E-numbers - 380 Dutch-English entries

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  • E-number: ‘A code number preceded by the letter E, denoting food additives numbered in accordance with EU directives.’ (Oxforddictionaries.com)
Dutch English E-number
acesulfaam K acesulfame K (E-number: E950)
adipinezuur adipic acid (E-number: E355 )
agar agar (E-number: E406 )
alginezuur alginic acid (E-number: E400 )
alkali-behandeld zetmeel alkaline treated starch (E-number: 1402)
allurarood AC allura red AC (E-number: E129 )
aluminium aluminium (E-number: E173 )
aluminiumammoniumsulfaat aluminium ammonium sulphate (E-number: E523 )
aluminiumcalciumsilicaat aluminium calcium silicate (E-number: E556 )
aluminiumkaliumsilicaat aluminium potassium silicate (E-number: E555 )
aluminiumnatriumsilicaat aluminium sodium silicate (E-number: E554 )
aluminiumnatriumsulfaat aluminium sodium sulphate (E-number: E521 )
aluminiumstearaat aluminium stearate (E-number: 573)
aluminiumsulfaat aluminium sulphate (E-number: E520 )
amaranth amaranth (E-number: E123 )
ammoniumalginaat ammonium alginate (E-number: E403 )
ammoniumcarbonaat ammonium carbonate (E-number: E503 )
ammoniumchloride aluminium chloride (E-number: 510)
ammoniumcitraat triammonium citrate (E-number: E380 )
ammoniumferricitraat ammonium ferric citrate (E-number: 381)
ammoniumfosfatiden ammonium phosphatides (E-number: E442 )
ammoniumglutamaat ammonium glutamate (E-number: E624 )
ammoniumhydroxide ammonium hydroxide (E-number: E527 )
ammoniumpersulfaat ammonium persulphate (E-number: 923)
ammoniumpolyfosfaat ammonium polyphosphate (E-number: 545)
ammoniumstearaat ammonium stearate (E-number: 571)
ammoniumsulfaat ammonium sulphate (E-number: E517 )
annatto, bixine, norbixine annatto, bixin, norbixin (E-number: E160b )
anthocyaninen anthocyanins (E-number: E163 )
appelzuur malic acid (E-number: E296 )
arabische gom gum arabic (E-number: E414 )
argon argon (E-number: E938 )
ascorbinezuur l- ascorbic acid (E-number: E300 )
ascorbylpalmitaat 6-0-palmitoyl-l-ascorbic acid (E-number: E304 )
aspartaam aspartame (E-number: E951)
azijnzuur acetic acid (E-number: E260 )
azodicarbonamide azodicarbonamide (E-number: E927a )
azorubine azorubine (E-number: E122 )
barnsteenzuur succinic acid (E-number: E363 )
beendermeel edible bone phosphate (E-number: 542)
bentoniet bentonite (E-number: E558 )
benzoëzuur benzoic acid (E-number: E210 )
benzoïnegum gum benzoic (E-number: 906)
benzoylperoxide benzoylperoxide (E-number: 928)
benzylverbindingen benzylated hydrocarbons (E-number: 1501)
beta-8'-caroteenzure ethylester ethyl ester of beta-apo-8'-carotenic acid (E-number: E160f )
beta-apo-8'-carotenal beta-apo-8'-carotenal (E-number: E160E )
bietenrood beetroot extract (E-number: E162 )
bijenwas bees wax (E-number: E901 )
boorzuur boric acid (E-number: E284 )
briljantblauw FCF brilliant blue FCF (E-number: E133 )
briljantzwart bn brilliant black bn (E-number: E151 )
bruin FK brown FK (E-number: E154 )
bruin HT brown HT (E-number: E155 )
butaan, isobutaan butane, isobutane (E-number: E943 )
butan-1,3-diol butane-1,3-diol (E-number: 1502)
butylhydrochinon butylhydroxinon (E-number: 319)
butylhydroxyanisol butylated hydroxyanisole (E-number: E320 )
butylhydroxytolueen butylated hydroxytoluene (E-number: E321 )
calcium carbonaat calcium carbonate (E-number: E170 )
calciumacetaat calcium acetate (E-number: E263 )
calciumalginaat calcium alginate (E-number: E404 )
calciumascorbaat calcium l-ascorbate (E-number: E302 )
calciumbenzoaat calcium benzoate / benzoic acid calcium salt (E-number: E213 )
calciumchloride calcium chloride (E-number: E509 )
calciumcitraat mono, di, and tri- calcium citrate (E-number: E333 )
calciumferrocyanide calcium ferrocyanide (E-number: E538 )
calciumformiaat calcium formate (E-number: 238)
calciumgluconaat calcium gluconate (E-number: E578 )
calciumglutamaat calcium glutamate (E-number: E623 )
calciumguanylaat calcium guanylate (E-number: E629 )
calciumhydroxide calcium hydroxide (E-number: E526 )
calciuminosinaat calcium inosinate (E-number: E633 )
calciumlactaat calcium lactate (E-number: E327 )
calciummalaat calcium malate (E-number: E352 )
calciumorthofosfaten calcium orthophosphates (E-number: E341 )
calciumoxide calcium oxide (E-number: E529 )
calciumperoxide calciumperoxide (E-number: 930)
calciumpolyfosfaat calcium polyphosphate (E-number: 544)
calciumpropionaat calcium propionate (E-number: E282 )
calciumribonucleotiden calcium ribonucleotides (E-number: E634 )
calciumsilicaat calcium silicate (E-number: E552 )
calciumsorbaat calcium sorbate (E-number: E203 )
calciumstearoyllactaat calcium stearoyl lactate (E-number: E482 )
calciumsulfaat calcium sulphate (E-number: E516 )
calciumsulfiet calcium sulphite (E-number: E226 )
calciumtartraat calcium tartarate (E-number: E354 )
calciumwaterstofsulfiet calcium hydrogen sulphite (E-number: E227 )
canaubawas canauba wax (E-number: E903 )
candillawas candilla wax (E-number: E902 )
canthaxanthine canthaxanthin (E-number: E161g )
carboxymethylcellulose carboxymethyl cellulose (E-number: E466 )
caroteen (alfa- beta- en gamma-) alfa-, beta- and gamma- carotene (E-number: E160a )
carrageen carrageenan (E-number: E407 )
cellulose cellulose (E-number: E460 )
chinoline geel quinoline yellow (E-number: E104 )
chloor chlorine (E-number: 925)
chloordioxide chlorodioxide (E-number: 926)
chlorophyllen chlorophylls (E-number: E140 )
cholinezuur cholic acid (E-number: 1000)
citranaxanthine citranaxanthin (E-number: E161h )
citroenzuur citric acid (E-number: E330 )
colofonium esters esters of colophane (E-number: 915)
curcumine curcumin (E-number: E100 )
cyclamaat cyclamates (E-number: E952)
cysteïne l-cysteine (E-number: E920 )
cystine l-cystine (E-number: E921 )
delta-lacton 1,4-heptonolactone (E-number: 370)
dextrine dextrin (E-number: 1400)
di- en polyfosfaten di- and polyphosphates (E-number: E450 )
dicalciumpyrofosfaat dicalcium pyrophosphate (E-number: 540)
dichlorodifluormethaan dichlorodifluormethane (E-number: E940 )
difenyl biphenyl (E-number: E230 )
dimethylcarbonaat dimethylcarbonate (E-number: E242 )
dimethylpolysiloxaan dimethyl-polysiloxane (E-number: E900 )
dioctylnatriumsulfosuccinaat dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate (E-number: 480)
dizetmeelfosfaten di-starch phosphates (E-number: E1412 )
dizetmeelglycerol di-starch glycerol (E-number: 1411)
dodecylgallaat dodecyl gallate (E-number: E312 )
edta calcium disodium ethylenediamine (E-number: E385 )
erythorbinezuur erythorbic acid (E-number: E315 )
erythrosine erythrosine (E-number: E127 )
esters van mono- en diglyceriden esters of mono- and diglycerides (E-number: E472 )
ethylacetaat ethyl acetate (E-number: 1504)
ethylcellulose ethyl cellulose (E-number: 462)
ethyl-hydroxycellulose hydroxy ethyl cellulose (E-number: 1525)
ethylmaltol ethylmaltol (E-number: 637)
ethyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat ethyl 4-hydroxybenzoate (E-number: E214 )
ethyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat natriumzout ethyl 4-hydroxybenzoate sodium salt (E-number: E215 )
fenylfenol 2-hydroxybiphenyl (E-number: E231 )
ferrocarbonaat ferro carbonate (E-number: 505)
ferrogluconaat ferro gluconate (E-number: E579 )
ferrohexacyanomanganaat ferrohexacyanomanganate (E-number: 537)
ferrolactaat ferro lactate (E-number: E585 )
flavoxanthine flavoxanthin (E-number: E161a )
formaldehyde formaldehyde (E-number: 240)
fosforzuur phosphoric acid (E-number: E338 )
fumaarzuur fumaric acid (E-number: E297 )
furcelleran furcelleran (E-number: 408)
geacetyleerd dizetmeeladipaat acetylated di-starch adipate (E-number: E1422)
geacetyleerd dizetmeelfosfaat acetylated di-starch phosphate (E-number: E1414)
geacetyleerd dizetmeelglycerol acetylated di-starch glycerol (E-number: 1423)
gebleekt zetmeel bleached starch (E-number: 1403)
geel 2G yellow 2G (E-number: E107 )
gefosfateerd dizetmeelfosfaat phosphatylated di-starch phosphate (E-number: E1413)
gelatine gelatin (E-number: 441)
gellangom gellan gum (E-number: E418 )
geoxideerd zetmeel oxidised starch (E-number: E1404 )
glucono-1, 5-lacton d-glucono-1, 5-lactone (E-number: E575 )
gluconzuur gluconic acid (E-number: E574 )
glutaminezuur glutamic acid (E-number: E620 )
glycerol glycerol (E-number: E422 )
glycerol di-acetaat glycerol diacetate (E-number: 1517)
glycerol mono-acetaat glycerol monoacetate (E-number: 1516)
glycerol tri-acetaat glycerol triacetate (E-number: E1518 )
glycine en natriumglycinaat glycine and sodium glycinate (E-number: E640 )
goud gold (E-number: E175 )
groen S green S (E-number: E142 )
guaiac-gom guaiac gum (E-number: 314)
guanylzuur guanylic acid (E-number: E626 )
guargom guar gum (E-number: E412 )
havergom oat gum (E-number: E411 )
helium helium (E-number: E939 )
hexamethyleentetramine hexamine (E-number: E239 )
hydroxypropylcellulose hydroxypropyl cellulose (E-number: E463 )
hydroxypropyldizetmeelfosfaat hydroxypropyl-di-starchphosphate (E-number: E1442)
hydroxypropyldizetmeelglycerol hydroxypropyl-di-starchglycerol (E-number: 1441)
hydroxypropylmethylcellulose hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (E-number: E464 )
hydroxypropylzetmeel hydroxypropylstarch (E-number: E1440)
ijzeroxiden en ijzerhydroxiden iron oxides and iron hydroxides (E-number: E172 )
indigotine indigotine (E-number: E132 )
inosinezuur inosinic acid (E-number: E630 )
isomalt isomalt (E-number: E953)
johannesbroodpitmeel locust bean gum (E-number: E410 )
kaliumacetaat potassium acetate (E-number: E261 )
kaliumadipaat potassium adipate (E-number: E357 )
kaliumalginaat potassium alginate (E-number: E402 )
kaliumbenzoaat potassium benzoate / benzoic acid potassium salt (E-number: E212 )
kaliumbromaten potassium bromates (E-number: 924)
kaliumcarbonaat potassium carbonate (E-number: E501 )
kaliumchloride potassium chloride (E-number: E508 )
kaliumcitraat potassium citrates (E-number: E332 )
kaliumferrocyanide potassium ferrocyanide (E-number: E536 )
kaliumgluconaat potassium gluconate (E-number: E577 )
kaliumglutamaat mono potassium glutamate (E-number: E622 )
kaliumguanylaat di-potassium guanylate (E-number: E628 )
kaliumhydroxyde potassium hydroxide (E-number: E525 )
kaliuminosinaat di-potassium inosinate (E-number: E632 )
kaliumlactaat potassium lactate (E-number: E326 )
kaliummalaat potassium malate (E-number: E351 )
kaliummetabisulfiet potassium metabisulphite (E-number: E224 )
kaliumnatriumtartraat potassium sodium l-(+)- tartrate (E-number: E337 )
kaliumnitraat potassium nitrate (E-number: E252 )
kaliumnitriet potassium nitrite (E-number: E249 )
kaliumorthofosfaten potassium orthophosphates (E-number: E340 )
kaliumpersulfaat potassium persulphate (E-number: 922)
kaliumpropionaat potassium propionate (E-number: E283 )
kaliumsorbaat potassium sorbate (E-number: E202 )
kaliumsulfaat potassium sulphate (E-number: E515 )
kaliumsulfiet potassium sulphite (E-number: 225)
kaliumtartraat monopotassium l-(+)- tartrate (E-number: E336 )
kaliumwaterstofsulfiet potassium hydrogen sulphite (E-number: E228 )
kaolin kaolin (E-number: E559 )
karamel caramel (E-number: E150a-d )
karayagom karaya gum (E-number: E416 )
karmijn, karmijnzuur, cochenille carmine, cochineal (E-number: E120 )
kooldioxide carbon dioxide (E-number: E290 )
koolstof carbon dioxide (E-number: E153 )
kopercomplexen van chlorophyllen copper complexes of chlorophyll (E-number: E141 )
kryptoxanthine cryptoxanthin (E-number: E161c )
lactitol lactitol (E-number: E966 )
lanoline lanoline (E-number: 913)
lecithinen lecithin (E-number: E322 )
litholrubine BK lithol rubine BK (E-number: E180 )
looizuur tannic acid (E-number: 181)
luteine lutein (E-number: E161b )
lycopeen lycopene (E-number: E160d )
lysozym lysozyme (E-number: E1105 )
magnesiumcarbonaat magnesium carbonate (E-number: E504 )
magnesiumchloride magnesium chloride (E-number: E511 )
magnesiumglutamaat magnesium glutamate (E-number: E625 )
magnesiumhydroxide magnesium hydroxide (E-number: E528 )
magnesiumorthofosfaten magnesium orthophosphates (E-number: 343)
magnesiumoxide magnesium oxide (E-number: E530 )
magnesiumpyrofosfaat magnesium pyrophosphate (E-number: 546)
magnesiumsilicaat magnesium silicate (E-number: E553 )
magnesiumstearaat magnesium stearate (E-number: 572)
magnesiumsulfaat magnesium sulphate (E-number: 518)
maltitol maltitol (E-number: E965 )
maltol maltol (E-number: 636)
mannitol mannitol (E-number: E421 )
melkzuur lactic acid (E-number: E270 )
mengsel van glycerol- en propyleenglycolesters met melkzuur en vetzuren mixture of glycerol- and propyleneglycol esters of lactic acid and fatty acids (E-number: E478 )
metawijnsteenzuur meta tartaric acid (E-number: E353 )
methylcellulose methyl cellulose (E-number: E461 )
methylethylcellulose methylethyl cellulose (E-number: E465 )
methyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate (E-number: E218 )
methyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat natriumzout sodium salt of e218 (E-number: E219 )
microkristallijne was micro-crystalline wax (E-number: 907)
mierenzuur formic acid (E-number: 236)
mono- en diglyceriden mono- and di-glycerides of fatty acids (E-number: E471 )
monozetmeelfosfaat mono-starch phosphate (E-number: E1410 )
montaanzuuresters montan acid esters (E-number: E912 )
natrium edta edta: disodium ethylenediamine tetra-acetate (E-number: 386)
natriumacetaat sodium acetate (E-number: E262 )
natriumadipaat sodium adipate (E-number: E356 )
natriumalginaat sodium alginate (E-number: E401 )
natriumaluminiumfosfaat sodium aluminium phosphate (E-number: E541 )
natriumascorbaat sodium l-ascorbate (E-number: E301 )
natriumbenzoaat sodium benzoate / benzoic acid sodium salt (E-number: E211 )
natriumcalciumpolyfosfaat sodium calcium polyphosphate (E-number: 543)
natriumcarbonaat sodium carbonate (E-number: E500 )
natriumcitraat sodium citrates (E-number: E331 )
natriumerythorbaat sodium erythorbate (E-number: E316 )
natriumfenylfenol sodium biphenyl-2-yl oxide (E-number: E232 )
natriumferrocyanide sodium ferrocyanide (E-number: E535 )
natriumformiaat sodium formate (E-number: 237)
natriumfumaraat sodium fumarate (E-number: 365)
natriumgluconaat sodium gluconate (E-number: E576 )
natriumglutamaat mono sodium glutamate (E-number: E621 )
natriumguanylaat sodium guanylate (E-number: E627 )
natriuminosinaat sodium inosinate (E-number: E631 )
natriumlactaat sodium lactate (E-number: E325 )
natriummalaat sodium malate (E-number: E350 )
natriummetabisulfiet sodium metabisulphite (E-number: E223 )
natriumnitraat sodium nitraite (E-number: E251 )
natriumnitriet sodium nitrite (E-number: E250 )
natriumorthofosfaten sodium orthophosphates (E-number: E339 )
natriumpropionaat sodium propionate (E-number: E281 )
natriumribonucleotiden di-sodium ribonucleotides (E-number: E635 )
natriumsilicaten sodium silicates (E-number: 550)
natriumsorbaat sodium sorbate / sorbic acid sodium salt (E-number: E201 )
natriumstearoyllactaat sodium stearoyl lactate (E-number: E481 )
natriumsulfaat sodium sulphate (E-number: E514 )
natriumsulfiet sodium sulphite (E-number: E221 )
natriumtartraat mono/di sodium l-(+)- tartrate (E-number: E335 )
natriumtetraboraat sodium tetraborate (E-number: E285 )
natriumthiosulfaat sodium thiosulphate (E-number: 539)
natriumwaterstofsulfiet sodium hydrogen sulphite (E-number: E222 )
natronloog sodium hydroxide (E-number: E524 )
neohesperidine neohesperidin (E-number: E959)
nicotinezuur nicotinic acid (E-number: 375)
nisine nisin (E-number: E234 )
octylgallaat octyl gallate (E-number: E311 )
onoplosbaar polyvinylpyrrolidon insoluble polyvinylpyrrolidon (E-number: E1202 )
oxidized polyethylene wax oxidized polyethylene wax (E-number: E914 )
oxystearine oxystearin (E-number: 387)
paprika extract bell pepper (paprika) extract (E-number: E160c )
paraffines, vaseline paraffine (E-number: 905)
patentblauw V patent blue V (E-number: E131 )
pectine pectin (E-number: E440 )
pimaricine pimaracin (E-number: E235 )
polydextrose polydextrose (E-number: E1200 )
polyfosfaten polyphosphates (E-number: E452 )
polyglycerolesters van vetzuren polyglycerol esters of fatty acids (E-number: E475 )
polyglycerolpolyricinoleaat polyglycerol polyricinoleate (E-number: E476 )
polyoxyethyleen (40) stearaat polyoxyethylene (40) stearate (E-number: E431 )
polyoxyethyleen (8) stearaat polyoxyethylene(8) stearate (E-number: 430)
polyoxyethyleen-20-sorbitaan monolauraat polyoxyethylene-20-sorbitan monolaurate (E-number: E432 )
polyoxyethyleen-20-sorbitaan mono-oleaat polyoxyethylene-20-sorbitan mono-oleate (E-number: E433 )
polyoxyethyleen-20-sorbitaan monopalmitaat polyoxyethylene-20-sorbitan monopalmitate (E-number: E434 )
polyoxyethyleen-20-sorbitaan monostearaat polyoxyethylene-20-sorbitan monostearate (E-number: E435 )
polyoxyethyleen-20-sorbitaan tristearaat polyoxyethylene-20-sorbitan tristearate (E-number: E436 )
polyoxyleen-8-stearaat polyoxyethylene(8) stearate (E-number: 430)
polyvinylpyrrolidon polyvinylpyrrolidon (E-number: E1201 )
ponceau 4R ponceau 4R (E-number: E124 )
propaan propane (E-number: E944 )
propionzuur propionic acid (E-number: E280 )
propyleenglycol propylene glycol (E-number: 490)
propyleenglycol propylene glycol (E-number: 1520)
propyleenglycolalginaat propane-1, 2-diol alginate (E-number: E405 )
propyleenglycolesters van vetzuren propyleneglycol esters of fatty acids (E-number: E477 )
propylgallaat propyl gallate (E-number: E310 )
propyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat propyl 4-hydroxybenzoate (E-number: E216 )
propyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat natriumzout sodium salt of e216 (E-number: E217 )
quillaia extract quillaia extract (E-number: E999)
rhodoxanthine rhodoxanthin (E-number: E161f )
riboflavine riboflavin (E-number: E101 )
riboflavine- 5'- fosfaat riboflavin- 5'- phosphate (E-number: E101(ii) )
riboflavine- 5'- fosfaat riboflavin-5-sodium phosphate (E-number: E106 )
riijstkorrelwas rice bran wax (E-number: 908)
rood 2G red 2G (E-number: E128 )
rubixanthine rubixanthin (E-number: E161d )
sacharine sacharine (E-number: E954)
schellak shellac (E-number: E904 )
siliciumdioxide silicium dioxide (E-number: E551 )
sorbinezuur sorbic acid (E-number: E200 )
sorbitaanmonolauraat sorbitane mono laurate (E-number: E493 )
sorbitaanmono-oleaat sorbitane mono oleate (E-number: E494 )
sorbitaanmonopalmitaat sorbitane mono palmitate (E-number: E495 )
sorbitaanmonostearaat sorbitane mono stearate (E-number: E491 )
sorbitaantristearaat sorbitane tri stearate (E-number: E492 )
sorbitol sorbitol (E-number: E420 )
spiramycines spiramycins (E-number: E710 )
stearinezuur stearic acid (E-number: E570 )
stearylcitraat stearyl citrate (E-number: 484)
stearyltartraat stearyl tartrate (E-number: E483 )
stikstof nitrogen (E-number: E941 )
stikstofoxides nitrous oxides (E-number: E942 )
sucralose sucralose (E-number: E955)
suikeresters van vetzuren sugar esters of fatty acids (E-number: E473 )
suikerglyceriden sugarglycerides (E-number: E474 )
tartrazine tartrazine (E-number: E102 )
thaumatine thaumatine (E-number: E957)
thiodipropionzuur thiodipropionic acid (E-number: 313)
thiodipropionzuur thiodipropionic acid (E-number: 388)
tiabendazol 2-(thiazol-4-yl)benzimidazole (E-number: E233 )
tinchloride stannous chloride (E-number: E512 )
titaandioxide titanium dioxide (E-number: E171 )
tocopherol (alpha) alfa- tocopherol (E-number: E307 )
tocopherol (delta-) delta- tocopherol (E-number: E309 )
tocopherol (gamma-) gamma-tocopherol (E-number: E308 )
tocopherolconcentraat extracts of tocopherols (E-number: E306 )
tragacanth tragacanth (E-number: E413 )
tri ethylcitraat triethyl citrate (E-number: E1505 )
trifosfaten triphosphates (E-number: E451 )
turmeric turmeric (E-number: E100(ii) )
tylosine tylosin (E-number: E713 )
ureum urea (E-number: E927b )
veresterde sojaolie esterified soya oil (E-number: E479 )
vetzuurzouten fatty acid salts (E-number: E470 )
violoxanthine violaxanthin (E-number: E161E )
waterstof hydrogen (E-number: E949 )
wijnsteenzuur l-(+)- tartaric acid (E-number: E334 )
wonderolie castor oil (E-number: 1503)
xanthaangom xanthan gum (E-number: E415 )
xylitol xylitol (E-number: E967 )
zetmeelacetaat starch acetate (E-number: 1421)
zetmeelacetaat starch acetate (E-number: E1420)
zetmeelnatriumoctenylsuccinaat starch sodium octenyl succinate (E-number: E1450)
zilver silver (E-number: E174 )
zinksilicaat zinc silicate (E-number: 557)
zonnegeel FCF sunset yellow FCF (E-number: E110 )
zout van aspartaan en acesulfaam salt of aspartame-acesulfame (E-number: E962)
zoutzuur hydrochloric acid (E-number: E507 )
zuur-behandeld zetmeel acid treated starch (E-number: 1401)
zuurstof oxygen (E-number: E948 )
zwaveldioxide sulphur dioxide (E-number: E220 )
zwavelzuur sulphuric acid (E-number: E513 )