A Comprehensive Dictionary of the World (Thomas Wright; Mittal Publications, India)

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A Comprehensive Dictionary of the World (Mittal Publications)
A Comprehensive Dictionary of the World (Mittal Publications)

In our times English language is perhaps the world’s most widely spoken and written language. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this has been the lingua franca of the world. This miracle has taken place not due to any compulsion or force but largely due to the beauty and flexibility of English language itself. This sounds almost a wonder that is language which for reason of spellings and pronunciation sounded ugly and unintelligible only four or five centuries ago, today possesses one of the richest literatures of the world and is eagerly learnt and taught all over the world. A Comprehensive Dictionary of the World (in 10 volumes) starts with Introduction and a brilliantly written preliminary chapter containing Editor’s penetrating observation on the history and development of English language. It enlarges and enriches the knowledge of readers about the growth of English language. It provides an encyclopaedic information about English words arranged alphabetically which make it an extraordinary Dictionary of English and a reference book of inestimable value, combining the various advantages of a voluminous encyclopaedia of knowledge. It contains concise articles adapted to the advanced state of science and art with accurate definitions and pronunciations of the various terms in modern usage. It attempts to provide a comprehensive geographical, biographical and historical dictionary by giving brief sketches of individuals who occupy a place of pride in history, literature and science. Besides it is complete literary, classical, scientific and technological exposition of English language. The geographical part is illustrated by a series of new maps by Surveys ordered by the governments of the countries concerned, thereby making them most complete and authentic atlases ever published. A veritable magnum opus, it will occupy a place of pride in all libraries of the world and will prove a priceless acquisition to scholars and institutions which aspire to enlarge the frontiers of knowledge.