolframboogsweising in trae gas
inertia: inersie, traagheid
inertia compensation: traagheidskompensering
inertia constant: traagheidskonstante
inertia switch: inersieskakelaar
inerts content: trae inhoud (v. steenkool) infeed: toevoer
inferential flowmeter: inferensiële vloeimeter (vloei afgelei van rotoromwentelings)
infinite busbar: oneindige geleistam
infinite radius: oneindige radius
infinite impedance: oneindige impedansie
infinitely variable: oneindig reëlbaar, spron-gloos reëlbaar infinite resistance: oneindige weerstand, on-meetbare weerstand infinitesimal: oneindig klein
infinity: oneindigheid, infiniteit
inflammable (flammable): ontvlambaar, vlambaar
influence factor: invloedfaktor
influence machine (electrostatic generator): elektrostatiese generator
infra-red lamp: infrarooilamp
infra-red radiation: infrarooi straling
infra-red ray: infrarooi straal
in gear: in rat
ingoing current: ingangstroom ingot iron: vloeiyster, edelyster ingredient: bestanddeel
inherent acceleration: inherente versnelling (met generatorveld)
inherent reactance: inherente reaktansie inherent regulation: inherente reëling inherent resistance: inherente weerstand inhibited oil: gestremde olie
inhibition circuit (except gate, inhibition gate, inhibitory gate, shunt gating circuit): inhibisiekring inhibitory gate (except gate, inhibition circuit, inhibition gate, shunt gating circuit): inhibisiekring inhour (INverse HOUR): reakaktiwiteitsuur (reaktorreaktiwiteitseenheid)
initial charge: aanvangslading, eerste lading initial core: eerste brandstofkern (kernkragstasie) initial current: aanvangstroom, beginstroom
initial excitation response: aanvangsopwekreaksie
initial inverse voltage:
negatiewe aanvangspanning
initial permeability: aanvangspermeabiliteit
initial spark: aanvangsvonk, eerste vonk
initial susceptibility: aanvangsmagnetiseerbaarheid
initial symmetrical three-phase short-circuit current: simmetriese driefasige aanvangs- kortsluitstroom
initial temperature: aanvangstemperatuur, begintemperatuur
initial tension: begintrekspanning initial torque: aanvangswringkrag initial velocity: aanvangsnelheid
initial voltage response: aanvangspannings-verloop (van ’n opwekker)
initiate: aan die gang sit (ontlading)
initiating circuit: aanvoorkring initiating electron: aanvoorelektron
initiation relay: aanvoorrelê
inject: 1. inspuit (vloeistowwe) 2. invoer (stroom) injection: 1. inspuiting 2. invoering (stroom) injection ratio: inspuitverhouding, invoerverhouding injector: injekteur (vloeistowwe)
injector pump: injekteurpomp
injure: 1. beseer (persone) 2. beskadig (voor-werpe, uitrusting)
inlay: inlêwerk, invlegting
inlet (intake): inlaat
inlet boss: inlaatbus, inlaatverdikking
inlet connection: inlaataansluiting, inlaatverbinding
inlet culvert: inlaatduiker
inlet drain valve: inlaatdreineerklep
inlet flange: inlaatflens
inlet insulator: inlaatisolator inlet isolator: inlaatafsonderklep inlet orifice: inlaatopening
inlet pressure: inlaatdruk inlet sample: inlaatmonster inlet valve: inlaatklep
inlet vane (fan): inlaatvaan, inlaatwiek
in line: 1. in lyn, in lyn gerig (alg.) 2. in gelid (enjinsilinders)
in-line deaerator: deurvloeiontlugter
in mesh: ingekam (ratte)
inner conductor (centre conductor): binnegeleier
inner cone surface: binnekeëlvlak
inner cone: vlamkern
inner curve: binneboog
inner dead centre: binneste dooiepunt inner quad: binnevierling (kabels) inner shed: binnemantel (isolator)
inner-shell electron: binnedopelektron, binneskilelektron
innovation: nuwigheid
in operation: in werking
inoperative: buite werking
in opposition: 1. teengesteld 2. (opposite in phase): teenfasig
in parallel: parallel
in phase: gelykfasig, in fase
in-phase boost: meefasige aanjaging
in-phase component 1. (active current, active component, power component): aktiewe stroom (komponent), werksame stroom (komponent)
in-phase component 2. (active voltage, active component, power component): aktiewe spanningskomponent
in-pile test: binnereaktortoets
input (input power, power input): ingangs-vermoë, inset, kraginSet
input a.: ingangs-inset-input admittance: ingangsadmittansie
input amplifier: ingangsversterker
input capacitance: ingangskapasitansie (van ’n elektronebuis)
input circuit: ingangskring
input coil (primary coil): primêre spoel
input current: insetstroom
input electrode: ingangselektrode input equaliser: ingangseffenaar input frequency: insetfrekwensie input impedance: ingangsimpedansie input level: insetpeil
input of a four-terminal network: inset-klemme van ’n vier-klemnet, ingangsklemme van ’n vierklemnet, ingang van ’n vierklemnet
input port: ingang (elek.)
input power (input, power input): ingangs-vermoë, kraginset
input resistance: ingangsweerstand
input resonator (buncher): ingangsresonator, modulasieresonator
input source: insetbron
input tap (input tapping): ingangstap input tapping (input tap): ingangstap input terminal: ingangsaansluiter
input time constant: ingangstydkonstante, insettydkonstante
input transformer: ingangstransformator
input voltage: insetspanning input wattage: insetwattvermoë in quadrature: haaksfasig
in rotation: 1. beurtelings, om die beurt 2. in volgorde inrush: 1. invloei 2. aanvangstuwing, invloeistuwing inrush current: invloeistustroom
insensitive time (dead time): tussenreaksietyd insensitive region of operation: ongevoelige werkgebied in series: in serie
in series-opposing: serieteenwerkend, teenserie-in series-parallel: serieparallel
insert n.: invoegstuk
insert v.: 1. inset, invoeg 2. (plug in): inprop, insteek insertion loss: invoegingsverlies (apparaat in stroomkring) insertion phase shift: invoegingsfaseverskuiwing insertion voltage gain: invoegspanningsversterking inside calipers: binnemeetpasser
inside-frosted lamp: binnegematteerde gloeilamp
inside-mirrored lamp: binnespieëlgloeilamp
insoluble: onoplosbaar
inspect: inspekteer

inspection: inspeksie
inspection door: inspeksiedeur inspection gauge: inspeksiemaat inspection pit: inspeksieput inspection plate: inspeksieplaat inspection tools: inspeksiegereedskap inspector: inspekteur
inspector’s set: inspekteurstel
instable (unstable): 1. onbestendig, onstabiel 2. onvas (bv. grond)
install: installeer, insit, aanbring
installation: installasie, installering
installation control valve: installasiebeheerklep installation diagram: installasiediagram installation test: installasietoets
installed capacity: geïnstalleerde vermoë, installasievermoë
installed horsepower (horsepower installed): geïnstalleerde perdekrag
instantaneous current: oomblikstroom
instantaneous discharge: 1. oombliksontlad-ing 2. oombliklike ontlading
instantaneous earth fault: oombliklike aardfout
instantaneous electromotive force: oombliklike elektromotoriese krag
instantaneous induced electromotive force: oomblikswaarde van geinduseerde elektromotoriese krag, oombliklik geinduseerde elektromotoriese krag
instantaneous induced voltage: oomblik-swaarde/oombliksintensiteit van geinduseerde spanning
instantaneously-operating apparatus: toestel met oombliklike werking
instantaneous maximum value: oombliks-maksimum waarde, oombliklike maksimumwaarde instantaneous overcurrent: oombliksoor-stroom, oomblikswaarde van oorstroom instantaneous power: oombliksvermoë
instantaneous relay: oombliklike relê, nie-vertraagde relê instantaneous starting current: oombliksaansitstroom instantaneous value: oomblikswaarde
instantaneous variation: oombliksvariasie instantaneous voltage: oomblikspanning instantaneous overload trip: oombliklike oorlasuitklink
instant self-starting fluorescent lamp: Kyk “instant-start fluorescent lamp”
instant-start ballast, (leading ballast, rapid-start ballast, switch-start ballast): oombliklike aansitballas, snelaansitballas, voorgeeballas
instant-start circuit: kring met oombliklike aansitting
instant-start fluorescent lamp (direct-start fluorescent lamp, instant self-starting fluorescent lamp, rapid-start fluorescent lamp): snelaansitfluoresseerlamp
instant-start lamp (direct-start lamp, instant self-starting lamp, rapid-start lamp): Kyk ‘instant- start fluorescent lamp”
in step: in pas
instrument: instrument
instrument console: instrumentkonsole instrumentation: instrumente instrument board: instrumentbord instrument box: instrumentkas instrument error: instrumentfout instrument lead: instrumentleiding instrument panel: instrumentpaneel instrument relay: instrumentrelê
instrument transformer: meettransformator
instrument with contacts: instrument met kontakte instrument with locking device: instrument met sluittoestel instrument with optical point: ligkolinstrument
insulance (insulation resistance): isolasieweerstand
insulant (insulating material): isoleermateriaal
insulant handle: isolasiehandvatsel
insulate: isoleer
insulated: geïsoleer
insulated bearing: geïsoleerde laer
insulated cable: geïsoleerde kabel
insulated compression tool: geïsoleerde perslasser
insulated conductor: geïsoleerde geleier insulated coupling: isolerende koppeling insulated joint: geïsoleerde las
insulated knuckle (insulated knuckling bar): isoleerknikstuk (skakelaar)
insulated link: geïsoleerde skakel
insulated return system: gelsoleerde terugleistelsel
insulated shroud: geïsoleerde mantel
insulated spanner: geïsoleerde sleutel
insulated suspension clip: geisoleerde hangklem
insulated tongs: geïsoleerde tang insulated turnbuckle: isolerende spanmoer insulated wire: geisoleerde draad insulating beads: isoleerkrale
insulating bushing (insulation bush): isoleerbus
insulating cap: isoleerdop
insulating coating (insulating film): isoleerlaag
insulating compound: isoleermengsel
insulating covering: isoleerbedekking, isoleerbekleding insulating distance piece: isoleerafstandstuk insulating film (insulating coating): isoleerlaag insulating handle: isoleerhandvatsel
insulating mat (insulating stool): isoleer-bankie, isoleermat
insulating material (insulant): isoleermateriaal
insulating oil: isoleerolie
insulating oil filter: isoleeroliefilter insulating property: isoleereienskap insulating ring: isoleerring insulating rod: isoleerstaaf insulating sheath: isoleeromhulsel insulating spacer: isoleerskeistuk insulating sleeving: isoleerhuls
insulating stool (insulating mat): isoleer-bankie, isoleermat
insulating strip: isoleerstrook
insulating tape (insulation tape): isoleerband
insulating transformer: isoleertransformator (sonder geleidende verbinding tussen kringe)

insulating varnish: isoleervernis insulating washer: isoleerwaster insulation: isolasie, isolering
insulation break-down (insulation failure): isolasiedeurslag
insulation, Class A: klas-A-isolasie
insulation compound: Kyk “insulating compound” insulation failure (insulation breakdown): isolasiedeurslag insulation fault: 1. isolasiefout, 2, isoleringsfout
insulation indicator: isolasiefoutaanwyser
insulation level: isolasiepeil
insulation rating: isolasiekenvermoë
insulation resistance (insulance): isolasieweerstand
insulation shield: isoleerskerm
insulation strength: isolasiesterkte insulation tape (insulating tape): isoleerband insulation test: isolasietoets
insulation tester: isolasietoetser
insulation thickness (thickness of insulation): isolasiedikte
insulator: isolator
insulátor axis: isolatoras
insulator arcing horn: Kyk “arcing horn”
insulator bush: isolatorbus
insulator clip: isolatorklem
insulator creepage distance: isolatorkruipafstand
insulator disc: isolatorskyf
insulator extension strap: isolatorverlengband insulator fork: isolatorvurk (lewendigelynwerk) insulator groove: isolatorgroef
insulator hardware: isolatortoebehore insulator hook: isolatorhaak insulator neck: isolatorhals
insulator resistance: isolatorweerstand
insulator rod: isolatorstang insulator spindle: isolatorspil insulator stack: isolatorstapel insulator stool: isolatorstoel
insulator string (string of insulators): isolatorketting, isolatorstring
insulator support: isolatorsteun
insulator terminal: isolatorklem
insulator type transformer: Kyk insulating transformer”
nsurance: versekering
n suspension: in suspensie
n synchronism (synchronous): sinchroon
ntake: inlaat
ntake chamber: inlaatkamer ntake filter: inlaatfilter ntake gate: inlaatsluis
ntake manifold: inlaatspruitstuk
ntake piping: inlaatpype
ntake port: inlaatpoort
ntake tower: inlaattoring (waterturbines)
ntake screen: inlaatsif
n tee with: in T-verbinding met
integer-slot winding (integral-slot winding): heelgleufwikkeling
integral: integraal
integral bypass: ingeboude omloop
integral control action: integrale beheeraksie
integral cooler: integraalkoeler
integral coupling: integrerende koppeling
integral current transformer: ingeboude stroomtransformator
integral part: integrerende deel
integral pipework: bybehorende pypwerk
integral pump: ingeboude pomp
integral-slot winding (integer-slot winding): heelgleufwikkeling
integrate: integreer
integrated circuit (IC): geïntegreerde kring (IK)
integrated demand meter (block interval demand meter): Kyk ‘integrating demand meter”
integrated energy curve: geïntegreerde energiekromme integrated semi-conductor circuit: geïn-tegreerde halfgeleierbaan integrating circuit (integrator): integreerkring
integrating demand meter: integrerende aanvraagmeter
integrating instrument: integreerinstrument, integrerende instrument
integrating meter (volt-ampere-hour meter): integrerende elektrisiteitsmeter, volt-ampêre-uurmeter
integrating network (integrating circuit, integrator): integreerkring integrating photometer: integreerfotometer, integrerende fotometer integrating relay: integreerrelê
integrating sphere (Ulbricht sphere): integrerende sfeer, Ulbrichtsfeer (fotometer)
integrating time: integreertydreëlaar integrating wattmeter: integrerende wattmeter integration: integrasie
integration method: integrasiemetode, integreermetode integrator: 1. integreerder 2. (integrating circuit): integreerkring integrator capacitor: integreerkringkapasitor
intensifier electrode (intensifying electrode, post-deflection accelerator electrode):
intensifying circuit: verskerpbaan (TV)
intensifying electrode (intensifier electrode, post-deflection accelerating electrode):
intensity: intensiteit, sterkte (bv. lig)
intensity distribution: intensiteitsdistribusie, intensiteitsverdeling
intensity control: 1. intensiteitskontrole (meganisme) 2. intensiteitsbeheer (handeling)
intensity level: intensiteitspeil
intensity of field (field intensity, field
strength, strength of field): veldintensiteit, veldsterkte
intensity of illumination (illumination, illumination intensity): verligtingsintensiteit, verligtingsterkte

intensity of magnetisation: magnetiseerintensiteit
intensity of radiation (radiancy, radiant flux density, radiant intensity, radiation intensity):
intensity of source: bronsterkte intensity ratio: intensiteitsverhouding intensity vector: intensiteitsvektor
interact: op mekaar inwerk, op mekaar reageer
interaction factor: wisselwerkingsfaktor
interaction impedance: reageerimpedansie, wisselwerkingsimpedansie
inter-anode fault: tussenanodefout
inter-anode firing: tussenanodevonking interbus-transformer: tussenstam-transformator intercalate v.: inskakel (elek.)
intercalation (interlaced scanning, interlacing): interliniëring (TV) intercell partition (cell partition): selafskort-ing (battery) intercept: intersep, snylyn (wisk.)
intercepting relay: onderskeprelê interception circuit: onderskepbaan intercept valve: onderskepklep interchange: uitruil, verwissel
interchangeability: uitruilbaarheid, verwisselbaarheid
interchangeable: uitruilbaar, verwisselbaar
interchangeable part: uitruilbare onderdeel, verwisselbare onderdeel interchangeable system: verwisselbare stelsel (toleransies) intercoil insulation: tussenspoelisolasie
intercom (intercommunication system): in-terkommunikasiestelsel , interkom intercommunication system (intercom): in-terkommunikasiestelsel, interkom intercommunication telephone system: inter-kommunikasietelefoonstelsel, interkomtelefoonstelsel interconnect: koppel, onderling verbind, tussenverbind
interconnected network: aaneengekoppelde kragnet (landswye geheel)
interconnected star (zigzag): sigsag, sigsagverbinding interconnected system: aaneengekoppelde stelsel (kragnette) interconnecting feeder (interconnector): koppelvoerder interconnecting line: koppellyn
interconnecting link: koppelskakel
interconnecting pipe: koppelpyp, tussenverbindingspyp interconnecting range: tussenverbindingstampyp interconnecting valve: tussenverbinderklep interconnection: tussenverbinding
interconnector: 1. tussenverbinder 2. (interconnecting feeder): koppelvoerder 3. (interconnecting line): koppellyn
interconnector busbar: tussenverbinderstam
intercooler: tussenkoeler
intercrystalline: interkristallyn, tussenkristallyn intercrystalline corrosion: tussenkristallyne korrosie inter-earth fault: wederkerende aardsluiting interelectrode capacitance: interelektrodekapasitansie
interelectrode transadmittance: interelektrodetransadmittansie interelectrode transconductance: interelektrodetranskonduktansie interference: 1. steuring 2. interferensie (verligting)
interference eliminator: steuringsweerder
interference field: steurveld interference filter: steuringsfilter interference fit: stuitpassing interference level: steuringspeil
interference suppressor: steuringsonderdrukker interferometer: interferometer (vir golflengte) intergranular corrosion: tussenkorrelkorrosie interim report: voorlopige verslag
interior: binnekant
interior angle: binnehoek
interior lighting: binneverligting
interior wiring (internal wiring): binnebedrading interleaved: met tussenlae, tussengelaag interleaved joint: tussenlaaglas
interleaved winding: tussengelaagde wikkeling
interlinked phase: gekoppelde fase
interlock (interlock device): grendeltoestel interlock v. (lock): vergrendel, onderling vergrendel interlock cam: grendelnok
interlock (interlock device): grendeltoestel
interlocked: vergrendel
interlocked overcurrent protection: vergren-delde oorstroombeveiliging
interlocked relay: vergrendelde relê interlocked switch: vergrendelde skakelaar interlocking: vergrendeling
interlocking arrangement: grendelreëling interlocking contact: grendelkontak interlocking fault: vergrendelfout interlocking relay: grendeírelê interlocking switch: grendelskakelaar
interlocking switchgroup: grendelskakelaargroep
interlock panel: grendelpaneel
interlocks cutout: ontgrendelaar
interlock terminal box: grendelaansluitkas intermediate bearing: tussenlaer intermediate contacts: tussenkontakte intermediate driving wheel: tussendryfwiel intermediate field: tussenveld intermediate frequency: tussenfrekwensie
intermediate gear (intermediate gear wheel): tussenrat intermediate heat exchanger: tussenhitteruiler intermediate loading: tussenbelasting
intermediate position: tussenstand
intermediate pressure turbine: intermediêredrukturbine intermediate relay (interposing relay): tussenrelê intermediate shaft: tussenas
intermediate switch: kruisskakelaar
intermediate wheel (intermediate gear):
intermediate transformer: tussentransformator
intermediate value: tussenwaarde
intermediate voltage: tussenspanning
intermittent: 1. intermitterend, onderbroke 2. (recurrent): wederkerend
intermittent contact: intermitterende kontak
intermittent contact fault: wederkerende kontakfout intermittent continuous current: intermitterende gelykstroom intermittent duty: intermitterende diens
intermittent-duty rating: interm itterendediens-kenvermoë intermittent earth fault: wederkerende aardfout intermittent loading: intermitterende belasting intermittent periodic duty: Kyk ‘periodic intermittent duty” intermittent pressure: intermitterende druk
intermittent rating: kenvermoë by onderbroke werking
internal absorption factor (U.K.): inwendige absorpsiefaktor
internal absorptance (U.S.A.) (internal absorption factor): inwendige absorpsiefaktor
internal allowance: binnetoelating
internal angle: binnehoek
internal broaching: binneprofielruimwerk internal cabling: binnebekabeling internal caliper gauge: binnespeermaat
internal capacitance (self-capacitance, selfcapacity): eie kapasitansie, inwendige kapasitansie (van elektrodes in buis)
internal characteristic: inwendige kenkromme
internal circlip: binneborgring
internal combustion engine: binnebrandenjin
internal connector: binneverbinder
internal consumption: interne verbruik (van kragstasie)
internal cutter: binnedraadsnyer
internal diameter (inside diameter): binnediameter
internal dovetail: binneswaelstert
internal efficiency: inwendige rendement internal fault protection: internefoutbeveiliging internal feed-back: interne terugkoppeling
internal finished diameter: afgewerkte binnediameter
internal force: interne krag internal frosting: binnemattering internal furnace: binneoond
internal gas pressure: inwendige gasdruk (kabel) internal gauge (calibre gauge, hole gauge): kalibermaat internal gear (annular ring): binnetandrat
internal gear teeth: binnerattande internal grinding: binneslypwerk internal grinding spindle: binneslypspil
internal impedance: interne impedansie, inwendige impedansie
internal interconnection: binnetussenverbinding internal isolation switchgear: binneafsonderskakeltuig internal key way: binnespygleuf
internal lap: binnefynslyper
internal lapping: binnefynslypwerk internal limit gauge: binnegrensmaat internal limit plug gauge: binnepropmaat internally connected: inwendig verbind
internally frosted: binnegematteer, met binnemattering internal magnetic field: interne magnetiese veld internal measurement: binnemaat
internal phase displacement: interne faseverskuiwing
internal-pole machine: binnepoolmasjien
internal pressure: 1. inwendige druk, interne druk 2. inwendige spanning (elek.)
internal reflected component: interne weer-kaatste component
internal resistance (source resistance): interne weerstand
internal screw thread (female thread, internal thread): binnedraad, moerdraad
internal square thread: vierkantige binnedraad, vierkantige moerdraad
internal stress: interne spanning
internal structure: interne struktuur (van metale) internal surface cutting: binnevlakfreeswerk internal taper: binnetaps, binnespits
internal taper cutting: binnetapssnywerk, binnespitssnywerk
internal taper grinding: binnetapslypwerk, binnespitsslypwerk
internal thread (female thread, internal screw thread): binnedraad, moerdraad
internal thread gauge: binnedraadmaat
internal threading tool (inside-thread tool): binnedraadbeitel, moerdraadbeitel
internal wear: binneslytasie (dryfband)
internal wiring: binnebedrading
internal voltage (internal pressure): inwendige spanning
international ampere: internasionale ampere
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA): Internasionale Atoomenergieagentskap (IAEA)
international candle: internasionale kers (ver-vang deur kandela)
International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP): Internasionale Kommis-sie vir Radiologiese Beskerming (IKRB)
International Commission on Radiological Units and Measureurements (ICRU): Internasionale Kommissie vir Radiologiese Eenhede en Meting (IKRE)
international coulomb: internasionale coulomb
international luminosity curve: internasionale helderheidskromme international luminosity factor: internasionale helderheidsfaktor international standard: internasionale standaard
international system of units (Systême International d’Unitês, SI): internasionale een-hedestelsel (Systême International d’Unitês, SI)
international thread: internasionale metrieke

draad (draadsteek in bepaalde verhouding tot diam.) interpanel wiring: tussenpaneelbedrading interphase n.: tussenfase
interphase a.: tussenfasig
interphase reactor: tussenfasereaktor interphase transformer: koppeltransformator interpolar axis: interpolêre as
interpolate: interpoleer
interpolation: interpolasie, interpolering
interpolation oscillator: interpolasieossillator
interpole (auxiliary pole, commutating pole, compole): hulppool
interpole coil (compole coil): hulppoolspoel
interpole core: hulppoolkern
interpole connection: hulppoolverbinding interpole copper loss: hulppoolkoperverlies interpole flux: hulppoolvloed
interpole generator: hulppoolgenerator interpole loss: hulppoolverlies interpole machine: hulppoolmasjien
interpole shunt-wound generator: hulppoolsjuntgenerator
interpose: tussenin plaas interposing: tussenplasing interposition: tussenplasing interrupt: onderbreek (toevoer) interrupter: onderbreker
interrupting capacity (breaking capacity): breekvermoë, verbreekvermoë
interrupting element: onderbreekelement
interrupting rating: kenbreekvermoë (van kontak)
interrupting time (total break-time): totale breektyd, totale stroombreektyd
interruption duration: onderbrekingsduur
interruption of current: stroomonderbreking
interruption of service: diensonderbreking
interrupter switch: onderbrekerskakelaar (sonder outo-herstel)
intersect: 1. kruis (bv. drade) 2. sny (lyne) intersection: 1. kruising 2. snypunt intersheath: tussenhulsel, tussenomhulsel intersheath conductor: tussenhulselgeleier
interspacing washer: tussenruimtewaster (weerstande)
interstage: tussentrap
interstage coupling: tussentrapkoppeling (komponente vir buis-of transistordrywing by kaskade)
interstage reservoir: buffervat
interstage transformer: tussentraptransformator interstage vacuum: tussentrap-vakuum interstice: tussenruimte (kabel)
intrinsic impedance: intrinsieke impedansie intertripping: tussenuitklinking intertripping relay: tussenuitklinkrelê
interturn flash-over: tussenwindingsoorvonking interturn insulation: tussenwindingsisolasie interturn short-circuit: tussenwindingskortsluiting interval of space: tussenruimte
interval of time (duration): tydsduur, tyds-bestek, tydsverloop
interval relay: tussenpoosrelê
intervane pulverised fuel burner: binnewiek-poeierkoolbrander
interwiring: tussenbedrading
intrinsic conduction: intrinsieke geleiding intrinsic induction: intrinsieke induksie intrinsic permeability: intrinsieke permeabiliteit intrinsically safe: intrinsiek veilig
intrinsic properties: intrinsieke eienskappe intrinsic semi-conductor: intrinsieke halfgeleier intrinsic voltage: intrinsieke spanning
intrip (transfer trip, remote trip): tussenklink
intruder alarm: oortrederalarm
in use: in gebruik
inverse: omgekeerd
inversely as: omgekeerd met, andersom as
inverse current (counter current, reverse current): sperstroom, teenstroom, trustroom inverse definite minimum time delay (IDMT-delay): omgekeerde vasteminimumvertrag-ing (OVMV)(relês)
inverse direction: afsnyrigting
inverse electrode current: trustroom, omgekeerde elektrodestroom inverse impedance (reciprocal impedance): omgekeerde impedansie inverse-parallel connection: omgekeerde parallelverbinding inversely proportional to: omgekeerd eweredig met/aan
inverse peak voltage: teenspitsspanning
inverse period: negatiewe periode
inverse photo-electric effect: omgekeerde fotoëlektriese effek inverse proportion (inverse ratio): omgekeerde verhouding inverse ratio (inverse proportion): omgekeerde verhouding inverse rectifier (inverter): wisselrigter (GS in WS)
inverse square law (law of inverse squares): omgekeerde kwadratewet, omgekeerde vierkantswet inverse time back-up protection (inverse time BU): reserwebeveiliging met omgekeerde vertraging inverse time-lag: omgekeerde vertraging
inverse time-lag relay (inverse time relay): relê met omgekeerde vertraging
inverse voltage: truspanning
inversion: 1. omkering (kommunikasie) 2. wis-selrigting (krag)
inversion efficiency: wisselrigrendement
inversion lever: omkeerhefboom
invert: 1. omkeer 2. wisselrig
inverted chain (inverted-tooth chain): tandketting
inverted running: omgekeerde werking
inverted-tooth chain (inverted chain): tandketting
inverted turn transposition: omswaaioor-brenging (windings)
inverted V-shaped guide: omgekeerde V-leibaan
inverter: 1. omkeerder (kommunikasie) 2. wisselrigter (krag)
inverter station: wisselrigstasie

(GS omgesit in WS)
inverting transmitter: omkeersender involute curve: evolvente boog (rattande) involute gear cutter: evolvente ratfrees involute gear tooth: evolvente rattand involute milling cutter: evolvente frees involute tooth rack: evolvente tandstang involution: involusie (alg.)
inward flow: binnewaartse stroming (turbine)
inward flow turbine: binnevloeiturbine
ion: ioon
ion avalanche: ionelawine
ion burn: ionebrandplek
ion burning: ionebranding, ionebeskadiging
ion density: ionedigtheid
ion (electron) beam: ionebundel, elek-tronebundel, ionestraal, elektronestraal
ion exchanger: ioonwisselaar
ion flow: ionevloei
ion gun: ionekanon
ionic conduction: ionegeleiding
ionic current: ionestroom
ionic-heated cathode: ioneverhitte katode ionic semi-conductor: ionehalfgeleier ionisation: ionisasie, ionisering ionisation current: ioniseerstroom
ionisation dose-meter: ionisasiedosismeter ionisation energy: ioniseerenergie ionisation gauge: ionisasiedrukmeter ionisation potential: ioniseerpotensiaal ionisation rate: ioniseertempo
ionisation time: ioniseertyd
ionise: ioniseer
ionised layer: geioniseerde laag ionising collision: ioniseerbotsing ionising particle: ioniseerdeeltjie ionising radiation: ioniseerstraling ionium (thorium-230): torium-230
ion lens (electron lens): ionelens, (elektronelens)
ionoscope: ionoskoop ion sheath: ionelaag ion trajectory: ionebaan ion trap: ionevanger
IR drop: IR-val, weerstandspanningsval
iridium: iridium
iridium lamp: iridiumgloeilamp
l2R loss (copper loss): l2R-verlies, koperverlies
iron: yster
iron armature: ysteranker
iron carbide: ysterkarbied
iron-clad armature: ysteromhulde anker
iron-clad galvanometer: ysteromhulde galvanometer
iron-clad switch: ysteromhulde skakelaar
iron core: ysterkern
iron-cored reactance coil: ysterkernreaktansiespoel
iron-core transformer: ysterkerntransformator
iron-dust core: ysterpoeierkern
iron loss: ysterverlies
iron loss curve: ysterverlieskromme
iron oxide: ysteroksied
iron phosphide: ysterfosfied
irradiance: bestralingstempo (by ’n punt op ’n oppervlak)
irradiate: bestraal
irradiated Kynar: bestraalde Kynar
irradiated polyethylene: bestraalde poliëtileen (isolasie)
irradiated polyolefin: bestraalde poliolefien
irradiated polyvinyl chloride: bestraalde polivinielchloried
irradiation: bestraling
irregular area: onreëlmatige oppervlakte irregular circuit: onreëlmatige kring irregularities: onreëlmatighede irregular wave: onreëlmatige golf
irrigating water: bevloeiingswater (kondensaatsuiwering)
irrotational field: rotasievry(e) veld
I section: l-profiel
island v.: afsonder (stel of stasie)
island effect: eilandeffek (emissie uit katode v. buis)
isocandela curve: isokandelakromme
isocandela diagram: isokandeladiagram
isocandle* diagram: isokersdiagram* (Kyk “isocandela diagram1)
isoceraunic level (isokeraunic level): isokeroniese peil (donderstormfrekwensie)
isochronous speed governing: isochrone spoedreëling
isofoot-candle*: isovoet-kers*(10-764 lux)
isolate: afsonder
isolated catenary wire: afgesonderde drakabel isolated neutral system: net met geïsoleerde nulpunt isolated position: afsonderstand
isolating device: afsondertoestel
isolating link (disconnecting link, disconnection link): afsonderskakel
isolating switch (disconnect, disconnecting switch, isolator): afsonderskakelaar
isolating transformer (isolation transformer): afsondertransformator (vir toestelle sender direkte verbinding met toevoer)
isolating valve: afsonderklep
isolation: afsondering
isolation transformer (isolating transformer): afsondertransformator isolator: 1. (isolating valve): afsonderklep 2. afsonderskakelaar (elek.) isolator closing interlock: afsonderskakelaarsluitgrendel
isomorph: isomorf (kristalle)
isotope: isotoop
isotope cow (isotope generator, radioactive cow): moederbron
isotron: isotron (vir skeiding v. isotope)
isolux (isophot): isofot, isolux (Lyn v. gelyke ligintensiteit)
isophot (isolux): isofot, isolux
isosceles: gelykbenig (driehoek)
iterative impedance: herhalingsimpedansie (ingangsimpedansie gelyk aan lasimpedansie)

J (joule): J (joule)
jack: 1. domkrag 2. vysel (freesmasjien) 3. klink (telef.)
jackbolt: klampbout
jacket: 1. hulsel (kernkrag) 2. mantel (bv. watermantel)
jacket water cooler: mantelwaterkoeler jacket water pump: mantelwaterpomp jacking oil: krikolie (turbine-oliekrikstelsel)
jacking oil presssure gauge: krikoliedruk-meter (turbine) jacking oil pump (jacking pump): krikoliepomp, krikpomp jacking oil valve: krikolieklep (turbine)
jacking out bolt: hefbout
jacking pump (jacking oil pump): krikpomp, krikoliepomp
jacking pump oil pressure: krikpompoliedruk
jack shaft: koppelas, tussenas
jagged drill: getande boor
jam: 1. klem, knel, vasklem 2. sper 3. vas-slaan (rat)
jamming: belemmering (radio)
jaw: 1. kaak (passer) 2. bek (sleutel) 3. wang-stuk (bankskroef) 4. klou (draaibank)
J bolt (hook bolt): haakbout, J-bout
jelly electrolyte: jellie-elektroliet
jenny calipers (odd-leg calipers): kweepasser
jerky load: rukkende las
jet: 1. straal (vloeistof, damp, gas) 2. sproeier 3. straler
jet condenser: straalkondensator
jet pump: straalpomp
jib: kraanarm
jib crane: swaaiarmkraan
jig: 1. leigerei (kabel) 2. setmaat
J notation: J-notasie
job: 1. werk 2. werkstuk
job evaluation: taakwaardering
jockey pump: jokkiepomp (brandbestryding)
jog control: instrumentbeheer jogging (inching): (aan)porring join: 1. aansluit 2. las, verbind joining piece: lasstuk
join in parallel: parallel verbind
joint n.: 1. las (swaar metaal, kabels) 2. voeg (hout) 3. naat (plaat)
joint v.: las
jointer: lasser
jointing: 1. voegsel 2. voegwerk 3. laswerk
jointing chamber: lasput
jointing collar: laskraag
jointing compound: voegmengsel
jointing face: voegvlak jointing flange: lasflens jointing paste: voegpasta jointing seal: voegdigting
jointing sleeve (splicing sleeve): lashuls
joint marker: laswyser
joint resistance: lasweerstand
joint testing: lastoetsing
joist: balk
joule (J): joule (J) (elek. eenheid)
Joule effect: Joule-effek (verwarming deur stroomvloeiing)
Joule’s equivalent (mechanical equivalent of heat): Joule se ekwivalent (meganiese warmte- ekwivalent)
Joule’s law: wet van Joule
joule value: joule-waarde (brandstof)
journal: astap
journal bearing: astaplaer
J-type transposition: J-kruising, J-transposisie (elek. leidings)
jumper: bretel, oorbrugdraad, oorleier jumper cable: oorbrugkabel, oorleikabel jumper cable support: oorleikabelsteun jumper clamp: oorleierklamp jumpered: oorgelei
jumper loop: oorleidingslus
jumper plug terminal: oorleier-propaansluiter
junction: 1. aansluiting, verbindingspunt (alg.) 2. (junction circuit, junction line): koppellyn
junction area: voegvlakgebied
junction box (feeder box, joint box): vertakkas junction circuit (junction, junction line): koppellyn junction line (junction, junction circuit): koppellyn junction point: aftakpunt, verbindingspunt
junction switch: koppelskakelaar junction transistor: voegtransistor juncture: naat, verbindingspunt, voeg
just-operate current: aanspreekstroom (relê)
just-operate value: werkingsgrenswaarde
just-release value: loslaatgrenswaarde, vrystelgrenswaarde
jute: jute
jute braiding: juteomvlegting
jute covering: jutebekleding
jute-insulated cable: jutegeïsoleerde kabel
jute serving: jutedekking

K (kelvin): K (kelvin)
kc/s (kilocycle per second): Kyk “kHz”
kcal.*, kcal* (kilocalorie*): kcal.*, kkal* (kilokalorie*) keV (kilo-electron-volt): keV (kilo-elektrone-volt) kg (kilogram): kg (kilogram)
kg/m3 (kilogram per cubic metre): kg/m3 (kilogram per kubieke meter)
kg/s (kilograms per second): kg/s (kilogram persekonde)
kgf (kilogram-force): kgf (kilogramkrag) (ver-vang deur newton)
kHz (kilohertz): kHz (kilohertz)
kip.*, kip* (kilopound*): kip* (kilopond* (massa))
kipf.*, kipf* (kilopound force*): kipf* (kilopondgewig*, kilopondkrag*) (Herlei na newton)
kl (kilolitre): kl (kiloliter)
kmc* (kilomegacycle): kmc* (afkorting vir kilomegasiklus)
kN (kilonewton): kN (kilonewton)
kfi (kilo-ohm): kfi (kilo-ohm)
kV (kilovolt): kV (kilovolt)
kV.A (kilovolt-ampere): kV.A (kilovolt-ampëre)
kV.A rating (of a transformer): kV.A-kenvermoë
kvar (kilovar, reactive kilovolt-ampere): kvar (kilovar, reaktiewe kilovoltampere)
kvar.h (kilovarhour, reactive kilovoltampere-hour): kvar.h (kilovaruur, reaktiewe kilovolt-ampêre- uur)
kW (kilowatt): kW (kilowatt)
kW.h (kilowatt-hour): kW.h (kilowatt-uur)
Kaplan turbine: Kaplan-turbine
Kapp phase advancer (Kapp vibrator): Kapp-fasevoorskuiwer Kapp vibrator (Kapp phase advancer): Kapp-fasevoorskuiwer Kapp’s regulation diagram: reëlingsdiagram van Kapp Kapton: Kapton
keep (keeper): sluitstuk (magneet)
keep-alive electrode: instandhou-elektrode, waakelektrode
keep-alive voltage rectifier: instandhou-spanningsgelykrigter, waakspannings-gelykrigter (booginstandhouding in kwikbooggelykrigter)
keeper: 1. bewaarder (buis) 2. sluitstuk (magneet)
keeper piece: sluitstuk
Kelvin balance (ampere balance): stroomba-lans van Kelvin (stroommeting)
Kelvin bridge (double bridge): dubbelbrug, Kelvinbrug (net vir laeweerstandmeting) Kelvin effect (skin effect): Kelvin-effek, huideffek (stroomkonsentrasie in huid) kenetron: kenetron (groot warmkatode-vakuumdiode vir gelykrigting)
kerma (kinetic energy release in materials): kerma (kinetiese-energie-vrystelling in stowwe)
Kerr cell: Kerr-sel (ligmoduleerder)
Kerr effect: Kerr-effek (dubbelrefraksie in dië-lektrikum d.m.v. elek. veld)
key n.: 1. skakelaar 2. spy 3. sleutel 4. toets
key contact: sleutelkontak, toetskontak
key diagram: sleuteldiagram
key filter: sleutelfilter
key point: sleutelpunt
key switch: sleutelskakelaar key-switching: sleutelskakeling key way: spygleuf
kick: skop (van galvanometer)
kill: stil (sure)
killer (poison): verswakker, smetstof (luminesseermateriaal)
kilocalorie: kilokalorie*
kilocycle: kilosiklus (Kyk “kilohertz')
kilocycle* per second (kc/s,* kHz, kilohertz): Kyk kilohertz kilogauss: kilogauss (magnetiesevloeddigt-heid: Herlei na tesla vir SI) kilogram: kilogram
kilohertz (kHz): kilohertz (kHz) kilohm (kfi): kilohm (kfi) kilolitre (kl): kiloliter (kl)
kilomegacycle* (billicycle,* gigacycle, gigahertz): Kyk “gigahertz”
kilometric wave: kilometergolf kilovar (kvar): kilovar (kvar) kilovolt (kV): kilovolt (kV) kilovoltage: kilovoltspanning
kilovolt-ampere (kV.A): kilovolt-ampëre (kV.A)
kilovolt-ampere (demand) charge: kilovolt-ampêre-aanvraagkoste
kilovolt-ampere-hour meter: kilovolt-ampêre-uurmeter
kilovolt-ampere meter: kilovolt-ampêremeter kilovolt-ampere rating: kilovolt-ampêrekenvermoë kilovolt meter: kilovoltmeter
kilowatt (kW): kilowatt (kW)
kilowatt component: kilowattkomponent kilowatt-hour (kW.h): kilowatt-uur (kW.h) kindling temperature: ontvlamtemperatuur
kinetic energy (energy of motion): kinetiese energie
kinetic friction: kinetiese wrywing
kinetic head (velocity head): kinetiese hoogte (water)
kinetic potential: kinetiese potensiaal
kink n.: kink(el), slag kink v.: (laat) kink(el) kiosk: kiosk, skakelkas
Kirchhoff’s laws: wette van Kirchhoff
kit: stel
kite pole: vlieërtipe draagpaal
kite suspension pole: vlieërtipe hangpaal
klemskroefklou: setscrew lug (for conductors)
klydonograph: klidonograaf (instr. met fotografiese plaat vir spanningsondersoek)
klystron oscillator: klistronossillator
klystron tube: inhaalbuis, klistron (UHF-elektronbuis)
knee: knie (bv. maks. kromming in kenkromme)
knee voltage: kniespanning
knife contact: meskontak
knife-disconnecting terminal block: lemkontak-aansluitblok
knife-edge relay: mesrelê
knife gate valve: lemsluis

knife switch: lemskakelaar, messkakelaar
knob insulator: knopisolator
knock-out: uitslaangedeelte (vir leipyp of kabel in kas)
knock-off mechanism: ontkoppelmeganisme
knock-off stop: ontkoppelaanslag
Krarup cable: Krarup-kabel
Krarupization (Krarup loading, continuous loading): Krarupisering Krarup loading (Krarupization, continuous loading): Krarupisering krypton: kripton
Kynar: Kynar (isolasie, handelsnaam)

I (liter): I (liter)
Lam. (laminated): Lam. (gelamelleer)
LC (inductance-capacitance): LC (induktansie-kapasitansie)
LED (light-emitting diode): LD (ligdiode) LIM (linear motor): LIM (lineêre motor) LF (low frequency): LF (lae frekwensie) Im (lumen): Im (lumen)
Im.h (lumen hour): Im.h (lumen-uur)
Im.s (lumen second): Im.s (lumen-sekonde) Im/W (lumens per watt): Im/W (lumen per watt) LT (low tension, low voltage): LS (lae spanning) LT (level transducer): peiloordraer
LT system (low-tension system): LS-stelsel (laespanningstelsel)
LV (low voltage): LS (lae spanning)
Ix (lux, Im/m2: Ix (lux, Im/m2)
Ix.s (lux second): Ix.s (lux-sekonde) labile: labiel, onvas, onbestendig labyrinth seal: labirintseël
label: etiket
laboratory: laboratorium
laboratory-type thermometer: laboratoriumtermometer labyrinth seal cooling water system: labirintseëlkoelwaterstelsel lace v.: 1. ryg, inryg, vasryg (veter) 2. opbind, vasbind (kabels) laced joint: ryglas (dryfband)
lacing: 1. veter (dryfband) 2. vlegstuk
lacing system: vasrygstelsel
lacing twine: rygtou
lacing wire: rygdraad (van ’n turbineblad)
lacquer: lakvernis
lacquered copper wire: lakkoperdraad
lacquer-film capacitor: laklaagkapasitor
ladder attenuator: leerverswakker (filtersek-sies in serie)
ladder monitor kit: leermonitorstel
ladder network: leernet (serie-en sjuntim-pedansies beurtelings opeenvolgend)
ladle: gietlepel
lag n.: naloop
lag v.: 1. beklee (bv. stoompype) 2. naloop
lag bolt (lag screw): moerkopskroef
lagged-demand meter: aanvraagnaloopmeter
lagging: 1. bekleding 2. naloop lagging component: naloopkomponent lagging current: naloopstroom
lagging electromotive force: nalopende elek-tromotoriese krag
lagging load (inductive load): induktiewe belasting, induktiewe las (stroomfase 90 ° na spanningsfase)
lagging phase: naloopfase (drywingsmeting: die fase ±120 ° na ander 2)
lagging phase angle: naloopfasehoek
lagging power factor: nalooparbeidsfaktor
lagging secondary current: nalopende sekon-dêre stroom
lagging voltage: naloopspanning
lagging wattless component: nalopende reaktiewe komponent
lag network: naloopnet (faseversterkingbeheer)
lambert: lambert (luminansie-eenheid, 1 Im/cm2)
Lambert’s cosine law of emission: Lambert se kosinuswet van uitstraling
lamina: lamel
laminate: lamelleer
laminated: gelamelleer, lamel-laminated armature core: lamelankerkern
laminated brush: lamelborsel laminated conductor: lamelgeleier laminated contact: lamelkontak laminated core: lamelkern laminated cotton: laagkatoen
laminated electromagnet: lamelelektromagneet
laminated field pole: lamelveldpool laminated field yoke: lamelveldjuk laminated frame: lamelraam laminated iron core: lamelysterkern laminated magnet: lamelmagneet laminated pole: lamelpool
laminated pole shoe: lamelpoolskoen laminated stalloy: lamelstallooi laminated winding: lamelwikkeling laminated yoke: lameljuk
lamination: 1. (punching): lamel 2. lamellering
Lamont boiler: Lamont-ketel
Lamont exhaust-gas boiler: Lamont-uitlaatgasketel
lamp: lamp
lamp adapter: lamppasstuk
lamp base (lamp cap): lampvoet
lamp bracket (mast arm): lamparm
lamp brilliance (lamp brightness): lamphelderheid
lamp bulb (bulb, filament lamp, globe, incandescent lamp, light bulb): gloeilamp
lamp cap (lamp base): lampvoet lamp circuit: lampbaan, lampkring lamp connection: lampverbinding lamp electrode: lampelektrode lamp filament: lampgloeidraad
lamp fitting (lighting fitting): 1. lamptoebe-hoorsel (onderdeel van montasie) 2. lamp-montasie (volledige lamp behalwe gloeilamp, spreier, skerm)
lamp fittings: lamptoebehore
lamp heater: lampverhitter, lampverwarmer lamp holder (socket): lamphouer, lampsok lamp indicator: lampwyser
lamp life: lamplewensduur
lamp performance: lampprestasie
lamp post (lamp standard, light standard): lamppaal
lamp reflector: lampreflektor, lampweerkaatser
lamp rim: lampglasraam
lamp screen: lampskerm
lamp socket (lamp holder): lamphouer, lampsok
lamp transformer: lamptransformator
lamp voltage: lampspanning
lamp wattage: lampwattvermoë Lancashire boiler: Lancashire-ketel lance blower: lansblaser (roetblaser) lancing door: lanseerdeur
land boiler: landketel
landing: hordes (trap)
land of tooth: tandveld
lap n.: 1. fynslyper 2. oorslag
lap v.: fynslyp
lap-connected: oorslaggekoppel, oorslagverbonde
Laplace’s equation: Laplace-vergelyking
Laplace transform: Laplace-transform (elek-trotegn. berekening)
lapped armouring: oorslagpantser(ing) lapping: 1. (grinding): fynslyp, fynslypwerk 2. (winding): oorslagwindsel
lapping machine (lashing machine): woel-masjien (lugkabels)
lap-riveted joint: oorslagklinknaat, oorslagklinklas
lapse: 1. verloop (tyd) 2. verval (bv. kontrak)
lap winding: luswikkeling (2-laagwikkeling met geleiers in serie)
lap-wound armature: anker met luswikkeling
lap-wound machine: masjien met luswikkeling
large-capacity capacitor: hoëkapasiteitkapasitor
large capacity switchgear (high capacity switchgear): hoëvermoëskakeltuig
large power user: groot kraggebruiker
large thread (coarse thread, coarse-pitch thread): growwe draad
large utilisation feeder: grootverbruikvoerder
laser: laser
lash: vaswoel
lashing machine (lashing machine): woel-masjien (aerial cable)
lash-up: tydelike aansluiting
latch: 1. knip, klink 2. grendel (van ’n toestel)
latch v.: 1. grendel 2. invoer (data)
latch cam: knipnok
latch contact (latching contact): knipkontak
latch contactor: knipkontaktor
latched relay (latching relay): grendelrelê
latching button (locking button): sluitknop
latching contact (latch contact, latched contact): knipkontak
latching relay: grendelrelê
late-break contact: nabreekkontak
late-make contact: nasluitkontak
late relay contact: relê-nasprongkontak
latent electronic image: latente elektronebeeld
latent heat: latente warmte
latent heat value: latentewarmtewaarde latent magnetism: latente magnetisme lateral conductor: dwarsgeleier (paallyn) lateral inversion: sydelingse omkering lateral movement: sydelingse beweging lath: lat
lathe: draaibank
lathe milling: draaibankfreeswerk
Latour motor: Latour-motor (gekompenseerde repulsiemotor)
lattice: 1. rooster (kristallogr.) 2. (bridge, network, lattice network): brugnet, kruisnet
lattice coil: kruisspoel, ruitspoel
lattice girder tower (lattice tower): traliemas lattice network (bridge network): brugnet, kruisnet lattice reactor: roosterreaktor
lattice span: balkportaal, traliebalkportaal
lattice tower: traliemas
lattice winding: kruiswikkeling
law of electric charges: wet van elektriese ladings
law of electromagnetic induction (Faraday’s law): Faraday se wet, wet van elektromag-netiese induksie
law of electromagnetic systems: wet van elektromagnetiese stelsels (konfigurasiever-andering vir
maks. magn. induksie)
law of electrostatic attraction (Coulomb’s law): wet van Coulomb, wet van elek-trostatiese aantrekking
law of friction: wrywingswet
law of gravitation: gravitasiewet, swaartekragwet
law of induced current (Lenz’s law): wet van geïnduseerde stroom, wet van Lenz (veld van opgewekte stroom teen beweging gerig)
law of interaction: wisselwerkingswet
Law of inverse squares (inverse square law): omgekeerdekwadratewet, omgekeer-devierkantswet (veldsterkte en afstand)
law of motion: bewegingswet (newton)
lay n.: 1. ligging 2. (of cable): slag (van kabel)
lay v. (run): lê (bv. kabel)
layer: laag
layer winding: laagwikkeling
layer-wound coil: spoel met laagwikkeling
lay light: (plafon)steellig
lay-off v.: in tydelike stand bevestig
lay-out n.: 1. aanleg, plan (geboue) 2. indel-ing (kabels) 3. (design): ontwerp 4. inrigt-ing, rangskikking (komponente)
lay out v.: 1. aanlê 2. indeel 3. inrig, rangskik
4. (design): beplan, ontwerp
lay-out plan: aanlegplan, liggingsplan
lay pole: bykomende paal
lay ratio: slagverhouding
lay-up n.: opbouing (kabel en isolasie)
lay up v.: 1. opbou (kabelisolasie) 2. saam-draai, saamslaan (kabel)
lazy contact: trae kontak
leach: uitsyfer, uitsypel (bv. kreosoot uit pale)
lead n.: 1. (conductor): leiding 2. lood
3. (ahead): voorloop
lead v.: 1. lei (bv. stroom) 2. voorloop lead accumulator: loodakkumulator lead-acid battery: lood-suurbattery lead-acid cell: lood-suursel
lead-acid storage cell: sekondêre lood-suursel
lead angle: stygingshoek lead base: loodbasis lead box: leidingkis
lead cable: 1. leikabel (stator) 2. (lead-covered cable, lead-sheathed cable): loo-domhulde kabel
lead connector: loodverbinder
lead-covered (lead sheathed): loodomhul
lead-covered cable, (lead-sheathed cable, lead cable): loodomhulde kabel
lead-covered armoured cable (lead-sheathed armoured cable): gepantserde loodomhulde kabel
lead covering (lead sheath): loodhulsel,

lead dresser (lead mallet): loodklophamer, loodklopper
leader stroke: voorontlading lead-foil tape: loodfoelieband lead fuse: loodsekering
lead grip: 1. loodklem, loodgrypkous 2. (lead sheath grip): loodmantelklamp
lead in (drop wire, leading-in wire, lead-in wire): inleidraad
lead-in cable (entrance cable): inleikabel, invoerkabel
leading ballast (rapid start ballast, switch-start ballast, instant-start ballast): voor-geeballas, snelaansitballas (verligting)
leading component: voorloopkomponent
leading current: voorloopstroom
leading edge: 1. leirand (puls) 2. (entering edge): intreerand (borsel)
leading electromotive force: voorloop-e.m.k., voorlopende elektromotoriese krag
leading hand: leierwerksman
leading-in insulator: Kyk “lead-in insulator”
leading-in wire (lead-in, lead-in wire): inleidraad
leading load (capacitive load): kapasitiewe belasting of las
leading-out insulator: Kyk “lead-out insulator”
leading phase: voorloopfase
leading phase angle: voorloopfasehoek leading pole horn: intreepoolhoring leading pole tip: intreepoolpunt
leading power factor: voorlooparbeidsfaktor
leading wattless component: voorlopende reaktiewe komponent
lead-in insulator: inlei-isolator
lead-in wire (drop wire): inleidraad
lead light (extension lamp, jack lamp): werklamp
lead-lined: loodvoering-, met loodvoering
lead mallet (lead dresser): loodklophamer, loodklopper
lead network: voorloopnet (fase)
lead-out insulator: uitlei-isolator
lead polarity: 1. leidingspolariteit 2. klein-polariteit (transformator)
lead sheath (lead covering): loodomhulsel, loodmantel
lead sheathed: loodomhul, loodbemantel
lead-sheathed armoured cable (lead-covered armoured cable): gepantserde loodom-hulde kabel
lead-sheathed cable (lead-covered cale, lead cable): loodomhulde kabel
lead sleeve: loodhuls
lead-sleeve joint: loodhulslas
lead socket: leidingsok
lead storage battery (lead accumulator, lead-acid accumulator): loodakkumulator, loodsuurakkumulator
lead-through capacitor: deurleikapasitor
lead wire: looddraad
leaf electroscope: bladelektroskoop (met blaaie van goud, aluminium, ens.)
leaf spring: bladveer
leaf-spring contact: bladveerkontak
leak: lek
leak oil (leakage oil): lekolie leakage: 1. lekkasie 2. lekverlies leakage capacitor: lekkapasitor leakage coefficient: lekkoëffisiënt
leakage conductance (leakance): lekkonduktansie
leakage current: lekstroom leakage factor: lekfaktor leakage flux: lekvloed
leakage inductance: lekinduktansie (vloedkoppelingsverskil)
leakage loss: lekverlies
leakage oil (leak oil): lekolie (hidrokragstasie)
leakage path: lekbaan
leakage protection: lekbeveiliging
leakage reactance: lekreaktansie (nie-koppelende vloed by 2 wikkelings)
leakage reactance voltage: lekreaktansiespanning
leakage relay: lekrelê
leakage transformer: lektransformator
leakance (leakage conductance): lekkonduktansie
leak circuit: lekbaan
leak detector: lekspeurder
leak-free joint: lekvry las
leak-off control valve: aflaatbeheerklep
leak-off pipe: aflaatpyp
leak-off thermostat: aflaattermostaat
leak-off valve: aflaatklep
leak-proof: lekdig
leak resistance: lekweerstand
leak resistor (leak resistance): lekresistor leak transformer: lektransformator leather packing: leerpakking
leather ring: leerring
leather washer: leerwaster
Leblanc exciter: Leblanc-opwekker
Leblanc connection: Leblanc-verbinding (verbinding v. 3-fase-met 2-fasestelsel)
Leclanche cell: Leclanche-sel left-handed screw: linksskroef
left-handed thread (left-hand thread): linksdraad
left-handed winding: linkswikkeling
left-hand helix: linksskroeflyn, linksheliks
left-hand lay: linksomslag (kabels)
left-hand rule: linkerhandreël (van Flemming)
left-hand thread: linksdraad
leg: 1. been (passer) 2. poot
legend: 1. byskrif, onderskrif 2. verklaring (tekening)
leg of a circuit: kringdraad leg: been (van ’n mas) length of arc: booglengte
length of break (break): Kyk “break distance', “contact gap”
length of lay: slaglengte
length of span (span length): masafstand, spanlengte
length of stroke (length of travel): slaglengte
length of taper: tapslengte, spitslengte
Lenz’s law: wet van Lenz (teengerigte stroom deur induksie)
level n.: 1. hoogte, stand (bv. water) 2. peil, vlak (bv. grootheid, energie) 3. vlak (konkreet) 4. waterpas
level v.: 1. gelykmaak, waterpas maak

2. nivelleer
level a.: gelyk, waterpas
level-compounded (flat-compounded): gelykgekompenseer
level-compound excitation (flat-compound excitation): gelykgekompenseerde serieparallelopwekking (van ’n generator)
level compound-wound generator (flat-compounded generator): gelykgekompenseerde serieparallelgenerator (spanning konstant tussen nullas en vollas)
level-control equipment: peilbeheeruirusting
level deviation: peilafwyking
level indicator: peil(aan)wyser, standaanwyser (vloeistowwe)
leveling: nivellering
level sensing device: peilmeettoestel (water)
lever n.: hefboom
lever v.: ophef, oplig
leverage: 1. hefboomstelsel 2. hefboom-verhouding 3. hefboomwerking
lever contact: hefboom kontak
lever lift: swikhefboom
lever lock circuit: hefboomgrendel lever spanner: hefboomsleutel lever switch: hefboomskakelaar
lever type wire cutter: hefboom-draadknipper lewis bolt (fang bolt, rag bolt): hakkelbout Lexan: Lexan (polikarbonaathars)
life (working life): diensduur, lewe, lewensduur
life test: lewensduurtoets
lift n.: 1. lighoogte (klep) 2. hyser
lift v.: 1. (hoist): hys, ophys 2. (raise): lig, oplig
lift coil: opligspoel
lift fan: hyserwaaier
lifting capacity (lifting power): hefvermoë, hysvermoë
lifting electromagnet: hefelektromagneet
lifting eye: hysoog
lifting force: hefkrag, hyskrag
lifting gear: hystuig
lifting height: 1. hefhoogte, hyshoogte 2. pomphoogte
lifting jack: domkrag
lifting lug: hysoor
lifting machine: hysmasjien
lifting magnet: hefmagneet
lifting power (lifting capacity): hefvermoë, hysvermoë
lifting pump (lift pump): hefpomp lifting spring: 1. hysveer 2. optelveer lifting tong: opligtang
lift motor: 1. hysermotor 2. hysmotor lift pressure: oopgaandruk (kleppe) lift pump (lifting pump): hefpomp light n.: lig
light v.: aansteek
light-actuated thyristor: lig geaktueerde tiris-tor (elektrisiteitstransmissie)
light alloy: ligte legering
light angle: klein hoek (transmissielyne) light beam transmitter: ligbundelstraler light box: ligkas (neonligte)
light bulb (bulb, globe, incandescent lamp, lamp bulb): gloeilamp
light current: swakstroom
light dimmer: ligverdowwer
light distribution (distribution of light): lig-distribusie, ligverdeling
light element: ligelement
light emission (light radiation, radiation of light): liguitstraling
light energy: ligenergie
light fitting (lighting fitting): Kyk “lamp fitting”
light flux (luminous flux): ligvloed
light fuel oil (LFO): ligte brandolie (LBO) lighthouse tube: Kyk “megatron” lighting (illumination): verligting lighting board: verligtingbord
lighting busbar: liggeleistam lighting circuit: verligtingskring lighting column: verligtingskolom
lighting fitting (fitting, luminaire (U.S.A.)): armatuur, montasie
lighting fitting component: $
lighting fuse: ligsekering
lighting isolator: verligtingsafsonderskakelaar
lighting load: ligbelasting
lighting mains: verligtingsnet
lighting plant (lighting installation, light installation): liginstallasie, verligtingsaanleg
lighting point: verligtingspunt
lighting switch (light switch): ligskakelaar
lighting transformer: ligtransformator, verligtingstransformator
lighting-up oil burner: aansteekoliebrander (by ketel)
lighting user: verligtinggebruiker
light installation (lighting installation, lighting plant): liginstallasie, verligtingsaanleg
light intensity (luminous intensity, luminous power): ligintensiteit, ligsterkte
light meter (photometer): ligmeter light modulator: ligmodulator lightning: bliksem, blits, weerlig lightning area: weerliggebied lightning arrester: Kyk “surge arrester”
lightning back-flash mechanism: blitsterugvonkmeganisme
lightning conductor (lightning rod): blitsafleier lightning discharge: Kyk “surge discharge” lightning flash: blitsstraal
lightning interference: blitssteuring lightning protection: Kyk “surge protection” lightning rod (lightning rod): blitsafleier lightning stroke: blitsslag
lightning surge: blitsstuwing
light output (luminous output, luminous radiation): liglewering, ligstraling
light output ratio: liguitstralingsverhouding (van ’n montasie)
light point (lighting point): ligpunt
light radiation: liguitstraling
light ray: ligstraal
light sensitivity (luminous sensitivity): liggevoeligheid
light stimulus: ligprikkel, ligstimulus
light switch (lighting switch): ligskakelaar
light unit (unit of light): ligeenhei<|*
light up (illuminate, light): verlig

light water: ligtewater
light water reactor: ligtewaterreaktor
light-watt: ligwatt
light-wattage: ligwattvermoë
light yield (light output, luminous output): liglewering, ligstraling
like charge: gelyknamige lading, gelyksoortige lading like poles: gelyknamige pole, gelyksoortige pole lime-base grease: kalkbasisghries
lime mixing tank: kalkmengtenk (waterbehandeling) lime slurry tank: kalkfloddertenk (waterbehandeling) lime-soda softener: kalk-sodaversagter
limestone flux: kalksmeltmiddel
limit n.: 1. grens, perk 2. (restriction): beperking
limit v.: begrens, beperk
limited fault current: beperkte foutstroom limiter (restrictor): begrenser, beperker limiter circuit: begrenserkring
limit gauge: grensmaat limiting: begrensing, beperking limiting coil: begrensspoel limiting device: begrenstoestel
limiting flux density: begrensvloeddigtheid
limiting insulation temperature: isolasiegrenstemperatuur
limiting no-damage current: grensstroom
limiting resistance: 1. begrensweerstand
2. (limiting resistor): begrensresistor limiting resistor: begrensresistor limiting test: begrensingstoets limiting value: grenswaarde
limit of elasticity (elastic limit): elastisiteitsgrens
limit of friction: wrywingsgrens
limits of power range: drywingsgrenswaardes (vir akkuraatheid van ’n meter)
limit of safety (margin of safety, safety limit): veiligheidsgrens
limit of stability (stability limit): stabiliteitsgrens
limit of static friction: statiesewrywingsgrens
limit-switch: grensskakelaar (om beweging, bv. van hyser, te beperk)
line n.: 1. leiding (bv. pype) 2. lyn (alg. ook elek) 3. spoor (in katodestraalbuis) 4. streep
line v.: uitvoer, voering insit line ampere: lynampêre linear: lineêr, lyn-, lynvormig
linear acceleration: lineêre versnelling
linear characteristic: lineêre kenkromme
linear detection: lineêre deteksie linear dimension: lineêre afmeting linear distortion: lineêre vervorming
linear drawing (line drawing): lyntekening linear electric circuit: lineêre elektriese kring linear expansion: lineêre uitsetting
linear impedance relay: lineêre-impedansierelê
linearise: lineariseer linearity: lineariteit linear law: lineêre wet
linearly polarised wave (plane polarised wave): lineêr gepolariseerde golf
linear measure: lengtemaat
liner misalignment: lineêre wanplasing (leipyp)
linear motor (LIM): lineêre motor (LIM)
linear network: lineêre net
linear passive network: lineêr passiewe (krag)net
linear polarisation: lineêre polarisasie
linear scale: lineêre skaal
linear system: lineêre stelsel (beheer)
linear transducer: lineêre oordraer
linear-varying parameter: lineêr variërende parameter
linear velocity: lineêre snelheid
line bank transformer: lyngroeptransformator
line bay: lynvak
line-bore v.: rigboor, lynboor
line break: lynbreuk
line breaker (line circuit breaker): lynbreker, lynstroombreker
line break switch: lynbreekskakelaar
line capacity: lynlaaistroom
line charging current: lynlaaistroom
line choking coil (screening protector): lynsmoorspoel
line circuit breaker (line breaker): lynbreker, lynstroombreker
line conductor: lyngeleier
line construction: lynaanleg, lynkonstruksie
line contactor: lynkontaktor
line cord resistor: lynkoordresistor, lynkoordweerstand
line current: lynstroom
line current complexor diagram: lynstroom-kompleksordiagram
line deviation: lynverlegging
line diagram: lyndiagram
line drawing (linear drawing): lyntekening
line drop: lynspanningsval
line drop compensator: lynspanningsvalkompensator
line earth(ing) link: lynaard(ing)skakel line feeder: lynvoerder (bv. bobaan) line filament: lyngloeidraad
line frequency: lynfrekwensie (telev.)
line hardware: lyntoebehore
line heater: leidingverwarmer (pype)
line impedance: lynimpedansie line inductance: lyninduktansie line insulator: lynisolator
line integral: lynintegraal (van ’n vektor)
line interrupter: Kyk “line breaker”
line leakage: lynlekkasie line lengthener: lynverlenger line link: lynskakel
line linkage: lynkoppeling
line loss: lynverlies
line maintenance: lyninstandhouding, lynonderhoud
linen tape: linneband
line matching unit: lynaanpaseenheid
line microphone: lynmikrofoon line of action: werklyn (kragte) line of axis: aslyn
line of centres (centre line): hartlyn
line of collimation (collimation line): kol-limasielyn (optiese lyn, opmeting)

line of contact: kontaklyn
line of demarcation (demarcation line): af-bakeningslyn, grenslyn
line of electric intensity: elektriese-intensiteitslyn
line of flux: vloedlyn
line of force: 1. (force line): kraglyn 2. mag-netiese kraglyn, veld lyn
line of induction: 1. induksielyn (alg.) 2. elek-trostatiese veldlyn, magnetiese veldlyn 3. induksiekromme
line of magnetisation: 1. magnetiese veldlyn, magnetiseerlyn 2. (magnetisation curve):
line of pressure: druklyn (in konstruksiedele; ook drukhoogte op verskillende punte in pypleiding
line of sight (line of vision, sight line, visual line): gesigslyn, siglyn
line of stroke (line of travel): slaglyn
line of thrust: stulyn
line of vision (line of sight, sight line, visual line): gesigslyn, siglyn line outage: 1. lynonklaarraking, lynuitvalling 2. lynbuitebedryfstyd line pilot circuit: lynloodskring (vir beheerseine)
line pin: lynpen
line pole: lynpaal
line post insulator (post insulator): lynstutisolator
line potential difference: lynpotensiaalverskil
line pressure: Kyk “line voltage”
line protective equipment: lynbeveiligingsuitrusting
line quantity: lyngrootheid
liner: 1. (lining, casing, sleeve): voering 2. vulstuk 3. (wearing piece): slytstuk
line regulation: lynreëling
line relay: lynrelê
line residual equaliser: lynreseffenaar
line resistance: lynweerstand line scouring: pypspoeling line section: lynseksie
line sectionaliser: kraglynverdeler
line shaft: lynas (om verskeie toestelle aan te dryf)
line-shaft pulley: lynaskatrol
line side: lynkant
line spacing: lynspasiëring
line stay: lynanker
line stretcher: lynrekker line support: lyndraer line survey: lynopmeting
line tap: 1. (tapping point): aftakpunt, aftap-punt 2. aftaklyn
line terminal: lynaansluiter, lynklem
line termination: lynafsluiting
line test: lyntoets
line to earth voltage: lyn-aardspanning
line-to-line fault: lyn-tot-lynfout
line transformer: lyntransformator
line trap: lynsmoorspoel, lynsperder
line up (align): 1. in lyn bring, rig 2. instel (bv. radio)
line voltage: lynspanning (in volt)
line voltage complexor (diagram): (line voltage phasor, line voltage sinor):
lining (casing, liner, sleeve): voering
link: skakel (vir bedryfsdoeleindes), verbinding (alg.)
link v.: 1. koppel, verbind 2. skakel
linkage: 1. koppeling (elek. en meg.), verbinding (elek.) 2. skakeling linkage coefficient (Hopkinson’s coefficient): koëffisiënt van Hopkinson link belt: skakelband, kettingband
link box: verbindingskas
link circuit: verbindingskring
linked circuit breaker: gekoppelde stroombreker linked switch (coupled switch): gekoppelde skakelaar linking flux: koppelvloed
link insulator: koppelingisolator
link rod: skakelstaaf
link stick: koppelstok (lewendigelynwerk)
link type travelling-grate stoker: skakelket-tingroosterstoker (ketels)
link-up current: inskakelstroom
lip: 1. lip 2. tuit
liquefy: vervloei, vloeibaar maak
liquid n. (fluid): vloeistof
liquid a. (fluid): vloeibaar
liquid ammonia: vloeiammoniak, vloeibare ammoniak
liquid cathode: vloeistofkatode
liquid cooling: vloeistofkoeling
liquid crystal display: vloeistofkristalbeeld
liquid detector: vloeistofdetektor
liquid dielectric: vloeistofdiëlektrikum
liquid-filled fuse unit: vloeistofgevulde sekering
liquid fuel: vloeibrandstof
liquid-immersed: vloeistofgedompel
liquid leakage detector: vloeistoflekdetektor liquid level: vloeistofpeil, vloeistofstand liquid level indicator: vloeistofpeilmeter
liquid level recorder: vloeistof-peilregistreerder liquid-level switch (float switch): vlotterskakelaar liquid line: vloeistofleiding
liquid lubricant: vloeismeermiddel
liquid metal cooled fast breeder reactor (LMFBR): vloeimetaalverkoelde snelkweekreaktor
liquid neutral earthing resistor (l.n.e.r.): neu-trale vloeistofaardingsresistor (nivar)
liquid-quenched fuse: vloeistofsekering liquid resistance: vloeistofweerstand liquid resistor: vloeistofresistor
liquid rheostat: vloeistofreostaat liquid ring pump: vloeistofringpomp liquid seal: vloeistofseël
liquid starter: vloeistofaansitter
liquid state: vloeitoestand
liquid tight conduit: vloeistofdigte leipyp
lithium grease: litiumghries
litz wire (litzendraht): litzgeleier
live (alive): lewendig, onder spanning
live chamber: lewendige kamer
live conductor (hot conductor): lewendige geleier, geleier onder spanning
live equipment: lewendige uitrusting,

uitrusting onder spanning
live line: lewendige lyn
live line boots: lewendigelynstewels
live line maintenance: lewendige-lyninstandhouding
live-line tap: lewendigelynaftakklamp
live line tapping rod: lewendigelynaftakstang
live pole: lewendige pool
live steam: vars stoom
live steam pressure: varsstoomdruk
live steam temperature: varsstoom-temperatuur
live storage: bruikbare opgaarvermoë (dam)
live-tank oil circuit-breaker: oliebreker met geisoleerde tenk
load n.: 1. belasting, las 2. lading 3. vrag
load v. (load up): 1. belas 2. laai (bv. voertuig)
load ampere: lasampêre
load angle: lashoek (hoekverplasing v. mid-dellyn v. veldpool)
load balancing: lasbalansering
load bus: lasstam
load capacitance: belastingskapasitansie, laskapasitansie
load-carrying capacity: dravermoë
load characteristic: laskenkromme, laskromme
load circuit: laskring
load component: laskomponent
load current: lasstroom
load curve: belastingkromme, laskromme
load cycling: iassiklussering
load deflection curve: lasuitslagkromme
load despatch: 1. (load division): iasverde-ling, lasverspreiding (globaal) 2. lasversen-ding (m.b.t. een kragstasie)
load-despatching unit (central control unit): lasverdeeleenheid, (sentrale) lasbeheereenheid
load despatching centre: lasverdeelsentrum load division: lasverdeling, lasverspreiding load duration curve: lasduurkromme loaded: belas
loaded cable: belaste kabel
load characteristic: laskenkromme
loaded core: belaste kern (kabel)
load diversity: lasdiversiteit (gesamentlike en afsonderlike maksima)
loaded impedance: belaste impedansie (of input transducer when output load is connected)
loaded spring drive: belasteveeraandrywing
load equaliser: laseffenaar
load factor: belastingsfaktor, lasfaktor
load forecast: lasvoorspelling, lasvooruitskatting
load growth: lastoename
load impedance: lasimpedansie
loading coil: belasspoel
loading oil pump: belasoliepomp (meullaers)
loading resistor: belasresistor
load isolating contactor: lasafsonderkontaktor
load isolator: lasafsonderskakelaar
load lead: lasleiding
load limitation: lasbeperking load limiter: lasbeperker load line: laslyn
load loss: lasverlies
load matching: lasaanpassing load notification: lasvermelding load phase angle: lasfasehoek
load pickup tool: lasoorneemtoestel
load point: laspunt
load potentiometer: laspotensiometer
load range: 1. lasstrek 2. lasmeetbestek (W.h-meters)
load regulation: lasreëling
load requirements (power requirements): elektrisiteitsaanvraag, kragaanvraag
load resistance: 1. lasweerstand 2. (load resistor): lasresistor
load-resisting face (front face): dravlak (skroefdraad)
load resistor (load resistance): lasresistor
load rheostat: lasreostaat
load sag: deurbuiging onder las load scheduling: lasbeplanning load sharing: lasverdeling
load shedding: lasafwerping
load shedding control: lasafwerpbeheer load shifting resistor: lasoorplaasresistor load torque: lasdraaimoment
load transfer switch: lasoorbringskakelaar
load transformer: lastransformator
load unbalance: lasonewewig
load up (load): 1. belas 2. laai (bv. voertuig) load variation: lasverandering, laswisseling load vector: lasvektor
load voltage: lasspanning
local authority: plaaslike owerheid local circuit: plaaslike (stroom)kring local consumption: plaaslike verbruik local control: plaaslike beheer localisation: lokalisering (van fout)
localisation test: lokaliseertoets, opspoortoets
local lighting: plaaslike verligting
local management: plaaslike bestuur
local supply network: plaaslike toevoernet
local transformer: plaasliketoevoer-transformator
locate: opspoor, (die) plek bepaal
locating device: standbepaler
locating dowel (locating pin): standpen
locating pin: 1. (locating dowel): standpen 2. rigpen
locating stop: standstuiter
location: 1. ligging, plek 2. opsporing, plek-bepaling (bv. foute) 3. (siting): plasing
lock n.: 1. slot 2. (bolt): grendel
lock v.: 1. grendel 2. klem 3. sluit
lock circuit (locking circuit): grendelkring
locked-coil conductor: geleier met geslote kronkels locked motor: 1. geklemde motor 2. vasge-slaande motor locked relay: gesluite relê
locked-rotor test: geklemderotortoets
locked-rotor torque (starting torque): aan-vangsdraaimoment (van ’n motor)
lock gate: sluisdeur, sluishek
locking button (latching button): sluitknop
locking cam: sluitnok locking catch: sluitknip locking circuit: grendelkring
locking coil (lock coil): grendelspoel locking device: grendeltoestel locking earth: sluitaarde
locking magnet (lock magnet): grendelmagneet
locking motion: sluitbeweging
locking nut (check nut, lock nut): sluitmoer locking path (locking circuit): sluitkring locking pin: sluitpen
locking plate: sluitplaat locking plug: haakprop locking screw: sluitskroef locking switch: sluitskakelaar
lock magnet (interlocking magnet, locking magnet): grendelmagneet
lock nut: sluitmoer
lock off v.: grendel (klampe)
lock-out device: uitsluittoestel (stroombreker) lock-out mechanism: uitsluitmeganisme lock-out relay: uitsluitrelê
lock-out sequence: uitsluitvolgorde
lock pawl: sluitpal
lock-up n.: vassluiting (kring)
lock up v.: 1. toesluit 2. vassluit (kring)
lock washer: sluitwaster
locus: lokus

loctal base (loktal base): agtpensluitvoet (vakuumbuis) loktal base (loctal base): agtpensluitvoet (vakuumbuis) lone electron: alleenstaande elektron
long axis (major axis): langas
long coil: lang spoel
long-flame burner: afwaarts gerigte brander, langvlambrander long flame coal (candle coal, cannel coal): kerskool longitudinal differential protection: langsdifferensiaalbeveiliging
longitudinal electromotive force (longitudinal induced voltage): oorlangse elektromotoriese krag
longitudinal impedance: langsimpedansie
longitudinal induced voltage (longitudinal electromotive force): oorlangse elektromotoriese krag
longitudinal magnetisation: langsmagnetiser-ing, magnetisering in die lengte
longitudinal section: 1. langsdeursnee 2. langsprofiel
longitudinal stay: oorlangsanker longitudinal stress: langsspanning (meg.) longitudinal tension: langsspankrag (meg.) longitudinal voltage: langsspanning (elek.) longitudinal wave: langsgolf
long-lead spares: langwagtyd-onderdele
long-lived isotope: langduurisotoop, langlewende isotoop
long-nose pliers: langbektang
long persistence: lang nagloeiing (buise) long-pitch winding: langsteekwikkeling long range recorder: wyeskaalregistreerder
long-shunt compound-wound generator: serieparallelgenerator met lang sjunt long-shunt compound-wound machine: serieparallelmasjien met lang sjunt long-shunt compound-wound motor: serieparallelmotor met lang sjunt
long-shunt machine: langsjuntmasjien
longwall mining: strookafbouing (steenkool), langfrontafbouing (goudmyn)
long weir: lang stuwal
loop n.: lus
loop v.: lus
loop circuit: luskring loop clamp: lusklamp loop control: lusbeheer
looped filament: lusgloeidraad
looped in: ingelus (sonder T-las na punt en weer verder)
loop elements: seinluselemente
loop gain: 1. (open-loop gain): lusversterking
2. (ratio of open-loop to closed loop gain): lusversterkingsverhouding
loop impedance: lusimpedansie
loop in: inlus
looping box (looping-in box): inluskas (by leipype)
looping-in: inlus
looping-in box (looping box): inluskas (by leipype)
loop reading: lusaflesing, luslesing
loop resistance: lusweerstand
loop test: lustoets (vir foutopsporing)
loop transmittance: lustransmittansie
Lopulco mill: Lopulcomeule
loss angle: verlieshoek (verskil tussen 90 ° en voorloophoek van stroom bo spanning in kapasitor)
loss characteristic: verlieskenkromme
loss coefficient (loss factor): verliesfaktor, verlieskoëffisiënt (verhouding: gemid. krag-verlies tot spitslas-kragverlies)
loss equaliser: verlieseffenaar
loss factor: verliesfaktor, verlieskoëffisiënt
loss meter: verliesmeter
loss of energy (energy loss): energieverlies
loss resistance: verliesweerstand
loss-summation method: verliessommeringsmetode
loudspeaker (speaker): luidspreker
loudspeaker system (speaker system): luidsprekerstelsel
louvre type travelling-grate stoker: hortjieket-tingroosterstoker, hortjietipe kettingroosterstoker
low-angle radiation: vlakhoekstraling
low brightness: lae helderheid
low-capacitance quad: laekapasitansievierling
low-carbon steel: laekoolstofstaal
lower: 1. laat sak, neerlaat 2. verlaag, verminder
lower bearing: onderlaer
lower coil support: spoelagtersteun
lower cut-off frequency: onderafsnyfrekwensie
lower hemispherical flux: onderste hemis-feriese ligstroom (uit ’n puntbron)
lower limit: onderste perk
lower rank coal: laerangse kool
lower reservoir: onderste reservoir (pompopgaarstelsel)
lower section: onderseksie
low frequency (LF): lae frekwensie (LF)
low-frequency compensation: laefrekwensiekompensasie
low-frequency impedance corrector:
low-frequency induction: laefrekwensie-induksie
low-friction ball bearing: laewrywingskoeëllaer
low gradient tunnel: kleinhellingtonnel (hidrokragstasie)
low-head runner: laevalrotor (hidrokragstasies)
low impedance: lae impedansie
low-impedance capacitor: lae-impedansiekapasitor low-incidence lightning area: laeweerliggebied low-inertia motor: lae-inersiemotor
low-insulation fault: lae-isolasiefout
low-level float switch: laepeilvlotterskakelaar
low limit: lae grens
low-load adjustment: laelasreëling
low load limit: laelasgrens
low-loss circuit: laeverliesbaan
low-loss feeder cable: laeverliesvoerkabel
low-loss plastic insulation: laeverliesplastiekisolasie
low oil breaker (live-tank oil circuit breaker, low-oil-content circuit breaker, small-oil-volume circuit breaker): lae-inhoud-oliestroombreker
low-oil-(content) circuit breaker (live-tank circuit breaker, low-oil breaker, small-oil-volume circuit breaker): lae-inhoud-oliestroombreker
low-oil-pressure light: laeoliedruk-lamp
low power: lae vermoë
low pressure: 1. lae druk 2. Kyk ‘‘low voltage (low tension)1
low-pressure boiler: laedrukketel
low-pressure control: laedrukkontrole
low pressure heater: laedrukverwarmer
low pressure mercury (vapour) lamp: laedrukkwiklamp
low-pressure oil pump: laedruk-oliepomp
low-pressure ring main: laedruk-ringhoofleiding (pyp)
low-pressure reheater: laedrukherverhitter
low-pressure sodium lamp: laedruknatriumlamp
low-pressure turbine: laedrukturbine
low-pressure vacuum pump (high vacuum pump): hoëvakuumpomp (gelykrigter)
low-range moving coil instrument: laebestek-draaispoelinstrument low-range voltmeter (low-reading voltmeter): laebestekvoltmeter low-reading voltmeter (low-range voltmeter): laebestekvoltmeter low resistance: lae weerstand
low-resistance circuit: laeweerstandkring low-resistance earth: laeweerstandaarde low-speed alternator: laespoedalternator low-speed contactor: trae kontaktor
low-speed mill: laespoedmeul(e) (poeierkool)
low-speed motor: laespoedmotor
low-sulphur coal: swaelarm steenkool
low temperature fluorescent lamp: laetemperatuurfluoresseerlamp
low tension: Kyk ‘‘low voltage”
low-tension alternating current supply: wis-selstroomtoevoer by lae spanning
low tension busbar: laespanningstam
low-tension coil: laespanningspoel
low-tension conductor: laespanningsgeleier
low-tension machine: laespanningsmasjien
low-tension overvoltage trip: laespanning-oorskryklink
low-tension (winding) regulating transformer: laespanningsreëltransformator
low-tension side: laespanningsy
low-tension supply (A-supply): laespanningstoevoer
low-tension switch: laespanningskakelaar
low tension switchgear: laespanningskakeltuig
low-tension winding: laespanningswikkeling
low-tungsten alloy steel: wolframarm legeringstaal
low vacuum: lae vakuum
low voltage (LT, LV) (low tension): lae spanning (LS)
low-voltage battery (A-battery): laespanningsbattery
low-voltage distribution system: laespanningsdistribusiestelsel
low-voltage installation: laespanningsinstallasie low-voltage protection: laespanningbeveiliging low-voltage release: laespanningslosser
low-voltage shunt reactor: laespanningsjuntreaktor low-voltage transformer: Jdespanningstransformator low-voltage voltmeter: laespanningsvoltmeter
low-voltage winding (low-tension winding): laespanningswikkeling
low-water level alarm: laewaterpeilalarm
low-wattage lamp: laewattlamp (lamp met lae wattvermoë)
lubricant: smeermiddel
lubricate: smeer
lubricating assembly: smeersamestel
lubricating oil: smeerolie
lubricating oil pump: smeeroliepomp
lubricating oil transfer pump: smeerolie-oorvoerpomp lubrication oil booster pump: smeerolieaan-japomp (turbine) lubrication oil cooler: smeeroliekoeler
lubricator: smeerder
lubrication cup: smeerdop
lug: 1. klou 2. oor 3. skoen 4. tap (akkumulatorplaat) lug-grip conduit system: kloukoppel-leipypstelsel lug joint: skoenlasstuk
lumen (Im): lumen (Im)
lumen factor: lumenfaktor
lumen hour (Im.h): lumen-uur (Im.h)
lumen output: lumenstraling
lumen per square meter (lux): lumen per vierkante meter (lux)
lumen-second (Im.s): lumen-sekonde (Im.s) luminaire (U.S.A.) (lighting fitting): (lamp)montasie luminaire efficiency (light output ratio): lig-

leweringsverhouding van ’n armatuur/(lamp)montasie luminance: luminansie (helderheid van oppervlak) luminance difference threshold: luminansieverskildrumpel luminance factor: luminansiefaktor
luminance temperature: luminansietemperatuur
luminescence: luminessensie (ligemissie nie a.g.v. termiese energie)
luminescent centre: luminesseersentrum (ak-tiveeratome opgewek deur vry elektrone)
luminescent discharge: luminesserende ontlading luminescent radiation: luminesserende straling luminescent screen: luminesseerskerm luminescent-screen tube: luminesseerskermbuis luminosity: liggewendheid, luminositeit
luminous: 1. glim-, glimmend 2. lig-, liggewend
luminous dial: glimwyserplaat
luminous discharge: liggewende ontlading
luminous efficiency: ligrendement (van ’n bron of van straling)
luminous element: liggewende element
luminous emittance (luminous radiance): ligemittansie, ligstralingsdigtheid
luminous flux: ligstroom, ligvloed
luminous flux density: ligvloeddigtheid
luminous intensity (light intensity): liginten-siteit, ligsterkte (in gegewe rigting) luminous output (light yield, light output, luminous radiation): ligstraling luminous power (light intensity, luminous intensity): ligintensiteit, ligsterkte luminous radiance (luminous emittance): ligemittansie, ligstralingsdigtheid luminous radiation (light yield, light output, luminous output): ligstraling luminous screen (fluorescent screen): fluoresseerskerm
luminous sensitivity (light sensitivity): liggevoeligheid luminous source (light source, source of light): ligbron lumped capacitance: gekonsentreerde kapasitansie lustrous coal: glanskool
lux (lumen per square metre): lux (lumen per vierkante meter)
luxmeter: luxmeter
lux second (Ix.s): lux-sekonde (Ix.s)

M-(mega-): M-(mega-)
M (symbol for luminous omittance: molecular mass, moment of force, mutual inductance): M (simbool vir ligemittansie, molekulêre massa, kragmoment, weder-sydse induktansie)
m (metre): m (meter)
m3 (cubic metre): m3 (kubieke meter)
m-(milli-): m-(milli-)
mA (milliampere): mA (milliampêre)
MA (megampere): MA (megampêre)
/xA (microampere): jxA (mikroampëre) mbar* (millibar*): mbar* (millibar*) (I mbar 100 N/m2 of pascal)
MCB (miniature circuit breaker): MSB (miniatuurstroombreker)
Mc/s, mcps (megacycle per second): Kyk “MHz (megahertz)’’
m.c.w. (modulated continuous wave): GGG (gemoduleerde gelykgolf)
meg (megohm): meg (megohm)
M.E.S. (miniature Edison screw): MES (miniatuur-Edison-skroef)
MeV (mega-electron-volt): Mev (mega-elektronvolt)
mF (millifarad): mF (millifarad) /tF (microfarad): /xF (mikrofarad)
/tx-factor: /xfaktor
mg (milligram): mg (milligram)
mgd.,m.g./d. (million gallons per day): Mgel/d (miljoen gelling dag)
m.g. set (motor generator set): mg.-stel (motorgeneratorstel)
mH (millihenry): mH (millihenry) /xH (microhenry): /xH (mikrohenry)
MHCP* (mean horizontal candle power*): GHKK* (gemiddelde horisontale kerskrag*)
MHD (magnetohydrodynamics): MHD (magnetohidrodinamika)
MHz (megaherz): MHz (megaherz)
MIC (mineral insulated cable): MIK (mineraal-geïsoleerde kabel)
MICS (mineral insulated copper sheathed): MIKO (mineraalgeïsoleerde koperomhulde)
min (minute): min (minuut)
MJ (megajoule): MJ (megajoule)
MKS system (metre-kilogram-second system): MKS-stelsel, mks-stelsel (meter-kilogram- sekondestelsel)
MKS A unit (metre-kilogram-second-ampere unit): MKSA eenheid (meter-kilogram-seconde- ampêre-eenheid)
ml (millilitre): ml (milliliter)
mL (millilambert): ml (millilambert)
mm (millimetre): mm (millimeter)
mmc* (megamecacycle)*: mmc* (megamegasiklus)*
mmf (magnetomotive force): mmk (mag-netomotoriese krag)
/x/xF*, pF (picofarad): /x/xF*, pF (pikofarad) mmf equation: mmk-vergelyking
mmf vector: mmk-vektor
mNm (newton-meter moment): mNm (newtonmetermoment) MNP (magnetic neutral plane): MNV (mag-netiese neutrale vlak) MOC (main oil cooler): HOK (hoofoliekoeler)
mole: mol (massa in g gelyk aan relatiewe molekulêre massa)
MPC (maximum permissible concentration): MTK (maksimum toelaatbare konsentrasie)
m/s (metres per second): m/s (meter per sekonde)
MSCP* (mean spherical candle power*): GSKK* (gemiddelde sferiese kerskrag*)
MSIV (main steam isolating valve): HSAK (hoofstoomafsonderklep)
H* (micron)*: /x* (micron)* (1 x 10-6 m)
juF (microfarad): jxF (mikrofarad)
MTBF (mean time between failures): GTTO (gemiddelde tyd tussen onderbrekings)
mu-factor: mu-faktor, spanningsversterkings-faktor (buise)
MUP (make-up pump): AVR (aanvulpomp)
mV (millivolt): mV (millivolt) #xV (microvolt): /xV (mikrovolt)
MV (megavolt): MV (megavolt)
m.v. (medium voltage): m.s. (middelbare spanning) MV.A (megavolt ampere): MV.A (megavolt-ampêre) MW (megawatt): MW (megawatt)
(microwatt): /xW (mikrowatt)
MW.d (megawatt day): MW.d (megawatt-dag)
MWe (megawatt electrical): MWe (elektriese megawatt)
Mx* (maxwell*): Mx* (maxwell) (10-3 weber)
Mil (megohm): Mfi (megohm) machine n.: masjien machine circuit: masjienkring
machine fail alarm: masjienonklaaralarm
machine hall: masjiensaal (hidr. krag)
machine with inherent self-excitation: masjien met inherente selfopwekking
magnalium: magnalium (aluminium-koper-magnesiumlegering)
magnavolt: magnavolt magnesium: magnesium magnesium cell: magnesiumsel magnet: magneet
magnet biasing coil: magneetvoorspanningspoel
magnet body: magneetromp magnet case: magneetkas magnet charger: magneetlaaier
magnet coil: 1. (magnetising coil, magnet spool): magneetspoel, magnetiseerspoel 2. (field coil): veldspoel
magnet core: magneetkern
magnet field: magneetveld
magnet frame (magnet yoke): magneetjuk
magnetic: magneties
magnetic action: magnetiese werking magnetic after-effect: magnetiese nawerking magnetic air gap: magnetiese lugspleet
magnetically biased polarised relay: magneties beswaarde gepolariseerde relê
magnetically operated relay: magnetiese relê magnetically shielded: magneties afgeskerm magnetic amplifier: magnetiese versterker magnetic attraction: magnetiese aantrekking magnetic axis: magnetiese as
magnetic balance: magnetiese balans
magnetic bias (magnetic biasing): magnetiese beswaring, voormagnetisering
magnetic blow-out: 1. magnetiese boogblus-sing 2. (blow-out coil): blusspoel, boogblusspoel
magnetic blow-out circuit-breaker: breker met magnetiese blussing
magnetic brake: magnetiese rem
magnetic cell: magnetiese sel
magnetic characteristic: magnetiese kenkromme
magnetic chuck: magnetiese klouplaatZ-kop
magnetic circuit (magnetic flux path): magnetiese baan magnetic closing solenoid: magnetiese sluitsolenoied magnetic constant: magnetiese konstante
magnetic contactor: magnetiese kontaktor
magnetic control relay: magneties beheerde relê

magnetic core: magnetiese kern
magnetic coupling: magnetiese koppeling
magnetic creep (magnetic viscosity): magnetiese draling (magnetiese viskositeit)
magnetic cycle: magnetiese siklus
magnetic damping: magnetiese demping
magnetic declination: magnetiese deklinasie (kompas) magnetic deflection: magnetiese defleksie (elektronebundel) magnetic deflector: magnetiese deflektor
magnetic density: magnetiese digtheid
magnetic difference of potential: magnetiese potensiaalverskil
magnetic dipole (magnetic doublet): magnetiese dipool (gelyke teenoorgestelde ladings of polariteit)
magnetic doublet (magnetic dipole): magnetiese dipool magnetic drag (magnetic resistance): magnetiese weerstand magnetic drag tachometer: magnetieseweerstandtagometer magnetic drum: magnetiese trom (rekenaar)
magnetic effect: magnetiese effek
magnetic energy: magnetiese energie (vloed-digtheid x veldsterkte op demagnetiseerkromme)
magnetic equilibrium: magnetiese ewewig
magnetic equipotential line: magnetiese ekwipotensiaallyn (puntelokus met dieselfde potensiaal)
magnetic field: magnetiese veld
magnetic field intensity: Kyk ‘magnetic field strength” magnetic field strength: magnetiese veldsterkte magnetic flux: magnetiese vloed
magnetic flux density: magnetiese vloeddigtheid magnetic flux line: magnetiesevloed-lyn magnetic focusing: magnetiese fokussering magnetic force: magnetiese krag
magnetic full-voltage starter: magnetiese vol-spanningsaansitter (direkte magnetiese aansitter)
magnetic hysteresis: magnetiese histerese
magnetic hysteresis loop (B/H loop): magnetiese histereselus (B/H-lus)
magnetic hysteresis loss: magnetiese histereseverlies
magnetic inclination: magnetiese inklinasie
magnetic induction: magnetiese induksie magnetic intensity: Kyk “magnetic field intensity” magnetic leakage: magnetiese lekkasie magnetic lens: magnetiese lens
magnetic line: magnetiese lyn
magnetic line of force: magnetiese kraglyn magnetic link: magnetiese skakel magnetic loss: magnetiese verlies magnetic material: magnetiese materiaal magnetic meridian: magnetiese meridiaan
magnetic microscope (electron microscope): magnetiese mikroskoop, magnetiese elektronemikroskoop
magnetic moment: magnetiese moment magnetic neutrality: magnetiese neutraliteit magnetic neutral plane: magnetiese neutrale vlak
magnetic overload relay: magnetiese oorlas-relê, magnetiese oorstroomrelê
magnetic path: magnetiese baan
magnetic permeability: magnetiese permeabiliteit
magnetic pole: 1. magnetiese pool 2. (magnet pole): magneetpool
magnetic pole strength: magnetiese pool-sterkte (magnetic moment divided by distance between poles)
magnetic potential: magnetiese potensiaal
magnetic potential difference: magnetiese potensiaalverskil magnetic properties (magnetic qualities): magnetiese eienskappe magnetic pull: magnetiese trekkrag
magnetic pulley: magnetiese bandkatrol
magnetic qualities (magnetic properties): magnetiese eienskappe
magnetic quantity: magnetiese grootheid magnetic recorder: magnetiese opnemer magnetic relay starter: magnetiese relê-aansitter magnetic repulsion: magnetiese afstoting magnetic residual loss: magnetiese resverlies
magnetic resistance (magnetic drag): magnetiese weerstand
magnetic saturation: magnetiese versadiging magnetic screen (magnetic shield): magnetiese skerm magnetic sensitivity: magnetiese gevoeligheid
magnetic separator: magnetiese skeier (coal purification)
magnetic shell: magnetiese dop
magnetic shield (magnetic screen): magnetiese skerm
magnetic shunt: magnetiese sjunt
magnetic slip coupling: magnetiese glykoppeling
magnetic spectrograph: beta-spektrometer, magnetiese spektrograaf
magnetic strain: magnetiese vervorming
magnetic stress-strain loop: magnetiese spanningvervormingslus
magnetic tape: magnetiese band
magnetic test coil (exploring coil): magnetiese toetsspoel

magnetic time relay: magnetiese tydrelê
magnetic valve: magnetiese klep
magnetic-vane meter: magnetiesevaan-meter
magnetic variation: magnetiese variasie
magnetic viscosity (magnetic creep): magnetiese viskositeit, magnetiese draling
magnetic wire: magnetiese draad magnetisable: magnetiseerbaar magnetisation 1.: magnetisering
magnetisation 2. (intensity of magnetisation): magnetiseersterkte magnetisation characteristic: magnetiseerkenkromme magnetisation current (magnetising current): magnetiseerstroom magnetisation curve (B/H curve): B/H-kromme, magnetiseerkromme magnetise: magnetiseer
magnetised: gemagnetiseer magnetised bar: gemagnetiseerde staaf magnetised core: gemagnetiseerde kern
magnetised electrically: elektries gemagnetiseer magnetised surface: gemagnetiseerde oppervlak magnetising action: magnetiseerwerking, magnetisering magnetising branch: magnetiseertak
magnetising coil: magnetiseerspoel
magnetising component: magnetiseerkomponent magnetising current: magnetiseerstroom magnetising field: magnetiseerveld
magnetising field strength: magnetiseerveldsterkte
magnetising flux: magnetiseervloed
magnetising flux density: magnetiseervloeddigtheid magnetising force: Kyk “magnetic field strength” magnetising impedance: magnetiseerimpedansie magnetism: magnetisme
magnetite: magnetiet magnetization: magnetisering magneto: magneto
magneto-electric relay: magnetoëlektriese relê
magneto generator: magnetogenerator
magnetohydrodynamic generator: magneto-hidrodinamiese generator
magnetohydrodynamics: magnetohidrodinamika
magneto-ionic wave component: mag-netoToniese golfkomponent
magnetometer: magnetometer
magnetomotive force: magnetomotoriese krag
magneton (Bohr magneton): magneton (Bohr-magneton) (Eenheid v. magn. moment vir elektron)
magnetoresistance: magnetoweerstand
magnetoscope: magnetoskoop
magnetostriction: magnetostriksie (elastiese vervorming v. magn. materiaal by aan-wending v. magnetiseerkrag)
magnet pole (magnetic pole): magneetpool
magnet ring: magneetring
magnetron: magnetron (termioniese buis) magnet spindle: magneetspil (in instrumente) magnet spool: magneetspoel
magnet steel: magneetstaal
magnet system: magneetstelsel
magnet valve: magneetklep (klep met magn. werking) magnet wheel (field spider): magneetwiel, veldster magnet winding: magneetwikkeling
magnet wire: spoeldraad
magnet yoke (magnet frame): magneetjuk (deel sender die wikkeling) magnitude: 1. grootte (alg.) 2. omvang, strek 3. grootheid (wisk.) magnon: magnon (kwantum spingolfenergie)
Magnox: Magnox (magnesiumlegering) Magslip: Magslip (outomatiese sinchroniseerder) main: hoof-, hoofleiding
main anode: hoofanode main battery: hoofbattery main bearing: hooflaer main busbar: hoofgeleistam
main bus pipe: hoofstampyp
main circuit: hoofbaan, hoofkring
main circuit-breaker: hoofstroombreker
main connection: hoofverbinding
main contact: hoofkontak
main control: 1. hoofkontrole (konkreet) 2. hoofbeheer (abstrak)
main control valve: hoofbeheerklep
main conveyor: hoofvervoerder (steenkool)
main current coil: hoofstroomspoel main discharge: hoofontlading main electrode: hoofelektrode main excitation: hoofopwekking
main exciting winding: hoofopwekwikkeling
main feed: hooftoevoer
main feed drain valve: hoofvoer-pyp-dreineerklep main feed isolating valve: hooftoevoerafsonderklep main field: hoofveld
main field polarity: hoofveldpolariteit
main field winding: hoofveldwikkeling
main flue: hoofrookgaskanaal, hoofrookgasgang main flue isolating valve: hoofrookgasafsonderklep main flux: hoofvloed
main flux distribution curve: hoofvloeddistribusiekromme
main frequency: hooffrekwensie
main gap: hoofgaping
main incomer: hooftoevoerleiding main isolating valve: hoofafsonderklep main keying circuit: hoofsleutelbaan main kW.h meter: hoof-kW.h-meter
main lower auxiliary relay: hoofafjahulprelê
main magnetomotive force: hoofmag-netomotoriese krag
main motor: hoofmotor
main oil pump: hoofoliepomp
main pole: hoofpool
main power supply: hoofkragtoevoer
main protection: hoofbeveiliging
main raise auxiliary relay: hoofopjahulprelê
mains (power mains, supply mains):
hoofleiding, kragnet mains current: netstroom mains entry: netinlaat main set: hoofstel
main set steam: hoofstelstoom
mains fail lamp: netonderbrekingslamp
mains failure: netonderbreking
mains failure relay: netonderbrekingsrelê
mains frequency (mains supply frequency): nettoevoerfrekwensie
main shaft: hoofas
mains hum: netgebrom
mains interference: netsteuring
mains pilot lamp: netkliklamp
main steam isolating valve: hoofstoomafsonderklep
main steam stop valve: hoofstoomafsluitklep
main step-up transformer: hoofverhogingstransformator
mains supply: nettoevoer
mains transformer: nettransformator
main supply: hooftoevoer mains voltage: netspanning main switch: hoofskakelaar maintain: in stand hou
maintaining voltage (burning voltage): glimspanning
maintenance: instandhouding
maintenance bay: instandhoudingsvak (hidr. krag) maintenance costs: instandhoukoste maintenance factor: standhoufaktor maintenance kit: instandhougereedskapZ-stel maintenance program: instandhouprogram
maintenance repair gang: instandhoudingsherstelspan maintenance section: instandhoudingsafdeling maintenance service: instandhoudiens
maintenance spares: instandhou-onderdele, reserwedele
main terminal: hoofaansluiter, hoofklem
main thrust bearing: hoofdruklaer
main transformer: hooftransformator (bv. fabriek) main transformer winding: hooftransformatorwikkeling main trip: hoofklink
main valve: hoofklep
main voltage transformer: hoofspanningstransformator
main winding: hoofwikkeling major axis (long axis): langas make v: sluit (bv. kontak) make and break: sluit en'breek
make-and-break contact: sluit-en-breekkontak make-before-break contact: sluit-voor-breekkontak make-break time: sluit-breektyd
make contact: sluitkontak
make current: sluitstroom
making capacity: sluitstroomvermoë (kontak)
make-off: afheg (kabel) make-off clamp: afhegklamp make spring: sluitveer
make-time: sluittyd
make-to-break ratio: sluit-breekverhouding make-up injection pump: aanvulinspuitpomp make-up tank: aanvultenk
make-up water: aanvulwater
maladjustment: wanstelling
make pipe connection: skroefdraadpypverbinding
making current: sluitstroom
male plug (contact plug, plug): kontakprop, prop
malfunctioning (maloperation, false operation, faulty operation, incorrect operation): foutiewe werking
maloperation (false operation, faulty operation, incorrect operation, malfunctioning): foutiewe werking
manganin: manganien (koperbasislegering vir resistors)
man-door: manluik manhole: mangat man hour: man-uur
manifold: spruitstuk, verdeelstuk
manipulated variable: gemanipuleerde veranderlike manometer: manometer (meting v. druk in vloeistof of gas) mantle (incandescent mantle): gloeikous
manual: hand-manual combustion control: handverbrandingsbeheer
manual control: 1. handbeheer 2. handkontrole manual control device: handbeheertoestel manual emergency trip: handnoodklink manual load division: hand-lasverdeling
manual lockout device: handbediende grendeltoestel manually controlled plant: handbeheerde installasie manually operated (hand-operated): hand-, handbediende manually operated switch: Kyk manual switch”
manual operation: handbediening
manual-reset relay: handterugstelrelê
manual-reset thermal protector: termiese beveiliger met handterugstelling
manual speed adjustment: handspoedstelling manual switch (hand switch): handskakelaar manual switching: handskakeling
manual trip: handklink
manual tripping: handklinking
manufacturer’s instructions: fabrieksinstruk-sies, vervaardigersinstruksies
manufacturer’s number: fabrieksnommer, vervaardigersnommer
marginal current: grensstroom
marginal relay: grensrelê
marginal resistance box: grensweerstandskas
margin of commutation: kommutasiespeling
margin of safety (limit of safety, safety limit): veiligheidsgrens
margin of stability: stabiliteitsgrens married joint: seekatlas marshalling box: versamelkas marshalling kiosk: versamelhokkie
martyr isolating valve: slaafafsonderklep
masonry dam: messeldam
mass cable: massakabel (In voorraad.

mass concrete: massabeton
mass-energy equation: massa-energievergelyking
mass-impregnated and drained insulation: nageïmpregneerde en gedreineerde isolasie
mass-impregnated cable: nageïmpregneerde kabel
mass-impregnated non-draining insulation: nageïmpregneerde drupvrye isolasie
mast (tower): mas
mast base insulation: masvoetisolasie master alarm relay: hoofalarmrelê master circuit: hoofstroombaan master clock: hoofklok, moederklok master contactor: hoofkontaktor
master controller: hoofkontrole, hoofkon-troleerder (generators; ook motorkarvertraers)
master control panel: hoofbeheerpaneel
master gauge (check gauge, reference gauge): ykmaat
master governor: hoofreëlaar
master/slave operation: meester/slaafwerking
master switch: hoofskakelaar
master synchronization pulse: hoofsinchroniseerimpuls
master trip: meesterklink
master trip relay: meesterklinkrelê
mast insulation: masisolasie mat: blad (transformator) match: 1. aanpas 2. paar
matched impedance: aangepaste impedansie matched junction: aangepaste aansluiting matched load: aangepaste las
matched transmission line: aangepaste transmissielyn
matching: 1. aanpassing 2. paring matching coil: aanpasspoel matching network: aanpasnet matching section: (aan)passtuk
matching transformer: aanpastransformator matching unit: aanpaseenheid mathematical model: wiskundige model mating contact: paarkontak, paskontak mating face: pasvlak
mating member: pasdeel
mating plug: pasprop
mating terminal: paaraansluiter, pasaansluiter
matrix (host crystal, host, base, base material, bulk material): moedermateriaal
maximum arc brightness: maksimum booghelderheid
maximum asymmetric three-phase short-circuit current: maksimum asimmetriese driefasige kortsluitstroom
maximum capacity: maksimum vermoë
maximum continuous rating: maksimum deurlopende kenvermoë/kendrywing maximum current: maksimum stroom
maximum deflection: maksimum defleksie of uitwyking
maximum demand: maksimum aanvraag
maximum demand indicator: maksimumaanvraagaanwyser maximum demand tariff: maksimumaanvraagtarief maximum design voltage: See “rated maximum voltage" maximum efficiency: maksimum rendement
maximum electromotive force: maksimum elektromotoriese krag
maximum excursion: maksimum tydelike afwyking maximum flow valve: maksimumvloeiklep maximum head: maksimumdrukhoogte (hidr.)
maximum initial brightness: maksimum aanvangshelderheid maximum intrinsic flux: maksimum intrinsieke vloed maximum limit gauge: maksimumgrensmaat
maximum line voltage: maksimum lynspanning maximum linkage: maksimum koppeling (vloed) maximum load: maksimum las, maksimum belasting maximum output: maksimum lowering
maximum permissible speed: maksimum toelaatbare spoed maximum potential difference: maksimum potensiaalverskil maximum power: maksimum arbeidstempo
maximum power dissipation: maksimum kragdissipasie maximum power factor: maksimum arbeidsfaktor maximum power input: maksimum inset
maximum recording attachment: maksimumregistrasiehegstuk
maximum sag: maksimum deurhang
maximum simultaneous demand: maksimum gelyktydige aanvraag
maximum steam pressure: maksimum stoomdruk
maximum surge: maksimum stuwing (hidr. krag)
maximum torque: maksimum draaimoment, staakdraaimoment
maximum unit stress: maksimum eenheidspanning
maximum value: maksimum waarde
maximum vapour tension: maksimum dampspanning
maxwell: maxwell (eenheid v. magn. vloed; verouderd; 1 = 10-8 weber)
Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics: statistiek van Maxwell en Boltzmann
Maxwell-Boltzmann velocity-distribution law: snelheidsverdelingswet van Maxwell en Boltzmann
Maxwell bridge: Maxwell-brug
Maxwellian distribution: Maxwell-verspreiding
Maxwell’s rule: reel van Maxwell
McColl protective system: McColl-beveiligingstelsel (kragnette)
McLeod gauge: McLeod-meter
mean capacity: gemiddelde kapasiteit
mean free path: gemiddelde vrye baanlengte (van ’n gelaaide deeltjie)
mean hemispherical candle power: gemiddelde hemisferiese kerskrag (bo en onder horisontale vlak deur ligbron)
mean horizontal candle power: gemiddelde horisontale kerskrag (in alle rigtings op

vlak deur ligbron)
mean horizontal intensity: gemiddelde horisontale intensiteit
mean life (average life): gemiddelde lewensduur
mean phase power: gemiddelde fasekrag
mean power (average power): gemiddelde vermoë
mean producibility: gemiddelde produksiever-moë (van ’n hidroëlektriese kragstasie)
mean spherical candle power: gemiddelde sferiese kerskrag mean spherical intensity: gemiddelde sferiese intensiteit mean temperature: gemiddelde temperatuur
mean time between failures (MTBF): gemiddelde tyd tussen onderbrekings/tot onklaar-raking (GTTO)
mean time to failure: Kyk “mean time between failures’’
mean torque: gemiddelde wringkrag
mean turn: gemiddelde winding
mean value (average value): gemiddelde waarde)
mean zonal candle power (mean conical candle power): gemiddelde koniese kerskrag
measurand: waarde wat bepaal moet word measure: 1. maat 2. maatstaf 3. maatreël measure v.: meet
measurement: 1. (dimension 2.): afmeting, maat 2. meting
measuring apparatus: meetapparaat measuring bridge: meetbrug measuring current: meetstroom measuring device: meettoestel measuring instrument: meetinstrument
measuring junction: meetlas (termokoppel)
measuring range: meetbestek
measuring relay: meetrelê
measuring spark-gap: meet-vonkgaping measuring transductor: meettransduktor mechanical admittance: meganiese admittansie mechanical coal cutter: meganiese steenkoolsnyer mechanical damping: meganiese demping mechanical defect: meganiese defek
mechanical drive: meganiese aandrywing
mechanical efficiency: meganiese rendement
mechanical equivalent of heat (Joule’s equivalent): Joule se ekwivalent, meganiese warmte- ekwivalent
mechanical friction loss: meganiesewrywingsverlies mechanical impedance: meganiese impedansie mechanically driven oil pump: meganiese oliepomp
mechanically operated (mechanically actuated): meganies, meganiese, meganies aan-gedryf, meganies bedien
mechanical part: meganiese onderdeel
mechanical power input: meganiesekrag-inset
mechanical precipitator: meganiese ontstow-wer, meganiese presipitator (rookgas)
mechanical rectifier: meganiese gelykrigter mechanical relay: meganiese relê mechanical seal: meganiese digting
medium Edison screw cap: medium Edisonskroefdop
medium fat coal: halfvetkool
medium heat turbine: mediumvalturbine
medium oil: medium olie
medium-speed alternator: mediumspoedalternator
medium voltage: medium spanning
medium-voltage installation: mediumspanningsinstallasie
mega-(M-): mega-(M-) (1 miljoen)
megabar*: megabar*
mega-electronvolt (MeV): mega-elektronvolt (MeV)
megahertz (MHz): megahertz (MHz)
megaline: megalyn (1 miljoen lyne magn. vloed)
megatron (lighthouse-tube, disk-seal tube): megatron (elektronebuis)
megavolt: megavolt
megavolt ampere (MV.A): megavolt-ampêre (MV.A)
megawatt (MW): megawatt (MW)
megawatt day (MW.d): megawatt-dag (MW.d)
megger: Kyk “megohmmeter”
megohm: megohm
megohmmeter: megger, megohmmeter
memory relay: geheuerelê
mercurial thermometer: kwiktermometer
mercury arc: kwikboog
mercury-arc converter: kwikboogkonvertor mercury-arc inverter: kwikboogwisselrigter mercury-arc lamp: Kyk “mercury-vapour lamp” mercury-arc rectifier: kwikbooggelykrigter mercury bath: kwikbad
mercury battery: kwikbattery
mercury blended lamp: kwikdampmenglamp
mercury cathode: kwikkatode mercury chamber: kwikkamer mercury contact: kwikkontak
mercury contact-relay: kwikkontakrelê
mercury discharge lamp (mercury lamp, mercury vapour discharge lamp, mercury vapour lamp): kwikdamplamp, kwiklamp
mercury electrode: kwikelektrode
mercury friction: kwikwrywing
mercury lamp: Kyk “mercury-vapour lamp” mercury motor meter: kwikmotormeter mercury pool: kwikpoel
mercury-pool cathode: kwikpoelkatode
mercury relay: kwikrelê
mercury reservoir: kwikreservoir mercury stream cycle: kwikstroomsiklus mercury switch: kwikskakelaar
mercury-tungsten lamp: kwikwolframlamp
mercury vapour: kwikdamp
mercury-vapour discharge lamp: Kyk “mercury vapour lamp”
mercury-vapour ions: kwikdampione
mercury vapour lamp (mercury discharge lamp, mercury lamp, mercury vapour discharge lamp): kwikdamplamp, kwiklamp
mercury-vapour rectifier: kwikdampgelykrigter
mercury-vapour tube: kwikdampbuis

Merz Price balanced voltage system: span-ningsbalansstelsel van Merz Price
Merz Price cable protection: Merz Price-kabelbeveiliging
Merz Price circulating current system: Merz Price-sirkuleerstroomstelsel
Merz-Price protective system: Merz-Price-beveiligingstelsel
mesh: maas, netveelhoek
mesh circuit: veelhoekkring
mesh-connected: in veelhoek verbind
mesh-connected winding: veelhoekwikkeling mesh-connection: veelhoekverbinding meshed network: maasnet
mesh-mesh connection: veelhoek-veelhoekverbinding
mesh-operated network: maasgeskakelde net mesh-star connection: veelhoek-sterverbinding mesh voltage: veelhoekspanning
meson (mesotron): meson, mesotron (kern.)
mesotron (meson): meson, mesotron
messenger wire (bearer cable, catenary (wire), messenger cable): drakabel, kettingdraad
metadyne generator (cross-field generator): metadinegenerator
metal circuit (metallic circuit): metaalbaan
metal clad: metaalomhul (afsonderlik, bv. on-derdele v. skakeltuig)
metal cladding: metaalomhulsel
metal-clad switch: metaalomhulde skakelaar metal-clad switchgear: metaalomhulde skakeltuig metal-coated (mirror) bulb: spieëlkolf
metal-coated carbon fibre brush: metaal-bedekte koolveselborsel
metal conductor: metaalgeleier
metal electrode protector: metaalelektrode-afleier
metal-enclosed apparatus: metaalomslote ap-paraat of toestel
metal-filament lamp: metaalgloeidraadlamp
metal foil: metaalfoelie
metal-graphite brush: metaalgrafietbosel metal halide lamp: metaalhaliedlamp metallic braid: metaalomvlegting (kabels)
metallic circuit: metaalkring, metaalverbinding
metallic contact: metaalkontak
metallic electrode: metaalelektrode metallic rectifier: Kyk “metallic rectifier cell” metallic rectifier cell: metaalgelykrigsel
metallic rectifier stack: metaalgelykrigterstapel
metallic resistor: metaalresistor metallic sheath: metaalmantel metallized lamp: gemetalliseerde lamp
metallised (paper) resistor: gemetalliseerdepapierresistor
metallised (paper) capacitor: gemetalliseerdepapierkapasitor
metal-oxide rectifier: Kyk “metal rectifier', “barrier film rectifier', “dry-plate rectifier”
metal-paper capacitor: metaal-papierkapasitor
metal rectifier (barrier-film rectifier, dry plate rectifier): metaalgelykrigter
metal resistance: metaalweerstand
metal temperature thermocouple: metaaltem-peratuurtermokoppel (meting)
metal vapour lamp: metaaldamplamp
metastable equilibrium: metastabiele ewewig
meter n.: 1. meter (elek.) 2. teller (bv. telefoonoproepe)
meter v.: 1. meet 2. tel
meter accommodation: meterakkommodasie meter-adjusting device: meterinsteltoestel meter base: metermonteerplaat
meter bottom bearing: onderlaer (van ’n meter) meter braking element: remelement van ’n meter meter bridge: Kyk “potentiometer”
meter bypass valve: meteromloopklep
meter calibration: meterkalibrering, meteryking
meter case: meterkas
meter change-over clock: meteromskakelklok
meter constant: meterkonstante
meter correction factor: meterkorreksiefaktor
meter cover: meterdeksel
metered feeder panel: metervoerderpaneel
metered time: gemete tyd
meter frame (meter support): meterraam
metering cable: meetkabel
metering current transformer: meetstroomtransformator
metering installation: meetinstallasie metering pump: meetpomp (waterbehandeling) metering range: meetgebied
metering selection relay: meetkiesrelê metering transformer: meettransformator metering valve: reëlklep (dempers) metering voltage: meterspanning
meter isolating valve: meterafsonderklep
meter kiosk: meterkiosk
meter panel: meterpaneel
meter panel link: meterpaneelskakel
meter protection voltage transformer (meter protection V.T.): meterbeveiliging- spanningstransformator
meter range: meterbestek, meterstrek
meter reading: 1. meteraflesing, meterlesing 2. die lees van meters, meterlesing
meter-relay: meterrelê
meter shunt: meteromtak
meters per second (m/s): meter per sekonde (m/s)
meter support (meter frame): meterraam meter terminal cover: kleindeksel van meter meter test block: metertoetsblok
meter with maximum demand indicator: meter met maksimumaanvraagaanwysing meter with maximum demand recorder: meter met maksimumaanvraagregistreerder metre: meter (lengtemaat)
metre bridge: meterbrug
metre-candle: meterkers
metre-kilogram-second (MKS): meter-kilogram-sekonde (MKS)
metre-kilogram-second-ampere unit (MKSA-unit): meter-kilogram-sekonde-ampêre-eenheid (MKSA-eenheid)
metres per second (m/s): meter per sekonde (m/s)
metric ton (tonne*) (t): metrieke ton (t)
metric wave: metergolf

mho: mho (herlei na siemens vir S.I.)
mica capacitor (mica condenser): mikakapasitor mica condenser (mica capacitor): mikakapasitor mica flake: mikaskilfer
mica folium: mikafoelie
mica insulation: mika-isolasie
micanite: mikaniet (gebonde mikaskilfers)
micarta lining: micartavoering mica sheet: mikablad, mikaplaat microammeter: mikroammeter microampere: mikroampêre microcoulomb: mikrocoulomb
microfarad (/xF): mikrofarad (/xF) microgap switch: mikrospleetskakelaar
microhenry: mikrohenry
microhm: mikrohm
micro-mho: mikromho (Kyk “mho1)
micromanometer: mikromanometer
micro-microfarad* (picofarad): mikro-mikrofarad*, pikofarad micromicrowatt* (picowatt): mikromikrowatt* (pikowatt) micron: mikron
micro switch: mikroskakelaar microvoid: mikroholte (isolasie) microvolt: mikrovolt microvoltmeter: mikrovoltmeter microwatt: mikrowatt microwave: mikrogolf
middle phase: middelfase
middle wire: middeldraad (middelste draad) middle conductor: Kyk “neutral conductor” middlings: slenterkool
midget transformer: dwergtransformator mid-point earth link: middelpuntaardskakel mid-point tapping n.: middeltappunt
mid-position contact: middelstandkontak
mid-section (mid-point) voltage: middelpuntspanning
midspan connector: middelspanverbinder
midspan earth-wire joint: middelspan-aarddraadlasstuk
midspan joint: middelspanlas, middelspanlasstuk
mild steel: sagtestaal, weekstaal mill: meul(e) (mv. meule(n)s) mill cooling air: meulkoellug
mill differential: meuldifferensiaal
Miller effect: Miller-effek
Miller bridge: Miller-brug mill feeder: meulvoerder mill gear box: meulratkas mill girth gear: meulkransrat
mill heavy: meul swaar belas milliammeter: milliammeter milliampere: milliampêre
millibar* (mbar*): millibar* (mbar*) (100 pascal)
millifarad: millifarad milligram: milligram millihenry: millihenry
millilambert* (mL)*: millilambert* (mL)* (herlei na cd/m2 vir SI)
millilitre (ml): milliliter (ml)
millilux: millilux
millimeter (mm): millimeter (mm)
milling plant: meulaanleg mill inlet air: meulinlaatlug milliohm: milliohm millisecond: millisekonde millivolt (mV): millivolt (mV) millivoltmeter: millivoltmeter milliwatt: milliwatt
mill light: meul lig belas
mill loading: meullas, meulvrag mill lubricant: meulsmeermiddel mill oil pump: meuloliepomp mill outlet: meuluitlaat
mill ring pressure: meulringdruk mill running hours: meulbedryfsure mill scale: walsskaal (oksied)
mill stationary temperature: meulstilstaantemperatuur
mills busmain: meullugstam
mill tempering air: meultemperlug
mimic diagram: skema, nabootsdiagram (elek.)
mimic diagram board: skemabord mimic panel: skemapaneel minantite: minantiet
mineral-insulated cable (MIC, m.i. cable): mineraalgelsoleerde kabel (MIK)
mineral oil: mineraalolie
Mines and Works Act: Wet op Myne en Bedrywe
miniature circuit-breaker (MCB): miniatuur-stroombreker (MSB) miniature Edison screw (M.E.S.): miniatuur-Edison-skroef (MES) miniature integrated circuit (chip): miniatuur geïntegreerde kring miniature polarised relay: gepolariseerde miniatuurrelê miniaturise: verminiatuur
miniature socket: miniatuursok
minimise: minimaliseer
minimum clearance: minimum vry ruimte (na aarde)
minimum current: minimum stroom
minimum frequency relay: minimumfrekwensierelê minimum fusing-current: minimum smeltstroom minimum head: minimum drukhoogte
minimum length of break: minimum kontakafstand
minimum phase-frequency characteristic: minimumfasefrekwensie-kenkromme
minimum-phase function: minimumfase-funksie minimum-phase network: minimumfase-net minimum-pressure governor: minimumdrukreëlaar
minimum reactance function: minimumreaktansiefunksie
minimum relay: minimumrelê
minimum-stop release: minimumstand-ontgrendeling
minimum surge: minimum stuwing (hidr. krag)
minimum-susceptance function: minimumsusseptansiefunksie
minimum torque: minimum wringkrag
mini-substation: minisubstasie
minor consumer: kleinverbruiker (krag)

minus tapping: minustap
mirror (metal coated) bulb: spieëlkolf
mirror instrument: spieëlinstrument
misalignment: 1. waninstelling (bv. radio) 2. wanrigting
misfire: misslag (gelykrigter), weiering
misfire v.: kets (enjin) missing operation: weiering mission: bedryfsdoel
mix: 1. mengsel 2. (proportion): mengselverhouding mixed bed air blower: mengbed-lugblaser (watersuiwering) mixed bed ion exchanger: mengbedioonruiler
mixed coking coal: mengkookskool
mixed flow turbine: mengvloeiturbine (radiaal-aksiaal) mixed light lamp (blended light lamp): mengliglamp mirror galvanometer: spieëlgalvanometer
mixed loading: mengbelasting, menglas
mixed semi-conductor: gemengde halfgeleier (met negatiewe elektrone en positiewe holtes)
mixed smalls: gemengde gruiskool
mixed transmission: gemengde deurlating (verligting)
mixer valve: mengklep
mixing circuit: mengbaan
mixing tee: meng-T, meng-T-stuk (waterbehandeling)
mobile substation: mobiele substasie
mobility: beweeglikheid (van ’n gelaaide deelt-jie in 'n elektriese veld)
mode: modus, orde, trillingvorm (golwe)
mode changer (mode converter, mode transformer, mode transducer): modusomvormer mode converter (mode changer, mode transducer, mode transformer): modusomvormer (golfleier)
mode filter: modusfilter (in ’n golfleierbaan)
modeling: modellering (stelselontleding)
mode of operation: bedryfswyse (pompopgaarstelsel) mode of propagation: voortplantingsmodus (golwe) mode purity: modussuiwerheid
mode transducer (mode converter, -changer, -transformer): modusomvormer mode transformer (mode changer, -converter, -transducer): modusomvormer modular construction: modulêre konstruksie
modulated continuous wave: gemoduleerde gelykgolf
modulation noise: modulasieruis modulator electrode: moduleerelektrode module: module
Moellerhoj cable: Moellerhoj-kabel
moisture extraction plant: vogverwyderingsaanleg moisture insulation: vogisolasie, vogisolering moisture-proof: vogdig
moisture-proof socket: vogdigte sok
moisture-repellant (moisture-repelling): vogwerend
moisture-resistant: vogbestand molecular magnet: molekulêre magneet molecular mass: molekulêre massa
molecular theory of magnetisation: molekulêre teorie van magnetisering molecular theory of magnetism: molekulêre teorie van magnetisme molecular weight: molekulêre gewig
molybdenum permalloy: molibdeenpermallooi
molybdenum wire: molibdeendraad
moment: moment
momentary current: oomblikstroom
momentary energisation: kortstondige bekragting
momentary overload: kortstondige oorbelasting
moment of a magnet (magnetic moment): magnetiese moment
moment of a dipole: dipoolmoment moment of a force: kragmoment moment of inertia: traagheidsmoment
moment of resistance: weerstandsmoment
moment of rotation (turning moment): draaimoment
moment of torsion (torsional moment, twisting moment): torsiemoment, wringmoment
momentum: momentum
momentum per second: momentum per sekonde
momentum transfer: momentumoordrag monel (metal): monel, monelmetaal monitor n.: monitor
monitor v.: moniteer monitor gain: monitorwins monitoring: monitering
monitoring circuit: moniteerbaan monitoring relay: moniteerrelê monitoring system: moniteerstelsel
mono-bias protection: voorspanningsrigting-beveiliging (van geleistamme)
monocyclic starting: monosiklusaansitting
monkey winch: toutrektrommel
monophase alternator (single-phase alternator): eenfasealternator monoplane filament (USA) (uniplanar filament (UK)): eenvlakgloeidraad monopolar: eenpolig
monostable multivibrator: Kyk “flip-flop 2”
Moore light: Moore-lig (buislig, nie kwik-of natriumdamp)
motional capacitance: bewegingskapasitan-sie, kinetiese kapasitansie motional impedance: bewegingsimpedansie, kinetiese impedansie motional inductance: bewegingsinduktansie, kinetiese induktansie motive force: beweegkrag
motive power (driving power): dryfkrag
motive water (transfer water): oorvoerwater
motive water pipe: straalwaterpyp (sentrifugale skeier)
motor n.: motor (elek.) (mv. motore)
motor action: motorwerking motor alternator: motoralternator motor capacity: motorvermoë
motor characteristic: motorkenkromme
motor combination (abbreviation, combination): motorverbinding
motor compressor: motorkompressor
motor convertor: motoromsetter
motor connection box: motorverbindingskas
motor contactor: motorkontaktor
motor current (motoring current): motorstroom
motor cut-out: motoruitskakelaar
motor drive: motoraandrywing
motor-driven air pump: motorgedrewe lugpomp

motor-driven blower: motorgedrewe blaser
motor-driven switchgroup: motorgedrewe skakelaargroep
motor efficiency: motorrendement motor exciter: motoropwekker motor failure: motoronklaarraking
motor-field failure relay: motorversnellingsveldrelê motor-field induction heater: motorveldinduksieverhitter motor-field protective relay: motorveldbeveiligingsrelê
motor generator: motorgenerator (vir ander spanning of frekwensie as inset) motor/generator: motor/generator (wat enigeen van die twee funksies kan verrig) motor-generator set: motorgeneratorstel, motorontwikkelaarstel
motoring: aandrywing
motoring current (motor current): motorstroom
motor input: motorinset motorise: motoriseer motor meter: motormeter
motor-operated breaker: motorgedrewe (stroom)breker
motor-operated link: motorgedrewe skakel
motor-overload relay: motoroorlasrelê
motor overvoltage trip: motoroorspanningsklink motor potential difference: motorpotensiaalverskil motor protection: motorbeveiliging
motor starter: motoraansitter
motor terminal: motoraansluiter, motorklem
motor winding: motorwikkeling
motor with compound characteristic: motor met serieparallelveldkenmerk
motor with reciprocating movement: ossilleermotor
motor with series characteristic: motor met serieveldkenmerk motor with shunt characteristic: motor met parallelveldkenmerk moulded capacitor: gevormde kapasitor
moulded electrode: gevormde elektrode
mounting: montering
mounting clip: monteerklem mounting height: monteerhoogte movable arm: beweegbare arm
movable contact (armature contact): beweegbare kontak movement: 1. beweging 2. meganiek (van meter) movement of pole: poolbeweging
moving arm: beweegarm
moving coil: 1. draaispoel (instrument) 2. be-weegspoel (luidspreker)
moving-coil ammeter: draaispoelammeter
moving-coil galvanometer: draaispoelgalvanometer
moving-coil relay: draaispoelrelê moving contact: bewegende kontak moving element: bewegende element moving-iron meter: draaiystermeter
moving-iron type ammeter: draaiysterammeter
moving-magnet galvanometer: beweegmag-neetgalvanometer, draaimagneetgalvanometer
moving-magnet instrument: beweegmagneetinstrument
moving part: bewegende deel
mud drum: moddertrom
mu-factor: mu-faktor, versterkingsfaktor (elektronebuis)
muffle-type furnace: moffeloond
multi-anode (mercury arc) rectifier: vee-lanodegelykrigter, (kwikboog)gelykrigter
multicell dust collector: veelselstofvanger
multicellular voltmeter: veelsellige voltmeter (met bewegende wieke tussen vaste wieke)
multichannel carrier: meerkanaaldraer, multikanaaldraer
multi-channel continuous trace recorder: meerkanaalregistreerder met deurlopende werking
multicoil relay: meerspoelrelê
multijet lane blower: veelstraal-laanblaser (ketels)
multijet tube blower: veelstraalpypblaser (roetblaser)
multi-conductor cable (multi-core cable): veelaarkabel, meeraarkabel multiconductor spacer: veelgeleierskeier, veelgeleierspasieerder multicore cable (multiconductor cable): veelaarkabel, veelarige kabel multicored: 1. veelkernig 2. veelarig
multicore jumper cable: veelaaroorleikabel
multidrop network (multipoint network): mul-tiaftaknet, veelpuntnet
multi-duty gin: veeldoelhyspaal
multi-electrode valve/tube: multiëlektrodebuis multi-element array: multiëlementnet multifilament lamp: veelgloeidraadlamp
multifrequency alternator: multifrekwensiealternator multifrequency system: multifrekwensiestelsel multigap lightning arrester: seriestuwingsafleier multilayer coil: meerlaagspoel
multilayer winding: meerlaagwikkeling
multilevel fluorescent ballast: meervlak-fluoresseerlampballas
multilever starter: meerhefboomaansitter
multimeter (volt-ohm-milliammeter): multimeter, volt-ohm-milliammeter
multipair cable: meerpaarkabel
multi petticoat insulator: veelmantelisolator multiphase system: meerfasestelsel multiple arch dam: meerboogdam
multiple-break contact: multibreukkontak multiple cable joint: meervoudige kabellas multiple circuit: multikring, veelvoudige kring multiple-circuit winding: Kyk “lap winding” multiple conductor (bundle conductor):
multiple contact: veelvoudige kontak
multiple-contact switch: multikontakskakelaar multiple converter: veelvoudige omsetter multiple-core (multicore cable): veelaarkabel
multiple-current generator: veelvoudige generator
multiple dome dam: meerkoepeldam
multiple-earth neutral: veelvoudig geaarde nulgeleier
multiple electrometer: multiëlektrometer
multiple excitation: veelvoudige opwekking
multiple feeder: veelvoudige voerder (parallelskakeling)
multiple ionisation: veelvoudige ionisering
multiple lampholder: veelvoudige lamphouer
multiple parallel winding (multiplex lap winding): Kyk “multiplex winding’’
multiple rectifier circuit: veelgelykrigterbaan
multiple retort stoker: veelvoudige retortstoker
multiple secondary transformer: transformator met veelvoudige sekondêre wikkeling
multiple spark gap: meervoudige vonkgaping
multiple-speed motor: veelspoedmotor, multispoedmotor
multiple switch: multiskakelaar
multiple-switch starter: meertrapaansitter
multiple transmission: meervoudige transmissie
multiple-unit valve or tube: veelvoudige buis, kombinasiebuis
multiple voltage control: veelvoudige spanningsbeheer
multiplex lap winding (multiple parallel winding): Kyk “multiplex winding”
multiplex wave winding: veelvoudige golfwikkeling
multiplex winding: serieparailelwikkeling, veelvoudigelus wikkeling, veelvoudige parallelwikkeling multiplication factor: vermenigvuldigingsfak-tor (van ’n vermenigvuldigingsbuis; verhouding uitgangstroom tot primêre emissiestroom)
multiplier tube: vermenigvuldigingsbuis
multiplying power: vermenigvuldigingskrag
multiplying power: vemenigvuldigingsfaktor (van ’n galvanometersjunt)
multiplug adapter: meerproppasstuk
multipoint coupler: meerpuntkoppelaar
multipoint network (multidrop network): veelpuntnet, multiaftaknet
multipoint temperature: veelpunttemperatuur
multipoint plug: meerpuntprop
multipoint recorder: meerpuntregistreerder multipolar machine: veelpoolmasjien multipole circuit-breaker: veelpoolbreker
multipole rotary switch: veelpoolraaiskakelaar
multipole stator: veelpoolstator
multipole switch: veelpoolskakelaar multiposition switch: meerstandskakelaar multirate meter: meertariefmeter
multiratio current transformer: multiverhouding-stroomtransformator
multirod earth: meerstaafaarde
multisegment commutator: multisegmentkommutator
multisegment magnetron: multisegment-magnetron (buis met ws-lewering)
multispeed motor: multispoedmotor, veelspoedmotor
multistage pump: veeltrappomp multistrand wire; multistringdraad multitapped: veelvoudig getap
multitap transformer: multitaptransformator multitemperature plant: multitemperatuurinstallasie multitoothed rotor: veeltandrotor
multi-unit cable: multibundelkabel multiway duct: multiwegkanaal multiway gland: veelwegdrukstuk multiway switch: meerstandskakelaar
multiwinding transformer: meerwikkelingtransformator
municipal mains: munisipale kragnet
Murray loop test: Murraylustoets (lektoets vir telekomkringe)
mushroom fitting: paddastoellampmontasie mushroom insulator: paddastoelisolator mush winding: onegalige wikkeling mutator motor: mutatormotor
mutator transformer: mutatortransformator mutual capacitance: wedersydse kapasitansie mutual coupling: wedersydse koppeling mutual flux: we(d)ersydse vloed
mutual impedance: wedersydse impedansie
mutual inductance: we(d)ersydse induktansie
mutual inductance coupling: we(d)ersydse-induktansie-koppeling
mutual inductometer: we(d)ersydse induktometer
mutual phase displacement: we(d)ersydse faseverskuiwing
mutual phases: we(d)ersydse fases
mutual surge impedance: we(d)ersydse stuwingsimpedansie
mycalex: mycalex (glasgebonde mika)

n (nano-; neutrino): n (nano-; neutrino) N (newton; neper): N (newton; neper) NA (neutral axis): NA (neutrale as)
NC (National Coarse Series): NC (g rowweskroefd raad reeks)
nF (nanofarad): nF (nanofarad)
NF (National Fine Series): NF (fynskroefdraadreeks)
N.m (newton-meter): N.m (newton-meter)
N pole: N-pool
Np* (neper): Np (neper)
NPSH (nett positive suction head): NPSH (netto positiewe suighoogte) NRV (non-return valve): TSK (terugslagklep) NTS (not to scale): nie op skaal N turn: N-winding
naaldspuitstuk: needle nozzle naaldreëlaar: needle regulator nadir: nadir (laagste punt)
naked: 1. oop (lig) 2. (bare): kaal (draad)
naked light: oop lig
naked wire (bare wire, open wire): kaal draad
nanofarad (nF): nanofarad (nF)
nanosecond: nanosekonde (rek.)
narrow angle lighting fitting: smalstraalmontasie National coarse series: National-growwedraadserie National fine series: National-fyndraadserie national grid: landswye krag net, nasionale kragnet natural abrasive: natuurlike slypmiddel
natural-draught cooling tower: koeltoring met natuurlike trek natural excitation: natuurlike opwekking, vry stroomwerking natural frequency: natuurlike frekwensie (vry ossillasie) natural fuel: natuurlike brandstof
natural lamp (daylight lamp): dagliglamp natural magnet: natuurlike magneet natural magnetism: natuurlike magnetisme
natural oscillation (free oscillation): natuurlike ossillasie, vry ossillasie
natural stability limit: natuurlike stabiliteits-grens (energievloeiing)
natural transient stability limit: natuurlike dinamiese stabiliteitsgrens (onder oorgang- stroomtoestande)
natural-uranium reactor: natuurlike-uraanreaktor (onverrykte uraan)
natural wavelength: natuurlike golflengte
nearby stroke: digby slag (blits)
necessary operation: noodsaaklike werking (beveiliging)
neck: nek (bv. van ’n katodestraalbuis)
needle (pointer): naald, wyser
needle bearing: naaldlaer
needle gap (needle point gap): Kyk volgende
needle-point gap: 1. naaldpuntbrug 2. naaldpuntgaping
needle regulator: naaldreëlaar (hidr.)
negative: negatief
negative acceleration (deceleration, retardation): vertraging
negative after-potential: negatiewe napotensiaal
negative angle: negatiewe hoek negative bias: negatiewe voorspanning negative booster: afjaer
negative brush: negatiewe borsel negative charge: negatiewe lading negative conductor: negatiewe geleier negative current: negatiewe stroom negative cycle: negatiewe siklus negative driving: negatiewe aandrywing
negative electricity: negatiewe elektrisiteit
negative electrode: negatiewe elektrode (katode of negatiewe plaat)
negative electron: Kyk “negatron”
negative end: negatiewe ent
negative glow: negatiewe glimlig (in Crookes-buis) negative glow lamp: negatiewe glimlamp negative half: negatiewe helfte
negative half-cycle: negatiewe halfsiklus
negative impedance converter: omsetter met negatiewe impedansie (Telef.)
negative ion: negatiewe ioon (na elektronewins)
negative line: negatiewe lyn
negatively charged: negatief gelaai
negative phase sequence: negatiewe fasevolgorde
negative phase-sequence impedance: negatiewe fasevolgorde-impedansie negative phase sequence protection: negatiewe fasevolgordebeveiliging negative phase-sequence reactance: negatiewefasevolgordereaktansie negative phase-sequence relay: negatiewefasevolgorde-relê
negative polarity: negatiewe polariteit
negative potential: negatiewe potensiaal
negative potential difference: negatiewe potensiaalverskil
negative proton (antiproton): antiproton (kern.)
negative resistance: negatiewe weerstand (spanningstoename gepaard met stroomafname)
negative return circuit: negatiewe terugleibaan negative rotation: negatiewe draaiing, negatiewe rotasie negative-sequence current: negatiewevolgordestroom
negative-sequence field impedance (negative-sequence impedance): impedansie by negatiewe volgorde
negative sign: negatiewe teken
negative spike: negatiewe naaldspits, negatiewe spits (puls)
negative terminal: negatiewe aansluiter of klem
negative tolerance (minus tolerance): negatiewe toleransie
negative transconductance oscillator (tran-sitron oscillator): transitronossillator
negative value: negatiewe waarde negative voltage: negatiewe spanning negatron (negative electron): negatron neighbouring bodies: buurliggame
neigbouring poles (adjacent poles): buurpole

neon: neon
neon gas: neongas
neon indicator: neonaanwyser (aanwysing v. veld of potensiaalverskil)
neon lamp: neonlamp
neon-mercury lamp: neon-kwiklamp
neon tube: neonbuis
neoprene: neopreen
neper (Np): neper (Np) (8.686 dB)
Nernst bridge: Nernst-brug (kapasitansiemet-ing by hoë frekwensie) Nernst effect: Nernst-effek (potensiaalverskil in metaalstrook in dwarsveld) Nernst lamp: Nernst-lamp (infrarooi strale)
net charge: netto lading
net load: netto las, netto belasting
net load capability: netto lasvermoë net power: netto drywing, netto vermoë network: net, kragnet
network analysis: (krag)netontleding
network constant: netwerkkonstante
networks of general equivalence: algemeen ekwivalente kragnette networks of limited equivalence: voor-waardelik ekwivalente kragnette network phasing relay: netfaseerrelê
network supervisory relay: nettoesigrelê
neutral n. (neutral conductor): neutrale geleier, nulgeleier
neutral a.: neutraal, neutrale
neutral absorber (non-selective absorber, neutral filter): neutrale absorbeerder, nie-selektiewe absorbeerder, neutrale filter
neutral atom: neutrale atoom
neutralator: Kyk “earthing reactor1
neutral auto-transformer: Kyk “earthing reactor” neutral compensator: Kyk “earthing reactor” neutral conductor: neutrale geleier, nulgeleier
neutral earth (earth-connected neutral): neutrale aardverbinding, nulpuntaarding
neutral earthing capacitor: neutraleaardingskapastor neutral earthing compensator: Kyk “earthing reactor” neutral earthing resistor: neutraleaardingsresistor neutral earthing transformer: Kyk “earthing reactor” neutral feeder: neutrale voerder
neutral filter (neutral absorber, non-selective absorber): neutrale absorbeerder, nie-selektiewe absorbeerder, neutrale filter
neutral grid: Kyk “neutral resistor” neutral ground: Kyk “neutral earth1 neutralization: neutralisasie
neutralising solution: neutraliseeroplossing
neutralising winding: neutraliseerwikkeling
neutral link: 1. neutrale skakel 2. sterpuntskakel
neutral, non-selective diffuser: neutrale, nie-selektiewe verspreier (lig)
neutral plane: neutrale vlak
neutral point: 1. nulpunt (magneetveld, midpt. v. neutrale sone) 2. sterpunt (veelfasestelsel)
neutral point displacement protection: nulpuntverskuiwing-beveiliging neutral polarised relay (neutral polar relay): Kyk “neutral relay1 neutral relay (non-polarized relay): neutrale relê
neutral resistor: neutrale resistor
neutral state: neutrale toestand
neutral terminal: 1. neutrale klem (algemeen) 2. nulpuntklem 3. sterpuntklem
neutral wire: neutrale draad neutral zone: neutrale sone neutrino: neutrino (kern)
neutrodyne: neutrodine (versterker met span-ningsterugvoer vanaf kapasitor)
neutron: neutron (ladinglose kerndeeltjie)
neutron burst: neutronsarsie neutron cycle: neutronkringloop neutron flux: neutronvloed neutron leakage: neutronlekkasie
neutron reflector: neutronreflektor, neutronterugkaatser
neutron tight material: neutrondigte materiaal
neutron source: neutronbron
new candle (candela) (cd): kandela (cd)
newton (N): newton (N) (kragte-eenheid)
Newton’s laws of motion: Newton se wette van beweging
nib: 1. (plate lug): vlag 2. pen (noniuspasser)
nicad battery (nickel-cadmium battery): nikad-battery (nikkel-chroombattery)
Nichrome: Nichroom (nikkelchroomlegering vir verwarmingselemente)
nickel n.: nikkel
nickel v.: (nickel-plate): nikkelplateer, vernikkel
nickel-alkaline-type storage battery: nikkel-alkali-akkumulator
nickel alloy: nikkellegering
nickel-chrome alloy: nikkelchroomlegering nickel-chrome cast iron: nikkelchroomgietyster nickel-chrome steel: nikkelchroomstaal
nickel-chrome wire: nikkelchroomdraad
nickel-chromium-carbon steel: nikkelchroomkoolstaal
nickel-copper alloy: nikkelkoperlegering nickel-iron wire: nikkelysterdraad nickel silver: nikkelsilwer
nickel steel: nikkelstaal
nipple: nippel
nit (nt): nit (nt) (1. rekenaarterm 2. 1 kandela/m2)
Nitralloy: nitrallooi (nitriedstaal) nitric acid: salpetersuur nitrogen: stikstof
nitrogen lamp: stikstoflamp
no-break power supply: Kyk “uninterruptible power supply1
no-break power supply unit: eenheid vir deurlopende kragvoorsiening
no-current relay: nulstroom
nodal point (node): 1. nodus (grafiek) 2. knoop (algemeen)
nodule: knoppie
no electromotive force: nul elektromotoriese krag
NO GO gauge: kanniemaat
noise: 1. geraas, lawaai (alg.) 2. ruis,

geruis (radio)
noise factor (noise figure): geruisfaktor
noise level: 1. geraaspeil (meg. uitrusting) 2. ruispeil (elek.)
no load: nullas-no-load armature copper loss: nullasankerkoperverlies
no-load characteristic (no-load curve): nullas(ken)kromme
no-load circuit: nullaskring
no-load current: nullasstroom
no-load curve (no-load characteristic): nullas(ken)kromme
no-load input: nullasinset
no-load field voltage: nullasveldspanning
no-load iron loss: nullasysterverlies
no-load loss (open-circuit loss): nullasverlies, oopkringverlies
no-load operation: nullaswerking
no-load power: nullasvermoë
no-load saturation curve: Kyk “no-load characteristic”
no-load test: nullastoets
no-load vector diagram: nullasvektordiagram
no-load voltage: nullasspanning
nomenclature: 1. nomenklatuur 2. benaming, rtaam 3. naamlys nominal admissible load: nominate toegelate belasting of las nominal average life: nominale gemiddelde lewensduur nominal capacity: nominale vermoë, kenvermoë
nominal circuit voltage: nominale kringspanning
nominal diameter: nominale diameter
nominal dimension (standard dimension): nominale maat, standaardmaat
nominal efficiency: nominale rendement nominal frequency: nominale frekwensie nominal lamp current: nominale lampstroom nominal lamp voltage: nominale lampspanning nominal life: nominale lewensduur
nominal load: nominale belasting, nominale las
nominal pressure: nominale druk
nominal range of use: nominale gebruiksgebied
nominal rated value: nominale kenwaarde
nominal rating: 1. nominale aanslag, nominale taksering 2. nominale kenwaarde
nominal size: nominale grootte
nominal steepness: nominale steilheid (van golffront)
nominal transformation ratio (turns ratio): nominale transformasieverhouding, windingsverhouding
nominal voltage: nominale spanning nomogram (nomograph): nomogram (wisk.) non-abrasive: nie-skurend
non-arcing material: oorvonkvrye materiaal
non-armoured cable: nie-gepantserde kabel
non-axial distribution: nie-aksiale distribusie (verligting)
non-bituminous coal: nie-bitumineuse steen kool
non-bleeding cable: bloeidigte kabel
non-bridging: nie-oorbrugging
non-bridging contacts: nie-oorbrugkontakte
non-coincident: nie-gelyktydig, nie-samevallend
non-combustible insulation: nie-brandbare isolasie
non-conducting material: nie-geleimateriaal (o.a. isolering)
non-conductive: nie-geleidend
non-conductor: nie-geleier
non-corrodible steel (non-corroding steel): korrosiebestande staal non-corroding steel (non-corrodible steel): korrosiebestande staal non-corrosive properties: korrosiebestandheidseienskappe
non-cut-off distribution: nie-afsnyverdeling
non-degenerate gas: nie-ontaarde gas
non-destructive test: nie-destruktiewe toets, nie-vernietigende toets non-directional current protection: nie-gerigte stroombeveiliging non-dissipative: verliesvry, weerstandsloos
non-driving end: nie-dryfent (bv. motor)
non-exposed installation: nie-blootgestelde installasie (aan atmosferiese oorspannings)
non-ferrous alloy: nie-ysterhoudende legering non-ferrous metal: nie-ysterhoudende metaal non-fluorescent: nie-fluoresserend
non-fusing arc-welding electrode: nie-smeltende boogsweiselektrode
non-induced voltage: nie-geinduseerde spanning
non-inductive circuit: induksievry(e) kring, nie-induktiewe kring non-inductive load: nie-induktiewe belasting, nie-induktiewe las non-inductive resistance: nie-induktie-weweerstand
non-inductive resistor: induksievrye resistor
non-inductive rotor: nie-induktiewe rotor
non-inductive shunt (shunting resistor): nie-induktiewe parallelverbinding, nie-induktiewe sjunt, sjuntresistor
non-inflammable material (non-flammable material): nie-vlambare materiaal
non-interchangeable fuse: onverwisselbare sekering non-interpole generator: hulppoollose generator non-interpole machine: hulppoollose masjien
non-linear network: nie-lineêre net
non-linear parameter: nie-lineêre parameter
non-linear resistance arrester: afleier met nie-lineêre weerstand
non-linear scale: nie-lineêre skaal
non-luminous: 1. nie-glimmend 2. nie-liggewend
non-machineable: nie-masjineerbaar
non-magnetic metal: nie-magnetiese metaal non-metallic element: nie-metaalelement non-metallic insulator: nie-metaalisolator non-parallel forces: nie-ewewydige kragte
non-parallel loading: nie-ewewydige belasting
non-polarised relay (neutral relay): neutrale relê
non-reactive load: nie-reaktiewe belasting, nie-reaktiewe las

non-reactive power: 1. nie-reaktiewe dry wing 2. nie-reaktiewe vermoë
non-reheat cycle: nie-herverhitsiklus (stoomketel)
non-resetting relay: terugstelrelê
non-return feed valve: terugslagvoerklep
non-return valve: keerklep, terugslagklep
non-reversible connector: eenstandverbinder non-reversible extension: eenstandverlenger non-reversible plug: eenstandprop
non-reversing motor: nie-omstelmotor non-rotating trigger: nie-draaiende sneller non-salient pole: nie-uitsteekpool
non-segregated phase bus: fasestam sonder skeiding
non-selective absorber (neutral absorber, neutral filter): neutrale absorbeerder, nie-selektiewe absorbeerder, neutrale filter (lig)
non-selective, neutral diffuser: nie-selektiewe, neutrale verspreier
non-selective radiator: nie-selektiewe straler (oor die sigbare spektrumgebied)
non-self-maintained discharge: onselfstan-dige ontlading
non-simultaneous maximum demands: nie-gelyktydige maksimum aanvrae
non-sinusoidal: nie-sinus-, nie-sinusvormig
non-sinusoidal current: nie-sinusstroom
non-sinusoidal voltage wave: nie-sinusvormige spanningsgolf
non-sinusoidal wave: nie-sinusgolf
non-standard voltage: nie-standaardspanning
non-synchronous (asynchronous): asin-chrone, asinchroon non-synchronous vibrator: asinchrone triller, nie-sinchrone triller non-tension joint: nie-treklas (meg.)
non-uniformity: nie-eenvormigheid
non-uniform scale: nie-eenvormige skaal
non-vented fuse: uitlaatlose sekering
no resistance: nulweerstand
normal n.: normaal, loodlyn normal a.: 1. loodreg 2. normaal normal band: normale band
normal charge: normale lading (battery)
normal energy level (normal state): normale energievlak
normal glow discharge: normale glimontlading
normal induction: normale induksie
normalised impedance: genormaliseerde impedansie normalising temperature: normaliseertemperatuur normal load: normale belasting, normale las
normally closed auxiliary contacts (normally closed interlock): normaal toe hulpkontakte normally closed interlock (normally closed auxiliary contacts): normaal toe hulpkontakte normally open auxiliary contacts (normally open interlock): normaal oop hulpkontakte normally open interlock (normally open auxiliary contacts): normaal oop hulpkontakte normal magnetisation curve: normale magnetiseerkromme
normal overload: normale oorbelasting
normal permeability: normale permeabiliteit
normal positive suction heat (NPSH): normale positiewe suighoogte (NPSH)
normal state (ground state, normal energy level): grondtoestand, normale energiepeil
normal to (at right angles to, perpendicular to): haaks op, loodreg op
normal top water level: normale vol-waterhoogte (dam)
north pole: noordpool (alg.)
north-seeking pole: noordpool (magn.)
notation: notasie notch n.: keep, kerf notch v.: inkeep, inkerf
notching: 1. inkeping 2. trapskakeling (elek. traksie)
notching relay: impulstalrelê, palrelê (bv. versnelrelê)
notified maximum demand: aangemelde maksimum aanvraag
no-voltage circuit: nulspanningsbaan
no-voltage coil (no-volt coil): nulspanningspoel
no-voltage release (no-volt release): nulspanningslosser
no-volt coil: nulspanningspoel
no-volt relay: nulspanningsrelê
no-volt release (no-voltage release): nulspanningslosser
nozzle: 1. tuit (van ’n golfleier) 2. spuitstuk
N-terminal network: N-eindpuntnet
N-type semi-conductor: N-haifgeleier
nuclear breeder (breeder reactor): kweekreaktor
nuclear chemistry: kernchemie
nuclear energy (atomic energy, nuclear power): kernenergie, kernkrag
nuclear fission (atomic fission): kernklowing
nuclear fuel: kernbrandstof
nuclear fusion: kernversmelting
nuclear island: kerneiland (kernkragstasies)
nuclear particle: kerndeeltjie
nuclear physics: kernfisika
nuclear pile (nuclear reactor): kernreaktor
nuclear power (atomic power): kernenergie, kernkrag
nuclear power station: kernkragstasie
nuclear reaction: kernreaksie
nuclear reactor (nuclear pile, pile): kernreaktor
nucleon: nukleon (mv. nukleone) nucleonics: kerntegnologie nucleus: kern
nuclide: nuklied (mv. nukliede; isotoop)
null (zero): nul, nulpunt, sero, zero
null indicator (null detector): nulwyser, serowyser
null method (balance method, zero method): nulmetode
numeral: syfer
numerator: teller
numerical circuit simulation: numerieke kringsimulering numerical index of the vector group: vektorgroepsyfer numerical relation: numerieke verhouding
numerical value: numerieke waarde
nut: moer

nut gauge (screw gauge): skroefmaat
nuts: neutkool
nylon: nylon
Nyquist diagram: Nyquist-diagram

OA (oil-immersed self-cooled): OA (olie-gedompelde selfgekoelde)
O.C.B. (oil circuit breaker): OSB (oliestroombreker)
Oe* (oersted*): Oe* (oersted*)
OFA (oil-immersed forced air cooled): OFA (oliegedompelde geforseerdeluggekoelde)
OFB (oil forced-air blast): ODL (olie-druklugkoeling)
OFN (oil-forced natural cooling): ONK (olie-gesteunde natuurlike koeling)
«(omega, ohm):«(omega, simbool vir ohm) (ohm centimetre): (ohm-sentimeter)
O.N. (oil immersed natural cooled transformer): S.O. (selfverkoelde olietransformator) OW (oil-immersed water-cooled): OW (oliegedompelde watergekoelde) (transformators) objective photometer (physical photometer): fisiese fotometer, objektiewe fotometer oblique force: skuins krag
oblique illumination: skuins verligting
oblique-incidence transmission: oorsending met skuins invalshoek, skuinsinval-oorsending
oblique plane: skuins vlak oblique radiation: skuins straling oblique shaft: skuins as
oblique surface: skuins oppervlak
obliquity: skuinsheid
obsolete: verouderd
obstruction: 1. hindernis, obstruksie, versper-ring 2. verstopping
obtuse angle: stomphoek
occupational disease: beroepsiekte occupational health: bedryfsgesondheid oceanography: oseanografie
octagon: agthoek
octal base: agtpenvoet (buis)
octode: oktode
odd-leg calipers (jenny calipers): kweepasser
odd number: onewe getal, ongelyke getal odd-pitch screw: skroef met onewe steek oersted* (Oe*): oersted* (Oe*) ampêre/meter) off: af, afgeskakel
off centre: uitmiddelpuntig, eksentries
off-centre adjustment: uitmiddelpuntige stell-ing, eksentriese stelling off-circuit tap changer: oopbaan tapwis-selaar, nullastapwisselaar off-cycle: af-siklus
off-hand grinding (freehand grinding): vryhandslypwerk
officer: beampte official: amptenaar off-line: uitgeskakel
off-load: onbelas, sonder las
off-load refuelling: herlading buite bedryf (kernkragstasie)
off-load voltage: oopkringspanning
off-normal position: buitenormaalstand
off-peak period: buitespitstyd, slaptyd
of-peak tariff: buitespitstydtarief, laelastarief
‘off” period: spertyd
off-position: 1. russtand (relê) 2. af-stand (skakelaar) offset n.: 1. afwyking 2. swaai 3. wegstand, verplasing offset v.: 1. uit lyn plaas (anker) 2. swaai 3. verplaas offset relay: afwykrelê
offset screw driver: knikskroewedraaier OFF-state voltage: AF-stand-stroom (tiristor) off-the-shelf plant (duplicate plant, replica plant, standard plant): replika-aanleg
ohm: ohm
ohmic drop: ohmval
ohmic equivalent: ohmekwivalent
ohmic loss: ohmverlies
ohmic overvoltage: weerstandsoorspanning
ohmic resistance (d.c. resistance, true resistance): gelykstroomweerstand, (GS-weerstand)
ohmic resistor (linear resistor): lineêre resistor, ohmiese resistor ohmic value (direct-current value): gelykstroomwaarde ohmmeter: ohmmeter
Ohm’s law: wet van Ohm
oil baffle (oil deflector): oliedeflektor
oil bath: oliebad
oil-blast circuit-breaker (oil-jet circuit-breaker): oliestraalstroombreker
oil break: onderbreking in olie
oil-break circuit breaker (OCB, oil circuit breaker, oil-immersed circuit breaker): olie- stroombreker
oil-break fuse (oil fuse, oil-quenced fuse): oliesekering
oil buffer: oliebuffer
oil burner: oliebrander
oil burner control cubicle: oliebranderbeheerhok
oil burner equipment: oliebranderuitrusting
oil burner interlock relay: oliebrandergrendelrelê
oil centrifuge (oil separator): olieskeier
oil chemist: olieskeikundige
oil circuit-breaker (oil-break circuit breaker,
oil-immersed circuit breaker): olie-stroombreker
oil cicuit-breaker heater (O.C.B. heater): oliebrekerverwarmer (OB-verwarmer)
oil circulation: oliesirkulasie
oil conservator: olie-uitsettingstenk
oil-cooled: oliegekoel, olieverkoel
oil-cooled transformer (oil-immersed transformer, oil transformer): olietransformator, oliegekoelde transformator
oil cooler: oliekoeler
oil cooling: oliekoeling oil damping: oliedemping oil dash pot: oliedemppot
oil delivery valve: olieleweringsklep
oil duct: oliekanaal
oil drainage: olieafvoer
oil drain valve: oliedreineerklep oil-dressed leather: geoliede leer oiled paper: oliepapier
oiled surface: geoliede vlak, gesmeerde vlak
oil engine: olie-enjin
oil-filled breaker: oliegevulde (stroom)breker

oil-filled bushing: oliegevulde isoleerbus, olie-isoleerbus
oil-filled cable: oliegevulde kabel, oliekabel
oil-filled capacitor: oliekapasitor
oil filler: olievuller
oil-film: olielagie, olievlies
oil filter: oliefilter
oil filter socket outlet: oliefiltersok
oil filtration plant: oliefiltreerinstallasie
oil-fired boiler: oliegestookte ketel
oil fired power station: olie(brand-stof)kragstasie, oliegestookte kragstasie
oil firing: oliestoking
oil fuse (oil-break fuse, oil-quenched fuse): oliesekering
oil groove: oliegroef (laer)
oil-hardening: olieverharding
oil-immersed apparatus: oliegevulde toestel, toestel met olievulling
oil-immersed circuit breaker (oil-break circuit breaker, oil circuit-breaker): olie-stroombreker
oil-immersed forced-air cooled transformer: olietransformator met druklugkoeling
oil-immersed forced-oil circulation and air-cooled transformer: olietransformator met drukoliesirkulasie en druklugkoeling
oil-immersed forced-oil cooled transformer: olietransformator met drukoliekoeling
oil-immersed natural cooling transformer: olietransformator met selfkoeling
oil-immersed insulation: onderolie-isolasie
oil-immersed puncture test: oliedompel-deurslagtoets
oil-immersed reversing stator switch: onderolieomkeerstatorskakelaar
oil-immersed starter: (onder)olieaansitter
oil-immersed transformer (oil-cooled transformer, oil transformer): olietransformator
oil-immersed water-cooled transformer: olietransformator met waterkoeling oil-jet circuit-breaker (oil-blast circuit-breaker): oliestraal-(stroom)breker oil level: oliepeil
oil level alarm: oliepeilalarm oil level gauge: oliestandmeter oil-lift system: Kyk “jacking oil”
oil-lighted: met olieaansteking, olieaangesteek oil-lighting-up plant: olie-aansteekuitrusting oil-operated relay: olierelê
oilostatic cable: oliedrukkabel
oil pressure alarm: oliedrukalarm
oil pressure gauge: oliedrukmeter
oil pressure pump (oil pump): oliepomp oil pump (oil pressure pump): oliepomp oil purifier: oliesuiweraar
oil-quenched fuse (oil-break fuse, oil fuse): oliesekering, olieblussekering
oil recirculating pump: oliehersirkuleerpomp
oil reservoir: oliereservoir
oil return valve: olieterugvoerklep
oil ring: oliering
oil scraper ring: olieskraapring
oil seal: olieseël
oil separator: olieafskeier oil sludge: olieslyk oilstone: oliesteen
oil sump: oliebak
oil supply: olietoevoer
oil switch (oil-break switch): olieskakelaar oil tank vent fan: olietenkventileerwaaier oil test valve: olietoetsklep
oil thrower: oliewerper
oil transfer pump: olie-oorvoerpomp
oil transformer (oil-cooled transformer, oil-immersed transformer): olietransformator
oil vapour fan: oliedampwaaier
oil vent: olieontlugter
oilway: oliegang
oil well: olieput
Oldham coupling: Oldham-koppeling omnidirectional reception: alrigtingontvangs on: aan, aangeskakel
on-and-off switch (on-off switch): aan-afskakelaar
once-through boiler (Benson boiler, flash boiler): Benson-ketel, deurvloeiketel, snelverdampingsketel
once-through cooling: deurvloeiverkoeling (water vloei deur kondensators en reg-streeks terug na bron)
once through steam generator: deurvloeistoomontwikkelaar
on-circuit tap changer: toekringtapwisselaar
on-cycle: aan-siklus
ondograph: ondograaf
one-hour discharge rate (one-hour rate, one-hour rate of discharge): uuront-laaitempo (battery)
one-hour duty: (een)uurdiens
one-hour rating (hourly rating): uurkenvermoë
one-position winding: enkellaagwikkeiing
one-shot multivibrator: Kyk “flip-flop”
O-network: O-net (komm.)
one wattmeter method: eenwattmetermetode
one-way switch (single-way switch): eenwegskakelaar
on gauge: op maat
on-job-training: indiensopleiding
on line: ingeskakel, gekoppel
on load: belas
on-load refuelling: herlading tydens bedryf (kernkragstasie)
on-load switch: onder-las-skakelaar
on-load tap changer: onder-las-tapwisselaar
on-load tap changing transformer: transfor-mator met onder-las-tapwisseling
on-load voltage: toekringspanning
on no-load: onbelas
on-off switch (on-and-off switch): aan-afskakelaar
on-period: geleityd, vloeityd (elektronebuis)
on-position: werkstand (relê)
ON-state current: AAN-stand-stroom (tiristor)
opal lamp: opaalglaslamp
open: breek, verbreek (kring), oopmaak (bv. skakelaarkontakte) open-air transformer: buitelugtransformator, opelugtransformator open arc: oop boog
open-belt drive system: oopbanddryfstelsei open-cast mining: dagmynbou, oopgroefmynbou open circuit n.: oop kring
open circuit v: kring verbreek
open-circuit admittance: oopkringadmittansie
open-circuit alarm device: oopkringalarm
open-circuit characteristic: oopkringkenkromme
open-circuit control: oopkringbeheer
open-circuit curve: oopkringkromme
open-circuit electromotive force: oopkring elektromotoriese krag
open-circuit impedance: oopkringimpedansie
open-circuit loss: oopkringverlies
open-circuit magnetisation characteristic: oopkringmagnetiseerkenkromme
open-circuit operation (open-circuit working): oopkringwerking open-circuit potential difference: oopkringpotensiaalverskil open-circuit system: oopkringstelsel
open-circuit test: oopkringtoets
open-circuit transfer admittance: oopkringoordragadmittansie
open-circuit transfer impedance: oopkringoordragimpedansie
open-circuit transition (open transition): oopkri ngoorgang (motoroorskakeli ng)
open-circuit voltage (off-load voltage): oopkringspanning
open-circuit winding: oopkringwikkeling
open-circuit working (open-circuit operation): oopkringwerking
open-coil armature: oopspoelanker
open contact: ruskontak
open cooling system: oop koelstelsel (turbine)

open-core transformer: oopkerntransformator
open-darn cooling: oopdamverkoeling
open-delta connection: oopdeltaverbinding open-delta transformer: oopdeltatransformator open drive: oop aandrywing
open end: oop ent (van pyp) open feeder: oop voerder open fuse: oop sekering
open-hearth steel: opeherdstaal
opening-time: openingstyd (tot by die skeiding van die boogkontakte)
open-phase protection: faseverliesbeveiiiging open-pit type power house: skagkragstasie open position: oop-stand
open-riser generator: generator met oop kommutatorverbindings
open slot: oop gleuf
open switch: oop skakelaar
open type apparatus: oop toestel open type machine: oop masjien open type motor: oop motor
open wire: 1. oop draad 2. (bare wire, naked wire): kaal draad
open-wire bridge: oopdraadbrug
open-wire carrier system: oopdraaddraerstelsel open-wire distribution: oopdraadverspreiding open-wire feeder: oopdraadvoerder
open wire fuse: oop sekering
open-wire transmission line: oopdraadransmissielyn
open wiring: oop bedrading
operate: 1. bedien 2. werk (masjien)
operate position (operating position): werkstand
operate singly: 1. afsonderlik bedien 2. afson-derlik werk operate time (attraction time, operate lag): aantrektyd (relê) operating characteristics: werkeienskappe
operating coil: bekragspoel operating conditions: werktoestande operating contact: werkkontak operating costs: bedryfskoste
operating current (working current): bedryf-stroom, werkstroom
operating designation: bedryfsnaam
operating diagram: bedryfsdiagram
operating duty: bedryfsdiens (bv. stroombreker)
operating end (driving end): dryfent
operating face: werkvlak
operating factor: bedryfsfaktor (gebruiksduur tot siklusduur)
operating floor: bedieningsverdieping
operating frequency (working frequency): werkfrekwensie
operating gear: 1. werkrat 2. werkmeganisme operating handle: bedienhandvatsel, werkhandvatsel operating head: werkkop
operating hour counter: werkuurmeter
operating instructions: bedieningsaanwys-ings, werkvoorskrifte
operating magnet: werkmagneet operating mechanism: werkmeganisme operating oil: bedryfsolie
operating parts: werkdele
operating passage: bedieningsgang
operating pole (hook stick): haakstok
operating position (operate position): werkstand
operating pressure: 1. (operating voltage, working voltage): werkspanning 2. (working pressure): werkdruk
operating procedure: werkprosedure operating room: bedieningskamer operating signal: bediensein operating speed: bedryfspoed operating spindle: werkspil operating steam: werkstoom
operating switch (actuating switch): werkskakelaar operating tap voltage: aftappuntbedryfspanning operating technique: bedieningstegniek
operating temperature (working temperature): werktemperatuur
operating time: 1. werktyd 2. gebruiksduur operating time ratio: Kyk “operating factor” operating value: werkwaarde
operating vapour pressure: werkdampdruk
operating voltage (running voltage): werkspanning
operation: 1. bediening (masjien, ens.) 2. werking 3. (aan)drywing, 4. inwerkingstel-ling, bedryf-
operational amplifier (computing amplifier): rekenversterker
operational analysis: bedryfsontleding operational layout: werkinrigting operative: werksman

operator: 1. bewerkingsteken, operator (wisk.) 2. bediener, operateur
oppose: teengaan, teenwerk
opposed-voltage protective system: teenspanningsbeveiligingstelsel
opposed working: 1. teengerigte werking 2. teenwerking
opposing faces: teenvlakke
opposing voltage (bucking voltage, reverse voltage): teenspanning
opposite force: teengerigte krag
opposite in phase: teenfasig
oppositely magnetised surfaces: teengemag-netiseerde oppervlakke
oppositely rotating fields: teendraaivelde
opposite polarity: teenpolariteit
opposition method: teenverbindingsmetode
optical angle: 1. optiese hoek 2. (visual angle): gesigshoek
optical flat: optiese vlak
optical illusion: gesigsbedrog optical spectrum: optiese spektrum optimize: optimaliseer
optimum n.: optimum
optimum a: optimaal, gunstigste, beste
optimum bunching: gunstigste verdigting, op-timale verdigting
optimum coupling (critical coupling): gunstigste koppeling, optimale koppeling
optimum field strength: gunstigste veldsterkte, optimale veldsterkte optimum load: gunstigste las/ belasting, optimale las/belasting option: 1. keuse 2. opsie, verkoopsreg
orbit n.: baan, wentelbaan (atome)
orbit v.: wentel
orbital n.: baanfunksie, orbitaal
orbital a.: baan-orbital electron: baanelektron
orbital quantum number (second quantum number): baanwantumgetal, tweede kwantumgetal
OR circuit: OF-kring ordinate: ordinaat ore: erts
organizational structure: organisasiestruktuur organization and work study: organisasie-en-werkstudie organization chart: organisasiekaart
OR gate: OF-hek
orifice: opening, gaatjie
original force: oorspronklike krag
original value: oorspronklike waarde
origin distortion: drumpelvervorming (golf-vorm in katodestraalbuis)
O-ring: O-ring (lugdigting, drukdigting)
oscillate: ossilleer
oscillating current: ossilleerstroom oscillating meter: ossilleermeter oscillating quantity: ossilleergrootheid
oscillating voltage (oscillatory voltage): ossilleerspanning
oscillation: ossillasie, ossillering (ook spoed) oscillation transformer: ossillasietransformator oscillator: ossillator (radio)
oscillator coil: ossillatorspoel
oscillator frequency: ossillatorfrekwensie oscillator valve: ossillatorbuis oscillatory: ossillerend
oscillatory circuit (oscillating circuit): os-silleerkring (waarin stroom periodiek omkeer)
oscillatory discharge: ossilleerontlading oscillatory frequency: ossilleerfrekwensie oscillatory impedance: ossilleerimpedansie oscillatory motion: ossilleerbeweging oscillatory surge: ossilleerstuwing
oscillatory voltage (oscillating voltage): ossilleerspanning
oscillogram: ossillogram oscillograph: ossillograaf oscillograph tube: ossillograafbuis
oscillograph with bifilar suspension: bifilêre ossillograaf, lusossillograaf
oscilloscope: ossilloskoop oscilloscope tube: ossilloskoopbuis osmium: osmium
osmium lamp: osmiumgloeilamp
outage: 1. onderbreking (fase, toevoer) 2. uit-valling (apparaat) 3. uitgebruikneming (ged-wonge en beplande)
outage duration: buitebedryfsduur, onbruikduur outage rate: buitebedryfstempo, onbruiktempo outage time: buitebedryfstyd, manktyd, onbruiktyd out-allowance (night-out allowance): oornagtoelae outdoor apparatus: buiteapparaat, buitetoestel
outdoor bushing (outdoor bushing insulator): weerbestande deurvoerder
outdoor coupling capacitor: buitenshuise koppelkapasitor outdoor electrical equipment: buitenshuise elektriese uitrusting outdoor illumination (outdoor lighting): buitenshuise verligting
outdoor strung type main busbars: buitenshuise gespande tipe hoofgeleistamme
outdoor substation: buitenshuise substasie outdoor switchyard: buitenshuise skakelwerf outdoor type transformer: buitetransformator outdoor wiring: buitebedrading
outer bearing: buitelaer
outer bulb: buitebol
outer case: buite-omhulsel
outer conductor (external conductor): buitegeleier
outer envelope: buiteomhulsel
outer insulator: buite-isolator
outer mains: hoofleidings, buitenste voerdrade
outer shed: buitemantel (isolator) outer-shell electron: buiteskilelektron outgoing current: uitgangstroom outgoing feeder: uitgaande voerder
outgoing link: uitgangverbinding outlet: 1. uitgang 2. uitlaat outlet box: uitgangskas
outlet coupler: uitgangskoppeling
outlet drain valve: uitlaatdreineerklep outlet orifice: uitlaatgaatjie, uitlaatopening outlet pressure: uitlaatdruk

outlet socket: uitgangsok outlet valve: uitlaatklep outlet works: uitlaatwerke
outline: 1. buitelyn 2. (outline sketch, sketch): skets
outline drawing: buitelyntekening outline sketch (outline sketch): skets out of alignment (out of line): uit lyn uit
out of balance: uit balans, ongebalanseer
out-of-balance current: ongebalanseerde stroom
out-of-balance effects: onbalanseffekte
out-of-balance electromotive force: ongebalanseerde elektromotoriese krag
out-of-balance forces: ongebalanseerde kragte
out of centre: uitmiddelpuntig
out of commission (out of service): buite bedryf, uit diens
out of gauge: uit (buite) maat
out of gear: uitgeskakel, uit rat uit
out of line (out of alignment): uit lyn uit
out of mesh position (neutral position): neutrale stand, ontkoppelde stand (bv. ratte)
out of order: defek, onklaar
out of phase: ongelykfasig, uit fase
out of service (out of commission): buite bedryf, uit diens
out of square: uit die haak, onhaaks
out of step: uit pas
out-of-step protection: uitvalbeveiliging, uit-die-pas-beveiliging (kragstelsels, sinchronismeverlies)
out of step relay: uit-pas-relê
out of true: nie suiwer nie, onsuiwer (afmet-ings, vorm)
output (output power): lowering
output a.: lewerings-output admittance: leweringsadmittansie output capacitance: leweringskapasitansie (van ’n elektronebuis) output circuit: uitgangsverbinding (van ’n elektronebuis)
output coefficient: leweringskoëffisiënt
output current: leweringstroom
output electrode: uitgangselektrode
output impedance (source impedance): bronimpedansie, leweringsimpedansie
output inductance: leweringsinduktansie
outlet lead: uitgangsleiding
output phase displacement: uitgangsfaseverskuiwing
output polarity: leweringspolariteit
output potential difference: uitgangspotensiaalverskil
output power (output): lowering
output resistance: leweringsweerstand
output resonator (catcher): uitgangsresona-tor, vanger (elektronebuis)
output terminal: uitgangsaansluiter
output transformer: leweringstransformator
output voltage (load voltage): leweringspan-ning, lasspanning
output voltage regulation: uigangspanningsreëling output voltage selector: leweringspanningskieser outreach: strek
outside air: buitelug
outside calipers: buitemeetpasser
outside circumference: buite-omtrek
outside diameter (external diameter): buitediameter
outside-frosted lamp: buitegematteerde gloeilamp
outside measurement (external measurement, external size): buitemaat
outside micrometer: buitemikrometer
outside surface: buitevlak outward force: buitewaartse krag outward flow: uitvloeiing
outward flow turbine: buitevloeiturbine (hidro)
outward pull: buitewaartse trekkrag overall amplification: totale versterking overall attenuation: totale verswakking overall belt: omvattende gordel (kabels)
overall capacitance (total capacitance): totale kapasitansie overall coefficient of expansion: totale uitsettingskoëffisiënt overall diameter: totale diameter
overall differential protection: totale differensiaalbeveiliging
overall differential relay: totaaldifferensiaalrelê
overall dimension (overall measurement): totale afmeting overall efficiency: totale rendement (van ’n kragstasie) overall gain: totale wins
overall lamp wattage: totale lampwattvermoë
overall length: totale lengte
overall light output: totale ligstraling
overall loss: totale verlies
overall measurement (overall dimension): totale afmeting
overall phase angle: totale fasehoek
overall power factor: totale arbeidsfaktor
overall resistance (total resistance): totale weerstand overall thermal efficiency: totale termiese rendement overall wattage: totale wattvermoë
overbunching: oorverdigting
over-and-undercurrent relay: oor-en-onderstroomrelê
over-and-underpower relay: oor-en-onderkragrelê
over-and-undervoltage relay: oor-en-onderspanningsrelê
overcharge: oorlaai (battery)
overcome: te bowe kom, oorkom
overcoming resistance: oorkomingsweerstand
over-commutation: oorkommutasie, oorkommutering
over-compound: oorgekompenseer (serieparallelmasjien)
over-compound excitation: oorgekompen-seerde serieparallelopwekking (van ’n generator)
over-compound generator: oorgekompen-seerde serieparallelgenerator
overcouple: oorkoppel
overcurrent: oorstroom
overcurrent class: oorstroomklas (van ’n stroomtransformator)

overcurrent element: oorstroomelement overcurrent factor: oorstroomfaktor overcurrent protection: oorstroombeveiliging overcurrent relay: oorstroomrelê
overcurrent release (overload release, overload trip): oorlasklink, oorstroomklink
overcurrent switch: oorstroomskakelaar overcurrent time-lag relay: oorstroomtydvertraagrelê overcurrent time relay: oorstroomtydrelê overcutting: oorsnyding (spygleuf)
overdamped: aperiodiek (oorgangsgolfvorm) overdamping: oordemping (meer as kritieke demping) over-discharge: oorontlaai
overdrive n.: oordrywing
over-excite: ooropwek
overfeed firing: oorvoerstookmetode
overflow: oorloop
overflow pipe: oorlooppyp overflow tank: oorlooptenk overflow valve: oorloopklep
overflux v.: oorbevloed (vloeddigtheid te hoog opstoot) over-frequency protection: oorfrekwensiebeveiliging overhang: oorhang (van werkstuk)
overhaul n.: opknapping
overhaul v.: opknap
overhead: bogronds, lug-overhead cable (aerial cable): bogrondse kabel, oorhoofse kabel
overhead conductor: bogrondse geleier
overhead expenses (on-costs, overheads, overhead costs): bokoste
overhead feeder: bogrondse voerder
overhead high-voltage system: bogrondse hoëspanningstelsel
overhead line: bogrondse lyn
overhead network: bogrondse net overhead power line: bogrondse kraglyn overhead stay (flying stay): luganker
overhead transmission: bogrondse transmissie
overhead transmission line: bogrondse trans-missielyn/kraglyn, oorhoofse kraglyn
overhead travelling crane: bobaankraan
overheat: 1. oorverhit 2. oorverhit raak, te warm word
overheating: oorverhitting
over-insulated: oorgeisoleer (d.w.s. bo die standaardvereiste)
overland belt: bogrondse band
overlap n.: oorslag
overlap v.: oormekaar slaan
overlapping contacts: oorvleuelkontakte, ooreenvalkontakte
overlapping zone: ooreenvalsone, saamvalsone overload n.: 1. oorbelasting, oorlas 2. oorspanning overload v.: oorbelas
overload capacity: oorlasvermoë
overload circuit breaker (overload breaker): oorlasbreker, oorlasstroombreker
overload coil: oorbelastingspoel, oorlasspoel
overload current: oorbelastingstroom, oorlasstroom
overloading: 1. oorbelasting, oorlaaiing 2. oor-besetting (van ’n masjien)
overload protection: oorlasbeveiliging
overload relay: oorlasrelê
overload release (overload trip, overcurrent release): oorlasklink, oorstroomklink
overload time-limit protection: oorlasbeveiliging met tydgrens
overload trip (overcurrent release, overload release): oorlasklink, oorstroomklink
overload trip relay: oorlasklinkrelê overpotential (overvoltage): oorspanning overpower: oorvermoë
overpower protection: oorkragbeveiliging
overpressure: oordruk
overrate: ooraanslaan
overreach: oorstrek, oorstrekking (relê)
override: oorheers
override switch: oorheersskakelaar
overrun: 1. oorbelas (gloeilamp) 2. vryloop (handgenerator) overrunning earth-wire (overhead earth-wire): oorhoofse aarddraad overseer: opsiener
oversize: bomaats
overshoot (overtravel): oorswaai
overspeed: oorspoed
overspeed governor: oorspoed reëlaar overspeed limiter: oorspoedbegrenser overspeed protection: oorspoedbeveiliging overspeed shut-down: oorspoedafsluiting overspeed test: oorspoedtoets
overspeed trip: oorspoedklink overstrain: 1. oorbelas 2. oorspan oversubscribe: oorvolskryf (lening) overtemperature: oortemperatuur
overtemperature detector: oortemperatuurdetektor
over-travel switch: oorgrensskakelaar overturning moment: kantelingsmoment overvoltage (overpotential): oorspanning overvoltage arrester: oorspanningsafleier overvoltage protection: oorspanningsbeveiliging
overvoltage relay (maximum voltage relay): oorspanningsrelê overvoltage release (overvoltage trip): oorspanningsklink overvoltage resistor: oorspanningsresistor
overvoltage trip (overvoltage release): oorspanningsklink
overwound: 1. oorwikkel (anker, spoel, ens.) 2. te styf opgewen (kabel, veer)
ovoids, ovoids coal: eierkool
oxidation (oxidisation): oksidasie, oksidering
oxide: oksied
oxide-cathode (oxide-coated cathode): oksied bedekte katode, oksiedkatode oxide-coated cathode (oxide-cathode): ok-siedbedekte katode, oksiedkatode oxide-coated electrode: oksiedbedekte elektrode
oxide coating: oksiedbedekking, oksiedlagie oxide-film arrester: oksiedlaagafleier (weeriig) oxide of manganese: mangaanoksied oxidisation (oxidation): oksidasie, oksidering oxidise: oksideer
oxidising action: oksideerwerking
oxidising agent (oxidising medium):
oxy-arc cutting: suurstofboogsnyding
oxy-arc cutting electrode: suurstofboogsnyelektrode
oxygen: suurstof
oxygen content: suurstofgehalte oxygen indicator: suurstofaanwyser oxygen recorder: suurstofregistreerder ozone lamp: osoonlamp (ultraviolet)

P-(pico-): p-(piko-)
P (anode/plate, permeance pitch, power, primary winding): P (anode(plaat), arbeid-stempo/ drywing, permeansie, primêre wikkeling, steek)
Pa (pascal): Pa (pascal)
P.A. (primary air): P.L. (primêre lug) (keteloonde)
P.A. fan motor: PL-waaiermotor
P.A. fan oil pump: PL-waaieroliepomp
P.A. flow: PL-vloei
p.a.m. motor (pole-amplitude modulated motor): p.a.m.-motor (poolamplitudemodulasie-motor)
PARMS (uitrustingbeskikbaarheid-en-betroubaarheidmoniteerstelsel): PARMS
P.B.J. insulation (paper-braided jute insulation): POJ-isolasie (papieromvlegte jute-isolasie)
PC (printed circuit): EK (etskring)
PC board (printed circuit board): EK-bord (etskringbord) pcb. (polichlorinated biphenyl): pcb. (polichloorbifeniel) PCM (pulse-code modulation): PKM (pulskodemodulasie)
PDM (pulse-duration modulation): PDM (pulsduurmodulasie)
PD (potential difference): PV (potensiaalverskil)
pdl (poundal): pdl (pondaal) (herlei na newton (N) vir SI) PEC, p.e.c. (photo-electric cell): FES (fotoë-lektriese sel) PEAS (Production Engineering Advisory Service): PEAS
PERT (programme evaluation and review technique): PERT (programevaluerings-en-
pex cable (cross-linked polyethylene cable): pex-kabel, kruisverbinde poliëtileenkabel
pF,wiF* (picofarad):wiF*,pF (pikofarad)
p.f. (power factor): af. (arbeidsfaktor)
pfm (pulse frequency modulation): pfm (pulsfrekwensiemodulasie)
pH sample: pH-monster
P.I.L.C. (paper-insulated leadcovered cable): PILK (papiergeTsoleerde loodmantelkabel) p.i.c.s.w.a. (paper insulated cable, steel wire armoured): papiergeTsoleerde kabel met staaldraadpantser
pm (1. permanent magnet; 2. phase modulation): p-m (1. permanente magneet; 2. fasemodulasie)
ir-network (pi-network):7r-net (pi-net)
PR (pressure reducer): DR (drukreduseerder)
PRF (pulse repetition frequency): PHF (pulsherhalingsfrekwensie)
pri (primary winding): pri. (primêre wikkeling)
PRR (pulse repetition ratio): PHV (pulsherhalingsverhouding)
PRSW (pressure switch): DRSK (drukskakelaar)
p.s.f.*, psf* (pounds per square foot): p/vk vt*, p/vk.vt.*, Ib/vt2* (pond per vierkante voet)* ■A(psi, symbol for phase displacement):*(psi, simbool vir faseverskuiwing)
pt.* (pint)*: pt,* pt.* (pint)*
PTA (parallel tap aluminium: PTA (parallel-tapaluminium) (verbindingsklamp)
PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene): PTFE (politetrafluoretileen) PTM (pulse-time modulation): PTM (puls-tydmodulasie) PVC (polyvinylchloride): PVC (polivinielchloried)
PVC-insulated: PVC-geisoleer
pace voltage: stapspanning (by stuwing-sweerders, spanning tussen grondpunte op afstand van 1 tree)
pack (insert): invoegsel
packaged circuit (rescap, capristor, capacitor-resistor unit): kapasitor-resistoreenheid, kapristor
package sewage plant: opsiaanrioolaanleg, verplaasbare rioolaanleg
packet-type switch: pakkiesskakelaar
packing: pakking, paksel packing gland: pakdrukstuk packing box: pakbus packing ring: pakring packing strip: pakstrook
pad: 1. element (transmissie) 2. kussing 3. (attenuating pad): lid, verswaklid 4. (terminal area): eindpunt
padder (padding capacitor): Kyk “padding capacitor”
padding capacitor (padder): bystelkapasitor
paddle bladed fan: skoepbladwaaier
pad electrode: 1. eindpuntelektrode 2. plaatelektrode
paired brushes: gepaarde borsels
paired electron: gepaarde elektron
pair production: paarproduksie, paarvorming (kern)
pancake coil (flat coil): plat spoel pancake motor: kortasmotor, kort motor panel: paneel
panel insulation: paneelisolasie panel operation: paneelwerking panel room: paneelkamer panel switch: paneelskakelaar pantograph: pantograaf
pantograph isolator: pantograafafsonder-skakelaar, skêrafsonderskakelaar
paper alarm: papieralarm
paper-braided jute insulation (P.B.J. insulation): papieromvlegte jute-isolasie (POJ-isolasie)
paper cable (paper-insulated cable): papiergeTsoleerde kabel paper capacitor (paper-dielectric capacitor): papierkapasitor paper coal: papierkool (gelaagde ligniet)
paper-core cable: papierkernkabel
paper-dielectric capacitor (paper capacitor): papierkapasitor
paper-insulated cable (paper cable): papiergeTsoleerde kabel
paper-insulated lead-covered cable: Kyk “paper-insulated lead-sheathed cable”
paper-insulated lead-covered double-steeltape-armoured and served cable: Kyk “paper-insulated lead-sheathed double-

steel tape-armoured and served cable”
paper-insulated lead-covered single-wire armoured cable (PILCSWA): papier-geïsoleerde enkeldraad-pantserkabel met loodmantel
paper-insulated lead-sheathed cable (paper-insulated lead covered cable): papier-geïsoleerde loodomhulde kabel
paper-insulated lead-sheathed double-steeltape-armoured and served cable: (paper-insulated lead-covered double-steel tape-armoured and served cable): papier-geïsoleerde loodkabel met dubbelstaal-pantser en dekking, papiergeïsoleerde loodomhulde kabel met dubbelstaalpantser en dekking
paper insulation: papierisolasie
paper sleeve: papierhuls
paper wrapping: papieromhulsel paraffined paper: paraffienpapier parallax: parallaks
parallel n.: parallel, ewewydige lyn
parallel a.: parallel, ewewydig
parallel circuits (shunt circuits): parallelkringe
parallel conductors: parallelgeleiers
parallel connection: parallelverbinding
parallel current-carrying conductors: parallelle stroomdraende geleiers
parallel-drum switch: paralleltromskakelaar
parallel-face moving contact: parallelvlakbeweegkontak parallel feed: paralleltoevoer (GS en WS in buisrooster) parallel feeder: parallelvoerder
parallel feeder protection: parallelvoerderbeveiliging
parallel force: ewewydige krag
parallel impedance: parallelimpedansie
parallel, in: parallel
paralleling: parallelskakeling
paralleling alternator: parallelgeskakelde alternator
paralleling bar: parallelskakelstaaf
paralleling connection: parallelskakelverbinding paralleling reactor: parallelskakelreaktor paralleling switch: parallelskakelaar
parallel loading: ewewydige belasting
parallelogram: parallelogram
parallelogram of forces: kragteparallelogram parallelogram of vectors: vektorparallelogram parallel motoring: parallelaandrywing
parallel network: parallelnet
parallel operation: 1. (parallel running, parallel working): parallelwerking 2. (paralleling): parallelskakeling
parallel padding: parallelle impedansieaanpassing
parallel paths: parallelbane
parallel planes: parallelvlakke, parallelle vlakke
parallel-plate condenser: parallelplaatkapasitor
parallel-plate counter chamber: parallelplaat-telkamer (kernkrag)
parallel position: parallelstand
parallel resistance: parallelweerstand
parallel-resistance formula: parallelweerstandsformule
parallel resonance (antiresonance): parallelresonansie
parallel resonant circuit (antiresonant cicuit): parallelresonansiebaan, parallel-resonansiekring (ingangstroom en dwars-spanning in fase)
parallel running: 1. (parallel operation, parallel working): parallelwerking 2. (paralleling): parallelskakeling
parallel saturable reactor: parallelle versadig-bare reaktor
parallel-sliding shut-off: parallelskuifafsluiter
parallel-stepped pole: paralleltrappaal
parallel-strip transmission line: parallel-strooktransmissielyn (golfleiers)
parallel switch: parallelskakelaar
parallel system of distribution (shunt system of distribution): paralleldistribusiestelsel
parallel T-network (twin T-network): dubbel-T-net, parallel-T-net
Parallel Transductor: Kyk “parallel saturable reactor”
parallel winding (lap winding): luswikkeling
parallel-wire line: paralleldraadlyn
parallel working (parallel operation, parallel running): parallelwerking
paralysis: paralise (by elektrone buis) paramagnetic substance: paramagnetiese stof paramagnetism: paramagnetisme
parameter: parameter
parasitic current (eddy current): parasiet-stroom, werwelstroom
parasitic losses: parasietverliese (weens werwelstrome)
parasitic oscillation (spurious oscillation): indruisossillasie, parasietossillasie (stroomkringe)
parasitic radiator (secondary radiator): sekondêre straler
parasitic suppressor (parasitic stopper): parasietonderdrukker (om parasietossillasie te voorkom)
parent atom: moederatoom
parent nuclide: stamnuklied (isotope)
parity: pariteit (alg.)
Parsons turbine: Parsonsturbine (stoomtur-bine; rotor met toenemende diameter)
part: deel, onderdeel, reserwedeel (van masjien)
partial earth: gedeeltelike aarding (met aan-sienlike weerstand)
partial load: gedeeltelike belasting of las partially magnetised: gedeeltelik gemagnetiseer partial node: gedeeltelike nodus (golwe) particle: deeltjie
particle accelerator: deeltjieversneller
particle displacement: deeltjieverplasing partition noise: verdelingsgeraas (elektronebuis) part-winding starter: deelwikkelingaansitter
Paschen’s law: wet van Paschen (wegsterf-spanning en gasdruk by parallelplaatelektrodes)
pass: 1. deurlaat 2. deurstuur 3. deurgaan

deurstroom, deurvloei
passage: 1. deurlating 2. deursending 3. deur-gang 4. deurstroming
passenger lift: personehyser, hyser
passive circuit: passiewe kring passive electrode (collecting electrode): neerslagelek-trode, passiewe elektrode
passive network: passiewe net (sonder EMK)
pass-out turbine (back-pressure turbine, non-condensing turbine): teendrukturbine
pass-range: deurlaatbestek (by sif, rooster)
patch n.: korreksie (rek)
patchboard (patch-panel, plugboard, problem-board): skakelbord (rek)
patchcord: propsnoer (rek)
patch-panel (patchboard, plugboard, problem-board): skakelbord (rek)
path: 1. baan (ook van steenkool deur stoker) 2. pad
path length: baanlengte (magnetiese vloed-lengte in kern) path of least reluctance: baan van kleinste reluktansie path of travel: bewegingsbaan
path reluctance: baanreluktansie
pathway: looppad, loopgang (tussen masjiene)
pattern: model, patroon
Pauli principle (exclusion principle): Pauliverbod, uitsluitbeginsel
pause relay: pouserelê pause-timing: pousemeting pea coal: fynkool
peak (crest, top): spits, top, kruin
peak amplitude: spitsamplitude
peak anode current: spitsanodestroom, spitsanodelas
peak blocked voltage: topblokkeerspanning (topwaarde van spanning gedurende blokkering)
peak cathode current: topkatodestroom (bestendige toestand en stuwing)
peak cathode fault current: topkatodefoutstroom
peak clipper (peak limiter): spitsafkapper (bv. diode vir onderdrukking van steuring)
peak current: spitsstroom
peak demand (ceiling demand): spitsaan-vraag, topaanvraag peak demand period (peak period): spits-lastydperk, toplastydperk peak dissipation: spitsdissipasie, spitskwytraking
peak electrode current: elektrodespitslas
peaked wave: spits golf
peak factor (amplitude factor, crest factor): kruinfaktor
peak field strength (peak magnetizing force): spitsveldsterkte
peak flux: spitsvloed
peak forward anode voltage (peak forward voltage): topanodegeleidingspanning peak forward voltage (peak forward anode voltage): topanodegeleidingspanning peaking coil (correcting coil): korreksiespoel (hoëfrekwensieresponsie)
peaking station (peak load station): spits-laskragstasie, spitslasstasie peaking transformer: spitstransformator (gespitste kromme vir sekondêre EMK) peak inverse voltage: toptruspanning (gelykrigelement)
peak let-through current: topdeurlaatstroom
peak limiter (peak clipper): spitsafkapper
peak load: spitsbelasting, spitslas, topbelast-ing, toplas
peak load station (peaking station): spitslasstasie, spitslaskragstasie
peak magnetizing force (peak field strength): spitsveldsterkte peak making-current: topsluitstroom (van ’n skakeltoestel) peak-making current: spitsverkrygingstroom
peak meter: spitslasmeter, toplasmeter
peak period (peak demand period): toplastydperk
peak reverse voltage: top-omkeerspanning (halfgeleierdiode)
peak spark gap: spitsvonkbrug (bv. by stuwingsafleiers)
peak surge current: spitsstustroom
peak switching current: spitsskakelstroom
peak to peak: spits tot spits
peak-to-peak amplitude: spits-tot-spitsamplitude peak-to-peak voltmeter: spits-tot-spitsvoltmeter peak value (crest value): topwaarde
peak voltmeter: topspanningsmeter, spitsspanningsmeter
pearl lamp (frosted lamp): matglaslamp
pear switch (pendant switch, pressel switch, suspension switch): hangskakelaar
pebble-bed reactor: koeëlreaktor (kern)
pedestal: voetstuk
pedestal bearing: voetstuklaer pedestal grinder: voetstukslypmasjien pedestal insulator: voetstukisolator peg v.: afpen (’n lyn)
peg n.: pen
pellet: pastil
Peltier coefficient: Peltier-koëffisiënt
Peltier effect: Peltiereffek (warmtevrystelling by voeg tussen metale a.g.v. elek. stroom)
Pelton wheel: Peltonwiel (waterturbine)
pencil triode: potloodtriode
pendant lighting fitting: hangmontasie
pendant switch (pear switch, pressel switch, suspension switch): hangskakelaar
pendulum relay: slingerrelê
penetrating oil (easing oil): indringolie, penetreerolie penetration: 1. deurdringing 2. indringing penetration depth: deurdringingsdiepte
penetration factor (durchgriff): deurdrin-gingsfaktor (teenoor versterkingsfaktor)
penetration frequency (critical frequency): deurdringingsfrekwensie (weerkaatsing van radiogolwe) penetration probability (transmission coefficient): deurdringingswaarskynlikheid (van kernindringing deur botsende deeltjies)
penstock: 1. dryfleiding 2. sluisklep
pentagon: vyfhoek

pentagrid tube (heptode): heptodebuis (frekwensieomsetting) pentane lamp: pentaanlamp (fotometrie; verouderd) pentatron: pentatron (vyfelektrodebuis v. 2 tri-odes, 1 katode) pentode: pentode (vyfelektrodebuis)
percentage compounding: persentasie kompensering percentage conductivity: persentasie geleivermoë percentage copper loss: persentasie koperverlies
percentage (biased) differential protection: persentasiedifferensiaalbeveiliging
percentage-differential relay: persentasiedifferensiaalrelê percentage efficiency: persentasie rendement percentage error: persentasiefout (W.h-meter) percentage fill: vulpersentasie (kabel)
percentage impedance: persentasie impedansie
percentage reactance voltage: persentasie reaktansiespanning
percentage regulation: persentasie regulasie
percentage value: persentasiewaarde
percentage voltage drop: persentasie spanningsval
percussion: perkussie, skok, slag
percussion mill (impact mill): slagmeul (steenkool) perfect balance: ideale balans, perfekte balans perfect dielectric: ideale diëlektrikum
perfect diffuser: ideale (ver)spreier
perfect diffusion: ideale diffusie, ideale spreiding perfectly diffusing surface: ideale spreivlak performance: 1. werkverrigting 2. prestasie
performance characteristic (performance curve): prestasiekromme
performance factor: prestasiefaktor performance index: prestasie-indeks performance test: prestasietoets
period (periodic time): periode (wisselstroom)
periodic: 1. periodiek (by reëlmatige tussen-pose) 2. periodies (in reëlmatige fases of prosesse)
periodic alternating sine wave: periodiese wisselsinusgolf
periodic automatic reclosing equipment: uitrusting met periodieke outomatiese hersluiting
periodic current (average current): periodiese stroom
periodic duty: periodieke diens
periodic electromagnetic wave: periodiese elektromagnetiese golf periodic intermittent duty: periodieke inter-mitterende diens periodic phenomena: periodiese verskynsels
periodic quantity: periodiese grootheid
periodic rating: 1. periodiese kenvermoë 2. periodiese kendrywing
periodic time (period): periode (wisselstroom)
periodic wave: periodiese golf
period meter: periodemeter (kern) period of commutation: kommutasietyd period of discharge: ontlaaiperiode period of excitation: opwekkingsduur period of short-circuit: kortsluittyd
peripheral equipment: randuitrusting (rek.)
peripheral speed: 1. omtreksnelheid 2. (cutting speed): snyspoed
periphery: omtrek, periferie
permalloy: permallooi (yster-nikkel)
permanent connection: permanente verbinding
permament coupling (fast coupling): vaste koppeling
permanent fault: blywende fout, permanente fout
permanent-field synchronous motor: sin-chrone motor met permanente veld
permanent fit: permanente passing, vaste passing
permanent magnet (magnet): permanente magneet, magneet permanent-magnet generator: generator met permanente magneet permanent magnetism: permanente magnetisme
permanent-magnet machine: masjien met permanente magneet
permanent-magnet moving-coil instrument: beweegspoelinstrument met permanente magneet, draaispoelinstrument met permanente magneet
permanent-magnet moving-iron instrument: beweegysterinstrument met permanente magneet, draaiysterinstrument met permanente magneet
permanent magnet synchronous motor (step motor): inkrementmotor
permanent-split capacitor motor: motor met gelykmatige kapasitansie
permanent set: 1. permanente bulging (dra-arm) 2. permanente deurbuiging (ent-gesteunde balk) 3. permanente rekking (tou)
permanent strain: permanente vervorming
permatron: permatron (warmkatode-gasontladingsdiode)
permeability: permeabiliteit (magn.) (verhoud-ing tussen vloeddigtheid en magnetiseerkrag)
permeability curve: permeabiliteitskromme
permeameter: permeameter (meting v. statiese magn. eienskappe)
permeance: permeansie (resiprook v. reluktansie) permeance coefficient: permeansiekoëffisiënt permissible error: toelaatbare fout
permissible load: 1. toelaatbare belasting/las 2. toelaatbare vrag
permissible overload: toelaatbare oorbelasting
permissible stress (allowable stress): toelaatbare spanning permission area: goedgekeurde voorsieningsgebied permissive control: permissiebeheer
permissive overreach scheme: permissieoorbestekskema
permissive switch: permissieskakelaar
permissive underreach scheme:
permissieonderbestekskema permittivity: permittiwiteit perpendicular n.: loodlyn
perpendicular magnetisation: loodregte mag-netisering (bv. op magn. band)
persistence (afterglow): 1. nagloed, nagloei-ing 2. nawerking
persistent-cause forced outage: gedwonge onbruik weens blywende oorsaak
pertinax plate: pertínax-plaat
pertubograph (disturbance recorder): pertur-bograaf, steuringsregistreerder
per-unit system: per-eenheidstelsel
per-unit value: per-eenheid-waarde, waarde per eenheid
perveance: perveansie (konstante; G, in Langmuir-vergelyking vir diodes)
Petersen coil (arc-suppression coil): aardsluit-kompensasiespoel, boogonderdrukspoel
petrol electric generating set: petrolgedrewe ontwikkelstel
petticoat (shed, skirt): drupvin, mantel(isolator)
petticoat insulator: mantel isolator
phanotron: fanotron phantastron tube: fantastronbuis phantom circuit: fantoombaan
phantom loading: fantoombelasting
phase n.: fase
phase characteristic: fasekenkromme
phase v.: faseer
phase characteristic: fasekenkromme
phase advancer: fasevoorskuiwer (masjien in sekondêre kring van induksiemotor)
phase angle: fasehoek
phase-angle error (phase displacement error): fasehoekfout
phase-angle meter (phase meter): fasehoek-meter, fasemeter (telekom.)
phase-balance relay (U.S.): Kyk “phase-unbalance relay”
phase barrier: faseafskorting
phase belt (phase spread): fasespreiding
phase break (gap section): oop span (neutrale seksie)
phase capacitance: fasekapasitansie
phase-change coefficient: Kyk “phase constant”
phase changer: Kyk “phase modifier'
phase coincidence detector: fasesaamvalspeurder phase-comparison meter: fasevergelykingsmeter phase-comparison protection: fasehoekbeveiliging phase component: fasekomponent
phase conductor: fasegeleier phase constant: fasekonstante phase control: fasebeheer
pase control bridge: fasebeheerbrug phase-control factor: fasebeheerfaktor phase convertor: fasekonvertor
phase current: fasestroom
phase delay (phase retardation): fasevertraging
phase detector: fasespeurder phase deviation: fase-afwyking phase difference: faseverskil
phase displacement (phase shift): faseverskuiwing
phase-displacement error (phase angle error): fasehoekfout phase distortion (phase-frequency distortion): fasevervorming phase equalisation: fase-effening
phase equaliser: fase-effenaar
phase failure protection: faseonderbrekingsbeveiliging
phase failure relay: faseonderbreekrelê
phase fault: fasefout
phase-fault relay: fasefoutrelê
phase feed-back: faseterugkoppeling
phase-frequency distortion (phase distortion): fasevervorming
phase impedance: fase-impedansie
phase, in: gelykfasig, in fase
phase-insulated terminal box: fasegeïsoleer-de aansluitkas
phase inversion: fase-omkering
phase inverter: faseomkeerder
phase-isolated busbar: geleistam met geïsoleerde fases phase-isolated cable box: kabelkas met geisoleerde fases phase lag: fasenaloop
phase lead: fasevoorloop
phase loading: fasebelasting
phase meter (phase-angle meter): fasemeter, fasehoekmeter
phase modifier: faseverskuiwer, fasetalomset-ter (verskaf reaktiewe voorloop of naloopvermoë)
phase modulation: fasemodulasie
phase-number transformer: fasetaltransformator
phase opposition: faseteenstelling
phase out: uitfaseer
phase potential difference: Kyk “voltage to neutral”
phase quadrature: haaksfasigheid phase pressure: Kyk “voltage to neutral” phase quantity: fasegrootheid
phase relationship: faseverhouding
phase retardation (phase delay): fasevertraging phase reversal: emulsie-omkering (chemies) phase-reversal relay: Kyk “phase-sequence relay” phase rotation: faserotasie
phase-rotation (relay, phase-sequence relay): fasevolgorderelê
phase-selector relay: fasekiesrelê (foutfase-kiesing en beheer v. ander toestelle)
phase-sensitive rectifier: fasegevoelige gelykrigter
phase sequence: fasevolgorde
phase-sequence impedance: fasevolgorde-impedansie
phase-sequence indicator: fasevolgordeaan-wyser (elek. instr.)
phase-sequence network: fasevolgordenet
phase-sequence relay (phase-rotation relay): fasevolgorderelê
phase shift (phase displacement): faseverskuiwing
phase shift discriminator:
phase shifter: Kyk “phase modifier*
phase-shifting transformer: faseverskuiwingstransformator
phase space: faseruimte (Fis. en Wisk.)
phase splitter (phase-splitting device): faseverdeler
phase splitting: faseverdeling (voortbring van meer golwe met verskillende fases)
phase-splitting device (phase splitter): faseverdeler
phase spread (phase belt): fasespreiding
phase swinging: faseslingering
phase terminal voltage: fase-aansluiterspanning
phase tester: fasetoetser
phase-to-neutral capacitance: fase-na-neutraal-kapasitansie phase-to-neutral inductance: fase-na-neutraal-induktansie phase-to-phase fault: fase-tot-fasefout
phase transformation: fasetransformasie (ver-andering v. getal fases)
phase-unbalance relay: fase-onbalansrelê
phase-undervoltage protection: faseonderspanningsbeveiliging phase velocity: fasesnelheid (van vlakgolf by konstante frekwensie) phase voltage: Kyk “voltage to neutral’’
phase winding: fasewikkeling phase-wound: met fasewikkeling phasing: fasering (TV)
phasing capacitor: faseerkapasitor
phasing relay: faseerrelê phasing socket: faseersok phasing switch: faseerskakelaar phasing tester: fasetoetser
phasor (complexor): fasor, kompleksor
phasor diagram: fasordiagram
phenol formaldehyde resin: fenolformaldehiedhars
phenolic composition: fenolsamestelling phi-polarisation: phi-polarisasie phosphor bronze: fosforbrons phosphor copper: fosforkoper phosphorescence: fosforessensie
phot: phot (verligting) (1 x 104 lux vir SI)
photocell (photo-electric cell): fotosel, fotoë-lektriese sel
photocell control unit: fotoselbeheereenheid photocell head (or eye): fotosel kop (of oog) photoconductive cell: fotogeleisel photoconductive detector: fotogeleidende detektor photoconductive effect: fotogeleidingseffek
photodiode: fotodiode (halfgeleiertoestel saamgestel uit fotogeleisel en voegdiode) photodisintegration (photonuclear reaction): fotokernreaksie (kernreaksie verwek deur foton) photoelectric absorption: fotoëlektriese absorpsie
photoelectric cathode: fotoëlektriese katode
photoelectric cell: fotoëlektriese sel (Kyk ook “photovoltaic cell)
photoelectric constant: fotoëlektriese konstante photoelectric control: fotoëlektriese kontrole photoelectric current: fotoëlektriese stroom photoelectric effect: fotoëlektriese effek
photoelectric emission (photo-emission): fotoëlektriese emissie, fotoëmissie
photoelectricity: fotoëlektrisiteit
photoelectric lighting controller: fotoëlek-triese ligkontrole
photoelectric multiplier (multiplier phototake): vermenigvuldigingsfotobuis
photoelectric photometer: fotoëlektriese fotometer photoelectric relay: fotoëlektriese relê photoelectric threshold: fotoëlektriese drumpel
photoelectric tube (phototube): fotobuis, fotoëlektriese buis
photoelectron: fotoëlektron
photoemission (photo-electric emission): fotoëlektriese emissie, fotoëmissie
photoemissive cell: fotoëmissiesel photofission: fotoklowing (kern) photoluminescence: fotoluminessensie
photometer (illumination photometer): fotometer, verligtingsmeter
photomultiplier cell: fotovermenigvuldigersel
photon: foton (lig-of elektromagnetiese stralingskwantum) photoneutron: fotoneutron (neutron a.g.v. in-werking v. foton op kern) photonuclear reaction (photodisintegration): fotokernreaksie photoproton: fotoproton
phototube (photo-electric tube): fotobuis, fotoëlektriese buis (gas-of vakuum-emissiesel)
phototube relay: fotobuisrelê
photovaristor: foto-varistor (varistoreffek af-hanklik van verligting)
photovoltaic cell: fotovoltasel (self bron van EMK, sonder battery. Kyk “frontwall cell*, ‘backwall cell*, “barrier layer cell*)
physical properties: fisiese eienskappe
physics: fisika, natuurkunde
pick up: 1. aantrek (vir ankertipe relê) 2. op-kom (vir induksietipe relê)
pick-up circuit: aantrekbaan
pick-up current (pull-in current): aantrekstroom
pick-up reaction: kaapreaksie (kernfisika)
pick-up time lag: aantrektydvertraging
pick-up value: 1. aantrekwaarde 2. opkomwaarde
pick-up voltage: 1. (induced voltage): geTndu seerdespanning 2. (operating voltage): werkaanvangspanning
picofarad (micro-microfarad*): pikofarad (pF) picowatt (micro-microwatt*): pikowatt (pW) piezodielectric: piësodiëlektries
piezo-electric crystal: piësoëlektriese kristal
piezo-electricity: piësoëlektrisiteit pignon (pinion) crane: swaaiarmkraan pigtail: varkstert (verbinding)
pile: 1. stapel, suil 2. (nuclear reactor): kernreaktor
pile driving engine: heimasjien pile-up (stack): veerpakket (relê) pillar: pilaar, suil
pillar extraction: pilaarafbouing (mynbou)
pillar terminal: pilaaraansluiter
pillar-type switchgear: pilaarskakeltuig pilot: loods, loodsgolf (draerstelsel) pilot alarm: loodsalarm
pilot brush: 1. leiborsel 2. (exploring brush): meetborsel
pilot bush: leibus
pilot cable: loodskabel
pilot channel: loodskanaal (by alarms)
pilot circuit: loodsbaan
pilot coil: loodsspoel
pilot conductor: loodsgeleier
pilot control: hulpkontrole, loodskontrole
pilot controller deviation: hulpkontrole-afwyking
pilot exciter: loodsopwekker
pilot fuse: kliksekering

pilot gain regulation: loodsversterkingsreëling
pilot insulator pin: gidsisolatorpen
pilot lamp (pilot light): kliklamp (sluiting van kring)
pilot light (pilot lamp): kliklamp
pilot line (pilot wire): loodsleiding
pilot low-level alarm (low-pilot alarm): loods-laepeilalarm (draerstelsel)
pilot oil: loodsolie
pilot plant: proefaanleg
pilot protection: hulpkanaalbeveiliging (kraglyne: verbinding tussen vergelykende relês)
pilot regulator: Kyk “pilot-wire regulator”
pilot relay: klikrelê
pilot sleeve: leihuls
pilot valve: leiklep, voorklep
pilot-wire (pilot line): 1. beheerdraad, loodsleiding 2. hulpgeleier
pilot-wire protection: hulpgeleierbeveiliging
pilot-wire regulator: loodsleidingreëlaar (beheer van transmissielynverlies)
pilot-wire relay: loodsdraadrelê, loodsleidingrelê
pin n.: kontakpen, pen
pin angle pole: penhoekpaal
pinch v.: vasklem
pinch effect (rheostriction): krimpeffek, reostriksie
pin connection: penverbinding
pi-network (T-network): pi-net, T-net pin holder: penhouer
pin insulator (pin-type insulator): penisolator pin-insulator rotator: penisolatordraaier pinning: penverbinding (verdeelkas)
pin terminal: penaansluiter
pin-type bond (pressed-type bond): uitdydeurverbinder
pipe n. (tube): 1. pyp 2. buis
pipe v.: pype aanbring
pipe cable (pipe type cable): pypkabel
pipe connection: pypverbinding pipe coupling: pypkoppeling pipe die: pypdraadsnymoer pipe end: pypbek, pypent
pipe fittings: pyptoebehore
pipe flange: pypflens
pipe joint: pyplas
pipe line: pyplyn, pypleiding
pipe run (run of piping): pypreeks, pypry pipe-type cable (pipe cable): pypkabel pistol-type clamp: pistoolklamp
piston type joint: inskuifverbinding, inskuifvoeg
pipe-type compression cable: pypkabel met uitwendige gasdruk
pipe-ventilated motor: pypgeventileerde motor
pipework (piping): pype
Pirani gauge: Piranimeter (vakuummeter)
pistol grip switch: pistoolgreepskakelaar
pitch: 1. pik (materiaal) 2. Steek (bv. skroef-draad) 3. toonhoogte (klank)
pithead power station: skagkragstasie
pitted contact: ingevrete kontak
pivot n.: spil
pivot v.: 1. om ’n spil bevestig 2. om ’n spil draai
pivoted angle suspension clamp: haakse hangklamp met spil
pivoted guide vanes: spilleilem, spilleiskoep
pivoted type suspension clamp: spilhangklamp
plain-break oil circuit breaker: eenvoudige oliestroombreker
plain bushing (plain bushing insulator): onaf-gedigte deurvoerder plain carbon steel: ongelegeerde koolstaal, gewone koolstaal plain conductor: gewone geleier (een metaal)
plain connector (plain coupler): platkoppel-stuk (golfleier), platflens
plain coupler: gewone koppelstuk, gewone leipypsok
plain coupling (plain connector): platkoppel-stuk (golfleier), platflens
plain grate rail: gewone roosterspoor
plain lead-covered cable: gewone loodom-hulde kabel
plain resistance: gewone weerstand planar diode: vlakdiode (elektrodes parallel) planar network: vlaknet
Planckian radiator (black body, cavity radiator, full radiator): swartstraler
Planck’s constant: konstante van Planck
plane: 1. skaaf 2. vlak
plane-earth factor: vlakaardingsfaktor (eiek-tromagn. golfvoortplanting)
plane figure: vlakfiguur
plane of axis: asvlak
plane of no field: nulveldvlak
plane of polarisation: polarisasievlak plane-point contact: vlakpuntkontak plane-sphere contact: vlaksfeerkontak plane-cylinder contact: vlaksilinderkontak plane-plane contact: vlak-vlakkontak
plane-polarised wave: vlakgepolariseerde golf
plane sinusoidal wave: sinusvlakgolf
plane wave: vlakgolf
Planck’s radiation law: Planck se stralingswet
plan of wiring (wiring diagram): bedradingsdiagram
plant: 1. aanleg, installasie 2. uitrusting, toerusting 3. masjinerie, masjiene
Planté plate (formed plate): Planté-plaat (akkumulators)
plant load factor: installasielasfaktor
plan view: planaansig, bo-aansig

plasma: plasma (geïoniseerde gasontlading; ook positiewe kolom in gasontlading)
plastic cable: Kyk “plastic-insulated” cable
plasticity: plastisiteit
plastic-insulated cable: plastiekgeisoleerde kabel plastic-insulated wire: plastiekgeisoleerde draad plastic insulation: plastiekisolasie
plastics: plastiek
plate: 1. kapasitorplaat 2. akkumulatorelek-trode 3. anode
plate alarm relay: anodealarmrelê
plate battery: anodebattery
plate by-pass capacitor (anode by-pass capacitor): anodeomloopkapasitor
plate capacitor (plate condenser): plaatkapasitor
plate characteristic (anode characteristic): anodekenkromme
plate circuit (anode circuit): anodebaan (elektroniese beheer)
plate condenser: 1. plaatkondensator (keeling) 2. (plate capacitor): plaatkapasitor
plate conductance (anode conductance): anodekonduktansie plate cooling coil (panel coil): plaat-koelkronkel (hitteoordrag) plate current (anode current): anodestroom
plate detection (anode bend detection): anodemodulasie, anodedeteksie (gelykrig v. RF-seine in anodekring v. elektronebuis)
plate dissipation (anodedissipation): anodedissipasie (vermoë as warmte ver-strooi in anode v. elektronebuis)
plated circuit (plated printed circuit): geplateerde kring plated printed circuit (plated circuit): geplateerde kring plate earthing: plaataarding
plate frame: plaatraam
plate fuse (strip fuse): strooksekering
plate gauge (flat gauge, flat limit gauge, plate limit gauge): plaatmaat
plate grid: plaatrooster (battery)
plate input (anode input, anode power input, plate power input): anode-inset
plate limit-gauge (plate gauge, flat gauge, flat limit-gauge): plaatmaat
plate load (anode load): anodebelasting, anodelas
plate lug (nib): vlag (aan akkumulatorplaat)
plate modulation (anode-current modulation, anode modulation): anodemodulasie, anodestroommodulasie (invoering v. moduleersein)
platen superheater: plaatsuperverhitter (ketels)
plate power input (anode power input, plate input): anode-inset
plate rapper: plaatklopper (ontstowwer)
plate relay (anode relay): anoderelê
plate resistance (anode resistance): anodeweerstand plate saturation (anode saturation): anodeversadiging plate separator: plaatskeier (battery)
plate switch: plaatskakelaar
plate-type airheater: plaat-lugverwarmer
plate voltage (anode voltage): anodespanning platform-mounted transformer: platformtransformator platinum: platinum (metaal uit die erts platina) platinum contact: platinumkontak
platinum electrode: platinumelektrode plenum: oordrukkamer, plenum plenum light: plenumlig
pliable: 1. buigbaar 2. (flexible): buigsaam
pliable conduit: buigbare leipyp
plug (contact plug, male plug): kontakprop, Prop
plug adapter: pasprop
plug and connector: prop en verbinder
plug-and-socket: prop-en-sok
plugboard (patch-panel, patchboard, problem-board): skakelbord (rek.)
plug box: sokkas
plug connector: Kyk “plug-in connector”
plug contact: propkontak
plug coupler: propkoppelaar (verbind twee ente van geleier)
plug fuse: propsekering
plug gauge (plug limit gauge, cylindrical gauge): propmaat
plug in (insert 2): inprop, insteek (prop)
plug-in arrangement: inpropstelsel, insteekstelsel
plug-in base: inpropbasis
plug-in coil: inpropspoel, insteekspoel
plug-in connector: inpropverbinder, insteekverbinder
plug-in relay: inproprelê, insteekrelê
plug-in component holder: inprop-komponenthouer
plug limit gauge (plug gauge, cylindrical gauge): propmaat
plug pin: proppen
plug point: proppunt plug shroud: propmantel plug socket: propsok
plug-type fuse puller: propsekeringtrekker
plumbago (black lead, graphite): grafiet
plumbing gland: loodgietafdigstuk, vasgietafdigstuk
plunger burner: plunjerbrander plunger relay: plunjerrelê plunger switch: plunjerskakelaar
plus tolerance: plustoleransie, positiewe toleransie
plutonium: plutonium
plutonium reactor: plutoniumreaktor
pneumatic control (pneumatic controller): pneumatiese kontrole
pneumatic drill: lugboor
pneumatic operation: 1. pneumatiese bedien-ing 2. pneumatiese werking 3. pneumatiese aandrywing
pneumatic rabbit: lugmuis, pneumatiese muis (kernreaktor)
pneumatic vacuum system: pneumatiese vakuumstelsel
point contact: puntkontak
point-contact rectifier: puntkontakgelykrigter (metaalpunt op halfgeleierkristal)
pointer: 1. naald 2. wyser
point contact transistor: puntkontaktransistor
pointer disc: wys(t)erskyf
pointer instrument: wys(t)erinstrument
point junction transistor: punt-voegtransistor
point load: puntbelasting, puntlas (meganies)
point of connection (connection point): aansluitpunt
point of contact: 1. kontakpunt 2. raakpunt (wisk.)

point of delivery: leweringspunt (alg.)
point of disconnection: diskonnekteringspunt (verbinding)
point of intersection: snypunt
point of saturation: versadigingspunt
point of supply (supply point): voorsieningspunt
point of suspension: hangpunt
point pole: puntpool
point source: puntbron (lig bv.)
point-source lamp: puntbronlamp
point-to-point circuit (direct circuit): 1.
direkte verbinding 2. direkte kring
point-to-point wiring: direkte bedrading
poison (killer): verswakker (bv. materiaal wat emissievermoë van katode verswak)
polar: polêr, pool-polar contact: poolkontak (relês)
polar crane: poolkraan (inperkgebou) polar curve (polar diagram): poolkromme polar diagram (polar curve): pooldiagram polar equation: poolvergelyking
polar form: poolvorm
polar form of operator: pooloperator polarisation: polarisasie, polarisering polarisation current: polarisasiestroom polarisation index: polarisasie-indeks polarise: polariseer
polarised armature: gepolariseerde anker
polarised differential relay: gepolariseerde differensiaalrelê polarised meter: gepolariseerde meter (met nulsentrumskaal) polarised radiation: gepolariseerde straling
polarised relay (polar relay): gepolariseerde relê (ankerbeweging afhanklik van stroomrigting)
polarised wave: gepolariseerde golf polarising coil: polariseerspoel polarising flux: polariseervloed
polarising voltage transformer: polariseer-spanningstransformator
polarity: polariteit
polarity changer (pole changer): poolwisselaar
polarity indicator: polariteitaanwyser
polarity reversal (reversal of polarity): poolomstelling
polarity reverser: polariteitsomsteller
polarization: polarisering, polarisasie
polar method of notation: poolmetode van notasie polar relay (polarised relay): gepolariseerde relê polar vector: poolvektor
pole: 1. paal (in ’n bogrondse lyn) 2. pool (van ’n boog, magneet, ens.)
pole amplitude modulation: poolam-plitudemodulasie (motorspoedbeheer)
pole arc: poolboog
pole arm: paalarm
pole area: pooloppervlakte
pole axis: poolas
pole band: paalvoetstuk
pole body: poolromp
pole cap: paaldop
pole centre line: poolhartlyn
pole changing: poolwisseling
pole-changing relay: poolwisselrelê
pole-changing starter: aansitter met poolwisseling pole-changing winding: pooltalveranderwikkeling pole clamp: paal klamp (lewendigelynwerk)
pole clevis clamp: paalvurkklamp
pole climber (climbing angle, climbing iron): klimyster
pole core: poolkern
pole disagreement: pooltweespalt
pole face: poolvlak
pole fittings: paaltoebehore
pole fuse: paalsekering
pole hook: stanghaak, paalhaak
pole horn: poolhoring (gedeelte v. poolpunt wat omtrek v. poolkern oorskry)
pole-mounted equipment: paalgemonteerde uitrusting, paaluitrusting
pole-mounted substation: paalsubstasie
pole-mounted transformer (pole-type transformer): paaltransformator
pole pair: poolpaar pole piece: poolstuk pole pitch: poolsteek
pole pitch connection: poolsteekverbinding
pole shield: paalskut pole shoe: poolskoen pole slipping: poolglip
pole splice: paalspalklas (by universele paal)
pole stay: paalanker
pole step: paalsport
pole strength (amount of pole, strength of pole): poolsterkte
pole surface (pole face): poolvlak pole tip (pole horn): poolhoring pole width: poolwydte
polish v.: 1. poleer, polys 2. suiwer (kondensaat)
pollution: besoedeling
polybutadiene rubber (BR): polibutadieenrub-ber (BR)
polychlorinated biphenyl (polichlorinated benzene, RGB, askarel): poligechloreerde bifeniel (poligechloreerde benseen, RGB, askarel)
polychloroprene (p.c.p., neoprene): ne-opreen, polichloorpreen
polychloroprene insulation pad (neoprene insulation pad): neopreenisoleerkussing, polichloorpreenisoleerkussing
polychloroprene-sheathed cable: ne-opreenomhulde kabel, polichloorpreenom-hulde kabel
polychlorotrifluoroethylene resin: polichloortrifluooretileenhars polydosing pump: polidoseerpomp (waterbehandeling) polyelectrolyte: poliëlektroliet

polyelectrolyte dosing tank: poliëlektrolietdoseertenk polyelectrolyte hopper: poliëlektrolietlosser polyester resin: poliësterhars
polyethylene: poliëtileen
polygonal grate bar: poligoonroosterstaaf
polygonal protection: veelhoekige beveiliging
polygonal switching: veelhoekskakeling, poligone skakeling polygonal voltage: veelhoekspanning (van ’n veelfasestelsel) polygon of forces: kragteveelhoek
polygon of vectors (vector polygon): vektorveelhoek
poly-grid cooling tower: veelsifkoeltoring
poly-grid filter: veelsiffiiter (by koeltoring)
poly-isoprene rubber (IR): poli-isopreenrubber (IR)
polymeric insulator: polimeerisolator
polyolefin: poliolefien
polyphase: veelfase-, veelfasig polyphase alternator: veelfase-alternator polyphase circuit: veelfasekring
polyphase compound commutator motor: veelfasige serieparallelmotor
polyphase current: veelfasestroom
polyphase induction motor: veelfasige induksiemotor
polyphase machine: veelfasemasjien polyphase motor: meerfasige motor polyphase rectifier: veelfasegelykrigter
polyphase rotary converter: veelfasige eenankeromsetter polyphase series commutator motor: veelfasige seriemotor polyphase shunt commutator motor: veelfasige parallelmotor
polyphase slip-ring induction motor: veelfasige sleepringinduksiemotor polyphase synchronous generator: veelfasige sinchrone generator polyphase system: veelfasestelsel
polyphase transformer: veelfasetransformator polyphase winding: veelfasewikkeling polyphenilene oxide: polifenileenoksied (bars) polypropylene: polipropileen
poly rod: veelstaafstraler (antenne) polystyrene: polistireen polysulphone: polisulfoon
polytetrafluoroethylene resin (p.t.f.e.): politetrafluooretileenhars (p.t.f.e.)
polyurethane: poliuretaan
polyvinylchloride (PVC): polivinielchloried (PVC)
polyvinylchloride-sheathed cable: polivinielchloriedomhulde kabel, PVC-omhulde kabel
pond drain valve: opgaardamdreineerklep (koeltoring)
pony motor: poniemotor
pool cathode: poelkatode
pooled power stations: poelkragstasies pool rectifier: poelgelykrigter porcelain: porselein
porcelain adapter: porseleinpasstuk
porcelain block: porseleinblok
porcelain bobbin (porcelain spool): porseleintol porcelain bushing: porseleindeurvoerder porcelain connector: porseleinverbinder porcelain insulator: porseleinisolator
porcelain rain shed: porseleinreënmantel porcelain shroud: porseleinmantel porcelain spacer: porseleinskeistuk
porcelain spool (porcelain bobbin): porseleintol porcupine: ystervark (vir skoonmaak van pype) porosity: poreusheid
porous pot: poreuse pot (battery) porous reactor: poreuse reaktor port: poort
portable: 1. draagbaar, verplaasbaar 2. (transportable): vervoerbaar portable appliance: draagbare toestel, ver-plaasbare toestel portable centrifuge return: verplaasbare sentrifuge-terugvoerklep portable centrifuge suction: verplaasbare sentrifuge-suigklep
portable charging set: 1. draagbare laaistel, verplaasbare laaistel 2. vervoerbare laaistel
portable earth: verplaasbare aarding
portable earthing strap: draagbare aardingstrop portable oil purifier: verplaasbare oliesuiweraar portable reactor: vervoerbare reaktor
portable substation: mobiele substasie
portal frame: portaalraam
portal-framed building:' portaalraamgebou
portal structure: portaalstruktuur (lynsteun)
porthole connector: verbindingsklamp met uitsitopenings position n.: 1. ligging, plek, posisie 2. stand (bv. skakelaar) position v.: in posisie bring, opstel, plaas
position circuit: bedienpuntverbinding position finding: plekbepaling, posisiebepaling position indicator: standaanwyser, standwyser position of rest: russtand
position switch: posisieskakelaar
positive: positief
positive alternation: positiewe wisseling positive bias: positiewe voorspanning positive booster: positiewe opjaer positive brush: positiewe borsel positive charge: positiewe lading
positive column: positiewe kolom (gas of damp by positiewe elektrode)
positive conductor: positiewe geleier
positive coupling: positiewe koppeling (magn. vloede van wedersydse induktansie en sel- finduktansie in een rigting)
positive current: positiewe stroom
positive displacement flowmeter: vloeimeter met positiewe verplasing
positive drive: positiewe aandrywing
positive electricity: positiewe elektrisiteit
positive electrode: positiewe elektrode (bv. katode van primêre sel by ontlading)
positive electron (positron): positron (positiewe elektron)

positive end: positiewe ent
positive feed: positiewe toevoer (GS) positive feed-back (reaction, regeneration, retroaction): positiewe terugkoppeling
positive glow (anode glow): positiewe glimlig, anodeglimlig
positive half-cycle: positiewe halfsiklus
positive ion: positiewe ioon (na verlies v. een of meer elektrone)
positively charged: positief gelaai
positive phase sequence: positiewe fasevolgorde
positive plate: positiewe plaat (waarvandaan stroom na buitekring vloei by akkumulator)
positive polarity: positiewe polariteit positive pole: positiewe pool positive position: positiewe stand
positive potential: positiewe potensiaal positive reading: positiewe lesing positive rotation: positiewe rotasie
positive-sequence components: komponente met positiewe volgorde (van ’n driefasige stelsel) positive-sequence co-ordinate: koórdinaat met positiewe volgorde (van ’n driefasige stelsel) positive-sequence current: positiewevolgordestroom
positive-sequence impedance: positiewevolgorde-impedansie
positive-sequence polyphase system: veel-fasige stelsel met positiewe volgorde
positive-sequence power: positiewevolgorde-drywing, drywing met positiewe volgorde (in ’n driefasestelsel)
positive temperature coefficient resistor (p.t.c. resistor): positiewetemperatuurkoëffisiëntresistor
positive terminal: positiewe aansluiter, positiewe klem positon (positron, positive electron): positron positron (positive electron, positon): positron
post (pole 2): 1. paal 2. pool (battery)
post-deflection acceleration: naversnelling
post-deflection acceleration electrode (intensifier electrode): naversnelelektrode (in elektrodestraalbuis)
post insulator: lynstutisolator, pilaarisolator post-synchronisation: na-sinchronisasie
potable water: drinkwater
potable water clarifier (PWC): drinkwater-verheldertenk (DWV)
potable water pump: drinkwaterpomp
potential n.: potensiaal
potential anti-node: potensiaalteennodus (maks. van staangolfspanningskarakteristiek)
potential barrier (potential hill): potensiaal-heuwel, potensiaalversperring (bv. by op-pervlak v. ’n metaal)
potential coil: potensiaalspoel
potential curve (potential-energy curve): potensiaalkromme, potensiële-energiekromme
potential difference: potensiaalverskil
potential divider (voltage divider): spanningsdeler
potential drop (drop of potential, fall of potential): potensiaalval (in ’n stroomkring a.g.v. stroomvloeiing)
potential energy: potensiële energie
potential energy curve (potential curve): potensiaalkromme, potensiële-energiekromme
potential field strength: potensiaalveldsterkte (elektromagn. golf)
potential function: potensiaal funksie
potential gradient (potential slope): potensiaalgradiënt
potential hill (potential barrier): potensiaal-heuwel, potensiaalversperring
potential loop: potensiaallus
potentially hazardous installation: potensieel gevaarlike installasie
potential peak periods: potensiële spitstye potential plateau: potensiaalplato potential rise: potensiaalstyging
potential slope (potential gradient): potensiaalgradiënt
potential swing: potensiaalswaai
potential transformer (voltage transformer): spanningstransformator potential trough (potential well): potensiaal-dal, potensiaalput potential well (potential trough): potensiaalput, potensiaaldal potential winding: spanningswikkeling
potentiometer: 1. meterbrug, potensiometer 2. spanningsdeler
potentiometer method: potensiometermetode potentiometer recorder: potensiometerregistreerder potentiometer-type regulator: potensiometerreëlaar potentiometer-type resistor: potensiometerresistor potentiometer-type rheostat: potensiometerreostaat potentiometric circuit: potensiometriese kring
pothead: 1. aansluitmof, endmof 2. (compartment-cover mounting plate): kokerdekplaat
pothead coupling: kokerkoppeling
pothead joint: kokerlas
Potier’s coefficient of equivalence: koëffi-siënt van Potier Potier’s electromotive force: Potier-elek-tromotoriese krag Potier’s reactance: Potier-reaktansie
pour point: gietpunt, vloeipunt (olie) powdered coal: steenkoolpoeier powdered-iron core: poeierysterkern
power: 1. arbeidstempo, drywing (arbeid per tydseenheid) 2. krag (in waterkrag, stoom-krag, kragpomp, ens.) 3. mag (wisk.) 4. sterkte (optika) 5. vermoë (bv. van battery; ook in samestellings soos hefvermoë)
power actuator: kragdryfmeganisme
power amplification (power gain): kragversterking
power breeder: kweek-kragreaktor
power busbar: kraggeleistam
power capacity: kragontwikkelvermoë power carrying capacity: kragdravermoë power circle: kragsirkel
power circuit: hoofstroomkring, kragstroomkring
power coefficient: kragkoëffisiënt (kern.)
power component: Kyk “active component of the current”
power consumption: kragverbruik
power contactor: kragkontaktor
power control rod: Kyk “control rod” power conversion loop: kragomsettingslus power converter: Kyk “converter”
power crossing: kragkruising power curve: kragkromme power cut: kragbesuiniging
power cut-out switch: kragafsnyskakelaar
power density: kragdigtheid (ener-

gie/sekonde/eenheidsvolume van reaktor-kern, ook in elektromagn. velde in W/cm3)
power direction relay: kragrigtingrelê
power dissipation: kragdissipasie
power down-feed: afwaartse kragtoevoer
power drive: kragaandrywing
power-driven: kraggedrewe
power-driven hydraulically operated ...: kraggedrewe hidrouliese ...
power-driven pump: kragpomp
power-drive system: kragaandrywingstelsel, kraggedrewe stelsel
power efficiency: kragrendement
power expended: dry wing verbruik, kragverbruik
power factor: arbeidsfaktor, kragfaktor (verhouding aktiewe dry wing tot skyndrywing)
power-factor adjustment: arbeidsfaktorinstelling
power-factor angle: arbeidsfaktorhoek (cos van hd. hoek is die arbeidsfaktor)
power-factor axis: arbeidsfaktoras
power-factor capacitor: arbeidsfaktorkapasitor
power-factor compensator: arbeidsfaktorkompenseerder
power-factor control: arbeidsfaktorbeheer
power-factor correction: arbeidsfaktorkorreksie
power factor correction capacitor: arbeidsfaktor-korreksiekapasitor power-factor corrector: arbeidsfaktorkor-rigeerder (bv. kapasitor) power-factor indicator (power-factor meter): arbeidsfaktormeter power-factor meter (power-factor indicator): arbeidsfaktormeter power factor regulator: kragfaktorreëlaar
power-factor scale: arbeidsfaktorskaal
power factor voltage characteristic: kragfaktorspanningskenkromme power failure (power interruption, power outage): kragonderbreking power feed (power supply): kragtoevoer
power-frequency capacitive component: kapasitiewe kragfrekwensiekomponent
power-frequency inductive current: induk-tiewe kragfrekwensiestroom
power-frequency voltage: kragfrekwensiespanning
power-frequency voltage test: kragfrekwensie-spanningstoets power-frequency withstand voltage: houspanning by netfrekwensie power fuse lift stick: kragsekering-hysstok
power gain (power amplification): kragversterking
power generation: kragontwikkeling
power inlet: kraginlaat
power input (input power): ingangsvermoë inset, kraginset
power interruption (power failure, power outage): kragonderbreking
power inverter: kragwisselrigter
power lead: kragleiding
power line: kraglyn
power line carrier equipment: kraglyn-dragolfuitrusting
power load: kragbelasting, lewering
power loss: kragverlies
power mains (mains, supply mains): hoofleiding, kragnet
power measurement: kragmeting
power measuring circuit: kragmeetkring
power notch: kragkerf
‘power off” position: stand “krag af”
‘power on” position: stand “krag aan”
power-operated: krag-, kragaangedrewe
power operation (power working): kragaandrywing, kragwerking power outage (power failure, power interruption): kragonderbreking power outlet (power point): kragpunt
power output: (krag)lewering
power pack: kragvoereenheid
power plant: 1. kragbron 2. kraginstallasie
power plug: kragprop
power point (power outlet): kragpunt power protection: kragbeveiliging power rating: kendrywing, kenvermoë
power reactor: kragreaktor (bv. kern reaktor vir elektrisiteitsontwikkeling)
power relay: kragrelê (funksioneer by vooraf-bep. kragwaarde)
power reticulation scheme: kragnetskema
power reversal (reversal of power): kragomstelling
power ringing: kraglui power route: kragroete power socket: kragsok power source: kragbron power station: kragstasie
power supply: 1. kragvoorsiening 2. (power feed): kragtoevoer
power-supply transformer: kragtoevoertransformator
power-supply unit: kragvoorsieningseenheid
power swing blocking relay: kragswaai-sperrelê
power switchgroup: hoofskakelgroep, kragskakelaargroep
power system: kragstelsel
power transfer: kragoordrag
power transfer capacity: kragoordravermoë
power transformer: kragtransformator
power transistor: sterk transistor (geskik vir relatief sterk stroom)
power transmission: kragoorbrenging, kragtransmissie
power transfer relay: kragoordrarelê
power water: Kyk “motive water1, ‘transfer water’’

power wave form: kraggolfvorm
power winding: kragwikkeling (in versadig-bare reaktor vir kragbeheer)
power working (power operation): kragaan-drywing, kragwerking (elektromagnetiese krag)
Poynting vector: Poynting-vektor
practical unit: praktiese eenheid (verouderde elek. eenhede gedefinieer volgens fisiese groothede)
practice: praktyk
preamble: voorinligting (spesifikasie)
pre-arcing time (melting time): smelttyd (van ’n sekering)
precaution: voorsorg, voorsorgsmaatreël
precipitate (precipitation): neerslag, presipitaat
precipitation: 1. presipitasie, presipitering 2. (precipitate): neerslag, presipitaat
precipitation filter: neerslagfilter, presipitaatfilter precipitator: Kyk “electrostatic precipitator precipitator dust: presipitatorstof
precision: presisie
precision dimensions: presisiemate precision finish: presisieafwerking precision fit: presisiepassing
precision instrument: presisie-instrument
precision limits: presisiegrensmate
precision measurement: 1. (precision measuring): presisiemeting 2. presisiemaat, presisieafmeting
precision measuring (precision measurement): presisieafmeting
precision resistor: presisieresistor precision setting: presisiestelling precision tools: presisiegereedskap precision wound: presisiebewikkel
precollector: voorvanger
preconduction current: voorgeleidingstroom precommissioning manual: voorindienstellingshandleiding pre-cooler: voorkoeler
pre-cooling: voorkoeling, voorverkoeling
pre-cooling plant: voorkoelinstallasie, voorverkoelinstallasie
predissociation: voordissosiëring (van molekules voordat lading deur straling ver-lore gaan) prefix multiplier: groottevoorvoegsel, SI voor-voegsel (dekadeafkortings) pre-formed coil: voorafgevormde spoel
pre-formed winding: voorafgevormde wikkeling
pre-heat: voorverhit, voorverwarm (lug)
pre-heated electrode: voorverhitte elektrode
preheater: voorverhitter, voorverwarmer pre-heating: voorverhitting, voorverwarming pre-heating time: opwarmtyd
pre-impregnated cable: vooraf geimpregneer-de kabel
pre-impregnated insulation: voorgedrenkte (papier)isolasie, voorgeTmpregneerde (papier)isolasie
pre-load: voorbelas
pre-loading: voorbelasting
pre-magnetising current: voormagnetiseerstroom pre-oscillation current: voorossilleringstroom preparation tank: bereidingstenk (waterbehandeling) prepared fuel: bereide brandstof
prepayment meter (slot meter): muntmeter
pre-selection: voorkiesing
pre-set: vooraf stel (bv. relê)
pre-set control: voorafgestelde kontrole
pre-spark gap: voor-vonkbrtig
press-button (push-button): drukknop press(-button) switch: drukknopskakelaar press contact: drukkontak
pressed-sleeve joint: pershulslas
pressed steel stator frame: persstaalstatorraam
pressel switch (pear switch, pendant switch, suspension switch): hangskakelaar
Presspahn: Presspahn (houtpulp-isoleermateriaal) pressure: 1. Kyk “tension1, “voltage” 2. druk pressure adjusting valve: drukstelklep
pressure accumulator: drukhouer (turbogenerator) pressure-balancing valve: drukbalanseerklep pressure-bled steam: drukaftapstoom
pressure breaker: drukbreker
pressure cable (gas-filled cable): drukkabel, gasdrukkabel
pressure circuit: Kyk “voltage circuit”
pressure coil: Kyk “voltage coil”
pressure containing box: drukaansluitkas pressure controller: drukkontrole pressure-control valve: drukbeheerklep
pressure differential: drukdifferensiaal, drukverskil
pressure distribution: drukverdeling
pressure drop: 1. Kyk “potential drop1, “voltage drop” 2. drukdaling
pressure equaliser: drukvereffenaar pressure equalising: drukeffening pressure gauge: drukmeter
pressure gauge take-off valve: drukmeteraftakklep pressure gauge vent valve: drukmeter-uitlaatklep pressure governor (pressure regulator): drukreëlaar pressure head (head): drukhoogte (van water)
pressure head valve: drukhoogteklep (by in-laat van voedingswaterpomp)
pressure lubricated bearing: druksmeerlaer
pressure lubrication (force-feed lubrication, forced lubrication): druksmering
pressure mill: drukmeul
pressure-operated switch (pressure switch): drukskakelaar
pressure-proof motor: drukbestande motor
pressure reducer restriction: drukvermin-deringsvernouing (koel middel) pressure-reducing valve: drukreduseerklep, drukverminderingsklep pressure regulator: drukreëlaar
pressure relay: drukrelê
pressure relief terminal box:
pressure relief valve: drukontlasklep, veiligheidsklep pressure reponse (pressure sensitivity): drukgevoeligheid pressure rise: 1. drukstyging 2. Kyk “voltage rise”
pressure sensitivity (pressure response): drukgevoeligheid
pressure shaft: drukskag
pressure-sustaining valve: drukhouklep pressure switch: drukskakelaar pressure transmitter: druksender pressure tunnel: druktonnel (hidroëlek.)
pressure turbine (reaction turbine): druktur-bine, reaksieturbine pressure-type capacitor: druktipe kapasitor, traegaskapasitor pressure-type cooler: drukkoeler
pressure-type pothead: drukkabelentmof
pressure vessel: drukvat
pressure vessel reactor: drukvatreaktor
pressure water: drukwater
pressure welding: druksweising pressure winding: Kyk “potential winding” pressurised cable: Kyk “pressure cable” pressurised casing: omhulsel onder druk
pressurised water reactor (PWR): drukwater-reaktor (PWR) prestressed concrete reactor vessel: voorgespannebetonreaktorvat pressurising valve: drukreëlklep
progenitor: stamkern (kern.)
prompt critical reactor: prontkritieke reaktor
pre-synchronisation: voorsinchronisasie preventative maintenance: voorsorgsonderhoud pre-wound coil: voorafgewikkelde spoel primary n. (primary winding): primêre wikkeling primary air: primêre lug
primary air fan (P.A. fan): primêrelugwaaier, PL-waaier
primary ampere-turn: primêre ampêrewinding
primary applied voltage: primêre aangelegde spanning
primary battery: primêre battery primary bled steam: primêre aftapstoom primary cell: primêre sel
primary circuit: primêre kring
primary coil (input coil): primêre spoel primary connection: primêre verbinding primary control fuse: primêrebeheer-sekering primary copper loss: primêre koperverlies primary current: primêre stroom
primary distribution feeder: primêre distribusievoerlyn primary distribution main: primêre distribusiehoofleiding primary distribution net: primêre distribusienet
primary distribution trunk line: primêre distribusietoevoerlyn
primary electron: primêre elektron primary emission: primêre emissie primary feedback: primêre terugkoppeling
primary full-load current (full-load primary current): primêre vollasstroom
primary fuse: primêre sekering
primary leakage flux: primêre lekvloed
primary leakage reactance: primêre lekreaktansie
primary line current: primêre lynstroom
primary line-to-ground voltage: primêre lyn-aardspanning
primary line voltage: primêre lynspanning
primary network: primêre net
primary phase voltage: primêre fasespanning
primary potential difference: primêre potensiaalverskil primary power: primêre arbeidstempo, pri-mêre drywing primary power factor: primêre arbeidsfaktor
primary radiator: primêre straler
primary relay: primêre relê
primary resistance drop: primêreweerstandsval primary resistor: primêrewikkelingresistor primary-resistor starter: primêreresistoraansitter primary stage: primêre trap (van ejekteur) primary superheater: primêre superverhitter primary turn: primêre winding
primary voltage: primêre spanning
primary voltage rating: primêre kenspanning (transformator)
primary winding (primary): primêre wikkeling
prime: 1. voorvoer (mot) 2. voorvul, ontlug (pomp) 3. planeer, met onderlaag bedek
prime coking coal: hoëgraadse kookskool
prime mover: primêre kragbron, primêre aan-drywer, dryfwerktuig (bv. stoomturbine, waterturbine)
prime number: ondeelbare getal, priemgetal
priming: 1. voorvoer (enjin) 2. voorvulling (pomp) 3. voorbedekking 4. opkoking (keteltrom)
priming grid: aansitrooster
principal axis: hoofas (rigting v. maks. sen-sitiwiteit (transduseerder))
principle of moments: wet van momente
printed circuit (PC): etskring (EK)
printed circuit board (PC board): etskring-bord (EK-bord)
printed contact: geëtste kontak printed wiring: geëtste bedrading printed wiring unit: etskringeenheid
printometer (demand printometer (GB)): aanvraagregistreerder
prismatic cable: prismakabel
probability of collission: botskans (van ’n elektron met ’n molekuul of atoom)
probability of ionisation: ioniseerkans probe: proefstif, sondeerder, toetspen probe v.: sondeer, proef
probe transformer: sondeertransformator
problem-board (patchboard, plugboard, patch-panel): skakelbord (rek.)
process n.: proses
process v.: verwerk
process steam: prosesstoom
producibility: produksievermoë (van ’n hidroë-lektriese kragstasie)
product: produk
production reactor: produksiereaktor
product recycle: produkhersiklering

product of combustion: verbrandingsproduk
product relay: produkrelê (geaktiveer deur produk v. twee elek. groothede)
profile gauge: profielmaat
profile milling (form milling): profiel-freeswerk, vormfreeswerk
profile turning: profieldraaiwerk
profiling: profilering
program n. (programme): program
program v. (programme): 1. programmeer (rekenaar) 2. program opstel
programming relay (sequence relay): volgorderelê
progressive error: oplopende tout
progressive wave: loopgolf, progressiewe golf
progressive winding: progressiewe wikkeling (met windings langs mekaar)
project n.: projek, skema
project v.: 1. projekteer 2. uitsteek projecting pole: uitsteekpool projection: 1. projeksie 2. uitsteeksel projection arc: projeksieboog projector: projektor
prompt neutron: prontneutron (sonder meet-bare vertraging vrygestel in splytproses)
proofed tape: verdigte band
proof test: bewystoets
propagation: voortplanting (golwe)
propagation anomaly: voortplantingsafwyking
propagation cofficient (propagation constant): voortplantingskonstante
propagation constant (propagation coefficient): voortplantingskonstante propagation factor (propagation ratio): voort-plantingsfaktor, voortplantingsverhouding propagation loss: voortplantingsverlies
propagation ratio (propagation factor): voortplantingsverhouding
propagation time: voortplantingstyd propeller turbine: skroefturbine proper angle: Kyk “right angle’’ property: 1. eienskap 2. eiendom
proportional control: eweredige beheer, proporsionele beheer (met lineêre verhoud-ing tussen inset en lewering)
propulsion: voortdrywing, voortstuwing
propulsion rate: voortdryftempo
prospective current: waarskynlike stroom, ideale stroom (van ’n kring)
prospective customers: waarskynlike verbruikers
protected cable: beskermde kabel protected-type motor: beveiligde motor protected zone: beveiligde sone protecting flange: beveiligingsflens
protection: 1. beveiliging (elek.) 2. beskerming
protection circuit: beveiligingskring
protection circuit breaker: beveiligingstroombreker
protection cover: skermdeksel, skutdeksel, skutdop
protection earth fault relay (distance relay): Kyk “impedance relay”
protection hood: skermkap
protection intertrip equipment: beveiligingstussenuitklinkuitrusting
protection light: beskermlig
protection relay: beveiligingsrelê
protection transformer: beveiligingstransformator protective apparatus: beveiligingsapparaat protective barrier: beskermversperring protective capacitor: beveiligingskapasitor protective circuit: beveiligingskring
protective clothing: beskermklere
protective coil: beveiligingspoel
protective covering (protecting cover): beskermhulsel, beskermende omhulsel
protective device: beveiligingstoestel
protective gap (protective spark gap): bev-eiligingsgaping (teen oorspanning)
protective gear: beveiligingstuig, beveiligingsapparaat
protective grill: beskermrooster
protective horn (arcing horn, arc horn): booghoring, oorslaghoring
protective relay: beveiligingsrelê
protective resistance: beveiligingsweerstand
protective rib: beveiligingsrib
protective ring (arcing ring): oorvonkring, oorslagring
protective screen (safety screen): veiligheidskerm
protective sleeve: beskermhuls
protective spark gap: beveiligings(vonk)gaping
protective system (system of protection): beveiligingstelsel
proton: proton
prototype: prototipe
prototype tests: prototipetoetse proving circuit: bewyskring, toetskring proving run: werktoets
proximity-effect: nabyheidseffek (wisselstroom)
proximity switch: nabyheidskakelaar
P-type conductivity: P-geleivermoë (verbonde aan die holtes in ’n halfgeleier)
P-type semi-conductor: P-halfgeleier (waarin holtedigtheid die gelei-elektrondigtheid oorskry)
public lighting: openbare verligting pull n.: 1. (pulling-force): trekkrag 2. trek pull v.: trek
pull box: deurtrekkas (in geleierloop)
pull in: 1. aantrek (ankerrelê) 2. opkom (induksierelê) pull-in current (pick-up current): aantrekstroom pulling: frekwensietrek, frekwensietrekeffek (by ossillator)
pulling eye: 1. treklus (in tou of geleier) 2. trekoog (aan geleier)
pulling force (pull): trekkrag
pulling stress (tensile stress, tension): trekspanning
pull-in torque: intrek(draai)moment (van ’n sinchrone motor)
pull into synchronism: op sinchrone spoed bring/kom
pull-out torque: uitval(draai)moment (van ’n sinchrone motor)
pull switch: trekskakelaar
pull-through winding: deurtrekwikkeling

pull-up resistor: verhoogresistor pulsate (pulse): pulseer pulsating current: pulseerstroom
pulsating quantity: pulseergrootheid
pulsation: pulsering
pulsation loss: pulsasieverlies, pulseerverlies
pulse n.: puls
pulse v.: (pulsate): pulseer
pulse amplitude modulation: pulsamplitudemodulasie
pulse analyser: pulsontieder pulse carrier: pulsdraer pulse code: pulskode
pulse-controlled switch: pulsbeheerde skakeiaar
pulse counter: pulsteller
pulse decay time: pulswegsterftyd pulse decay network: pulsvertragingnet pulse discriminator: pulsonderskeier pulse distortion: pulsvervorming
pulse duration (pulse length, pulse width): pulsduur pulse duty factor: pulsverhouding (pulsduur tot spasiëring) pulse excitation: pulsopwekking
pulse-frequency modulation: pulsfrekwensie-modulasie (Telekomm.)
pulse generator (pulser): pulsgenerator (ontwerp en toetsing)
pulse-height analyser: pulshoogteontleder
pulse interleaving (pulse interlacing): pulsinterliniëring pulse length (pulse width, pulse duration): pulsduur pulse limiter: pulsbegrenser, pulsbeperker
pulse mode: pulsmodus
pulse number: pulseerverhouding
pulse-position modulation (pulse-time modulation): pulsposisiemodulasie
pulser (pulse generator): pulsgenerator
pulse-rate modulation: pulstempomodulasie
pulse regeneration: pulsterugvorming pulse repetition rate: pulsherhalingstempo pulse shaper: pulsvormer
pulse spacing: pulsspasiëring
pulse spike: spitspuls
pulse-time modulation (pulse-position modulation): pulsposisiemodulasie
pulse transformer: pulstransformator pulse-type telemeter: pulstelemeter pulse waveform: pulsgolfvorm
pulse width (pulse duration, pulse length): pulsduur
pulsing circuit: pulseerkring pulsing period: pulseerperiode pulverised coal: poeierkool
pulverised fuel: 1. poeierbrandstof 2. poeierkool pulverised-fuel boiler: poeierkoolketel pulverised-fuel impeller: poeierbrandstofstuwer pulveriser (crusher): vergruiser (steenkool) pulverising mill: verpoeieringsmeule
pump: pomp
pump chamber: pompkamer
pumped rectifier: gelykrigter met luglediger, gelykrigter met vakuumpomp
pumped storage scheme (pumped storage system): pompopgaarskema, pompopgaarstelsel
pump failure alarm: pompdefekalarm
pump house: pomphuis
pumped storage generation: pompopgaar-kragontwikkeling
pumped storage system: pompopgaarstelsel
pumping capacity: pompvermoë (hidroëlek.)
pumping mode: 1. pompbedryf, pompsiklus (pompopgaarstelsels) 2. pompmetode, pompmodus
pump installation: pompinstallasie pumpless rectifier: pomplose gelykrigter pump-start manifold: pompaansitspruit pump turbine: pomp-turbine
punching (lamination, stamping): lamel (ankers, transformators) puncture n.: 1. lek (lug) 2. (breakdown, rupture): deurslag (isolasie) puncture v. (break down, rupture): deurslaan
puncture strength: Kyk ‘‘dielectric strength”
puncture-voltage: deurslagspanning
pure capacitance: suiwer kapasitansie
pure capacitance circuit: suiwerkapasitansiekring
pure inductance: suiwer induktansie
pure metal: suiwer metaal
pure resistance: suiwer weerstand
purge: uitsuiwer (kernkrag), reinig, deurspoel, spui purge connection: spuiverbinding (gasstelsel) purge flow diverter: spuivloeiomleier
purge valve: spuiklep
purification: suiwering (alg.)
push brace: stootstuk (in raam), stut (teen paal)
push-button (press-button): drukknop push-button controls: drukknopkontroles push-button switch: drukknopskakelaar
push-pull circuit: gebalanseerde kring, trek-stootkring
push-pull currents (balanced currents): gebalanseerde strome trek-stootstrome
push-pull oscillator: balansossillator, trek-stootossillator
push-pull switch: druk-trekskakelaar
push-pull transformer: trek-stoottransformator
push-pull voltages: gebalanseerde spannings, trek-stootspannings
push-push current: stoot-stootstroom (beklem-toning van ewe bofrekwensies)
push-type switch: drukskakelaar
put on load (load up): belas (bv. ’n generator)
pygmy lamp: dwerglampie
pylon (lattice tower): traliemas, vakwerkmas
pyroconductivity: pirokonduktiwiteit pyro-electricity: piroëlektrisiteit pyrometer: pirometer

Q-electron: Q-elektron (een v. 2 in die Q-skil)
Q-factor (magnification factor, quality factor, storage factor): Q-faktor (merietesim-bool vir energiebewaartoestel)
Q-meter: Q-meter (meet Q-faktor)
Q-modulator: Q-modulator, Q-moduleerder
quad n.: vierling (vier geisoleerde geleiers saamgeslaan of twee pare)
quad v.: in vierlinge draai, vervierling (kabel)
quad cable: vierlingkabel (Kyk ‘star-quad, twin-quad1)
quad combination: vierlingkombinasie
quadded cable: vierlingkabel (met geleiers in vierling(e))
quad-pair cable: Kyk “twin-quad cable”
quadrant: kwadrant
quadrant electrometer: kwadrantelektrometer (meting v. elek. ladings)
quadrature, in: haaksfasig
quadrature axis: haaksas
quadrature-axis component: Kyk “quadrature component” quadrature-axis magnetic component: haa-kas magnetiese vloed quadrature-axis reaction: haaksasreaksie
quadrature-axis subtransient electromotive force: haaksaskomponent van die suboor- gangselektromotoriese krag
quadrature-axis subtransient impedance: haaksassuboorgangsimpedansie (draaiende masjiene)
quadrature-axis subtransient voltage: haaksas-suboorgangspanning quadrature-axis synchronous impedance: haaksas-sinchrone impedansie quadrature-axis synchronous reactance: haakas-sinchrone reaktansie
quadrature-axis transient electromotive force: haaksaskomponent van die oorgangs- elektromotoriese krag
quadrature-axis transient impedance: haaksasoorgangsimpedansie quadrature-axis transient reactance: kwadraatas-oorgangsreaktansie quadrature-axis transient voltage: haaksasoorgangspanning
quadrature component (idle component reactive component, Watless component): reaktiewe komponent
quadrature transformer: kwadratuurtransformator quadrature winding: kwadratuurwikkeling quadrilateral: viersydig
quadripole network (four-pole network): vierpoolkragnet
quadruple n.: viervoud quadruple v.: verviervoudig quadruple a.: viervoudig
quadruplex system: kwadrupleksstelsel (kommunikasie)
quadruplicate: viervoud
quadrupole moment: kwadrupoolmoment
qualitative analysis: kwalitatiewe analise, kwalitatiewe ontleding
quality: 1. kwaliteit 2. eienskap, kenmerk quality assurance: kwaliteitsversekering quality factor: kwaliteitsfaktor
quantified systems analysis: kwantitatiewe stelselontleding
quantitative analysis: kwantitatiewe analise, kwantitatiewe ontleding (volgens hoeveelhede)
quantity: 1. grootheid (wisk.) 2. hoeveelheid
quantity list (bill of quantities): hoeveelheidslys
quantity meter (ampere-hour meter): ampêre-uurmeter
quantity of electricity: 1. hoeveelheid elek-trisiteit 2. elektriese lading quantity of light (luminous energy): hoeveelheid lig (ligvloed x tyd) quantity of radiation: hoeveelheid straling
quantity surveyor: bourekenaar
quantisation: kwantisering
quantisation distortion (quantization noise): kwantiseringsvervorming quantisation noise (quantization distortion): kwantiseringsvervorming quantized system: gekwantiseerde stelsel
quantum number: kwantumgetal (van ’n atoom)
quantum theory: kwantumteorie
quantum yield: kwantumrendement (fotoluminessensie)
quarter n.: kwart
quarter v.: in vier verdeel, vierendeel (bv. hout), kwartileer
quarter cycle: kwartsiklus
quarter of a period: kwartperiode
quarter-phase circuit: Kyk “two-phase circuit”
quarter wave: kwartgolf (met elek. lengte v. kwart v. golflengte)
quartz: kwarts
quartz discharge tube: kwartsontladingsbuis
quartz envelope: kwartsomhulsel
quartz lamp: kwartslamp
quartz oscillator: kwartsossillator
quasi-bistable circuit: kwasibistabiele kring (hoër as natuurlike frekwensie geaktiveer)
quasi-peak detector: kwasispitsdetektor
quasi-peak voltmeter: kwasispitsvoltmeter
quench: 1. blus (vonke) 2. smoor (frekwensie) 3. doof (gloed) quenched arc circuit breaker: blusboog-stroombreker quenched spark gap: blusvonkbrug
quenching (extinction): 1. blussing (bv. vonk) 2. smoring 3. dowing
quenching circuit: 1. doofkring 2. smoorkring (elek.)
quench(ing) frequency: smoorfrekwensie
quick-access store (fast store): snelgeheue (rek.)
quick-acting circuit breaker (high-speed breaker, high-speed cicuit-breaker, rapid-acting circuit-breaker): snelbreker, snelstroombreker
quick-acting relay (fast-operating relay, quick-operating relay, quick pick-up relay):
snelaantrekrelê, snelwerkrelê
quick-break action: snelbreekwerking quick-break switch: snelbreekskakelaar quick charge (rapid charge): snellading
quick drop-away relay (quick-release relay):
snelafvalrelê, sneluitskeirelê quick-flashing light: snelflitslig quicklime: ongebluste kalk
quick make-and-break switch (fast-acting switch, high-speed switch, snap switch):
(oor)springskakelaar, snelskakelaar
quick-operating relay (fast-operating relay, quick-acting relay, quick pick-up relay):
snelaantrekrelê, snelwerkrelê
quick pick-up relay (fast-operating relay, quick-operating relay, quick pick-up relay):
snelaantrekrelê, snelwerkrelê
quick-release circuit: snelloskring
quick-release contactor (quick-break contactor): snelbreekkontaktor quick-release relay (quick drop-away relay): snelafvalrelê, sneluitskeirelê quick-return mechanism: sneltrumeganisme (by draaibank)
quick-running pump: snellopende pomp quick-setting mortar: snelbinddagha quick solder: snelsoldeersel
quick-start circuit (instant-start-circuit): snelaansitbaan quick-start ejector: snelaansitejekteur (see “starting ejector1) quick-taper: sneltaps, snelspits
quiescent current (standing current): russtroom
quiescent period: rusperiode
quiescent point: ruspunt
quieting circuit (squelch circuit): onderdrukkring
quotation: kwotasie, prysopgawe, notering (aandele)
quotient: kwosiënt
quotient relay: kwosiëntrelê

R* (roentgen): R* (róntgen) (bestralingseenheid)
°R* (degree Rankine*): °R* (graad Rankine*, grade Rankine)
rad/s (radians per second): rad/s
R-C coupling (resistance-capacitance coupling): R-C-koppeling (weerstand-kapasitansiekoppeling)
rd* (rutherford*): rd* (rutherford) (unit for decay rate of radioactive material)
rem (roentgen equivalent man): rem (róntgen-ekwivalent vir die mens) (eenheid van ioniese straling, 100 rem = 1 sieved)
RF (radio frequency): RF (radiofrekwensie)
r/min (revolutions per minute): r/min (om-wentelings per minuut)
RMS (root mean square): WGK (wortel van die gemiddelde kwadraat)
RMS current (actual current, effective current, virtual current): effektiewe stroom
RMS value (root mean square value): WGK-waarde (waarde van die gemiddelde kwadraat)
RMS voltage (effective voltage): effektiewe spanning, WGK-spanning
r/s revolutions per second: r/s (omwentelings persekonde)
RTIU (remote terminal interface unit): ATKE (afgeleëterminaalkoppelvlakeenheid)
RWF (rating weighting factor): KVF (kenvermoëverswaringsfaktor)
race: 1. laerring 2. baan (laers)
raceway: 1. geleiergang, geleierkanaal, kabel-gang, kabelkanaal 2. laerring (laers)
rack: tandstang
rack down: laat sak (stroombrekerkontak)
rack in: instoot (skakeltuig)
racking handle: uittrekhandvatsel (transformator) racking mechanism: skuifmeganisme (stroombreker) racking motor: skuifmotor (stroombreker)
rack out: uittrek (stroombreker op wa)
rack up: oplig (stroombrekerkontak)
rad*: rad* (Bestraling, verouderde eenheid van geabsorbeerde dosis, 1 rad 0,01 gray)
radar (radio detection and ranging): radar
radial n.: radiaal
radial acceleration: radiale versnelling radial air-gap: radiale lugspleet (motor) radial circuit: Kyk “radial feeder'
radial clearance: radiale opening, radiale vryruimte
radial cross-piece: radiale dwarsstuk
radial depth: radiale diepte
radial drilling machine: radiaalboormasjien
radial duct: radiale kanaal
radial feeder (dead-ended feeder, independent feeder): onafhanklike voerder, radiale voerder/ toevoerlyn (na substasie; nie tussen 2 toevoerlyne nie)
radial field: radiale veld
radial flow: radiale vloei
radial-flow turbine: radiaalturbine
radial gate: radiaalsluis
radial line: straal lyn
radially-operated network: radiaalgeskakelde net
radial network: radiale net
radial thickness: radiale dikte
radial tip bladed fan: radiaalbladwaaier
radial seal: radiaalseël
radial velocity: radiale snelheid
radial ventilating gap: radiale ventilasiespleet
radial ventilation: radiale ventilasie
radian: radiaal, straalsgewys
radiance: stralingsdigtheid (per oppervlakte-eenheid)
radiancy (intensity of radiation, radiant flux density, radiant intensity, radiation intensity):
radian displacement: radiaalverskuiwing
radian frequency (angular frequency): hoek-frekwensie, radiaalfrekwensie radiant efficiency: stralingsrendement (stralingsvloed tot kragverbruik) radiant element: stralingselement
radiant emittance: stralingsemittansie (by punt op oppervlak)
radiant energy (radiation): stralingsenergie
radiant flux (radiant power): stralingsvloed
radiant flux density: 1. stralingsvloeddigtheid (vlak) 2. (intensity of radiation, radiancy, radiant intensity, radiation intensity): stralingsintensiteit, stralingsterkte (bron)
radiant furnace: straaloond (ketel)
radiant heat: stralingswarmte
radiant heater (radiation heater): stralingsverwarmer
radiant heat transfer: stralingswarmteoordrag
radiant intensity (intensity of radiation, radiancy, radiant flux density, radiation intensity):
stralingsintensiteit, stralingsterkte
radiant power (radiant flux): stralingsvloed
radiant superheater: stralingsuperverhitter, stralingsoorverhitter
radiant-type boiler: stralingsketel, waterpypketel radiant water wall: stralingswaterwand (ketel) radiate: straal, uitstraal
radiated beam: uitgestraalde bundel radiated energy: uitgestraalde energie radiating element: straalelement
radiating power: stralingsvermoë, uitstraalvermoë
radiating surface: stralingsvlak
radiation: straling, uitstraling
radiation characteristics: stralingskenmerke
radiation chemistry: stralingschemie (studie v. veranderinge a.g.v. bestraling)
radiation damage: 1. stralingsbeskadiging 2. stralingskade
radiation detector: stralingsdetektor
radiation dose-meter: stralingsdosismeter
radiation efficiency: stralingsrendement (antenne) radiation excitation: stralingsopwekking (van ’n gas) radiation field: stralingsveld
radiation hazard: stralingsgevaar
radiation heater (radiant heater): stralingsverwarmer
radiation intensity (intensity of radiation, radiancy, radiant flux density, radiant intensity):
stralingsintensiteit, straling-

sterkte (bron)
radiation ionisation: stralingsionisasie, stralirigsionisering (gas of damp)
radiation law: stralingswet
radiation loss: stralingsverlies
radiation of heat (heat radiation): warmte-straling, warmte-uitstraling radiation of light (light emission, light radiation): ligstraling, liguitstraling radiation property: stralingseienskap
radiation pyrometer: stralingspirometer (af stan d stem pe rat u u rmet i n g)
radiation workers: stralingswerkers
radiator: 1. straler, uitstraler 2. (cooler): koel-er, verkoeler
radioactive: radioaktief (kern, chem.)
radioactive contamination: radioaktiewe kontaminering
radio-active radiation: radioaktiewe straling radio-active fall-out: radioaktiewe neerslag radio-active substance: radioaktiewe stof radio-active waste: radioaktiewe afval radio-activity: radioaktiwiteit
radiobiology: radiobiologie
radiochemistry: radiochemie
radio communication: radiokommunikasie
radio detection and ranging (radar): radar radio frequency (RF): radiofrekwensie (RF) radio interference: radiosteuring
radio link: radioverbinding
radiometry: radiometrie, stralingsmeting
radio-noise suppressor: radioruisonderdrukker
radio wave: radiogolf
radius: radius
radius gauge (fillet gauge): radiusmeter radius of curvature: krommingsradius radius of gyration: traagheidsradius radius vector: radiusvektor
radix (base): grondtal, radiks (rek.) radon (radium emanation): radon (gas) raffinate: raffinaat
rag bolt (fang bolt, lewis bolt): hakkelbout
rail: 1. reling 2. spoorstaaf
rainproof: reëndig
rainproof fitting: reëndigte lamp, reëndigte montasie
raise: 1. verhoog 2. (lift): oplig, lig
raise winding: verhoogwikkeling
raising shuttering: stygbekisting (siviele ing.)
ram n.: ram (vir stuit of stamp)
ram v.: stamp
ramp: oploop, oprit
random parallelling: parallelskakeling sender frekwensie-of fasehoekaanpassing
random winding (mush-winding): onegalige wikkeling
range: 1. reeks 2. (reach): afstand, bereik, bestek, gebied, strek 3. bestek, strek (instr.)
rapid-acting circuit breaker (high-speed breaker, high-speed circuit breaker, quick-acting circuit breaker): snelbreker, snelstroombreker
rapid charge (quick charge): snellading
rapid-start fluorescent lamp (direct-start fluorescent lamp, instant self-starting fluorescent lamp, instant-start fluorescent lamp): snelaansitfluoresseerlamp
rapper: klopper (presipiteerder)
rarefaction: verdunning (gas)
rare-gas arrester (rare-gas protector): edelgasafleier
rasp: rasper
ratchet: 1. (ratchet wheel): sperrat 2. pal(staaf) 3. (pawl and ratchet): pal en sperrat
ratchet relay: sperratrelê
ratchet wheel (ratchet): sperrat
rate n.: 1. tarief 2. koers (rente) 3. tempo
rate v.: 1. kenvermoë bepaal, kenwaarde bepaal 2. takseer (persone; ook masjiene)
rated blowing-current (rated fusing-current): smeltstroom
rated breaking-capacity: kenbreekvermoë, nominale breekvermoë rated capacity (rating, rated power): 1. ken-dry wing 2. kenvermoë rated continuous current: deurlopende kenstroom
rated current: kenstroom rated data: kengegewens rated duty: kendiens
rated frequency: kenfrekwensie
rated full-load current: vollaskenstroom
rated fusing-current (rated blowing-current): kensmeltstroom
rated heat input: warmte-keninset
rated impedance: Kyk “characteristic impedance”
rated impulse withstand voltage: impulsweerstand-kenspanning
rated input (rated capacity, rated consumption): keninset, keninsetdrywing
rated insulation class: verklaarde isolasieklas (apparaat)
rated insulation voltage: isolasiekenspanning rated kilovolt-ampere: kilovoltampêrekenvermoë rated kilowatts: kilowatt-kenvermoë
rated lamp voltage: gloeilampkenspanning
rated light output: kenliglewering
rated load (rated capacity): kenlas, ken lowering, kenvermoë
rated load field voltage: kenlasveldspanning
rated luminous flux: kenligvloed
rated making-capacity: kensluitvermoë (van skakelaar, stroombreker)
rated making-current: kensluitstroom
rated maximum voltage: maksimum kenspanning rated output (rated capacity, rated load): kenlewering rated phase angle: kenfasehoek
rated power (rated capacity, rating): ken-drywing, kenvermoë
rated pressure: kendruk
rated primary current: getakseerde primêre stroom, kenprimêre stroom (stroomtransformator) rated primary voltage: getakseerde primêre spanning, ken-primêre spanning (spanningstransformator)
rated quantity: kengrootheid (masjien, toestel)
rated secondary current: getakseerde sekon-dêre stroom, ken-sekondêre stroom rated secondary voltage: getakseerde sekon-dêre spanning, ken-sekondere spanning rated short-circuit current (thermal short-time current): termiese grensstroom (stroomtransformator)
rated speed: kenspoed
rated temperature-rise current (thermal current rating): termiese kenstroom
rated terminal voltage: ken-

aansluiterspanning, kenklemspanning
rated voltage (voltage rating): kenspanning
rated wattage: watt-kenvermoë
ratchet spanner: ratelsleutel
rate of change: veranderingstempo
rate-of-change relay: temporelê
rate of charge (charge rate, charging rate): laaitempo
rate of delivery: leweringstempo
rate of discharge (discharge rate): ontlaaitempo
rate of doing work: arbeidstempo
rate of evaporation: verdampingstempo
rate of feed: voertempo
rate of flow: stroomtempo, vloeitempo
rate of motion: bewegingstempo rate of production: produksietempo rate of working: werktempo
rating: 1. aanslag (alg.) 2. (rated power): ken-drywing, kenvermoë 3. (rated capacity): kenkapasiteit, vermoë-aanslag
rating plate: kenplaat(jie)
rating weighting factor (RWF): aanslagver-swaringsfaktor, kenwaardeverswaringsfaktor
ratio: verhouding
ratio adjuster: verhoudingsteller
ratio distortion: verhoudingsvervorming
ratio error: verhoudingsfout (stroomtransformator)
ratio gearing: verhoudingsratwerk
ratiometer: verhoudingsmeter (verhouding bv. tussen 2 elek. strome)
rational number: meetbare getal, rasionele getal
ratio of turns (turns ratio): windingsverhou-ding (van primêre en sekondêre wikkelings)
ratio speeds: verhoudingsnelhede
rat-race (hybrid ring, hybrid ring junction): differensiaalring (golfleier)
raw coal: rukool
raw data: onverwerkte data (rek.)
raw material: grondstof
raw sewage pump: rourioolvuilpomp
raw water (crude, water): ruwater
raw water clarifier (RWC): ruwaterverhelder-tenk (RWV)
raw water pump: ruwaterpomp
ray: straal
Rayleigh scatter: Rayleighstrooiing (in ’n medium) (onreëlmatige refleksie v. golwe)
Raymond bowl mill: Raymondbakmeule reach: 1. bestek, bereik 2. dekking (relê) reach point: reikpunt (relê)
reactance: reaktansie (denkbeeldige gedeelte v. impedansie)
reactance coil: reaktansiespoel
reactance drop: Kyk “reactance voltage drop” reactance earthed: oor ’n reaktansie geaard reactance modulator: reaktansiemodulator reactance protection: reaktansiebeveiliging reactance regulation: reaktansiereëling reactance relay: reaktansierelê
reactance voltage: reaktansiespanning
reactance voltage drop: reaktansiespanningsval
reaction: 1. reaksie 2. (back coupling, feedback): terugkoppeling (radio)
reaction alternating-current generator (reaction generator): reaksiegenerator (sinchrone generator met WS-opwekking)
reaction generator (reaction alternating-current generator): reaksiegenerator reaction motor: reaksiemotor (sinchroon, rotor met uitstaanpole, .geen windings) reaction turbine (pressure turbine): reaksieturbine
reactivation: reaktivering (bv. gloeidraad)
reactive: 1. onaktief, reaktief, wattloos 2. reak-tief (chem.) reactive attentuator: reaktiewe verswakker (golfleier) reactive circuit: reaktiewe kring
reactive component (idle component, quadrature component, wattless component): reaktiewe komponent
reactive current (idle current, wattless current): reaktiewe stroom, wattlose stroom
reactive-energy meter (var-hour meter): reaktiewe-energiemeter, var-uurmeter
reactive factor: reaktiewe faktor (verhouding reaktiewe volt-ampere tot totale volt-ampêre voorsien) reactive load: reaktiewe belasting, reaktiewe las (waar stroom voor-of naloop teenoor spanning) reactive power: reaktiewe drywing, reaktiewe vermoë (produk van spanning en reaktiewe stroomkomponent)
reactive power relay: reaktiewe-drywingrelê
reactive voltage: reaktiewe spanning (vektor-komponent haaks met die stroom)
reactive volt-ampere (var): reaktiewe voltam-përe, (var) (produk van reaktiewe spanning en ampere of reaktiewe stroom en spanning)
reactivity: reaktiwiteit
reactor: reaktor (kapasitor of induktor; ook kernsamestel vir atoomsplitsing)
reactor building: reaktorgebou
reactor coolant pump: reaktorkoelmiddelpomp
reactor core: reaktorhart (kern.)
reactor-start motor: motor met aansitreaktor
reactor vessel: reaktorvat (kern.)
reader: leser
reading: aflesing, lesing readjust: oorstel, weer stel reagent: reagens, reageermiddel
real component (active component): reële komponent
ream: ruim v.
reamer n.: ruimer
rear bearing: agterlaer
rear face: agtervlak
rearrange: herrangskik (bv. molekules)

rear view: agteraansig
reassemble: hermonteer, weer inmekaarsit
rebore: herboor, naboor
rebound (backlash): terugslag, terugsprong
recabling: herbekabeling
recalibration: 1. herkalibrering 2. heryking recarbonization: herkarbonering (waterbehandeling) recarbonize: herkarboneer
receiver: 1. gehoorstuk (telef.), ontvanger 2. (container, holder, receptacle): houer receiving phase voltage: ontvangfasespanning
receptacle: 1. (container, holder, receiver): houer 2. (socket): kontaksok, sok 3. sok-kas, soksamestel
recess n.: 1. uitholling, nis 2. inlating recess v.: 1. uithol 2. inlaat, versink recessed lighting: ingelate verligting
recessed switch (flush switch, sunk switch): vlakskakelaar, versonke skakelaar
recharge: 1. herlaai (bv. battery) 2. hervul (bv. brandblusser)
reciprocal n.: omgekeerde, resiprook
reciprocal impedance (inverse impedance): omgekeerde impedansie
reciprocal interlocking: wedersydse grendeling
reciprocal transducer: resiproseeroordraer, resiproseertransduseerder
reciprocate: heen en weer beweeg
reciprocating feeder plate: heen-en-weerbewegende voerplaat
reciprocating machine: suiermasjien
reciprocating: 1. resiprokasie (netwerk) 2. (reciprocating motion): heen-en-weerbeweging, wederkerige beweging
reciprocity coefficient (reciprocity constant): resiprositeitskoëffisiënt, wederkerigheidskoëffisiënt
reciprocity principle: resiprositeitsbeginsel, wederkerigheidsbeginsel
reciprocity theorem: resiprositeitstelling recirculate: hersirkuleer (stoom) recirculating air: hersirkuleerlug recirculating pump: hersirkuleerpomp recirculating valve: hersirkuleerklep
recirculating water tank: hersirkuleerwatertenk reclaim hopper: herwin-stortbak (steenkool) reclaiming conveyor tripper: herwinbandafwerper reclamation: herwinning (grond)
reclose lock-out relay: hersluit-uitsluitrelê
recloser (reclosing interrupter): hersluitonderbreker reclose relay (reclosing relay): hersluitrelê reclosing fuse: hersluitsekering
reclosing interrupter (recloser): hersluitonderbreker
reclosing relay: hersluitrelê
reclosing time: hersluittyd (stroombreker)
recombination coefficient: rekombinasie-koëffisiënt (verhouding rekombinasietempo per eenheidvolume tot produk van digthede van posit, en negat. geleiers)
recondition: vernuwe
reconditioning: vernuwing
reconnect: 1. heraansluit (’n verbruiker) 2. heraanskakel (’n toevoer)
reconnection fee (restoration fee): heraans-luitgeld, heraansluitkoste
reconstruct: 1. (relay v„): heraanlê (bv. pyp-stelsel) 2. (rebuild): herbou, weer opbou 3. (analyse):
rekonstrueer, weer saamstel
reconstruction work: 1. heraanlêwerk 2. heropbouwerk
record: 1. aanteken, opteken 2. registreer (instr.) 3. opneem (bv. klank)
recorded value: geregistreerde waarde
recorder (chart-recording instrument, grapher, recording instrument): regis-treerder, registreerinstrument
recording demand meter: registrerende aanvraagmeter
recording instrument (chart-recording instrument, grapher, recorder): registreer-der, registreerinstrument
recording watt and varmeter: registrerende watt-en-varmeter
recover: herwin, verhaal
recoverable energy: herwinbare energie
recovered water: herwonne water
recovery current: herstelstroom
recovery time: 1. deïoniseertyd (gasbuis) 2. (restoring time): hersteltyd recovery-voltage: herstelspanning (bv. oor kontakte v. oop skakelaar) rectangular area: reghoekige vlak
rectangular coil: reghoekige spoel
rectangular conductor: reghoekige geleier
rectangular section: 1. reghoekige profiel 2. reghoekige deursnee
rectangular tubing: reghoekpyp
rectangular wave form: reghoekige golfvorm (kort styging en daling, konstante amplitude)
rectification: gelykrigting (WS tot GS) rectified current: gelykgerigte stroom (radio) rectified voltage: gelykgerigte spanning
rectifier: gelykrigter (bv. halfgeleier, termi-oniese diode, kwikboog-en roterende)
rectifier breaker: gelykrigterbreker rectifier bridge: Kyk “bridge rectifier” rectifier cubicle: gelykrigterhokkie rectifier gear: gelykriguitrusting
rectifier instrument (rectifier-operated instrument): gelyk rigterinstrument (bv. gelykrigtervoltmeter)
rectifier quench circuit: gelykrigterbluskring
rectifier station: gelykrigstasie (WS omgesit in GS)
rectifier transformer: gelykrigtertransformator (leweringswikkeling(s) gekoppel met gelykrigter- hoofelektrodes)
rectifier tube (rectifier valve): gelykrigbuis
rectifier unit: gelykrigeenheid
rectifier valve (rectifier tube): gelykrigbuis
rectifier voltmeter: gelykrigtervoltmeter (met gelykrigting vir meting) rectiformer installation: gelykrigter-transformatorsinstallasie rectify: 1. gelykrig 2. (remedy): herstel (bv. fout)
rectifying effect: gelykrigeffek
rectifying junction: gelykrigvoeg

rectifying ratio: gelykrigverhouding
rectifying station: gelykrigstasie (WS in GS Kyk “inverter station')
recuperative type airheater: herwinningstipe lugverwarmer
recurrent surge recorder (recurrent surge oscillograph): wederkerendestuwingregistreerder
recycle v.: hersiklusseer
red brass: rooi geelkoper red content: rooigehalte (lig) red heat: rooigloeihitte
red hot: rooiwarm, rooigloeiend red light: 1. rooilig (lamp) 2. rooi lig red phase: rooi fase
reduce: 1. verlaag, verminder 2. dunner maak, vernou 3. herlei (wisk.) 4. reduseer (bv. erts) 5. verklein (fotoafdruk)
reduced kilovolt-ampere tap: tappunt vir minder kilovolt-ampêre (transformator)
reduced-voltage starter: aansitter met ver-laagde spanning
reducer splice: verloopsplitsverbinder, verloopsplitsverbindingsklamp
reducing bush: verloopbus
reducing filter: reduseerfilter (verlig) reducing flame: reduksievlam (sweis) reducing pipe: verlooppyp
reducing socket: verloopsok
reducing transformer (stepdown-transformer): verlagingstransformator
reducing valve: reduseerklep
reduction: 1. afname, verlaging, vermindering 2. herleiding (wisk.) 3. reduksie (erts) 4. verkleining 5. vernouing
reduction clamp: reduksieklamp, verloopklamp reduction factor: reduksiefaktor (verlig) reduction gear: reduksierat
reduction process: reduksieproses
redundancy: oorvloedigheid (stelselduplisering)
reel: 1. (coil, roll): rol (draad) 2. (drum): tol, haspel (kabel)
reel screen: siftol (koelwater)
re-emission: heruitstraling
re-emit: heruitstraal
re-energise: herbekrag
re-entrant winding: herintreewikkeling
reface: hervlak, navlak
reference electrode (reference-electrode system): vergelykingselektrode
reference frequency: vergelykingsfrekwensie
reference gauge (check gauge, master gauge): ykmaat reference input elements: vergelykingsingangselemente reference input signal: vergelykingsinsetsein
reference line (datum line): uitgangslyn, verwysingslyn reference plane: uitgangsvlak, verwysingsvlak reference plant: vergelykingsinstallasie
reference voltage: vergelykingspanning
refine: 1. raffineer (vloeistof) 2. louter, affineer (metaal) 3. suiwer, verfyn
reflect: 1. aandui, weerspieël, weergee (syfers, feite) 2. weerkaats, reflekteer
reflectance (coefficient of reflection, reflection coefficient, reflection factor): reflek-siekoëffisiënt, reflektiwiteit, weerkaatsingskoëffisiënt
reflected flux: weerkaatste vloed
reflected impedance: gereflekteerde impedansie (transformators)
reflected radiation: weerkaatste straling reflected ray: weerkaatste straal reflected surge: teruggekaatste stuwing
reflected wave: teruggekaatste golf (vanaf oppervlak, diskontinuTteit of voeg tussen media)
reflection: refleksie, weerkaatsing
reflection coefficient (coefficient of reflection, reflectance): refleksiekoëffisiënt, weerkaatsingskoëffisiënt
reflection curve: refleksiekromme, weerkaatsingskromme
reflection factor: 1. refleksiefaktor 2. (coefficient of reflection, reflectance, reflection coefficient, reflectivity): refleksiekoëffi-siënt, reflektiwiteit, weerkaatsingskoëffisiënt
reflection gain: refleksiewins
reflection loss: refleksieverlies
reflective power (reflectivity): refleksiever-moë, reflektiwiteit
reflectivity (reflective power): refleksiever-moë, reflektiwiteit
reflectometer: reflektometer (meet verhoud-ing: energie van teruggekaatste golf tot energie v. invalgolf)
reflector: 1. reflektor, weerkaatser 2. GB (repeller US, repeller plate): reflekteerelektrode
reflector-diffuser: reflektor-spreier, weerkaatser-spreier
reflector lamp: weerkaatslamp
reflex klystron: refleksklistron (elektronebundels) reflux valve (non-return valve): terugslagklep refract: breek (golwe)
refraction: breking, refraksie (verligting)
refraction index (refractive index): brekingsindeks refractive index (refraction index): brekingsindeks refractor: ligbreker, refraktor
refractory (refractory material): vuurvaste materiaal
refractory lining: vuurvaste voering
refractory material (refractory): vuurvaste materiaal
refrigerant (coolant, cooling agent, cooling medium): koelmiddel
refrigerant piping: koelmiddelpype
refrigerate: koel, verkoel
refuel: herlaai (reaktor met brandstof)
refueling cavity: herladingsholte (kernkragstasie)
regenerant: regenereerstof (waterbehandeling)
regenerate: 1. heropwerk (golwe) 2. herwin (warmte) 3. regenereer (chem., kern) 4. terugvoer (krag)
terugvorm (seine)
regenerated current: terugvoerstroom
regenerated oil: geregenereerde olie
regeneration: 1. heropwekking (golwe) 2. her-winning (warmte) 3. regenerasie (chem.) 4. terugvoering (ook krag)

5. terugvorming (seine)
regeneration vessel: regenerasievat (waterbehandeling) regenerative air preheater: terugvoerlugvoorverwarmer regenerative air heater: terugvoerlugverwarmer regenerative braking: terugvoerremming
regenerative cycle (stage-bleeding cycle): aftapstoomsiklus, terugvoersiklus (turbine)
regenerative method: terugvoermetode
regenerative type airheater: herwinningstipe lugverwarmer
region of non-operation: rusgebied
region of operation: werkgebied
register n.: 1. register 2. telmeganisme (meter)
register v.: registreer
registering instrument (recording instrument): registreerinstrument
re-grind: herslyp, naslyp
regular diameter: reëlmatige diameter
regular reflection (direct reflection, specular reflection): direkte weerkaatsing, spieëlweerkaatsing regular reflection factor (direct reflection factor, specular reflection factor): direk- terefleksiefaktor, direkterefleksie koëffisiënt, direkteweerkaatsingskoëffisiënt
regular transmission (direct transmission): direkte transmissie, regstreekse deurlating (lig) regular transmission factor: direktetransmis-siefaktor, regstreeksedeurlatingsfaktor (verhouding: invallende vloed tot deurgelate vloed)
regulate: reel, reguleer
regulated feed line: voerlyn met reëling regulated power supply: gereëlde kragtoevoer regulated voltage: gereëlde spanning regulating flask: reguleerkolf (kernkragstasie) regulating indicator: reëlingaanwyser regulating inductor: reëlinduktor
regulating oil: reëlolie
regulating relay: reëlrelê
regulating shutter: reguleerluik (keteloond)
regulating transformer: reëltransformator (aanpassing v. spanning of faseverhouding of albei)
regulating unit: reëleenheid
regulating valve: reëlklep
regulating winding: reëlwikkeling (bv. in transformator) regulation: 1. regulering, reeling 2. regulasie regulation curve: reëlingskromme (generator) regulation diagram: reëlingsdiagram
regulation drop (voltage regulation drop): spanningsreëlingval
regulation resistance: reëlingsweerstand
regulator: reëlaar (alg.)
regulator cell (end cell, regulating cell): ent-sel (vir handhawing van uitgangspanning)
regulator switch (regulating switch): reëlskakelaar
rehabilitation: rehabilitasie (grand) re-harden: herverhard, naverhard reheat: herverhit, naverhit reheater: herverhitter
reheating: herverhitting, naverhitting
reheating cycle: herverhittingsiklus (turbine)
reinforce: 1. aanvul (toevoer) 2. versterk (alg.) 3. wapen (beton)
reinforced concrete: gewapende beton reinforcement: oordikte, versterklaag (sweis) reinforcing clamp: versterkklamp reinforcing steel: wapeningstaal
reinstallation: herinstallering
rejects: 1. afkeursels, afkeurstukke 2. uitskot
rejects gate: uitskotafsluiter
related terminals: verwante klemme (van ’n transformator)
relation: verhouding
relative density: relatiewe digtheid
relative error: relatiewe fout
relative efficiency: relatiewe rendement relative expansion: relatiewe uitsetting relative hardness: relatiewe hardheid
relative harmonic content (distortion factor): relatiewe bofrekwensie-inhoud, vervor-mingsfaktor (verhouding: w.g.k. bofrekwensie-inhoud tot totale w.g.k.-waarde van vervormde sinusgolf) relative line (reference line): verwysingslyn
relative luminance difference: relatiewe luminansieverskil
relative luminosity curve: relatiewe hel-derheidskromme (oogreaksie op monochromatiese lig by verskillende golflengtes)
relative luminosity factor: relatiewehelderheidsfaktor relative luminous efficiency: relatiewe ligrendement relative motion (relative movement): relatiewe beweging relative movement: Kyk “relative motion”
relative permeability (specific permeability): relatiewe permeabiliteit (bv. vir olie, water, gas) relative permittivity (dielectric constant): diëlektriese konstante, relatiewe permittiwiteit relative phase displacement: relatiewe faseverskuiwing
relative regulation: relatiewe reeling
relative sensitivity: relatiewe gevoeligheid
relative spectral energy distribution: Kyk “spectral energy distribution”
relative speed: relatiewe spoed
relative speed drop: relatiewe spoedafname relative speed rise: relatiewe spoedtoename relative velocity: relatiewe snelheid
relative viscosity (specific viscosity, viscosity ratio): relatiewe viskositeit
relative voltage drop: relatiewe spanningsval
relative voltage response: relatiewe span-ningsverloop (van die opwekker gedurende die eerste halfsekonde)
relaxation: ontspanning (in materiaal a.g.v. kruip)
relay: relê (mv. -s)
relay armature: relêanker
relay coil: relêspoel
relay comb: relêkam (vir kontakvere)
relay contact: relêkontak

relay contact rating: relêkontakverwysing relay control panel: relêbeheerpaneel relay electric bias: relêvoorbekragting relay interlocking: relêgrendeling
relay magnet: relêmagneet
relay rack: relêraam
relay slug: relêvertraagstuk
relay set: relêstel
relay timer: 1. relêtydmeter 2. relêtydreëlaar
release n.: 1. losser, vrysteller (meg.) 2. ont-laster 3. (trip): klink (stroombreker)
release v.: 1. los, loslaat, losmaak 2. vrystel (alg.) 3. ontkoppel (apparaat) 4. ontlas, ophef (druk), (laat) ontspan (veer) 5. uitlaat (gas)
release coil (trip coil): klinkspoel
release current (drop-away current, drop-out current): afvalstroom, uitskeistroom (relê)
release lag (drop-away time, release period): afvaltyd, uitskeityd (relê)
release period (drop-away time, release time, release lag): afvaltyd, uitskeityd (relê)
release relay (tripping relay, trip relay): uitklinkrelê release test (drop-away test): afvaltoets (relê) release time: vrysteltyd (relê)
release valve: 1. losklep 2. (relief valve): ont-lasklep (bv. vakuum)
reliability: betroubaarheid
reliability engineering: betroubaarheidstegnieke
relief: 1. aflosser, hulp 2. ontlasting, verligting (druk) 3. relief 4. (clearance 3): terugsny-ding (snygereedskap) 5. (tooth clearance): vryloop (bv. ratte)
relief angle (angle of clearance, clearance angle): vryloophoek
relief cable (auxiliary cable): hulpkabel
relief valve (release valve): ontlasklep (bv. vakuum)
relief vent (air relief vent, air vent, atmospheric vent, vent): ontlugter
relieving: terugsnyding (van freestande)
relieving anode (by-pass anode): ontlasanode relieving rectifier (by-pass rectifier): aflosgelykrigter reline: voering vervang
reload batch: kernbrandstofhervulling (kenkragstasie)
reluctance: reluktansie (weerstand teen magn. vloed in magn. kring)
reluctance generator: reluktansiegenerator
reluctance motor: reluktansiemotor (sinchrone motor, sender GS-opwekking)
reluctance relay: reluktansierelê
reluctance torque: reluktansiewringkrag
reluctivity (specific reluctance): reluktiwiteit, spesifieke reluktansie
rem: rem (roentgen equivalent man)
re-machine: hermasjineer, namasjineer
remaining current: stroomres
remanence (residual magnetism): remanen-sie, magnetismeres, oorblywende magnetisme
remanent charge (residual charge): oorblywende lading
remanent flux density (residual flux density): oorblywende vloeddigtheid, vloeddigtheidsres
remanent induction: remanente induksie
remanent magnetisation (remanence, remanent magnetism, residual magnetism):
magnetismeres, oorblywende magnetisme, remanensie
remanent magnetism (remanent magnetisation, remanence, residual magnetism):
magnetismeres, oorblywende magnetisme, remanensie
re-melt: hersmelt, oorsmelt
re-metal (run up): hermetalliseer (laers)
remote alarm: afstandsalarm
remote control (distant control): 1. afstands-beheer 2. afstandskontrole (instr.) remote control breaker: afstandsbeheerbre-ker, breker met afstandsbeheer remote control circuit: afstandsbeheerkring
remote controlled power station: afstandsbe-heerde kragstasie
remote controlled substation: afstandsbe-heerde substasie
remote-controlled switchgear (remote-operated switchgear): afstandsbeheerde skakeltuig
remote control link: afstandsbeheerskakel, skakel met afstandsbeheer
remote control system: afstandsbeheerstelsel
remote-cut-off valve (variable-mu valve or tube variable-mutual conductance valve or tube variable-tube): buis met 'n reel-bare steilheid, reëlbare buis
remote indicator: afstandswyser
remote manual control: afstandshandbeheer
remote metering (electric telemetering, telemetering, telemetry): afstandsmeting, telemeting, telemetrie
remote monitoring: afstandsmonitering
remote-operated switchgear (remote-controlled switchgear): afstandsbeheerde skakeltuig
remote pressure gauge: afstandsdrukmeter (ketels)
remote starting: afstandsaansitting
remote station: afgeleë stasie
remote station supervisory equipment: afstandstoesiguitrusting
remote switch: afstandskakelaar
remote terminal: afstandsterminaal (data)
remote water level indicator: afstandswaterpeilwyser
renew: vernieu, vernuwe
renewable fuse (reparable fuse): herstelbare sekering
renewal: vernuwing
renewal part: vervangdeel repair v.: herstel, repareer repair n.: herstel, reparasie repairs: herstelwerk, reparasies repair workshop: herstelwinkel reparable: herstelbaar
reparable fuse (renewable fuse): herstelbare sekering
repeat: 1. herhaal 2. versterk (telef.) repeater station: versterkerstasie repeating coil (repeater coil): oordraspoel

repeating error: herhalingsfout
repel: afstoot (magn.)
repeller US (reflector GB, repeller plate): reflekteerelektrode
repeller anode: keeranode, reflekteeranode
repeller plate (reflector GB, repeller US): reflekteerelektrode repelling effect: 1. afstooteffek (magn.) 2. reflekteereffek (klistron) repelling force (force of repulsion, repulsive force): afstootkrag repetition frequency: herhaalfrekwensie
repetition work: herhalingswerk
replace: 1. terugplaas, terugsit 2. vervang
replacement: 1. vervanging 2. (renewal part): vervangdeel
replica plant (duplicate plant, off-the-shelf plant, standard plant): replika-aanleg
representation: voorstelling repulsion: afstoting, repulsie repulsion motor: repulsiemotor
repulsion-induction motor: repulsie-induksiemotor (induksiemotor met kortges-luite kommutatorwikkeling)
repulsion instrument: repulsie-instrument
repulsion iron meter (repulsion-type moving-iron meter): repulsie-draaiystermeter
repulsion motor: repulsiemotor
repulsion-start induction motor: induksiemotor met repulsieaansitting
rescap (capacitor-resistor unit, capristor packaged circuit): kapasitor-resistoreenheid, kapristor
research laboratory: navorsingslaboratorium reseat: 1. weer inbed (klep) 2. hersluit (klep) reseat pressure: hersluitdruk
reserve: reserwe, reserwe-reserve busbar (hospital busbar): reserwegeleistam
reserve capacity: reserwevermoë
reserve equipment: reserwe-uitrusting
reserve feed water pump: reserwevoed ingswaterpomp reserve protection (back-up protection): reserwebeveiliging reserve tank: reserwetenk
reservoir: reservoir
reset: 1. terugstel 2. terugkeer (relê)
reset button (resetting button): terugstelknop
reset coil: terugstelspoel
reset switch: terugstelskakelaar
reset time: terugsteltyd
resetting magnet: terugstelmagneet resetting time: terugsteltyd resetting value: terugkeerwaarde resident engineer: residentingenieur
residential connection: huisaansluiting
residual n.: 1. res, residu, oorblyfsel (alg.) 2. (oil residual): olieresidu, residuolie 3. ver-skil (wisk.)
residual activity: resaktiwiteit (kern) residual capacitance: kapasitansieres residual charge: ladingsres
residual current: stroomres
residual-current state: stroomrestoestand (diode)
residual field: veldres
residual flux density (remanent flux density): vloeddigtheidsres
residual heat: oorblywende warmte
residual inductance: induktansieres
residual magnetism (residual magnetisation, remanent magnetisation, remanent magnetism, remanence): magnetismeres, remanensie
residual magnetisation: Kyk “residual magnetism”
residual relay (zero phase-sequence relay): fasenulpuntrelê, nulvolgorderelê
residual stress: naspanning residual voltage: spanningsres residue: res, residu
resilience: veerkrag, veerkragtigheid
resin: hars
resin-bonded paper: harspapier
resin transfer tank: harsoordragtenk
resin transfer water: harsoordrawater, harsoorvoerwater
resist: weerstaan, weerstand bied
resin trap: harsvanger
resistance: 1. weerstand 2. resistor
resistance bank (bank of resistances, resistance group): Kyk ‘resistor bank”
resistance box: weerstandskas
resistance brazing: weerstandsweissoldering (voeg is deel van elektriese kring)
resistance bridge (Wheatstone bridge): weerstandsbrug
resistance bulb: Kyk “thermistor”
resistance busbar: weerstandsgeleistam
resistance butt-welding: weerstandstuiksweis-ing, stuiksweising, flitssweising resistance-capacitance coupling (R-C coupling): weerstand-kapasitansiekoppeling resistance coefficient: weerstandskoëffisiënt (vloeiweerstand)
resistance coil: weerstandspoel
resistance drop: weerstandsval
resistance earth: weerstandsaarde (aard-potensiaal via resistor) resistance earthed (resistance grounded): weerstandgeaard resistance element: weerstandselement
resistance equivalent: weerstandsekwivalent
resistance grounded (resistance earthed): weerstandgeaard
resistance heating: weerstandsverhitting
resistance lamp: weerstandslamp (om stroom te beperk)
resistance line: weerstandslyn
resistance loss: weerstandsverlies
resistance magnetometer: weerstandmagnetometer
resistance protection: weerstandsbeveiliging
resistance pyrometer (resistance thermometer): weerstandspirometer, weerstandstermometer
resistance relay: weerstandsrelê (lineêre-impedansierelê) resistance-start motor: motor met weerstandaansitting resistance-start split-phase motor: Kyk “resistance-start motor”

resistance starting: weerstandaansitting
resistance switchgroup: weerstandskakelaargroep
resistance to abrasion: skuurbestandheid, skuurvastheid
resistance to alternating current (effective resistance, high frequency resistance): effektiewe weerstand
resistance thermometer (resistance pyrometer): weerstandstermometer, weerstand-spirometer (met resistor as voelelement)
resistance to corrosion: korrosiebestandheid, korrosievastheid
resistance to earth: aardingsweerstand
resistance to fatigue: vermoeidheidsweerstand
resistance to fracture (ultimate strength): breeksterkte, breekweerstand
resistance to heat: hittebestandheid, hittevastheid
resistance to strain: vervormingsweerstand, vervormingsvastheid
resistance to wear: slytvastheid
resistance transformation: Kyk “impedance transformation”
resistance value: weerstandswaarde
resistance welding: weerstandsweising
resistance welding electrode: weerstandsweiselektrode
resisting moment: weerstandsmoment
resisting torque: weerstandsdraaimoment
resistive attenuator: absorbeerverswakker (in ’n golfleier)
resistive circuit: weerstandskring resistive conductor: weerstandgeleier resistive coupling: weerstandkoppeling resistivity: resistiwiteit, weerstandsvermoë resistor (resistance): resistor
resistor bank: resistorgroep
resistor-start motor: motor met resistoraansitting
resolution: 1. fynheid, presiesheid (stroom-of spanningsbeheer) 2. ontbinding (kragte)
resolve: ontbind (kragte)
resonance: resonansie
resonance frequency meter: resonansiefrekwensiemeter
resonant circuit: resonansiekring (wat resonansie veroorsaak by werkfrekwensie) resonant earthed system: net met aardsluit-stroomkompensasie (stuwingsweerders) resonant frequency: resonansiefrekwensie
resonant shunt: resonansiesjunt
resonant transmission line: resonansietrans-missielyn (resonant by frekwensie waarby die lyn betrokke is)
resonate: meetril, resoneer resonator: resonator resource: hulpbron
response: 1. responsie, weergawe 2. reaksie
response time: 1. aanwystyd (meetinstrument) 2. reaksietyd (transduktor) 3. responsietyd (kromme vir kring)
response to current: stroom reaksie response to power: drywingsreaksie response to voltage: spanningsreaksie rest, at: in rus
rest contact (back contact, back stop): ag-terkontak, ruskontak
rest mass: rusmassa (van die elektron)
restoration fee (reconnection fee): heraansluitgeld-koste
restoration force: herstelkrag restore: 1. herstel 2. terugvorm (seine) restoring spring: herstelveer (relê)
restoring time (recovery time): hersteltyd restoring torque: hersteldraaimoment (instrumente) restraint relay: relê met reminset
restricted earth fault: beperkte aardfout
retricted hour maximum demand indicator: maksimumverbruiksaanwyser vir gesette tye
re-strike: weer aanslaan (buislamp)
restriking-voltage: 1. herontsteekspanning (verligting) 2. opvolgspanning (brekers)
resultant n.: resultante (van krag)
resultant a.: resulterend
resultant current: resulterende stroom
resultant curve: resulterende kromme
resultant electromotive force: resulterende elektromotoriese krag
resultant field: resulterende veld
resultant force: resulterende krag
resultant impedance: resulterende impedansie
resultant moment: resulterende moment
resultant potential difference: resulterende potensiaalverskil resultant magnetomotive force: resulterende magnetomotoriese krag resultant susceptance: resulterende susseptansie
resultant velocity: resulterende snelheid
retain: behou (bv. lading)
retainer (clamp): klem
retaining circuit (holding circuit): houbaan
retaining nut: keermoer
retaining wall: keermuur (transformators)
retaining winding (holding winding): houwikkeling
retardation (decelaration, negative acceleration): vertraging
retardation coil: 1. vertraagspoel (bv. fase) 2. (choke 2, choke coil, choking coil, retard coil):
smoorspoel (frekwensie)
retardation test: vertragingstoets
retarded commutation (under-commutation): onderkommutasie
retarding effect: vertraageffek, vertragende uitwerking
retarding field: vertraagveld
retarding force (decelarative force): vertragingskrag
retarding magnet (braking magnet, drag magnet): remmagneet
retarding torque: vertraagdraaimoment
retentivity: retentiwiteit
reticulate: benet
reticulation: 1 .benetting 2. kragnet, netwerk reticulation board: retikulasiebord reticulation loss: kragnetverlies, netverlies reticulation scheme: benettingskema retort: kolffles, retort (chem.)
retort stoker: retortstoker
retractable coal: ontginbare steenkool

retractable gun blower: terugtrekbare spuitblaser retractable sootblower: terugtrekbare roetblaser retractable thermocouple: terugtrekbare termokoppel retrofit: 1. agterna monteer, bywerk 2. aan-pas, moderniseer
retrogressive winding: retrogressiewe wikkeling (linksomwikkeling)
retro-reflection (reflex reflection): trukaatsing (weerkaatste straal ewewydig aan in-vallende straal)
return cable: terugleikabel return chute: terugvoergeut return conductor: teruggeleier return current: terugstroom
return fan: terugvoerwaaier (gasdroër)
return feeder (negative feeder): terugvoerder (wat negatiewe geleier met geleistam verbind)
return head: terugvoerdrukhoogte re-turning: herwinding (kommutator) return main: hoofterugvoerpyp
return oil: terugloopolie, terugvloei-olie return oil pressure: terugvloei-oliedruk return roller: terugvoerroller (vervoerband) return screw conveyor: terugvoerspiraal return valve: terugvoerklep
return voltage: terugspanning
return water pump: terugvoerwaterpomp
return wire: terugleidraad
reversal: 1. omkering, omstelling 2. omruiling
reversal of current (current reversal): stroomomkering reversal of polarity (polarity reversal): poolomstelling reverse: 1. omkeer, omstel 2. omruil (bv. klemme)
reverse-compound motor: Kyk “differential compound motor” reverse-compound winding: Kyk “differential compound winding” reverse connection: terugverbinding
reverse current (counter current, inverse current): 1. omkeerstroom (a.g.v. omgekeerde spanning bv. in diode) 2. (counter current): teenstroom, trustroom (relê)
reverse-current breaker: teenstroombreker, trustroombreker
reverse-current protection: teenstroombe-veiliging, trustroombeveiliging
reverse-current relay (reverse power relay): teenstroomrelê, trustroomrelê reverse-current release (reverse-current trip): teenstroomklink, trustroomklink reverse direction: keerrigting, omgekeerde rigting
reversed magnetising force: teenmagnetiseerkrag reversed polarity (reverse polarity): omgekeerde polariteit reversed rotation: omgekeerde draaiing
reversed series: omgekeerde serie
reverse electrode current (inverse electrode current): teenelektrodestroom, tru-elektrodestroom (wanneer anode negatief is t.o.v. katode gedurende siklus)
reverse field: omgekeerde veld
reverse grid current: omgekeerde roosterstroom
reverse polarity (reversed polarity): omgekeerde polariteit
reverse power: omkeervermoë
reverse power long-time relay: teenstroom-langtydrelê, terugstroom-langtydrelê
reverse power protection: trustroombeveiliging
reverse power relay (reverse current relay): teenstroomrelê, trustroomrelê reverse power short-time relay: teenstroom-korttydrelê, trustroom-korttydrelê reverse pressure: Kyk “reverse voltage”
reverse voltage (bucking voltage, opposing voltage): teenspanning, truspanning
reversible: omstelbaar
reversible booster: omstelbare opjaer (span-ningverhoging of -verlaging)
reversible capacitance: omkeerbare kapasitansie reversible electrode: omstelbare elektrode reversible motion: omkeerbare beweging
reversible potentiometer-type field rheostat: omstelbare potensiometer-veldreostaat
reversible pump-turbine: omstelbare pompturbine reversible switch: omstelbare skakelaar reversing blade: omkeerskoep (waterturbine) reversing contactor: omstelkontaktor
reversing field: omstelveld reversing motor: omstelmotor reversing relay: omstelrelê reversing switch: omstelskakelaar
reversing valve: omkeerklep, omstelklep
revolution: omwenteling, revolusie
revolution counter (revolution indicator): omwentelingteller, toereteller revolutions per minute (r/min): omwentelings per minuut (r/min.) revolutions per second (r/s): omwentelings per sekonde (r/s)
revolve: 1. spiraalsgewys span (draad) 2. (rotate): draai, roteer
revolved wires: spiraalgespande drade
revolving armature (rotating armature): draaianker
revolving field (rotating field): draaiveld revolving magnetic field: magnetiese draaiveld rewind: 1. herwikkel 2. heropwen, herwen (’n veer) rewirable: 1. bedraadbaar 2. herbedraadbaar rewirable fuse: bedraadbare sekering
rewire: herbedraad
rhenium: renium (metaal; verhoog weerstand v. wolfram)
rheograph: reograaf
rheostat (variable resistor): reostaat (veranderlike weerstand om toevoer na masj. of toestel te reël)
rheostatic (electric) braking: reostatiese rem-ming, weerstandsremming
rheostatic control: weerstandsbeheer, reostaatbeheer
rheostatic voltage regulator: spanningsreë-laar met reostaat

rheostat maximum resitance: maksimum reostaatweerstand
rheostatic starting: reostatiese aansitting
rheostriction (pinch effect): reostriksie, krimpeffek rhodium: rodium (edelmetaal, bv. in termokop-pels gebruik) rhumbatron (cavity resonator): rumbatron (golfleiers) rhythmic light: ritmiese lig
ribbed surface machine: masjien met koelvinne
ribbon conveyor: Kyk “screw feeder'
ribbon-taped conductor: geleier met bandwikkeling
riddling hopper: sifsellosser riddling pit: sifselput riddlings: sifsels
ridge waveguide: rifgolfleier Rieke diagram: Riekediagram right angle: regte hoek
right angles to, at: loodreg op, haaks op right-hand lay: regsomslag (kabels) right-hand thread: regsdraad
right-hand V thread: V-regsdraad righting moment: herstellingsmoment right of way: aanlêreg, deurgangsreg
rigid: onbuigsaam (balk), stewig (raam), styf, vas
rigid body: vaste liggaam
rigid construction: stewige konstruksie
rigidly coupled: styf gekoppel rigid fastening: vaste aanhegting rigid frame: stewige raam
rigidity: onbuigsaamheid, stewigheid, styfheid, vastheid
rigid shaft: stywe as (turbine)
rigid support: vaste steun
rigid test foundation: stewige toetsfondament
rigid waveguide: vaste golfleier
rig up: inmekaarsit, monteer, saamstel (toetskonstruksie)
ring n.: 1. ring 2. klank (metaal)
ring v.: klink (metaal), lui
ring armature: ringanker (anker met ringwikkeling)
ring bolt: ringbout
ring bus (ring busbar): ringstam, ringgeleistam ring busbar (ring bus): ringstam, ringgeleistam ring cathode: ringkatode
ring connector: ringvormige verbindingsklamp
ring-core current transformer: ringkernstroomtransformator
ringed network: ringnet (bestaande uit kringe wat by dieselfde bron begin en eindig)
ring feed: ringtoevoer
ring filament: ringgloeidraad
ring gauge: ringmaat (vir kontrole v. silindriese werk)
ring magnet (annular magnet, ring-shaped magnet): ringmagneet
ring main: 1. ringhoofleiding (vloeistowwe en elek.: geslote lus) 2. ringnet (elek.: aftap-ping met parall. geleiers)
ring mill: ringmeule (steenkool)
ring-operated network: ringgeskakelde net
ring-shaped magnet (annular magnet, ring magnet): ringmagneet
ring solenoid: ringsolenoïed
ring-type current tranformer: ringstroomtransformator
ring-type spacer: ringafstandstuk, ringskeier
ring winding (toroidal winding): ringwikkeling, toroïedwikkeling
rinse: uitspoel
rinse water: spoelwater riparian farmers: oewerboere ripple: rimpel
ripple amplitude: rimpelamplitude ripple content: rimpelgehalte ripple filter: rimpelfilter
ripple voltage: rimpelspanning
rise of taper (fall of taper): tapshelling, spitshelling
rise of temperature: temperatuurstyging
riser: 1. stygleiding, stygpyp (ketel) 2. oor (kommutator)
rising characteristic: stygende kenkromme
rising main: styghoofleiding (bv. van onderste verdieping na hoër verdiepings)
rising pipe (riser): stygpyp
risk: risiko
rivet n.: klinknael
rivet v.: klink, vasklink
riveted joint: klinklas, klinknaat
rock v.: 1. skommel (as in laer) 2. wieg
rockfill-type dam: rotsvuldam
rod: 1. staaf 2. stang
rod gauge: staafmaat
rod insulator: staafisolator
rod-type resistance: staafweerstand
Roebel transposition: Roebel-transposisie (spanningseffening in geleiers)
roentgen (R): róntgen (R)
roentgen equivalent man (rem): róntgenek-wivalent vir die mens (rem) (radiologie)
rogue material: minderwaardige materiaal
roll: 1. wals 2. rol
rolled monel metal: gewalste monelmetaal (kondensatorpype, turbineblaaie) rolled section: gewalste profiel
rolled steel: gewalste staal
roller: roller
roller arm: rollerarm
roller assembly: rollersamestel
roller bearing: rollaer
roller journal bearing: astaprollaer roller link stick: rollerkoppelstok roller spot welding: rolpuntsweising roll hot: warm wals
rolling contact: rolkontak
rolling friction: rolwrywing
rolling transposition: heliese transposisie, roteertransposisie
roll welding: walssweising
roof frame: dakraam roof girder: daklêer roof member: dakdeel roof tie: dakbint
roof truss (principal): dakkap
room assessment: kameraanslag room charge (room rate): kamertarief root: wortel (ook wisk.)
root diameter: worteldiameter (bv. v. rat, van

tandkeep tot teenoorliggende tandkeep)
root mean square value (RMS value): wortel van die gemiddelde kwadraatwaarde (WGK-waarde)
Roots air pump: Roots-lugpomp root of thread: draadwortel rope lay cable: touslagkabel rope sling: toustrop
rope snubbing bracket: toubindklamp rope stranded cable: toustringkabel rope stranding: toustringvorming
rotary action (rotary motion, rotary movement): draaibeweging
rotary arc: draaiboog (verligting)
rotary armature magneto: draaiankermagneto
rotary converter (synchronous rotary converter): Kyk “dynamotor”
rotary-current motor: draaistroommotor
rotary-current transformer: draaistroomtransformator
rotary cutting tool: draaisnybeitel
rotary field (rotating field): draaiveid, draaiende veld
rotary grinding machine: draaislypmasjien
rotary inverter: draaiwisselrigter rotary isolator: draaiafsonderskakelaar rotary magnet: draaimagneet
rotary motion (rotary action, rotary movement): draaibeweging
rotary pawl: draaipal
rotary prong: draaitand (vir universele stok in lewendigelynwerk) rotary regenerative heater: draaiende terug-voerverwarmer (ketel) rotary selector switch: draaikiesskakelaar
rotary switch (turn-switch): draaiskakelaar
rotary synchroscope: draaisinchroskoop (dui frekwensieverskil tussen twee ws.-toevoere aan) rotary transformer (dynamotor): dinamotor (generator-en motorwikkeling, maar een magneetraam) rotary-type surface grinding machine: draaivlakslypmasjien
rotary vane: draaivaan, draaiwiek
rotate: draai, roteer, wentel
rotating armature (revolving armature): draaianker rotating-armature alternator: alternator met draaianker rotating body: draaiende liggaam
rotating coil: draaispoel
rotating field (revolving field): draaiveid
rotating-field alternator (revolving-field alternator): draaiveldalternator
rotating-field instrument: draaiveldinstrument
rotating-field magnet system: draaiveldmagneetstelsel
rotating-field system: draaiveldstelsel
rotating-field torque: draaivelddraaimoment rotating-field transformer: draaiveldtransformator rotating loop: draailus
rotating machine: draaimasjien
rotating magnetic field (revolving magnetic field): draaiende magnetiese veld, magnetiese draaiveid
rotating shaft: draaias rotating spindle: draaispil rotating vector: draaivektor
rotation: 1. draaiing, rotasie, wenteling 2. (curl of a vector): rotasie
rotational effect: draaieffek
rotational electromotive force: bewe-gingselektromotoriese krag (in ’n kommutatormasjien)
rotational movement (rotary motion): draaibeweging rotational voltage: bewegingspanning (in ’n draaimasjien) rotor: 1. rotor (alg.; ook GS-masjiene) 2. (draai)anker rotor assembly: rotorsamestel
rotor body: rotorromp rotor bushing: rotorbus rotor casing: rotorhulsel
rotor circuit (armature coil): rotorbaan, rotorkring rotor coil: rotorspoel
rotor conductor: rotorgeleier
rotor copper loss: rotorkoperverlies rotor core assembly: rotorkernsamestel rotor current: rotorstroom
rotor displacement: rotorverskuiwing
rotor end ring: rotorendring
rotor field: rotorveld
rotor inductance: rotorinduktansie rotor intake: rotorinset (drywing) rotor reactance: rotorreaktansie rotor resistance: rotorweerstand
rotor resistance starter: rotorweerstandaansitter
rotor rheostat: rotorreostaat
rotor switch: rotorskakelaar
rotor transformer: rotortransformator
rotor voltage: rotorspanning rotor winding: rotorwikkeling rough boring tool: ruboorbeitel rough casting: rugietstuk rough cutting: rusnywerk rough finish: ruafwerking rough grinding: ruslypwerk roughness: grofheid
rough-service lamp: swaardienslamp
rough-turn: rudraai round v.: rond, rond maak roundness: rondheid round off: afrond
round-section steel: ronde staal
round stock: ronde stawe, ronde staafmateriaal
route survey: roeteopmeting routine test socket: roetinetoetssok rub: 1. skuur 2. vryf
rubber (india rubber): rubber
rubber bond: rubberbindmiddel
rubber-clad plug: rubberomhulde prop
rubber-impregnated belting: rubbergedrenkte band, rubbergeimpregneerde band
rubber-insulated lead-covered cable (rubber-insulated lead-sheathed cable): rubber-geïsoleerde loodomhulde kabel
rubber-insulated lead-sheathed cable (rubber-insulated lead-covered cable): rubbergeisoleerde loodomhulde kabel, rub-bergeïsoleerde lood kabel
rubber-sheathed cable (v.r.i. cable,

vulcanised rubber-insulated cable): rubber-omhulde kabel
rubber tape: rubberkleefband
rubbing action contact (rubbing contact): strykkontak
rubbing contact (rubbing action contact): strykkontak Ruhmkorff coil (induction coil): induk-siespoel, Ruhmkorffspoel Rulan: Rulan (Handelsnaam, isolasie)
rule: 1. liniaal 2. meetstok
run n.: 1. loop, lopie (masjien) 2. ry (pype) 3. loop (v. dryfband, bv. boonste en onderste loop)
run v.: loop (soldeersel)
runaway speed: opholsnelheid, wegholsnelheid
run-down battery (flat battery): afgeloopte battery, pap battery
run light: ligbelas loop runner: rotor (turbine) runner chamber: rotorkamer
runner labyrinth: rotorlabirint
running blade: looplem, loopskoep (turbine)
running bus(bar): werkstam
running centre (live centre, revolving centre): draaisenter
running end: afrolent, los ent, vry ent (kabel) running fit: draaipassing, lopende passing running friction: loopwrywing
running hours: loopure
running operation: loopspoedwerking
running temperature (operating temp., working temp.): werktemperatuur
running torque: loopdraaimoment
running-up period: aanlooptyd
running voltage (operating voltage): werkspanning
run-off: afloop (rivier)
run-off figures: afloopsyfers (riviere) run of piping (pipe run): pypleiding run of river: loop van rivier
run-of-river power station: opgaardamlose hidroëlektriese kragstasie, hidroëlektriese kragstasie
sonder wateropgaring
run out: waggel (gebuigde as bv.)
run true: suiwer loop
run up: aanloop
rupture n.: 1. (breakdown, puncture): deurslag (bv. isolasie) 2. bars, breuk, skeur rupture v. (break down, puncture): 1. deur-slaan (bv. isolasie) 2. bars, breek, skeur rupturing capacity (breaking capacity): breekvermoë (stroombreker)
rupturing capacity test: breekvermoëtoets
rupturing voltage (break-down voltage, disruptive voltage, puncture voltage): deur-slagspanning (isolasie)
rural electrification: plattelandse elektrifikasie/elektrifisering
rural line: plattelandse kraglyn rural supply: plattelandse toevoer Russell’s test: toets van Russell Russian tallow: Russiese vettalk rust: roes
rusted-in stud: vasgeroeste tapbout
rusted up: verroes
rustless steel: roesvry staal
rust proofing: roesbestandmaking
rust-resisting: roesbestand
rust solvent: roesoplosser, roesoplosmiddel
rutherford (rd): rutherford (rd) (eenheid v. radioaktiewe verval)
Ryton R10: Ryton R10 (propileensulfiedhars)

s (second): s (sekonde)
S: 1. (siemens): S (siemens) 2. (secondary winding): s (sekondêre wikkeling) 3. (symbol for sulphur): S (simbool vir swawel)
(secondary air): SL (sekondêre lug)
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers): SAE SAE eight-pitch series: SAE-agtsteekserie SAE extra fine series: SAE-ekstrafynserie SAE rating: SAE-getal (olie)
SAE sixteen-pitch series: SAE-sestiensteekserie SAE special pitch series: SAE-spesialesteekserie SAE standard: SAE-standaard (skroefdraad)
SAE twelve-pitch series: SAE-twaalfsteekserie
C. (small bayonet cap): S.B.C. (klein bajonetvoet)
A. (a.c.s.r., steel-cored aluminium): SKA (staalkernaluminium)
s.c.c. (single cotton covered): ekb. (enkelkatoenbeklee)
s.c.e. wire (si ng le-cotton-over-e na me I wire): eke.-draad (enkelkatoenemalje-draad)
SCR (silicon controlled rectifier): SBG silikonbeheerde gelykrigter)
(soft drawn): saggetrokke (draad)
seco (sequential control): opeenvolgende beheer
SiC (silicon carbide): SiC (silikonkarbied)
SF diagram (shearing force diagram): sk.-diagram (skuifkragdiagram)
SFP (steam feed pump): SVP (stoomvoer-pomp) (“stoomaangedrewe voerpomp” verkort)
SFg (sulphur hexafluoride): SFg (swawelheksafluoried)
s.g. (relative density, specific gravity): relatiewe digtheid
s.h. (specific heat): s.w. (spesifieke warmte)
shp* (s.h.p.*, SHP*): apk* (asperdekrag*) (nie SI eenheid) SI (Systême International): SI (Systême International) sin (sine): sin (sinus)
SOR (switch operating room): SKK (skakelkamer)
s.p.c. (single paper covered): enkelpapierbekiee
S pole (south-seeking pole): S-pool (suidpool)
SPR (SLR, single lapping of pure rubber): enkelrubberomwindsel
sq cm* (cm2, square centimetre): cm2, vier-kante sentimeter
sq m* (m2, square metre): m2, vierkante meter
SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device): SQUID
sr (star radian): sr (steradiaal)
SSR (solid state relay): vastestaatrelê
ST* (stokes*): ST* (stokes) (viskositeit)
STP (standard temperature and pressure): STD (standaardtemperatuur en -druk)
SWA (steel-wire armoured): SWA (staaldraadgepantser)
SWAC (single wire armoured cable): EDPK (enkeldraadpantserkabel)
SWAWEK (South West Africa Water and Electricity Corporation): SWAWEK (Suid-wes Afrika Water-en Elektrisiteitskorporasie)
SWG (standard wire gauge): SDN (standaarddraadnommer)
s.w.s. (single white silk): enkelwitsy
saddle: beuel, saal saddle clamp: saal klamp saddle dam: rugdamwal
safe distance (protective gap): veilige af-stand, veilige ruimte (lewendige dele)
safeguard: 1. beveiliging, beveiligingsmaatreël 2. beveiligingsmiddel
safe load: 1. veilige belasting, veilige las 2. veilige vrag
safe stress: veilige spanning
safety assurance: veiligheidsversekering
safety belt: veiligheidsgordel
safety catch: veiligheidsknip
safety clearance: veiligheidsvryruimte
safety clearance marker: (veiligheids)vryruimtemerker
safety cock: veiligheidskraan
safety contact: veiligheidskontak safety cut-out: veiligheidsuitskakelaar safety device: veiligheidstoestel safety factor: veiligheidsfaktor
safety factor for drop-out: afvalveiligheidsfak-tor, uitskeiveiligheidsfaktor
safety factor for holding: houveiligheidsfaktor
safety factor for pick-up: opkomveiligheids-faktor, aantrekveiligheidsfaktor
safety feature: veiligheidskenmerk
safety first rules: reëls vir veiligheid eerste safety fittings: veiligheidstoebehore safety guard: veiligheidskut
safety hook adapter: veiligheidshaakpasstuk safety limit (limit of safety, margin of safety): veiligheidsgrens
safety limit switch: veiligheidsgrensskakelaar
safety margin: veiligheidsgrens
safety precaution: veiligheidsmaatreël
safety screen (protective screen): veiligheidskerm
safety standard: veiligheidstandaard safety starter: veiligheidsaansitter safety switch: veiligheidskakelaar safety valve: veiligheidsklep
safety wall socket: veiligheidsmuursok safe working current: veilige werkstroom safe working pressure: veilige werkdruk
safe working temperature: veilige werktemperatuur
sag n.: deurbuiging, deurhang, deursakking
sag v.: deurbuig (balk), deurhang (kabel), sak (deur)
sag adjuster: deurhangsteller
sag adjuster plate: deurhangstellerplaat sag adjusted set link: deurhangstellerskakel sag gauge: deurhangmeter
sagged: deurgebuig, deurhangend sagging: deurbuiging, deurhanging sag table: deurhangtabel
sail switch: vaanskakelaar (lugversorging)
salient pole: speekpool, uitsteekpool salient pole motor: speekpoolmotor salient pole type rotor: speekpoolrotor salient bath test: soutbadtoets (by kabels)
samarium: samarium (metal, elem., radioaktief)
sample n.: monster sample v.: monster neem sampler: monsternemer
sampler test (sampling test): 1. monstertoets 2. steektoets
sampling: 1. monsterneming (bv. v. water) 2. steekproefneming (een of ’n deel as voor-beeld v. die res)
sampling test (sample test): 1. monstertoets 2. steektoets
sanatron: sanatron (vertraagkring)
sand blasting: sandstraling
sand filter: sandfilter (waterbehandeling)
sand mould: sandgietvorm sandpaper: skuurpapier sandwich coil: wisselskyf
sandwich coil winding (sandwich winding): wisselskyfwikkeling (transformator)

Sankey diagram: Sankey-diagram (warmtebalans)
satin-etched bulb: matkolf
saturable core magnetometer: magnetometer met versadigbare kern, versadigbare magnetometer (werking volgens permeabiliteits-verandering in kern)
saturable-core reactor (saturable reactor): reaktor met versadig bare kern, versadigbare reaktor (kontrolekringe)
saturable transformer: versadigbare transformator (versadigbare reaktor met bykomende wikkelings vir spanningstrans-formasie of isolering v. WS-toevoer)
saturate: versadig
saturated steam: versadigde stoom (stoom by kooktemp. onder die betrokke druk)
saturated transformer: versadigde transformator
saturation: versadiging
saturation current: versadigingstroom
saturation curve: versadigingskromme
saturation factor: versadigingsfaktor (verhouding: toename van veldopwekking tot toe-name van ontwikkelde spanning)
saturation flux density: Kyk “saturation induction”
saturation inductance: versadigingsinduktansie
saturation induction (saturation flux density): versadigingsinduksie, versadiging-vloeddigtheid (maks. moontlike intrinsieke induksie)
saturation interval: versadigingstussenpoos
saturation magnetostriction: versadigings-magnetostriksie (Kyk ook “magnetostriction*)
saturation state: versadigingstoestand saturation value: versadigingswaarde saw cut: saagsnit
saw-mill: 1. saagfrees 2. saagmeule
saw-tooth current: saagtandstroom (met saagtandgolfvorm; bv. vir diodebuise)
saw-tooth wave: saagtandgolf
scalar: n. skalaar (grootheid sonder rigting teenoor “vektor” a. skalêr
scalar field: skalaarveld, skalêre veld
scalar product (dot product): skalaarproduk
scalar quantity (scalar): skalaar, skalaargroot-heid, skalêre grootheid
scale: 1. ketelsteen, ongelykhede (kabel) 2. skaal (teken) 3. skub 4. weegskaal
scale v.: skaleer
scale down: afskaleer
scale drawing: skaaltekening
scale factor (scaling ratio): skaalfaktor (eweredigheidskonstante)
scale length: skaallengte
scale mark: skaalmerk
scale numbering: skaalsyfers
scale-of-eight circuit: agtdeler
scale-of-ten circuit (decade scaler): tiendeler
scale-of-two circuit: tweedeler
scaler (counter, scaling circuit): deler, deelkring, telkring
scale reading: skaallesing scale span: skaalbestek scale up: opskaleer
scaling: maak volgens skaal, skaal-scaling n.: skilfering scaling circuit (scaler): deler, deelkring, telkring scaling factor: Kyk “scale factor”
scaling ratio (scale factor, scaling factor): Kyk “scale factor”
scan: aftas
scanner: aftaster
scanning (scan, scansion, sweep): aftasting
scarf joint: skuinslas
scatter band: strooiband (termiese oorlasrelê) scattered particle: verstrooide deeltjie scattered radiation: verstrooide straling scattering coefficient: verstrooiingskoëffisiënt scavenge: 1. afsuig 2. spoel, uitspoel scavenge valve: afsuigklep
scavenging: spoeling (met gas)
scavenging blower: afsuigwaaier, spoelwaaier
scavenging gas: spoelgas
scheduled frequency: aangewese frekwensie, bepaalde frekwensie
scheduled outage: beplande uitdiensneming scheduled person: ingelyste persoon scheduled shutdown: beplande afsluiting
Schelling’s type metallic packing: Schelling-metaalpakking schematic n. (schematic diagram): skematiese diagram schematic circuit diagram: skematiese kringdiagram schematic diagram (schematic): skematiese diagram schematic drawing: skematiese tokening
schematic symbol: skematiese simbool
Scherbius system: Scherbiusstelsel
Scherbius advancer: Scherbiusvoorskuiwer (WS-motor met GS-opwekker)
Sobering bridge: Schering-brug (om kapasitansie en drywingsfaktor v. klein kapasitors te meet)
Schlotter blower: Schlotterblaser
Schrage motor: Schrage-motor (wisselspoed-induksiemotor, verkry EMK vir statorwikke-ling van rotorkommutatorwikkeling)

scintillation: sintillasie
scoop pipe: skeppyp (hidrouliese ketelpompkoppeling)
scission: afknipping
scope: 1. bestek (van taak) 2. range (instr.): strek scorch: verbrand (staal)
score: groef, skraap, ru skuur
Scotch boiler (marine boiler): silinderketel, Skotse ketel
Scott-connected transformers: transforma-tors in Scott-verbinding (van 2 enkel-fasetransformators, 3-fase-, 3-draad-WS omgesit in 2-fase-3-draad toevoer)
Scott connection : Scott-verbinding
scour: 1. uitspoel 2. (scrub): afskuur, skuur scour valve: spoelklep, uitspoelklep (asaanleg) scram v.: sper (reaktor)
scram circuit: sperringskring
scram rod: sperstaaf scrap: afval, rommel, skroot scrape: skraap
scraper conveyor: skraapvervoerband, skraapvervoerder
scrapping thickness: afdankdikte
screen n.: 1. doek 2. sif 3. skerm screen v. (shield): afskerm screen circuit: skermkring screen current: skermstroom
screened cable (shielded conductor cable, “H” type cable, Hochstadter cable): af-geskermde kabel, kabel met afgeskermde are
screened wire (shielded wire): afgeskermde draad (met metaal om die isolasie)
screen efficiency: skermrendement (katodestraalbuis)
screen-factor: skermfaktor (van ’n rooster)
screen grid: skermrooster
screening n.: 1. (shielding): afskerming (van elektromagn. of elektrostatiese invloed) 2. (screen, shield): skerm
screening constant: afskermkonstante
screening gear: skei-uitrusting
screening protector (line choking coil): lynsmoorspoel
screening reactor: oorspanningsmoorspoel
screening wires: afskermdrade
screen-protected machine: afgeskermde masjien screen-protected motor: afgeskermde motor screen voltage: skermspanning
screw n.: skroef
screw v.: skroef, vasskroef
screw bolt: skroefbout
screw cap (Edison screw cap): skroefdop, Edisondop
screw conveyer: skroefvervoerder
screw cutting: draadsnywerk
screw-down non-return valve: vasskroefterugslagklep
screwed: gedraad
screwed bush (screwed-type bush): skroef bus screwed cable entry: skroefkabelinlaat screwed conduit: skroefleipyp
screwed connector: skroefverbinder
screwed coupler: skroefskoppelstuk
screwed electric conduit: elektriese skroefleipyp
screwed-end arc horn: skroefent-booghoring
screwed lampholder (screw lampholder): skroeflamphouer
screwed lamp-socket: skroeflampsok
screwed sleeve: skroefhuls
screw evaporator: spiraalverdamper (in ’n stoomketel)
screw feeder: spiraalvoerder (poeierkool) screwing tackle: draadsnygereedskap screw jack: skroefdomkrag
screw-operated wedge: skroefwig
screw tap (tap, threading tap): draadsnytap
screw terminal: skroefaansluiter
screw thread: (external thread, male thread): buitedraad, skroefdraad
screw-type anchor: skroefanker
screwed-type bush (screwed bush): skroefbus
screw-type capacitor: skroefkapasitor screw-type splice: skroeflasklem scribe v.: 1. kras 2. teenprofiel sny scriber: kraspen
scroll: Kyk ‘‘screw feeder” scrub: skuur (steenkool) scrubber: gaswasser scum: drifsel, skuim scum pump: drifselpomp scum valve: skuimklep
seal n.: 1. afdigting 2. seël (bv. meter)
seal v.: 1. afdig 2. verseël
sealable equipment: omsluitbare uitrusting
seal air failure: seëllugonderbreking
seal air fan: seëllugwaaier
sealed cable: verseëlde kabel
sealed compressor (hermetic compressor): hermetiese kompressor, verseëlde kompressor
sealed end (capped end): verseëlde ent sealed rectifier: verseëlde gelykrigter sealed tank system: verseëldetenkstelsel sealed unit: verseëlde eenheid
seal face (sealing face): seëlvlak
sealing air: seëllug
sealing air fan: seëllugwaaier
sealing bar: digtingstaaf, seëlstaaf
sealing box (sealing chamber, sealing end): seël kas (kabel) sealing chamber (sealing box, sealing end): seëlkas (kabel) sealing compound: digtingsmengsel, seëlmengsel
sealing face (seal face): seëlvlak sealing gland (gland): afdigstuk (kabels) sealing pliers: seëltang
sealing ring (seal ring): afdigring, digtingring
sealing water: seëlwater
sealing water pump: seëlwaterpomp sealing water trough: seëlwatertrog seal-in relay: aanblyrelê
seal off: afdig, verseël
seal oil: seëlolie
seal oil balancing main (SO balancing-main): seëloliebalanseerleiding (SO-balanseerleiding)
seal oil cooler: seëloliekoeler

seal oil pump (SO pump): seëloliepomp (SO-pomp)
seal oil regulator: seëloliereëlaar
seal ring (sealing-ring): afdigring, digtingring
seal steam (sealing steam): seëlstoom
seal weld: digtingsweislas seal wire: seëldraad (meters) seamless plate: naatlose plaat
seamless screwed conduit: naatlose skroefleipyp
seamless shell: naatlose romp seamless tube: naatlose pyp seam welding: naatsweising
sea solar power: see-sonkrag (generation based on temp, difference)
seasonal variation: seisoensvariasie
search coil (exploring coil): meetspoel, peil-spoel (magn. veld)
seat (seating): bedding (klep)
seating (seat): bedding (klep)
secondary (secondary winding): sekondêre wikkeling
secondary air: sekondêre lug
secondary air fan (S.A. fan): sekondêrelug-waaier (SL-waaier)
secondary ampere-turn: sekondêre ampêrewinding
secondary battery (accumulator, storage battery): akkumulator, sekondêre battery secondary cell (accumulator, accumulator cell, storage cell): sekondêre sel secondary circuit: sekondêre kring
secondary clock (slave clock): slaafhorlosie
secondary coil: 1. sekondêre kronkel (koeling) 2. sekondêre spoel (elek.)
secondary connection: sekondêre verbinding secondary constant: sekondêre konstante secondary control fuse: sekondêrebeheer-sekering
secondary copper loss: sekondêre koperver-lies (bv. a.g.v. swerfstrome)
secondary current: sekondêre stroom
secondary current rating: sekondêre kenstroom
secondary creep (second stage creep): sekondêre kruip secondary distribution feeder: sekondêre distribusievoerkabel secondary distribution main: sekondêre distribusiehoofleiding
secondary electromotive force: sekondêre elektromotoriese krag (in sekondêre wikkeling) secondary electron: sekondêre elektron (afge-gee a.g.v. elektroniese bombardering) secondary-electron multiplier (electron multiplier): elektronevermenigvuldiger secondary emission: sekondêre emissie, sekondêre straling (van sekondêre elektrone) secondary-emission characteristic: sekondêre-emissiekenkromme (van ’n oppervlak) secondary emission photocell: fotosel met sekondêre emissie
secondary energy (derived energy): sekon-dêre energie secondary full-load current: sekondêre vollasstroom secondary induced voltage: sekondêre geïn-duseerde spanning secondary insulation: sekondêre isolasie
secondary lead: sekondêre leiding
secondary leakage flux: sekondêre lekvloed secondary leakage reactance: sekondêre lekreaktansie secondary lighting: sekondêre verligting
secondary line current: sekondêre lynstroom secondary line voltage: sekondêre lynspanning secondary neutral wire: sekondêre neutrale draad secondary phase current: sekondêre fasestroom secondary phase voltage: sekondêre fasespanning
secondary potential difference: sekondêre potensiaalverskil
secondary rack: sekondêredraadkapstok
secondary radiation (secondary emission): sekondêre emissie, sekondêre straling
secondary radiator (parasitic radiator): sekondêre straler
secondary relay: sekondêre relê
secondary resistance: sekondêre weerstand secondary start group: sekondêre aansitgroep secondary superheater: sekondêre superverhitter
secondary terminal (secondary coil terminal): sekondêrespoelaansluiter
secondary terminal voltage: sekondêre aansluiterspanning
secondary turn: sekondêre winding
secondary voltage (secondary winding voltage): Kyk “secondary winding voltage”
secondary voltage characteristic: sekondêrespanningskenkromme
secondary voltage drop: sekondêre spanningsval
secondary winding (secondary): sekondêre wikkeling
secondary winding voltage (secondary voltage): sekondêre spanning, sekondêrewikkelingspanning
second harmonic: tweede bofrekwensie
second quantum number (orbital quantum number): tweede kwantumgetal, baankwantumgetal
seconds Redwood: sekondes Redwood (viskositeitseenheid)
second-stage superheater inlet: inlaat van weede trap van superverhitter
section: 1. afdeling (organisasie) 2. artikel (wet) 3. deel, gedeelte (opmeting) 4. deurs-nee 5. profiel (bv. v. staal) 6. seksie
sectional area: deursneeoppervlakte section alarm: afdelingsalarm sectionalise: skei, verdeel
sectionalised busbar: geskeide geleistam, verdeelde geleistam sectionalised winding: geskeide wikkeling, verdeelde wikkeling sectionalising switch (section switch): verdeelskakelaar sectionalising valve (sectioning valve,

section valve): seksieklep
section circuit breaker: seksiestroombreker
sectioning valve (section valve, sectionalising valve): seksieklep
section insulator: seksie-isolator
section link: seksieskakel
section support (anchor support): treksteun
section switch (sectionalising switch): verdeelskakelaar
section valve (sectionalising valve, sectioning valve): seksieklep
sector: 1. sektor (sirkel) 2. tandboog (meg.)
sector cable: sektorkabel
sector flux: sektorligstroom, sektorligvloed
secular equation: sekulêre vergelyking (karak-teristieke vergelyking)
secure: bevestig, vasheg, vasmaak, vassit
securing bolt: borgbout securing bracket: borgsteun securing nut: borgmoer securing ring: borgring securing stud: borgtapbout security: sekuriteit, veiligheid security clip: veiligheidsklem
security fence (security fencing): sekuriteitsheining
security lighting: sekuriteitsverligting
security lighting system: veiligheidsverligtingstelsel
security of supply: toevoersekerheid
sediment: afsaksel, sediment
sedimentary deposit: sedimentêre afsetting
sedimentation tank (settling tank): besink-tenk (waterbehandeling) Seebeck effect (thermoelectric effect): Seebeck-effek, termoëlektriese effek seed blanket reactor: saad-mantelreaktor
seep: syfer, sypel seepage: syfering, sypeling seepage-proof: syferdig segment: segment
segmental conductor: segmentgeleier segmental core disc: segmentkernskyf segmental twin cable: segmenttweelingkabel segmented electrode: segmentelektrode segment pitch (unit interval): segmentsteek seize: 1. beslag lê op 2. vasbrand (laer), vassit seizure: 1. inbeslagneming 2. verbranding, vassit
seismic bearings: seismiese drastukke (kernkragstasies)
select cock: kieskraan
selecting contact: kieskontak
selecting mechanism: kiesmeganisme
selecting relay (selection relay): kiesrelê selecting switch (selector switch): kiesskakelaar selection relay (selecting relay): kiesrelê selective: selektief
selective commutation: selektiewe kommutasie
selective diffuser: selektiewe verspreier
selective filter (coloured filter): selektiewe filter, gekleurde filter
selective network: selektiewe net (verlies en/of faseverskuiwing is funksie van frekwensie)
selective opening (selective tripping): selektiewe uitklinking
selective protection: selektiewe beveiliging (uitskakeling van foutiewe gedeelte sonder versteuring v. res v. krag net)
selective resonance: selektiewe resonansie (resonansie by een of meer onderskeie frekwensies)
selective switching: selektiewe skakeling selectivity characteristic: selektiwiteitsdiagram selector link: kiesskakel
selector relay: kiesrelê
selector switch (selecting switch): kiesskakelaar
selector valve: kiesklep
selenium: seleen
selenium amplifier: seleenversterker
selenium cell: seleensel
selenium rectifier: seleengelykrigter
self-acting non-return valve: selfterugslagklep
self-aligning: selfrigtend
self-aligning bearing: selfriglaer self-aligning contact: selfrigkontak self-aligning plug: selfrigprop
self-baking electrode: selfbakelektrode
self-balancing protective gear: selfbalan-serende beveiligingstuig (trfs en WS-motors. Gebaseer op som van fasestrome op enige tydstip = O)
self-capacitance (internal capacitance): eie kapasitansie, inwendige kapasitansie (totale elektriese lading in geleier gedeel deur potensiaal)
self-cleaning contact: selfskoonmaakkontak
self-closing circuit breaker: selfsluitstroombreker
self-compensated motor: selfgekompenseer-de motor
self-contained instrument: selfstandige instrument
self-contained rotor resistance: selfstandige rotorweerstand
self-cooled machine: selfkoelmasjien
self-cooled transformer: selfkoeltransformator
self-energy: eie energie, rusenergie (deeltjie)
self-excitation: selfopwekking (veldstelsel-toevoer vanaf masjien self of vanaf gekoppelde hulpmasjien)
self-excitation winding: selfopwekwikkeling
self-excited: selfopgewek, selfopwek-, selfopwekkend
self-excited alternating current generator: selfopwekwisselstroomgenerator
self-excited generator: selfopwekgenerator self-excited machine: selfopwekmasjien self-exciting: selfopwek, selfopwekkend
self-extinguishing: selfblussend (materiaal, nadat bron v. vlamme verwyder is)
self-hardening steel: selfhardingstaal (sonder blussing) self-hardening tool steel: selfhardingsgereedskapstaal self-healing capacitor: selfherstelkapasitor
self-holding circuit: selfhoubaan
self-holding contact: houkontak
self-ignition (auto-ignition).-selfontsteking

self-impedance: selfimpedansie
self-induced electromotive force: selfgein-duseerde elektromotoriese krag
self-inductance: self-induktansie
self-induction: selfinduksie
self-induction coil: selfinduksiespoel
self-interlocking n.: selfgrendeling, a. selfgrendelend(e)
self-lubricating: selfsmeer-, selfsmerend
self-maintained discharge: selfstandige ontlading self-oiling (self-lubricating): selfsmeer-, selfsmerend self-oiling bearing: selfsmeerlaer
self-oscillation: selfossillasie
self-priming oil pump: selfvoorvoeroliepomp
self-quenched counter tube: selfblus-telbuis
self-quenching oscillator (squegger, blocking oscillator): selfsmoorossillator
self-recording: selfregistreer-, selfregistrerend
self-rectifying tube: selfgelykrigbuis (met wis-selende anodepotensiaal)
self-regulating: selfreël, selfregulerend
self-regulating dynamo: selfreguleerdinamo
self-regulating heating cable: selfregulerende verwarmingkabel
self-resetting (automatically reset): selfterugstel-, selfterugstellend (relês)
self-reset relay (automatically reset relay): relê met outomatiese terugstelling, selfterugstelrelê
self-restoring: selfherstel-, selfherstellend
self-restoring switch: selfherstelskakelaar, terugspringskakelaar
self-saturation (auto self-excitation): direkte selfopwekking (met halfgolfgelykrigters in serie met leweringswikkelings van die ver-sadigbare reaktors)
self-starting: selfaansit-, selfaansittend
self-starting synchronous motor: sinchrone motor met selfaansitting (begin loop as induksiemotor)
self-supporting aerial cable: vryhangende lugkabel
self-supporting tower: vrystaande mas
self-surge impedance: Kyk “surge impedance”
self-sustaining device: sluittoestel
self-synchronising: selfsinchroniseer-, selfsin-chroniserend (WS-masjiene; kan aan-geskakel word sonder aanvanklike sinchronisering)
self-synchronising instrument: selfsinchroniseerinstrument
self-synchronising rotary converter (synchronous converter): selfsinchroniserende eenankeromsetter (met twee of meer wik-kelings, kommutator en sleepringe)
self-tightening packing: selfbindpakking
self-ventilated motor: selfventileermotor
self-wiping contact (self-cleaning contact): selfskoonmaakkontak
Seller’s thread: Sellers-draad
selsyn n. (mag-slip, self-synchronous device, synchro): outomatiese sinchroniseerder
selsyn motor: selfsinchroniseermotor, selsynmotor semi-annular electromagnet: halfringelektromagneet semi-automatic control: halfoutomatiese kontrole semi-automatic starter: halfoutomatiese aansitter semi-automatic substation: halfoutomatiese substasie semi-automatic welding: halfoutomatiese sweising semi-automatic working: halfoutomatiese werking semicircle: halfsirkel
semicircular: halfrond, halfsirkelvormig semiclosed slot: halftoe gleuf (anker) semiconducting tape: halfgeleidende band semiconductor: halfgeleier semiconductor device: halfgeleierelement
semiconductor rectifier: halfgeleiergelykrigter semiconductor switch: halfgeleierskakelaar semi-enclosed: halfingesluit, halftoe
semi-enclosed fuse: halfingeslote sekering semi-enclosed motor: halfingeslote motor semifluid n.: halfvloeistof
semifluid a.: halfvloeiend, halfvloeibaar
semiflush switch (semi-recessed switch, semi-sunk switch): halfvlakskakelaar, hal-fingelate skakelaar
semi-highspeed steel: halfsnelstaal
semimagnetic controller: deels magnetiese kontrole semimatt surface: halfmat oppervlak semipermanent fit: halfpermanente passing
semirecessed switch (semi-flush switch, semi-sunk switch): halfingelate skakelaar
semi-self-maintained discharge: halfselfstan-dige ontlading
semisnail tension clamp: halfslakspanklamp
semisolid lubricant: halfvaste smeermiddel
semisteel: semi-staal (3 dele ru-yster tot 1 deel staalskroot)
semisunk switch (semi-flushed switch, semirecessed switch): halfingelate skakelaar
send switch: sendskakelaar
sensible heat: waarneembare warmte
sensing: aanvoeling
sensing element: aanvoelelement
sensitiser: sensitiseerder
sensitive element: gevoelige element sensitive instrument: gevoelige instrument sensitive relay: gevoelige relê
sensitivity: gevoeligheid, sensitiwiteit
sensitivity coefficient: gevoeligheidskoëffisiënt sensitivity factor: gevoeligheidsfaktor, sensitiwiteitsfaktor sensor: sensor
separate excitation: afsonderlike opwekking, aparte opwekking
separately-cooled machine: masjien met afsonderlike koeling
separately excited generator: afsonderlik op-gewekte generator separately leaded cable: veelloodman-telkabel, veelmantelkabel separately ventilated motor: motor met afsonderlike ventilasie separate self-excitation: indirekte selfopwekking
separating distance: skeiafstand separating medium: skeidingsmedium separating relay: verdeelrelê separating switch: skeiskakelaar
separation (separating distance): skeiafstand
separation energy: 1. skeidingsenergie 2. ver-wyderingsenergie (kerne)
separative element: skei-element
separator: 1. afstandstuk 2. skeier (in sekon-dêre sel)

separator block: verdeelblok (bedrading) septate waveguide: skotgolfleier sequence: 1. reeks 2. volgorde sequence contact: volgordekontak sequence control: volgordebeheer
sequence-controlled contact: volgkontak
sequence event recorder (sequential event recorder): voorvalvolgorderegistreerder, volgorderegistreerder
sequence fault: volgordefout
sequence interlocking: volgordegrendeling sequence of operation: werkvolgorde sequence of operations: bewerkingsvolgorde sequence relay: volgorderelê
sequence switch: volgordeskakelaar, volgskakelaar sequence timer: volgordeskakelaar, volgorde-tydskakelaar sequential relay: Kyk “sequence relay”
serial number: 1. reeksnommer (van ver-vaardiger: uitrusting van eenderse aard) 2. volgnommer (verskeidenheid binne kategorie)
serie: 1. serie, serieskakeling 2. reeks
series blow-out coil: serieboogblusser, serieblusspoel
series breaker: seriestroombreker
series capacitor (series condenser): seriekapasitor
series circuit: seriekring
series coil: seriespoel
series commutator motor (series motor, series-wound motor): seriemotor (GS-motor met veldkring en ankerkring in serie)
series-compensated motor (compensated series motor): seriegekompenseerde motor
series compensating winding: kompenseer-wikkeling in serie
series compensation: seriekompensasie series condenser: (Kyk “series capacitor”) series connected: in serie verbind
series connection: serieverbinding
series current: seriestroom
series-delta starting: serie-delta-aansitting
series distribution system: seriedis-tribusiestelsel (vir energievoorsiening aan uitrustingselemente in serie verbind)
series dropping resistor: Kyk “dropping resistor”
series element: serie-element
series equivalent: serie-ekwivalent(e)
series excitation: serieopwekking
series field: serieveld (hoofveldwikkeling v. motor in serie geskakel)
series-field coil: serieveldspoel
series-field winding: serieveldwikkeling
series generator (series-wound generator): seriegenerator (met ankerwikkeling en veld-wikkeling in serie verbind)
series grouping: seriegroepering
series impedance: serie-impedansie
series inductor: serie-induktor
series isolator: serieafsonderskakelaar
series loading: seriebelasting (van stroom-kring, met reaktansies)
series magnet: seriemagneet
series motor (series-wound motor): seriemotor
series motoring: serieaandrywing
series motoring sequence: serieaandryfvolgorde
series network: serienet
series operation: 1. (series running): serie-werking 2. (use in series): gebruik in serie
series overcurrent tripping: serieoorstroomuitklinking
serie-parallel: serieparallel
series-parallel circuit: serieparallelkring (wat parallelle sowel as serie-elemente bevat)
series parallel connection: serieparallelverbinding
series-parallel control: serieparallelbeheer
series-parallel drum switch: serie-paralleltromskakelaar series-parallel impedance: serie-parallelimpedansie series-parallel, in: serieparallel
series-parallel network: serieparallelnet
series-parallel starter: serieparallelaansitter
series-parallel switch: serieparallelskakelaar (van serie na parallel of omgekeerd)
series-parallel winding (multiplex winding): serieparallelwikkeling, veelvoudige luswik-keling, veelvoudige parallelwikkeling
series reactance: seriereaktansie
series rectifier circuit: seriegelykrigterkring
series regeneration: serieterugvoering
series regulator: seriereëlaar (reëlweerstand in motorhoofkring)
series resistance: 1. serieweerstand 2. serieresistor
series resistance coil: serieweerstandspoel
series resistor (series resistance): serieresistor
series resonance: seriesonansie (by minimum impedansie teen wisselspanning in serie geskakel)
series-resonant circuit: serieresonansiekring
series-resonant frequency: serieresonansiefrekwensie series running (series operation): seriewerking series star connection: serie-sterverbinding
series starter: serieaansitter
series switch: serieskakelaar
series system of distribution: serieskakeldis-tribusie (enkele GS-kring met generators en motore in serie)
series T: serie-T
series transductor: serietransduktor
series tripping: serie-uitklinking
series-trip recloser: serieklinkhersluiter
series turn: seriewinding
series ventilation (simple ventilation):
serieventilasie, eenvoudige ventilasie
series-winding copper loss: seriewikkelingskoperverlies
series wound: met seriewikkeling, seriegewikkel
series-wound motor (series commutator motor, seriesmotor): seriemotor (veldwikkel-ing in serie met ankerwikkeling)
series-wound traction motor: serietrekkragmotor
serpentine tube: kronkelpyp serrated contact: getande kontak serrated pulse: getande puls
serrated rotor plate (slotted rotor plate): gegleufde rotorplaat, gleufrotorplaat
serration: vertanding
serve: dek (kabels)
served lead-covered cable (served lead-sheathed cable): gedekte loodkabel, gedekte loodomhulde kabel
served lead-sheathed cable (served lead-covered cable): gedekte loodomhulde kabel, gedekte loodkabel
service n.: 1. diens 2. (servicing): diensgew-ing, versiening
service v.: diens gee, versien serviceable: bruikbaar, diensbaar service cable: dienskabel service charge: diensgeld
service connection: diensaansluiting, verbruikersaansluiting
service distribution pillar: diensverdeelkas
service drop: diens-daalgeleier
service equipment: diensuitrusting
service failure (failure of service, interruption of service): diensonderbreking
service fuse: dienssekering service lateral: dienstak service life: gebruiksduur
service line: 1. dienslyn, verbruikerslyn 2. (service circuit, supply circuit, supply connection): diensverbinding, toevoerverbinding
service mains: dienshoofleiding, toevoerhoofleiding, verbruikshoofleiding
service pipe: diensleipyp
service raceway: 1. dienskabelkoker (afson-derlik) 2. dienskabelkanaal (deur ander dele)
service switch: diensskakelaar service voltage: diensspanning service water: dienswater
service water interconnector: dienswatertussenverbinder
service water main: dienswaterpyp
service water pump: dieriswaterpomp
service water pumping plant: pompuitrusting vir dienswater
servicing (service): diensgewing, versiening
serving: bekleding, dekking
servitude: serwituut
servo (servo-motor): servo, servomotor
servo-loop: servolus
servomechanism (servo-system): servomeganisme
servometer: servometer
servomotor: servomotor
servo-multiplier: servovermenigvuldiger
servo-system (servomechanism): servomeganisme
servo type regulator: servoreëlaar
set n.: stel
set v.: 1. stel 2. set (saagtand bv.) set analizer (analyzer): analiseerder set-back n.: kragverlaging (reaktor) set of gears: stel ratte
set point controller: stelpuntkontrole
setting: 1. installing 2. stelling 3. stolling 4. verharding
setting mark: stelmerk setting resistor: stelresistor setting swich: stelskakelaar
settle: 1. afsak, besink 2. vassak
settlement: 1. afsakking, besinking 2. vassak-king (bv. beton)
settlement: vassakking (grond)
settling basin: besinkbak
settling tank (sedimentation tank): besink-tenk (waterbehandeling)
settling time: 1. besinktyd (olie) 2. bestendigingstyd
settling velocity: besinkspoed
set true: suiwer stel
set-up n.: 1. inrigting 2. opstelling (masj.) set up v.: 1. verwerk (stroom) 2. opstel severe-lightning area: swaarweerliggebied sewage: rioolwater
sewage plant: rioolaanleg
sewage pump: rioolvuilpomp
shackle: harp
shackle bolt: harpbout
shackle-insulator: harpisolator
shackle insulator: afhegisolator, harpisolator
shackle pin: harppen, skommelpen
shaded pole (shielded pole): afgeskermde pool
shaded-pole motor (shielded pole motor): afgeskermdepoolmotor
shading coil: afskermspoel
shading ring: afskermring, skermring
shading winding: afskermwikkeling
shadow column instrument: skadukolominstrument
shaft: 1. as 2. skag (bv. van hyser) 3. steel
shaft bearing: aslaer
shaft coupling: askoppeling
shaft current: asstroom
shaft eccentricity: aseksentrisiteit
shaft horsepower: Kyk “shaft power1
shaft-mounted permanent magnet generator: generator met asgemonteerde per-manente magneet
shaft power: asdrywing (in watt of kilowatt)
shaft seal: asseël
shaft speed: asspoed shaft vibration: astrilling shank:skag
shaped conductor: profielgeleier
shape factor (form factor): vormfaktor (hou rekening met fatsoen wanneer spoelinduk-tansie bereken word)
shaping circuit: vormbaan
shaping tool: vormbeitel
sharp-edged ring: skerprandring sharpen: skerpmaak, slyp shatter strength: plettervastheid
shear n. (shearing): 1. afknipping 2. afskuivying (dele v. 1 stuk metaal) 3. skuifskeuring
shear v.: 1. afknip 2. afskuif 3. skuifskeur
shearing (shear): 1. afknipping 2. afskuiwing 3. skuifskeuring
shearing action: skuifwerking
shearing force: skuifkrag
shearing force diagram: skuifkragdiagram
shearing plane: skuifvlak
shearing resistance: skuifweerstand
shearing strain: skuifvervorming
shearing stress (shear stress): skuifspanning
shear off: 1. afknip 2. afskuif 3. afskeur
shear stress (shearing stress): skuifspanning
shear test: afskuiftoets

sheath n. (cover, covering, sheathing): mantel, (om)hulsel (kabels)
sheath v. (cover): bemantel, omhul (kabels)
sheath current: mantelstroom
sheathed electrode: hulselektrode
sheathing (cover, covering, sheath): mantel, (om)hulsel (kabels)
sheathing earth: hulselaarde, mantelaarde, omhulselaarde shed (petticoat, skirt): drupvin, mantel (isolator) shedding: afwerping (las)
sheet copper: plaatkoper
sheet iron: plaatyster
sheet-iron stamping: plaatysterstampsel
sheet lightning: kaatsblits sheet packing: bladpakking sheet rubber: bladrubber
sheet-steel lamination: plaatstaallamel
shelf life: onbruiklewe
shell: 1. dop 2. romp (van ’n koeltoring)
shellac: skellak
shellac-bonded mica: skellakgebinde mika
shell stamping: mantelstampsel
shell-transformer (shell-type transformer): manteltransformator (magn. kring omhul wikkelings feitlik geheel en al)
shell-type single-phase transformer: een-fasige manteltransformator shell-type transformer (shell transformer): manteltransformator shepherd hook: herdershaak (lewendigelynwerk)
shield n. (shielding, screening): afskerming, skerm
shield v. (screen): afskerm
shielded-arc welding: sweising met beskermde boog shielded cable: (screened cable): af-geskermde kabel shielded galvanometer: afgeskermde galvanometer shielded pair: afgeskermde lynpaar
shielded pole (shaded pole): afgeskermde pool
shielded-pole motor (shaded-pole motor): afgeskermdepool-motor
shielded wire (screened wire): afgeskermde draad
shield grid: skermrooster
shielding (screening): 1. afskerming (teen magn. induksie; ook teen straling) 2. skerm
shielding electrode: afskermelektrode
shielding factor: afskermingsfaktor
shielding impedance: afskermingsimpedansie
shielding ratio: afskermingsverhouding (sterkte v. magn. veld tot veldsterkte by af-wesigheid v. skerm)
shield wire (guard wire): skermdraad
shim: 1. stelplaatjie 2. tussenplaatjie, vulplaatjie shimmed bearing: gevulde laer, gepakte laer shim rod: fynstelstaaf
shipping brace: vervoersteun
shock: skok
shock-absorbing mounting (shock mount): skokbreekmontasie
shock motion: skokbeweging
shock mount (shock-absorbing mounting): skokbreekmontasie
shockproof fuse: skokvrye sekering
short n.: kortsluiting
short v. (short circuit): kortsluit
short-chorded: kortgekoord, kortkoord-(anker-wikkeling met span kleiner as poolsteek)
short circuit n. (short): kortsluiting
short circuit v.: kortsluit
short-circuit admittance (short-circuit output admittance): kortsluitadmittansie
short-circuit calculator (DC analyser): kortsluitingsontleder
short-circuit characteristic: kortsluitingskenkromme
short-circuit current: kortsluitstroom
short-circuit discharge: kortsluitontlading
short-circuited compensating winding: kort-gesluite kompenseerwikkeling
short-circuited rotor (cage rotor, squirrel-cage rotor): kooirotor
short circuit impedance: kortsluitimpedansie (insetimpedansie wanneer lewering kortges-luit is)
short-circuit inductance: kortsluitinduktansie short-circuiting contact: kortsluitkontak short-circuiting contactor: kortsluitkontaktor short-circuiting device: kortsluittoestel
short-circuiting gear: kortsluittuig
short-circuiting ring: kortsluitring
short-circuiting switch (shorting switch): kortsluitskakelaar
short-circuit loss: kortsluitdrywingverlies (by vloei van ankerstroom)
short-circuit protection: kortsluitbeveiliging
short-circuit ratio: kortsluitverhouding
short-circuit reactance (grounded reactance): kortsluitreaktansie (ingevoeg in aardingsverbinding)
short-circuit resistance: kortsluitweerstand
short-circuit saturation curve: kortsluitversadigingskromme
short-circuit test: kortsluittoets
short-circuit transfer admittance (short-circuit transmittance): kortsluitoordragadmittansie
short-circuit transfer impedance: kortsluitoordragimpedansie short-circuit transmittance: Kyk “short-circuit transfer admittance’’ shorted (short-circuited, shorted out): gekortsluit, kortgesluit shorted out (short-circuited): kortgesluit
shorten: kort (dryfband)
short-flame burner: kortvlambrander
shorting bar: kortsluitstaaf
shorting switch (short circuiting switch): kortsluitskakelaar
short-lived isotope: kortduurisotoop
short out (bridge out): uitbrug
short-pitch winding: kortsteekwikkeling (wikkeling met spoelsteek korter as poolsteek)
short shunt: kort sjunt
short-shunt compound-wound generator: kortsjunt-serieparallelgenerator
short-sjunt compound-wound motor: kortsjunt-serieparallelmotor
short-time current of a switching device: kortduurstroom (van ’n skakeltoestel)
short-time duty: korttermyndiens
short-time operation influence: korttermynwerkinvloed
shot-time overload: kortduuroorbelasting
short-time overvoltage: kortduuroorspanning
short-time rated potential coil: kortduurpotensiaalspoed
short-time rating: kortduurkenvermoë short-time test: korttermyntoets short ton: Kaapse ton, klein ton
short-wave ultra-violet radiation: kortgolfultravioletstraling
shotcrete: spuitbeton
shoulder eye bolt: skoueroogbout shower proof machine: reëndigte masjien shrink: krimp

shrinkage: krimp, krimping
shrinkage strain: krimpspanning shrink fit (shrinking fit): krimppassing shrinking fit (shrink fit): krimppassing shrinking-on process: vaskrimpproses shrink on: opkrimp, vaskrimp
shrink ring: krimpring shroud: mantel shrouded: ommantel
shrouded magnet: mantelmagneet
shrouding: 1. dekband (turbine) 2. skerm (lynwerk)
shunt n.: omtak, sjunt, parallelstuk
shunt v.: (connect in parallel, connect in shunt): parallel verbind, omtak, sjunt
shunt braid: omtakvlegsel
shunt-characteristic polyphase commutator motor with double set of brushes (Schrage motor):
shunt circuit (parallel circuit): parallelver-binding, sjuntverbinding
shunt coil: sjuntspoel
shunt commutator motor (shunt motor, shunt-wound motor): parallelmotor, sjunt-motor (GS- motor met veldkring en ankerkr-ing parallel)
shunt control: sjuntbeheer shunt current: sjuntstroom shunt deaerator: omtakontlugter
shunted ammeters: sjuntammeter shunted instrument: sjuntinstrument shunt excitation: parallelopwekking shunt feed: parallelle voeding
shunt-field: sjuntveld
shunt-field circuit: sjuntveldverbinding
shunt-field coil: sjuntveldspoel
shunt-field connection: sjuntveldkonneksie
shunt-field current: sjuntveldstroom shunt-field regulator: sjuntveldreëlaar shunt-field relay: sjuntveldrelê
shunt-field resistance: sjuntveldweerstand
shunt-field winding: sjuntveldwikkeling
shunt-field winding copper loss: sjuntveldwikkeling-koperverlies shunt generator (shunt-wound generator): sjuntgenerator shunt impedance: omloopimpedansie, sjuntimpedansie
shunt inductance: omloopinduktansie, sjuntinduktansie
shunting resistor (non-inductive shunt): nie-induktiewe parallelverbinding, nie-induktiewe sjunt, sjuntresistor
shunt magnet: sjuntmagneet
shunt motor (shunt-wound motor): sjuntmo-tor (hoofopwekking verkry van sjuntveldwikkeling)
sjunt reactor: sjuntreaktor (met hoë induktan-sie en om lugspleetkern gewikkel) shunt regulator: sjuntreëlaar (vir handhawing v. konstante leweringspanning) shunt release (shunt trip): sjuntklink
shunt resistance: 1. sjuntweerstand 2. sjuntresistor
shunt resistor (shunt resistance 2.): sjuntresistor
shunt T junction (H-plane T-junction, shunt tee junction): sjunt-T-voeg
shunt transformer: sjunttransformator
shunt transition (shunting transition): sjun-toorskakeling, sjunt-serieparalleloorskakeling
shunt trip (shunt release): sjuntklink shunt trip circuit: sjuntklinkverbinding shunt trip coil: sjuntklinkspoel
shunt tripping: paralleluitklinking, sjuntuitklinking
shunt-type deaerator: omlei-ontlugter
shunt unit: sjunteenheid
shunt winding: sjuntwikkeling
shunt-wound: met omtakwikkeling, met sjuntwikkeling
shunt-wound direct-current generator: Kyk “shunt-wound generator'; ook “shunt generator'
shunt-wound direct-current motor: gelykstroomsj u nt motor
shunt-wound dynamo: sjuntdinamo
shunt-wound generator (shunt generator): sjuntgenerator
shunt-wound interpole generator: hulppoolsjuntgenerator
shunt-wound motor (shunt motor, shunt commutator motor): sjuntmotor
shut-down n.: afsluiting
shut down v.: afsluit
shut-down solenoid: afsluitsolenoïed
shut-down time: buitebedryfstyd, stilstandtyd
shut-down valve: afsluitklep
shut-off valve (cut-off valve, stop valve): afsluitklep
shutter: sluiter
shuttered: met sluiter
shuttered socket outlet: sluitsokuitgang

shutter plate: sluitplaat (bv. sok)
shuttle: skuitjie
shuttle armature (H-armature): H-anker (waar kern net 2 gleuwe het)
shuttle valve: skietklep
side: loop (ketting, dryfband)
side arm (lift arm): hysarm, syarm
side circuit: sykring
side circuit repeating coil: sykri ngoord raspoel
side cutters (side cutting pliers, side nippers): sykniptang
side-cutting pliers: Kyk “side nippers”
side flashing: kant-oorvonking
side flue: sygang
side force: sykrag, sydelingse krag
side frequency: syfrekwensie side milling cutter: skyffrees side nippers: Kyk “side cutters” side-stable relay: systandrelê
side to side balancing: sy-tot-sybalansering
side-to-side unbalance: sy-tot-syonbalans, sy-tot-syonewewig
side travel (sideways movement): sydelingse beweging
side view (side elevation): syaansig
side wall drain valve: sywand-dreineerklep
Siegert formula: Siegert-formule
sieve: sif
signal amplifier: seinversterker
signal bell: seinklok
signal distortion: seinvervorming (bv. deur bofrekwensies) signal electrode: seinelektrode (van ’n kamerabuis) signal element: seinelement (onderdeel v. seinkode) signal generator: seingenerator
signal lamp: seinlamp (op skakel-of beheerpaneel)
signalling capacitor: seinkapasitor
signalling convertor: seinomvormer
signalling lamp: seinlamp (waarmee gesein word)
signal relay: seinrelê
signal transmission: seinoorsending signal transmit switch: seinsendskakelaar signal variation: seinverandering
signal voltage: seinspanning
silencer: demper, geluiddemper (ontlaskleppe)
silent discharge: geruislose ontlading
silent-type motor: stil motor
silica-embedded fuse wire: silikabedsekering
silica gel: silikajel
silicon: silikon
silicon bronze: silikonbrons
silicon carbide rectifier: silikonkarbiedgelykrigter
silicon controlled rectifier (SCR): silikonbe-heerde gelykrigter silicon diode: silikondiode (kristaldiode met silikonhalfgeleier) silicone fluid transformer: silikoonvloeistof-gekoelde transformator silicone insulation: silikoonisolasie
silicone liquid coolant: silikoonvloeistofkoelmiddel
silicone resin: silikoonhars
silicone rubber: silikoonrubber
silicone transformer liquid: silikoontransformatorvloeistof
silicon rectifier: silikongelykrigter
silicon resistor: silikonresistor (elektrostatiese presipitators)
silicon steel: silikonstaal
silicon sun cell: silikonsonsel
silicon transistor: silikontransistor
silk and cotton-covered cable: sy-en-katoenbeklede kabel
silk braiding: syomvlegsel, syomvlegting
silk-covered wire: sybeklede draad
silk covering: sybekleding
silk insulation: syisolasie
silk lapping: syoorslagwindsel
sill: drumpelwal (oor rivierbedding vir beheer van waterdiepte)
silo: silo (waterbehandeling)
silvered-glass reflector: versilwerde glasreflektor silvered mica capacitor: versilwerde mikakapasitor silver-faced contact: versilwerde kontak
silver-tipped contact: silwerpuntkontak similar poles (like poles): eenderse pole simple drive: enkelvoudige aandrywing simple gear train: enkelvoudige ratstel
simple harmonic motion: eenvoudige har-moniese beweging
simple lap winding (simplex lap winding): enkelvoudige luswikkeling
simple motion: eenvoudige beweging
simple parallel circuit (simple GCL circuit): eenvoudige parallelling
simple parallel winding: enkelvoudige parallelwikkeling
simple periodic function: enkelvoudige perio-diese funksie (WS)
simple RLC circuit: Kyk “simple series circuit”
simple series circuit (simple RLC circuit): eenvoudige seriekring
simple spark gap: enkelvoudige vonkgaping
simple ventilation (series ventilation): eenvoudige ventilasie, serieventilasie
simple wave winding: enkelvoudige golfwikkeling
simplex n.: simpleks
simplex a.: enkel, enkelvoudig, simpleks-simplex circuit: simplekskring
simplexed circuit: kring met simpleksverbinding
simplex lap winding (simple lap winding): enkelvoudige luswikkeling
simplex winding: simplekswikkeling
simulate: naboots, simuleer
simulating network: nabootsnet, simuleernet simulation technique: nabootstegniek simulator: nabootser, simuleerder simultaneous demand: gelyktydige aanvraag
simultaneous system: gelyktydige stelsel (telev.)
sine (sin): sinus (sin)
sine bar: sinusstaaf (uitmeet v. hoeke)
sine current (sinusoidal current): sinusstroom
sine curve: sinuskromme

sine drive (sinusoidal drive): sinusdrywing, sinusvormige drywing
sine electromotive force (sinusoidal electromotive force): sinus-elektromotoriese krag, sinusvormige elektromotoriese krag
sine galvanometer: sinusgalvanometer
sine law: sinuswet
sine quantity: sinusgrootheid
sine-shaped (sinoidal, sinusoidal): sinus-, sinusvormig
sine-shaped impulse: sinusvormige impuls
sine-shaped voltage (sine voltage, sinusoidal shaped voltage, sinusoidal voltage):
sine-squared pulse: sinuskwadraatpuls sine term: sinuslid (van vergelyking) sine voltage (sine-shaped voltage,
sinusoidal-shaped voltage, sinusoidal voltage): sinusspanning
sine wave (sinusoidal wave): sinusgolf
sine wave form (sinusoidal wave-form): sinusgolfvorm
single-acting pump: enkelwerkende pomp
single-anode rectifier: eenanodegelykrigter
single bracket (front bracket): enkelsteun (lynaanleg)
single-break breaker: enkelbreukstroombreker
single-break switch: enkelbreukskakelaar
single channel continuous trace recorder: enkelkanaal-deurlopende registreerder
single-circuit cable: enkelkringkabel
single-circuit line: enkelkraglyn, enkelkringlyn single-coiled lamp: enkelspiraalgloeilamp single-coil filament: enkelspiraalgloeidraad single-coil lamp: enkeispiraallamp
single coil regulation (two-busbar regulation): eenspoelreëling
single-coil relay: eenspoelrelê
single-coil winding: eenspoelwikkeling
single-conductor wiring: enkelgeleierbedrading
single contact: enkelkontak
single-contact cap: enkelkontakdop (bv. gloeilamp)
single-contact lamp: enkelkontakgloeilamp
single-contact system: eenrydraadstelsel (elek. traksie)
single-core cable: eenaarkabel, enkelaar-kabel, eenkernkabel
single-core conductor: eenaargeleier, enkelaargeleier, eenkerngeleier
single cotton-covered wire (s.c.c. wire): enkelkatoenbeklede draad (ekb.-draad)
single element fuse: eenelementsekering
single element relay: eenelementrelê
single-element two-position relay: eenelementtweestandrelê
single-ended Scotch boiler: enkelentsilinder-ketel, Skotse enkelentketel
single-ended lamp: eenentlamp single-field winding: eenveldwikkeling single gear drive: enkelrataandrywing
single-groove insulator: enkelgroefisolator
single inductive shunt: enkele induktiewe parallelverbinding, enkele induktiewe sjunt
single-layer winding: eenlaagwikkeling, enkellaagwikkeling single-nozzle tube blower: enkelspuitstuk-pypblaser (roetblaser) single-nozzle wall blower: enkelspuitstuk-wandblaser
single-petticoat insulator (single-shed insulator): eenmantelisolator, enkelmantelisolator
single-phase: eenfase-, eenfasig, enkelfase-, enkelfasig
single-phase alternator (monophase alternator): eenfasealternator, enkelfasealternator
single-phase auto-transformer: eenfaseoutotransformator
single-phase bar winding: eenfasige staafwik-keling (ankerwikkeling v. koperstawe)
single-phase cable: eenfasekabel
single-phase capacitor-type motor: eenfasige kapasitormotor, enkelfasige kapasitormotor
single-phase circuit: eenfasekring, eenfasestroomkring
single-phase commutator motor with series compensating winding: eenfasekom-mutatormotor met serie-kompenseerwikkeling
single-phase connection: eenfaseverbinding, enkelfaseverbinding
single-phase current: eenfasestroom
single-phase double-wound transformer: eenfase-, enkelfasedubbelwikkelingtransformator
single-phase induction motor: eenfase-induksiemotor
single-phase line: eenfaselyn, enkelfaselyn
single-phase load : eenfaselas
single-phase machine: eenfasemasjien
single-phase mercury-arc rectifier: eenfasige kwikbooggelykrigter
single-phase meter: eenfasemeter
single-phase motor: eenfasemotor
single-phase overhead line: eenfasige bogrondse lyn
single-phase overhead transmission system: eenfasige bogrondse transmissiestelsel
single-phase power factor indicator: eenfasearbeidsfaktoraanwyser
single-phase rotary converter: eenfase-eenankeromsetter
single-phase starting: eenfaseaansitting
single-phase supply: eenfasetoevoer, eenfasige toevoer
single-phase symmetrical system: eenfasige simmetriese stelsel single-phase synchronous generator: Kyk “single-phase alternator” single-phase synchronous motor: eenfasige sinchrone motor single-phase system: eenfasestelsel
single-phase temperature rise test: enkelfasige termiese toets
single-phase three-wire system: eenfase-driedraadstelsel, eenfasige driedraadstelsel
single-phase-to-earth fault: enkelfase-tot-aardfout single-phase transformer: eenfasetransformator single-phase transmission: eenfasige transmissie single-phase transmission line: eenfasetransmissielyn single-phase two-pole rotary converter:
eenfase-tweepooleenankeromsetter, een-fasige tweepool-eenankeromsetter
single-phase two-wire system: eenfase-tweedraadstelsel, eenfasige tweed raadstelsel
single-phase winding: eenfasewikkeling
single-phase working (single phasing): eenfasewerking
single phasing (single-phase working): eenfasewerking
single-point arc horn: eenpunt-beskermhor-ing, eenpunt-booghoring
single polarity pulse: Kyk “unidirectional pulse” single-pole breaker: eenpoolstroombreker single-pole carrier yoke: enkelpaaldrajuk single-pole female plug: eenpoolsokprop
single-pole isolating switch: eenpoolafsonderskakelaar
single-pole knife switch: eenpoollemskakelaar
single-pole single-throw switch: eenpool-eenslagskakelaar
single-pole switch: eenpoolskakelaar
single-reduction gear drive: enkelreduksierataandrywing
single-riveted lap joint: enkelgeklinkte oorslaglas
single-row ball-and-race pulverising mill: enkelry-koeël-en-ringverpoeieringsmeul
single-row ball bearing: enkelrykoeëllaer
single-shed insulator (single-petticoat insulator): eenmantelisolator
single-speed induction motor: eenspoedin-duksiemotor, vastespoedinduksiemotor
single stage: eentrap
single-stage amplifier: eentrapversterker
single-stage centrifugal pump (centrifugal single-stage pump): sentrifugale eentrappomp
single-stage compressor: eentrapkompressor single-start V thread: enkelvoudige V-draad single-start thread: enkeldraad
single-strand conductor: enkelstringgeleier single-tank circuit breaker: eentenkstroombreker single thread screw: enkeldraadskroef
single-throw circuit breaker: eenslagstroombreker
single-throw switch, eenslagskakelaar
single-turn coil: enkelwindingspoel
single unit rate (flat rate tariff): enkelkoerstarief
single-valued periodic function: eenwaardige periodiese funksie
single wave form: enkelgolfvorm
single-wave rectification (half-wave rectification): halfgolfgelykrigting
single-way connection: eenwegverbinding
single-way switch (one-way switch): eenwegskakelaar single wire armoured cable (SWAC): enkeldraadpantserkabel single-wire-circuit: enkeldraadkring
single-wire connection: eendraadverbinding
sinor: Kyk “complexor”
sintered deposit: sinterafsetting
sintered carbide (bonded carbide, cemented carbide): sinterkarbied
sinusoidal (sine shaped, sinoidal): sinus-, sinusvormig sinusoidal alternating current: sinuswisselstroom sinusoidal alternating field: sinuswisselveld sinusoidal current (sine current): sinusstroom
sine drive (sinusoidal drive): sinusdrywing, sinusvormige drywing
sink: absorbeerder, absorbeerpunt
sink v.: absorbeer
sinusoidal electromotive force (sine electromotive force): sinus-elektromotoriese krag, sinusvormige elektromotoriese krag
sinusoidal equation: sinusvergelyking
sinusoidal field: sinusveld (veldgroothede wis-sel as sinusfunksie van onafhanklike veran-derlike, bv. tyd)
sinusoidal flux distribution: sinusvloeddistribusie
sinusoidal form: sinusvorm
sinusoidally modulated: sinusvormig gemoduleer
sinusoidal quantity: sinusgrootheid
sinusoidal response: sinusresponsie
sinusoidal-shaped voltage (sine-shaped voltage, sine voltage, sinusoidal voltage):
sinusoidal variation: sinusvariasie
sinusoidal voltage (sine-shaped voltage, sine voltage, sinusoidal-shaped voltage):
sinusoidal wave: Kyk “sine wave” sinusoidal wave form: Kyk “sine wave form” siphon spillway: heweluitloop
sisal: sisalhennep
site investigation: terreinondersoek
six-phase (hexaphase): sesfase-, sesfasig
six-phase current: sesfasestroom
six-phase double-star connection: sesfasige dubbelsterverbinding
six-phase rectifier: sesfasegelykrigter
six-phase rotary converter: sesfasige eenankeromsetter
six-pole: sespolig, sespool-six-pole alternator: sespoolalternator
six-pole direct-current wave-wound motor: sespoolgelykstroommotor met golfwikkeling
six-pole generator: sespoolgenerator
six-pole induction motor: sespoolinduksiemotor
six-pole lap-wound armature: sespoolanker met luswikkeling
six-pole star-connected three-phase alternator: sespolige sterverbinde driefasealternator
six-pole wave winding: sespoligegolfwikkel-ing, sespoolgolfwikkeling
six-pole wave-wound armature: sespoolanker met golfwikkeling
six-pole winding: sespoolwikkeling sizing grid: gradeerrooster (bodemas) skeleton diagram: skeletdiagram sketch (outline, outline sketch): skets skew v.: skeef stel
skewed coil: skewe spoel

skewed slot: skuins gleuf skew factor: skeefheidsfaktor skew shafts: skuins asse skid plate: glyplaat
ski jump spillway: skispronguitloop (water)
skill: vaardigheid, bedrewenheid skilled artisan: geskoolde ambagsman skim: skil (bv. kommutator)
skimmer pump: afsuigpomp (kernkragstasie)
skin n.: huid, skil
skin v. (strip): stroop (bv. kabel)
skin current (surface current): huidstroom, oppervlakstroom, skilstroom (elek.)
skin effect (Kelvin effect): huideffek, Kelvin-effek (hoëfrekwensiestrome tot oppervlak-laag beperk)
skinner (stripper): stroper (kabel)
skip welding: sprongsweising
skirt (petticoat, shed): drupvin, mantel (isolator)
skirted lampholder: mantellamphouer, mantellampsok skirted porcelain lampholder: porseleinmantellamphouer skirt of piston: suiermantel
slack n.: 1. losheid, speling 2. slapte (toue, drade) 3. slapte (bedrywighede)
slack a.: 1. los (skroef) 2. slap (draad, tou)
slack adjuster: aanhaler
slacken v. (slacken off, slack off): laat skiet slacken off (slack off): laat skiet (bv. moere) slack fit: wikkelpassing, ruim passing
slackness: 1. losheid (skroewe) 2. slapte, slapheid slack off (slacken off): laat skiet (bv. moere) slack-run fit: ruimlopende passing
slack side: slap deel, slap loop (van dryfband) slack-side tension: slaploopspanning (dryfband) slack waste, slack coal: steenkoolgruis
slag impeller: slakkestuwer
slant side: skuinskant, skuinssy (van V-band)
slave clock: slaafhorlosie
slave contact: slaafkontak
sleeve: 1. buis 2. (liner, casing, lining): voer-ing 3. (barrel, barrel sleeve): trommel (mikrometer)
sleeve bearing: hulslaer sleeve circuit: hulsbaan sleeve conductor: hulsgeleier sleeve coupling: hulskoppeling sleeve joint: hulslas
slide n. (slider): 1. slee 2. skuif
slide v.: gly, skuif
slide contact (sliding contact): skuifkontak slide fit (sliding fit, slip-in fit): skuifpassing slide gate (sluice gate): skuifsluis
slide rule: rekenliniaal
slide switch (slide thumb switch): skuifskakelaar slide thumb switch (slide switch): skuifskakelaar slide valve: skuifklep
slide-wire bridge: skuifdraadbrug, sleepdraadbrug
slide-wire potentiometer: skuifdraadpoten-siometer, sleepdraadpotensiometer
sliding action: glywerking
sliding armature: skuifanker (om totale uitset-ting van turbine te meet)
sliding bar: skuifstang (bandaandrywing)
sliding connection: skuifverbinding
sliding contact (slide contact): skuifkontak sliding feather key (feather key): leispy sliding fit (slide fit, slip-in fit): skuifpassing sliding friction: skuifwrywing
sliding gear: skuif rat
sliding valve: skuifklep
sling: 1. strop (verskeping) 2. slinger
slip n. (slippage): glip (van'band en elek. koppeling), gly(ding) slip v.: 1. glip, gly (alg.) 2. glip (sinchronisme) 3. oorslaan (pool) slip coupling: glykoppeling
slip-joint splice: gliplasspalk
slip frequency: glipfrekwensie (verskil tussen spoed van draaiende magn. veld en rotor-spoed in r/min.)
slip over current transformer (cable current transformer): kabelstroomtransformator
slipping resistance: glipweerstand
slip regulator: glipreëlaar
slip relay: gliprelê (dryfwiele)
slip ring (collecting ring): sleepring
slip-ring current: sleepringstroom
slip-ring induction motor (wound-rotor induction motor): sleepringinduksiemotor (met polifasewikkeling op rotor en sleepringe aan die wikkeling)
slip-ring motor: Kyk bostaande
slip-ring potential difference: sleepringpotensiaalverskil
slip-ring rotor: sleepringrotor (van sleepringmotor)
slip-ring spider: sleepringster (waarop sleepring gemonteer is)
slip splice: glipspalk
slitter (slitting tool): langssnyer (kabelhulsels)
slope equaliser: hellingeffenaar
slope resistance: Kyk “differential anode resistance”
slot contact: sperkontak
slot discharge: gleufontlading slot insulation: gleufisolasie slot key: gleufspy
slot lampholder: gleuflamphouer
slot lining: gleufvoering
slot meter (prepayment meter): muntmeter
slot out: uitgleuf
slot packing: gleufpakking
slot permeance: gleufpermeansie
slot radiator: gleufstraler
slot reactance: gleufreaktansie
slot space factor: gleufruimtefaktor (geleier-tot-gleufverhouding)
slotted armature: gleufanker slotted core: gleufkern slotted plate: gleufplaat slotting: gleufwerk
slotting and side mill: gleuf-en-skyffrees
slot wedge: gleufwig
slot winding: gleufwikkeling
slow-acting relay (slow-operating relay): traagwerkende relê, trae relê
slow-ageing friction rubber: langsaam verhardende wrywingsrubber

slow-blow fuse: trae sekering
slow-break switch: traagbreekskakelaar
slow-burning coal: brandtrae steenkool, laevluggassteenkool
slow-burning insulation: brandtrae isolasie
slow down: 1. (decelerate): spoed verminder 2. verstadig, vertraag
slow drop-away mechanism: traagafvalmeganisme
slow drop-away relay (slow-release relay): traagafvalrelê, traaguitskeirelê slowing-down: 1. spoedvermindering 2. ver-stadiging (masj. en toestel) slowing-down power: verstadigingsvermoë
slow-moving contact: trae kontak slow-moving item: trae item (voorraad) slow neutron: stadige neutron
slow-operating relay (slow-acting relay): trae relê
slow-release relay: relê met vertraagde vrystelling
slow-speed flywheel type alternator: laespoed-vliegwielalternator
sludge: 1. slik, slyk 2. boorslik
sludge blowdown: slykspuiing
sludge sump: slykput (waterbehandeling)
sludge tank: slyktenk
slug: loopsel (bv. vloeistof in pyp)
slugged relay: vertraagde relê (met koperring om die kern)
sluggishness: traagheid
sluice gate: 1. sluis (alg.) 2. skuifsluis 3. swaaisluis
sluice valve: sluisklep
sluice water: spuiwater (asverwydering)
sluice water return plant: spuiwaterterugvoerinstallasie
sluice way: sluiskanaal sluicing nozzle: spuimondstuk sluicing pump: spuipomp slurry: steenkoolslik
slurry pump: flodderpomp (waterbehandeling) slurry reactor: bryreaktor (brandstof in bryvorm) small-end bearing: kleinkoplaer
small-end diameter: dunentdiameter (van tapse deel)
small head turbine: laedrukwaterturbine
small-oil-volume circuit breaker (low-oil-content cicuit breaker): oliearme stroombreker
small-pitch thread (small thread): fyn draad small power user: klein kraggebruiker smalls (small coal): gruiskool
small thread (small-pitch thread): fyn draad
smelt (melt): smelt
smithy peas: smidsertjiekool
smoke and fire stop: vlam-en-rookseël, vlam-en-rookstuiter (by kabelingang)
smoke-box: rookkas
smoke tube: rookpyp
smooth-body conductor: gladde oppervlakgeleier smooth-conductor cable: gladdegeleierkabel smooth-core armature: gladdekernanker
smooth file: soetvyl
smooth surface: gladde vlak
smoothing: afvlakking
smoothing capacitor (smoothing condenser): afvlakkapasitor
smoothing choke: afvlakspoel (vir verswak-king van rimpelstroom na transistor-of buiskring) smoothing circuit (ripple filter): afvlakver-binding (vir verswakking v. rimpelstroom maar deurlating van GS)
smoothing condenser (smoothing capacitor): afvlakkapasitor (in die afvlakverbinding)
smoothing reactor: afvlakreaktor (induktor of kapasitor)
smoothing resonant shunt: afvlakresonan-sieomtak, afvlakresonansiesjunt
smooth out: afvlak
smooth running (steady running): egalige loop
smooth starting: egalige aansitting
snail clamp: slakklamp
snap-action contact (snap contact): snapkon-tak, springkontak
snap gauge (gap gauge, fixed caliper gauge, snap limit gauge): bekgrensmaat
snap limit gauge: Kyk “snap gauge’’
snap off: afbreek, afknak
snap-on ammeter: knipammeter
snap-on power supply: aanknipkragtoevoer
snap-on terminal: knipaansluiter
snap-out cotter key remover: dwarsspy-uitklopper
snap-out disconnect: uitskakelaarplukker
snap switch (fast-acting switch high-speed switch, quick make-and-break switch):
(oor)springskakelaar, snelskakelaar snatch block (rope block): toukatrol snipe-nose pliers: spitsbektang snubbing bracket: toubindklamp snubbing circuit: dempbaan snubbing contact: dempkontak snubbing relay: demprelê snubbing system: dempstelsel
snub pulley: wiegkatrol (vervoerband) soak pit: afvalput (in batterykamer) socket (socket outlet): kontaksok, sok
socket adapter (socket-outlet adapter): verdeelprop
socket clevis: sokvurk
socket-contact: sokkontak
socket extension: soklas-verlengstuk
socket housing: sokhulsel, sokomhulsel
socket outlet: 1. (socket): kontaksok, sok 2. sokkas
socket-outlet adapter (socket adapter): verdeelprop
socket-outlet and plug: kontaksok en kontak-prop, sok en prop
socket tongue: soktong (hoepelvormig)
soda-ash mixer: soda-asmenger (waterbehandeling)
soda-ash pump: soda-aspomp
soda delivery valve: sodaleweringsklep soda dilution tank: sodaverduntenk soda glass: natronglas
soda grease: sodaghries soda injector: soda-inspuiter soda rinse: sodaspoel
soda suction: sodasuig

soda transfer: soda-oordrag
sodium aluminate mixer: natriumaluminaatmenger
sodium carbonate: natriumkarbonaat
sodium-cooled reactor: natriumverkoelde reaktor
sodium lamp: Kyk “sodium vapour lamp"
sodium silicate: natriumsilikaat
sodium vapour: natriumdamp
sodium-vapour discharge lamp (sodium lamp): Kyk “sodium vapour lamp”
sodium-vapour lamp (sodium lamp, sodium-vapour discharge lamp): natriumlamp
soft alloy: sagte legering
soft bronze: sagte brons
soft contact switch: ligtekontakskakelaar
soft cast iron (soft foundry iron): sagte gietyster
soft copper wire: sagte koperdraad
soft cotton worming: sagtekatoentussenwindsel
soft-drawn wire: saggetrokke draad
soft foundry iron (soft cast iron): sagte gietyster
soft-iron core: sagteysterkern
soft-iron oscillograph: sagteysterossillograaf
soft-iron pole shoe: sagteysterpoolskoen
soft-iron stamping: 1. sagteysterlamel 2. sagteysterstampsel
soft radiation: nie-deurdringende straling, sagte straling
soft solder n.: sagte soldeersel
soft solder v.: sagsoldeer
soft steel (mild steel): sagte staal, weekstaal
soft-steel punching (mild-steel punching): sagtestaalponssel, weekstaalponssel
software: programmatuur (rek.)
solar battery: sonbattery
solar energy: sonenergie
solar illumination: sonverligting solar power station: sonkragstasie solder n.: soldeersel
solder v.: soldeer
soldered joint: soldeerlas
soldered terminal: gesoldeerde aansluiter
soldering: soldeerwerk
soldering bolt (solder(ing) iron, soldering tool): soldeerbout soldering iron (soldering bolt, soldering tool): soldeerbout solder terminal strip: soldeeraansluitstrook
solenoid: solenoïed
solenoidal field (tubular vector field): solenoïdale veld
solenoidal magnetisation (circuital magnetisation): solenoïedmagnetisering
solenoid braking (electromagnetic solenoid braking): solenoiedremming, elektromagnetiese solenoïedremming
solenoid coil: solenoïedspoel solenoid fuse: solenoïedsekering solenoid link: solenoïedskakel
solenoid-operated starter: solenoïedaansitter solenoid relay (plunger relay): plunjerrelê solenoid shut-off valve: solenoiedafsluitklep solenoid switch: solenoiedskakelaar
solid n.: vaste stof
solid a.: solied
solid body: soliede liggaam
solid bushing (solid bushing insulator): dig-omsluitende deurvoerder
solid carbon: soliede koolstof
solid circuit: soliede kring (komponente in een massa of as dele v. subminiatuuretskring)
solid conductor: soliede geleier (enkele draad of staaf)
solid contact tip: soliede kontakpunt
solid core protection (“Solkor*): soliedekernbeveiliging
solid dielectric: soliede diëlektrikum
solid-drawn cold-finished steel: solied-getrokke koudafgewerkte staal
solid-drawn copper: soliedgetrokke koper
solid-drawn hot-finished steel: soliedgetrokke warmafgewerkte staal
solid electrolyte: soliede elektroliet (’n soliede kristallyne sout of ioonruilmembraan)
solid-filled choke: smoorspoel met vaste vulling
solidification: 1. stolling (vloeistowwe) 2. hard-wording (metaal bv.)
solidify: hard word, stol, vas word
solid injection (airless injection): lugvrye inspuiting
solid insulating material: soliede isoleermateriaal
solid iron cylindrical rotor generator (cylindrical rotor generator): generator met silindriese rotor, silindrieserotorgenerator
solid line: onbeveiligde (krag)lyn (d.w.s. sender stroombrekers)
solid lubricant: vaste smeermiddel
solidly earthed neutral: regstreeks geaarde nulpunt
solid matter: vaste stowwe
solid pole: soliede pool (pool met soliede skoen)
solid radioactive waste: vaste radioaktiewe afval solid rotor: 1. soliede rotor 2. sterrotor met eenstukbus solid solution: vaste oplossing (kristallyn)
solid state: vaste staat
solid-state electronics: halfgeleierelektronika
solid-state physics: vastestaatfisika
solid state relay: vastestaatrelê
solid state tripping relay: vastestaat-uitklinkrelê
solid state voltage regulator: vastestaatspanningsreëlaar
solid wire: soliede draad
Solkoralarm: Solkoralarm
Solkor terminal box: Solkor-aansluitkas
solubility: oplosbaarheid soluble: oplosbaar soluble oil: oplosbare olie
soluble salt: oplosbare sout solute: opgeloste stof solution: oplossing
solve: oplos solvent: oplosmiddel sonic: klank-, sonies soot: roet
sootblower: roetblaser
sootblower control valve:
sootblower drain valve: roetblaser-dreineerklep sootblower fault relay: roetblaserfout-relê sootblower isolating valve: roetblaserafsonderklep sootblower master valve: roetblaserhoofklep sound: geluid, klank
sound amplifier: klankversterker
sound carrier: klankdraer
sound deadening (acoustic absorption, acoustic damping): akoestieseabsorpsie, geluidsabsorpsie
sound intensity (intensity of sound): geluid-sterkte, klankintensiteit
sound-proof: klankdig
sound-proofing: klankdigting
source n.: 1. bron 2. voerder, voerpunt (uit verbruikersoogpunt)
source v.: voer met stoom
source impedance (output impedance): bronimpedansie, leweringsimpedansie (wat toestel aan las bied)
source node: uitspreipunt (netontleding)
source of light (light source, luminous source): ligbron
source of power: kragbron
source range: subkritieke bedryfsgebied (reaktor)
sourcing: voeding
south pole (south-seeking pole): suidpool (magneet)
south-seeking pole: suidpool (magn.)
space n.: ruimte, spasie
space charge: ruimtelading (bv. om ’n verhitte katode)
space-charge density: ruimteladingsdigtheid
space-charge grid: ruimteladingsrooster
space-charge-limited-current state: ruimteladingsewewigtoestand
space charge region: ruimteladingsgebied space current: Kyk “thermionic current” space diagram: ruimtediagram
space discharge path: ruimteontlaaibaan
spacer: (spacer, spacing piece): afstandstuk, skeier, vulstuk
spacer bar: afstandstaaf, spasieerstaaf
spacer damper: spasieerder-demper (kraglyne) spacer plate (spacing plate): skeiplaat spacershaft: tussenas
space winding: onderbroke spiraalwikkeling, spasiewikkeling
spacing: 1. geleierafstand 2. spasiëring spacing block: afstandstuk, vulstuk spacing disc: skeiskyf
spacing collar: skeikraag
spacing grid: skeirodster
spacing insulator: skei-isolator, spasieerisolator spacing piece (spacer): afstandstuk, vulstuk spacing washer: skeiwaster
span: span (part of power line between towers)
span length (length of span): masafstand, spanlengte
spanner: moersleutel
span wire: spandraad
span-wire insulation: spandraadisolasie spare (part, spare part): reserwedeel spares code: reserwedelekode
spare supply: reserwevoorraad
spark: 1. vonk 2. Kyk “spark over”
spark absorber (spark suppressor, spark quencher): vonkblusSer (resistor en/of kapasitor om vonking by kontakte te vermy)
spark arrester: Kyk “spark absorber”
spark circuit: vonkbaan
spark discharge: vonkontlading
spark extinction (spark quenching): vonkblussing
spark extinguisher: Kyk “spark absorber1, “spark quencher”
spark frequency: vonkfrekwensie spark gap: vonkgaping, vonkspleet spark gap fuse: vonkgapingsekering spark generator: vonkontwikkelaar sparking: vonking
sparking contact (arcing contact): afbrand-kontak, boogkontak
sparking distance: vonkafstand
sparking limit: vonkgrens
sparking plug (spark plug): vonkprop
sparking voltage: vonkspanning
spark killer: Kyk “spark absorber1, ‘spark quencher”
spark length: vonklengte
sparkless commutation: vonkvry kommutasie
spark-over (flashing across, flash-over, sparking, spark discharge): oorslag, oorvonking
spark-over voltage: 1. (arcing-over voltage, flash-over voltage): oorvonkspanning (swakstroom) 2. (flash-over voltage): oors-lagspanning (sterkstroom)
spark-over voltage limit: oorvonkspanningsgrens
spark plug (sparking plug): vonkprop
spark-quench circuit: vonkblusbaan
spark quencher (spark absorber, spark suppressor): vonkblusser (resistor en/of kapasitor om vonking by kontakte teë te werk)
spark quenching (spark extinction): vonkblussing
spark quenching gap: vonkblusgaping
spark shield: vonkskerm
spark suppressor (spark absorber, spark quencher): vonkblusser
spark system: vonkstelsel
speaker (loudspeaker): luidspreker
special-pitch series: spesialesteekserie (SAE-skroefdraad)
special purpose motor: spesialedoelmotor
special steel: spesiale staal specific: soortlik, spesifiek specification: spesifikasie
specific conductance (conductivity): geleivermoë, spesifieke konduktansie
specific consumption: Kyk “specific fuel consumption” specific electric loading: spesifieke elektriese belasting specific emission rate: spesifieke emissietempo specific energy: spesifieke energie
specific fuel consumption (SFC): spesifieke

brandstofverbruik (brandstofmassa per gelewerde energie-eenheid, bv. kg/MJ)
specific gravity (relative density): relatiewe digtheid
specific heat (specific heat capacity, specific thermal capacity, s.h.c.): spesifieke warmtekapasiteit (S.W.)
specific inductive capacity: Kyk “permittivity”
specific ionisation coefficient: spesifieke ioniseringskoëffisiënt specific magnetic loading: spesifieke magnetiese belasting specific output: spesifieke lewering
specific reluctance (reluctivity): reluktiwiteit, spesifieke reluktansie
specific resitance: Kyk “resistivity"
specific speed: spesifieke spoed
specific thermal capacity: Kyk “specific heat"
specific thermal resistance (thermal resistivity): spesifieke warmteweerstand (weerstand teen warmtevloeiing)
specific value: bepaalde waarde, spesifieke waarde
specified value: gespesifiseerde waarde
specific viscosity (relative viscosity, viscosity ratio): relatiewe viskositeit
specify: spesifiseer
specimen: eksemplaar, model, voorbeeld
spectral energy distribution: spektrale energiedistribusie
spectral reflectance: spektraalrefleksiekoëffisiënt
spectral-response characteristic: spektraalresponsiekenkromme
spectral selectivity: spektrale selektiwiteit (van ’n fotoëlektriese toestel)
spectral sensitivity characteristic: spektrale gevoeligheidsverdeelkromme (van ’n kamerabuis)
spectral transmission factor: spektrale deurlatingsfaktor (bv. van filters)
spectrum: spektrum
specular reflection: (direct reflection, regular reflection): direkte weerkaatsing, spieëlweerkaatsing (lig-, radio-, klankgolwe)
speech wires: spraakdrade
speed: 1. snelheid (in bep. rigting) 2. spoed (alg. en omwentelinge)
speed-adjusting rheostat (speed-regulating rheostat): spoedreëlreostaat (in die veld-of ankerkring van elek. motor)
speed alarm: spoedalarm (met werking by oorspoed)
speed-change gearbox: spoedwisselratkas speed changer: spoedwisselaar (turbines) speed constant: spoed konstante
speed control: spoedbeheer
speed curve: spoedkromme
speed drop: spoedafname
speed-force diagram: spoed-kragdiagram
speed governor (governor): spoedreëlaar (met meg., veral sentrifugale werking)
speed indicator: spoedwyser
speed limiting device: spoedbegrenser speed-load curve: spoed-laskromme speed of break: breekspoed (stroombreker)
speed of rotation (rotating speed, rotational speed): draaispoed
speed of working: werkspoed
speed range: spoedbestek
speed ratio: 1. snelheidsverhouding 2. spoedverhouding
speed-regulating rheostat (speed-adjusting rheostat): spoedreëlreostaat (in veld-of ankerkring van elek. motor)
speed regulation: spoedreëling speed regulator: spoedreëlaar speed ring: spoedring
speed rise: spoedtoename
speed-sensitive relay: spoedgevoelige relê
speed solenoid: spoedsolenoïed
speed stage (velocity stage): snelheidstrap
speed-time diagram: spoed-tyddiagram
speed-torque characteristic: spoed-draaimomentkenkromme
speed up (accelerate): versnel
spelter solder (brazing solder, hard solder): harde soldeersel, sweissoldeersel
spent fuel: bestraalde brandstof (kern) spent fuel pit: bestraaldebrandstofput sphere: bol, sfeer
spherical capacitor (spherical condenser): bolkapasitor
spherical condenser: Kyk “spherical capacitor”
spherical globe: 1. lampbol 2. (spherical lamp): bolvormige gloeilamp
spherical lamp (spherical globe): bolvormige gloeilamp spherical reduction factor: sferiese reduksiefaktor spherical roller bearing: sferiese rollaer
spherical seating: bolbedding spherical surface: bolvlak spherical valve: bolklep spherical vessel: bolhouer, bolvat spider: ster
spider armature: steranker
spigot: tap, pen
spike: 1. spits (golfvorm) 2. spitspuls
spike-free: spitsvry
spike overvoltage: spitsoorspanning
spill plate: stortplaat spillway: uitloop spillway chute: stortgeut
spillway crest: uitloopkruin spillway gate: uitloopsluis spindle: spil
spindle plug: spilprop
spinning reserve: luierreserwe, tolreserwe
spin wave: spingolf
spiral casing: Kyk “volute”
spiral flexible connection: buigsame spiraalverbinding
spiral four: Kyk “star-quad cable (quad cable)”
spiral gear: spiraalrat
spiral induction pump: spiraalvloei-induksiepomp
spiralised filament: spiraalgloeidraad
spiral link stick: spiraalkoppelstok (lewendigelynwerk)
spiral mill (spirall milling cutter): spiraalfrees
spiral-shaped tooth: spiraaltand

spiral spring: spiraalveer
spiral-type condenser: spiraalkondensator spiral volute chamber: voluutkamer, voluutruim splash lubrication: spatsmering
splash-proof cell: spatdigte sel
splash-proof machine: spatdigte masjien splash-proof motor: spatdigte motor splayed: uitgeskuins
splice n. (spliced joint): splitslas (geleiers)
splice v.: splits
splice clamp: Kyk “splice connector” splice connector: (splits)verbinder (kabels) splicer: 1. lasklem 2. splitser
splicing: splitsing, splitswerk
splicing chamber (cable vault): kabelkelder
splicing sleeve: lashuls
splicing tools: splitlasgereedskap splined hole: gegroefde gat splined shaft (spline shaft): ribas splined sleeve: gegroefde huis spline shaft (splined shaft): ribas
split n.: 1. spleet 2. bars, skeur 3. klowing, splyting
split v.: kloof, splyt
split-anode magnetron: tweesegmentmagnetron
split bearing (divided bearing): splitlaer
split-bolt connector: splitboutverbindings-klamp, splitboutverbinder
split brush: splitborsel
split capacitor: splitkapasitor split collar (collet): splitkraag split conductor: splitgeleier
split-conductor cable: splitgeleierkabel
split conduit-fitting: gesplitste leipyptoebehoorsel split-core type transformer: splitkerntransformator split field coil: splitveldspoel
split-field motor (split-field-type motor): splitveldmotor split-f ield type motor (split-field motor): splitveldmotor split joint: splitlas
split nut: splitmoer
split phase motor: splitfasemotor (met parallelle hulpwikkeling magn. verplaas van hoofwikkeling)
split-phase starter: hulpfaseaansitter
split-phase starting (capacitor starting): hulpfase-aansitting split pilot protection: beveiliging deur ’n verdeelde loodsleiding split pin inserter: splitpeninsteker (lewendigelynwerk)
split pin remover: splitpentrekker (lewendigelynwerk)
split-pole convertor: splitpoolomsetter, split-pooleenankeromsetter (sinchrone omsetter met variasie van vloeddistribusie d.m.v. hulpwikkelings)
split quad: splitvierling (kabels)
split ring: splitring
split rotor: splitrotor
splitters: splitters (kernbrandstofelemente)
splitting circuit: splitskring
splitting electrode: splitselektrode
split throw winding: wikkeling met versprin-gende windings
split washer: splitwaster
split winding (stepped winding): verdeelde wikkeling
spoiler resistor: steurresistor
spoil heap: deklaaghoop (dagmynbou)
S pole: S-pool
spontaneous combustion: selfontbranding spontaneous decay: spontane verval spontaneous fission: spontane klowing spontaneous ignition: selfontbranding spool (bobbin): bobyn (spoel)
spool bolt: rolbout
spool winding (bobbin winding): bobynwikkeling
spot bearing: stippeiling
spot distortion: kolvervorming
spot facing: puntvlakking (bv. vir ’n boutkop)
spot glare: kolskittering spot lamp: kollamp spotlight: kollig spotlighting: kolverligting
spot welding: 1. puntsweising 2. puntsweiswerk
spout: spuit (van ’n golfleier)
spout insulator: tuitisolator
spray n.: 1. sproeier 2. spuit 3. spuitstof 4. stuifsel
spray cooling: sproeikoeling (turbine) spray desuperheater: sproei-stoomkoeler spray eliminator: sproeiweerder
spray regulator: sproeireëlaar
spray valve: sproeiklep
spray water: sproeiwater
spray water control bypass valve: sproeiwaterbeheer-omloopklep spray water control isolating valve: sproeiwaterbeheerafsonderklep spray water control valve: sproeiwaterbeheerklep
spray water flow meter: sproeiwatervloeimeter spreader bar: oophoustaaf (lewendigelynwerk) spreader stoker: spreistoker
spread factor: Kyk “distribution factor” spread lens (spread-light lens): spreilens spread-light lens (spread lens): spreilens
spread-over-height ratio: spreiding-hoogteverhouding (anker)
spring n.: 1. veer 2. vering 3. spring (dryfkatrol)
spring v.: 1. skiet (moer, skroef) 2. trek (metaal, hout) 3. (laat) veer
spring-actuated mechanism: geveerde meganisme
spring balance: trekskaal
spring blade: veerblad
spring clamp terminal block: veerklampaansluitblok
spring clip: weerklem spring contact: veerkontak spring control: veerbeheer spring force: veerkrag
spring-loaded: geveer, veerbelas spring-loaded bearing: veerbelaste laer spring-load catch:geveerde knip
spring-loaded plunger: geveerde plunjer
spring-loaded safety valve: geveerde veiligheidsklep spring-loaded toggle: geveerde swikskakelaar spring loading mechanism: veerbelasmeganisme spring lock: veerslot
spring pressure: veerdruk
spring relief: veerontlasting
spring retaining clip: veerkeerklem
spring steel: veerstaal
spring-steel support: veerstaalsteun
spring stop: veerstuiter spring switch: veerskakelaar spring tension: veerspanning
spring-tensioned handle: veerhandvatsel spring type spacer: veerafstandstuk spring washer: veerwaster
sprinkler (sprinkler extinguisher): sprinkelblusser sprinkler extinguisher (sprinkler): sprinkelblusser sprinkler main: sprinkelblusleiding
sprocket (chain sprocket, chain wheel, sprocket wheel): kettingrat sprocket wheel (chain sproket, chain wheel, sprocket): kettingrat spur: 1. (spur line): taklyn 2. uitloper (geol)
spur cable: takkabel
spur gear (spur wheel): reguittandrat
spur line (spur line): taklyn
spur wheel (spur gear): reguittandrat
square n.: 1. kwadraat 2. vierkant 3.

square v.: 1. (square off, square out): haaks maak 2. kwadreer, tot die tweede mag verhef
square a.: 1. vierkantig 2. haaks 3. reghoekig
square butt weld: haaksstuiksweislas
square centimetre (cm2): vierkante sen-timeter (cm2)
square conductor: vierkantige geleier
square current: reghoekige stroom
square-frame machine: vierkantraammasjien (elek. motore)
square-law detection: kwadratiese deteksie (met leweringspanning eweredig aan am- plitudegemoduleerde insetspanning2)
square mesh screen: vierkantmaassif square metre (m2): vierkante meter (m2) square number: kwadraatgetal
square off (square 1, square out): haaks maak (hoek bv.)
square of speed: spoed kwadraat
square out (square 1, square off): haaks maak
squarer: reghoekvormer (golwe, pulse)
square section: vierkantige profiel
square stock: 1. vierkantige stawe, vierkantige staafmateriaal 2. vierkantige stok (draadsny)
square thread: vierkantige skroefdraad
square tubing: vierkantpyp
squegger (blocking oscillator, self-quenching oscillator, squegging oscillator):
squegging oscillator (blocking oscillator, self-quenching oscillator, squegger):
squelch circuit: onderdrukbaan
squint: 1. hoekafwyking 2. skeelhoek (antenne)
squirrel cage: kou(wikkeling)
squirrel-cage induction motor (squirrel-cage motor): koumotor squirrel-cage motor (squirrel-cage induction motor): koumotor squirrel-cage rotor: kourotor
squirrel-cage winding: kouwikkeling
s-spring: s-veer
stabilisation: stabilisasie, stabilisering
stabilisation servo-system: stabilisasieservostelsel
stabilise: stabiliseer
stabilised shunt-wound: met stabiliseersjuntwikkeling stabilising resistance: stabiliseerweerstand stabilising switch: stabiliseerskakelaar
stabilising winding: stabiliseerwikkeling (transformators)
stability drift: stabiliteitsdrif (verander-ing/veroudering van stroombaankomponente)
stability: stabiliteit
stability factor: stabiliteitsfaktor (van transistor)
stability limit: stabiliteitsgrens
stability ratio: stabiliteitsverhouding
stable: bestendig, stabiel
stable dielectric: stabiele diëlektrikum stable operation: stabiele werking stack v.: opstapel, stapel
stack n.: 1. skoorsteen 2. stapel
stack coupling capacitor: stapel koppel kapasitor stacked resistor: stapelresistor, stapelweerstand staff turnover: personeelwisseling, personeelverloop stage: 1. stadium 2. trap
stage gain: trapversterking
stage-setting contactor (zone-setting contactor): sonestel-kontaktor
stagger: 1. slingering (van rydraad) 2. verspringing
staggered: verspringend
staggered arrangement: verspringende plasing
staggered joints: verspringende lasse
staggered polarity: verspringende polariteit (om die beurt N & S)
staggered teeth: verspringende tande staggering: 1. slingering 2. verspringing stainless steel: vlekvry staal
stake route: penroete (vir kraglyne)
stalling current: staakstroom
stalling torque (standstill torque, maximum (overload) torque): maksimum wringkrag, staakwringkrag (van motor wat belas loop)
stalloy: stallooi (metaal vir trfr-lamelle)
stamp v.: stamp (metaal)
stamped pole (laminated pole): lamelpool
stamping: 1. stampsel 2. (punching): lamel (bv. anker en transformator) 3. stampwerk
stanchion: staalstaander
standard: 1. lamppaal 2. staander 3. standaard
standard cable: standaardkabel
standard candle (international candle): stan-daardkers (verouderde verligtingseenheid. Kyk ‘‘candela1)
standard colour code: standaardkleurkode standard frequency: standaardfrekwensie standard gauge: 1. standaardmaat 2.

standard instrument: standaardinstrument standardisation: standaardisasie, standaardisering standardise: standaardiseer
standardised thread (standard screw thread): standaarddraad, standaardskroefdraad
standard measurement: standaardmaat
standard of reference: vergelykingstandaard
standard rating: 1. standaardaanslag (alg.) 2. standaardvermoë 3. standaardwaarde
standard resistance: standaardweerstand
standard screw thread (standardised thread): standaardskroefdraad standard series of screw theads: standaardskroefdraadserie standard stranded conductor: standaardstringgeleier
standard wave form: standaardgolfvorm
standard Whitworth bolt screw thread: standaard-Whitworthboutskroefdraad
standard Whitworth pipe screw thread: standaard-Wh itworth pypskroefd raad
Standard Wire Gauge (S.W.G., British Standard wire gauge): Britse Standaarddraad-nommer, standaarddraadnommer (SDN, sdn.)
Standard wire gauge (British standard wire gauge): Britse Standaarddraadmaat, stan- daarddraadmaat (instr.)
standard wiring regulations: standaardbedradingsregulasies
stand-by: 1. gereedheids 2. reserwe-standby alternator: gereedheidsalternator
stand-by circuit: gereedheidsverbinding
stand-by consumption: gereedheidskragverbruik
stand-by duty: gereedheidsdiens
stand-by equipment (stand-by-plant): gereedheidsuitrusting stand-by generating capacity: reserwe-ontwikkelvermoë stand-by motor: gereedheidsmotor
stand-by oil pump: gereedheidsoliepomp
stand-by plant: 1. gereedheidsinstallasie 2. gereedheidsuitrusting
stand-by power plant: gereedheidskraginstal-lasie, reserwekraginstallasie
stand-by pump selector switch: gereedheidspompkiesskakelaar
stand-by supply: gereedheidstoevoer
stand-by transformer: gereedheidstransformator
standing charge: vaste tarief
standing current (quiescent current): rus-stroom (in buis of transistor by afwesigheid van dryf-of moduleersein)
standing temperature: rustemperatuur standing wave (stationary wave): staangolf stand-off insulator: wegstaanisolator
stand-off mounting: wegstaanmontering
standpipe: staanpyp standstill current: russtroom standstill test: rustoets
standstill torque: Kyk “stalling torque”
star-connected: sterverbind
star-connected circuit: sterverbinde kring
star-connected generator: sterverbinde generator
star-connected load: sterverbinde las star-connected motor: sterverbinde motor star connection: sterverbinding
star-delta connected: ster-deltaverbind star-delta connection: ster-deltaverbinding star-delta starter: ster-delta-aansitter
star-delta starting: ster-delta-aansitting
star-delta switch: ster-deltaskakelaar
star-delta transformation: ster-deltaomsetting
star-delta transformer: ster-deltatransformator
star-interstar connection: ster-intersterverbinding (transformators)
star-mesh connection: ster-veelhoekverbinding
star point: sterpunt
star-potential: sterpuntpotensiaal
star-quad cable: stervierlingkabel
star-star connection: ster-sterverbinding
star-star-tertiary delta connection: ster-ster-tersiêre deltaverbinding (transformators)
star-star tranformer: ster-stertransformator
start n.: begin, beginpunt
start v.: 1. aan die gang sit, aansit 2. (fire) vat (enjin)
starter: aansitter
starter battery: aansitbattery
starter circuit (starting circuit): aansitkring
starter current: aansitterstroom
starter gap: aansitgaping
starter motor (starting motor): aansitmotor starter rheostat (starting rheostat): aansitreostaat starter switch (starting switch): aansitskakelaar start impulse: aansitimpuls
starting: aansit, aanskakeling
starting capacitor: aansitkapasitor
starting characteristics: aansiteienskappe starting circuit (starter circuit): aansitkring starting contactor: aansitkontaktor starting device: aansittoestel
starting ejector (quick-start ejector): aan-sitejekteur, snelaansitejekteur
starting electrode: aansitelektrode, ontsteekelektrode
starting element: aansitelement
starting friction (static friction): aan-vangswrywing, statiese wrywing
starting gear: aansitinrigting
starting motor (starter motor): aansitmotor starting motor drive: aansitmotoraandrywing starting point: beginpunt, aanvangspunt starting power: aansitdrywing
starting reactor: aansitreaktor
starting rheostat: Kyk “starter rheostat”
starting relay (start relay): aansitrelê
starting resistance: 1. aansitweerstand 2. (starting resistor): aansitresistor
starting resistor (starting resistance):
starting sequence: aansitvolgorde
starting stage: aanlooptrap
starting torque (static torque): aanvangsdraaimoment
starting up: aan die gang sit starting valve: aansitklep starting voltage: aansitspanning starting winding: aansitwikkeling
star transformer: stertransformator
start relay (starting relay): aansitrelê
start-stop apparatus: aansit-stopapparaat
start-stop selecting lever: aansit-stopkieshefboom
start-stop switch: aansit-stopskakelaar
start-stop system: aan-afstelsel start up: aan die gang sit, aansit start-up piping: aansitpype (turbine)
start-up procedure: aansitprosedure, aansitroetine
starve: ondervoer (ketel)
starved: ondervoed (bv. silinder, verkoeler, ens.) star voltage (voltage to neutral): sterspanning star washer: sterwaster
star-zigzag connection (zigzag connection): ster-sigsagverbinding (simmetriese driefase- sterverbinding van ses wikkelings in pare op drie kerns)
statement: 1. staat, opgawe 2. stelling 3. verklaring
state of charge: ladingstaat
static n. (statics): statiese steurings
static adhesive weight (adhesive weight, adhesion weight): Kyk “adhesive force"
statically induced: staties geïnduseer
static capacitor (static condenser): statiese kapasitor
static capacitor group: statiesekapasitor-groep static characteristic: statiese kenkromme static charge: statiese lading
static condenser 1. (static capacitor): statiese kapasitor 2. statiese kondensator (koeling)
static convertor: statiese omsetter
static converter station: Kyk “converter station”
static discharge: statiese ontlading
static electricity: statiese elektrisiteit
static frequency changer: statiese frekwensieomsetter
static friction (starting friction): aan-vangswrywing, statiese wrywing
static head: statiese drukhoogte
static luminous sensitivity: statiese liggevoe-ligheid (van ’n fotoëlektriese toestel)
static operating lag: statiese aantrektyd static overvoltage: statiese oorspanning static pressure: statiese druk
static regulation: statiese regulering (veran-dering as persentasie van finale toestand)
static resistance: statiese weerstand (spanning gedeel deur stroom vir punt op statiesekenkromme) (halfgeleier)
statics: 1. statika 2. (static): statiese steurings
static strain: statiese vormverandering stationary: 1. vas 2. stilstaande, staande stationary armature: vaste anker stationary battery: stilstaande battery
stationary blade compressor: stilstaanbladkompressor stationary brush (fixed brush): vaste borsel stationary-contact assembly: vastekontaksamestel stationary field: vaste veld
stationary plant: vaste masjinerie
stationary transformer: stilstaande transformator stationary wave (standing wave): staangolf stationary winding: vaste wikkeling
station board: stasiebord
station coal staith: stasiesteenkoolbergbak station compressor: stasiekompressor station crane: stasiekraan
station efficiency: stasierendement
station electrical capacity: elektriese stasievermoë
station equipment: stasie-uitrusting station frequency: stasiefrekwensie station index: stasie-indeks
station supply transformer: stasietoevoertransformator station supply winding: stasietoevoerwikkel-ing (transformator) station transformer: stasietransformator
stator: stator
stator blade (guide vane): leivaan, leiwiek
stator armature: statoranker (by meeste WS-masjiene)
stator circuit: statorkring stator coil: statorwinding stator conductor: statorgeleier
stator connection: statorverbinding
stator coolant: statorkoelmiddel
stator coolant cooler: statorkoelmiddelkoeler stator coolant panel: statorkoelmiddelpaneel stator coolant pump: statorkoelmiddelpomp stator coolant tank: statorkoelmiddeltenk stator copper loss: statorkoperverlies
stator core: statorkern (WS-masjiene) stator core lamination: statorkernlamel stator current: statorstroom
stator flux: statorvloed (bv. by ’n induksiemotor)
stator frame: statorraam
stator-inductance starter: statorinduktoraansitter
stator lead: statorleiding
stator line voltage: statorlynspanning
stator pole piece: statorpoolstuk
stator-resistance starter (stator-rotor starter): statorweerstandaansitter
stator slot: statorgleuf
stator stamping: statorlamel stator switch: statorskakelaar stator terminal: statoraansluiter stator tooth: statortand
stator turn: statorwinding
stator voltage: statorspanning statorwater cooler: statorwaterkoeler stator winding: statorwikkeling
stay (anchor): anker
stay bolt: ankerbout
stay insulator: afspanisolator, ankerisolator
stay plate: 1. (anchor plate): ankerplaat 2.
stay pole (anchor pole): ankerpaal
stay ring: ankerring
stay swivel: ankerdraaioog
stay wire: ankerdraad
steady current: bestendige stroom
steady feed (steady supply): bestendige toevoer steady flux: bestendige vloed, konstante vloed steadying of oscillation: slingeringsblokkering
steadying resistance (ballast resistor, barretter): ballasresistor, voorskakelresistor (bv. in serie met GS-booglamp geplaas)
steady load: bestendige belasting/ las steady load circuit: bestendigelas-kring steady rate: konstante tempo
steady reading: bestendige lesing
steady state (condition of equilibrium): ewewigstoestand
steady-state performance: bestendige prestasie
steady-state short-circuit current: bestendige kortsluitstroom
steady-state stability limit: bestendige stabiliteitsgrens (van ’n transmissiestelsel by konstante vloed)
steady-state voltage (steady voltage): bestendige spanning, konstante spanning
steady supply (steady feed): bestendige toevoer
steady value: bestendige waarde, konstante waarde
steady voltage (steady-state voltage): bestendige spanning, konstante spanning
steam: stoom
steam boiler (boiler): stoomketel
steam capacity: stoomkapasiteit (van stoomketel)
steam chamber: stoomruimte
steam chest: stoomkas (stoomenjins) steam chest casing: stoomkashulsel steam circuit: stoomkring
steam coal: ketelkool steam cock: stoomkraan steam coil: spiraalstoompyp
steam conductivity: stoomgeleivermoë
steam-cooled reactor: stoomverkoelde reaktor
steam demand: stoomvraag
steam discharge: stoomafvoer
steam-driven alternator: stoomgedrewe alternator steam-driven auxiliaries: stoomhulpmasjiene steam-driven generator: stoomgedrewe generator steam drum (boiler drum): keteltrom, stoomtrom steam engine: stoomenjin
steam feed pump: stoomvoerpomp
steam flow: stoomvloei
steam-flow indicator: stoomvloei-aanwyser
steam-flow transmitter: stoomvloeisender
steam-generating heavy water reactor (SGHWR): stoomontwikkelende swaarwaterreaktor
steam generation: stoomontwikkeling steam generator: stoomontwikkelaar steam header: stoomaftakkas steaming hours: stoomure
steam interconnector: stoomtussenverbinder
steam interconnector trap: stoom-tussenverbindervanger
steam isolating valve: stoomafsonderklep
steam leg: hoofstoompyp (van ketel na turbine)
steam mains: stoomhoofleiding (bedien ver-skillende hulpapparaat)
steam manifold: stoomspruit steam nozzle: stoomstraalpyp steam outlet: stoomuitlaat
steam piping: stoompype steam plant: stoominstallasie steam pressure: stoomdruk
steam pressure transmitter control valve: stoomdruksender-beheerklep steam pressure transmitter drain valve: stoomdruksender-dreineerklep steam pressure transmitter isolating valve: stoomdruksender-afsonder klep steam pressure unloader: stoomdruk-ontlaster
steam purifier: stoomsuiweraar
steam purity recorder: stoomsuiwerheidregistreerder
steam-raiser: stoomontwikkelaar
steam range master pressure controller: stoomstam-meesterdrukkontrole
steam receiver: stoomhouer steam relief: stoomaflaat steam riser: stoomstygpyp
steam sampler: stoommonsternemer
steam sampling blowdown: stoommonster-spui (ketel)
steam sampling valve: stoommonsterklep
steam space: stoomruimte
steam stop valve: stoomafsluitklep
steam strainer: stoomsif
steam strainer drain regulating valve: stoomsifdreineerreëlklep
steam strainer drain valve: stoomsifdreineerklep
stream supply valve: stoomtoevoerklep
steam temperature controller: stoomtem-peratuurbeheerder, stoom temperatuurkontrole
steam temperature set point: stoom temperatuurstelpunt
steam-tight joint: stoomdigte las
steam transformer: stoomomvormer (kernkragstasie)
steam trap: kondensaatvanger
steam trip auxiliary relay: stoomklink-hulprelê
steam turbine: stoomturbine
steam valve: stoomklep
steam-valve chest: stoomklepkas
steam valve fault relay: stoomklepfout-relê steam water sample: stoomwatermonster steel alloy: staallegering
steel arm bracket: staalarmkoppelstok
steel armouring: staalpantsering
steel-cored aluminium (S.C.A.): staal-kernaluminium (SKA)
steel-cored aluminium conductor (A.C.S.R., aluminium conductor,steel reinforced):
staalkernaluminiumgeleier staalkernaluminiumgeleier
steel-cored copper conductor: (S.C.C.): staalkernkopergeleier (SKK)
steel girder: staalbalk
steel grillage: staalfondamentrooster
steel lined: staalbeklee, staalgevoering
steel supporter: staalsteun, staalsteunstuk
steel-tank rectifier: staaltenkgelykrigter (kwik-booggelykrigter met boogkamer v. staal)
steel-tape armouring: staalbandpantser
steel tower: staalmas
steel trunking: staalkokers, staal-leikokers
steel tube: staalpyp
steel-wire armour: staaldraadpantser
steep-fronted travelling voltage wave: spitsfrontspanningsloopgolf
steepness: steilheid (van kromme)
Stefan-Boltzmann law: wet van Stefan en Boltzmann
Steinmetz index: Steinmetz-indeks
stellite tool steel: stellietgereedskapstaal
stem: 1. steel (bv. van klep) 2. (foot): stam (gloeilamp)
step: trap

step-back relay: spitsonderdrukrelê
step bolt: trapbout
step by step auxiliary relay: hulprelê met stapsgewyse werking hulprelê met stap-vir-stapwerking, stap-vir-stap-hulprelê
step-by-step excitation (cumulative excitation): kumulatiewe opwekking (atoom van een opwekkingstoestand na ’n hoër vlak v. opwekking)
step-by-step operation: 1. stap-vir-stap-bediening 2. stap-vir-stapwerking (rekenaars)
step-by-step protection: trapsgewyse beveiliging
step-by-step switch: stapskakelaar (kon-takarmskakelaar met palinrigting)
step change: sprongverandering
step clamp: trapklamp
step control relay: trapkontrolerelê
step down (transform down): verlaag (transformator)
step-down substation: verlagingsubstasie
step-down transformer: verlagingstransforma-tor (energieoordrag van hoë-na laespanningswikkeling)
STEP-factor: ‘STEP'-faktor (“Station Thermal Efficiency Performance')
step generator: trapgenerator, diodepomp
stepless speed control: 1. traplose spoed kontrole 2. traplose spoedbeheer
step load change: sprongverandering van die lasstroom
step motor (permanent-magnet synchronous motor): inkrement motor (met presiese standbeheer)
stepped curve distance-time protection: af-standsbeveiliging met tydtrappe
stepped pulley (cone pulley): keëlkatrol, trap-katrol, trappieskatrol stepped-pulley transmission: trapkatroloor-brenging, trapkatroltransmissie stepped shaft: trappiesas
stepped winding (split winding): verdeelde wikkeling
stepping switch: Kyk “stepping relay”
stepping relay (step relay, stepping switch): traprelê
step response time: trapresponsietyd
step speed adjustment: trapspoedversnelling
step switch: Kyk “stepping relay”
step up (transform up): verhoog (transformator) step-up transformer: verhogings-transformator step voltage: trapspanning
stick: vassit (bv. elek. anker)
stick circuit: aanblykring
sticking voltage: sperspanning (van ’n luminesseerskerm)
stick relay: aanblyrelê
stick relay coil: aanblyrelêspoel stiction: Kyk “static friction” stiffness: styfheid
stilb: stilb (candela per cm2)
stillage: stellasie (brandstofelemente) stilling basin: kalmeerkom (kragstasiewater) stitch welding: oorslagpuntsweising stochastic force: stogastiese krag
stochastic variable (random variable): stogastiese veranderlike stock: 1. stawe, staafmateriaal 2. voorraad 3. stok (draadsnyer) stock and die: stok en snymoer
stocking-out tower: stapeltoring (steenkool)
stock-out: 1. voorraadonbeskikbaarheid 2. uit-voorraaditems
stock pile: voorraadstapel (steenkool)
stoke floor: stookvloer
stoker coal hopper: stokerkoollosser
stoker compartment seal: stoker-kompartementdigting
stoker fired boiler: stokerketel
stokes (St): stokes (St)
Stokes’ law: Wet van Stokes (weerstand v. vloeistowwe met dinamiese viskositeit)
stone v.: slyp (met steen) Stoney gate: Stoney-sluis stool: stoel
stop n.: 1. stuiter 2. aanslag
stop v.: 1. sper, afsluit 2. staak 3. stuit 4. stop
stop cock: afsluitkraan stop dowel: stuitpen stop end: afhegpunt stop joint: sperlas stop key: stopsleutel stop latch: stuitknip
stop log: sluitbalk, keerbalk
stopper (cable stopper): kabelprop stopper resistor: sperresistor (buiskringe) stop pin: stuitpen
stopping brake: stopremming
stopping capacitor (blocking capacitor, buffer capacitor, coupling capacitor): sperkapasitor
stopping condenser: Kyk “stopping capacitor”
stop log: sluitbalk, keerbalk
stop plate (detent plate): stuitplaat
stop-run switch: stop-loopskakelaar
stop-start apparatus: stop-aansit apparaat
stop valve (cut-off valve, shut-off valve): afsluitklep

stop valve pressure unloader: afsluitklep-drukontlaster
storage battery (accumulator, secondary battery): akkumulator
storage capacity: opgaarvermoë
storage cell (accumulator, accumulator cell, secondary cell): sekondêre sel
storage dam (reservoir): opgaardam, reservoir
storage hopper: opgaarbak
storage sump: opgaartrog (koeltorings)
storage tank: opgaartenk
storage vessel: opgaarvat
store n.: 1. magasyn 2. (store room): pakkamer
store v.: bêre, bewaar, opgaar, (in) pak
stored-energy welding: sweising met op-gegaarde energie
straddle crane: buidelkraan straddle-mill: koppelfrees straddle milling: koppelfreeswerk Straflo turbine: Straflo-turbine
straight bevel gear: reguittandkeëlrat straight carbon steel: suiwer koolstaal straight clamp (reducer): reguit klamp straight coil: reguit spoel
straight conductor: reguit geleier straight filament: reguit gloeidraad straight joint: reguit las
straight line capacitance: lineêre kapasitansie
straight-line capacitor: lineêre kapasitor (ver-anderlike kapasitor; waarde lineêr met skaallesing)
straight-line commulation: reguit-lynkommutasie
straight-line finish: lineêre afwerking straight-line frequency: lineêre frekwensie straight-line graph: reguitlyngrafiek straight-line mean: lineêre gemiddelde straight-line motion: lineêre beweging
straight magnet (bar magnet): staafmagneet
straight oil: suiwer olie
straight remote control: regstreekse afstandskontrole
straight solenoid: reguit solenoied
straight-through fault: deurfout
straight-through joint: deurgaande las, deur-las (kabels)
straight-way valve: reguitgangklep
strain: 1. vervorming 2. (stress, tension): spanning
strain v.: 1. (filter): deursyg, filtreer 2. span 3. vervorm
strain assembly: spansamestel
strain carrier pole (strain carrier): spanpaal (werktuig)
strain clamp: spanklamp
strained spring: gespanne veer
strainer: 1. spanklamp 2. trekpaal 3. (strain tower): spanmas 4. (screen): sif
strainer assembly: spanklampsamestel
strainer box: sifkas
strainer pole: trekpaal strain gauge: 1. rekstrokie 2. vervormingsmeter
straining vice (draw vice): spanskroef
strain insulator (tension insulator): spaniso-lator (wat algehele trekspanning v. geleier weerstaan)
strain link stick: spankoppelstok (lynwerk)
strain point: trekpunt
strain relief bushing: spanningsontlasbus strain relief clamp: spanningsontlasklamp strain section: trekseksie
strain tower: spanmas
strand n.: string
strand v.: vleg, ineendraai stranded cable: stringkabel stranded conductor: stringgeleier
stranded copper cable: koperstringkabel stranded copper wire: koperstringdraad stranded T-joint: T-stringlas
stranded wire: stringdraad stranding machine: vlegmasjien strange particle: vreemde deeltjie strap: band, strop
strap bridging terminal (strap terminal): strookaansluiter
strap copper (strip copper): bandkoper
strapping: koppeling (van ’n veel holtemagne-tron; ook punte in stroomkring of toestel)
strap terminal (strap bridging terminal): strookaansluiter
strap winding (strip winding): strookwikkeling strap-wound armature: anker met strookwikkeling stratification: laagvorming, stratifikasie
stray capacitance: swerfkapasitansie (on-gewenste kapasitansie tussen kringgelei-ers, geleiers en die monteerplaat, of komponente)
stray current: dwaalstroom, swerfstroom
stray current corrosion: swerfstroomkorrosie
stray field: swerfveld (magn.) (wat bv. vanaf spoel uitwaarts sprei sender om nuttige ar-beid te verrig)
stray flux: swerfvloed
stray load loss: swerflasverlies (a.g.v. swerf-velde en harmoniese pulsering in yster-kringe en werwelstrome in die wikkelings)
stray loss: swerfverlies
stray voltage: swerfspanning
streamer: onvolledige ontladingsboog street distribution box: straatverdeelkas street lamp bracket: straatlamparm street lighting: straatverligting
street lighting lantern: straatlantern
strength: sterkte
strength of field (field intensity, field strength, intensity of field): veldsterkte
strength of materials: 1. materiaalsterkte 2.
sterkteleer (vak)
strength of pole (amount of pole, pole strength): poolsterkte
strength of shell: dopsterkte stress (strain, tension): spanning stress v.: span
stress corrosion cracking: spanningskorrosiekraakvorming
stress diagram (force diagram, reciprocal diagram): spanningsdiagram
stress level: spanningspeil (by metale)
stress-strain curve (deformation curve): spanning-vervormingskromme
stretch v.: rek, span
stretch capacity: bovermoë (elek.) stretching force: rekkrag, spankrag stretching support: spansteun strike n.: 1. aanslag 2. staking
strike v.: 1. raak boor 2. slaan 3. staak 4. tref, raak 5. verwyder (bekisting)
strike an arc: boog slaan, boog trek (elek.)

striking: oorslag (van ’n boog, ’n vonk)
striking current (ignition current): ontsteek-stroom (ook by buise)
striking voltage (firing voltage, ignition voltage): ontsteekspanning (bv. buis)
string n. (twine): tou, lyn
string v.: 1. span 2. inryg
stringent testing: streng toetsing
stringer: 1. spandraad (kraglyn) 2. vulstif (reaktor)
string galvanometer: snaargalvanometer
string of insulators (insulator string): isolatorketting, isolatorstring
string-shadow instrument: instrument met snaarwyser
strip n.: band, reep, strook
strip v.: 1. doldraai, oordraaddraai (skroef) 2. (dismantle): aftakel, demonteer, uit-mekaarhaal (motor)
3. (skin): stroop (bv. kabel)
strip conductor (flat conductor, flat-strip conductor): platgeleier
strip copper (strap copper): bandkoper strip electrode: strookelektrode striplight lamp: strooklig
strip line: strooklyn (soort transmissielyn) strip mining: stroopmynbou (dagmynbou) strip off: afstroop
stripper (skinner): stroper (kabel)
strip-transposing machine: kabelslagmasjien
strip winding (strap winding): strookwikkeling
strobe n.: 1. (strobotron, stroboscopic tube): strobotron 2. (stroboscope): stroboskoop
strobe v.: strobeer
stroboscopic calibrating or checking: stroboskopiese yking (van ’n meter)
stroboscopic effect: stroboskopiese effek stroboscopic meter disc: stroboskopiese meterskyf stroboscopic tube: Kyk “strobe 1.”
stroke n.: 1. slag (masj.) 2. haal (saag)
stroke v.: stryk (met magneet)
strong base anion exchanger: sterkbasis-anioonruiler strontium: stronsium (gasvanger in elektronebuis) structural build-up: strukturele samestelling (metaal)
structurally dual networks: struktureel ooreenstemmende kragnette
structural steel: struktuurstaal, boustaal structural steelwork: struktuurstaalwerk structure: struktuur
structure list: struktuurlyne (maste vir kraglyn) strum: ronde sif (by verkoelingsaanleg) strung type busbar: gespande geleistam strut: 1. stut 2. styl
strut beam: stutbalk strut guy: stutanker stub: stomp (van ’n mas)
stub joint: stomplas, sylas (kabels)
stub tooth: stomptand
stud: 1. pen, stif 2. tapbout 3. knop
student engineer: studentingenieur
stud extractor: tapbouttrekker stud welding: stifsweising stuffing box: pakbus
stuffing box cooler: pakbuskoeler stuffing box leakage pipe: pakbuslekpyp subassembly: subsamestel
subcircuit: subkring
subcircuit cable: subkringkabel
subconductor oscillation: werwelgebiedossil-lasie (geleiers)
sub-control room: subbeheerkamer
subcooled boiling: onderverkoelde koking (bv. a.g.v. lae druk)
subcritical mass: subkritieke massa (ver-menigvuldigingsfaktor kleiner as een)
subcritical reactor: subkritieke reaktor (sodat selfonderhoudende kettingreaksie nie plaasvind nie)
sub-distribution board: subverdeelbord
subdivide: onderverdeel
subdivided capacitor: onderverdeelde kapasitor subdivision: 1. onderafdeling 2. onderverdeling subharmonic: onderfrekwensie
subharmonic distortion: onderfrekwensiever-vorming (akoesties)
sub-isolator switch: subafsonderskakelaar subjective noise meter: subjektiewe geraasmeter sub-main: subhoofleiding
submerged cooling coil: ondergedompelde koelkronkel submerged pump: ondergedompelde pomp submersible fuse: dompelbare sekering
submersible machine: dompelbare masjien submersible motor: dompelmotor submersible pump: dompelpomp
sub-miniature relay: subminiatuurrelê
subsidence: 1. insakking, verswakking 2. gietgat
subsidiary n.: 1. helper, plaasvervanger 2. filiaalmaatskappy
subsidiary a.: 1. ondergeskikte 2. (ancillary, auxiliary): hulp-subsidiary apparatus (ancillary apparatus, auxiliary apparatus): hulpapparaat
subsidiary circuit: ondergeskikte lyn subsidiary power supply: hulpkragtoevoer substance: stof
substandard instrument: substandaardinstru-ment (teen internasionale standaardmaat gekalibreer)
substation: substasie
substation board: substasiebord substation equipment: substasie-uitrusting substation feed point: substasietoevoerpunt
substation transformer (substation TRFR): substasietransformator (substasie-TRFR)
subsynchronous: subsinchroon subsynchronous speed: subsinchrone spoed subtend: onderspan
subtransient electromotive force: suboor-gangselektromotoriese krag
subtransient single-phase short-circuit

current (initial symmetrical three-phase short-circuit current): simmetriese driefasige suboorgangskortsluitstroom
subtransient time-constant on single-phase short circuit: suboorgangstydkonstante by ’n enkelfasige kortsluiting
subtransient time-constant on three-phase short circuit: suboorgangstydkonstante by ’n driefasige kortsluiting
suction: suiging
suction chamber: suigkamer (van pomp)
suction head: suighoogte
suction main: hoofsuigpyp (oliepompe)
suction pressure: suigdruk (van instromende vloeistof)
suction pump: suigpomp suction strainer: suigsif suction valve: suigklep
sudden-change relay: sprongrelê
suite of relay panels: stel relêpanele
sulphur hexafluoride circuit breaker (SF6 circuit breaker): swaelheksafluoriedstroom-breker (SF6- stroombreker)
sulphuric acid electrolyte: swaelsuurelek-troliet, swawelsuurelektroliet summated steam flow/indicator: aanwyser vir totale stoomvloei summating equipment: sommeeruitrusting (elek. meter)
summation: sommering
summation current transformer: sommering-stroomtransformator (vir meting)
summation instrument: sommerings instrument summation meter: sommeringsmeter summation metering: sommeermeting summation of losses: sommering van verliese
summation transformer: sommeringstransfor-mator (wat meer as een stroom ontvang)
summator: sommeerder
summator trivector: sommeerdertrivektor
sump: 1. oliebak (motors) 2. olieput 3. kuil (mynb.)
sump pump: putpomp
sump tank: puttenk
superconducting equipment: supergeleiden-de uitrusting superconducting generator: supergeleidende generator superconductivity: supergeleivermoë
superconductor: supergeleier
supercool: superverkoel
supercooling: superkoeling, superverkoeling supercritical mass: oorkritieke massa (kern.) supercritical pressure: superkritieke druk (ketels)
superficial moisture content (surface moisture content): oppervlakvoggehalte
superfrequency: superfrekwensie
superheat: superhitte
superheat v.: superverhit
superheated steam: superverhitte stoom
superheated steam sample: super-verhittestoommonster
superheater: superverhitter
superheater circulating valve: super-verhittersirkulasieklep
superheater header: superverhitterbokas
superheater outlet pressure: superverhitter-uitlaatdruk
superheater remote pressure gauge: superverhitter-afstandsdrukmeter
superheavy nucleus: superswaar kern super high frequency: superhoë frekwensie super high-speed steel: supersnelstaal
superimposed circuit (superposed circuit): oplegverbinding, superponeerverbinding
superimpose: oplê, superponeer
superimposed system: oplegstelsel, superponeerstelsel superpose (superimpose): oplê, suiperponeer superposed: gesuperponeer, opgelê
superposed circuit (superimposed circuit): oplegverbinding, superponeerverbinding (kommunikasie)
superposition: oplegging, superponering
superposition theorem: sommeerstelling (voltage/current patterns in a linear network)
supersaturate: oorversadig
super-scale instrument: superskaalinstrument supersensitive relay: ekstra gevoelige relê supersonic: supersonies
supersonic flaw detector: supersoniese gebrekspeurder
supersonic frequency: supersoniese frekwensie
supersynchronous operation: bosinchrone werking, supersinchrone werking (generator)
supervised circuit: kring met toesig
supervision: toesig supervisor: toesighouer supervisory alarm: toesigalarm supervisory circuit: toesigkring
supervisory control: toesigbeheer supervisory equipment: toesiguitrusting supervisory gear: kontroletuig
supervisory interposing relay (SIR): kon-troletussenrelê (KTR) supervisory isolating switch: toesigafsonderskakelaar supervisory metering circuit: toesigtelbaan
supervisory oil pressure: kontrole-oliedruk supervisory panel: toesigpaneel supervisory relay: toesigrelê
supervisory remote control: toesig-afstandsbeheer
supervisory signal: toesigsein supervoltage: superspanning supplementary loss: byverlies
supplementary mho trip indication (SUPP MHO TRIP IND.): supplementêre mho-klinkaanwysing (SUPP-MHO-KLINKAANW.)
supplementary relay: byrelê
supplementary reservoir: aanvulreservoir
supply: 1. toevoer 2. voorraad 3. voorsiening, verskaffing supply agreement: (krag)voor-sieningsooreenkoms supply air duct: toevoerluggang, toevoerlugkanaal supply circuit: toevoerkring
supply current: toevoerstroom
supply failure: toevoeronderbreking
supply failure relay: toevoeronderbrekingsrelê
supply feeder: voerder
supply frequency: toevoerfrekwensie
supply lead: toevoerleiding
supply line: 1. (supply lead): toevoerleiding (na motor) 2. toevoerlyn (net)
supply link: toevoerverbinding supply mains: krag net supply meter: toevoermeter supply network: toevoernet
supply of electricity (electricity supply): 1. elektrisiteitsvoorsiening 2. elektrisiteitstoevoer
supply pipe: toevoerpyp
supply point (point of supply): toevoerpunt, voorsieningspunt
supply polarity: toevoerpolariteit
supply potential difference: toevoerpotensiaalverskil
supply pressure: Kyk “supply voltage”
supply ring: toevoerringleiding
supply station (generating station, power station): kragstasie
supply stop valve: toevoerafsluitklep supply substation: toevoersubstasie supply terminal: toevoeraansluier
supply transformer (feed transformer): toevoertransformator
supply transient voltage: toevoer-oorgangspanning
supply valve: toevoerklep
supply voltage: 1. toevoerspanning 2.

support n.: 1. steun (alg.) 2. steunpunt 3. stut
support v.: steun, stut support arm: steunarm supporting frame: draraam
supporting member: steunstuk
supporting insulator (support insulator): steunisolator
support pole: stutpaal
support ring: steunring (wikkelinguitsteeksel)
suppress: onderdruk
suppressed zero: nulpunt benede skaal (instrumente) suppressed-zero instrument: instrument met buiteskaalse nulpunt suppression: onderdrukking
suppression slip ring: onderdruksleepring suppressor: onderdrukker (v. parasietossilasie by buise) suppressor grid: remrooster (in pentodebuise) surcharge: toeslag
surface: oppervlak
surface and boring lathe: vlak-en-boordraaibank
surface area: oppervlakte
surface barrier: oppervlaksperlaag (oor oppervlak v. halfgeleiervoeg)
surface breakdown: oppervlakoorvonking surface compression: oppervlakdruk surface condenser: oppervlakkondensator
surface conductivity: oppervlakgeleivermoë (bv. van draad)
surface-contact rectifier: vlak-kontakgelykrigter
surface current (skin current): oppervlak-stroom, skilstroom (elek.)
surface current density: oppervlak-stroomdigtheid surface distribution: oppervlakverspreiding (elek.) surface fusion welding: oppervlak-smeltsweising surface gauge: krasblok
surface grinder (surface grinding machine): vlakslypmasjien
surface grinding: vlakslypwerk surface-hardened: dopverhard surface lathe: vlakdraaibank
surface layer (upper layer, top layer): bolaag
surface load: oppervlaklas
surface resistance: oppervlakweerstand surface tension: oppervlakspanning surface velocity: oppervlaksnelheid
surge (travelling wave): stuwing, springgolf
surge absorber: stuwingsdemper
surge arrester (surge diverter): stuwingsafleier
surge chamber: stukamer, sturuim
surge current: stustroom
surge discharge: stuwingsontlading
surge diverter: Kyk “surge arrester”
surge flash-over voltage: stuwings-oorslagspanning
surge gap: stuspleet
surge generator (impulse generator): stuwingsgenerator, impulsgenerator (kring wat enkele of reeks pulse verskaf, gewoon-lik met behulp van kapasitors)
surge guard: stuwingskut (beveiliging)
surge head bay: stabiliseerdam, stu-voordam
surge impedance (characteristic impedance): kenimpedansie (verh. span-ning/stroom vir loopgolf op transmissielyn)
surge potential distribution (impact potential distribution): stupotensiaalverdeling
surge protection: stuwingsbeveiliging
surge protective gear: stuwings-beveiligingstuig
surge shaft: stuskag (hidroëlek.)
surge switch: stuwingskakelaar
surge tank: stutenk, stuwingstenk (vloeistof)
surge tank level: stutenkpeil surge voltage: stuspanning surge wave: stugolf surging (surge): stuwing
surround: omgewing (van ’n vergelykingsveld)
surrounding atmosphere (ambient air, ambient atmosphere): omringende lug
surrounding charges: omringende ladings surrounding medium: omringende medium survey n.: 1. opmeting 2. opname
survey v.: 1. opmeet 2. opneem
survey beacon: 1. landmetersbaken 2. opmetersbaken
surveying: opmeting
survey peg: opmeetpen
susceptance: susseptansie (denkbeeldige gedeelte van admittansie)
susceptance relay: susseptansierelê susceptibility: magnetiseerbaarheid susceptibility meter: magnetiseerbaarheidsmeter suspend: hang, ophang
suspended fitting (suspension fitting): hangmotasie
susepnded light: hanglig

suspended magnet: hangmagneet
suspended motor (frame suspended motor): raam motor
suspended solid: swewende vaste stof suspended wire (suspension wire): hangdraad suspend freely: vry ophang
suspension: 1. ophanging 2. suspensie (vloeistof) 3. vering
suspension assembly: hangsamestel suspension bearing: hanglaer suspension bolt: hangbout
suspension bow (suspension clevis): hangvurk
suspension clamp: hangklamp
suspension clamp assembly: hang-klampsamestel
suspension clip: hangklem suspension eye: hangoog suspension hook: hanghaak (kabel)
suspension insulator (suspension-type insulator): hangisolator
suspension insulator string: hangisolatorketting
suspension link stick: hangstok
suspension lug: hangoor
suspension magnet: 1. hysmagneet 2. hangmagneet (bo vervoerband)
suspension mast (suspension tower): draagmas
suspension pole: draagpaal
suspension strap: Kyk “insulator extension strap”
suspension string: hangketting (isolators)
suspension switch (pear switch, pendant switch, pressel switch): hangskakelaar
suspension tower (suspension mast): draagmas
suspension type insulator (suspension insulator): hangisolator
suspension wire (suspender wire): hangdraad
suspension yoke: hangjuk
suspension yoke plate: hangjukplaat
sustained interruption: volgehoue onderbreking
sustained neutral current (sustained neutral): volgehoue neutrale stroom, volgehoue neutraal
sustained overload: volgehoue oorbelasting
sustained three-phase (two-phase) (singlephase) short-circuit current: volgehoue driefasige (tweefasige) (enkelfasige) kort-sluitstroom
swage type repair sleeve: saaltipe herstelbuis (Pale)
swamping resistance: Kyk “swamping resistor”
swamping resistor: verswelgresistor, voor-skakelresistor met temperatuurkorreksie (in transistorkring om uitwerking v. tempera-tuur op emittorbasisvoegweerstand teen te werk)
swan-neck insulator: swaannekisolator swash control: swash-beheer (turbogenerator) sway oscillation: swaai-ossillering
sweat v.: aansweet
sweep oscillator (time-base oscillator): tydbasisossillator
swelling resistant uranium: sweltrae uraan
swept volume (piston displacement): slag-volume (suier)
swilling hydrant: spoelbrandkraan
swimming-pool reactor: poelreaktor
Swinburne’s method: metode van Swinburne (om lasverlies by motore te bepaal)
swing conditions: swaaitoestande (wisseling v. amplitude of frewensie v. elek. grootheid)
swinging hammer: swaaihamer
swing-type brush-holder: swaaiborselhouer
swirl: werwel, maal (water in sentrifugale pomp) swirl plate: werwelingsplaat (meganiese grintvanger) s-wire (sleeve wire): hulsdraad
Swiss thread (Thury thread): Thury-draad, Switserse (skroefjdraad
switch: skakelaar switch v.: skakel switch bay: skakelvak
switchboard: skakelbord
switchboard fitting: skakelbordtoebehore, skakelbordmontuur
switchboard room: skakelbordkamer
switch box: skakelkas
switch capacitance box: skakel-kapasitansiekas
switch cell: skakelsel
switched distance protection: in geskakelde afstandsbeveiliging
switched starting: skakelaansitting switch fuse: skakelaarsekering switchgear: skakeltuig
switchgear assembly: skakeltuigsamestel switch group: skakelaargroep switchhouse: skakelaargebou
switch in: inskakel
switch indicator: skakelaarwyser
switch inductance box: skakelinduktansiekas
switching: 1. skakeling (algemeen) 2. oop-en-toemaak, werk (stroombrekers) 3. oor-skakeling (bv. by enkelfasemotor)
switching capacity: skakelkapasiteit, skakelvermoë
switching circuit: skakelkring switching cycle: skakelsiklus switching device: skakeltoestel switching diagram: skakeldiagram
switching equipment: skakeltoestel, skakeluitrusting (van ’n masjien of toestel)
switching insulator: skakelisolator
switching-out facilities: uitskakelgeriewe switching panel (switch panel): skakelpaneel switching plant: skakelinstallasie
switching sequence control: skakel-volgordebeheer
switching starter: skakelaansitter switching station: skakelstasie switching surge: skakelstuwing
switch-lampholder: lamphouer met skakelaar
switch magnet: skakelaarmagneet
switch off: afskakel
switch-ff capacity: afskakelkapasiteit, af-skakelvermoë (by berekening

van kortsluitstroom) switch oil: skakelaarolie switch on: aanskakel
switch operating block (switch house) (SOB): skakelgebou (SKG)
switch operating room (SOR): skakelkamer (SKK)
switch out: uitskakel
switch panel (switching panel): skakelpaneel
switch plate: skakelaarplaat
switch position: skakelaarstand, skakelstand
switch position indicating sign: skakelstandwyser switch resistance box: skakelweerstandskas switch rod: skakelstok
switch room: skakelkamer
switch sequence: skakelvolgorde
switch socket (switch-socket outlet): skakelaarsok switch socket outlet (switch socket): skakelaarsok switch starter: skakelaaraansitter
switchyard: skakelwerf
swivel-action switch: swaaiskakelaar
swivel boom: swaaiarm
swivel hook ladder: swaaihaakleer (stroomkringanalise) symbolic method: simboliese metode (stroomkringanalise) symmetrical alternating current: simmetriese wisselstroom symmetrical alternating quantity: simmetriese wisselgrootheid symmetrical cable: simmetriese kabel
symmetrical component: simmetriese komponent (by berekening v. kort sluitstrome in WS-stelsels) symmetrical co-ordinates: simmetriese koór-dinate (in ’n stelsel van onsimmetriese veelfasige groothede)
symmetrical current: simmetriese stroom
symmetrical heterostatic circuit: simmetriese heterostatiese stoomkring
symmetrical fractional slot winding: simmetriese veelgleufwikkeling (bv. 31/2 gleuwe per pool per fase)
symmetrical fault: simmetriese fout
symmetrical intensity: simmetriese intensiteits(verdeling) symmetrical light distribution: simmetriese ligverdeling symmetrical load: simmetriese las
symmetrically connected: simmetries verbind
symmetrical polyphase system: simmetriese veelfasestelsel symmetrical transducer: simmetriese transduseerder symmetrical voltage: simmetriese spanning
symmetric wave function: simmetriese golfunksie synchro data generator: sinchroni-seerdatasender synchronisation: sinchronisering
synchronisation check relay (syn. check, SYN CHECK): sinchronisasiekontrolerelê (sin.-kontrole, SIN-KONTROLE)
synchronisation procedure: sinchronisasieprosedure
synchronise: sinchroniseer
synchronise and close: sinchroniseer
synchronised induction motor: (synchronous induction motor): sinchrone induksiemotor (begin as induksiemotor tot spoed bereik word. Loop dan as sinchrone motor)
synchronising: sinchronisering, sin-chronisasie, sinchroniseer-synchronising busbar:
synchronising coefficient: sinchroniseerkoëffisiënt synchronising connection: sinchroniseerverbinding synchronising current: sinchroniseerstroom synchronising gear: sinchroniseertuig synchronising level: sinchroniseerpeil
synchronising power: sinchroniseervermoë (wat in sinchrone masjien ontwikkel word en wat dit gesinchroniseerd hou met die WS-toevoer)
synchronising timing relay: sinchroniseertydrelê
synchronising torque: sinchroniseermoment (wat sinchrone masjien in pas hou met WS-toevoer)
synchronising transformer: sinchroniseertransformator
synchronising voltage transformer (synch. V-TRFR): sinchroniseerspannings-transformator (sinch. S-TRFR)
synchronising voltmeter: sinchroni-seervoltmeter
synchronism: sinchronisme (toestand waaronder verbinde WS-stelsels, masjiene, ens. by dieselfde frekwensie werk)
synchronism, in (synchronous): sinchroon
synchronism-check relay: sinchro-nismebevestigingsrelê
synchronous (in synchronism): sinchroon
synchronous (single phase) admittance: sinchrone (enkelfasige) admittansie synchronous booster: sinchrone opjaer (WS-generator met sinchrone omsetter gekoppel) synchronous booster converter: sinchrone opjaeromsetter
synchronous booster inverter: sinchrone opjaerwisselrigter
synchronous capacitor: sinchrone kapasitor
synchronous condenser operation: sinchrone reaktorwerking
synchronous coupling: sinchrone koppeling
synchronous converter: sinchrone omsetter
synchronous electric clock: sinchrone elektriese horlosie (deur sinchrone motor aangedryf)
synchronous electromotive force: sinchrone elektromotoriese krag
synchronous generator: sinchrone generator
synchronous impedance: sinchrone impedansie (verhouding oopkring-emk. tot kortsluitstroom by sinchrone masjien. Albei waardes vir dieselfde veldopwekkings)
synchronous impedance drop: sinchrone-impedansieval synchronous impedance method: sinchrone-impedansiemetode synchronous induction motor (synchronised

induction motor): sinchrone induksiemotor
synchronous machine: sinchrone masjien
synchronous motor: sinchrone motor (WS-motor; loop gesinchroniseerd met toevoerspanning)
synchronous operation: 1. sinchrone werking 2. sinchrone aandrywing
synchronous reactance: sinchrone reaktansie (vektorverskil tussen sinchrone impedansie en effektiewe ankerweerstand in sinchrone masjien)
synchronous reactance voltage: sinchronereaktansiespanning synchronous rotary converter (rotary converter): eenankeromsetter synchronous running: sinchrone werking
synchronous speed: sinchrone spoed synchronous timer: sinchrone tydmeter synchronous voltage: sinchrone spanning
synchroscope: sinchroskoop (toon frekwen-sieverskil tussen twee wisselstrome) synchrotron: sinchrotron (vakuum-deeltjieversneller met WS-magnetiese veld) syncrude (synthetic crude oil): syncrude, sin-tetiese ruolie
synthetic enamelled wire: (sinteties) geëmal-jeerde draad
synthetic resin: kunshars
synthetic resin bonded paper: kunsharspapier synthetic rubber: sintetiese rubber, kunsrubber syphon: hewel
syphonic system: hewelstelsel (verkoeling van turbine)
system earth: bedryfsaarding
system interconnection: stelsel-tussenverbinding
system load: stelsellas
system of limits (limit system, limit gauging system): grensmaatstelsel
system of limits and fits: grensmaat-en passingstelsel
system output: stelsellewering
system reserve: stelselreserwe (tolreserwe plus bykomende geleiers)
system-sensitive device: stelselonderskeier
system time: stelseltyd
system utilising factor: Kyk “utilisation factor”
system voltage: netspanning
system with catenary suspension: kettinghangstelsel

t (metric ton, tonne): t (metrieke ton)
T (tesla): T (tesla) (eenheid v. magn. vloed-digtheid, 1 weber/m2)
T-(tera-): T-(tera-)
tan (tangent): tan (tangens)
TDR (time-domain reflectometer): TGR (tydgebiedreflektometer) T.E. (turbine end): TE (turbine- ent)
TE mode, H mode (transverse electric mode): H-modus, TE-modus (dwars elektriese modus) (golwe)
TEM mode (transverse electric and magnetic mode): TEM-modus (dwars elektriese en magnetiese modus) (golwe)
temp, (temperature): temp, (temperatuur)
TDR (time domain reflectometer): TGR (tydgebiedreflektometer)
THz (terahertz): THz (terahertz)
TM mode, E mode (transverse magnetic mode): E-modus, TM-modus (dwars magnetiese modus) (golwe)
TP, T.P. (turning point): dp. (draaipunt)
TP switch (triple-pole switch): TP-skakelaar (driepoolskakelaar)
trega-*: trega-* (1012, tera-)
TRFR (transformer): TRFR (transformator)
T.U., TU (transmission unit): o.e., t.e. (oor-bringeenheid, transmissie-eenheid) TWF (temperature weighting factor): TVF (temperatuurverswaringsfaktor) table coal feeder: tafelsteenkoolvoerder
tachogenerator: tagogenerator
tachograph: tagograaf
tachometer: tagometer (spoed in r/min)
tachometric electrometer: tagometriese elek-trometer (om geringe strome te meet met behulp v. kapasitor en wisselspoedmotor)
tachometric relay: spoedrelê (wat by sekere spoed van ’n bewegende deel in werking tree)
tail: stert (kabels)
tail-eating: netuitskakeling
tail-eating connection: stertverbinding, netuitskakelverbinding
tail-gate: ebdeur (sluis)
tailings: uitskot (bv. steenkool)
tailings return chute: uitskotterugvoergeut
tailrace: afvoer, onderloop (hidro)
tailrace canal: afvoerkanaal, onderloopkanaal
tailrace surge chamber: afvoerstuwingskamer (waterturbine)
tailrace tunnel: afvoertonnel, onderlooptonnel
tailworks: afvoerwerke
take-off point: aftakpunt
take-off terminal block: aftakaansluitblok
take-off valve: aftakklep
take up: opneem (slapte, speling)
take-up spool: oproltol
talbot: talbot (verligtingseenheid) (1 lumen = 1 talbot/s) Talbot’s law: wet van Talbot (i.v.m. skynbare helderheid) tandem accelerator: tandemversneller
tandem connection (cascade connection): tandemverbinding (bv. leweringsklemme v. een net of kring aan insetklemme van die volgende net of kring)
tandem knife-switch: dubbele hefboom-skakelaar, tandemlemskakelaar
tandem motors: tandemmotors
tangent galvanometer: tangensgalvanometer (met kompas in vertikale spoel. Stroom deur spoel eweredig met afwyking van naald)
tangential firing: tangensiële stoking
tangential force: raaklynige krag, tangensiële krag
tangential impulse turbine: tangensiële im-pulsturbine, raaklynige impulsturbine (hidro)
tangent scale: tangensskaal (instrument)
tangent to: raaklynig aan
tank farm: olieopslagplek
tantalum: tantaal (metaal, veral vir elek-troniese uitrusting)
tap n.: 1. (tapping point): aftakpunt, aftap-punt, top 2. draadsnytap
tap v.: 1. (tap off): aftap, tap 2. aftak 3. moerdraad sny
tap change protection: tapwisselbeveiliging tap changer: tapwisselaar, aftakwisselaar tap changing: tapwisseling
tap changing gear: tapwisseltuig
tap changing transformer: tapwisseltransformator
tap conductor: aftakgeleier
tape n.: band
tape v.: ombind, toedraai
tape conductor: bandgeleier
taped, braided and compounded cable: om-binde, omvlegte en geimpregneerde kabel
taped core: ombinde kern
taped paper insulation: papierbandisolasie
taper: afspitsing, tapsstuk
taper connection: tapse aansluiting tapered gland: spits afdigter, tapse afdigter tapering charge: dalende laaitempo
tap-field control: tapveldbeheer
taper slot: tapse gleuf
tap-field motor (tapped field motor): tapveldmotor
tap loan: omskepbare lening
tap off (tap 1.): aftap, tap
tapped: 1. getap (elek.) 2. met moerdraad
tapped-field control: aftakveldbeheer, aftapveldbeheer
tapped-field motor: tapveldmotor
tapped inductance: getapte induktansiespoel tapped transformer: getapte transformator tapped variable inductor: induktor met tappe tapped winding: getapte wikkeling
tapping: aftapping, tapverbinding, tap tapping contactor: tapkontaktor tapping lead: tapleiding
tapping loss: tapverlies tapping point: tappunt tapping range: aftapbereik
tapping switch (tap switch): tapskakelaar tapping transformer: taptransformator tap position: tapstand
tap position indicator: tapstandaanwyser
tap-selector switch: Kyk “tap switch”
tap switch (tapping switch): tapskakelaar target diagram: skyfdiagram (elektriese lampe) task lighting: taakverligting

Taylor connection: Taylor-verbinding (trans-formatorverbinding om fases van 2 na 3, of van 3 na 2 te verander)
Taylor stoker: Taylor-stoker
T-box (tee-box): T-kas
T-clip cable connection: T-klemkabelverbinding
T-connected: T-verbind
T-connection: T-verbinding
T-connector: T-verbinder
teaser current: hulpstroom, T-stroom
teaser transformer: T-transformator (Scott-verbinding tussen middelpt. v. hooftransfor-mator en draad v. 3de fase. 2-na 3-, of 3-na 2-fasewerking)
teaser winding: hulpwikkeling (transformator)
technician: tegnikus
tee (tee piece, T-piece): T-stuk
tee box (T-box): T-kas
tee clamp: T-klamp
teed feeder: T-voerder, vertakte voerder
tee in (tee on): T-verbind
tee joint (branch joint): T-las, vertaklas
tee line (branch line): aftaklyn
tee-off (T-off) n.: aftakking
tee off (T-off) v.: aftak
tee-off network (T-off network): aftaknet
tee-off point: T-verbindingspunt
tee on (tee in): T-verbind
tee-piece (tee, T-piece): T-stuk
tee-valve: T-klep
Teflon: Teflon (politetrafluoro-ëtileen-draadisolasie) Tefsel: Tefsel (etileen-fluorokoolkopolimeer) teleammeter: teleammeter
telecommunication: telekommunikasie
telecontrol (remote control): afstandsbeheer
telemeter: telemeter (afstandsaanwysing v. elek. groothede)
telemetering (electric telemetering, remote metering, telemetry): telemeting, telemetrie
telemetering converter: telemetingkonvertor, telemetingomsetter
telemetering device: telemeettoestel
telemetering panel: telemeterpaneel
telemetry (telemetering): telemetrie, telemeting Teleperm: Teleperm (elektroniese beheerstelsel) telephone interference: telefoonsteuring teleprotection: telebeveiliging telethermometer: teletermometer televoltmeter: televoltmeter
telewattmeter: telewattmeter tell-tale lamp: Kyk ‘‘pilot lamp” tell-tale gauge: klikmaat
tell-tale light (pilot light): kliklig
tell-tale valve: klikklep, verklikklep
Tellurometer: Tellurometer (elektroniese op-meetinstrument wat d.m.v. radarseine af-stande meet)
temper n.: temper temper v.: temper temperature: temperatuur
temperature adjuster: temperatuursteller
temperature coefficient: temperatuurkoëffi-siënt (verandering v. enige fisiese grootheid per graad styging)
temperature coefficient of capacity: temperatuur-kapasiteitskoëffisiënt
temperature coefficient of electromotive force: temperatuurkoëffisiënt van die elektromotoriese krag
temperature coefficient of resistance: temperatuur-weerstandskoëffisiënt temperature coefficient of voltage drop: temperatuur-spanningsvalkoëffisiënt temperature-compensated: tempera-tuurgekompenseer
temperature compensated overload relay: temperatuurgekompenseerde oorlasrelê
temperature compensator: tempera-tuurkompenseerder temperature cycle test: tempera-tuursiklustoets temperature drop: temperatuurdaling
temperature-dependent resistor (thermal resistor): temperatuurresistor
temperature derating: temperatuur-kenvermoëverlaging temperature detector: temperatuurdetektor temperature fluctuation: tempera-tuurskommeling temperature gradient: temperatuurgradiënt temperature indicator: temperatuuraanwyser temperature level: temperatuurpeil
temperature-pressure curve: temperatuur-drukkromme
temperature profile: temperatuurprofiel temperature radiator: temperatuurstraler temperature regulator: temperatuurreëlaar temperature relay: Kyk ‘‘thermal relay” temperature rise: temperatuurstyging
temperature-rise voltage: termiese kenspan-ning (van ’n hulpkapasitor)
temperature scale: temperatuurskaal
temperature selection switch: temperatuurkiesskakelaar
temperature-sensitive: temperatuurgevoelig
temperature weighting factor (TWF): tem-peratuurverswaringsfaktor (TVF)
tempering air (attempering air): temperlug template (templet): maatvorm, patroon temporary earth: tydelike aarding temporary overload: tydelike oorbelasting
ten-pole lap-wound armature: tienpool-lusanker
tensile force: trekkrag
tensile fracture: trekbreuk (geleiers) tensile load: treklas, trekbelasting tensile resistance: trekweerstand tensile strain: trekvervorming tensile strength: treksterkte
tensile stress (tension): trekspanning
tension: 1. (voltage): spanning (elek.) 2. (tensile stress): trekspanning
tension gauge (tension meter): trekspanningsmeter tensioning device: spantoestel (kraglyne) tensioning equipment: spanning-stel-uitrusting tensioning spring: spanveer
tension-insulator (strain-insulator): spanisolator
tension-joint: treklas
tension member: spandeel, trekdeel
tension meter (tension gauge): trekspanningsmeter
tension puller: trekspanner (kraglyne) tensometer: tensometer (meg. uitrusting) tensor (amplitude, modulus): tensor (vektor) tera-(T-): tera-(T-)
terahertz (THz): terahertz (THz) teredo worm: teredowurm, paalwurm term: 1. lid (van vergelyking) 2. term
terminal n.: 1. (connecting terminal) aans-luiter 2. terminaal (rek.)
terminal a.: 1. klem-, aansluit-2. eind-

afheg-terminal bar: aansluitstaaf terminal block: aansluitblok terminal board: aansluitbord
terminal box: 1. aansluitkas 2. (end box, terminating box, termination box): entkas
terminal bush: aansluitbus
terminal bushing: aansluitisoleerbus terminal cavity: aansluitholte, klemholte terminal clamp: 1. eindklamp 2. aansluitklamp terminal connector: eindpuntverbinder
terminal connector box: Kyk “connection box”
terminal hood: klemskerm
terminal impedance: eindimpedansie terminal insulator: afhegisolator terminal joint: eindpuntlas
terminal leakage: aansluiterlekkasie
terminal lug: aansluitoor
terminal mast (terminal tower): eindmas
terminal noise: eintpuntgeruis terminal pair: aansluiterpaar terminal pillar: aansluitpilaar terminal plate: klemplaat terminal pole: eindpaal
terminal potential difference: aansluitpotensiaalverskil
terminal pressure: Kyk “terminal voltage” terminal screw: aansluitskroef, klemskroef terminal span: aansluitspan
terminal stay: eindanker
terminal strap: aansluitbrug terminal strip: aansluitstrook terminal stud: aansluitknop terminal substation: eindsubstasie
terminal support: aansluitersteun, klemsteun
terminal tower: eindmas
terminal velocity: grenssnelheid
terminal voltage: aansluiterspanning
terminal yoke (terminal bar): aansluitstaaf, klemstaaf
terminate: 1. afheg (drade) 2. afsluit (kring) 3. beëindig (toevoer) 4. eindig 5. opsê
terminated level (loss level): afsluitpeil (draerstelsel)
terminated reading (loss reading): afsluitaflesing (transmissie)
terminated transposition (non-point-type transposition): afhegverwisseling, afhegtransposisie
terminating box (end box, terminal box, termination box): entkas
terminating impedance: afsluitimpedansie
terminating network: afsluitnet
terminating section: 1. afsluitgedeelte 2. entgedeelte
terminating strap: eindstrop
terminating tag: afsluitoor
terminating thimble: eindkous, afhegoogring
termination: 1. afhegting (draad, kabel) 2. af-sluiting (kring) 3. afhegstuk (huis met punt) 4. kabeloor
termination box (ent box, terminal box, terminating box): entkas
termination relay: afsluitrelê
ternary fission: drieledige klowing, ternêre klowing terrestrial magnetic field: magnetiese veld van die aarde terrestrial magnetic poles: magnetiese pole van die aarde tertiary: tersiêr
tertiary air: tersiêre lug tertiary circuit: tersiêre kring tertiary creep: tersiêre kruip
tertiary inductance: tersiêre induktansie tertiary winding: tersiêre wikkeling tesla (T): tesla (T)
tesla coil: tesla-spoel
test bay: toetsvak (transformators)
test bed: proefbed (elektriese masjinerie)
test block: toetsblok test board: proefbord test cell: toetssel
test circuit (testing circuit): toetskring
test-cock: toetskraan
test desk: toetsbank
test equipment (test gear): toetsuitrusting test gear (test equipment): toetsuitrusting testing circuit (test circuit): toetskring testing connection: toetsverbinding testing instrument: toetsinstrument testing set: toetssel
testing stick: toetsstok
testing transformer: toetstransformator
test joint: toetslas
test lead: toetsleiding
test level (level 2): toetspeil (transmissie)
test line: toetsleiding, toetslyn test load: toetsbelasting, toetslas test push-button: toetsdrukknop test relay: kontrolerelê
test run (trial run): proefloop
test shield: toetsskerm
test socket: toetssok
test specimen: toetsmonster, toetsstuk
test supply: toetstoevoer
test terminal: toetsaansluiter test terminal box: toetsklemkas test valve: toetsklep
test voltage: toetsspanning
tetrode: tetrode (4-elektrode-termioniese buis) textile-covered wire: tekstielbedekte draad thallium vapour: talliumdamp
theory of magnetism (magnetics): magneti-ka, magnetismeleer
theory of structures: struktuurleer
therm: term (energie-eenheid by gasverkope: 105,5 MJ)
thermal (thermic): termies
thermal agitation: warmtewerking
thermal agitation noise (Johnson noise, thermal noise): termiese geruis,

warmtegeruis (weens beweging v. elektrone in resistor.)
thermal agitation voltage: termiese ruisspanning
thermal ammeter: termiese ammeter (met werking wat berus op uitsetting v. draad) thermal breeder (thermal breeder reactor): termiese kweekreaktor, termiese kweker thermal breeder reactor (thermal breeder): termiese kweekreaktor, termiese kweker thermal burden rating: termiese kenlas
thermal capacity (water equivalent): termiese kapasiteit, warmtekapasiteit
thermal circuit-breaker: termiese stroombreker (miniatuurstroombreker geaktiveer deur termiese uitsetting)
thermal coefficient: termiese koëffisiënt
thermal conduction: warmtegeleiding
thermal conductivity: termiese geleidingsver-moë, warmtegeleidingsvermoë (tempo waarteen warmte deur die materiaal vloei)
thermal contact (heat-operated contact): hit-tekontak, termiese kontak
thermal converter: termokonvertor, termo-omsetter (bv. termokoppel en elektriese verwarmer in telemeetstelsels)
thermal cross-section: termiese deursnee, termiese kansvlak (kern.)
thermal current rating (rated temperature-rise current): termiese kenstroom
thermal cut-out: termiese uitskakelaar (termiese stroombreker wat by sekeringhouer kan inskroef) thermal cycling: termiese siklussering (bloot-stelling v. stof aan aantal temperatuursiklusse) thermal delay device: termiese vertraagtoestel
thermal demand meter: termiese aanvraagmeter
thermal diffusion: termiese diffusie (tempe-ratuurgradiënt laat een bestanddeel v. mengsel beweeg)
thermal diffusivity: warmtediffusievermoë thermal effect: Kyk “thermal agitation” thermal efficiency: termiese rendement
thermal electromotive force: termiese elektromotoriese krag (Seebeck-effek)
thermal element: termiese element
thermal endurance: termiese duursaamheid
thermal energy: termiese energie
thermal expansion: warmte-uitsetting
thermal generation: termiese krag-ontwikkeling
thermal inertia: termiese traagheid
thermal instability: termiese onstabiliteit (van ’n diëlektrikum)
thermal instrument (electrothermic instrument): (elektro)termiese instrument (werking berus op verwarmingseffek v. elek. stroom)
thermal insulation: termiese isolasie
thermal ionisation: termiese ionisering (van ’n gas in termiese ewewig)
thermal limit: termiese grens (maks. toelaatbare lewering v. masjien ter wille v. veilige temperatuurstyging)
thermally insulated: termies geïsoleer
thermally operated device: termobeheerde toestel, termies beheerde toestel
thermal ohm: termiese ohm (eenheid v. termiese weerstand)
thermal output: termiese lewering
thermal overload: termiese oorbelasting
thermal overload capacity: termiese oor-belasbaarheid (van ’n meter)
thermal overload protection: termiese-oorlasbeveiliging
thermal overload relay: termiese oorlasrelê
thermal power converter: termiese kragomsetter
thermal power station: termiese kragstasie (met gas-, olie-of steenkoolverbranding)
thermal protector: oorverhittingsbeveiliging thermal radiation: termiese straling thermal rating: termiese kenwaarde thermal reactor: termiese reaktor
thermal relay (thermo-relay): termiese relê, termorelê
thermal release: termiese klink
thermal resistance: termiese weerstand, warmteweerstand (weerstand teen warmtevloeiing)
thermal resistivity (specific thermal
resistance): termiese resistiwiteit, termiese weerstandsvermoë (kabels)
thermal resistor (thermistor): termiese resistor, termistor thermal sag: termiese deurbuiging, termiese deurhanging thermal shield: warmteskerm
thermal short-circuit resistance: termiese kortsluitweerstand
thermal short-time (current) rating: termiese grensstroom (maks. lewering v. elek. masjien oor gespesifiseerde kort tyd sonder om veilige temp, te oorskry)
thermal starter: termoaansitter thermal strength: termiese sterkte thermal stress: termiese spanning
thermal switch (thermo-switch): termiese skakelaar, termoskakelaar (temperatuurbe-heerde skakelaar)
thermal test: termiese toets thermal timer: termiese tydrelê thermal trip: termiese klink
thermal unit: termiese eenheid (vir elek-trisiteitsontwikkeling bv. ’n turbine) thermion: termion (positiewe of negatiewe loon uit gloeiende materiaal) thermionic arc: termioniese boog
thermionic cathode (hot cathode): termioniese katode, gloeikatode thermionic current: termioniese stroom (elektrone vanaf warm katode) thermionic emission: termioniese emissie
thermionic rectifier: termioniese gelykrigter (termioniese buis wat vir gelykrigting of demodulasie gebruik word)
thermionic voltmeter: termioniese voltmeter
thermistor (thermal resistor): termiese resistor, termistor (temperatuurmeting en -kompensering) thermo-ammeter: termoammeter (meet stroom ooreenkomstig sy verwarmende effek) thermocouple: termokoppel (lys van 2 metale waardeur stroom vloei a.g.v. temperatuurverskil) thermocouple diagram: termokoppeldiagram
thermocouple effect (Seebeck effect,

thermo-electric effect): Seebeck-effek, ter-moëlektriese effek
thermocouple instrument: termo-koppelinstrument
thermocouple meter: termokoppelmeter (termokoppel en ammeter of voltmeter)
thermocouple sensing device: termo-koppelvoeltoestel thermocouple thermometer: termo-koppeltermometer thermodynamic prime mover: termo-dinamiese primêre kragbron
thermodynamics: termodinamika (verband tussen warmte en ander energievorme)
thermo-electric: termoëlektries
thermo-electric device: termoëlektriese toestel
thermo-electric effect (Seebeck effect): ter-moëlektriese effek, Seebeck-effek
thermo-electric element: termoëlektriese elemenet
thermo-electric generating set: termoëiek-triese generatorstel
thermo-electricity: termoëlektrisiteit
thermo-electric junction (thermo-junction): termoëlektriese las, termolas (by termokoppel) thermo-electric pile (thermo-pile): ter-mostapel, termosuil (diggepakte termokop-pels in serie) th