AAS Help for parking
ABC Active Body Control.
ABR Anti-blocking system
ABS Anti-blocking system
AC Air Conditionner System
ACE System for active control of roll
ACT Air charge temperature (sensor)
ACV Air command valve
ADB Automatic differential brake - autoblocking differential driven by electronics for BMW
ADB-X Automatic differential Brakes
ADS Adaptative shock-absorption system
AEI Integral Electronic Ignition
AFIL Unintentional line-crossing alert
AIRBAG Inflating bag for passive security
AIV Air aspiration electrovalve
AKR Knock control
APC Voltage with contact on
ARF Exhaust gas recycling
ASC + T Anti Slip Control + Traction
ASC-X Anti Slip Control X (is an ASC + T for 4-WD from BMW)
ASR Anti-slip regulation
ASV Air aspiration electrovalve
AT Automatic transmission
AWC All wheel control
AWD 4-wheels drive
BAS Brake-assist. Emergency brake amplificator for Mercedes
BHI Integrated Hydro-electronic bloc. Hydractive 3 schocks for Citroen
BSI Intelligent management ECU. Main component of multiplexed network in PSA cars.
BSR Tow management ECU
BVA Automatic Gearbox
BVM Mechanic gearbox
BVR Automated Gearbox
CAN Controller Area Network: Multiplexed network of several ECUs communicating between them with a normalized protocol.
CAN Diag One of CAN network for PSA (CAN Diagnostic)
CAN IS One of CAN network for PSA (CAN Inter-System)
CAR MEMORY Car/Key Memory
CARMINAT GPS navigation system (Renault)
CDI Ignition by discharging capacitor
CFC Chlorofluorocarbon
CFi Centralized petrol injection
COMAND Navigation system by GPS (Mercedes)
CPU Central Unit
CSA Cold start device
CTN Negative temperature rate
CTP Throttle valve - closed
CTS Coolnat temperature sensor
CTX Variable transmission
CVT CVT gearbox
CVT Continuous Variable Transmission
CVT Signal to depression sensor
DA Servo-powered steering
DAE Electric-powered steering
DBC Dynamic Brake Control (BMW)
DDE Digital Diesel Electronic
DDS Delflation Detection System : Opel.
DEE Digital Electronic Engine
DI Direct / integrally electronic ignition
DIS Digital idle stabilizator
DISA Differential intake system
DISTRONIC Programable speed regulator driven by radar (Mercedes)
DLP Supply pump with diaphragm - low pressure
DME Difgital electronics (Motronic)
DOHC Double camshaft on cylinder heads
DPF Diesel Particulate Filter : Opel.
DPFE Exhaust of reaction by differential pressure
DSC Dynamic Stability Control
DSG Direct shift Gearbox (VW)
DSG Under-Inflating detection
DSP Digital Sound Processor
DSTC Dynamic Stability and Traction Control : Volvo
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code
DTC Dynamic Traction Control : BMW
DURASHIFT Mechanical gearbox (Ford)
DURATEC 4-cylinders petrol engines (Ford)
DVM Digital voltmeter
EACV Elecronic valve for air command
EBA Emergency Brake assistance (Volvo)
EBD Electronic Brakeforce distribution
EBV Electronic Brakeforce distribution (Electronische Brems Verteilung)
ECM Electronic control Module
ECOTEC Petrol Engines (Opel)
ECT Coolant temperature sensor
ECU Electronic control Unit
EDC Electronic shocks Control (BMW)
EDC-K Continuous Electronic shocks Control (BMW)
EDIS Ignition system without electronic distributor
EDS Electronic Differential System (VAG)
EFP Electronic accelerator pedal
EGR Exhaust Gas Recycling
EGS Electronic command system for Automatic Transmission
ELCD Evaporating Lose Command System
ELD Electronic Load Sensor
ELR Idle electronic control
EOBD European On Board Diagnostic
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPS Electric Power Steering
EPT Exhast gas transducter
ESA Electronic Ignition advance
ESBS Electronic Stability Brake System
ESC Electronic ignition control
ESP Electronic Stability Program
ETC Electronic Traction Control
ETS !Electronic Throttle command system
ETV Electronic Engine Throttle
EURO NCAP European New Car Assessment Program
EVAP Canister Drain System (coil filter)
EVR Electronic Vacuum Regulator
EWS Electronic anti-theft System
EZS Electronic System Replacing Neiman (Mercedes)
Eci Electronic injection
Efi Electronic Injection
Estate Estate body
FL Fuse wire
FP High Pressure Fuel Pump
FPA Automatic parking brake
FPS Fire Prevention System (Fiat)
FSI Fuel Stratified Injection (VAG)
FWD Front-wheel drive
GMV Motorfan group
GNV City Natural Gas - Alternative to petrol for some cars
GPL Liquefied Petrol Gas
GPS Global Positionning System (Navigation Device)
HBA Hydraulic Brake Assistance (VAG)
HC High Pressure Rate
HDC Hill descend control (BMW)
HDI High Pressure Direct Injection
HEGO Oxygen into hot exhaust gas (sensor)
HFM Management system with hot films
HO2S Heated oxygen sensor
HP Hydraulic pump
HS Hydropneumatic shocks
HSA Hill Start Assist (Opel)
HT High Voltage
HUD Head-Up Display
HYDRACTIVE 3 Active Shocks (Citroen)
Hz Hertz - Frequency (Periods/second)
I-DRIVE Intelligent drive (BMW)
I-VTEC Intelligent - Variable valve Timing and Electronic lift Control (Honda)
I/O Input/Output
IAC Intake air control
IAT Intake air temperature
ICE Ingition controlled by on-board electronic
ICM Ignition ECU
ICSV Idle adaptation electrovalve
ID Impact depending system
IDS Interactive driving System (Opel)
IFS Independant front shock
IFZ Infrared remote control for central locking
IMA Fuel mixture adaptation at idle
IN/INLET Admission camshaft
IP Injection Pump (diesel)
IRS Independant Rear Shocks
ISB Idle increase electrovalve
ISC Idle adaptation valve
ISCS Servo-Idle
ISOFIX Standart fixation system for seats dedicated for babies
JDD Faults diary
JTS Jet Thrust Stochiometric
KAM Keeping of active memory
KENT Petrol Engines (Ford)
KEYLESS GO Keyless start (Mercedes)
KS Knock sensor
Keyword2000 Communication protocol used for diagnostic purpose
LC Low compression rate
LED Light emitting diode
LHD Left-hand driving
LOGIC7 Hi-Fi system for BMW
LSD Limited slip differential
LWB Long body
Lambda Lambda value
MAF Massic Air Flowmeter
MAP Manifold absolute pressure
MFI Fuel injection by several orifices
MFI-c Fuel injection by several orifices - continuous
MFI-i Fuel injection by several orifices - intermittent
MFI-s Fuel injection by several orifices - sequential
MID Multi-Information display (BMW)
MIL Malfunction Indicator Light
MLUS Modulating locking solenoid
MMC Manual Mixture Control
MPFi Multi-jet petrol injection
MPV Station Wagon
MPi Multi-jet petrol injection
MSR Electronic Regulation of engine torque
MT Manual transmission
MULTIBOX 4WD transmission Haldex type
MULTITRONIC Transmission with continuous variation (Audi)
MWB average wheelbase
Map-DI Direct Ignition manages by ECU
Map-DIS Ignition without distributor managed by ECU
Map-h Managed by ECU with Hall effect release
Map-i Managed by ECU with inductive release
Mot. Motronic
NAVIDRIVE Telematic system
NO Nitric Monoxyd
NO2 Nitric Dioxyd
NOx Nitric Oxyd
NTC Negative temperature rate
Nm Mewton.meter
OBD On Board Diagnostic
OBD II On Board Diagnostic 2
OD Overdrive - Automatic gear on automatic gearbox. Allows to gain in fuel comsumption in cruise speed.
OHC Camshafts on cylinder heads
OHV Valves on cylinder heads
OP Oil pump
OPEN-SKY Panoramic glass opening roof (Audi)
P Parking position for automatic gearbox
PAG Polyalkylen glycol
PAS Power steering
PATS Passive anti-theft system
PCV Positive venting of crankcase
PDC Park Distance Control (BMW)
PGM-FI programmed injection
PIP Profile ignition sensing
PLA Idle Pneumatic enrichment
PLC Side sliding door
PMS Absolute pressure sensor management system
PP Feeding pump with piston
PRE-SAFE Active and passive security system (Mercedes)
PROCOTEN Retracting turning wheel system (Audi)
PROM Programmable memory
PRS Pedal Release System (retraction of pedals in case of accident)
PS Servo-steering
PT Motion connector
PTC Positive Temperature Rate
QUATTRO 4-WD transmission (Audi)
QUICKSHIFT 5 Digital gearbox (Renault)
RAM Random Access Memory
RHD Right handed driving
ROM Read Only Memory
RPA Tyre pressure control system (BMW)
RPM Rotations per minute
RT3 Telematic System (PSA)
RUF Adaptable catalytic converter
RWD Rear wheels Drive
SACV Secondary air command valve
SAS Parking help system (Audi)
SB Separating box
SBC Sensitive Brake Control
SC Supercharging compressor
SEFI Sequential electronic Injection
SELESPEED mechanical gearbox with sequential command (Alfa Romeo)
SENSODRIVE Electronic management for clutch and gear-changing
SERVOTRONIC Variable power steering
SFI Sequential Injection
SIC Driver information system (Audi)
SIDEGUARD Curtain airbags for head protection (rear and front)
SLS Automatically levelled shocks
SMG Sequential motorsport gearbox (BMW)
SOHC Camshafts on cylinder heads
SPi monojet petrol injection
SRS Additional maintain system: airbags
STC Anti-slip system
STO Autotest output
STOP & START instantaneous stop and start for engine (Citroen)
SUV Sport-Utility vehicle
SW Sport Wagon
SWA unical axle
SWB Short Body
SZ Ignition coil
Saloon Sedan body
TA Automatic transmission
TB Torsion bar
TB Transfer Case
TBI-c Injection in throttle body - continuous
TBI-i Injection in throttle body - intermittent
TC Traction Control (Front wheels traction system for Opel)
TC PLUS Traction Control Plus (Front wheels traction system for Opel)
TCCS Engine management system (Toyota)
TCS Traction Control System (Antislip regulation for Saab)
TD Turbo diesel
TEMPOMAT Speed regulator and limiter (Mercedes)
THERMOTRONIC 4 4-zones temperature regulation (Mercedes)
TIPTRONIC S Automatic gearbox with sequential shift (Audi)
TM Manual transmission
TORSEN 4-WD transmission (Torsen)
TPM Tempomat speed regulator
TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
TPS Throttle position sensor/contacter
TRACS Traction Control System (Volvo)
TSS Transmission gear selection
TSZ-h Hall effect transistor ignition
TWA Twin wheels axle
TWINPORT System for reducing fuel comsumption (Opel)
TWINSPARK Twin ignition system (Alfa Romeo)
Trans-h Hall effect transistor ignition
UCH Central ECU used by Renault
UCL Understeer Control Logic
VAF Air flow sensor
VALVETRONIC Distribution system with variable command of intake valves (BMW)
VANOS Variable Nockenwelle System
VDC Vehicle Dynamic control (similar to ESP for Alfa Romeo)
VEZ Full electronic ignition
VICS Variable intake command system
VIN Vehicle Identification number
VP Depression pump
VRIS Admission system with variable resonance
VSC Vehicle Stability Control - similar to ESP for Lexus
VSS Vehicle speed sensor
VSV Aspirating transmission valve
VTEC Variable valve Timing and Electronic lift Control :
VTV Aspirating transmission valve
VVC Variable Valve Control
VVTLi Variable Valve Timing and Lift Intelligent
VVTi Variable Valve Timing Intelligent
WOT Throttle wide-open
WP Coolant pump
XDRIVE 4-wheels drive transmission for BMW
ZAS Zylinder Abschaltung System: Automatic shut-off of cylinders for Mercedes