Source: (2021-11-25)

  1. HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  2. OOO: Out Of Order
  3. CCP: Critical Control Point
  4. ARR: Average Room Revenue
  5. ADR: Average Daily Rate
  6. HWC: Handle With Care
  7. HVAC: Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning
  8. KPI: Key Performance Indicator
  9. FHRAI: Federation of Hotels & Restaurants Association of India.
  10. HRACC: Hotel and Restaurant Approval Classification Committee
  11. EPNS: Electroplated Nickel Silver
  12. KRA: Key Responsibility Area
  13. MOD: Manager On Duty
  14. PCI: Pest Control Of India
  15. USP: Unique Selling Point
  16. GRE: Guest Relations Executive
  17. GSA: Guest Service Associate
  18. BOT: Beverage order Ticket
  19. IKT: Inter Kitchen Transfer
  20. WC: Water Closet
  21. EHP: Executive Hotelier Plan
  22. DCDP:  Demi Chef De Partie
  23. ABC: Ashtray Bud vase Cruet set
  24. CRS: Central Reservations System
  25. TCM: Tea Coffee Milk
  26. EBT: English Breakfast Tea
  27. FFIT: Foreigner Free Individual Traveler
  28. MDR: Manager Daily Report
  29. SPATT: Special Attention
  30. WOT: Wine Order Ticket
  31. CSA: Customer Service Associate
  32. AYS: At Your Service
  33. FSMS: Food Safety Management System
  34. HOD: Head of Department.
  35. FOM: Front Office Manager.
  36. GDS: Global Distribution System.
  37. IDS: Internet Distribution System.
  38. GIT: Group Inclusive Tour