A - out (Aus)
A - processed vehicle speed signal
A/D Analog/Digital
AB Airbag
ABL Brake system warning Lamp (2 color)
ABS Anti-lock Braking System
AC Air Conditioning
ACC Active Cruise Control
ACS Active Comfort Seats
ADB(X) Automatic Differential Braking
ADS engine intake air control
ADV windshield wiper pressure control
AEGS Automatic Electronic Gearbox Control (also EGS)
AFM Air Flow Meter
AG Automatic Gearbox (transmission)
AGD suction silencer
AGR emission reduction
AGS Adaptive transmission control
AHK Active rear-axle Kinematics
AHK trailer hitch
AHM trailer Module (not for US models)
AHPS Advanced HPS
AIC Automatic Interval Control (rain sensor)
AKF activated carbon canister
AKS Active head restraint
AKS pressure regulating device
ALC Automatic Light Control
ALR Automatic Lamp Range Adjustment
AMM Air Mass Meter
AMP radio system AMPlifier
ARI car radio information system
ARS Active Roll Stabilization
ASC All Season traction
ASC+T ASC+ Traction control
ASC-EZA - ASC w/ engine timing and injection intervention
ASK Audio System controller (Kontroller)
ASR self starter block relay
AST Automatic Slip control (marketing term)
AT Antenna
AT remanufactured part
ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATL exhaust gas turbo charger
AUC Automatic air recirculation
AUT AUTomatic transmission
AVT Antenna amplifier Tuner
AZD tightening torque specifications
B - Benzene (gasoline)
BC Board Computer
BC1 Body Controller 1
BL Brake Light
BLS Brake Light Switch
BMBT Board Monitor
BS Block diagram
BST Battery Safety Terminal
BVA Brake pad wear indicator
BZM center console control center
BZMF center console control center, rear
CAN Controller Area Network (Multiple ECU Controller)
CAN-Bus Controller Area Network (bus)
CANH-Bus CAN bus, High
CANL-Bus CAN bus, Low
CANP fuel tank ventilation valve
CAS Car Access System
CBC Corner Braking Control
CBS Condition Based Service
CCM Check Control Module
CD Control Display
CDC Compact Disk Changer
CDS CD player
CIM Chassis Integration Module
CO Carbon monOxide
COMBI Electronic Instrument Cluster
CON CONtroller
CU Copper
CVM Convertible top Module
CVT Constantly Variable Transmission
CW drag coefficient
D-Bus Diagnosis bus (same as TXD)
D1 Xenon light/ gas discharge
DBC Dynamic Brake Control
DBS Dynamic Braking System
DCS Dealer Communication System
DD Dynamic motor Drive
DDE Digital Diesel Electronics
DE Diagnostic Unit
DIN German industrial standards
DIS Diagnosis and Information System
DISA Differential air intake control
DIVA continuously variable length intake runners
DK throttle housing/valve
DKB throttle w/ brake intervention
DKE Throttle Increase
DKI throttle position
DKR throttle reduction
DKT throttle position signal
DKV preset throttle position value
DM-TL Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage
DME Digital Motor Electronics
DOHC Double Over Head Camshafts
DS gasket set (from ETK)
DSC Dynamic Stability Control
DSP Digital Sound Processing
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code (SAE)
DTC Dynamic Traction Control
DWA theft deterrent system
DWS tire pressure Warning System
DZM revolution counter
E - in (Ein)
E-KAT Electrically heated catalytic converter
EBA installation instructions
EBV Electronic Brake force proportioning
ECE European market version
ECM Engine Control Module (SAE term)
ECM Engine Control Module (SAE term)
ECO Controller for I-Drive system
ECU Electronic Control Unit
EDC Electronic Dampening Control
EDC Electronic Damper Control
EDC-K Electronic Dampening Control - Continuous
EDK Electronic throttle valve
EDR Electronic throttle control
EDS pressure regulator
EFH Electric window lifter
EGS Electronic transmission control
EH Electronic-Hydraulic
EHC Electronic Height Control
EKM Electronic body Module
EKP Electric fuel Pump
ELV Electronic steering lock
EM Electro-Mechanical
EMF Electro-Mechanical parking brake
EML Electronic Motor Load regulation
EMV Electro-Magnetic sensitivity
EO Electronic Parts Catalog
EPROM Erasable/ Programmable chip Memory
ESS Electronic anti-theft device
ETK Electronic parts catalog
ETM Electrical Troubleshooting Manual
EV injection Valve
EWS Electronic drive-away protection
FB Function description
FBC Fading Brake Control
FBD remote control services
FBZV radio frequency locking system
FGR Vehicle Speed Control (Cruise Control)
FH window lifter
FHK rear Heater/ air conditioner
FLC automatic Light Control
FRU Flat Rate Unit
FS Crash Sensor
FZV central lock receiver
GAL speed dependent sound volume
GM General Module
GMR yaw moment control
GPS Global Positioning System
GRII cruise control
GRS rotation Rate Sensor
GS Belt Tensioner
GWK torque converter lock-up control
H - rear (Hinten)
H2 Xenon headlights
HA rear Axle
HC Hydro Carbon
HD Heavy Duty
HDC Hill Decent Control
HFM Hot Film air mass Meter
HG manual Gearbox (transmission)
HKL Hydraulic trunk lid Lift
HLM Hot Wire Air Mass Meter
HPS Head Protection System
HR Heater control (
HVA Hydraulic Valve Adjuster
Hz Hertz (Cycle)
I-Bus Information bus
IB Interior lighting control signal
IHKA automatic Heating and A/C
IHKAF IHKA w/ micro filter
IHKR regulated Heating and A/C
IHKRF IHKR w/ micro filter
IHKS standard Heating and A/C
IHPD Internal High Pressure Deformation
IHR Integrated Heater control
IKE Instrument cluster Electronics
ILH Interior Lighting, rear
ILV Interior Lighting, front
IMS Instant Mobility System
IR Infrared
IRS Infrared Locking System
ISC Idle Speed Control
ISIS Intelligent Safety Integration System
ISN Individual Serial Number
ISOFIX standardized mounts for child restraints
ITS head airbag assembly/ Inflatable Tubular Structure
IVM Integrated power supply Module
K-Bus body bus (Karosserie)
KAT catalytic converter
KATON converter creating (signal)
KD Kick-Down
KHI interface for headphones
KL terminal designation
KL15 run bus (ignition switch run position)
KL30 battery bus (hot at all times)
KL31 ground bus (chassis ground)
KL50 start bus (ignition start position)
KLR accessory bus
KO compressor "on" signal
KOMBI instrument cluster
KOREL compressor relay signal
KR Contact Ring
KSK Knock Sensor
KVA fuel consumption signal/value
KW KiloWatt
KW crankshaft
LCM Lamp Check Module
LDP Leak Diagnosis Pump
LEV Low Emissions Vehicle
LEW Lateral acceleration sensor
LHD Left-Hand Drive
LIN Local Interconnect Network
LKM Lamp control Module
LL closed throttle
LM Light Module
LMM air flow meter/sensor
LMR Light alloy wheel
LRA vertical headlight aiming
LSM steering column memory
LSZ Lamp Switching center
LVA air supply system (for EHC system)
LWR vertical headlight aim control
LWS-5 steering angle sensor
M-Bus IHKA/IHKR stepper motor bus
MAL center armrest
MBC Maximum Brake Control
MDK Motorized throttle valve/system
MFC Multi-Function Controller
MFL Multi-Function steering wheel
MFU Multi-Function Clock
MID Multi-Information Display
MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp (SAE), "check engine" Lamp
MIR Multi-Information Radio
MMC Multi-Media Changer
MOST Fiber Optics Connection
MOST-Bus Media Oriented System Transport bus
MRS Multiple Restraint System
MSR engine drag torque Regulation
MV Magnetic Valve (solenoid Valve)
MoDiC Mobile Diagnostic Computer
NAVI Navigation module
NG New Generation (as in N73 engine)
NG tilt sensor
NOX Nitrogen Oxides/ exhaust gas recirculation
NSD rear muffler
NSL rear fog Lamp
NSW fog lamp
NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient
NW camshaft
OBC On-Board Computer
OBD On-Board Diagnosis (SAE)
OPPS Optical Programmier und Prüf System
OPS Optical Programmier System
P-Bus Periphery bus
P/N Park/Neutral position
PB Pin assignments
PBS Parts Bulletin System
PDC Park Distance Control
PGS Passive Go System
PM Power Module
PP Impact Pad
PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient
PWG Pedal position sensor/ potentiometer
RA Repair instructions
RAL Aluminum wheels
RAL standard color
RAM Random Access Memory
RDC tire pressure Control
RDS Radio Data-broadcast System
RDW tire pressure Warning
RHD Right-Hand Drive
RLS Rain-Light Sensor
RM Relay Module
ROZ Research Octane rating/ fuel grade
RPA tire puncture warning
RPS Rollover Protection System
RS Repair kit
RSW back-up lamp
RXD wake-up Diagnosis line
RZV direct stationary ignition
SASL Satellite, A-pillar left
SASR Satellite, A-pillar right
SAV Sport ACTIVITY Vehicle
SB fuse assignments
SBE Seat occupancy detector/sensor
SBFH Seat module, passenger-side rear
SBSL Satellite, B-pillar left
SBSR Satellite, B-pillar right
SBT SI techniques/ tech reference information
SCA Soft Close Automatic/Actuator
SD silencer/ muffler
SD sliding roof
SE Special Equipment
SES voice recognition System
SFAH Seat module, driver's side rear
SFZ Satellite, vehicle center
SG control unit
SGS Seat integrated belt System
SHD Sunroof module (also SHDM)
SHD sliding/ lifting roof
SI Service Information
SIA Service Interval system (ver. I, II, III, IV, etc.)
SII Service Interval Indicator
SIM Safety Information Module
SINE Siren/tilt sensor
SKD Steel sliding roof
SKHD Steel sliding/ lifting roof
SM Seat Module
SM/SPM Seat/Mirror Memory
SMBF Seat Module, passenger side
SMFA Seat Module, driver's side
SMG Sequential Manual Gearbox
SP Schematic
SRA headlight/fog light cleaning
SRS Supplementary Restraint System
SSD Steel sliding roof
SSH Seat Satellite, rear seat
ST connector views
STVL Satellite, left front door
STVR Satellite, right front door
SVS Speech processing System
SWR headlamp cleaning system
SWZ Special tool listings
SZL Switch center, steering column
SZM central switch center Module
Steptronic transmission shift control
TAGE door handle Electronics
TCM Transmission Control Module
TD Technical Data
TD engine speed signal (ignition pulse)
TE fuel evaporation control
TEL TELephone control unit
TEV evaporative purge control
THZ Tandem master cylinder
TIS Technical Information System
TL part throttle / load signal
TLEV Transitional Low Emission Vehicle
TMBFT door Module, passenger side
TMBFTH door Module, passenger side rear
TMFAT door Module, driver's side
TMFATH door Module, driver's side rear
TP Tandem Pump
TPS Throttle Position Switch/Sensor
TR TRansistor
TR engine speed signal (rpm)
TRG fuel level sensor
TRI Technical Reference Information (also SBT)
TRS battery isolation Switch
TSD Torsional vibration dampener
TSH door lock Heating
TSZI Transistorized coil Ignition system
TU Technical Update (as in M50tu)
TXD Transmitting Diagnosis line
U-batt Battery voltage
U-vers supply voltage
UERSS rollover bar
URS rollover protection System
USIS Ultrasonic passenger compartment Sensor
V - front (Vorn)
V - vehicle road speed
VA front Axle
VANOS Variable camshaft timing
VAT front axle support
VEP distributor-type injection Pump
VID VIDeo module
VL full load (wide open throttle)
VSD front muffler
VVT Valve tronic
WBG hazard warning switch
WIM Wiper control Module
WK torque converter lock-up clutch
WSS Wind Shield
WT Valve tronic control unit
Z - central (Zentrum)
ZAB ignition fade-out (reduction)
ZAE central Airbag Electronics
ZAS ignition starter switch
ZGM central Gateway Module
ZK cylinder head
ZKE central body Electronics
ZKH cylinder head cover
ZMS dual-Mass flywheel
ZS central lock
ZSD center muffler
ZV central locking system
ZV central locking system
ZVM central locking Module
ZWD idle control valve
n-ab rotational speed, transmission (rpm)
n-mot rotational speed, engine (rpm)
ti - Injector "on" Time (duration)