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ABOM Agreement Between Operating Members
AFS Audited Financial Statements
AM Asset Management
AS Ancillary Services
ATKSS Ankerlig Transmission Koeberg Second Supply Project
BBBEE Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment
BCM Business Continuity Management
BI Business Intelligence
BTC Board Tender Committee
c/kvarh Cents per reactive kilovolt-ampere-hour
CAD Corporate Affairs Division
CAGR Compounded Average Growth Rate
Capex Capital Expenditure
CCI Coal Cost Index
CC&B Customer Care and Billing
CEES Cause, Effect, Entitlement, and Substantiation
CED Capacity Expansion Department
CFL Compact Fluorescent Lamp
CGAS Constrained Generation Ancillary Service
CGE Computable General Equilibrium
CLN Customer Load Network
CM Corrective Maintenance
CMF Catchment Management Fee
CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System
CMO Contracts Management Office
CNC Customer Network Centre
CO Commercial Operation
COC Cost of Cover
CorrISA Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa
CPA Contract Price Adjustments
CPI Consumer Price Index
CRIEPE Central Research Institute for the Electric Power Industry in Japan
CSI Corporate Social Investment
CSIR Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

CSP Concentrated Solar Power
CT Current Transformer
CUC Capital Unit Charge
CVT Capacitor Voltage Transformer
DAM Day-ahead Market
DDP Due Date Performance
DER Distribution Energy Resources
DFI Development Financial Institution
DLF Distribution Loss Factor
DLSI Distribution Supply Loss Index
DMP Demand Market Participation
DOE Department of Energy
DPE Department of Public Enterprises
DPP-TC Deliver Projects Processes Technical Committee
DR Demand Response
DSM Demand-Side Management (see definitions)
DTC Design to Cost
DUOS Distribution use-of-system
DWA Department of Water Affairs
DWS Department of Water and Sanitation
Dx Distribution
EA Environmental Authorisation
EAF Energy Availability Factor (see definitions)
EAL Eskom Academy of Learning
ECA Export Credit Agency
ECM Enterprise Content Management
ECS Energy Conservation Scheme
EDI Electricity Distribution Industry
EE Energy Efficiency
EEDSM Energy Efficiency and Demand-side Management
EHV Extra High Voltage
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
EIMP Environmental Impact Management Plan
EIMS Eskom Insurance Management Services
ELINI European Liability Insurance for the Nuclear Industry
EMANI European Mutual Association for Nuclear Insurance
EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction
EPMO Eskom Project Management Office
EPP Electricity Pricing Policy

EPRI Electricity Power Research Institute
ERE Eskom Real Estate
ERTSA Eskom Retail Tariff Structural Adjustment
ESA Electricity Storage Association
ESR Electrification and Rural Subsidy
ESCO Energy Services Company
ESI Electricity Supply Industry
EU European Union
EUF Energy Utilisation Factor
EUTC European Utility Telecommunication Committee
EWSETA Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority
Exco Executive Management Committee
FA Fuel Assembles
FAT Factory Acceptance Test
FCA Free Carrier Agreement
FFF Fossil Fuel Foundation
FGD Flue Gas Desulphurisation
FIDIC Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs – Conseils
FMS Fleet Management Services
FOB/FOT Free on board/free on truck (see definitions)
FPM Forward Physical Market
FY Financial Year
GCD Group Capital Division
GCS Group Customer Services
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GFC Group Financial Controller
GIS Geographic Information System
GO General Overhaul
GOIC Generation Capital Investment Committee
GSFA Government Support Framework Agreement
GW Gigawatt
GWh Gigawatt-hour (1 000MWh)
Gx Generation Division
HCB Hydro Cohara Bassa
HPUM High Performance Utility Model
HRM Human Resource Management
HV High Voltage
HVAC High-voltage alternating current or heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

(depending on context

HVDC High-voltage Direct Current
IBT Inclining Block Tariff
ICT Information and Communication Technology
IDC Interest During Construction
IDM Integrated Demand Management
IDM Intra-Day Market
IEA International Energy Agency
IEC International Electro-technical Commission
IEP Integrated Energy Plan
IERE International Energy Research Exchange
IESO Independent Electricity System Operator
IFC Investment Finance Committee
IGMOU Inter-Governmental Memorandum of Understanding
ILS Interruptible Load Shedding
IM Information management
IMF International Monetary Fund
IN Boiler Inspection
IPP Independent Power Producer (see definitions)
IPS Interconnected Power System
IR Interim Repair
IRP Integrated Resource Plan (also IRP 2010)
ISEP Integrated Strategic Electricity Plan
IT Information Technology
ITOMS International Transmission Operations and Maintenance Study
IUMOU Intra-Utility Memorandum of Understanding
IWBS Integrated Work Breakdown Structure
KIC Key Industrial Customers
KM Kilometres
KOD Knowledge Optimisation and delivery/knowledge on Demand
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KRN Key Revision Number
KSACS Key Sales and Customer Services
kt Kilotons (1 000 tons)
kV Kilovolt
kW Kilowatt
kWh Kilowatt-hour
KWS Komati Water Scheme
KWSAP Komati Water Scheme Argumentation Project
LCM Life Cycle Model

LCMP Life-Cycle Management Plan
LDO Long Duration Outage
LED Light-emitting Diode
LF Load Factor
LMC Limited Multi Contract
LOPP Life of Plant Plans
LRMC Long Run Marginal Cost
LSM Living Standards Measure
LTAM Long Term Asset Management
LTIR Lost-time Incident Rate (see definitions)
MC Marginal Cost
MCWAP Mokolo Crocodile West Augmentation Project
MEAV Modern Equivalent Asset Value
MFMA Municipal Finance Management Act
Ml Megalitre/1 million litres
MIRTA Minimum Information Required for Tariff Application
MKI Medupi, Kusile & Ingula
MM Minor Maintenance
MMS Middelburg Mine Services
MPRDA Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development
mSv Millisievert
Mt Million tons
MTO Medium Term Outlook
MTPPP Medium-term Power Purchase Programme
MTS Main Transmission Substation
M&V Measurement and Verification
MVA Megavolt Ampere
MW Megawatt (1 million watts)
MWh Megawatt-hour (1 000kWh or 1 million watt-hours)
MWP Megawatt Park
MYPD Multi-Year Price Determination
NDM Network Demand Management
NEC National Engineering Contract
NEMWA National Environmental Management Waste Act
Nersa National Energy Regulator of South Africa
NGO Non-Governmental Organisation
NIRP National Integrated Resource Plan
NPA Negotiated Pricing Agreement
NPV Net Present Value

NTC National Transmission Company
O/C mining Opencast mining (see definitions)
OCGT Open-cycle Gas Turbine
OCLF Other Capability Loss Factor
ODC Owners Development Cost
OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Standards
O&M Operations and Maintenance
Opex Operating Expenditure
OUs Operating Unit
OVS Online Vending System
PA Partnership Agreement
PCLF Planned capability loss factor
PDD Project Development and Design
PED Primary Energy Division
PEIC Production Engineering Integration Coal
PFMA Public Finance Management Act
PIRM Project Integrated Resource Management
PLCM Project Life Cycle Model
PLCP Project life cycle process
PMO Project Management Office
POD Points of Delivery
PPA Power-Purchase Agreement
PPI Producer Price Index
PPPFA Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act
PQI Power Quality Index
PSP Private Strategic Partnerships
PSS Project Support Services
PTM&C Protection, Telecommunications, Metering & Control
PUC Public Utility Commission
PV Photo Voltaic
QOS Quality of Supply
RAB Regulatory Asset Base
RADAR Research Direction Report
RBCT Richards Bay Coal Terminal
RBM Richards Bay Minerals
RCA Regulatory Clearing Account
REIPP Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer
RETEC Renewable Energy Technical Evaluation Committee
R&E Revenue and Expenses

RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RMB Rand Merchant Bank
RMR Residential Mass Roll-out
ROA Return on Assets
ROI Return on Investment
ROR Rate of Return methodology
RPP Renewable Power Plant
RSA Republic of South Africa
R/t Rand per ton
RT&D Research, Testing and Development
RTS Return to Service
SADC Southern African Development Community
SAE Southern African Energy
SAGC South African Grid Code
SAIDI System Average Interruption Duration Index
SAIFI System Average Interruption Frequency Index
SAIRI System average interruption restoration index
SALGA South African Local Government Association
SANEDI South African National Energy Development Institute
SAPP Southern African Power Pool
SARS South African Revenue Services
SBO Single Buyer Office
SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCO Synchronous Condenser Operation
SD&L Supplier Development and Localisation
SGC Supplier Grouping Code
SHEQ Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality
S-IG Sub-Investment Grade
SIRP Strategic Integrated Resource Plan
SLA Service Level Agreement
SM System Minutes
SMS Sandton Midrand Soweto
SO System Operator
SOE State Owned Entity
SPA Special Pricing Agreement
SPU Small Power Users
S&P Standard and Poor’s
SQI Service Quality Incentive

ST Short Term
STA Source Testing Association
STPPP Short Term Power Producer Programme
STS Standard Transfer Specification
TCO Total-cost-of-ownership
TCTA Trans Caledon Tunnel Authority
TDP Transmission Development Plan
TID Token Identifier
TIPPS Transmission Integrated Plant Performance System
TNSP Transmission Network Service Provider
ToU Time-of-Use
TSP Transmission System Planner
TUOS Transmission use-of-system
TWh Terawatt Hour
TWI The Welding Institute
Tx Transmission
UCG Underground Coal Gasification (see definitions)
UCLF Unplanned Capability Loss Factor
UPGEM University of Pretoria General Equilibrium Model
UoS Use-of-system
URS User Requirement Framework
US United States
VPS Virtual Power Station
VRESS Vaal River Eastern Sub-System
VRESAP Vaal River Eastern Sub-system Augmentation Project
VRT Vaal River Tariff
VT Voltage Transformer
W Watt
WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital
WBS Work breakdown structure
WEPS Wholesale electricity price
WRC Water Research Council
WUC Work Under Construction
ZAR South African Rand