Dutch English Category
0; [wij] connectie leggen; [wij] leggen connectie connect; associate; tie in; relate; link; colligate; link up verb
0; [wij] denken think; cogitate; cerebrate verb
0; [wij] geven; [wij] overhandigen; verzoek tot ontvangen pass; hand; reach; pass on; turn over; give verb
0; [wij] geven om care verb
0; [wij] overleven survive; last; live; live on; go; endure; hold up; hold out verb
0; [wij] veronderstellen; aannemen; postuleren; ervan uitgaan; raden; gissen suppose; say verb
0; [wij] weten know; cognize; cognise verb-basic
0; invloed hebben op imply; involve verb
0; uitdrukken; [wij] drukken uit express; state verb
0; uitzoeken; [wij] zoeken uit determine; check; find out; see; ascertain; watch; learn verb
0; vasthouden; [wij] houden vast hold; take hold verb
(volwassen) man man; adult male family
Verenigde Staten van Amerika; VS United States; United States of America; America; the States; US; U.S.; USA; U.S.A. country
aantekening; notitie note; annotation; notation communication
camera; videocamera; camcorder television camera; tv camera; camera device
directeur; directrice {f} director; manager; managing director business
kok {m}; kokkin {f} cook kitchen
organisatie; samenwerkingsverband organization; organisation society
aandeel share business
aanklacht complaint; charge business
aanval attack; onslaught; onset; onrush abstract
aap {m}; apin {f} monkey animal
aardappel potato; white potato; Irish potato; murphy; spud; tater vegetable
aarde Earth; earth; world; globe geography
aarde earth; ground material
aardolie oil; petroleum; crude oil; crude; rock oil; fossil oil material
achterkant back abstract
acteur actor; histrion; player; thespian; role player profession
actie activity; action; activeness abstract
actrice actress profession
adem breath anatomy
advertentie; commercial advertisement; ad; advertizement; advertising; advertizing; advert business
adviesraad; raadgevend lichaam council business
afspraak date; appointment; engagement relations
afstand distance mathematics
ambtenaar officer; officeholder business
appel apple fruit
april April; Apr time
arm arm anatomy
artiest artist; creative person art
attentie attention; attending business
auto; wagen; automobiel car; auto; automobile; machine; motorcar transport
autoriteit authority; authorization; authorisation; potency; dominance; say-so business
avond evening; eve; even; eventide time
baby baby; babe; infant family
badkamer bathroom; bath house
baksteen brick house
bal ball sports
band band; dance band; dance orchestra art
bank bank; depository financial institution; banking concern; banking company city
basis; kazerne base; base of operations society
beer {m}; berin {f} bear animal
bekendmaking announcement; proclamation; annunciation; declaration communication
beker; wedstrijdbeker cup; loving cup sports
bel bell tool
belasting tax; taxation; revenue enhancement business
beloning wages; reward; payoff business
beslissing; besluit decision; determination; conclusion communication
betaling payment business
bevolking population society
bevolking; publiek public; populace; world society
bezitter owner; possessor business
bibliotheek library city
bij bee animal
bijzonderheid detail; particular; item abstract
biologie biology; biological science science
bioscoop cinema; movie theater; movie theatre; movie house; picture palace city
bladzijde; pagina page communication
blik; gezichtsuitdrukking expression; look; aspect; facial expression; face communication
bloem flower nature
bocht curve; bend transport
boerderij farm nature
boom tree nature
boot boat transport
borst; borstkast chest; breast anatomy
borstel brush art
borstkast chest; thorax; pectus anatomy
boter butter food
brand fire; flame; flaming nature
brief letter; missive communication
broer brother; blood brother family
bron spring; fountain; outflow; outpouring; natural spring nature
bron; put well house
brug bridge; span city
bruiloft wedding; wedding ceremony; nuptials; hymeneals family
buis pipe; pipage; piping object
buitenkant outside; exterior mathematics
bus; autobus bus; autobus; coach; charabanc; double-decker; jitney; motorbus; motorcoach; omnibus; passenger vehicle transport
buurman {m}; buurvrouw {f}; buren {pl.} neighbor; neighbour family
cake cake food
campagne campaign; cause; crusade; drive; movement; effort abstract
casus; voorbeeld case; instance; example abstract
cel cell anatomy
chemicaliën chemical; chemical substance material
cheque check; bank check; cheque business
chocola; chocolade chocolate food
cirkel circle mathematics
club club; social club; society; guild; gild; lodge; order society
collectie set mathematics
competitie match sports
computer computer; computing machine; computing device; data processor; electronic computer; information processing system device
concurrentie competition business
constructie structure; construction city
cultuur culture; civilization; civilisation society
cursus course; class; course of study; course of instruction business
curve; kromme lijn curve; curved shape mathematics
daad act; deed; human action; human activity abstract
dag day; twenty-four hours; twenty-four hour period; 24-hour interval; solar day; mean solar day time
damp smoke; fume nature
datum date; day of the month time
december December; Dec time
decoratie decoration; ornament; ornamentation abstract
deksel cover; screen; covert; concealment object
deling division; partition; partitioning; segmentation; sectionalization; sectionalisation mathematics
derde; 3de; 3e third; 3rd; tertiary number
deur door house
dienstmeid servant; retainer profession
discipline discipline; subject; subject area; subject field; field; field of study; study; bailiwick science
discussie discussion; give-and-take; word communication
dochter daughter; girl family
dokter; arts doctor; doc; physician; MD; Dr.; medico medicine
donderdag Thursday; Th time
dood death family
doos box container
douche shower house
draad wire object
druk pressure; pressure level; force per unit area physics
druppel drop; drib; driblet abstract
duim thumb; pollex anatomy
echtgenoot husband; hubby; married man family
echtgenote; vrouw wife; married woman family
economie economy; economic system business
eenheid unit; unit of measurement physics
eeuw century time
energie energy; free energy physics
envelop; enveloppe; briefomslag (.be) envelope container
ervaring experience business
ervaring experience communication
evolutie evolution; development nature
expres express; limited transport
fabriek factory; mill; manufacturing plant; manufactory city
familie family; family unit family
fase phase; stage science
februari February; Feb time
fiets; velo (.be) bike; bicycle; wheel; cycle sports
film movie; film; picture; moving picture; moving-picture show; motion picture; motion-picture show; picture show; pic; flick art
flat flat; apartment city
fles bottle container
fotocamera; fototoestel camera; photographic camera device
fotograaf photographer; lensman profession
fout; vergissing mistake; error; fault communication
functie function; office; part; role mathematics
functie; nut purpose; function; role; use mathematics
garage garage house
gast; bezoeker guest; invitee relations
geboorte birth; nativity; nascency; nascence family
gebruiker; gebruikster {f} user science
gegevens; informatie; data data; information communication
geit goat; caprine animal animal
geliefde; beminde dear; beloved; dearest; honey; love relations
gemeenschap society science
generaal general; full general profession
gerechtshof court; tribunal; judicature society
geschiedenis history society
geur; reuk; aroma smell; olfactory property; aroma; odor; odour; scent nature
gevangenis prison; prison house city
gezondheid; welzijn health; wellness medicine
golf golf; golf game sports
golf wave; moving ridge nature
gootsteen sink furniture
graad degree mathematics
greep; handgreep handle; grip; handgrip; hold object
grootvader; opa; opoe; bompa (.be) grandfather; gramps; granddad; grandad; granddaddy; grandpa family
haak hook; claw tool
haat hate; hatred feeling
hal hall; anteroom; antechamber; entrance hall; foyer; lobby; vestibule house
hals neck; cervix anatomy
hamer hammer tool
hand hand; manus; mitt; paw anatomy
handel trade business
handeling; actie action abstract
handtas; tas bag; handbag; pocketbook; purse clothes
helft half; one-half mathematics
hemel sky nature
herfst autumn; fall time
herinnering memory communication
hersenen; hersens; brein brain; encephalon anatomy
heuvel hill geography
hit hit; smash; smasher; strike; bang art
hoed hat; chapeau; lid clothes
hoek angle mathematics
hoest cough; coughing medicine
hoeveelheid amount abstract
hond dog; domestic dog; Canis familiaris animal
hoofdstad capital city
hoofdstad capital; working capital business
hoogte height; altitude geography
hoop promise; hope feeling
huid skin; tegument; cutis anatomy
hulp help; aid; assist; assistance business
humor humor; humour; sense of humor; sense of humour communication
industrie industry; manufacture business
informatie information; info communication
inkt ink art
instelling institution; establishment society
instemming; goedkeuring; fiat approval; blessing; approving communication
interesse interest; involvement communication
januari January; Jan time
jas; jasje (diminutive) jacket clothes
jongen boy; male child family
journalist journalist profession
juli July time
juni June time
kaart card object
kaart map geography
kaart menu; bill of fare; card; carte du jour; carte object
kaas cheese food
kamer; ruimte room house
kant edge; border mathematics
kast; wandkast cupboard; closet furniture
kat; poes {f} cat; true cat animal
keel throat; pharynx anatomy
kennis knowledge; cognition; noesis education
kerk church; church building city
ketting chain object
keuken kitchen house
kin chin; mentum anatomy
klant customer; client business
klas class; form; grade; course education
kleur color; colour; coloring material; colouring material art
kling; lemmet blade object
klok clock device
knie knee; knee joint; human knee; articulatio genus; genu anatomy
knoop knot abstract
knop button; push button; push tool
knuppel club object
koe cow; moo-cow animal
koffer; valies (.be) suitcase; bag; traveling bag; travelling bag; grip clothes
koffie coffee; java drink
koning; heer king; male monarch; Rex society
kop cup container
kopie copy business
kosten cost business
kraag; boord; halsboord collar; neckband clothes
krant; dagblad; nieuwsblad newspaper; paper communication
kunst art; fine art art
kus kiss; buss; osculation relations
kwestie issue science
la drawer container
laars boot clothes
lading charge; electric charge physics
leeuw lion; king of beasts; Panthera leo animal
leider; leidster {f} leader society
lepel spoon kitchen
leraar; docent; lerares {f}; onderwijzer teacher; instructor education
letter; karakter letter; letter of the alphabet; alphabetic character communication
leugen lie; prevarication communication
liefde love feeling
lift elevator; lift device
lijm glue; gum; mucilage material
lijn line art
limiet limit; bound; boundary mathematics
lip lip anatomy
lucht air nature
luchthaven; vliegveld airport; airdrome; aerodrome; drome city
lucifer match; lucifer; friction match tool
lunch; middageten lunch; luncheon; tiffin; dejeuner food
maag stomach; tummy; tum; breadbasket anatomy
maaltijd meal; repast food
maan Moon; moon geography
maand month; calendar month time
maandag Monday; Mon time
maat size physics
machine machine device
man male; male person society
mand; korf basket; handbasket container
mantel; jas coat clothes
markt; marktplaats market; marketplace; market place business
massa mass physics
massa mass; bulk; volume physics
materie matter material
melk milk drink
mening; opinie; visie; zienswijze opinion; sentiment; persuasion; view; thought communication
mens; homosapien human; homo; man; human being family
mensen people society
menstruatie menstruation; menses; menstruum; catamenia; period; flow medicine
methode method science
meting measurement; measuring; measure; mensuration physics
metro subway; metro; tube; underground; subway system city
middag; namiddag afternoon time
middernacht midnight time
mier ant; emmet; pismire animal
mijn mine environment
milkshake milkshake; milk shake; shake drink
minister minister; government minister profession
minuut minute; min time
misdaad crime; offense; criminal offense; criminal offence; offence; law-breaking society
mobiele telefoon; mobieltje cellphone; cellular telephone; cellular phone; cell; mobile phone device
moeder mother; female parent family
moer nut object
mond mouth; oral cavity; oral fissure; rima oris anatomy
motor engine device
muur wall house
muziek music art
muzikant musician; instrumentalist; player profession
naald needle tool
naam name communication
nacht night; nighttime; dark time
nagel nail anatomy
natie nation; land; country society
natuur nature nature
neus nose; olfactory organ anatomy
noot nut fruit
noot; muzieknoot note; musical note; tone art
november November; Nov time
ochtend morning; morn; morning time; forenoon time
oever bank geography
oktober October; Oct time
olie oil food
olifant elephant animal
omgeving environment; environs; surroundings; surround environment
omgeving; mileu environment business
onderscheiding award; accolade; honor; honour; laurels sports
ontdekking discovery; find; uncovering science
oorlog war; state of war society
operatie operation; surgery; surgical operation; surgical procedure; surgical process medicine
opleiding education education
opleiding education education
oppervlakte area; expanse; surface area mathematics
oppervlakte surface mathematics
oproep call; phone call; telephone call communication
ouder parent family
ouderdom; leeftijd age time
oven oven device
overeenkomst bargain; deal business
overeenstemming agreement; understanding business
overwinning win sports
pas pass; laissez passer society
passagier passenger; rider transport
patiënt patient medicine
pauze pause; intermission; break; interruption; suspension time
pen pen art
periode period; time period; period of time time
persoon person; individual; someone; somebody; mortal; soul family
pijn pain; hurting medicine
piloot pilot; airplane pilot profession
plaats; positie position; place abstract
plaatsvervanger representative profession
plant plant; flora; plant life nature
ploeg; team team; squad business
pluim; veer; veder feather; plume; plumage object
poging attempt; effort; endeavor; endeavour; try abstract
politicus politician; politico; pol; political leader profession
politie police; police force; constabulary; law society
politieagent policeman; police officer; officer profession
pomp pump tool
poos while; piece; spell; patch time
post mail; mail service; postal service; post communication
postzegel stamp; postage; postage stamp object
poëzie poetry; poesy; verse art
praktijk practice abstract
president president profession
prijs price; cost; toll business
professional; vakman; specialist; expert professional; professional person profession
punt point; dot communication
raad; advies advice business
rail track; rail; rails; runway transport
rechter judge; justice; jurist profession
reden; motivatie reason; ground communication
regen rain; rainfall weather
regering government; authorities; regime society
rekening; factuur invoice; bill; account business
relatie relation communication
relatie relationship; human relationship family
religie religion; faith; organized religion society
religie religion; faith; religious belief society
rente interest business
republiek; democratie democracy; republic; commonwealth society
rest rest; remainder; balance; residual; residue; residuum business
richting direction business
rijst rice food
ring ring; band clothes
rivaal competitor; rival; challenger; competition; contender sports
rivier river geography
rok skirt clothes
romp body; torso; trunk anatomy
rug back; dorsum anatomy
ruimte space; infinite geography
ruk jolt; jar; jounce; shock abstract
ruzie argument; controversy; contention; contestation; disputation; disceptation; tilt; arguing communication
salade salad food
samenkomst; bijeenkomst meeting; coming together business
sandwich sandwich food
saus sauce food
schaar scissors; pair of scissors tool
schade damage; harm; impairment abstract
scheikunde; chemie chemistry; chemical science science
schoen shoe clothes
school school; schoolhouse city
schouwburg; theater theater; theatre; house city
schreeuw cry; outcry; call; yell; shout; vociferation communication
schrijftafel desk furniture
schrijver; schrijfster {f}; auteur writer; author profession
seconde second; sec; s time
secretaresse secretary; secretarial assistant profession
sectie; gedeelte section; subdivision business
seks; geslachtsdaad; vrijen sex; sexual activity; sexual practice; sex activity relations
sekse sex nature
service service business
set set abstract
sinaasappel orange fruit
slaap sleep; slumber nature
slaapkamer bedroom; sleeping room; sleeping accommodation; chamber; bedchamber house
slag blow abstract
slang; serpent (archaism) snake; serpent; ophidian animal
sleutel key tool
smaak taste; gustation; sense of taste; gustatory modality abstract
snavel beak; bill; neb; nib; pecker anatomy
sneeuw snow weather
soep soup food
sok sock clothes
soldaat soldier profession
som; sommering; totaal; optelling total; sum; amount mathematics
sommering; optelling addition; summation; plus mathematics
speld pin object
speler player; participant sports
spelling spelling communication
spiegel mirror physics
spier muscle; musculus anatomy
spijker; nagel nail tool
springveer spring tool
staart tail anatomy
staat state society
stad city; metropolis; urban center city
stad; gemeente town city
stap; voetstap step; footstep; pace; stride abstract
status state abstract
steek stitch medicine
steen stone; rock object
steenkool coal material
stem voice; vocalization; vocalisation; vocalism; phonation; vox communication
stempel stamp tool
stengel stem; stalk nature
ster star geography
stijl style art
stoel; zetel (.be) chair furniture
stok stick object
stoom steam physics
straat street city
straf punishment; penalty; penalization; penalisation society
streek region; part geography
strijd contest; competition business
stroom current; stream geography
stroom stream; flow; current nature
stropdas tie; necktie clothes
structuur structure business
student; studente {f} student; pupil; educatee education
suiker sugar; refined sugar food
sun sun; Sun geography
supermarkt supermarket city
taal language; linguistic communication communication
taal language; natural language; tongue communication
taal speech; speech communication; spoken communication; spoken language; language; voice communication; oral communication communication
tabel table; tabular array business
tafel table furniture
tak branch nature
tand tooth anatomy
technologie technology; engineering science
teen toe anatomy
televisie; tv television; tv set; television receiver; television set; tv; idiot box; boob tube; telly; goggle box device
thee tea drink
theorie theory science
tijd time; fourth dimension physics
titel title society
tocht journey; journeying transport
toekomst future; hereafter; futurity; time to come time
toevoeging addition; add-on; improver abstract
tomaat tomato vegetable
tong tongue; lingua; glossa; clapper anatomy
trap step; stair house
trein train; railroad train transport
tuin garden house
twijfel doubt; uncertainty; incertitude; dubiety; doubtfulness; dubiousness communication
uitspraak pronunciation communication
uitvinding invention; innovation; excogitation; conception; design art
unie union society
universiteit university city
vader father; male parent; begetter family
vakantie holiday; vacation business
vakman; specialist; expert expert profession
verdieping floor; level; storey; story house
verf paint; pigment art
verjaardag birthday family
verkiezing election society
verklaring statement communication
verkoop sale business
verkoudheid cold; common cold medicine
verplaatsing movement; motion physics
verpleegster nurse medicine
verscheidenheid diversity; diverseness; multifariousness; variety art
verzekering insurance business
vinger finger anatomy
vis fish animal
vlag flag object
vlakte plain; field; champaign geography
vleugel wing anatomy
vlieg fly animal
vloeistof liquid material
vloer floor; flooring house
vlucht flight; flying transport
voet foot; human foot; pes anatomy
vogel bird animal
volgorde order mathematics
vork fork kitchen
vorm shape; form; cast art
vraag question; inquiry; enquiry; query; interrogation communication
vrees; angst; schrik; bibber fear; fearfulness; fright feeling
vriend boyfriend; fellow; beau; swain; young man relations
vriend {m}; vriendin {f} friend family
vriendin girlfriend; girl; lady friend relations
vrijdag Friday; Fri time
vrouw female; female person society
vrouw woman; adult female family
vrucht fruit food
waarde value business
week week; calendar week time
weg; straat; baan road; route city
wens will society
wereld world nature
werker; arbeider worker business
werking operation; functioning; performance abstract
werkwijze; proces procedure; process science
wet law business
wetenschap science; scientific discipline science
wetenschapper scientist profession
wijn wine; vino drink
wijze; manier; stijl manner; mode; style; way; fashion art
wind wind; air current; current of air weather
winkel shop; store business
winst profit; net income; net; net profit; lucre; profits; earnings business
winter winter; wintertime time
woensdag Wednesday; Midweek; Wed time
wol wool material
wolk cloud weather
worp; gooi throw sports
wortel root mathematics
wortel root nature
zak; tas bag container
zakenman businessman; man of affairs profession
zakenrelatie account; business relationship business
zakenvrouw businesswoman business
zanger {m}; zangeres {f} singer; vocalist; vocalizer; vocaliser art
zaterdag Saturday; Sabbatum; Sat time
zee sea geography
zeeman; matroos sailor; crewman profession
zeep soap material
zenuw nerve; nervus anatomy
zetel seat furniture
ziekte disease medicine
zijde side mathematics
zin sentence communication
zomer summer; summertime time
zondag Sunday; Lord's Day; Dominicus; Sun time
zoon son; boy family
zorg care; attention; aid; tending medicine
zus sister; sis family
zweep whip tool
China China; People's Republic of China; mainland China; Communist China; Red China; PRC; Cathay country
Chinees Chinese language
Duits German; High German; German language language
Duitsland Germany; Federal Republic of Germany; Deutschland; FRG country
Engels English; English language language
Frankrijk France; French Republic country
Frans French language
Hindi Hindi language
India India; Republic of India; Bharat country
Italiaans Italian language
Italië Italy; Italian Republic; Italia country
Japan Japan; Nippon; Nihon country
Japans Japanese language
Russisch Russian language
Spaans Spanish language
Spanje Spain; Kingdom of Spain; Espana country
Tsjechië Czech Republic country
Verenigd Koninkrijk; Groot-Brittannië United Kingdom; UK; U.K.; Britain; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Great Britain country
adres address house
afval waste; waste material; waste matter; waste product environment
amusement; vertier entertainment; amusement art
antwoord answer; reply; response communication
argument argument; statement communication
bankbiljet banknote; bill; note; government note; bank bill; banker's bill; bank note; Federal Reserve note; greenback business
bed bed furniture
bedrijf; zaak; organisatie; firma business; concern; business concern; business organization; business organisation business
bedrijf; zaak; organisatie; firma company business
bedrijf; zaak; organisatie; firma firm; house; business firm business
beeld; beeltenis; plaatje; icoon picture; image; icon; ikon art
been leg anatomy
begin beginning; commencement; first; outset; get-go; start; kickoff; starting time; showtime; offset time
beleid policy society
bestaan existence; being; beingness society
bevel order society
bier beer drink
blad leaf; leafage; foliage nature
blik can; tin; tin can container
bloed blood anatomy
boek book; volume communication
bord; dienblad plate container
bos forest; wood; woods nature
bot bone; os anatomy
brood bread; breadstuff; staff of life food
buskruit powder; pulverization; pulverisation material
cadeau present object
cijfer grade; mark; score education
comité committee; commission business
concert concert art
contract contract business
criterium standard; criterion; measure; touchstone communication
dak roof house
deel part; section; division business
deel part; share; portion; percentage abstract
departement department; section business
dier; beest animal; animate being; beast; brute; creature; fauna nature
ding thing abstract
doel goal sports
dorp village; small town; settlement city
drankje drink; beverage; drinkable; potable drink
ei egg food
eigendom; bezit property; belongings; holding business
eiland island geography
element chemical element; element material
element component; constituent; element; factor; ingredient mathematics
evenwicht; balans balance physics
examen examination; exam; test education
feest party relations
formulier form business
gebouw building; edifice city
gebruik use; usage; utilization; utilisation; employment; exercise abstract
gedicht poem; verse form art
gedrag; attitude attitude; mental attitude abstract
geheim secret communication
geheugen memory; retention; retentiveness; retentivity communication
geluid sound physics
gemiddelde mean; mean value business
gen gene; cistron; factor anatomy
getal number communication
gevoel feeling communication
gevolg consequence; effect; outcome; result; event; issue; upshot science
geweer; pistool gun tool
gewicht weight physics
gezelschap company; companionship; fellowship; society society
gezicht; gelaat face; human face anatomy
glas glass material
glas glass; drinking glass container
gordijn curtain; drape; drapery; mantle; pall furniture
goud gold; Au; atomic number 79 material
graan grain material
gras grass nature
haar hair; pilus anatomy
haar; haren (pl.) hair anatomy
hart heart; pump; ticker anatomy
hek gate house
hemd shirt clothes
honkbal baseball; baseball game sports
hoofd head; caput anatomy
horloge watch; ticker device
hotel hotel city
hout wood material
huis house house
huwelijk marriage; matrimony; union; spousal relationship; wedlock family
huwelijk wedding; marriage; marriage ceremony family
idee; gedachte; ingeving idea; thought communication
ijs ice; water ice material
ijzer iron; Fe; atomic number 26 material
imago image art
individu individual society
inkomsten income business
insect insect animal
instrument; muziekinstrument instrument device
internet internet; net; cyberspace abstract
interview interview communication
jaar year; twelvemonth; yr time
juweel jewel; gem; precious stone clothes
kampioenschap championship; title sports
kantoor office; business office business
kasteel; fort; burcht castle city
katoen cotton material
kind child; kid family
kledingstuk clothing; article of clothing; vesture; wear; wearable; habiliment clothes
kleingeld money business
kwadraat; tweede macht square; second power mathematics
land country; state; land society
land land; dry land; earth; ground; solid ground; terra firma geography
lawaai noise; dissonance; racket society
leder; leer leather material
leger army; regular army; ground forces society
leven life family
leven life nature
licht light; visible light; visible radiation physics
lid member; fellow member society
lied; liedje (diminutive); nummer song; vocal art
lood lead; Pb; atomic number 82 material
management; directie management; direction business
materiaal cloth; fabric; material; textile clothes
materieel material; stuff business
meer lake geography
meisje girl; miss; missy; young lady; young woman; fille family
merk brand; make business
mes knife kitchen
metaal metallic element; metal material
meubilair furniture; piece of furniture; article of furniture furniture
middelpunt center; centre; midpoint mathematics
model; type model science
moment moment; mo; minute; second; bit time
montuur frame object
museum museum art
net net; network; mesh; meshing; meshwork mathematics
nieuws news; intelligence; tidings; word society
niveau; graad degree; grade; level mathematics
noorden north; due north; northward; N geography
nu now time
ogenblik moment; minute; second; instant time
onderdeel; stuk piece abstract
onderwerp; thema subject; topic; theme communication
onderwijs education; instruction; teaching; pedagogy; didactics; educational activity education
ongeluk; ongeval accident transport
ontbijt breakfast food
oog eye; oculus; optic anatomy
oor ear anatomy
oosten east; due east; eastward; E geography
orkest orchestra art
paar couple; pair; twosome; twain; brace; span; yoke; couplet; distich; duo; duet; dyad; duad number
paard horse; Equus caballus animal
pakket package; bundle; packet; parcel business
papier paper art
park park; commons; common; green city
paspoort passport society
personeel staff business
potlood pencil art
probleem problem; job business
procent percent; percentage; per centum; pct mathematics
proces process; physical process physics
product product; production business
protest protest; protestation communication
publiek public adjective
recht right business
restaurant restaurant; eating house; eating place; eatery city
resultaat result; resultant; final result; outcome; termination mathematics
risico risk; hazard; jeopardy; peril; endangerment abstract
ritme rhythm; beat; musical rhythm art
rugby; voetbal football; football game sports
schaap sheep animal
schap; plank shelf furniture
schilderij; afbeelding; prent; portret; illustratie painting; picture art
schip ship transport
schrift writing communication
seizoen season time
slot lock tool
spel game sports
staal steel material
station station city
stof dust material
strand beach geography
stuk bit; chip; flake; fleck; scrap abstract
succes success business
systeem system; scheme science
tapijt carpet; rug; carpeting furniture
tarief rate; charge per unit business
teken sign communication
teken; symbool character; grapheme; graphic symbol communication
tennis tennis; lawn tennis sports
testament; laatste wilsbeschikking will; testament society
thuis home; place house
ticket; kaartje; toegangsbewijs ticket object
tijdschrift; magazine; blad magazine; mag communication
toilet; WC; watercloset toilet; lavatory; lav; can; john; privy; bathroom house
toneel stage art
toppunt top; peak; summit; acme; height; elevation; pinnacle; superlative; meridian; tiptop abstract
touw rope object
uur hour; hr; 60 minutes time
veld (crops); wei (animals) field nature
venster; raam; ruit window house
vergif poison; toxicant; poisonous substance material
verleden past; past times; yesteryear time
verlies loss business
verlof leave; leave of absence business
vermogen ability; power abstract
verstand; geest; psyche; denkvermogen mind; head; brain; psyche; nous abstract
vervoer; transport transport; shipping; transportation transport
verzoek request; asking communication
vet fat material
vierkant square; foursquare mathematics
vlees meat food
vliegtuig plane; airplane; aeroplane transport
vocht; vochtigheid moisture; wet nature
voedsel food; nutrient food
voorbeeld example; illustration; instance; representative science
voordeel advantage; vantage business
voorhoofd forehead; brow anatomy
voorjaar spring; springtime time
voorschrift rule; regulation mathematics
water water; H2O drink
weekend; weekeinde weekend time
weer weather; weather condition; conditions; atmospheric condition nature
werk job; task; chore business
werk occupation; business; job; line of work; line business
westen west; due west; westward; W geography
wiel wheel object
wisselgeld change business
woord word communication
woordenboek dictionary; lexicon communication
zaad seed object
zand sand material
zeil sail; canvas; canvass; sheet object
ziekenhuis; hospitaal hospital; infirmary city
zijde silk material
zilver silver; Ag; atomic number 47 material
zoet sweet; sweetness; sugariness food
zout; tafelzout salt; table salt; common salt food
zuiden south; due south; southward; S geography
zuur acid material
zwijn; varken pig; hog; grunter; squealer; Sus scrofa animal
[wij] zijn; [ik] ben; [jij%u] bent; [hij] is; wezen; [wij] wezen be verb-basic
aan after adjective
aan land gaan land; set down verb
aanbieden; [wij] aanbieden offer verb-basic
aanbieding proposal communication
aanbod offer; offering business
aangelegenheid matter; affair; thing abstract
aangrenzend next; adjacent; side by side adjective
aanhebben; [wij] dragen wear; have on verb
aankomen; [wij] aankomen arrive; make it; get in; go far verb
aankondigen; [wij] kondigen aan announce; denote verb
aanleren; leren; onderwijzen; [wij] leren teach; learn; instruct verb
aanmoedigen; [wij] moedigen aan encourage verb
aanraking touch; touching abstract
aanvaarden; [wij] nemen aan; aannemen accept; take; have verb
aanvallen; [wij] tackelen attack; assail; assault; set on verb
aardbei strawberry fruit
aardig nice adjective-basic
abrikoos apricot fruit
acht eight; 8; viii number
achttien eighteen; 18; xviii number
afbranden; [wij] branden af burn; fire; burn down verb
afdrukken; [wij] drukken af; [wij] printen print; impress verb
afronden; [wij] afronden round off; round down; round out; round verb
afspreken; overeenstemmen; het eens zijn; toestemmen; [wij] spreken af; [wij] stemmen overeen; [wij] zijn het eens; [wij] stemmen toe agree; hold; concur; concord verb
afwerken; beëindigen; voltooien; [wij] voltooien finish; complete verb
afzonderlijk separate adjective
al; alle all adjective
al; reeds already adverb
algemeen general adjective
alleen entirely; exclusively; solely; alone; only adverb
alles everything pronoun
als equally; as; every bit adverb
als if conjunction
alstublieft (polite); alsjeblief (casual); a.u.b. please adverb
alternatief option; alternative; choice science
altijd always; ever; e'er adverb
ananas pineapple; ananas fruit
ander another; some other adjective-basic
ander other adjective
anders different adjective
anders different; unlike; dissimilar adjective
antwoorden; [wij] antwoorden reply; answer; respond verb
arm poor; hapless; miserable; misfortunate; pathetic; piteous; pitiable; pitiful; wretched adjective
arm; berooid poor adjective-people
atmosfeer atmosphere; air environment
augustus August; Aug time
automatisch automatic adjective
banaan banana fruit
barbaars cruel; barbarous; brutal; fell; roughshod; savage; vicious adjective
barst crack; cleft; crevice; fissure; scissure abstract
basis- basic adjective-basic
bedanken; [wij] bedanken thank; give thanks verb
bedienen; [wij] bedienen operate; control verb
bedoelen; [wij] betekenen mean verb
bedroefd; droevig; treurig sad adjective-people
beetje little adverb
beetnemen; [wij] nemen beet trick; flim-flam; play a joke on; play tricks; fob; fox; pull a fast one on; play a trick on verb
beginnen; [wij] beginnen begin; start; get down; get; start out; set about; set out; commence verb-basic
behandelen; [wij] behandelen treat; care for verb
behandeling treatment; handling abstract
beheersen; beheren; [wij] beheersen; [wij] beheren control; command verb
beide either adverb
beide; allebei; alle twee both adjective
beluisteren; [wij] beluisteren; [wij] luisteren naar listen; hear; take heed verb-basic
beperken; [wij] beperken limit; restrict; restrain; trammel; bound; confine; throttle verb
bereik range; scope; reach; orbit; compass; ambit science
bereiken; [wij] bereiken achieve; accomplish; attain; reach verb
bereiken; [wij] bereiken reach; make; attain; hit; arrive at; gain verb
beschikbaar available adjective
beschouwen; [wij] beschouwen see; consider; reckon; view; regard verb
beschrijven; [wij] beschrijven describe; depict; draw verb
beschuldigen; [wij] beschuldigen accuse; charge verb
beslissen; [wij] beslissen decide; make up one's mind; determine verb
besloten private adjective
besparen; [wij] sparen save; preserve verb
bespreken; [wij] bespreken discuss; hash out; talk over verb
best best adjective-basic
bestaan; [wij] bestaan exist; be verb
bestemming finish; goal; destination sports
besturen; [wij] mennen drive verb
betalen; [wij] betalen pay verb-basic
beter better adjective-basic
betitelen; [wij] betitelen title; entitle verb
bevatten; [wij] bevatten contain; incorporate; comprise verb
bevatten; [wij] bevatten embrace; encompass; comprehend; cover verb
bevatten; toevoegen; [wij] voegen toe include verb
beving shake; tremble; shiver abstract
bewijs evidence science
bewijzen; [wij] bewijzen prove; testify; bear witness; evidence; show verb
bezitten; [wij] bezitten own; have; possess verb
bezoek; visite visit relations
bezoeken; opzoeken; [wij] bezoeken visit; see verb
bijna almost; about; most; nearly; near; nigh; virtually; well-nigh adverb
bijten; [wij] bijten bite; seize with teeth verb
bijvoegen; toevoegen; [wij] voegen toe add verb
bijzonder particular adjective
bijzonder particularly; peculiarly; especially; specially adverb
bijzonder special; especial; exceptional; particular adjective
binnen in; inwards; inward adverb
binnengaan; [wij] gaan binnen enter; come in; get into; get in; go into; go in; move into verb
binnenin inside; within adverb
binnenkort soon; shortly; presently; before long adverb
bitter bitter adjective
blauw blue; bluish; blueish color
blijven; [wij] blijven stay; remain; rest verb
bliksem lightning weather
boon bean; edible bean vegetable
boos angry adjective-people
bouwen; [wij] bouwen build; construct; make verb
boven above; higher up; in a higher place; to a higher place adverb
breken; [wij] breken break verb-basic
broeikaseffect greenhouse effect; greenhouse warming environment
broos fragile; delicate; frail adjective
bruin brown; brownish; chocolate-brown; dark-brown color
buiten outside adverb
buitenlands; vreemd foreign; strange adjective
capabel able adjective-people
centraal central adjective
chemisch chemical; chemic adjective
citroen lemon fruit
classificeren; [wij] classificeren classify; class; sort; assort; sort out; separate verb
controle control science
correct; juist correct; right adjective-basic
corresponderen; [wij] corresponderen match; fit; correspond; check; jibe; gibe; tally; agree verb
daar; daarheen; aldaar there; at that place; in that location adverb
daarom therefore; hence; thence; thus; so adverb
dan than conjunction
dansen dance; trip the light fantastic; trip the light fantastic toe verb-basic
dat that pronoun
dauw dew weather
de the article
deel; onderdeel part; portion; component part; component; constituent abstract
delen; [wij] delen share verb
dertien thirteen; 13; xiii number
dertig thirty; 30; xxx number
deskundig skilful; adept; expert; good; practiced; proficient; skillful adjective-people
deze these pronoun
dicht thick adjective
dicht tight adjective
dichtbij near; close; nigh adjective-basic
die those pronoun
dieet light; lite; low-cal; calorie-free adjective
dienen; uitgevoerd hebben; aangesteld zijn serve verb
diep deep adjective-basic
dinsdag Tuesday; Tues time
direct; recht directly; straight; direct adverb
dit this pronoun
divers various; diverse adjective
doden; [wij] doden kill verb
doen; [wij] doen; [jij%hij] doet make; do verb-basic
dom; domme; onverstandig; onverstandige; stom; stomme stupid adjective-people
dominion dominion; rule society
donder thunder weather
donker dark adjective-basic
dood death; decease; expiry abstract
dood; dode; overleden; gestorven dead adjective-people
doorbrengen; [wij] brengen door spend; pass verb
doordrukken; kracht strength; force; forcefulness physics
dorstig thirsty adjective-people
draaien; [wij] draaien turn verb
dragen; torsen; [wij] dragen bear verb
dragen; [wij] dragen carry; transport verb
drie three; 3; iii number
drinken; [wij] drinken drink; imbibe verb-basic
droog dry adjective
drukken; [wij] drukken press verb
duidelijk clear adjective
duidelijk obviously; evidently; manifestly; patently; apparently; plainly; plain adverb
duizend thousand; one thousand; 1000; M; K; chiliad; G; grand; thou; yard number
duizend thousand; one thousand; 1000; m; k number
dun sparse; thin adjective
dun thin adjective
duwen; [wij] duwen push; force verb-basic
echt real; existent adjective-basic
echt really; actually adverb
echter however; nevertheless; withal; still; yet; all the same; even so; nonetheless; notwithstanding adverb
ecologie ecology; bionomics; environmental science environment
economisch economic adjective
economisch economic; economical adjective
een a; an article
een any; whatever; whatsoever adjective
eens once; one time; in one case adverb
eenvoudig simple; elementary; uncomplicated; unproblematic adjective
eenzaam alone; lone; lonely; solitary adjective-people
eerbiedigen; [wij] respecteren respect; honor; honour; abide by; observe verb
eerst first adjective
eerste first; firstly; foremost; first of all; first off adverb
eerste; 1e; 1ste first; 1st number
eigen own; ain adjective
eigendom property abstract
eigenschap feature; characteristic abstract
einde end; terminal time
eindigen; [wij] eindigen end; stop; finish; terminate; cease verb
elektrisch electric; electrical adjective
elf eleven; 11; xi number
elk each adjective
en and conjunction
enkel single adjective
er uitzien; eruitzien; [wij] zien eruit look; appear; seem verb
erkennen; [wij] erkennen admit; acknowledge verb
ernstig; degelijk serious adjective
eten; [wij] eten eat verb-basic
even even adjective
evenement; gebeurtenis event science
feit fact science
fijn delicate adjective
finaal final; last; concluding; terminal adjective
financieel financial; fiscal adjective
fokken; grootbrengen; [wij] brengen groot raise; rear; bring up; nurture; parent verb
fossiele brandstof fossil fuel environment
framboos raspberry fruit
frequent; frequente frequent adjective
fris fresh adjective
front front; front end; forepart abstract
gebeuren; [wij] gebeuren happen; hap; go on; pass off; occur; pass; fall out; come about; take place verb
gebroken broken adjective
gebruiken; [wij] gebruiken use; utilize; utilise; apply; employ verb-basic
gedrag; gedragingen behavior; demeanor; demeanour; behaviour; conduct; deportment abstract
geduldig; geduldige; patiënt; patiënte patient adjective-people
gedurende during preposition
geel yellow; yellowish; xanthous color
geen no adjective
geheel whole adjective
geheim secret; clandestine; cloak-and-dagger; hole-and-corner; hugger-mugger; hush-hush; surreptitious; undercover; underground adjective
geleden ago; agone adjective
gelijk similar adjective-basic
gelijke equal adjective
gelijkmaken; [wij] maken gelijk flush; level; even out; even verb
geloven; [wij] geloven believe verb
gelukkig lucky adjective
gelukkig; blij; opgewekt happy adjective-basic
gemeen mean; hateful adjective-people
gemeen; overeenkomst common; mutual adjective
geneeskundig medical adjective-people
genieten; [wij] plezier hebben; [wij] hebben plezier enjoy; bask; relish; savor; savour verb
genoeg enough; plenty adverb
gering little; fiddling; footling; lilliputian; niggling; piddling; piffling; petty; picayune; trivial adjective-basic
gesloten closed; shut; unopen adjective
getrouwd married adjective-people
gevaar danger abstract
gevaarlijk; gevaarlijke dangerous; unsafe adjective
gevecht fight; fighting; combat; scrap abstract
geven; overhandigen; [wij] geven; [wij] overhandigen give verb-basic
gewelddadig violent adjective-people
gewoon common adjective
gewoon usual; common adjective
gewoonlijk usually; normally; unremarkably; commonly; ordinarily adverb
gezond healthy; salubrious; good for you adjective-basic
gezond; gezonde healthy adjective-people
glad smooth adjective
glimlach smile; smiling; grin; grinning relations
glimlachen; [wij] glimlachen smile verb-basic
goed good adjective-basic
goed; uitstekend well; good adverb
goedemorgen good morning; morning conversation
goedendag good day conversation
goedkoop; goedkope cheap; inexpensive adjective
graag gedaan you're welcome conversation
gratis free; complimentary; costless; gratis; gratuitous adjective
grij gray; grey; greyish; grayish color
groei increase; increment; growth abstract
groeien; [wij] groeien grow verb
groen green; greenish; light-green; dark-green color
groep group; grouping business
groot big; large adjective-basic
haar her pronoun
halen; [wij] halen bring; convey; take verb
hallo; hoi; goedendag; dag hello; hullo; hi; howdy; how-do-you-do conversation
handel; [wij] handelen trade; merchandise verb
handelen; [wij] handelen act; move verb
hartelijk warm adjective
haten; [wij] haten hate; detest verb
hebben; [wij] hebben need; necessitate; ask; postulate; require; take; involve; call for; demand verb-basic
hebben; [wij] hebben; [ik] heb; [jij%u] hebt; [hij%u] heeft have; have got; hold verb-basic
heel; zeer; erg very; really; real; rattling adverb
heel erg bedankt many thanks conversation
heet hot adjective-basic
helder bright; brilliant; vivid adjective
hele whole abstract
helpen; [wij] helpen help; assist; aid verb-basic
hem him pronoun
hen them pronoun
hergebruik recycling environment
het it pronoun
het spijt me sorry conversation
hetzelfde same adjective
hier here adverb
hier here; hither adverb
hij he pronoun
hoe gaat het how are you conversation
hoe heet u what is your name conversation
hoesten; [wij] hoesten cough verb
holte; put; kuil; gat; opening hole abstract
honderd hundred; one hundred; 100; c number
hongerig hungry adjective-people
hoofdzakelijk; hoofdzakelijke; belangrijkst; belangrijkste main; chief; primary; principal; master adjective
hoog high adjective-basic
hopen; [wij] hopen hope verb-basic
horen; [wij] horen hear verb-basic
houden; [wij] houden keep; maintain; hold verb
houden van; graag hebben; lusten; graag lusten; [wij] houden van; [wij] lusten like verb-basic
houden van; [wij] houden van love verb-basic
huilen; [wij] huilen cry; weep verb
hun their pronoun
ieder; elk; elke every adjective
iedereen anyone pronoun
iedereen everybody; everyone pronoun
ik begrijp het niet I don't understand conversation
ik heet my name is conversation
ik weet het niet I don't know conversation
in instead; alternatively; or else adverb
in into preposition
individueel private; individual adjective-people
industrieel industrial adjective
inspanning effort; elbow grease; exertion; travail; sweat abstract
interessant interesting adjective
internationaal; internationale international adjective
invloed hebben op affect; impact; bear upon; bear on; touch on; touch verb
ja yes conversation
je your pronoun
jezelf yourself pronoun
jong; jeugdig young; immature adjective-people
kans; mogelijkheid; gelegenheid chance; opportunity abstract
karakter personality abstract
kern center; kernel; substance; core; centre; essence; gist; heart; heart and soul; inwardness; marrow; meat; nub; pith; sum; nitty-gritty science
kers cherry fruit
keuze choice; selection; option; pick abstract
kiezen; [wij] kiezen choose; take; select; pick out verb
kijken; [wij] kijken look verb-basic
kijken; [wij] kijken watch; see; view; catch; take in verb
klaar ready adjective
klein; een beetje small; little adjective
kleur color; colour adjective
kleverig sticky; gluey; glutinous; gummy; mucilaginous; pasty; viscid; viscous adjective
klimaatverandering climate change; global climate change environment
knap intelligent adjective-people
kneep trick abstract
knijpen; [wij] knijpen crush; squash; squelch; mash; squeeze verb
knoflook garlic; ail vegetable
koken; [wij] koken cook verb
komen; [wij] komen come; come up verb-basic
komkommer cucumber; cuke vegetable
koninklijk royal; imperial; majestic; purple; regal adjective-people
kool cabbage; chou vegetable
kopiëren; [wij] kopiëren copy; re-create verb
kort; korte; dicht; dichte short adjective
koud cold adjective-basic
kussen; zoenen; [wij] kussen; [wij] zoenen kiss; snog; buss; osculate verb-basic
kwaliteit quality abstract
kwestie; strubbeling; zorg trouble; problem science
laag low adjective
laat late adjective
laat late; belatedly; tardily adverb
laatste last adjective
lachen; [wij] lachen laugh; express joy; express mirth verb-basic
laden; [wij] laden load; charge verb
lang; lange long adjective-basic
langs along adverb
langs by; past adverb
langzaam slow adjective-basic
laten; [wij] laten leave verb
leiden; [wij] leiden lead; take; direct; conduct; guide verb
leiden; [wij] leiden manage; deal; care; handle verb
lelijk ugly adjective
leren; [wij] leren learn; larn; acquire verb-basic
leven; [wij] leven be; live verb
levend; levende alive; live adjective-people
lezen; [wij] lezen; [ik] lees read verb-basic
lichamelijk physical adjective
licht; lichte light adjective-basic
lief kind adjective-people
liegen; [wij] liegen lie verb-basic
liet; [wij] laten let verb
liggen; [wij] liggen lie verb-basic
lijden; [wij] lijden suffer; endure verb
lijst list; listing abstract
links left adjective-basic
lopen; wandelen; [wij] lopen walk verb
lopen; [wij] lopen; [ik] loop travel; go; move; locomote verb
luid; luide; hard; harde loud adjective
macht; kracht power; powerfulness abstract
makkelijk easy adjective
manier means; agency; way abstract
mannelijk male adjective-people
mannelijk male; manful; manlike; manly; virile adjective-people
markering; aanduiding; teken marker; marking; mark business
meer more; more than adjective
meer more; to a greater extent adverb
meerderheid majority; bulk abstract
mei May time
menselijk human adjective-people
met with preposition
met with preposition
metalen metal; metallic adjective
meten; [wij] meten measure; mensurate; measure out verb
mieters great; bang-up; bully; corking; cracking; dandy; groovy; keen; neat; nifty; not bad; peachy; slap-up; swell; smashing adjective-basic
mij me pronoun
mijn my pronoun
militair military adjective
miljoen million; 1000000; one thousand thousand; meg number
minst least; to the lowest degree adverb
misschien; wellicht; mogelijkerwijs possibly; perchance; perhaps; maybe; mayhap; peradventure adverb
missen; [wij] missen miss verb
missen; [wij] missen miss verb
mist fog weather
mode vogue; trend; style art
modieus stylish; fashionable adjective
moe; vermoeid tired adjective-people
moeilijk difficult; hard adjective-basic
moerbei blackberry fruit
mogelijk; mogelijke; haalbaar; haalbare (attainable) possible adjective
mooi beautiful adjective-basic
morgen tomorrow adverb
morgen tomorrow time
na behind adverb
naaien; [wij] naaien sew; run up; sew together; stitch verb
naar at preposition
naar at preposition
naast beside preposition
nat; natte; vochtig; vochtige wet adjective
natuurlijk natural adjective
nauw narrow adjective
nee; neen no conversation
negen nine; 9; ix number
negentien nineteen; 19; xix number
negentig ninety; 90; xc number
neiging trend; tendency science
niet not; non adverb
nietig minute; infinitesimal adjective
niets nothing; nil; nix; nada; null; aught; cipher; cypher; goose egg; naught; zero; zilch; zip; zippo number
nieuw new adjective-basic
nodig necessary adjective
nodig hebben demand; need business
noemen; [wij] citeren mention; advert; bring up; cite; name; refer verb
noemen; [wij] noemen name; call verb
nog still adverb
nooit never adverb
normaal normal adjective
normaal standard adjective
nu; momenteel now; at present adverb
of or conjunction
olijf olive vegetable
om about; around adverb
omdat because conjunction
onbehouwen rough; unsmooth adjective
onbuigzaam rigid; stiff adjective
onder down adjective
onder under; nether adjective
ondergeschikte subject; dependent adjective-people
onderzoek; speurwerk research science
ongeduldig impatient adjective-people
ongetrouwd; ongehuwd single; unmarried adjective-people
ongeveer approximately; about; close to; just about; some; roughly; more or less; around; or so adverb
ongewoon unusual adjective
onjuist wrong; incorrect adjective-basic
onlangs recently; late; lately; of late; latterly adverb
onmiddellijk immediately; instantly; straightaway; straight off; directly; now; right away; at once; forthwith; like a shot adverb
onrein dirty; soiled; unclean adjective-basic
ons our pronoun
ons us pronoun
ontdekken find; detect; observe; discover; notice verb
ontdekken; [wij] vinden; [wij] ontdekken discover; find verb
onthouden; [wij] herinneren remember; retrieve; recall; call back; call up; recollect; think verb-basic
onthullen; [wij] onthullen reveal; unwrap; disclose; let on; bring out; discover; expose; divulge; break; give away; let out verb
ontmoeten; [wij] ontmoeten meet; run into; encounter; run across; come across; see verb-basic
ontspanning break; respite; recess; time out abstract
ontsteking rise; rising; ascent; ascension abstract
ontvangen; [wij] ontvangen receive; have verb
ontwerpen; [wij] ontwerpen design; plan verb
ontwikkelen; [wij] ontwikkelen develop verb
ook; eveneens too; besides; also; likewise; as well adverb
op on preposition
op on preposition
op de post doen; [wij] posten; [wij] verzenden send; mail; post verb
open; geopend open; unfastened adjective-basic
openen; [wij] openen open; open up verb-basic
operatie; bewerking operation business
opgave project; undertaking; task; labor abstract
opnemen; [wij] nemen op record; tape verb
opnieuw; nogmaals; weer; wederom again; once again; once more; over again adverb
oprecht sincere adjective-people
oprichten; [wij] aanleggen establish; found; plant; constitute; institute verb
opsporen; [wij] identificeren identify; place verb
optellen; [wij] tellen op add; add together verb
optrekken; optillen; [wij] tillen op lift; raise; elevate; get up; bring up verb
opvangen; [wij] opvangen catch; grab; take hold of verb
opwaarts up; upwards; upward; upwardly adverb
opwarming van de aarde global warming environment
oranje orange; orangish color
ordenen; bevelen; [wij] ordenen order; tell; enjoin; say verb
origineel original adjective
oud old adjective-people
overheen beyond adverb
overtreffen; [wij] overtreffen exceed; transcend; overstep; pass; go past; top verb
overwinnen; [wij] overwinnen beat; beat out; crush; shell; trounce; vanquish verb
ozon ozone environment
pakken; oppakken; [wij] pakken take; get hold of verb-basic
parallel parallel adjective
pardon sorry conversation
pastinaak parsnip; Pastinaca sativa vegetable
peer pear fruit
persoonlijk personal adjective
perzik peach fruit
plaats place; topographic point; spot abstract
plaats seat; place abstract
plaatselijk local adjective
plan plan; program; programme business
plannen; [wij] plannen plan verb
plezier; genoegen pleasure; pleasance feeling
plicht duty abstract
ploegen; [wij] ploegen plow; plough; turn verb
plotseling suddenly; all of a sudden; of a sudden adverb
plotseling; plotselinge sudden adjective
pogen; proberen; [wij] pogen try; seek; attempt; essay; assay verb
polijsten; oppoetsen; [wij] polijsten polish; smooth; smoothen; shine verb
politiek political adjective
praten; spreken; [wij] praten; [wij] spreken talk; speak; utter; mouth; verbalize; verbalise verb-basic
precies exactly; precisely; just adverb
proberen; [wij] proberen test; prove; try; try out; examine; essay verb
productie production science
professioneel professional adjective
programma program; programme; computer program; computer programme science
project project; projection science
proost cheers conversation
protesteren; [wij] protesteren protest verb
pruim plum fruit
raar strange; unusual adjective
radijs radish vegetable
rapport report; study; written report abstract
rapporteren; [wij] rapporteren report verb
reactie reaction communication
recht; rechte straight adjective
rechts; rechtse right adjective-basic
record record sports
redden; [wij] redden save; salvage; salve; relieve verb
redetwisten; ruzie; [wij] redetwisten argue; contend; debate; fence verb
regelmatig; regelmatige regular adjective
regenboog rainbow weather
regeren; [wij] regeren rule; govern verb
rennen; lopen; [wij] rennen; hard lopen run verb-basic
retourneren; [wij] teruggeven; [wij] geven terug render; return verb
rijk rich adjective-people
rijp frost; hoar; hoarfrost; rime weather
roepen; schreeuwen; opbellen; bezoeken; noemen; telefoneren; [wij] bellen; [wij] telefoneren call; telephone; call up; phone; ring verb
roken; [wij] roken smoke verb
rondschrijven; ronde round; circular adjective
rood red; reddish; ruddy; blood-red; carmine; cerise; cherry; cherry-red; crimson; ruby; ruby-red; scarlet color
roze pink; pinkish color
ruiken; geuren; stinken; [wij] ruiken smell verb
ruiken; [wij] ruiken smell verb
rust rest; ease; repose; relaxation abstract
samen together adverb
schatten; [wij] beoordelen rate; rank; range; order; grade; place verb
scherp sharp; acuate; acute; needlelike adjective-basic
scherpzinnig sharp; astute; shrewd adjective-people
schets design; designing art
schielijk; snel; vlug; gauw; spoedig; gezwind quickly; rapidly; speedily; chop-chop; apace adverb
schillen; [wij] schillen peel; skin; pare verb
schok shock; daze; stupor feeling
schoon clean adjective-basic
schoonmaken; [wij] maken schoon clean; make clean verb
schop kick; boot; kicking abstract
schreeuwen; [wij][wij] schreeuwen; [wij] roepen shout; shout out; cry; call; yell; scream; holler; hollo; squall verb
schrijven; [wij] schrijven; schrijven (naar) write verb-basic
september September; Sep; Sept time
sereniteit quiet; repose; placidity; serenity; tranquillity; tranquility abstract
sinds since preposition
situatie situation; state of affairs abstract
slaan; [wij] slaan smash; nail; boom; blast verb
slag hit; hitting; striking abstract
slecht bad adjective-basic
slechts; alleen maar simply; merely; just; only; but adverb
slijtage wear abstract
slippen skid; slip; sideslip transport
sluiten; afsluiten; [wij] sluiten lock verb
sluiten; dichtklappen; [wij] sluiten close; shut verb-basic
smaken; [wij] smaken taste; savor; savour verb
snee cut; cutting abstract
snel; vlug; rap; gezwind fast adjective-basic
snijden; afsnijden; knippen; [wij] snijden cut verb-basic
solide solid adjective
soms; op een keer sometimes adverb
soort kind; sort; form; variety abstract
soort type abstract
specifiek specific adjective
spelen; [wij] spelen play verb-basic
spiegelen; [wij] spiegelen reflect; reverberate verb
spreekt u Engels do you speak English conversation
springen; [wij] springen jump; leap; bound; spring verb-basic
sprong jump; leap; saltation abstract
staan; [wij] staan; [ik] sta; [hij] staat stand; stand up verb
status condition; status abstract
stelen; ontvreemden; jatten steal verb
sterk strong adjective-basic
sterven; [wij] overlijden die; decease; perish; go; exit; pass away; expire; pass; kick the bucket; cash in one's chips; buy the farm; conk; give-up the ghost; drop dead; pop off; choke; croak; snuff it verb
steun support business
steunen; [wij] steunen support; back up verb
stevig firm; solid adjective
stijgen; [wij] stijgen increase verb
stil silent; soundless; still adjective
stil; zwijgzaam; rustig quiet adjective
stilte silence; quiet abstract
stinken; [wij] stinken smell verb
stoppen stop; halt abstract
stoppen; [wij] stoppen stop; halt verb
storm storm; violent storm weather
strubbeling difficulty business
studeren; instuderen; [wij] studeren study verb
succesvol successful adjective-people
tachtig eighty; 80; lxxx; fourscore number
tasten; [wij] tasten feel; sense verb-basic
te midden van among; amongst; amid; amidst preposition
teer dainty; nice; overnice; prissy; squeamish adjective
tegen against preposition
tegendeel opposite; reverse; contrary abstract
tegenovergesteld opposite adjective
tegenwoordig current adjective
tegenwoordig present adjective
tegenwoordig present; nowadays time
tekenen; [wij] tekenen trace; draw; line; describe; delineate verb-basic
ten goede komen aan; goed doen benefit; do good verb
ten slotte finally; last; lastly; in conclusion adverb
terugkomst return; homecoming abstract
teweegbrengen; reden; aanleiding; oorzaak cause science
teweegbrengen; [wij] teweegbrengen cause; induce; stimulate; have; get; make verb
tien ten; 10; x number
toekomstig future adjective
toelaten; [wij] laten toe allow; let; permit verb
toen then; so; and so; and then adverb
toen when pronoun
toename increase; increment abstract
tonen; laten zien; demonstreren; weergeven; [wij] tonen; [wij] laten zien; [wij] demonstreren; [wij] geven weer show; demo; exhibit; present; demonstrate verb
tot on adjective
tot until conjunction
totaal full; total adjective
traag; traagjes; langzaamaan slowly; slow; easy; tardily adverb
trainen; opleiden; [wij] trainen; [wij] leiden op train; develop; prepare; educate verb
training training; preparation; grooming education
trappen; [wij] trappen kick verb
trekken; [wij] trekken pull; draw; force verb-basic
trouwen; huwen; zich in de echt verbinden marry; get married; wed; conjoin; hook up with; get hitched with; espouse verb
twee two; 2; ii number
tweede second; 2nd; 2d adjective
twijfelen; [wij] twijfelen doubt verb
twintig twenty; 20; xx number
ui onion; onion plant; Allium cepa vegetable
uitbarsting outburst; burst; flare-up abstract
uitgeven; uitbrengen; [wij] brengen uit publish; bring out; put out; issue; release verb
uitleggen; verklaren; [wij] uitleggen; [wij] verklaren explain; explicate verb
uitoefenen; [wij] beoefenen do; practice; practise; exercise verb-basic
uitstekend excellent; first-class; fantabulous; splendid adjective
vaak; dikwijls often; frequently; oftentimes; oft; ofttimes adverb
vaderlands national adjective
val fall; spill; tumble abstract
vallen; [wij] vallen fall verb-basic
vals fake; false; faux; imitation; simulated adjective
vals false adjective
van from preposition
van from preposition
van of preposition
van off adjective
van to preposition
van plan zijn mean; intend; think verb
vandaag today adverb
vandaag today time
vannacht; vanavond; deze avond; deze nacht tonight; this evening; this night adverb
vast fixed adjective
vastgesteld set; laid adjective
vechten; [wij] vechten fight; contend; struggle verb
veel much adjective
veel geluk good luck conversation
veertien fourteen; 14; xiv number
veertig forty; 40; xl; twoscore number
veilig safe adjective
velen many adjective
ver; ver far adjective
veranderen; aanpassen; [wij] veranderen; [wij] passen aan change; alter; modify verb
verandering; aanpassing change; alteration; modification abstract
verantwoordelijk; verantwoordelijke responsible adjective
verantwoordelijkheid responsibility; responsibleness abstract
verbergen hide; conceal verb
verbinden; [wij] verbinden join; bring together verb
verbinding connection; connexion; connectedness abstract
verdelen; [wij] verdelen divide; split; split up; separate; dissever; carve up verb
verder further; farther adjective
verdienen; winst maken; profiteren; [wij] verdienen profit; turn a profit verb
vergelijken; [wij] vergelijken compare verb
vergelijking comparison; comparing science
vergeten; [wij] vergeten forget verb-basic
vergeven forgive verb
vergiftigen; [wij] vergiftigen poison verb
verhogen; [wij] verhogen enhance; heighten; raise verb
verkopen; [wij] verkopen sell verb-basic
verkrijgen; [wij] verkrijgen get; acquire verb-basic
verlagen; [wij] reduceren reduce; cut down; cut back; trim; trim down; trim back; cut; bring down verb
verlangen; [wij] verlangen request; bespeak; call for; quest verb
verliezen; [wij] verliezen lose verb
verliezen; [wij] verliezen lose verb-basic
verlossen; [wij] verlossen free; liberate; release; unloose; unloosen; loose verb
vermijden; [wij] vermijden avoid verb
vernietiging destruction; devastation abstract
veronderstellen; gissen; [wij] veronderstellen; [wij] gissen estimate; gauge; approximate; guess; judge verb
verpletteren; [wij] verpletteren crush verb
verrassen; [wij] verrassen surprise verb
verrassing surprise relations
verroeren; [wij] verroeren move; displace verb-basic
verscheidene several adjective
verschil difference mathematics
verstaan; begrijpen; snappen; [wij] verstaan understand verb-basic
vertegenwoordigen; [wij] vertegenwoordigen represent; stand for; correspond verb
vertellen; zeggen; [wij] vertellen; [wij] zeggen say; tell; state verb-basic
vervangen; [wij] vervangen replace; supplant; supersede; supervene upon; supercede verb
vervanging substitution; exchange; commutation mathematics
vervelend boring; deadening; dull; ho-hum; irksome; slow; tedious; tiresome; wearisome adjective
vervuilde mist smog; smogginess environment
vervuiling pollution environment
verwachten; [wij] afwachten expect; look; await; wait verb
verwerken; [wij] verwerken process; treat verb
verwerven; [wij] kopen buy; purchase verb-basic
verwijderen; [wij] verwijderen remove; take; take away; withdraw verb
verwonden; kwetsen; [wij] verwonden injure; wound verb
vet; vette; dik; dikke; gezet; gezette; corpulent fat adjective
vettig fat; fatty adjective
vier four; 4; iv number
vierkant square adjective
vijf five; 5; v number
vijftien fifteen; 15; xv number
vijftig fifty; 50; l number
vinden; [wij] vinden find; regain verb-basic
violet violet; purple; purplish color
vlak even; fifty-fifty adjective
vlak; plat flat; level; plane adjective
vliegen; [wij] vliegen fly; wing verb-basic
vloeistof; vloeibaar; vloeibare liquid adjective
vol full adjective
volgen; [wij] voortvloeien follow verb-basic
volgende following; next adjective
volledig; compleet; allesomvattend complete; consummate adjective
voor before; earlier adverb
voor for preposition
voorbereiden; [wij] voorbereiden prepare; fix; set up; ready; gear up; set verb
voorbij past adjective
voorkomen; [wij] voorkomen; [wij] beletten prevent; forestall; foreclose; preclude; forbid verb
voorste front adjective
voorstel suggestion; proposition; proffer communication
voorstellen; [wij] stellen voor introduce; present; acquaint verb
voorstellen; [wij] stellen voor suggest; propose; advise verb
voortzetten; [wij] voortzetten continue; go on; proceed; go along; keep verb
vooruit forward; forwards; frontward; frontwards; forrad; forrard adverb
voorzien; [wij] bestellen supply; provide; render; furnish verb
vorig previous; old adjective
vragen; [wij] vragen ask; inquire; enquire verb
vrede peace society
vriendelijk friendly adjective-people
vrij free adjective-people
vroeg early adjective
vroeg early; early on adverb
vroegere former; erstwhile; old; onetime; one-time; quondam; sometime adjective
vrouwelijk female adjective-people
vullen; [wij] vullen fill; fill up; make full verb
vuren; afvuren; schieten; [wij] vuren af; [wij] schieten fire; open fire verb-basic
waar; echt; echte true adjective
waarlijk really; truly; genuinely adverb
waarom why adverb
waarschijnlijk probable; likely adjective
waarschijnlijk probably; likely; in all likelihood; in all probability; belike adverb
wachten; afwachten; [wij] wachten wait; hold off; hold back verb-basic
wagen; [wij] wagen risk; gamble; chance; hazard; take chances; adventure; run a risk; take a chance verb
wakker awake adjective-people
wanneer ook whenever conjunction
want for conjunction
warmen; [wij] warmen warm verb
wassen; [wij] wassen wash; launder verb
wat what pronoun
weer defense; defence; defense force; defence force abstract
wegen weigh verb
weigeren; [wij] afwijzen refuse; reject; pass up; turn down; decline verb
weinig few adjective
welbewust conscious; witting adjective
welke which pronoun
welke which pronoun
wens wish; wishing; want abstract
wensen; [wij] wensen wish verb
werk work business
werkloos unemployed adjective-people
werpen; gooien; smijten; afwerpen; omgooien;; [wij] werpen throw verb
wettig legal adjective
wie who pronoun
wie whom pronoun
wiens whose pronoun
wij we pronoun
wijd wide; broad adjective
wijs wise adjective-people
wil will; volition abstract
willen; [wij] willen desire; want verb
winnen; [wij] behalen win verb
wit white color
worden; [wij] worden; [ik] word; [jij%hij] wordt become; go; get verb
wortel carrot; cultivated carrot; Daucus carota sativa vegetable
zacht soft adjective-basic
zeker certain; sure adjective
zeker surely; certainly; sure; for sure; for certain; sure enough; sure as shooting adverb
zelfs even adverb
zes six; 6; vi; half dozen; half-dozen number
zestien sixteen; 16; xvi number
zestig sixty; 60; lx; threescore number
zetten; [wij] zetten put; set; place; pose; position; lay verb-basic
zeven seven; 7; vii number
zeventien seventeen; 17; xvii number
zeventig seventy; 70; lxx number
zich herself pronoun
zich himself pronoun
zich overgeven give up; surrender verb
zichzelf itself pronoun
ziek; zieke ill; sick adjective-people
zien; aanschouwen; [wij] zien; [wij] aanschouwen see verb
zij she pronoun
zij they pronoun
zijn his pronoun
zilverkleurig; zilverkleurige silver adjective
zingen sing verb-basic
zitten; [wij] zitten sit; sit down verb-basic
zodanig such adverb
zoet sweet adjective
zonder without preposition
zozeer so adverb
zure regen acid rain; acid precipitation environment
zuur acid adjective
zwaar; zware heavy adjective-basic
zwak weak adjective-basic
zwart black color
zwemmen; [wij] zwemmen swim verb-basic
één one; 1; i; ane number