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Acronym list

Acronym Full form
(M)FLOPS (Million) Floating Point Operations per Second
2-D Two Dimensional
2B1Q 2 Binary 1 Quaternary
2W 2wire
3-D 3-Dimensional
3A Mode 3 or Mode A (Classical SSR Reports)
3A/C Mode 3A and Mode C Classical SSR
3D three dimensional
4-MAST 4-MAST Group
4B3T 4 Binary 3 Ternary
4D four dimensional
4D-CARMA 4 Dimensional Cooperative Arrival Manager
4D-NAV 4-D (four dimensional) Navigation
4DPP 4D Trajectory Flight Profile Calculation for planning purposes Service
4EC Initiative Four En-Route Centre Initiative
4GL Fourth Generation Language
4NSAs Four States National Supervisory Authorities (MUAC)
4W 4wire
5GSO Group of Senior Officials - Four States and Maastricht UAC ANSPs (5GSO)
5LNC unique five-letter pronounceable "name-code"
5Nm 5 Nautical Miles
5ST-RSG Five-States Route Structure Group
5YP 5 Year Plan
8.33 CP 8.33 Contact Person
8.33 PMC 8.33 Programme Management Cell
8.33 State A State initially implementing 8.33 kHz channel spacing
96RIF Radio Interface
@PEOC Pan European Outsourcing Consortium (now replaced by @HELIOS)
_ (rho) Symbol for Range
A Austria
Page 3
Acronym Full form
A Analysis (SASS-C)
A ampere
A-AMGCS Advanced Air Movement Guidance and Control System
A-CDM Airport Collaborative Decision Making (Prise de décision en collaboration aux aéroports)
A-CLDL Acknowledged Connectionless Data Link
A-CWP Advanced Controller Working Position
A-DPI Airport-Departure Planning Information
A-ENPRM Advanced - EUROCONTROL Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (Avis de proposition de réglementation
d'EUROCONTROL - Préliminaire)
A-G Air to Ground
A-iCWP Advanced integrated Tower Controller Working Position
A-ITSM Agency IT service management system
A-law PCM companding algorithm used in Europe
A-NPA Advance Notice of Proposed Amendment
A-PNT Alternative Positioning Navigation and Timing
A-QPSK Aviation Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
A-RNP 1 Advanced-RNP 1
A-S Anti-Spoofing
A-S Anti-Spoofing Mode
A-SMGCS Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (Système avancé de guidage et de contrôle des
mouvements en surface)
a.m. Anti Meridiem
A/A Air to Air
A/A Air/Air
A/A Air-Air
A/C Aircraft
A/C Aircraft Call
A/C Alpha/Charlie
A/C/S Alpha / Charlie / Select
A/D Analogue to Digital (converter)
A/G Air-Ground
A/G Air/Ground
A/G Air to Ground
A/GCS Air/Ground Communications Sublayer
A/I Accident(s)/Incident(s)
Page 4
Acronym Full form
A/L Auto Land
a/m Above-mentioned
A/N Affirm/Negative (CPDLC Response Value)
A/P Autopilot
A/T Auto throttle
A/THR Autothrottle/autothrust
A/V Aircraft/Vehicle
A300 Network Identity of the Frankfurt AFTN switching centre (now=DAKOS)
A319 Airbus 319 Aircraft
A320 Airbus 320 Aircraft
A4E Airlines for Europe
A6 A6 Alliance
AA Address Announced
AA Approved Agency
AA Active
AA Aircraft Address
AA Autonomous Aircraft
AA Approved Agencies (Agencies authorised to bid for TSAs)
AAA Advanced Airborne Applications (6th FP Integrated Project)
AAA AIP Audit Assistant
AAA Advanced ATC System Amsterdam / Contrôle régional avancé d'Amsterdam
AAAV Azienda Autonoma di Assistenza al Volo
AAAVTAG Azienda Autonoma Assistenza al Volo per il Traffico Aereo Generale (IT)
AAB AIM Advisory Board
AAB Agency Advisory Body (conseil consultatif de l'Agence)
AABI Aviation Accreditation Board International
AAC Airline Administrative Communication
AAC Aeronautical Administrative Communication
AAC Alpha Attenuation Coefficient
AAC Autorité/administration de l'aviation civile (Civil Aviation Authority - CAA)
AAC Airline Administrative Control
AACE Airfield Approach Control Element
AACI Airports Association Council International
AACO Arab Air Carriers Organisation
Page 5
Acronym Full form
AAD Assigned Altitude Deviation
AADP ATC Advanced Data Processing
AAF Advanced Added Functions
AAF ATM Added Functions
AAF Auxiliary Airfield
AAFCE Allied Air Forces Central Europe
AAFG ATM Added Functionality Sub-Group
AAFT ATM Added Functionality Sub-Group
AAG AIS Automation Group (Groupe de travail sur l'automatisation de l'AIS) (EANPG)
AAG AIS Automation Group
AAGDI Automated Air/Ground Data Interchange
AAGR Average Annual Growth Rate
AAH Autonomous Aircraft Hybrid
AAI Airports Authority of India
AAI Average Arrival Interval
AAIASB (Greek) Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety Board
AAIB Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB)
AAIM Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
AAIS Automated AIS
AAIU Air Accident Investigation Unit
AAL Above Aerodrome Level
AAL ATM Adaptation Layer
AALS Advanced Approach and Landing System
AAM Airport Airside Model (Airport Airside Management High-Level Model) (Modèle de haut niveau de gestion des
aéroports côté piste)
AAM Airline Administration Message
AAMS Advanced Airspace Management System
AAMS Airport Airside Management Systems (Système de gestion des aéroports côté piste)
AAP Advanced Automation Program (US)
AAPF Advanced ATM Planning Function
AAR Airport Acceptance Rate or Airport Arrival Rate
AAR Air-to-Air Refuelling
AAS Aerodrome Advisory Service
Page 6
Acronym Full form
AAS Airspace Architectural Study
AAS Advanced Automation System (USA)
AAS Airborne Approach Spacing
AAS Advanced Airspace Scheme (Schéma évolué de l'espace aérien)
AASC European Airworthiness Authorities Steering Committee
AASI Aeronautical Applications Service Interface
AASR Airways and Airport Surveillance Radar
AAT Active Aircraft Table
AAT Alpha Attenuation Test
AAT Assigned Arrival Time
AAT Aircraft Assignment Tool
AATIP ASEAN Air Transport Integration Project
AATMS Advanced Air Traffic Management System
AATOT Anticipated Actual Take-Off Time
AATT Advanced Air Transportation Technologies
AAUI Aeronautical Applications User Interface
AB Airblock
AB Action Button (Mouse / Trackball)
AB Audit Board
AB TF Audit Board Task Force / Équipe spéciale "Mission d'audit"
ABACUS Advanced Billing And Claims Unified System (CRCO)
ABAS Aircraft-Based Augmentation System (EGNOS) - système de renforcement embarqué
ABB Activity-Based Budget
ABC Advanced Booking Charter
ABC ATC Bypass Complex (MADAP)
ABCD Aircraft-Based Concept Development
ABCO absence contractor (absence personnel externe) (CHRONOTIME)
ABD Agency Board of the Directors
ABEND ABnormal END (of system operation)
ABES ABnormal and Emergency Situations
ABFG ATM Basic Functionality Sub-Group (Sous-groupe "Fonctions ATM de base")
ABI Advance Boundary Information (Message Type Designator)
ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode
Page 7
Acronym Full form
ABN Aerodrome BeacoN
ABO Accrued Benefits Obligation
ABP Agency Business Plan (plan stratégique de l'Agence)
ABPSK Aviation Binary Phase Shift Keying
ABPWG ANSB Business Planning Working Group (Groupe de travail de l'ANSB sur la planification stratégique)
ABR Available Bit Rate
ABRD Automatic Baud Rate Detection
AC Airworthiness codes
AC Alto Cumulus
AC Aircraft Commander
AC Aircraft Characteristics (aircraft type + performance, ENV entity type, used in all CHMI)
AC Alternating Current
AC Assistant Controller
AC Access Control
AC Association Control
AC Attack Computer (Eurofighter)
AC Assessment Centre
AC All-Call
AC autorité compétente (Competent Authority - CA)
AC Advisory Circular
AC Altitude Code (field)
AC Aircraft
AC/NAC AirCraft, Non-AirCraft (ARTAS)
ACA AUP / UUP Message Composition Application
ACA Air Traffic Centre Architecture (RADNET)
ACA Alternate Controller Attachment (feature)
ACA Airport Coordinators Association
ACA Address Compression Algorithm
ACA AUP/UUP Compilation Application (Software)
ACA Airport Carbon Accreditation
ACA Airspace Control Activity
ACA ATC Centre Communication Architecture
ACAC African Aviation Commission
Page 8
Acronym Full form
ACAC Arab Civil Aviation Commission (Commission arabe de l'aviation civile)
ACAD Auto Computer Aided Design (Operator-Input + Display System)
Acad Academic establishments
ACAF ATM Common Assessment Framework
ACAG Airspace Coordination Agencies
ACAM Airport Capacity Modelling Task Force
ACAM Airport Capacity Airside Modelling
ACAP Airport capacity and runway utilisation (Exploitation de la capacité des aéroports et utilisation des pistes)
ACARE Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (Conseil consultatif pour la recherche aéronautique en
ACARS Aircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System (Système embarqué de communications,
d'adressage et de compte rendu)
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System (Système anticollision embarqué)
ACAS I Aircraft Collision Avoidance System Version 1
ACAS II Aircraft Collision Avoidance System Version 2
ACAS III Aircraft Collision Avoidance System Version 3
ACAS RA ACAS Resolution Advisory (Avis de résolution ACAS)
ACAS X Airborne Collision Avoidance System X (FAA)
ACAS Xu/sXu versions of ACAS X dedicated to RPAS
ACASA ACAS Analysis (Analyse ACAS)
ACATF ATC Centre Communications Architecture Task Force
ACB Address Check Boundary
ACC Group of Experts on Accident Investigation (ICAO)
ACC Approach Control Centre (Centre de contrôle d'approche)
ACC ACCeptance phase
ACC Area Control Centre (centre de contrôle régional - CCR)
ACC Controller Area Controller
ACC Loop Anticipation-Action-Comparison Loop
ACC-PC ACC Planning Controller
ACC-TC ACC Tactical Controller
ACC3 Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport
ACCA Air Charter Carriers Association
ACCAPEG Aviation and Climate Change Action Plan Expert Group
ACCATF Equipe spéciale 'Architecture des communications des centres ATC'
ACCB AIXM Change Control Board (Comité de suivi des modifications de l'AIXM)
Page 9
Acronym Full form
ACCD Advanced Continuous Climb Departure
ACCEL Accelerate
ACCES ACC assessing capacity method
ACCESS Aircraft Control Console for Experiments and Simulations Studies
ACCID notification of aircraft ACCIDent
ACCS Air Command and Control System (NATO)
ACDA Advanced Continuous Descent Approach
ACDB Agency Contact Data Base
ACDMD Air Collaborative Decision Making Demonstrator
ACE ATM/CNS Systems Enginnering (EEC)
ACE Altimeter Control Equipment
ACE ATM Cooperation and Coordination in South Eastern Europe (Coopération et coordination ATM dans le Sud-
Est de l'Europe)
ACE Airport Airside Capacity Enhancement (Amélioration de la capacité aéroportuaire côté piste)
ACE Association des Compagnies Aériennes de la Communauté Européenne
ACE Allied Command Europe
ACE Angiotensin Converting Enzyme
ACE ATM Cost-Effectiveness
ACE ATC Communications Environment
ACE WG ATM Cost-Effectiveness Working Group (Groupe de travail sur l'efficacité économique de l'ATM)
ACELP Adaptative Code Excited Linear Prediction
ACF Airline Consultation Forum (Forum de consultation des compagnies aériennes)
ACF Area Control Facility. See ACC or ARTCC
ACF ACARS Convergence Function
ACF Advanced Communications Function
ACF Avion de Combat Futur (FR)
ACFT Aircraft
ACFT ID Aircraft Identifier
ACG ATS System Concept Working Group
ACG Atm/cns Consultation Group
ACG ATM/CNS Consultation Group / Groupe consultatif ATM/CNS
ACG Advanced ATS Concept Group
Page 10
Acronym Full form
ACG Ats Concept working Group
ACG ATM/CNS Consultancy Group (Groupe consultatif ATM/CNS)
ACG Austro Control GmbH
ACH ATC Flight Plan Change (Modification de plan de vol ATC) (IFPS)
ACI Area of Common Interest (SYSCO)
ACI Adjacent Channel Interference
ACI Airports Council International (Conseil international des aéroports)
ACI-NA Airports Council International - North America
ACID Aircraft Identification (ICAO)
ACID IR aircraft identification implementing rule
ACIG ATM Content Integration Group
ACISP Airport CDM Information Sharing Platform
ACJ Advisory Circular Joint
ACK Acknowledgement message (Message d'accusé de réception)
ACL Altimeter Check Location
ACL ATC Clearances
ACL Airport Coordination Limited
ACL ATM Capability Levels
ACL Aeronautical Clearances Service
ACL Atc CLearances & instructions
ACL Access Control Lists
ACLA Harmonisation of Airspace Classification in the Lower Airspace
ACLR Access Control Logging & Reporting
ACM ATC Communications Management
ACM Asset Change Management
ACM Acceptance of (Radar) Coordination Message
ACM Airspace Control Measures
ACM ATC Microphone Check
ACM Advanced Configuration Management
ACM Airborne Conflict Management
ACM Airspace Configuration Management (N-FDPS)
ACMET Airport Capacity Meteo
ACMI Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance
ACMI Air Combat Manoeuvring and Instrumentation
Page 11
Acronym Full form
ACMS Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
ACN Aircraft Classification Number
ACN Austrian Communication Network
ACN Airspace Coordination Notification
ACNS Airborne Communications, Navigation and Surveillance
ACNUSA Autorité de Contrôle des Nuisances Sonores Aéroportuaires (FR)
ACO Airspace Coordination Order
ACOC Agence Civile OTAN du Temps de Guerre (FR)
ACOD Area Conflict Detection
ACP Aircraft Control Position (window)
ACP Allied Communications Publication
ACP Area Control Procedural
ACP ASAS Crossing Procedure
ACP Azimuth Change/Count Pulses
ACP Accept Message (OLDI)
ACP Azimuth Count Pulse
ACP African, Caribbean and Pacific States
ACP ACcePt(ance) (message type designator)
ACP Airspace Control Plan
ACP Abri Contrôle de Piste (FR)
ACP Accept decision (CRCO claims)
ACP ARTAS Change Proposal
ACP Aeronautical Communications Panel (ICAO)
ACP Airspace Crossing Acceptance Message
ACPO Aircraft Position Operator
ACPRF All-Call Period Repetition Frequncy
ACPSC Advisory Committee on Procurement and Sales Contracts (Commission consultative des marchés d'achat et
de vente (CCMAV))
ACR Airfield Control Radar
ACR Atlantic Coordinated Route
ACROPOLE Amélioration de la coordination et de la régularité par l'optimisation des procédures opérationnelles et de
l'assistance électronique
ACS Area Control Surveillance
ACS Airspace Control System
Page 12
Acronym Full form
ACS Aircraft Call Sign
ACS ATFM Contingency Services (Services ATFM d'urgence)
ACs Analysis Classes
ACS Advanced Cockpit Simulator
ACS Advanced Communication System (EEC)
ACS ATM Concept and Studies (Concept et études ATM)
ACSA Allied Communications Security Agency
ACSE Application Control Service Element
ACSE Association Control Service Element
ACSP Air Communication Service Provider
ACT Activation message (Message d'activation) OLDI
ACTARR Activation Message for an Arrival
ACTCO Attention CPS Text Communication Object
ACTF Aeronautical Charting Task Force (Équipe spéciale sur la cartographie aéronautique)
ACTOUT ACTivation message OUT
ACU Automatic Calling Unit
ACU Airspace / Antenna Control Unit. See BSU
ACW AntiClockWise
ACWP Actual Cost of Work Performed
ACZT Actual Commencement of De-icing Time
AD Administrative Domain (ENOC)
AD Air Defence
AD Anno Domini
AD Aerodrome
AD Architectural Design
AD Airspace Design
AD Airworthiness Directive
AD Airside Directive
AD Add/Delete (flag)
AD Airspace Data Ops Team (Équipe « Exploitation des données d'espace aérien »)
AD-SPG Ad hoc Aeronautical Spectrum Protection Group
AD/R Architectural Design Review
ADA ADvisory Area
Page 13
Acronym Full form
Ada Name of a high-order computer programming language (not an acronym)
ADAA Automatic Data Access Arrangement
ADaaS ATM Data as a Service
ADAC Aeronautical Data and Charting
ADAGES Action Plan Definition on the Basis of Architecture studies from GAAS for EATMS / Définition d'un plan
d'action pour l'EATMS sur la base des études d'architecture du projet GAAS
ADAM Air Defence and Airspace Management Directorate (NATO)
ADAMS Aeronautical Data and Message Switching System
ADAP Automated Downlink of Airborne Parameters
ADAPT ATS Data Acquisition, Processing and Transfer Panel (ICAO)
ADAS Advanced Datalink and Airborne Surveillance
ADB Administrative Bureau
ADB Airports Database
ADB/DB Aeronautical Database
ADC Aerodrome Control(ler)
ADC Advanced Designs Corporation (weather radar manufacturer - USA)
ADC Aeronautical Digital Communications Group
ADC Air Defence Centre / Command
ADC Air Data Computer
ADC Analog to Digital Converter
ADCA Air Defence Classification Area
ADCCP Advanced Data Communications Control Procedure
ADCE Airborne Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment
ADCE Aircraft Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment
ADCO Arrival Departure Coordinator
ADCP Air Defence Command Post
ADD Acceptable Deferred Defect
ADD Aircraft Derived Data
ADD Air-Derived Data
ADD Architectural Design Document (EATMS)
ADD Average Delay per Delayed Flight
ADD Aircraft Downlinked Data
ADD; ADDF Average delay per delayed flight (Retard moyen par vol retardé)
ADDCS Analog and Discrete Data Converter System
Page 14
Acronym Full form
ADDI Automated Digital Data Interchange (ICAO)
ADDN ADDitioN(al)
ADDR Address
ADE Expatriation allowance (Allocation de dépaysement)
ADE Air Defence Element
ADE Autonomous Display Equipment
ADEG ATS Data Exchange Group
ADEP Aerodrome of Departure
ADES Aerodrome of Destination
ADEXA Air Defence EXercise Area
ADEXP ATS Data Exchange Presentation (Présentation de l'échange de données ATS)
ADF Automatic direction finder (Radiogoniomètre automatique)
ADF Adjusted Delay Factor
ADF Application Development Facility
ADFL Augmented Dynamic Flight Leg
ADGE Air Defence Ground Environment
ADHDF Average delay per highly delayed flight (Retard moyen par vol fortement retardé)
ADI Aerodrome Control Instrument
ADI Aeronautical Data Integrity
ADI Attitude Display Indicator
ADID (LAN) ADapter IDentification
ADID Aerodrome Identification
ADIDS Aeronautical Digital Information Display System
ADIDS Advanced Data & Image Distribution System (CCTV application)
ADIRS Air Data Inertial Reference System
ADIRU Air Data Inertial Reference Unit
ADIS Automated Data Interchange Systems
ADIS Arrival and Departure Information System
ADIS (P) Automated Data Interchange System (Panel) - ICAO
ADIZ Air Defence Identification Zone
ADJ ADJacent
ADKAR Abgesetzte Darstellung von KARLDAP Radardaten (DE)
ADL Architecture Description Language
ADLP Airborne Data Link Processor
Page 15
Acronym Full form
ADM Air Data Module
ADM Airborne Data Bus
ADM Administration Identifier
ADM ADMinistration (system or bureau)
ADM Average Delay per Movement
ADM Administrative / Administration
ADM ATFM Delay per Movement (Retard ATFM par mouvement)
ADM1 muac ADMar console 1
ADM2 muac ADMar console 2
ADMA Average Delay per Movement on Arrival
ADMAR Abgesetzte Darstellung von MADAP Radar- und Flugplandaten (DE) / Remote display of MADAP radar data /
Affichage déporté des données radar du MADAP
ADMD Administration Management Domain
ADMD Airspace Data Management & Distribution
ADMD Average Delay per Movement on Departure
ADMIT Administrative Information Technology
ADMIT Administrative IT (Steering Committee = Comité directeur pour l'informatique de gestion)
ADMSG Aeronautical Data Modelling Study Group
ADNC Air Defence Notification Centre (GR)
ADNET Administrative Network (Switzerland)
ADNS Aeronautical Radio Incorporated Data Network Service
ADO Airspace Data Operations
ADO Architectural Design Overview
ADOC Air Defence Operations Centre
ADOLT Air Defence Liaison Team
ADOP adoption of a child (adoption d'un enfant) (CHRONOTIME)
ADORA Analysis and Definition of the Operational Requirements for ATM
ADOS Airspace Data Operations Support (former FDOD/ADS Section, after reorganisation renamed DSU)
ADOT Airspace Data Operations Team (former FDOD/ADS/SOS, after reorganisation renamed ADOU
ADOU Airspace Data Operations Unit
ADP Automatic Data Processing
ADP Activity Predictor Display
ADP Auxiliary Data Processing
ADP ATFCM Daily Plan
Page 16
Acronym Full form
ADP Aéroports de Paris (FR)
ADP AIS Data Process
ADP ATFM Delay Plan (Plan des retards ATFM)
ADP/APRN Aéroports de Paris/Direction de l'aménagement et des programmes/Unité prestations navigation aérienne
ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADPG ATM Data Processing Sub-Group
ADPS Aeronautical Data Processing Systems
ADPSG ATM Procedures Development Sub-Group
ADQ Aeronautical Data Quality
ADQ IR Aeronautical Data Quality and Information Implementing Rule / Implementing Rule on Aeronautical Data and
Information Quality
ADR Average Delay per Regulated Flight
ADR Airspace Data Repository
ADR Air Data Reference
ADR Altitude Deviation Report
ADR Advisory Route
ADR Airfield Damage Repair
ADR Architectural Design Review
ADREP Accident Data Reporting
ADRS Air Defence Radar Site (or Station)
ADRU Air Defence Radar Unit
ADS Audio Distribution System
ADS Astrophysics Data System
ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance (surveillance dépendante automatique)
ADS Air Data System
ADS PSG ADS Programme Steering Group
ADS-A Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Addressed
ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (surveillance dépendante automatique en mode diffusion)
ADS-B ADD ADS-B Aircraft Derived Data
ADS-B-NRA ADS-B in non-Radar Area
ADS-B-RAD ADS-B surveillance in radar airspace
ADS-C Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Contract
ADS-ICG ADS Internal Coordination Group
Page 17
Acronym Full form
ADS-P Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Panel (ICAO)
ADS-PMB ADS Programme Management Board
ADS-R Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Report
ADS-SG CHIEF Airspace Design Subgroup (Sous-groupe "Conception de l'espace aérien CHIEF")
ADSE ADS Equipment
ADSEL ADdress SELective (Secondary Radar forerunner of Mode-S, UK)
ADSEL Address Selective SSR System (UK)
ADSF Automatic Dependent Surveillance Function
ADSG ATC and DP Strategy Sub-Group
ADSIA Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency
ADSP ATM Data Service Provider
ADSP Automatic Dependent Surveillance Panel
ADSP ADS Processor
ADSS Airspace Data and Support Section
ADSS ADS and data link surveillance (ADS et surveillance par liaison de données)
ADT Approved Departure Time
ADTI Additional Technical Information (ODS - ESCO)
ADU ADapter Unit
ADUG Airport Database User Group
ADV Aerodrome Control Visual
ADVON Advanced Echelon
ADVUE Advanced User Equipment (GPS)
ADZ Synonymous with ADIZ
ADZ Advise
ADZY Advisory (US)
AE Authorisation d'engagement
AE Application Entity
AE Antenna
AE ATM Engineering
AE Automatic Evaluation (SASS-C)
AEA Association of European Airlines
AECG ACAS Evaluation and Coordination Group (EATCHIP)
Page 18
Acronym Full form
AECMA Association Européenne des Constructeurs de Matériel Aéronautique - European Association of Aerospace
Equipment Manufacturers
AECP Aeronautical European Common Proposal
AED Airspace Environmental Data
AED Agence européenne de défense (European Defence Agency - EDA)
AED Agence européenne de défense (European Defence Agency - EDA)
AED Agence européenne de défense (European Defence Agency - EDA)
AEE Agence européenne pour l'environnement (European Environment Agency - EEA)
AEEC Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee
AEF Alternating Electric Field
AEFMP Algeria, Spain, France, Morocco, Portugal Project
AEG-TFK AEG-Telefunken
AEGIS ATM European Group for the Improvement of (ATC) Scenarios (Groupe européen chargé de l'amélioration
des scénarios (ATC) dans le domaine de l'ATM)
AEGIS Advanced EUROCONTROL Guidelines for Implementing SES
AEGIS Airborne Early Warning Ground Environment Integrated Segment
AEM Advanced Emission Model
AEM Airports and Environment Management (Gestion des aéroports et de l'environnement)
AEM BD Airports & Environment Management Business Division (EUROCONTROL - DAS Business Directorate)
AeMC Aeromedical Centre
AEN Dependent child allowance (Allocation pour enfant à charge)
AENA Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea (ES) / Spanish Airport and Air navigation Administration
AEP Architecture Evolution Plan
AEP ATFCM Evolution Plan
AERA Automated En-Route ATCAF
AERA Automated En-Route Air Traffic Control
AEREA Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics
AERO I/H+ Satellite Data 2, 3 services
AeroMACS Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System
AERONET II Aero Thematic Network
AES Automatic Enhanced Surveillance
AES ATC Engineering Section
AES Aircraft / Airborne Earth Station (ICAO - ADS)
AESA Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (Spanish Aviation Safety Agency)
Page 19
Acronym Full form
AESA Agence européenne de la sécurité aérienne (European Union Aviation Safety Agency - EASA)
AESS Aeronautical European Spectrum Strategy
AET Association for European Transport - Association Européenne du Transport
AEU Antenna Electronic Unit
AEV Annual Equivalent Value
AEW Airborne Early Warning
AEWPD Adapted EATMP Work Programme Document
AEX Foreign residence allowance (Allocation d'expatriation)
AF Adjustment Factor
AF Audio Frequency (VCS)
AF Analysis filter
AF ATM Functionality
AF Assured Forwarding
AF Air Force
AF DME Arc to a Fix (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
AFAS Aircraft in the Future ATM System (Aéronefs dans le futur système ATM)
AFAST Active Final Approach Spacing Tool
AFB Air Force Base (US)
AFC Airport Facilities Control (ICAO)
AFC Area Forecast Centre
AFC ATC Frequency Change (service)
AFC Automatic Frequency Control
AFCAC African Civil Aviation Commission (Commission Africaine de l'Aviation Civile, CAFAC)
AFCENT Allied Forces CENTral europe HQ
AFCNF Air Force Central NOTAM Facility (US)
AFCS Automatic Flight Control System
AFD Associated Flight Details
AFDAS Approach Funnel Deviation Alert System
AFDS Autopilot Flight Director System
AFDX Avionics Full Duplex switched ethernet
AFFSC (E) Air Forces Flight Safety Committee (Europe)
AFG AFterGlow (SDD image)
AFG Advisory Financial Group (ex-FCG/EUROCONTROL) / Groupe Financier de consultation
AFG-TF Advisory Financial Group - Task Force on the Audit and Control Boards
Page 20
Acronym Full form
AFI Authority and Format Identifier
AFI Africa / Indian Ocean (ICAO Region)
AFI ICAO region AFrica + India
AFIL Air-Filed Flight Plan
AFIS Aeronautical Feature Information Service
AFIS Aerodrome Flight Information Service
AFISO Aerodrome Flight information Service Officer
AFL Actual Flight Level
AFL Assigned Flight Level
AFM Aircraft Flight Manual
AFM Automatic Font Management
AFM Autonomous Flight Management
AFM AFfirMative, Yes, That is Correct
AFMS Advanced Flight Management System
AFMSG Audit and Financial Matters Sub-Group
AFMU Airspace and Flow Management Unit
AFN ATS Facilities Notification
AFN Airspace, Flow management and Navigation
AFN BD Airspace/Flow Management & Navigation Business Division (Division prestataire "Espace aérien / gestion des
courants de trafic aérien et navigation")
AFNOR Association Française de Normalisation (FR)
AFO Household allowance (Allocation de foyer)
AFOS Automation of Field Operations and Services
AFP Airborne Flight Plan message
AFP Abbreviated Flight Plan (NATCON system at Avinor)
AFP Air Traffic Control Flight Plan Proposal
AFP Active Flight Plan Processing
AFPA Automated Flight Plan to Track Association
AFPC Automatic Frequency / Phase Control
AFPL ADEXP Format Individual Flight Plan Message -
AFR Autonomous Flight Rules
AFR6380 Air France flight 6380
AFS Advanced Functional Simulator
AFS Aeronautical Fixed Service
Page 21
Acronym Full form
AFSATCOM Airborne Satellite Communication
AFSBW Amt für Flugsicherung der Bundeswehr (DE)
AFSCN Air Force Satellite Control Network
AFSG Aeronautical Fixed Services Group (ICAO)
AFSS Automated Flight Service Station
AFT Average Flight Time
aft AFTer ... Time or Place
AFTK Available Freight Tonne Kilometre (cargo)
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (Réseau du service fixe des télécommunications
AFUA Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace
AFUAS Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace Support Service
AFUU Association Française des Utilisateurs d'Unix (FR)
AFW Area Flows Window
AG Address Ground DTE
AGA Aerodromes, Air Routes and Ground Aids
AGADE Automated Air/Ground Data Interchange
AGARD Advisory Group on Aeronautical Research and Developments (NATO)
AGAS (High-Level) Action Group for ATM Safety (Groupe d'action européen de haut niveau pour la sécurité de
AGAS ICG AGAS Implementation Coordination Group
AGAS IRWG AGAS Implementation of Regulations Working Group
AGAT Advisory Group for ATM Training (Groupe consultatif pour la formation ATM)
AGATE A-SMGCS Ground Control Assistance Tools for Europe
AGC Air Ground Cooperative ATS Programme
AGC Air/Ground Cooperative ATS Concept
AGC Air-Ground Communications
AGC Ad hoc Group of Commissioners (SRC)
AGC Automatic Gain Control (VCS)
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGC SRC Ad Hoc Group of Commissioners (Groupe ad hoc des commissaires de la SRC)
AGC Air-Ground Cooperative Air Traffic Services (Services de la circulation aérienne en coopération air-sol)
AGCFG Air-Ground Communications Focus Group (Groupe de réflexion sur les communications air-sol)
AGCS Air-Ground Communication System
AGCSG Air/Ground Communication Sub-Group Meeting
Page 22
Acronym Full form
AGDC Air/Ground Data Communications
AGDC-SG Air/Ground Data Communications Sub Group. See AGSG
AGDC-TF Air/Ground Data Communications-TF (ODT)
AGDL Air-Ground Data Link (Liaison de données air-sol)
AGDLGMS Air Ground Data Link Ground Management System
AGDLGMS A/G Datalink Ground Management System
AGDLS Air-Ground Data Link System
AGE Agency Group for Excellence (Groupe «Excellence» de l'Agence)
AGHT Actual Ground Handling start Time
AGIFORS Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies
AGINF Air-Ground Infrastructure
AGL Airfield Ground Lighting
AGL Above Ground Level
AGLAE Air-Ground Data Link Applications Experimentation (FR)
AGM Administrative and Guidance Material
AGN Agenda
AGNA Advisory Group National Authorities
AGOD Advisory Group on Deliverables
AGR Agreement
AGR Air/Ground Router
AGR Agency Advisory Group on Research (Groupe consultatif pour la recherche)
AGS Aeronautical Gateway System
AGSG Air / Ground Data Communication Sub group
AGSVC Air-Ground Services
AGVC Air/Ground Voice Communication
AGVC-SG Air/Ground Voice Communication Sub Group
AGVCS Air Ground Voice Channel Spacing
AGVN ATS Ground Voice Network
AGY Agency
AH Artificial Horizon
AH Application Header
AHD Advanced Help Desk
Page 23
Acronym Full form
AHDG Assigned Heading
AHEAD Automation and Harmonisation of European Aeronautical Data (Automatisation et harmonisation des données
aéronautiques européennes)
AHGSO Ad Hoc Group of Senior Officials (Groupe ad hoc de hauts fonctionnaires)
AHMI Airborne Human-Machine Interface (Interface homme-machine embarquée)
AHU Air Handling Unit
AI Attitude Indicator
AI Artificial Intelligence (intelligence artificielle - IA)
AI Aeronautical Information
AIA Aerospace Industries of America
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIAE International Association of the Former Officials of EUROCONTROL (Association internationale des anciens
AIB Aeronautical Information Bulletin (EAD)
AIB Aeronautical Information Bureau
AIBN Accident Investigation Board Norway (Statens havarikommisjon for transport, SHT)
AIBT Actual In-Block Time
AIC Aeronautical Information Circular (Circulaire d'information aéronautique)
AICB Air Initiated Comm-B (Protocol)
AICG ACAS Implementation Coordination Group (Groupe de coordination de la mise en oeuvre de l'ACAS)
AICG Airport Interface Coordination Group
AICG Ab Initio Coordination Group
AICM Aeronautical Information Conceptual Model (Modèle conceptuel d'informations aéronautiques)
AID Aid or Aircraft Identification
AIDA Aeronautical Information and Data handling Austria
AIDA Airport Surface Operations and Integration of Data with ATC
AIDB Airport Information Databases
AIDC ATS Interfacility Data Communications (ICAO)
AIDU Aeronautical Information Document Unit
AIDX Aviation Information Data Exchange
AIG Automatic Input Generation
AIG Accident Investigation [and Prevention]
AIG ACAS Implementation Group (Groupe de mise en oeuvre de l'ACAS)
AIGD ADS-B Implementation and Operational Guidance Document
AIHWG Aeronautical Information Harmonization Working Group
Page 24
Acronym Full form
AIIRE Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions
AIL Aeronautical Item Location Bank (ODS)
AIM Aeronautical Information Management (Gestion de l'information aéronautique)
AIM Air Traffic Flow Management Information Message
AIM Accident Incident Model
AIM AFTN message type
AIM ATFM Information Message (IFPS)
AIM-B Aeronautical Information Management - The Big Picture (course title)
AIM-FANS Airbus Interoperable Modular FANS
AIM-I Aeronautical Information Management - The Inside (course title)
AIMA Airport Impact Model Assessment
AIMAS Académie internationale de médecine aéronautique et spatiale (International Academy of Aviation and Space
Medicine - IAASM)
AIMS Aircraft Integrated Monitoring (Information Management) System
AIMSL AIM Service Layer
AINSC Aeronautical INdustry Service Communication
AIP Administrative Incentive Pricing
AIP Aeronautical Information Publication (publication d'information aéronautique)
AIPE Association Internationale du Personnel d'EUROCONTROL (International Association of EUROCONTROL
AIPN Appointing authority / Autorité investie du pouvoir de nomination
AIPSG Aircraft Identification Programme Steering Group
AIR Armament Initiative and Requirements
AIR Air Control
AIR AIRworthiness
AIR 4653 Aerospace Information Report 4653 (Flight Management Systems Review)
Air-TN Air Transport Net
AIRAC Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (Régularisation et contrôle de la diffusion des
renseignements aéronautiques)
AIRCO AIR COnditioning
AIRCOM Aircraft Communications
AIRE Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions
AIRE Airlines International Representation in Europe
AIREP AIrborne position REPort
AIREP Air-Report (ICAO)
Page 25
Acronym Full form
AIRI SG Aeronautical Information Regulations Implementation Sub-group
AIRIAL Air Navigation Inter-site Acronym List
AIRM ATM Information Reference Model
AIRMET Air Meteorological Information Report
AIRP Airworthiness Panel (ICAO)
AIRPROX Aircraft Proximity
AIRS Airport Information Report Service
AIRSAW Airborne Situation Awareness
AIS Abbreviated Injury Scale
AIS Aeronautical Information Services (Services d'information aéronautique) ICAO
AIS AHEAD Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Automation and Harmonisation of European Aeronautical Data
(AHEAD) Programme (Programme d'automatisation et d'harmonisation des données aéronautiques
européennes pour les Services d'information aéronautique)
AIS-AIMSG AIS-AIM Study Group (Aeronautical Information Services-Aeronautical Information Management Study Group
AIS-TF AIS Training Task Force
AISAP AIS Automation Panel
AISAS Aeronautical Information Services Automated System
AISC Aeronautical Mobile Communications System Panel
AISC Aeronautical Industry Service Communication
AISG AIS Automation Working Group (ICAO)
AISOPS AIS Operations
AISP Aeronautical Information Service Provider
AISPOP AIS Planning and Operations Subgroup
AISS Aeronautical Information Server System (ODS)
AIST; AIS Team Aeronautical Information Service Team (Groupe "Services d'information aéronautique")
AISTEC AIS Technical Sub-Group
AISTF Agency IT Strategy Task Force (Équipe spéciale « Stratégie TI de l'Agence »)
AISU Aeronautical Information Services Unit
AIT Aircraft Identification Tag
AITF ANSB Institutional Task Force / Équipe spéciale de l'ANSB sur les questions institutionnelles
AITSC Administrative IT Steering Committee
AIU Aviation Intelligence Unit
AIW Area Infringement Warning
Page 26
Acronym Full form
AIXM Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (Modèle d'échange des informations aéronautiques)
AJM sickness adjustment (congé converti en maladie) (CHRONOTIME)
AK data AcKnowledge
AK8 Amplitude Key Shift
aka Also Known As
AKARD Available Knowledge And required system Research and Development
AL Alerting Service
AL Albania
AL Aircraft Label
AL Assurance Level
ALA ALighting Area
ALAQS Airport Local Air Quality Studies
ALAR approach and landing accident reduction
ALARP As Low As Reasonably Practicable
ALB Alternative Label
ALB [1] Alternative track LaBel 1, (G/S, climb, descent)
ALB [2] Alternative LaBel 2 (SSR Code)
ALC Automatic Level Control
ALCC Airlift Central Coordination Centre
ALCE Airlift Control Element
ALCM Air Launched Cruise Missile
ALD Airlift Division
ALD Automated Logic Diagram
ALDA Agency Library Documentation and Archives (Service des bibliothèques, de la documentation et des archives
de l'Agence)
ALDT Actual Landing Time
ALENA Accord de libre-échange pour l'Amérique du Nord / North American Free Trade Agreement (=NAFTA)
ALERFA Alert Phase
Alert Alert Phase
ALFA ACI Association des Aéroports de Langue Française Associés à l'Airports Council International
ALGOL ALGOrithmic Language
ALI (States) 4 (Maastricht) States - Amendment of Legal Instruments Working Group
Page 27
Acronym Full form
ALIM Ats Line Interface & Monitoring
ALIM Altitude Limit (Positive RA Altitude Threshold)
ALLA nursing (allaitement) (CHRONOTIME)
ALLA Atn Lower Layer Acces processor
ALLA Allied Long Lines Agency
ALLPIRG All Planning and Implementation Regional Group ((Réunion de) tous les Groupes régionaux de planification et
de mise en oeuvre)
ALM Application Lifecycle Management
ALMC Airlift Movement Cell
ALO Air Force Liaison Officer
ALPA Air Line Pilots Association
ALR ALeRting (message type designator)
ALR ALeRt: displays 4 hatched symbols in line 3 of label for STCA
ALRC Altitude Reconstruction
ALRS Alerting Service
ALRTF ATCO Licensing Review Task Force
ALS Approach Lighting System
ALS Architecture Layer Structure (ISO)
ALS Automatizovany Letisni System (CZ) / Automated Airport System
ALS Automatic Line Switch (RMCDE)
ALS Airborne Laser Scanning
ALT Altitude
ALT Airborne Link Terminal
ALT Alanine Transaminase (GOT)
Alt ALTernating, (relating to marine lights)
ALTN ALTerNate (Aerodrome)
ALTRV Altitude Reservation System
ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit
ALUG ATCO Licencing User Group
ALUG AudioLAN Users Group
AM Armenia
AM Amplitude Modulation
AM Arrival Manager (Gestionnaire des arrivées)
Page 28
Acronym Full form
AM Attribute Modification
AM Arrival Manager
AM Address Mobile dte
AM Airspace Management
AM Analysis Model
AM-MSK Amplitude Modulated Minimum Shift Keying
AM-SSB Single Side Band Amplitude Modulation
AM-VHF Amplitude Modulation Very High Frequency
AMA Arrival Management Message
AMA Airlift Management Agency
AMA agreement medical advisor (accord conseil médical) (CHRONOTIME)
AMA AMC Manageable Area
AMA Area Minimum Altitude
AMACS All-purpose Multi-carrierl Aviation Communication System
AMAN Arrival Manager (APATSI)
AMAN Advanced Arrival and Management Support
AMASS Airport Area Movement Safety System
AMBE Advanced Multi-Band Excitation
AMC ATC Microphone Check (service)
AMC Airspace Management Cell (Cellule de gestion de l'espace aérien)
AMC ATS Messaging Management Centre (AMC)
AMC Acceptable Means of Compliance
AMC Area of Mandatory Carriage
AMC Aeromedical Centre
AMC Airspace Military Cell
AMC/CADF Airspace Management Cell - ECAC Centralised Airspace Data Function
AMC/GM Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material
AMCP Aeronautical Mobile Communication Panel (ICAO)
AMCs Acceptable Means of Compliance
AMD Aerodrome mapping data
AMD Administrative Management Domain
AMD AMenD(ed) (meteo message)
AMD Arrival manager Display
AMDAR (Global) Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay
Page 29
Acronym Full form
AMDB Aerodrome Mapping Database
AMDP Airspace Management Data Processing
AMDP-TF EATCHIP Airspace Management Data Processing Task Force
AMDT Amendment (ICAO)
AMDWP Aeromedical Working Party
AME Authorised Medical Examiner
AME ATFM Message Exchange (System)
AME Aero-medical Examiner (examinateur aéromédical)
AMEG Air Miss Evaluation Group (D)
AMHS ATS Message Handling System
AMI Alternate Mark Inversion
AMI Airspace Management Information
AMI Administrative and Management Information Software
AMID Approach Multi-Input Device (ODID)
AMIS Aerodrome Mapping Information Service
AMJ Advisory Material Joint
AML (WP) Airfield Markings and Lighting (Working Party)
AMM Aircraft Maintenance Manual
AMMON AIS Data and Publication Measuring and Monitoring
AMN Airspace Management and Navigation (EATMP Unit)
AMO Assignment Message OAT
AMOC ATFM Air Traffic Flow Management
AMOC ATFM Modelling Capability
AMOD ATC Modification of FPL
AMOFSG Aerodrome Meteorological Observation and Forecast Study Group (ICAO)
AMON Airport (slot) Monitoring
AMOS Automatic Meteorological Observing System
AMOS ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support (Appui à l'exploitation et à la maintenance de l'ARTAS)
AMP Airborne Monitoring Project
AMP Airspace Management Plan system (Belgium)
AMP Amplifier
AMP Airborne Monitoring Project
AMP Application Maintenance Provider
AMPII Airspace Management Plan 2
Page 30
Acronym Full form
AMPLE ATM Master Plan for Europe
AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Service
AMPS American Mobile Phone System
AMQP Advanced Message Queuing Protocol
AMR TF ATCO Medical Requirements Task Force
AMRS Aeronautical Mobile (Route) Service
AMRSG ATCO Medical Requirements Study Group (UK)
AMRTF ATCO Medical Requirements Task Force
AMRUFRA Amsterdam-Ruhr-Frankfurt
AMS Arrival Management System
AMS Airborne Mission System
AMS ATC Model-Simulations Studies
AMS AMSterdam sector
AMS Alenia Macroni Systems
AMS Airspace Management Service
AMS Aeronautical Mobile Service (8.33 User Guide)
AMS(R)S Aeronautical Mobile Satellite (Route) Service
AMSC American Mobile Satellite Consortium
AMSC Allied Military Security Code
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level
AMSS Aeronautical Mobile Satellite System
AMSS Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service
AMSS Automatic Message Switching System
AMSSP Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service Panel
AMT ADS Mediterranean Trials
AMTI Adaptive Moving Target Indicator
AMU Audio Management Unit
AMWG Airspace Management Working Group
AMXM Aerodrome Mapping Exchange Model
AMXS Aerodrome Mapping Exchange Schema
AN Adjacent Not tracked
AN Access Node (RMCDE)
AN1 Access Node 1 (old name, see ANg1)
AN2 Access Node 2
Page 31
Acronym Full form
AN3 Access Node 3
ANA Birth grant/birth allowance (Allocation de naissance)
ANA Administration de la Navigation Aérienne
ANA ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal S.A. (Portugal)
ANAM Aeroportos e Navegação Aérea da Madeira S.A.
ANB Air Navigation Bureau (ICAO)
ANC Air Navigation Commission (ICAO organ)
ANC Aeronautical Navigation Chart (ICAO)
ANC Access Network Computer (RADNET)
ANC air navigation charging
ANC/12 ICAO Air Navigation Conference 12 (held in Dec 2012)
ANCAT Abatement of Nuisances Caused by Air Transport (Groupe d'experts de) l'atténuation des nuisances du
transport aérien) (ECAC environmental policy committee (ENVAL)
ANCM Airport Network Conceptual Model
AND Aircraft Nose Down
ANDB Automated NOTAM Database
ANDRA Advanced Node for Data Relay in ATN
ANDS ANS Department
ANERC Advanced New En-Route Centre (UK)
ANERS Aviation Noise and Emissions Reduction Symposium
ANF Additional Network Feature
ANF-TC Additional Network Feature - Transit Counter
ANFR Agence nationale des fréquences
ANg1 AN1 New Generation System
ANI Airborne Network Interface
ANI Automatic Number Identification
ANIM Airport Network Information Management
ANL Automatic Noise Levelling
ANM ATFM Notification Message (Message de notification ATFM)
ANO Air Navigation Order
ANOMS Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System
ANOVA Analysis of Variance
ANP Aircraft Noise and Performance
ANP Air Navigation Plan
Page 32
Acronym Full form
ANP Actual Navigation Performance
ANPP Air Navigation Plan Publication
ANS Czech Republic ATC Authority
ANS Air Navigation Services
ANS-CR Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic
ANSA International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services
ANSB Air Navigation Services Board (Conseil des services de navigation aérienne)
ANSB BPTF Air Navigation Services Board Business Planning Task Force
ANSEP Air Navigation Services Economics Panel (ICAO) / Groupe d'experts sur l'économie des services de
navigation aérienne
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANSNAC Air Navigation Services National Advisory Committee (Canada)
ANSO Air Navigation Services Offices (Ireland)
ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider (prestataire de services de navigation aérienne)
ANSV Agenzia Nazionale per la Sicurezza del Volo (Italy)
ANSW function allowing ANSWering of "wait" key calls
Ant ANTenna
ANT Airspace (and) Navigation Team (Groupe "Espace aérien et navigation")
ANTIOPE Acquisition Numérique et Télévisualisation d'Images Organisées en Pages d'Ecriture
ANU Air Navigation Unit
ANU Aircraft Nose Up
ANVAR Agence Nationale (F) de VAlorisation de la Recherche
ANXM Airport Network (information) Exchange Model
AO Airlines Operator
AO ATM Operations
AO Aircraft Operator (IFPS)
AO Arrival Operations
AO Airport Operator
AO Airport Operations
AO Aircraft Operator (Exploitant d'aéronef)
AO-WIR Aircraft Operator What-If Reroute
AOA Aircraft Operating Agency (e.g. Airlines)
Page 33
Acronym Full form
AOB Air Order of Battle
AOB Any Other Business
AOB Angle of Bank
AOBT Actual Off-Block Time
AOC Assumption of Control Message
AOC Aircraft Operations Centre (EATMS)
AOC Aeronautical Operational Control
AOC Assume of Control (ODID)
AOC Air Operator's Certificate / Certificat de transporteur aérien
AOC Aircraft Operations Centre (ICAO)
AOC Airlines Operational Communication
AOC Aerodrome Obstruction Chart
AOC Advanced Operational Capability
AOC Auxiliary Output Chip
AOC Advance Operational Capability
AOC Airline Operation Control
AOC Aircraft Operating Company
AOC Automatic Overload Control
AOC airline operational control
AOC Aeronautical Operational Control
AOC Advanced Operational Capability (EGNOS)
AOC Airline Operational Communications
AOC Airline Operations Centre
AOC Advice of Charge
AOC Aircraft Operators Committee
AOC Aeronautical Operational Communications
AOCC Aircraft Operator Control centre
AOCCC Airline Operator Crisis Coordination Cell
AOCD Airport Operations Concept Document
AOCI Airport Operators Council International
AOCP Airborne Operational Computer Programme
AOCU Aircraft Operator Control Unit
AOD Any Other Duty
AODB airport and obstacle database
Page 34
Acronym Full form
AODF Air Transport Operator Data Flow
AOE Airport Operations & Environment (Exploitation des aéroports et environnement)
AOF Aircraft-Oriented Flight Leg (N-FDPS)
AOF Allocation of Functions
AOF AIS Office (Bureau AIS) (EAD)
AOFG; OFG ATM Operational Focus Group; Operational Focus Group
AoI Area of Interest
AOI Aircraft Operations Information
AOI AIS Office
AOI Area of Operational Interest
AOIG ACAS Operational Implementation Group
AOIS Aeronautical Operational Information System
AoL Area of Responsibility
AOLC Aircraft Operators Liaison Cell (Cellule de liaison des exploitants d'aéronefs)
AOLO Aircraft Operators Liaison Officer
AOLO Aircraft Operator Liaison Officer (FR: Assistant AOLO)
AOM Aircraft Operations Manual
AOM Airspace Organisation & Management (Organisation et gestion de l'espace aérien)
AOP ATM Operations Plan
AOP Aeronautical OSI Profile
AOP Autonomous Operations Planner
AOP Airport operations (Opérations aéroportuaires)
AOP Airport Operations Unit (EATM)
AOP Airport Operating Plan
AOP Airport Operations Programme
AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
AOPG Aerodrome Operations Group (ICAO) / Groupe sur l'exploitation technique des aérodromes
AOPTF Aerodrome Operations Task Force
AOR Atlantic Ocean Region (ICAO)
AOR Area of Responsibility
AOR-E Atlantic Ocean Region - East (ICAO)
AOR-W Atlantic Ocean Region - West (ICAO)
AORE Atlantic Ocean Region East
Page 35
Acronym Full form
AORTF ATM Added Functionality Operational Requirements Task Force
AOS Airport Operations Strategy Drafting Group
AOS Aircraft Operators
AOS Astech Office Suite
AOT Airport Operations Team (Groupe "Exploitation des aéroports")
AOWIR Aircraft Operator What-If Re-routing / Outil de Simulation des Réacheminements destiné aux exploitants
AOWP Airport Operations Work Plan
AP Action Plan
AP Arrival Procedure (see STAR)
AP Application Process
AP AirPort
AP Address/Parity
AP Auto-Pilot
AP Associated Press
AP/FD Autopilot/flight director
AP23 Action Plan 23
APA Airborne Parameter Analysis
APA All Points Addressable
APAC ICAO Asia and Pacific (RSO)
APANPIRG Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group
APAPI Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator
APARMO Asia/Pacific Approvals Registry and Monitoring Organization
APAS Actions de promotion d'accompagnement et de soutien (STAR)
APATSI Airport / Air Traffic Systems Interface (ECAC) / Interface Services d'Aéroport (one of the EATCHIP task
APB APATSI Project Board (ECAC)
APC Aeronautical Planning Chart
APC ATM Policy Committee (Comité "Politique ATM")
APC Automatic Phase Control
APC Aeronautical Public Correspondence
APC Assistant Planning Controller
APC Approach Control
APC Airline Passenger Communication
APC Airborne Public Correspondence
Page 36
Acronym Full form
APC Airspace Policy Commission (ATFM)
APCER Portuguese Association for Certification (Association Portugaise de Certification)
APCH Approach
APD Activity Predictor Display
APDCSG; APDSG ATM Procedures Development Sub-Group (Sous-groupe "Mise au point des procédures ATM")
APDLC Aircraft Proximity Data Link Communication (ICAO)
APDSG ATM Procedures Development Sub-Group
APDU Application Protocol Data Unit
APE Analysis Programme for Evaluation
APEC Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
APERMECA Association pour le Perfectionnement des Méthodes de Contrôle de la Circulation Aérienne
APF Aerospace Performance Factor
API Arrival Planning Information
API Application Programming Interface
APIRG Africa-Indian Ocean Planning and Implementation Regional Group (ICAO)
APL Atc flight PLan message (IFPS)
APL Abbreviated Flight Plan (IFPS)
APL ATC Flight Plan
APL Applied Physics Laboratory
APL A Programming Language
APM Approach Path Monitor (Dispositif de surveillance de trajectoire d'approche)
APM Aircraft Personality Module
APM Architecture Project Management
APMB ACAS Programme Management Board
APN Airspace, Network Planning & Navigation (Espace aérien, planification du réseau et navigation)
APO Office of Aviation Policy and Plans (FAA)
APO Aircraft Performance and Operations
APO Airport Operator
APO; AOP Airport operations (Opérations aéroportuaires)
APOC Airport Operations Centre
APOD Airport of Debarkation
APP Approach Centre / Control
APP Approach
APP Approach Control (Office/Service)
Page 37
Acronym Full form
APP controller/director Approach controller/director
APP-ASS Approach-Assistant
App. Appendix
APPA SG ATFM Policies and Principles Advisory Sub-Group (Sous-groupe consultatif sur les principes et lignes d'action
en matière d'ATFM)
APPAG ATFM Policies and Principles Advisory Group
APPC Advanced Program to Program Communications
APPC Application Programme to Programme Communication
APPN Advanced Peer to peer Networking
APPS Approach Surface
APR Automatic Position Reporting
Apr APRil
APR Airport Operations Programme (Programme d'exploitation des aéroports)
APR Aircraft Position Report
APRAG Airport Operations Programme Advisory Group
APRX APpRoXimate(ly)
APS Approach Control Surveillance
APS Aeronautical Publishing System
APSB ACAS Programme Steering Board (Comité directeur du Programme ACAS)
APSG ACAS Programme Steering Group
APSG After Passing
APSL Airport Slot
APT Airport Simulation
APT civil/military AirPorTs
APT Airport Traffic management (Gestion du trafic aux aéroports)
APT Airspace Planning Team (EATCHIP) became ANT (March 94)
APT Airport(s)
APT Advanced Persistant Threat
APT AirPorT map
APT Airport Through-put (Débit des aéroports)
APT Airport Playback Tool
APT Alternative Parallel Taxilane
APT BD Airport Throughput Business Division (EUROCONTROL - DAP Business Directorate)
APTOCC Airport Operational Control Centre
Page 38
Acronym Full form
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
APV Approach Procedures with Vertical Guidance
APV Accuracy Position & Velocity
APV APproVed(al)
APW Area Proximity Warning (Avertisseur de proximité de zone protégée)
AQ Air Quality
AQAP Allied Quality Assurance Publication
AQG Agency Quality Group
AQP Advanced Qualification Programme
AR Automatic Reminder
AR Air Route
AR Approval Required
AR Agency Representative (CIP)
AR-1 Approach Radar 1
AR1 special procedure AReas [1]
AR2 special procedure AReas [2]
ARA Apple Remote Access
ARA Task Force Airspace Security Risk and Threat Assessment Task Force (équipe spéciale « Évaluation des risques et des
menaces pour la sûreté de l¿espace aérien » - équipe spéciale ARA)
ARAC Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee
ARAS Anti-Reflection, Anti-Static coating
ARB Authoritative Representative Body
ARC Airlift Requirement Centre
ARC Airport Reference Code
arc Assigned Rate of Climb / descent
arc assigned rate of climb/descent
ARC Airworthiness Review Certificate
ARC Advanced Research for/in Air Traffic Control
ARC Attached Resources Computing (concerning ARCnet)
ARC Automated Radar Control
ARC (ARCH) Archive System (old name, see DWH)
ARC 2000 Automatic Radar Control for the 21st Century (CEE)
ARCA Advanced en-Route Centre for Air Traffic Management
Page 39
Acronym Full form
ARCC Air Rescue Coordination Centre
ARCID Aircraft Identification
ARCOS Arrival Coordination System (D)
ARCP Air Refuelling Control Point
ARCP Architecture Prototype
ARCS Avionics Refrigeration Cooling System
ARCTYP Aircraft Type
ARD Architecture, Research and Development (DECMA)
ARDA Aviation R&D Activities (Activités de recherche-développement dans le domaine aéronautique)
ARDEP Analysis of Research & Development in European Programmes (Analyse des activités de recherchedéveloppement
dans les programmes d'EUROCONTROL)
ARDM Airspace Regulation, Design and Management (Réglementation, organisation et gestion de l'espace aérien)
ARDRS Automatic Radar Data Recording System
ARDS ATM architecture and overall system engineering (Architecture et conception générales du système ATM)
ARDT Actual Ready Time for Movement
ARES Airspace REServation
ARETA ATM with RNAV in Extended Terminal Area
ARFA Allied Radio Frequency Agency
ARFF Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
ARFOR ARea FORecast (in aeronautical meteo code)
ARFS Aerodrome Rescue and Fire-fighting Service
ARG Aviation Research Group
ARG Analysis Reference Generator
ARGOS ATC Real Groundbreaking Operational System
ARH Architecture
ARIA Aerodrome Runway Incursion Assessment
ARIBA ATM system safety criticality Raised Issues in Balancing Actors Responsibility
ARIM Accounts Receivable Implementation (Project)
ARINC Aeronautical Radio Incorporated (US)
ARINC 306 Guidance For Designers Of Aircraft - Electronic Installations
ARINC 307 Aircraft Integrated Data System Wire Bundle Provisions
ARINC 404A Air Transport Equipment Cases And Racking
ARINC 406A Airborne Electronic Equipment
ARINC 408A Air Transport Indicator Cases And Mounting
Page 40
Acronym Full form
ARINC 413A Guidance For Aircraft Power Utilisation And Transient Protection
ARINC 414 General Guidance For Equipment And Installation Engineers
ARINC 415 Operation/Technical Guidelines On Failure Warning and Functional Test
ARINC 419 Digital Data System Compendium
ARINC 421 Guidance For Standard Subdivision of ATA Spec 100 Numbering System for Avionics
ARINC 422 Guidance For Modification Status Indicators & Avionics Service Bulletins
ARINC 424 Navigation System Data Base
ARINC 429 Mark 33 Digital Information Transfer System
ARINC 528 Airborne Tape Recorder
ARINC 533A Airborne HF SSB/AM System
ARINC 541 Airborne Magnetic Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 542 Airborne Oscillograph Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 542A Digital Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 551 Airborne Glide Slope Receiver - Mark 2
ARINC 557 Airborne Voice Recorder
ARINC 559A Mark 2 Airborne HF SSB/AM System
ARINC 561 Air Transport Inertial Navigation System - INS
ARINC 566 Airborne VHF Communications Transceiver And Mark 1 VHF SATCOM System
ARINC 566A Mark 3 VHF Communications Transceiver
ARINC 569 Airborne Distance Measuring Equipment
ARINC 569 Heading and Altitude Sensor (HAS)
ARINC 571 Inertial Reference System (INS)
ARINC 572 Mark 2 Air Traffic Control Transponder
ARINC 573 Aircraft Integrated Data System (AIDS) Mark 2
ARINC 574 Passenger Announcement, Entertainment & Service Multiplex System
ARINC 575 Mark 3 Subsonic Air Data System (Digital)
ARINC 576 Mark 4 Subsonic Air Data System
ARINC 577 Audible Warning System
ARINC 578 Airborne ILS Receiver
ARINC 579 Airborne VOR Receiver
ARINC 585 Electronic Chronometer System
ARINC 591 Quick Access Recorder For Aids System (OAR)
ARINC 592 Airborne Passenger Tape Record
ARINC 594 Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)
Page 41
Acronym Full form
ARINC 595 Barometric Altitude Rate Computer
ARINC 596 Mark 2 Airborne SELCAL System
ARINC 597 Aircraft Communications Addressing And Reporting System (ACARS)
ARINC 597A Enhanced ACARS Avionics
ARINC 59MA Airborne Announcement Tape Reproducer
ARINC 600 Air Transport Avionics Equipment Interfaces
ARINC 601 Control/Display Interfaces
ARINC 602 Test Equipment Guidance
ARINC 602A Test Equipment Guidance
ARINC 603 Airborne Computer Data Loader
ARINC 604 Guidance For Design And Use Of built-In Test Equipment (BITE)
ARINC 605 Users Guide For ARINC 616 Avionics Subset Of ATLAS Language
ARINC 606 Guidance For Electrostatic Sensitive Device Utilisation & Protection, Sup. 1
ARINC 608 Standard Modular Avionics Repair And Test System (SMART)
ARINC 609 Design Guidance For Aircraft Electrical Power Systems
ARINC 610 Guidance For Design and Integration of Aircraft Avionics Equipment In Simulators, Supplement 1
ARINC 611 Guidance For The Design and Installation Of Fuel Quantity Systems, Sup. 1
ARINC 612 BITE Glossary
ARINC 613 Guidance for Using the Ada Programming Language in Avionics Systems
ARINC 614 Standard Firmware Loader For Avionics Shops
ARINC 615 Airborne Computer High Speed Data Loader, Supplement 3
ARINC 616 Avionics Subset of ATLAS Language
ARINC 620 Data Link Ground System Standard And Interface Specification
ARINC 623 North American Specification for ACARS-Based Messages
ARINC 624 Design Guidance For Onboard Maintenance System
ARINC 626 Standard ATLAS For Modular Test
ARINC 627 Programmers Guide For Smart Systems Using ARINC 626 ATLAS
ARINC 629 Multi Tester Data Bus
ARINC 629 Multi-Transmitter Data Bus
ARINC 631 Aviation Packet Communications Functional Description
ARINC 651 Design Guidance For Integrated Modular Electronics
ARINC 659 Backplane Data Bus for Integrated Modular Avionics
ARINC 701 Flight Control Computer System
ARINC 702 Flight Management Computer, Supplement 4 & 5
Page 42
Acronym Full form
ARINC 703 Thrust Control Computer
ARINC 704 Inertial Reference System, Supplement 6
ARINC 705 Altitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
ARINC 706 Subsonic Air Data System
ARINC 707 Radio Altimeter, Supplement 6
ARINC 708 Airborne Weather Radar
ARINC 709 Airborne Distance Measuring Equipment, Supplement 8
ARINC 709A Precision Airborne Distance Measuring Equipment
ARINC 710 Mark 2 Airborne ILS Receiver
ARINC 711 Mark 2 Airborne VOR Receiver
ARINC 714 Mark 3 Airborne SELCAL Systems
ARINC 715 Airborne Passenger Address Amplifier
ARINC 716 Airborne VHF Communications Transceiver
ARINC 717 Flight Data Acquisition And Recording System
ARINC 718 Mark 3 ATC Transponder
ARINC 719 Airborne HF/SSB System
ARINC 720 Digital Frequency/Function Selection for Airborne
ARINC 722 Electronic Equipment Protection Video System
ARINC 723 Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)
ARINC 724 Mark 2 Aircraft Communications
ARINC 724A Mark 2 ACARS Avionics
ARINC 724B Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS)
ARINC 725 Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIS)
ARINC 726 Flight Warning Computer System
ARINC 727 Airborne Microwave Landing System
ARINC 728 Avionics Refrigeration and Cooling System (ARCS)
ARINC 729 Analog And Discrete Data Converter System
ARINC 730 Airborne Separator Assurance System
ARINC 731 Electronic Chronometer
ARINC 732 Mark 2 Airborne Passenger Audio Entertainment Tape Reproducer, Supplement 1
ARINC 735 Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), Supplement 1
ARINC 737 On Board Weight and Balance System. Supplement 1
ARINC 738 Air Data and Inertial Reference System (ADIRS)
ARINC 739 Multi-Purpose Control and Display Unit
Page 43
Acronym Full form
ARINC 740 Multiple-Input Cockpit Printer
ARINC 7411P2 Aviation Satellite Communication System Part 2 - Satellite Design
ARINC 741P1 Aviation Satellite Communication System Part I - Aircraft Installation Provisions
ARINC 741P4 Aviation Satellite Communications System Part 4 - Specification and Description Language
ARINC 742 Design Guidance For Windshear Warning and Guidance Equipment
ARINC 743 Airborne Global Positioning System Receiver
ARINC 744 Full Format Printer
ARINC 745 Automatic Dependent Surveillance, Supplement 1
ARINC 746 Cabin Communications System, Supplement 1
ARINC 747 Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 748 Communications Management Unit (CMU)
ARINC 750 VHF Data Radio (VDR)
ARINC 751 Gate-Aircraft Terminal Environment Link (Gatelink) - Aircraft Side
ARINC 752 TFTS Airborne Radio Sub-System
ARINC 753 HF Data Link System
ARINC 757 Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)
ARINC539A Airborne 400 Hz AC Tape Reproducer
ARISE ASEAN Regional Integration Support by the EU
ARJE Advanced Remote Job Entry
ARLO Air Liaison Officer
ARM Armenia
ARM Air Request Message
ARM Asynchronous Response Mode
ARM ADS Report Message
ARM Aerodrome Resource Management
ARM Anti-Radiation Missile
ARM Availability, Reliability and Maintainability
ARMATS Armenian Air Traffic Services
ARMC Administrative Reform Monitoring Committee
ARMET forecast upper wind & temperature
ARMWG Agency Risk Management Working Group
ARN Ats Routes & associated Navigation means
Page 44
Acronym Full form
ARN ATS Route Network (Réseau de routes ATS)
ARN ATS Routes and Associated Navigation Means
ARN Aeronautical Route Network
ARN-1 (Table) Basic ATS Route Network in the Lower and Upper Airspace
ARN-2 (Table) Radio Navigation Aids Associated with the Basic ATS Route Network Terminal Area and Instrument Approach
ARN-V2 ATS Route Network - Version 2 (ECAC, EATMP)
ARN-V3 ATS Route Network - Version 3 (ECAC, EATMP)
ARNSS Aeronautical Radio Navigation Services
ARNV5 ATS Route Network Version 5
ARNVST ATS Route Network Very Short Term
ARO Air Traffic Services Reporting Office
AROS Aeronautical Reporting Office
ARP Azimuth Reference Pulse
ARP Automated Route Planning
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ARP Aerospace Recommended Practice
ARP Air RePort (message type designator)
ARP Aerodrome Reference Point
ARP/TF Task Force on Arrangements and Regulatory Processes governing the Route Charges System under the
revised Convention (Équipe spéciale sur le cadre institutionnel et les processus de réglementation qui régiront
le Système de redevances de route sous le régi
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency
Arpas UK ARPAS UK ¿ Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems in the UK
ARPL ADEXP repetitive flight plan message (Message de plan de vol répétitif ADEXP)
ARQ Automatic ReQuest for repeat (or retransmission).
ARQ Automatic Repeat Request
ARQ Automatic Response to Query
ARR ARRive, ARRival (message type designator)
ARR institutional ARRangements
ARR SP Arrival Sequence Planner
ARS Aeronautical Radio Navigation Service
ARS Avoidance Routing scheme
Page 45
Acronym Full form
ARS Administrative Region Selector
ARS Automatic Route Selection
ARS Agency Safety Regulation
ARSA Airport Radar Service Area
ARSC Administrative Reform Steering Committee (EUROCONTROL)
ARSC Air Rescue Sub Centre
ARSR Air Route Surveillance Radar (aircraft equipment) (US)
ART Antenna Revolution Time
ART Analysis and Replay Tool
ART-DACO ARTAS Dataflow Controller
ARTAS ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server System (Système de poursuite et serveur radar ATC)
ARTAS/CAM OS ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server / Central ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support
ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Centre (US)
ARTEMIS Advanced Relay and Technology Mission Satellite
Artemis An ESA experimental telecommunications satellite hosting an EGNOS navigation transponder
ARTES 9 Advanced Research in Telecommunication Systems
ARTF Administrative Reform Task Force (Équipe spéciale sur la réforme administrative)
ARTS Automated Radar Terminal System
ARTS Area Radar Training Squadron (US)
ARU Airspace Reservation Unit
ARWG Administrative Reform Working Group (Groupe de travail sur la réforme administrative)
ARYM Ancienne République Yougoslave de Macédoine = FYROM
AS Anti-Spoofing
AS Airborne Surveillance
AS Altimeter Settings
AS AIRAC Support team (Équipe « Appui AIRAC »)
as AltoStratus
AS Application Services
AS Airspace
AS Airspeed
ASA Airborne Separation Assurance
Page 46
Acronym Full form
ASA American Standards Association (old title of the present ANSI)
ASA Automatic Slot Assignment
ASA Airborne Surveillance Application
ASA Automated Support to ATS (Appui automatisé à l'ATS)
ASA Airborne Separation Assistance
ASA Aircraft Situation Awareness
ASA Aircraft Surveillance Applications
ASA Aviation Safety Alliance
ASA System Automatic Slot Assignment System
ASA Airspace Safety Analysis Group
ASA Automated Support to ATS
ASACS Air Surveillance and Control System
ASAG Automated Support to ATS Focus Group
ASAP Alcohol & Substance Abuse Policy
ASAP As soon as possible / practicable
ASAP Aircraft Separation Assurance Programme
ASAP Advanced Sectorization & Automation Project (Avinor Oslo)
ASAP Advanced System Architecture for Postscript
ASAP Alternative Slot Allocation Procedure
ASARP ACAS Safety Analysis post-RVSM Project
ASARS Air Surveillance Airborne Radar System
ASAS Airborne Separation Assistance/Assurance System (Système embarqué d'aide à la séparation)
ASAS-TN ASAS Thematic Network
ASASA Agenda to Support Aviation Safety in Africa
ASAT Actual Start-Up Approval Time
ASATC Aviation Safety and Air Traffic Control project (Projet "Sécurité de l'aviation et contrôle du trafic aérien")
ASB ANSP Strategic Board
ASBT Actual Start Boarding Time
ASBU Aviation System Block Upgrade (ICAO)
ASC Education allowance (Allocation scolaire)
ASC Aviation System Coordinator
ASC Advisory Scientific Committee (comité scientifique consultatif)
ASC ASCent, ASCending To ...
ASC Ascending
Page 47
Acronym Full form
ASCAP Automatic SSR Code Assignment Procedure
ASCB Avionics Standard Communication Bus
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCOS Aviation Safety and Certification of new Operations and Systems
ASCOT Airport Slots Compliance Tools
ASD Aircraft Situation Display
ASD Aerodrome Standards Division (UK CAA)
ASD Air Situation Display
ASD Acceleration Spectral Density
ASD Avionic System Division
ASD ATM Service Delivery
ASD AeroSpace & Defence Industries Association of Europe
ASD-TF Air Situation Display Task Force
ASDA Accelerate Stop Distance Available
ASDAR Aircraft to Satellite Data Relay
ASDE Airport Surface Detection Equipment
ASDE Airport Surveillance Detection Equipment
ASDE Airfield Surface Detection Equipment
ASDIC Anti-Submarine Detection & Identification Committee
ASDT Actual Start-Up Clearance Delivery Time
ASE Altimetry System Error
ASE Agence Spatiale Européenne - ESA
ASE Application Service Element
ASE ATM System Engineering (Systémique de l'ATM)
ASE-TF ATM System Engineering Task Force (EATM)
ASEAN Association of South-East Asian Nations
ASECNA Agency for the safety of air navigation in Africa and Madagascar (Agence pour la Sécurité de la Navigation
Aérienne en Afrique et à Madagascar)
ASEP ACCS Surveillance Exploratory Prototype (NATO / SHAPE)
ASEP Airborne Separation
ASEP C&P Airborne Separation Crossing & Passing
ASEP-ITP Airborne Separation - In Trail Procedure
ASEs Application Service Elements
ASFA Airborne Surveillance Functional Architecture (project)
Page 48
Acronym Full form
ASFCG Aeronautical Spectrum and Frequency Consultation Group
ASHTAM NOTAM relating to volcanic and/or dust activity (ICAO)
ASI Air Speed Indicator
ASI Aerospace Sciences Inc.
ASI Forum Airborne Surveillance Infrastructure
ASIA Approach Spacing for Instrumented Approach
ASIA Asia (ICAO Region)
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIM ATS Simulator System
ASIT Administration & Services of Information Technologies (Administration et prestation des services IT)
ASIVAL Assessment of the ATM System Configuration Subject to Validation
ASK Amplitude-Shift Keying
ASK Available Seat Kilometre
ASL ATM Service Levels
ASLT Advanced Solid Logic Technology
ASM Airspace Management (Gestion de l'espace aérien)
ASM Auxiliary Storage Manager
ASM Available Seat Mile
ASM Ad-hoc Scheduling Message
ASM ASsuMe (control)
ASM SG Airspace Management Sub-Group (Sous-groupe "Gestion de l'espace aérien")
ASM-HB Airspace Management Handbook
ASM-SG Airspace Management Subgroup (EATM) (Sub-Group of ANT) / Sous-groupe "Gestion de l'espace aérien"
ASM-TD Airspace Management - Tool Demonstrator
AsMA Aerospace Medical Association
ASMA Arrival Sequencing and Metering Area
ASMAC Automated System for Management of Aeronautical Charting
ASMC Aerodrome Surface Movement Control
ASMC Airspace Management Communications
ASMF Airspace Management Function
ASMI Airfield Surface Movement Indicator
ASMSG Airspace Management Sub-Group/ Sous-groupe "Gestion de l'espace aérien"
ASMT Automatic Safety Monitoring Tool
ASMTF Airspace Management Task Force
Page 49
Acronym Full form
ASN Aviation Safety Network
ASN Abstract Syntax Notation
ASN 1 Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation No. 1
ASNO Approach Sequence Number
ASO Air Surveillance Officer
ASO Agency Security Office (EUROCONTROL)
ASO Application Service Object
ASOC Air Sovereignty Operations Centre
ASOC Army Support Operations Centre
ASOP Airspace Organisation and Procedures
ASOR Allocation of Safety Objectives and Requirements
ASOS Automated Surface Observing System
ASP Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) as written in ECIP
ASP Air Situation Picture
ASP Air Space
ASP ATM Service Provider
ASP Aeronautical Surveillance Panel
ASP Adjustable System Parameter (ODS)
asp Assigned Speed
ASP AIRCOM Service Processor (SITA)
ASP Aeronautical Information Service Staff Profile Task Force
ASP Actual Surveillance Performance
ASP Air Navigation Service Provider
ASP Arrival Sequence Planner
ASPA Airborne Spacing Application
ASPA - ITP AS application - In-trail procedure in oceanic airspace
ASPA - S&M AS application - Enhanced sequencing and merging operations
ASPA-C Enhanced crossing and passing operations
ASPA-ITP Airborne Spacing
ASPA-S&M ASPA - Sequencing & Merging
ASPIRE Asia and South Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions
Page 50
Acronym Full form
ASPL Abbreviated System Flight Plan (N-FDPS)
ASPM Aviation System Performance Metrics (FAA)
ASPP Aeronautical Fixed Service and System Planning Panel
ASQF Application Specific Qualification Facility (EGNOS)
ASR Automatic Send / Receive
ASR BD Agency Safety Regulatory Business Division (EUROCONTROL)
ASR Auxiliary storage Save / Restore
ASR Agency Safety Regulator
ASR Air Safety Report
ASR Airfield Surveillance Radar
ASR Airport Surveillance Radar (TAR)
ASRB Agency Safety Regulation Bureau (EUROCONTROL)
ASRO Agency Safety Regulatory Oversight Unit (Unité de supervision réglementaire de la sécurité de l'Agence)
ASRS Aircraft Status Report Service
ASRS Aviation Safety Reporting System (US)
ASRT Actual Start up Clearance Request Time
ASRT Air Support Radar Team
ASSA Airport surface situational awareness
ASSAP Airborne Surveillance and Separation Assistance Processing
ASSI Aviation Safety Services International
ASSIM Airspace Security Incident Management
ASSIST Acknowledge, Separate, Silence, Inform, Support and Time (Accuser réception, Séparer, faire le Silence,
Informer, Soutenir et laisser du Temps)
ASSIST Assistance for SES Implementation to Stakeholders
ASSP Application Specific Standard Product
ASSR Assigned SSR code (FPPS/DECADE)
ASSTAR Advanced Safe Separation Technologies and Algorithms
AST Airspace Structure (Structure de l'espace aérien)
AST Annual Summary Template
AST-FP Annual Summary Template Focal Point (Correspondant AST national)
ASTA Atc Strategic & Tactical Adviser (EUROCONTROL)
ASTA Airport Surface Traffic Automation
ASTAAC Arithmetic Simulation Tool for ATFCM and Advanced Concepts
ASTAC Aviation Safety and Air Traffic Control
Page 51
Acronym Full form
ASTER Aviation Safety Targets for Effective Regulation
ASTERIX All-purpose Structured EUROCONTROL Surveillance Information Exchange (formerly "All-purpose Structured
EUROCONTROL Radar Information Exchange")
ASTF Air Server Task Force
ASTP ADS Studies and Trials Project
ASTRA Customised version of ARTAS designed for airport surveillance
ASU ATM Surveillance Units
ASU ACAS Support Unit
ASUP Amsterdam SUPervisor
ASW Air Situation Window
ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare
AT Aircraft Type
AT Access and Terminals
AT Actual Time Count Down
AT Active Target
AT At Time
AT Austria, Republic of Austria (ISO Country Code)
AT Actual Time countdown
AT Adjacent Tracked
AT Air Transport
AT-SAT Air Traffic Selection and Training (US)
AT1 Active Target 1
AT2 Active Target 2
AT3 Active Target 3
AT4 Active Target 4
ATA Actual Time of Arrival
ATA Air Traffic Alliance
ATA Air Transport Association (of America)
ATA 100 Air Transport Association (numbered definitions)
ATAA Air Traffic and Airport Administration
ATAAS Advanced Terminal Area Approach Spacing
ATAC Airspace Traffic Data Capture
ATAF Allied Tactical Air Force / Force Aérienne Tactique (=FATA)
ATAFF Air Traffic Arbitrated Free Flight
Page 52
Acronym Full form
ATAG Air Transport Action Group (Groupe d'action du transport aérien)
ATAR Automatic Air Reporting
ATARS Automatic Traffic Avoidance and Resolution System
ATAS Air Traffic Advisory Service
ATB Air Transport Bureau (ICAO)
ATC Air Traffic Control (contrôle de la circulation aérienne)
ATC EUC Air Traffic Controller European Unions Coordination
ATC-HMI Air Traffic Control Human Machine Interface
ATC-TRG Air Traffic Control TRaininG tool
ATC/AD Air Traffic Control / Air Defence
ATC2ATM Air Traffic Control to Air Traffic Management
ATCA Air Traffic Control Association (US)
ATCA Allied Tactical Communications Agency
ATCA Air Traffic Control Assistant
ATCAF ATC Advanced Functions
ATCAP Air Traffic Control Automation Panel (ICAO)
ATCAS (Sweden) ATC Automated System
ATCC Air Traffic Control Clearance
ATCC Air Traffic Control Centre / Centre de Contrôle de la Circulation Aérienne
ATCEUC Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Coordination
ATCgram Illustration in graph form of the main functional levels of ATC systems
ATCI Airport ATC and Information systems
ATCI Air Traffic Control Instructions
ATCITP ATC Instructor Training Plan
ATCO Air Traffic Control Organisation
ATCO Air Traffic Control Officer, Air Traffic Controller (contrôleur de la circulation aérienne)
ATCO TO Air Traffic Controller Training Organisation
ATCOTS Air Traffic Control Optimum Training Solution
ATCRBS Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System (USA, referring to SSR)
ATCRU Air Traffic Control Radar Unit
ATCS Air Traffic Control Service / Service du Contrôle du Trafic Aérien (=SCTA)
ATCS Air Traffic Control Services
ATCSCC Air Traffic Control System Command Center (US)
ATCSQ Air Traffic Control Safety Questionnaire
Page 53
Acronym Full form
ATCT Airport Traffic Control Tower
ATCU Air Traffic Control Unit
ATD Actual Time of Departure
ATD Air Traffic Services Development
ATD ARTAS Test Description (FAT)
ATD Air Traffic Control & Data Processing
ATD Along Track Distance
ATDMA Asynchronous Time Division Multiple Access
ATDS Airborne Tactical Data System
AtDSUP Assistant Duty Supervisor
ATE Automatic Test Equipment
ATE Actual Time Of Entry (of aircraft into AIRSPACE_VOLUME)
ATFC Air Traffic Flow Controller (Contrôleur-régulateur des courants de trafic aérien)
ATFCC Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Controller
ATFCM Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (gestion des courants de trafic aérien et de la capacité)
ATFM Air Traffic Flow Management (Gestion des courants de trafic aérien)
ATFMC ATFM Component
ATFMC Air Traffic Flow Management Communications
ATFMO Air Traffic Flow Management Organisation
ATFMP Air Traffic Flow Management Position
ATFMS Air Traffic Flow Management System
ATFMS Air Traffic Flow Management Service
ATFMU Air Traffic Flow Management Unit
ATFMX = flight is exempt from Air Traffic Flow Measures (ATFM) by the appropriate ATS authority
ATFR Air Traffic Flow Regulator
ATFSM Automated(/ic) Treatment of Flight Safety Messages
ATG Air Traffic Generator
ATG At The Glass
ATH Athinai FMU
ATI ATM Implementation (EEC)
ATI Automatic Tracking Initiation
ATIC Administrative and Technical Inspection Committee (Agency structure) / Mission d'Inspection administrative et
technique (=MIAT)
ATIDS Airport Surface Target Identification System
Page 54
Acronym Full form
ATIEC Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference
ATIF ATN Trials Infrastructure (Infrastructure pour les essais ATN)
ATILO Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization / Tribunal Administratif de l'Organisation
internationale du Travail (=TAOIT)
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATLAS Air Traffic Land & Airborne Systems (European Commission)
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM Air Traffic Management (gestion du trafic aérien)
ATM Directorate Air Traffic Management
ATM Air Transport Movement
ATM 2000 + ATM Strategy for the years 2000+ (Stratégie de la gestion de la circulation aérienne pour les années 2000+)
ATM 2000+ SB ATM 2000+ Strategy Board
ATM MP ATM Master Plan
ATM R&D RG European ATM Research and Development Programme Review Group
ATM-IS ATM Information Service
ATM-NMF Air Traffic Management Network Management Function
ATM-SE ATM Specific Technical Events
ATM/CMC ATM Civil-Military ATM Coordination
ATM/CNS Air Traffic Management/ Communications Navigation Surveillance
ATM/LT Air Traffic Management/ Long-term Target
ATM/OFF ATM/Office of the Director
ATM/RDS ATM/R&D and SESAR Contribution Management
ATM/runway Air Traffic Management
ATM/STR ATM Strategies
ATM2000 EUROCONTROL Air Traffic Management Strategy for the years 2000+
ATMAP ATM Airport Performance
ATMARP ATM's Address Resolution Protocol
ATMAS Air Traffic Management Automated System
ATMAW Air Traffic Management Awareness
ATMB ATM Policy Bureau
ATMB Air Traffic Management Bureau (Civil Aviation Authority of China)
ATMB/CRV Agency ATM Content Review Division
ATMB/CRV/FRM Flexible Resource Management (ATMB)
ATMB/SRE ATM Strategic Relations Division
Page 55
Acronym Full form
ATMC Frankfurt FMU
ATMC Air Traffic Management Centre
ATMC Airspace & Traffic Management Centre, (Frankfurt)
ATMCE ATMC Estimate (message type)
ATMCP Air Traffic Management Operational Concept Panel (ICAO)
ATMCT Air Terminal Movement Control Team Centre (NATS UK)
ATMG Air Traffic Management Group
ATMG Airspace and Traffic Management Group
ATMGE Air Traffic Management Group-East (ICAO)
ATMO Air Traffic Management Organisation
ATMOS Air Traffic Management Operating System
ATMPP ATM Performance Partnership
ATMRPP ATM Requirements and Performance Panel
ATMS Advanced Air Traffic Management System
ATMS Air Traffic Management System
ATMS Advanced Text Management System
ATN Aeronautical Telecommunication(s) Network / Réseau de télécommunications aéronautiques
ATN RD Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Routing Domain
ATN RDC Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Routing Domain Confederation
ATN-ES ATN End-System
ATN-VDL Aeronautical Telecommuncations Network / VHF Digital Link
ATNAVICS Air Traffic Navigation, Integration and Coordination System
ATNC ATN and Communication Architecture
ATNI Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Internet
ATNI ATN Implementation
ATNI-TF ATN Implementation Task Force
ATNP Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Panel (Groupe d'experts du réseau de télécommunications
ATNS Air Traffic and Navigation Services
ATNSI ATN System Inc. (US)
ATO Airborne Traffic Observation
ATO Actual Time Over
ATO Actual Time Overhead or Overflying
Page 56
Acronym Full form
ATO Air Traffic Organization (FAA)
ATOBIA Air Transport Operators Benefit Incentive Analysis
ATOC Allied Tactical Operations Centre
ATOCC Air Transportation Operations Consultation Committee (Canada)
ATOP Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures
ATOPS Advanced Transport Operating System
ATOT Actual Take-Off Time
ATOW Actual Take-Off Weight
ATP At ... Time, Place
ATPL Airline Transport Pilot's Licence
ATR Anti-Transmit / Receive
ATR ARTAS Test Results (FAT)
ATR ARTAS Trouble Report
ATR Air Transport Racking
ATRAC Air Navigation Services Employee Training Concept
ATRACC ATC System for Riga Area Control Centre
ATRJ accident on journey (accident de trajet) (CHRONOTIME)
ATRK Alone Track Error
ATRS Air Transport Research Society
ATRV accident at workplace (accident du travail) (CHRONOTIME)
ATS Alternate Time Sources
ATS Air Traffic Services (services de la circulation aérienne)
ATS Advanced Traffic Services
ATS ATC applications & Systems (Applications et systèmes ATC)
ATS Advanced Telecommunications Services
ATS BD Air Traffic Services Business Division (EUROCONTROL)
ATS-IP Air Traffic Services IP network
ATS-No.5 Air Traffic Services Number 5 signalling protocol
ATS-QSIG Air Traffic Services Signalling at the Q reference point
ATS-R2 Air Traffic Services- R2 signalling protocol
ATSA Air Traffic Services Authority (Bulgaria)
ATSA Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness
ATSA Air Traffic Situational Awareness
Page 57
Acronym Full form
ATSA-AIRB Air Traffic Situational Awareness Airborn
ATSA-ITP Air Traffic Situation Awareness - In Trail Procedure
ATSA-SURF Air Traffic Situational Awareness Surface
ATSA-SVA AS application - Enhanced successive visual approaches
ATSA-VSA Air Traffic Situational Awareness Visual Separation on Approach
ATSAW Air Traffic Situational Awareness (Sensibilisation à la situation de trafic environnante)
ATSC Air Traffic Services Communications
ATSD Air Traffic Services Department of UK CAA
ATSD Air Traffic Situation Display
ATSEP Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel
ATSEX ATS External Communications
ATSIN Air Traffic Services Information Notice (UK CAA)
ATSIS Air Traffic Services Investigation System
ATSL Approved Technology Standards List
ATSMHS ATS Message Handling Service
ATSMS Air Traffic Services Message Service
ATSN Air Traffic Service Network
ATSO Air Traffic Services Organisation
ATSO Air Traffic Services Operator
ATSORA Air Traffic Services Outside Regulated Airspace
ATSP Air Traffic Service Provider
ATSQSIG ATS Q Signalling Protocol
ATSRO Air Traffic Services Reporting Office
ATSSD ATS Standards Department
ATSU Air Traffic Service Unit
ATSup Air Traffic Supervisor
ATT Along Track Tolerance
ATT Actual Time at Target
ATT aircraft ATTitude (Indicator)
ATT Attitude
ATTAS Advanced Technologies Testing Aircraft System (Banc d'essais volant destiné à l'étude des technologies de
pointe applicables aux avions civils)
ATTOT Aircraft Operator Target Take-Off Time
Page 58
Acronym Full form
ATTT Actual Time To Turnround
ATV reduction of work time (raccourcissement temps travail) (CHRONOTIME)
ATW Along Track Waypoint
ATX Actual Time Of Exit (of aircraft from AIRSPACE_VOLUME)
ATYP Aircraft TYPe
ATZ Aerodrome Traffic Zone
AU Airspace User
AU Administrative Unit
AU Air Navigation Unit
AU Access Unit
AU Arbitrary Unit
AU-31 Administrative Unit-31
AU-32 Administrative Unit-32
AU-4 Administrative Unit-4
AUA ATC Unit Airspace
AUAG ATC Units Airspaces Grouping
Aud Audio aids
AUE AUEnhausen (Air Defence Station)
Aug AUGust
AUG ARTAS User Group (Groupe des utilisateurs de l'ARTAS)
AUI Access Unit Interface
AUO Airspace User Operations
AUP Acceptable Use Policy (Politique d'utilisation acceptable)
AUP Airspace Use Plan (Plan d'utilisation de l'espace aérien)
AURA Airspace Utilisation Rules and Availability
AUS Airspace Utilisation Service
AUSTRO CONTROL Österreichische Gesellschaft für Zivilluftfahrt mbH (AT)
AUT AUTomatic
AUTH AUTHorised, AUTHorisation
AUTO initiate a track AUTOmatically using speed vector
AUTOCAD Automatic Computer Aided Design
AutoNav Auto-Navigation
AUTONAV Autonomous Navigation
Page 59
Acronym Full form
AUTOPS Autonomous Flight Operations
AUTOVON Automatic Voice Network
AUW All Up Weight
AUX AUXiliary
AV Airspace Volume
AV Airspace data validation team (Équipe « Validation des données d'espace aérien »)
AV Audio-visual aids
AVAL ACAS on VLJs and LJs - Assessment of Safety Level
AVANA approval void if aircraft not airborne by [time]
AVASI Abbreviated Visual Approach Slope Indicator
avasis Abbreviated Visual Approach Slope Indicator System
AVBL AVailaBLe, AVailaBiLity
AVC NATO Aviation Committee (Comité OTAN de l'aviation)
AVD Alternate Voice/Data
AVDGS Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System
AVE Avis de vacance d'emploi
AVENUE ATM Validation Environment for Use towards EATMS (Projet AVENUE (Environnement de validation ATM
pour la transition vers l'EATMS))
AVG Approach with Vertical Guidance
AVG Average
AVGAS AViation GASoline
AVI Audio / Visual Interleaved
AVINOR Norwegian Air Navigation Service Provider
AVION Appareil Volant Imitant les Oiseaux Naturels
AVLC Aviation VHF Link Control
AVM MADAP Data Available
AVNET Assitenza al Volo Network (IT)
AVOL Aerodrome Visibility Operational Level
AVPAC Aviation VHF Packet Communications
AVS Adjust Vertical Speed
AVS SARP Data Available
AVSEC Aviation Security (Unit of DSS CMAC ) - Unité "Sûreté de l'aviation".
AVSSSG Air traffic services Voice Switching and Signalling Study Group
AVT ADS Validation Testbed
Page 60
Acronym Full form
AVT ADS-B/TIS-B Validation Testbed (Banc d'essai de l'ADS-B et du TIS-B)
AW Aerial Work
AW Area Width
AW Aerial Work
AW/P Active Way Point
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System / Système de détection aéroporté (=SDA) (E-3A aircraft)
AWARE Ground Traffic Situation Awareness Tool
AWE Adaptable Windowing Environment
AWF Automatische Wahlvermittlung für die Flugsicherung
AWG Area Working Group (Groupe de travail sectoriel)
AWG American Wire Gauge
AWIPS Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
AWIR Automatically generated What-If Re-routing / Outil de Simulation Automatique des Réacheminements
AWIS Aerodrome Weather Information System
AWIS Aerodrome Weather Information System
AWO All Weather Operations
AWOG All Weather Operations Group
AWOP All Weather Operations Panel (ICAO)
AWOS Automatic Weather Observing System
AWP Ancillary Working Position
AWP Arrival Waypoint
AWR Airborne Weather Radar
AWS Aerial Warning System
AWX All Weather
AWY Airway
AX ADEXP Templates
AXI Auto transmission Inhibited
AXIT Actual Taxi-In Time
AXOT ActualTaxi-Out Time
AXP Adaptive cross Parity checking
AXT Crossing the holding stop bar
AZ Azimuth
AZ Aerodrome zone
AZ Azerbaijan (ISO country code)
Page 61
Acronym Full form
AZ Aerodrome sets
AZANS Azerbaijan ANSP
AZERTY (arrangement of keys on keyboard, French style)
b Byte(s)
B Belgium
B&A Business and Administration Unit (IANS)
B&D Bearing and Distance
B&H Bosnia and Herzegovina
B-AMC Broadband Aeronautical Multi-Carrier Communication System
B-CAS Beacon Collision Avoidance System
B-CDA Basic-Continuous Descent Approach
B-ICI Broadband Inter Carrier Interface
B-ISDN Broadband Integrated Service Digital Network
B-QSIG Broadband QSIG
B-RNAV Basic Area Navigation (Navigation de surface de base) (+/- 5nm 95% of the time)
B-RNP Basic RNP 1
B-VHF Broadband VHF
B/C Benefit to Cost (ratio)
B/CRS Back Course
B/M TM Business/Mission Trajectory Management
B2B Business-to-Business
B2B-UP NM Business to Business User Panel
B2C Business-to-Consumer / Business-to-Customer
B30 a geodesic reference frame
B747 Boeing 747 (an aircraft type)
B8ZS Binary 8 Zero Substitution
B8ZS Bipolar with 8 Zeros Substitution
BA tellBack Area
BA Business Aviation
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ISO Country Code)
BA British Airways
BA Braking Action
BA Barometric Altitude
Page 62
Acronym Full form
BAA British Airports Authority
BAC Basic Access Control (US)
BADA Base of Aircraft Data (Base de données d'aéronefs)
BAe British Aerospace
BAF Belgian Air Force
BAF Bundesaufsichtsamt für Flugsicherung (German Federal Supervisory Authority for Air Navigation Services)
BAFO Best And Final Offer
BAFVK BetriebsAnweisung für den FlugVerkehrsKontrolldienst
BAG British Airports Group
BALUN BALanced / UNbalanced
BAM Business Area Manager (Gestionnaire de domaine)
BAM Balanced Asynchronous Mode
BANC Baltic Air Navigation Cooperation
BAR Barometric
BARCS CRCO computer system for bilateral charges (Système de facturation des redevances mis en place par le
SCRR au titre des accords bilatéraux)
BARS Behaviour Anchored Rating Scales
BARTCC Berlin Air Route Traffic Control Centre
Base AM Base Arrival Manager
Base AMD Base Arrival Manager Display
BASIC Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BAST Basic ATC Skills Trainer (EUROCONTROL)
BAT Barometric Pressure Setting Advisory Tool
BATAP 'Type-B' Application-To-Application Protocol
BATR Bande d'atterrissage train rentré (Belly landing strip)
BAW123 British Airways Flight 123
BAW4123 British Airways Flight 4123
BAZ Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt (Austria) (AT) / Austrian aviation authority
BAZ Back Azimuth
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BBFM Business-Based Flow Management
BC Before Christ
Page 63
Acronym Full form
BC Basic Call
BC Business Continuity
BC Business Centre Section (from DEVD)
BCA Border Crossing Authority
BCAR British Civil Airworthiness Requirements
BCAS Beacon based Collision Avoidance System
BCBP Bilateral Communication Plan Coordination
BCC Block Check Character
BCC Block Count Check
BCD Binary-Coded Decimal (digital coding)
BCFG Fog Patches
BCI Business Continuity Institute
BCK Back-up
BCM Business Continuity Management
BCN BeaCoN (aeronautical ground light)
BCP Boundary Crossing Point (N-FDPS)
BCP Best Current Practices
BCP Business Continuity Plan (Plan de continuité des activités)
BCPG Business Continuity Process Group (groupe responsable du plan de continuité des activités)
BCQ Body Clock Questionnaire
BCS Block Check Sequence
BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed
BCWS Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled
BD Border
Bd Baud
BDAM Basic Direct Access Method
BDE Batch Data Exchange
BDL Bundesverband der Deutschen Luftverkehrswirtschaft (Federal Association of the German Air Transport
BDP Bureau de Piste (FR)
BDP Brussels ACC Computer
BDR Battle Damage Repair
Page 64
Acronym Full form
BDS Comm-B Data Selector
BDS Comm-B Data Store
BDS comm-B-Data Subfield
BDS Board Data System
BDS Binary Data Sub-field
BDS-buffer B Data Selector - Buffer
BDS1 BDS Sub-Field 1
BDS2 BDS Sub-Field 2
BDT Business Development Trajectory
BDU Basic Data Unit
BDY BounDarY(ies) & UAC sectors
BDY Boundary Point (ENV entity type, used in all CHMI)
BE Belgium (ISO Country Code)
BE Belgium
BEA Budget and Economic Affairs (Section « Budget et affaires économiques »)
BEA Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses (France)
BEBS Best Efficiency Best Served
BECN Backward Error Congestion Notification
BEE Bureau Européen de l'Environnement (FR)
BEH Brussels East High
BEI Banque Européenne d'Investissement / European Investment Bank (EIB)
BEIDOU Chinese satellite navigation system
BEL Brussels East Low
BEL BELl (=bell)
BEM Boundary Estimate Message (SARP)
BENELUX Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
BER Burst Error Rate
BER Bit Error Rate
BER Basic Encoding Rules
BERD Banque européenne pour la reconstruction et le développement / European Bank for Reconstruction and
Development (=EBRD)
BERT Bit Error Rate Test, (or Tester).
Page 65
Acronym Full form
BETA Benefit Evaluation by Testing an A-SMGCS
BF Briefing Facilities
BFD Basic Flight Data message
BFIS Baggage Flow Information Service
BFL Blocked Flight Level area
BFO Beat Frequency Oscillator
BFS (Z) Bundesanstalt für Flugsicherung (Zentralstelle) (DE)
BFTF Briefing Facility Task Force
BFU Bundesstelle für FlugunfallUntersuchung (German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation)
BFWG Budgetary and Financial Working Group (Groupe de travail budgétaire et financier (GTBF))
BFWG-4 Budgetary and Financial Working Group (4 States)
BG Bulgaria (ISO Country Code)
BGAN Broadband Global Area Network
BGD Background
BGP Border Gateway Protocol
BHA Brussels High Assistant controller
BHANSA Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency
BHCA Busy Hour Call Attempt
BHDCA Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation
BHDOC Block Hour Direct Operating Costs
BHL-System (Name of HR-registration system)
BHP Brake Horse Power
BHS baggage-handling systems
BIA Business Impact Analysis (MIS)
BIAC Brussels International Airport Company
BIANCA Backup Integrated AeroNautical CommunicAtions
BIC Best in Class
BIF Deliver Implementation Benefits Faster (EATCHIP Adaptation)
BIH Bureau International de l'Heure = International Time Bureau (ITB)
BIN Broadcast Identification Number
BINOC Belgian Integrated Network Operations Centre
BIOS Basic Input / Output System
BIP Business Information Publications
Page 66
Acronym Full form
BIP Business Improvement Proposal
BIRD Banque Internationale pour la Reconstruction et le Développement (ONU) / International Bank for
Reconstruction and Development (=IBRD)
BIRDTAM Bird hazard noTAM (NOTAM reporting bird hazard)
BIS Business Intelligence System
BIS Boundary Intermediate System
BISAM Basic Indexed Sequential Access Method
BISDN Broadband ISDN
BIST Build-In Self Test (ODS)
Bit Binary Digit
BIT Built-In Test
BIT/s BInary digiTs (bits) per Second
BITE Built-In Test Equipment
BKH Brussels Koksy High
BKL Brussels Koksy Low
Bldg BuiLDinG
BLERT BLock Error Rate Test
BLH Brussels Luxembourg High
BLL Brussels Luxembourg Low
BLO BeLOw clouds
BLOS Beyond Line Of Sight
BLSC Brétigny Local Staff Committee (comité local du personnel de Brétigny - CLPB)
BLSN BLowing SNow
BLUE MED Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Egypt, Tunisia FAB
BM Business Manager
BM Basic Measurement
BMA Business Management (Gestion des activités)
BMCS Backup Master Control Station
BMD Briefing Meeting of Directors (Réunion de travail des Directeurs)
BMD Basic Measurement Display
Page 67
Acronym Full form
BMIC Bus Master Interface Controller
BMP Batch Message Processing
BMS Bureau Militaire de Standardisation (FR)
BMS Building Management System
BMST Bare Multi Sensor Tracker
BMT Business/Mission Trajectory
BMUN Better Meet User Needs (EATCHIP Adaptation)
BN Bayesian Network
BN Backbone Network
BN Backbone Node (RMCDE/ RADNET)
BN Briefing Note (OGHFA)
BNC Backbone Network Computer (RADNET)
BNC BayoNet Locking Coax (connector)
BNF Backus-Naur Form
BNH Brussels Nicky High
BNIA Bureau national de l'informatique et d'assistance au vol
BNL Benelux
BNL Brussels Nicky Low
BNN Boundary Network Node
BNR Binary
BNS Basic Name Server
BO Business Object
BOC Bus Out Check
BOC Binary Offset Carrier
BOH Brussels Olno High
BOI Biographical Oriented Interview
BOL Brussels Olno Low
BOOST Building Object Oriented Software Technology
BOP Budget opérationnel de programme
BOS Behaviour anchored Rating Scales
BP Best Practices
BP Business Plan
Page 68
Acronym Full form
BP British Petroleum
BPA Barometric Pressure Altitude
BPE Boundary Point of Entry
BPF Band Pass Filter
BPG Boundary Point Geographical
BPI Bits Per Inch
BPL Boundary Point Lateral
BPM Business Process Management
BPN Boundary Point of eNtry (local route)
BPR Business Processes Review
BPS Barometric Pressure Setting
bps Bits per second
BPS Boundary Point Sector
BPS Business Planning & Support
BPS BD Business Planning & Support Business Division (EUROCONTROL)
BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying
BPSX Boundary Point Sector Exit
BPX Boundary Point of eXit
BPXA Boundary Point of eXit Aerodrome of destination (Linked)
BPXF Boundary Point of eXit truncated route (T)
BPXL Boundary Point of eXit Lateral
BPXS Boundary Point of eXit Subjacent
BR Mist
BRA Basic Rate Access
BRA Bearing, Range and Altitude
BRADS Business Report Application Development System
BRAIN Barcelona RNAV Approach Innovations
BRAINS Baggage Routing and Information System
BRE BREkendorf (Air Defence Station)
BRF Short (describing type of approach required)
BRI Basic Rate Interface
BRIA Bureau régional d'information et d'assistance au vol
Brief Briefing
Page 69
Acronym Full form
BRIGHT Intensify selected tracks in "OWN" sector
BRITE Basic Rate access t-InTerface Extension
BRITE Basic Research in Industrial Technologies for Europe = EURAM
BRNAV Basic Area Navigation
BRO BROckzetel (Air Defence Station)
BRS Back-up Radio System
BRT Beta-Release Transfer
BRT CON Brightness Controll (N-FDPS)
BRU BRUssels sectors
BS BackSpace
BS British Standard
BS Band Stop (ACS)
BS BootStrap (RADNET Introduction - MAS)
BS Broadcasting Station (commercial)
BS Basic Strip(s)
BS1 Incomplete Basic Strip (1) Plan
BSA-ANS Belgian Supervisory Authority for Air Navigation Services
BSAM Basic Sequential Access Method
BSAP Broadcast Service Access Point
BSC Basic Services Component
BSC Balanced Scorecard
BSC Binary Synchronous Communications
BSCM Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian-Montenegrin (interpretation booth)
BSCU Brake and Steering Control Unit
BSD Berkeley Software Distribution
BSD Barco Synoptic Displays, (TWS)
BSI British Standards Institute
BSM Basic Storage Module
BSN BDU Sequence Number
BSP Business Systems Planning
BSS Basic System Software
BSS Broadband Swicthing Systems
BSS Best Signal Selection (ODS)
Page 70
Acronym Full form
BSS Broadcast Satellite Services
BSU Beam Steering Unit
BT British Telecom
BT Business Trajectory
BT Bandwidth Time
BTAM Basic Telecommunications Access Method
BTC Business TeleCommunications
BTC Basic Training Course
BTDC Before Top Dead Centre
BTE Bi-directional Transceiver Element
BTEC Business and Technician Education Council
BTH (R) Beyond the Horizon (Radar)
BTIV Bureau de transmission des informations en vol
BTL BeTween Layers
BTO Block Time Overshoot
BTS Back-up Telephone System
BTS Batch Terminal Simulator
BTV Brake to Vacate
BUG Bertem (Radar) User's Group
BUL-ROM Bulgaria/Romania FAB (Danube FAB)
BULATSA Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority
BUP Backup
BVCS Backup Voice Communication System
BVLOS Beyond Visual Line of Sight
BVR Beyond Visual Range
BW Bandwidth
BWB Blended Wing Body
BWH Brussels West High
BWP Budget and Work Programme Planning / Planification du Budget et du programme de travail
BY Belarus (ISO Country Code)
BZ billing zone/zone de facturation
C Programming Language
c Speed of Light in free space (+/-300,000 metres per second)
Page 71
Acronym Full form
C Current sector (N-FDPS)
C Band Frequency Band
C Programming Language
C Centre (runway ID)
C Degrees Centigrade (Celsius) (°C)
C Consumables
C Confirm
C & M Control and Monitoring
C&P Crossing & Passing
C- Programming Language
C-ATM Cooperative Air Traffic Management (ATM coopératif)
C-ATSU Controlling ATS Unit
C-band C-Band (radar frequency band)
C-Channel Circuit Mode Channel
C-DPI Cancel - DPI
C-DPI Cancel-Departure Planning Information
C-Gate Cancel Gate (DEVD)
C-GATE Cancel Gate
C-SAS Cranfield Situation Awareness Scale
C/A Coarse/Acquisition Code
C/A Code Course / Acquisition Code
C/AFT CNS/ATM Focused Team
C/d Capacity demand ratio
C/M Carrier-to Multi-Path Ratio
C/N Carrier to Noise Ratio
C/N0 Carrier-to-Noise-Density Ratio
C/R Command/Response bit
C/S CallSign (of aircraft)
c/s Cycles per Second (= Hertz = Hz)
C1 Radio Navigation Satellite Services Frequency (5010-5030 MHz)
C102(TSO) Helicopter Radar Approach, Issued 04/02/84 (RTCA DO-172, Issued 03/83)
C104(TSO) Microwave Landing System (MLS) Receiving Equipment, Issued 06/82 (RTCA DO-174, Issued 03/82)
C105(TSO) Optional Display For Weather Radar, Issued 06/84 (RTCA DO-174, Issued 03/81)
C110(TSO) Airborne Thunderstorm Detector, Issued 01/01/01,(RTCA DO-187, Issued 11/84
Page 72
Acronym Full form
C115(TSO) RNAV Equipment Using Multi_Sensor, Issued 06/86 (RTCA DO-187, Issued 11/84)
C118(TSO) Airborne TCAS I Equipmen4 Issued 08/88 (RTCA DO-197, Issued 3/87)
C119(TSO) Airborne TCAS II Equipment (RTCA DO-185, Issued 09/83)
C120(TSO) RNAV Equipment Using OMEGA/VLF, Issued 01/88 (RTCA DO-185 issued 9/83)
C2 Command and Control
C2 Level Security Level in the United States Department of Defense
C2-SPI Pulse Position C2 - Special Position Indicator (SPI) pulse phantom
C3 Command, Control and Communications
C31d(TSO) High Frequency (HF) Communications Transmitting Equipment, Issued 04/84 (RTCA DO-163, Issued 03/76)
C32d(TSO) High Frequency (HF) Communications Receiving Equipment, Issued /83
C34e(TSO) ILS Glide Slope Receive Equipment, Issued 01/88 (RCTA DO-192, Issued 07/86)
C35d(TSO) Radio Marker Receiving Equipment, Issued 04/71 (RTCA DO-143, Issued 01/70)
C36e(TSO) ILS Localizer Receiver Equipment, Issued 01/88 (RTCA) DO-195, Issued 11/86)
C37d(TSO) VHF Comm transmitting Equipment, Issued 08181 (RTCA DO-157, Issued 08/81(RTCA DO_157, Issued
C38c(TSO) VHF Comm Receiving Equipment; Issued 08/81 (RTCA DO-156, Issued 08/74)
C38d(TSO) Receiving Equipment, Issued 08/81 (RTCA DO_186, Issued 1/84)
C3CM(TSO) Command, Control and Communications Countermeasures
C3I Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (network)
C3T Controller Tools and Transition Trials. See EVP.
C40c(TSO) Airborne VOR Receiving Equipment, Issued 01/88 (RTCA DO-1996, Issued 11/86)
C41d(TSO) Airborne ADF Equipment, Issued 05/86 (RTCA DO-179, Issued 05/82)
C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
C50c(TSO) Audio Selector Panel and Amps, Issued 01/83 (RTCA DO-170, Issued 01/80)
C57a(TSO) Headsets And Speakers, Issued 01/83 (RTCA DO-170, Issued 01/80)
C58a Aircraft Microphones, Issued 01/83 (RTCA DO-170, Issued 01/80)
C59 Selective Calling (SELCAL) Equipment, Issued 01/01 (RTCA DO-93, Issued 2/59)
C60b RNAV Equipment Using LORAN -C, Issued 05/88 (RTCA DO-194, Issued 11/86)
C63c Airborne Weather Radar, Issued 08/83 (RTCA DO-173 Issued 11/80)
C65a Doppler Radar Air Speed Equipment, Issued 08/83 (RTCA DO-158, Issued 11/75)
C66b Airborne DME (Distance Measuring Equipment), Issued 08/81 (RTCA DO-1514, Issued 04/60)
C67 Airborne Radar Altimeters, Issued 11/64 (RTCA DO-103, Issued 4/60)
C68a Dead Reckoning Computer Equipment, Issued 08/83 (RTCA DO-158, Issued 10/75)
C74e Airborne ATC Transponder Equipment, Issued 01/01 (RTCA DO 161A, Issued 05/76)
Page 73
Acronym Full form
C87a Low Range Radar Altimeters, Issued 01/01 (RTCA DO-155, Issued 01/74)
C91a Emergency Locator Transmitter, Issued 04/85 (RTCA DO-183, Issued 5/83)
C92b Ground Proximity Warning (GPWS) Equipment, 01/01 (RTCA DO-161A, Issued 05/76)
C94a OMEGA Receiving Equipment, Issued 08/81 (RTCA DO-164A, Issued 09/79)
CA Count Area
CA CApability (-control bit)
CA Conflict Alert
CA Computer Associates
CA Capability
CA Command Area
CA Circulation aérienne
CA Certificate of Airworthiness
CA Course to an Altitude (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
CA Competent Authority (autorité compétente - AC)
CA Civil Aviation
CAA Civil Aviation Authority (autorité/administration de l'aviation civile - AAC)
CAA Computer Aided Analysis
CAAC Civil Aviation Authority - China
CAAI Civil Aviation Authority of Israel
CAAS Common AMHS Addressing Scheme
CAAS Common Aeronautical Address Form
CAAS Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
CAAS Computer Aided Approach Sequencing
CAASD Centre for Advanced Aviation System Development
CAATS Canadian Automated Air Traffic System
CAATS Cooperative Approach to Air Traffic Services
CAB-E Change Approval Board - Eng.
CAB-O Change Advisory Board - Operations
CAC Centralised Approach Control
CAC Common Acceptance Criteria
CAC Coastal Assistant Controller
CAC Connection Admission Control
CACD Central Airspace and Capacity Database
CAD Computer Aided / Assisted Design
Page 74
Acronym Full form
CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing
CADAS Computer-controlled Avionics Data Acquisition System
CADD Computer Aided Draughting & Design
CADF Centralised Airspace Data Function (ECAC) (Fonction de centralisation des données concernant l'espace
aérien de la CEAC)
CADIN Czech Automated Data Interchange Network
CADS Combined Arrival and Departure Sequencing/Study (APATSI)
CADS Centralised ADS
CADsim Computer Aided Design for Simulations
CAE Computer Aided Engineering
CAEP Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (Comité de la protection de l'environnement en aviation)
CAER Computer Assistance for En-Route ATC
CAERAF Common American-European Reference ATN Facility / Dispositif ATN de Référence commun pour les Etats-
Unis et l'Europe
CAF/LOC Certificat d'aptitude à la fonction/position de contrôle local
CAFA Causal Factor Analyses Group
CAFAC Commission Africaine de l'Aviation Civile (African Civil Aviation Commission, AFCAC)
CAFE Conventional Armed Forces in Europe
CAFO Committee on Air traffic management and Flight Operations
CAFÉ Collision Avoidance Fast time Evaluator
CAG Circulation aérienne générale (General Air Traffic (GAT))
CAGR compound annual growth rate
CAI Computer Assisted Input
CAI Contractor Acceptance and Inspection
CAI Civil Aviation Inspection
CAI Computer Assisted Instruction
CAI Cooperative Airspace Initiative
CAIA Collaborative Airline Interface(Interface conjointe des compagnies aériennes)
CAIIS Computer Aided Imagery Interpretation System
CAIM Craft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
CAIR Confidential Aviation Incident Reporting
CAIRDE Civil Aviation Integrated Radar Display Equipment (IRE)
CAL Code Allocation List
CAL Computer Aided Learning
CAL Computer Aided Logistics
Page 75
Acronym Full form
CALLSGN Callsign
CALM Computer Assisted Landing Management System
CALS Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistic Support
CAM Conflict Alert Message (MADAP)
CAM Circulation Aérienne Militaire (FR)
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAM Code Allocation Message
CAM Cost Allocation Methodology
CAM Control And Monitoring
CAMACA Commonly Agreed Methodology for Airport Airside Capacity Assessment
CAMAR Conflict Alert Message Analysis and Reporting
CAMC Conflict Alert Message Collection
CAMC Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council
CAMES Cooperative ATM Measures for a European Single Sky (Mesures de coopération ATM pour un ciel européen
CAMI Civil Aeromedical Institute
CAMOS Centralised ARTAS Maintenance & Operational Support (appui centralisé à l'exploitation et à la maintenance
de l'ARTAS)
CAMPS Computer Aided Message Processing System
CAMU Central Airspace Management Unit (South Africa)
CAMUS Czech Automated Multi radar System
CAN Contract Award Notice
CAN Committee on Aircraft Noise
CAN Proj. Croatian Air Navigation Project
CANAC Computer Assisted National ATC Centre (B)
CANSO Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation
CAO Computer Assisted Operations
CAO Civil Aviation Office (Poland)
CAO Collaboration with Airport Operations
CAOC Combined Air Operations Centre
CAOFA Coordination of Air Operations in the Forward Area
CAP Combat Air Patrol
CAP Controller Access Protocol
CAP CAPacitor
Page 76
Acronym Full form
CAP Computer Aided Production
CAP Corrective Action Plan
CAP Cost Allocation Principle
CAP Common ATM Plan (Plan ATM commun)
CAP Code Allocation Plan
CAP Capacity
CAP Comité administratif paritaire
CAP Civil Aviation Publication (UK CAA)
CAP Controller Access Parameters
CAPA CEATS ANS Providers Association
CAPAN Capacity Analyser
CAPC Civil Aviation Planning Committee (NATO)
CAPE Computer Assisted Planning Experiment
CAPEX Capital Expenditure (Dépenses en capital)
CAPIG CEATS Airspace Planning and Implementation Group
CaPlan TF Capacity Planning Task Force
CAPOC Pensions Administrative Committee of the Coordinated Organisations (Comité d'Administration des pensions
des Organisations Coordonnées)
CAPOI Conférence annuelle des associations du personnel des organisations internationales (Conference of Staff
Associations of International Organisations - CSAIO)
CAPP Client Applications Section (previously DEVD) (Section « Applications clients »)
CAPPI Constant Altitude Plan Position Indicator
CAPRI Core Applications Production Infrastructure
CAPS CEATS ANS Providers Support
CAPSIN Civil Aviation Packet Switching Integrated Network (UK)
CAPST Cooperative Area Precision Tracking System
CAPT Coverage Analysis and Planning Tool
CAQC Computer Aided Quality Control
CAR Caribbean Region
CAR Central Access Routing
CAR Committed Access Rate
CARA Collaborative Arrival Regulation Avoidance
CARA Controller Action Reliability Assessment
CARAT Computer-Aided Route Allocation Tool (Aide informatisée à l'attribution de routes)
CARATS Collaborative Actions for Renovation of Air Traffic Systems
Page 77
Acronym Full form
CARD CNS Applications - Research and Development
CARD Conflict And Risk Display (ODID)
CARD CNS/ATM Research and Development
CARDS Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation (Assistance communautaire pour la
reconstruction, le développement et la stabilisation)
CARE Cooperative Actions of R&D in EUROCONTROL (Actions coopératives de recherche et développement à
CARF Central Altitude Reservation Function
CARFE Conference on Airport and Route Facility Economics (ICAO) / Conference sur la gestion des aéroports et des
installations et services de route
CARP Computed Air Release Point
CARS Controller Acceptance Rating Scale
CART Competency Assessment and Refresher Training
CART Classification And Regression Trees
CAS Collision Avoidance System
CAS Channel Associated Signalling
CAS Control Augmentation System
CAS Comprehensive Agreement State
CAS Calibrated Air Speed
CAS Compte d'affectation spécial
CAS Computerised Assessment System
CAS Close Air Support
CASA Computer-Assisted Slot Allocation (Allocation de créneaux assistée par ordinateur)
CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia
CASCADE Cooperative ATS through Surveillance and Communications Applications Deployed in ECAC
CASE Computer-Aided Software Engineering
CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering
Case Case Study
CASE Computer Aided System Engineering
CASI Aircraft Situation Image
CASOR Civil Area Services Operations Room
CASP Common AIS Staff Profiling
CASSIS CTA ATM System Integration Studies (Project)
CASSY Cockpit Assistant System
CAST Comprehensive Airport Simulation Tool
Page 78
Acronym Full form
CAST Commercial Aviation Safety Team
CAST Consequences of future ATM systems for air traffic controller Selection and Training
CAST Centre of Aviation Safety Technology (Civil Aviation Authority of China)
CAST Computer-Aided Software Testing
CASTA Controller Associate for Strategic and Technical Advice
CASTAR Computer Aided Synchronisation Tool for Airspace Repository
CAT Computer Assisted Teaching / Training
CAT Continuous Attention Task
CAT Commercial Air Transport
CAT Clear Air Turbulence
CAT Category
CAT Capacity Assessment Team
CAT Data Category
CAT I ILS Category I Instrument Landing System
CAT x Category x Precision Approach (I , II or III)
CAT-1 Category One
CAT001 ASTERIX Category 001
CAT002 ASTERIX Category 002
CAT003 ASTERIX Category 003
CAT004 ASTERIX Category 004
CAT008 ASTERIX Category 008
CAT009 ASTERIX Category 009
CAT010 ASTERIX Category 010
CAT011 ASTERIX Category 011
CAT017 ASTERIX Category 017
CAT018 ASTERIX Category 018
CAT019 ASTERIX Category 019
CAT020 ASTERIX Category 020
CAT021 ASTERIX Category 021
CAT022 ASTERIX Category 022
CAT023 ASTERIX Category 023
CAT030 ASTERIX Category 030
CAT031 ASTERIX Category 031
CAT032 ASTERIX Category 032
Page 79
Acronym Full form
CAT033 ASTERIX Category 033
CAT034 ASTERIX Category 034
CAT048 ASTERIX Category 048
CAT061 ASTERIX Category 061
CAT062 ASTERIX Category 062
CAT063 ASTERIX Category 063
CAT065 ASTERIX Category 065
CAT128 ASTERIX Category 128
CAT150 ASTERIX Category 150
CAT151 ASTERIX Category 151
CAT152 ASTERIX Category 152
CAT153 ASTERIX Category 153
CAT241 ASTERIX Category 241
CAT242 ASTERIX Category 242
CAT244 ASTERIX Category 244
CAT251 ASTERIX Category 251
CAT252 ASTERIX Category 252
CAT253 ASTERIX Category 253
CAT254 ASTERIX Category 254
CAT255 ASTERIX Category 255
CATCAS Copenhagen ATC Automated System
CATCAS Copenhagen Air Traffic Control Automated System (DK)
CATCO Chief ATC Operations
CATF Conformity Assessment Task Force (Équipe spéciale sur l'évaluation de la conformité)
CATIA TF on CNS/ATM Implementation Aspects
CATIA Computer graphics Aided Three dimensional Interactive Applications
CATMAC Cooperative Air Traffic MAnagement Concept
CATMT Collaborative Air Traffic Management Technology
CATO Civil Air Traffic Operations
CATS Contract-based Air Transportation System
CATS Data Categories (ASTERIX)
CATSA Croatian air Traffic Services Authority
CATSIM CAA Air Traffic Simulator (UK)
CATV Community Antenna TeleVision
Page 80
Acronym Full form
CAUC Civil Aviation University of China
CAUSE Collision Avoidance Requirements for UAS
CAUTRA Coordinateur AUtomatique de TRafic Aérien (Automated Computer System for Air Traffic)
CAV Constant Angular Velocity
CAVA Concerted Action on Validation of ATM Systems
CAVEAT Collision Avoidance Validation and Evaluation Tool
CAVOK Clouds and Visibility OK
CAW Channel Address Word
Cb Cumulonimbus
CB Central Battery
CBA Cross-Border Area (Zone de ségrégation temporaire transfrontalière)
CBA Cost-Benefit Analysis (Analyse coûts-avantages)
CBAS Competence-Based Assessment System (système d'évaluation basé sur les compétences)
CBCZ Cross Border Charging Zone
CBD Component Based Development
CBDS Circuit Board Design System
CBE Computer Based Education
CBE/T Computer Based Education/Training
CBI Computer Based Instruction
CBIPO Custom Built Installation Processing Offering
CBL Calculated Boundary Level (N-FDPS)
CBM Core Business Manager (Gestionnaire "Activités principales")
CBN Common Backbone Network (subnetwork RAPNET = system of the national ATS, DFS = PSN)
CBO Cross-Border Operations (Exploitation transfrontalière)
CBPDO Custom Built Product Delivery Offering
CBPE Computer-Based Practical Exercises
CBPM Computer-Based Performance Measure
CBQ Class Based Queuing
CBR Constant Bit Rate
CBS Cost Breakdown Structure
CBS Cost/Benefit Studies
CBT Computer Based Training / Formation assistée par Ordinateur
CBT Computer Based Tool
CBU Core Business Unit (Unité "Activités principales")
Page 81
Acronym Full form
CBX Computerised Branch eXchange
CC Cluster Controller
CC Common Control unit
CC Connection Confirm
CC Coordinator Controller
CC UK Competition Commission
CC Clearing Cause
CC Call Control
CC Client Code
CC Contextual Condition
CC Change Control
CC Cirro-Cumulus
CC0 Congestion Control Level 0
CC1 Congestion Control Level 1
CC2 Congestion Control Level 2
CC3 Congestion Control Level 3
CCA Common Cause Analysis
CCA Channel Control Array
CCAMS Centralised (SSR) Code Assignment and Management System (Système centralisé de gestion et
d'assignation des codes SSR)
CCB Change Control Board
CCB Configuration Control Board
CCBS Call Completion to Busy Subscribers
CCC Committee on Climate Change (comité sur le changement climatique) (UK)
CCC Coastal Coordinating Controller
CCC Cellular CNS Concept
CCC Central Computer Complex
CCC Common Core Content (of ATC Training)
CCC Command, Control and Communications
CCCB Configuration Change Control Board
CCCC Cross Channel Coordination Centre
CCCI Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (network)
CCD Charge Coupled Device
CCD Continuous Climb Departures
Page 82
Acronym Full form
CCDS Code Callsign Distribution Systems
CCE Commission des Communautés européennes ; Commission européenne (FR) / Commission of the European
Communities (=CEC) ; European Commission (EC)
CCESC CEATS Chief Executive Standing Conference
CCF Centralised Control Function (LATCC)
CCF Central Control Facility (EGNOS)
CCFG Computer & Communications Facilities Group
CCFP Collaborative Convective Forecast Product
CCFS Communication/ACAS Capability and Flight Satus
CCFT Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube
CCG CEATS Coordination Group (Groupe de coordination CEATS)
CCI Co-Channel Interference
CCIA Computer & Communications Industry Association
CCIP Code-Callsign Input Position (MADAP)
CCIR Comité Consultatif International des Radiocommunications - International Radio Consultative Committee (now
CCIS Closed Circuit Information System
CCITT Comité Consultatif International Télégraphique et Téléphonique (UIT) - International Telegraph and
Telephone Consultative Committee (ITU)
CCL Code Callsign List
CCL Crossing Climb
CCL Computation Cycle Loop
CCL Croatia Control Ltd.
CCL Compliance Check List (Liste de contrôle de conformité)
CCM CASA Cancellation Message
CCM Computerised Control and Monitoring
CCM Configuration Control Manager
CCM Centre de Contrôle Militaire / Military Control Centre (=MCC)
CCM Corporate Conceptual Model
CCMAV Commission consultative des marchés d'achat et de vente (Advisory Committee on Procurement and Sales
CCMG CEATS Civil/Military Group
CCMS Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (NATO)
CCN Contract Change Note
CCNR Call Completion on No Reply
CCO Continuous Climb Operations
Page 83
Acronym Full form
CCP Congé de convenance personnelle (leave on personal grounds)
CCP Comité central du personnel (Central Staff Committee - CSC)
CCP Configuration Control Plan
CCP Code Callsign Printout
CCP Comité central du personnel (Central Staff Committee - CSC)
CCP Comité central du personnel (Central Staff Committee - CSC)
CCP Contract Change Proposal
CCP Circuit Switched Public Data Network
CCPP Central Committee for Prevention and Protection at work (comité central de prévention et de protection au
CCPP Central Committee for Prevention and Protection at work (comité central de prévention et de protection au
CCPUG Change Control Procedure (ref. STD-CM/PRO/CCPUG)
CCR Cancel Contract Request
CCR ConCurrency and Recovery
CCR Commitment Concurrency and Recovery
CCR centre de contrôle régional (Area Control Centre - ACC)
CCS Common Channel Signalling
CCS Change CallSign message
CCS Cabin Communications Systems
CCS Code CallSign
CCs Contractual Conditions
ccs Hundred Call Seconds (= 1 Erlang)
CCT Communications Coordination Team, (EATCHIP)
CCT Code Callsign Table
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CCU Cartridge Control Unit
CCW Counter-Clockwise
CCW Channel Command Word
CCWG Customer Consultation Working Group
CD Collision Detection
CD Council Directive
CD Course to a DME Distance (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
CD Call Deflection
CD Compact Disc
Page 84
Acronym Full form
CD CanDela
CD Conflict Display (ODID)
CD&A Conflict Detection and Avoidance
CD-2 Transmission format for radar data
CD-I Compact Disc Interactive
CD-ROM Compact Disk / Read Only Memory
CD2 Common Digitizer 2
CDA CoorDination Acceptance (message)
CDA Continuous Descent Approach (Approche en descente continue)
CDA Current Data Authority (ICAO)
CDA Conflict Display Area. Coordination Approval / CoorDination Acceptance (message)
CDA Client Defined Area
CDA Continuous Descent Arrival (ICAO)
CDB Central Data Bank (former DBE)
CDB Central Data Base
CDC Consistent Datastore Copy
CDC Centre de Détection et de Contrôle
CDE Chef d'équipe
CDE Crossing Descent
CDFA Continuous Descent Final Approach
CDG Charles De Gaulle (Paris North Airport)
CDG Core Drafting Group (Selection)
CDG Console Design Group
CDGPS Canadian Differential GPS
CDI Course Deviation Indicator
CDI Coordination Information
CDL Configuration Deviation List
CDM Concert Data Manager
CDM Code Division Multiplexing
CDM Cooperative Decision-Making (NM processes)
CDM Collaborative Decision-Making (prise de décision en collaboration)
CDM-A Collaborative Decision-Making - Airports
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDMS Corporate Document Management System
Page 85
Acronym Full form
CDN Airspace Crossing Coordination Message
CDN CoorDinatioN (message type designator)
CDN Coordination Message
CDO Continuous Descent Operations
CDP Computer Diagnostics Program
CDP Central Data Processing
CDPS Central Data Processing System (Système central de traitement des données)
CDQ Chef de quart
CDR Coded Departure Routes (US)
CDR Coordination Request (message)
CDR Conditional Route (Route conditionnelle)
CDR Call Detail Recording
CDR Critical Design Review
CDR Conflict Detection and Resolution
CDR1 Conditional Route category 1 - Permanently plannable CDR during times published in national AIPs
CDR2 Conditional Route category 2 - Non-Permanently Plannable
CDRL Contracts Data Requirements List (MAS/DFS - ODS)
CDRL Contractual Deliverable Requirement List -
CDS Controller Display Support
CDS Chef de salle
CDSE Confirmed Data Service Element
CDSEPT Committee to Develop Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing of The American Educational
research Association, The American Psychological Association, and The National Council on Measurement in
CDT Chef de tour
CDT Command Delivery Time
CDTF CASCADE Deployment Task Force
CDTI Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
CDTS Console Detailed Technical Specification
CDU Control Display Unit
CDV Cell Delay Variation
CDVT Cell Delay Variation Tolerance
CE Clearance Expires at...
CE Committee of Management (Comité de gestion)
CE Congestion Experienced
Page 86
Acronym Full form
CE Clean Earth (Electrical connection)
CE Commission européenne (European Commission - EC)
CE Conformity European
CE-GPS Complément européen au GPS / European GPS Overlay
CE/R enlarged Committee for Route Charges (Comité élargi pour les redevances de route)
CE/R/MET/TF Task Force on the allocation of MET costs to civil aviation users (Équipe spéciale sur l'imputation des coûts
"MET" aux usagers de l'aviation civile)
CEA Centre for the Evaluation of nuclear protection
CEAC Conférence européenne de l'aviation civile (European Civil Aviation Conference - ECAC)
CEAC Committee for European Airspace Coordination (NATO Group) renamed on 27.4.98 by the North Atlantic
Council (=NATMC)
CEANS Conference on the Economics of Airports and Air Navigation Services - Conférence sur l'economie des
aérports et des services de navigation aérienne
CEATS Central European Air Traffic Services
CEATS FSG Central Europe ATS Financial Sub-Group
CEATS LSG Central Europe ATS Legal Sub-Group
CEATS UAC Central European Air Traffic Services Upper Airspace Control Centre
CEATS WGMI CEATS Working Group on Management Issues
CEC Commission of the European Communities ; European Commission / Commission des Communautés
Européennes (=CCE) ; Commission européenne (FR)
CEC Coastal Executive Controller
CECUA Conference of European Computer Users Associations
CEDAR Critical Event Detection and Reporting (consortium)
CEDRe Centre d'exploitation, de développement et d'études du réseau d'information de gestion
CEE Communauté Economique Européenne
CEE Centre expérimental d'EUROCONTROL (EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre (EEC))
CEECs Countries of Central and Eastern Europe ; Central and Eastern Europe Countries / Pays d'Europe centrale et
orientale (=PECO)
CEF Contrast Enhancement Filter
CEF Connecting Europe Facility
CEF Capacity Enhancement Function (Fonction de renforcement de la capacité)
CEFA CRCO Extranet For Airspace users - (Extranet du SCRR pour les usagers de l'espace aérien)
CEFA Cooperation for Environmentally Friendly Aviation (ERA, ACI, AEA, AECMA, EBAA, EUROCAE)
CEFR CDTI Enhanced Flight Rules
CEG Chief Executive Group (Groupe des Administrateurs généraux)
CEG Continuous Edge Graphic
Page 87
Acronym Full form
CEG CESC Executive Group (Groupe de direction de la CESC)
CEI Commission électrotechnique internationale / International Electrotechnical Commission (=IEC)
CELI Congressional Economic Leadership Institute
CELP Code Excited Linear Prediction
CEM Collaborative Environmental Management / gestion concertée de l'environnement
CEM Capacity Enhancement Manager (Gestionnaire du renforcement de la capacité)
CEMA Chef d'Etat-Major de l'Armée (FR)
CEMT Conférence Européenne des Ministres des Transports / European Conference of Ministers of Transport
CEN Certificat d'Examen de Navigabilité
CEN Comité Européen de Normalisation / European Committee for Standardization
CENA Centre d'études de la navigation aérienne (French air navigation study centre) (DGAC/DNA)
CENELEC European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (Comité européen de normalisation
CENTRA Tool used for teleconferencing and e-learning
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CEP Circular Error Probability
CEPT Conference Europeenne des Postes et Telecommunications
CER Cancel Emergency Mode Request
CER Cell Error Ratio
CERAN Central European suRveillAnce Network
CERCO Comité Européen des Responsables de la Cartographie Officielle
CERG Central European Rotation Group (ICAO group)
CERN Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire
CERT Computer Emergency Response Team
CES Circuit Emulation Service
CES Capacity Enhancement Service (ATFM)
CES Central and Eastern European States
CESAR Course Evaluation Sheets Analysis and Reporting
CESC Chief Executive Standing Conference (Conférence permanente des Présidents des Comités de direction)
CESNAC Centre d'Exploitation des Systèmes de la Navigation Aérienne Centraux (FR)
CEST Central European Standard
CESTOL cruise-efficient short-take off and landing transports
CET Central European Time
CET Compte épargne-temps (Leave Savings Account)
Page 88
Acronym Full form
CETCOPRA Centre d'Etudes des Techniques, des Connaissances et des Pratiques - Univ. Paris I
CEU Central Executive Unit (Organe exécutif central, OEC) - old name, see OPSD
CEV Centre d'essais en vol = Flight Testing Centre
CEW Civil Engineering Works
CF Control Functions
CF Classification and Filtering
CF Control Function
CF Course to a Fix (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
CF Control Field
CF Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance (direction "Service central des redevances de route et
CF Change Frequency to...
CF Coordination Function
cf Refer To...(from latin ConFero)
CF/AFS Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Agency Finance Services (direction "Service central
des redevances de route et Finances"/services financiers de l¿Agence)
CF/AFS/ATT Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Agency Finance Services/Accounting & Treasury Unit
(direction "Service central des redevances de route et Finances"/services financiers de l¿Agence/unité
"Comptabilité et trésorerie")
CF/AFS/FPC Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Agency Finance Services/Financial Planning & Control
Unit (direction "Service central des redevances de route et Finances"/services financiers de l¿Agence/unité
"Planification et contrôle financiers")
CF/AFS/PAR Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Agency Finance Services/Procurement & Agreements
Unit (direction "Service central des redevances de route et Finances"/services financiers de l¿Agence/unité
"Achats et accords")
CF/CRCO Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Central Route Charges Office (direction "Service
central des redevances de route et Finances"/Service central des redevances de route - CF/SCRR)
CF/CRCO/BCE Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Central Route Charges Office/Billing, Customer
Relations & Economics Division (direction "Service central des redevances de route et Finances"/Service
central des redevances de route/division "Facturation, relations avec la clientèle et aspects économiques" -
CF/CRCO/CAT Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Central Route Charges Office/Collection, Accounting &
Treasury Division (direction "Service central des redevances de route et Finances"/Service central des
redevances de route/division "Recouvrement, comptabilité et trésorerie - CF/SCRR/CAT)
CF/CRCO/CIS Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Central Route Charges Office/CRCO Information
Services Unit (direction "Service central des redevances de route et Finances"/Service central des redevances
de route/unité "Services d'information du SCRR" - CR/SCRR/CIS)
CF/FEO Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Pension Fund Executive Officer (direction "Service
central des redevances de route et Finances"/administrateur général du Fonds de pension)
CF/OFF Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Office of the Director CF (direction "Service central des
redevances de route et Finances"/bureau du directeur CF)
Page 89
Acronym Full form
CF/QC Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Quality & Compliance Manager (direction "Service
central des redevances de route et Finances"/gestionnaire de la qualité et de la conformité)
CF/SCRR direction "Service central des redevances de route et Finances"/Service central des redevances de route
(Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Central Route Charges Office - CF/CRCO)
CF/SCRR/BCE direction "Service central des redevances de route et Finances"/Service central des redevances de
route/division "Facturation, relations avec la clientèle et aspects économiques" (Directorate Central Route
Charges Office and Finance/Central Route Charges Office/Billing, Customer Relations & Economics Division -
CF/SCRR/CAT direction "Service central des redevances de route et Finances"/Service central des redevances de
route/division « Recouvrement, comptabilité et trésorerie » (Directorate Central Route Charges Office and
Finance/Central Route Charges Office/Collection, Accounting & Treasury Division CF/CRCO/CAT)
CFA Crossed Field Amplifier
CFAR Constant False Alarm Rate (Radar Systems)
CFAR Constant False Alarm Rate
CFB Central Flight plan Bank
CFB Call Forwarding Busy
CFC ChloroFluoroCarbon
CFCF Central Flow Control Facility (US)
CFD Change to Flight Data Message
CFD Consistent Flight Data
CFDS Central Flight Data Suite (PALLAS system)
CFE Customer Furnished Equipment
CFEOI Call For Expression Of Interest
CFEP Communications Front-End Processor
CFF Critical Flicker Frequency
CFG CEATS Financial Group (Groupe financier CEATS)
CFG Configuration
CFI Directorate Central Route Charges Office, Finance and central IT (direction "Service central des redevances
de route, Finances et Services informatiques centralisés")
CFI Call For Interest (appel à manifestation d'intérêt)
CFI Carbon Financial Instrument
CFI Customer Furnished Inputs
CFI Court of First Instance of the European Communities
CFIT Controlled Flight into Terrain
CFL Cleared Flight Level (Niveau de vol autorisé)
CFM Configuration Manager
CFM Confirm message (CRCO claims)
Page 90
Acronym Full form
CFM Central Flow Management (Gestion centralisée des courants de trafic)
CFMO Centralised Flow Management System
CFMU Central Flow Management Unit (Organisme central de gestion des courants de trafic aérien) (NB - No longer
used; now replaced by NMD)
CFNR Call Forwarding No Reply
CFPU Central Flow Processing Unit (in a State)
CFPU Central Flight Processing Unit
CFQ Class-based Fair Queuing
CFR Code of Federal Rules (Collection of US laws)
CFRS Concert Frame Relay Service
CFSP Computerised flight plan service provider
CFSPG Computer Flight Planning Service Providers Group
CFT Call for Tender
CFTPD Central File of Transponder Performance Data (ECC)
CFU Call Forwarding Unconditional
CFWG CEATS Financial Working Group
CG13 Challenges of Growth 2013
CG18 Challenges of Growth 2018
CGA Clear and Graded Area
CGA Colour Graphics Adapter
CGCB Common Ground Communications in the Balkans
CGE General Conditions of Employment governing servants at the EUROCONTROL Maastricht Centre (Conditions
générales d'emploi des Agents du Centre EUROCONTROL à Maastricht)
CGFSNE Comité de gestion du Fonds social pour le non-emploi (Unemployment Fund Management Committee
CGL Circling Guidance Light(s)
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
CGRAM Comité de gestion du régime d'assurance maladie (SIMC)
CGRC Consultative Group on Route Charges
CGS Communication Ground Segment
cgs Centimetre Gram Second
CGSO CEATS Group of Senior Officials (Groupe de hauts fonctionnaires des CEATS)
CH SVC CHannel number
CH CHannel
CH Switzerland (ISO Country Code)
Page 91
Acronym Full form
CHA Character
CHAID Chi Square Automatic Interaction Detection
CHAIN Controlled Harmonised Aeronautical Information Network
CHAMAN Chaotic Situation Management
CHAMP Collaborative and Harmonised ATCO Manpower Training
Chap. Chapter
CHASEIT Collabotative Harmonisation of Architecture, System Engineering and Integration Techniques (internal
CHC Coastal High Coordinator controller
CHE Coastal High Executive controller
CHG Change Message (IFPS)
CHG CHanGe or modification (Message type designator)
CHI Computer-Human Interface
CHIEF Project Switzerland (CH), Italy (IT), Spain (ES), France (FR)
CHIF CHannel Interface Feature
CHIRP Confidential human Factors Incident Reporting Programme
CHK CHecK message
CHK MIKE Check Stuck Microphone (N-FDPS)
CHMI Collaboration Human Machine Interface
CHoD Chief of Defence (chef d'état-major des armées)
CHPID CHannel Path IDentifier
CHRG CEATS Human Resources Group
CI Continuous Improvement (EEC)
CI Course to Intercept (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
CI Call Intrusion
Ci CIrrus
CI Configuration Item
CIA Command Input Area
CIA Change Impact Assessment
CIAAIC Comisión de Investigación de Accidentes e Incidentes de Aviación Civil (Spanish Investigation Agency)
CIADN Croatian Integrated Aeronautical Data Network
CIAIAC Civil Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Commission / Comisión de Investigación de Accidentes e
Incidentes de Aviación Civil(Spain)
CIAM Collaboration Interface for Airspace Management
CIAO Collaboration Interface for AO
Page 92
Acronym Full form
CIBP CEATS Informal Budget Process
CIC Clearance and Information Communications
CIC Clearances and Information Communications
CICL Call Intrusion Capability Level
CICS Customer Information Control System
CICT Convergence and Implementation Coordination Team (renaming of SICT)
CID CWP Information Display (N-FDPS)
CID Case Inspection Delay
CID Computer Interface Device
CID Controller IDentification
CID Configuration Identification Document
CIDIN Common ICAO Data Interchange Network (Réseau OACI commun d'échange de données)
CIDR Classless Internet Domain Routing
CIEL Common Interface Exchange Language
CIF Common Interchange Format
CIFLO Collaboration Interface for Flow Management Position
CIGS Ceilings
CILO Capacity Increase of Lower Airspace
CIM Customer Information Management
CIMACT Civil-Military ATM Coordination Tool
CIMIC Civil-Military Interface Committee
CIMIL Civil-Military Coordination
CIMSEL Civil-Military SSR Environment Liaison Group (Groupe de liaison civil-militaire pour l'infrastructure SSR)
CINCAT Capacity Increase through Computer Assistance Tools
CINCENT Commander in Chief Central Europe
CINDI Core IT Novel Development Infrastructure
CINT Call Interception
CINTIA Control of Inbound Trajectories of Individual Aircraft
CIO Chief Information Officer
CIO Conventional International Origin
CIO Coastal Input Operator
CIO Chief Information Officer
CIP Cosine Implementation Phase
CIP convergence and implementation plan
Page 93
Acronym Full form
CIPD Convergence and Implementation Programme Document (Document "Programme de convergence et de
réalisation") (now replaced by ESSIP (documents))
CIPL Call Intrusion Protection Level
CIPREC Conversational & Interactive PRoject Evaluation & Control
CIPROG Cellule Inter-défense de PROGrammation
CIR Committed Information Rate
CIREN Collaboration Interface for Remote Environment Access
CIREN CHMI for ENV Coordinators
CIS Cooperative Independent Surveillance
CIS Critical Incident Stress
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States (States of former USSR) / Communauté des Etats indépendants
CIS Communication and Information Systems
CISC Conventional Instruction Set Computer
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing
CISC Corporate Information Systems Committee (Comité pour les systèmes d'information de l'Agence)
CISC Call Independent Signalling Connections
CISCO Cisco Systems Incorporated
CISD Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
CISM Critical Incident Stress Management (Gestion du stress en cas d'incident critique) (HRT)
CISMO Centralised International System Management Organisation
CISNA Certification, Infrastructure and Safety Support (with NATA, Albania)
CIT Near or over large towns, (Cities)
CIT Critical Incidence Technique
CITO Collaboration Interface for Towers
CITRAC Common Interface for Trajectory Calculation
CITS Corporate IT Services
CIU Cabin Interface Unit
CIV Centre d'information de vol
CIV Civil
CIV/MIL TF CIVil/MILitary Task Force on mode S
CJCE Cour de justice des Communautés européennes ; Cour de justice européenne / Court of Justice of The
European Communities (=CJEC, COJEC)
CJEC Court of Justice of the European Communities (=CJEC, COJEC now European Court of Justice) / Cour de
justice des Communautés européennes ; Cour de justice européenne (=CJCE)
CJEU Court of Justice of the European Union (Cour de justice de l'Union européenne - CJUE)
Page 94
Acronym Full form
CJI Controller Jurisdiction Indicator
CJUE Cour de justice de l'Union européenne (Court of Justice of the European Union - CJEU)
CK ChecK
CKD Count Key Data
CL Controlled Load
CL Cleared
CL CLock
CL Connectionless
CL Connectionless Mode Service
CL Code Label
CL Cluster
CL Centre Line
CL Climb
Cl.3 Class 3 Medical Certification of Air Traffic Controllers
CLA CLA procedure, CRCO claim (CLA) procedure (Procédure CLA, procédure de réclamation)
CLA CLear type of ice formation
CLA OCM Clearance Echoback Message (message in the OCM Service)
CLAM Cleared Level Adherence Monitoring
CLAN Client's Local Area Network
CLASS Classroom Techniques
CLBR CaLiBRation
CLD DCL Clearance (CPDLC)
CLD DCL Clearance Message (message in the DCL Service)
Cld PT Cleared Point (N-FDPS)
CLDM Consolidated Logical Data Model
CLDT Calculated Landing Time
CLIMAX Offset carrier system for VHF voice communications
CLIMAX Multi-station carrier offset mode, with voting override
CLIP Calling Line Identification Presentation
CLIR Calling/Connected Line Identification Restriction
CLK CLocK system
CLM Concept Lifecycle Model
Page 95
Acronym Full form
CLNP Connectionless Network Protocol
CLNS Connectionless Network Service
CLP Cell Loss Priority
CLP comité local du personnel (Local Staff Committee - LSC)
CLP ConnectionLess Protocol
CLPB comité local du personnel de Brétigny (Brétigny Local Staff Committee - BLSC)
CLPP comité local pour la prévention et la protection au travail (Local Committee for Prevention and Protection at
Work - LCPP)
CLR CLeaR(ance), CLeaRed to...
CLR Cell Loss Ratio
CLSD CLoSe(D), Closing
CLSK Commando Luchtstrijdkrachten (Dutch Air Force Command)
CLTP ConnectionLess Transport Protocol
CLTS ConnectionLess Transport Service
CLV Constant Linear Velocity
CLW Communications List Window
CLX OCM Clearance Message
CM Common Memory (CBN - CNG)
CM Configuration (Context) Management
CM Configuration Management (Gestion de la configuration)
CM Conformance Monitoring
CM Context Management
cm centimeter
CM Critical Milestone (MAS/DFS - ODS)
CM Conflict Management
CMA Central Monitoring Agency (NAT)
CMA Message Comparison Area
CMA continuous monitoring approach
CMA Configuration Management Administration
CMA Context Management Application
CMAC Civil-Military ATM Coordination
CMATMPF Civil Military ATM Performance Framework
CMB Combined (PSR and SSR)
Page 96
Acronym Full form
CMC CIDIN Management Centre
CMC Central Master Clock
CMC Constant Mach Climb
CMCES Comité Minstériel de Coordination Economique et Social (FR)
CMCSG Civil and Military Coordination Sub-Group
CMD Command
CMD CoMmanD input area
CMDE Channel Micro-code Device Exerciser
CMDR CoMmanD Reject
CME Coronal Mass Ejection
CMFIS Cargo/Mail Flow Information Service
CMG Crisis management Group
CMG Call Management (Gestion des appels)
CMI collège médical interinstitutionnel (Inter-institutional Medical Board - IMB)
CMI Computer Managed Instruction
CMIC Civil-Military Interface Standing Committee (Comité permanent d'interface civile-militaire)
CMID Communciations "middleware"
CMIP Contract Management and Inspection Procedures
CMIP Common Management Information Protocol
CMIP/S Common Management Information Protocol/Service
CMIS Common Management Information Service
CMIS/CMIP Common Management Information Service / Protocol
CMISE Common Management Information Service Element
CMM Capability Maturity Model
CMM Core Management Meeting
CMM Capacity Maturity Model (developed by S.E.I.)
CMMC Central Monitoring and Management Centre
CMMC Common Maintenance Monitoring and Control
CMMI Capability Maturity Model Integration
CMO CEATS Management Office (Bureau de gestion des CEATS)
CMO Configuration Management Officer
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxid Semiconductor
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMOT CMip Over Tcp/ip
Page 97
Acronym Full form
CMP Configuration Management Plan
CMP Communications Management Processor
CMPL CoMPLete(d), CoMPLetion
CMR Cell Misinsertion Rate
CMS Circuit Management System
CMS Common Modular Simulator (CMTP)
CMS Central Message Switch
CMS Control and Monitoring System
CMS Conversation Monitor System
CMSA Carrier Sense Multiple Access (ICAO-ADS)
CMSA/CD Carrier Sence Multiple Access / Collision Detect
CMSC CEATS and Maastricht Standing Committees
CMSC Civil-Military Stakeholder Committee (comité des partenaires civils-militaires)
CMSD Consultation of Manufacturer and Supplier Data
CMSG Create Message
CMT Core Management Team
CMT Crisis Management Team
CMT Critical Milestone Test (MAS/DFS - ODS)
CMT Capacity Management Team
CMTF Equipe spéciale civile-militaire d'EASIE
CMTP Corporate Management Training Programme (Programme de formation à la gestion)
CMTP Common Medium Term Plan (EUROCONTROL) / Plan commun à moyen terme (=PCMT)
CMU Control Management Unit
CMU Communications Management Unit
CMUE Comité militaire de l'Union européenne / European Union Military Committee EMUC
CMV Coverage Measurement Volume
CMVRCO Cancellation Multiple Visual Representation Communication Object
CMX Critical Milestone X
CN Common Network (INTNET/RADNET)
CN Correspondent Node
CN Permanent Commission (Commission permanente)
CN Connectivity Notification
CN Change Notice
CN Corporate Network
Page 98
Acronym Full form
CN-SG Study Group of Alternates to the Permanent Commission
CNAA Competent National Aviation Authority
CNACC Common National Area Control Centre
CNATCC Common National Air Traffic Control Centre (Bulgaria)
CNAV Future GPS Navigation Message Structure (adopted for L5)
CNC Computerised Numerical Control
CND Cooperative Network Design (Conception d'un réseau coopératif)
CND/CMF CND Central Management Functions/ Fonctions centrales de gestion (CND)
CND/CoE CND Centre of Expertise/ (CDN) Centre d'expertise
CND/ND CND Network Development/ (CND) Développement du réseau
CND/SC CND SESAR Contribution/ (CND) Contribution à SESAR
CND/SESI CND SES Implementation/ (CND) Réalisation du SES
CNES Centre Nationale d'Etudes Spatiales (French Space Agency)
CNFL Coordinated Flight Level (N-FDPS)
CNG Common Network Group
CNG2020 Carbon-Neutral Growth 2020
CNIP Calling Name Identification Presentation
CNIR Calling/Connected Name Identification Restriction
CNL CaNceL(led), flight plan CaNceLlation (message type designator)
CNL Cancel(lation) message (ICAO)
CNL ALL Cancel All (N-FDPS)
CNLCOND ATFM Exceptional Condition Cancellation Message
CNLCOND ATFM Exceptional Condition Cancellation Message
CNLREG ATFM Regulation Cancellation Message
CNM Communication Network Management
CNOR annual leave (congés normaux) (CHRONOTIME)
CNR Management of Common Network Resources Service
CNS Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (les communications, la navigation et la surveillance)
CNS ContiNuouS
CNS Study Group of the Civil and Military Alternates to the Members of the Permanent Commission (Study Group
of Alternates) (Groupe d'étude des Membres suppléants civils et militaires de la Commission permanente
(Groupe d'étude des Suppléants))
CNS-PERF CNS Performance Monitoring
Page 99
Acronym Full form
CNS/ATM Communications, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (communications, navigation et
surveillance/gestion du trafic aérien)
CNS/ATM-1 Communication, Navigation and Surveillance / Air Traffic Management Package 1
CNSFG CNS Focus Group (Groupe de réflexion sur la CNS)
CNSG (as per CNS)
CNT Count
CO Call Offer
CO Connection Oriented
CO COllapsing
CO Central Office
CO Connection Mode Service
CO2 carbon dioxide
COBALT Common Objective Alignment Team (EATCHIP Adaptation)
COBIT Control Objectives for Information and related Technology
COBOL COmmon Business Oriented Language
COBRA Cooperative Optimisation of Boundaries Routes & Airspace
COBT Calculated Off-Block Time
COC Combat Operations Centre or Concept
COC Certificate of Competency
COCA Complexity and Capacity Analysis
COCESNA Central American Corporation For Air Navigation Service
COCOMO COnstructive COst MOdel
COCOS Computer Controlled SSR Code Assignment Procedures
COCR Communications Operating Concept and Requirements
COD SSR Code Assigment
COD Common Medium-Term Plan Overview Document
COD ssr CODe assignment message
COD Cash On Delivery
COD CMTP Overview Document, (EUROCONTROL)
CODA Centre d'Opérations de Défense Aérienne
CODA Central Office for Delay Analysis (Service central d'analyse des retards de trafic)
CODASYL COnference on DAta SYstem Languages
CODEC Coder/Decorder (ACS)
CODOI Centre d'Opérations de la Direction Opérationnelle Intégrée (FR)
Page 100
Acronym Full form
CoE Centre of Expertise (Centre d'expertise)
COF Change of Frequency
COF Change of Frequency (message)
COFA Comando Operacional Força Aérea (PT)
COFAR Common Options for Airport Regions
COFEE Checked Operational data FEEder
COFF Common Object Format File
COFLIGHT French/Italian/Swiss cooperative development of a new Flight Data Processing System
COFM Conference Facilities Management System (Système de gestion des salles de conférences)
COG Coordination Group (meeting of the EANPG) (ICAO)
COHO Coherent Oscillator
COHOR Association française des coordonnateurs d'aéroport (FR)
COL COastal Line map
COL COastLine
COLL COLLapse flight input
COLL Collapse
COLOC Change of Location of Command
COLP Connected Line Identification Presentation
COLR Connected Line Identification Restriction
COM data COMmunication complex
CoM EUROCONTROL Committee of Management
COM Circulation Opérationnelle Militaire / Operational Air Traffic (=OAT)
COM Communications (ICAO)
COM Aeronautical telecommunication service (Service de télécommunications aéronautiques)
COM Communication (equipment) - flight plan item 18 indicator
COM A standard length message (uplink)
COM B standard length message (downlink)
COM C extended length message (uplink)
COM D extended length message (downlink)
COM Team Communications Team
COM-B Circulation opérationnelle militaire en-route
COM-T Communications Team
COM/DIV ICAO Communications Divisional Meeting
Page 101
Acronym Full form
COM/MET Communications / Meteorology Divisional Meeting
COM/OPS Communications/Operations (ICAO)
COMAL COMmon Algorithmic Language
COMALF-E Commander of Airlift Forces - Europe
COMECON COuncil for Mutual ECONomic assistance
COMED Combined Map and Electronic Display
COMG Communications Group
COMIL ATS Coordination Centre for Military Airspace Use (D)
COMIL-1N ATS Coordination Centre for Military Airspace Utilisation - Phase 1 Network
COMLAN COMmunication Local Area Network
COMLOSS Communications loss
COMM-A uplink SLM protocol
Comm-B Mode S downlink format DF20 or 21
COMM-B downlink SLM protocol
COMM-C uplink ELM protocol
COMM-D downlink ELM protocol
COMNAV Groupe de travail sur les Télécommunications et les installations de navigation (CEAC)
COMOPS COMputer OPeratorS (MAS Systems Div. Team)
COMOPSAIR Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces
COMOS Common Mode S
COMP Operating Company
COMP Competency
COMPAS Computer Oriented Metering Planning and Advisory System (D)
COMPASS Proposed new 3-D Chinese positioning system
COMSEC Communications Security
COMT Communications Team
COMUTA Comité des Usagers du Transport Aérien (FR)
COMX Undefined Future Communication System (ODS)
CON Contract Change Note
CON CONnector
CONCISE COsine Network's Central Information Service for Europe
CONCOPS Concept of Operations - Mode S in Europe
Page 102
Acronym Full form
CONDAR Conflict Detection and Resolution
CONDOR Confidential Direct Occurence Report
CONF Conference
CONF 'CONFerence' Facility connects incoming calls to any position
CONF Conflict
CONFACP Conflict Accept
ConOps Concept of Operations
CONP Connection Oriented Network Protocol
CONP Connected Name Identification Presentation
CONS Connection-Oriented Network Service
CONST CONSTructed, CONSTruction
CONT CONTinue(d)
CONT witness tribunal (convocation tribunal) (CHRONOTIME)
CONT Continue
Cont'd Continued
CONUS Continental United States
COO Chief Operating Officer (responsable en chef des opérations) (MUAC ATM)
COO Coordinator
CoO Contract of Objectives
COOPANS Cooperation between LFV (SV), Naviair, Irish Aviation Authority and Thales ATM
COOPATS Cooperative Air Traffic Services
COORD CooRDinated
COORD Coordination
COP Coordination Point (SYSCO)
COP Commission d'Ouverture des Plis (Tenders Board)
COP Contingency Operations Plan
COP ChangeOver Point
COP (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)
COPG Common Operating Procedures Group
COPP Connection Oriented Presentation Protocol
COPS Common Operational Performance Specification
COPTRA Combining Probable Trajectories
Page 103
Acronym Full form
COR CORrect(ion), CORrected (meteo message)
COR Code Request message
COR Correlate
COR CORrelate(ion)
COR Correction request message
COR Correct
CORA Conflict Resolution Assistance
CORA Conflict Resolution Advisor (Conseiller/assistant à la résolution des conflits)
CORA COnflict Resolution Assistant
CORA1 Conflict Resolution Assistant 1
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CorC Computer language
CORC CEU Ops Room Contingency
CORDIS COmmunity Research & Development Information Service
CORE CORE Requirements for ATM Working Positions
CORE Controlled Requirements Expression
CORINAIR Core Inventory of Air Emissions
COROM Cognitive Competencies Model
CORP Corporate Data Model Documentation
CORS Continually Operating Reference Station
CORSIA Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (régime de compensation et de réduction
de carbone pour l'aviation internationale)
CORTA Cellule d'Organisation et de Régulation du Trafic Aérien (ATMC French equivalent) (FR)
CORUM Training and Human Resources Consultancy Company
CORUS Concept of Operation for EuRopean UTM Systems
CORUS 2 Concept of Operations for European U-Space II
CORUS UCN CORUS U-space community network (CORUS UCN).
COS Computer Operating Station
COS Chief of Staff
COS Cone Of Silence
COS Continuity of Service
COSAAC Common Simulator to Assess ATFM Concepts (Simulateur commun d'évaluation des concepts ATFM)
COSAC Community System for Air Cargo
COSEP Cooperative and Delegated Separation Assurance
Page 104
Acronym Full form
COSIBA Common Simulation for the Balkans (Projet de simulation commune pour les Balkans)
COSINE Cooperation for OSI Networking in Europe
COSO Committee of Sponsoring Organisations of the Treadway Commission
COSP Connection Oriented Session Protocol
COSPACE Concept of limited delegation of separation assurance to the cockpit
COSPAS Cosmicheskaya Sistyema Poiska Avariynich Sudov (RU) Space System for the Search of Vessels in Distress
COSPAS-SARSAT COSPAS Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking
COSSOR UK based arm of Raytheon, developing radar systems
COST (European) Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research
COSU Core Systems Unit (comprises SOS and OSM)
COSYNUS AIRBUS Training Database
COT at the COasT
COTP Connection Oriented Transport Protocol
COTP4 Connection Oriented Transport Protocol
COTR Coordination and Transfer
COTRAC Common Trajectory Coordination
COTS Connection-mode Transport Service (ICAO Doc 9578-AN/935)
COTS Connection-Oriented Transport Service
COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf (software)
COUC COllaboration Users Community
COV COVer(ing), COVered e.g. by snow, ice
CP Critical Part
CP Connecting Point
CP Change Proposal
CP Circular Polarisation
CP Current position
CP CWP Processor Unit
CP Contact Person (EUROCONTROL)
CP Crédits de paiement
CP Central Processor
CP City Pair
CP Conflict Probe (PATs)
CP/M Control Programme / Monitor
CP2 Common Project Nr 2 (or "Next Common Project")
Page 105
Acronym Full form
CPA Common Procurement Agreement
CPA Closest Point of Approach (Point de rapprochement maximal)
CPASIN Civil aviation PAcket SwItched Network
CPC Control and Processing Centre
CPC Constant Pitch Climb
CPCI Computer Program CI
CPCO Civil Planning Communication Object
CPCP Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (Programme de contrôle et de prévention de la corrosion - PCPC)
CPCs Certified Professional Controllers (US)
CPD Continuous Professional Development
CPD CEATS Strategy, Planning and Development Programme
CPDLC Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (Communications contrôleur-pilote par liaison de données)
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
CPF Plan Forced from RPL file
CPF Control Programme Facility
CPF Correlated Position Reports for a Flight
CPF Central Processing Facility
CPG Cosine Policy Group
CPG Curtain Path Generator
CPG CESC Preparation Group
CPI Call Priority Interrupt
CPI Californian Psychological Inventory
CPI Computer/Pbx Interface
CPI Coherent Processing Interval
CPICL Call Priority Interrupt Capability Level
CPIPL Call Priority Interrupt Protection Level
CPL Current flight PLan (message type designator)
CPL Current Plan
CPL Customer Priority Listing (NOG)
CPL Commercial Pilot's Licence
CPLDC Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications
CPM Critical Path Method
CPM Correlated Position Message
CPMO CEATS Programme Management Office
Page 106
Acronym Full form
CPMU Cosine Project Management Unit
CPN Customer Premises Network
CPO Commission consultative paritaire ouvrière
CPO Cosine Project Officer
CPPB CEATS Planning and Pre-validation Body
CPR Conflict Prediction and Resolution
CPR Compact Position Reporting
CPR Correlated Position Report (Compte rendu de position correlé)
CPRC Competency Process Review Committee
CPRP Comité de pilotage de la région parisienne
CPS Central Processing System
CPS Customer Packet Service
CPS Central Print Server
CPS Concert Packet Service
CPS Central Print Service (ODS) / Central Processing System
CPS Characters Per Second
CPSR Code (&) Plan Server
CPT Cockpit
CPU Central Processor Unit
CPU Central Processing Unit
CPV Common Procurement Vocabulary
CPWG Contingency Plan Working Group
CPWS Cooperative Pedestrian Warning System
CPY CoPY (MADAP Disc unit)
CQF Coverage Quality Factor
CR Carriage Return
CR Course to a VOR Radial (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
CR Contract Regulations of the EUROCONTROL Organisation (Règlement des marchés de l'Organisation
CR Croatia (country identifier)
CR Change Request
CR Common Requirement
CR Call Reference
CR Committed Rate
Page 107
Acronym Full form
CR Call Related
CR Central Region
CR(A)OC Central Region (Air) Operations Centre
CR/LF Carriage Return / Line Feed
CR/SCRR/CIS direction "Service central des redevances de route et Finances"/Service central des redevances de
route/unité "Services d'information du SCRR" (Directorate Central Route Charges Office and Finance/Central
Route Charges Office/CRCO Information Services Unit - CR/CRCO/CIS)
CRA Cross Reference Area
CRAF Central Reservation Airspace Facility
CRAF Computer Resolution Advisory Function
CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet
CRAFS Civilian Request for Airspace and Flight Data System
CRAM Conditional Route Availability Message (Message de disponibilité/indisponibilité de route conditionnelle)
CRAMI Centro de Retransmisión Automática de Mensajes Integrado (ES) / Automatic Messages Retransmission
Integrated Center
CRATF Communications Requirements Analysis Task Force
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check (Contrôle de redondance cyclique)
CRC Control and Reporting Centre
CRCO Central Route Charges Office (Service central des redevances de route - SCRR)
CRCO/CAT Collecting, Accounting and Treasury Division of the Central Roue Charges Office
CRD Comment Response Document
CRD Conflict Risk Display
CRDA Converging Runway Display Aid
CRDS CEATS Research, Development and Simulation Centre (Centre CEATS de recherche, développement et
CRDS Colour Raster Scan Display
CRED redeployment (redéploiement) (CHRONOTIME)
CREDOS Crosswind Reduced Separations for Departure Operations
CREME Creating the EATCHIP Management Environment (EATCHIP Adaptation)
CRF Central Repair Facility (Atelier central de réparation) (RMCDE - MAS)
CRI Certification Review Item
CRI Critical Event
CRIDA Centro de referencia de investigación, desarrollo e innovación ATM
CRISTAL Cooperative Validation of Surveillance Techniques and Applications
CRISTALS Co-opeRative Validation of Surveillance Techniques and AppLications of Package 1
CRM Collision Risk Modelling (ICAO - ADS)
Page 108
Acronym Full form
CRM Coordination Revision Message
CRM Crew Resource Management
CRM Cockpit / Crew Resource Management
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRMCS Central RADNET Monitoring and Control System
CRME Customer Relationship Management Extension
CRNA Centre Régional de la Navigation Aérienne (DGAC/DNA/SCTA) (FR)
CRO Course Reservation Office
CRO Central Reporting Office
CROBOCOM Cross Border Communications Task Force
CRPA Controlled Radiation Pattern Antenna
CRPM leave replace by certified absence (congé remplacé par maladie certificat)
CRS Computerised Reservation System
CRS Contingency Routing System - Schéma de Réacheminement d'Urgence
CRS Central Receiving Station
CRS Controller Route Sequence (FPPS/DECADE)
CRSTMP ATC capacity/routings/staffing/equipment/airspace management/special events
CRT Choice Reaction Time
CRT Cathode Ray Tube (ODS)
CRWCO Civil Radar Window Communication Object
CRZ CRuise
CS Circuit Switch
CS GALILEO Commercial Service
CS Control Segment
CS Centre Supervisor (Superviseur de Centre)
CS Cesium
CS Communcation Systems
CS Carrier Sense
CS Czechoslovakia
CS Collapsed Sector
CS Certification Specification (EASA)
Cs Cirro-Stratus
CS Callsign or Contract Signature
CS Community Specification
Page 109
Acronym Full form
CS or C/S CallSign
CS-ACELP Conjugate Structure - Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction
CS-E Certification Specification - Engines (EASA)
CSA comprehensive systems approach
CSA Configuration Status Accounting
CSA Cooperative Separation Assurance
CSA Clear Acquisition
CSAC Cooperative Structural Airspace Concept (ICAO)
CSAIO Conference of Staff Associations of International Organisations (conférence annuelle des associations du
personnel des organisations internationales - CAPOI)
CSB Carrier Plus Sideband
CSBT Coordinated Shared Business Trajectory
CSC Common Signalling Channel
CSC Computer Sciences Corporation
CSC Computer Software Component (ODS)
CSC Central Staff Committee (comité central du personnel - CCP)
CSC CEATS Steering Committee (Comité directeur des CEATS)
CSC Customer Support Centre (Section of ENGD)
CSC Communication Services Component
CSCA Country Signing Certificate Authority
CSCE Conférence sur la Sécurité et la Coopération en Europe / Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item (ARTAS)
CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item (ODS)
CSCM Central System Control and Monitoring
CSCW Computer Supported Cooperative Work
CSD Concept and System Domain (EATMS)
CSD Context and Scope Document
CSD Context Specification Document (EATMS)
CSDC Circuit Switched Digital Capability
CSDN Circuit Switched Digital Network
CSDT Concept & Systems Development Team
CSDT Context and System Domain Team
CSDW death wife during maternity (mort de l'épouse durant le congé de maternité) (CHRONOTIME)
CSEL Combat survivor evader locator
Page 110
Acronym Full form
CSET Customisation SET
CSF Critical Success Factor (EATMS, CSD)
CSFR Czech and Slovak Federal Republic
CSI Computer Supported Instruction
CSI Commercial System Integrators
CSI Combined Safety Investigation
CSI Critical Success Indicator
CSIC Master Station (GLONASS)
CSM Central Service Modules (RMCDE / RADNET)
CSM Communications and Surveillance Management (Gestion des communications et de la surveillance)
CSM BD Communication & Surveillance Management Business Division (EUROCONTROL - DAS Business
CSMA Carrier Sense Multiple Access
CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection
CSMC Call Sign Management Cell
CSMU Crash Survivable Memory Unit
CSN Channel Sequence Number
CSO Customer technical Service desk and Operations
CSP Communications Systems and Programmes (Systèmes et programmes de communication)
CSP Cross System Product
CSP Communication Service Provider
CSPA Closely Spaced Parallel Approach
CSPD Unit CEATS Strategy, Planning and Development Unit
CSPDU CEATS Strategic Planning and Development Unit (Organisme de planification stratégique et de
développement des CEATS)
CSPE special awaiting decision (congés spéciaux en attente) (CHRONOTIME)
CSPEC Control SPECification
CSPO holding of elected public office (exercice d¿un mandat public électif) (CHRONOTIME)
CSPR Closely Spaced Parallel Runway Operations
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility (responsabilité sociale des entreprises - RSE)
CSR Common Software Repository
CSR Customer Service Requests (NOG - database for DPN operators)
CSR Cursor
CSRC Contents Source Identifiers
CSS Central Supervisory Section
Page 111
Acronym Full form
CSS Call Sign Similarity
CSS Corporate Security Service (service de sécurité de l'Agence)
CSS Customer Satisfaction Survey
CSS Centralised Structure Store
CSS UG Call Sign Similarity User Group
CSSR Conventional SSR
CSST Call Sign Similarity (Deconfliction) Tool
CSSUG Call Sign Similarity Users Group
CST Common Supervisory Team
CST Calculated Start-up Time
CST Central Standard Time, UTC -6h. (USA)
CST Controller Support Tools
CST Cyclic Search Table
CSTR Constraint Maps (N-FDPS)
CSTU Currently Signed on Terminal User
CSU Control Sector Unit
CSU Constant Speed Unit
CSU Computer Software Unit (ODS)
CSU Channel Service Unit
CSU-P Centre Supervisor (MADAP)
CSUG Callsign Similarity Users Group
CSUP Centre SUPervisor
CSV Comma Separated Values
CSV Central Services (Unit), Maastricht
CSW Customised Sliding Window
CSW Channel Status Word
CT Control Tower
CT Core Tasks
CT Cooperative Tools (PATs)
CT Core Team
CT Call Transfer
CT Communication
CT Centre (select)
CT1 offline predefined radar window centre point [1]
Page 112
Acronym Full form
CT1 Centre Definition1 (N-FDPS)
CT1 radar window centre 1
CT2 Centre Definition 2 (N-FDPS)
CT2 user defined radar window centre point [2]
CT2 radar window centre 2
CTA Control Area
CTA Controlled Time of Arrival
CTA Contingency TACT System in IFPU2
CTA Control Time of Arrival (when in AMAN horizon)
CTA Calculated Time of Arrival
CTA Cognitive Task Analysis
CTA-SME Concerted Technology Access for SMEs
CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
CTAM Climb To And Maintain
CTAS Center TRACON Automation System
CTB Cooperative Tube Based
CTB Common Track Block (radar programs)
CTC Coast Time Counter
CTC Channel To Channel
CTC Common Trajectory Coordination
CTC Cancel All Contracts And Terminate Connection Request (ICAO)
CTCA Channel-To-Channel Adapter
CTD Cell Transfer Delay
CTD Calculated time of Departure
CTD Cancellation message, of revised ETD
CTDL ComplemenTary Diode Logic
CTE Calculated Time Of Entry (of aircraft into AIRSPACE_VOLUME)
CTF Communication Task Force (EATCHIP)
CTF Capture The Flag
CTFM Current Tactical Flight Model
CTG Challenges to Growth
CTG Common Training Group (of AISAP)
CTI Computer Telephone Integration
Page 113
Acronym Full form
CTI Collegiate Training Initiative (US)
CTL Certification Team Leader
CTL Control
CTM Cooperative Traffic Management
CTM Cordless Terminal Mobility
CTMC Continuous Time Markov Chain models
CTMO Central Traffic Management Organisation
CTN Corporate Telecommunication Network
CTO Controlled Time Over/Overfly
CTO Controlled Times of Overfly
CTO Computed Time Over
CTO Calculated Time Over
CTOT Calculated Take-Off Time
CTP Comité technique paritaire
CTP Control Transfer Point (Point de transfert de contrôle)
CTP Conventional Terrestrial Pole
CTR ConTRoller (identity)
CTR Control
CTR Current Transfer Ratio
CTR Controller or Control Zone
CTR ConTRol zone
CTRL Control
CTRS Common Time Reference System (ODS)
CTS Conformance Test Suite
CTS Contractual Technical Specification
CTS Central Time Source
CTS Command and Tracking Stations
CTS Clear To Send
CTWUEC Committe of Transport Workers' Unions in the European Community (now FST Federation of Transport
Workers' Unions in the European Union = acronym formed from its French title)
CTX Calculated Time Of Exit (of aircraft into AIRSPACE_VOLUME)
Cu Cumulus
CU Control Unit
Page 114
Acronym Full form
CU Coupling Unit
CUA Common User Access
CUA Common User Access
CUAC Central European Air Traffic Services (CEATS) Upper Area Control Centre (Centre de contrôle de région
supérieure des Services de la circulation aérienne pour l'Europe centrale (CEATS))
CUCDB User Configuration Database
CUD Common Unix Development Working Group
CUF CUmuliForm
CUG Closed User Group
CUMA Civil Use of Military Aerodromes
CUMATF Civil-Military Use of Military Aerodromes Task Force
CUP Computer Utility Program
CUP CWP-Unit Processor
CUPPS Common-Use Passenger Processing System
CUPS Control Unit Power Sequence
CUR Current Sector or Centre or Controller
CUR CURrent (sector or centre)
CURA Civil Use of Released Airspace
CURTS Current Track Segment
CUSS common-use self-service
CUT Control Unit Terminal
CUT Coding and Unit Testing
CV Curriculum Vitae
CV Central Version
CVFR Controlled Visual Flight Rules
CVO Code Validity Overlap
CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder
CVR Crisis Vital Records
CVR Console Voice Recorder
CVS Combined Vision System
CVSD Continuous Variable Slope Delta modulation
CVSM Conventional Vertical Separation Minima
Page 115
Acronym Full form
CW Continuous Wave
CW Call Waiting
CW Clockwise
CWAR Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar
CWBS Contract/Complete Work Breakdown Structure
CWBT Computer/Web-Based Training
CWDPS Central Weather Data Processing System
CWP Controller Working Position (Poste de travail de contrôleur)
CWPO CEATS Work Programme Office
CWRS Canadian Wide Area Reference Stations
CWS Collision Warning System
CWS Collaborative Workstation
CWT Channel Wrap Test
CWY Clear WaY
CY Cyprus (ISO Country Code)
CY Capacity
CYPRO Cyprus Project for ATC Improvements
CYTA Cyprus Telecommunications Authority
CZ Czech Republic (ISO Country Code)
CZM Conventional Zero Meridian
CZW Conflict Zoom Window (ODID)
D Day
D Display
D Germany
D Distance
D Danger Area
D&D Distress and Diversion
D, R, P Areas Danger, Restricted and Prohibited Areas
D-AIM Digital Aeronautical Information Management
D-ATIS Data link / Digital - Automatic Terminal Information Service
D-ATSU Downstream Air Traffic Service Unit
D-BIN Downlink Broadcast Identifier Number
D-FLUP Data Link Flight Update Service
Page 116
Acronym Full form
D-Gate Development Gate (DEVD)
D-GPS Differential Global Positioning System (ICAO - ADS)
D-OFIS Datalink Operational Flight Information Service
D-OTIS Data Link Operational Terminal Information Service
D-RAPCON Deployable Radar Approach Control
D-RVR Data link Runway Visual Range
D-SIGMET Digital Significant Meteorological Information
D-TAXI Datalink Taxi Support
D-TAXI Data-link taxi clearance delivery
D... Prefix to Danger Area Identifier
d.c. Direct Current / Device Control
D.O.T Department of Transport
D/A Digital-to-Analog
D/CFMU Director Central Flow Management Unit (Directeur de l'Organisme central de gestion des courants de trafic
aérien) (NB- No longer valid; replaced by NMD)
D/CMAC & SESI Director Civil-Military ATM Coordination and SES Implementation/ Directeur "Coordination ATM civile-militaire
et réalisation du SES"
D/CND Director Cooperative Network Design/ Directeur «Conception d'un réseau coopératif »
D/CRCO Director Central Route Charges Office (directeur du Service central des redevances de route)
D/EEC; D/CEE Director EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre (Directeur du Centre expérimental d'EUROCONTROL)
D/L Data Link
D/R Danger / Restricted area
D1 Pulse D1 (SSR Reply)
D4 SESAR Fourth SESAR milestone deliverable of the definition stage
D64U 64kbps digital leased line with octet integrity
D8PSK Differentially encoded 8-Phase Shift Keying
DA Danger Area
DA position iDentification Area
DA Direct Access
DA Destination Address
DA Data acquisition
DA Direct Access (VCS)
DA Default Addresses
DA Data Administration
Page 117
Acronym Full form
DA Due for Activation
DA Data Authority
DA Decision Attitude
DA Disc Assembly
DA Decompression Alternate (airport)
DA Decision Altitude
DA Descent Adviser
DA Dimensional Aspect
DA Designated Authority
DA/H Decision Altitude/Height
DAA Data Access Arrangement
DAA Dynamic Airspace Allocation
DAARWIN Distributed ATM Architecture based on RNAV, Workstations, Intelligent tools, and Networks
DAAS Dependable Approach to ATM Systems
DAB Digital Audio Broadcast
DABS Discrete Address Beacon System (forerunner of Mode-S, USA)
DAC Direction Aviation Civile
DAC Dynamic Airspace Configuration
DAC Dual Attached Concentrator
DAC Delta Assistant Controller
DAC Dynamic Air Traffic Control Test
DAC Deployable ACCS Component
DACON DAta CONcentrating device, (ADMAR)
DACOTA Dispositif d'association de corrélation et de traitement radar pour les approches
DACS Digital Access & Cross connect System
DACT Dissimilar Air Combat Training
DACU Device Attachment Control Unit
DADI Datalink of Aircraft Derived Information
DAF Demand Adjustment Factors
DAF Data Analysis Facility (Software)
DAFIF Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File
DAG Directed Acyclic Graph
DAG-TM Distributed Air Ground Traffic Management
DAI Direct Access Intercom (VCS)
Page 118
Acronym Full form
DAI Data Acquisition Interface
DAI Direct Access Intercom
DAI Development and Integration (EEC)
DAIO Departures, Arrivals, Internals and Overflights
DAISY Distributed Airport Information System (RUN)
DAIW Danger Area Altitude Warning (or Area Proximity Warning)
DAKOS Daten Kommunikationssystem (DE) / Network for German area (ex A300)
DAKOS/CBN DAKOS Common Backbone Network (Germany)
DAL Data Assurance Levels
DAL Dte Address List
DAM Data Administration Manual
DAM Direct Access Method
DAMA Demand Assignment Multiple Access
DANCE Data Analysis Centre
DANSAP Data for ANS Performance Reporting
DAP EATM Directorate ATM Programmes (EUROCONTROL)
DAP Directory Access Protocol
DAP Directorate of Airspace Policy
DAP Downlink Aircraft Parameters (Paramètres de la liaison descendante)
DAP Directorate ATM Programmes (Direction "Programmes ATM")
DAP Device Access Package
DAP/SAF EUROCONTROL Safety Enhancement Business Division (Division prestataire "Amélioration de la sécurité"
DAP/SPR DAP/Sector Productivity
DAPs Downlink Aircraft Parameters
DAR Digital ACMS Recorder
DARC Direct Access Radar Channel
DARGNE Study Group on Designators for ATS Routes, Geographical Points and Navigation Elements (ICAO)
DARP DECO Airspace Redesign Project
DARP Dynamic Aircraft Re-route Planning
DARTS Decision Aid for Real-Time Synchronisation
DAS Data Analysis Station (Hardware)
DAS DME Based Azimuth System
DAS Data Facility Station (Hardware)
Page 119
Acronym Full form
DAS Dual-Attachment System (in optical fibre LAN rings)
DAS Directorate ATM Strategies (Direction "Stratégies ATM")
DAS Dual Attachment (or Attached) Station (ODS - FDDI)
DAS Data Analysis Station (ARTAS)
DAS/AFN DAS/Airspace Flow Management & Navigation
DAS/ATS DAS/Air Traffic Services
DAS/CSM DAS/Communication & Surveillance Management
DASA Deutsche Aerospace
Dasa Deutsche Aerospace
DASC Digital Avionic Systems Conference
DASD Direct Access Storage Device
DASR Department of ATC Systems Research
DASS Defensive Aids Sub System (A 400M)
DASS Direct Access Secondary Storage
DAT Data Link
DAT Digital Audio Tape
DAT Dynamic Address Translation
DAT Differential Aptitude Test
DATA madap message
DATAS Datalink and Transponder Analysis System
DATCO Duty Air Traffic Control Officer
DATM Director Air Traffic Management Directorate
DATM Digital Air Traffic Management
DATMAS Danish Air Traffic Management Automated System
DATS TF Delegation of ATS Task Force (ANT)
DAV DAta Valid
DAVINCI Departure and Arrival Integrated Management System for Cooperative Improvement of Airport Traffic Flow
DAY DAYtime, DAYlight (operations)
DB Database
dB decibel
dB(HL) decibels (Hearing Loss)
DBA DataBase Administration
Page 120
Acronym Full form
DBDA DataBase Design Aid
DBE Data Bank EUROCONTROL (former name for CFMU, now NMD)
dBi decibel with respect to an isotropic antenna
DBM Databank Moscow
dBm decibel, referenced to 1 milliwatt
DBMS DataBase Management System
DBMS Data Base/Data Bank Management System
DBP Deutsche Bundespost (Telecom) (DE)
DBS Data Base System
DBU Data Buffer Unit
dBW decibel, referenced to 1 watt
dBZ decibel, units of reflectivity
DC Departure Clearance (ICAO)
DC District of Columbia
DC Display Controller
DC Direct Current
DC Delete and Cancel
DC Device Coordinates
DC Diagnostic Code
DC Disconnect Confirm
DC Device Control
DC Software Development Section (from DEVD)
DC4 Device Control 4 (= Stop)
DCA Lietuvos Respublikos Civilines Aviacijos Direkcija (LT) / Lithuanian State Enterprise
DCA Department of Civil Aviation (various countries)
DCA Data Communication Architecture
DCA Designated Control Area
DCA Document Content Architecture
DCA Data Communications/Admar (MAS Maint. Team)
DCA Digital Communications Associates
DCA Director of Civil Aviation
DCA Director(ate) of Civil Aviation
DCAC Department of Civil Aviation of Cyprus
Page 121
Acronym Full form
DCAM Department Civil Aviation of Malta
DCAN Data Collector/Area Navigation Computer
DCAS death of ascendant (décès d'un ascendant) (CHRONOTIME)
DCB Demand Capacity Balancing
DCC Detection & Control Centre
DCC Détachement Civil de Coordination (CRNA, France)
DCC Data Country Code (CCITT X.121 Structure)
DCC Delta Coordinating Controller
DCC Digital Compact Cassette
DCC Détachement Civil de Coordination (FR)
DCCB Development Change Control Board
DCCM Database Completeness and Coherence Messages
DCCO death of spouse (décès du conjoint) (CHRONOTIME)
DCCP Datagram Congestion Control Protocol
DCCVC Direct Controller-Controller Voice Communication
DCD Double Channel Duplex
DCD Data Carrier Detect
dCDB dynamic Demand and Capacity Balancing (SESAR)
DCDU Datalink Control and Display Unit
DCE Distributed Computing Environment
DCE Data Circuit-terminating Equipment (RADNET / RMCDE)
DCE Data Communications Equipment
DCEC death child of cohabiter (décès enfant du concubin) (CHRONOTIME)
DCEN death of child (décès d'un enfant) (CHRONOTIME)
DCF Discounted Cash Flow
DCF Director CF (directeur du CF)
DCF77 German time standard, Digital Clock Function emitting on 77.5 kHz with callsign DCF
DCFEP Data Communications Front End Processor
DCH DeCo Coastal High
DCIA Dependent Converging Instrument Approach
DCL DeCo Coastal Low
DCL Departure Clearance
DCM Departure Clearance
Page 122
Acronym Full form
DCM Downstream Clearance Message (Service)
DCM Display Control Module
DCM Document Configuration Management (EATCHIP/EATMP)
DCM Decomposition and Consolidation Matrix
DCMAC Directorate of Civil-Military ATM Coordination (Direction de la coordination civile-militaire dans le domaine de
DCMAC/HC Civil-Military Harmonisation and Support Unit (Unité "Harmonisation et soutien pour les questions civilomilitaires")
DCMAC/NC Civil-Military Network Coordination Unit (Unité "Coordination civile-militaire au niveau du réseau ATM")
DCMAC/SC Civil-Military Strategic Coordination Unit (Unité "Coordination civile-militaire pour les questions stratégiques")
DCMS Data Capture & Management System
DCN Direction des Constructions Navales
DCND Directorate of Cooperative Network Design (Direction "Conception d'un réseau coopératif")
DCOS Deputy Chief of Staff
DCP Datum Crossing Point
DCP Display Control Panel
DCPC Direct Controller Pilot Communications
DCPN Dynamically Coloured Petri Net
DCPs Dedicated Personal Computers
DCR Display Control Readout (EAS)
DCR Design Certification Review (ODS)
DCR Data Consistency Review
DCS Direction du contrôle de la sécurité
DCS Data Communication Service
DCS Departure Control System
DCS Digital Communication System
DCS Double Channel Simplex
DCS Data Communications System (of ETFMS)
DCS Data Collection Service
DCs Design Classes
DCS/TELE-INFRA Data Communication Service/Telecommunication Infrastructure
DCT Direct Routing
DCT DireCT (Flight plan clearances & approach)
DCT-LB Direct Telephone - Local Battery
DCTS Digital Communications Terminal System (UACM)
Page 123
Acronym Full form
DCU Display Control Unit
DCW Digital Chart of the World
DCW-DEM Digital Chart of the World - Digital Elevation Model
DD Detailed Design
DD/R Detailed Design Review
DDA Downstream Data Authority
DDAP Deputy Director ATM Programmes (Directeur adjoint Programmes ATM)
DDAS Deputy Director ATM Strategies (Directeur adjoint Stratégies ATM)
DDB Dynamic Databank/Database
DDC Data Display Console
DDC Direct Digital Control
dDCB dynamic Demand Capacity Balancing
DDCMP Digital Data Communication Message Protocol
DDD Detailed Design Document
DDD Direct Distance Dialling
DDE Data Dictionary Entry
DDE Direction départementale de l'équipement
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
DDECMA Director DECMA (directeur de la DECMA)
DDH DeCo Delta High
DDI Domain Defined Attribute
DDI Direct Dialling In
DDI-F Delay Difference Indicator - Flight
DDL Data Description Language
DDL DeCo Delta Low
DDM Daemon Data Manager
DDM Data Display Monitor
DDM Depth of Modulation
DDM Distributed Data Management
DDMS Digital Data Maintenance System
DDNM directeur de la DNM (Director NMD)
DDP Declaration of Design Performance
DDP Domain Defined Protocol
DDP Distributed Data Processing
Page 124
Acronym Full form
DDR Downlink Data Rate
DDR Demand Data Repository
DDR Demand Data Repository
DDR Dynamic Device Reconnect
DDS Data-phone Digital Service
DDS Document Delivery System
DDS (ETFMS) Data Distribution System
DDS Digital Data Set
DDS Data Distribution Service
DDS Digital Data Storage
DDS-SC Data-phone Digital Service with Secondary Channel
DDSS Digital Data Set Series
DDT DichloroDiphenylTrichloroethane
DDU Display Drive Unit
DE Discard Eligibility
DE Descend
DE Derived Event
DE Germany (ISO Country Code)
DEA DBE Effort Accounting (system)
DEA Data Exchange Agreement
DEBI Data Exchange by Internet
Debrief Debriefing
Dec DECember
DEC Delta Executive Controller
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DECCA DECCA navigational facility
DECCA Decca Navigator System (a hyperbolic low frequency radio navigation system also known as multilateration)
DECEA Departamento de Controle do Espaço Aéreo (Brazil)
DECLARE ETS (EU) Web-based application to manage submission and reporting on ETS monitoring, reporting and verification
DECMA Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation (direction "Aviation civile-militaire européenne")
DECMA/AIU Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation/Aviation Intelligence & Performance Review Unit (direction
"Aviation civile-militaire européenne"/unité "Veille aéronautique et examen des performances")
Page 125
Acronym Full form
DECMA/AIU/BIS Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation/Aviation Intelligence & Performance Review Unit/Business
Intelligence and Statistics Unit (direction "Aviation civile-militaire européenne"/unité "Veille aéronautique et
examen des performances"/service "Veille stratégique et statistiques")
DECMA/CMC Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation/Civil-Military Coordination Division (direction "Aviation civilemilitaire
européenne"/division "Coordination civile-militaire")
DECMA/ENV Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation/Environment Unit (direction "Aviation civile-militaire
européenne"/unité "Environnement")
DECMA/INO Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation/Innovation Division (direction "Aviation civile-militaire
européenne"/division "Innovation")
DECMA/OFF Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation/Director and the Office of the Director (direction "Aviation civilemilitaire
européenne"/directeur et le bureau du directeur)
DECMA/PCS Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation/Plans, Cooperation and Stakeholder Support Division (direction
"Aviation civile-militaire européenne"/division "Plans, coopération et appui aux partenaires")
DECMA/SLO Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation/States' Liaison Office (direction "Aviation civile-militaire
européenne"/bureau de liaison avec les États)
DECnet Digital Equipment Network
DECO DElta and COastal sectors
DECOS Dependable Embedded Components and Systems
DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone/Telecommunications (ITU)
DECT Digital European Cordless Telecommunications (ETSI)
DED Director EATCHIP Development (in the former Agency structure) / Direction Développement EATCHIP
DED Directorate of EATCHIP Development
DEE Data Entry Equipment
DEEC Director of the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre
DEFAMM Demonstration Facilities for Airport Movement Management (Alcatel)
DEFLT Default (N-FDPS)
DEG Data Environment Generator (ODS)
Deg Degrees (Radar Standard)
DEG DEGree(s)
DEGS Degraded Systems Capability
DEI Directorate EATCHIP Implementation (in the former Agency structure) / Direction Réalisation d'EATCHIP
DEL Delete
DEL DELiverable
DEL Deliverable
DEL Data Extraction List
DELM Downlink Extended Length Message
Delta (Greek letter, upper case) Symbol for difference/increment
Page 126
Acronym Full form
DEM Digital Elevation Model
DEM German Marks
DEME change of residence (changement de résidence) (CHRONOTIME)
DEMETER Distance Measuring Equipment Tracer
DEMETER DME Metering (analysis tool for DME coverage / NAVSEP)
Demo Demonstration
DENEB fog dispersal operations
DEP DEParture (message type designator)
DEP (Aerodrome of) DEParture
DEP Departure Message/List
DEP TC Departure Tactical Controller
DEP-VKL Departure Controller
DEPA Departure Airfield
DEPCOS Departure Coordination System
DEPT Department
DEQ DE-Queue
DER Departure End of the Runway
DERA Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (UK) (see QinetiQ)
DERD Darstellung Extrahierter Radar Daten (DFS) (DE)
DERD-X Display of Extracted Radar Data - Extension (-Mini Computer)
DERD-X/XL Display of Extracted Radar Data - Expanded/Expanded with LAN
DES De-Suspension Message
DES Draft EUROCONTROL Standard Document
DES Data Exchange System
DES Data Encryption Standard
DES Descend, Descending to
DES Digital European Sky (ciel numérique européen)
DESC Descending
DEST DESTination (Aerodrome of) (Flight plan item 18 indicator)
DEST Airport of Destination
DESV Deferred Environment SerVer
DETF Data Exchange Trest Facility
DETR Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (UK)
Page 127
Acronym Full form
DETRESFA code word used to designate distress phase
DEV Domain Executive View
DEV Development System
DEV DEViation (magnetic)
DEVD Development Division
DEW Distant Early Warning (USA, DEW-Line)
DF Direct to a Fix
DF Finance Directorate (no longer in use as of 1.8.09)
DF Downlink Format
DF Direct to a Fix (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
DF Display filter
DF Finance Directorate (Direction des Finances)
DF Don't Fragment
DF Director Finance (Directeur des Finances)
DF Direction Finder
DF Direction Finding or Display Field (VCS)
DF/FIM Financial Management Unit (Unité "Gestion financière")
DF/MIS Management Information Services (Services d'information de gestion)
DF00 Downlink Format 00 (= Short TCAS reply)
DF04 Downlink Format 04 (= Mode S selective surveillance reply with altitude)
DF05 Downlink Format 04 (= Mode S selective surveillance reply with 3/A identity)
DF11 Downlink Format 11 (= All-Call reply or TCAS squitter)
DF16 Downlink Format 16
DF17 Downlink Format 17
DF18 Downlink Format 18 (= 'Non-Transponder' Extended Squitter)
DF19 Downlink Format 19
DF20 Downlink Format 04 (= Mode S selective surveillance reply with altitude and data)
DF21 Downlink Format 04 (= Mode S selective surveillance reply with 3/A identity and data)
DF5 Downlink Format 05
DfC Direction for Change
DFD Data Flow Diagram
DFDAU Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit
DFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder
DFH DeCo Flevo High
Page 128
Acronym Full form
DFID Department For International Development
DFIS Data Link Flight Information Service
DFL Dynamic Flight Leg
DFL Division Flight Level
DFMC Dual-frequency, multi-constellation
DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (replaced BFS on 1.1.93)
DFS Detailed Functional Specification (CBN - CNG)
DFS-CCUM Deutsche FlugSicherung - Control Centre Upper Maastricht
DFT Discrete Frequency Transmitter
DFTI Distance From Threshold Indicator
DFTI Distance from Touchdown Indicator
DFU Data File Utility
DG Drafting Group
DG Datagram (OSI c-less transport protocol)
DG Director General (directeur général)
Dg Degree
DG Directional Gyro
DG CLIMA Directorate-General for Climate Action
DG CONNECT EC Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology
DG ENV European Commission Directorate-General Environment
DG MOVE Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport
DG TREN Directorate-General (for) Energy and Transport (Direction générale de l'énergie et des transports)
DG-GNSSTF Drafting Group of the Task Force on the allocation of GNSS costs
DG-TREN Directorate-General for Transport and Energy (European Commission)
DG/ASRO Agency Safety Regulatory Oversight Unit (Unité de supervision réglementaire de la sécurité de l'Agence)
DG/CAB/ICS International Coordination and Stakeholders' Relations Unit (Unité "Coordination internationale et relations
avec les partenaires")
DG/CBP Corporate Business Planning and Monitoring Unit (Unité «Planification des activités de l'Agence et suivi des
DG/CBP/PM Corporate Business Planning and Performance Monitoring
DG/CBP/QRM Quality and Risk Management (Section « Gestion de la qualité et du risque »)
DG/CEA Corporate Communications and External Affairs (Unité "Communication institutionnelle et affaires
DG/CEA/OCCS Online Corporate Communication Support Unit (Unité d'appui à la communication institutionnelle en ligne)
DG/COM Office of the Director General/Corporate Communications Service (bureau du directeur général/service de
communication de l¿Agence)
Page 129
Acronym Full form
DG/IA Office of the Director General/Internal Audit Service (bureau du directeur général/service d'audit interne)
DG/JUR Office of the Director General/Legal Service (bureau du directeur général/service juridique)
DG/LING Office of the Director General/Language Service (bureau du directeur général/service linguistique)
DG/MIL Military Unit (Unité militaire) (EUROCONTROL)
DG/OFF Director General Office (bureau du directeur général)
DG/PO Office of the Director General/Private Office of the Director General (bureau du directeur général/bureau privé
du directeur général)
DG/PRU Performance Review Unit (Bureau d'examen des performances)
DG/RU Regulatory Unit (Unité de réglementation)
DG/SEC Office of the Director General/Central Secretariat Service (bureau du directeur général/service du secrétariat
DG/SRU Safety Regulation Unit (Bureau de réglementation de la sécurité)
DG8 Drafting Group 8 (HUM, HRT, etc.)
DGAC Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile (FR)
DGCA Director General of Civil Aviation
DGE Director General EUROCONTROL
DGINT Special Meeting at Directors General Level on Integration Issues (ECAC)
DGIWG Defence Geospatial Information Working Group
DGNSS Differential Global Navigation Satellite System
DGOF Office of the Director General (Bureau du Directeur général)
DGON Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ortung und Navigation (DE) / German Institute for Navigation
DGP Dangerous Goods Panel (ICAO)
DGPS Differential GPS
DGS Directorate of the General Secretariat (no longer in use)
DGS Docking Guidance System
DGS/EPR External and Public Relations = Relations extérieures et communication (no longer in use)
DGTA Direction générale du transport aérien
DGVII Directorate General of Transport / European Commission
DGW Data communication GateWay
DH Decision Height
DHA Directorate Human Resources and Administration (Direction des Ressources humaines et de l'Administration)
(no longer in use as of 1.8.09)
DHA/ALDA Agency Library Documentation and Archives (Service des bibliothèques, de la documentation et des archives
de l'Agence) (no longer in use as of 1.8.09)
DHA/GS General Services (Services généraux) (no longer in use as of 1.8.09)
DHA/HUM Human Resources (Ressources humaines) (no longer in use as of 1.8.09)
Page 130
Acronym Full form
DHA/JUR Legal Service (Service juridique) (now DG/JUR)
DHA/LING Language Service (Service linguistique) (no longer in use as of 1.8.09)
DHA/M Mediation Service (Service de médiation) (no longer in use as of 1.8.09)
DHA/OF Office of the Director (Bureau du Directeur) (no longer in use as of 1.8.09)
DHA/SD Social Dialogue Office (Bureau du dialogue social) (no longer in use as of 1.8.09)
DHA/SEC Central Secretariat (Secrétariat central) (no longer in use as of 1.8.09)
DHA/W Welfare Service (Service des affaires sociales) (no longer in use as of 1.8.09)
DHC Delta High Coordinating controller
DHCF Distributed Host Command Facility
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHE Delta High Executive controller
DHM Digital Height Model
DHMI Devlet Hava Meydanlari Isletmesi (Turkey) / State Agency for Airports and Air Traffic Control
DHP Direct Host Processor
DHR Directorate Human Resources (no longer in use)
DHS Department of Homeland Security (US)
DHT Data Handling Tools
Di Detectability
DI Designator Identifier
DIA Data Information Analysis Business Division (EUROCONTROL - DAP Business Directorate)
DIA Data Information & Analysis
DIADAM Distributed ATM Data Management
diag DIAGnostic(s)
DIAL DIALogue console
DIANA Documento del Impacto de la Armonización / Integración de la Navegación Aérea en Europa (ES)
DIANE Direct Information Access Network for Europe
DIANS Director Institute of Air Navigation Services (Directeur de l'Institut de la navigation aérienne)
DIB Directory Information Base
DICE Direct Course Error
DID Direct Inward Dialling
DID Direct Identification Data
DID Data Item Description
DIGEST Digital Exchange Standards
Page 131
Acronym Full form
DIGIT (European Commission) Directorate General for Informatics
DIGITS Demonstration of ATM Improvements Generated by Initial Trajectory Sharing
DII Defence Information Infrastructure
DIL Data Integrity Level
DIL Data Items List
DILCS Dedicated Intelligence Loop Circuits System
DIN Deutsche Industrienorm(ung)
DIO Deco Input Operator
DIP Dual In-line Package
DIRA Department for Interdisciplinary Relations of Aviation
DIRCAM Direction de la Circulation Aérienne Militaire
DIRECT Dynamic Resectorisation and Route Coordination System
DIS Data Displayed
DIS Directorate Infrastructure ATC Systems and Support (EUROCONTROL, EATMP) / Direction "Infrastructure,
Systèmes ATC et Appui"
DIS/HUM ATM Human Resources Unit (also know as HUM unit)
DISC DISConnect (Command)
DISG DMEAN Implementation Support Group
DIT Data Integrity Tool
DIT Directory Information Tree
DITC Divisional IT Coordinator
DITE Distributed IT Equipment
DITS Digital Information Transfer System
DIV Diversion message
DIV DIVert(ing) or DIVerging
DIXEL DIsplay ELement
DJD Design Justification Document
DK Denmark
DL Distribution List
DL Data Link
DLA DeLAy(ed) (Message type designator)
DLAP Data Link Applications Processor
Page 132
Acronym Full form
DLARD Data Link Application Requirements Document (Description) (ICAO)
DLASD Data Link Application Systems Document
DLAT Directory Look Aside Table
DLC Data Link Connection
DLC Data Link Control (ADMAR)
DLCI Data Link Channel Identifier
DLCP Data Link Control Protocol
DLCR Datalink capability Report
DLCRD Data Link Communication Requirement Document
DLE Data Link Entity
DLF Data Link Frame
DLF Data Link Function
DLH Deutsche Lufthansa (Germany)
DLIC Data Link Initiation Capability (ICAO)
DLL Delay Locked Loop
DLL Data Link Layer
DLL Data Link Logon
DLM Data Link Manager
DLPU Data Link Processing (Processor) Unit
DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. / German Aerospace Centre (formerly the German
Aerospace Research Institute)
DLS Data Link Splitter
DLS Direct Link Service (services de liaison de données)
DLS Data Link Service
DLS Data Link Sublayer
DLS Device Level Selection
DLS IR Data Link Services Implementing Rule / Implementing Rule on Data Link Services
DLT Digital Linear Tape
DLTA Difference from Long-Term Average metric
DLW Departure List Window (ODID)
DLY Daily (official ICAO acronym)
DM Disconnected Mode
DM Distributed Management
DM Design Model
Page 133
Acronym Full form
DM Departure Manager (PATs)
DM Downlink Message
DMA Divergence Monitoring and Alert
DMA Direct Memory Access
DMA Decision Making Aids
DMA Dynamic Mobile Area
DMA Defense Mapping Agency
DMAN Departure Manager (Gestionnaire des départs)
DMAS Distributed Management Accounting System
DMAS Director Maastricht Control Centre (Directeur du Centre de contrôle de Maastricht)
DMC Detachment of Military Coordinators (FR)
DME Distributed Management Environment
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DME/N Distance Measurement Equipment / Normal
DME/P Distance Measuring Equipment
DMEAN Dynamic Management of the European Airspace Network (Gestion dynamique du réseau aérien européen)
DMI Digital Multiplexed Interface
DMIN MINimum Distance
DML Data Manipulation Language
DMM Directorate's Management Meeting
DMM Dynamic Memory Management
DMOD Distance MODification (TCAS)
DMP Documentation Management Plan
DMP Dynamic Map Parameters
DMR Data Modification Request
DMS Document Management System
DMS Distribution Management System
DMS Departure Management System
DMS Database Management System
DMS Data Management System
DMS Development Management System
DMSR Dossier Minimum de Séparation Radar
DMSS Development Maintenance and Support Service
DMT Development Infrastructure Management Tool
Page 134
Acronym Full form
DMUAC Director MUAC (directeur du MUAC)
DMZ Demilitarised Zone
DNA DeoxyriboNucleic Acid
DNA Digital Network Architecture
DNA Direction de la Navigation Aérienne (DGAC) (FR)
DNAs ECAC Directors of Air Navigation
DND Do Not Disturb
DNDO Do Not Disturb Override
DNG DaNGer(ous)
DNIC Data Network Identification Code (CCITT X.121 Structure)
DNIC Dynamic Network Identification Code
DNM Director Network Management (directeur "Gestion du réseau" - directeur DNM)
DNM/ACD direction "Gestion du réseau"/division "Espace aérien et capacité" (Network Management
Directorate/Airspace and Capacity Division - NMD/ACD)
DNM/BCS direction "Gestion du réseau"/service "Coordination des activités" (Network Management
Directorate/Business Coordination service - NMD/BCS)
DNM/INF direction "Gestion du réseau"/division "Infrastructure" (Network Management Directorate/Infrastructure
Division - NMD/INF)
DNM/NOM direction "Gestion du réseau"/division "Opérations" (Network Management Directorate/Operations Division -
DNM/OFF direction "Gestion du réseau"/directeur DNM et le bureau du directeur DNM (Network Management
Directorate/Director and the Office of the Director - NMD/OFF)
DNM/SAF direction "Gestion du réseau"/unité "Sécurité opérationnelle, SQS et gestion coordonnée des risques"
(Network Management Directorate/Operational Safety, SQS and Integrated Risk Management Unit -
DNM/TA conseiller en technologie (Network Management Directorate/Technology Advisor - NMD/TA)
DNM/TEC direction "Gestion du réseau"/division "Technologie" (Network Management Directorate/Technology Division -
DNM/TRG direction "Gestion du réseau"/division "Formation" (Network Management Directorate/Training Division -
DNS Domain Name System
DNS Digital Network Signalling
DNV GL Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd
DO Direction des opérations
DO Document
DO/EC Directions des opérations/échelon central
DO260A RTCA Document 260A (ADS-B MOPS)
DOA Dead On Arrival
Page 135
Acronym Full form
DOC Document (ICAO)
DOC Direct Operating Cost
DOC Designated Operational Coverage
DoC Domain of Cooperation
DOD Department Of Defense (USA)
DOD Detailed Operational Description
DoD MIL Department of Defence - military
DoDAF Department of Defense Architecture Framework
DODAR Diagnosis, Options, Decision, Assessment and Revision
DOF Date of Flight
DOI Domain Of Interest (= Multilateration Coverage Volume)
DOI Department of Industry
DOM DOMestic
DOM Dictionary of Messages
DOP Dilution of Precision
DOP Directors of Operations
DOP Daily Operations Plan
DOP Data Operations Provider
DOPS Directors Operations
DoR Domain of Responsibility
DORA Directorate Operational Research and Analysis (UK)
DOS Disc/Disk Operating System
DOS Delegation Of Separation
DOS Directory of Services
DOT Department of Transportation
DOT Department of Transport
DOTS Dynamic Ocean Tracking System
DOV Data Over Voice
DOVE Datalink Operational Validation Experiments
DOVID Diffractive Optically Variable Image Device
DoW Description of Work (S-JU)
DOW Day Of Week
DP Data Processing
DP Discussion Paper
Page 136
Acronym Full form
DP Documentation Plan
DP Deployment Programme (programme de déploiement)
DP Data Packet
DP Departure Procedure (see SID)
DP Data Provider
DP Dew Point temperature
DP&P Data Processing and Peripherals
DPA Data Provider Agreement
DPA Distinguishing Path Attribute
DPAL Data Processing Assurance Level
DPC Defence Planning Committee
DPC Data Processing Chain
DPCX Distributed Processing Control eXecutive
DPDG Diplomatic and Protocol Drafting Group
DPE Digital Plot Extractor
DPF Data Preparation Facility
DPI Departure Planning Information
dpi Dots Per Inch
DPI droits de propriété intellectuelle (Intellectual Property Rights - IPR)
DPIO DPI Originator
DPL Duplicate PLan (TID)
DPL Displayed Flight Plan
DPL Deputy Project Leader
DPM Delta-Plane Motorisé (FR)
DPMI Dos Protected Mode Interface
DPN Data Packet Network
DPN100 Data Packet Network switch
DPO Data Protection Officer
DPR Dynamic Path Reconnect
DPS Distributed Processing System
DPS Data Product Specification
DPS Detailed Production Specification
DPS Data Processing System
DPS Directorate Pan-European Single Sky
Page 137
Acronym Full form
DPS Data Preparation System
DPS/OFF Directorate Pan-European Single Sky/Director's Office
DPS/PEC Directorate Pan-European Single Sky/Pan-European Coordinator
DPS/PEPR Directorate Pan-European Single Sky/Pan-European planning, monitoring and reporting
DPS/PFC Directorate Pan-European Single Sky/Performance Coordinator
DPS/POL Directorate Pan-European Single Sky/Support to SES-related policies
DPS/PRU Directorate Pan-European Single Sky/Performance Review Unit
DPS/SLO Directorate Pan-European Single Sky/States Liaison Office
DPS/SSR Directorate Pan-European Single Sky/Support to States and Regional initiatives
DPS/STAN Directorate Pan-European Single Sky/Support to Standardisation
DPS/TEC Directorate Pan-European Single Sky - Support to EU on ATM technical regulation
DPSADD-TF Data Processing Systems Architecture Description Document Task Force (ATD)
DPSK Differential Phase Shift Keying
DPT Dynamic Time-based Planning
DQAP Data Quality Assurance Plan
DQAS Data Quality Assurance Summary Report
DQPSK differential quadrature phase shift keying
DQR Data Quality Requirements
DQTS Data Quality Tool Set (Jeu d'outils de contrôle de la qualité des données)
DR Digital Recorder (ADMAR)
DR Directorate of Resources (Direction des Ressources)
DR Disaster Recovery
DR Disconnect Request
DR Delivery Report
DR Danger/Restricted area
DR Downlink Request (control bits)
DR Dead Reckoning
DR/ABP Directorate Resources/Agency Business Plan and Performance Management (Plan stratégique de l�Agence et
gestion des performances)
DR/AD Directorate of Resources/Administration
DR/AD/BB Budget Process (Processus budgétaire)
DR/AD/CMSR Corporate Management Systems and Reporting (Systèmes de gestion et information)
DR/AD/FA Financial Administration (Administration financière)
Page 138
Acronym Full form
DR/AD/PA Payroll/Pensions (Paie / pensions)
DR/AD/PROC Procurement (Achats)
DR/AD/PS Partnership and Agreements (Partenariats et accords)
DR/AD/RR Rules and Regulations (Dispositions statutaires et réglementaires)
DR/AD/TR Treasury (Trésorerie)
DR/APP Directorate of Resources/Agency Planning and Performance
DR/ATT Directorate of Resources - Accounting and Treasury
DR/BPG Directorate of Resources/Business Partnering (Partenariat d'affaires)
DR/BPG/FIN Finance Business Partnering (Partenariat d'affaires « Finances »)
DR/BPG/HR Human Resource Business Partnering (Partenariat d'affaires « Ressources humaines »)
DR/BPG/ICS ICS Business Partnering (Partenariat d'affaires ICS)
DR/BPG/SUP Support (Business Partnering) (Appui au partenariat d'affaires)
DR/COM Directorate of Resources/Corporate Communications and Stakeholder Relation Management Unit
DR/CS Directorate of Resources/Corporate Services (Services intégrés)
DR/CS/FL Directorate Resources/Corporate Services/Facility Management and Logistics (Gestion des installations et
DR/CS/ICS DR/CS/Information and Communication Systems and Technology(Systèmes et technologies d'information et
de communication)
DR/CS/KM Directorate Resources/Corporate Services/Knowledge Management (Gestion des connaissances)
DR/CS/LING Directorate Resources/Corporate Services/Language Service (Service linguistique)
DR/CS/SEC Directorate Resources/Corporate Services/Central Secretariat (Secrétariat central)
DR/FLO Directorate of Resources - Facilities and Logistics
DR/FPR Directorate of Resources - Finance and Procurement
DR/JUR Directorate of Resources/Legal Service
DR/OF Office of the Principal Director
DR/PF Directorate of Resources/Pension Fund
DR/PM Directorate of Resources/People Management (Gestion du personnel)
DR/PM/OD Organisational Development (Développement organisationnel)
DR/PM/PD People Development (Développement du personnel)
DR/PM/PS People Support (Appui au personnel)
DR/PM/RM Recruitment and Mobility (Recrutement et mobilité)
DR/PPF Directorate of Resources - Planning & Performance
DR/SD Directorate Resources/Social Dialogue (Dialogue social)
DRA Defence Research Agency (UK)
DRA Defense Research Agency (UK)
Page 139
Acronym Full form
DRACAS Data Reporting And Corrective Action System
DRAG Double Regulation (Working Group)
DRAHG Double Regulation Ad-hoc Group
DRAHG Double Regulation Ad-hoc Group / Groupe ad hoc sur la double réglementation
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRC Data Rate Control
DRC Dynamic Route Change
DRC Defence Review Committee
DRC Data Recording
DRCP Data Reduction Computer Program
DRDF Digital Readout Direction Finder
DRET Directorate Resources Executive Team
DRF Departure Flow Regulation
DRF Document Review Form
DRFEP Direct Radar Front End Processor
DRH Direction des Ressources Humaines (=DHR) (FR)
DRMS Distance Root Mean Square
DROU travelling time (délai de route) (CHRONOTIME)
DRP Disaster Recovery Plan
DRSB DR Supervisory Board
DRSN low DRifting SNow
DRTL Disaster Recovery Team Leader
DRUG Dutch Radars Users Group (NL-EUROCONTROL)
DRUM Diagnostic Recorder for Usability Measurement
DS Double Slope
DS Differentiated Services
DS Data Source
DS deployment scenario
DSA Directory System Agent
DSA Director(ate) Safety, Airspace, Airports and Information Services (EUROCONTROL, EATMP) / Direction
'Sécurité, Espace aérien, Aéroports et Services d'information'
DSA Directory Service Agent
DSAC Civil Aviation Safety Directorate
Page 140
Acronym Full form
DSAP Destination Service Access Point (RMCDE / RADNET)
DSB Double Side Band (8.33 User Guide)
DSB Dutch Safety Board (Onderzoeksraad Voor Veiligheid, OVV)
DSB-AM Double Side Band - Amplitude Modulation
DSC Downstream Clearance
DSCP DiffServ CodePoint
DSCVHF Digital Selective Calling - Very High Frequency
DSD Data Structure Diagram
DSE Dialogue Service Element
DSF Distribution and Switching Facility
DSG Datalink Support Group (SESAR Deployment )
DSI Data Source Interface (ODS)
DSI Denmark/Sweden Interface
DSK Disk
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DSLM Downlink SLM
DSM Digital Surface Model
DSM Departure Suspense Message
DSNA Direction des services de la navigation aérienne (Directorate Air Navigation Services, France)
DSP Digital Signal Processor
DSP Datalink Status Panel
DSP Digital Signal Processing
DSP Domain Specific Part
DSP Data Link Service Provider
DSR Director SESAR and Research
DSR/CMN Directorate SESAR and Research/Contribution Management Division
DSR/CMN/APT Airport Unit (DSR)
DSR/CMN/ATS Air Traffic Service Unit (DSR)
DSR/CMN/DCM Deputy Contribution Manager (DSR)
DSR/CMN/FRM Flexible Resource Management (DSR)
DSR/CMN/IM System Wide Information Management/ Enterprise Architecture Unit (DSR)
DSR/CMN/INO Innovative Research Unit (DSR)
DSR/CMN/MP Master Plan Maintenance Unit (DSR)
DSR/CMN/NAV Navigation - CNS Research Unit (DSR)
Page 141
Acronym Full form
DSR/CMN/NET Network Unit (DSR)
DSR/CMN/PM Transversal Performance & Methods Unit (DSR)
DSR/CMN/VIF Validation Infrastructure (DSR)
DSR/PSO Directorate SESAR and Research/EUROCONTROL SESAR Joint Undertaking Project Support Office
DSS Direct Sequence spread Spectrum
DSS Directorate Single Sky - Direction "Ciel unique"
DSS Data Systems Specialist
DSS Direct Subsystem
DSS Decision Support System
DSS/CM Directorate Single Sky/Civil-Military ATM Coordination Division
DSS/CM/ATM Civil-Military - ATM Coordination Unit (DSS)
DSS/CM/CNS Civil-Military - CNS Coordination Unit (DSS)
DSS/CM/SEC Civil-Military - ATM Security Coordination Unit (DSS)
DSS/CM/SES Civil-Military - SES Implementation Support Unit (DSS)
DSS/CM/SPM Civil-Military - SESAR Programme Manager (DSS)
DSS/EIPR Directorate Single Sky/European Implementation Planning and Reporting Unit
DSS/OFF Office of the Director DSS
DSS/OVS Directorate Single Sky/Oversight Division
DSS/OVS/NOS Network Oversight Unit (DSS)
DSS/OVS/SAF Safety Oversight Support Unit (DSS)
DSS/PRU Directorate Single Sky/ Performance Review Unit
DSS/PRU/DAT Safety and Data Section (DSS)
DSS/PRU/ECO Economics Section (DSS)
DSS/PRU/PO Project Office (DSS)
DSS/PRU/QOS Quality of Services Section (DSS)
DSS/REG Directorate Single Sky/Regulatory Support Division
DSS/REG/CAA Support to CAA/NSA Unit (DSS)
DSS/REG/ENV Environment Unit (DSS)
DSS/REG/FRM Flexible Resource Management (DSS)
DSS1 Digital Signal System No.1
DSS1 Digital Subscriber Signalling No1
DST Decision Support Tools
DST Direct Support Task
Page 142
Acronym Full form
DST Daylight Saving Time
DSU Data-Source Selector Unit
DSU Division Support Unit
DSU Direct Support Unit
DSU Declaration of suitability for use
DT Displaced Threshold
DT Data Terminal
DT&E Development, Test and Evaluation
DTAM Descend To And Maintain
DTCM Discrete Time Markov Chain models
DTE Data Terminal Equipment (RMCDE)
DTED Digital Terrain Evaluation Data (ECAC)
DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data
DTF Data Link Test Facility (ICAO)
DTG Date Time Group
DTHR Displaced threshold
DTI Direction de la technique et de l'innovation
DTI Department for Trade and Industry
DTL Development Team Leader
DTM Digital Terrain Model
DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency
DTMS Database & Transaction Management System
DTN Data Transport Network
DTOW Default Take-Off Weight
DTP Desk Top Publishing
DTR Data Terminal Ready
DTRT DeTerioRaTe(ing)
DTS Distributed Time Service
DTS Data Transmission System
DTS Data Terminal Set
DTT Distance to Touchdown
DTT Development Test Team
DTU Data Transmission Unit (VCS)
DTV Digital Television
Page 143
Acronym Full form
DTVOR Doppler Terminal VOR
DTW Departure Tolerance Window
DU Digital User Signalling
DU Display Unit
DU Digital Signalling User
DU Data User
DU-TF Digital User Signalling Task Force
DUA Data User Agreement
DUA Directory User Agent
DUA Dedicated User Area
DUAT Direct User Access Terminal
DUATS Direct User Access Terminal System
DUAU Data Update and Access Unit
DUC Determined Unit Cost
DUC Dense Upper Cloud
DUEACT an sfpl is "DUE for ACTivation"
DUEV Daten Übertragungs- und Verteiler-System (DE)
DUP DUPlicate
DUPL-MIL Send Flight Plan Info to Dutch Mil (N-FDPS)
DUR Determined Unit Rate
DUR DURation
DUR Desired/Undesired Signal Ratio
DUT Device Under Test
DVAS Documentation and Visual Aids Specialist
DVI Direct Voice Input
DVI Digital Video Interactive (Intel)
DVM Digital VoltMeter
DVMG Digital Video Map Generator
DVO Direct Voice Output
DVOR Doppler VOR
DVOR Distance VOR
DVORTAC DVOR combined with TACan
DVP Development Verification Platform (part of EGNOS)
Page 144
Acronym Full form
DWD Deutscher Wetterdienst (German Weather Service)
DWDM Dense Wave Data Multiplexing
DWG DMEAN Working Group
DWH Network Management Data Warehouse
DWN DoWN (Device status indication)
DWP Departure Waypoint
DWP Destination waypoint
DX DupleX
DXC Digital cross Connect (technology)
DXT Data eXtracT
DYN Dynamic Maps (N-FDPS)
DYNAV Dynamic Route Availability
DZ De-conflicting Zone (FSSkt-A)
DZ Algeria (ISO Country Code)
DZ DriZzle
DZH DeCo Zeeland High
DÜS Düsseldorf
DÜV Datenübertragungs und Verteiler System (DE)
E Error
E Spain
E East, Eastern longitude
E&M Earth and Mark Signalling
E&OE Errors & Omissions Excepted
E+M signalling
E-AMAN Extended Arrival Management
E-ATSAW Enhanced Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness
E-learning Electronic Learning
E-Mail Electronic Mail
e-NM Enhanced Network Management
E-OCVM European Operational Concept Validation Methodology / méthode européenne de validation des concepts
E-Scan Electronically Scanned
E-SCAN Electronic SCAN
Page 145
Acronym Full form
e-STAR ETFMS - Satellite Telecommunications Access for Redistribution of data
E-TIBA Enhanced Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft
E.316 ITU-T Reccomendations of Telephone Numbering
E.g For Example
e.m. electromagnetic
E/LCIP mechanism European/Local Convergence and Implementation Plan (mechanism) (now replaced by the ESSIP/LSSIP
E1 Proposed Galileo Frequency (1589 MHz)
E1 2048kbps interface
E2 Proposed Galileo Frequency (1561 MHz)
E5 Proposed Galileo Frequency (1202 MHz)
E6 Proposed Galileo Frequency (1278 MHz)
EA Europe Airsports
EA Extended Address
EA Expedited data Acknowledgement
EA Enterprise Architecture
EAA European Aviation Agency
EAB European ATM Board
EAB European AIS Database and Aeronautical Information Bureau (Bureau « Base européenne de données AIS
et information aéronautique »)
EAC East Assistant Controller
EACAC Evolutionary AIR Ground Cooperative ATM Concept
EACCC European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell (cellule européenne de coordination de crise dans le secteur
EACG European ATFM Consultation Group
EACI SG Eatms Architecture and Cns Infrastructure Sub-Group
EACNSISG EATCHIP Architecture and CNS Infrastructure Sub-Group
EACP European Aeronautical Common Position (Position aéronautique européenne commune)
EAD Economic Analyses and Databases Section (ICAO)
EAD Earliest Arrival Date
EAD European AIS Database (Base européenne de données AIS)
EAD BUP EAD Backup Site
EAD SF EAD Surveillance Function
EAD SSG EAD Service Steering Group
Page 146
Acronym Full form
EAD TF European Ais Data base implementation Task Force
EAD WP EAD Working Position
EAD-ONL EAD Online Environment
EAD-TDS EAD Test and Development Environment
EAD-TRG EAD Training Environment
EADCOS EAD Coordination Subgroup
EADI Electronic Attitude Director Indicator
EADS European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company
EADTF European AIS Database Task Force
EAEA European ATM Enterprise Architecture
EAEC European Airlines Electronics Committee
EAER European Aviation Environmental Report
EAG European ATFM Group (Groupe ATFM européen)
EAG Event Analysis Group
EAG European Aeronautical Group
EAGDCS European Air/Ground Data Communication Services
EAGLES European Air Ground Laboratory for Efficient System Integration
EAH Erroneous AFTN Header
EAIMS European ATM Information Management Service
EAIP Electronic AIP
EAIP-TF Electronic Aeronautical Information Publication (Task Force)
EAM ESARR Advisory Material
EAM-GUI ESARR Advisory Material - Guidance Material
EAM3/AMCE ESARR3 Advisory Material - Guidance on AMC in relation to ESARR3
EAM3/GUI1 ESARR3 Advisory Material - Guidance Document 1
EAM3/GUI2 ESARR3 Advisory Material - Guidance Document 2
EAM3/GUI3 ESARR3 Advisory Material - Guidance Document 3
EAM3/GUI4 ESARR3 Advisory Material - Guidance Document 4
EAM3/GUI5 ESARR3 Advisory Material - Guidance Document 5
EAM3/ICAO ESARR3 Guidance Material - Consistency between ESARR 3 and ICAO SARPs
EAMG SSG EAMG Systems Sub-Group
eAMI electronic Airspace Management Information message
EAN European ANSP Network
Page 147
Acronym Full form
EAN European Air Traffic Service Organisations Network
eANP electronic Air Navigation Plan
EANPG European Air Navigation Planning Group (Groupe européen de planification de la navigation aérienne
EANS Estonian Air Navigation Services
EAO Enseignement Assisté par Ordinateur (=CBT)
EAOG European Airline Operations Group
EAP EATCHIP Alignment Process
EAPAIRR European Action Plan for Airspace Infringement Risk Reduction
EAPM ECAC Airspace Planning Manual
EAPPRE European Action Plan on the Prevention of Runway Excursions
EAPPRI European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions (Plan d'action européen pour la prévention
des incursions sur piste)
EAPPRI European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions
EAPRLB European Action Plan for the Prevention of Level Busts (Plan d'action européen pour la réduction des
transgressions de niveau de vol)
EARN European Academic Research Network
EAROM Electrically Alterable ROM
EARTS En-Route Automated Radar Tracking System
EAS EATMP Advisory Services
EAS Emergency Avoidance System
EAS EURCONTROL Advisory Services
EAS Equivalent AirSpeed
EAS Effort Accounting System
EAS European AIS System
EASA European Union Aviation Safety Agency (Agence européenne de la sécurité aérienne - AESA)
EASC European ATM Staff Representatives Conference
EASCG European ATM Standardisation Coordination Group
EASEG EUROCONTROL Ad hoc ATM Security Group (Groupe ad hoc d'EUROCONTROL pour la sécurité de l'ATM)
EASG EASIE ATM Support Group
EASIE Enhanced Air Traffic Management and Mode S Implementation in Europe (Amélioration de la gestion du trafic
aérien et mise en oeuvre du Mode S en Europe)
EASIT European Association for Software access & Information Transfer
EASP European Aviation Safety Programme
EASp European Aviation Safety Plan
EASPG European Aviation System Planning Group (ICAO)
Page 148
Acronym Full form
EASS European Aviation Safety Seminar
EASSP EUROCONTROL Specification for ATM Surveillance System Performance
EAT Estimated Approach Time
EAT Experiments and Trials platform (Plate-forme d'expérimentations et d'essais)
EAT Expected Approach Time
EATA Enhanced AT Attachment (bus)
EATCHIP European Air Traffic Control Harmonisation and Integration Programme (see EATMP) ; Programme européen
d'harmonisation et d'intégration du contrôle de la circulation aérienne
EATCHIP OCD Operational Concept Document
EATCOS ECAC TF on the Integration of European ATC Systems
EATF EATMS Architecture Task Force
EATFCM Enhanced Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (amélioration de la gestion des courants de trafic
aérien et de la capacité)
EATM European Air Traffic Management Service Business Unit (Service prestataire de gestion du trafic aérien en
EATM European Air Traffic Management (EUROCONTROL)
EATMA European Air Traffic Management Architecture
EATMN European Air Traffic Management Network
EATMP European Air Traffic Management Program (Programme européen de gestion de la circulation aérienne)
EATMS European Air Traffic Management System (Système européen de gestion de la circulation aérienne)
EATN European ATN
EATN Experimental Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (RADNET)
EATRADA European ATM Research And Development Association
EAUP European Airspace Use Plan
EAVU EUROCONTROL Airspace Validation Unit
EAW Easy Access to Weekend (Routes)
EAWDG EATMS Architecture Workshop Drafting Group
EB Executive Board (of the EUROCONTROL Agency)
EB EastBound
EBAA European Business Aviation Association
EBACE European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (résultat avant intérêts, impôts et
EBP Emergency Bypass Processor (ODS)
Page 149
Acronym Full form
EBRD European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (Banque Européenne de la Reconstruction et le
Développement, BERD)
EBT Evidence-Based Training
EBU European Broadcasting Union
EC European Community/ies
EC Executive Controller
EC Eyes closed
EC Executive Controller (also referred to as Radar Controller)
EC European Commission (to be avoided because of possible confusion with European Community/ies)
(Commission européenne - CE)
ECA European Cockpit Association
ECA Executive Assistant Controller (position)
ECA Executive Controller Assistant
ECAA European Common Aviation Area
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference (Conférence européenne de l'aviation civile - CEAC)
ECAC ATI ECAC/ Air Transport Industry (AEA, IATA)
ECAC-DGCA ECAC Directors General of Civil Aviation
ECAC-JAA ECAC Joint Aviation Authorities
ECAF ECAC Centralised Airspace Facility
ECAM European Congress of Aerospace Medicine (congrès européen de médecine aéronautique)
ECAM Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitoring (airborne display)
ECARDA European Coherent Approach to Research and Technological Development for ATM
ECAST European Commercial Aviation Safety Team
ECB Event Control Block
ECB European Central Bank
ECBAG EATCHIP Cost-Benefit Advisory Group
ECC Exemption Coordination Cell
ECC EAN Consortium Committee
ECC EATCHIP Coordination Committee
ECC Error Correction Code
ECC-AIRS European Coordination Centre for Aircraft Incident Reporting Systems (EC)
ECCAIRS European Coordination Centre for Aircraft Incident Reporting Systems (EC)
ECCB Engineering Change Control Board
ECCB EUROCONTROL Change Control Board
ECCG Experimental Centre Consultation Group (Groupe consultatif sur le Centre expérimental)
Page 150
Acronym Full form
ECCM Electronic Counter CounterMeasures
eCE enlarged Committee for Route Charges (Comité élargi pour les redevances de route)
ECEF Earth-Centered-Earth-Fixed
ECF Enhanced Connectivity Facility
ECFEP Extended Communication Front End Processor
ECG EATMP Communications Gateway
ECG ElectroCardioGram
ECG European Communication Gateway
ECGD Export Credit Guarantee Department
ECHO European Concept for Higher Airspace Operations
ECHOES EUROCONTROL - Consolidation of HMI for Operations, Evaluations and Simulations
ECI Every-Citizen-Interface
ECI Earth Centred Inertial
ECI Ead Client Interface
ECIP European Convergence and Implementation Plan (Plan européen de convergence et de réalisation) (now
replaced by ESSIP)
ECIPD Document ECIP (now replaced by ESSIP (documents))
ECIT EAD Client Interface Terminal
ECIT-SDR ECIT System Design Review
ECIV ECI Validation Suite
ECL En-route Cruising Level (N-FDPS)
ECLECTIC Electronic separation Clearance Enabling the Crossing of traffic under Instrument meteorological Conditions
(CENA Project)
ECM EATCHIP Coordination Meeting
ECM Electronic Counter Measure / Message
ECM Executive Control Message
ECM Extended Callsign Menu
ECMA European Computer Manufacturers' Association
ECMC ETFMS Central Monitoring and Control System
ECMT European Conference of Ministers of Transport
ECN Explicit Congestion Notification
eCN enlarged Commission (Commission élargie)
ECODA Enhanced Central Office for Delay Analysis (Service central amélioré d'analyse des retards de trafic)
Page 151
Acronym Full form
ECOP Entry Coordination Point
ECP Engineering Change Proposal
ECP Expedite Clearance Procedure
ECR Event Contract Request (ICAO)
ECRG Experimental Centre Review Group
ECRSG EATMS Concept & Requirements Sub-Group
ECS ETFMS Central System
ECSC European Conference on Satellite Communications
ECSIO Exit Coordination Status In/Out
ECSM European Cyber Security Month
ECSTF ETFMS Communications and Systems Task Force
ECT European CONOPS Team
ECT European Coordination Team (EUROCONTROL Fire Brigade)
ECTAA European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations
ECTF EATMS Concept Task Force
ECTL EUROCONTROL (unofficial abbreviation)
ECU European Currency Unit = Unité de compte européenne
ECX European Climate Exchange
ED Entry Departure
ED Error Detail
ED (50) European Datum
Ed(s) Editor(s)
ED-101 Eurocae Document 101
ED-102 Eurocae Document 102
ED-115 Eurocae Document 115
ED-117 Eurocae Document 117
ED-126 EUROCAE Documentation on ADS
ED-12A Eurocae Document 12A
ED-12B Eurocae Document 12B
ED-14D Eurocae Document 14D
ED-14E Eurocae Document 14E
ED-43 Eurocae Document 43
ED-73B Eurocae Document 73B
Page 152
Acronym Full form
ED-87 Eurocae Document 87
ED126 Eurocae Document 126
ED50 European Datum 1950 (Geodetic system)
ED70 European Datum 1970 (Geodetic system)
ED87 European Datum 1987 (Geodetic system)
EDA European Defence Agency (Agence européenne de défense - AED)
EDA Electro-Dermal Activity measurement
EDAG European Delay Analysis System Advisory Group
EDAG European Delay Analysis System Advisory Group (Groupe consultatif sur le système européen d'analyse des
EDAS European Delay Analysis System
EDAS European Delay Analysis System (Système européen d'analyse des retards)
EDB Environmental Data Base
EDCT Expect Departure Clearance Time
EDD Electronic (Tabular) Data Display
EDD / TID EDD / Touch Input Device
EDD-VKL EDD-controller/planner-controller
EDDF Environmental Data Processing and Distribution Function
EDDUS EDD Update System
eDEP EUROCONTROL Simulation Capability And Platform for Experimentation (Potentiel de simulation et plateforme
d'expérimentation d'EUROCONTROL)
eDEP Early Demonstration and Evaluation Platform
EDGE EDGE (of runway)
EDI Electronic Data Interchange / Echange de Données Informatisés
EDIFACT Electrical Data Interface for Administration Commerce and Transport (ODS)
EDIM Electronic Data Interchange Message
EDIMS Electronic Data Interchange Message Service
EDISOFT Empresa de Serviços e Desenvolvimento de Software, S.A. (PT)
EDL Event Driven Language
EDMM Engineering and Development Management Meeting
EDMS European Messaging Directory Services
EDMS Emission Dispersion Modelling System
EDMS Engineering Data Management System (ODS - MAS)
EDOP Enhanced Directors of Operations Forum
Page 153
Acronym Full form
EDP Environmental Data Processing
EDP Electronic Data Processing
EDPD Environmental Data Processing and Distribution
EDQ External Data Quality tool
EDS Explosives Detection System
EDS Early Departure Scheme
EDS Engineering Design System
EDS Environment Dependent System
EDS European Directory Service
EDT Electronic Data Terminal
EDTCB ENV Data Transfer Control Board
EDTF EATM E-learning Developers TaskForce
EDTO Extended Diversion Time Operations
EDTR Environment Data Transfer Report
EDV Elektronische Daten Verarbeitung (DE) (=EDP)
EDX Event Driven eXecutive
EE Estonia (ISO Country Code)
EEA European Environment Agency (Agence européenne pour l'environnement - AEE)
EEA European Economic Area
EEB European Environmental Bureau
EEC Electronic Engine Control
EEC Enterprise Electronic Corporation
EEC European Economic Community (former name of European Union)
EEC EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre (Centre expérimental d'EUROCONTROL (CEE))
EEC/BSC EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre / Building Steering Committee (decision DG)
EEE Etudes, Essais and Experimentation
EEG ElectroEncephaloGram
EEI Essential Elements of Information
EEIG European Economic Interest Group
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEC)
EES European Eastern States
EET Estimated Elapsed Time
EET Eastern European Time
EF End Frame
Page 154
Acronym Full form
EFAP Enhanced Future ATM Profile
EFAS Effort Accounting System (Système de comptabilisation des temps de travail)
EFB Electronic Flight Bag
EFCT Expected Further Clearance Time
EFD ETFMS Flight Data
EFDFMG EUROCONTROL Flow Data and Flow Management Group
EFDP European Flight Data Processing (Système européen de traitement des données de vol)
EFFP Environment-Friendly Flight Path
EFI Electronic Flight Instruments
EFIR European Flight Information Region
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System
EFIX External Fix
EFL Estimated Flight Level
EFL Entry Flight Level (for the first MADAP sector)
EFMS Experimental Flight Management System (Système expérimental de gestion de vol)
EFO Enhanced Flight Operations
EFOB Estimated Fuel On Board
EFP España-France-Portugal Plan (cooperation agreement)
EFPD Extended Flight Plan Description
EFPD electronic flight planning device
EFPL Extended Flight Plan
EFPM Extended Flight Plan Message
EFPS electronic flight progress strip
EFPS External Front Processing System (PALLAS system)
EFQM European Foundation for Quality Management (Fondation européenne pour le management par la qualité)
EFR Extended Flight Rules (FREER)
EFS Electronic Flight Strip
EFS ETFMS Fallback System
EFS Extended Flight Store
EFTA European Free Trade Association
eFUA Enhanced Flexible Use of Airspace
EFVS Enhanced Flight Vision System
EG Egypt (ISO Country Code)
Page 155
Acronym Full form
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EGAST European General Aviation Safety Team
EGATCM EUROCONTROL Guild of Air Traffic Controllers - Maastricht
EGATS EUROCONTROL Guild of Air Traffic Services
EGCSA Enhanced Ground Controller Situational Awarness
EGD EUROCONTROL Generic Document
EGERIA Engineering Group for European Integration ATC
EGIP European Gateway for International NOTAM Operation Provision (Point d'accès européen au service de
gestion des NOTAM internationaux)
EGIS EUROCONTROL Guidelines for Implementation Support
EGM Earth Gravitational Model
EGNOS European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (Complément géostationnaire européen de navigation)
EGNOS-EM European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service - East Mediterranean
EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol
EGPWS Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
EGSMM EUROCONTROL Generic Safety Management Manual
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature
EGU European Gliding Union
EGU ENV Graphical User Interface (old name, see CHMI)
EHA European Helicopter Association
EHC East High Coordinator controller
EHD Danger Area (followed by identification) [NL]
EHE East High Executive controller
EHEST European Helicopter Safety Team
EHF Extremely High Frequency
EHFAG European Human Factors Advisory Group
EHR Restricted Area (followed by identification) [NL]
EHS Enhanced Mode S surveillance (Surveillance enrichie en Mode S)
EHSI Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator
EHT Extra High Tension
EIA Electronic Industries Alliance, formely Electronic Industries Association
EIA Electrical Industries Association
Page 156
Acronym Full form
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
EIAP European Integrated Aeronautics Programme
EIB European Investment Bank / Banque Européenne d'Investissement
EIBT Estimated In-Block Time
EICAS Engine Indication and Crew Alert System
EIF European Interoperability Framework
EIF Extended Interface Function
EIIC Electronics Installation and Implementation Centre
EIPA European Institute of Public Administration
EIPR European IPS Repository
EIPS European IPS Repository
EIR Equipment Identity Register
EIRS External Interface Requirement Specification
EIS Environmental Information Sampling
EIS EUROCONTROL Implementation Support
EIS Electronic Indicating System (Airbus)
EKF Extended Kalman Filtering
EKF-IMM Extended Kalman Filter - Interacting Multiple Model
EL Entry Lateral
EL Elevation
EL ELectroluminescent (display panel)
EL/KYB Eectro-Luminescent Keyboard
ELBA Emergency Location Beacon Aircraft
ELD Environment Load System
ELDT Estimated Landing Time
ELE Elementary Surveillance
ELEC elections (élections) (CHRONOTIME)
ELEF ELf Electric Field
ELEV Elevation (environment)
ELF Extremely Low Frequency
ELFAA European Low Fares Airline Association
ELINT Electronic Intelligence
ELISE Exact Landing Interference Simulation Environment
Page 157
Acronym Full form
ELM Extended Length Message
ELMF ELf Magnetic Field
ELMO EUROCONTROL Logging and Monitoring for OJTI
ELMS Electronic Learning Management System
ELPAC English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communications
ELR Extra Long Range
ELS Electronic Library Service (System)
ELS Emergency Landing Strip
ELS Elementary Surveillance (Surveillance élémentaire) (Mode S)
ELS mode S ELementary surveillance
ELS-OP TF Mode S Elementary Surveillance - Operational Introduction
ELSA Enhanced Large Scale ATN deployment
ELSH EUROCONTROL Self-Registration Application (ICS environment)
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
ELVIRA Extremely Low Visibility Instrument Rotorcraft Approaches
ELVIRA Enregistrement Lecture Visualisation Information Radar
ELW Exerted Landing Weight
ELW Extended Label Window
EM Empty Module
EM Electromagnetic
EM Exempted
EM EMission
EM End of Medium
EM Error Mechanism
EMA Enterprise Management Architecture
EMAC European Middle
East ATM Coordination Mechanism (Dispositif de coordination Europe - Proche-Orient
pour l'ATM)
EMAN En-Route Manager
EMAS Engineered Materials Arresting System
EMAS Environmental Management Audit System (Hamburg Airport)
EMB EUROCONTROL Medical Board (commission médicale d'EUROCONTROL)
EMB Executive Management Board
EMB EUROCONTROL Medical Board (commission médicale d'EUROCONTROL)
EMBD EMBeDded (Cloud types, Layers)
Page 158
Acronym Full form
EMC EAMTP Management Committee
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMCC EATMP Management Coordination Committee
EMCIT ElectroMagnetic Compatibility of IT products
EMCON Emission Control
EMCR(ATC) Requirements for European Class 3 Medical Certification of Air Traffic Controllers
EMD Editorial Manager on Duty
EME EUROCONTROL Military Expert (Expert militaire d'EUROCONTROL)
EMEP European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme
EMER Emergency
EMER Flight in state of emergency (Flight plan status indicator)
EMERALD EMErging and Activities of reLevance to ATM concept Definition (European Commission)
EMERTA EMERging Technologies opportunities, issues and impact on ATM
EMEU EUROCONTROL Military Expert Unit (Unité des experts militaires d'EUROCONTROL)
EMF Electro Motive Force
EMF Exercise Management Facility (Simulator)
EMF Excellence Management Function
EMG ElectroMyoGram
EMG EAD Management Group
EMG Emergency (ICAO)
EMH EATMP Management Handbook
EMI ElectroMagnetic Interference
EMIRA EUROCONTROL Maastricht Information Retriever Application (Progiciel de recherche d'information pour
EUROCONTROL- Maastricht)
EMIS EATCHIP Management Information System
EMM Expanded Memory Manager
EMM Extractor Monitoring Message
EMM Engineering Management Meeting
EMMA European Airport Movement Management by A-SMGCS
EMOD Emitting MODule on the mc side
EMOSIA European Model for ATM Strategic Investment Analysis
EMOTION 7 European Maintenance of TCAS II Version 7 (Gestion européenne du TCAS II version 7)
EMP ElectroMagnetic Pulse
Page 159
Acronym Full form
EMR Error Management Restriction
EMS EATCHIP Management Support
EMS Emergency Medical Service
EMS European Mode S Station
EMS Environment Management System
EMS Expanded Memory Specification
EMS European Mobile System
EMSA European Maritime Safety Agency
EMSEC Emission Security
EMSO EATCHIP Management Support Organisation
EMSS European Mobile Satellite Services
EMT Eye-Movement tracking
EMT Editorial Manager Team
EMTO ECAC Medium-Term Objectives Group (to deal with 'Constraints to Growth'
EMU European Monetary Union
EMU Extended Memory Unit
EMUC European Union Military Committee / CMUE Comité militaire de l'Union européenne
EN European Standard
EN Entry Node
EN Enabler
ENA Escuela Nacional de Aeronáutica (ES)
ENAC Italian Civil Aviation Authority (Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile)
ENAC Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (FR), French Civil Aviation School
ENAV Ente nazionale di assistenza al volo (Italian Government Agency for Air Traffic and Aeronautical Services)
END European Norm Draft
END Key for aborting the current operation
END stop END (relating to RVR)
ENE East-North-East
ENG Engineering
ENGD Engineering Division
ENHANCE EuropeaN Harmonised Aircraft Noise Control modelling Environment (NATSDORA)
ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
Page 160
Acronym Full form
ENISA European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (Agence de l¿Union européenne pour la cybersécurité)
ENJJPT Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training
ENNA Etablissement National de la Navigation Aérienne (FR)
ENOC European Network Operating(tion) Concept
ENPI European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument
ENPRM EUROCONTROL Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (Avis de proposition de réglementation
ENR En Route, En-route
ENRI Electronic Navigation Research Institute (US - ADS)
ENT EGNOS Network Time
ENUM E.164 Numbering mapping to URI
ENV Environmental studies (Études environnementales)
ENV Environment
ENV Environment business area (Domaine Environnement)
ENV KPI Environment Key Performance Indicators
ENVCOOR Environment Coordinators; National Environment Coordinator Meetings
EO Executive Objectives (EATMS - CSD)
EO Eyes Open
EOA End Of Address
EOAG European Operations Advisory Group (Groupe consultatif européen "Operations")
EOB End Of Business (i.e. end of working day)
EOB End Of Block
EOBD Estimated Off-Block Date
EOBDT Estimated Off-Block Date and Time
EOBT Estimated Off-Block Time
EOC Edge Of Coverage
EOCD EATMS Operational Concept Document
EOCG EUROCONTROL Operations Consultative Group
EODP EATMS Options Discussion Paper
EOF End Of File
EOG ElectroOculoGram
EOI Expression of Interest
Page 161
Acronym Full form
EOIG EGNOS Operators and Infrastructure Group - the ATS providers in the states formerly known as the IKD
EOLIA European Pre-operational Datalink Applications Project
EOM End Of Message
EONS EUROCONTROL Open and Generic Graphic System / Système graphique ouvert et générique
EOP End Of Picture
EOQ European Organisation for Quality
EoS Element of Service
EOS Executive Operations Support (support opérationnel exécutif)
EOSD Evaluation of Operational System Deficiencies
EOSID Engine-out Standard Instrument Departure Procedure
EoSM Efficacy of Safety Management
EOT End of Transmission
EOT&V EGNOS Operational Test & Validation
EP European Parliament
EP Expert Panel
EPA Event Processor Array
EPAC Eatchip Policy and Allocation Committee
EPAC EUROCONTROL Programme Appraisal Committee (Comité d'évaluation des programmes
EPATS European Personal Air Transport System
EPB EATCHIP Project Board
EPC Enhanced Planning Control
EPC Enhanced Planning and Coordination function (project of MDP phase I)
EPCM Enhanced Planning Control Message
EPFLY ExPerimental FLYing
EPG EASIE Policy Group
EPHOS European Handbook for Open Systems
EPI Electrical Power Installation
ePIB Electronic Pre-flight Information Bulletin
EPIC European Programme for the Implementation of a Common geodetic reference frame (WGS 84)
EPIC Extended PCM Interface Controller (ACS)
EPIC Emergency Procedures Information Centre
Page 162
Acronym Full form
EPIC EUROCONTROL Publication and Information Centre (Centre d'information et de publications
EPISMAS Economic Performance Indicators in Support of Mathematical Air Traffic Control Simulations
EPLD Erasable Programmable Logic Device
EPM EATCHIP Planning Method
EPM Electromagnetic Protection Modification
EPMB EASIE Programme Management Board
EPNL Effective Perceived Noise Level
EPNS Electro-Plated Nickel Silver
EPOL Elliptical Polarisation
EPP Extended Projected Profile
EPR External and Public Relations = Relations extérieures et communication
EPROM Erasable-Programmable Read-Only-Memory
EPRT External Processing Response Time
EPS Exercise Preparation Suite (Simulator)
EPS Emergency Power Supply
EPSG European Petroleum Survey Group
epsilon (Greek letter, lower case) Symbol for azimuth increment
EPSU European Public Service Union
EPT EUROCONTROL English language Placement Test
EPT Estimated Parking Time
EPT Effective Performance Time
EPU Estimated Position Uncertainty
EQ Equalizer (NOT Equipment !)
EQA European Quality Award
EQF EUROCONTROL Quality Forum (Forum Qualité d'EUROCONTROL)
EQM Engineering Quality Manual (MUAC)
EQPM Equipment and Systems
EQPT EQuiPmenT (instrumentation, communication)
Eqpt Equipment
EQUATOR Environment for Qualitative Temporal Reasoning (AI)
Equipe R Perception des redevances de route au titre des accords bilatéraux passés avec des Etats non-contractants =
Collection of air navigation charges under bilateral agreements with non-Contracting states (= R Team)
ER En-Route
Page 163
Acronym Full form
ER Executive Rule (for the use of Safety Management System)
ER Elementary Restart
ER TC En-Route Tactical Controller
ER-PC En-Route Planning Controller
ERA European Regional Airlines Organisation
ERA European Regional Airlines Association
ERA European Research Area
ERA Czech Republic Manufacturer of MLAT and ADS-B equipment
ERA Economic Regulation Analysis
ERA Economic & Regulatory Affairs (Unit) (CRCO) ((Unité) «Affaires économiques et réglementaires»)
ERABIS (Swedish) Route Invoicing System
eRAD electronic Route Availability Document
ERAF EUROCONTROL Regulatory and Advisory Framework (Cadre réglementaire et consultatif
ERAM EUROCONTROL Risk Analysis Method
ERAM EUROCONTROL Remuneration Adjustment Method (Task Force)
ERAM (TF) EUROCONTROL Remuneration Adjustment Method (Task Force)
ERASMUS En-Route Air Traffic Soft Management Ultimate System
ERATO En Route Air Traffic Organiser
ERATS Environmentally-responsible Air Transport
ERBD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ERCG External Relations Coordination Group
ERCS EXM Resistant Communications System
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram
ERD End Routing Domain
ERDF European Regional Development Fund / Fonds européen de développement régional (=FEDER)
ERDS Error Recording Data Set
ERDs End Routing Domains
ERDT Estimated ReaDy Time for Movement
EREF External REFerence
ERF EUROCONTROL Regulatory Framework (Cadre réglementaire d'EUROCONTROL)
ERFA Conference on the Economics of Route Air Navigation Facilities and Airports (ICAO) = Conférence sur
l'économie des installations et services de navigation aérienne de route et des aéroports
eRIA early Regulatory Impact Assessment
Page 164
Acronym Full form
ERIP EAD Remote Interface Package
ERIS EATMP Reference Industry-based ATM Simulation and trials platform Programme (Programme ERIS
(EATMP Reference Industry-based ATM Simulation and trials platform))
ERIS eDEP Early Demonstration and Evaluation Platform for Rapid Prototyping
ERM En-Route Metering
ERM Estimate Revision Message
ERM Enterprise Risk Management
ERM EMC Replication Manager (ENGD)
ERN Earth Referenced Navigation
ERN ERNtebrück (Air Defence Station)
ERND European Route Network Design
ERNIP European Route Network Improvement Plan (plan d'amélioration du réseau de routes européen)
ERNP European Radio Navigation Plan (European Commission)
ERP Event-Related Potential
ERP Effective Radiated Power
ERP Expenditure Review Process
ERP Earth Rotation Parameters
ERP Extracted Route Points (FPPS/DECADE)
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning system
ERR Error Message
ERR En-Route Radar
ERRIDS European Regional Renegade Information Dissemination System (Système régional européen de diffusion
d'informations sur les aéronefs présentant un comportement suspect)
ERS Environment Reporting System (Système de communication d'informations sur l'environnement)
ERS Extracted Route Sequence
ERS Early Retirement Scheme
ERSA Effective use of Reserved or Segregated Airspace
ERSS EUROCONTROL Radar Surveillance Standard
ERT Expected Ready Time
ERT Execution Reference Time
ERV ECM Resistant Voice
ERYM ex République yougoslave de Macédoine (=FYROM)
ES End Service (CPDLC)
Page 165
Acronym Full form
ES Extended Squitter
ES Emergency System (ODS)
ES Elementary Airspace
ES Spain (ISO Country Code)
ES Enhanced Surveillance
ES End Service / System
ES Entry Sector
ES End System
ES Entry Subjacent
ES-ES End System to End System
ES-IS End System to Intermediate System (Routing Information Exchange Protocol)
ES2 Experience Sharing to enhance SMS
ES2 Experience Sharing to Enhance SMS
ESA Electronically Scanned Array
ESA Emergency Safe Altitude
ESA European Space Agency (Agence spatiale européenne)
ESA Enterprise Systems Architecture
ESAM European Society of Aerospace Medicine
ESAO Environmentally Sustainable Airport Operations
ESARR EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirement (Exigence réglementaire de sécurité EUROCONTROL)
ESARR 5 EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirement for ATM Services' Personnel (SRC)
ESARR1 EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirement 1 Safety Oversight in ATM
ESARR2 EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirement 2 Reporting and Assessment of Safety Occurrences in
ESARR3 EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirement 3 Safety Management Systems in ATM
ESARR3 EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirement (Use of safety management systems by ATM service
ESARR4 EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirement 4 Risk Assessment and Mitigation in ATM
ESARR5 EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirement 5 ATM Services' Personnel
ESARR6 EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirement 6 Software in ATM Systems
ESASSP EUROCONTROL Specification for ATM Surveillance System Performance
ESB enterprise service bus
Page 166
Acronym Full form
ESC European ATM Systems and Convergence Business Division (Division prestataire "Système ATM européen
et convergence")
ESC Environment Services Component
ESC BD European ATM Systems & Convergence Business Division (EUROCONTROL)
ESCAN Electronically Scanned
ESCAPE Eurocontrol Simulation Capability And Plaform for Experimentation
ESCAT Emergency Security Control of Air Traffic
ESCO Executive Support and Coordination Office
ESCON Extended Serial Connection
ESCP European Strategic Coordination Platform (EASA)
ESDAP-SG Enhanced Surveillance DAP Steering Group
ESDF Environmental Static Data Processing and Distribution Function
ESDI Enhanced Small-Device Interface
ESE East-South-East
ESE Equivalent Spherical Error
ESF Essential Support Facilities
ESF Equivalent Safety Finding
ESG Environmental, Social and Governance
ESG Extended Scenario Generator
ESH End System Hello
ESI EAD System Interface (Interface système de l'EAD)
ESI-V EAD System Interface - Validation
ESIGETEL Ecole Superieure en informatique et genie des telecommunications
ESIM ESARR Implementation (Mise en oeuvre des ESARR)
ESIMS ESARR Implementation Monitoring and Support (Programme) (Programme de suivi et d'appui à la mise en
oeuvre des ESARR)
ESL Entry Sequence List
ESME Enhanced Simulation Modelling Environment
ESO European Standardisation Organisation
ESOC European Security Operations Centre
ESP En-route Spacing (Program)
ESP European Safety Programme for ATM (Plan européen pour la sécurité de l'ATM)
ESP+ European Safety Programme Plus
ESPOSA Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft
Page 167
Acronym Full form
ESPRIT European Strategic Programme for Research and development in Information Technology
ESR European Staff Requirement (A 400M)
ESRA EUROCONTROL Statistical Reference Area (Zone de référence statistique EUROCONTROL)
ESRC EAD Service and Royalty Charging sub-group
ESRI Environmental Systems Research Institute
ESRS EUROCONTROL Standard Document for Radar Surveillance in En-Route and Major Terminal Area
ESs End Systems
ESS Epc Software Server
ESSAP European Strategic Safety Action Plan
ESSI European Strategic Safety Initiative
ESSI European Single Sky Implementation (now replaced by ESSIP)
ESSIP European Single Sky Implementation (mechanism / documents) (replaces ECIP)
European/Local Single Sky Implementation (mechanism)
ESSP European Satellite Services Provider
EST Eastern Standard Time, UTC -5h. (USA)
EST Estimate/ICAO Estimated Message
EST ATC Estimate
EST ESTimate(d), boundary ESTimate message
EST Estimate message designator
EST Boundary Estimate Message
ESTB EGNOS System Test Bed
ESTEC European Space Technology and Research Centre
ESTEC ESA European Space Research and Technology Centre
ESTEEM Elaboration of a Strategy for the Transition from EATCHIP phase III to the EATMS
ESTI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
ESUG European SIMMOD User Group
ESUP Eurocat Support System
ESV Environment SerVer
ESVA Enhanced Successive Visual Approach
ET Error Type
ET Event Tree
ET Executive Task
ET (Shuttle) External Tank
Page 168
Acronym Full form
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival / Estimating Arrival
ETA Extract, Transfer and Load
ETA Even Tree Analysis
ETB End of Transmitted Block
ETCAS Enhanced Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETE Estimated Time of Entry
ETF European Transport Workers Federation
ETFDD Electronic Tabular Flight Data Display
ETFDM Electronic Tabular Flight Data Message
ETFMS Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System
ETFMS Enhanced Technical Flow Management Service
ETFMS/DDS ETFMS Data Distribution System
ETG European GNSS Tripartite Group (European Community, EUROCONTROL, European
ETI EAD Terminal Interface (part of ECI)
ETIC EUROCONTROL Test Tool For Intercentre Communication
ETKR European Tracker Service
ETL Extended Track Label
ETL Estimated Time Of Leaving (of aircraft into AIRSPACE_VOLUME)
ETMA Extended Terminal Manoeuvring Area
ETMS Enhanced Air Traffic Management System
ETNA Extranet for National Administrations (Extranet destiné aux Administrations nationales)
ETO Estimated Time Over (a significant point)
eTOD electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data
ETOPS Extended Range Twin Engined Operations
ETOT Estimated Take-Off Time (Heure estimée de décollage)
ETOX Estimated Time Overhead Exchange
ETP équivalent temps plein (full-time equivalent - FTE)
ETR Runway Entry Point
ETR ETSI Technical Report
ETRAS Easy Transported Radar Analysis System
ETRC European Travel Retail Council
ETREM EUROCONTROL Technical Requirements Model (EAS)
ETRF European Terrestrial Reference Frame
Page 169
Acronym Full form
ETRS European Terrestrial Reference System
ETS Early Termination of Service (ETS) scheme - Régime de cessation anticipée des fonctions (ETS)
ETS European Telecommunications Standard
ETSI European Telecommunication Standards Institute
ETSO European Technical Standard Order
ETSSF ETS Support Facility
ETSWAP Emissions Trading Scheme Workflow Automation Project
ETT Environment Test Team
ETTSG European TAAM Technical Sub-Group
ETTT Estimated Time To Turnround
ETV Environment and Trajectory Validation
ETX Estimated Time Of Exit (of aircraft into AIRSPACE_VOLUME)
EU Electronic Unit
EU European Union (Union européenne - UE)
EU APP EU Aviation Partnership Project
EU ETS EU Emissions Trading System (système d'échange de quotas d'émission de l'UE - SEQE-UE)
EU-ACA European Union Airport Coordinators Association (represent more than 120 airports throughout the European
EU-wide European Union Wide
EUACA European Association of Airport Slot Coordinators
EUCARF European Central Altitude Reservation Facility
EUFALDA European Federation of Airline Dispatchers Association
EUIR European Upper Information Region
EUM Europe Mediterranean Air navigation Region (ICAO)
EUMAAC European Military Aviation Authorities Conference
EUMC European Union Military Committee
Eumed Europe Mediterranean Air navigation Region (ICAO)
EUMED Europe Mediterranean Air navigation Region (ICAO)
EUMETNET European Meteorological Services Network
EUMS European Union Military Staff
EUNET European Unix NETwork
EUNIS European Network Integration Study
EUR European
EUR ANP Air Navigation Plan in Europe (ICAO Region)
Page 170
Acronym Full form
EUR ICAO European Region
EUR Euro
EUR Europe
EUR ATN European ATN
EUR AFTN/AFS GERAC Group on European Regional AFTN/AFS Implementation and Operation Coordination
EUR ANP ICAO European Air Navigation Plan
EUR RAN European Regional Air Navigation (Meeting)
EUR Region European Region (ICAO)
EUR-AFS European Aeronautical Fixed Service Group (ICAO)
EUR-ANP European Air Navigation Plan (ICAO)
EUR-FMG European Frequency Management Group (ICAO)
EUR-RAN European Regional Air Navigation
EUR/M Mediation Service (Service "Médiation")
EUR/W Welfare Service (Service "Affaires sociales")
EURAC European Air Chiefs
EURACA European Air Carrier Assembly
EURAM European Research in Advanced Materials = BRITE
EURAMID European ATM Military Directors Conference / Conférence européenne des Directeurs militaires de la
navigation aérienne
EURAP European Regional ATS Packet Switching Network (DAKOS+CBN)
EURATN European experimental Aeronautical Telecommunications Network = Réseau européen de
télécommunications aéronautiques
EURATN experimental ATN type data link in the EURet programme
EUREF IAG Subcomission for Europe
EURET European Research for Transport (European Communities) ; Specific Resource and Technological
Development Programme in the Field of Transport
Euro 88 States and Regions in the CRCO Are in 1988
EURO/5-States RSG EUROCONTROL/5-States Route Structure Group
EUROAT EUROCONTROL Specification for harmonized Rules for Operational Air Traffic under Instrument Flight Rules
(IFR) inside controlled Airspace of the ECAC Area
EUROBIT EUROpean association of manufacturers of Business machines & Information Technology
EUROCAE European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (Organisation européenne pour l'équipement de l'aviation
EUROCONTROL European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (Organisation européenne pour la sécurité de la
navigation aérienne)
Page 171
Acronym Full form
EUROCONTROL European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation
EUROMED Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Partenariat euro-méditerranéen) (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon,
Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey)
EUROPILOTE European Organisation of Airline Pilots Associations
EUROSIM EUROCONTROL Simulator at the Institute of Air Navigation Services
EUROSIM advanced autonomous atc training work station
EUROSS EUROCONTROL Routine Observation Safety Survey
EUROSTAT Statistical Office of the European Communities
EUTELSAT European Telecommunications Satellite Organisation
EUUP European Update airspace Use Plan
EV EVery
EV Earned Value
EVA Enhanced Video Adapter
EVA Enhanced Visual Acquisition
EVAIR EUROCONTROL Voluntary ATM Incident Reporting (system) / mécanisme EUROCONTROL de notification
spontanée des incidents liés à l'ATM
EVALINK Évaluation des services par liaison de données
EVAS EATMS Validation Strategy (Stratégie de validation de l'EATMS)
EVC Enhanced Video Control
EVCA European Venture Capital Association
EVITA European Crisis Visualization Interactive Tool for ATFCM
EVP EATMP Validation Project (formerly C3T)
EVP European Validation Platform
EVP/CORA EATMP Validation Platform for CORA
EVS Evaluation System (ODS)
EVS Exploitation-Vacation-Sujétion
EVS Enhanced Visual (or Vision) System
EWA Error Warning Area
EWA1 Error/Warning Area [1]
EWA2 Error/Warning Area [2]
EWAN EGNOS Wide Area Network (Réseau étendu de transmission d'EGNOS)
EWBS EATCHIP Work Breakdown Structure
EWC Enhanced Working Conditions
Page 172
Acronym Full form
EWG Executive Working Group
EWIS Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems
EWOS European Workshop on Open Systems
EWP Enhanced Working Position
EWP EATMP Work Programme
EWP EATCHIP Work Programme
EWPA EATCHIP Work Programme Adaptation
EWPD EATMP Work Programme Document
EWPD Eatchip Work Package Definition
EWPD EATCHIP Work Programme Document
EWS Early Warning System
EWS Experimental Workstation Simulator
EWST Estimated Wait Stand Time
EWT EATMS Working Team (CSD)
Ex Exercises
EX Excluded
EX EXecute (the previously entered command sequence)
ex GDR ex German Democratic Republic
EXAC EUROCONTROL Exchange and Civil-Military ATM Information and Coordination
EXC Executive Controller
EXCDS Extended Computer Display System (Canada)
EXCEL Microsoft Excel
EXCOND ATFM Exceptional Condition Notification Message
EXER EXERcise(s)
EXIT Estimated Taxi In Time
EXM Exempt
EXOT Estimated Taxi Out Time
EXP Expected
EXP EXPect(ed), EXPecting (status)
EXPLT Extrapolate, Extrapolation
EXSPEC Exercise Specification
Page 173
Acronym Full form
EXTD EXTenD(ing)
extra EUR Regional AIS System Centre outside the ICAO EUR region
F France
F Degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
f frequency
F Fixed (Relating to marine lights)
F&CM Flow And Capacity Management
F&E Facilities and Equipment Program (FAA)
F.435 ITU-T Recommendation F.435 on EDI Messaging Services
F.440 ITU-T Recommendations F.440 on Voice Messaging
F/D Flight Director
F/G Foreground
F/NAV GALILEO's Freely Accessible Navigation Message Type
F1 Framing Pulse 1
F1 keyboard function key (1)
F15 Field 15 of flight plan
F18 Field 18 of Flight Plan
F2 Framing Pulse 2
F2WGO Free Flight Working Group � Operational
FA Fix to an Altitude
FA Course from a Fix to an Altitude (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
FA Final Acceptance
FA1 Fdm Area 1
FA2 Fdm Area 2
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (Administration fédérale de l'aviation) USA (ICAO 7910/63)
FAA-STD-042 National Airspace System Open System Interconnection Naming and Addressing (ISO Standards for Open
Systems Interconnection and Data Communication published by ISO, International Standards Organisation).
FAAIP FABEC ATFCM/ASM Implementation Project
FAAS Flight Plan Assessment and Alert System (Système d'évaluation des plans de vol et d'alerte)
FAATC FAA Test Centre
FAB Functional Airspace Block (bloc d'espace aérien fonctionnel)
FAB CE Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (Austria, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Czech Republic, Hungary,
Slovakia and Slovenia)
FABEC Functional Airspace Block Europe Central (bloc d'espace aérien fonctionnel Europe Central)
FAC Flight Augmentation Computer
Page 174
Acronym Full form
FAC FACilities
FAC Final Approach Course (same as IS)
FACC Feature and Attribute Coding Catalogue
FACET Fast ACC Capacity Evaluation Tool
FACF Final Approach Course Fix
Facil Facilitation
FACT Future Communication Architecture to support Intra-Centre Communications between Air Traffic Management
System Components based on TCP/IP
FACTOR Development of Functional Concepts from the EATMS Operational Requirements
FACTS Future Area Control Tools Support
FADE Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Airline Data Exchange
FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control
FAF Final Approach Fix
FAFEP Fans Front End Processor
FAI Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FR)
FALBALA First Assessment of the operational Limitations, Benefits & Applicability
FAM Fire Alarm Monitor
FAM Flight Activation Monitoring
FAML family leave (congé familial) (CHRONOTIME)
FAN False Alarm Normaliser (radar)
FAN FAN (marker) (Navigational facility)
FANA Federal Air Navigation Authority (Russia)
FANOMOS Flight track and Aircraft NOise MOnitoring System (RMCDE)
FANS Future Air Navigation Systems (ICAO)
FANS-1 Future Air Navigation Systems 1, an initial operational datalink package for the South Pacific
FANS-A Future Air Navigation Systems A, an initial operational datalink package for AIRBUS aircraft
FANSTIC Future Air Traffic Management, New Systems, and Technologies Integration in Cockpit
FAP Future ATM Profile (simulation Brétigny) / Profil ATM futur
FAP Frequency Allocation Panel
FAP Final Approach Point
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FAR Federal Aviation Regulation
FAR False Acceptance Rate
FAR False Alarm Rate
Page 175
Acronym Full form
FARADS Feasibility of an ACAS RA Downlink Study (Étude de faisabilité sur la transmission par liaison descendante
des RA de l'ACAS)
FARAWAY Fusion of Radar and ADS using Two-Way Datalink
FARE Fallback ACT and FDPS Recovery Enhancement
FAROA Final Approach and Runway Occupancy Awareness
FAROS Final Approach Runway Occupancy Signal
FAS Flight Plan and Airport Slot Consistency Service
FAS Final Approach Segment
FAS Flight level Allocation System
FAS Flexible Access System
FASID Facilities And Services Implementation Document (ICAO)
FAST Full Autonomous Separation Transfer
FASTER Future AO-ATM-Airports Synergy Towards Enhanced Operations
FASTI First ATC Support Tools Implementation
FASVAL Value of the parameter FAS
FAT Force Aérienne Tactique (FR)
FAT First-of-class Acceptance Test
FAT Factory Acceptance Testing
FAT File Allocation Table
FATA Force Aérienne Tactique Alliée (OTAN) / Allied Tactical Air Force (=ATAF)
FATA Rosaviatsia (Russian Federal Air Transport Agency)
FATAC French Air Force Tactical Air Command
FATCA Federal Air Traffic Control Authority (Yugoslavia)
FATMI Finnish Air Traffic Management Integration
FATO Rosavianadzor (Russian Federal Air Transport Oversight organisation)
FATO Final Approach & Take-Off area
FATUREC Federation of Air Transport User Representatives in the EEC
FAVES FAA's Administrative Voice Enterprise Services
FAWP Final Approach Waypoint
FAX FAcsimile transmission
FB FallBack
FB Fast Byte
FBL light, as adjective qualifying icing, turbulence, interference
FBO Fixed Base Operator
Page 176
Acronym Full form
FBS FallBack Switch (CSS)
FBS Fall-Back System
FBT Forecast Business Trajectory
FBU Flight Briefing Unit
FBW Fly-By-Wire
FBZ FPL Buffer Zone
FC Course from a Fix to a Distance (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
FC Frequency Change
FC Formalised Clearances
FC Feeder Controller
FC Funnel Cloud (Tornado, Waterspout)
FC Flight Crew
FC Frame Control
FCA Funtional Configuration Audit (MAS - ODS)
FCAA Finnish Civil Aviation Authority
FCB File Control Block
FCB Frequency Coordination Board
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCC Flow Coordination Cell
FCC Flight Control Computer
FCCS Flight Control Computer System
FCD Flow Control Decision
FCDS Frequency Channel and Distribution System
FCE Flow Control Execution
FCG Frequency Coordination Group
FCG Financial Consultation Group (AFG)
FCI Future Communication Infrastructure
FCLTP Flight Crew Licensing and Training Panel (ICAO)
FCM Flow and Capacity Management
FCM Flight Confirmation Message (Message de confirmation de vol)
FCNP Fire Control and Navigation Panel
FCO Future Concepts (EATCHIP domain)
FCO Flow and Capacity Operational grades
FCOM Flight Crew Operating Manual
Page 177
Acronym Full form
FCOT Future Concepts Team
FCR Flow Control Request
FCS Flight Conflict Store
FCS Future Communication System
FCS Flight Control Computer (Eurofighter)
FCS Frame Check Sequence (RMCDE)
FCS Frame Check Sequence
FCS Flight Control System
FCS Future Communication Study
FCTL Flow Control
FCTM Flight Crew Training Manual
FCU Flight Control Unit
FCWOS Federal Contract Weather Observing Site
Fd Doppler Frequency
FD Flight Data position
FD Flight Data
FD Course from a Fix to a DME Distance (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
FD Flight Data assistant role
FD Flight Director
FDA Flight Data Assistant (Assistant "données de vol")
FDB Full Data Block
FDCO Flight Data Communication Object
FDD Frequency Division Duplex
FDD Flexible (Floppy) Disc Drive
FDD Flight Data Distribution
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface (LAN - RMCDE / MAS)
FDDI Fibre Distributed Data Interface
FDDI Fiberoptical Digital Data Interchange
FDE Flight Data Exchange
FDE Failure Detection and Exclusion
FDE Fault Detection Exclusion
FDE ICD Flight Data Exchange Interface Control Document
FDE-ICD-P1 Flight Data Exchange Interface Control Document-Part 1
Page 178
Acronym Full form
FDETXTF Flight Data Exchange Task Force (Équipe spéciale "Échange des données de vol")
FDFM Flight Data & Flow Management (Group)
FDFM Flight Data and Flow Management
FDFMG Flight Data and Flow Management Group (Groupe "Données de vol et gestion des courants de trafic aérien")
FDG Flight plan Data Generator
FDG Flight Data Group (MAS)
FDI FAA Departure Information
FDI2 ISO/IEC Standard for MHS Use of the DIrectory
FDM Flight Data Message (N-FDPS)
FDM Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDM Flight Data Management
FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access
FDMAS Flight Data Management Automated System (It. ATFM)
FDMD Flight Data Management and Distribution
FDMP Flight Data Manager Publisher (Flight Object concept)
FDMS Flight Data Management System
FDO Fdps Data Operator
FDO Flight Data Operations/Operator
FDOD Flight Data Operations Division (Old name, see OPSD)
FDP Flight Duty Period
FDP Flight Data Processing (Traitement automatique des données de vol)
FDP Flight Data Processing / Flight-plan Data Processor
FDPA Flight Data Processing Area
FDPD Flight Data Processing and Distribution
FDPE-TF Flight Plan Related Data Exchange Task Force
FDPI Flight Data Processing Inter-operability (formerly eFDP - European Flight Data Processing System)
FdpListCO FDPLIST Communication Object
FDPS Flight Data Processing System / Système de traitement des données de vol
FDR Flight Data Record
FDR Flight Data Recorder
FDS Flight Data Section
FDS Flight Data Specialist
FDS Fire Detector System
FDSU Flight Data Storage Unit
Page 179
Acronym Full form
FDSUP Flight Data SUPervisor
FDT Formal Description Techniques
FDX Full DupleX
FE Framing Error
FE tones injected by the Far End switch
FE Functional Earth (electrical connection)
FE Flight Efficiency
FEA/FCA Flow Evaluation Area (FEA) / Flow Constrained Area (FEA)
FEAST First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test (Première batterie européenne de tests de sélection des
contrôleurs de la circulation aérienne)
FEATS Future European Air Traffic Management System Concept (Concept du futur dispositif de gestion du trafic
aérien dans la Région Europe)
FEB FEBruary
FEC Forward Error Control
FEC Forward Error Correction
FECN Forward Error Congestion Notification
FED Fonds européen de développement
FEDCAD Federal Civil Aviation Department (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
FEDER Fonds européen de développement régional (= ERDF)
FEI Flight Efficiency Initiative
FEO Fund Executive Officer (Administrateur général du Fonds)
FEP Flight Efficiency Plan
FEP Front-End Processor
FES Fixed Earth Station
FESG Forecasting and Economic Support Group (CAEP)
FEV1/FVC Forced Expiratory Volume (in one second) / Forced Vital Capacity
FEVP Fallback Equipment Verification Procedure
FEW Flight Economical Weight
FF Form Feed
FF-ICE Flight and Flow Information for a Collaborative Environment
FFA Functional Failure Analysis (ODS)
FFAP FAA Free Flight Action Plan
FFAS Free Flight Airspace
FFI Final Factory Inspection (CBN - CNG)
FFM Free Flight Mode
Page 180
Acronym Full form
FFM Frankfurt/Main
FFP Filed Flight Plan
FFPE Fédération de la Fonction Publique Européenne (trade union)
FFPG FABs Focal Point Group (groupe de coordination des FAB) (Platform)
FFR Fire Fighting
FFS Führungs und Förderungs System (DE) (DFS) / Leadership and promotion system
FFSC Free Flight Select Committee (RTCA)
FFT Free Flight Track
FFT Fixed Field Transponder
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FFTF Future Functions Task Force (4-States/EUROCONTROL)
FFU Fire Fighting Unit
FG Focus Group
FG Functional Group
FGA Future Graphics Array (= Enhanced VGA)
FGCS Flight Guidance Control System
FHA Functional Hazard Assessment
FHSS Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
FHT File Handle Table
FI Finland (ISO Country Code)
FIAT First Installed Article Test
FIB Forward Information Base
FIB Forwarding Information Base
FIC Flight Information Centre
FIC Frequency Intercom
FID (international) Federation for Information & Documentation
FIDS (Swedish) Flight Information Display System
Field Fields Containing Data Items
FIFO First In First Out
FIFO First in, First out
FIFOR Flight (Weather) FORecast
FIFU Financial Information for Users (Informations financières destinées aux usagers)
FIFU/TF Task Force on Financial Information to Users
Page 181
Acronym Full form
FIG Figure (N-FDPS)
FILTIM Date and Timestamp of original Message
FIM Financial Management Unit (Unité "Gestion financière")
FIM Flight deck interval management
FIM Flight Information Message (N-FDPS)
FIN TCP close connection message
FIN Fingerprint Identification Number (US)
FIN Financial Services
FIN Finland
FINC job-seeking (recherche d'un emploi) (CHRONOTIME)
FIPS Flight Increase Process
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards (USA)
FIR Flight Information Region (région d'information de vol)
FIRO-B Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behaviour
FIRST Flexible Independent Radar Skill Trainer (MAS)
FIS Field Instruction System
FIS Financial Information System
FIS Flight Information Service
FIS-B Flight Information Service - Broadcast
FISA Flight Information Service - Automated
FISC Flight Information Services Communications
FISO Flight Information Service Officer
FISOL Flight Information Service Officer Licence
FIT Factory Inspection Test
FIT FANS Interoperability Team
FIT First Transfer
FIT Flight Integration Task
FIT Factory Inspection Test(s) (ing)
FIT Flight Plan Input Terminal
FITAMS Flight Trials of ATN and Mode S
FIW Flight Input (Information) Workstation (IFPS)
FIX Fixpoint
FIX point at which a flight plan HOLD acts. (Selected from list)
Page 182
Acronym Full form
FIXM Flight Information Exchange Model
FKE Führungskräfte Entwicklung in der DFS (DE) / Management development programme
FL Forward Link
FL Flight Level, unit of altitude (expressed in 100's of feet)
FL300 Flight Level 300
FL350 Flight Level 350
FLAG 5-LIVES Advisory Group
FLARM FLARM (trade mark = "Flight Alarm", commercial low-cost collision-avoidance system)
FLAS Flight Level Allocation Scheme
FLAS Flight Level Allocation System / Scheme
FLB Fallback (N-FDPS)
FLC Flight Level Cap
FLD FLoppy Disc drive
FLFIG Flight Level FIGures
FLG FLashinG
FLID Flight Identification
Flight ID Flight Identity (callsign used in flight)
FLINT Flight Intent Trials
FLIP Flight Information Publication
FLIPCY Flight Plan Consistency
FLIPINT Flight Path Intent
FLIR Forward Looking Infra-Red
FLIRECP Flight Recorder Panel
FLIRECP Flight Recorder Panel (ICAO)
FLMPTS Future Land Mobile Public Telecommunications Systems
FLO Flow meetings
FLO ATS/ATFM Coordination meeting (ICAO)
FLOE ICAO ATS/ATFM Coordination (Europe East)
FLOEast Informal Flow control Meeting - Europe East (ICAO/EANPG)
FLOPC Flight Operations Performance Committee
FLOS Flight Level Orientation Scheme
FLOW FLOW controller
FLOW Informal ATS / ATFM Coordination Meeting - Europe West
Page 183
Acronym Full form
FLOWest Informal Flow control Meeting - Europe West (ICAO/EANPG)
FLS Flight Suspension Message (Message de suspension de vol)
FLT Flight
FLT LEG Flight Leg (N-FDPS)
FLT/PLN Flight Plan
FLTAB Flight Level Table
FLTP Flexible Luxembourg Training Platform
FLUC FLUCtuating(ed)(ion)
FLW FoLloW(s), FoLloWing
FLY FLY(ing)
FM FroM ...
FM Frequency Management
FM Flow Manager
FM Course from a Fix to a Manual Termination (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
FM Frequency Modulation
FMAQ Flight Management Attitudes Questionnaire
FMC Flight Management Computer / Control
FMCG Flow Management Coordination Group
FMCS Flight Management Computer System
FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis
FMECA Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis
FMG Frequency Management Group
FMG Flow Management Group (ICAO)
FMGC Flight Management and Guidance Computer
FMGES Flight Management Guidance Envelope System (Airbus)
FMGS Flight Management and Guidance System
FMI Fonds monétaire international = International Monetary Fund (=IMF)
FMO Flow Management Operation
FMP Flow Management Position (Poste de gestion des courants de trafic)
FMPG Flow Management Planning Group
Page 184
Acronym Full form
FmRgt Fernmelderegiment (DE)
FMS Flow Management System
FMS Facility Management Service
FMS Flow Management Services
FMS Flexible Manufacturing System
FMS Flight Management System
FMTP Flight Message Transfer Protocol (Protocole de transfert des messages de vol)
FMU Flight Management Unit
FN Flight Notification(s)
FN Format Number
FN False Negative
FNA FiNal Approach
FNM Flight Notification Message
FNM Flow Notification Message (Message de notification de courant de trafic)
FNM Flugsicherung Niederlassung Maastricht (DFS)
FNPT Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer
FNS Federal NOTAM System (U.S.)
FO Flight Object
FOBN Flight Operations Briefing Note
FOC Flight Operations Control
FOC Final Operation Capability
FOC Full Operational Capability
FOC/WOC Flight /Wing Operations Centre
FOCA Floor of Controlled Airspace
FOCA Federal Office of Civil Aviation
FOCS Flow Optimisation Concept Scenario
FOCUS Futura Posición del Controlador para UCS SACTA (ES)
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FOD Foreign Object Debris
FOG Fibre Optic Gyro
FOHE Fuel Oil Heat Exchanger
FOIPS Flight Object Interoperability Proposed Standard (Projet de norme d'interopérabilité pour l'échange des
données relatives aux objets de vol)
Page 185
Acronym Full form
FOM Flight Object Manager (iTEC)
FOM Figure of Merit (ICAO - ADS)
FOQA Flight Operations Quality Assurance
FOR-DEC Facts, Options, Risks and Benefits, Decision, Execution and Check
FORC FMD Ops Room Contingency
FORM training (formation) (CHRONOTIME)
FOS Flight Object Servers
FOU Frequency of Use (CPDLC Messages)
Four-state BFWG Four-State Budgetary and Financial working Group
FP Focal Point
FP False Positive
FP Framework Programme (of the European Commission)
FP Flight Plan
FP Flight Prediction
FP 5 Fifth Framework Programme of the European Community for Research, Technological Development and
FP6 Sixth Framework Programme
FP7 Seventh Framework Programme
FPA Flight Plan Activation
FPA False Plot Analysis
FPAP Flight Path Alignment Point
FPB Flight Progress Board
FPC Flight Planning Centre
FPCP Flight Path Control Point
FPD Flight Plan Data
FPDE Flight plan-related data exchange
FPDE-TF Flight Plan Data Exchange Task Force
FPDPS Front Panel Data Ports
FPDS Flight Plan Data Section
FPF Flight Plan Fallback
FPFS First Planned First Served
FPGM Flight Plan Generated Message (Message généré par plan de vol)
FPH Flight Plan History
Page 186
Acronym Full form
FPL Flight Plan
FPL Full-Performance Level (US)
FPL Filed Flight PLan (message type designator)
FPL (Filed) Flight Plan
FPL BRT Flight Plan Bright (N-FDPS)
FPL EDIT Flight Plan Edit (N-FDPS)
FPLA Flight Plan Handling Applications Section (Section « Applications de traitement des plans de vol »)
FPLA Flight Plan Application Section
FPLA Field Programmable Logic Array
FPLMTS Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System
FPLR Flight Plan Route
FPLSG (ICAO) Flight Plan Study Group (Groupe d'étude sur les plans de vol)
FPM Feet Per Minute
FPM Flight Plan Monitoring (N-FDPS)
FPM Flight Position Monitor
FPM Flight Plan Message
FPM Flight Path Monitor (PATs)
FPM Flight Plan Management
FPM Flight Progress Message
FPO Flight Plan Operations (N-FDPS)
FPO Flight Plan Office
FPP Flight Plan Processing
FPPS Flight Plan Processing System
FPPU Flight Planning and Flight Progress Updating
FPR Flight Plan Route
FPR Flight Profile Restriction
FPRDETF Flight Plan related Data Exchange Task Force
FPS Flight Progress Strip
FPS Functional Performance Specification (EATCHIP)
FPS Flight Progress Strip(s)
FPS Flight Plan Server (MADAP)
FPT Flight Plan Terminal
FPV flight path vector
FPWO Flight Plan Work Station Operator (IFPS)
Page 187
Acronym Full form
FPZ Flight Path Zone (ODID)
FQM Flight Plan Query Message
FQR Formal Qualification Review
FQR Factory Qualification Review
FQR Flight plan Query Reply
FQT Formal Qualification Testing
FR Fuel Remaining
FR Financial Regulations of the Agency (Règlement financier de l'Agence)
FR Flight Route
FR Frame Relay
FR France (ISO Country Code)
FRA Free Route Airspace (espace aérien à itinéraire libre)
FRA Failure Reporting and Analysis (ODS)
FRAC Final Review And Comment
FRAC Free Route Airspace Concept (EUROCONTROL)
FRAL Free Route Airspace Lisboa (FIR)
FRAM Free Route Airspace Maastricht
FRAMaK Free Route Airspace Maastricht and Karlsruhe
FrameAPS Frame Maker Aeronautical Publishing System
FRAP Free Route Airspace Project
FRAP5 5th Free Route Airspace Project
FRAS Free Route Airspace Sweden
FRB Failure Review Board (ODS)
FRCP Full Remote Control Panel (RBP)
FREE FREE the pssr for reallocation
FREER Free Route Experimental Encounter Resolution (Système expérimental de maintien autonome de la
séparation sur routes libres)
FREER Freer Flight
FREGATE Filtre de Régulation Ergonomique de la Gestion des Secteurs & d'Anticipation des Tâches Excessives (FR)
Freq Next Sector frequency
FRET Fast-time Roster Emulation Tool
FRF Further Route of Flight
FRG Federal Republic of Germany
Page 188
Acronym Full form
FRLC Flight crew reaction time to ATC line up clearance
FRM Financial Resources Management Core Team
FRMR Frame Reject
FRMS Fatigue Risk Management System
FRN Field Reference Number
FROG Free flight Rocket Over Ground
FROM_RIT From Reroute Issue Time
FRONT (weather) FRONT
FRONTEX European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member
States of the EU
FRP Federal Radionavigation Plan
FRQ FReQuent
FRR False Rejection Rate
FRS Future Radio System
FRS Functional Requirements Specifications (EATMS)
FRT Fixed Radius Transition
FRTT Flight crew reaction time to ATC take-off clearance
FRUIT False Replies Unsynchronised to Interrogator Transmission
FRUIT False Replies Un-synchronised In Time
FS Flight Status (control bits)
FS Foot Switch (VCS
FS Flight plan Server
FS File Separator
FS Functional Specification
FS Frame Status
FS Flight Segment
FS Fast Select
FS Functional Statement (ICAO - ADS)
FSA First System Activation (message)
FSA First Stop Altitude
FSC Flight Services Component
FSD Full Scale Deflection
Page 189
Acronym Full form
FSD TF Functional Specification Development Task Force (EASIE/MODE S)
FSD Full Scale Development
FSD Flow Situation Display
FSDM Forecasting, Statistics and Data Management
FSF Flight Safety Foundation
FSH Flight Shift Message
FSIX Flight Safety Information Exchange (ICAO)
FSIX Flight Safety Information Exchange (ICAO)
FSK FlugSicherungsKontrolldienst
FSK Frequency Shift Keying
FSL Full Stop Landing
FSM Frequency Selection Module
FSM Finite State Machine
FSM Flight Schedule Monitor.
FSM Frequency Shift Modulation
FSP Flight Service Predictor
FSP Flight Strip Printer
FSPEC Field SPECification (ASTERIX), field of variable length, indicating which data fields are present in a record
and in which order (see also Record)
FSR Flight Suspension Request Message
FSS Fixed Satellite Services
FSS Flight Service Station (US)
FSS Flight Service Station (VOLMET)
FSSA Final State Selected Altitude
FSSkt-A Flugsicherungssektor A (DE) / GAF sectors MAS UAC-Lippe Radar
FSSktA FlugSicherung SeKTor-A
FSTD flight simulation training device
FSTS Functional Standards Test Specifications
FT Fault Tree
FT FeeT (100 of which make 1 FL)
FT Fast Track
FT Filing Time
ft feet / foot
Page 190
Acronym Full form
FTA Fault Tree Analysis
FTAM File Transfer and Access Method
FTAM File Transfer Access and Management (protocol)
FTAM File Transfer Access Management (protocol)
FTC Fast Time Constant
FTE Functional Time Equivalent
FTE Flight Technical Error
FTE Flight Technical Error
FTE Full-Time Equivalent (équivalent temps plein - ETP)
FTFM Filed Tactical Flight Model
FTI FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure
FTI FUA Temporary Instruction
FTmn False Track Length Mean
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTP Fictitious Threshold Point
FTprob False Track Probability
FTPS FTP Server System
FTS Fast-Time Simulation System
FTS Functional and Technical Specification
FTsd False Track Length Standard Deviation
FTT Flight Test Team
FTT Flight Technical Tolerance
FTTC Fiber to the Curb
FTTH Fiber to the Home
FTTN Fiber to the Node
FU smoke (FUme)
FUA Flexible Use of Airspace (Utilisation flexible de l'espace aérien)
FUAG Flexible Use of Airspace Group (sub-group of APT). See FUSG
FUBU Functional Budget
FUCO Functional cost base
FUCOZOC Fuel Consumption Estimator in a ZOC
FUG Feast User Group
FUI Flight Plan User Interface
FUM Flight Update Message
Page 191
Acronym Full form
FUSE Frequency Usage analysis in Europe
FUSE Frequency Utilisation in Europe (CMIC)
FUSG Flexible Use of Airspace Sub-Group (Sub-Group of ANT)
FUT Frequency Usage Transparency
FUT Future
FUT FCO Future Concepts
FVHF Future VHF System Study
FVK FlugVerkehrsKontrolle
FVS Flight Verification System
FW Functional Window
FW Flow
FWC Flight Warning Computer
FWCS Flight Warning Computer System
FX Field eXtension
FX Field Extension Indicator (ASTERIX)
FY Fiscal Year
FYI For Your Information
FYP Five-Year Programme (Programme quinquennal)
FYROM Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
FZ FreeZing
FZDZ FreeZing DriZzle
FZFG FreeZing FoG
FZRA FreeZing RAin
G Group Training
G General aviation flight type
G-G Ground - Ground
G-MARS GBAS Monitoring and Reference Station
G-SDPD Ground - Surveillance Data Processing & Distribution
G.114 ITU-T recommendation: One-way Transmission Time
G.703 ITU-T recommendation for transmitting voice over digital carriers
G.704 ITU-T recommendation: framing specification for G.703.
G.711 ITU-T recommendation for PCM voice coding
G.721 ITU-T cecommendation: Quantization Differential Encoding Pulse Code Modulation.
G.728 ITU-T recommendation: LD-CELP voice coding
Page 192
Acronym Full form
G.729 ITU-T recommendation: CS-ACELP speech coding
G.783 ITU-T recommendation: Characteristics of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Equipment Functional Blocks
G.803 ITU-T recommendation: Architecture of transport networks based on the synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH)
G.811 ITU-T recommendation: "Timing requirements of primary reference clocks"Defines requirements of Level 1
Primary Reference Clock systems.
G.822 ITU-T recommendation: Controlled slip rate objectives on an international digital connection
G.825 ITU-T recommendation: The control of jitter and wander within digital networks which are based on the
synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH)
G/A Ground / Air
G/A Ground-to-Air
G/A/G Ground-to-Air & Air-to-Ground
g/dl grammes per decilitre
G/G Ground / Ground
G/G Ground-to-Ground
G/S Glideslope
G/S Ground Speed
G/T Gain over noise Temperature Ratio
G/w Gateway
G2G Gate-to-gate (De porte à porte)
G3 Group 3 FAX
GA General Aviation (Aviation générale)
GA Ground Antenna
GA CDR General Aviation Coded Departure Routes
Ga-As Gallium-Arsenid
GA-P General Aviation - Primary
GA-S General Aviation - Secondary
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAAS Generic Approach for ATM Systems
GAASR Group of Air Navigation Service, Airport and Ground Aids Safety Regulators
GAATS Gander Automated Air Traffic System
GAC Ground-Air Communications
GACC General Aviation Consultative Committee
GACS Generic ATN Communication Service
GACSP Global Aeronautical Communication Service Provider
GAD Ground Accuracy Designator
Page 193
Acronym Full form
GADIRU GPS Air Data Inertial Reference Unit (A 400M)
GADSS Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System
GAEM GPS Anomalous Event Monitor
GAES Global Aviation Emissions Studies
GAF German Air Force
GAFLO German Air Force Liaison Officer
GAFO German Air Force Office
GAFOR General Aviation Forecast (Meteo)
GAGAN GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation System
GAI Guidance and Advisory Information
GAIM Global Aeronautical Information Management
GAIT Ground-Based Augmentation and Integrity Technique
GALA Galileo Architecture Definition
GALILEO European Satellite Positioning Constellation
GAM Generic Airport Model
GAM Graphics Access Method
GAMA General Aviation Manufacturers Association
GAME GEADGE/ADKAR Message Exchange
GANDD GREPECAS Air Navigation Deficiencies Database
GANIS Global Air Navigation Industry Symposium
GANP ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan (plan mondial de navigation aérienne de l'OACI)
GAP Global Action Plan
GAPPRE Global Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions
GARP GBAS Approach Reference Point
GARS German Aviation Research Society
GARTEUR Group for Aeronautical Research and Technology in Europe
GASC Global Aviation Satellite Communications System
GASEL Generic ATFM Simulator Engine and Library
GASP Global Aviation Safety Plan
GASR Global Aviation Safety Roadmap
GASR Group of Aerodrome Safety Regulators (Groupe des instances chargées de la réglementation de la sécurité
sur les aérodromes)
GAST-D GBAS Approach Service Type D - for operations to CAT III performance with specific aircraft integration
Page 194
Acronym Full form
GAT General Air Traffic (civil) (Circulation aérienne générale (CAG))
GAT Group for ATM Training
GAT Global Aviation Training
GATE Group of ATM in the Eastern Part of the ICAO EUR Region, including Middle Asia
GATELINK GATE aircraft terminating environment LINK
GATM Global Air Traffic Management
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade
GAW Gallium Acoustic Wave
GB Great Britain
Gb Gigabyte
GB United Kingdom (ISO Countries Codes)
GBA Geostationary Broadcast Area
GBAS Ground Based Augmentation System (Système de renforcement basé au sol)
GBCC Ground-Based Control Complex
GBDA Gestor de Base de Datos de Adaptación (ES) / Environment Data Base Manager
GBLK Gat BLocKed ssr codes
GBPS GigaBits Per Second
GBWG Global Benchmarking Workgroup (Groupe de travail d'analyse comparative globale)
GC Great Circle
GC Graphics Controller
GC Ground Controller
GCA German Cockpit Association
GCA Ground Controlled Approach
GCA Government Quality Assurance
GCAA General Civil Aviation Authority (United Arab Emirates)
GCAS Ground-based Collision Avoidance System
GCCS Geostationary Communications and Control Segment (WAAS)
GCD Great Circle Distance
GCE General Certificate of Education
GCE General Condition of Employment
GCID Ground Continuity and Integrity Designator
GCL Graphical Information Category Cursor Line (EAS)
GCO Ground Communications Outlet
GCR Group Coded Recording
Page 195
Acronym Full form
GCS Ground Control Segment
GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education
GCST Group for Coordination of STAR (Studies, Tests and Applied Research)
GCTA Gestion des Courants de Trafic Aérien (=ATFM)
GCU Generator Control Unit
GCWP Generic Controller Working Position
GD General Display and Data Handling
GDCA General Directorate for Civil Aviation (SP)
GDCE Ground Data-Circuit terminating Equipment
GDCE Ground Data Communications Equipment
GDDM Graphical Data Display Manager
GDF Graphic Definition Format
GDI Graphical Device Interface
GDL Graphics Definition Language
GDLP Ground Data Link Processor
GDM Graphical Information Category Dynamic Maps
GDOP Geometric Dilution of Precision
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GDP General Data Processor
GDP Ground Delay Program (US)
GDPR EU General Data Protection Regulation
GDPS GBAS Differential Positioning Service
GDQF Graphical Display & Query Facility
GDS Gestionnaire de Supervision (FR) (OCD)
GDT Gas Discharge Tube
GE Georgia (ISO Country Codes)
GEADGE German Air Defence Ground Environment
GEARS Generic Algorithmic Resolution Service
GEC Groundtrack Equatorial Crossing
GEDARC Groupe d'Experts de Détection Automatique et Resolution des conflits (SPACDAR)
GEF General Economic Factor
GEM Graphical Environment Manager
GEMINUS Galileo European Multimodal Integrated Navigation User Service
GEMS Generic Error-Modelling System
Page 196
Acronym Full form
GEN General
GENL (GNL) General
GENOFIC General North Sea Flight Information Centre
GENOVA General Overall Validation for ATM
GENSPACE Generic Airspace and Environment for Common Use
GEO GEO Point (point that is only defined by its geographical coordinates, ENV entity type, used in all CHMI)
GEO Geostationary Orbit
GEO GEOgraphic, or true
GEOREF GEOgraphical REFerence (letters)
GEORGI GEnder-biased ORGanisational Impairment
GEOS Geo-Stationary Satellite
GEOSTAR Multipurpose Satellite System Using Fixed Orbit Satellites (US)
GEPNA Groupe Européen de Planification de la Navigation Aérienne (=EANPG) (ICAO)
GERAC EANGP WG on Coordination of the Implementation & Operation of an Improved
GERT Graphical Evaluation & Review Technique
GES Ground Earth Station (ICAO - ADS)
GET Generator
GETALIS Sistema de Gestão de Tráfego Aéreo de Lisboa (PT) / Future Lisboa Air Traffic Management System
GF Generic Functional
GFART Greece, FYROM, Albania Real-Time Simulation
GFC Generic Flow Control
GFDI GNSS Fault Detection and Isolation
GFI General Format Identifier
GFM Graphical Information Category Fixed Maps
GFP Generic Functional Protocol
GFR Guaranteed Frame Rate
GFSK Gaussian-filtered Frequency Shift Keying
GFTC Generic Functional Transport Control
GG Gat General (queue)
GGC Ground-Ground Communications
GGC-SG Ground-Ground Communication Subgroup
GGCS Ground/Ground Communication System (ICAO)
GGDC Ground/Ground Data Communications
GGDCSG Ground/Ground Data Communications Sub-Group
Page 197
Acronym Full form
GGSNIF Ground/Ground Subnetwork Infrastructure
GGT Gamma Glutamyl Transferase
GGVCSG Ground/Ground Voice Communications Sub-Group
GHG Greenhouse Gases
GHMI Ground Human-Machine Interface (Interface homme-machine au sol)
GHz Gigahertz
GIACC Group on International Aviation and Climate Change
GIANT GNSS Introduction in the AviatioN secTor
GIB GPS Integrity Broadcast
GIB Global Navigation Satellite System Integrity Broadcast
GIC Geostationary Integrity Channel
GIC Ground Integrity Channel
GIC Geostationary Integrity Channel
GIC GNSS Integrity Channel
GICB Ground Initiated Comm B Protocol (Mode S)
GIDAB General Information DAta Base
GIEE Groupement d'intérêt économique européen
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
GIOVE Galileo In Orbit Validation Element
GIP Government Industry Partnership
GIPS General Image Processing System
GIPS Giga Instructions Per Second
GIPS Global Initial Positioning System
GIPS Gestion Informatisee du Personel en Salle
GIS Geostationary Integrity Service
GIS Geographical Information System
GISP Global Internet Service Provider
GISS GALILEO Interim Support Structure
GIT Generic IT
GIVE Grid Ionospheric Vertical Error
GJU GALILEO Joint Undertaking
GLAN Geographic Longitude of Ascending Node
Page 198
Acronym Full form
GLLFC Graphical Low-Level Forecast
GLONASS Global'naya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema (RU) - GLObal NAvigation Satellite System
GLOSS Global Sea Level Observing System
GLS GNSS Landing System
GLSU GPS Landing System Unit
GLU GNSS Landing Unit
GLU Ground Loading Unit (Eurofighter)
GM Global Menu
GM Greenwich Meridian
GM Guidance Material
Gmbh Gemeinschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (DE)
GMBM Global Market-Based Measure
GMC Ground Movement Control
GMC Ground Movement Controller
GMD General Meeting of Directors (Comité des Directeurs)
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress & Safety System
GMGCS Ground Movement Guidance and Control System
GML Geography Markup Language
GMP Ground Movement Planner
GMR Ground Movement Radar
GMS Ground Monitoring System
GMS Gate Management System
GMS Ground Movement Surveillance
GMS Ground Monitoring Station
GMSK Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GMTF Guidance Material Task Force (ECAC)
GMU GPS (Height) Monitoring Unit
GMV Grupo de Mecánica del Vuelo (ES)
GN Global Network
GNBL Gat non-BLocked ssr codes
GNC Global Network Connect
GNC Global NAVCOM (IATA/ICAO Conference)
GND Ground Control service / facility
Page 199
Acronym Full form
GND Ground Level
GNE Gross Navigational Error
GNI Ground Network Interface
GNLS GNSS Navigation and Landing System
GNLU GNSS Navigation and Landing Unit
GNP Gross National Product
GNS Satellite Navigation (EEC)
GNS Global Navigation System
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System (système mondial de navigation par satellite)
GNSS-EUR GNSS - European Applications Course
GNSS1 First Generation GNSS
GNSS2 Second Generation GNSS
GNSSP Global Navigation Satellite System Panel (ICAO)
GNSSU Global Navigation Satellite System Unit
GNU GNSS Navigation Unit
GOC Galileo Operating Company
GOMS Goals, Operators, Methods, Selection (rules)
GOS Grade of Service
GosNIIAS Russian State Research Institute of Aviation Systems
GOSPAR GPS Operational Control System Performance Analysis and Reporting
GOTS Government Off-The Shelf
GOTV GNSS Operational Test and Validaton
GP Glide Path
GP General Procurement
GPA Glide Path Angle
GPEA Groupe Permanent de l'Espace Aérien (FR)
GPEEC Gestion de prévision des emplois, des effectifs et des compétences
GPI Graphics Programming Interface
GPI Ground Position Indicator
GPIP Glide Path Interception Point
GPIWG Glide Path Intercept Waypoint
GPOSM Gat POSition Management
Page 200
Acronym Full form
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GPS Geographical Paging / Positioning System
GPS Global Positioning System (système mondial de localisation)
GPSCO General Plan Server Communication Object
GPSS General Purpose Simulation System
GPSSU GPS Sensor Unit
GPSW GPS Wing (formerly the JPO)
GPTP Guided Part-Task Practice
GPU Ground Power Unit
GPV GNSS Performance Validation
GPW Ground Proximity Warning
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
GR hail
GR Greece
GRACE Geographical Association and Classification of Events
GRADE Ground Return Area Digital Eliminator
GRAM GPS Receiver Application Module
GRANAS Global Radio Navigation System (D)
GRAS Global Remote Access Service
GRAS Ground-based Regional Augmentation System
GRASS GRASS landing area
GRC-ITD Green Rotorcraft Integrated Technology Demonstrator
GRD Aerodrome ground controller
GREPECAS Caribbean/South American Regional Planning and Implementation Group
GRF Global Reporting Format for Runway Surface Conditions
GRH Gestion des ressources humaines
GRI Group Repetition Interval
GRID Meteo data in GRID point value form, in aeronautical meteo code
GRIGRI Gestures, Recognition on Interactive Graphical radar Images
GRM Graphical Route Modification
GROBI Graphical Object Interface
GROUP SIMUL Groupe Simulation
GRRT Group rerouting tool
Page 201
Acronym Full form
GRS GroB-Rundsicht Radar (DE)
GRS Ground based Radio Station
GRSS Global Runway Safety Symposium
GrW Group Work
GS Ground Stop (US)
GS Glide Slope
GS Ground Speed
GS Graphical Station
GS Guaranteed Service
GS Ground Station
GS Glideslope
GSA Guided Skill Acquisition
GSA European GNSS Agency (Agence du GNSS européen)
GSA Ground Surveillance Application
GSB Galileo Security Board
GSC Gaining Stakeholder Commitment (EATM)
GSC Global Signalling Channel
GSCU Ground Station Control Unit
GSE Ground Support Equipment
GSE Ground Service Equipment
GSFL Groupe d'experts 'Sélection, formation et licences du personnel ATS' / ATS Selection, Training and Licensing
GSG Governance Study Group/ Groupe d'étude sur la gouvernance
GSIF Ground Station Identification Frame
GSIMUL Guided Simulation
Gsimul Group Simulation
GSIO Gat Sector Input Operator
GSM Groupe Spécial Mobile
GSM Global System for Mobile communications
GSM Graphical Information Category Scale Marking
GSN Goal Structuring Notation
GSNA Ground-Supported Navigation Advisory
GSO Group of Senior Officials
Page 202
Acronym Full form
GSO Geosynchronous Orbit
GSOC German Space Operations Center (DLR - Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt)
GSS Graphics System Software
GSTB Galileo System Test Bed
GT Ground Transmitter
GT2 Ghost Track rate (radar standard)
GTB General Tool Box
GTBF (4 Etats) Groupe de travail budgétaire et financier / Four-State Budgetary and Financial Working Group
GTC Gain / Time Control
GTE Groupe tripartite européen
GtG Gate-to-Gate (programme)
GTID Group training - Instructor-dependent
GTIS Ground-based Traffic Information System
GTMD Group Training - Material-dependent
GTO Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit
GTP Groupe de travail "Pensions" / Pensions Working Group (= PWG)
GTr Ghost Track Rate
GTRC General Technical Requirements and Conditions
GTRF Galileo Terrestrial Reference Frame
GTS Global Telecommunications System
GTVS Ground Transponder Verification System
GUFI Globally Unique Flight Identifier
GUH Get U Home (Eurofighter)
GUI Graphical User Interface
GUIDE General User Interface Device (ODS)
GUKOS State Department of Space Means
GUS Geosynchronous Satellite Up-link Station
GUST Galileo User Support Transport
GUTMA Global UTM Association
GV Group Validation
GVAT Ground Vehicle ADS Transponder
GVCSG Ground/Ground Voice Communications Sub-Group
Page 203
Acronym Full form
GVT Group Validation Test
GVTS Ground Vehicle Tracking System
GWG GBAS Working Group
GWL Graphical Information Category Weather Lines
GWT Google Web Toolkit
h Heading
H Heavy
H Hungary
H Hour
h Hour
H Heading (N-FDPS)
H-OFF-A Hand-Off Accept
H-OFF-P Hand-Off Propose
H.323 "Voice Over Ip" Standard
H/ATM Head of ATM Training Unit
H/HRS Head of Human Resources and Services (chef de la division "Ressources humaines et services de l'Agence")
H/M/L High/Medium/Low (ATC Complexity)
H/OFF/A Hand-OFF Accept
H/OFF/P Hand-OFF Propose
H/TD Head of Training Division
H/W Hardware
H16 Hours 16, Availability 16 hours/day, 7 days/week
H24 Hours 24, Availability 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
H2A Japanese Launch Vehicle
HA HAndset
HA Holding Pattern to an Altitude
HA Holding to an Altitude (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
HA High Availability
HAA Height Above Airport
HAC Hamburg Assistant Controller
HACO Hamburg - Coastal project
HAD Human Aspects Development
HADAMARD Multi-radar processing written in ADA
HADES Help tool for Airspace Design EEC Studies (Outil d'aide à l'organisation de l'espace aérien)
Page 204
Acronym Full form
HAE height above ellipsoid
HAI Helicopter Association International
HAL Horizontal Alert Limit
HAL Human Assurance Level
HAL Holding & Approach to Land procedure
HALE High Altitude Long Endurance
HALO High Altitude, Low Opening
HALS / DTOP High Approach Landing System / Displaced Threshold Operations
HAMMER High-level All-purpose Monitoring and Management Equipment for RADNET
HAN HANnover sectors
HANSA Hellenic Air Navigation National Supervisory Authority
HARE Helping AMHS Roll-out in Europe
HARP High Altitude Release Point
HASP Houston Automatic Spooling Programme
HAT Height Above Touchdown
HAT Height Above Threshold
HATR Hazardous Air Traffic Report
HAW Horizontal Aid Window (ODID)
HAZ Hazard
HAZOPS Hazard and Operability Study
HBN Hazard BeacoN
HBS (multi-level) Hold Baggage Screening
HBS Hotline Back-up System
HC High Capacity
HCA Human-Centred Automation
HCAA Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (GR)
HCC Hamburg Coordinating Controller
HCD Hard Copy Device
HCI Human-Computer Interaction
HCI Human-Computer Interface
HCn High Capacity needs
HCP Hard Copy Printer
HCT Human-Computer Trust
HCY Hard CopY
Page 205
Acronym Full form
HD Harmonisation Documents
HD Help Desk
HDA Hard Disc Assembly
HDAM Hierarchical Direct Access Method
HDB Historical Data Base (ODS)
HDB3 Higher Density Bipolar Three Zeros Substitution
HDBK Handbook
HDC Hard Disc drive Controller
HDD Hard Disc Drive
HDD Head Down Display
HDF Hf Direction Finding station
HDG Heading (N-FDPS)
HDG Heading (True Heading)
HDL High Level Document
HDLA Handling Agent
HDLC High-Level Data Link Control (Protocol) (RADNET)
HDLC High Level Data Link Communication
HDLC/LAP-B High-Level Data Link Control / Link Access Protocol - Type B
HDOP Horizontal Dilution of Precision
HDS Help Desk Staff
HDSL High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line
HDTV High Definition TeleVision
HDX Half DupleX
HEAD Flight by Head of State (Flight plan status indicator)
HEC Hamburg Executive Controller
HEC Header Error Control
HED Heading
HEH Hannover East High
HEI Human Error Identification
HEIDI Harmonisation of European Incident Definitions Initiative for ATM (SQS)
HEL High Energy Laser
HEL HELicopter
HELLANET Hellenic aeronautical Network
Page 206
Acronym Full form
HEMS Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
HEO Highly Elliptical Orbit
HEP Horizontal Expansion Programme
HEP Human Error Probability
HERA Human Error in ATM analysis tool
HERAS Hellenic Radar System
HERMES Harmonised En-Route Metering and Spacing system (Système harmonisé de régulation et de mise en
séquence en route des arrivées)
HERMES HEuristic Runway Movement Event Simulation
HERMES (Hermes) HERMES Air Transport Organisation
HESSD Human Error, Safety and Systems Development
HETA Harmonised European Transition Altitude
HEX Hexadecimal
HEX Horizontal Expansion (of 8.33 kHz deployment)
HF Human Factors (facteurs humains)
HF Holding to a Fix (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
HF High Frequency (3-30MHz)
HF Case Human Factors Case
HFDL High Frequency Data Link
HFDR HF Data Radio
HFDU HF Data Unit
HFFG Human Factors Focus Group
HFGS HF Ground Station
HFI Human Factors Integration
HFIAI Human Factors in Incident and Accident Investigation (HRT)
HFNPDU High Frequency Subnetwork Protocol Data Unit
HFOM Horizontal Figure of Merit
HFS Human Factors Studies
HFSG Human Factors Study Group (ICAO)
HFSG Human Factors Sub-Group (EATCHIP/EATM/HUM/HRT)
HFSMS TF Human Factors in Safety Management Systems Task Force
HFSNDP HF Subnetwork Data Protocol
HFTE Human Factors Testing and Evaluating
HFX Holding Fix
Page 207
Acronym Full form
Hg Mercury
HGT HeiGhT, height above
HHC Hannover High Coordinator controller
HHE Hannover High Executive controller
HHH Hannover Hamburg High
HHL Hannover Hamburg Low
HHmm Hours and minutes
HHMMSS hour-hour / minute-minute / second-second
HI FI SIM High-Fidelity Simulator
HICP Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices
HIDE Harmonised, Integrated Development Environment
HIEO Highly Inclined Elliptical Orbit Satellite
HIFA Human Factors Integration in Future ATM Systems
HIL Human in the Loop
HIL Horizontal Integrity Limit
HILAS Human Integration in the Lifecycle of Aviation Systems
HIMS Hide Implementation Management Support (group)
HIO Hamburg Input Operator
HIP Hearing of Interested Parties / Audition des parties intéressées
HIPER-LAN High Performance Local Area Network
HIPS Highly Interactive Problem Solver = Système hautement interactif de planification et de résolution
HIRIS Human Resources Information System (Système d'information des ressources humaines)
HIRL High Intensity Runway Lights
HIRO High Intensity Runway Operations (Exploitation haute intensité des pistes)
HIRTA High Intensity Radio Transmission Area
HISAC Environmentally-friendly High Speed Aircraft
HIST History
HIT Hardware Integration Test (MAS/DFS - ODS)
HIT Hughes Improved Terminal
HITL High Intensity Taxiway Lights
HITL Human-In-The-Loop
HIWAS Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service
HJ sunrise to sunset
HLA High Level Airspace
Page 208
Acronym Full form
HLAPB High-Level Airspace Policy Body
HLD High-Level Document
HLD Hold List
HLD Hold
HLDC High-Level Data Link Control
HLEN Header Length
HLG High-Level Group
HLLC High-Level Link Layer Control
HLM High-Level Management
HLM High Low Mixed
HLR Home Location Register
HLRIE Host Lateral Intent Error
HLS Hue, Lightness, Saturation
HLT Heavy Load Threshold
HM Holding to a Manual Termination (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
HM Hold Message
HM Holding Pattern to a Manual Termination
HMA High Memory Area
HMAI Harmonisation of Military Aeronautical Information
HMATTF Handling of Military Air Traffic Task Force
HMD Horizontal Miss Distance (filter) (TCAS/ACAS)
HME Height Monitoring Element
HME Height Measuring Element
HMH Hannover Münster High
HMI Human-Machine Interface (interface homme/machine)
HMI Human-Machine Interaction
HMI Hazardously Misleading Information
HML Hannover Münster Low
HMR Helicopter Main Routes
HMS Head of Medical Service
HMSO Her Majesty's Stationery Office
HMT Hand Microphone Telephones
HMU Height Monitoring Unit (RVSM)
Page 209
Acronym Full form
HMZ Slovenian National Hydrometeorological Institute
HN sunset to sunrise
HN50 Incident ayant pour conséquence une réduction de séparation inférieure à 50% du minimum de séparation
HN70 Incident ayant pour conséquence une réduction de séparation inférieure à 70% du minimum de séparation
HND Hand over keyboard button
HNS Host Nation Support
HNSE Horizontal Navigation System Error
HO Hours Office, Availability during office hours
HOA Hand-Off Accept
HOA Hand-Off Acceptance
HOGI Harmonisation of Operational Air Traffic and its General Air Traffic Interface
HOL High-Order Language
HOLD HOLD an incoming call while making another
HOLD HOLD, (flight plan navigation)
HOLD Hold(ing)
HOOD Hierarchical Object Oriented Design
HOP Hand-Off Propose
HOP Hand-Over Proposal
HOP Harmonisation of Operational Procedures (AT, CH, DE)
Hor Horizontal
HOSP Medical (hospital) flight (Flight plan status indicator)
HOT holdover time
HP Horizontal Polarisation
HP Hewlett Packard
HP Human Performance
HP High Precision
HP Horse-Power
HP-UX Hewlett Packard Unix
HPA High Power Amplifier
hPa hectopascal
HPC Hughes Programming Centre (NPC)
HPD Horizontal Polar Diagram
Page 210
Acronym Full form
HPE Horizontal Position Error
HPE High Precision Equipment
HPFG Human Performance Focus Group
HPL Horizontal Position Limit
HPL Horizontal Protection Level
HPMS Human Performance Management System
HPO High Performance Option
HPOL Horizontal Polarisation
HPP Hardware Plot Processor
HPR High Performance Routing
HPRS Hide Problem Reporting System
HPRT Hmi Preview Response Time
HPSF Human Performance Steering Function
HPSF Human Performance Steering Function
HPZ Helicopter Protection Zone
HQ Headquarters (siège de l'Agence) (EUROCONTROL Agency)
HR Croatia, Republic of Croatia (ISO Country Code)
HR Human Resources
HR HouRs
HRA Human Reliability Assessment / Analysis
HRD Human Resources Directorate
HRFG Human Resources Framework Group
HRFGS Human Resource, Finance & General Services bureau
HRH Hannover Ruhr High
HRI Human resources International (Israël)
HRIS Human Resources Information System
HRL Hannover Ruhr Low
HRM Human Resources Management / Services de gestion des resources humaines
HRMT Human Resources Management Team
HRP Human Resources Planning and Corporate Services = Planification et aspects généraux des ressources
HRPTSG Human Resource Planning and Training Study Group (ICAO)
hrs hours
HRS Human Resources and Services Division (division "Ressources humaines et services de l'Agence")
Page 211
Acronym Full form
HRS/AIFM Human Resources and Services/Agency Infrastructure & Facilities Management (division "Ressources
humaines et services de l'Agence"/gestion de l'infrastructure et des installations de l'Agence)
HRS/BPS Human Resources and Services/HRS Budget, Projects & System Support (division "Ressources humaines et
services de l'Agence"/service "Budget, projets et appui aux systèmes de la division HRS")
HRS/COMP Human Resources and Services/Compensation & Benefits (division "Ressources humaines et services de
l'Agence"/rémunérations, pensions, allocations et indemnités)
HRS/CSS Human Resources and Services/Corporate Security (division "Ressources humaines et services de
l'Agence"/sécurité de l'Agence)
HRS/HRBP Human Resources and Services/Human Resources Business Partnering (division "Ressources humaines et
services de l'Agence"/partenariat d'affaires "Ressources humaines")
HRS/HWB Human Resources and Services/Health & Wellbeing (division "Ressources humaines et services de
l'Agence"/santé et bien-être)
HRS/OFF Human Resources and Services Office (bureau "Ressources humaines et services de l'Agence" - bureau
HRS/RSD Human Resources and Services/Rules & Regulations & Social Dialogue (division "Ressources humaines et
services de l'Agence"/service "Dispositions statutaires et réglementaires et dialogue social")
HRS/SPP Human Resources and Services/Prevention & Protection at Work (division "Ressources humaines et services
de l'Agence"/prévention et protection au travail)
HRS/WPSD Human Resources and Services/Workforce Planning & Staff Development (division "Ressources humaines et
services de l'Agence"/planification des effectifs et développement des compétences du personnel)
HRSC Human Resources Steering Committee (Training Programme Ab Initio, CC) / Comité directeur des ressources
HRT Human Resources Team
HRV Heart-Rate Variability
HS Headset
HS service available during hours of scheduled operations
HS-DTS High Speed Data Transmission System
HSA Hollandse Signaal Apparaten (NL)
HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data
HSCT High-speed Civil Transport
HSD Hardware System Design
HSE Health and Safety Executive
HSH Hannover Solling High
HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator
HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator
HSL Hannover Solling Low
HSM High Speed Modem
HSM Hierarchical Storage Management
HSN non-StaNdard headset module
Page 212
Acronym Full form
HSNR Highest value of SNR
HSP Human Factors Sub-Programme (EATM/HUM/HRS)
HSP High Speed Printer
HSRP Hot Standby Routing Protocol
HSS Standard HeadSet module
HSSI High Speed Serial Interface
HST Hypersonic Transport
HST High-Speed Train (train à grande vitesse)
HSUP Hannover sectors SUPervisor
HSV Hue, Saturation, Value
HT High Tension
HT HorizonTal
HTA Hermes Training Aircraft
HTA Harmonised Transition Altitude
HTA Hierarchical Task Analysis
HTAWS Helicopter Terrain Avoidance and Warning System
HTD History Trial Dots (ODS)
HTI Human Technology Integration
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
HTMS Highway Transportation Management System
HTP Hardware Test Plan
HTTP Hypertext Transport Protocol
HTZ Helicopter Traffic Zone
HU Hungary, Republic of Hungary (ISO Country Code)
HUD Head-Up Display
HUM Humanitarian flight (Flight plan status indicator)
HUM Human factors management (Gestion des facteurs humains)
HUM BD Human Factors Management Business Division (EUROCONTROL - DAS Business Directorate)
HUM RES Human Resources
HUM-ACA ATSEP competence assessor
HUM-CCA Controller competence assessor
HUM.ET1.ST05.4000-GU Air Traffic Controller Training at Operational Units Edition 2, 29 June 99
Page 213
Acronym Full form
HUM.ET1.ST13.3000-RE Critical Incident Stress Management
HUM02-ASP08 HUM02-ASP08 Use commonly based Team Resource Management concepts, methods and tools
HUMR Human Resources
HUMS Health and Usage Monitoring System
HUP Head Up Panel
HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HVDF Hf & Vhf Direction Finding stations co-located
HVPSU High Voltage Power Supply Unit
HW Hardware
HWAL HardWare Assurance Level
HWCI Hardware Configuration Item (MAS/DFS - ODS)
HWCI HardWare Configuration Item (ARTAS)
HWCO Holding Window Communication Object
HWG Harmonisation Working Group
HWH Hannover West High
HWMTP HW Maintenance Training Plan
HWP Holding Waypoint
HWU Hardware Unit
HX no specific working hours
HYB Hybrid Position (Used in MUAC Simulator)
HYR HigheR
Hz Hertz (cycle per second)
HZ dust HaZe
I Italy
I and Q Channels In-phase and Quadrature channels
I(Fd) MTI Improvement Factor
I-AM-SAFE I-AM-SAFE Feasibility Study
I-DCTS Interim Digital Communication Terminal System
I-GWG International GBAS Working Group
I-TCP Indirect TCP
I/A Incident Analysis
I/A If Applicable (CPDLC)
I/F Interface
Page 214
Acronym Full form
I/NAV GALILEO's Integrity Navigation Message Type
I/O Interoperability
I/O Input / Output
I/R Interrogator/Responsor
I001 Item in Data Category 001
I1 Incident Type 1
I2 Incident Type 2
I2RO Incident Type 2 Reporting Office
I4D Initial 4D
IA Instantaneous Access
IA Interoperability Assessment
IA Indirect Access
IA Impact Assessment
IA Interconnection Agreement
IA intelligence artificielle (Artificial Intelligence - AI)
IA International Alphabet
IA-5 International Alphabet Number 5
IA/CC Indirect Access/Common Control
IA5 International Alphabet No. 5
IA; IAU Internal Audit Unit (Unité d'audit interne)
IAA Israel Airports Authority
IAA Irish Aviation Authority (Údarás Eitlíochta na hÉireann)
IAAE International Association of Airport Executives
IAASM International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine (Académie internationale de médecine aéronautique
et spatiale - AIMAS)
IAB Internet Activities Board
IAC Instrument Approach Chart
IAC Irish Air Corps
IACA International Air Carriers Association
IACH Individual ATC Flight Plan Changes
IACS Integrated Avionics Card System
IACS INTERGRAPH Aeronautical Charting System
IACSP International Aeronautical Communications Service Providers
IADB Inter-American Development Bank
Page 215
Acronym Full form
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IAF Israeli Air Force
IAF Initial Approach Fix
IAF Initial Arrival Fix
IAFP Individual ATC Flight Plan Proposal
IAG International Airlines Group
IAG Interim Airport Group
IAG International Association of Geodesy
IAGC Instantaneous AGC
IAHA International Aviation Handlers' Association
IAIP Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (EATCHIP)
IAL Instrument Approach and Landing (Chart)
IAL International Air-radio Limited (UK)
IALA International Association of Lighthouse Authorities
IAM Institute of Aviation Medicine
IAMF International Aviation Monetary Fund
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IANS Institute of Air Navigation Services (Institut de la navigation aérienne - INA) - Lux
IANSSC IANS Steering Committee
IAO In And Out of clouds
IAO Internal Audit Office
IAOPA International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations
IAP Instrument Approach Procedure
IAPA Implications on ACAS performances due to ASAS implementation
IAPS Integrated Avionics Processing System
IAR Intersection of Air Routes
IAR Instrument Autonomous Rules
IAR Institutional Arrangements and Requirements Task Force
IARR Individual Arrival
IARTF Institutional Arrangements and Requirements Task Force
IAS International Accounting Standards
IAS Indicated Air Speed (ICAO 8400/4)
Page 216
Acronym Full form
IAS-TFA Implementation of Airspace Strategy - Task Force "A" of ASMSG (EUROCONTROLIAS-
TFB Implementation of Airspace Strategy - Task Force "B" of ASMSG (EUROCONTROLIASA
International Aviation Safety Assessment
IASCC International Air Safety and Climate Change Conference
IASS International Air Safety Seminar (FSF)
IAT International Atomic Time
IAT Information Analysis Table
IATA International Air Transport Association (Association du transport aérien international)
IATC International Air Traffic Control
IATS ICAO Air Transport Symposium
IATTF IFPS Acceptance Test Task Force
IAVW International Airways Volcano Watch (ICAO Operational Subgroup)
IAW In accordance with
IAWP Initial Approach Waypoint
IB Information Button, (mouse / trackball)
IB Information (display) Button
IBAA International Business Aviation Association
IBAC International Business Aviation Council
IBAFO Invitation to Submit a Best and Final Binding Offer
IBAP Industry-Based Prototype
IBC Integrated Broadband Communications
IBF Institut für Begleitforschnung und psychologisches Qualitätsmanagement (DE)
IBI Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics
IBILS Integrity Beacon Landing System
IBLS Integrity Beacon Landing System
IBM International Business Machines (US)
IBN Identification BeacoN
IBP Industry-Based Platform
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (= BIRD)
IC Interrogator Code
IC Intercom
IC Integrated Circuit
IC/DS In Climb/Descent Spacing
ICA Independent component analysis
Page 217
Acronym Full form
ICAA International Civil Airport Association
ICAEA International Civil Aviation English Association (Association internationale pour l'anglais de l'aviation civile)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization (Organisation de l'aviation civile internationale - OACI)
ICAO EUR European Region of the International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAO-CAEP ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection
ICAO/NAT/SPG ICAO North ATlantic System's Planning Group
ICARD ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Database
ICARD ICAO Five-Letter Name-Code And Route Designator System (Système de codes et d'indicatifs de routes de
ICAS International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences
ICAT II-Code Allocation Tool
iCAT interactive Computer Assisted Training
ICATEE International Committee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes
ICB International Competitive Bidding
ICB Industry Consultation Body
ICBM Intercontinental Ballistice Missile
ICBWG Implementation and Capacity Building Working Group
ICC Inter-Centre Coordination
ICC Inter-Centre Communications
ICC Inbound Control Channel
ICCAIA International Coordinating Council of Aircraft Industry Associations
ICCB Internet Control and Configuration Board
ICCB Information Change Control Board
ICCS Integrated Communication Control System
ICCT Internal Communications Core Team
ICCU Intercomputer Communications Unit
ICD Interface Control Document (OLDI)
ICD International Code Designator
ICD Increase Descent
ICET IATA Capacity Enhancement Team
ICHG Individual Change
ICI Interface Control Information
Page 218
Acronym Full form
ICL Increase Climb
ICL International Computers Limited
ICM Interline Communications Manual
ICM InterCoM
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICNA Ingénieur du contrôle de la navigation aérienne / Air Traffic Control Engineer
ICNI Integrated Communications, Navigation and Identification
ICNL IFPS Cancellation Message
ICNL Individual Cancel
ICNS Integrated Communication, Navigation and Surveillance
ICO Improved Configuration Optimiser (NEVAC)
ICO Intermediate Circular Orbit
ICOG Interoperability Consulting Group
ICON Involved Controllers
ICP Interactive Control Panel
ICP Internal Clarification Project
ICR Integrated Cancellation Ratio
ICR Interactive Conflict Resolution
ICR Integrated Collaborative Rerouting (US)
ICRAT International Conference on Research in Air Transportation
ICS Implementation Conformity Statement
ICS Information and Communication Services
ICT Information and Communications Technologies
ICT Information and Communication Technology
ICTS Ice Contaminated Tailplane Stall
ICTZ Intertropical Convergence Zone
ICV Inter Clutter Visibility
ICVM ICAO Coordinated Validation Mission
ICWG Interface Control Working Group
iCWP integrated Controller Working Position
ICWS Integrated Control Work Station
Page 219
Acronym Full form
ID Identity
ID Identification (ICAO)
ID Identity (N-FDPS)
ID Identifier
ID Information Display
IDA IDentification Area (KDS)
IDA Indirect Access (VCS)
IDA Interchange of Data between Administrations
IDA Initial Distribution Area (IFPS)
IDB Integrated Database (DBE + DBC)
IDC Indirect Digital Control
IDD Integrated Data Dictionary
IDE Interface Device Enhancement
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics
IDENT IDENTification
IDENT Squawk Ident (SSR function)
IDEP Individual Departure
IDG Integrated Database
IDHS Intelligence Data Handling System
IDI Initial Domain Identifier
IDL Interface Definition Language
IDLA Individual Delay (message)
IDLM Internal Directory Level Meeting
IDMS Integrated Database Management System (no lomger used)
IDN International Data Number
IDP Initial Domain Part
IDRF Interessengemeinschaft der regionalen Flugplätze e.V. (Community of Interests of the Regional Aerodromes
Incorporated Association)
IDRP Inter-Domain Routing Protocol
IDS Information Display System
IDSG Interim Deployment Steering Group
IDU Interface Data Unit
IDU Interactive Database Utility
IE Included / Exempted
Page 220
Acronym Full form
IE Ireland (ISO Country Code)
IE Information Element
IEC Interexchange Carrier
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission/Committee
IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (US)
IEFPM Individual EFPM
IEHF Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors
IEM Interpretative / Explanatory Material (Joint Aviation Requirements)
IEP Information Exchange Programme
IES Interface Editing Station
IES Interface Editor System
IESG Internet Engineering Study Group
IESSA Ingénieur électronicien des systèmes de la sécurité aérienne
IESV Instant Environment SerVer
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IETF Internal EATMS Task Force
IF Intermediate Fix
IF Intermediate Frequency
IF Initial Fix (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
IFA In-Flight Alignment
IFA International Federation of Airworthiness
IFA Image Frequency Attenuation
IFAIMA International Federation of Aeronautical Information Management Associations
IFALDA International Federation of Airline Dispatchers' Associations
IFALPA International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations
IFATCA International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (Fédération internationale des associations de
contrôleurs du trafic aérien)
IFATSEA International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronic Associations
IfB Institut für Begleitforschung (DE) / Institute for Evaluation Research
IFD Initial Functional Description / EASIE
IFDS Interactive Flight Data System
IFF Identification (or Interrogation) Friend / Foe
IFFITAF IFPS-DBE Functional Interface System Task-Force
Page 221
Acronym Full form
IFFN Identification Friend, Foe or Neutral
IFG-NME WG Implementation Facilitation Group of the National Management Experts Working Group
IFI International Financial Institution
IFIP International Federation for Information Processing
IFL Intermediate Flight Level
IFLIPS Integrated Flight Prediction System
iFMP integrated Flow Management Position
IFOP Initial Flight Object Prototype
IFOR Implementation Forces (UN, NATO)
IFP Keyword from IFPS used in Field18 to provide a warning
IFPA IFPS Area (Sous-région IFPS)
IFPAU IFPS Applicable Unit
IFPD Individual Flight Plan Data
IFPDSQ Individual FPD Summary Query
IFPDSQR Individual FPD Summary Query Reply
IFPL IFPS Internal Flight Plan
IFPL Individual Flight Plan message
IFPLID Individual Flight Plan Identity code
IFPM Individual FPM
IFPN IFPS Network (Réseau IFPS)
IFPO IFPS Operator
IFPP Instrument Flight Procedures Panel
IFPP Initial Flight Plan Processing (Traitement initial des plans de vol)
IFPPS Integrated Flight Plan Processing System
IFPRU IFPS Responsible Unit
IFPS Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System (Système intégré de traitement initial des plans de vol)
IFPU Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing Unit (Unité IFPS) (old name, see NMD)
IFPU-1 IFPS Unit - Haren Brussels (Belgium)
IFPU-2 Integrated initial Flight Plan Processing Unit (Unit 2, Brétigny-Sur-Orge (France) )
IFPUV IFPS Validation System
IFR Induced Field Ratio
Page 222
Acronym Full form
IFR Instrument Flight Rules (règles de vol aux instruments)
IFR/GAT Instrument Flight Rules/ General Air Traffic
IFRB International Frequency Registration Board
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IFS Indemnité forfaitaire spéciale (Special fixed allowance)
IFS Implementation Feasibility Study
IFSA Institu Français de Sécurité Aérienne
IfSAR Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar
IFSET ICAO Fuel Savings Estimation Tool
IFTO International Federation of Tour Operators
IGA International General Aviation
IGAC Inspection générale de l'aviation civile
IGCN Independent Ground Communications Network
IGEB Interagency GPS Executive Board
IGN Institut géographique national
IGP Ionospheric Grid Point
IGP Interior Gateway Protocol
IGS Increased Glide Slope
IGS International GPS Reference Network
IGSO Inclined geosynchronous orbit
IHL Internet Header Length
IHM Interface homme-machine
IHS Inner Horizontal Surface
IHST International Helicopter Safety Team
II Interrogator Identity
II Interrogator Identifier
II-Code Interrogator Identifier Code
II/III Category II / III (airport)
IIFG Institutional Issues Focus Group
IIMSES Initial Implementation of Mode S Enhanced Surveillance (a joint project of UK, France, Germany, Benelux,
including POEMS)
IIOP Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
IIRS Internal Interface Requirement Specification
IIS Internal Information System
Page 223
Acronym Full form
IISLS Improved Interrogator Sidelobe Suppression
IKBS Intelligent Knowledge Based System
IKD States In Kind Delivery States (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, represented by their ATS providers DNA,
IL Israel (ISO Countries codes)
ILC IATA Learning Centre
ILO International Labour Organisation / Organisation Internationale du Travail (=OIT)
ILOAT Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organisation (Tribunal administratif de l'Organisation
internationale du Travail (TAOIT))
ILS Integrated Logistic Support
ILS Instrument Landing System
ILSP Integrated Logistic Support Program
ILT Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport (Netherlands Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate)
IM Instant Messaging
IM Inner Marker
IM Information Management
IM S&M Interval Management Spacing & Merging
IMA Integrated Modular Avionics
IMAGE Instrument Macroscopique d'aide à la Gestion de l'espace (FR) (CORTA)
IMAGINE Improved Methods for the Assessment of the Generic Impact of Noise in the Environment
IMAL Integrity Monitoring Alarm Limit
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
IMASSA Institut de Médecine Aérospatiale du Service des Armées (FR)
IMAWP Initial Missed Approach Waypoint
IMB Inter-institutional Medical Board (collège médical interinstitutionnel - CMI)
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMG IMmmiGration
IMM Interacting Multiple Models, a generally applicable algorithm of track state estimation
IMO International Maritime Organisation / Organisation maritime Internationale (= OMI)
IMOTHEP Investigation and Maturation of Technologies for Hybrid Electric Propulsion
IMP Inter Message Processor
IMP Implementation Services
IMP Implementation Master Plan (Plan-cadre de réalisation)
IMPACT Integrated Aircraft Noise and Emissions Modelling Platform
Page 224
Acronym Full form
IMPACT Information Market Policy Actions
IMPACT Integrated Model of Perceived Awareness Control
IMPACT Innovative Methodology for the Projection of ATM Concepts onto the Training of ATCOs
IMPACT Methods and tools to assess impact of future ATM systems on controllers' jobs (Méthodes et outils
d'évaluation de l'impact des futurs systèmes ATM sur le travail des contrôleurs)
Impl Implementation
IMPLAN Implementation Plan (Cross Reference for internal traceability)
IMPR IMPRrove(ing)
IMS Integrated Management System (système de gestion intégrée)
IMS Integrity Monitor Station
IMT Information Modelling Team
IMT IMmediaTe(ly)
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit
IMUX Input MUltipleXer
IN Information Notice
IN Included
IN(S) INch(eS)
INA INitial Approach
INA Institut de la navigation aérienne (Institute of Air Navigation Services - IANS) (Lux)
INAP Integrated Network Management and extended ATC Planning
INC IN Cloud
INCA Incident circulation aérienne (base de données des événements liés à la sécurité de l'ATM)
InCAS Interactive Collision Avoidance Simulator
INCERFA Uncertainty Phase
INCOSE International Council of Systems Engineering
INCS Independent Non-Cooperative Surveillance
Ind Industry
IND SIMUL Individual Simulation
INDRA Indra Systemas (Company, Spain)
INEA Innovation and Networks Executive Agency
INEXSES (ICAO Forum on) Integration and Harmonization of NextGen and SESAR
Page 225
Acronym Full form
INF01 Information
INFO INFOrmation
INFOSEC Information Security
INFR-C Infrastructure Creation
INI Initial Approach Controller
iNM integrated NM system
iNM Network Management Investment
INM Integrated Noise Model (software developed by the US FAA, manufacturer Aerospatiale Matra Airbus)
INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite
INO Innovative Research (Recherche innovante)
INO International NOTAM Operation (Gestion des NOTAM internationaux)
INO Innovative Research (EEC)
INOP INOPerative
INPR IN PRogress
INR Input Reconstruction
INREP Voluntary and Confidential Reporting of Safety Issues
INREP INcident REPorting
INREP Voluntary reporting of safety issues in Maastricht UAC (Notification volontaire d'événements liés à la sécurité
au Centre de Maastricht)
INRIA Institut national de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (FR) / National Institute for Computer Science
and Automation Research.
INS Inertial Navigation System
INSPIRE Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community
INST Installation
INSTAR Institutional Arrangements for European Air Traffic Management
INSTILUX EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation Services (LU), now called Training Institute and replaced by IANS
INSTL INSTall(ation), INSTalled
INT INTersection
Int International
INT INTegration and swci resting phase
INTEG Integration of EGNOS into Galileo
INTEGRA Advanced ATM Tool Integration Project (CARE action)
INTELSAT INternational TELecommunications SATellite (Organisation)
Page 226
Acronym Full form
INTENT Transition towards Global Air and Ground Collaboration in Traffic Separation Assurance
INTER The ATN Internet Strategy
INTERCAUTRA Internal CAUTRA protocol
INTEROP interoperability
INTL International
INTNET INTegration NETwork, (for interchange of flight plan data)
INTRP INTeRruPt(ion)
Intruder Aircraft against which TCAS issues an advisory
INTSF INTenSiFy(ing)
INTST INTenSiTy (of runway lighting)
INU Interial Navigation Unit
INV Inverse / Inverted
INV INVerted
INV Innovative Studies and Technological Assessment (ARDEP)
INV invalidity (invalidité) (CHRONOTIME)
INV Inventory Analysis
INWP Intermediate Waypoint
IO Input Operator
IO Interoperability - Input / Output
IO Input Outout
iOAT FPL improved Operational Air Traffic Flight Plans
IOATF IFPS Operational Advisory Task Force
IOBD Initial estimated Off-Block Date
IOBT Initial estimated Off-Block Time
IOC Input/Output Calls
IOC Initial Operational (or Operating) Capability
IOC(M) Initial Operational Capability (Milestone)
IOCD Initial Operational Concept Document
IOCP Internal Operational Clarification Project
IOCP Input / Output Configuration Programme
IOD Input / Output Device
IOD Issue of Data
Page 227
Acronym Full form
IODC Issue Of Data Clock
IODE IOD Ephemeris
IODF IOD Fast Corrections
IODI IOD Ionospheric Grid Point Mask
IOLP Interest on Late Payment
ION Institute of Navigation
IOP Interoperability Programme
IOP Input / Output Processor (RMCDE)
IOP Interoperability Protocol
IOPA International Council of Aircraft owners and Pilot Association
IOR Indian Ocean Region (ICAO)
IOR Indian Ocean Region
IOR INMARSAT Indian Ocean Region
IOR Interoperable Object Reference
IOSS Input Output Sub System
IOT In-Orbit Testing
IP Internet Protocol
IP Implementation Package (SESAR)
IP Information Button (mouse)
IP Information Paper
IP Information Processing Level
IP-Message Inter-Personal Message
IP-PBX IP based Private Branch Exchange
IP-Reply Inter Personal Message Reply
IP-VCS IP based Voice Communication System
IP1 Implementation Package 1 (SESAR)
IP2 Implementation Package 2 (SESAR)
IP3 Implementation Package 3 (SESAR)
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet
IPAG Intellectual Property Advisory Group (Policy Guidelines for Intellectual Property Rights)
IPAS Integrated Preparation and Analysis System
IPAX Internet Protocol for Aeronautical Exchange
IPAX-TF Internet Protocol for Aeronautical Exchange Task Force
Page 228
Acronym Full form
IPB Inner Performance Boundary (Tunnel Concept)
IPC Intermittent Positive Control
IPC Inter-Process Communication
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPG Integration Project Group
IPI Initial Protocol Identifier
IPL Initial Programme Load(ing)
IPL Intermediate Flight Plan
IPL Individual Flight Plan
IPLM Internal Programme manager Level Meeting
IPM Inter Personal Message
IPM-Service Inter-Personal Message Service
IPMM IPM Message (=IPM and its P1 envelope)
IPMS Inter Personal Message Service
IPN Inter Personal Notification
IPng Internet Protocol - Next Generation
IPOA Classical IP Over ATM
IPP Ionospheric Pierce Point
IPP Inter Pulse Period
IPR Internal Process Review (ISO)
IPR Intellectual Property Rights (droits de propriété intellectuelle - DPI)
IPRT Internal Processing Response Time
IPSE Integrated Programming Support Environment
IPsec Internet Protocol Security
IPSky Internet Protocol in the Sky
IPSs Intellectual Proprietary Rights
IPT Internal Processing Time
IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4
IPv6 Internet protocol version 6
IPX Internet Paquet Exchange
IQ Intelligence Quotient
IQ Iraq (ISO countries codes)
IQM Integrated Quality Management (for Radar Sensor)
IR Interrogator Responder
Page 229
Acronym Full form
IR Implementing Rule (SES)
IR Ice on Runway
IR Infra-Red
IR Information Retrieval
IR Iran (ISO countries codes)
IR Integrated Receiver
IRAB Innovative Research Advisory Board (EUROCONTROL)
IRAS Interactive Radar Analysis System
IRB Independent Review Board
IRB Incident Review Board
IRD Interface Requirements Document
IREF Internal REFerence
IREN Incident Reporting European Network
IRF Interrogation Repetition Frequency (radar standard)
IRF Incident Report Form (DECADE)
IRG Internal reference generator
IRIG Inter-Range Instrumentation Group time codes
IRIS Iris Recognition Immigration System (UK)
IRL Ireland
IRMA Indicateur radar de mouvements d'avions
IRMA Intermediate Redesigned MCC Architecture (ESCO/DECADE)
IROI Instantaneous Return on Investment
IRP Integrated Risk Picture
IRPD Internal Repetitive Flight Plan Data
IRPL Internal Repetitive Flight Plan
IRQ Interrupt ReQuest
IRR Internal Rate of Return
IRS Interface Requirement Specification
IRS Inertial Reference System
IRS Intermediate Route Sequence (FPPS/DECADE)
IRs Implementing Rules (SES)
IRSG Internet Research Study Group
IRT Interrogation Repetition Time
IRTF Internet Research Task Force
Page 230
Acronym Full form
IRU Inertial Reference Unit
IRVR Instrument Runway Visual Range
IS Iceland (ISO Country Codes)
IS Intermediate System
IS Interface Specification
IS Infrastructure Support Section (of ENGD)
IS International Standard
IS In-Sequence sector (N-FDPS)
IS-BAO International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations
IS-ES Intermediate System - End System
IS-IS Intermediate System to Intermediate System routing information exchange protocol
IS-SME Intermediate System - Systems Management Entity
ISA Initial Safety Assessment
ISA Instantaneous Self-Assessment
ISA International Standard Atmosphere
ISA Independent Safety Auditor
ISA International Standards Authority
ISA Innovative Slot Allocation (Mécanisme innovant d'attribution des créneaux)
ISABEL Interbank Standards Association of BELgium
ISAGO IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations
ISAWARE Increasing Safety through collision Avoidance WARning integration
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISBT Initial Shared Business Trajectory
ISCM IFPS Software Configuration Manager
ISDEFE Ingenieria de Sistemas para la Defensa de Espana (Spain)
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network (=RNIS)
ISDN PRI Integrated Services Digital Network Primary
ISH Intermediate System Hello
ISIS Implementation of the Single European Sky in South East Europe
ISIS Improved Switch Integrated System (=Bremen VCS)
ISIS Integrated Standby Instrument
ISL Intermediate Supplementary Flight Level
ISL Inter-Station Link
ISLS Interrogator Sidelobe Suppression
Page 231
Acronym Full form
ISM Information Security Manual
ISMF Information Security Management Framework
ISMG Institute Strategy and Management Group (EUROCONTROL, IANS)
ISNM Integrated Systems & Network management
ISO International Organization for Standardization / Organisation internationale de normalisation
ISO 10737 Transport Layer Management (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And Data Communication
Published by ISO)
ISO 7498-3 Basic Reference Model Part 3, Naming And Addressing (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And
Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 8072 Transport Service Definition (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And Data Communication
Published by ISO)
ISO 8073 Connection-Oriented Transport Protocol Specification (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And
Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 8073 AD1 Connection-Oriented Transport Protocol Addendum 2, Class Four Operation Over Connectionless Network
Service (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 8208 International Standards Organization X.25 Packet Level Protocol for Data Terminal Equipment Document
ISO 8326 Basic Connection-Oriented Session Protocol Specification (Standards For Open System Interconnection And
Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 8327 Basic Connection-Oriented Session Protocol Specification (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And
Data Communication Published by IS0)
ISO 8348 Network Service Definition (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And Data Communication
Published by ISO)
ISO 8348 AD1 Network Service Definition, Addendum 1, Connectionless Mode Transmission (Standards For Open Systems
Interconnection And Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 8473 Protocol For Providing The Connectionless-Mode Network Service (Standards For Open Systems
Interconnection And Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 8649 Service Definition For The Association Control Service Element (Standards For Open Systems
Interconnection And Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 8650 Protocol Specification For The Association Control Service Element (Standards For Open Systems
Interconnection And Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 8822 Connection-Oriented Service Definition (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And Data
Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 8823 Connection-Oriented Presentation Protocol (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And Data
Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 8878 International Organisation For Standard Use Of X25 To Provide OSI (Open Systems Interconnection)
Connection Mode Network Services (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And Data Communication
Published by ISO)
ISO 9000 International Standards For Quality Management, 1990
ISO 9072-1 Remote Operations - Part 1, Model. Notation And Service Definition (Standards For Open Systems
Interconnection And Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 9072-2 Remote Operations - Part 2, Protocol Specification Version (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection
And Data Communication Published by ISO)
Page 232
Acronym Full form
ISO 9545 Protocol For Providing The Connectionless-Mode Network Service (Standards For Open Systems
Interconnection And Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 9595 Common Management Information Service Definition (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And
Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO 9596 Management Information Protocol - Part 1, Specification (Standards For Open Systems Interconnection And
Data Communication Published by ISO)
ISO/IEC International Standards Organization / International Electrotechnical Committee
ISO/OSI Interconnexion de systèmes ouverts / Open System Interconnection ISPACG
ISO/VT ISO standard Virtual Terminal
ISOC Internet Society
ISP International Standardised Profile (ISO)
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISPAC-G Informal South Pacific Group
ISPF Interactive System Productivity Facility
ISPL Individual Supplementary Flight Plan
ISPS Information Security Policy Statement
ISQMS Integrated Safety and Quality Management System (Safety Domain)
ISR Independent Standby Radio
ISRM Information Service Reference Model
ISRM Information Services Reference Model
ISRP Interconnexions sud de la région parisienne
ISS Indirect sub-System
ISS Intermediate SystemS
ISS Implementation Support Services ; Implementation Support to States / Services de mise en oeuvre rendus
aux Etats
ISS Integrated Surveillance System
ISS International Space Station
ISSG Industry Safety Strategy Group
ISSRE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering
ISSS Initial Sector Suite System (FAA)
IST Inter-colonial (or Atlantic) Standard Time, UTC -4h. (USA)
IST Indirect Support Task
ISTA Istanbul FMU
ISU Initial Signal Unit
ISUP Integrated Service User Part
Page 233
Acronym Full form
ISV Independent Software Vendors
ISW Input Sequence Window
iSWIM Initial System-Wide Information Management
IT Italy, Italian Republic (ISO Country Code)
IT Institutional Training
IT Information Technology (technologies de l'information - TI)
IT Integration Team
ITA International Telegraphic Alphabet
ITA Integrated Task Analysis (of ATCOs)
ITA Institut du Transport Aérien / Institute of Air Transport
ITA-2 International Telegraph Alphabet Number 2
ITAEG Information Technology Advisory Expert Group (Standardisation, EPD - CEN/CENELEC/ETSI)
ITAM Integrated Task Analysis Methodology
ITAR-TASS Russian News Agency
ITASPS Informal International Civil Aviation Organisation Trans Siberia, Trans Asia, Cross Polar Routes Steering
Group (ICAO)
ITB International Time Bureau (ITB) Bureau International de l'Heure
ITC International Transit Code
ITC Integrated Timing Concept
ITC In-Trail Climb
ITC International Trade Commission
ITCZ Inter Tropical Convergence Zone
ITD Integrated Technology Demonstrators
iTEC Interoperability Through European Collaboration
iTEC-FDP Interoperability Through European Collaboration -- Flight Data Processing
ITF International Transport Workers Federation
ITF In-Trail-Follow
ITF International Transport Workers' Federation
ITI Italian Interface
ITID Individual Training- Instructor-dependent
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITIRS International Terrestrial Reference System
ITL Integration Team Leader
ITM Information Technology Management
Page 234
Acronym Full form
ITM Intermediate Approach controller
ITMD Individual Training Material-dependent
iTOPS initial Trajectory Operations (document)
ITP Information Technology Provider
ITP In-Trail Procedure
ITQI IATA Training and Qualification Initiative
ITR International Transit Route
ITRF International Terrestrial Reference Frame
ITRS International Terrestrial Reference System
ITS Intelligent Transport Systems
ITS IT Security System
ITS Integrated Tower Systems
ITSD IT Service Desk
ITSEC Information Technology Security
ITSM Information Technology Service Management
ITSTC Information Technologie Steering Committee
ITT Invitation to Tender
ITT Invitation Property Rights
ITU International Telecommunications Union (=UIT)
ITU WARC-95 International Telecommunication Union World Radio Conference
ITU-R International Telecommunications Union - Radio
ITU-T International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunications
ITU-T International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunication
ITWP Integrated Tower Working Position
ITY Interoperability
IUCM IFPU Configuration Manager
IUCM IFPS Unit Configuration Manager
IUSO IFPU Security Officer
IUSOAP ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme
IUT Implementation Under Test
IVAO International Virtual Aviation Organisation
IVATF International Volcanic Ash Task Force
IVF Independent Variable Filter
IVN Intervening Network
Page 235
Acronym Full form
IVR Immersive Virtual Reality
IVSI Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
IVSN Initial Voice Switched Network
IVV Independent Verification and Validation
IVV Inertial Vertical Velocity
IVVM IVV Manager
IW Inter-Working
IW Inter Network Function
IWF Interworking Function
IWG Interoperability Working Group
IWGE International Working Group on (air) Exercises
IWP Intermediate Waypoint
IWP IFPS Working Position
IWSO Instructor Weapons Systems Operator
IWU Interworking Unit
I²FPS Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System = Système intégré de traitement initial des plans de vol
J/S Jammer/Signal level
JAA Joint Aviation Authority, Joint Aviation Authorities (Autorités conjointes de l'aviation)
JAA AMC JAA Acceptable Means of Compliance
JAA OPS Joint Aviation Authorities Operations Committee
JAA-TO JAA Training Office
JAAB/JAA-B Joint Boards
JAARC JAA Research Committee
JAC Joint Airmiss Committee (UK)
JAFTI JURG ADS-B Fast Track Initiative
JAMC Joint Airspace Management Cell (UK)
JANE Joint Air Navigation Experiments
JAOTF Joint AOT-ODSG Task Force
JAPCC Joint Air Power Competence Centre
JAR Joint Aviation Requirements
JAR Joint Aviation Regulations
JAR Joint Aviation Rules
Page 236
Acronym Full form
JAR-ATSOPS Joint Airworthiness Requirements-Air Traffic Services-Operations
JAR-FCL Joint Aviation Requirements - Flight Crew Licensing (JAA)
JAR-OPS Joint Aviation Requirements - Operations
JARUS Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems
JATCC Joint Air Traffic Control Centre
JATCRU Joint Air Traffic Control Radar Unit
JATR Joint Authorities Technical Review
JAVA Java Programming language
JBP Joint SCF-ANSB Business Planning Working Group
JCAB Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau
JCB Joint Coordination Board
JCD Joint Committee for Disputes (commission paritaire des litiges)
JCL Job Control Language
JCOD code allocation overview
JCTF (EUROCONTROL) Just Culture Task Force
JD TF Job Description Task Force
JFADT Joint Future Airspace Design Team
JFCS Flight Conflict Store (contains all displayed conflicts)
JFK John F. Kennedy (Airport in New York)
JFPS Flight Plan Store (all details of all active flights)
JFSS Flight Segment Store (every Route Segment in all Active CPLs)
JFT Job File Table
JHCT Hash Code Table (list of all SPN, & Active + Inactive CPLs)
JHTS Height Track Store
JIAAC Junta Investigadora de Accidentes de Aviación Civil = Venezuelan Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Board
JIPS Internal Points Store (entry & Exit points of MATRAC area)
JISSA Joint International Symposium on Sensors and Systems for Airport Surveillance
JIT Joint Implementation Team (chaired by EUROCONTROL) (ESCO) MADAP/KARLDAP
JITSO Joint Technical Standard Order
JITT Initiation Track Table (SSR plots which can initiate tracks)
JLLOG Retry store for SEROS and PHAROS messages
JLSS Lower Segment Store (derived lower airspace route segments)
JLTS Local Track Store (list of all confirmed LTBs)
JMATS Joint Military Air Traffic Services
Page 237
Acronym Full form
JMC Job Management Committee
JMDS Message Display Store (all ECM)
JMP Joint Master Plan
JMS Java Messaging Service
JMT Job Management Team
JMWS Multiple radar Weather Store (quantity of weather vectors).
JOINT Joint Operational Incidents Training
Joint WP EUROCONTROL-EASA Joint Work Programme
JOT Joint Operational Team (ESCO)
JPALS Joint Precision Approach Landing System
JPDA Joint Probabilistic Data Association (ARTAS)
JPDO Joint Programme Development Office (US NextGen)
JPDO Joint Planning and Development Office (US)
JPEG Joint Photographic Expert Group
JPLM Joint Programme manager Level Meeting
JPO Joint Programme Office
JPTS Departure Suspense Message Store, (OAT only)
JRC Joint Research Centre (Centre commun de recherche)
JRC Joint Research Centre (Centre commun de recherche)
JRC Joint Report Committee (comité paritaire des rapports)
JRC Joint Report Committee (comité paritaire des rapports)
JRPS Reporting Point Store (list of all RPs + active CPL TPs)
JRSS Route Segment Store (list of all route segments)
JSD Jackson Structured Design
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
JSP Joint Services Publication
JSSG Joint Service Specification Guide (US)
JSSI JAA's Safety Strategy Initiative
JST Japan Standard Time (GMT+0900)
JST Joy Stick
JTC Joint Technical Committee
JTC1 Joint technical Committee Number 1
JTFS Track Flight Store (list of all CTBs)
JTI Joint Technology Initiative
Page 238
Acronym Full form
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
JTM Job Transfer and Manipulation
JTPS Temporary Plot Store (plots awaiting association with tracks)
JTRS Joint Tactical Radio System
JTSB Japan Transport Safety Board
JTSO JAA Technical Standard Order
JU Joint Undertaking
JURG Joint Users Requirements Group (EUROCONTROL Representative in the IATA/AEA )
JVM Java Virtual Machine
JWP Joint Work Programme (EUROCONTROL - EASA)
k SI symbol for kilo- (1000)
K Kelvin
KABA Kontrastive Aufgabenanalyse in Büro (DE) / Contrastive Task Analysis of Office Workplaces
KAR Karlsruhe
KARLDAP Karlsruhe Automatic Data Processing and Display System (replaced by VAFORIT as of December 2010)
KB kilobyte (more properly abbreviated to "kB")
kB kilobyte
KBPS kilobit per second (usually abbreviated to "kbps")
kbps kilobits per second
KBS Knowledge-Based System
kByte kilobyte
kc/s kilocycles per second (= kHz)
KCAS Knots (calibrated air speed)
KD1 Keyboard and Display window (1)
KDS Keyboard Display Station (MADAP)
KDS Keyboard Display System (Station)
KE control Elm (transmit or acknowledge)
KE Control ELM (field)
KEA Average horizontal en-route flight efficiency of the actual trajectory
KECU Thousands of European Currency Units
Page 239
Acronym Full form
KEMA Keuring van Elektrotechnische Materialen (NL)
KEP Average horizontal en-route flight efficiency of the last filed flight plan
KFOR Kosovo Force
KfV Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit (AT) / The Austrian Traffic Safety Board
kg kilogram(s)
kHz kilohertz
KIAS Knots Indicated Air Speed
KIDS Karlsruhe Interim DCTS
KIS Keyboard Input Station
KIS Keyboard Input Station (CCTV)
KISS Keep It Short and Simple
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
KLOC thousand lines of code
KLU Koninklijke Luchtmacht (NL) - Royal Dutch Air Force
km kilometre
KM kilometre (SI designation should be km)
Km/h kiliometres per hour
KMH kilometres per hour
KNMI Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (NL) / Royal Netherlands Meteorology Institute
KOX Karlsruhe Operational telephone eXchange
KP Start of Pulsing
kPa kilopascal(s)
KPA Key Performance Area (Domaine-clé de performance) (PRC)
KPI Key Performance Indicator (indicateur-clé de performance)
KPT Karlsruhe Planning Team
KR Knowledge of Result
KR 20 A measure of the internal consistency, or homogeneity, or scalability, of a test material (Ferguson, 1976).
KRA Key Risk Area
KSA Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
KSAO Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other personal requirements
KSD Kontrollstreifendruck (DE)
Page 240
Acronym Full form
KSDS Key Sequence Data Set
KSR Keyboard Send/Receive
kt knots (i.e. 1 NM/hour)
KT knots (i.e. 1 NM/hour)
kt knot = NM/hour, unit of speed
KT KnoTs (Nautical Miles per Hour)
KTAS Knots (true air speed)
KTD Keyboard Tabulator Display
KUAC Karlsruhe Upper Aispace Control Centre
KUG KPI User Group (Groupe des utilisateurs des KPI)
Kurtosis A term which refers to the flatness or peakedness of one distribution in relation to another (Ferguson, 1976).
KVS Keep (Maintain) Vertical Speed
kW kilowatt
KYB Keyboard
KybCmd KeYBoard CoMmanD
L Tones injected by the local switch
L Left (N-FDPS)
L Locator
L Luxembourg
L Left (runway ID)
L-AII Legacy-Accuracy Improvements Initiative
L-band L-band (frequency band within which SSR is found)
L-Band Frequency Range
L-NAV Lateral Navigation
L/T Long-Term
L1 GPS Signal Frequency (1575.42 MHz)
L1K GLONASS Central Frequency (1.602 GHz) and channel number separator (k)
L2 GPS Signal Frequency (1227.60 MHz)
L2 Layer 2
L2 CL L2 Civil-Long Code
L2 CM L2 Civil-Moderate Code
L2K GLONASS Central Frequency (1.246 GHz) and channel number separator (k)
L2TP Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol
L3 Layer 3
Page 241
Acronym Full form
L5 (Proposed) GPS Signal Frequency (1176.45 MHz)
LA Limited Airspace
LA LAN Adapter
LA Logical Address
LA Local Action
LA Local Area
LA(M) Lifecycle Architecture (Milestone)
LA-MLAT Local Area 9 Multi-lateration
LAA Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Appliquée (FR)
LAA Local Area Augmentation
LAADR Low Altitude Arrival/Departure Routing.
LAAQ Layover Assessment Adjustment Questionnaire
LAAS Local Area Augmentation System
Lab Laboratory (sound or multimedia)
LAB Legal Advisory Board
LAB LABel conflict management (DCP)
LABEL Allocate a callsign to an indicated LABEL
LAC Luxembourg Assistant Controller
LACAC Latin American Civil Aviation Commision
LACC London Area Control Centre
LACK Logical Acknowledgement
LACK positive logical response message used for air/ground data communications, as defined within the ICAO
Manual for ATS Data Link Applications
LAD Look Ahead Display
LADA Local Agency Directory Administrator
LADGNSS Local Area Differential GNSS
LADGPS Local Area Differential Global Positioning System
LAF Local Adaptation Functions (MADAP)
LAHSO Land & Hold Short Operations
LAM Ljubljana ATC Data Processing System
LAM Local Area Multi-lateration
LAM Logical Acknowledgement Message (OLDI)
Lambda (Greek letter, lower case) Symbol for wavelength
LAMOS Local ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support
Page 242
Acronym Full form
LAMPS long-term ATCO Manpower Planning Simulation
LAN Local Area Network / Réseau local
LAN NMS Local Area Network Management System
LANDA Logistics and Administration
LANE LAN Emulation
LANSU Local Air Navigation Service Unit (DFS)
LAP Lower Airspace Project
LAP Link Access Protocol
LAPB Link Access Procedure, Balanced
LAPD Link Access Protocol -D Channel
LAPF Link Access Protocol - Frame Relay
LAPL Light Aircraft Pilot License
LAPM Link Access Protocol -Modem
LAQ Local Air Quality
LAR/LRR Long Range Radar
LARA Local and Regional ASM application / gestion locale et régionale de l'espace aérien
LARS Lower Airspace Radar Service
LAS Lower Airspace Sector
LAS Linked comm-A Subfield
LAS Linked A Sub-field
LAS Limited Airspace
LAS Last Assigned Landing Slot
LASCR Light Activated SCR
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LASKA Learning And Skills Acquisition
LASPP Local Advisor on Service for Protection and Prevention
LASS Local Area Augmentation System
LAST Light Aviation SSR Transponder
LAT Last Transfer
LAT Latitude
LAT Local Area Transport
LATC Local Air Traffic Control
LATCC London ATC Centre (old denomination)
LATCO Licensing of Air Traffic Control Officers (ICAO Study Group)
Page 243
Acronym Full form
LATO Landing and Take-Off (subgroup of Navigation Steering Group)
LAU Local Approach Unit
LAVA Large Scale Validation of Cooperative Air Traffic Management
LAW Aviation Law
LAWRS Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station
LAYER filter for height banding of mode c equipped tracks
LB Load Balancing/Balancer
LB Local Battery (circuits)
LB pound(s) weight
LBA Luftfahrtbundesamt (D)
LBAC Logical Burst Access Channel
LBS Linked comm-B Subfield
LC Low Capacity
LC Light Control
LCA Local Competence Assessor
LCAM Load Control and Messaging
LCC Luxembourg Coordinating Controller
LCC low-cost carrier
LCC Lifetime Cycle Costing
LCCS Local Control and Correction Station
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LCG Load Classification Group
LCIP Local Convergence and Implementation Plan (plan local de convergence et de réalisation) (now replaced by
LCIPD Local Convergence and Implementation Plan Document (now replaced by LSSIP (documents))
LCK Line Check Message
LCM Late Change (modification) Message (designator) (IFPS)
LCM Label Conflict Management (N-FDPS)
LCN Load Classification Number
LCN Local Communications Network
LCn Low Capacity needs
LCP Left Circular Polarisation
LCPP Local Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (comité local pour la prévention et la protection au
travail - CLPP)
LCR Least Cost Routing
Page 244
Acronym Full form
LCTR large commercial tilt-rotors
LCU Lan Control Unit
LD Line Detector
LD Loop Disconnect
LDA Landing Distance Available
LDA Localizer-type Directional Aid (USA)
LDA WG Library, Documentation and Archive Working Group
LDACS L Band Digital Aeronautical Communications System
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDB Limited Data Block
LDCELP Low-Delay Code Excited Linear Prediction
LDGNSS Local Differential Global Navigation Satellite System
LDI Landing Direction Indicator
LDIN Lead-in-light system
LDL L-band Data Link
LDM Limited Distance Modem
LDPA Low Duty Cycle Power Amplifier
LDPU Link and Display Processing Unit
LDR Landing Distance Required
LDR Light Dependent Resistor
LDRP Local Display Recording and Playback
LDT Logistic Delay Time
LDU Link Diagnostic Unit
LE Link Establishment
Lec Lecture
LEC Local Exchange Carrier
LEC Luxembourg Executive Controller
LED Light Emitting Diode
LEFCO Project for the procurement of new ATM facilities in Nicosia ACC
LEFD Local Essential Flight Details (MADAP)
Lempel-Ziv-Welch LZW
LEN Field Length indicator
LEN Length Indicator
Page 245
Acronym Full form
LEN Low Entry Networking
LENGTH LENGTH of the Data Block
LEO Low Earth Orbit
LEONARDO Linking Existing On-Ground Arrival and Departure Operations
LEOS Low Earth Orbiting System
LEOs Low Earth Orbit Satellites
LEP Linear Error Probability
LEPC Left-hand Enhanced Planning Console
LER Label Edge Router
Les Lesson / Demonstration
LF Line Feed
LF Low Frequency
LF Late Filer (IFPS)
LFAA Logical Functional ATFCM Areas
LFC (Swedish) Air Defence Centre or (unit)
LFE Local File Editing
LFHB Low Flying Handbook
LFL Last (reported) Flight Level
LFN Lufthansa Flight Nav (European Datahouse)
LFN Local Fixed Node
LFP Low Pass Filter
LFPP Limited Flight Plan Processing
LFR Low-level Flight Rules
LFS Level Flight Spacing
LFS Low-Fidelity Simulation
LFU Late Filer and Updater
LFV Luftfartsverket (SE) (CAA of Sweden)
LGF LAAS Ground Facility
LGS Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme, Latvia
LGT LiGhT(ing)
LgUM Longitudinal acceleration Uniform Motion
LGW London Gatwick Airport
Page 246
Acronym Full form
LHCP Left Hand Circular Polarisation
LHR London Heathrow (UK)
LI Length Indicator
LIC Pilot Licensing
LICI Link Interface Control Information
LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging
LIDO Lufthansa Integrated Dispatch Operation
LIDU Link Interface Data Unit
LIE Lateral Intent Error
LIF Loading Instruction Form
LIFO Last In First Out
LIH Light Intensity High
LIL Light Intensity Low
LIM Light Intensity Medium
LIM/MID/RAN Limited Middle East Regional Air Navigation Conference (ICAO)
LINK 2000+ LINK 2000+ Programme
LINK2000 LINK 2000 Programme (EATMP Programme)
LIO Luxembourg Input Operator
LIP Light-pen
LIR Local Internet Registry
LIRL Low Intensity Runway Lights
LIS Logical IP Subnets
LISATM Lisbon Air Traffic Management
LISP List Processing
LISREL Linear Structural Relations
LIT LINK Integration Team
LIT Light Transfer
LITL Low Intensity Taxiway Lights (USA)
LIW Label Input Window
LL Label Line (N-FDPS)
LLC Logical Link Control (RMCDE)
LLC Link Layer Control
LLC-1 Logical Link Control 1
Page 247
Acronym Full form
LLC-I Logical Link Control - Class I
LLC1 Logical Link Layer
LLM L-band Land Mobile
LLR Low-Level Routes
LLT Low-Light Television
LLTR Low-Level Transit Route
LLWAS Low-Level Windshear Alert System
LLZ Localizer (part of ILS system)
LM Layer Management
LM Logistics Manager
LM Locator, Middle
LM Low/Medium ATC Complexity
LMA Load Measurement Analysis
LMC Local Monitoring and Control
LMCF Local Monitoring and Control Facility
LME Link Management Entity
LMO Leadership Management and Organisation (EATCHIP)
LMP Link Management Processor
LMP Link Management Protocol
LMS Learning Management System
LMT Local Mean Time
LN AMP Low Noise Amplifier
LNA Low Noise Amplifier
LNA/DPLX Low Noise Amplifier/Diplexer
LNAV Lateral Navigation
LNG LoNG (Describing approach type required)
LNO Olno (Belgium sector indication)
LO Local Oscillator
LO Liaison Officer
LO Lockout override
LO Locator, Outer
LO(M) Lifecycle Objectives (Milestone)
LoA Letter of Agreement (Lettre d'accord)
LOA List of Abbreviations
Page 248
Acronym Full form
LOA Letter of Offer and Acceptance
LOA Letter of Acceptance
LoA Line of Action
LOAT Level of Automation Taxonomy
LOBT Last received Off Block Time
LOC Loss of Control
LoC Lines of Change
LOC Lines of Communications
LOC LOCation, LOCal(ly), LOCated
LOC Localiser
LOD Level of Detail
LOF Log-On Forwarding message (OLDI)
LoFA Longitudinal acceleration Fast Acceleration
LoFD Longitudinal acceleration Fast Deceleration
LOFT Line-Orientated Flight Training
LOG Logging Component (Subsystem of BSC)
LoL List of Lots
LoL Loss of Licence
LOLI Loss of Licence Insurance (scheme)
LOM Locator Outer Marker
LON Launch on Need
LON Longitude
LONG Longitude
LOP Local Operating Procedure
LOPAR Low Powered Acquisition Radar
LORAN LOng Range Air Navigation
LORAN Long Range Navigation
LORAN Long Range Aids to Navigation
LORAN-C Long Range Navigation /Hyperbolic Navigation System
LORD Lateral Obstacle & Resolution Display (alternatively Left Or Right Display)
LORD Leading Optimised Runway Delivery
LOS Line of Sight
Page 249
Acronym Full form
LOS Level of Safety
LOS Lockout Subfield
LoSA Longitudinal acceleration Slow Acceleration
LOSA Line Operations Safety Audit
LoSD Longitudinal acceleration Slow Deceleration
LOSR Line Of Sight Range
LoTA Longitudinal acceleration Typical Acceleration
LoTD Longitudinal acceleration Typical Deceleration
LOW Lower airspace
LP Light Pen
LPC Less Paper Cockpit (Airbus)
LPC Linear Predictive Coding
LPDU Link Protocol Data Unit
LPE Language Proficiency Endorsement
LPL Lateral Protection Limit
LPS Letové Prevádzkové Sluzby Slovenskej Republiky (Slovakia ATC Authority)
LPTF Laboratoire Primaire du Temps et des Fréquences
LPV localizer performance with vertical guidance
LPV Lateral Precision with Vertical Guidance Approach
LQ Listening Quality
LR Linear Regression
LRC Legal Requirement Cell
LRC Legal ReCording (of MADAP data)
LRD Long Range crossborder DCT
LRE Linguistic Research & Engineering
LREF Local Reference
LRI Legal Recording Investigation
LRI Légiforgalmi és Repülétéri Igazgatóság (Hungarian ATS provider)
LRIP Low Rate Initial Production
LRL Local Recording Logistics
LRM Logical Rejection Message
LRM Line Replaceable Module
LRNZ Luftraumnutzungszentrale (DE) / Airspace and traffic management centre
LRPS Local Recording and Playback System
Page 250
Acronym Full form
LRR Long Range Radar (SRE)
LRRS Last Resort Radar System
LRS Local Route Sequence
LRST Local Runway Safety Team
LRTAP Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution
LRU Lowest Replacable Unit
LRU Line Replaceable Unit
LRW Long-Range Warning (IFPS)
LRY standby Legal Recording (for LRC)
LS LoudSpeaker
LS DAI DAI LoudSpeaker
LS RTB R/T Backup LoudSpeaker
LSA Logistic Support Analysis
LSA Lowest Safe Altitude
LSA Localiser Sensitive Area
LSA Leave Savings Account (Rule of Application No. 36) (Compte épargne-temps)
LSA Leave Savings Account (Rule of Application No. 36)
LSB Least Significant Bit
LSC Life Support Cost (Cyprus)
LSC Local Staff Committee (comité local du personnel - CLP)
LSC Local Signalling Channel
LSCM Local System Control and Monitoring
LSCMIO Local System Control & Input/Output Monitoring
LSD LSE Support Document
LSDU Link Service Data Unit
LSE Local System Expert
LSK Longitudinal Station Keeping
LSP Logistics Support Plan
LSP Label Switch Path
LSP Link State Protocol
LSP Loud Speaker
LSP Local Status Panel
LSPPA Local Service Protection and Prevention Advisor
LSSI Local Single Sky Implementation (now replaced by LSSIP)
Page 251
Acronym Full form
LSSIP Local Single Sky Implementation (mechanism / documents) (replaces LCIP) (réalisation du ciel unique au
niveau local)
LST Traffic Listing
LSU Lone Signal Unit
Lt Sequence Time Requirement
LT Local Time
LT Lithuania (ISO Country Code)
LT Long-Term (& Innovative Research)
LTB Local Track Block
LTE Line Terminating Equipment
LTF Long-term forecast
LTF Licensing Task Force
LTIOV Latest Time Information of Value
LTIP Long-Term Investment Plan (plan d'investissement à long terme) (NM)
LTM Local Traffic Management
LTM long-term Memory
LTO Landing and take-off Cycle
LTOG long-term Objectives Groups (EASIE, PHARE, FEATS, COPS etc)
LTP Legal and Technical Panel
LTP Landing Threshold Point
LTSS long-term Systems Studies
LTV Load Threshold Values
LU Local User
LU Logical Unit
LU Late Updater
LU Logical User
LU Luxembourg
LUC Line-up Clearance
LUF Lowest Usable Frequency
LUF Luxembourg Francs
LUG Leerdam Users' Group
LUGS Link up Glons-Semmerzake
LUI Logical Unit Interface
Page 252
Acronym Full form
LUPT Line Up Time
LUT Line Up Time
LUX Luxembourg (ISO countries Code)
LV Length of User Data (field)
LV Laser Vision
LV Latvia (ISO 2 character country Code)
LV Last Value
LV Length of Packet Header field
LVA Large Vertical Aperture
LVB Luchtverkeersbeveiliging (RLD-NL)
LVC Low Visibility Conditions
LVNL Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (Netherlands Air Traffic Control)
LVO Low-Visibility Operations (Exploitation en conditions de faible visibilité)
LVP Low-Visibility Procedures
LVTO Low-Visibility Take-off
LWG Licensing Work Group
lwp Lone Worker Protection
LZW Lempel-Ziv-Welch (compression)
M Many-to-Many relationship
M Modules (replaceable)
M Management
M Symbol for Mega (10+6)
m Symbol for milli (10-3)
m Metres (preceded by figures)
M-ADS Modified Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ICAO)
M-Code New GPS military code
M-MMC Military Mission Management Computer (A 400 M)
M-PSK M-level Phase Shift Keying
M-XFL Maastricht Exit Flight Level (N-FDPS)
M... prefix to the Mach number applying to the flight
M/CH Msp CHannel number
M/F Mainframe
Page 253
Acronym Full form
m/sec Metres per second
M/T Medium-Term
MA Message Assurance
MA Morocco (ISO Countries Codes)
MA Message-A (field)
MA Message Area
MA Membership Agreement (Accord d'adhésion) (SESAR-JU)
MA Member Association
MA-AFAS More Autonomous Aircraft in the Future Air Traffic Management System
MA1 dynamic MAp 1
MA2 dynamic MAp 2
MAA Maximum Authorised Altitude
MAAFAS More Autonomous Aircraft in the Future ATM System
MAAP Maastricht Administrative Automation Plan
MAAS/ATM Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Air Traffic Management (Centre de contrôle de l'espace aérien
supérieur de Maastricht/domaine ATM)
MAAS/ATM/ATD Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Air Traffic Management/ATM Development (Centre de contrôle de
l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht/domaine ATM/Développement de l'ATM)
MAAS/ATM/CHG Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Air Traffic Management/Change Management (Centre de contrôle de
l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht/domaine ATM/Gestion du changement)
MAAS/ATM/CO Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Air Traffic Management/Current Operations (Centre de contrôle de
l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht/domaine ATM/Exploitation courante)
MAAS/ATM/FCS Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Air Traffic Management/Facilities (Centre de contrôle de l'espace
aérien supérieur de Maastricht/domaine ATM/Installations)
MAAS/ATM/STR Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Air Traffic Management Strategy (Centre de contrôle de l'espace aérien
supérieur de Maastricht/domaine ATM/Stratégie ATM)
MAAS/ATM/TRG Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Air Traffic Management/ATM Training (Centre de contrôle de l'espace
aérien supérieur de Maastricht/domaine ATM/Formation ATM)
MAAS/ATM/TS Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Air Traffic Management/Technical Systems (Centre de contrôle de
l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht/domaine ATM/Systèmes techniques)
MAAS/DIR Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Directorate (Centre de contrôle de l'espace aérien supérieur de
MAAS/DIR/HSM Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Directorate/Health and Safety (Centre de contrôle de l'espace aérien
supérieur de Maastricht/direction/service "Hygiène et sécurité")
MAAS/DIR/LPA Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Directorate/Legal, Procurement and Accounting (Centre de contrôle de
l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht/direction/service "Questions juridiques, acquisitions et comptabilité")
MAAS/DIR/MAKC Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Directorate/Maastricht ATM Knowledge Centre (Centre de contrôle de
l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht/direction/Centre de connaissances ATM de Maastricht)
Page 254
Acronym Full form
MAAS/DIR/SEC Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Directorate/Secretary Pool (Centre de contrôle de l'espace aérien
supérieur de Maastricht/direction/ Équipe de secrétaires)
MAAS/DIR/SPM Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Directorate/Strategy and Performance Management (Centre de
contrôle de l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht/direction/Gestion de la stratégie et des performances)
MAAS/DIR/SQS Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Directorate/Safety, Quality and Security Management (Centre de
contrôle de l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht/direction/service "Gestion de la sécurité, de la qualité et de
la sûreté")
MAAS/DIR/SSM/HRM Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Directorate/Support Services Management/Human Resources
Management (Centre de contrôle de l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht/direction/service "Gestion des
services d'appui"/service "Gestion des Ressources Humaines")
MAAS/DIR/STK Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/Directorate/Stakeholder Relations (Centre de contrôle de l'espace
aérien supérieur de Maastricht/direction/service "Relations avec les partenaires")
MAB Military ATM Board (Conseil ATM militaire)
MAC Management Advisory Committee
MAC Military Airlift Command
MAC Media/Medium Access Control
MAC Mid-Air Collision
MAC Medium/Media Access Control (RMCDE)
MAC Message Authenication Code
MAC Message for the Abrogation of Coordination (OLDI)
MAC Message for the Abrogation of Coordination
MACC Military Area Control Centre
MACC Manchester Area Control Centre
MACE Malvern Capacity Estimate
MACE Multi-criteria analysis for Concept Evaluation
MACEN Mando Centra
MACH Speed relative to the speed of sound
MACS Multiple Access Communications System
MAD Model of Activity for Design
MAD Manual Activation Device
MADaMS Mode S & ACAS Data Management System
MADAP Maastricht Data Processing and Display System (Système de traitement et d'affichage automatique des
données du Centre de Maastricht)
MADARS Maastricht Data Analysis and Reporting System
MADREC Maastricht Data Recording
MAESCAPE EUROCONTROL Simulation Capability and Platform for Experimentation tailored to Maastricht UAC
Page 255
Acronym Full form
MAESTRO Means to Aid Expedition and Sequencing of Traffic with Research and Optimisation / Moyen d'Aide à
Ecoulement Séquencé du Trafic avec Recherche d'Optimisation
MAEVA Master ATM European Validation Plan
MAG Magnetic
MAG LBL Magnified Label (N-FDPS)
MAGA serious illness relative in the ascending line (maladie Grave ascendant et collatéraux)
MAGB serious illness cohabiter (maladie grave concubin) (CHRONOTIME)
MAGC serious illness spouse (maladie grave conjoint) (CHRONOTIME)
MAGE serious illness child (maladie grave enfant) (CHRONOTIME)
MAGF serious illness child of cohabiter (maladie grave enfant du concubin) (CHRONOTIME)
MAGIC Manager of Air-Ground Interface Communications
MAGP serious illness cohabiter parent (maladie grave parent du concubin) (CHRONOTIME)
MAHF Missed Approach Holding Fix
MAHWP Missed Approach Holding Waypoint
MAICA Modelling and Analysis of the Impact of the Changes in ATM
MAIS Maximum Abbreviated Injury Scale
MAKC Maastricht ATM Knowledge Centre
MALE Medium Altitude Long Endurance
MALN uncertified sickness (maladie sans certificat) (CHRONOTIME)
MALO certified sickness (maladie avec certificat) (CHRONOTIME)
MALSF Medium-intensity Approach Lighting and Sequenced Flashing lights
MALSR Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (USA)
MAM Medium Area Multi-Lateration
MAMMI Multi-Actor Man Machine Interface
MAN Multiple Area Network
MAN Manual Message
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
MANACT Manual Activation message
MANL uncertified illness replaced (maladie sans certificat remplacé par congé) (CHRONOTIME)
MANPADS Man-Portable Air Defence System (Système antiaérien portable)
MANs Metropolitan Area Networks
MANSUP Macedonian ANS Upgrade Project
Page 256
Acronym Full form
MANTAS Maastricht ATC New Tools And Systems
MANTEA Management of Surface Traffic at European Airports
MAP Mapping
MAP Meteo Aeronautical Charts
MAP sdd video MAP(s)
MAP Maintenance Action Plan
MAP Missed Approach Procedure
MAP Military Assistance Program
MAP aeronautical MAP or chart
MAPD Maximum Agreed Period of Disruption
MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface
MAPSG Mode S & ACAS Programme Steering Group (Groupe de pilotage du Programme Mode S et ACAS)
MAPt Missed Approach Point
MAPT MUAC Annual Planning Tool
MAR Mode-A Reconstructor
MARA Maastricht Rating Training Project
MARRES Manual Radar Return Exploitation System
MARS Maastricht Reserve System
MARS Monitoring And Reference Station
MARS Military Air Route Structure
MARSA Military Authority Assumes Responsibility for Separation of Aircraft
MART Message Acknowledge Response Time
MARTIN Maastricht Randomisation Tool for Intake Numbers
MARTOS MADAP Real-Time Operating System
MAS Message Assurance Service
MAS Multiple Access Store
MAS Military Agency for Standardisation
MAS Multi-Source Acquisition Suite
MAS (UAC) Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre
MAS Manage Airspace
MAS Manual Assume of Control Message (OLDI)
MAS Middle Airspace
MAS Manual ASsumption of communication
Page 257
Acronym Full form
MAS Missed Approach Surface
MAS Mode S and ACAS (Programme)
MAS UAC Maastricht Upper Air Control
MAS-TS MAaStricht Track Server
MAS/E MAaStricht Engineering division
MAS/H MAaStricht Hrfgs bureau
MAS/O MAaStricht Operations division
MASAW Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
MASC Mediterranean Aviation Safety Cell
MASOR Military Area Services Operations Room
MASP Minimum Aviation Specification Performance
MASPS Minimum Aviation/Aircraft System Performance Specification (ICAO)
MASS Multi-Aircraft Simplified Simulator
MASS Military Approach Surveillance System
MAST Multi-Aircraft Simulation Terminal
MAST 4 4 States Integration and Maastricht Development Steering Group
MASUAC Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (Centre de contrôle de l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht)
MAT Message Acknowledge Time
MAT Mackinnon-Aerospace and Training
MATCC Military ATC Centre
MATCOM Maastricht ATC Operations Manual
MATD Minimum Approach-to-terrain Distance
MATE Multi-Aircraft Training Environment
MATIAS Magyar (Hungarian) Automated and Integrated Air Traffic Control System
MATIP Mapping Airline Traffic over IP
MATO Military Air Traffic Operations
MATOS Modélisation et Allocation de Tâches entre Opérateur et Système (FR)
MATRAC Military Air Traffic Radar (Control) Centre
MaTraCpro Maastricht Trainee Career Progression
MATS Manual of Air Traffic Services
MATS Malta Air Traffic Services Ltd
MATSE Meeting of ECAC Transport Ministers on the Air Traffic System in Europe (Réunion des Ministres de la CEAC
sur le système de circulation aérienne en Europe)
MATSOG Military Air Traffic Services Organisation Germany
Page 258
Acronym Full form
MATWP Missed Approach Turning Waypoint
MATZ Military Aerodrome Traffic Zone
MAV Medium Access Control
MAWP Missed Approach Waypoint
MAZ Mini ASCAP-ZKSD Coupling
MB Message-B (field)
Mb Milibars
mb millibar(s)
MB megabyte
MB MariBor
MB Message for comm-B (data-field in downlink SLM)
MB-II Multibus II (RMCDE)
mbar millibar
MBB Messerschmitt, Bölkow and Blöhm (DE)
MBD Microwave Barrier Detector
MBI Message Block Identifier
Mbit/sec megabit per second
MBO Management by Objectives
Mbps megabits per second
MBR Mittel-Bereich radar
MBS Maximum Burst Size
MBS Multisite comm-B Subfield
MBS Mobile Broadcast Services
MByte megabyte
MC Main Computer
MC Middleware Channel
MC Medium Capacity
MC Message-C (field)
MC Message for comm-C (data-field in downlink SLM)
MC Monaco (ISO Countries Code)
Mc/s megacycles per second (= MHz)
MCA Minimum Crossing Altitude
Page 259
Acronym Full form
MCAC Military Common Area Control
MCAS Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System !Boeing)
MCC Main Computer Complex (Maastricht)
MCC Münster Coordinating Controller
MCC Master Control Centre
MCC Mission Control Centre
MCC Military Control Centre
MCCB Main Change Control Board
MCCE Movement Coordination Centre Europe
MCDA Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
MCDM Measure Collaboration Decision Making
MCDU Multifunction Control and Display Unit
MCDU Maintenance and Control Display Unit
MCE Management Centre Europe (seminars/courses)
MCF Manning Calculation Formula
MCG Minimum Climb Gradient
MCG Maastricht Coordination Group (groupe de coordination de Maastricht)
MCH Modified Cooper-Harper rating scale for system workload assessment
MCI Mobile Communication Infrastructure
MCM Model Configuration Management
MCMG Military Committee Meteorological Group
MCn Medium Capacity needs
MCP Mode Control Panel
MCP Multifunction Control Panel
MCP Management Control Point
MCP Maximum Climb Power
MCR Minimum Cell Rate
MCRI Military Certification Review Item
MCRR1 MuaC Reserve sector position [1]
MCRR2 MuaC Reserve sector position [2]
MCS Maintenance and Convergence to SESAR
MCS Military Centre Supervisor
MCS Master Control Station
MCS Master Clock System
Page 260
Acronym Full form
MCS Multi-Aircraft Cockpit Simulator
MCS Monitoring and Control System
MCSG Military Committee Staff Group
MCT Maastricht Coordination Team
MCTR Military CTR
MCU Main Computer Unit
MCU Main CWP-Unit
MCU Modular Concept Unit
MD Moldova (ISO 2 characters Country Code)
MD Message D user data field
md Man Day
MD Message for comm-D (data-field in downlink SLM)
MD Management Domain
MDA Model Driven Architecture
MDA Minimum Descent Altitude
MDA Minimum Discernible Signal
MDA Manageable Danger Area
MDA/H Minimum Descent Altitude/Height
MDB Minimal Detectable Bias
MDC Maintenance Diagnostic Computer
MDD Meteorological Data Distribution (function)
MDF Main Distribution Frame
MDG Mathematics Drafting Group
MDH Minimum Descent Height
MDI Manage Document Inputs
MDI Minimum Departure Interval
MDI Multiple Document Interface
MDM Master Data Management
MDNS Managed Data Network Service
MDP MADAP Data Processor
MDP Maastricht Development Plan
MDP Madap Data flight Plan
MDS Minimum Detectable Signal
MDS Management Document Storage
Page 261
Acronym Full form
MDS Multistatic Dependent Surveillance
MDT Maintenance Data Terminal
MDT Mission Development Trajectory
MDT Mean Down Time
ME Message E data field
ME Message Editing
MEA Minimum En-route Altitude (ICAO)
MEB Main Earthing Bar
MEC Münster Executive Controller
MEC FG Military European Convergence and Implementation Plan (ECIP) Focus Group
MECA Model for the Economical evaluation of the Capacities of the ATM system
MECO Muac East sector position
MECO Main Engine Cutoff
MECU Millons of ECU
MED Aviation medicine
MEDA Maintenance Error Decision Aid
[the financial instrument of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership] - MEDA 12 : Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel,
Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, the Palestinian Territory, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey.
MEDICIS Mécanisme d'Echange et de Diffusion d'Information Cartes Inter Systèmes (FR)
MEDLL Multipath Delay Lock Loop
MEDUP Mediterranean Upgrade Programme
medusa MEthoDology for the U-Space Safety Assessment
MEF Minimum Essential Facilities
MEFISTO Modelling, Evaluating and Formalising Interactive Systems using Tasks and Interaction Objectives
MEG Magnetoencephalography
MEHT Minimum Eye Height over Threshold (in VASIS context)
MEL Minimum En-route Level
MEL Minimum Equipment List
MEMPAC CBT on Memory, Perception, Cognition and Attention
MEMS Microelectromechanical Systems
MEO Medium Earth Orbit
MEOs Medium Earth Orbit Satellites
MEP Maastricht Exchange Position
MEP Muac East sector Position
Page 262
Acronym Full form
MEP Manual Exchange Position
MEP Military Engagement Plan
MEPAC MuAC East sector Position
MEPC Muac East Planning Coordinator
MEPS Military Engagement Plan for SESAR
MERC1 Muac East sector position
MERC2 Muac East sector position
MERISE Méthodes Eprouvées de Ralentissement Important et Significatif des Etudes (FR)
MERR Muac East sector position
MES Multi-site Elm Sub-field
MES Mobile Earth Stations
MES Mobile Earth Station
MET Meteorological or request METAR
MET Meteorological services for air navigation (Services météorologiques pour la navigation aérienne)
MET Meteorology/Meteorological information
MET SVC METeorological SerViCes
MET/AIS Meteorological and Aeronautical Information processing System
MET/TF Task Force on the Allocation of Meteorological Costs to Civil Aviation Users
METAR METeorological Aerodrome or Aeronautical Report
METCE Modèle pour l'Échange des informations sur le Temps, le Climat et l'Eau (WMO)
MEU Medical Examination Unit
MEURO Millions of EURO
MF Multi-Frequency
MF Multiplication Factor
MF More Frames
MF More Fragments
MF Manning Factor
MF Metering Fix
MF Multi-Field
MF Medium Frequency (300 kHz - 3 MHz)
MF-format MF Address Format
MFA Minimum Flight Altitude
MFA Multi-factor Authentication
MFA Message Format Area
Page 263
Acronym Full form
MFA Multilateral Framework Agreement (Accord-cadre multilatéral) (SESAR JU)
MFA1 cpl Message Format Area gat
MFA1O cpl Message Format Area Oat
MFAL Major Functional Areas List (ODS)
MFC Multi-Frequency Coding (telephone system)
MFC Multi Format Converter
MFC Multi Frequency Compelled
MFC-R2 Multi-Frequency Compelled - R2
MFC-R2 Multi-Frequency Compelled R2
MFC/LB Multi-Frequency Coding / Local Battery
MFD Multi-Function Display
MFD Main Function Display
MFD Mini Flight Data
MFDA Military Flight Data Assistant
MFDA1 Muac Flight Data Assistant [1]
MFDA2 Muac Flight Data Assistant [2]
MFDA3 Muac Flight Data Assistant [3]
MFF Mediterranean Free Flight (Project) (Projet méditerranéen de vol en mode libre)
MFG Manpower Focus Group
MFI MainFrame Interactive
MFL Military Flight List
MFPU Mobile Field Processing Unit
MFS Mainframe Systems Team (phased-out system)
MFS Message From Shanwick
MFS Maastricht Fallback System
MFT Multi Frequency Transceiver
MFUR Most Frequently Used route / Route la plus fréquemment utilisée
MG Military General (Queue)
MGA Message Guidance Area
MGC Main Graphics Controller
MGF Manoeuvre Generation Function
MGT Management
MGTOW Maximum Gross Take Off Weight
MGV Miss Generation Volume
Page 264
Acronym Full form
MHDD Multifunction Head Down display (Eurofighter)
MHE Message Handling Environment
MHF Medium High Frequency
MHS Message Handling Service (or System)
MHT Multi-Head Tracking
MHT Multi-Hypothesis Technique (ARTAS)
MHz megahertz
MIAT Mission d'inspection administrative et technique / Administrative and Technical Inspection Committee (=ATIC)
MIB Management Information Base
MIC Microphone (VCS)
MICA Met Improvements for Controller Aids
MICA Mode S Interrogator Code Allocation
MICAM MIlitary Code Assignment (or Allocation) Method
MICCA Mode S Interrogator Code Conflict Alerter
MICOG Mode S Interrogator Code Coordination Group (Groupe de coordination de l'allocation des codes
d'interrogateur Mode S)
MICoG Mode S IC Coordination Group
MICUP Méthode d'Interaction Constante des Unités Programmées / Computerised unit constant interaction method.
MID MID point (relating to RVR)
MID Middle-East Region (ICAO) / Moyen-Orient
MIDA Message Interchange Distributed Application
MIDAS Man-machine Integration Design analysis System
MIDCAS Mid-air Collision Avoidance System
MIDE Madap Integrated Development Environment
MIDS Multi-Function Information Distribution System
MIF MTI Improvement Factor
MIFG shallow FoG
MIG Mikojan - Gurevich
MIHF Media Independent Handover Framework
MIL Military
MIL Military Business Division (Division prestataire des affaires militaires)
MIL Military Organisations
MIL AHSG EAD Military Ad-Hoc Sub-Group on EAD matters
MIL BD Military Business Division (EUROCONTROL)
Page 265
Acronym Full form
MIL FS Militärische Flugsicherung (DE)
MIL-HDBK Military Handbook
MIL-STD Military Standard
MILATCC Military Air Traffic Control Centre
MilATCC MILitary ATC Centre
MILE Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System
MILEX MILitary EXercise
MILHAG Military Harmonisation Group (Groupe d'harmonisation militaire)
MILNET Military Network
MILO Military Liaison Officer
MILREP Military Representation
MILSATCOM Military Satellite Communications
MILT Military Team (Équipe militaire)
MIM Marketing and Information Management (Stratégie commerciale et gestion de l'information)
MIME Multi-Purpose Intenet Mail Extensions
MIME Market-based Impact Mitigation for the Environment
min minutes
MIN MINute(s)
MIN Message Identification Number
MINFAP MINimum FAcilities Project
MINIPLN Set of Flight plan related information provided by an FPPS to an ARTAS Unit, used for track labelling
MINIT Minutes in Trail
MINLINEUP Minimum to Line-up for Take-off
MIO Münster Input Operator
MIO Military sector Input Operator
MIP Mode Interlace Pattern
MIP Multinational Information Production
MIP Multi-format Integration of Plots
MIP Merge Initiation Point
MIPS Million Instructions per Second
MIR Management Information Repository
MIR Management Initiation Report
MIR Master Inspection Record
MIRACULIX Multi Interface Radarformat Calculator and User Line Information Exchange
Page 266
Acronym Full form
MIRL Medium Intensity Runway Lights (USA)
MIRTE Maastricht Interactive Route Training Environment
MIS Manual Input Station
MIS Management Information System
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Miles in Trail (US)
MITL Medium Intensity Taxiway Lights (USA)
MITRE R&D company associated with the Massachussets Institute for Technology
MIW Message In Window
Mk Mark
MK The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (ISO Country Codes)
MK12 Mark 12 Transponder
MKPI Military Key Performance Indicator
MKR MarKer Radio beacon
MKS metre kilogram second
ML Military
ML Mean Level
ML Maximum Likelihood
MLAT Multilateration (multilatération)
MLD Military Liaison Division
MLDT Mean Logistic Down Time
MLE Maastricht Legal Expert
MLIT Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Japan)
MLS Microwave Landing System
MLS Manual Line Switch
MLT Multilateration
mm Man-Month
MM Middle Marker
MM Middle Marker
MM Mobility Management
mm millimetre
MM Mental Model
MMC Multimedia Computer
MMEL Master Minimum Equipment List
Page 267
Acronym Full form
mmHg millimetres of mercury (unit of pressure)
MMHS Military Message Handling System
MMI Man-Machine Interface. See HMI
MMIL Martin-Marietta International Link
Mmo Maximum operating Mach
MMO Main Meteorological Office
MMOC Martin-Marietta Overseas Corporation
MMPI Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Inventory
MMR Multi Mode Receiver
MMR Minimum Monitoring Requirement
MMS Maastricht Management System (système de gestion de Maastricht)
MMS Message Multiplying System (Système de multiplication des messages)
MMS Military Mission System
MMS Man-Machine interface Supervision (ARTAS)
MMS Man Machine Interface and Supervision
MMSSR Multi-Mission Monopulse SSR
MMU Manchester Metropolitan University
MMUSIC Multipart MUltimedia Session Control
MNC Major NATO Commander
MNCC Multinational Coordination Centre
MNCO Muac North sector position
MNPAC Muac North sector Position
MNPC Muac North Planning Coordinator
MNPS Minimum Navigation Performance Specification
MNPSA Minimum Navigation Performance Specification Airspace
MNRC1 Muac North sector position
MNRC2 Muac North Radar Controller 2
MNRR Muac North sector position
MNS Mobile Network Services
MNS Mission Need Statement
MNT Mach Number Technique
MNT MoNiTor(ed)(ing)
Page 268
Acronym Full form
MNWG Multi-national Working Group
MO Management Objective (MUAC)
MO Maintenance opérationnelle
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOB Mobile
MoC Means of Compliance
MOC Minimum Obstacle Clearance
MoC Memorandum of Cooperation
MOCBITE Maastricht Operational Computer Based Information, Training and Examination System
MOD MODification
MOD Ministry of Defence
MOD Method of Operations Document
MODAF Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework
MODCOND ATFM Exceptional Condition Modification Message
Mode A a secondary radar reply message giving aircraft identity
Mode C a secondary radar reply message giving aircraft height
MODE C Altitude Reporting Mode of Secondary Radar (ICAO)
Mode S Mode Select
Mode S-SG Sub-Group for the initial implementation of Mode S Enhanced Surveillance
MODE-S Mode Select
MODEM MODulator /DEModulator
Modem MOdulator DEModulator
MODNL Dutch Ministry of Defence
MODREG ATFM Regulation Modification Message
MOF Mode of Flight
MoF Minister of Finance
MOFL Longitudinal Mode of Flight
MOFR Mode S FDPS Requirements
MOFT Transversal Mode of Flight
MOFV Vertical Mode of Flight
MOGAS Motor Gasoline
MoldATSA Moldovan Air Traffic Services Authority
MOM Message Orientated Middleware
Page 269
Acronym Full form
MOMO MOde s data link MOdel
MON Centre of Expertise Monitoring
MON Monitoring System
MON MONitor unit (CCTV)
MONA Monitoring Aids (Outils de suivi)
MONICA Mitigation of the Noise Impact of Civil Aviation
MONIQUE Multiplexer Operated Network Infrastructure for high Quality Exchange
MOOPS Menu of Output Of Plans in System
MOP Milestone Objective Plan
MOPS Minimum Operational Performance Specification
MOR Mandatory Occurrence Reporting
MOR Military Operational Requirements
MORA minimum off-route altitude
MORS Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Scheme
MOS Minimum Operating Strip
MOS Mean Opinion Score
MOS-LQO Mean Opinion Score- Listening Quality Objective
MOSD Mission Objectives and Strategy Document
MOSES Mode S Operational Simulation for Enhanced Surveillance
MOSQUITO Mode S Squitter Unit (Thales - for surface vehciles)
MOST Maastricht Operational Statistics Tool
MOSYS MUAC Operational SYStems (i.e. OPS systems requirements team at MUAC)
MOT Ministry Of Transport (UK)
MOT&E Multinational Operational Testing and Evaluation
MOTIS Message-Oriented Text Interchange System
MOTNE Meteorological Operational Telecommunications Network Europe
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MOU MOUse pointing device
MOUSES Mode-s Operational USe of Enhanced Surveillance
MOUSES TF Mode S Operational Use of Enhanced Surveillance Task Force
MOV MOVe(ment), MOVing
MOV MOVe rlb: mkr moves picture to the desired centre position
MOW Message Out Window
Page 270
Acronym Full form
MOX Maastricht Operational telephone eXchange
MOX (-B) Maastricht Operational Telephone Exchange (version B)
Mp Microprocessor
MP Manpower Planning
MP Maintenance Plan
MP Message Priority
MP Mental Picture
MP Mapping
MP-SEC Management Planning System Evaluation and Control
MPA Military Planning Assistant
MPA MOF Performance Analysis
MPA Maritime Patrol aircraft
MPC Military Planning Controller
MPC Message Processing Centre
MPC Military Planning Coordinator
MPC Multimedia PC
MPCC Multiple Protocol Communications Controller
MPCPE Most Penalised City Pairs in Europe
MPD Multi Purpose Display
MPDP Masuac People Development Programme
MPDR Medium Powered Doppler Radar
MPDU MAC Protocol Data Unit
MPDU Message Protocol Data Unit
MPEG Moving Pictures Experts Group
MPFR Multi-Purpose Flight Recorder
MPFS Multi-Purpose File System
MPH (Statute) Miles Per Hour
MPL Mini Flight Plan
MPL Multi-crew Pilot Licence
MPLCO Map Parameter List Communication Object
MPLS Multi-Protocol Label Switching
MPMT Multi-Protocol Message Terminal
MPO Maastricht Project Office
MPO Management Project Office
Page 271
Acronym Full form
MPOA Multi-Protocol Over ATM
MPP MUAC Prioritisation Plan
MPR Swedish National Board for Measurement and Testing
MPR Medium Powered Radar
MPRT Menu Preview Response Time
MPS Minimum Performance Specification
MPs Manpower Planners
MPS Manpower Planning Sub-Group
MPS Mission Planning System
MPS Metres Per Second
MPSG Manpower Planning Sub-Group
MPT Minimum Performance Transponder
MPVU Multiple Plot Variable Update
MPX Multiplex (Transmission)
MR Mobile Router
MRA Mandatory Route Activation/Cancellation/Modification Message
MRA Mixed Route Airspace
MRA Military Reserved Airspace
MRA Minimum Reception Altitude
MRB Maastricht Review Board
MRBO Maastricht Review Board Operations division
MRC Multi Radar Computer
MRC Monitoring and Remote Control
MRC Military Radar Controller
MRCA Multirole Combat Aircraft
MRCC Multiple Reference Consistency Checks
MRD Mission Requirement Document
MRDP Multi Radar Data Processing
MRDPS Multi Radar Data Processing System
MRDV Multi Radar Daten Verarbeitung / Multi-Radar Processing System
MREA Multi Radar Environment Assessment
MRF Mobile Routing Facility
MRG Medium RanGe
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Page 272
Acronym Full form
MRI Master Record Index (MAS - ODS)
MRK Marker (RLB)
MRL Minimum Risk Level
MRM Minimum Required Manoeuvre (OCD)
MRN Message Reference Number
MRO Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
MRP ats / Met Reporting Point
MRR Mandatory Rerouteing Message
MRRP Minimum Risk Routing Point
MRS Monitoring and Ranging Stations
MRSA Mandatory Radar Service Area
MRT Monitoring R/T (CPDLC)
MRT Multi-Radar Tracking
MRT Mean Response Time
MRT Monitoring R/T, an ACM service message
MRT Multi Radar Tracking
MRT-VU Multi Radar Tracking, Variable Update
MRTD Machine-Readable Travel Document
MRTS Multi Radar Tracker and Server (System)
MRTS1 Muac Reserve sector position
MRTS2 Muac Reserve sector position
MRU Projekt Marknadsföring Rekrytering Urval och Utbildning (SE) / Project for marketing, recruitment, selection
and training for ATCO students, in Sweden
MRVA Minimum Radar Vectoring Altitude
MRWR Muac West sector position
MS Middleware Service
MS Microsoft
MS MinuS
ms millisecond
MS Message Store
MS Maintenance spécialisée
MS TF Mode S System Task Force
MS-DTS Medium Speed-Data Transmission System
Page 273
Acronym Full form
MSA Multi-system Assistant
MSA Minimum Sector Altitude
MSA Minimum Safe Altitude
MSAP Middleware Service Access Point
MSAS MTSAT Satellite Based Augmentation System
MSAS MTSAT Augmentation System
MSAT Multi-Purpose Transport Satellite
MSAW Minimum Safe Altitude Warning (Avertisseur d'altitude minimale de sécurité)
MSB Management Support Bureau (Former name of OoD)
MSB Most Significant Bit
MSBN Mobile Satellite Business Network
MSC Message Services Component
MSC Meteorological Services Communication
MSC Miscellaneous Simulation Facility
MSC Maastricht Steering Committee
MSC Mobile Switching Centre
MSC Multi System Coupling
MSCC Mode S Conspicuity Code
MSD Most Significant Digit
MSD Modem Sharing Device (ADMAR)
MSDU Middleware Service Data Unit
MSEA Multi-Sensor Environment Assessment
msec millisecond
MSF Master Simulation Facility
MSG Manpower Sub-Group
MSG Message
MSGDLP Mode S Ground Data Link Processor
MSGF MeSsaGe Format aftn
MSGSUM Message Summary
MSGTXT Message Text
MSHT Material Standardisation Harmonisation Team
MSI IR Implementing Rule on Mode S Interrogator Code Allocation
MSK Minimum Shift Keying
MSL Mean Sea Level
Page 274
Acronym Full form
MSN Multiple Subscriber Number
MSNDCF Mobile Subnetwork Dependent Convergence Function
MSNF Multi System Networking Facility
MSO Message Start Opportunity
MSP Multi-sector planning
MSP Mode-s Specific Protocol
MSPC Muac South Planning Coordinator
MSPO Maastricht Simulator Planning Office
MSPSCO Madap Specific Plan Server Communication Object
MSPSR Multi Static Primary Surveillance Radar
MSR message success rate
MSRT Mean Services Restoration Time
MSS Message Switching System
MSS Mobile Satellite Services
MSS Mass Storage System
MSS Mode S Specific Service
MSS Message Storage System
MSS Maintenance and Support Services
MSSA Message Switching System
MSSE Mode S Specific Service Entity
MSSP Managed Security Services Provider
MSSP Mode S Specific (Service) Protocol
MSSR Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar
MSSS Mode S Specific Service
MST Multiple Sensor Tracking
MSTA Mode S Trials and Applications
MSTU Multiple Stagger Trigger Unit
MSU Management Storage Unit
MSUP Military SUPervisor
MSVG Member States' Voluntary Group
MSX MicroSoft eXtended (Basic)
MT Magnetic Track
MT Message Type
MT Malta (ISO 2 characters country Code)
Page 275
Acronym Full form
MT Message Transfer
MT Mosaic Table
MT MounTain
MT-Service Message Transfer Service
MTA Message Transfer Area
MTA Military Training Area
MTA Message Transfer Agent
MTAC Multiple Time Around Clutter
MTAE Message Transfer Agent Entity
MTAT Multiple Time Around Targets
MTBCF Mean Time Between Critical Failures
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure(s)
MTBR Mean Time Between Removals
MTCA Medium-Term Conflict Alert
MTCD Medium-Term Conflict Detection (détection des conflits à moyen terme)
MTCDR Medium-Term Conflict Detection and Resolution
MTCEP (Short) & Medium Term Capacity Enhancement Plan
MTCU Message Transfer and Control Unit
MTD Moving Target Detection
MTD Micro Tabular Display (SDD)
MTD Mean Down Time
MTD Moving Target Detector
MTD Medium Time to Detect
MTDP Maastricht Technical Development Plan
MTEM Ministère des transports, de l'équipement et de la mer
MTF Modulation Transfer Function
MTF Medium-term forecast
MTFI MTF Integration
MTI Moving Target Indication
MTI Moving Target Indicator
MTL Message Transfer Layer
MTN Mega Transport Network
Page 276
Acronym Full form
MTOM Maximum Take-Off Mass
MTOT Managed take-off Time
MTOW Maximum Take-Off Weight
MTP Medium-Term Plan
MTP Message Transfer Protocol
MTPA Mobile (SSR) Transponder Performance Analyser
MTR Mid-Term Review
Mtraq Multi track quality (RADNET)
MTS Memory Time Switch (ACS)
MTS upper winds & Temperature data (printout)
MTS MeTeorological Store
MTS Message Transfer System
MTS Manoeuvrable Target Simulator
MTSAT Multifunction Transport Satellite
MTSO Mobile Telephone Switching Office
MTTF Mean Time To Failure
MTTR Mean Time To Repair/Restore/Recover (CBN - CNG)
MTTRlru Mean Time to repair LRU
MTTRp Mean Time to repair product
MTTRsru Mean Time to repair SRU
MTTT Minimum Turn-round Time
MTU Maximum Transfer Unit
MTU Master Trigger Unit
MTU Magnetic Tape Unit
MTU MeTric Units
MTV Mid-Term concept validation programme
MTW MounTain Waves
MTWA Maximum Take-off Weight Authorised
MTWA Maximum Total Weight Authorised
MU Management Unit (ACARS)
Mu (Greek letter, lower case) Symbol for micro (10-6)
MUAC Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (Centre de contrôle de l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht)
MUACC Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (Centre de contrôle de l'espace aérien supérieur de Maastricht)
Page 277
Acronym Full form
MUDPIE Multiple User Data Processing Interactive Environment
MUF Maximum Usable Frequency
MUFTIS Model Use of Fast-Time Simulation
MUM Matcc Update Message
MUR Maximum Unambiguous Range
MURATREC Multi-Radar Trajectory Reconstitution
MUSAC Multiple Switching and Confirming (VCS)
MUSE Maastricht Upgraded Simulation Environment
MUT Mean Up Time
MUX Multiplex
MUX MUltipleXer
MV Monitoring Value
MV Military View
MV Motor Vessel
MVACO Madap Value Added Communication Object
MVE Move (RLB)
MVID Major Vector IDentifier
MVPA Military Variable Profile Area
MVPA Mobile Virtual Path network Architecture
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage
MVS Monitor Vertical Speed
MVT Movement Message
mW milliwatt
MW megawatt
MW Microwave link
mw Man Week
MWA Message Warning Area
MWCO Muac West sector position
MWO Meteorological Watch Office
MWP Meteorological Working Position
MWPAC Muac West sector position
MWPC Muac West Planning Coordinator (EWP 11,
MWRC1 Muac West sector position 1
MWRC2 Muac West sector position 2
Page 278
Acronym Full form
MWT(A) Mean Waiting Time, Administrative
MWTP Mean Willingness to Pay
MWW (Incoming) Upper Wind and temperature forecast
MX MiXed type of ice formation (white & clear)
MXCOP MADAP Exit Coordination Point
n Symbol for nano- (10-9)
N Neper
N Non-scheduled flight type
N Next sector (N-FDPS)
N North, Northern latitude
n-CONECT Network-Common Enhanced Collaborative ATM
N-Data Network Data Service
N-FDPS Next-Generation Flight Data Processing System
N-FDPS New Flight Data Processing System
N-FRG Northern Federal Republic of Germany
N-HRA NSA Human Resources Application
N-ODS New Operator Input and Display System (N-FDPS)
N/A Not Available or Not Assigned
N/A Not Applicable
N/App Not Applicable
N/C Not Comparable
N5 Number 5
NA National Administration
NA Navigation aérienne
NA Navaid or Navigation Aid
NA non-Active
NAA National Aviation Authority
NAA National Airworthiness Authorities (autorités nationales de navigabilité (ANN))
NABS National Augmentation Broadcast System
NAC Navigation Accuracy Category
NAC NextGen Advisory Committee
NAC North Atlantic Council
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NACMA NATO Agency for Air Command and Control System Management
Page 279
Acronym Full form
NACp Navigation Accuracy Category for Position
NAD Network Added Delay
NADC NATO Air Defence Committee
NADGE NATO Air Defence Ground Environment
NADIN National Airspace Data Interchange Network (US)
NADPS Noise Abatement Departure Procedures
NAEW NAto Early Warning
NAEW & C NATO Airborne Early Warnings (and Control)
NAF NATO Architecture Framework
NAF New Arrival Form (Web form)
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement (Canada, US, Mexico)
NAGU Notice Advisory to GLONASS Users
NAI Non-Automated (or Non-Automatic) Initiation
NAIA New Athens International Airport
NAIS Norwegian Aeronautical Information System
NAK Negative Acknowledgement (ICAO)
NAK Negative AcKnowledge
NALLA National Long Lines Agency
NAM North America Region (ICAO)
NAM Non AMC-Manageable Area
NAMC National Airspace Management Cell
NAMD New Arrival, Move and Departure process
NAME Nadge - ADMAR Message Exchange
NAMILCOM NATO Military Committee
NAMSA NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency
NAMSO NATO Maintenance and Supply Organisation
NAN Next Authority Notified message (OLDI)
NANET National Networks
NANSC National Air Navigation Services Company (Egypt)
NANU Notice Advisory to NAVSTAR Users
NAP National Associated Programmes
NAP Noise Abatement Operating Procedure
NAPS National Air Pollution Surveillance Network
NAR North American Route System
Page 280
Acronym Full form
NARDS Norwegian Automatic Dependent Surveillance
NARFA National Radio Frequencies Agency
NARG Navigation Aids and Area Navigation Group (ICAO - EANPG)
NARSIM NLR ATC Research Simulator
NAS Network Administration System (DAKOS, FFM / RAPNET - MAS UAC)
NAS Network Attached Storage
NAS National Airspace System (US)
NAS National Airspace
NAS Naval Air Station
NAS-Plan National Airspace Plan
NASA US National Aeronautics & Space Administration (Administration nationale de l'aéronautique et de l'espace )
NASA RTLX NASA Raw Task Load indeX
NASA TLX NASA Task Load indeX
NASC National AIS System Centre
NASDA National Space Development Agency of Japan
NASG Navigation Applications Sub-Group (Sous-groupe "Applications de navigation")
NASPAC National Airspace Performance Analysis Capability
NASUG North American SIMMOD User Group
NAT Network Address Translation
NAT North Atlantic Region (ICAO)
NAT North Atlantic Track
NAT ADS North Atlantic Automatic Dependent Surveillance
NAT ATMG North Atlantic Air Traffic Management
NAT CADAG North Atlantic Communications Automation and Data Link Applications Group
NAT CMA North Atlantic Region Central Monitoring Agency
NAT IMG North Atlantic Implementation Management Group
NAT MWG North Atlantic Mathematicians Working Group
NAT NAM North Atlantic / North America (ICAO Regions)
NAT OPS MNG North Atlantic Operations Managers Meeting
NAT PCO North Atlantic Programme Coordination Office (ICAO)
NAT RSSIG North Atlantic Reduced Separation Standard Implementation Group
NAT SPG North Atlantic Systems Planning Group
NAT VSIG North Atlantic Vertical Separation and Implementation Group
NAT-PT Network Address Translation - Protocol Translation
Page 281
Acronym Full form
NAT-TFG North Atlantic Air Traffic Forecasting Group
NATA National Air Traffic Agency, Albania
NATCON North Atlantic Concept
NATINAD(S) NATO Europe Integrated Air Defence (System)
NATMAC National Air Traffic Management & Advisory Committee
NATMC National Airspace and Traffic Management Centre (Germany)
NATMC NATO Air Traffic Management Committee (Comité OTAN de gestion de la circulation aérienne)
NATMIG North European ATM Industry Group
NATN (Swedish) National Aeronautical telecommunications Network
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATPG North Atlantic Planning Group
NATS National Air Traffic Services (UK)
NATSPG North Atlantic Systems Planning Group (ICAO)
NAV Net Asset Value
NAV Navigation (EUROCONTROL EATMP Domain name)
NAV Navigational equipment (Flight plan item 18 indicator)
NAV NAVigation(al)
NAV Net Asset Value
NAV Net Asset Value
NAV-1 Radar Data System (Portugal)
NAVAID Navigation Aid
NAVAID Air navigation aid (Aide à la navigation aérienne)
NAVCEN Navigation Center
NAVDATA Navigation Data
NAVDB Navigation Data Base
NAVIAIR Flyvesikrinstjenesten (Danish Air Navigation Service Provider)
NAVSAT Navigation Satellite
NAVSEP Navigation and Separation Specialist Panel
NAVSTAR Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging System (Original name of military GPS)
NAWS NILU Ash Warning Service
NB NorthBound
NBA Finnish CAA (SU)
NBAA National Business Aviation Association
nbarc Number of aircraft (ADEXP)
Page 282
Acronym Full form
NBFR Not BeFoRe ...
NBS National Bureau of Standards (U.S.A.)
NBV Net Book Value
NC Normally Connected
NC non-Compliant
NC Number of C-segment (bits)
NC Navigation Computer (Eurofighter)
NC Non-Conformance
NC No Change
NC Number of C-Segment
NC Non-Critical
NC Normally Closed
NCAA NATO Civil Aviation Agency - Agence OTAN de l'aviation civile
NCAA Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority
NCAB National Civil Aviation Board
NCAIC National Civil Aviation Information Centre
NCAT Net-Centric Air Transportation
NCC Non-Commercial operations with Complex motor-powered aircraft
NCCA No Clearance to Civil Aircraft
NCCF Network Communications Control Facility
NCD Network Capacity and Demand
NCD Network adapter CarD
NCIPD National CIP Documents (now replaced by LSSIP (documents))
NCMS Network Channel Management Station
NCMS Network Channel Management System
NCN non-Compliance Notification
NCO Non-Commercial operations with Other-than-complex motor-powered aircraft
NCOP Entry Coordination Point
NCP NSA Cooperation Platform
NCP Entry Coordination Partner (N-FDPS)
NCP Network Control Programme
NCP Network Control Protocol
NCP National Supervisory Authorities Coordination Platform
NCQ Network, Communication, Quality Unit (Unité "Réseau, communication et qualité")
Page 283
Acronym Full form
NCR non-Conformity Report
NCS Navigational Computer System
NCS Network Control System / Station (CBN - CNG)
NCS Network Communication System
NCW non-Conformance Warning
ND Network Digit (CCITT X.121 Structure)
ND Navigation Display
ND Number of Dte addresses
ND Number of D-Segment
NDA Next Data Authority (ICAO)
NDA National Distribution Agency
NDA Network Delay Attribution
NDA non-Disclosure Agreement (accord de non-divulgation)
NDB Non-Directional Beacon
NDB-A Nondirectional Beacon Circling Approach
NDBX open navigation data base standard
NDE Node Processor
NDEF No Details Estimate Form
NDI non-Development Items
NDOP Network Directors of Operations
NDOP/NDTECH Network directors of operations & technology
NDS Non-Deviation Status
NDS Nuclear Detection System
NDT Natural Departure Time
NE North-East
NE Network Element
NEA Nederlands Instituut voor Economische Argumentatie (NL)
NEAC North European ANS Providers' Cooperation
NEAN North European ADS-B Network
NEAP North European ANS Providers
NEAP North European CNS/ATM Application Project
NEASCOG NATO-EUROCONTROL Air Traffic Management (ATM) Security Group (groupe de coordination OTANEUROCONTROL
pour la sûreté de la navigation aérienne)
NEB North-EastBound
Page 284
Acronym Full form
NEC National Environment Coordinator
NECP Entry Coordination Point (MADAP)
NECS Next Generation End User Computing Services Project
NEF Noise Exposure Forecast
NEFAB North European Functional Airspace Block
NEFRA North European Free Route Airspace Programme
NEG NEGative, No, incorrect, permission refused
NEGATIVE RA RA applying maximum vertical rate (eg don't descend > 500 ft/min)
NEI Noise Exposure Index
NELS Northwest European Loran-C System
NEMO Network Mobility
NEO Network Enabled Operations
NEON NEw Organisation Natenheim
NEP (A)NSP Expert Panel
NERC New En-Route Control Centre (UK)
NERC System New En-Route Centre System (UK)
NERS North Atlantic European Routing System
NES Navigation Ground Earth Station
NESN Next Expected Sequence Number
NEST Network Strategic Monitoring Tool
Net Network
NET Network Entity Title
NET BD Network Capacity Business Division (EUROCONTROL - DAP Business Directorate)
NET-TF Network Management Task Force
NetBIOS-DGM NetBIOS Datagram Service
NetBIOS-NS NetBIOS Name Service
NetBIOS-SSN NetBIOS Session Service
NETCAP Network Capacity (simulator)
NETMA NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency
NEVAC Network Estimation Visualisation ACC Capacity
NEWCTOT New Calculated Take-Off Time
NEWEOBD New Estimated Take-off Date
NEWEOBT New Estimated Off-Block Time
Page 285
Acronym Full form
NEWETOT New Estimated Take-Off Time
NewPENS New Pan-European Network Service
NEWPTOT New Provisional Take-off Time
NEWREG New ATFM Regulation Message
NEWRTE New Route
NEXCOM Next Generation Air/Ground Communications
NEXRAD Next Generation (Weather) Radar - US WR Programme
NexSAT Next Generation Satellite Systems
NF Noise Figure
NF IR Network Functions Implementing Regulation (règlement d¿exécution relatif aux fonctions de réseau)
NFL Entry Flight Level (N-FDPS)
NFL Nachrichten für Luftfahrer (DE) (= NOTAM)
NFL eNtry Flight Level (Re-entrant flight)
NFLGB Nachrichten für Luftfahrt Gerichte Beratung (DE) (AIS)
NFPPDS National Flight Plan Processing System
NFR Non-Functional Requirement
NFS Network Filing System
NFS Native File Store
NFT Nominal Flight Trajectory
NFT Never Filtered Tracks
NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
NGA Non-Governmental Authorities
NGAP Next Generation Aviation Professionals
NGATS Next Generation Air Transport System
NGATS => NextGen Next Generation Air Transportation System (Système de transport aérien de la prochaine génération)
NGS National Geodetic Survey
NGSS Next Generation Satellite System
NH Network Header
NHIP Nordic Harmonisation and Integration Programme
NHRP Next Hop Resolution Protocol
NHS non-Standard Headset
NI Not-Involved sector (N-FDPS)
NI Navigation Infrastructure
Page 286
Acronym Full form
NIC Network Interface Cards
NIC Network Information Centre
NIC Navigation Integrity Category
NIFO Next-In, First-Out
NIH Noise Induced Hearing Loss
NIL None, Nothing to communicate
NILU Norsk institutt for luftforskning (Norwegian Institute for Air Research)
NIM Network Information Message
NIM Navigational Integrity Monitoring (ICAO)
NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency (of the US Department of Defence (DOD)
NIMS Network Information Management System / Système de gestion des informations à léchelle du réseau
NINS-NILS New Integrated Navigation System - New Integrated Landing System
NINST non-INSTrument runway type
NIPS Network Infrastructure Performance monitoring and analysis Service
NIPS/SAT-NAV NIPS/monitoring and prediction of satellite navigation
NIROS Noise Impact Reduction and Optimization System
NIS Network Information Services (now replaced by Operational Collaboration or Operational Applications)
NIS Network Infrastructure and Security
NISG Navigation Infrastructure Sub-Group (Sous-groupe "Infrastructure de navigation")
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S.A.)
NIT 1 cd/mý (luminance)
NIT Nordic Implementation Team
NITA New Information Technologies in Aviation
NITS Nature of the emergency, (crew's) Intentions, Time frame, Special instructions
NKZ Netzkontrollzentrale
NL Network Layer
NL The Netherlands
NLA Next Level Aggregation
NLA New Large Aircraft
NLC Netherlands Aviation College (NL) / Nederlands Luchtvaart College
NLES Navigation Land Earth Station
NLG Nose Landing Gear
NLM Netware Loadable Module
Page 287
Acronym Full form
NLM Nederlandse Luchtvaart Maatschappij (NL)
NLQ Near Letter Quality
NLR Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium (National aerospace laboratory (Netherlands)) (Laboratoire
aérospatial des Pays-Bas)
NLRI Network Layer Reachability Information
NLS Navigation & Landing System
NLSP Network Layer Security Protocol
NLST New List (for RPLs)
NLT Not Later Than
NM Network Manager (NB - "NM" should not be used for "Network Management") (gestionnaire du réseau)
Nm Newton Metre
NM Negotiation Manager (PATs)
NM Nautical Mile (1,852 m)
NM North Marker
NM 4ACC Network Manager 4 Area Control Centres
NM PTF Network Operations Performance Task Force (NB: Now replaced by NOP TF)
NM WAN Network Manager Wide Area Network
NMAC Near Mid-Air Collision
NMB Network Management Board
NMC Network Management Centre (RAPNET / MAS UAC / DAKOS)
NMC Network Management Cell (Cellule de gestion du réseau)
NMD Network Management Directorate (direction "Gestion du réseau")
NMD/ACD Network Management Directorate/Airspace and Capacity Division (direction "Gestion du réseau"/division
"Espace aérien et capacité" - DNM/ACD)
NMD/BCS Network Management Directorate/Business Coordination Service (direction "Gestion du réseau"/service
"Coordination des activités" - DNM/BCS)
NMD/INF Network Management Directorate/Infrastructure Division (direction "Gestion du réseau"/division
"Infrastructure" - DNM/INF)
NMD/NOM Network Management Directorate/Operations Division (direction "Gestion du réseau"/division "Opérations" -
NMD/OFF Network Management Directorate/Director and the Office of the Director (direction "Gestion du
réseau"/directeur DNM et le bureau du directeur DNM - DNM/OFF)
NMD/SAF Network Management Directorate/Operational Safety, SQS and Integrated Risk Management Unit (direction
"Gestion du réseau"/unité "Sécurité opérationnelle, SQS et gestion coordonnée des risques" - DNM/SAF)
NMD/TA Network Management Directorate/Technology Advisor (conseiller en technologie - DNM/TA)
NMD/TEC Network Management Directorate/Technology Division (direction "Gestion du réseau"/division "Technologie" -
Page 288
Acronym Full form
NMD/TRG Network Management Directorate/Training Division (direction "Gestion du réseau"/division "Formation" -
NME/ad hoc d Hoc Working Group of National Management Experts
NMEA National Marine Electronics Association
NMF Network Management Function
NMF IR Network Management Functions Implementing Rule
NMICP Network Manager Incident Coordination Procedure
NMIL Nieuw Milligen
NMIR Network Manager Interactive Reporting
NMOC Network Manager Operations Centre (centre d'exploitation du gestionnaire du réseau)
NMOCRD NM Operational Contingency Requirements Document
NMOS N-type Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NMP Network Monitoring Protocol
NMPP Network Manager Performance Plan
NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
NMR National Military Representative
NMS Network Management System
NMT Network ManagemenT
NMVP Network Manager Validation Platform
NNCOP New Node Change-Over Protocol
NNE North North-East
NNEW NextGen Network Enabled Weather
NNI Network-to-Network Interface
NNSS Navy Navigation Satellite System (Known as TRANSIT)
NNW North-North-West
NO Norway (ISO Country Code)
NO Normally Open
NO Network Operator
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US)
NOAAPORT National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Data Transmission System (US)
NOC Network Operation Centre
NODE NATS Operational Display Equipment
Page 289
Acronym Full form
NOG Northern Telecom Network Operator's Group (CNG - CBN)
NOG OA&M NOG Operations, Administration & Maintenance Subgroup (CNG - CBN)
NOG-FSG NOG Features Subgroup (CNG - CBN)
NOIRh Nouvel outil informatique des ressources humaines
NOKIA Nokia Corporation
NOMAS NOTAM Management System (NL)
NOMSG Number Of MeSsaGes
NOP Network Operations Plan (plan d'exploitation du réseau)
NOP non-OPerational (device status)
NOP Network Operations Portal
NOP TF Network Operations Performance Task Force
NOPAL Network Operations Plan Access Layer
NOPIA Nouvel outil de production de l'information aéronautique
NOPLA Network Operations Planner
NOPT No Procedure Turn required
NORAC No Radio Contact
NORACON Northern European and Austro Control Consortium
NORAD NORth american Air Defence command
NORAP Norwegian Radar Programme
NOS Network Operating System
NOSIG NO SIGnificant change (trend type landing forecasts)
NOSS Normal Operations Safety Survey
NOT Notam
NOT No Transfer
NOT Boolean Symbol - NOT
NOTA Northern Oceanic Transition Area
NOTAM Notice to Airmen
NOTAMC NOTAM to cancel
NOTAMR NOTAM to replace
NOTOC Notification to Captain (notification au commandant)
NOV NOVember
NOVOSTI Russian News and Information Agency
NOW Network Operations World (DNM vlog)
Page 290
Acronym Full form
NOx Nitrogen oxides
NOZ Normal Operating Zone
NP Network Protocol
NP-Complete Nondeterministic Polynomial - Complete
NPA Notice of Proposed Amendments (Avis de proposition de modification) (EASA)
NPA Non-Precision Approach (Approche classique)
NPDU Network Protocol Data Unit (RMCDE)
NPI Null Pointer Indication
NPIAS National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (US)
NPL Night Plan
NPM Node and Process Management
NPM Network Performance Monitor
NPO Scientific and Development Association [Russian]
NPO KIP [Russian]. Scientific Production Organisation ; Scientific Production Institute of Space Device Building
NPO PM [Russian]. NPO Prikladnoi Mekhaniki (RU) / Scientific Production Institute for Applied Mechanics
NPP Network Performance Plan
NPR Noise Preferential Routes
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Avis de proposition de réglementation)
NPSI Network Packet Switching Interface
NPV Net Present Value
NPV Non-Precision Approach procedure with Vertical Guidance
NPWP non-Published Way Point
NPZ No Planning Zone
NR NumbeR
NR Normal Response
NR Noise Rating
NR Non-Reserved Bandwidth
Nr. Number
NRA Non-Radar Airspace
NRAC NumbeR of AirCraft
NRC National RAD Coordinator
NRC National Research Council
NRF NATS Research Facility
NRH No Reply Heard
Page 291
Acronym Full form
NRL US) Naval Research Laboratory
NRM Normal Response Mode
NRP North American Route Program
NRP Next Reporting Point
NRP National Route Program
NRP North Reference Pulse
NRPO New Roster Project Office (MUAC)
NRT-VBR non-Real Time - Variable Bit Rate
NRZ non-Return to Zero (RMCDE)
NRZI non-Return to Zero Inverted (RMCDE)
ns Nanosecond
NS Next Sector
NS Navigation Specifications
Ns Nimbo Stratus
NS Network CNS-IM Services
NS Navigation Separation
NSA National Supervisory Authority (Autorité de surveillance nationale)
NSA non-Sequenced Acknowledgement
NSA - SOCA NSA Training Intiative: Oversight of Competence Arrangements for ATM staff
NSA - SOSM NSA Training Initiative: Oversight of Safety Management Arrangements in ATM
NSA -SOSW NSA Training Initiative: Oversight of Software used in ATM
NSA SOCH NSA Training Initiative: Oversight of Changes in ATM
NSAA North Sea Area Amsterdam
NSAC National Supervisory Authorities Committee
NSAP Network Service Access Point
NSAP Network Service Access Point
NSC New Scottish Centre
NSC Notice to Airmen Selection Criteria
NSC Nil Significant Cloud
NSD Navigational Status Display
NSDI Noise Sensitivity Depreciation Index
NSDMCG NextGen-SESAR Data Model Coordination Group
NSDU Network Service Data Unit
NSE Navigation System Error
Page 292
Acronym Full form
NSFL Supplementary Entry Flight Level (N-FDPS)
NSFNET us wide internet backbone
NSI non-Sequenced Information
NSM Network Station Management
NSM-TF Network and System Management Task Force
NSP Network Strategic Plan
NSP Navigation Systems Panel (ICAO)
NSS Network Server System
NSSG Navigation and Separation Sub-Group
NSSR Next/New Secondary Surveillance Radar Code (MADAP)
NST Northern Standard Time, UTC -3h30. (USA)
NSTB National Safety Transport Board
NSTB National Satellite Test Bed
NSVN NATO Secure Voice Network
NSWC Naval Surface Warfare Centre
NT Northern Telecom (RMCDE)
NT Microsoft Windows NT Operating System
NT Network Termination
NT1 Network Termination type [1]
NT2 Network Termination type [2]
NTA No Traffic Accepted Message
NTACNL No Traffic Accepted Cancellation Message
NTAMOD No Traffic Accepted Modification Message
NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient
NTCR Near-Term Conflict Resolution Tool
NTE Not to exceed
NTI NSA Training Initiative
NTM F/T SIM Nattenheim Fast Time Simulation
NTN Network Terminal Number (CCITT X.121 Structure)
NTP Network Time Protocol
NTP Network Termination Point
NTPI New Travel Policy Implementation
NTPI New Travel Policy Implementation (Mise en oeuvre de la nouvelle politique en matière de missions)
NTPS New Travel Policy System
Page 293
Acronym Full form
NTR New Task Request
NTR/ADD New Task Request/ADD
NTR/SRD New Task Request/SRD
NTR/TL.ADD New Task Request/Top Level ADD and ICD
NTRC National TMA RNAV Coordinator
NTRY Entry
NTS Network Technical Systems (NM)
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board (US)
NTT NERC Transition Team
NTWG New Technologies Working Group (ICAO)
NTZ No Transgression Zone
NUA Network User Address
NUAC Nordic Upper Area Control Centre
NUC Navigation Uncertainty Category
NUDET Nuclear Detection
NUL blank
NUP North European ADS-B Network (NEAN) Update Programme
NVA Navigational Aid (ENV entity item, used in all CHMI)
NVCS New Voice Communication System
NVG Night Vision Goggles
NVIS Night Vision Imaging System
NVM Non-Volatile Memory (flight data recorder)
NVM Non-Volatile memory
NvPM Non-volatile Particulate Matter
NVRAM non-Volatile RAM
NW North-West
NWB North-WestBound
NWS National Weather Service (US)
NWSTG National Weather Service Telecommunications Gateway (US)
NXRPT Next Reporting Point
NXT Next
NXT Exceeding Time to Perform Next Clearance
NXT [7] NeXT: display of the next edd page/queue
Page 294
Acronym Full form
NXT [8] NeXT: display of the next tid page/queue
NY New York
NZ New Zealand
O Oceanic
O-TGS ODS - Target Generation System
O/R Originator/Recipient
O/R On Request
O/R-Addres Originator-Recipient Address
OA Office Automation
OAA Open Aviation Area
OAC Olno Assistant Controller
OACA Civil Aviation and Airports Authority (Office de l'aviation civile et des aéroports)
OACC Oceanic Area Control Centre
OACI Organisation de l'aviation civile internationale (International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO)
OAG Official Airlines Guide
OAM Operations and Maintenance
OAPC Office Automation and Personal Computer
OAS Oceanic Automation System (ICAO - ADS)
OAS Office Automation System
OASIS Open ATC System Integration Strategy (OCD)
OASIS Operational and Supportability Implementation System (US)
OASIS Oceanic Area System Improvement Study
OASIS Operational Application of Special Intelligence Systems
OASIS Open Architecture for Simulation Systems (Architecture ouverte pour systèmes de simulation)
OAST Office Automation Support Team
OASYS Operational Airspace & SYStem section
OASYS Obstacle Avoidance System
OAT Operational Air Traffic (Circulation opérationnelle militaire)
OAT Outside Air Temperature (= QMU)
OATA Overall ATM/CNS Target Architecture (Architecture globale ATM/CNS cible)
OATPwCO OAT PreWarning Communication Object
OATTS Operational Air Traffic Transit Service - système de transit COM-IFR
OAUG Office Automation Users Group
OBA Off-Bore sight Angle
Page 295
Acronym Full form
OBC On-Board Computer
OBC Operations Backup Centre
Obj. Objective in CIP
OBLK Oat BLocKed ssr codes
OBM Madap data OBsolete
OBR Obnova Radiolomunikaci (YU) / Renewal of Air-Ground Communications
OBS OBSserve(d), OBServation
OBS OBservation Status
OBS time at which record is cancelled, (declared OBSolete)
OBS Organisational Breakdown Structure
OBSC OBSCure(d), OBSCuring
OBT Off-Block Time
OC Object Correlator
OC Other Centre
OC Optical Carrier
OCA Overall Concept and Architecture Activity
OCA Online Communication Affairs
OCA Oceanic Control Area
OCA Obstacle Clearance Altitude
OCA/H Obstacle Clearance Altitude/Height
OCAP Out of Control Action Plan
Occ OCCulting, (relating to marine lights)
OCC Operations Control Centre
OCC Olno Coordinating Controller
OCCAR Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d'Armament
OCCB Operational Change Control Board
OCD Oceanic Clearance Delivery
OCD Operational Concept Document (Concept opérationnel)
OCDE Organisation de Coopération et de Développement économiques = OECD
OCE Operational Concept Element
OCG Operations Coordination Group (Groupe de coordination des opérations)
OCGCTA Organisme Central de Gestion des Courants de Trafic Aérien
OCH Obstacle Clearance Height
Page 296
Acronym Full form
OCIC Operations Control Incident Centre
OCL Obstacle Clearance Limit (ICAO)
OCL Operation Control Language
OCL Oceanic Clearance
OCL Object Constraint Language
OCL Oceanic CLearance delivery
OCM Oceanic Clearance Message
OCM Operational Configuration Management (N-FDPS)
OCNL OCcasioNaL(ly)
OCP Operator Control Panel
OCP Obstacle Clearance Panel
OCP Operational Change Proposal
OCP Operational Computer Programme
OCR Optical Character Recognition
OCR Operational and Certification Requirements
OCR TF Operational and Certification Requirements Task Force
OCS Obstacle Clearance Surface
OCS Operational Control System
OCS Operational Control Segment
OCT Operational Control Terminal (VCS)
OCT Onward Clearance Time
OCT Operating Control Terminal
OCTF Operation Concept Task Force
OCTOPUS Off-line Concentrator based TOken ring Protocol User Support
OCTS Ods Contract Technical Specification
OCU Operational Conversion Unit
OCV Operational Coverage Volume
OCVM Operational Concept Validation Methodology
OCVSD Operational Concept Validation Strategy Document
OCW Operational Configuration Window
OCX New Object similar to VBX
OD Organisation and Development
OD Optional Data
Page 297
Acronym Full form
ODA Open Document Architecture
ODALS Omnidirectional Approach Lighting System
ODAPS Oceanic Display And Planning System
ODBC Open Data Base Connectivity
ODBMS Object Database Management System
ODC Organisational Development Committee
ODC Organisational Development Committee
ODC Office of Defence Cooperation
ODCS Obstacle Data Collection Surface
ODETE On-line Data Exchange Terminal
ODF Oceanic Development Facility (ICAO)
ODI Open Data-link Interface
ODIAC Operational Development of Integrated Surveillance and Air/Ground Data Communications
ODIAC-SG Operational Development of Initial Air ground Data Communications Subgroup
ODIAC-TF Operational Development of Initial Air/Ground Data Communications Services
ODID Operational Display and Input Device (Dispositif d'affichage et d'entrée de données)
ODID Operational Display and Input Development
ODIF Open Document Interchange Format
ODIN (Swedish) Briefing System (AIS)
ODL Opposite Direction flight Level
ODL Optional Data Length
ODP ATM Operational Requirements & Data Processing
ODP Open Distributed Processing
ODP operational deployment package
ODP Optimised Descent Profile
ODS Operator Input and Display System (système d'entrée et d'affichage de données)
ODS Operational Display System (ESCO)
ODSG Operations and Development Sub-Group (Sous-groupe "Opérations et développement")
ODSGADC ODSG ATFM Delay Calculation
ODT Operational Requirements and Data Processing Team
ODT Operational Requirements and (ATM) Data Processing Team
ODU Output Distribution Unit
ODZ Origin Destination Zone
OE Operational Entity
Page 298
Acronym Full form
OE operating environment
OEC Olno Executive Controller
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (= OCDE)
OED Operational Environment Definition
OED Operational Environment Description
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OEP Oceanic Entry Point
OEP Operational Evolution Partnership
OES Outside Electricity Supplies
OES Outside Electric Supply
OF Option Flag
OFA Operational Focus Area
OFAC Office Fédéral de l'Aviation Civile (CH) / Federal Office for Civil Aviation (=FOCA)
OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFF-PDR OFF Pre-Determined Route
OFFPDR Off Predetermined Route
OFFPDR OFF Pre-Determined Route
OFG Operational Focus Group
OFI Opportunity for Improvement
OFIR Oceanic FIR
OFIS Operational Flight Information Service
OFL Off-Line
OFP TF OAT Flight Plan Task Force
OFS Ordered Field Sequencing (ASTERIX)
OFST Offset (N-FDPS)
OFZ Obstacle Free Zone (US)
OGC Open Geospatial Consortium
OGHFA Operators Guide to Human Factors in Aviation
OGM Objectives > Goals > Mission
OGRAN Open Gate Router Access Node
OH Operational Handbook
OHA Operational Hazard Analysis/Assessment
OHD OverHeaD
OHP Overhead Projector
Page 299
Acronym Full form
OHTF Operational Harmonisation Task Force
OI Operational Improvement
OI Operational Instruction
OI Operator Interface
OID Object Identifier
OIDS Operational Information Display System
OIFG ORCAM Improvement Focus Group
OIFG "Originating Region Code Assignment Method (ORCAM) Improvement Focus Group" or "ORCAM
Improvement Focus Group"
OIG Operational Implementation Group (Groupe de travail chargé de la mise en oeuvre opérationnelle)
OIO Olno Input Operator
OIS Obstacle Identification Surface
OIS Office Information Systems
OIT Organisation Internationale du Travail (=ILO)
OJ Official Journal
OJ L Official Journal of the European Union (Legislation)
OJCT On-the-Job Conversion Training
OJEC Official Journal of the European Communities
OJT On-the-Job Training
OJTI On-the-Job Training Instructor
OJTI-e On The Job Training Instructor- e-Learning version
OKAY normal operation resumed
OL Operating Location
OLA Operational Level Agreement
OLDI On-Line Data Interchange (Échange de données en ligne)
OLDINA OLNO, Diekirch, Nattenheim (Nattenheim area)
OLDISP OLDI Specialist Panel
OLE Object Linking & Embedding
OLEVAT On-Line Exercise of Validation of Aircraft Trajectories
OLM Output Link Management
OLR Off Load Route
OLRA Off-Load Route Activation Message
OLRCNL Off-Load Route Cancellation Message
OLRMOD Off-Load Route Modification Message
Page 300
Acronym Full form
OLS Off-Line System
OLS Obstacle Limitation Surface(s)
OM Outer Marker
OM Operations Manual
OM Ministerial Order
OM Original Message
OM Operation and Maintenance (phase)
OMAS Operations Manager Airspace and Systems
OMC Operational Monitoring Complex ; Operational Monitoring Cell (ACAS, AIG Subgroup)
OMC Operational Monitoring Complex
OMC Ods Monitoring and Control system
OMD Operational Management Domain
OMEGA OMEGA navigational facility
Omega (Greek letter, upper case) Symbol for Omni directional
OMG Object Management Group
OMG Operational Monitoring Group (ACAS)
OMI Organisation Maritime Internationale / International Maritime Organisation (=IMO)
OMM Organisation Météorologique Mondiale / World Meteorological Organisation (=WMO)
OMT Object Modelling Technique
OMT Operations division Management Team
ON Operational Notice
ON Office Notice (note de service)
ONBL Oat Non-BLocked ssr codes
ONDA Office National Des Aéroports (Morocco)
ONERA Office National d'Étude et de Recherche Aéronautique (France)
ONL ON Line (device status)
ONL On-Line
ONP Open Network Provision (Telecommunications)
OO Object Oriented
OOA Object Oriented Analysis
OOD Object Oriented Design
OODBMS Object-Oriented Database Management System
OOOI Out Off On In
OOOI Out (Departure Block Time)-Off (Take-off)-On (Landing)-In (Arrival Block time)
Page 301
Acronym Full form
OOOI Off, Out, On and In times
OOP Operational Outline Programme
OOP Object Oriented Programming
OOR Outline Operational Requirement
OP Operational (issues)
OP OPerational (device status)
OP Organisational Productivity
OPA OPAque type of ice formation
OPA Operational Performance Assessment
OPADD Operating Procedures for AIS Dynamic Data (EATCHIP)
OPAL Optimisation Platform for Airports, including Landside
OPAT Office des Ports Aériens de Tunisie / Tunisian Office of Airports
OPB Outer Performance Boundary (Tunnel Concept)
OPC Operational Control
OPC OPerational Control (is indicated)
OPC Operational Communications
OPC OPto-Coupler
OPD Operational Procedures Document (EAD)
OPDU Operation Protocol Data Unit
OPE Operational Systems Section (MUAC/ENG)
OPER Operational Mode (N-FDPS)
OPERA Organsime parisien de contrôle en-route et d'approche
OPEX Operational Expenditure
OPIF Operator Interface
OPLAN Operational Plan
OPLINK Operational Data Link (Panel)
OPLINK-P Operational Data Link Panel
OPLINKP Operational Data Link Panel (ICAO)
OPM Operational Position Management
OPM Office of Personnel Management
OPMA On-board Performance Monitoring and Alerting
OPMET OPerational METeorological (information)
OPN Operational Planning Notes (MADAP-KARLDAP)
Page 302
Acronym Full form
OPN OPeN(ed), OPeNing
OPNET Operational Network for ATS and System Management (Switzerland)
OPO Olno Planning Overflow
OPOSM Oat POSition Management
OPQ Operational Professional Questionnaire
OPR OPeRate, OPeRating, OPeRator, OPeRational, OPeRative
OPR ATM Operational Requirements (EATCHIP Domain) ; ATM Working Rules and Operational Requirements
OPR Operational Problem Report
OpRep Operational Reply
OPS Operational
OPS Operations Support (EEC)
OPS Operations
OPS room Operations room
OPSEC Operational Security
OPSP Operations Panel (ICAO)
OPT Operational testing
OPTARION Mission Planning System (Airbus)
OPTF OCG Prioritisation Task Force / Équipe spéciale sur la fixation des priorités de l'OCG
OPTIMAL Optimised Procedures and Techniques for Improvement of Approach and Landing
OPTIMI Oceanic Position Tracking Improvement & Monitoring
OPX Off Premises eXtension
OQAI Operations division QuAlity Improvement
OQPSK Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
OR Originator-Recipient
OR Operational Requirement
OR-Address Originator Recipient Address
OR-Name Originator Recipient Name
ORA Operational Research and Analysis Group
ORAS-TF Operational Requirements for ATS Systems Task Force
ORB Object Request Broker
ORCAM Originating Region Code Assignment Method (SSR)
ORD Optimised Runway Delivery
ORD indication of an ORDer
ORD Operational Requirements Document (EATMS)
Page 303
Acronym Full form
OREGIN Organisation of European GNSS equipment and Service Industries
ORG Organisation
ORG ORiGinal
ORGMSG Original Message
ORGN Originator
ORGRTE Original Route
ORM Operational Reply Message (Message opérationnel de réponse)
ORM Operations Room Management
ORMAQ Operation Room Management Attitudes Questionnaire
ORName Originator Recipient Name
Oro Navigacija State Enterprise Oro Navigacija, Lithuania
OROCA Off-Route Obstruction Clearance Altitude
ORP Outsourcing Renewal Project
ORP Optional Response Poll
ORQ D-OTIS Request Message
ORR Operational Readiness Review
ORs Operational Requirements
ORSG Operational Requirements Sub-Group
ORT Owner Requirement Table
ORTCA Off-Route Terrain Clearance Altitude
ORTF Operational Requirements Task Force
OS Originating System
OS Operating System
OS GALILEO Open Service
OS Organisation syndicale
OS/2 Operating System / 2
OSA Operational Safety Assessment
OSA Operational Safety Analysis
OSA Operational Support Applications team (Équipe « Applications d'appui opérationnel »)
OSC Operations Steering Committee
OSCAR Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
OSD Operational Scenarios Document
OSDR Operational Support Data Retrieval
OSED Operational Service and Environment Definition
Page 304
Acronym Full form
OSEIC Operational Services and Environment Information Capture
OSF Open System (Software) Foundation
OSG Operations Sub-group (of the EAG)
OSG Operational Services Group (MAS)
OSHE Occupational Safety, Health & Environment {strategy), MUAC
OSI Open Source Initiative
OSI Open Systems Interconnection
OSI CLNP OSI ConnectionLess Network Protocol
OSI-RM Open Systems Interconnection - Reference model
OSICP Operational Safety and Infrastructure Contingency Procedures
OSIE OSI Environment
OSIRM Open Standards for Interconnection Reference Model
OSM Optimised Sector Manning
OSM Operational Systems Management section (of ENGD) (Section « Gestion des systèmes opérationnels »)
OSPF Open Shortest Path First
OSS Operator SubSystem
OSS Open Source Software
OST Office of the Secretary of Transportation (U.S.)
OST On-site Training
OST Operational Support Team (of FDOD)
OST Operational Support Traffic
OSTI On-site Training Instructor
OSV Officier de Sécurité des Vols
OT Operational Training
OTAN Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord (= NATO)
OTCG Operational Technical Coordination Group (Groupe de coordination technicoopérationnelle)
OTD D-OTIS Delivery Message
OTD Operational Target Date
OTD Other Training Device
OTF Operational Task Force
OTF On Top Fix
OTF Operational, Technical and Financial Working Group
OTF (VHFOTF) Operational VHF Task Force
OTF/BFWG Combined Operational, Technical/Budgetary & Financial Working Group
Page 305
Acronym Full form
OTGS Ods - Target Generation System
OTH Over-the-Horizon
OTH (R) Over The Horizon (Radar)
OTIS Operational Terminal Information Service
OTMV Occupancy Traffic Monitoring Values
OTP Overall Test Plan
OTR Ods Toolbox Rps extension
OTR Operational Turn Around
OTS Out of service (US)
OTS Off-The-Shelf
OTS Organised Track System
OTSD Optimized Traffic Systems Development GmbH
OTSG Operational Training and Selection Group
OTSP OK-to-start-package (DEVD)
OTT D-OTIS Termination Request
OTT Observed Tactical Trajectory (N-FDPS)
OTT D_OTIS Termination Message
OTV Orbital Transfer Vehicle
OU Organisational Unit
OUG ORCAM Users Group
OUMSESTF Operational Use of Mode S Enhanced Surveillance Task Force
OUNS Operational Navigation System
OUR Operational User's Request
OURASIE Ourasie Toolkit, software X-windows toolkit built above Xt Intrinsics layer (CENA in-house product)
OUTREG Out of Regulation
OV operational view
OVC OVerCast
OVF Optically Variable Feature
OVO OpenView Operations
OVV Onderzoeksraad Voor Veiligheid (Dutch Safety Board)
OWA Outlook Web Access
OWN select/deselect line 3 of OWN traffic labels
Page 306
Acronym Full form
Own TCAS II equipped aircraft - source of TCAS event
OWN SEC Own Sector (N-FDPS)
OWS One Way Simultaneous
OWS OGC Web Services
P Priority
P Process Log
P Prohibited Area
P Prefix (CCITT X.121 Structure)
P & A Partnership & Agreements (Unit of DR)
P&H Press & Hold, (Mouse / Trackball Button)
P&H Press and Hold (mouse)
P,R,D Area Prohibited, Restricted, or Danger Area
P-channel Packet Mode Channel
P-code Precision Code (GPS)
P-Gate Planning Gate (DEVD)
P-RNAV Precision RNAV (RNAV de précision)
P-t-P Point-to-Point
P... Prefix to a Prohibited area identification
P.800-Method ITU-T recommendation: Methods for subjective determination of transmission quality
P.862 ITU-T recommendation: Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality
P.ACCs Pairs of ACCs
p.t.t Push-to-Talk
P/AR Peak-to-Average Ratio
P/F Poll bit (in command frame) and Final bit (in response frame)
P1 Store and Forward Protocol
P1 message transfer Protocol
P1 Pulse 1 (SSR)
P2 Pulse 2 (SSR)
P2 interpersonal messaging Protocol
P2 Protocol No 2
P2FEP PETAL II Front End Processor
P2GW Petal II GateWay
P3 Submission and delivery protocol
Page 307
Acronym Full form
P3 Pulse 3 (SSR)
P3 submission & delivery Programme
P35 Protocol No 3
P4 Pulse 4 (SSR)
P5 Pulse 5
P6 Pulse 6
P7 Message Retrieval Protocol
PA Performance Appraisal
PA Provisional Acceptance
PA Precision Approach
PA Power Amplifier
PA Participating Area
PA Passenger Address
PA Public Address
PA1 Precision Approach runway category I
PA2 Precision Approach runway category II
PA3 Precision Approach runway category III
PAA Plot Accuracy Analysis
PAB Proposal Analysis Board
PABI Post-OPS Analysis and Business Intelligence
PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange
PAC Conflict Alert Prediction
PAC Preliminary Activation message (OLDI)
PAC Pacific Region (ICAO)
PACE Perspectives for Advanced Communications in Europe
PACF Performance and Checkout Facility
PACS Pan-European Airport Capacity and Delay Analysis Support
PACT Portable ACC Capacity Tool
PAD Packet Assembler/Dis-Assembler
PAD Programme Acronyms and Definitions
PADAC PRISMIL Automated Data Acquisition and Collection tool
PADIS Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards
PAF-A Percentage of Advanced Flights on Arrival
PAF-D Percentage of Advanced Flights on Departure
Page 308
Acronym Full form
PAGAR Performance Assessment and Gap Analysis Report
PAGODA Profile Alignment Group for ODA (Open Document Architecture)
PAK Pilot Acknowledgement (service)
PAL Procedure Assurance Level
PAL Programmable Array Logic
PAL Phase Alternation Line (TV transmission mode, D)
PALLAS Phased Automation of the Hellenic ATC System (new Greek ATC System)
PALS Precision Approach Landing System
PALS Precision Approach Lighting System
PAM Programme Analysis Madap, Programme Analysis Module
PAM Pulse Amplitude Modulation
PAM Pilot Acknowledgement Message
PAMCS Panel on Air Space Management and Control Systems
PAMELA Parametric ATM Model for Economic Long-term Assessment
PAMPA Platform for Aircraft Modelling Performance Analysis (CARE)
PAMPL Programme Analysis Module rePLay position
PAMS Published AIP Management System
PANS Procedures for Air Navigation Services
PANS-ABC Procedures for Air Navigation Services - ICAO Abbreviations and Codes (ICAO Doc. 8400)
PANS-AIM Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Aeronautical Information Management
PANS-ATM Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Air Traffic Management (ICAO Doc 4444)
PANS-OPS Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Aircraft Operations
PANS-OPS/I Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Aircraft Operations - Flight Procedures (ICAO Doc. 8168/I)
PANS-OPS/II Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Aircraft Operations - Construction of Visual & Instrument Flight
Procedures (ICAO Doc. 8168/II)
PANS-RAC Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services
PANSA Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (Polska Agencja Zeglugi Powietrznej)
PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator
PAQ Position Analysis Questionnaire
PAR Planning, Analysis and Reporting
PAR Precision Approach Radar
PARADISE Prototype of an Adaptable and Reconfigurable ATM Demonstration and Integration Simulator Environment
PARI Precursor, Action, Result, Interpretation
Page 309
Acronym Full form
PARI method Precursor, Action, Result, Interpretation Method
PARR Problem Analysis, Resolution and Ranking
PARS Performance Analysis & Reporting System
PARZOC Parabolic Approximation of Aircraft Performance for use in a ZOC
PAS Psycho-Active Substance
PASAS Predictive Airborne Separation Assurance System
PASS Performance and Safety Aspects of STCA - full study (Étude globale de la performance et de la sécurité
PASSUR Passive Surveillance System
PAT Performance Assurance Tool
PAT Port Address Translation
PAT Provisional Acceptance Testing (CNG - CBN)
PAT PHARE Advanced Tools (Outils évolués PHARE)
PATA Polish Air Traffic Agency
PATC Precision Approach Terrain Chart (ICAO)
PATCG PHARE Advanced Tools Coordination Group
PATCHWORK Polish ATC Harmonisation Work programme (EAS)
PATCO Professional Air Traffic Controllers Association (US)
PATCO Principle ATCO
PATIN Protection of Air Transportation and Infrastructure (Protection du transport aérien et de l'infrastructure
PATIO Platform for ATM Tools Integration up to pre-Operation
PATN PHARE experimental Aeronautical Telecommunication Network
PATROCLOS Peripheral Airports Terminal Radars, ODS and Centrally Linked Operations System
PATs PHARE Advanced Tools
PATWAS Pilot Automatic Telephone Weather Answering Service
PAU Primary Authorised User
PAX Passenger(s)
PB Project Board
PBA Performance Based Approach
PBE Peripheral Bus Extender (CBN - CNG)
PBIM performance-based information management
PBL Problem-Based Learning
PBMO Planning Board Maastricht Operational
Page 310
Acronym Full form
PBN Performance Based Navigation
PBNSG Performance-Based Navigation Study Group (ICAO)
PBO Projected Benefit Obligations (obligation projetée au titre des services passés)
PBR Plot Based Resolution Analysis
PBRA Plot Based Resolution Analysis
PBTG Performance-Based Transition Guidelines
PBX Private Branch Exchange
PBX Public Branch Exchange
PC Protocol Field
PC Peripheral Controller
PC Personal Computer
PC Provisional Council (Conseil provisoire)
PC Premier contrôleur (qualification de contrôle)
PC Protocol Control (bits)
PC Plotting Chart (ICAO)
PC Planning Coordinator
PC Planning Controller (organique)
PC-based Personal Computer-Based
PCA Prior Coordination Airspace (EUROCONTROL, FUA)
PCA Physical Configuration Audit
PCA Principal Component Analysis
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCC Planning Coordination Controller
PCC Peripheral Computer Complex
PCC Provisional Council Coordinating Committee (Comité de coordination du Conseil provisoire)
PCC Project Coordinating Committee (PETAL)
PCC Polygone Coordination Centre
PCCB Program Change Control Board (FPPS/DECADE)
PCCB PC Change Control Board
PCD Planning Controller Display
PCD Pre-departure Clearance
PCD Probability of Code Detection
PCD ProCeeD(ing)
PCD Personal and Career Development
Page 311
Acronym Full form
PCDE PC Development Environment Working Group
PCDE Portable Common Development Environment
PCFL Preferred Cruise Flight Level
PCI Programme Controlled Interrupt
PCI Protocol Control Information
PCI Permanent Commission for Investigation (on ATS incidents) ; Permanent Committee of Inquiry
PCIP Pilot Conversion and Implementation Plan
PCL Pilot Controlled Lighting
PCL Procedure Changeover Lines (IFF)
PCL Pending and Coast List
PCM Planning Control Message
PCM Pulse Code Modulation
PCMA Post Code Modulation using A-law companding
PCMP Project Configuration Management Plan (MAS - ODS)
PCMS Product Configuration Management System
PCMT Plan Commun à Moyen Terme / Common Medium-Term Plan (=CMTP)
PCMU Post Code Modulation using Mu law companding
PCN Planning Controller eNtry
PCN Pavement Classification Number
PCP Project Control Plan
PCP Previous Exit Coordination Partner (N-FDPS)
PCP Pilot Common Project
PCPB Provisional Council President's Bureau (Bureau du Président du Conseil provisoire)
PCPC Programme de contrôle et de prévention de la corrosion (Corrosion Prevention and Control Program - CPCP)
PCPU PCM Central Processing Unit (VCS)
PCR Post-Conference Report
PCR Problem Change Request
PCR Peak Cell Rate
PCR Planning Controller Radar, (later to become Planning Controller Exit)
PCR Periodic Contract Request (ICAO)
PCS Process Control System
PCS Personal Communications Services
PCS Phase Control System
PCT Planning Control Theory
Page 312
Acronym Full form
PCTE Portable Common Tool Environment
PCV Probability of Code Validation
PCX A window-compatible BIT format
PD Pulse Doppler
PD Probability of Detection
PD Plot Detection
Pd Probability of detection
PD Pointing Device
PD Protocol Discriminator
PD Plan Display
PD PHARE Demonstration
PD-Channel Packet Data Channel
PD/1 PHARE Demonstration 1
PD/1+ PHARE Demonstration 1+
PD/1++ PHARE Demonstration 1++
PD/2 PHARE Demonstration 2
PD/2+ PHARE Demonstration 2+
PD/3 PHARE Demonstration 3
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDA Planning Coordination Message Display Area
PDA Plot Detection Analysis
PDA Physical Delivery Access
PDA Probability of Detection Analysis
PDA Probabilistic Data Association (ARTAS)
PDAI Predetermined Address Indicator
PDATM Principal Director ATM
PDATM/OFF Office of the Principal Director ATM
PDAU Physical Delivery Access Unit
PDC Pre-Departure Clearance (message)
PDC Peripheral Device Controller
PDC Private Data Channel
PDCA Plan Do Check Act
PDD Project Definition Document
PDE Path Definition Error
Page 313
Acronym Full form
PDES Pulse Doppler Elevator Scan
Pdet Probability of detection
PDF Portable Data Format
PDF Portable Document Format
PDF Percentage of Delayed Flights (Delay Parameter Abbreviations)
PDF-A Percentage of Delayed Flights on Arrival
PDF-D Percentage of Delayed Flights on Departure
PDFG PENS Development Focus Group
PDFG PENS Development Focus Group
PDG Procedure Design Gradient
PDH Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
PDL Program Design Language
PDL Persistent Data Library
PDLC Product Development Life Cycle
PDM People Development Manager (Gestionnaire "Développement du personnel")
PDME Precision Distance Measuring Equipment
PDMS Personal Data Management System
PDN Public Data Network
PDO Financial Cycle Planning & Development Office (DF)
PDOP Position Dilution of Precision
PDP Polar Diagram Plotter
PDP11 Programmable Data Processor Mark 11 (DEC)
PDR Pre-Determined Route
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PDR Principal Director of Resources
PDRP Problem Detection and Resolution
PDS Programme Development System
PDS Portable Data Store (Eurofighter)
PDS Pairing Distribution System
PDS Physical Delivery Service
PDTWG Plot Data Transmission Working Group
PDU Power Distribution Unit
PDU Protocol Data Unit (RMCDE)
PDU People Development Unit (Unité "Développement du personnel")
Page 314
Acronym Full form
PE Performance (of an Aircraft)
PE Parity Error
PE Protected Earth
PE Parameters of the Earth
PE Protective Earth (Electrical connection)
PE Processor Element (CBN - CNG)
PE Process Engineering
PE Ice PEllets
PE 90 Parameters of Earth, 1990. Russian Geodetic System
PEA Parameter and Environment Assembler
PECO Pays d'Europe Centrale et Orientale (FR)
PECU Pressure Error Corrector Unit
PED Personal Electronic Devices
PED Portable Electronic Device
PEE Position Estimate Error
PEF Pan-European Functions
PEGASE Providing Effective Ground & Air data Sharing via Extended Projected Profile
PEGASUS Prototype EGNOS and GBAS Analysis System Using SAPPHIRE
PEGASUS Pan-European Ground/Air Single Unified ATM System
PEL PErsonnel Licensing
PEL Planned Entry Level (to a sector or volume of airspace) (ODID)
PELA Proficiency test in English Language for ATCOs
PEM Phone Emergency Module
PEN Pan-European Network
PENS Pan-European Network Service
PENS-VPN Pan-European Network Services-Virtual Private Network
PENV Professional Environment
PEP Performance Engineering Programme (long-term scientific studies)
PER Packet Encoding Rules
PER PERformance
PER Programme Event Recording
PEROP Performance-Based Airspace Operations
PERT Programme Evaluation and Review Technique
Page 315
Acronym Full form
PES Proposed EUROCONTROL Standard Document
PESQ Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality
PESQ-LQO Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality - Listening Quality Objective
PETAL Preliminary EUROCONTROL Test of Air-Ground Data Link (Essai EUROCONTROL préliminaire de la liaison
de données air-sol)
PEWP Physical EWP identity
PEX PHIGS Extended X-Windows System
PEX Programmers Extension to X
PF Pilot Flying
PFA Probability of False Alarm
Pfa Probability of False Alarm
pFAST passive Final Approach Spacing Tool
PFD Primary Flight Display
PFD Planned Flight Data
PFD Predicted Flight Data
PFD Probability of Failure Detection
PFE Pharos Front End
PFE Path Following Error
PFE Performance Flow Management Performance and Efficiency (EEC)
PFI Private Finance Initiative
PFIS Passenger Flow Information Service
PFL Planned Flight Level
PFLext Probability of Failure/Fault Localisation, external
PFLint Probability of Fault Localisation, internal
PFM Pre-Flight Messages (EW)
PFN Pulse Forming Network
PFO Planning Front Office
PFR Performance, Forecasts and Relations
PFR Probability of Failure Repair
PFS Plan Flight Store
PFSB EUROCONTROL Pension Fund Supervisory Board (Conseil de surveillance du Fonds de pension
PGA Pin Grid Array
PGM ProGraMme
PGMP Pilot Group on ATCO Manpower Planning
Page 316
Acronym Full form
PGN Pulse GeNerator
PGP Pretty Good Privacy
PGS Personnel / General Services Team (of ADB)
PGS Perimeter Guard System
pH Potenz Hydrogen (acidity)
PH Presentation Header
PHA Preliminary Hazard Analysis
PHARE Poland, Hungary Aid for Restructuring of the Economy (European Commission)
PHARE Programme for Harmonised ATM Research in EUROCONTROL (Programme de recherche harmonisée de
l'Organisation EUROCONTROL en matière de gestion de la circulation aérienne)
PHAROS Plan Handling and Radar Operating System (NL - Military)
PHB Per-Hop Behaviours
PHD Project History Document
PHI Preliminary Hazard Identification
PHIDIAS Position Harmonisant et Intégrant des Dialogues Intéractifs / Harmonizing and Interactive Dialogue Integrating
PHIGS Programmer's Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
PHM Passive Hydrogen Maser (Atomic Clock)
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PI Peripheral Interface (CBN - CNG)
PI Parity Information
PI Procedure Turn to Intercept (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
PI Parity / Interrogator Identifier
PI Performance Indicator
Pi (Greek letter, lower case) Symbol for pi (approx. 3.14159)
PIAC Peak Instantaneous Aircraft Count
PIAF Pc-gestüzte Individuale Ausbildung Flugsicherung
PIATA Performance Indicator Analysis Tool for Airports
PIATA+ Performance Indicator Analysis Tool for Airports +
PIB Preflight Information Bulletin (Bulletin d'information pré-vol)
PIB Policy Information Base
PIB Pilot Information Briefing
PIB Produit Intérieur Brut
PIB Pre-flight Information Bulletin (EAD)
PIB Policy Information Base
Page 317
Acronym Full form
PIC Pilot in Command
PICAO Provisional International Civil Aviation Organization
PICAP Programa de Investigacion de Capacidad de Pista
PICASSO Control, Analysis and Monitoring of the Spanish Air Navigation System Statistical application
PICOS Parts Inventory Control On-line System
PICS Protocol Implementation Conformity Statement
PID Product Identification Description
PID Pilot Information Downlink
PID Pilot Intention Downlink
PIF Picture Interchange Format
PIF Programme Information File
PIM Programme Implementation Management
PIM Protocol Independent Multicast
PIM Personal Information Manager
PIMB Pcte Interface Management Board
PIN Personal Identification Number
PIN Positive Intrinsic Negative
PinS Point in Space
PinS Point in Space (helicopters)
PINT PSTN and Internet Interworking
PINX Private Integrated Network Exchange
PIO Pilot-Induced Oscillation
PIP Plug In Panel
PIP Product Improvement Package
PIP project initiation phase
PIR Part of Information Region
PIR Project Initiation Report (SESAR)
PIREP Pilot Report (ICAO)
PIRG Planning and Implementation Regional Group
PISC Pre-Implementation Safety Case
PISN Private Integrated Services Network
PIU Parent IFPS Unit
PIW Weekly Planned Interventions
PIXEL Picture ELement
Page 318
Acronym Full form
PJE Parachute Jumping Exercise
PKCS Public Key Cryptosystems
PKD Public Key Directory (ICAO)
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PL Pseudolite
PL Plain Language
PL Poland
PL Procedural Language
PL Protection Levels
PL/SQL Procedural Language/Structured Query Language
PLA Practice Low Approach
PLANE Platform for Logistics and Aviation Networks in Europe
PLANO Procedures Linked to Abating Noisy Operations (ANCAT TF)
PLB Personal Locator Beacon
PLC Planning Controller (also known as Coordinator)
PLC Programmable Logic Controller
PLCC Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PLI Pitch Limit Indication
PLL Phase Locked Loop
PLM Position Log Management
PLMN Public Land Mobile Network
PLN sdd PLaN track(s)
PLN Flight Plan Conformance (new name is FLIPCY)
PLN flight PLaN
PLOC Prolonged Loss of Communications
PLP Packet Layer Processing
PLP Packet Layer Protocol
PLPL Predicted Lateral Protection Levels
PLV Presentation Level Video
PLVL Present LeVeL
Page 319
Acronym Full form
PM Programme Management
PM Pilot Monitoring (i.e. Pilot Not Flying = PNF)
PM Presentations Manager
PM Progress Meeting
PM Phase Modulation
PM Project Management
PM/FL Process Monitoring / Fault Location
PMA Pilot-monitored approach
PMB POEMS Management Board
PMB Project Management Bureau
PMB Project Management Board
PMB Programme Management Board
PMBO Project Management Board Operation
PMC Path Management Control
PMC Project Management Centre (from DEVD)
PMC Project Management Cell
PMC Programme Management Cell
PMCG Preliminary Maastricht Coordination Group
PMCS Performance Management Computer System
PMCT People Management Core Team
PMD Pre-warning Message for Departure
PME Pre-warning Message Entry (OAT)
PMH Problem Management Hardware
PMM People Management Meeting (EEC)
PMMM Programme Management Maturity Model
PMN Planning Message eNtry (OAT)
PMO Project Management Office
PMO Pre-warning Message OAT
PMOS P-type Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PMP Project Management Plan
PMP Programme Management Plan
PMS Point Merge System
PMS Performance Management System
PMS Pantone Matching System (for colour printing)
Page 320
Acronym Full form
PMT Portable Maintenance Terminal
PMT Plan à Moyen Terme (MTP)
PMTU Path Maximum Transmission Unit
PMU Project Management Unit
PMU PENS Management Unit
PMW Project Management (or Manager) Workbench
PMX Planning Message eXit
PN Prior Notice (required)
PNdB Perceived Noise Decibels
PNF Pilot Not Flying (= Pilot Monitoring : PM)
PNIC Private Network Identification Code
PNL Passenger Name List
PNLT Tone corrected perceived noise level
PNNI Private Network-to-Network (or Network Node) Interface
PNO Public Network Operator
PNR Point of No Return
PNT Point
PNT Position, Navigation and Timing
PO dust devils
PO Principle of Operation
PO Purchase Order
PO-ASAS Principles of Operation of ASAS
POA Portable Object Adapter
PoACCS Portuguese Air Command and Control System
PoAF Portuguese Air Force
POB Persons On Board
POC Point of Contact
POD Planning at Operations Division
POD Port of Debarkation
PODIUM Proving Operations of Drones with Initial UTM (SESAR Horizon 2020 project)
POE Port of Embarkation
POEMS Pre-Operational European Mode S
POF Problem-Oriented Flight Leg (N-FDPS)
Page 321
Acronym Full form
POG Point of Gaze
POH Pilot's Operating Handbook
POH Path Overhead
PoLo Position Logging System
POP Point of Presence
PoR Point of Risk
POR Pacific Ocean Region
POR Power-On Reset
POS (Target) POSition as indicated by rlb marker
POS Position
POSC Post-Implementation Safety Case
Positive RA RA applying minimum vertical rate (eg climb)
POSIX Portable Operating System Interface for computer environments
POSLOG POSition LOG management
POST Power-On Self Test
POT POTentiometer
POT Point of Tangency
PP Present Position (Eurofighter)
PPC Policy Planning Committee
PPC Physical Protected Circuit
PPC Projects, Procurement and Communications Section (of ENGD)
PPD Plans and Policy Division
PPD Pilot Preference Downlink
PPD Pilot References Downlink
PPD Potential Problem Display
PPD Planned Problem Display (N-FDPS)
PPDS Personal Printer Data Stream
PPI Permanent Partial Invalidity
PPI Plan Position Indicator
ppi Points Per Inch
PPI Points Per Inch or points per inch
PPI Plan Position Indicator
PPL Private Pilot License (US)/Licence (Eur)
PPL Private Pilot's License (US)/Licence (Eur)
Page 322
Acronym Full form
PPL Project Participant List
PPL/PATA Polish Airports State Enterprise/Polish Air Traffic Agency
PPLI Precise Position Location and Identification
ppm parts per million
PPM Pages per Minute
PPM Pulse Position Modulation
PPM Programme Portfolio Management (EATM)
PPM/TF Task Force on the Possible Pricing Mechanisms
PPOS Present Position
PPP Public-Private Partnership
PPP Purchasing power parities
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
PPR Prior Permission Required
PPS Precision Positioning Service/System
pps Pulses Per Second
PPS Precise Positioning Service
PPS Pulses Per Second
PPS-SM Precise Positioning Service Security Module
PPSDN Private Packet Switched Data Network
PPSDNS Private Packet Switched Data NetworkS
PPSN Present PoSitioN
PPSN Public Packet-Switching Network
PPT PowerPoint
PQM Project Quality Manager
PQP Project Quality Plan
PQP Programme Quality Plan
PR Purchase Requisition (Demande d'achat)
PR Plot Reconstruction
PR Path Replacement
PR Primary Radar
PR Pseudo Range
PR Printer
PR Problem Report
PR Packet Number
Page 323
Acronym Full form
PR Probability of Reply (control bit)
PR Position Reporting
PR(M) Product Release (Milestone)
PR/PSR Primary (Surveillance) Radar
PRA Plot Resolution Analysis
PRA Primary Rate Access
PRA Project Review Authority
PRA PRocedural Areas map
PRA PRocedural Areas/windows
PRAISE Preparation for Research and Development in Support of EATMS programme
PRAWNS Pressure, Roles, Airports, Weather, Non-Standard/Priority Info, Strips to display
PRB Performance Review Body (organe d'évaluation des performances)
PRB Project Review Board
PRBS Pseudo Random Bit Sequence
PRC Performance Review Commission (Commission d'examen des performances)
PRE Priority PREference bit
PRE Preview
PRE PREvious (centre)
Pre-OJT Pre-On-the-Job Training
Pre-Simul Pre-Simulation
preC PreCouncil (= to replace CE)
PRES Present Heading (N-FDPS)
PREV RTE Previous Route (N-FDPS)
PREVAIL PReparation for EGNOS VAlidation In approach and Landing
PREVI Data Processing system to support the forecast and regulation of the air traffic (FR)
PRF Percentage of Regulated Flights(Delay Parameter Abbreviations)
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRFD PRF Discriminator
PRI Primary (N-FDPS)
PRI Primary (radar or unit)
PRI Pulse Repetition Interval
PRI PRInted board
Page 324
Acronym Full form
PRIF PROC Interface Tool
PRIO key allowing participation in a current communication
PRISME Pan-European Repository of Information Supporting the Management of EATM (Gisement paneuropéen
d'informations à l'appui de la gestion de l'EATM)
PRISMIL Pan-European Repository of Information Supporting Military Key Performance Indicators
PRL Pilot Request, Level (service)
PRM Precision Radar Monitoring
PRM Passengers with Reduced Mobility
PRM Parallel Runway Monitor
PRM Precision Runway Monitoring
PRM Precision Runway Monitor
PRMA Packet Reservation Multiple Access
PRMD Private Management Domain
PRN Pseudo Random Noise
PRN Code Pseudo Random Noise Code
PRNAV Precision Area Navigation
ProATN Prototype Aeronautical Telecommunications Network
PROB PROBability
PROC Procurement (DF)
PROC Procurement (tool)
PRODAT PROSAT Data Link Experiment
PROFI Multinational Project Financing
PROH PROHibited(ion)
PROM Programmable Read-Only Memory
PROOF Primary Rate isdn Osi Office Facilities
PRORES Problem Resolution
PROSAT PROmotion of SATellites (ESA)
PROSIT Problem Situation
PROT PROTected(ion)
PROV PROVisional
PROVE European ATC Pre-Operational Validation & Experimental Trials platform
PRP Pulse Repetition Period
Page 325
Acronym Full form
PRQ Pilot Request (service)
PRR Performance Review Report (Rapport d'examen des performances)
PRR Performance Review Report
PRR Pilot Request, Route (service)
PRR1 Performance Review Report
PRS Public Regulated Service (GALILEO)
PRS Performance Review System (dispositif d'examen des performances)
PRS Picture Repetition Store
PRS Performance Review Service (service d'examen des performances)
PRS Picture Refresh Store
PRSG Performance Review Sub-Group
PRT Processing Response Time (EUROCONTROL)
PRT Pulse Repetition Time
PRT Preferences Tool
PRU Performance Review Unit (bureau d'examen des performances)
PRX Proximity (ADPS)
PS Publication System
PS Problem Solver (PATs)
PS Position Symbol
PS Problem Statement
PS Power Supply (ACS)
PSA Preliminary Safety Assessment
PSA Primary Subject Area
PSA Provisional Site Acceptance
PSA Passive Slot Allocation
PSAL Provisional Slot Allocation List
PSAP Presentation Service Access Point
PSB Parallel System Bus (RADNET)
PSC Project Safety Committee
PSC Performance, Standard, Conditions
PSC Performance Steering Committee (NM)
Page 326
Acronym Full form
PSC Project Steering Committee
PSCO Predicted Situation Communication Object
PSD Phase Sensitive Detector
PSD Packet Switched Data
PSD Power Spectral Density
PSD Phase Sensitive Discriminator
PSDN Packet Switched Data Network
PSDN Public Switched Data Network
PSE Path Steering Error
PSE Project Safety Engineer
PSE Packet Switch Exchange
PSE Primary Surveillance Equipment
PSG Programme Steering Group
PSG (OATA) Project Steering Group
PSK Phase Shift Keying
PSM Practical Supervisory Manual
PSMC Packet System Management and Control Channel
PSMSL Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level
PSN Public Switched Network
PSN Packet Switched Network
PSN PoSitioN
PSO Project Support Office (S-JU)
PSO Programme Support Office
PSP Primary Spare Part
PSP Programme Segment Prefix
PSPDN Packet Switched Public Data Network
PSPEC Process Specification
PSR Psychosocial risks (risques psychosociaux - RPS)
PSR Primary Surveillance Radar (Radar primaire de surveillance)
PSS Paperless Strip System
PSS Perimeter Surveillance System
PSS1 Private Signalling System No.1
Page 327
Acronym Full form
PSS1 Private Signalling System 1
PSSA Preliminary System Safety Assessment
PSSG PEN Service Steering Group
PSSR Present Secondary Surveillance Radar -code- (MADAP)
PST Project Support Team
PST Project Supervision Team (EATCHIP)
PST Pacific Standard Time, UTC -8h. (USA)
PSTF Pension Scheme Task Force (Équipe spéciale "Régime de pensions")
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PSU Programme Sequencing Unit
PSU Power Supply Unit
PSV Pilotage sans visibilité
PSW Programme Status Word
PT special reporting PoinT
PT Payload Type
PT Predicted Trajectory
PT Portugal (country identifier)
PT Point : ENV data entity type
PT ID Point Identification
pt to pt Point-to-Point
PT502 ATS QSIG Test Equipment
PTC Partner Training Center
PTC Precision Trajectory Clearance
PTE POEMS Test Environment
ptfe Poly-Tetra FluorEthylene
PTI Packet Type Identifier
PTI Payload Type Identifier
PTI Permanent Total Invalidity
PTI Protection de Travailleur Isolé (LWP)
PTID Point Identification
PTL Predicted Track Line
PTM Point-to-Multipoint
PTM Pulse Timing Modulation
PTM Programmable Timer Module
Page 328
Acronym Full form
PTN Public Telephone Network
PTN Private Telecommunication Network
PTN Procedure TurN
PTO Preferred Time Over
PTO Public Telecommunication Operator
PTO Programme Team Organisation
PTOT Provisional take-off Time (IFPS)
PTP Point to Point
PTP Part-Task Practice
PTR Profile Tuning Restriction (Management)
PTRMC Prototype Team Resource Management Courseware
PTS PoinTS (route points)
PTS special reporting PoinTS, civil & military
PTS Peripheral Transaction Server
PTS Polar Track Structure
PTS Poems Test Set
PTS Pre-Training Screen (US)
PTS Planned Traffic Store
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTT Part-Task Trainer
PTT Part Task Trainer
PTT Push to Talk
PTT Post, Telephone and Telegraph (BE new Belgacom). Push-To-Talk
PTT Post, Telecommunications and Telegraphs
PTT1 the ops room PTT1 line printer
PTT2 the ops room PTT2 line printer
PTW Project Team Work
PTWMG Part-time work on medical grounds
PU Physical Unit
PU Processing Unit
PUA PUblic Address system
PUB Publications and Charts (AIS-TF)
PUB ADD PUBlic ADDress / paging system
PUE Power Utilisation Effectiveness
Page 329
Acronym Full form
PUG PENS User Group
PUMA Performance Usability-Modelling of ATM
PV Present Value
PV Performance Verification
PVASI Pulsating Visual Approach Slope Indicator
PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit
PVC Poly-Vinyl Chloride
PVD Plan View Display
PVPL Predicted Vertical Protection Levels
PVS Projection Video System
PVT Position, Velocity and Time
PVT GNSS Position Velocity Time
PWA PFSB Working session on Actuarial assumptions
PWG Pensions Working Group
PWM Pulse Width Modulation
PWM Pre-Warning Message Window (N-FDPS)
PWO Pre-Warning message Oat
PWP Pilot Working Position (Used in MUAC Simulator)
PWP Physical Working Position
PWP Published Way Point
PWS Pair Wise Separation(s)
PWS PoWer Supply
PWS Predictive Wind Shear
PYM Payment Milestone
PZ Portotroz (SI)
PZ 90 Parameters of Earth 1990
PÄD Problemmeldungs- und Änderungsdienst (non-conformance reporting & change system)
Q Atmospheric Pressure
Q Quadrature Component (MTI)
Q&A Question and Answer
Q.23 Signalling system for PABX
Page 330
Acronym Full form
Q.920 ITU-T recommendation: Digital Subscriber Signalling System No.1 (DSS) ISDN User-Network Data Link
Q.921 ITU-T recommendation: Digital Subscriber Signalling System No 1 (DSS1) - ISDN user - network data link
layer - specification
Q.931 ITU-T recommendation: ISDN user-network interface layer 3 specification for basic call control
Q.932 ITU-T recommendation: Digital subscriber signalling system No. 1 - Generic procedures for the control of
ISDN supplementary services
Q.SIG ATS-Q.SIG - standard for ATC. G/G voice communications
Q1O kio private Queue
Q23 ITU-T standard
Q2O oio private Queue
Q3O lio private Queue
Q4O rio private Queue
Q5O dio private Queue
Q6O sio private Queue
Q7O not allocated private Queue
Q8O transferred chg and cnl
QA Qdm Area
QA Quality Assurance
QA Quality Assurance Section (Section « Assurance qualité »)
QA Quality Assurance
QAD AeroDromes store, (Static Data Bank)
QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
QAM QA Manager
QAP Quality Assurance Plan
QAPT Aircraft Performance Table, (Static Data Bank)
QAR Quick-Access Recorder
QAR Quality Assurance Representative (DECADE)
QATL Aircraft Type List, (Static Data Bank)
QBE Query By Example
QBI compulsory ifr flight
QC Quality Control (DECADE)
QC Common Queue
QCAA Qatar Civil Aviation Authority
QCM Quality Control Manager
Page 331
Acronym Full form
QDIR Queue DIRectory
QDM Magnetic Heading (ICAO)
QDM Magnetic heading (Zero wind)
QDR Magnetic Bearing (ICAO)
QDR magnetic beaRing
QDR Reciprocal of qdm
QF Quality Factor
QFE Atmospheric pressure at aerodrome elevation (or at runway threshold).
QFF Barometric pressure reduced to mean sea level
QFP Quad Flat Pack
QFU Runway in use
QFU magnetic orientation of runway
QGG Gat fdg General Queue
QHN Altimeter Sub-scale setting (RLD paper)
QIA Queue Identification Area
QIC Quarter-Inch Compatibility
QinetiQ Formerly known as the UK 'Defence Evaluation and Research Agency' (DERA)
QIP Quality Improvement Plan
QISAM Queued Indexed Sequential Access Method
QIT Quarter-Inch Tape
QLIN table of valid flight Levels
QM Quality Management or Quality Manager
QMF Query Management Facility
QMG oat fdg General Queue
QMP Question Mark Perception
QMS Quality Management Support (Group)
QMS Military Supervisor Queue
QMS Quality Management System
QMU outside air temperature (= OAT)
QMWG Quality Management Working Group
QNE Standard Pressure Setting (1013 mb/29.92inch)
QNH Atmospheric Pressure at Nautical Height ; Q-code designation for atmospheric pressure at mean sea level
QO Obsolete Queue
QOS Quality of Service
Page 332
Acronym Full form
QOTS Quantum-Optical Tracking Stations
QP Quality Plan (MAS/DFS - ODS)
QPF Quadra Potential Focus
QPSK Quaternary Phase Shift Keying
QPSK Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
QQ Question
QRA Quick Reaction Alert
QRA Who Are You
QRH Quick Reference Handbook
QRLA Rout Link Aerodrome, (Static Data Bank)
QRPS Route Points Store (Static Data Bank)
QRSS Route Segments Store, (Static Data Bank)
QSAM Quadrature Side-band Amplitude Modulation
QSAM Queued Sequential Access Method
QSIG Q-Reference Point Signalling (PSS1)
QSIG-GF QSIG-General Functional
QSMS Quality and Safety Management System
QSP gat Sup Private Queue
QTA Quality, Technology and Architecture
QTA Cancellation of Flight Message
QTA Cancel decision (CRCO claims)
QTAM Queued Telecommunications Access Method
QTC Quick Transit Centre (Airports)
QTE True bearing (ICAO)
QTG Qualification Test Guide
QUASAR QUASi StellAR, (Source of radio emanations)
QUASAR Questionnaire for ATSEP Standard Assessment Routines
QuestionAIR Computer-based ATM questions bank
QUIS Questionnaire for User Interface Satisfaction
QUJ reciprocal of qte
QUPID Quick-reaction Perimeter Intrusion Detection
QVZON Video ZONe = maps for UIRs and sectors, (Static Data Bank)
Page 333
Acronym Full form
QWERTY arrangement of keys on keyboard for English style
QWERTZ arrangement of keys on keyboard for German style
QZSS Quasi Zenith Satellite System
R Report
R Restricted Area
R Red
r Rate of change (Climb / Descend)
R Romania
R En-Route
r Rate of change (climb or descent)
R Right (runway ID)
R Team Collection of air navigation charges under bilateral agreements with non-Contracting States
R Right (N-FDPS)
R&D Research and Development
R&R officer
(Responsable R&R)
Rules and regulations officer
R+B Range and Bearing line
R-ATSU Receiving ATS Unit
R-Channel Random Access Channel
R-OMC Rfs-Operational Monitoring and Control position
R-VKL Radar (executive-) controller
R... prefix to a Restricted area identifier
R/F Radio / Frequency
R/T Radio/Telephony
R/T Radio Telephony
R/T Receiver/Transmitter
R/T MS RadioTelephone Monitoring System
R/W Runway
R2 Signalling system used for telephone exchanges
R2 European signalling standard (Voice communication)
R2 EUROCONTROL Signalling Protocol
RA Radio Astronomy
RA Random Access
RA Routeing Scheme Area (no longer in use)
Page 334
Acronym Full form
RA Registration Authority
RA Radio Access
RA Routine Area
RA Risk Analysis (TCAS)
RA Resolution Advisory (ACAS) (Avis de résolution)
RAA Regional Airline Association
RaADS Radar and ADS Display System
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAAN Right Ascension of the Ascending Node
RAARR Radar Arrival
RAAS Regional Area Augmentation System
RAAS Radar à synthèse d'ouverture (FR) / Synthetic-Aperture Radar (=SAR)
RAC Resolution Advisory Complement
RAC Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services (ICAO)
RAC Ruhr Assistant Controller
RAC Rules of the Air & air traffic services
RAC Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Control
RACE Runway Capacity Enhancement
RACF Resource Access Control Facility
RACGAT Russian-American Air Traffic Coordination Group
RACI Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
RAD Route Availability Document
RAD Requirements Application Document
RAD RADAR Point (ENV entity type, used in all CHMI)
RAD Radar
RADA Regional ATM Development Area
RADA Regional ATM Development Area
RADA Regional Air Navigation Services Development Association
RADAC Radar Verification Equipment in Norway
RADALT Radio Altimeter
RADAR Results Approach Deployment Assessment and Review (EFQM)
RADAR Radio Detecting and Ranging
RADCOOR Route Availability Document Coordinator
Page 335
Acronym Full form
RADEP Radar Departure
RADES RAdar Data Evaluation System
RADIN RADar INterface card (RBP)
RADIN Radar Data Interchange Network
RAdio Radio
RADLS Range Applications Data Link System
RADNET RADar NETwork, (for interchange of radar data in Benelux and Germany
RADVIEW Radar Verification Equipment in Norway
RAE Royal Aerospace Establishment
RAeS Royal Aeronautical Society (UK)
RAeS-HFG Royal Aeronautical Society Human Factors (Group)
RAF Reference ATN Facility (US/EUROCONTROL common project for development of the CAERAF)
RAF Royal Air Force
RAFC Regional Area Forecast Centre
RAFT Radio Frequency Function group
RAG Runway Arresting Gear
RAG Range-Azimuth Gate Generator
RAG Requirements Assessment Group
RAG Regulatory Advisory Group (EASA)
RAI Runway Alignment Indicator
RAI Italian Aeronautical Certification Authority
RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RAIDS Real-Time ATFM Interactive Demonstrator/Simulator
RAIL Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
RAIS RNDSG Airspace Improvement Synopsis
RAISG RNAV Approach Implementation Support Group
RAL Remote Analogue Loop
RALT Radio Altimeter
RAM Rapid Air Mobility (mobilité aérienne pour intervention rapide)
RAM Random Access Memory
RAM Route Adherence Monitoring
RAM Reliability, Availability and Maintainability
Page 336
Acronym Full form
RAM Responsability Assignments Matrix
RAM Research Area Manager (Gestionnaire des domaines de recherche)
RAM Rapid Alert Messaging
RAMBO Reliable, Available, Maintainable, Benefits, Objectives
RAMCC Regional Air Movement Control Centre
RAMS Reorganised ATC Mathematical (Model) Simulator (EEC)
RAN Regional Air Navigation (Meeting, ICAO)
RANSU Regional Air Navigation Service Unit (DFS)
RAOC Regional Air Operation Centre
RAP Required Aircraft Performance
RAP Recognised Air Picture
RAP Runway Access Point
RAP Resource Allocation Process
RAP Referred Activate Proposal message
RAPCON Radar Approach Control Facility
RAPID Recognised Picture Identification Distribution
RAPNET Regional ATS Packet-switched Network
RAPPI Radar Access Plan Position
RAPS Radar Analysis, Playback & Simulation System for Surveillance Data
RAR Restricted Area Requested
RAR Risk Analysis Report
RARAD Radar Advisory
RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
RAS Rectified Air Speed
RAS Resource Allocation System
RASA Requirements, Analysis, Strategy and Architecture (advisory group of Surveillance Team)
RASA-SG Requirements Analysis Strategy and Architecture Sub-Group
RASC Regional AIS System Centre (outside the ICAO EUR region); Regional AIS Service Centre (EAD)
RASCAL RAdar Sharing CALculation
RASG Regional Aviation Safety Group
RASH RAin SHowers
RASIF Radar Simulator Flugsicherung
RASN RAin and SNow
Page 337
Acronym Full form
RASP Radar Application Specialist Panel (MTPA / SSR)
RASP Radar Surface Picture
RASP Regional ATC Service Provision/ Fourniture de services ATC régionaux
RASS Radar Analysis Support System
RASS-A RASS - Airborne
RASS-C Radar Analysis Support System - Centre Level
RASS-P Radar Analysis Support System - Plot data
RASS-PDP RASS - Polar Diagram Measurement Facility
RASS-T Radar Analysis Support System - Track data
RASS-T RASS for Tracks, (& ARTAS)
RASS-V RASS for individual radar sites data
RASSP Radar Analysis Support System - Plot
RASTA Radar Statistics
RASV Responsibility Air Space Volume
RAT Risk Assessment Tool
RAT Risk Analysis Tool
RATE Remote Air Traffic Services Terminal
RATS Radar Analysis and Test System
RATT Radio Teletype
RB Router Bridge (Hardware)
Rb Rubidium
RB Reserved Bandwidth
RBD Reliablility Block Diagram
RBI Radar Blip Identification
RBL Range Bearing Line
RBMT Reference Business/Mission Trajectory
RBP Radar Bypass Processor (MAS UAC)
RBR Router Bridge
RBS Radio (Telephony) Backup System
RBS Radar Bypass System
RBT Reference Business Trajectory
RBTA Authorised Part of a Reference Business Trajectory
RBTP Planned Part of a Reference Business Trajectory
RBTX Executed Part of a Reference Business Trajectory
Page 338
Acronym Full form
RC Roll-Call
RC Reply Control
RC Radar Control
RC Reply Control (bits)
RC Radar Controller
RC Reset Cause
RC 12C Radio Callsign - Callsign
RC 12R Radio Callsign - Radio
RCA Remote Client Application
RCA Remote Client Access
RCA Reduced Coordination Airspace
RCA Revised Contribution Assessment
RCA Reach(ing) Cruising Altitude
RCAT Route Catalogue
RCB Release Control Board
RCC Ruhr Coordinating Controller
RCC Route Charges Committee (Comité pour les redevances de route)
RCC Rail Control Centre
RCC Rescue Coordination Centre (ENV data entity unit subtype)
RCC Remote Client Configuration
RCCB Residual Current Circuit Breaker
RCD DCL Request Message
RCDB Reference Code Data Base
RCDM Release Content Definition Meeting
RCDS Radio Channel Distribution and Switching
RCDSS Radar Control and Display Subsystem
RCE Radio Control Equipment
RCF Radio Communications Failure (message type designator)
RCF Remote Communications Facility
RCFEP Radar(Data) Communications Front-End Processor (RADNET)
RCGSP Review of the General Concept for Separating Panel (ICAO)
RCH ReaCH(ing)
RCHG, RCNL Possible Titles of an ADEXP RFPM
Page 339
Acronym Full form
RCL Reversal Climb
RCL Runway Centre Line
RCL Executive (i.e. Radar) Controller
RCLL Runway Centre Line Lights
RCM Radar Controller Message (Mil. ECM)
RCM Radar Coordinator (Controller) Message (Mil. ECM)
RCM Statement of Basic Operation Requirement, Planning Criteria & Methods of Application (ICAO/AIS)
RCMS Remote Control & Monitoring System
RCNL Reason(s) for cancellation
RCO Reduce Cumulative Overloads
RCO Remote Communications Outlet
RCO Route Charges Office (service des redevances de route)
RCOWG Route Charges Offices' Working Group (groupe de travail des services nationaux des redevances de route)
RCP Required Communication(s) Performance
RCP right-circular polarisation
RCR Runway Condition Reading
RCR Raw Collision Risk
RCR Rescue Coordination Region
RCRT Refresh Cycle Response Time
RCS Radar Cross Section
RCS Reply Control Subfield
RCS Remote Control System
RCS Risk Classification Scheme
RCS Radar Cross Section
RCS Risk Context Statement (ICAO)
RCT ReCTifier
RCT Route Catalogue system
RD Regulated Demand
RD Request Disconnection
RD Routine Domain
RD Redirect
RD Risk Display (ODID)
RD-Channel Random Data Channel
RDAF Royal Danish Air Force
Page 340
Acronym Full form
RDBMS Relational Database Management System
RDC Routing Domain Confederation
RDC Reversal Descent
RDCU Radar Data Compressor Unit
RDD Raw Data Display
RDE Radar Data Equipment
RDE-FG Radar Data Exchange Focus Group
RDF Radio Direction Finding
RDF Routine Domain Format
RDFS Radio Direction Finder System
RDG Radar Data Generator
RDI Routing Domain Identifier
RDIF Radar Data Interchange Format
RDLY Reason(s) for delay
RDM Running Display Message
RDN Relative Distinguished Name
RDP Radar Data Processor
RDP Remote Data Processing
RDP Runway Datum Point
RDP Radar Data Processing
RDP (NM) Releases Deployment Plan
RDPC Radar Data Processing Chain
RDPP Radar Data Post Processor
RDPS Radar Data Processing System (now SDPS)
RDQC Radar Data Quality Control
RDR Radar
RDR Radar Data Recording
RDR.HDV Radar Handover (N-FDPS)
RDSS Radar Determination Satellite System
RDSS Radar Data Survival System
RDTE Research, Development, Trials and Evaluation
Page 341
Acronym Full form
RDY Ready Message (old name for REA)
RDY Ready for take-off message (Message "prêt au départ")
RE Real Equipment
RE Recall
RE Reserved Expansion Indicator
REA Ready to depart message
REA Ready Message
REACT4C Reducing Emissions from Aviation by Changing Trajectories for the benefit of Climate
Real Real time
REC Ruhr Executive Controller
REC Recall (ICAO) / RECording
REC Recommendation
REC RECeive(r)
REC Request EOBT Change
REC RECord(ing)
RECAT Re-categorisation of Wake Turbulence Separation Minima (recatégorisation des minimums de séparation liés
aux turbulences de sillage)
RECAT-EU European separation standard for aircraft wake turbulence
RECCL RECording CLass
RecDPS Recording Data Processing System (PALLAS System)
RED Random Early Detection
REDAN Red de Datos de Navegación Aérea de Aena (Spanish CAA Data Network)
REDES Route efficiency in approaching destination
REDL Runway EDge Lights
REDZ REcent DriZzle
REF REFer(ence) to ...
REFGHMI Reference Ground Human Machine Interface
REFPM Repetitive Extended FPM
REFZRA REcent FreeZing RAin
REG Aircraft registration marking (Flight plan item 18 indicator)
REG Region
REG Regulators
REG REGistration
REG Registration Number
Page 342
Acronym Full form
REG Regulation
REGCAUSE Regulation cause
REGR REcent hail
REGUL Regulation
REIL Runway End Identifier Lights
REJ Receive Reject
REJ REJect message (IFPS)
REJCTOT Rejected Calculated Take-off Time
REJTOT Rejected Take-off Time
REL Release
REL aircraft is RELeased
RELP Residual Error Linear Prediction
REM Röntgen (or Roentgen) Equivalent Man
REM Radio Emergency Module
REM Rapid Eye Movement
Rem De-icing Remote de-icing procedure
REMOCO Remote Control (Supervision System)
REMP Radar Replacement and Modernisation Programme
REMP Radar Exchange and Modernisation Programme
REN Re-ENtrant (flight)
REN Re - ENtry
RENAR Réseau de la Navigation Aérienne (FR network)
RENL Runway ENd Lights
REP Field Repetition Indicator
REP REPetition indicator
REP REPort(ing), REporting Point
REP Report
REP Radar Emergency Processing
REPC Right hand Enhanced Planning Console
REPF Regulations of the EUROCONTROL Pension Fund (Règlement du Fonds de pension EUROCONTROL)
REQ REQuest message
RER Residual Error Rate
RER Rerouting
Page 343
Acronym Full form
RERA REcent RAin
RERASN REcent RAin and SNow
RES Radar Environment System
RES Radar Environment Simulator
RESA Runway End Safety Area (ICAO)
RESET Reducing Separation Standards
RESH REcent rain SHowers
RESN REcent SNow
RESNSH REcent SNow Showers
RESP Response (ICAO)
RESPBY Respond by (time to give a response)
REST 1 Runway in use, Equipment, Situation, Traffic
REST 2 Restrictions, Equipment, Situation, Traffic
RESTQ Recovery Stress Questionnaire
RESTR Route efficiency in straightness of trajectory
RET Airborne & ground retrofit (issues)
RET Revised EOBT
RET Rapid Exit Taxiway
RET RETain the pssr for allocation to the next identical c/s
RETD Revised Estimated Time of Departure
RETEX Return of Experience
RETINA Resilient Synthetic Vision for Advanced Control Tower Air Navigation Service Provision
RETS REcent ThunderStorms
RETX Retransmission or Cross-Coupling
REV REVision (Message Type Designator)
REX Tail clear
RF Radius to a Fix (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
RF Radio Frequency
RF, RFL Requested Flight Level (Niveau de vol demandé)
RFA Radar Field Analyser
RfC Request For Change
RfC Request For Connection
RFC Radar Fallback Communication System
Page 344
Acronym Full form
RFC Radar Front-end Communications unit (ARTAS)
RFC Request for Comments
RFC Request for Comment
RFC Radio Facility Chart
RFCA Panel on Route Facility, Cost Accounting and Cost Allocation (ICAO)
RFCP Route Facility Costs Panel (ICAO)
RFEP Radar Front End Processor
RFF Radar Fall-back Facility
RFF Radio Frequency Function
RFFS Rescue and Fire Fighting Services
RFG Requirements Focus Group
RFG Radio Frequency Generator
RFI Radio-Frequency Interference
RFI Request for (direct) improvement message
RFI Request For Information
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
RFL Requested Flight Level
RFLT Radio Frequency Unit
RFM Remote Field Monitor
RFP Replacement Flight Plan (Procedure)
RFP Replacement Flight Plan (IFPS)
RFP Request For Proposal
RFP Reference Point (ENV entity type, used in all CHMI)
RFP Repetitive Flight Plan
RFPD Repetitive Flight Plan Data
RFPM Repetitive Flight Plan Message
RFPS Radar data Front Processing System (PALLAS system)
RFQ Request for Quotation
RFS Requirements and Features Specification
RFS Remote File Server
RFS Radar Fallback System
RFS Random Field Sequencing (ASTERIX)
RFS Random Field Sequencing organisation
RFSG Regulatory Functions Study Group / Groupe d'étude sur la fonction de réglementation
Page 345
Acronym Full form
RFT Radio Telephony
RFT Request For Tender
RFT Revisable Form Text
RFU Radio Frequency Unit
RFZ Restricted Flying Zone
RG RanGe (lights)
RG Review Group
RG Regulation (see also Regul)
RGB Red, Green, Blue
RGCSP Review of the General Concept of Separation Panel (ICAO)
RGGI Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
RGI Radar Gyroscope & Inclinometer
RGIC Ranging Geostationary Integrity Channel
RGS Regional Ground Station
RGS Remote Ground Stations
RGS Remote Ground Station
RH Radar Head
RHC Ruhr High Coordinator controller
RHCP Right Hand Circular Polarisation
RHD Radio (or Radar) Horizon Distance
RHE Ruhr High Executive controller
RHEA Role of the Human in the Evolution of Air Traffic Management systems
RHEL Red Hat Enterprise Linux
RHI Range / Height Indicator
RHP Radar Head Processor
RHR RAD Harmonisation Rules
RI Radar Information
RI Route Intercept
RI Reliability Indicator
RI Routing Information
RI Ring-In (connection)
RIA Rich Internet Application
RIA Regulatory Impact Assessment (Évaluation des incidences de la réglementation)
RIANNA Research into Improving Aircraft Noise Nuisance Assessment
Page 346
Acronym Full form
RIAS Airport Situational Awareness and Runway Incursion Alert System
RIB Routing Information Base
RIC Radar Integration Control
RICBAN Regulatory and Information Board Area Northwest
RICE RTF Interface Control Equipment
RID Review Item Disposition; Review Item Discrepancy (EAD)
RIF Reclearance In Flight
RIFF Resource Interchange File Format
RIG Regional Implementation Group
RIM Runway Incursion Monitoring
RIMCAS Runway Incursion Monitoring and Conflict Alert System
RIMS Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Station (GNSS-1/EGNOS)
RINAL Portuguese Data Network
RIO Risks, Issues and Opportunities
RIO Ruhr Input Operator
RIOT Ram I/O interval Timer
RIP Routing Information Protocol
RIPE Reseaux IP Européens (European IP Network authority)
RIPE Required Information Performance Concept
RIRP Runway Incursion Reduction Program
RIRT Russian Institute of Radio Navigation and Time (St. Petersburg)
RIS Relational Interface System
RIS Route Implementation Summary
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RISC Recommendations from Incidents and Safety Concerns
RISE Retrieval and Interchange of Standards in Europe
RISO Riso National Laboratory (Denmark)
RISP Radar System Improvement Programme
RIT RADNET/RMCDE Implementation Team
RITA Replay Interface for TCAS Alerts
RITA Réseau Intégré de Transmissions Automatiques (FR)
RJ ReJect (TPDU)
RJC Airspace Crossing Reject Message (Airspace Crossing Dialogue)
RJC Reject Message
Page 347
Acronym Full form
RJC ReJect Coordination message
RJE Remote Job Entry
RJEF Remote Job Entry Function
RJT Rerouteing Rejection message
RL Reference Location
RL Reverse Link
RL Report Leaving
RLA ReLAy to
RLB RoLling Ball
RLB/CS RoLling Ball/CallSign (Input combination)
RLBCS Rolling Ball CallSign (input)
RLCE Request flight Level Change En-route
RLD Rijksluchtvaartdienst (Civil Aviation Department (Netherlands)) (Service de l'aviation civile (Pays-Bas))
RLE Run Length Encoding (bit mapping algorithm)
RLG Ring Laser Gyroscope
RLIM Radar Line Interface Module
RLL Run Length Limited (HDC/HDD)
RLLS Runway Lead-in Lighting System
RLP Remote Line Printer
RLS Reliable Link Service
RLS (Flight) RuLeS
RLSD Released (US)
RLSM Reduced Lateral Separation Minimum
RLST Revised List (for RPLs)
RLT Start of take-off roll
RLW Regie der LuchtWegen (BE), Belgium Aviation Authority: old name, now BELGOCONTROL
RLW Remote Line Watch
RM-ODP Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing
RMA Reliability, Maintainability, Availability
RMA Reliability Maintainability Availability
RMA Regional Monitoring Agency (Agence de surveillance régionale)
RMB Resources Management Board
RMCD Remote Master Control Desk
Page 348
Acronym Full form
RMCDE Radar Message Conversion and Distribution Equipment (Convertisseur-répartiteur de messages radar)
RMCDS Radar Message Conversion and Distribution System
RMCS Remote Monitoring and Control System
RMG RAD Management Group, RAD = Route Availability Document
RMI Radio Magnetic Indicator
RMI Remote Maintenance Interface
RMK ReMarK(s)
RMK Remark (Flight plan item 18 indicator)
RMLS Remote Monitoring and Logging System (U.S.)
RMM Remote Maintenance Monitoring
RMOD Receiving MODule no. on the mc-side
RMON Remote Monitor, Remote Monitoring
RMonMIB Remote MONitoring Management Information Base
RMP Required Monitoring Performance
RMP Radio Management Panel
RMP Risk Management Plan
RMPS Radar Message Processing System
RMR Roke Manor Research
RMS Root Mean Square
RMS Error Root Mean Square error.
RMScv See RMSk (infinite)
RMSpv RMS peak value.
RMT Rule Making Task
RMT Reference Mission Trajectory
RMX Replacement subMultipleXer
RMZ Radio Mandatory Zone
RN Reference Number
RNAV Area Navigation (navigation de surface)
RNAV Radio Navigation
RNC Radio Navigation Chart (ICAO)
RNC Required Navigation Capability
RNDSG Route Network Development Sub-Group (Sous-groupe " Développement du réseau de routes ATS")
RNE Rapid Net Entry
RNG RaNGe marker
Page 349
Acronym Full form
RNIS Réseau National à Intégration de Services (FR)
RNLAF Royal Netherlands Air Force
RNP Required Navigation Performance
RNP-(X) Required Navigation Performance (minimum to be defined)
RNP-AIRNAV Required Navigation Performance - Area Navigation
RNP1 Required Navigation Performance (1nm minimum performance)
RNP5 Required Navigation Performance (5nm minimum performance)
RNPC Required Navigation Performance Capability
RNPSORSG Required Navigation Performance Special Operational Requirements Study Group (ICAO)
RNPTF Required Navigation Performance Task Force
RNR Reference NumbeR (PHAROS)
RNR Receive Not Ready
RNR Royal Naval Reserve
RNSS Radio Navigation Satellite System
RO Read-Only
RO Router Function
RO Romania
RO RPL Office
RO Ring-Out (connection)
ROAD Representation of Overall ATM Development
ROBIN Road billing network
ROC Rate of Climb
ROC/D Rate of Climb/Descent
ROD Rate of Descent
ROE reference operating environment
ROF Request on Frequency (Message)
ROFA Runway Object Free Area
ROFOR ROute FORecast (in aeronautical meteorological code)
ROI Return on Investment
ROL Request On-Line
ROLC Routing Over Large Clouds
Role Role-play
ROM Read-Only Memory
ROMATSA Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration
Page 350
Acronym Full form
ROMBUL Romania, Bulgaria
ROMBULPO Romania, Bulgaria, Poland (Roumanie, Bulgarie et Pologne)
RON Receiving ONly
RoP Rules of Procedure (règlement intérieur)
ROPA RAPNET Operational Planning Agreement
ROPA RAPNET Operations and Planning Agreement
ROR Range Only Radar
ROS Route Orientation Scheme
ROSAS Regional Organisation of the Sequencing and Scheduling of Aircraft System
ROSE Remote Operation Service Element
ROSE Rational Object oriented Software Engeneering
ROT Remotely Operated Tower
ROT Runway Occupancy Time
ROTA Runway Occupancy Time for Arrivals
ROTD Runway Occupancy Time for Departures
Route1 ats ROUTEs and reporting points dcp designator
Route2 weekend ROUTEs and reporting points dcp designator
ROZ Restricted Operations Zone
RP Routing Protocol
RP Reporting Point
RP Radar Post
RP reference period (SESAR)
RP Route Point
RP2 Reference Period 2 (SESAR - 2015-2019)
RPA Remotely Piloted Aircraft
RPAS Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
RPBT Relative Processor Busy Time
RPC Remote Procedure Call
RPC Regional Planning Criteria
RPDS Reference Path Data Selector
RPE-LTP Regular Pulse Excited long-term Prediction
RPEPTS selected Reporting PoinTS from flight plan route
RPF Rapid Prototyping Facility
RPG Report Programme Generator
Page 351
Acronym Full form
RPI Radar Position Indication
RPIs Radar Position IndicatorS
RPK Revenue Passenger Kilometre
RPL Repetitive Flight Plan / Plan de vol répétitif
RPM Resource and Partnership Management// Unité "Gestion des ressources et du partenariat" (DF)
RPM Revenue Passenger Miles
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
RPOA Recognised Private Operating Agency
RPQ Request for Price Quotation
RPR RePRint message
RPS Revolutions Per Second
RPS Regulated Power Supply
RPS Real-time Programming System
RPS Radar Position Symbol
RPS Risques psychosociaux (psychosocial risks - PSR)
RPS Recording and Playback System
RPT Regular proficiency Training
RPU Radar Processing Unit
RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RPVD Radar Plan View Display
RPWO Repetitive Flight Plan Workstation Operator
RPY Replay
RQ ReQuest (Indication of)
RQI ReQuest for Initialisation
RQL Request NOTAM List
RQM Radar Quality Monitoring
RQO Request for Original
RQP ReQuest flight Plan (message type designator)
RQS ReQuest Supplementary flight plan (message type designator)
RQT ReQuesTing
RR Report Reaching
Page 352
Acronym Full form
RR Reply Request (control bits)
RR Radio Resource
RR Routeing Scheme Route (no longer in use)
RR Receive Ready
RRA Radar Recording Analysis
RRA Rerouteing Acceptance Message
RRC Recording Replay Computer (ODS)
RRCS Remote Radio Communication System
RREC Repetitive Flight Plan Recovery Message (IFPS)
RRI Reference Router Implementation
RRI Router Reference Implementation
RRN Rerouteing Notification Message
RRP Remote Radar Post
RRP Re-routing Proposal Message ((Message de) proposition de réacheminement)
RRP Reduced Radar Plot
RRR Radar Recorder (manufactured by COMSOFT)
RRR Radar data Recording and Replay system (RADNET / application software COMSOFT)
RRSS Regional Runway Safety Symposium
RRTEREF Reroute Reference
RRTES Reroutes
RRU Remote Radio Unit
RRV Referred Revision Message (OLDI)
RRV Referred ReVision message
RS Radar Surveillance
RS Record Separator
RS Routeing Scheme
RS Restrictions (generic concept comprising all kinds of restrictions applicable to air traffic)
RS Radar System
RS Reference Station
RS NASC providing Regional Support (EAD)
RS NATS Recruitment Services NATS
RSA Radar Service Area
RSA Russian Space Agency
RSA Restricted Airspace
Page 353
Acronym Full form
RSA Runway Safety Area
RSAP Radnet Service Access Point
RSAP Replenishment Spares Acquisition Program
RSAP (RADNET) RMCDE Service Access Point
RSAP Radar Source Access Point
RSAP Runway Safety Action Plan
RSC Rescue Sub-Centre
RSC Route Catalogue Services Component
RSCAD Civil Aviation Department of Republic of Srpska (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
RSCD Runway Surface ConDition
RSCS Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem
RSE responsabilité sociale des entreprises (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR)
RSFTA Réseau de Service Fixe des Télécommunications Automatiques
RSG Research Study Group
RSG Route Structure Group
RSI US-based radar antenna manufacturer
RSI Radiation Status Indicator
RSL Raytheon Systems Limited
RSLS Receiver Side-Lobe Suppression
RSM Radar Service Message (RMCDE/ RADNET)
RSM Radar S Mode
RSMCC Random System Management Control Channel
RSMCP Radar System Mosaic Centre Point
RSMTF Radar Separation Minimum Task Force
RSO Route per State Overflown
RSO Reduced Spacing Operations
RSO Regional Sub-Office (ICAO)
RSOO Regional Safety Oversight Organization
RSOQ Radar Stores Occupancy Query
RSP Remote Status Panel
RSP Required Surveillance Performance
RSP ReSPonder beacon
RSP Response
RSPD Reported Speed
Page 354
Acronym Full form
RSPL Recommended Spare Parts List
RSR en-Route Surveillance Radar
RSRE Royal Signals and Radar Establishment
RSS Remote System Software section
RSS Radar Sub-System
RSS Recording Sub-System
RSS Reservation Status Sub-field
RSS ROOT Sum Squared
RSS Radar Separation Standard
RSSI Received Signal Strength Indication
RSSP Radar Systems Specialist Panel
RST Radar Skills Trainer
RSTCA Redevance pour services terminaux de la circulation aérienne = Approach/Departure charges
Rstd Restricted (Time-Restricted Learning)
RSUP Replay SUPervisor
RSUPG Rest picture Gat SUPervisor
RSURTF RASS-S Upper Requirements TF
RSUS Repetitive Flight Plan Suspend Message
RSUS RPL Suspension Message
RSVM Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (Minimum réduit de séparation verticale)
RSVP Resource Reservation Protocol (over IP)
RSYD (Aircraft) Released Subject to Your Discretion
RT Receive Transmit
RT Route (ENV entity type, used in all CHMI)
RT Route Table
RT Real Time
RT Radio Telecommunication
RT Radio Telephony
RT-VBR Real Time - Variable Bit Rate
RT1 ats RouTes & reporting points (Including TACAN G1)
RT1 RouTe 1 map
RT2 weekend RouTes & reporting points + link RouTes
RT2 RouTe 2 map
RTA Required Time of Arrival (Heure requise d'arrivée)
Page 355
Acronym Full form
RTA Remote TACT Access
RTA Remote Terminal Access System (phased-out system, see CHMI)
RTA Requested Time of Arrival
RTAM Remote Teleprocessing Access Method
RTB Radar Tool Box
RTB R/T Backup equipment
RTC Radio Transmission Control
RTC (European) Regional Technical Conference
RTC-DES Route extension due to airspace design
RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (US)
RTCC Real Time Channel Controller
RTCE Regional Training Centre of Excellence (ICAO)
RTCP Real Time Control Protocol
RTCS Recruitment, Training, Competence and Selection
RTD ReTarDed (meteo) message (Message type designator)
RTD Research & Technological Development
RTE Route
RTE-FPL Route extension due to last filed flight plan
RTE-T Réseau transeuropéen de Transport (FR)
RTEPTS Selected Reporting Point from flight plan RouTE
RTF Radio Telephony
RTF Requirements Task Force
RTF Rich Text Format
RTF Radiotelephone
RTF SRC Requirements Task Force
RTFM Regulated Tactical Flight Model (by ATFM Measures)
RTG RadioTeleGraph(y)
RTHL Runway ThresHold Lights
RTI D-RVR Delivery Messge
RTI Request Tactical Instructions message (OLDI)
RTI RVR Transmit Information Message
RTILS Runway Threshold Identification Lights
RTK revenue tonne-kilometre
Page 356
Acronym Full form
RTK Real-Time Kinematic
RTL Route Table Length
RTLS Return To Launch Site
RTMDE RADNET Test Monitoring and Demonstration Equipment (colour screen)
RTN ReTurN(ed)(ing)
RTO Rejected Take-Off
RTO Ready for take-off, Reduced Take-Off and Landing
RTOS Real Time Operating System
RTP Real Time Protocol
RTP Radar Trigger Pulse
RTPC Réseau Téléphonique Public Commuté / Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
RTQC Real Time Quality Control
RTQC/A Real Time Quality Control / Assessment
RTR RVR Transmit Request Message
RTR Radar Termination Range
RTR Remote Transmission / Receiver
RTR Router
RTR D-RVR Request Message
RTS Return To Sender
RTS Return to Service
RTS Reliable Transport Service
RTS madap Real Time System Software Section
RTS Real Time Simulation
RTS Request To Send
RTSA Real-Time Status of Airspace
RTSE Reliable Transfer Service Element
RTSIM Real-Time Simulation
RTSX Real Time Supervisor eXecutive (MADAP Operating System)
RTT Radio TeleTypewriter
RTT Round Trip Time
RTT Regie van Telegraaf en Telefoon (Belgacom) (BE)
RTT D-RVR Termination Message
RTT Ready to Task
Page 357
Acronym Full form
RTT RVR Transmit Termination Message
RTTS Real Time Tactical Server
RTV Real Time Video
RTX Request To Send XID
RTZL Runway Touchdown Zone Lights
RU Regulatory Unit (Unité de réglementation) - EUROCONTROL
RU Russian Federation (ISO Country Code)
RU Routeing Scheme Unit (no longer in use)
RUG RASS Users Group
RUG RMCDE User Group
RUI Remote User Interface
RUI Radio Interface Unit
RUP Rational Unified Process
RUT standard Regional roUte Transmitting frequencies
RV Rescue Vessel
RVA Régie des Voies Aériennes (= RLW, B)
RVA Régie des Voies Aériennes (B)
RVI ReVerse Interrupt
RVI Radar Video Interface
RVP Rendezvous Point
RVR Runway Visual Range
RVS Reduced Vertical Separation
RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (minimum réduit de séparation verticale)(of 1000ft between FL290 and
FL410 inclusive)
RVSM Entry Point Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Entry Point
RVSM Exit Point Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Exit Point
RVV Runway Visual Value
RWEWP Runway End Way-point
RWIP Runway Intercept Point
RWIS Roadway Weather Information System
RWIWP Runway Intercept Way-point
RWP EUROCONTROL Regulatory Work Programme (Programme de travail EUROCONTROL dans le domaine de
la réglementation)
RWSL Runway Status Lights
RWY Runway
Page 358
Acronym Full form
RWY WP Runway Waypoint
RX Receive
RX Receiver Station
RX Receive(r), Reception (ADMAR)
RY Route Assembly
RZ Return to Zero
s Second (unit of time)
S Sweden
S Select
S Schedule cycle
S Scheduled flight type
S South, Southern latitude
S (0) basic access interface at S ref. point 192 kbit/s.
S (2) primary rate interface at S ref. point 2048 kbit/s
S&M Sequencing & Merging
S-band S-Band (radar frequency band)
S-CAT Special Category 1 - Norwegian GBAS system
S-Connect Session Connect Service
S-Data Session Data Service
S-ELS Mode-S Elementary Surveillance
S-Gate Start Project Gate (DEVD)
S-Give Session Give-Token Service
S-P-R-c Stimuli, Processing, Response, controlled executive
S-Please Session Please-Token Request Service
S-Release Session Release Service
S-SUP Sector Supervisor (MADAP)
S-TDMA Self-Organising Time Division Multiple Access
S. Select
s.m. Statute Mile
S/2 Symbol for Stochastic Probability of Reply of 50%
S/ATM Secretary ATM Unit
S/M Sequencing/Metering
S/N Signal to Noise (ratio)
Page 359
Acronym Full form
S/T Space / Time
S/T Short-Term
S/W Software
S0 Security Class 0
S1 The future (desired) state
SA Special Agreement
SA Selective Availability
SA Salivary Cortisol
SA Selective Availability
SA Structured Analysis
SA Security Architecture
SA Situational Awareness
SA SAnd or dust storm, rising SAnd
SA Sub-Address
SA System Administrator
SA Satellite
SA Skill Acquisition
SA Source Address
SA Separation Assurance
SA FG Surveillance Architecture Focus Group
SA/BARS Situation Awareness Behaviourly Anchored Rating Scales
SAA System Application Architecture
SAA Special Activity Airspace
SAAAR Special Aircrew Aircraft Authorisation Required (FAA terminology)
SAAM System for Assignment and Analysis at a Macroscopic level
SAAP Safety for ATM Procedures
SAAP Substance Abuse Avoidance Procedure
SaaS Software as a Service
SAASM Selective Availability Anti Spoofing Module (GPS PPS)
SABENA Société Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne
SABET Study of an ATC Baseline for the Evaluation of Team configurations
SABM Set Asynchronous Balanced Mode
SABME Set Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended
SAC Solling Assistant Controller
Page 360
Acronym Full form
SAC Source Area Code (ASTERIX)
SAC Strategic Air Command
SAC Sector Active list (Counter)
SAC System Area Code
SAC Surveillance Architecture Cell
SAC System Assisted Coordination
SAC Single Attached Concentrator
SAC System Area Code
SACADO SASS-C Advanced Development Office
SACCAN Sistema ADS/CPDLC en Canarias
SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander Europe
SACHA Separation and Control Hiring Assessment (US)
SACLANT Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic
SACMAS SASS-C Development, Maintenance and Support
SACMO SASS-C Management Office
SACO Sequence Acknowledgement Communication Object
SACON Slovak Aeronautical Communication Network
SACSO SASS-C Support Office
SACTA Sistema Automatizado de Control del Tráfico Aéreo (ES) / Spanish Automated ATC System / Semi-
Automatisation de Contrôle du Trafic Aérien (FR)
SAD Speech Activity Detection
SAD System Architecture Document
SADIS (Swedish) Satellite Distribution System
SADIS Satellite Distribution of World Area Forecast System / ICAO Group
SADT Structured Analysis and Design Technique
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SAEC Safety Assurance and Evidence Collection
SAF System Attachment Feature
SAF Safety (EATMP domain)
SAF Safety
SAF Sustainable Aviation Fuels
SAF Safety - EEC business area
SAF BD Safety Enhancement Business Division (EUROCONTROL - DAP Directorate)
SAF-AOI (Safety) ATM Occurrence Investigation
Page 361
Acronym Full form
SAF-E2I Deatailed ESARR 2 Implementation Training Course
SAF-E4I ESARR 4 Implementation Training
SAF-NSA Safety - National Suprvisory Authority course
SAF-SAAP Safety Assessment ATM Procedures
SAF-SMG Safety Manager Course
SAF-SOAM Systemic Occurrence Assessment Method training course
SAFA Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (Évaluation de la sécurité des aéronefs étrangers)
SAFEE Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment (Sécurité des aéronefs dans le futur environnement
SAFER Safety Analysis Function EUROCONTROL and associated Repository (Projet EUROCONTROL de fonction
d'analyse de la sécurité et gisement connexe)
SAFER Safety and Errors
SAFG Safety Group
SAFI Safety Monitoring for Indicators
SAFIRE (Aeronautical) Spectrum and Frequency Information Resource
SAFLEARN Safety Learning for R&D
SAFMAC Safety Validation for Major Changes
SAFMOD Safety Modelling
SAFP Surveillance Avionics Functional Performance
SAFREP Safety Data Reporting & Data Flow (Notification des données relatives à la sécurité et flux de données)
SAFREP TF Safety Data Reporting and Data Flow Task Force
SAFT Safety Management Team (Equipe "Gestion de la sécurité")
SAG Surveillance Avionics Group
SAG Security Access Gateway
SAGAT Situation Awareness Global Assessment Technique
SAGE Safety Awareness Group at the EEC
SAI System Architecture Interface
SAICO Swedish Aeronautical Information Computer Aided system
SAIFIT Security Protection and Audit Concept for ATC IT-Systems
SAIP Single Aeronautical Information Publication
SAL Slot Allocation List
SALADT Screening Angle and Line-of-sight Analysis from Digitised Terrain
SALE Software Architect's Lifecycle Environment
SALGOS Système d'Aide en Ligne à la Gestion Opérationelle de la Salle (FR)
Page 362
Acronym Full form
SALIANT Situation Awareness Linked Indicators Adapted to Novel Tasks
SALS Simple Approach Lighting System
SALSA Situation Awareness bei Lotsen der Streckenflugkontrolle im Kontext von Automatisierung (situation
awareness of en-route air traffic controllers in the context of automation)
SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
SAM South America (ICAO Region)
SAM Safety Assessment Methodology (méthodes d'évaluation de la sécurité)
SAM Sequential Access Method
SAM Slot Allocation Message (Message d'attribution de créneaux)
SAM Shareable Airspace Module
SAMAX Swiss Airport Movement Area Control System
SAME Safety Assessment Made Easier
SAMHS Spanish Aeronautical Messages Handling System
SAMM Surface Area Movement Manager
SAMM Surface Area Movement Management
SAMSO Space and Missile Organization - US Air Force Systems Command /(now Space Division)
SAMTF Safety Assessment Methodology Task Force
SAN Stochastic Activity Networks
SAN Satellite Access Node
SAN SANitary
SAND Safety Assurance for New Designs
SANe Skill Acquisition Network
SANIS Safety and Air Navigation Implementation Symposium (ICAO)
SAO Signatories Affairs Office
SAP System Access Parameters
SAP Second Audio Programme (NTSC Add-on)
SAP Surveillance Appraisal Programme
SAP Service Advertisement Protocol
SAP Service Access Point (RMCDE)
SAPI Service Access Point Identifier
SAPP Scheduling APPlication
SAPPHIRE Satellite and Aircraft Database Programme for System Integrity Research
SAPS Situation Awareness ProbeS
SAR Search and Rescue
Page 363
Acronym Full form
SAR Segmentation and Reassembly
SAR System Access Request (Remedy schema)
SAR Stand-Alone Receiver
SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar
SARA Speed and Route Advisor
SARGAL Study for Research and Rescue in Galileo
SARM Set Asynchronous Response Mode
SARME Set Asynchronous Response Mode Extended
SARP Signal Automatic Radar Processing (NL)
SARPs Standards And Recommended Practices (Normes et pratiques recommandées) (ICAO)
SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SARSAT Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking
SART Situational Awareness Rating Technique
SARTS Safety Related Training Scheme
SAS Scandinavian Airlines
SAS Surface Antenna Subfield
SAS Single Attached Station
SAS Single Attachment Station (FDDI)
SAS SESAR & ATM Strategy (SESAR et stratégie ATM)
SAS Stability Augmentation System
SAS Shared ATS System
SASE Stand Alone Synchronization Equipment
SASHA Situation Awareness for SHAPE
SASHA_L Situation Awareness for SHAPE on-Line
SASHA_Q Situation Awareness for SHAPE Questionnaire
SASI Support to ANSPs for SMS (Safety Management System) Implementation (Appui aux ANSP pour la mise en
oeuvre des systèmes de gestion de la sécurité - SMS)
SASKI Name of an ATS Route reporting point
SASMAS SASS-S Development, Maintenance and Support
SASP Separation and Airspace Safety Panel
SASS Surveillance Analysis Support System (Dispositif d'appui à l'analyse des systèmes de surveillance)
SASS-A SASS - Airborne
SASS-C Surveillance Analysis Support System for ATC-Centre (Système de surveillance pour les centres ATC)
SASS-C DMSS SASS-C Development, Maintenance, Support and Services
Page 364
Acronym Full form
SASS-S Surveillance Analysis Support System � Sensor (Site)
SAT Systems Approach to Training
SAT Site Acceptance Testing
SAT Static Air Temperature
SAT SATurday
SAT Software Acceptance Tests
SAT System Acceptance Test
SAT Satellite(s)
SAT Site (System) Acceptance Test
SAT Simulation Assessment Team
SAT/I Inter-System System Acceptance Testing
SAT/O Operational System Acceptance Testing
SAT/S Stand-Alone System Acceptance Testing
SAT/T Technical System Acceptance Testing
SATCAS Selenia Air Traffic Control Automated System
SATCNS Satellite Communications Navigation and Surveillance
SATCNS WG Satellite CNS Work Group
SATCO Senior Air Traffic Controller
SATCO Signal Automatic Control
SATCOM Satellite Communications
SATI SHAPE Automation Trust Index
SATNAV GNSS Satellite Navigation Sub-Group (NAVSEP TF)
SATORI Systematic Air Traffic Operations Research Initiative (US)
SATP Software Acceptance Tests Plan
SATS Simulator System for Air Traffic Services
SATSA Swedish ATS Academy
SAVASI Simplified Abbreviated Visual Approach Slope Indicator
SAVVAN Système Automatique de Vérification en Vol des Aides à la Navigation (FR)
SAW Surface Acoustic Wave (Filter)
SAWD Surface Acoustic Wave Device
SAWRS Supplemental Aviation Weather Reporting Station
SAXFRA Slovenian Austrian Cross Border Free Route Airspace
SB SouthBound
Page 365
Acronym Full form
SB Service Bulletin
SBA Standard Beam Approach (superseded by ILS)
SBAS Satellite-Based Augmentation System
SBB Sector Building Block
SBO Sideband Only
SBR Spaceborne Radar
SBRME Set Balanced Response Mode Extended
SBS Surveillance and Broadcast Services
SBSR Space Based Secondary Radar
SBT Shared Business Trajectory
SBT Self Briefing Terminal
SBT/RBT Shared Business Trajectory
SBU Service Business Unit
SBU Support Business Unit (EEC) (Unité "Activités d'appui")
SBY Stand-BY message
SBY Stand-BY (device status)
SC Strato Cumulus
SC System Controller
SC Sector Coordinator
SC Soft Copy
SC Special Commitee
SC Sector Configuration
SC Senior Controller
SC Standing Committee
SC SCale
SC Self-Contained (type of landing forecast)
SC Single Click (Mouse Input)
SC Schedules Conference
SC Special Corridor
SC Stack Controller
SC Simultaneous Call
SC Staff Committee
SC String Controller
SC Security Council (UN)
Page 366
Acronym Full form
SC []
SCale up: sdd picture zoom-out, in range intervals of 10nm
SC [¯] SCale down: sdd picture zoom-in, in range intervals of 10nm
SC-116B Special Committee 116B
SC-135 Special Committee 135
SC-147 Special Committee 147
SC-167 Special Committee 167
SC-186 Special Committee 186
SC-187 Special Committee 187
SC-209 Special Committee 209
SC186 Special Committee 186
SCA Safety-Critical Activities
SCA Serial Communication Adapter
SCAA Swedish Civil Aviation Authority
SCAA Slovenian CAA
SCAA Servicio de Control de la Circulación Aérea (ES)
SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SCALE display a set of sdd ranges for SCALE selection
SCAMPI Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement
SCAN Swiss Control Area Network
SCAS Surveillance Coverage Analysis Suite
SCAT Special Category
SCAT Supersonic Civil Air Transport
SCAT-1 Special Category 1
SCATANA Security Control of Air Traffic and Air Navigation Aids
SCATCC Scottish Air Traffic Control Centre
SCC System Control Center
SCC Satellite Control Centre
SCC Solling Coordinating Controller
SCCAG General Air traffic Coordination System
SCCB Software Configuration Control Board
SCCB System Change Control Board
SCCM Senior Cabin Crew Member
SCCO Sector Code Communication Object
SCCS Software Configuration Control System
Page 367
Acronym Full form
SCDT Selected Controlled Departure Times
SCEAP Steering Committee for External Assistance Projects
SCEPC Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee
SCF Standing Committee on Finance (comité permanent "Finances")
SCF Surveillance Coordination Function
SCF-BP SCF Budget Process Task Force (Équipe spéciale du SCF sur le processus budgétaire)
SCG System Concept Group
SCG Stakeholders Consultation Group (Groupe de consultation des partenaires)
SCHUKO Schutzkontakt (DE) (earthing contact)
SCIA Simultaneous Converging Instrument Approach
SCM Signalling Carriage Mechanism
SCM Subcontractor Manager
SCM System Control and Monitoring
SCM Software Configuration Management
SCMM Safety Culture Maturity Model
SCN Surveillance Coordination Network
SCO Sector Coordinator
SCOATCC Scottish Oceanic Air Traffic Control Centre
SCODL Scan Conversion Object Description Language (Agfa)
SCORS Surveillance Concepts and Operational Requirements
SCP System Control Programming
SCP Standard Correction Procedure
SCP Support Computer Programme
SCPC Special Connectivity PCs
SCPC Single Channel Per Carrier
SCPG SSR Code Planning Group
SCPL Senior Commercial Pilot's Licence
SCPS Satellite Communications Protocol Standard
SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SCR Sustained Cell Rate
SCR Scroll
SCRAD Steering Committee for Research, Analysis and Development
Page 368
Acronym Full form
SCRR Service central des redevances de route (Central Route Charges Office - CRCO)
SCRS Surveillance and Conflict Resolution System
SCRSP Surveillance and Conflict Resolution System Panel
SCS Sna Character String
SCS Strategy Concept & System (EATMP Unit)
SCS Squitter cA
SCS System Concept and Scope
SCS Security Certificate Service
SCSI Small Computer System Interface (HDC/HDD)
SCT Surveillance Coordination Team, (EATCHIP)
SCT SCaTtered
SCTA Service du Contrôle du Trafic Aérien (DGAC, DNA, France)
SCTR SeCTor Role
SCU Support CWP-Unit
SCU Support Control Unit
SCU Spoiler Control Unit
SCU Support Computer Unit
SCU Satellite Communications Unit
SCV Sub-Clutter Visibility
SD Special Designator
SD Specialist Domain
SD Surveillance Data
SD Statistical Display
SD Service Desk
SD Social Dialogue
SD Senior Director, EATM Service Business Unit
SD Starting Delimiter
SD Standard Deviation
SD Storage Director
SD Serial Dialling
SD Software Development
SD'xx' Specialist Domain 'number' (EATCHIP)
SD/ESC Senior Directorate/European ATM System and Convergence
SDA Social Dialogue Assistant (assistante au dialogue social)
Page 369
Acronym Full form
SDA Système de Détection Aéroporté / Airborne Early Warning and Control System (=AWACS)
SDA System Design Authority
SDA SESAR Deployment Alliance
SDB Static Data Bank (MADAP)
SDB Single European Sky Digital Backbone
SDC Staff Development Centre
SDC Software Development Centre (within DEVD)
SDCPS Safety Data Collection and Processing Systems
SDD Software Design Document
SDD Synthetic Dynamic Display
SDD Synthetic Data Display
SDD Static and Dynamic Data (EAD)
SDD Service Description Document
SDD Surveillance Data Distribution
SDDLC System Design and Development Life Cycle
SDDR-F/RUG Surveillance Data Distribution Requirements Focus Group/RMCDE User Group
SDDS Surveillance Data Distribution System
SDE (EUROCONTROL) Senior Director, European Air Traffic Management Programme
SDE Smoke DEtector
SDE System Development Environment
SDE Submission Delivery Entity
SDER Sous-direction des études et de la recherche appliquée
SDF Software Development File
SDF Simplified Directional Facility
SDFI Sous-direction des finances de la DSNA
SDG Strategic Development Group (ACIG)
SDG Sensor Data Generator
SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDI Single Document Interface
SDK Software Development Kit
SDL Standard Distribution List
SDL Specification & Description Language
Page 370
Acronym Full form
SDLC Software Development Life Cycle
SDLC Synchronous Data Link Protocol
SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control
SDLS Satellite Data Link System
SDM System Definition Manual (INMARSAT)
SDM Serial Dial Module
SDM Service Delivery Management
SDM SESAR Deployment Manager (gestionnaire du déploiement de SESAR)
SDM Supplementary Data Message
SDM Systems Development Methodology
SDM Strip Display Management (psychometric test for selection) (FEAST)
SDMIF Sous-direction de la modernisation, de l'informatique de gestion et de la formation
SDO Static Data Operations
SDO Supplementary Display Option
SDO Selected Display Option (ODID)
SDO Standards Development Organisation
SDO Static Data Operation (Gestion des données statiques)
SDOE Senior Director Operations and EATCHIP = Director principal Operations et EATCHIP
SDP Software Development Phase
SDP Software Development Plan
SDP Second Development Project
SDP Static Data Procedures (AIS)
SDP Surveillance Data Processing (Sub-group CCT/EATCHIP)
SDP Simulator Development Programme
SDP Session Description Protocol
SDP Surveillance Data Processing
SDPD Surveillance Data Processing and Distribution
SDPDS Surveillance Data Processing and Distribution System
SDPS Sous-direction de la planification et de la stratégie de la DSNA
SDPS Surveillance Data Processing System (Système de traitement des données de surveillance)
SDPTF Static Data Procedure(s) Task Force
SDR System Design Review
SDRH Sous-direction des ressources humaines de la DSNA
SDS Surveillance Data Server
Page 371
Acronym Full form
SDS Synoptic Display System
SDSSS Software Development Standard for Space Systems
SDT Stack Departure Time
SDT Support, Development & Training Section (of FMD)
SDT Software Development Testing
SDTDL Saturating Drift Transistor Diode Logic
SDTF SYSCO Development TF
SDTF System Development Task Force
SDU Synoptic Display Unit
SDU Satellite Data Unit
SDU Service Data Unit
SDU Static Data Update message
SDV Simulator Development
SE System Engineering or System Engineer
SE Strategy Element
SE Software Engineer
SE Sweden (ISO Country Codes)
SE Situational Example (OGHFA)
SE South-East
SE Simulation Engine
SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment
SEAC SESAR European Airports Consortium
SEAC Service d'Etat de l'Aviation Civile
SEAFRA South-East Axis Free Route Airspace (Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
SEAP South European ADS Pre-Implementation Programme
SEAT Site Equipment Acceptance Test
SEB South-EastBound
SEC civil SECtors & lower airspace SECtors (LAS)
SEC Solling Executive Controller
SEC Security
sec Seconds
SEC SECond(s) (60 in 1 minute)
SEC SECtor map
Page 372
Acronym Full form
SECAM Safety, Efficiency and Capacity in ATM Methodologies
SECBR Severely Errored Cell Block Ratio
SECG Software Engineering Coordination Group
SecMS (ATM) Security Management System
SECOP Sensor Coverage Planner Tool
SECRA Secondary Radar
SecWG Information Security Working Group (Groupe de travail sur la sécurité de l'information)
SEE Single Event Effect
SEE Software Engineering Environment
SEE-FABA South-East Europe Functional Airspace Block Activity (Approche fondée sur des blocs d'espace aérien
fonctionnels dans le Sud-Est de l'Europe)
SEI Software Engineering Institute
SEL page SELection module (CCTV)
SEL Sector Control List (N-FDPS)
SEL nsap SELector
SEL Sound Exposure Level
SEL Sector List Window
SEL System Architecture Element
SELCAL SELective CALling system
SELEX Italian ATM Systems Provider (formerly Alenia Marconi Systems)
Self Self-paced Learning
SELREL Selective Release
SEM Semmerzake
SEM System Engineering Manager
SEM SEMaphone
SEMP Software Engineering Management Plan
SENSE Human Factors Programme
SEP Selective Employment Plan
SEP SEPtember
SEP Separation of Aircraft
SEP Sensor Evaluation Program
Page 373
Acronym Full form
SEP STAR Entry Point
SEP Spherical Error Probability
SEQ SEQuence
SEQE-UE Système d'échange de quotas d'émission (EU Emissions Trading System - EU ETS)
SEQG Software Engineering Quality Group
SER SERvice(ing)(ed)
SERA Standardised European Rules of the Air
SEROS Semmerzake Radar Operating System (B / Military)
SeRT ATM Safety Regulatory Training Programme (Programme de formation à la réglementation de la sécurité de
SES Supplementary Equipment and Services
SES Single European Sky (ciel unique européen)
SES-SEE Single European Sky extension to South East Europe
SESAME Single European Sky Air Traffic Management (Modernisation Programme)
SESAR Single European Sky ATM Research (Programme) ((Programme de) recherche ATM dans le cadre du Ciel
unique européen) formerly SESAME
SESAR PA SESAR Programme Area
SESAR2020 Single European Sky ATM Research (2016-2022)
SESFARR Single European Sky Factual Review and Reporting (Analyse factuelle et compte rendu relatifs au Ciel unique
SESI SES Implementation
SESII Second Package of the Single European Sky
SESIM SES Implementation by the Military/mise en oeuvre du SES par les militaires
SESIS Single European Sky Implementation Support (Appui à la mise en oeuvre du ciel unique européen)
SESS Software Engineering for Secure Systems
SESY Service Systems Section (previous section of DEVD)
SET initiate a parameter change
SET ATM Security Team
SETD Slot Estimated Time of Departure
SEU Software Engineering Unit
SEV SEVere (Icing, turbulence)
SEVIS Student and Exchange Visitor Program
SEW Software Engineering Workshop
SEWG Software Engineering Working Group
SF Security Flights
Page 374
Acronym Full form
SF Scaling Factor
SF Finland (ISO Country Codes)
SF Surveillance Function
SF Start Frame
SF21 Safe Flight 21
SFA Surveillance Functional Architecture
SFACT Service de la Formation Aéronautique et du Contrôle Technique
SFC Surface (Ground Level / Sea Level)
SFCM Social Factors and Change Management
SFD Start Frame Delimiter
SFG Safety Focus Group
SFI Synthetic Flight Instructor
SFIE Syndicat des Fonctionnaires Internationaux et Européens (FR) / Union of International and European Civil
Servants (=UIECS)
SFL Supplementary Flight Level
SFL System Flight Level
SFL Sector Flight List
SFM Simulation Facility Management (EEC)
SFMC Sickness Fund Management Committee
SFOR Stabilisation Force (Sarajevo)
SFP State Focal Point
SFPL Short Flight Plan (FDPS)
SFPL System Fight Plan (N-FDPS)
SFS Start of Frame Sequence
SFT Simplified Fast Time Simulations
SFT System File Table
SG Sub-Group
SG Sector Group (N-FDPS)
SG Safety Group
SG Snow Grains
SGAMI Select Group for Assessing Manpower Issues (EATCHIP)
Page 375
Acronym Full form
SGB State Governance Body (Instance de gouvernance des États)
SGBD Système de Gestion de Base(s)/Banque(s) de Données = Database/Databank Management System
SGC Swept Gain Control
SGCAS Study Group on Certification of Automatic Systems
SGEG Surveillance Ground Environment Group
SGML Standard Generalised Markup Language
SGN Signal GeNerator
SGR Study Group for Route Charges (groupe d'étude pour les redevances de route)
SGS 85 Sovietic Geodetic System
SGSI Subsystema Grabador y Servidor de Información (ES) / Recording and Data server subsystem
SH Sub-Header
SH Session Header
SH SHowers
SHA Safety Hazard Analysis
SHACC SHAPE Airspace Coordination Centre
SHANDAP Shannon-Data Processing (System)
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHAPE Solutions for Human-Automation Partnerships in European ATM
SHEL Software, Hardware, Environment, Liveware
SHELL Software, Hardware, Environment, Liveware
SHF Super High Frequency
SHIELD Safety through Harmonised Implementation of European Local Databses
SHK Statens haverikommission (Swedish Accident Investigation Authority)
SHL Saville and Holdsworth Ltd.
SHO Software Hand-Over
SHOM Software Hand-Over Meeting
SHORAN Short-Range Navigation
SHS Special HeadSet
SHT Statens havarikommisjon for transport (Accident Investigation Board Norway, AIBN)
SI Système international / International System of Units
SI Surveillance Identifier
SI Shift In
Page 376
Acronym Full form
SI Sector Indicator
SI Slovenia, Republic of Slovenia
SI Situational Interview
SI Selective Interrogator
SI Software Integrator
SI Sistemi Integrati
SI Surveillance Identity
SI-Code Surveillance Identifier Code
SI-Code Surveillance Interrogator Code
SIA Service d'Information Aéronautique
SIA Safety Improvement Area
SIA Semiconductor Industry Association
SIAM Service Integration and Management
SIB Strategic IT Board
SIB Safety Information Bulletin
SIBT Scheduled In-Block Time
SIC Sector Inactive list (Counter)
SIC Sector Intercom (VCS)
SIC System Identification Code
SIC Sector InterCom function
SIC Source Identification Code
SIC Subject Indicator Code
SICAS SSR Improvements and Collision Avoidance System
SICAS/6 SICASP Panel Meeting No. 6
SICAS/7 SICASP Panel Meeting No. 7
SICASP SSR Improvements and Collision Avoidance Systems Panel (ICAO)
SICASP/5 SICASP Panel Meeting No. 5
SICASP/6 SICASP Panel Meeting No. 6
SICCAP Système Intégré de Commande et de Contrôle Aérien du Portugal (FR)
SICT System Implementation Coordination Team
SICTA Italian Consortium for the Applied ATM Research
SID Specification for Information Disclosure
SID Standard Instrument Departure
SID Service Identification Document
Page 377
Acronym Full form
SID STATFOR Interactive Dashboard
SID Subject Interface Document
SIE Standard Interface Equipment
SIF Selective Identification Feature
SIF Successor IFF
SIFP Single Initial Flight Plan (Plan de vol initial unique)
SIG PT Significant Point (N-FDPS)
SIG-P Special Interest Group, Peripherals esprit
SIGMA Système informatique de gestion des mouvements aéroportuaires
SIGMA Systemintegreging Gemensam Maskinvara (SE) / System Integration in Common Hardware
SIGMA SDO Input Guidance Manual
Sigma (Greek letter, upper case) Symbol for sum
Sigma (Greek letter, lower case) Symbol for Standard Deviation
SIGMET Significant Meteorological information
SIGWX SIGnificant Weather
SIL Safety Integrity Level
SIL Sector Inbound List
SIL Surveillance Integrity Level
SIL Sector Inbound List Window
SIM SIMulator
SIM Security Incident Management
SIM SIMulator subsystem
SIM Sensor Interface Module
SIM Subscriber Identity Module
SIM Set Initialisation Mode
SIM-5 Simulation Modernisation Project (EEC)
SIMC Sickness Insurance Management Committee (comité de gestion du régime d'assurance maladie - CGRAM)
SIMC SIMulator Control
SIMEX Simulation expeditor
SIMM Symbolic Integrated Maintenance Manual
SIMM Single In-line Memory Module
SIMMOD Simulation Model
SIMOS SDDS Maintenance and Operational Support
Page 378
Acronym Full form
SIMP System Incident Management Procedure
SIMPLE SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions
Simul Simulation
SIMUL SIMULtaneous(ly)
SINAD Signal-to-Noise Ratio And Distortion
SINTAC Système Intégré d'Identification, de Navigation, de Contrôle de Trafic, d'Anticollision & de Communication
SIO Sector Input Operator (MAS Ops Room)
SIOP Sector Input Operator Position
SIOP Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Inc.
SIP Single In-line Package
SIP SMDS Interface Protocol
SIP Slot Improvement Proposal Message
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SIP-CWP Controller Working Position employing SIP
SIPit SIP interoperability tests
SIPP Single In-line Pin Package
SIPPING Session Initiation Protocol InvestIGation
SIR Serveur d'Information Radar [Radar Information Server]
SIR Serveur d'Information Réseau
SIR Stakeholders Information Repository
SIRE Safety Issue Rectification
SIRH Système d'information des ressources humaines
SIRO Simultaneous Intersecting Runway Operations
SIROCCO Study of the Impact of Revised Operational Concepts on the CNS/ATM ODP Model
SIS Support Information Systems
SIS English Standard for Documentation
SIS Stakeholders Implementation Support (CND)
SIS Signal in Space
SIS Special Information System
SIS Schengen Information System
SISCO Screen-to-Screen coordination
SISG Safety Improvement Sub-Group
SIT Subsystem Integration Test (DECADE)
Page 379
Acronym Full form
SIT System Integration Team (EATCHIP)
SIT Software Integration Test
SIT Slot Issue Time Parameter
SIT System Implementation Team (inside EATCHIP)
SIT1 Slot Issue Time 1
SIT2 Slot Issue Time 2
SIT3 Slot Issue Time 3 When the clock time is he same as the CTOT
SITA Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques = Airline telecommunications and Information
SITAP Simulator for Transportation, Analysis and Planning
SITATEX Software developed by SITA
SITD Systems Integration and Test Department (ODS)
SITP Software Integration Test Plan
SIWL Single Isolated Wheel Load
SJA Strategic Job Analysis
SJU SESAR Joint Undertaking (entreprise commune SESAR)
SJU PSO SJU Project Support Office/ Bureau d'appui aux projets de la SJU
SK Station Keeping
SK Slovakia (country identifier)
SKC SKy Clear
SKED SchEDule(d)
skeyes Belgocontrol (renamed in 2018)
SKI Ski (winter) seasonal traffic flows
SKIP SKIP a sector
skyguide ANSP Switzerland / Prestataire de services de navigation aérienne pour la Suisse
SLA Service-Level Agreement (Accord de niveau de service)
SLA Site-Level Aggregation
SLA Stochastic Lockout Acquisition
SLAP Slot Allocation Procedures
SLAR Side-Looking Airborne Radar
SLB Sidelobe Blanking
SLBM Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile
SLC Slot Cancellation message (Message d'annulation de créneau)
SLC Side Lobe Cancellation
Page 380
Acronym Full form
SLC Synchronous Link Control
SLD Super-cooled Large Droplets
SLD Sector Load Diagram
SLD Subscriber Line Digital
SLDT Scheduled Landing Time
SLEP Long Range Radar Service Life Extension Program
SLHW Second Line Hardware
SLI Supplementary Level Inbound (ODID)
SLI minimum climbing Sector entry height
SLIC Software LIfeCycle
SLIC Subscriber Line Interface Card
SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol
SLM Sound Level Meter
SLM Standard Length Message (Mode S)
SLO Supplementary Level Outbound (ODID)
SLO States Liaison Office / Officer (chargé de liaison avec les États)
SLO minimum non-Level flight Sector exit height
SLOA Stochastic Lockout Acquisition
SLOA Stakeholders Line of Action (Ligne d'action des partenaires)
SLOC Source Line of Code
SLOP Strategic Lateral Offset Procedure
Slot An arrival or departure time window reserved for a flight.
SLP Speed Limiting Point
SLR Satellite Laser Ranging
SLS Side-Lobe Suppression
SLS Service Level Specification
SLT Slot Allocation
SLT Scheduled Landing Time
SLV Statens Luftfartsvaesen (CAA/DK)
SLW Selected Label Window
SLW Sector Load Window
SM Security Manager
SM Suspense Message
Page 381
Acronym Full form
SM Stack Manager
SM Segment Manager
SM Systems Management
SM System Management
SM Surveillance Map
SMA Surface Movement Advisor
SMA Spectrum Management Activities
SMAA Study for Mediterranean Area ADS
SMAE Systems Management Application Entity
SMAG Safety Management Advisory Group
SMAN Surface Manager
SMAN Surface Management (APATSI)
SMAP Systems Management Application Process
SMART Self-Managed Arrival Resequencing Tool
SMART System Monitoring And Revision Team
SMART Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Relevant (or Realistic), Timely
SMART Simulator for Multi-radar Analysis for Realistic Traffic
SMART Senior Management Refresher Training Programme
SMAS STATFOR Medium-Term Forecast Access System
SMAS Service Mobile Aéronautique par Satellite / Satellite Mobile Aeronautical Service
SMATSA Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency
SMAW Safe Minimum Altitude Warning
SMC Station Monitoring and Control (RMCDE)
SMC Systems Management Concept
SMC System Management Centre
SMC System Monitoring Computer
SMC Surface Movement Control
SMD Storage Module Device (interface)
SMD Surface-Mounted Device
SMDE Software Maintenance and Development Environment
SMDR Station Message Detail Recording
SMDS Switched Multimegabit Digital Service
SMDS Switched Multimegabit Data Service
SME Systems Management Entity
Page 382
Acronym Full form
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMED Single Minute Exchange, or Die
SMEQ Subjective Mental Effort Questionnaire
SMF System Management Function
SMG System Management Group of the AAG
SMGC Surface Movemant Guidance and Control
SMGC(S) Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
SMGCS Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
SMGET Surveillance Map Generator
SMHI Swedish government-owned (civil) MET Institute
SMI Standard Message Identifier
SMI Stakeholder Relations Management and International Coordination (EATMP Unit)
SMI Structure of Management Information
SMI Separation Minima Infringement
SMICG Safety Management (systems) International Collaboration Group
SMIDTS Synthetic Movings Image Didactic / Tower Control Simulator (RLW/RVA)
SMIP Simple Management Information Protocol
SMIP Safety Measure and Improvement Programme
SMIP Small and Medium size Infrastructure Projects
SMIS Specific Management Information Services
SMITF Safety Monitoring and Improvement Task Force
SMM Software Management Meeting
SMM Slot Missed Message
SMM Sector Monitor Message (RMCDE)
SMM Safety Management Manual
SMM Safety Managers Meeting
SMO Standards Making Organisation
SMP Software Maintenance Plan
SMP SESAR Safety Management Plan
SMP Simple Management Protocol
SMP A proposed evolution of SNMP (definition unknown)
SMPT Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Page 383
Acronym Full form
SMR Surface Movement Radar
SMS Service Management System
SMS Switching Management System
SMS Surface Movement System
SMS System Manager Station (Hardware)
SMS Service Monitoring System
SMS Short Message Service
SMS Safety Management System (système de gestion de la sécurité)
SMS System Manager System (ARTAS)
SMS Surface Management System
SMSS Surface Movement Surveillance System (airports)
SMSTR Systems Management Strategy
SMT Shared Mission Trajectory
SMT Standard Message Text
SMT Station Management (FDDI / RMCDE)
SMT Simple Message Text
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMU Social & Medical Unit (EEC)
SMX Sub-Multiplexer
SMX Sub MultipleXer (Redundant anno 1991)
SN Sequence Number
SN Signal-to-Noise
SN Safety Net (N-FDPS)
SN Subnetwork
SN Subscriber Number
SN Sub-Network
SN System Notam
SNA Satellite Navigation
SNA Satellite Navigation Application
SNA System Network Architecture (IBM Network)
SNA Systems Network Architecture
SNA-RP Service de Navigation Aérienne - Région de Paris
SNAc Subnetwork Access
Page 384
Acronym Full form
SNAcF Subnetwork Access Function
SNACP Sub-Network ACcess Protocol
SNAcP Subnetwork Access Protocol
SNADS Systems Network Architecture Delivery System
SNAP Standard Network Access Protocol
SNAS Satellite Navigation Augmentation System
SNASG Satellite Navigation Applications Sub-Group
SNC Sub-Network Connect
SNC Small-scale aeronautical Navigation Chart (ICAO)
SNDC Subnetwork Dependent Convergence
SNDCF Subnetwork Dependent Convergence Function/Facility
SNDCP Sub-Network Dependent Convergence Protocol
SNET Safety Net (Filet de sauvegarde)
SNICF Subnetwork Independent Convergence Function
SNICP Subnetwork Independent Convergence Protocol
SNIR Signal-to-noise ratio
SNM Systems Network Management
SNM Sub-Network Management
SNME Subnetwork Management Entity
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol (RAPNET - CNG-)
SNOTAM Snow Notification to Airmen
SNOWTAM SNOW State Message To Airmen (Message containing snow fall information)
SNPA Subnetwork Point of Attachment
SNPDU Subnetwork Dependent Protocol Data Unit
SNR flatbed ScaNneR (CCTV)
SNR Sequence Number of Received packet (for an SVC)
SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SNRM Set Normal Response Mode
SNRME Set Normal Response Mode Extended
SNS Subnetwork Service
SNS Sub-Network Source
SNSDU Subnetwork Service Data Unit
SNSH SNow SHowers
SNTP Simple Network Time Protocol
Page 385
Acronym Full form
SNVN Subnetwork Version Number
So The Present (undesired) state
SO Specialist Objective, (EWPD)
SO Shift Out
SO Strategy Officer (from DEVD)
SO Safety Objective
SO Standards Office (EUROCONTROL)
SOA Service-Oriented Approach / Architecture (SESAR)
SOA Safety Oversight Audit (Audit de la supervision de la sécurité)
SOAM Systemic Occurrence Assessment Method
SoaML Service-oriented architecture Modelling Language
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SOBT Scheduled Off-Block Time
SOC Security Operations Centre (centre des opérations de sécurité)
SOC Start of Climb
SOC System / Sector Operations Centre
SOCS Safety Objective Classification Scheme
SOE Software Engineer
SOF Stand-alone Operations Facility
SOFA PfP Status of Forces Agreement Partnership for Peace
SOFIA Sequentially Outlining and Follow-up Integrated Analysis (EUROCONTROL Headquarters, EATMP, DSA,
SOFREAVIA Société Française d'Etudes et de Réalisations d'Equipments Aéronautiques (FR)
SOG System Operator Guide
SOGITS Senior Official Group in IT Standardisation
SOH Start Of Header
SOI Supplementary Operating Instruction
SOIR Simultaneous Operations on parallel (or near-parallel) Instrument Runways
SOL Sector Outbound List (MDP)
SOM Start Of Message
SONAR Sensing, Openness, Non-judgment, Assessment, Resolution
SONET Synchronous Optical Network
SOOD Safety Oversight Overview Document (ESIMS)
SOP Start Of Picture
Page 386
Acronym Full form
SOP System Operation Procedure
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SOR State of Readiness
SORA Specific Operations Risk Assessment
SORA Safety Oversight / Occurrence Reporting and Assessment
SORA Safety Occurrence Reporting and Assessment in ATM
SORTBOX function combining sarp & madap flight plan data
SOS Systems Operations Section of ENGD
SOSG Safety Oversight Study Group (ICAO)
SOST Scheduled On Stand Time
SOT Sector Opening Times
SOTA Sector Opening Times Architect
SOTA South Oceanic Transition area
SOTA Shannon Oceanic Transition Area
SOV System Operations Validation
SOV Storage Operating system and Virtualization
SOW Statement of Work (ODS)
sp ground SPeed
SP Succession Planning
SP Significant Point
SP Supervisory Packet
SP Special point
SP Service Provider
SP SPecial designator
SP SPace
SP Special Purpose Indicator
SP Special Purpose Indicator (ASTERIX)
SP Standard Precision
SP System Parameter (Madap)
SPA Slot Proposal Acceptance Message
SPA Special Procedure Airspace
SPACDAR Specialist Panel on Automatic Conflict Detection And Resolution
SPACE Study and Planning of AMHS Communications in Europe
SPADE Supporting Platform for Airport Decision-making and Efficiency
Page 387
Acronym Full form
SPADE SNMP Proxy Agent Device
SPAF Strategic Performance Analysis and Forecast
SPAM Situation Present Assessment Method
SPARC Scaleable Processor ARChitecture
SPAS Sensor Performance Analysis Standard
SPC Spectrum Management
SPC Stored Program Control
SPC Surveillance Product Centre
SPC Statistical Process Control
SPCCO Sector Planning Conflict Communication Object
SPD Software Product Description
SPD Speed
SPD Speed (N-FDPS)
SPDA Surveillance Data Processing System Processing Delay Analysis
SPDS Surveillance Data Processing System
SPDU Session Protocol Data Unit
SPDU Squitter PDU
SPE SPEcial codes (SSR)
SPECI aviation selected SPECIal weather report (in meteo code)
SpecTRM-RL Specification Tools and Requirements Methodology - Requirement Language
SPES Single Pan-European Sky
SPF Strategic Performance Framework
SPF System Productivity Facility
SPF Structured Planning Framework
SPF Scratch Pad Field
SPF Standard Precision Format
SPG Spectrum Protection Group
SPG SRC Strategy and Policy Group
SPG Special Planning Group
SPI Special Pulse Identification
SPI Special Protocol Identifier
SPI Special Position Indicator
SPI Special Pulse (Position) Identification (SSR)
SPI Special Position Identification (SSR)
Page 388
Acronym Full form
SPI Safety Performance Indicator
SPI Special Position Identification
SPI IR Surveillance Performance and Interoperability Implementing Rule
SPICE Synchronised PBN Implementation Cohesion Europe
SPICSY Standardised communication Protocols to support Intra-centre Communications between ARTAS Systems
SPIN Safety Nets Performance Improvement Network
SPIN-TF Safety nets: Planning Implementation or eNhancements Task Force, SPIN Task Force
SPIRITS Service in the PSTN/IN requesting Internet Services
SPISC Specific Pre Implementation Safety Case
SPL Supplementary flight PLan (message type designator)
SPL System Flight Plan
SPL Student Pilot's Licence
SPL Sarp Plain Language message
SPM SPecial Message
SPM Source Programme Maintenance
SPMF Standards Programme Management Function
SPMP Software Project Management Plan (ODS)
SPMS Spare Part Management System
SPN Short PlaN
SPN Stochastic Petri Nets
SPO Special Project Office
SPO Strategic Plan of Operation.
SPO Single Person Operations
SPOC Single Point Of Contact
SPOM South Pacific Operations Manaual
SPOOL Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line
SPORA Specialist Panel on Operational Research and Analysis
SPOSS Surveillance Products and Open Source Software
SPP Service for Protection and Prevention at Work (service de prévention et de protection au travail)
SPPAT Strategic Planning and Performance Assessment Tool
SPR Service Provision Regulations
SPR Safety and Performance Requirements
SPR Strip Printer
Page 389
Acronym Full form
SPR BD Sector Productivity Business Division (EUROCONTROL - DAP Business Directorate)
SPRINT Strategic PRogramme for INnovation & Technology Transfer
SPS Siemens Plessey Systems
SPS STDMA/VDL Mode 4 Performance Simulator
SPS Standard Positioning Service
SPS-UFIG Surveillance Products and Services User Funding Implementation Group
SPSD Static Pairwise Separation for Departures
SPSG Spectrum Protection Steering Group (IATA)
SPSS Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
SPT Strategic Planning Team
SPT Separation Performance Tool
SPT Sectors Per Track
SPX Sequenced Packet eXchange
SQ SQuall
sq-cm cm2
sq. in. Square inch
SQA Software Quality Assurance
SQE Software Quality Engineer (DECADE)
SQL Structured Query Language
SQM Surveillance Quality Monitoring
SQM Signal Quality Monitoring
SQP Signal Quality Parameter
SQS Safety, Quality and Security (sécurité, qualité et sûreté)
SQSM Safety Quality Security Manager (responsable de la sécurité, de la qualité et de la sûreté)
SQU Squelch (VCS)
SQWK Squawk (N-FDPS)
SR Standard Route
SR Study Report
SR Status Report
SR System Restart
SR Staff Regulations
SR SunRise
SR Software Requirements
SR Slovak Republic (but ISO code=SK)
Page 390
Acronym Full form
SR/R Software Requirements Review
SRA Safety Risk Assessment
SRA Strategic Research Agenda
SRA Surveillance Radar Approach
SRAP Secondary Runway Aiming Point
SRAT Super Role Allocation Tool
SRB Solid Rocket Booster
SRBP Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper
SRC Safety Regulation Commission (Commission de réglementation de la sécurité)
SRC SouRCe reference
SRD Software Requirements Document
SRD System Research and Development
SRD System (or Software) Requirements Document
SRDTF System Research & Development Task Force
SRE Surveillance Radar Element of par system
SRE Slant Range Error
SREJ Selective Reject
SRG Short RanGe
SRG Safety Regulation Group
SRG Software Requirement Group
SRGM Software Reliability Growth Model
SRI Inertial Reference System
SRI Socially Responsible Investments
SRI Stanford Research Institute
SRI System Replay and Investigation
SRIA Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (ACARE)
SRJ Slot Proposal Rejection message
SRK Skill-Rule Knowledge
SRM Software Reliability Model
SRM Stakeholder Relations Management
SRM Sector Revision Message
SRM Safety Reference Material (SESAR)
SRM Slot Revision Message
Page 391
Acronym Full form
SRM System Reconfiguration Memory
SRM Stakeholder Relations Management
SRP Slot Revision Proposal
SRP Slot Reference Point
SRP Spacing Reference Point
SRP Significant Reporting Point
SRPI Server/Requester Programming Interface
SRQ Slot Request
SRR Search and Rescue Region
SRR Slot Revision Request
SRR System Requirements Review
SRS Side Receiving Station
SRS Segment Request Sub-field
SRS Schéma d'acheminement standard (FR)
SRS Standard Routing Scheme (as of 19/04/01 replaced by RAD)
SRS Software Requirement Specification
SRSG Safety Regulation Sub-Group
SRT Slot Reference Time
SRT Sort RouTine
SRT Single Radar Tracker
SRT Source Route Transparent
SRTM Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
SRU Shop Replaceable Unit
SRV Server (Software)
SRY SecondaRY
SS Server System (ARTAS)
SS Sector Supervisor
SS Supervisory Subset
SS System Start
SS Server (Hardware)
SS SunSet
Ss seconds
SS Session Service
SS-CI Supplementary Service- Call Intrusion
Page 392
Acronym Full form
SS-CPI Supplementary Service- Call Priority Interrupt
SS-CPIP Supplementary Service-Call Priority Interrupt Protection
SS7 Signalling System Number 7
SSA Structured System Analysis
SSA System Safety Assessment (Evaluation de la sécurité des systèmes); Safety Security Assessment (EAD)
SSA Software Support Administration
SSA Smallest Space Analysis
SSA-DG Operational Requirements for System Support to ASM Drafting Group
SSADM Structured System Analysis and Design Method
SSALS Simplified Short Approach Lighting System
SSAP Strategic Safety Action Plan (Plan d'action stratégique pour la sécurité)
SSAP Source Service Access Point (RMCDE / RADNET)
SSAP Session Service Access Point
SSAS Software Safety Assurance System
SSAS Surveillance Support Analysis System
SSB Single Side Band
SSBA Service spécial des bases aériennes
SSBA Suite Synthétique de Benchmarks de l'AFUU (FR)
SSC Supplementary Service Control
SSC Supervision Component (Subsystem of BSC)
SSC Single Sky Committee
SSCC Safety Standards Consultative Commitee
SSCP System Services Control Point
SSCVR Solid-State Cockpit Voice Recorder
SSD Synthetic Situation Display
SSDD System/Segment Design Document
SSDG Surveillance Strategy Drafting Group
SSDU Session Service Data Unit
SSE Safety Significant Event Scheme
SSE South-South-East
SSE Specific Service Entity
SSE Sum of Squared Errors
SSEA Surveillance Data Processing System Systematic Error Analysis
SSEC Static Source Error Correction
Page 393
Acronym Full form
SSEP Self-Separation
SSF Software Safety Folder
SSFDR Solid-State Flight Data Recorder
SSG Service Steering Group
SSG System Sub-Group (of the EAG)
SSGHI Surveillance Sub-Group on Harmonisation and Implementation
SSGS Surveillance Sub-Group on Standards
SSGT Surveillance Sub-Group on Tools
SSH Safety, Security & Human Factors (EATM) (Sécurité, sûreté et facteurs humains)
SSI Site System Inspection
SSID Station Slot Identifier
SSIM Standard Scheduling Information Manual
SSL Secure Socket Layer
SSM System Surveillance and Maintenance
SSM Safety and Security Management
SSM BD Safety & Security Management Business Division (EUROCONTROL - DAS Business Directorate)
SSMA Spread Spectrum Multiple Access
SSN sun spot number
SSND Satellite SubNetwork Dependent
SSNDP Satellite Subnetwork Dependent Protocol
SSO Sun Synchronous Orbit
SSO STAR Support Office
SSP Secondary Spare Part
SSP State Safety Programme
SSP Sole Source Procurement
SSP Source Selection Panel (MADAP)
SSP System Security Policy
SSPA Solid State Phased Array
SSPSG Structures for Service Provision Sub-Group (High-Level Group Single European Sky (EU)
SSR Software Specification Review
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar (Radar secondaire de surveillance)
SSR Solid State Relay
SSR Mode S Mode S Selective Address SSR
SSR-CF SESAR Safety Regulation Coordination Function
Page 394
Acronym Full form
SSRBRIGH create track and intensify position symbol & label
SSRBRIGH Highlight set code to target (input)
SSRC Current SSR Code
SSRCI Synchronization Source Identifier
SSS Surveillance Status Subfield
SSS Source Select Switch (ODS)
SSS Staff Satisfaction Survey
SSS System/Segment Specification
SSS System Segment Specification
SSSAR System Safety Security Assessment Report
SSSC Safety Supervisory Steering Committee
SSSO Specialised Satellite Service Operators
SSSP System Selection Switch Panel
SSSP EU Subgroup on Structures for Service Provision (see SSPSG)
SST SuperSonic Transport
SSTD System Segment Test Description
SSTF Surveillance Standard Task Force
SSTL Surrey Space Technology Limited
SSTS Space Surveillance and Tracking System
SSU Subsequent Signal Unit
SSUP Sector SUPervisor
SSV Sub-System Validation
SSW South-South-West
SSWG System Support Working Group
ST STratus
ST Subjacent Tracked
ST Special Task
ST Standard Paths
ST Specialist Task
ST Supervisory Type
ST Standard Time
ST Short-Term
ST System Testing
ST SlanT
Page 395
Acronym Full form
ST Specialist Task (EATCHIP)
ST STation
ST-ICD Short-Term Interface Control Document
ST/I System Testing - Interoperability
STA STAtistics
STA Staggered Threshold Approach
STA Scheduled Time of Arrival
STA STraight-in Approach
STAC Second-Time-Around Clutter
STAIRS STorage And Information Retrieval System
STALO Stable Local Oscillator
STAM Short-Term ATFCM Measures
STANAG NATO Standardization Agreement (Accord de normalisation OTAN)
STANAG NATO Standardization Agreement
STANINE Standard Nine Score
STANLY Statistics and Analysis
STANS Simulation of a Total Air Navigation System
STAPES System for Airport Noise Exposure Studies
STAR Second Time Around Returns (Radar)
STAR Système de Traitement des Archives et Redevances (FR)
STAR Studies, Tests and Applied Research (former STT)
STAR SESAR Tool for ATM Roll-out
STAR Safety Target Achievement Roadmap
STAR Sistema Telegráfico Automático de Retransmissão (PoAF) (PT)
STAR Self Test and Repair
STAR Surface to Air Recovery
STAR Standard Instrument Arrival
STARS Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System
STARS Surveillance and Tracking Attack Radar System
START-OVER Process of putting in action the COLD-STANDBY
STAT Second-Time-Around Targets
STAT Static Maps (N-FDPS)
STAT Statistics
STATE Military, customs or police flight (Flight plan status indicator)
Page 396
Acronym Full form
STATFOR EUROCONTROL Statistics and Forecasts Service
STAY Time spent in an area (STAY area)
STB TF Short-Term Benefits Task Force
StBf Structured Briefing
STBY Standby (Transponder Operating Mode)
STC Supplemental Type Certificate
STC Sensitivity Time Control
STC Steering Committee
STC Simulation Technical Coordinator
STC SHAPE Technical Centre (NATO, The Hague)
STC Short-Time Constant
STCA Short-Term Conflict Alert (Avertissement de conflit à court terme)
STCD Short-Term Conflict Detection
STCW Short-Term Conflict Warning
STD STandarD (Label)
STD Software Technical Designer
STD Scheduled Time of Departure
STD Software Transfer Document
STD Standard
STD Subscriber Trunk Dialling
STD State Transition Diagram
STD Standard Deviation
STD Software Test Description
StDf Structured Debriefing
STDM Statistical Time Division Multiplex
STDMA Self-Organising Time Division Multiplex Access
STEADES Safety Trend Evaluation and Data Exchange System
STEM Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering
STEP Social, Technological, Environmental and Political
STF Sub-network Test Facility
STF StraTiForm
STF Selection Task Force
STF Short-term forecast
Page 397
Acronym Full form
STF ARTAS Surveillance Task Force on ARTAS Development
STF-SDPS Surveillance Task Force on Surveillance Data Processing Systems
STFAD Surveillance Task Force on ARTAS Development
STFAP Surveillance Task Force on the Appraisal Programme
STFDPPAS Surveillance Task Force on the Data Processing Performance Analysis Standard
STFRDE Surveillance Task Force on Radar Data Exchange
STFRL Surveillance Task Force on Reference Levels
STFRSS Surveillance Task Force on the Radar Surveillance Standards
STFSDIR Surveillance Task Force on Surveillance data Distribution Infrastructure Requirements
STFSPAS Surveillance Task Force on the Sensor Performance Analysis Standard
STFTE Special Task Force of Training Experts
STFTV Surveillance Task Force on Transponder Verification
STG EUROCONTROL Standards Group . See SSGS
STIP Système Central de Traitement Initial de Plans de vol
STL Software Template Library
STLP ATS Selection Training and Licensing Panel
STM Synchronous Transport Mode
STM Surface Traffic Management
STMP Special Traffic Management Program (US)
STN SubTask No. for the mc module
STNA Service technique de la navigation aérienne (Air navigation technical service)
STOA Scientific and Technological Options Assessment
STOL Short Take-Off and Landing
STORIA Simulation Tool for Online Recording and Analysis (ESCAPE simulator recording component)
STORIA Simulation Tool for Online Recording and Analysis
STORIA Software Tool for Online Recording and Interactive Analysis
STOT Scheduled Take-Off Time
STP Software Test Plan (MAS/DFS - ODS)
STP Standardised Training Package
STP Spanning Tree Protocol
STP Shielded Twisted Pair
STP Surveillance Transmit Processing Subsystem
Page 398
Acronym Full form
STPV Service du Traitement automatique des Plans de Vol (F-FPPS)
STR Strategic System
STR Service du Traitement des données Radar (F-RDPS)
STR Secure Transaction Recorder
STR Software Test Report (ODS)
STR (STRAT) Strategic System
STRANGE Simplified Trajectory Generator
STRAT Strategic System
STRAT Strategic Planning System
STRAT-TF Surveillance Strategy Task Force
STREP Specific Targeted Research Project
STRGP Software TRaininG Plan
STRIDA Système de Traitement, d'Identification et de Visualisation des Données de la Défense Aérienne (FR)
STS Stand-by Telephone System
STS Status Indicator
STS STatuS (Coordination)
STS Standby Telephone System
STS System Status
StS Support to States (EUROCONTROL) (replaced by SIS - Stakeholders Implementation Support)
STS Status
STSMOD Delay ac (input)
STSMOD STatuS MODification
STT Studies, Tests and Trials (now STAR)
STTT Scheduled Time To Turnround
STU Selected Trajectory Update
STUD Innovative studies (ARDEP)
STW Slot Tolerance Window
STWG Special Technical Working Group (EUROCONTROL management and trade unions)
STWL STop-Way Lights
STX Start of TeXt
SU Signal Units
SU SUmmer time (1st SUN APR until last SUN SEP)
SU Soviet Union
SUA Special Use Airspace
Page 399
Acronym Full form
SUATMS Single Unified ATM System
SUB Sub-addressing
SUBJ SUBJect to ...
SUC Start-Up Controller
SUCT Surveillance analysis and Calibration Tools (ARDEP)
SUD System Under Description
SUDP Surveillance data Processing (ARDEP)
SUF Service Units Forecast
SUGCT Surveillance User Group on Centre Tools
SUGST Surveillance User Group - Sensor Tools
SUID Set User ID
SUM Software User Manual
SUMI Software Usability Measurement Inventory
SUP watch SUPervisor
SUP Internal abbreviation for the course
SUP Supplement
SUP Supervisor
Sup. Pract. Supervised Practices
SUP/ACC Supervisor Area Control Centre
SUP/APP Supervisor Approach
SUP/MIL Supervisor military
SUPPS Supplementary Procedures
SUPPS Regional Supplementary Procedures (ICAO)
SUPR (Flight Plan) Supervisor Operator
SUPRA Support for Presently Unserved Airspace
SUPSIS Supervisor (Centre and System)
SUR Surveillance domain (Domaine "Surveillance")
SUR Shortest Unconstrained Route
SUR-RAD IANS Surveillance Course
SUR-RF NIPS Performance of 1030/1090 RF bands
SUR-T Surveillance Team (EATM)
SURF (Airport) Surface
Page 400
Acronym Full form
SURF IA Surface Indications and Alerts
SURT Surveillance Team
SURT Screen Update Response Time
SurvITE Surveillance Integrated Tested for EATMS
SUSIS Sector, Unusual, Situation, Information, Split
SUT System Under Test
SUTP Software Unit Test Plan
SV Service Volume
SV Secure Voice
SV Synthetic Vision
SV Space Vehicle (Satellite)
SV System Validation
SVC Service Verification Centre (from DEVD)
SVC SerViCe processor
SVC SerViCe message (AFS stations only)
SVC Switched Virtual Circuits (RMCDE / SIR)
SVC Service
SVC Switched Virtual Call
SVD Software Version Description
SVFR Special Visual Flight Rules (règles spéciales de vol à vue)
SVGA Super Video Graphics Array
SVID System V Interface Definition
SVN Space Vehicle Number
SVP Supervisor
SVP SerVice Processor (SMC context)
SVS Sprachvermittlungssystem (DE)
SVS Synthetic Vision System
SVVP Software Verification and Validation Plan (ODS)
SW South-West
SW Software
SW SWitching box (ADMAR)
SW Software
SW Swerling
Page 401
Acronym Full form
SWA Software Architecture
SWAL Software Assurance Level (From ESARR 6)
SWAP Severe Weather Avoidance Procedure
SWAT Subjective Workload Assessment Technique
SWB South-WestBound
SWCI SoftWare Configuration Item (ODS) (equivalent to a primary subject)
SWG SRC Workgroup for liaison with EUROCAE WG
SWG Simulation Working Group
SWG Security Working Group (advisory sub-group of CISC) / Groupe de travail sur la sûreté
SWI Swisscontrol Interface
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
SWIFT Specifications for Working positions In Future Air Traffic Control
SWIM System-Wide Information Management (Système de gestion de l'information à l'échelle du système)
SWIM-TI SWIM Technical Infrastructure
SWIMSUIT System-Wide Information Management Supported by Innovative Technologies
SWM SIP Wanted Message
SWORD Subjective WORkload Dominance technique
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
SWP Sub Work Package
SWP Software Simulation Package
SWP Strategic Workforce Planning
SWP Support Working Position (ODS)
SWR Standing Wave Ratio
SWS Synchronous Work Station
SWS Silly Window Syndrome
SWS SoftWare Service (LAN)
SWSAS Software Safety Assurance
SWU Software Unit
SWY Stopway (ICAO)
SX SimpleX (transmission)
SXCOP Sector Exit Coordination Point
SXIT Scheduled Taxi-In Time
SXOT Scheduled Taxi-Out Time
Page 402
Acronym Full form
SY Syrian Arab Republic (ISO Countries Codes)
SYCA System Capacity
SYCO System Configuration
SYCU SYnthetic (video) Control Unit
SYLK SYmbolic LinK (graphics file format)
SYMA System Manager
SYMB Symbol (N-FDPS)
SYN TCP synchronisation message
SYN SYNchronisation
SYNBA Synthetische Beanspruchungs- und Arbeitsanalyse (DE) / Synthetic Strain and Task Analysis
Sync. Synchronous
SYS System Section
SYS SYStem identifier
SYS SYstem Services
SYS/DEG SYStem DEGradation
SYSCIMIC System-supported Civil/Military Coordination
SYSCO System controller / Contrôleur système
SYSCO System-Supported Coordination
SYSCO Screen-to-Screen Coordination
SYSEVAL System Evaluation
SYSID data Source IDentification
SYSPAR System Parameter
T Tesla / Terminal
T Temperature
T&I Test and Integration
T-ADLP Trail Airborne Data Link Processor
T-ATSU Transferring ATS Unit (ICAO)
T-Channel Time Division Multiple-Access Channel
T-Connect Transport Connect Service
T-CSF Thomson - Compagnie Sans Fils
T-Data Transport Data Service
T-DPI Target DPI
T-Gate Transfer Gate (DEVD)
Page 403
Acronym Full form
T-GCAS Tactical Ground Collision Avoidance System
T-Unit Transport Connect Service
t.b.d. To be decided / discussed
T/B/T Terra/Bordo/Terra (Italian for ground/air/ground)
T/C Transfer of Control
T/R Transmit / Receive
T0 Time 0
TA Traffic Advisory (Avis de trafic) ACAS
TA Track Analysis
TA Transition Action
TA Target Area
TA Title Area
TA Transition Altitude
TA Task Analysis
TA Test Area
TA Terminal Adapter
TAA Tracker Accuracy Analysis
TAA Test Access Area
TAA Terminal Arrival Area
TAA Track Accuracy Analysis
TAAM Total Airspace and Airport Modeller (Preston Group, Victoria, Australia)
TABL Tra-A BLocked ssr codes
TAC TACan map
TAC TACtical system (ATFM)
TAC TACtical air defence radar station
TAC TACan routes & reporting points
TACAN Tactical Air Navigation
TACAN UHF Tactical Air Navigation aid
TACIS Technical Assistance to the Community of Independent States ( EC )
TACOT Tactical Operational Tool
TACOT TACT Automated Command Tool
TACT TACTical System (old name for ETFMS)
TACT Tactical Flow Management (working position)
TAD Telephone Answering Device
Page 404
Acronym Full form
TAD Test and Development
TAD Target Audience Description
TAD Technical Architecture Description
TADIL Tactical Distribution List
TAER Terminal Arrival Efficiency Rating
TAF Aerodrome Forecast
TAF Terminal Area (Aerodrome) Forecast
TAFD Total Advanced Flights on Departure
TAFEI Task Analysis For Error Identification
TAFT Terminal Airspace Task Force (EUROCONTROL)
TAG Transitional Airport Group (APATSI)
TAG Technical Advisory Group
TAG (ATM) Thematic Advisory Group (ATM) (EASA)
TAGA Traffic Awareness for General Aviation
TAI Temps Atomique International
TAI International Atomic Time
TAI Tätigkeitsanalyseinventar (DE) / Job-Analysis Inventory
TALIS Total Information Sharing
TALK (Swedish) VCS Upgrade Programme / System
TAM Total Airport Management
TAM Tivoli Access Manager
TAM Technical Acknowledgement Message
TAMP Turkish ATC Modernisation Project
TANB Tra-A non-Blocked ssr codes
TAOIT Tribunal Administratif de l'Organisation Internationale du Travail (ILOAT)
TAP Taxiway Access Point
TAP Target Acquisition Protocol
TAP Telematics Application Programme
TAP Total Average Peak
TAR Terminal Area (surveillance) Radar
TAR Terminal Approach Radar
TAR Tape Archive
TAR Trials ATN Router
Page 405
Acronym Full form
TARA Terminal Airspace (or Area) RNAV Applications Task Force
TARAD Tracking Asynchronous Radar Data
TARE Telegraphic Automatic Relay Equipment
TARTAR ATS Route Structure between Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Turkey
TAS Transmission Acknowledgement Sub-field
TAS True AirSpeed (Knots)
TAS Traffic Advisory System
TAS Terminal Airspace
TASC The Analytical Science Corporation (Industry)
TASI Time Assigned Speech Interpolation
TASP Track Acquisition and Support Protocol
TASS Russian News Agency
TAT Thematic Apperception Test
TAT Transputer Anwender Treffen
TATCA Terminal ATC Automation (FAA)
TATCI Tallinn ATC Improvement project (Estonia)
Tau Range / Range rate (TCAS)
TAU Trunk Access Unit
Tau (Greek letter, lower case) Symbol for time
TAWS Terrain Avoidance and Warning System
TAX TAXi(ing)
TB Tellback
TBA To Be Advised
TBA Tellback Area
TBBL Tra-B BLocked ssr codes
TBC To Be Completed
TBD To Be Determined
TBD To Be Defined
TBD To Be Done
TBD To Be Discussed
TBM Time-Based Metering
TBN To Be Notified
TBNB Tra-B non-Blocked ssr codes
TBO Trajectory-Based Operations
Page 406
Acronym Full form
TBS Time-Based Separation
TBS Telephone Back-up System (VCS)
TBS-GA Tätigkeitsbewertungssystem - Geistige Arbeit (DE) / Job-Assessment System - Mental Work
TC Transit Corridor
TC Temporary Channel
TC Transition Concept
TC Technology Centre (from DEVD)
TC Tactical Controller (radariste)
TC Transit Counter
TC Typical Changes
TC Type Certificate
TC Number of the ground DTE request
TC Trajectory Calculation
TC-APD Tactical Controller Activity Predictor Display
TC-SA Trajectory Control by ground based Speed Adjustments
TC/OC Technical Control and Operational Control
TCA Traffic Count Area
TCA Track Continuity Area
TCA Terminal Conflict Alert
TCA Track-to-chain Association
TCAA Transatlantic Common Aviation Area
TCAC Tropical Cyclone Advisory Centre
TCAM TeleCommunications Access Method
TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (Système d'avertissement de trafic et de prévention des
TCAS Traffic Collision Avoidance System
TCB Training Coordination Board (EUROCONTROL, IANS)
TCB Trajectory-based Conflict proBe
TCC Target Compilation Computer
TCC Traffic Control Centre
TCC Thrust Control Computer
TCC Traffic Coordination Centre
TCCB TIDE Change Control Board
TCCS Thrust Control Computer System
Page 407
Acronym Full form
TCDP Technical Control Data Processor
TCF Transponder Code Function
TCF Terrain Clearance Floor
TCFG Transponder Code Function Group
TCG Training Consultation Group / Groupe consultatif sur la formation
TCH Threshold Crossing Height
TCL Terminal Control
TCM Trellis Coded Modulation
TCM Traffic Complexity Manager
TCM Time Compression Multiplexing
TCM Time and Clock Management
TCM Tactical Capacity Manager
TCO Technical & Coordination Office (EASA-EUROCONTROL)
TCO Third-Country Operator
TCO Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees
TCOP Transfer Coordination Point
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TCP Transport Control Protocol
TCP Trajectory Change Point
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
TCPA Time to Closest Point of Approach
TCPU Touch Panel Central Processing Unit (ACS)
TCRB Transfer Conflict Resolution Board
TCS Target Compilation System
TCS Two Channel Switch
TCS Test Case Specification
TCS Type Control Subfield
TCT Tactical Controller Tool
TCT Technical Control Terminal
TCU Towering CUmulus
TCWP Threshold Crossing Way-point
TCX Transfer Coordination cancellation message
TCZ Terminal Charging Zone
TD Time Difference
Page 408
Acronym Full form
TD Training Division (IANS) (Division "Formation")
TD Traffic Demand
TD Transfer and Delete (KDS input)
TDA Track Detection Analysis
TDB Track Data Block
TDC Top Dead Centre
TDCE Telephone Distribution and Control Equipment
TDCP Test Display and Control Panel
TDD Time Division Duplex
TDDS Terminal Data Distribution System
TDF Training and Development Facility
TDF Total Delayed Flights
TDH Training Development & Harmonisation (Unit) (IANS) ((Section) "Développement et harmonisation de la
TDHS Time Domain Harmonic Scaling
TDM Track Dressing Management
TDM Time Division Multiplexing
TDM Total Delay in Minutes
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TDOA Time Difference of Arrival
TDOP Time Dilution of Precision
TDR Traffic Data Record
TDR Track Drop Rate
TDR Target Data Receiver
TDR Time Domain Reflectometer
TDS Test Design Specification
TDS Test and Development System
TDS Tactical Data System
TDS Test and Development Sector
TDSP Training Documentations and Special Projects
TDSU Transport Service Data Unit
TDWR Terminal Doppler Weather Radar
TDZ Touchdown Zone
Page 409
Acronym Full form
TE Terminal Equipment
TE Transport Entity
TE Test error
TE Entry Time
TE1 Terminal Equipment type [1]
TE2 Test Error 2
TE2 Terminal Equipment type [2]
TE3 Test Error 3
TEAM SIMUL Team Simulation
TEB Tender Evaluation Board
TeB Technical Bodies
TEC Total Electron Content
TEC Technical ATM Systems and Logistics Support
TEC TEChnical: for use only by maintenance personnel
TECH Technical
TeCo Technical Coordination Office (EASA-EUROCONTROL)
TECR TEChnical Reason
TED Tactical Environment Data
TED Trajectory Editor
TEDIS Trade Electronic Data Interchange Systems
TEI Terminal Equipment Identifier
TEI Terminal Endpoint Identifier
TEL Telephone
TELCO TELephone Central Office
TELEX TELe-printer EXchange
TELIA Telecommunications Provider (Swedish)
TELNET Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol Virtual Terminal Protocol
TELSACS Telematics for Safety Critical Systems
TEM Total Energy Model
TEM Threat and Error Management
TEMP Test and Evaluation Master Plan
TEMPEST Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard (US)
TEN Trans-European Network
Page 410
Acronym Full form
TEN-T Trans-European Transport Network (réseau transeuropéen de transport)
TEN-T EA Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency
TEN-Telecom Trans-European Telecommunications Network
TEPS Trajectory Editor and Problem Solver
TER Terminal Point (ENV entity type, used in all CHMI)
TERPROM Terrain Profile Matching
TERPS Terminal Instrument Procedures
TES Trials End System
TESA Toolset For Environmental Sustainability Assessment / Kit d'évaluation de la viabilité environnementale
test test
test test
test test test
test test
TEST Test Mode (N-FDPS)
test test
TestDB Test Data Base (Lotus Notes)
TESTLOOP TEST the Link between wpp & imux
TETRA Trans European Trunk Radio Architecture
TETRAPOL Trans-European Trunk Radio
TEWG Training Experts Working Group
TF Track to a Fix (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
TF Task Force
TF Touch Field (VCS)
TF-CCC Task Force Common Core Content (EATCHIP).
TF-TTM TF on Technology Based Training Tools and Methods
TFA Test Flight Analysis
TFACS Task Force on Assessment Centre Standards
TFD Tactical Flight Data
TFD Thin-Film Diode
TFDATS Delegation of ATS Task Force (ANT)
TFG Training Focus Group
TFIS Traffic Flow Investigation System
Page 411
Acronym Full form
TFL Transfer Flight Level
TFM Tactical Flight Model
TFM Traffic Flow Management
TFMS (FAA) Traffic Flow Management System
TFMS Technical Facilities and Management Support Section (of ENGD)
TFR Terrain Following Radar
TFR Tactical Flight Record
TFR TransFeR of control message
TFS Track Flight Store
TFT Thin-Film Transistor
TFTR Terrain Following Training Route
TFTS Terrestrial Flight Telephone System
TFV Traffic Volume
TG Task Group
TGDLP Trials Ground Data Link Processor
TGF Traffic Growth Factor
TGL Target Level (N-FDPS)
TGL Temporary Guidance Leaflet (JAA)
TGL Touch-and-Go Landing
TGM Temporary Guidance Material
TGS Target Generation System
TGS Taxiing Guidance System
TGV Train à Grande Vitesse / High Speed Train
TH Transport Header
TH-CSF Thomson CSF
THD Total Harmonic Distortion
Theta (Greek letter, upper case) Symbol for azimuth
THP Thrust Horse Power
THR THermometeR
THR THReshold
THS Trimmable Horizontal Stabiliser
THU THUrsday
Page 412
Acronym Full form
THX Threshold crossing
TI Transfer Initiation
TI technologies de l'information (Information Technology - IT)
TI Transmit Interdict
TIA Traffic Information Area
TIARE Traitement des informations ATM et radar pour l'exploitation
TIB Tactical Agency IT Board
TIBA Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft
TIBS Telephone Information Briefing System
TIC Token ring Interface Coupler
TIC Transition Input Class
TIC Time In Change
TICTAC Time Constrained Trajectory Computation Trajectory predictor
TID Touch Input Device
TID Test Item Discrepancy
TIDE Tactical and IFPS Development Environment
TIDmn Track Initiation Delay Mean
TIDsd Track Initiation Delay Standard Deviation
TIF Transport Interface Facility
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TIGA Texas Instruments Graphics Architecture
TIL unTIL ...
TIM Transfer Initiation Message
TIM Tivoli Idendity Manager
TIM Time
TIM Technical Interchange Meeting
TIMERS Traffic Intelligence for the Management of Efficient Runway Scheduling
TIN Triangulated Irregular Network
TIO Transmit Interdict Override
TIOP Tactical and IFPS Operational Platforms
TIP unTIl Past ... (place)
TIP Touch Input Panel
TIP Tactical Instructions Proposal message (OLDI)
TIRP Technical Incident Reporting Procedure (new ref. STD-CM/PRO/SIMP)
Page 413
Acronym Full form
TIS TITAN Information Sharing
TIS Traffic Information Service
TIS Time to Insert the Sequence
TIS-B Traffic Information Service - Broadcast
TITAN Turnaround Integration in Trajectory And Network
TITLE Message Name
TIV Traffic Information Volume
TIXM Terrain Information Exchange Model
TIZ Traffic Information Zone
TK True Track
TKB TracKer Ball pointing device
TKX Crosstell Tracker
TL Transition Line (Level)
TL Traverse Level
TL Thermo Luminescent
TLA Terminal Loop Adapter
TLA Title Line Area
TLA Top-Level Aggregation
TLAT Technical Link Assessment Team
TLD Tactical Load Data
TLM Telemetric Word
TLM Traffic Load Monitoring
TLMA Telematic Access Unit
TLOF Touchdown and Lift-off Area
TLOS Target Level of Safety
TLP Tactical Leadership Program
TLP Traffic Light Protocol
TLPD Traffic Load Prediction Device
TLPV Tratamiento Local de Planes de Vuelo (ES)
TLS Transponder Landing System
TLS Tactical Load Smoother
TLS Transport Layer Security
Page 414
Acronym Full form
TLS Target Level of Safety
TLS Tolerable Level of Safety (Niveau tolérable de sécurité)
TLU Taxi for Line Up
TLV Type Length Value
TLX Task Load Index (NAA)
TLXAU Telex Access Unit
TM Technical Project Manager
TM Technical Manual
TM Training Manager
TMA Terminal Manoeuvring Area
TMA Terminal Control Area
TMA Telecommunications Managers Association
TMA-TC TMA Tactical Controller
TMA2000+ Trajectory Management Applications
TMAN Traffic Manager
TMAS Terminal Manoeuvring Area Services
TMC Telematics Management Committee
TMC Technical Monitoring and Control
TMCD Technical Monitoring & Control Desk
TMCS Technical Monitoring and Control System (RMCDE / MADAP)
TMCU Tower Main CWP Unit
TMF Trajectory Management Framework
TMG Track Made Good
TMLLF Terrain Masking Low-Level Flight computer (A 400 M)
TMN Telecommunications Management Network
TMP Teleprinter MultiPlexer
TMR Trajectory Management Requirements
TMRR Temporary Minimum Disk Route
TMS Traffic Management System
TMS TeleManagement System
TMS Tools Manager Server
TMSSG Top Management Structure Sub-Group
TMT Technical Monitoring Team (old name for CSO)
TMU Total Vertical Error Monitoring Unit
Page 415
Acronym Full form
TMU Traffic Management Unit (FAA)
TMV Traffic Monitor Value
TMZ Transponder Mandatory Zone
TN Track Number
TN Tunisia (ISO Countries Codes)
TN Technical Note
TN True Negative
TN Trajectory Negociation
TNA TurN Altitude
TNAV Time Navigation
TNC Tactical Network Coordinator
TNC Terminal Navigation Charge
TNG The Next Generation
TNH TurN Height
TNM Tactical Network Management
TNMC Tactical Network Management Coordinator
TNO Stereovision test (trade name)
TNR non-radar TraNsfeR of control message
TO Time Over
TO Operation Time
TO Technical Order
TO Telecommunications Operator
TO RIT To Reroute Issue Time
TO/GA Take-Off/Go Around
TO/L take-off/Landing
TO_RIT To Reroute Issue Time
TOA Terms of Agreement
TOA Time of Arrival
TOAST Technical Operations And Systems Tests (MAS Eng. Div.Team)
TOAST Team Oriented ATC Simulator Training
TOBT Target Off-Block Time
TOC Transfer of Communication
TOC Top of Climb
TOC ATC take-off clearance
Page 416
Acronym Full form
TOC Traffic Observation Center
TOC Technical Operators Centre
TOC Transfer Of Control
TOCS Take-Off Climb Surface
TOD Terrain and Obstacle Data
TOD Time Of Day
TOD Top Of Descent
TODA Take-Off Distance Available (ICAO)
TODWG Terrain and Obstacle Data Working Group
TOEFL Test Of English as a Foreign Language
TOFT Take-off time
TOGA Take-Off Go Around
TOGAF The Open Group Architecture Framework
TOI Temporary Operational Instruction
TOIT/TF Task Force on the Treatment Of Internal Tax (Équipe spéciale sur le régime appliqué à l'impôt interne)
TOKAI Toolkit for ATM Occurrence Investigation / boîte à outils pour l'analyse des événements impliquant l'ATM
TOP Total Operations Planner
TOP Technical & Office Protocols
TOP cloud TOP
TOP The TOP Object Class, containing no attributes
TOPL Take-off Performance Limits
TOR Terms of Reference
TORA Take-Off Run Available
TORCH Technical, Economical and Operational Assessment of an ATM Concept Achievable from the Year 2005
TOS Traffic Orientation Scheme / Schéma d'orientation du trafic
TOS Take-Off Safety (Airbus)
ToS Type of Service
TOS Tape Operating System
TOSCA Testing Operational Scenarios for Concepts in ATM
TOT Time Over Target
TOT Take-Off Time
TOW Time Of the Week
TOW Take-off Weight
TOWP Take-off Waypoint
Page 417
Acronym Full form
TP Trajectory Predicition (N-FDPS)
TP Transaction Processing
TP Trajectory Predictor
TP True Positive
TP Trajectory Prediction
TP Technical Prospectus
TP Terminal Procedure
TP Transport Protocol
TP Turning Point
TP-4 Transport Protocol, class 4
TP0 Transport Protocol - Class 0
TP4 Transport Protocol - Class 4
TPAS Trajectory Predictor based Aircraft Simulator
TPB Propagation backward delay
TPD TaPe Drive
TPD Transition Programme Description (EATMS)
TPD Tabular Problem Display (N-FDPS)
TPDR Transponder (abbreviated term)
TPDU Transport Protocol Data Unit (RMCDE)
TPF Propagation forward delay
TPF Technology Performance Financing
TPG The Preston Group
TPI Traffic Prediction Improvements
TPI Threads Per Inch
TPIAS Transition Plan for Implementation of Airspace Strategy
TPIC Transition Plan for Implementation of CUAC
TPINS Transition Plan for the Implementation of the ECAC Navigation Strategy
TPL Transport Layer
TPL Task Priority List
TPM Transaction Processing Monitor
TPS Test Procedure Specification
TPS Transaction Processing System
TPS Mono-radar track format
TPT Touchdown Point
Page 418
Acronym Full form
TQ Technical Query (N-FDPS)
TQL Transmit Quality Level
TQL Tool Qualification Level
TQM Total Quality Management
TR Track Reconstruction
TR Track (ICAO)
TR Trouble Report
TR TRansfer phase
TR Token Ring
TR Test Report
TR Transmit / Receive (duplexer)
TR Release time
TR Technical Requirement
TR Transfer Retain
TRA Temporary Reserved Area (Military Reserved Airspace)
TRA Technical Risk Assessment
TRA Token Ring Adapter
TRA Required Time for Arrival
TRA Track Resolution Analysis
TRA Temporary Reserved Airspace (ICAO 8400/4)
TRA TRAnsistor
TRA Traffic (type)
TRACECA Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia
TRACER Technique for the Retrospective Analysis of Cognitive Errors in ATM
TRACON Terminal Radar Approach Control (US)
TRACT TRajectory Adjustment through Constraint of Time
TRADIS Traffic Display (ARTAS)
TRAFCA Traitement Automatique des Fonctions de la Circulation Aérienne (Algeria)
TRAINDEV2 Integrated EUROCONTROL Training Design Tool
TRAMON Traffic Monitoring
TRAMS Transition to Mode S
TRAN TRaffic ANalysis
TRANSCOM French public telecommunication network
Page 419
Acronym Full form
TRANSEC Transmission Security
TRANSFER TRANSFER an SPN to the EC of an adjacent sector
TRAP Technical Review and Audit Plan (ODS)
TRAP Trier Remote Air Picture
TRASAS Trans-Regional Airspace and Supporting ATM Systems Steering Group (Groupe directeur sur l'espace aérien
transrégional et l'ATM de soutien)
TRB Tracker Ball
TRB Tender Review Board
TRB Transportation Research Board (4-States)
TRC Tracing Component (Subsystem of BSC)
TRC Traffic Count
TRD Trials, Research and Development (Mode S Stations)
TRD Transit Routing Domain
TRD Transfer Document
TRD Transit Routing Domain
TREE Transit Radiation effects on Electronic Equipment
TREN Transport and Energy (Directorate-General, European Commission)
TREND Landing Forecast
TRES Trajectory Reconstruction and Evaluation Suite
TRF TRansFormer
TRF Total Regulated Flights
TRF Tuned Radio Frequency
TRG Training
TRG Technical Review Group
TRG/SRI TRaininG / System Replay & Investigation environment
TRGP TRaininG Plan
TRIP Trade Related Intellectual Property
TRK Tracker (Software)
TRL Transition Level
TRL Technology Readiness Level
TRL TRa for Lower airspace sectors
TRM Team Resource Management (gestion des ressources d'équipe)
Page 420
Acronym Full form
TRM Token Ring Multiplexer
TRMM Token Ring Management Module
TRMTFII Team Resource Management Task Force II
TRN Terrain Reference Navigation
TROL Tapeless, Rotorless On Line
TRP Thrust Rating Panel
TRP True Revision Process
TRR Traffic Regulated Rate
TRR Test Readiness Review (MAS - ODS)
TRS Task Requirement Sheet
TRS Time to Remove from Sequence
TRS Transmission Rate Subfield
TRSB Time Reference Scanning Beam (MLS)
TRSS Token Ring Sub-System
TRU TRa for Upper airspace sectors
TRUST Terminal Routes Using Speed-Control Techniques (MITRE, CAASD)
TRX TRansmitter
TRY/PFL Try Input of Planned Flight Level
TS Test Specification (ODS)
TS Trajectory System
TS Transport Service User
TS Technical Supplement
TS Terminating System
TS Time Source
TS Transport Service
TS Track Server (MADAP)
TS Technical Specification
TS Tracker (Hardware)
TS Starting and Stopping time
TS Traffic Synchronisation
TS ThunderStorm
TSA Temporary Segregated Area
TSA Traffic Situation Awareness (ASAS application)
Page 421
Acronym Full form
TSA Technical Support Administrator
TSA Time Stamp Area
TSAF Transparent Services Access Facility
TSAP Transport Service Access Point
TSAT Target Start-Up Approval Time
TSC Technical Surveillance Complex
TSCU Tower Support CWP Unit
TSD Time Sequence Diagram
TSD Traffic Situation Display (FREER)
TSDD Test Synthetic Dynamic Display
TSDF Time Slot Duty Factor
TSDG Technical and System Development Group
TSDU Transport Service Data Unit
TSE Total System Error
TSEA Track Systematic Error Analysis
TSEL Transport Selector
TSG Training Sub-Group
TSG Technical Sub-Group
TSGE Tri-Service Group on Communications and Electronics (NATO)
TSGR ThunderStorm with hail
TSI Time slots interchanges
TSIKADA Russian four-satellite civil navigation system.
TSIKADA_M Russian six-satellite military navigation system.
Tsimul Team Simulation
TSO Technical Service Order
TSO Technical Standards Order (FAA)
TSO Time Sharing Option
TSP Traffic Sequence Planning
TSP TranSPonder
TSP Track Support Protocol
TSr Track Swap Rate
TSR Terminate & Stay Resident
TSR Terminal Surveillance Radar
TSRV Transport System Research Vehicle
Page 422
Acronym Full form
TSS Traffic Sub-System
TSS Target Software Server
TSSA ThunderStorm with SAnd or dust storm
TSSD Turnaround Service Sequence Diagram
TSSDU Typed SSDU data
TST TeST & acceptance flights
TST Trajectory Support Tool
TST Test
TSTMS Thunderstorms
TSU Transmission Selection Unit
TSU Technical Support Unit
TSWP Technical Surveillance Working Position
TT TeleType(writer)
TT True Track
TT&C Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding
TTA Track Time-based Analysis
TTA Tactical Training Area
TTA Target Time of Arrival
TTA Target time of Arrival
TTC Telemetry and Telecommand Centre
TTCN Table and Tree Combined Notation
TTD Target Time of Departure
TTE Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (EU)
TTF Total Flights
TTG Time To Go
TTL Technical Team Leader
TTL Time To Live
TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic
TTLEET Total Estimated Elapsed Time
TTO Target Time Over
TTOT Target take-off Time
TTP Telephone Twisted Pair
TTP TCAS II Transition Program
TTP Turn-To-Point
Page 423
Acronym Full form
TTR Type of TranspondeR
TTR Target Tracking Radar
TTR Test and Training Room
TTS Transaction Tracking System
TTS Trials Transport Service
TTSV Training SuperVisor
TTW Through The Wall
TTY Teletypewriter (Telex)
TTY TeleTYpe (ADMAR), Teletype device
TU Temps Universel
TU Turkey (ISO Country Code)
TU Tributary Unit
TUC Temps Universel Coordonné / Universal Coordinated Time (heure ZOULOU)
TUC Time of Useful Consciousness
TUEM Trade Union EUROCONTROL Maastricht
TUG Tributary Unit Group
TUM Time Update Message
TurnRPP Turnaround Resilience, Performance and Prediction
Tut Tutoring
TV Television
TV Traffic Volumes
Tv-Tc Transversal acceleration - Typical changes
TVE Total Vertical Error
TVOR Terminal VOR
TW Target Window
TW (TWK) TeamWork Design Tool
TWA Two-Way Alternate
TWDL Two-Way DataLink
TWF Temporary Work Force
TWG Tide Working Group
TWG Training Working Group
TWI Terminal Weather Information
Page 424
Acronym Full form
TWIP Terminal Weather Information for Pilots
TWN Tactical Weather Network
TWP Technical Work Programme in the Air Navigation Field (ICAO)
TWP Transition Way Point (Eurofighter)
TWR Tower Control Unit (Aerodrome Control Tower)
TWR Tower
TWS Track While Scan
TWS Technical Watch Supervisor
TWS Terminal Weather Service (ICAO)
TWS Two-Way Simultaneous
TWT Travelling Wave Tube
TWX Tele-typeWriter eXchange
TWYL TaxiWaY Link
TX Transmitter Station
TX Transmit
TX Transmission, Transmit(ter)
Tx Next waypoint ETA
TX / RX Transmitter / Receiver (Radar head)
TX1 Dynamic TeXt 1
TX2 Dynamic TeXt 2
TXI taxi-in
TXIT Target Taxi-In Time
TXO Taxi-out
TXOT Target Taxi-Out Time
TXT TeXT (of SDD Labels)
Txt Text
TXWY Taxy Way
TYP Type of aircraft
TYP/ Type of aircraft (Type d'aéronef)
TYPE Aircraft Type
U UHF Equipped
U & D Uplink & Downlink
Page 425
Acronym Full form
U-BIN Up Broadcast Identifier Number
U-Space Urban Space (operating area for RPAS)
U/L Upper / Lower - Upper Link
U/S Unserviceable
U/V Ultra Violet
UA User Agent
UA Ukraine (ISO Countries Codes)
UA Unnumbered Acknowledgement
UAB Until Advised By ...
UAB Unable (N-FDPS)
UAC User Agent Client
UAC Upper Area Control Centre (centre de contrôle de l'espace aérien supérieur)
UAC Unbalanced Asynchronous mode Class
UAE Unrecoverable Application Error
UAE User Agent Entity
UAM Urban Air Mobility (mobilité aérienne en milieu urbain)
UAP User Application Profile (RMCDE)
UAP Upper Airspace Project
UAPDU User Agent Protocol Data Unit
UAR Upper Air Route
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter
UAS User Agent Server
UAS Unmanned Aircraft System (aéronef sans pilote)
UAS Upper Airspace
UAT Universal Access Transceiver
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Véhicule aérien sans pilote)
UBR Unspecified Bit Rate
UBSS Unix-Based System Software
UC Unified Communications
UCA Use Case Analysis
UCAV Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle
UCD Use Case Design
UCDU Universal Control and Display Unit
Page 426
Acronym Full form
UCE Unité de contrôle espace
UCO Universal Communications Object
UCP Unit Centre Point
UCS Uniform Chromaticity Scale
UCS Unit Competency Scheme
UD User Data
UDA Upper Advisory (Service) Area
UDC Universal Decimal Classification
UDDI Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
UDF Ultra High Frequency Direction Finding Station
UDF User Defined Function
UDOP User Defined Operational Picture
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UDPP User-Driven Prioritisation Process
UDR Uplink Data Rate
UDRE User Differential Range Error
UE Union européenne (European Union - EU)
UE Union européenne (European Union - UE)
UE Union européenne (European Union - EU)
UE Union européenne
UE Union européenne (European Union - EU)
UEATMS Uniform European Air Traffic Management System
UELM Uplink Extended Length Message
UEO Union de l'Europe Occidentale / Western European Union (=WEU)
UERE User Equivalent Range Error
UF Uplink Format
UFF Ultimate Fallback Facility
UFMC Unemployment Fund Management Committee (comité de gestion du Fonds social pour le non-emploi)
UFN Until Further Notice
UFO Unidentified Flying Object
UFR Upper Flight Region
UFS Ultimate Fallback System
UHDT Unable Higher Due to Traffic
UHF Ultra-High Frequency
Page 427
Acronym Full form
UHT Ultra Heat Treated
UI User Interface
UI Unnumbered Information
UIC Unit Identity Code
UIC Upper Information Centre
UID User Identification
UIECS Union of International and European Civil Servants
UIMS User Interface Management System
UIR Upper Flight Information Region / Région supérieure d'information de vol
UIT Union Internationale des Télécommunications (FR)
UIVE User Ionospheric Vertical Range
UJT Uni-Junction Transistor
UK United Kingdom (but ISO code=GB)
UKD Upgrade ZKSD and coupling with DERD-X (DE)
UKFSC United Kingdom Flight Safety Committee
UKNATS United Kingdom National Air Traffic Services
Ukraviatsia Ukrainian State Aviation Administration
UkSATSE Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise
UKW Ultrakurzwelle (DE) / Ultra-Short Wave / Onde ultra-courte (FR)
UL Upper Link (ATS route indication) or Uplink
ULA Upper Layer Architecture
ULB Underwater Locator Beacon
ULC Urz�d Lotnictwa Cywilnego = Civil Aviation Office (Poland)
ULM Ultra Léger Motorisé (FR)
ULR Ultra Long Range
ULS Ultra-Large Scale
UM Utility Message (bits)
UM Uniform Motion
UM Uplink Message
UMA Unmanned Aircraft
UMAS UnManaged AirSpace
UMB Upper Memory Block(s)
UML Unified Modelling Language
Page 428
Acronym Full form
UMPDU User Message Protocol Data Unit
UMTS Universal Mobile Telephone Service
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
UMTS Universal Mobile Telephone System
UN United Nations
UN Unassigned
UN CTED United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate
UNAP UNable to APprove
UNAS Universal Network Architecture Services
UNC UNassoCiated sarp mum/ccs/cnl
UNC UNified, Coarse
UNC UNbalanCed normal response mode
UNF UNified, Fine
UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNI User-to-Network Interface
UNIN Unsual / Emergency Situations
UNINC Unusual Incidents
UNITE Unification of accounts and marginal costs for Transport Efficiency
UNIX Uniplexed Information and Computing Service
UNK UNrecognisable (SARP) message.
UNL Unlimited
UNMA Unified Network Management Architecture
UNMIK United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNSCR 1244)
UNO United Nations Organisation
UNT Until
UNWTO UN World Tourism Organization
UOD User Objectives Document
UP4DT User Preferred 4D Trajectory
UPC Usage Parameter Control
UPD UPDate (plan divergence)
Page 429
Acronym Full form
UPD Update Plan Divergence
UPDM Unified Profile for DoDAF/MODAF
UPP Upper airspace
UPP User-Pays Principle (principe de l'utilisateur-payeur)
UPR User Preferred Route
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
UPS United Parcel Service
UPS-AT United Parcel Services
UPSEL Update Selection
UPT User Preferred Trajectory
UPU Universal Postal Union (UN)
UPU Union Postale Universelle (ONU)
UR/R User Requirements Review
URA User Range Accuracy
URANIA Upgrading Athens Terminal Area and Interfacing to the PALLAS ACC system
URD User Requirements Document
URE User Range Error
URET User Request Evaluation Tool (MITRE Conflict Detection product)
URG Urgent
URG Urgency (ICAO)
URI Uniform Resource Identifier
URL Uniform Resource Locator
URL Internet Web-Site Address
URP User Requirements Phase
URR User Requirements Review
URS User Requirements Section
URSF Universal Remote Support Facility
URTF User Requirements Task Force
US Unit Separator
US United States
USA Unix System Administrator
USA United States of America
USAF United States Air Force
USAL User Access Level
Page 430
Acronym Full form
USAP Universal Security Audit Programme
USAREUR US Army (Representative) in Europe
USART Universal Synchronous / Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USC Unit Safety Case
USCG United States Coast Guard
USD US Dollar
USEF Union Syndicale EUROCONTROL France (FR)
USERID User Identification
USFSPEI Union Syndicale Fédérale du Service Public Européen et International
USG US Government
USGS US Geological Survey
USiT Undetected Simultaneous Transmission
USLM Uplink Standard Length Message
USNO United States Naval Observatory
USOAP Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (Programme universel d'audits de supervision de la sécurité -
USRA Upper Search & Rescue Area
USRA Upper airspace Special Rules Area
USS Update Synchronization System
USSPE Union Syndicale - Service public européen / European Public Service Union (=EPSU)
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
UT Unit (ENV entity type, unit is a generic concept comprising all units providing and/or receiving a service or
information, used in all CHMI)
UT Universal Time
UTA Upper (Traffic) Control Area
UTA Upper Transition Area
UTC Coordinated Universal Time
UTF Unicode Transformation Format
UTM UAS Traffic Management
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
UTP Unit Training Plan - Plan de formation de l'unité
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair
UUID universally unique identifier
UUP Updated (Airspace) Use Plan
UUS User-to-User Signalling
Page 431
Acronym Full form
UVA Utility Value Analysis
UVSCT madap System Configuration Table
UWB Ultra Wide Band
V Speed of Light
V Volt
V&V Validation & Verification
V-NAV Vertical Navigation
V-PAT Vertical flight path analysis
V/D Voice/Data
V/M Volts-per-meter
V/S Vertical Speed
V/STOL Vertical or Short Take-Off and Landing
V4 V4 (ARTAS version)
V6 Version 6B (ARTAS including Mode S ELS)
V6B Version 6B (ARTAS for ELE)
V7 ARTAS Version 7 (includes EHS and ADS-B)
VA Heading to an Altitude (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
VAA Value Added Applications (MADAP)
VAA Volcanic Ash Advisory (message)
VAAC Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre
VAC Alternate Current Voltage
VAC Violation Conflict Alert
VAC Visual Approach Chart
VACP Volcanic Ash Contingency Plan
VAD Voice Activity Detection
VAD Vertical Azimuth Display
VADS Value-Added Data Network Service
VAFB Vandenberg Air Force Base
VAFOR Very Advanced Flight Data Processing System Operational Requirements
VAFORIT VAFOR Implementation
VAGI Visual Approach Guidance Indicator
VAL in VALleys
VAL Visual Approach & Landing
Page 432
Acronym Full form
VAL Vertical Alert Limit
ValFor Validation User Group
VAN Runway control vehicle
VAN Value-Added Network
VAP Value Added Process
VAP Visual Aids Panel (ICAO)
VAP Volumetric Airspace Profile
VAP Volumetric Airspace Penetration
VAPORETO Validation Process for Overall Requirements in (air) Traffic Operation
VAPS Virtual Applications Programming Software
VAPS Visual Approaches
VAQ VHF Avionics Qualification
VAR VCS, Ancillaries and Remote control system
VAR VARactor
VAR Variable FIM (N-FDPS)
VAR Variation
VAR Value Added Reseller
VAR Visual Aural Radio range
VAR magnetic VARiation
VAS Vortex Advisory System
VAS Vienna ATCC Data Processing System
VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator
VASIS Visual Approach Slope Indicator System
VAT Value-Added Tax
VATSIM Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network
VAW Vertical Aid Window (N-FDPS)
VAW Vertical Assistance Window (ODID)
VBC Vertical Binary Check
VBR Variable Bit Rate
VBS Video Blanking Sync
VBX Visual Basic Extensions
VC Virtual Classroom
VC Virtual Circuit
VC Voice Communication
Page 433
Acronym Full form
VC Virtual Call
VC-31 Virtual Container-31
VC-32 Virtual Container-32
VC-4 Virtual Container-4
VCC Virtual Channel Connection
VCCS Voice Communication (and) Control System
VCI Virtual Channel Identifier
VCI Voice Change Instruction (CPDLC)
VCI Virtual Circuit Identifier
VCNA Vtam Communications Network Application
VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator
VCPI Virtual Control Programme Interface
VCR Video Cassette Recorder
VCR Visual Control Room
VCRI Verification Cross Reference Index (ODS)
VCS Voice Communication System
VCS voice channel spacing
VCS-TF Voice Communication Systems Task Force
VCSS Voice Communications Switching System
VCSTF Voice Communications System Specification Task Force
VCXO Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator
VCY ViCinitY
VD Heading to a DME Distance (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
VD Vertical Dispersal
VDB VHF Data Broadcasting
VDC Direct Current Voltage
VDD Version Description Document
VDE Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (DE)
VDEV Vertical Deviation
VDF VHF Direction Finder
VDI Vertical Deviation Indicator
VDL Voice Data Link
VDL VHF Digital/Data Link / Liaison de données VHF
VDL/4 VHF Voice and Data Link - Mode 4
Page 434
Acronym Full form
VDLMode2 VHF Data Link Mode 2 (Liaison de données VHF Mode 2)
VDLMode4 VHF Data Link Mode 4 (Liaison de données VHF Mode 4)
VDOP Vertical Dilution of Precision
VDPG Validation Plan Drafting Group
VDR Voltage Dependent Resistor
VDR Validation Data Repository
VDR VHF Digital/Data Radio
VDR Validation Data Repository (Gisement de données de validation)
VDS Voice Distribution System
VDT Video Display Terminal
VDU Visual Distribution Unit
VDU Video Display Unit
VDX Videotext
VE Validation Environment
VEB Variable Elevation Beam
VeFC Vertical Motion Fast Climb
VeFD Vertical Motion Fast Descend
VEIRT Versatile Environmental Impact Reporting Tool
VEL Velocity Leader
VEL VELocity
VENSIM Ventana Simulator
Ver Vertical
VER VERsion identifier
VERA VERification (of horizontal separation) and Advice (to other controllers)
VERACO madap value added VERA Communication Object
VERT Vertical
VESA Video Electronics Standards Association
VESDA Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (Fire alarm system)
VET Visualisateur Electronique de Texte
VEX Video Extension to X (Windows)
VEX Vertical Expansion (of 8.33 kHz deployment)
VF Validation Framework
VF Voice Frequency
VFG Validation Focus Group (CASCADE)
Page 435
Acronym Full form
VFG Visual Flight Guide
VFO Variable Frequency Oscillator
VFOP Visual Flight Rules Operations Panel
VFR Visual Flight Rules (règles de vol à vue)
VG Vertical Gyro
VG Validity Generalisation
VGA Variable Geometric Area
VGA Video Graphics Array
VGS VHF Datalink Ground Stations
VHC Very High Capacity
VHCn Very High Capacity needs
VHF Very High Frequency / Très hautes fréquences (30 - 300 MHz)
VHF R/T Very High Frequency Radio/Telephony
VHF-OTF VHF Operations Task Force
VHFAMS Very High Frequency Aeronautical Mobile Services
VHLM Very High Level Management
VHS Video Home System
VHZ Vereinigte Hauptzentrale (DE)
VI Heading to Intercept (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
VI Voice Interface
VIA by way of ...
VIA Versatile Interface Adapter
VICTOR Visualización Integrada de Control de Torre (ES) / ATC Integrated display for TWR
Vid Video
VID Visual Image Display
VIF validation infrastructure
VIM Vendor Independent Messaging (interface)
VIP Very Important Person
VIP Very Light Jet Integration Platform
VIS VISibility
Vis Visit
Vis Visual aids
VIS1 Visibility Condition 1 (A-SMGCS)
VIS2 Visibility Condition 2 (A-SMGCS)
Page 436
Acronym Full form
VIS3 Visibility Condition 3 (A-SMGCS)
VIS4 Visibility Condition 4 (A-SMGCS)
VISAID Visual Landing Aid
VIT voluntary intervention team
VIVO Visualisation des Vols Oceaniques
VKS Military Space Forces
VL Very Low ATC Complexity
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network
VLBI Very Long Baseline Interferometry
VLCT Very Large Capacity Transport
VLD Very Large-Scale Demonstrations (démonstrations à très grande échelle)
VLF Very Low Frequency
VLF Very Low Frequency
VLJ Very Light Jets
VLL Very Low Level (RPAS category)
VLMC Virtual Link Management Channel
VLMF Very Low frequency Magnetic Field
VLOS visual line of sight
VLR Very Long Range
VLR Visited Location Register
VLR Very Light Rotorcraft
VLS Voice Logging System
VLSI Very Large Scale Integration
VLUT Video Look-Up Table
VM Heading to a Manual Termination (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
VM Virtual Machine
VM Voice Messaging
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
VMD Video Motion Detector
VME VDL Management Entity
VMMS Vhf Multi-frequency Management System
Vmo Maximum operating limit speed
VMS Voice Messaging Service
VN Valid Negatives
Page 437
Acronym Full form
VNAV Vertical Navigation
VNCA Vtam Node Control Application
VNSE Vertical Navigation System Error
VOB Versioned Object Base
vocoder voice coder
VOCODER Voice Coder Decoder
VOI Volume of Operational Interest
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol
VOL Volume
VoL Value of Life
VOLCEX ICAO volcanic ash exercises
VOLMET Routine voice broadcasts of MET information for aircraft in flight
VOR Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Radio Range (ICAO 8400/4)
VOR-A Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range Station Circling Approach
VOR/DME VHF Omni-directional Ranging / Distance Measurement Equipment
VOSL Value of Statistical Life
VOT VOr airborne equipment Test facility
VOT VHF Omnidirectional Range Test
VP Vertical Profile
VP Virtual Path
VP Valid Positives
VPA Variable Profile Area
VPAE Vertical Profile Angle Error
VPC Virtual Path Connection
VPD Vertical Polar Diagram
VPDG Validation Plan Drafting Group
VPE Vertical Position Error
VPI Virtual Path Identifier
VPIP Vertical Intercept Point
VPL Vertical Protection Level
VPN Virtual Private Network
VPOL Vertical Polarisation
Page 438
Acronym Full form
VPP Vertical Pressure Profile
VPT Virtual Path Termination
VQL Visual Query Language
VQL Variable Quantising Level
VR Heading to a VOR Radial (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
VRB VaRiaBle
VRC Vertical Rate of Change
VRC View Reference Coordinates
VRC Vertical Rate of Change (N-FDPS)
VRC Vertical Redundancy Check
Vref Threshold speed
VRNP Vertical Required Navigation Performance
VRRS Voice Recording and Display System
VRS Voice Response System
VS Traffic Volume Sets
VS Vertical Status
VS Vocational Stabilisation
VS Virtual Storage
VSA Visual Separation on Approach
VSA by ViSuAl reference to the ground
VSAM Virtual Storage Access Method
VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSBY Visibilty
VSCS Voice Switching and Control System
VSD Vision and Strategy Document (EATMS)
VSE Virtual Storage Extended
VSG Validation Sub-Group
VSI Validation Support Interface
VSI Vertical Speed Indicator
VSIG Vertical Separation Implementation Group
Vsl Visual Aids
VSL Vertical Stack List
VSM Vertical Separation Minimum
Page 439
Acronym Full form
VSM Vertical Separation Monitoring
VSP Variable System Parameters (N-FDPS)
VSP Vertical SPeed
VSP Variable System Parameter
VSS VDL Specific Services
VSSG Vertical Separation Sub-Group
VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
VT VerTical
VT Virtual Terminal
VT Vertical Tabulation
VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VTM Vacuum Tube voltMeter
VTMS Voice Text Message System
VTN Voice Telecommunications Network
VTOL Vertical Take-Off and Landing
VTP Virtual Terminal
VTS Vessel Traffic Services
VTT Vertical Threshold Test
VTT Variable Taxi Time
VV Verification & Validation
VV&T Verification, Validation & Testing
VVCO Vertical View Communication Object
VVD Vertical View Display
VVP Volume Velocity Processing
VWF Video For Windows
VWS Vertical Wind Shear
VWU Viewing Unit Western longitude
Vx Version x
W West
W White
w Wake Vortex category
W Watt
W/E Warning/Error Condition
Page 440
Acronym Full form
W/S WorkStation
W/U Wilco/Unable (CPDLC Response Type)
W/V Wind Velocity and Direction
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WA Wide-Area
WA Weather Area
WA EATM Working Arrangements
WAA Wide Area Augmentation
WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System (US)
WAC World Aeronautical Chart (ICAO, 1:1 000 000)
WAC West Assistant Controller
WAC World ATM Congress
WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital
WACS Wireless Airport Communication Systems
WAD Wide Area Differential
WAD-GNSS Wide Area Differential GNSS
WADGNSS Wide Area Differential Global Navigation Satellite System
WADGPS Wide Area Differential GPS
WAFC World Area Forecast Centre
WAFS World Area Forecast System
WAFTAGE Winds Analysed and Forecast for Technical Aircraft Guidance over Europe
WAGE Wide Area GPS Enhancement program
WAI Women in Aviation International
WAIT parking' facility for up to 3 incoming calls (VCS)
WAIT Wait time
WAKESEP Wake Vortex Separation Reductions
WAM Wide Area Multilateration (Multilatération sur zone étendue)
WAMLAT Wide Area Multi-Lateration
WAN Wide Area Network (Réseau longue distance)
WAP Wireless Access Protocol
WAR Warning
WARC World Administrative Radio Conference
WARC-MOB World Administrative Radio Communication Conference - Mobile Communication.
WB World Bank
Page 441
Acronym Full form
WB WestBound
WBAR Wing BAR lights
WBC-SD World Business Council for Sustainable Development
WBE Work Breakdown Element
WBS Wheel Braking System
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WBS Web Seal
WBT Web-Based Training
WC Working Cell
WC World Coordinates
WC Waypoint Capture
WCC West Coordinating Controller
WCG Washington Consultant Group
WCL Weather Channel
WCO Wilco (N-FDPS)
WCS Web Coverage Service
WDF World Duty Free
WDG WatchDoG
WDI Wind Direction Indicator
WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing
WDPS Weather Data Processing
WDS Weather Dependent Separation(s)
WDW (Screen) WinDoW
WDW Window
WE-FREE Week End Free Route for Environmental Efficiency
WEA Whole ECAC Area
WEC West Executive Controller
WED WEDnesday
WEF With Effect From
WEO West Executive Overflow
WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy
WEST Weather, Equipment, Situation, Traffic
WEU Western European Union (military matters) / Union de l'Europe Occidentale (=UEO)
Page 442
Acronym Full form
WFO Weather Forecast Office
WFQ Weighted Fair Queuing
WFS Web Feature Service
WG Working Group
WG-41 Working Group 41
WG-49 Working Group 49
WG-51 Working Group 51
WG-70 Working Group 70
WG-A Working Group A
WG-B Working Group B
WG1 Working Group 1
WG2 Working Group 2
WG49 Working Group 49
WG67 Working Group 67
WGCS-84 World Geodetic System/Standard (1984)
WGPDS Word and Graphics Process Documentation System
WGR Working Group on Route Charges
WGRSG Sub-Group of the Charges Working Group
WGS World Geodetic System / Système géodésique mondial
WGS World Geodetic Survey
WGS 84 World Geodetic System -Map projection system defined by the International Union of Geodesy and
Geophysics (IUGG).
WGS-72 World Geodetic System/Standard (1972)
WGS-84 World Geodetic System 84, which is the ICAO recommended parameterisation of an ellipsoid earth model
WGS84 World Geodetic System 1984
WGTS Working Group of Training Specialists
WHC West High Coordinator controller
WHE West High Executive controller
WHORU WHO aRe yoU? (CWP status/configuration)
WHOT What's Happening Out There?
WI WithIn
WIAS Wetterdaten und Informations-Anzeigesystem (DFS) (DE)
WIC Weekly Information Corner (EEC Brétigny)
Page 443
Acronym Full form
WIDAO Wake Independent Departure & Arrival Operations
WIE With Immediate Effect
WILCO Will Comply
WIMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
WiMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
WIMP Windows, Icons, Mouse and Pointers (ODS)
WINTEM forecast upper WINds & TEMperatures for Aviation
WIO West Input Operator
WIP Work in Progress
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization
WIPP WAAS Integrity Performance Panel
WIR What-If Re-routing
WIRS Wide Area Reference Stations
WISDOM World Interconnected Sources Database of Operational Movements
WKN Weakening
WKSP Transmission Centres Workshop (Atelier des centres émetteurs de données)
WL Work Load
WLA WorkLoad Assessment
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
WM Working Practice Management
WM Working Memory
WMB Window Management Button, (Mouse / Trackball)
WMO World Meteorological Organisation
WMS Web Map Service
WMSC Weather Message Switching Center (US)
WNT WAAS Network Time
WNW West-North-West
WO WithOut
WOC Wing Operations Centre
WOCL Window of Circadian Low
WOD Word Of the Day
WORM Write Once, Read Many (digital storage medium)
WP Working Position
WP Way Point
Page 444
Acronym Full form
WP Work Programme
WP Working Paper
WP Work Package
WPCG Work Programme Coordination Group
WPD Work Programme Document
WPG Wise Persons Group
WPG Agency Web publication user group
WPL Work Package Leaders (EATCHIP)
WPM Words Per Minute
WPn First waypoint in the next sector
WPP Working Position Processor
WPR Waypoint Position Report
WPS Working Practices
WPs Working Positions
WPT Way-point (or Waypoint)
WPx Next waypoint on the flight plan
WR Weather Radar
WRC World Radiocommunication Conference (Conférence mondiale des radiocommunications)
WRC Work station Resource Centre
WRED Weighted Random Early Detection
WRI Written Assessment
WRS Wide Area Reference Stations (WAAS)
WRT With Respect To
WS Work Station
WS Wind Shear
WS Watch Supervisor
WSC West Sector Coordinator
WSCMO Weather Service Contract Meteorological Office (US)
WSDL Web Service Definition Language
WSO Weapons Systems Operator
WSO Weather Service Office (US)
WSW West-South-West
Page 445
Acronym Full form
WSWS Wirbelschleppenwarnsystem (Wake Turbulence Warning System) (dispositif avertisseur de turbulences de
WT Wake Turbulence
WTC Wake Turbulence Category
WTP Willingness to Pay
WTTF Wind Turbine Task Force
WTWS Windshear and Turbulence Warning System
WUT Wheels-Up Time
WV Wake Vortex
WVTF Wake Vortex Task Force
WW2 World War II
WWLUA Wijziging Werkwijze Luchtverkeerbeveiliging in de Upper Airspace
WWTUG Worldwide TAAM User Group
WWW World Wide Web (INTERNET)
WX Weather
WXCM Weather Exchange Conceptual Model
WXMS Weather Mapping System
WXR Airborne Weather Radar
WXXM Weather Information Exchange Model
WXXS Weather Information Exchange Schema
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
WYSIWYP What You See Is What You Print
X cross
X-axi Horizontal Plane
X-band X-band (radar frequency band)
X-Gate Exit Gate
X-pulse Pulse Position 8 in a Classical SSR reply
X.121 CCITT Data Network Addressing Standard
X.25 X.25 (ISO Networking Standard)
X.25 Message handling protocol
X.25 Packet Switched Data Network
X.25 CCITT / ITU-T Packet Switched Data Interchange Standard
X.400 The OSI message handling protocol
X.435 ITU-T Recommendations on EDI Messaging
Page 446
Acronym Full form
X.440 ITU-T Recommendations X.440 on Voice Messaging Systems
X.500 Directory Standards
X25 Standard protocol in telecommunications
XA eXit Arrival
XAP Crossing Alternate Proposal Message
XASM Cancel Assume (N-FDPS)
XASP Extended AIRCOM Service Processor
XBAR crossBAR (of approach lighting system)
XBD BounDary crossing flight level
XBRIGHT cancel increased Intensity of a selected track in own sector
XBRIGHT Cancel highlighting
XCC cancel Code Callsign
XCD Exceptional Conditions
XCM Crossing Request Cancelation Message (OLDI)
XCONF Delete CONFlict
XCONF cancel CONFlict warning symbols in the ecms concerned
XCOORD Cancel Coordination
XCOP Exit Coordination Point
XCOR Cancel Correlation
XCORR Cancel Correlation (N-FDPS)
XDCE Either an ADCE or a GDCE
XDLP Either an ADLP or a GDLP
XDR eXternal Data Representation
XECM erase ECM display
XECM Cancel Executive Controller Message
XERM cancel ERM
XEU European Currency Unit (ECU)
XEXPLT Cancel Extrapolation
XF XF Addressing Scheme
XFER Transfer
XFF extended Free-Flight
XFL Exit Flight Level (from a sector or volume of airspace)
Page 447
Acronym Full form
XFRQ Cancel Frequency message
XGA eXtended Graphics Array
XHOLD Cancel Hold
XID Exchange Identification
XIFL Cancel Intermediate Flight Level
XIN Military Crossing Intention Notifi-cation Message
XIN Crossing intentions
XL eXit Lateral
XLS Instrument Approach using either ILS, MLS, SBAS or GBAS
XLS Excel Programme
XMAN Cross-Border Arrival Management
XMIB Cross-Domain Management Information Base
XML Extensible markup Language
XMS eXtended Memory Specification
XMT transMiT(ssion)
XMT Excluding (Message)
XNG crossiNG
XOFF/PDR Cancel Off Predetermined Route
XOL X (-Windows) Open Look
XOR Exclusive OR
XPDR Transponder (abbreviated term)
XPFL Cancel Planned Flight Level (N-FDPS)
XPG Excellence Policy Group of ANSP Managers
XPLN Cancel Flight Plan (N-FDPS)
XPNDR Transponder (abbreviated term)
XPT eXit PoinT
XPT Exit Point of a sector (ODID)
XRA Crossing Request Answer (SEROS / MADAP)
XRA CROSsing Request Answer
Page 448
Acronym Full form
XRANGE cancel RANGE marker
XRNG cancel RaNGe marker
XRQ Airspace Crossing Request Message (Airspace Crossing Dialogue)
XS atmospherics
XSD XML Schema Definition
XSFL Cancel Supplementary Flight Level
XSSDU eXpedited SSDU data
XSSRBRIGH cancel SSRBRIGHt input(s) in own sector
XSSRBRIGH Cancel SSR highlight
XSTAT (eXclude from) STATistics
XSTAT Cancel Statistics
xStream Cross-border SESAR trials for enhanced arrival management
XT eXtended Technology (PC)
XTDCP Cancel Test Display Control Panel
XTDCP cancel DCP Test
XTEDD Cancel Test Electronic Data Display
XTFL Cancel Transfer Flight Level (N-FDPS)
XTI X Open Transport Layer Interface
XTK Cross Track Distance
XTRK Cancel Track
XTRK Cross Track Error
XTT Across Track Tolerance
Y Yes (8.33 kHz channel spacing equipment carried on board)
Y-axi Horizontal Plane
Y2000 Year 2000
Y2K Year 2000
Y2K Year 2000 bug
YAG Yttrium Aluminium Garnet
YAN Young Aviation Network
YCZ Yellow Caution Zone (runway lighting)
YD YarD(s) (length of 3 feet)
YIG Yttrium Iron Garnet
Page 449
Acronym Full form
YTD Year To Date
YU The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (ISO Countries Codes)
Z Zulu Time
Z-axi Vertical Plane
Z-component Vertical Plane
Z-count 29-bit binary number consisting of the fundemental GPS time
ZBTSI Zero Byte Time Slot Interchange
ZDR Differential Reflectivity
ZH Horizontal Reflectivity
ZI Maximum Reflectivity
ZIF Zero Insertion Force
ZIP Zigzag In-line Package
ZKSD Zentraler KontrolStreifenDruck (discontinued as of beginning 2007)
ZNY New York Air Route Traffic Control Center
ZOC Zone Of Convergence
ZSA Zergo Security Architecture
ZT Zone Time
ZV Vertical Reflectivity
ZVE Zentrale Überwachung (DE)
ZVF Zero Velocity Filter
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