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‘The abbreviations and acronyms listed in this section are some of the more common ones used in the context of aeronautics and include those used in the definition section of this dictionary. The list includes name acronyms, affiliation acronyms and abbreviations, agency acronyms and abbreviations, etc., which may be useful in reading this dictionary. Note that the same abbreviation or acronym may indicate more than one definition and these are separated by a semicolon.’

ABETS Airborne Electrical Test Set
ABMM Anti-Ballistic Missile Missile
ABMS Advanced Ballistic Missile Systems
ABN Aerodrome Beacon
ABPS Air Breathing Propulsion System
ABRES Advanced Ballistic Re-entry %ystem
ABS CLG Absolute Ceiling
AC Aerodynamic Center. Anti-Clutter; Absolute Ceiling; Altocumulus; Armament Control
A a.c. Alt3mating Current
A/C Aircraft
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System
AA Anti-Aircraft: Anti-Aircraft Artillery: Air Armament: ACB Air Circuit Breaker
ACBWS Automatic Chemical Biological Warning System
AAA Anti-Aircraft Artilery ACC Air Control Centre
AAC Air Approach Control: Automatic Approach Control ACCESS Aircraft Communications Electronic Signalling
AADA Anti-Aircraft Defended Area System: Automatic Computer-Controlled Electronics
AADC Advanced Avionic Digital Computer: Anti-Aircraft Scanning System
Defence Commander accry Accessory
AAFB Auxiliary Air Force Base ACCS Automatic Checkout and Control System
AAFC Anti-A:rcraft Fire Control acdt Accident
AAFE Advanced Application Flight Experiment ACE Altimeter Control Equipment; Automatic Computing
Engine; Automatic Checkout Equipment: Acceptance
AAFSS Advanced Aerial Fire Support System Checkout Equipment
AAGW Air to-Air Guided Weapons ACES Advanced Concept for Ejection Seat
AAH Advanced Armed Helicopter ACG Air Cargo Glider
AAI Air-to-Air Identification ACI Air Combat Information
AAIB Aircraft Accident Investigation Board ACID Aircraft Identification
AAL Aircraft Approach Limitation ack Acknowledge
AALS Advanced Approach and Landing System ACLS Automatic Carrier Landing System; All-weather
AALT Automatic Azimuth Laying Theodolite Carrier Landing System (F-14A); Air Cushion Landing
AAM Air-to-Air Missile: Anti-Aircraft Missile System; Automated Control and Landing System
AAP Apollo Applications Program: Analog Auto Pilot ACM Active Countermeasures
AAPP Auxiliary Airborne Power Plant ACME Automatic Control and Maneuvering Electronics:
Attitude Control & Maneuvering Electronics
AAPR Airbrnt Auilr Rport ACOE Automatic Checkout Equipment
AAR Aircraft Accident Report
AARPS Air Augmented Rocket Propulsion System ACPM Attitude Control Propulsion Motors
AAS Abort Advisory System ACP Altimeter Check Point; Audio Control Panel:
Acceptance Checkout Procedure: Azimuth Change
AASD Anti-Aircraft Self-Destroying Pulse
AASR Airpcrt & Airways Surveillance Radar ACPU Auxiliary Computer Power Unit
AATC Automatic Air Traffic Control ACPS Attitude Control Propulsion System
AAV Airborne Assault Vehicle acq Acquire; Acquisition
AB Air Bearing: Auto-Beacon; Air Base; After-Burner:
Adapter Booster., Airborne ACR AirfieClodn trol Radar; Air Control and Reporting:
A,B Sound Levels: See 'Sound Level Meter' and 'Total Approach Control Radar
Noise Load' ACRE Automatic Checkout & Readiness Equipment
ABC Automatic Brignness Control: Advanced Biomedical ACRES Airborne Communication Relay Stas0on
Capsule: Advanced Battery Acquisition Rad3r: ACS Attitude Control & Stabilizatin;
Atomic Biological Chemical War: Advancing Blade Astro-C;mmunictions System Atmosphere Control
Concept System; Armament Control System: Attitude Control
ABE Air Breathing Engine System; Automatic Control System
ABES Air Breathing Engine System acst Acoustic
ACT Active Control Technology: Activation: Automatic AEWC Airborne Early Warning and Control
Checkout Techniques AF Air Force: Audio Frequency
ACTF Altitude Control Test Facilit4 A/F Airfield: Airframe
ACU Acceleration Control Unit: Air Conditioning Unit AFAADS Advanced Fo;.vard Area Air Defense System
ACV Air Cushion Vehicle AFB Air Force Base; Anti-Friction Bearing
ACW Air Control and Warning System: Aircraft Control AFBM Air Force Ballistic Missile
and Warning AFC Automatic Frequency Control
AC&W Aircraft Control and Warning AFCE Automatic Flight Control Equipment
ACWS Aircraft Control & Warning System AFCS Adaptive Flight Control System: Automatic Flight
AD Aerodrome: Air Defence FCoorncter ol System; Avionic Flight Control System: Air Communication System
A/D Analog(ue) to Digital; Arm/Destruct AFCO Automatic Fuel Cutoff
ADA Air Defense Area AFI Automatic Fault Isolation
ADAC Automated Direct Analog(ue) Computer AFLS Approach Flashlighting System
ADAM Air Deflection and Modification AFM Anti-Friction Metal: Air Force Manual
ADAR Advanced Design Array Radar AFPAM Automatic Flight Planning and Monitoring
ADA Systems Action Data Automation Systems AFR Automatic Frequency Regulation: Air Force
ADC Airborne Digital Computer; Automatic Digit Control: Regulation: Air-Fuel Ratio
Air Data Computer: Aerodrome Control AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
ADCC Air Defense Control Center A/G Air-to-Ground
ADF Automatic Direct-on Finder; Automatic Direction AGACS Automatic Ground-Air Communication System
Finding (Equipment) AGAP Atlitude Gyro Accelerometer Package
ADI Attitude Director Indicator; Automatic Direiction AGARD Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and
Ind'cator Development
ADH Automated Data Handling AGAVE Automatic Gimballed Antenna Vectoring Equipment
ADISP Aeronautical Di9ital Information System Panel AGC Automatic Gain Control
ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone AGCA Automatic Ground-Controlled Approach
ADL Armament Datum Line AGCS Automatic Ground Checkout System; Automatic
ADM Air Defense Missi!e Ground Control System: Automatic Ground Computer
ADP Acceptance Data Package: Automatic Data System
Procassing AGCU Attitude Gyro Coupling Unit
ADPE Automa'ic Data Processing Equipment AGE Automatic Guidance Electronics
ADPLL All Digital Phase Locked Loop AGM Air-to-Ground Missile
AUR Advisory Route AGT Aviation Gas Turbine
ADRAN Advanced Digital Ranging System AGW Allowable Gross (Take-Off) Weight
ADRS Autonatic Data Repoing System AGZ Actual Ground Zero
ADS Air Defence System Air Defenca Ship: Accessory
Drive System. Air Data System: Advanced I)dta ah Ampere Hour
System AHI Aerodynamic Heating Indicator
ADSEL Address Selection Beacon System AHRS Attitude Heading Reference System
ADSS Aircraft Damage Sensing System AHRU Attitude Heading Reference Unit
A'TU Auxiliary Data Translator Unit Al Attitude Indicator; Aircraft Interception. Airborne
ADV Air Defence Variant Interception: Anti-Icing: Articulation Index
adv Advanced Al(Radar) Aircraft Identification Radar. Air Interception Radar
ADZ Air Defence Zone AIA Anti-Icing Additive
AE Air Elecrical: Auxiliary Equipment AIC Aircraft in Commission; Ammunition Identification
A&E Armament and Electronics Code
AEA Abort Electronic Assembly AIDAS Advanced Instrumentation and Data Analysis System
AEB Aft Equipment Bay AIDS Aircraft Integrated Data System; Airborne Integrated
AEDS Atmospheric Electric Detection System Data System: Abort Inertial Digital System
AEEC Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee AIETA Airborne Infrared Equipment for Target Analysis
AER Azimuth Elevation Range AIG Address Indicating Group; Accident Investigation
AERCAB Integrated Aircrew Escape/Rescue Capability Group
AERO Aeronautical Weather Report AlL Airborne Instrument Laboratories
AES Artificial Earth Satellite AILAS Automatic Inrtrument Landing Approach System
AEROS Artificial Earth Research and Orbiting Satellite AILS Advanced Integrated Landing System; Automatic
AERUSAT Aeronautical Satellit (NASA-ESRO) Inslrument Landing System
AEW Airborne Early Warning AIM Air Intercept Missile
AIMIS Advanced Integrated Modular Instrumentation AMSAM Anti-Missile Surface-to-Air Missile
System AMSL Above Mean Sea Level
AIMS Advanced Intercontinental Missile System AMST Advan,;d Medium STOL Transport
AlP Aeronautical Information Publication AMTI Area Moving Target Indicator
AIR Assembly Inspection Report; Accident Inves:igation AMTIDE Aircraft Multipurpose Test Inspection & Diagnostic
Report: Aircraft Intercept Radar; Airborne Interceot Equipment
Radar AMU Air Mileage Unit; Atomic Iviass Unit; Astronaut
AIREW Airborne Infrared -arly Warning Maneuvering: Averge Monthly Usage
AIS Aircraft Identification System; Aeronautical AN Air Navigation; Astro-Navigation: Air Force-Navy:
Information Service; Apogee Impulse System; Alphanumeric
Attitude Indicating System ANAF Army - Navy - Air Forcb
AIT Automatic Information Test ANCR Aircraft Non-Combat Ready
AJ Anti-Jamming ANFE Aircraft Not Fully Equipped
AL Aluminum anhyd Anhydrous
AlL Airlift ANL Annoyance Noise Level
ALBI Air-Launched Ballistic Intercept inlg Analog(ue)
ALBM Air-Launched Ballistic Missile AN ' Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion
ALC Automatic Light Control ANPOD Aiitenna Positioning Device
ALCAL Alloy Coated Aluminium aAnNt TAC Antenn Air Navigatioi Tactical Control System
ALCC Airborne Launch Control Center AOB Air Order of Battle
Alclad Aluminium Clad AOC Aircraft Out of Commission: Air Officer
ALGM Air-Launched Guided Missiles Commanding: Automatic Overload Control. Air
ALGOL Algorithmic Language Operations Center; Average Operating Cost
ALIM Air-Launched Intercept Missile AOCM Aircraft Out-of-Commission Awaiting Maintenance
ALMS Aircraft Landing Measuirement System AOCP Aircraft Out-of.Commission for Parts
ALOFT A Language Oriented to Flight Engineering and AOK All Systems Operational and Ready
Testing AOLO Advanced Orbital Launch Operations
ALOTS Airborne Lightweight Optical Tracking System AOP Air Observation Post
ALP Automated Learning Process AOQ Average Outgoing Quality
ALPS Advanced Liquid Propulsion System AOQL Average Outgoing Quality Limit
ALRI Airborne Long-Range Input AOS Acquisition of Signal
ALS Approach Light System; Automatic Landing System. AOSS Active Optics Simulation System
Alerting and Locating System AOT Alignment Optical Telescope
ALSTA All Stations AP Accelerometer Package: Air Pollution: Airport:
ALVRT Air-Launched Low Volume Ramjet Armour Piercing: Alpha Particle Spectrometer
AM Amplitude Modulation A/P Autopilot
AMA Air Material Area: Automatic Malfunction Ana;ysis APAR Automatic Programming and Recording
AMARS Air Mobile Aircraft Refuelling System APATS Automatic Programmer & Test System
AMCS Airborne Missile Control System APC Automatic Phase Control: Automatic Pitch Control:
AME Angle Measuring Equipment Aeronautical Planning Chart; Armour Piercing.
AMI Advanced Manned Interceptor; Air Mileage Indicator Capped. Approach Control
APCHE Automatic Programmed Checkout Equipment
AMLLV Advanced Multipurpose Large Launch Vehicles APCON Appoac Coral
AMM Anti-Missile Missile
a-nmo Ammunition APCS Attitude and Pointing Control Syiem
amp Ampere APO Auxiliary Power Distribution
amp hr Ampere Hours AP&D Advanced Flanning and Design
amp min Ampere Minutes AP/FD Autopilot/Flight Director
ampl, Amphibian: Amphibious APG Air Proving Ground: Azimuth Pulse Generator
ampli Amplifier API American Petroleum Institute; Alignment Progress
AMPS Advanced Maneuvering Propulsion System Indicator; Armour-Piercing Incendiary; Air Position
AMPSS Advanced Manned Penetrator Strike System: AnNicatos
Advanced Manned Precision Strike System APIC0N Aircraft Position Information Converter
AMPT Advanced Maneuvering Propulsion Technology APICS Air Pollution Information & Computer System
AMO Analog(ue) Multiplexer Quantizer APIT Armour Piercing Incendiary Tracer
AMS Aeronautical Material Specifications APM Anti-Personnel Missile
AMSA Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft APOTA Automatic Positioning Telemetering Antenna
APP Auxiliary Power Plant: Apparatus arty Artillery
approx Approximate Ar sub 1 The temper3ture at which transformation of austenite
to ferritc and carbide is complete appx on cooling. See Appendix transformation temperature'.
APS Accessory Power Supply; Ascent Propulsion System; Ar sub 2 The temperature at which austenite starts to
Airbome Power Supply; Absolute Pressure Sensor; transform to alpha ferrite on cooling. See
SAeurxviilciaer;y Power Supply: Aircraft Prepared for 'transformation temperature'. ri AirPbrroepautlhsiionng PSryospteumls ion System: Auxiliary Ar sub 4 The temperature at which delta ferrite transforms to
austenite. See 'transformation temperature'.
APS weight Aircraft-Prepared-for-Service Weioht ARU Auxiliary Readout Unit (S-3 A)
APT Automatic Picture Transmission: Automatic Position ARV Aeroballistic Re-entry Vehicle; Armoured Recovery
Telemetering; Automatic Programmed Tooling Vehicle
AP-T Armour Piercing, with Tracer (Ammunition) AS Aeronautical Standard: Aircraft Standard: Air
APU Auxiliary Power Unit Superiority; Altostratus: Antisubmarine; Adapter
Section. Automatic Skin
AL Acceptance Quality Level A/S Ascent Stage (LEM)
AR Aspect Ratio; Advanced Reactor; Anti-Radar; Aircraft a/s Airspeed
Rocket; Armed Reconnaissance; Acquisition Radar;
Aerial Refuelling ASA Acrosurface Servo-Amplifier; Automatic Systems
Analysis; Amplifier & Switch Assembly; About
A/R At the Rate of; Acquisition/Reference: As Required Sensor Assembly
ARA Auxiliary Recovery Antenna; Aerial Refuelling Area; ASACS Airborne Surveillance & Control System
Airoorne Rad3r Approach ASAP Automated 3tat;stcal Analysis Program
ARB Air Registration Board (U.K) ASAS Aerodynamic Stability and Augmentation System
ARBS Angular Rate Bombing System ASC Automatic Sensitivity Control: Aerodynami Surface
ARC Advanced Reentry Concept: Automatic Remote Control: Accelerometer Signal Conditioner
Control ASCS Automatic Stabilization and Contro! Systems
ARCAS All Purpose Rocket for Collecting Atmospheric ASD Advanced Surveillancc Drone: Aeronautical Systems
Soundings; Automatic Radar Chain Acquisition Division
System ASDE Airport Surface Detection Equipment; Airfield Surface
Ar sub cm The temperature at which carbide in a steel starts to Detection Equipment
precipitate on cooling. See 'transformation ASDIC Allied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee
temperature'. ASDS Aircraft Sound Description System AARRCL/EW AArrcc Weldele ASE Airborne Search Equipment; Automatic Stabilization
ARELEM Arithmetic Element Program Equipment
ARENTS Advanced Research Environmental Test Satellite ASEP Automatic Sequence Execution and Processor
ARI Airborne Radio Instrument ASEWPS Anti-Submarine Weaoons Environmental Piedicton
ARIES Advanced Radar Information Evaluation System System
ARINC Aeronautical Radio Incorporated ASFIR Active Sweep Frequency Interferometer Radar
ARIP Automatic Rocket Impact Predictor ASFTS Auxiliary Systems Function Test Stand
ARIS Advanced Range Instrumentation Systems AS/GPD Attitude Set and Gimbal Position Display
ARL Acceptable Reliability Level ASH Assault Support Helicopter
ARM Armature; Anti-Radiation Missile. Anti-Radar Missile ASI Airspeed Indicator; Azimuth Speed Indicator;
ARM-PL Armor Plate Augmented System Igniter. Augmented Spark Igniter
ARMS Aerial Radiological Muasuring System ASIS Abort Sensing & Implementation System
AROD Airborne Ranging and Orbital Determination ASK Amplitude Shift Keying; Analog(ue) Select Keyboard
ARODS Airborne Radar Orbital Determination System ASLV Advanced Small Launch Vehicle
ARP Azimuth Reference Pulse; Advanced Reentry ASM Air-to-Surface Missile
Programme: Aerodrome Reference Point: Air Raid ASMD Anti-Ship Missile Defense
Protecton/Precautions ASMI Aerodrome Surface Movement Indicator. Airfield
ARS Advanced Reconnaissance Satellite; Attitude Surface Movement Indicator
Reference System; Air Rescue Service: Automatic
Recovery System. Atmospheric Revitalization ASMS Advancr.d Surface Missile Systrm; Atmosphere
Subsystem: Atmosphere Revitalization System Sensing & Maintenance System
ARSR Air Route Surveillance Radar ASN Average Sample Number
ART Advanced Research Technology; Automatic Range A-SOL Anti-Solar
Tracking; Artificial ASP Aerospace Plane; Automatic Synthesis Program;
ARTC Air Route Traffic Control Atmospheric Sounding Projectile: Automatic Sample
ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center Processor: Anti-Submarine Patrol: Atomic Strike
ARTG Azimuth Range and Timing Group Plan; Ammuntin Supply Point
ARTOC Area Route Traffic Control Centre ASPA Auxiliary Storage & Playback Assembly
ARTS Advnced Radar Traffic System. Automated Radar ASPECT Acoustic Short Pulse Echo Classification Technique
Tracking System AS/POT Agena Systems/Power on Test
ASR Air Sea Rescue; Airport Surveillance Radar: Aviation ATR Air Traffic Regulation; Anti-Transmit-Receive.
Safety Regulation; Airborne Surveillance Radar Automatic Transmitter Receiver; Automatic Target
ASROC Anti-Submarine Rocket Recognition: Air Turbo Rocket; Analog(ue) Tape
Recorder; Air Transport Racking
ASS Aerospace Survedlance System; Acquisition Sun ATRAN Automatic Terrain Recognition and Navigation
Sensor ATRID Automatic Target Recognition. Identification &
ASSET Aerothermodynamic/Elastic Structural System Detection
Environmental Test ATS Applications Technologyi: Astronomical Time Switch:
ASST Advanced Supersonic Transport Air Traffic Srvices: Automat:c Test System:
assy Assembly Applications Technology Satellite
AssemblyotngSlry ATSE ngn
AST All Systems Test: Advanced Supersonic Transport ATSE Advanced Throttling Slurry Engine
ATSIT Automatic Technique for Selection & Identification of
ASTAS Antiradar Surveillance and Target Acquisition System Targets
ASTIA Armed Services Technical Information Agency (US) ATSS Acquisition and Tracking Subsystem
ASTRA Appiication of Space Techniques Relating to Aviation ATT Advanced Transport Technology
(Panel) ATTREF Attitude Reference Program
ASU Altitude Sensing Unit ATVC Automatic Thrust Vector Control
ASV Aerospace Vehicle: Air to Surface Vessel ATW Anti-Tank Weapon
Reconnaissance (Radar) AT WT Atomic Weight
ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare: Anti-Sea Warfare. AU Astronomical Unit
Anti-Submarine Weapon AUM Air to Underwater Missile
ASWCR Airborne Surveillance Warning & Cortrol Radar
AUTOCAT Automatic Control of Air Transmissions
AT Armament Test; Air Traffic. Air Temperature; Atomic
Time A Tt ank .- AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network: Automatic Distribution
A&T Assembly & Test AUTOSYN Self-Synchronization
ATA Assembly and Test Area. Actual Time of Arrival: Air AUTOVON Automatic Voice Network
Transport Association; Avionics Test Article AUTRAN Automatic Target Recognition Analysis
ATAR Anti-Tank Aircraft Rocket AUW All-Up Weight
ATBM Antitactical Ballistic Missile: Average Time Between
Maintenance aux Auxilary
ATC Air Traffic Control: Air Training Command; Automatic AV Angulas Velocity: Average: Audio-Visual
Tracking Control: Average Total Cost AVC Automatic Volume Control
ATCA Attitude and Translation Control Assembly AVCAT Aviation fuel with a high flash point
ATCC Air Traffic Control Centre AVCS Advanced Vidicon Camera System
AVD Automatic Voice Data
ATCE Ablative Thrust Chamber Engine ADAtmtcVieDt
ATCE Aiv Thrus Chamr Beang e m AVDT Angular Variable Differentiai Transformer
ATCRBS Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System AVE Aerospace Vehicle Equipment
ATCRU Air Traffic Control Radar Unit AVGAS Aviation Gasoline
ATCS Air Traffic Communication System. Air Traffic Control AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolutin Radiometer
Service. Active Thermal Control Subsystem; Active
Thermal Control System AVI Airborne Vehicle Identification
ATCSS Air Traffic Control Signalling System AVID Advanced Visual Informi'ion Display
ATD Actual Time of Departutre AVM Airborne Vibration Monitoring
ATDS Airborne Tactical Data System AVOLO Automatic Voice Link Observation
ATE Air-Turbo Exchanger. Automatic Test Equipment. AVP Address Verificatirn Pulse
Advanced Technology Engine AVS Advanced Vertical Strike Fighter: Air Ventilated Suit
ATF Actual Time of Fall. Air Task Force: Altitude Test AVTAG Aviation Fuel (Gasoline/Kerosene)
Facility AVTUR Kerosene Jet Fuel
AATTGG A Air to Ground AntT Guid AW Above Water: AII-Wuather; Automatic Weapons: Air ATGAR Anti-Tank Guided Air Rocket Warning
ATGW Anti-Tank Guided Weapon AWACS Airborne Warning & Control System
ATGM Anti-Tank Guided Missile AWADS Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System
ATI Average Total Inspection: Air Technical Intelligence AWCS Air Weapons Control System
ATLAS Automatic Tape Load Audit System; Abbreviated
Test Language for Avionics Systems AWG Airborne Weapon Guidance
ATM Anti-Tank Missile AWL All-Weather Landing System
ATMW Anti-Tank Missilo Weapon AWOP All-Weather Operation Panel
ATO Ass'sted Take-Of; Actual Time Over AWRS Airborne Weather Reconnaissance System
ATOC Average Total Operating Cost AWS Air Warning System; Air Weapon System. Air
ATOLL Acceptance Test or Launch Lainguage Weather Service
ATP Authority to Proceed; Alternate Target Point AWX All-Weather Aircraft: All-Weather Landing System
AWY Airway BESS Binary Elec-rcmagnetic Signal Signature
AZS Automatic Zro Set BET Best Estimated Trajactory
BEV Billion Electron Volts
B BF Back Feed
BFO Beat Frequency Oscillator
BA Blind Approach: Bank Angle BGG Booster Gas Generator
BAB Babbitt BGRV Boost Glide Re-Entry Vehicle
BABS Beam-Approach Beacon System: Blind-Approach BH Bninell Hardness: Block House
Beacon System BHC Blockhouse Computer
BAC 8arometric Altitude Control BBHHNC BBrliHnuelsl Hardneossm Numebrer
BACE Basic Automatic Checkout Equipment BHP Brake Horsepower
BADAS Binary Automatic Data Annotation System BHP-HR Brake Horsepower-Hour
BADGE Base Air Defense Ground Environment BI Base Ignitio
BADIC Biological Analysis Detection Instrumentation & BIA Boost. Insertion & Abort
Control BIC Barium Iodide Cloud
BAI Barometric Altitude Indicator BIG Biological Isolation Garment
BAINS Basic Advanced Integrated Navigation System BIGS Booster Inertial Guidance Sytem
bal Balance BIH Build in Hold
BALLUTE Balloon Parachute BIOSAT Biological Satellite
BALS Blind Approach Landing System BIRDIE Battery Integration & Radar Display Equipment
BAMBI Ballistic Missile Boost Intercept BISS Bio-lsolator Suit System
BANIR Bombing & Navigation Inertial Reference BIT Built in Test
BAP Base Auxiliary Power; Best Adoptive Path BITE Built in Test Equipment
BARB British Angular Rate Bombsight Bk/Az Back Azimuth
BARN Bombing & Reconnaissance Navigation bkr Breaker
BARS Backup Attitude Reference System bkup Backup
BAS Basic Airspeed: Blind Approach System hkwd Backward
BATO Balloon-Assisted Take-Off BL Bombline
BATS Ballistic Aerial Target System BLAM Ballistically Launched Aerodynamic Missile
BB Breadboard: Ball Bearing: Building Block: Short BIC Boundary Layer Control
Range Bomber
BBDC Before Bottom Dead Centre BLH Band-Limited (ELF) Hiss
BBL Barrel BLIMP Boundary Layer Integral Matrix Procedure
BC Battery Changer: Ballistic Camera BLIP Background-Limited Infrared Photoconductor
BCD Binary Coded Decimal. Binary Coded Data BLOM Booster Lift Off Mass
BCI Binary-Coded Information BLOW Booster Lift Off Weight
BCN Beacon BLP Basic Launch Plan
BCU Buss Control Unit BLUCKET Blade + Buckut
BD Base Detonating: Band bm Beam
B/D Binary to Decimal BM Base Maintenance: Bench Mark
BDA Bomb Damage Assessment B/M Bench Maintenance (SM is preferred)
BDC Bottom Dead Centre BMAG Body-Mounted Attitude Gyro
BDF Base Detonation Fuse BMD Ballistic Missile Defense
BDHI Bearing-Distance-Heading Indicator: Bearing Distance BME Bench Maintenance Equipment
and Heipht Indicator BMEP Brake Mean Effective Pressure
BDS Bomb Damage Survey: Bomb Director System BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
BDU Biumedical Display Unit BMMD Body Mass Measurements Device
BE Band Elimination; Booster Engine BMR Basic Military Requirement
BEACOTRON Boam Coupling BMS Basic Missile Checker
BDI Bearing Deviation Indicator
BDM Bomber Defence Missile BMTD Ballistic Missile Terminal Defense
BECO Booster Engine Cutoff BMWS Ballistic Missile Weapon System
BEEPER Remote Control Pilot BNGS Bomb Navigation Guidance System
BEET Best-Estimated Evaluation Tralectory bo Burnout
BEF Blunt End Forward BOA Broad Ocean Area
BEP Best Efficiency Point. Bit Error Probability BOC Blowout Coil
BER Bit Error Rate BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand
BOSS BiD-Astronautic Orbiting Space Station CAA Civil Aeronautics Admini:tration: Civil Aviation
GOMREPT Bomb Report Authority
CAAS Computer-Aided Approach Se~quencing
ROSS-WEDGE Bomb Orbital Strategic System-Wapon; CAB CapterAi e Civil Aeronaic o
Development Glide Entry CAB Captive Air Bubbles: Ciil Aeronautics Board
BOSU Bioastronautics Operational Support Urit CACD Computer-Aided Circuit Design
B/P Blueprint CACON Cargo Container
CADC Ccntral Air Data Computer (F-14A)
CADDAC Cent-al Analog Data Distributing and Controlling
BPDSMS Basic Point Defence Surface Missile System System
BPF Band Pass Filter CADF Commutated Aerial Direction Fin(2er
BPI Bits Per Inch CADFISS Computation and Data Flow Integrated Subsystem
BPN Breakdown Pulse Noise CADIC Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits
BPR Bypass Ratio CADIE Control/Altitude Direction Indicator Electronics
bprf Bullet-Proof CADL Communications and Data Link
BPS Bits Per Seci.1 CADS Computer Aided Departure Sequencing
BPSS Bipck Subsystem CAG Ccrrier Air Group
BP Biagckustem CAI Control and Acquistion Interface
BR Barrage Rocket CAINS Carrier Aircraft Inertial Navigation System
BRFP Baseline Reference Flight Plan cl Cahore; Calorie
brg Bearing CAM Compuier Address Matrix; Commercial Air
BRIL Romb Release Line Movement; Computer Aided Manufactiring: Content
BRLG Bomb. Radio. Longitudinal. Generator-Powered Addressab, Memory
BRN Broadcast Net cam Camouflage
BS Boresight. British Standard CAMP Cbin Air Manifold Pressure
b/s Bits Per Second C and R Control and Reporting
B-scan Rectangular range/bearing display CAP Capacity; Civil Air Patrol: Combat As, Patrol
BSDL Boresight Datum Line CAPER Computers Aided Pattern Evaluation and Recognition
BSE Base Support Equipment CAPS Combat Air Patrol Support
BSI Battery Status Indicator: British Standards Institution CAR Civil Air Regulations; Cloud Altitude Radiometer
BSLSS Buddy Secondary Life Support System CARA Cargo and Rescue Aircraft: Combat Aircrew Rescue
BST Brief Systems Test: British Standard Time Aircraft
Bstrk Bomb Service Truck CARD Computer Aided Radar Design
BT Bombing Table; Bathylthermographic Equipment. CARP Computed Air Release Point
BTDC BBeufronr eT imToep Dead Contra CAS Calibrated Airspeed; Close Air Support; Collisiw,
Avoidance Systcm; Controlled Airspace
BTD Burn to Depletion CASEVAC Casualty Evaluation by Air
BTL Beacon Tracking Level CASEX Combined Aircraft Submarine Exercise
BTLS Breadboard Terminal Landing System
BTO BoBmT binBgm TTinhr ruougg h OOveecractaCstASF Cc.nposite Air Strike Force
BTRU Barostatic Time Release Unit CASS Command Active Sonobuoy System
btry Battery CASTS Countdown and Status Transmission System
BTU British Thermal Unit CAT Category; Carburetor Air Temperature. Ciean Air
Turbulence: Civil Air Trensport
BUIC Back Up Interceptor Control System CM CHG Catapult Charge
BUM Bureau of Medicine CAV Coriposite Analog(ue) Video
BUV Backscatter Ultviolet CAVU Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited
BV Billion Volts CB Circuit Breaker; Common Battery; Centie of
BW Body Wing; Band Width. Biological Warfare; Black Buoyancy
and White C/B Circuit Breaker
BWA Backward Wave Amplifier Cb Cumulonimbus
bWO 6ackwirc Wave Oscillator CBAL Counterbalance
BWPA Backward Wave .'-, r Amplifier CBR California Ratio; Chemical Bacteriological
byp Bypass and Radiological: Chemical Biological Radiological
CBRM Charger Battery Relay Module
CBU Cluster Bomb Unit
C Centiyred; Celsius; Cumulus cbw Constant Bandwidth
CA CertifiA'e of Airworthiness CBX C-Band Transponder
CC Cloud Cover: Control Center; Control Comouter: CEP Circle of Eq~ial Probability: Circular Error Probability
Combustion Chamber; Continuous Current; Cubic CEM Communications-Electronics-Meteorologica Centimetre: Coribat Closure CEMF Counter Electromotive Force
Cc Cirrocumulus CERE Computer Entry and Rceadout Equipment
CCA Configuration Control Action; Cartier-Controlled CERMET Ceramic Metal
CCB ACplopsreo aCcohntrol Bombing CERT Composite Electrical Readiness Test
CES Central Electronics System: Crew Escape System;
CCC Command Control Console; C-ntral Computer Control Electronics Section
Complex CEVM Consumable Electrode Vacuum Melting
CCCU Crew Compartment Cooling Unit CF Centrifugal Force; Cathode Follower; Cubic Foot;
CCDS Charge-Coupled Devices Carrier Frequ' ,..y: Counterfire
CCE Command Control Equipment CFA Crossed Field Amplifier: Cowl-Flap Angle
CCIP Continuous Computed Impact Point: Continuous CFAR Constant False Alarm Rate
Contact of Impact Point CFC Central Fire Control
CCIS Command Control Information System CFD Cumulative Frequency Distribution
CCM Controlled Carrier Modulation; Crew Ctrgo Module CFE Contractor Furnished Equipment
CCMS Couner-Counter Measures: Command Control & CFH Cubic Feet/Hour
Monitor System CFHT Continuous/Flow Hypersonic Tunnel
CCN Contract Change Negotiation CFIT Controlled Flight into Terrain
CCP Contract Change Proposal CFM Cubic Feet Per Minute
CCr Combat Crew CFP Constant Filter and Plot
CCS Comvter Complex; Camera Control System; CF'. Contact Flight Rules
Cor-nand Communication Systems CG Cargo Glider; Centre of Gravity
CC&S Central Computer and Sequencer CFS Cubic Feet Per Second
CCT Constant Current Transformer CG Centre Of Gravity
CCTV Closed-Circuit Television CGI Computer-G,3neral Image
CCU Combined Control Unit CGLTG Cloud to Geound Lighting
CCV Control Configured Vehicle CGS ^entimetri. Gram - Second
CCW Cloud and Collision Warning: Counter Clockwise CGSS Cryogenic Gas Storage System
CCRP Continuous Computed Release Point CH Conductor Head; Compass Heading
CD Candle Power: Control Differential: Civil Defence: CHARM CAA High Altitude Remote Monitoring
Coastal Defence Radar; Cold Drawn: Countdown: CHC Choke Coil
Calibration Device: Circular Dispersion CHT Cylinder - Heed Temperature
C-D Convergent - Divergent CHAG Chain Arrestor Gear
C&D Communication and Data; Control & Display CHG Helicopter Ships (SAM Armament)
CDC Command Decoder Coax; Computer Display Channel; CHLL Compacted High-Level Language
Course and Distance Calculator
CDDT Countdown Demonstration Test CH-Y Condensate Heat Exchanger
CDF Circuit Design Fabrication; Central Data Facility. Cl Cirrus
Confined Detonating Fuse: Control Detonating Fuses C&I Communication and Instrumentation
CD film Camouflage Detection Film ClAP Climatic Impact Assessment Program
CDH Constant Delta Height CIC Combat Informatior, Center
CDI Course Deviation Indicator; Control Direction CID Combat Information and Detection; Cable
Indicator Interconnection Diagram: Cabling Interface Drawings
CDP Command Data Processor, Compressor Discharge CIF Central Instrumentation Facility
Pressure CIM Computer Input Matrix; Computer Input Multiplexer
CDPC Central Data Processing Computer CIPHONY Ciphered Telephony
CDR Critical Design Review CIP Compressor Inlet Pressure
CDRS Computer Data Recording System ^IT Compressor Inlet Temperature
CDS Climatological Data Sheet; Control Data System ClU Command InterfaUcnei tC;o mputer InterfaUcte
C&DSS Comn,dncatins & Data Subsystems CIU Con Ieceir
CDT Compressor Discharge Temperature ckpt Checkpoint: Cockpit
CDU Coupling Display Unit; Controls and Displays Unit ckt Circuit
CDX Control Differential Transmitter CKT BKR Circuit Breaker
C-E Communications-Electronics CL Centro Line
CEA Circular Error Average C L Centre Line; Closed Loop
CECO Center Engine Cutoff C sub A Coefficient of Lift (Lift Coe,.;ciet)
CEF Computer Execute Function CLA Center Line Average
CLAM Chemical Low Altitude Missile COMSAT Global Commercial Communications Satellite System:
CLASP Composite Launch & Spacecraft Program; Computer Communications Satellite
Language for Aeronautics and Space Programming COMSEC Commupcations Security
CLAW Clustered Atomic Warhead COMZ Communications Zone
CLC Course Line Computer CONAD Continental Air Defense
CLEAR Components Life Evaluation and Reliability CONDI Convergent - Divergent
CONELRAD Control of Electromagnetic Redidattn
cgCONSHIP Coptrol by Ship
CLOS Command Line of Sight CONSHORE Control from Shore
CLSM Crew Life Support Monitor r'ONSOL Long range radio aid to navigation
CLweight Conventional Landing W,)ight CONUS Continental United States
clwy Clearway CORA Coherent Radar Array
CM Crewman: Cent;metre: Consumables Management: CORDS Coherent-on-Receive Doppler System
Configuration Management; Cruise Missile: Counter Cos Change-Over Switch: Cutoff Signal
CMA Contact Making Ammeter COSAR Compression Scanning Array Radar
COTAR Correlated Orientation Tracking & Rangirg System
CMCB Composite-Modified Double Base Propellants COTAT Correlation Tracking and Triangulation
CMG Control Moment Gyro COVER Cut-Off Velocity & Range
CMM Condition Monitored Maintenance CP Communications Processor; Candle PowvoI: Centre of
CrVIP Compound Helicopter Pressure; Concrete Piercing (Ammunition): Command
Post; Change Proposal; Circular Polarized: Control
CMU Compatibility Mockup Panel
CMVM Contact-Making Voltmeter CPC Computer Program Component
CN Compass North CPD Crew Passive Dosimeter
CNEL Community Noise Equivalent Level CPE Circular Probable Error: Computer Peripheral
CNI Communictions. Navigation, Identification Equipment
C/No Carrier/Noise Spectral Density Ratio CPF Complete Power Failure
CPFF Cost Plus Fixed Fee
CNR Carboy Nitroso Rubber: Composite Noise Rating CPI Crash Position Indicator
CNRA Composite Noise Rating (Aircraft) CPIF Cost Plus Incentive Fee
CNR Composite Noise Rating CPILS Correlation Protected ILS
c/o Cutoff: Checkout CPL Common Programming Language
COAT Corrected Outside Air Temperature CPM Cycles Per Minute; Critical Path Method
COC Combat Operations Centre CPR Compressor Pressure Ratio
COCODE Compressed Coherency Detection (Radar Techiique) CPRV Cabin Pressure Relief Valve
COCS Camera Override Control System CPS Cycles Per Second: Critical Path Schedule
COD Carrier Onboard Delivery CPSF Candle Power/Square Foot
COe“D Computer Deisng of Electronic Devices CPU Central Processing Unit (of a Computer)
CODIC Computer-Directed Communications CR Compression Ratio: Combat Ready: Control Receiver;
CODIPHAS. Coherent Digital Phased Array System Carriage Return: Change Request
CODIS Controlled Digital Simulator CRAM Computerized Reliability Analysis Method: Card
COED Computer Opereted Electronic Display Random Access Memory
COFI Checkout and Fault Isolation CRC Control and Reporting Centre
COFW Certification of Flight Worthiness CRD Controlled Release Device: Cosmic Ray Detector
COG Course Made Good Over the Ground CRDF Cathode-Ray Direction Finder
COGS Continuous Orbital Guidance System CRE Command Race: Corrosio,; Resistant
COHO Coherent Pulse Oscillator CRES Corrosion Resistant Steel
COl Communications Operation Instruction CRG Control Rate Gyro
COIN Counter Insurgency CRO Cathode Ray Oscillograph: Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
COM Computer-Output-Microfilm CROW Combined Rocket Warhead
COMAfl Contour Mapping Radar System CRP Computer Reset Pulse
COMAT Characteristics of Materials CRS Cold Rolled Steel
COMGEN Common Specifications Statements Generator CAST Cathode Ray Storage Tube
COMINT Communicaions Intelligence CRT Cathode-Ray Tube. Combat Readiness Training
COM LINK Communications Link
COMMAND Command Model for Analysis & Design CRTV Composite Re-Entry Test Vehicle
COMPACT Computer Programmed Automatic Checkout & Test CRW Carrier Wave
System cryog Cryogenic
crypto Cryptography CV CS Aircraft Carrier: Check Valve: Coefficient of Variaton Crew Station: Centistokes; Commercial Standards: CVA Aircraft Carrier. Attack
Crypto Secure CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition
CSC Cartridge Storage Case: Course and Speed CVE Controlled Visual Flight: Aircraft Carrier. Escort;
Computer; Central Switching Concept Complex Vehicle Erector
C/S Command System CVH Helicopter Aircraft Carrier
Cs Cirrostratus CVHE Escort Carrier Helicopter
CSC Cartridge Storage Case: Central Switching Concept CVL Aircraft Carrier. Light
CSD Constant Speed Drive CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder
CSDC Computer Signal Data Converter (F-14A) CVS ASW Aircraft Carrier: Continuous Vent System
CVT Convertiplane
CSE Common Support Equipment CVU Constan e
CVUJ Constant Voltage Unit
CSG Course and Speed Made Good Over the Ground Clockise: Carrier Wave: Chemical Warfare;
csk Countersink Continuous Wave: Constant Wear
CSL Console CW ACQ Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar
CSM Combustion Stability Monitor; Close-Support (Radar) (or
Mission; Command and Service Module CWAR)
CSR Check Status Reply CWE Current Working Estimate: Caution an,' !arning
CSS Cryogenic Storage System: Control Stick Steering CW ILL Continuous Wave Illumination Radar
CSRM Controlled Solid Rocket Motors CWO Continuous Wave Oscillator
CST Central Standard Time CW Radar Continuous Wave Radar
CSU Constant Speed Unit: Central Suppression Unit C&WS Caution & Warning System
CT Component Test: Coefficient of Thrust; Control
Transformer CWT Hundredweight
C & T Communications and Tracking CWTD Continuous Wave Target Detection
C/T Central Timing: Command Transmitter CWU Caution and Warning Unit
CTA Compatibility Test Area: Component Test Area: CX Control Transmitter: Complex
Control Area CXR Coaxial Contrarotating Rotor
CTE Cable Termination Equipment: Central Timing CY Calendar Year; Cubic Yard
Equipment: Component Test Equipment CYBORG Cybernetic Organism
CTF Combined Task Force cyl Cylinder
ctg Counting; Cartridge CZ Canal Zone: Combat Zone
CTM Command to Measure. Cardiotachometer
CTO Conventional Take-Off D
C TO C Center to Center DA Doible Amplitude
CTOL Conventional Take-Off and Landing DA Digtlt Anlue
CTO Weight Conventional Take-Off Weight DA Disrte Addressuec
CTP CoCnTf idenCcnei dTneest t PrroggrrmamDABS Discrete Address Beacon System
CTR Certification Test Requirements DAC Digital to Anologlue) Computer; Digital to Analog
Converter; Data Acquisition Camera
CTS Contingency Transfer System: Certification Test DACOR Data Correlator
CTSC Specification: Cosmic Top Secret Test Support DACS Digital Acquisition and Control System
CTS ComtSpt TDAD Double Amplitude Displacement
CTU Ce tl Tim U n SDADE Digital Ajquisition and Documentation Equipment CTU Central Timing Unit
CTV Controlled Test Vehicle DAE Data Acquisition Equipment
ctwt Counterweight DAEMON Data Adaptive Evaluator and Monitor
CTZ Control Zone DAI Death from Accidental Injuries: Discrete Activity
CU Control Unit Indicator
Cu Cumulus DAIS Digital Airborne Information System
cu ft Cubic Feet DALO Disconnect at Lift-Off
cu in Cubic Inch DAMS Defense Against Missile Systems
cu m Cubic Metre daN Decanawton
cu mm Cubic Millimetre(s) DAP Diqital Auto-Pilot
cu yd Cubic Yard DAOC Data Acquisition Center
CUL Command Uplink: TWX-Call You Later DAR Deficiency Action Report
CUPID Computer for Uprange Point-of-Impact Oetermination DARE DOVAP Automatic Reduction Equipment
CUR Command Uplink Request DART Directional Automatic Realignment of Trajectory;
CURFCOE Common Usage RF Checkout Equipment Decomposed Ammonia Radioisotope Thruster
DAS Data Automation System: Date Acquisition DEB Dispersed Emergency Base
Subsystem; Digital Address System. Data dec Declitiation
Automation Subsystem DECA Display/AGAP Electronic Control Assembly; Descent
DASH Destroyer Anti-Submarine Helicopter: Drone Engine Control Assembly
Anti-Submarine Helicopter DECM Defence Electronic Countermeasures System
DAT Design At-ceptance Test DECO,.% Telemetty Decommutators: Decommutator
DATAC Defense & Tactical Armament Control DECOR Digital Electronic Continuous Ranging
DATAR Digital Automatic Tracking & Remoting DED Diesel Engine Driven
DATICO Digital Automatic Tape Intelligence Check-Outut DEDA Data Entry & Display Assembly
DATP Detailed Acceptance Test Procedure DEE Digital Events Evaluator. Digital Evaluation
DATS Dynamic Accuracy Test Set: Detailed Acceptance Equipment
Test Spe Lfication DEER Directional Explosive Echo Ranging
DAU Data Acquisiticn Unit def Defence
DAVC Delayed Automatic Volume Control DEFCON Deftnse Readiness Condition
DAVID Defensn of Airborne Vehicles in Depth deg Degree
DEL P Delta Pressure
DAWG Dynamic Air War Game DEL V Delta Velocity
DB Deadbard: Depth Bomb; Day Bombardment; Design
Burst dem Demodulator
db Decibel DEMON Demodulated Noise
D/S Decimal to Binary DEP Departure, Deflection Probable Error
DBB Detector Back Bias DE/Q Dasign Evaluation/Qualification
DBCU Data Bus Control Unit des Descent
dbl Double desig Designation
dBM Decibel Meter dest Destruct
dBW Decibels with respect to one watt DESYN De-Synchronize
DC Data Centre; Damage Control. Depth Charge, Dual DEU Display Electronics Unit
Capable. Display Console: Discrepancy Check. dev Development
Direction Cosine DEW Distant Early Warning. Dewpoiit
D/C Data Conversion DEWIZ Distant Early Warning Identification Zone
d Direct Current DF Direct Flight: Development Flight. Direction Finder
D&C Display and Control Drop Forge
DCA Digital Command Assembly DFAW Direct Fire Anti-Tank Weapon
DCC Damage Control Center: Display Control Console DFC Dual Feed Coupler
dcdr Decoder DFI Development Flight Instrumentation
DCIB Data Communication Buffer DFR Dual Frequency Received
DCN Oefence Communication Network: Design Change DFRL Differential Relay
Notice DFS Dynamic Flight Simulator
DCP Disaster Control Plan DFT De-Aerating Feed Tank, Direct Flight Test; Design
toCPS Dynamic Crew Procedures Simulator Feasibility Test
DCS Data Control System. Digital Command System. DFTI Distance From Threshold Indicator
Damage Control System DG Directional Gyro
DCT Disaster Control Team
DCTL Direct Coupled Transistor Logic DGBC Digital Geoballistic Computer
DCU Digittl Control Unit DGU Directional Gyro Unit
DD Deep Drawn, Department of Defense. Double Drift DH Decision Height
DDA Digital Differential Analyzer; Differential Digital DHC Data Handing Center
Analysis DHDD Digital High Definition Display
DDAS Digital Data Acquisition System DHE Data Handling Equipment
DDCS Digital Data Calibration System DHP Developed Horsepower
DDD Digital Display Driver; Detail Data Display (F-14A) DHSS Data Handling Sub-System
DDM Difference in Depth of Modulation
DDRS Digital Data Recording System DI Discrete Input: bemand Indicator: De-Icing; Direction
DDS Data Display System: Deployable Defence System dia Diameter
DDT Digital Demodulation Techniques
DE Direct Encounter, Display Electronics, Descent
Engine. Deflection Error. Design Engineering DIAN Decca Integrated Airborne Navigation System
DEA Display Electronics Assemblies DIANE Digital Integrated Attack & Navigation Equipment
deact Deactivation DIC Data Insertion Converter
DICBM Defence Intercontinental Ballistic Missile DPF Differential Pressure Feedback
DICORAP Directional Controlled Rocket Assisted Projectile DP Hardness Depth of Penetration Hardness
DIDS Digital Information Display System dpl Dipole
DIFAR Directional Frequency Analysis and Recording DPLCS Digital Propellant Level Control System
DIGACC Digital Guidance and Control Computer dply Deploy
DPM Disintegration Per Minute; Dual Purpose Missile DIGCOM Digital Compunite DPR Depolymerized Rubber
DIGICOM Digital Communcations System DPS Data Processing System; Descent Power System;
DIGITAC Digital Tactical Automatic Control Data Processing Standards; Descent Propulsion
DIGS Delta Inertial Guidance System System
DILS Doppler-Inertial-Loran System DP&S Data Processing & Software
DIMAMS Digital Integrated Multiplexed Armament DPST Double Pole Single Throw
Management System DP SW Double Pole Switch
DIMUS Digital Multibeam Steering DPU Design Proof Unit
DIN Digital Input DRi Data Receiver; Data Reduction; Degrees Rankine;
Demolition Rocket; Discrepancy Report; Discrepancy
DIOI Digital Input/Output Interface Record
DIRCOL Direction Cosine Linkage D/R Dead reckoning; Down range: Data Receiver
DIU Digital Interface Unit DRA Dead Reckoning Analyzer
dkm Decametre DRADS Degradation of Radar Defense Systems
DXA DL Down Link; Data Link DRC Data Reduction Center
DLC Dynamic Load Characteristics; Direct Lift Control DRED Data Router and Error Detection
DL&E Design Limit and Endurance DREG Data Regulations
DLG Destroyer Leader Guided Missiles drg Drogue
DLK Data Link DRI Descent Rate Indicator; Dynamic Response Index
DLS DMF-Based Landing System DRID Direct Readout Image Dissector
dlvd Delivered DRIFT Dynamic Reliability Instantaneous Forecasting
DM Decimeter; Dummy Missile Technique
DMA Direct Memorl Access DRIR Direct Readout Infrared
DRM Data Recording Management; Design Reference
DME Distance Measuring Equipment Model
DMEC DME on C-Band Drone Drone Defined as a pilotless flight vehicle automatically
DMIRR Demard 'Aode Integral Rocket Ramjet controlled and recoverable
dml Demolition DROS Direct Readout Satellite
DMLS Doppler MLS DRS Data Reauirements Specification; Data Receiving
dmn Dimension; Dimensional Station; Data Reduction System
DMPI Desired Mean Point of Impact DRSS Data Relay Satellite System
DMR Defective Materiel Report DRUL Downrange Up Link
DmZ Demilitarized Zone DRW Defensive Radio Warfare
DMU Dual Purpose Maneuvering Unit DS Data Sheet; Direct Support; Descent Stage
dnr Downrange DSAP Data Systems Automation Program
DNS Doppler Navigation System DSAR Data Sampling Automatic Receiver
DO Draw Out; Discrete Output DSB Double Sideband
D/O Drop Out DSC Dynamic Standby Compu;ur
DOB Dispersion Operational Base, Depth of Burst DSCC Deep Space Communications Complex
DOC Direct Operating Cost dscrm Discrominatiun
DOD Department of Defense DSCS Defence Satellite Communications System
DOF Direction of Flight; Degree(s) of Freedom DSE Data Storage Equipment
DOI Descent Orbit Insertion DSEA Data Storage Eiectronics Assembly
DOM Data Output Multiplexer DSI Data Submitted Information
DDOOPULSOERC Doppler and Lock Doppler Unbed S h RDSIF Deep Space Instrumentation Facility DOUSER Doppler Unbeamed Search Radar
DOVAP Doppler Velocity & Position dsky Display Keyboard
UP Double Poln; Diametial Pitch; Dual Purpose DSM Digital Simulation Model. Digital Select Module
DPC Data Processing Control; Oata Processing Center DSN Deep Space Network
DPDM Double Pulse Duration Modulation dsnt Descent
DPDT Double-Pole Double-Throw DSS Deep Space Station; Digital Storage Subsystem
DPE Data Processing Equipment DSU Direct Support (Supply) Unit
D system The double-drift method of determining wind E/C Environmental Chamber
j, direction ECA Electronic Control Assembly
DT Delayed Time; Dispersion Time; Displacement ECAN Electronic Calibration and Normalizaton
Transducer; Drop Tank ECC Engineering Critical Component
DTA Differential Thermal Analysis ECCM Electronic Counter.Counter-Measures
DTAS Digital Transmission and Switching System ECD Entry Corridor Display; Estimated Completion Date
DTC Data Transmission Center ECE Electrical Checkout Equipment
DTE Data Transmission Equipment; Digital Television ECF Electrically Conductive Film
ECG Electrocardiograph; Effective Center of Gravity
DTF Data Transmission Feature ECI Electrical Circuit Interrupter
DTL Diode.Transistor Lotfic ECID Enroute Computer Identification
DTMS Digital Test Monitoring System ECL Equipment Component List
DTO Detailed Test Objective
ECLSS Environmental Control Lift Support Subsystem
DTP Detailed Test Plan
ECM Electronic Counter-Measures: Engine Condition
Digtale Tet Recrde
DTR Digital Tape Recorder ECO Engine Cutofl: Electron Coupled Oscillator
DTRM Double (or Dual) Thrust Rocket Motor ECOM E'ectronic Commaid
OTS Data Transmission System ECP Engineering Change Proposal
DT/TM Delayed Time/Telemetry
ECS Environmental Control System; Experimental
Communications Satellite (NASA); Engine Control
DTU Data Transmission Unit
DTV Dynamic Test Vehicle ECT Evans Clean Flow Tunnel. Engine Cutoff Timer
DU Display Unit; Distribution Unit ECU Environmental Control Unit
DUA Digital Uplink Assembly ED Explosive Devices
OV Direct Valve: Differential Velocity: Direct Vision; EDA Electronic Digital Analyzer
Digital Video; Delta Velocity EDS Emergency Dispersal Bases
DVD Delta Velocity Display
EDC Error Detection and Correction: Estimated Date o!
DVFR Defense Visual Flight Rules
OVeR Doppler VOR
EDD Estimate Delivery Date
DVM Digital Voltmeter
EDITAR Electronic Digital Tracking and Ranging
DVT Design Verification Testing EDM Electrical Discharge Machining; Electric Drive
dvtl Dovetail
dwg Drawing
EOP Emergency Defence Plan; Electronic Data Processing
dwn Down
EDPE Electronic Data Processing Equipment
dyn Dynamic
EDPM Electronic Data Processing Machine
dyno Dynamometer
EDPS Electronic Data Processing Systeon
DZ Drop Zone EDR Equivalent Direct Radiation
EDS Emergency Detection System; Explosive Device
E System; Error Detection System
E Modulus of Elasticity
EECOM Electrical, Environment.-l, and Communications
FA Experiment Assembly; Enemy Aircraft. Earphone EEG Electroencephalograph
EED Electro-Explosive Device
EADI Electronic Attitude Director Indicator EEl Electrical & Electromagnetic Interference: Essent:al
EAGLE Elevation Angle Guidance Landing Equipment Element of Information
EAL Estimated Average Life EEM Earth Entry Module; Effective Explosive Method.
EAR Electronically Agile Radar
Engin~ering Evaluation Model
EAS Equivalent Airspeed; Estimated Airspeed EEOED Emergency Earth Orbital Escape Device
EASE Electrical Automatic Support Equipment EER Explosive Echo Ranging
EAT Expected Approach Time EES Electronic Emission Securitq
EAX Electronic Automatic Exchange EET EqJivalent Exposure Time
EB Electron Beam: Equ,)ment Bay EF Elevation Finder; Emitter Follower
Es Control External Burning Control EFAS Electronic Flash Approach System
EBF Externally Blown Flaps EFH Earth Far Horizon
EBIV Electron Beam Mode Dischargo EFL Equivalent Focal Length
EBS Emergency Broadcasting System; Elecro, EFC Equipment Functional Check
Bombardment SF
Euimet untina Cec
ES (Welding) Electron Beam Welding)
EFPD Effective Full Power Days
EC Environmental Chamber. Environmental Control EFSSS Engine Failure Sensing and Shutdown System
EGADS Electronic Ground Automatic Destruct System EMU Extravehicular Maneuvering Unit
EGECON Electronic-Geographic Coordinate Navigation System EMV Electromagnetic Velocity
EGIL Environmental. General Instrumentation. Life Support ENCOMS Engine Control Monitoring System
EGMT Elapsed Greenwich Mean Time ENH Earth Near Horizon
EGRESS Emergency Global Rescue. Escape & Survival ENR Effective Noise Resistance
Systems ENT Exhaust Nozzle Temperature
EGSE Electrical Ground Support Equipment env Envelope
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature envr Environmental
EGV Exit Guide Vane EO Earth Orbit: Electro-Optica
E-H Electro-Hydreuic EOD Explosive Ordnance Disijsal
EHA Electrical Harness Assembly EOG Electro-Oculograph
EOI EHD Earth Orbit Insertion Elactrohydrodynamics: Electrohydrodynamic Power
Generation EOL Earth Orbt Launch
EHF Extremely High Frequency EOLM Electro-Optical Light Modulator
EHM Engine Heallh Montorng EOM Earth Orbital Mission: End of Mission EOMA Emergency Oxygen Mask Assembly
EHP Electric Horsepower EOP Emergency Oxygen Pack
EHT Extra High Tension EOPF End of Powered Flight
EHV Extra High Voltage EOR Earth Orbit Rendezvous: Electro-Optical Research;
El Emission Index; Electronic Interface Explosivo Ordnance Reconnaissance
EIRP Effective Isotopic Radiated Power; Effective EOS Earth Observation Satellite (NASA); Emergency
Instantaneous Radiated Power Oxygen System; Earth-to-Orbit Shuttle; Equation of
EKG Electrocardiograph State
elec Electric EOSS Earth Orbiting Space Stations
electr Electronics; Electrolyte EOT End of Tape
ELF Extremely Low Frequency EP PElxapnlnoisniogn: Proof: Electrical Power: Emergency Emergency Preparedness; Experiment
ELINT Electromagnetic Intelligence; Electronic Intelligence Package
ELME Emitter Location Method EPA Earth's Polar Axis
ELS Earth Landing System EPC External Pilot Check
ELSA Environmental Life Spport Assembly EPCO Emergency Power Cutoff
ELSE Electrical Launch Support Equipment EPD F:ectroric Proximity Detector
ELSIE Emergency Life Saving Instant Exit System EPD&C Electrical Power Distribution and Control
ELSS Environmental Life Support System: Extravehicular EPDCS Electrical Power Distribution and Control System
Life Support System EPDS Electrical Power Distribution System
ELSSE Electronic Sky Screen Equipment EPE Electronic Parts and Equipment
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitters EPIC Electronic Properties liformation Center
ELV Earth Launch Vehicle EPL Emergency Power Level
EM Erasable Memory. Electromagnetic EPNL Effective Perceived Noise Level
EMB Experimental Model Basin EPO Earth Ptking Orbit
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility EPR Engine Pressure Ratio: Essential Performance
EMD Entry Moinitor Display; Engine Management Display Requirements
EME Environmental Measurement Experiment EPS Electrical Power System
emer Emergency EPU Electrical Powe; Unit
EMF Electromotive Forco EPUT Events Per Unit Time
EMG Electromyograph E/Q Energy per unit charge
EMGE Electronic Maintenance Ground Equipment ER Emergency Rescue
EMI Electromagnetic Interference ERASER Elevated Radiation-Seeking Rocket
EMIRB Emergency Position Indicating Beacon ERBM Extended-Range Ballistic Missile
EML Equipment Modification List
EMM Electromechanical Mockup ERFDP Earth Resources Flight Data Processor
EMP Electromagnetic Pulse erg Electroretinograph; Unic of work or energy
EMPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon ERGS Earth Geodetic Satellite (USAF)
EMR Engine Mixture Ratio ERM Earth Return Module
Ef.ISS Emergency Mission Support; Experimental Man ERMA Expansion Rate Measuring Apparatus
Space Station EROS Earth Resources Observation Satellite. Earth
EMT Electrical Mate Test Resources Observation System
EMTIF Equivalent Mea, Time to Failure EROWS Expendable Remote Operating Weather Station
ERP Effective Radiated Power; Eye Reference Point F/A Field Activities; Fuel/Air; Forward/Aft
ERS Earth Recovery Subsystem; Earth Resources FAA Federal Aviation Agency
Satellite; Emergency Relocation Site: Equipment FAAR Forward Area Alerting Radar
Record System FAB Aeronautical Broadcast Station
ERT Extended Range Telescope FAC Forward Air Controller
FRTS Earth Resources Technology Satellite FACt First Article Configuration Inspection
ERU Earth Rate Unit (15 DegreesVHour) FACP Forward Air Control Post
cy; Explosive Safe Area FACT Flight Acceptance Compcsite Test: Flexible
ESA European Space Agenc Automatic Circuit Tester
esc Escape FAE Fuel Air Explosives; Final Approach Equipment
ESE Electrical Support Equipment; Electronic Support FAF Final Approach Fix
Equipment FAGC Fast Automatic Gain Control
ESG Electrically Suspended Gyro FAI F;rst Aricle Inspection; Flight Anomaly investigation
ESHP Equivalent Shaft HorsepowerFAFnihl
ESI Electronic System Integration
FAP Flight Acceptance proile
ESM Electronic Support Measures; Electronic Warfare FAQ Fair Average Quality
Support Measures
FAR Fuel-Air Ratio: Federal Aviatn Regulation
ESMR Electrically Scanning Microwave Radiometer FARC Fast Accurate RefraCtion Correction
ESMU Electronic Systems Mockup
FASTAR Frequency Angle Scanning Tracking & Ranging
ESP Engine Service Platform: Extravehicular Support FAT Factory Acceptance Test
Flight Advisory Weather Service
ESR Electron Spin Resonance FAX Facsimile Transmission; Fuel Air Explosives:
ESS Experiment Support System Aeronautical Fixed Station
ESSA Environmental Survey Satellite FB Fuse Block; Fighter Bomber
ESV Emergency Shutoff Valve: Earth Satellite Vehicle FBA Fighter Bomber Aircraft
ESWS Earth Satellite Weapon Systems F B/A Fighter Bomber Attack
E/T Escape Tower FBH Front Bearing Housing
ETA Estimated Time of Acquisition: Estimated Time of FBRL Final Bomo Release Line
Arrival FBV Fuel Bleed Valve
ETC Estimated Time of Completion; Earth Terrain Camera FBW Fly By Wire
ETD Electrical Terminal Distribution: Estimated Time of FC Fighter Controller: Firing Console. Fire Control: Fght
Control: Flight Controller: Fuel Cell
ETG Electrical Thermal Generators
FCA Frequency Control Analysis: Field Change Analysis
ETHO Ethylene Oxide
FCC Fght Control Computer
ETO Estimate Takeoff
FCE Fire Control Equipment:r tFlight Crew Equipme
ETV Engineering Test Vehicle
FCI Fuel Cell
EUV Extreme Ultraviolet
FCM Flght Combustion Monitor
eV Electron Volt
FCMD Fire Command
EV Extravehicular: Explosive Valve
FCMS Fight Crew Mission Simulator
EVA Extravehicular Activity
FCO Functional Checkout: Fire Control Operation
EVM Evacuation Mission: Earth Viewing Module FCOC Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler
EVS Extravehicular System
FCOS Flght Computer Operaung System: Flght ContrOl
EVSS Fxtravehicular Space Suit
Operatg System
EVT Extrave -ular Transfer: Effective Visual Trapsmission FCP Forward Command Post: Fuel Cell Power Plant
EW Electronic Warfare; Early Warning
FCPPS Fuel Cell Power Plant System
EWAD Early Warning Air Defence
FCR Fue Coerl ystr
EWASER Electromagnetic Wave Amplification by Simulated FCR Fire Control Radar
Emission of Radiation
FCS Fire Control System: Flight Control System
EWR Early Warning Radar FCT Flight Crew Trainer; Fraction Thereof
Pxt Extinguish. Extend; External FCU Fuel Consumption Unit
EZ Electrical Zero FCZ Forward Combat Zone
FD Frequency Distribution: Flight Director
F/D Full Duplex
F Fahrenheit F&D Fill and Drain
I Frequency FDA Fault Detection & Annunciation
FA Failure Analysis: Fighter Alert: Field Artillery; FDAI FIght Director Attitude Indicate,
Friendly Aircraft; Aeronautical
Station: Fully
FOB Fahrenheit Dry Bulb
FDC Fire Direction Centre FLEA Flux Logic Element Array
FD & E Fire Detection & Extinguishing System FLI Flight Leader Identification
FDI Flight Director Indicator FLIP Flight Launched Infrared Probe; Flight Information
Plans: Floating Instrument Platform
FDIIR Fault Detection. Isolation. Identification & FLIR Forward Looking Infrared
Recompensation FLM Flight Line Maintenance
FDM Frequency Division Multiplex FLOS Fixed Line of Sight
FDP Forward Defence Post: Flight Data Processing FLOX Fluorine-Liquid Oxygen
FDR Feeder: Flight Data Recorder FLR Forward Looking Radar
F DR Fire Door FM Field Maintenance; Frequency Modulation;
FDRI Flight Director Rate Indicator Flowmeter: Frequency-Modulated
FOS Fluid Distnbution System; Flare Detection System FMA Failure Mode Analysis; Forward Maintenance Area
FDSU Flight Data Storage Unit FMC Forward Motion Compensation
FMCW Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
FEA Failures Effects Analysis FME Field Maintenance Equipment
FEAT Final Engineering Acceptane TestFMFilManencEuimt
FMEA Failure Mode & Effects Analysis
FEB Flying Evaluation Board
FEBA Forward Edtof Barea FMFB Frequency Modulation with Feedback
FEBA Forward Edge of Settle Area FMICW Frequency-Modulated Interrupted Continuous Wave
FEBS Functional Electronic Blocks
FM Radar Frequency Modulated Radar
F/Eng Flght Engineer FMS Force Measuring System
FEP Front End Processor FMU Functional Mockup
FES Fine Error Sensor FMX FM Transmitter
FET Field Erect Transistors FNH Flashless. Non-Hygroscopic
FF Flip-Flop; Folding Fin
FFAR Forward Firing Aircraft Rocket Folding-Fin Aircraft FNP Fusion Point
Rocket FO Fuel Oil; Fail Operational
FFC Final Flight Certification F/O Fuel-to-Oxidizer
FFD Functional Flow Diagram FOBS F-actional Orbit Bombardment System
FFI Fuel Flow Indicator FOD Foreign Object Damage
FFR rree Flight Racket FO/FS Fail Operational/Fail Safe
FFT Fast Fourier Transform FOM Figure of Merit
FFTV Free Fl-ght Test Vehicle FOV Field of View
FGA Fighter Grnund Attack FPA Flight Path Angle
FH Flat Head CPB Fuel Preburner
FHF First Horizontal Flight FPI Fuel Pressure Indicator
FHP Friction Hcrsopower FPIS Forward Propagation Ionospheric Scatter
FI Fighter Interceptor FPM Feet Pir Minute
F/I Field Intensity fprf Fireproof
FIC Flight Information Centre: Frequency interference FPTS Forward Propagation Tropospheric Scatter
Control FR Flight Refuelling
FIDO Fog, Intensive. Disposal of; Fog Intensive Dispersal FRAP Fire Rescue Air Pack
Organization FRD Failure Rate Data; Flight Readiness Demonstration
FIFO First In First Out FREDI Flight Range and Endurance Data Indicator
FIMATE Factory-Installed Maintenance Automatic Test FRESCANNAR Frequency Scan Radar
FRM Freuenc S a tr
FIP Fuel Injection Pressure FRM Fibre Reinforced Materials
FIR Flight Information Region FRP Fibre Renforced Plastic; Fiberglass Reinforced
FIREX Fire Extinguishing System
FIS Flight Information Sen-ice
FIST Fault Isolation by Semiautomatic Technioues, Field FSC Forward Scatter
Intelligence Simulation Test FSD Fuel Supiply Depot
FK Faker Track FSK Frequency Shift Key: Frequency Shift Keying
FL Full Lift: Fluid: Fuel: Flashing Light. Flight Levels: P-SN Federal Stock Number
Focal Length: Flame
Focl Len; Fl ent FSR Field Service Report; Final System Run
F/L Full Load: Flight Lieutenant
FLAR Forward Looking Airborne Radar FSS Fine Sun Sensor: Forward Scatter System
FLARE Flight Anomalies Reporting FST Forged Steel
FLB Flight Line Bunker FSTV Full Sca'- Test Vehicle
FLC Flight Crew FSU Full Scale Unit
Fr boGC Gigacycls 1100 Mega Cycles: Great Circle: Gimbal
FT Firing T~ble; Flow Transformer Case; Guidance Computer
FTA Flight Test Article
G & C Guidance and Contfol
FTC Fast Time Constant
GCA Ground Control Approach; Ground Controlled
'. FT.C oo-ndeg-cal
FTE Factory Test Equipment
FTE Fligt Test Enqtpmenttn G & CC Guidance and Control Coupler
FTIFght Test Instrumentation GCD Greatest Common Divisor
FTIS Fogt Te rt GCI Ground Control Interceptor
Foot-Lambert GCL Ground Controlled Landing
FTM Flight Test Missilo GCO Guidance Cut-Off
FtMmn Feet Per Min1.te GCR Ground Controlled Radar
FTO Functional Test Objective
GCS Ground Communications System
FTP Fixed Throttle Point: Functional Test Procedure- Full GCSC Guidance Control and Sequencing Computer
Throttle Position
GCT Greenwich Civil Time
FTS Frequency & Timing Subsystem: Flight Telemetry GCTA Ground Controlled Televi- -emblv
Subsystem; Functional Test Specification GCTS Ground Communications Tr.– System
Ft/Sec Feet Per Second
GCU Generator Control Unit: Gyro Coupling Unit
FTU Flight Test Unit: Fuel Transfer Unit GDA Gun-Defended Area: Gimbal Drive Assembly
* FTV Flight Television
GDC Gyro Display Coupler
FU Firing Unit: Forecast Upper Air GDHS Ground Data Handling System
FUS Far Ultraviolet Spectrometer
Ge Germanium
FVF First Vertical Flight G & E Ground & Environmental
FW Aircraft Fixed Wing Aircraft GECO Guidance Engine Cut-Off
FWA Fahrenheit Wet Bulb Gee A medium-distance radio navigation system or aid
FWD Forward
GEJ Gaseous Ejection
FWHM Full Width at Half Maximum
GEM Ground Effect Machine
FWR Full Wave Rectifier
GEOREF tWortd) Geographic Reference System
FWS Filter Wedge Spectrometer
GEOS Geodetic Earth Orbiting Satellite (NASA);
FWT Fair Wear and Tear
Geostationry EarthOrbitiig Satellite (ESRO)
FWTT Fixed Wing Tactical Transport
GET Ground Elapsed Time
GETI Ground Elapsed Time of Ignition
fX GETOL Ground Effect Take-Off and Landing
GEV Ground Effect Vehicle
G GeV Gigaelectron Volts
G (metallurgy) A fracture toughness paramet - derived from tensile GFA Gun Fire Area
tests on pre-cracked specimeib. GFAE Government Furnished Aircraft Equipment
Acceleration due to gw1vity (often G in aerospace GFC Gas Filter Correlation
g ~ ~~meGdraimcGinoeene)t;F msdEupet
GA Gage: Gimbal Angle: Glide Angle; General Alert: GFE Government Furnished Equipment
Ground Attack GFM Government Furnished Material
g/e Glide Angle
GFP Government Furnished Property
G & G General & Administrative Overhead GFR Gap-Flled Radar Glass Fiber Reinforced
GAINS Gimballess Anilytic Inertial Navigation System GFST Ground FJel Start Tank
GAMMA 105 Gauss
GFY Glider Flying
gal Gallon(s); Galactic GGR Ground Gunnery Range
GAM Ground-to-Air Missile: Guided Aircraft Missile GGS Aircraft Gaseous System; Gyro Gunght
GAPA Ground to Air Pilotless Aircraft
GAR Gv d Aircraft Rocket
GGSE Gravity Gradient Stabilization Experiment
GASER Gan,37.a-Ray Laser
GHA Greenwich Hour Angle
GAS GEN Gas Generator
GHE Ground Handling Equipment
GASP Global Atmospherc Sampling Program GHO General Headquarters
GAT Ground/Air Transmitter: General Air Traffic: GHz Gigaherm
Greenwich Apparent Time GI Government Issue
GB Glide Bomb
GIDEP Government Industry Data Exchange Program
GBL Government B l of Lading GIMU Gimbelless Inertial Measuring Unit
GBR Gun Bomb Rocket
GNGimballed integral Nozzle
GBS Gas Bearing System. Gas Bio-Assay System GIN
GIRLS Generalized Information Retrieval & Listing System: GPIP Glide-Path Intercept Point
General Indexing in Reciprocal Lattice Space GPIR General Photographic Interpretation Report
GL Gimbal Limit: Gun Laying (Radar) GPL Geographic Position Locator
GLARE Ground-Level Attack. Reconnaissance and Electronic GPM Gallons Per Minute
Countermeasures GPR General Purpose Radar
GLO Ground Liaison Officer GPS Global Positioning System. the U S. NAVSTAR
GLOM Gross Lift-Off Mass satellite navigation system: Gallons Per Second
GLOPAC Gyroscopic Low-Power Attitude Control GPSS General Process Simulation System
GLOTRAC Global Tracking (Uprange Sybtems) GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
GLOW Gross Lift-Off Weight GQA Government Quality Assurance
GLT Guide Light GR Grade: Grain. General Reconnaissance: Gunnery
gly Glycol Range: Gamma Ray Spectrometer
GM Greenwich Meridian: Guided Missile: Geiger-Mueller GRASP Generalized Reentry Application Simulation Program
(Tube) GRM Global Range Missile
GMA Gas Metal Arc GRP Ground Relay Panel: Glass Reinforced Plastic
GMC Grund Movement Control GRT Gross Registered Tons
GMCM Guided Missile Countermeasure GRWT Gross Weight
GME~M~Wo uteiGEGemcrboali c
GME Gimbal Mounted Electronics GS Ground Station. Ground Speed
G-METRE Gram-Metre G/S Gravity Per Second
GMR Ground Mapping Radar Ground pr Con
GMS Ground Maintenance Support GSCU
GMT Greenwich Mean Time GSE Ground Support Equipment: Geocentric Solar Ecliptic
(Coordinate System)
G & N Guidance and Navigation
GNC Guidance and Navigation Computer gskt Gasket
GN&C Guidance. Navigation and Control GSM Ganeral Situation Map: Geocentric Solar
GNCS Guidance. Navigation and Control System GSP Gudance Signal Processor
gnd Grgonu nd rudGSP- Guidance Signal Processor-Rpae
GNE Guidance and Navigation Electronics GSP-R Guidance Signal Processor-Repeater
GNP Gross National Product GSR Galavanic Skin Response
G & NS Guidaince and Navigation System GSS Global Surveillance System, Grouno Support
GNT Ground Test
GOAL Ground Operations Aerospace Language GSSC Ground Support Simulation Computer
GST General Service Test: Graenwich Sidereal Time:
GOAS Guidance Optical Algnment Shelter Ground Sensor Terminal
GOCO Government Owned. Contractor Operated GSV Guided Space Vehicle
GOE Ground Operational Equipment
GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite GT Ground Transmit
GOGO Government Owned. Government Operated GTA Ground Test Article, Gas Tungsten Arc
GOR General Operational Requirements GTC Gain Time Control
GOS General Operating Specification GTD Gas Turbine Density
gov Governor GTE Ground Transport Equipment
govt Government GTG Gas Turoine Generator
GOX Gaseous Oxygen GTM Ground Test Missile
GP General Purpose: Geographic Position, Glide -ath: GTO Gate Turn-Off
Galactic Probe
G-P Gas Persistent GTOW Gross Take-Off Weight
GPAS General Purpose Airborne Simulator GTP General Test Plan
GPATS General Purpose Automatic Test System GTS Gimbal Trim System; Gas Turbine Starter
GP Bomb General Purpose Bomb GTV Ground Test Vehicle. (3uided Test Vehicle
GPC General Purpose Computer GTW Gross Take-Off Weight
GPD Gimbal Position Display; Ghllons Per Day gv Gigavolt
GPES Ground Proximity Extraction System GVHRR Geosynchronous ,/ry High Resolution Radiometer
gpf Gasproof GVST (Deceleration Units of) Gravity Versus Time
GPG Grains Per Gallon GVSV (Deceleration Units of) Gravity Versus Velocity
GPH Gallons Per Hour GVT Ground Vibration Test
GPI Gimbal Position Indicator: Glide Path Indicatr;G
Ground Point of Intercept, Ground Positi.', Ilidicator: GW Grid Wind: Ground Waves: Guded Weapon
General Purpose Inverter GZ Ground 7 ro
H HEAP High Explosive Armor Piercing
HEAR Human Error Action Report
H Horizontal; 'Heavy' in combinations only. 'Helicopter H
in airciaft designations HEAT High Explosive, Anti-Tank
HA Herbane: High Altitude; Hour Angle HED High Energy Detector
H/A Hazardous Area HEF High Energy Forming; High Energy Fuel
HEI High Energy Ignition: High Explosive Incendiary
HAA High Altitude Above; Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery.
Height Above Airport HEISD High Explosive. Incendiary Self-destructed
i MichaelBeijer (talk)HAAWHe avy Anti-Tank Assault WeaponHEa)eicpr HEIWT High Explosive Incendiary with Tracer
HAB Horizontal Assembly Building; High Altitude Bombing HEL(a) Helicopter
lit-LIOS Heteropowered Earth-Launched InterOrbital
HABS High Altitude Bomb Sight Spacecraft
HAD Heat Actuated Device HELIPATH Helicopter Position and Terrain Height
HADES Hypersonic Air Data Entry System; Hypersonic Air helo Helicopter
Density Entry System H engine An Internal-Combustion. Piston Engine
HALCON High Altitude Long-Focus Convergent Mapping HEOS Highly Eccentric Orbiting Satellite; Highly Elliptical
System Oibit Satellite
IH and V Heating and Ventilation HEP High Explosive Plastic
HAO High Altitude Observatory HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air
HAOSS High Altitude Orbital Space Station HERF High Energy Rate Forming
HAP Hyroxylamine Perchlorate: High'Altitude Platform HERO Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance
HARA High Altitude Radar Altimeter Antenna HESD High Explosive Self-Destroying
HARCO Hyperbolic Area Coverage HESH High Explosive, Squash Head (Ammunition)
HARP High Altitude Research Program HESSES High Energy Squib Simulators
HASP High Altitude Sampling Plane; High Altitude HETS High Energy Telescope System: High Environment
Sounding Projectile Test System; Hyper-Environmental Test System
HAST Hgh Altitude Supersonic Target hex Hexagon: Heat Exchanger
HAT Height Above Touchdown H/EX Heat Exchanger
HATS High Altitude Terrain Contour Data Sensor: HF Hold Fire; High Frequency; Height Finding; H/F
Helicopter Attack System (abbr.)
hav Haversine H/F Height Finder Radar; Human Factors
HAW Heavy Assault Weapon H.F High-Altitude Fighter
HB Heavy Bomber; Heavy Bombardment. High Band HFAS High Frequency Antenna System
HBGM Hypersonic Boost-Glide Missile HFDF High Frequency Direction-Finder
HBN Hazard Beacon HFRA High Frequency Recovery Antenna
HBR High Bit Rate HF/SSB High Frequency Single Side Band
HBW High Bridgewire;- High Speed Black and White Film HFT Horizontal Flight Testing
HC Hand Control: Hexachlorochrome. High Capacity HFX High Frequency Transceiver
Bomb: High Carbon
H/C© HelicopterHGanGerto
H/CFc) Haenpe CmaHGA High Gain Antenna: Heat Generator Assembly HCF Hardened Compacted Fiber h bH m goi
HCL Horizontal Centre Line hgb Hemoglobin
HCMR Heat Capacity Mapping Radiometer HGDS Hazardous Gas Detection Systems
HCRO High Cross Range Orbiter hgr Hangar
HCS Hydromechanical Control System I Carbon Steel HGRF Hot Gas Radiating Facility
HCU Hydraulic Cycling Unit hgt Height
HD Head(ing): Density Altitudo HH Handhole: Homing Head
H & D Hardened and Dispersed
HDA High Density Acid hi High
hdbk Handbook HIAD Handbook of Instructions for Aircraft Designers
HDD High Density Data; Head-Down Display HI ALT High Altitude
HDF High-Frequency Direction-Finding Station HIC Humidity Indicator Controller
HDI Horizon Flight-Direction Indicator HICAT High Altitude Clear Air Turbulence
HDRSS High Data Rate Storage System HIDE High-Absorption Integrated Defense Electromagnetic
hdw Hardware Warfare System
HE Heavy Equipment: Handling Equipment; Human HIG High Integrating Gyroscope: Hermetically Sealed
Engineering; High Explosive Integrating Gyro
H/E Heat Exchanger HIHAT High Resolution Hemispherical Reflector Antenna
HEAO High Energy Astronomy Observatory Technique
HIPAR High Power Acquisition Radar HPU Hydraulic Pumping Unit; Hydraulic Power Unit
HIPERNAG High Performance Navigation System HQ Headquarters
HIPERNAS High Performance Navigetion System HR Hot Photo-Intelligence Report: High Resolution: Hour
HIPERTHINO High Performance Throttleable Injector HRE Hypersonic Research Engine
HIPIR High Power Illumination Radar HRF High Rate of Fire
HIPR High Pressure HRI Height-Range Indicator
HRIR High Resolution Infrared Radiometer
HI PR High Pressure HRIRS High-Resolution Integrated Radiation Sounder
HIR Hydrostatic Impact Rocket HRP Human Reliability Program
HIRAN Hi-Precision Short Range Electronic Navigation HRS Hot Rolled Steel
System hrs
HIRD High Intensity Radiation Device HRT High Resolution Tracker
HIRES Hypersonic In-Flight Refueling System HRV Hypersonic Research Vehicle
HIRL High-Intensity Runway Ughts HS Heat Sink: Hat Shield: High Speed
HISAM Surface-to-Air Missile 'High' H/S Heat Shield
HISP High Integrity Signal Processor H-S Horizon Scanner
HIVAC High Value Assest Control System HSB Helmet Stowage Bag
HIVDC High Voltage Direct Current HSD High Speed Data: Horizontal Situation Display
HIVOS High-Vacuum Orbital Simulator HSDL High Speed Data Line
H/K Hunter Killer HSGT High Speed Ground Transportation
HL Horizontal Landing: High Low: High Level HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator; Heat Stress Index of
HLH Heavy Lift Helicopter Belding and Hatch: High Speed Interferometer
hm Hectometre HSM High Speed Memory
HMG Heavy Machine Gun HSP High Speed Printer
HMS Hazards Monitoring System; Helmet Mounted Sight HSR High Speed Reader
hngr Hangar HSS High Speed Steel
HNL Hourly Noise Level HT Height: Heat: High Tension: Homing Type
H/O Hard over H & T Handling and Transportation
HOB Height of Burst HTA Heavier than Air
HOBS High Orbital Bombardment System htg Heating
HOGE Hover Out-of-Ground Effect HTO Horizontal Take-Off
HOJ Home on Jamming HTOHL Horizontal Take-Off. Horizontal Landing
HOL Higher Order Language HTPB Hydroxy-Terminated Polybutadiene
HOR Heliocentric Orbit Rendezvous HTS High-Tensile Steel
HORSE Hydrofoil Operated Rocket Submarine HT TR Heat-Tret(ed)(ment)
HP High Power: Horsepower: High Pressure: Horizontal HTTS Hydromuench Thrust Termination System
Po;arization HTV Hypersonic Test Vehicle
HPA High Power Amplifier HTXGR Heat Exchanger
HPAG High Performance Air-to-Ground HUD Head-Up Display
HP High Pressure Compressor HUD/WAC Head-Up Display Weapon Aiming 'omputer
H.oPm-pDrHesAsoor HHHUDWAS
HP-DHA High Purity Dual Hardness Armor Head-Up Display and Weapon-Aiming System
HPEW High Powered Early Warning HUFF-DUFF High Freoiencv Direction Finder
HPF High Pass Filter: Highest Probable Frequency HV High Voltage
HPFP High Pressure Fuel Pump HVAC Heating, Ventilation. Air Conditioning
HPG High Pressure Gas HVAP Hypervelocity (or High Velocity) Armour-Piercing
HP-HR Horsepower-Hour HVAR High Velocity Aircraft Rocket
HPI High Performance Insulation, Homing Position HVAT High Velocity Anti-Tank
Indicator HVC Hardened Voice Channel
HPM Mine Counter-Measures Helicopter
HPN Heavy Primary Nuclei HVDF High and Very High Frequency Direction Finder
HPOX High Pressure Oxygon HVI High Value Item
HPR High Powered Radar HVPS High Voltage Power Supply
HPRV High Pressure Relief Valve HW Hot Wire; Headwind
HPS Hydraulic Power System HWT Hypersonic Wind Tunnel
HPT High-Pressure Test hwy Highway
HP Turbine High Pressure Turbine HX Heat Exchanger
H/X Heat Exchanger ICS Instrument & Communication Subsystem: Integrated
hyd Hydraulic Checkout System. Intercommunication System
ICTC Inertial Components Temperature Controller
HYDAC Hybrid Digitul-Anakig(ue) Computer ICTE Inertial Componont Test Equipment
hydromet Hydrometeorological ICW In Compliance With: Interrupted Continuous Wave
hygl Hypergolic ID Inside Diameter: Image Dissector: Identification
HYLA Hybrid Language. Assembler IDB Inertial Data Box
HYPERIGN Hypergolic Ignition IDBA Indirect Bomb Damage Assessment
Hz Hertz (Cycles Per Second) IDC Image Dissector Camera
IDCS Image Dissector Camera System
IDCSS Initial Defense Communications Satellite System
I Iodine: Incenoiary (Ammunitions); Interceptor idqnt Identification
IDES Integrated Defence System
IA Input Axis: Inverter Assembly IDF Intere DayeFighte
IAA International Academy of Astronautics: International loG Interatd Driveigener
Aerospace Abstracts IDG Integrated Drve Generator; IndividuDarlo p Glider
IAC Integration. Assembly and Checkout: Information IDIT Identification Light
Analysis Centre IDM Interdiction Mission
IACS Integrated Armament Control System IDP Integrated Data Processing
IAGC Instantaneous Automatic Gain Control IDR Inspection Discrepancy Report
I and M Installation. Inspection and Maintenance IDSCS Initial Defense Satellite Communication System
IAS Indicated Air Speed; Internal Alignment Sensor; IE Ionospheric Explorer
Information Acquisition System IEC Integrated Electronic Control; Integrated Equipment
IASOR Ice and Snow on Runway Component
IASOR IteaonSao ons A o IECO Inboard Engine Cut-Off
IATA International Air Transport Association IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IAVC Instantaneous Automatic Volume Control 1EEP Incapacitated Emergency Egress Practice
IAZ Inner Artillery Zone IEIS Integrated Engine Instrument System
11 Incendiary Bomb IEU Interface Electronics Unit
IBDA Indirect Bomb Damage Assessment IF Intermediate Frequency
IBECO Inboard Booster Engine Cutoff I/F Interface
IBIT ICBM Blast Interference Test IFA International Fighter Aircraft
IBN Identification Beacon IFS Invitation for Bids
IBRL Initial Bomb Release Line IFC Independent Fire Control (Area); Inflight Calibration
IC Intercommunications; Information Centre; Interim
Change: Instrumentation Controller; Inertial IFF IdentificatFiroienn d/Foe
Component: Internal Connection: International IFL International Frequency List
Candle: Integrated Cicuit; Incremental Cost;
Intercomputer Channel IF/MF Intermediate Frequency/Medium Frequency
I/C Intercom IFOV Instrument Field of View
ICA Investigative and Corrective Action IFR Instrument Flight Rules; Intermediate Frequency
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization Range
ICARUS Intercontinental Aerospacecraft-Range lnlimited IFRU Interference Frequency Rejection Unit
System IFS Integrated Flight System
ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile IFT In-Flight Test
ICBT Intercontinental Ballistic Transport IGFET Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor
ICC Intercomputer Communication Channel: Installation, IGOR Intercept Ground Optical Recorder
Checkout & Calibration: Instrument Control Center
IC & C Installation Calibration and Checkout IGV Inlet Guide Vane
ICDU Inertial Coupling Display Unit IGY International Geophysical Year
ICE Instrument Checkout Equipment: Internal Combustion IHAS Integrated Helicopter Avionic System
Engine: Integration with Controlled Error IHP Indicated Horsepower
ICG Inflight Coverall Garment II Item Identification
ICGM Intercontinental Glide Missile Iis Integrated Instruments System
1CM Instrumentation and Communication Monitor UJAJ Intentional Jittqr Antijam
ICMR Instrument Calibration & Maintenance Record
ICNI Integrated Communications Navigation and IJU Intentional Jitter Jamming Unit
Identification IL Inside Layer
ICOS Integrated Checkout System ILA Instrument Landtng Approach
ICR Ion Cyclotron Resonance ILAAS Integrated Light Attack Avionics System
ILAS Instrument Landing Approach System: Instrument lop In Orbit Plane
Low Approach System lOT Initial Orbit Time
ILCA Inverter Light Control Assembly IP Instrumentation Per identification Point:
ILCCS Integrated Launch Control and Checkout System ;dentification of Position; Instructor Pilot: Initial
ILCL Intemratg LAunCtond CPoint: Impact Predictor: Impact Point
ILL Illuminating (Ammuniton) P Impact Predictor
lIM Independent Landing Monitor IPAD Inccming Procurement Authorization Document
ILRV Integral Launch and Re-Entry Vehicle: Integral IPC Intermittent Positive Control; Information Processing
Launch and Recovery VehicLe Center
ILS Instrument Landing System IPD Impact Prediction Data
ILSO Incremental Life Support Operations IPECS Integrated Power & Environmental Control System
IM Impulse Modulation: Intermediate Moisture: 5'l Integrated Position Indicator
Intermodulation; Inspection Manual: Interceptor I1111 Immediate Photographic Interpretation Report
Missile; Instrumentman; Inner Marker: Inner Marker
Beacon IPL Illustrated Parts List: Information Processing
IMC Image Motion Compensation: Instrument Language
Meteorological Conditions IPM Interruptions Per Minute
IMCC Image Motion Compensation and Calibration IPS InnesttrruPmwerSntpaltion Power Supply, Inches Per Second; Inverter Power Supply
IMEO Inertial Mass in Earth Orbit IPW Interrogation Prisoner of Wao
IMG Inertial Measurement Group IR Illuminator Radar: Infrared: Instrument Reading:
IMH Inlet Manhole Interrogator-Responser
IMM Independent Manned Manipulator: Integrated I & R Interchangeability and Replaceability: Intellgence &
Material Management Reconnaisance
IMN Indicated Mach Number IRA Input Reference Axis
IMP Impulse, Impedance: Impact; Initial Military Program IRACQ Instrumented Range Acquisition
impg ImipmreggIpnragtea eIRAN IRAD IInnsdpeepcetniodne.n tR eRpeasire aarsc hN &ec eDsesvalreyopment
IMS Inertial Measurement Set; International Military Staff
MRASERS Infrared amplification by simulated emission of
IMSR Interplanetary Mission Support Requirements radamtion
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit IRBM Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
IN Inertial Navigation IRCM Infrared Countermeasures
inbd Inboard IR & D Independent Research and Development
INC Item Name Code IRFNA Inhibited Red Fuming Nitric Acid
incand Incandescent IRG Inertial Rate Gyro
INCOS Integraid Control System IRHD International Rubber Hardness Degree
INF Interface: Interference Interceptor Night Fighter: IRIG Inerital Reference Integrating Gyro
Internutional Nuclear Forces
lnM IRIS Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer
inoereio MiIRLS Infrared Landing System: Infrared Une Scan: INOP Inoperable Interrogation. Recording, and Location System INS Inertial Navigation System IRMLD Infrared Missile Launch Detection
INSATRAC Interception with Satellite Tracking IRP Inertial Reference Package
INSITE Integrated Sensor Interpretation Techniques IRR Intelligence and Radar Reporting Line; Infrared
inst Institute Radiometry
int Interior. Internal IRS Inertial Reference System
INTELSAT International Te;ecommunicaton Satellite Consortium I & RS Instrumentation and Range Safety
intercom Intercommunications IRSS Instrumentation Range Safety System
intfr Interference I.tSTS Infrared Search-Track System
intk Intertank IRT Intarrogator- Responser-Transponder
INTREP Intelligence Report IRTRN Infrared Transmisson
intrstg Interstage IRU Inertial Reference Unit
INTSUM Intelligence Summary IFV Inter Range Vector
10 Inspection Order; Intelligence Officer IRVU Infra-Red Vision Unit
I/O Input/Output IS Instrumentation System
IOA Input Output Address ISA International Standard Atmosphere
IOC Initial Operational Capability: Integrated Optical ISB Intermediate Side Band
IOCS Input Output Control System ISC Item Status Code
IOD Integrated Observation Device ISCO Initial Systems Checkout
IODC Input Output Data Channel ISO Initial Search Depth
ISDS Inadvertent Separation Destruct System JEEP Joint Emergency. Evacuation Plan
ISLS Interrogator Side Lobe Suppression JEFM Jet Engine Field Maintenance
ISMLS Interim Standard Microwave Landing System jett Jettison
ISO Isotropic; Information Services Officsr: International JGS Joint General Staff
Standardisation Organisation JI Control Jet Interaction Control
isol Isolation JIC Joint Intelligence Centre
sore Isometric JIG Joint Intelligence Group
itoth Isothermal jkt Jacket
ISP Impulse. Specific JLPG Joint Logistics Planning Group
ISR Infrared Scanning Radiometer JMTC Joint Military Transportation Committee
JOC Joint Operations Centre
ISS Inertial Subsystem: Inertial Sensor System JP Jet Propellant: Jet Petrol; Jet Pilot; Jet Propulsion
IST Integrated Systems Test; Inter-Station Transmission (Especially in the Designations of Fuels for Jet
ISV Inlet Swirl Vane Engines. as in JP-1. JP-3)
IT Insulating Transforme.r: Interrogator-Transponder JPG Joint P.?nning Group
iTA Integrated Thruster Assembly; International Telegraph JPL Jet Pronusion Laboratory
Alphabet JR Jam Resistant
ITACS Integrated Tactical Air Control System JTF Joint Task Force
ITCP Integrated Test and Checkout Procedures jw Jacket Water
ITCZ Intertropical Convergence Zone
ITDE Integrated Tactical Display; Interchannel Time K
Displacement Error
:TE Instrumentetioi Test Equipment kb Kilobit
ITF Intertropical Front kbps Thousand Bits Per Second; Kilobits Per Second
ITM Interceptor Tactical Missile kb/ Kilbits Per Second
ITNS Integrated Tactical Navigation System kc Kilocycle(s)
ITP Inspection Test Procedure: Integrated Test Program kcal Kilocalorie
ITPR Infrared Temperature Profile Radiometer kc/s Kilocycles Per Second
ITPS Integrated Teleprocessing System KEAS Knots Equivalent Air Speed
ITR Inverse Time Relay. Inspection Test Report: keV Kilo Electron Volt
Incremental Tape Recorder kg Kilogram(s)
ITS Information Transfer Satellite kg-cal Kilogram-Calorie
IU Instrument Unit; Interference Unit kq/cu m Kilograms Per Cubic Metre
IV Intravehicular; Initial Velocity kg-m Kilogram-Metre
IVA Intravehicular Activities kg/s Kilograms Per Second
IVALA Integrated Visual Approach and Landing Aids kHz Kilohertz
IVI Incremental Velocity Indicator KIAS Knots Indirated Airspeed
IVPr Inervehicle Power Transfer kilo (prefix) Thousand. as used in kiloamnere, kilovolt. etc
IVSI Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator kip (kilo A thousand pounds of weight as used in the U.S.
IVVS Instantaneous Vertical Velocity Sensor pound) and Bitimn
IXR Intersection of Runways kI Kilolitre
km Kilometre(s)
kMc Kilomegacycle
JACS Jet Attitude Control System km/s Kilometers Per Second
JAGIT Joint Air-Ground Instruction Team kn Knot
JAN Joint Army-Navy kp Magnetic Activity Index
JANAP Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication kp/s Kilopound Per Second
JANIS Joint Army-Navy Intelligence Study kpsi Kilopound Per Square Inch
JAPC Joint Air Photo Center ksi Kilopound Per Square Inch
JARC Joint Air Reconnaissance Centre
JATO Jet Assisted Take-Off kt Knots; Kiloton
JB Junction Box; Jet Bomb kV Kilovolt(s)
JCC Joint Communication Center kVa Kilovolt Ampere(s)
JCEC Joint-Communications-Electronics Committee kVah Kilovolt-Ampere Hour
J Code Justification Code kVdc Kilovolts, Direct Current
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff kW Kilowatt(s)
ict Junction kWhr Kilowatthour
LCA Lighting Control Assembly: Local Communication
LA Launch Abort; Low Altitude; Launch Area: Launch Lcc Logistics Coordination Centre: Life Cycle Cost:
Aziuth Launch Control Center
L&A Landing nd Ascent LCD Least Common Denominator
L&aAdL adisnc ei CELow Cost Expendable Launch Vehicle: LetCs
LAA Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery: Low Altitude Attack LCE
LAAPES Low Altitude parachute Extraction System LCF Launch Control Facility: Low Cycle Fatigue
LAAR Liquid Air Accumulator Rocket LCG Liquid Cooled Garment
LAAV Light Airborne Attack Vehicle LCI Launcher Control Indicator
LAAW Light Assault Anti-Tank Weapon LCL Lower Control Limit
LAB Low Altitude Bombing LCLV Low Cost Launch Vehicle
lab Laboratory
LCM Least Common Multiple
LABS Low Altitude Bombing System LCN Load Classification Number
LACE Liquid Air Cycle Engine LCNR Liquid Core Nuclear Rocket
LAET Limiting Actual Exposure Time LCP Left Circular Polarization
LAF Laminar Airt ow LCRO Low Cross-Range Orbiter
LAGS Laser Activated Geodetic Satellite LCS Launch Control System
LAHS Low Altitude. High Speed LCSS Land Combat Support System
LAINS Low Altitude Inertial Navigation System LCT Launch Control Trailer
LALO Low Altitude Observation LCU Launch Control Unit
lam Laminate
L/D Lift-Drag Ratio: Length/Diameter
LAMP Low Altitude Manned PenetratoT LD Load: Lethal Dose
LAMPS Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System LDA Landing Distance Available
LAMS Load Alleviation and Mode Stabilization LDV Low Density Data
LANABS Light Attack Tactical Navigation and Bombing Idg Landing
System ldg gr Landing Gear
LANNET Large Artificial Nerve Net LDR Low Date Rate: Leader
LAP Low Altitude Performance LOT Level Detector
LAPES Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System LDTR Long Dwell Time Radar
LARA Light Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft LE Launch Escape: Launching Equipment; Leading Edge:
LARS Light Artillery Rocket System: Low Altitude Radar Low Explosie Light Equipment; Limit of Error
System LEA Long Endurance Aircraft: Launch Escape Assembly
LASA Large Aperture Seismic Array LEC Launch Escape Control
LASDS Low Altitude Serial Delivery System LEO Light-Emitting Diode: Low Energy Detector
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of LEED Laser Energized Explosive Device: Lower Energy
Electron 0iffraction
LASH Laser Anti-Tank Semi-Active Homing LEJ Longitudinal Expansion Joint
LASRM Low Altitude Short Range Missile LEL Lower Explosive Limit
LASSV Land & Approach System for Space Vehicles LEM Lunar Excursion Module
LASV Low Altitudo Supersonic Vehicle (Formerly SLAMO) LEO Low Earth Orbit
LAT Lateral: Latitude; Local Apparent Time LEP Lowest Effective Power
LAW Light Anti-Tank Weton; Light Assault Weapon LEPS Launch Escape Propulsion System
LB Light Bomber; Light Bombardment: Local Battery LES Launch Escape System
(Telephone): Load Bank LESS Least Cost Estimating Scheduling
lb Pound LET Liear Energy Transfer
L band A designation formerly given to a band of radio
frequencies between 390 and 1,650 mega-cycleS LETS Linear Energy Transfer Spectrometer
lb-ft Pound-Foot LEV Launch Escape Vehicle
lb ft Pound-Feet LF Load Factor: Launch Facility; Live Flying: Low
lb It Pound-Fnch Frequency: Low-Altitude Fighter
tb-in Pound-inch
LBNP Lower Body Negative Pressure L/F Launch Facility
LBR Low Burning Rate; Low-Bit Rate: Line of Bomb LFC Laminar Flow Control
Release LFDF Low Frequency Direction Finder
LBS Light Bomber Strike LF Loran Low-Frequency Loran
IbT Pounds (Thrust) LF/MF Low Frequency, Medium Frequency
LBU Launch Booster Unit LFMS Laminated Ferrite Memory System
LC Launch Complex; Low Carbon; Light Case (AviationL
Bombs) LFO Low Frequency Oscllator
LFR Low Frequency Range LOLA Lunar Orbit & Landing Approach (Simulated)
LFSW Landing Force Support Weapon LOLEX Low Leve! Extraction-System
LG Long: Landing Gear LOM Lunar Orbital Mission
LGS Landing Guidance System Iongn Longeron
Hn iLOPAIR Long Path Infrared System
Ih Land LOPAR Low Power Acquisition Radar
LOR Lunar Orbit Rendezvous
LHA Local Hour Angle LORAC Long Range Accuracy (CW Navigation Systems)
LHR Lower Hybrid Resonance LORAD Long Range Active Detection
LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging LORAN Long Range Navigation
LIFO Last In First Out LORBI Locked-On Radar Bearing Indicator
LIMAC Large Integrated Monolithic Array Computer LOREC Long Range Earth Current Communications
in ft Linear Foot LORL Large Orbital Research Laboratory
LINS Lightweight Inertial Navigation System LORTAN Long Range & Technical Navigation System
LIRL Low Intensity Runway Lighting LORV Low Observability Re-entry Vehicle
LIT Light Interface Technology; Light Intratheatre LOTV Launch Operations and Test Vehicle
Transport LOV Limit of Visibility: Loss of Vision: Loss of Vehicle
LITVC Liquid Injection Thrust Vector Control LOX Liquid Oxygen
LIV Low Input Voltage LPA Log Periodic Antenna
LIVE Lunar Impact Vehicle Compressor Low Pressure Compressor
Ik Link: Leak
Ikd Locked LPD Labelled Plan Display: Landing Point Designator
LL Lower Umit; Low Level: Lightweight Load: Loudness LPF Low Pass Filter: Low Pressure Filter
Level LPFP Low Pressure Fuel Pump
LLBS Low Level Bombsight LPFR Liquid-Phase Flow Reactor
LLCF Launch & Landing Computational Facilities LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LLL Low Light Level LPH Litres Per Hour: Landing Personnel Helicopter:
LLR Load Limiting Resistor Landing Platform Helicopter
LLLTV Low Light Level Television LPLWS Launch Pad Lightning Warning System
LLS Low Level Sensor LPOX Low Pressure Oxygen
LM Local Manufacture: Lunar Module: Landmark LPS Litres Per Second
LME Launch Monitor Equipment LPTV Large Payload Test Vehicle
LMFBR Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor LPW Lumens Per Watt
LMG Light Machine Gun L&R Landing and Recovery
LMH Light Metal Hydrides LRHSC Large Radioisotope Heat Source Capsule
LMT Local Mean Time: Log Mean Temperature: Limit:
Limitation LRI Long Range Interceptor: Left-Right Indicator
LN Liquid Nitrogen LRM Liquid Rocket Motor
LNA Low Noise Amplifier LRO Large Radio Observatory
Inch Launch LRR Long Range Radar
Indg Landing LRRR Laser Range Retroreflector
LNG Liquid Natural Gas LRU Line Replaceable Unit
LNM Lithium Nuclear Microprobe LS Launch Site: Life System: Logistic Support: Low
LT3 Noise Pollution Level Speed: Limited Standard: List of Specifications:
LO Low; Liftoff: Local Oscillator: Liaison Officer: Lunar Landing Site: Lunar Surface
Orbiter: Launch Operations LSB Lower Sideband: Least Significant Bit
L/O Lift-Off LSC Linear Shaped Charge
LOA Length Overall: Light Observation Aircraft LSD Landing Site Determination: Low Speed Data
LOB Line of Balance
LSE Launch Sequencer Equipment: Launch Support
LOBO Lobe on Receive Only (a passive scan technique Equipment: Life Support Equipment
used as an ECCM)
LOC Line of Communication LSF Launch Support Facility
LOE Level of Effort LSI Large Scale Integration
LOFAR Low Frequency Acquicition and Ranging LSIC Large Scale Integrated Components
LOG M Logistics Module LSO Landing Signal Officer
LOH Light Observation Helicopter LSR Launch Site Recovery
LOI Lunar Orbit Insertion LSS Life Support System: Launch Support System
SLST LauunScMh ASNupIApCor t Team: Locl Stndard Time: Liquid cMmautheematical Analyzer Numerical Integrator and
Storage Tank: Large Stellar Telescope: Large Space Computer
Telescope: Local Sidereal Time MANTRAC Manual Angle Tracking Capability
LSU Life support Umbilical; Life Support Unit MARC Machine-Readable Cataloguing: Material
L/SW Limit Switch Accountability Recovery Code
LT Low-Torque: Light: Low Tension: Landing Team: MARS Magnetic Airborne Recording System
Long Toi MART Mobile Automatic Radiation Tester
L/T Lead Time MARV Maneuvering Anti-Radar Vehicle
LTA Lighter ThanAir MAST Magnetic Annular Shock Tube
LmMATrS Multiple Air borne Target Trajectory System
Ltd Limited MBC Maximum Breathing Capacity
LTE Local MBGE Missile Borne Guidance Equipment
LTG Local Tactical Grid MBRV Maneuverable Ballistic Re-Entry Vehicle
LTPD Low Tolerance Percent Defective MC Main Chute; Magnetic Course; Missile Control(ler):
LTS Lightning Test Set Mapping Camera
Mc Megacycle
LTV Launch Test Vehicle beMC&G Mc MMeagpapoinygc.l eCharting and eds
LUF Lowest Useful High Frequency: Lowest Useable
Frequency Mc/s Megacycles Per Second
LUG Light Utility Glider MC & W Master Caution and Warning
LUM Living Utility Module MCA Main Console Assembly
LV Launch Veicle: Low Voltage MCB Module Control Block
LV Launch Vehicle: Locl Vetal MCBF Mean Cycle Between Failures
L/VLanVch ile:LoalVetialMCDP M icro- Programmed Data Processor
LVD Low Velocity Drop: Low Velocity Detonation MMCCGDSP Mmiiccrroow-Pavreo gCraommmmadnd Gduai danccee sSeystem
LVDT Lii Par Variable Differential Transformer MCOV Main Chamber Oxidizer Valve
LVPS Low Voltage Power Supply MCP Master Computer Program; Mission Control
LVR Low Voltage Release Programmer
LVRJ Low Volume Ramjet MCSS Microscopic Camera Subsystem
LVT Linear Velocity Transducer md Microdot
LW Light Warning: Umited Warfare: Launch Window MDA Minimum Descent Altitude: Mechanically Despun
LWAR Light Weight Attack and/or ReconnaissanceAntenna
LWAW Light Weight Airac ar nne MDAP Mutual Defence Assistance Program
LWAW Light Weight Aircraft Warning MDAR Malfunction Detection Analysis and Recording
MDAS Meteorological Data Aquisition System
LWR Light Weight Radar MDC Main Display Console: Miniature Detonating Cord:
LWRecce Light Weight Reconnaissance Aircraft Mission Duty Cycle
LWRU Light Weight Radar Unit MDCS Maintenance Data Collection System: Master Digital
LWS Lightning Warning System: Light Warning Radar Set Command System
LWSR Light Weight Strike Reconnaissance MDE Meteoroid Detection Experiment
LZ Landing Zone MDF Manual Direction-Finder/Manual Direction Finding;
Medium-Frequency Direction-Finding Station; Mild
M Detonating Fuse
m Metre: Milli (Prefix)
MDFNA Maximum Density Fuming Nitric Acid
MA Mike Amplifier; Master; Marshalling Area: MOl Miss Distance Indicator
Milliamperes: Missed Approach MDM Multiplex/Demultiplex
M/A Maintenance Analysis MDP Master Display Panel
MAA Medium Anti-Aircraft Weapon MDR Mission Data Reduction; Long Range
M and A Maintenance and Assembly Reconnaissance Seaplane; Minor Discrepancy Repair
MAB Mechanical Automation Breadboard: Missile MDS Malfunction Detection System: Minimum Discernible
Assembly Building System
MAC Multi-Access Computer; Mean Aerodynamic Chord MDSPR Mode Suppression
MADGE Microwave Aircraft Digital Guidance Equipment MDT Mean Down Time
MADRE Magnetic Drum Radar Equipment MDXDCR Mode Transducer
MAG AMPL Magnetic Amplifier ME Miscellaneous Equipment: Main Engine: Multi-Erigine
MAI Machine-Aided Indexing Me Messerschmit
MAIDS Multipurpose Automatic Inspection &i Diagnostic Missergy
System: Management Automated Information Display m/e dss/Energy
System M&E Maintenance and Equipment Manoeuvres and
MAN Microwave Aerospace Navigation: Manual Exercises
MEA IMnastinru mEelenctt rAonltiictusd Aes sembly; Minimum En-Route MmGgdE Magnetogasdynamics Maintenance Ground Equipment
MEAL Master Equipment Allowance List MGSE Maintenance Ground Support Equipment
MEAT Multi-Edge Adaptive Tracker MH Magnetic Heading
MEC Marual'Emergency Controls. Maximum Endurable MHA Modified Handling Authorized
Concentration MHCP Mean Horizontal Candlepower
mech Mechanical mhd Magnetohydrodynamics
MECO Main Engine Cutoff MHE Materials Handling Equipment
MED Manual Entry Device; Medical; Medium MHF Mixed Hydrazine Fuel: Medium High Frequency
MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation MHW Mean High Water
MEE Minimum Essential Equipment MH/OH Man-Hours/Operating Hours
Meg Megohm MHz MegaHertz (Million Cycles Per Second)
mi Mile
meg: mega One Million (as in Megacycle)
M/I Mechanical Impulse: Minimum Impulse
MEGA Military Evaluation of Geographic Areas
Megw(a) Megawatt M & I Modification and Installation MIA Multiplex Interface Adapter
MEH Multi-Engined Helicopter MIB Minimum Impulse Bit
MEIG Main Engine Ignition mic Micrometer
MEL Minimum Equipment List MICPAC Microelectronic Integrated Circuit Package
MEOP Maximum Expected Operating Pressure micro One-Millionth. as in Microinch
MEP Mean Effective Pressure micromet Micrometeoroid
MER Manned Earth Reconnaissance: Multiple Ejector MICRS Main Instrument Console and Readout Stations
Rack: Meridian MID Minimum Infective Dose
MERU Milli-Earth Rate Unit (0.015 degrees/hour) MIDAS Measurement Information and Date Analysis System:
MES Main Engine Start Missile Defense Alarm System: Modified Integration
MET Modular Equipment Transporter: Mission Event Digital Analog Simulator: Meteorological & Lightning
Timer; Meteorological: Mission Elapsed Time Data Aquisition System
METS Modular Engine Test System MIDES Missile Detection System
MEW Manufacturer's Empty Weight; Microwave Early MIDOT Multiple Interferometer Determination of Trajectories
Warning MIG Multi-Level Interconnection Generator: Miniature
MESA Manned Environmental Systems Assessment: Integrating Gyroscope: Metal Inert Gas
Modularized Equipment Storage Assembly MIHPED Micro-Wave Induced Helium Plasma Emission
METOP Maximum Expected Take.Off Power Detection
MeV Million Electron Volts MIL Military Specification
MEWS Missile Early Warning Station MILS Missile Impact Locator System; Milliradians
MF Motor Field; Medium Frequency MILSPEC Military Specifications
M sub f The temperature at which martensite formation is mil std Military Standard
complete on cooling See 'transformation MIMS Multi-Item, Multi-Source
M&F Male & Female min Minmum: Minute
MFC Multiple Flight Computer MINCOMS Multiplexed Interior Communication System
MFCO Manual Fuel Cutoff mini Miniature
MFCV Modulating Flow Control Valve MINS Miniature Inertial Navigation System
mfd Manufactured MIP Missile Impact Prediction
MF/DF Medium Frequency/Direction Finder MIPE Magnetic Induction Plasma Engine
mfg Manufacturing MIPIR Missile Precision Instrumentation Radar (C-Band
MFP Moisture Fungus Proofing Radar)
Mfr Manufacture MIPS Million Instructions Per Second: Missile Impact
MFR Multifunctional Receiver Prediction Set
MFS Multifunction Sensor: Missile Firing Simulator MIRAGE Microelectronic Indicator for Radar Ground
MFSK Multiple Frequency Shift Keyed Equipment
MFT Mean Flight Time MIRL Medium IntensiW Runway Ughting
MFV Man Fuel Valve MIROS Modulation Inducing Retro-Directive Optical System
Mg Motor Generator: Middle Gimbal; S1/mbol for MIRV Multiple Independent Re-Entry Vehicle Magnesium MIRVS Multiple Independently Targetable Re-Entry Vehicles
mmglm is: Millhgram misc Miscellaneous
MGC Missile Guidance Computer: Manual Gain Control MISS Missile Intercept Simulation System: Multi-ltem.
MGCI Master Ground-Controller Interception Radar Single-Source
MISTRAM Missile Trajectory Measurement M-P Minus to Plus
MIT Master Instruction Tape MPA Mission Performance Assessment
MITAC Miniature Airborne TACAN Equipment MPB Material Performance Branch
ITEIntegration Termina Equipment MPC Manuel Pointing Controller: Meteorological Prediction
MITE Misil e r Center: Multi-Spectral Photographic Camera
MITO Minimum Interval Taka-Off MPD Magnet-Plasmadynamic: Multipurpose Display
MITTS Mobile Intermediate Tracking Telescope System MPE Missile Positioning Equipment: Maximum Permissible
MIU Mobile Inspection Unit Exposure
MIV Mobile Instrumentation Van MPF Manpower Flight
MJ Mechanical Joint MPg Multipoint Grounding: Miles Per Gallon
MPH Miles Per Hour
mk M r a MPHS Miles Per Hour Per Second
M-K Mae r m MPI Mean Point of Impact
mkr Marker MPL Minimum Power Level
ML Missile Launcher: Mold Line: Mobile Launcher: MPLE Multi-Purpose Long Endurance (Aircraft)
Statute Mile
MPM Monocycle Position Modulation: Miles Per Minute
MmLl EV MMaan neLd ifLiifntingg EEnMtryP PV ehicle Matrix Parallel Processor: Miles Per Pound
MPR Medium Power Rader
MLG Main Landing Gear MPS Main Propulsion Systems
MLI Multilayer Insulation MPSR Mission Profile Storage & Retrieval
MLS Microwave Landing SystemMPT Missile -Flight T er
MmMmF MMginiemtoemtoet ive FFoorMcePWP Maximum Permissible Working Pressure
MMH Monomethylhydrazine (fuel) mpx Multiplex
MR Mixture Ratio: Medium Range: Medium Resolution:
mmHg - Millimetrs of Mercury Magnetospherically Reflected
MMM Multi-Mission Module M/R Mixture Ratio
MMSS Multi-Module Space Station MRAD Milliradians
MMU Midcourse Measurement Unit: Modular Maneuvering MRBM Medium Range Ballistic Missile
mnfld Manifold MRCA Multirole Combat Aircraft
MNOS Metal Nitride Oxide Semiconductor MRCV Mixture Ratio Control Valve
M&O Maintenance and Operation MRFL Master Radio Frequency List
MOA Manual-Off-Automatic MRG Medium Range
MOB Main Operating Base: Mobile MRIR Medium Resolution Infrared
MOBIDIC Mobile Digital Computer MRL Material Requrements List: Medium Rocket
MOBS Multiple Orbital Bombardment Launcher: Medium Power Loop Range
MOCA Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude MRMR Material Requirement Mobilization Reserve
mod Model: Modification: Modulation: Module MRO Maintenance. Repair. and Operation
MODEM Modulator Demodulator MRP Miltary Rated Power
MODEST Missile Optical Destruction Technique MRU Microwave Relay Unit: Mobile Refrigeration Unit
MODICON Modular-Dispersed-Control
MomO n o netaMRV Manoeuverable Re-Entry Vehicle
MOI Moment of Inertia
MOL Manned Orbital Launch: Manned Orbital Laboratory MS Mass Spectrometry: Machine Screw: Machine Steel:
Milestone: Margin of Safety: Military Standard:
S MN Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen (Oxidizer) Meteoroid Shield; Motion Sensitivity
MOPA Master Oscillator Power Amplifier M sub s Marteansite start: the highest temperature at which
MOPTAR Multi-Object Phase Tracking and Ranging mrtensite forms on cooling. See 'transformation
MOS Metal-Oxide Silicon: Metal Oxide Semiconductor temperature.
MOSAIC Mobile System for Accurate ICBM Control ms Millisecond(s)
MOSAR Modulation Scan Array Receiver M/S Mainstage
MOSS Manned Orbital Space Station M&S Materials & Services
MOT Manned Orbital Telescope MSA Minimum Safe Altitude: Minimurm Surface Area
MOTS Module Test Set: Mobile Optical Tracking System: MSB Most Significant Bit: Missile Storage Building
Minitrack Optical Tracking System MSBLS Microwave
MOTU Mobile Optical Tracking 'Unit
MOV Main Oxidizer Valve: Manned Orbital Vehicle MSC Metric System Conversion
, MSL Mean So* Leve: Missile
MP Medium Pressure: Melting Point: Military Police:
Maintpnance Period MSCO Manual Sustainer Cutoff
mp Manifold Pressure: Most Prbable Position MSCP Mean Spherical Candlepower
'” MSE Maintenance SuppoSrtu pEpqouritp ment: MechEaqnuicimale e MUT Mean Up Time
tSupport Equipment MUX Multiplex(eir)
__ msc Millisecond(s) MV Muzzle Velocity: Millivolts: Multivibrator: Motorized
MSF Mobile Striking Force: Manned Spac Flight Valve: Medium Voltage
.mag ; MMe ssage MVC Manual Volume Control
SMSI Medium Scale Intgration MVD Map and Visual Display (Unit)
M MVDC Millivolts. Direct Current
I- MSIS Manned Satellite Inspection System MVF Manned Vertical Flight
MSK Manual Select Keyboard MW Microwave: Mega-Watt: Milliwatt
MSN Mission: Manned Space Network MWAR Major World Air Routes
MSO Mass Spectrometer Outgoing MWDP Mutual Weapons Development Programme
MSP Mutual Security Program MWG Music Wire Gage (Gauge)
MSR Main Supply Route: Missile Site Radar: Missile Site MWP Maximum Working Pressure; Maneuvering Work
Range Platform
MSRP Massive Selective Retaliatory Power MWR Mean Width Ratio
MSS Modular Space Station MWST Mean Weighted Skin Temperature
MST Missile System Test: Mountain Standard Time MWV Maximum Working Voltage
MSU Mass Storage Unit mx Multiplex
msw Microswitch MY Man-Yers
MT Magnetic Tape: Maximum Torque: Master Timer;
Mega-Ton: Mechanical Time (Fuse): Motor Transport N
(Fuel) NA Not Asigned
MTA Mass Thermal Analysis: Military Training Airspace NA Not Assicne
MTBF Mean ime Between Failures
MTBM Mean Time Between Malfunctions: Mean rime nac Nacelle
Between Maintenance NACA National Advisory Council for Aeronautics
MTBMA Mean Time Between Maintenance Action NACTU Night Attack Combat Training Unit
MTC Mission and Traffic Control: Master Thrust Control NAD Naval Air Department: Naval Ammunition Depot
MTCU Magnetic Tape ControJ Unit NADGE NATO Air Defense Ground Environment
mtd Mounted NAE National Aeronauticel Establishment
MTE Multi-System Test Equipment NAF Naval Air Facility
M & TE Measurement and Test Equipment NAFAG NATO Air Forces Armaments Group
MTEE Mission Time Extreme Environment NAPS Night Aerial Photographic System
MTF Mechanical Time Fuse NAPU Nuclear Auxiliary Power Unit
MTG Mounting: Meeting NARATE Navy Radar Automatic Test Equipment
MTI Main Tank Injection: Moving Target Indicator NAS National Airspace System: Naviption Avodance
mtt Material: Materiael: Metal System
MTOS Metal Thick Oxide Silicon NASA National Aeronautics an Spe Administration
MTR Mean Time to Repair: Missile Tracking Radar: S NASC Naval Air System Command
Main and Tail Rotor NATCS National Air Traffic Control System
mtrk Minitrack NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
MTS Mobile Tracking Stations: Missile Test Set: NATRAP Narrow-Band Transmission of Radar Pictures
Meteoroid Technology Satellite naut Nauical
MTSQ Mechanicl Time Super Ouick (Fuse) nay Naval or Navy: Navigation
MTSS Military Test Spame Station NAVAID Navigation Aid
MTrCO Mean Time to Check Out NAVDAC Navigation Data Assimilation Computer
MTTF Mean Time to Failure NAVS Navigation System
MTTFF Mean Time to First Failure NAWAS National Warning System
MTTR Mean Time to Report NB Narrow Band: Narrow Bem: Naval Bese: Navigation
MTU Mobile Training Unit Bass
MTVC Manual Thrust Vector Control NBC Nuclear. Biological snd Chemical
MU Mock-up: Mobile Uni Multiple Unit: Maneuvering NBCD NBC Defens
MUA Maximum Usi“ Altitude N9FM Narrow Band Frequency Modulation
MUBIS MOltiple Beom Interval SCe.ner NBI Nuclear Burst Indicator
MUF Maximum Usable Frequency NBL Night Bombardment Long Distance
mull Multiple NBMG Navigational Bombing and Misale Guidance
MUSE Monitor of Ultraviolet Solar Energy NBMR NATO Basic Military Requirments
I! 857
nbr Number NLG Nose Landing Gear
NBS National Bureau of Standards: Navigation and NLGC Noise Level Gain Control
Bombing System: Night Bombaidment Short NLT Not Later Than
Distance NLTE Non-Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium
NBW Narrow Bandwidth NM Nautical Miles: Non-Metallic
NC Network Controller: No Change: Nose Cone: NMOR NATO Military Basic Requirement
Normally Closed: Cetane Number NMO Normal Manual Operation
NCW Nose Cone Warhead NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
NCR Nonconformance and Corrective Action Reporting
System NMSS National Muipurpose Space Station
NCS Net Control Station NNI Noise and Number Index
NO Normally Open: Night Observation
NOS No reCt on rBol nt NOC Network Operation Control NOB Nondirectional Beacon
n n o i a
norit Nominal
NDE Non-destructive Evaluation NOMAD Navy Oceanographic Meteorological Automatic
NDI Non-destructive Inspection Device
NDRO Non-Uestructive Read Out NOMSS National Operational Meteorological Satellite System
NOS Nuclear Detection Satellite NOP Non-Operating
NOT Non-Destructive Testing NORAC No Radio Contacts
NEC National Electncal Code norm Normal
NECAP Navigation NOTAM National Orbiting Space Station Equipmnt Capability Analysis NOTAM Notice to Airmen
NECS National Electric Code Standards noz Nozzle
NEEP Nuclear Electronics Effects Program NP Napalm
NEF Noise Exposure Forecast NPDS Nuclear Particle Detection System
neg Negative NPL Noise Pollution Level: Normal Power Level
NEMP Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse NPN Negative-Positive-Negative
NEPA Nulcear Energy Powered Aircraft: Nuclear Energy for NPR Nose/Power Ratio
Propulsion of Aircraft
NEPN Near Earth Phase Network NPSH Net Positive Suction Head
NERVA Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application NPSP Net Positive Suction Pressure
NESC National Electrical Supply Code NPV Nitrogen Pressure Valve: Non-Propldsive Vent
NESS National Environmental Satellite Serie NQR Nuclear Guardruple Resonance
NESTS Non-Electric Stimulus Transfer System NR Not Required: Number: Expendable
Non-Recoverable: NATO Restricted: Noise Rating
net Network NRC Non-Recurring Costs: National Research Center
neut Neutral NRM Non-Recurring Maintenance
N.F. Night Fighter (British) NRP Norma! Rated Power
NFF No Fault Found NRS Nuclear Rocket Shuttle
NFPM Nuclear Flight Propulsion Module
n3 Narrow Gauge: No Good NRT Network Readiness Test: Near Real ime
N&GS Navigation and Guidance Subsystems NRZ Non Return to Zero
NGSP National Geodetic Satellite Program NRZ-L Non Return to Zero-Level
NGTE National GasTurbine Estoblishment NS NATO Surveillance: Not Specified: NATO Secret
NGV Nozzle Guide Vane nsec Nanosecond
NH Nonhygroscopic NSO Noise Suppression Oscillator
NHA Next Higher Asse ” . NSP Nuclear Strike Plan
NI Noisiness Index NSPF Not Specificaly Provided for
NIB Non-Interference Basis NSR Nominal Slow Rate: Northern Sea Route
NIC New Installation Concept: Not in Contract NSSS National Space Surveillance System
NICS NATO Integrated Communication System NT Non-Tight
NILS Nuclear Instrument Lending System NW Nitrogen Tetroxide (Oxidizer)
NIM Night Intruder Mission
NIMPHE Nuclear Isotope Monopropellant Hydrazine Engine NTOL Normal Take-Off and Landing
NIR Nose Impact Rocket NTP Normal Temperature & Pressure
NK Nikon Camera NTPD Normal Temperature Pressure. Dry
NL Neon Lama NTS Not to Scale: Negative Torque System
NLD Nominal Line Drawing NTSB National Transiortation Safety Board
NLF Nearest Landing Field NUDETS Nuclear Detection System
NULACE Nuclear Powered Active Detection System OCSTL On-Board Checkout System Test Language
NUPAD Nuclear Powered Active Detection System OCU Opera°:onal Conversion Unit
NVB Navigational Base ODG Orbit Data Generator
NVR Nonvolatile Residue: No Voltage Release 0DM One Day Mission
NW Nuclear Weapon: Nominal Width ODOP Offset Doppler
ODR Omnidirectional Range: Omnidirectional Radar
NWS Nose Wheel Steering ODTS Offset Doppler Tracking System
NWSS Naional Weather Satellte System ODVAR Orbital Determination & Vehicle Attitude Reference
NWT Non Watertight OECO Outboard Engine Cutoff
NX Non-Expendable OEL Organizational Equipment List
OERC Optimum Earth Re-Entry Corridor
0 OEW Operating Empty Weight
OA Output Axis. On or About. Omni-Antenna: Overall OF Outside Face
OA(Aircraft) Operationally Available (Aircraft) O/F Orbital Flight. Oxidizers to Fuel
OAME Orbital Attitude and Maneuvering Electronics OFC Operational Flight Control
OFR Ope. Failure Report
OAMP Optical Analog(ue) Matrix Processing OFO OverFilutf eor
OFSO Overfill Shutoff Sensor
CAMS Orbital Attitude and Maneuvering System OG Outer Gimbal
OAO Orbital Astronomical Observatoy OGA Outer Gimbal Axis: Outer Gimbal Assembly
OASPL Overall Sound Pressure Level OGE Operational Ground Equipment
OAT Outside Air Temperature: Operational Air Traffic. OGO Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
Overall Test
OATC Oceanic Air Traffic Control OGR Outgoing Repeater
O GRAPH Oscillograph
OATCR Operational Air Traffic - Radar Control and Reporting GT Outgogrunk
System OGT Outgoing Trunk
OATMS Operational Air Traffic - Military Air Traffic Services OGV Outlet Guide Vane
OATNA Operational Air Traffic - No Asb;stance OH Operatianal Hardware: On Hand: Overhead (Lines):
OATRD Operat ional Air Traffic - Radar Assistance Observd,ion Helicoptet
OB On-Board: Operational Base: Order of Battle OHC Optics Hand Controller
0/8 On-Board OHD Over the Horizon Detection
OBC On-Board Checkout ohm-metre SI unit of resistivity
OBCO On-Board Checkout ohm-centimetre CGS unit of resistivity
OHP Oxygen at High Pressure
OBECO Outboard Engine Cutoff 01 Operational Instrumentation: Oil Insulated: Orbit
OBGS Orbital Bombardment Guidance System Insertion
OBI Omnibearing Indicator OIFC Oil Insulated Fan-Cooled
OBIFCO On-Board In-Flight Checkout OISC Oil Insulated Self-Cooled
obj Objective OIWC Oil Immersed Water-Cooled
obl Oblique OJT On the Job Training
OBS Obstacle: Observation: Obsolete: Omnibearing
Selector: Observatory OL Overload: Operating Location. Open Loop
Obst Obstruction OLF Orbital Launch Facilities: Outlying Field
OBV Oxidizer Bleed Valve OLO Orbital Launch Operation
OC Overcurrent: Operating Characteristic: On Center: OLOS Out of Line of Sight
Open Circuit OLP Oxygen Low Pressure
O&C Operations Control Center OM Outer Marker: Outer Marker Beacon: Optical Master:
OCB Oil Circuit Breaker Operating Memory
OCC Operatio. Control Center O&M Operations and Maintenance
OCDMS On-Board Checkout and Data Management System OMA Optical Mechanical Assembly
OCDU Optical Coupling Display Unit OMB Outer Marker Beacon
OCL Obstacle Clearance Limit
OMBI Observation-Measurement- Balancing and
OCMS On-Board Checkout and Monitoring System Installation
OCP Obstacle Clearance Panel: Operating Control
Procedure: Operational Checkout Procedure: Orbital OME Orbital Maneuvering Engine
Correction Program omni Omnidirectional
OCPS Oxygen Cabin Pressurization Section OMPS Orbit Maneuvering Propulsion system
OCR Overhaul Component Requirement OMS Orbitdl Maneuvering System: Operational Monitoring
OCS Obstacle Clearing Surface: Operational Characteristics System
ocst Overcast OMU Optical Measuring Unit
ON(clear) Octane Number OTE Operational Test Equipment
ONERA Office National d'Etudes et do Recherches OTF Optimum Traffice Frequency
Airospatiales OTHR Over the Horizon Radar
ONR Operational Non-Radar Directed Flights OTIS Offset Target Indicator System
OOS Orbit-to-Orbit Shuttle OTL Operating Time Log
O/P Output OTP Operational Test Procedure
O&P Operations and Procedures otpt Output
OPADEC Optical Particle Decoy OTF Optical Tracking
OPS Oxidizer Preburner OTS Orbital Transport Systems; Optical Technology
Satellite: Operational Test Site; Oxygen Test Stand:
OPDAR Optical Detection and Ranging Over the Shoulder
OPH Operational Propellant Handling OTT One Time Tape
OPL Operations Plan OTU Operational Test Unit
opn Operation: Open OTV Operational Television
opp Opposite OUD Operational Use Date
OPP CE Opposite Commutator End outbd Outboard
OPPLAN Operation Plan outg Outage
OPR Operate: Overall Pressure Ratio OV Orbiting Vehicle
OPS Oxygen Purge System ovbd Overboard
OPSF Orbital Propellant Storage Facility ovhd Overhead
opt Optimal: Optical: Optimum ovid Overload
OPTEVFOR Operational Test and Evaluation Forces ovrd Override
OpW Operating Weight ovv Overvoltage
OQ Aerial Target - Non Man Carrying OW Open Wire (Line)
OQC Outside Ouality Control OWF Optimum Working Frequency
OR Operational Readiness: Operations Requirements. OWS Operational Weather Support
Overload Relay. Operations Research: Other Ranks. OXH Oxygen Heat Exchanger
Outside Radius
O/R Override oz Ounce
O&R Overhaul & Repair oz-ft Ounce-Foot
ORA Output Reference Axis: Operational Radar Directed oz-in Ounce-Inch
Flights p
ORAN Orbital Analysis
ORB Orbital: Omnidirectional Radio Beacon PA Power Amplifer: Pad Abort: Public Address System:
ORD Ordnance: Operational Readiness Date Patrol Aircraft: Probability of Acceptance
ORDIR Omnirange Digital Radar P/A Polar to Analog(ue)
ORDIV Omnirange Detection Radar PAC Primary Address Code; Package Attitude Control
ordn Ordnance PACE Prelaunch Automatic Checkout Equipment: Preflight
ORI Operational Readiness Inspection Acceptance Checkout Equipment
OR Oprtinal ReeadiLn es tion PACOR Passive Correlation and Ranging System
ORLA Optimum Repair Levelat PAD Propellant Actuated Device
ORLA Opeatium ReainLev TPAs DAR Passive Detection & Ranging
ORT Operations Reediness Test
ORV Orbital Rescue Vehicle PADLOC Passive Detection & Location of Countermearures
OS Oil Switch: Operational Sequence; Oversize PADRE Portable Automatic Data Recording Equipment
osc Oscillator: Oscilloscope PADS Passive-Active Data Simulation
OSE Operating Support Equipment PAE Port of Aerial Embarkation
OSL Outstanding Leg PAGEOS Passive Geodetic Earth Orbiting Satellite
OSO Orbital Solar Observatory PAL Parts Authorization List
OSP Off-Shore Procurement; Optimized Simplex Processor PAM Parametric Amplifier; Pulse Amplitude Modulation
OSR Optical Solar Reflector PAN Peroxy-Acyl Nitrate
OSS Oribital Space Station; Operational Storage Site; PAP Pierced Aluminium Plank
Optical Subsystem
OSTD Ordnance Standards PAR Precision Approach Radar: Pulse Acquisition Radar:
OSV Ocean Station Vessel; Orbital Support Vehicle Probabilistic Analysis of Risk
OT Oil Tight: Overall Test: Observertarget: Optical pare Parachute
Tracking: Organization Table. Operational Trajectory PARADE Passive-Active Ranging and Determination
0/“ Overtime: Overtemperature pardgl Paraglider
OTA Optical Telescope Assembly pare(s) Parameter(s)
PARC Progressive Aircraft Reconditioning Cycle PELLS Precision Emitter Location: Strike System
PARD Pilot Airborne Recovery Device PEM Photographic Equipment and Materi,
PARS(. Pararescue PEP Peek Envelope Power: Platform Elei~trrinic Packages
par-Partial PERT Programme Evaluation and Review )Itdinique
par' aavn PES Photoelectric Scanner; Pointing Error Slensor
PET Position- Event-Time. Polyethylene Tereghithalate:
PAS Primary Alert System; Pyrotechnics Arming Switch: Point of Equal Time
Pilt Asis SevoOF Power Factor: Preflight: Pneumatic Float: Proximity
PAT Production Acceptance Test fuse: Pulse Frequency
PATE Programimed Automatic Ttst Equipment pF Picofared
PALI Pilotless Aircmrft Unit PFI Power Failure Indicator
PAY Pressure Altitude Vwaition lirLY Pressure Fed Launch Vehicle
PS Playbank: Patrol Bomb~ing: Patol Bomlher il'M Power Factor Meter: Precision Frequency Multivider:
PBRu teioynndenRe ui~iP–cisin Bmbig RngePulse Frequency Modulation
Pas P yndain e B u in ulis r cisio Bo bi g Ra g S Position Fixing Navigation System
PBSPreabrciatutdin oic urf:4PFhR Parts Failure flate Preflight Review
PC Pilotage Chart PFRE #,#ii'-nniry Flight Readiness Test: Preliminary Flight
P/C Polar to Cartesian ~R.'ig Test
PCB Plenum Chamber Burning P. Piz~ .4;Lnt Feed System: Percent Full Scale
PCM Pulse Code Modulation Prki Pir,.lytic Graphite. Pressure Gauge: Propellent Grain
PCP Pressurization Conlrol Pane.' PGA Pressure Garment Assembly: Power Generating
PCR Pneumatic Cont-oi Regulator PGMA oLi5-1ysMea r
PCSC Power Cord-tioninij 4iwtcing a3 Ctntrol P(GNCS Puin –. GriJance & Navigation Control System
ptP-rcent PGNS r~.Qrji- \ividawIu ind Navigation System
PCIC I-yrco' chni-: Circtut 79st Coiia 2e PGS !- -war inarator Section; Power Generation System
PCU 'r.~.j:e C.intraI in PGSU Prooelli~ -_3as Supply Unit
PCV Pressure cor.1-rj.0 PGO Gas Umbilical
PO Pitch Diamc-tsr: P:ei~nii, Psugn: Propellant Protci~:an Guidance Re-Entry Vehicle
Dispers:on: P,;int D'ttons mngP: ;,~Dupot: Presrimw
Drop: Pulse Oi.)i.tior- ;… Alkaline-Acid Balance
PDA Precision Drive A.-: “te-Dtiliviry' Acceptaiice; Power Ph' Preflight Heat Exchanger: Aviation P01 Handli i.:
Distribution Assay: Piurn Dri-a i.aseriibly Equipment
PDC Power Distribution Ctairc.1 PHI Position-and- Homing Indicator
PDF Point Detonating Fuse PHIN Position-and- Homing Inertial Navigator
PDG Precision Drop Glider PI Photo Interpreter: Public Information: Point Initiating
PDI #'ictorial Dwiiation Indicator: Pilot's Direction (fuses); Principal Investigdtor
Iridicator: Powered Desceint Initiatinn P 1. Pre,*astallation Acceptance
PDM Pulse Duration Modulation PICRS Program Information Control and Retrieval System
PDMS Point Defence Missile System PIF Pilots' Information File
POP Program Definition Phase PIGA Pendulous Integrating Gyro Accelerometer
PDR Precision Depth Recorder: Preliminary Design PIM Position and Intended Movement
Rp-jipw; ?hose Data Recorder: Predetermined Iroute PlO Pilot Induced Oscillation
PD3 rowes Debtribution Systenm. Propelldnt Liiepersion PIP ?roduction Instrumentation Package
system P!;,). Pulsed Integrating Pendulous Accelerometer: Pulse
PDSD Point Detonating C elf-Destroying Integrating Pendulum Assembly
PO50 Point Detonating ' iper-Quick Fuse PIR Pressure Ignition Rocket
POT Pilot Distribution frailer: Power Distribution Trailer PIREP Pilot Report
P06 Precision Drop Glider PIT Pre- Installation Test
PDR Processed Data Recorder: Preliminary Design Review PlY Peak Inverse Voltage: Propellant Isolation Valve
PDRM Payloao Deployment and Retrieval Mechanism
PDU Pressure Distributio- Unit. Pilot's Display Unit. pix Pictures
Primer Deton*.v, Unit: Photomultiplier Detector Unit PIXEL Picture Element
n%.P.At Down Vent Line pkg Package: Parking
PE Permanent Ech-u. Probable Enri;r Fiastic Exptosive PL Perceived Level: Prelaunch: Pro-longitudinal;
P&E Pyrotechnical & Eyp Propellant Loading: Payload: Parts List; Plate; Port
F-EC Personal Equipmnent Connector: Personal Landing
Environmental Connectoi P/L Payload: Parts List
PECS r~ortable E~nvironmental Control System PLA Physiological Learning Aptitude
PEEK i'eriodi,-'lv Elevated Electronic Kibbitzer PLAADS Parachute Low Altitude Aerial Delivery System
PLAAR Packages Liqdid Air-Augmented Rocket PODS Post Operative. Destruct System
PLACE Programming Language for Automatic Checkcut POE Port of Embarkation
Equipment POI Parking Orbit Insertion
PLADS Parachute Low Altitude Delivery System POINTER Particle Orientation Interfercmeter
PLC Power-Line Carriei POL Petroleum Oil Lubricants: Polarity
PLCOP Pre-Launch Checkout Plan POM Printer Output Microfilm
PLCU Propellant Level Control Unit POMI Preliminary Operating & Maintenance Instruction
PLE Prudent Limit of Endjrance POP Payload Optimized Program; Perpendicular to Orbit
PLF Parachute Landing Fall porep Position Report
PLH Payload Handling POSS Passive Optical Satellite Surveillance System
PLL Phase-Locked Loop pot Potential. Potentiometer
PLM Pre-Launch Monitor: Preliminary: Production Maintenance: Line POTS Precision Optical Tracking System Monitoring Payload Menugement: Payload PP Project Proposal: Peak to Peak: Power Plant:
Pressure Proof; Propulsion Power: Principal Point:
PLN Flight Plan Push-Pull: Partial Pressure; Preproduction
PLOP Pressure Line of Position P/P Point to Point; Peak to Peak
PLPS Propellant Loading and Pressurization System p.p Push-Pul!
PLRACTA Position Location. Reporting, and Control of Tactical PPB Plaining Programming Budgeting
Aircraft PPBS Positive Pressure Breathing System
PLRS Position Location and Reporting System PPCE Portable Pneumatic Checkout Equipment
PS Propellant Loading System PPB Propulsion & Power Generation
PLSS Portable Life Suppc't System
PLV Post-Landing Ventilation PPH Pounds Per Hour
PLVC Post-Landing Vent Control PPI Plan Position Indicator
PM Pounds Per Minute: Propulsion Module: Permanent PPL Preferred Parts List; Predictive Period Laser
Magnet: Phase Modulation; Pulse Modulation: PPLS Propellant and Pressurant Loading System
Photomultiplier: Propellant Management PPM Pounds Per Minute: Parts Per Million: Phaso Pulse
PMEE Prime Mission Electronic Equipment Modulation: Pulse-Position Modulation
PMC Payload Monitoring & Control PPR Prior Permission Required
PMI Preventive Maintenance Inspection PPS Primary Propulsion System; Precision Positioning
PMM Pulse Mode Multiplex System: Pulses Per Second: Pneumatic Power
pmma Polymethylmethacrylate Subsystem
PMP Premodulation Processor; Preventive Maintenance PQL Production Quality Control
Plan: Program Management Plan; Pump: Protective PQGS Propellant Quantity Gauging System
Mob;hzatiun Plan
PMR Pressure Modulation Radiometer: Programmed POP Prequalification Prototype
Mixture Ratio PR Pulse Rate: Pressure Regulator: Pair: Photographic
PMRR Pre-Mate Readiness Review Reconnaissance
PMS Performance Monitoring System PRA Pendulous Refereiice Axis: Precision Axis
PMSS Precision Measuring Subsystem PRADS Parachute Retrorocket, Androp System
PMT Photomultiplier Tube P/RCS Propulsion :-nd Reaction Control Subsystem
PMU Pressure Measuring Unit preamp Preamplifier
PN Pulse Network; Part Number prefab Prefabricated
P/N Part Number prefit Preflight
p-n Positive-Negative PRF Proof: Pulse Repetition Frequency, Pulse Radar
PNC Preferred Noise Criteria Curves Frequency: Pulse Recurrence Frequency
PNdB Perceived Noise Decibels PRFL Pressure Fed Liquid
PNE Peaceful Nuclear Explosives PRI Pulse Recurrence Interval: Photographic
PNGCS Primary Navigation. Guidance and Control System Reconnaissance and Interpretation
PNL Perceived Noise Level PRM Pulse-Rate Modulation
PNLT Tone Corrected Perceived Noise Level PRN Pseudo-Random Noise: Pulse Ranging Network
PNM Pulse Number Modulation PROFAC Propulsive Fluid Accumulator
PNR Point of No Return PROVER Procurement, Value, Economy, Reliability
PO Polarity; Power Oscillator; Power Output PRR Pulse Repetition Rate
POBATO Propellant On-Board at Take-Off
ROD Pneumatically Operated Disconnect: Port of PRS Primary Recovery Site
Debarkation PRT Pulse Repetition Time; Pressure Ratio Transducer
PODM Preliminary Orbit Determination Methods PRV Pressure Reducing Valve
PS Pressure Sensor; Payload Support: Power Source: PVC Position and Velocity Computer; Polyvinyl Chloride:
Payload Shroud; Power Supply: Propellant Supply: Pressure Volume Compensator
Photometer System: Press to Shprt; Program Short; PVR Precision Voltage Reference
Pulse Sensor PV RAM Progressive Valve Rom
P/S Pulse Sensor PVS Performance “enfication System
PSA Power Servo Amplifier PTV Pressure Volume Temperature; Probe Velocity
PSAP Plane Stress Analysis and Plots Transducer
PSC Post Storage Checkout PW Pulse Width
PSD Phase Sensitive Demodulator; Power Spectra Density PWB Prined Winng Board
PSF Poundc Per Square Foot; Prime Subframe PWD Power Distribution: Powder
PSF ratio Payload-Structure-Fuel Ratio PWF Propellant Weight Fraction
PWI PSI Proximity Warning Indicator; Pilot's Warning Plan Speed Indicator; Pounds Per Square Inch Indicator
PSIA Pounds Per Square Inch Absolute PWM Pulse Width Modulation
PSID Pounds Per Square Inch (Differential) pwr Power
PSIG Pounds Per Square Inch Gauge PWR SERVO Power and Servo Assembly
PSK Phase Shift Keying PWS Portable Water System
I' SL Pipe Sleeve PWT Propulsion Wind runnel
PSM Propellant Storage Module PYPH Polyphase
PSP Pierced Steel Plank; Persornal Survival Pack P-Y-R Pitch-Yaw-Roll
PSPF Potential Single Point Failures pyre Pyrotechnic
PSS Propulsion Support System; Propellant Supply P4SR A heat stress index defined in the dictionary
PST Point of Spiral Tangent O
PSWR Power Standing Wave Ratio
PT Pressure Transducer; Pneumatic Tube. Power Q Aerodyanmic Pressure; Mean Annoyance Level
Transfer; Point of Tangent. Potential Transformer, QA Quality Assurance; Quick Acting
Propellant Transfer
PTA Pulse Torquing Assembly: Proposed Technical O/A Quality Assurance
Approach QC Quality Control
P/T Pressure Temperature QCE Quality Control Engineer
PTC Portable Temperature Control. Pressure & 0CM Qusrtz Crystal Micro Balance
Temperature Control. Propulsion Test Complex OD Quick Disconnect
PPTTrI'EE PPoolylyteetrrea ffllumoarertyheyIlnen e o DM Magnetic bearing of an aircraft from a ground PTI Preliminary Test Information station
PTIS Propulsion Test Instrumentation System QDR Reciprocal of 0DM
PTM Proof Test Model. Pulse Tusne Modulation. Pulse
Time Multiplex QEC Quick Engine Change
PTMD Propellant Toxicity Monitoring Devices OF Quality Factor; Quick Firing
PTMU Power & Temperature Monitor Unit Q factor In bombing, a factor representing the ratio ot the
PPTTOP PProewfeerrr eTda kTea-rOgfeft; Proof Test Orbiter velocity of the differential ballistic wind to the Point velocity of the wind at release altitude
PTPS Propellant Transfer Pressuriz3tion System (FE Aircraft altitude above intended landing place
PTR Preliminary Test Report QI Quantity Indicator
PTS Pneumatic Test Set. Propellant Transfer System; QIP Quality Inspection Point
Prep-to-Ship QLDS Quick Look Data Station
PTT Push-to-Talk QNH Aircraft altitude above sea level
PTTI Precise Time and Time Interval QPL Qualified Product List
PTV Parachute Test Vehicle. Pitch Thrust Vector ORC Quick Reaction Capability
PTVC Pitch Thrust Vector Control QRSV/TOL Quiet. Reduced. Short, Vertical Take-Off and Landing
PU Pick Up; Propellant Utilization; Propulsion Unit OSTOL Quiet Short Take-Off and Landing
P/U Pick Up
pub Publication qt Quadruple; Quart
PUCS Propellant Utilization Control System qty Quantity
PUFL Pump Fed Liquid qtz Quartz
PUGS Propellant Utilizat;on Gauging System QUAD -our engine cluster. Quadrant
PU System Propellant Utilization ystem QUEST Quality Electrical Systems Test
PV Present Value QUESTOL Quiet Experimental Short Take-Off and Landing
PVAC Peak Volts Alternating Current QVT Quality Verification Testing
– – — …
R RATF Radio Teletype: Radio Teletypewriter
RB Radar Beacon; Relative Bearing; Reconnaissance
R Range: Rollout; Routine; Rankine: Roentgens Bomber
RA Right Ascension: Reliability Assessment R/B Radar Beacon (RB is Preferred)
R/A Right Ascension: Radius of Action: Radioactive: RBA Recovery Beacon Antenna (VHF)
Radar Altimeter RBC Redundant Battery Charger
RAAWS Radar Altitude and Warning System RBDE Radar Bright Display Equipment
RAC Reliability Assessment of Components RBE Radiation Biological Effectiveness
RACC Radiation and Contamination Control RBN Radio Beacon Omnidirectional
RACE Rapid Automatic Checkout Equipment RBP Return Battery Pack
RACEP Random Access & Correlation for Extended ROR Radar Boresight Range
Performance RBS Random Barrage System: Recoverable Booster
RACON Radar Beacon System: Radar Bomb Scoring; Radar Bombardment
RACS Remote Automatic rontrol System RBV Return Beam Vidicon (Camera)
RAD Radiation. Requirements Action Directive: Radial. RC Resistance Capacitor: Remote Control: Reverse
Radiator; Radiation Absorbed Pose; Radian: Current
Research and Advanced Development R/C Radio Command; Rad:o Control: Rate of Climb:
RADA Random Access Discrete Address Range Clearance
RADAC Radar Analog Digital Data and Control RCAT Radio Controlled Airplane Target
RADAR Radio Detection & Ranging RCB Ready Crew Building
RADATA Radar Data Transmission & Assembly RCC Rescue Co-ordination Centre; Rescue Control Center
RADCM Radar Countermeasures and Deception RCCB Remote Control Circuit Breaker
RADEM Random Access Delta Modulation RCDR Recorder
RADFAC Radiating Facility RCI Radar Coverage Indicator
RADHAZ Radiation Hazards RCL Reliability Control Level
RADI Radiographic Inspection: Radiation Inspection RCM Radar Countermeasure(s); Radio-Controlled Mine
RADIAC Radioactivity Detection and Computation RC/OC Reverse Current/Overcurrent
RADOT Real Time Automatic Digital RCP Right Circular Polarization: Remote Control Panel
RadSo Radiological Survey Officer rcpt Receipt
RADVS Radar Altimeter and Doppler Velocity Sensor RCS Reaction Control System: Re-Entry Control System;
RAE Range Azimuth Elevation Remote Control Center
RAGF Remote Air/Ground Facility RCTSR Radio Code Test. Speed of Response
RAI Roll Attitude Indicator RCU Remote Control Unit
RAIDS Rapid Availability of Information and Data for Safety RCV Radar Control Van
RAILS Remote Area Instrument Landing Sensor RCZ Rear Combat Zone
RAIS Range Automated Information System R & D Research and Development
RAM Random Access Measurement: Random Access
Memory: Radar Absorbing Material; Radio RD Radiation Detection: Rupture Disk
Attenuation Measurements; Remote Area Monitoring RDB Research and Development Board: Radar Decoy
RAMIS Rapid Automatic Malfunction Isolation System Balloon
RaOb Radiosonde Observation RDD Required Delivery Date
RAP RRiable Acoustic Path: Rocket Assisted PRojectile RDF Early SecurityCode for Radar-, Radio Direction
RAPCON Radar Approach Control Center Finding
RAPEC Rocket Assisted Personnel Ejection Catapult RDMU Range-Drift Measuring Unit
RAR Reliability Action Report RD & P Research, Development and Production
RARE Ram Air Rocket Engine rdr Radar
RAS Rectified Airspeed RDR INT Radar Intermittent
RASERS Radio Amplification by Simulated Emission of RDRBCN Radar Beacon
RASM Remote Analog(ue) Submultiplexer 5g red~signate
RASSR Reliable Advanced Solid State Radar RDSM Remote Digital Submultiplexer
RAT Rocket Assisted Torpedo: Reliability Assurance Test RDTE Research. Development, Text & Evaluation
RATA Rankine Cycle Air Turboaccelerator rdvu Rendez-Vous
RATAC Radar Target Acquisition RDX Cyclonite
RATAN Radar and Television Aid to Navigation RDY Ready
RATCC Radar Air Traffic Control Center R/E Re-Entry
RATO Rocket-Assisted Take-Off READI Rocket Engine Analyzer & Decision Instrumentation
Rebecca A particular form of airborne interrogator and RHR Roughness Height Rating: Reheater
responsor R/HR Roentgen Per Hour
RECAT Reduced Energy Consumption for Commercial Air R & I Receiving and Inspection
Transport RIF Reduction In Force
RECCE or Reconnaissance RI.FI-Meter Radio Interference and Field Intensity Meter
RECON RIG Rate Integrating Gyro; Radio Inertial Guidance
reed Received RIGS Runway Idontifiers and Glide Slope
recm Recommend RIN Regular Inertial Navigator
RECON Remote Control: Reconnaissance RIPS Radio Isotope Power System
RECP Receptaclo RISE Research In Supersonic Environment
ref Reference RIST Radar Installed System Tester
regen Regenerate rm Ramjet
reht Reheat RJB Relay Junction Box
REe Radio Electrcian RJS Reaction Jet System
REM Roentgen Equivalent Man: Removable; Reliability R/L Redline
Engineering Model: Reaction Engine Module RLBM Rearward Launched Ballistic Missiles
REMCO Rear Echelon Maintenance Combined Operation RI.F Remote Lilt Fan
RL,! Radius of Landing Site
RENDZecoverale Launch Vehicle Structure
RENE Rocket Engine/Nozzle Ejector n Rel
rly Relay
REP Range Error Probability RMI Radio Magnetic Indicator
RepCAT Report Corrective Action Taken RML Radar Microwave Link
RESCU Rocket Ejector Seat. Catapult Upward: Radio
Emergency Search Communications Unit RMS Root Mean Square
rmt Remote
RESS Radar Echo Simulation Subsystem RMU Remote Mafneuvering Unit: Remote Multiplexer Unit
REST Re-Entry Environment & Systems Technology RNAV Area Navigation
REV Re-Entry Vehicle. Reverse: Revolution mg Range
RF Reconnaissance Fighter: Radio Frequency: RNS Reusable Nuclear Shuttle
Representative Fraction RNV Reusable Nuclear Vehicle
R/F Reserve Forces RO Range Operations; Reed-Out: Radar Operator
R/O Read-Out
RFB Request forBi d ROBIN Rocket Balloon Instrument
RFC Radio Facility Charts ROBO Rocket Bomber
RFI Radio Frequency Interference ROC Re-Usable Orbital Carrier
rfI Refuel ROD Rate Of Descent
rf Refuell ROLS Recoverable Orbital Launch System
RFM Refuelling Mision: Reactive Factor Meter ROMANS Remote Manipulation Systems
RF1A Red Fuming Nitr;c Acid RON Remain Overnight
RFP Request for Proposal ROT Re-Usable Orbital Transport: Rotation
RFQ Request for Quote ROTE Range Optical Tracking Equipment
RG Rate Gyroscope ROTI Recording Optical Tracking Instrument
RGA Rate Gyro Astoembly ROV Remote Operated Valve
AGE Relative Gas Expansion RPI Radar Precipitation Integrator; Roll Position Indicator
RGP Rate Gyro Package RPM Rate Per Minute: Revolutions Per Minute; Roll
RGS Rocket Guidance System; Radio Guidance System: Positioning Mechanism
Rate Gyro System RPRV Remotely Piloted Research Vehicle
RGU Rate Gyro Unit RPS Revolutions Per Second
RH Relative Humidity: Right Hand rpt Report: Repeat
RHAW Radar Homing And Warning RPU Radio Propagation Unit; Remote Processing Unit
RHC Rotation Hand Control: Right Hand Circular
RHCP Right Hand Circular Polarization RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle
rhd Railhead
R & QA Reliability & Quality Assurance
RHE RuJiation Hazard Effects rqts Requirements
rheo Rheostat RRI Range Rate Indicator
RHI Range Height Indicator RAS Retrograde Rocket System; Restraiut Release System
RRT Rendezvous Radar Transponder RV Rear View: Relief Valve; Re-Entry Vehicle:
Reconnaissance Vehicle: Rendez-Vous Vehicle
RS Range Safety RN Re-Entry Vehicle; Rendez-Vous
R/S Remote Site; Range Safety RVCF Remote Vehicle Checkout Facility
RSB Range Safety Beacon RVM Reactive Voltmeter: Re-Entry Vehicle Module
Range Safety Control' Range Safety Command RVP Reid Vapour Pressure
RSCS Rate Stabilization and ;ontrol System RVR Runway Visibility Range; Runway Visual Range
RSDP Remote Site Data Processing RVTO Roll Vertical Takeoff
RSDS Range Safety Destruct System RVTOL Rolling Vertical Take-Off and Landing
RSG Rate Signal Generator RW Radiological Warfare
RSI Re-Usable Surface Insulation: Roll Stability Indicator R/W Right of Way
RSLP Recommended Spare Parts List RWD Radar Warning Installation
ran Resonate rx Receiver
RSP Roll Stabilized Platform RZ Return to Zero
rsq Rescue R&Z Range and Zero
RSR Route Surveillance Radar
RSRA Rotor System Research Aircraft. S
RSS Root Sum Squar6: Relaxed Static Stability SA Shaft Angle: Speaker Amplifier; Solar Array.
RSSK Rigid Seat Survival Kit Surface/Air; Simple Alert: Semi-Automatic: Spin
RSSS Reusable Space Shuttle System Axis
RSTP Remote Site Telemetry Processor S/A Special Activities
RSV Remove Shutoff Valve S&A Safe-and-Arm
rsvr Reservoir
SA.A. Small-Arms Ammunition
RT Real Time: Radio Tracking: Reference Trajectory: SAB Same as Basic
Reduction Table: Receive-Transmit: Radiotelephone SABRE Secure Airborne Radar Bombing Equipment, Search
or Telephony: Run-Up and Taxi: Rocket Target and Rescue Beacon Equipment
R/T Radio Telephone; Real Time; Receiver/Transmitter: SAC Strategic Air Command IUS
Radio Telephony
S/AC Stabilization and Attitude Control
RTB Return to Base
SACMAP Selective Automatic Computational Matching &
RTC Radio Transmission Control; Real Time Command
Positioning System
RTCC Real Time Computation Center SADIE Semi-Automatic Decentralized Intercept Environment
RTCE Rotation/Translation Control Electronics S.A E. Society of Automotive Engineers
RTCP Real Time Communications Processors SAGE Semi-Autorn3tic Ground Environmert
RTD RealTime Display SAGW Surface-to-Air Guided Weapon
RTE Regenerative Turboprop Engines SAH Semi-Active Homing
rtf radiotelephone SAINT Satellite Interceptor
RTG Radiotelegraph: Radioisotopic Thermoelectric SAM Signal Aialyzing Monitor: Special Air Mission;
Generator: Radioisotopic Thermal Generator: Running
Surface toAnir Missile
Take-Off Autogyro
SAMOS Satellte & Misse Observation System: Satellite and
rtg Rating
Missile Observation Satelte
RTIP Radar Target Identification Point SAP Sintered Aluminum Powder: Seni-Armor Piercing
RTLS Return to Launch Site
SAPI Semi-Armour Piercing ncendiar
RTM Reconnaissance Tactical Missile Followed by
Designator No.); Running Time Meter SAR Search and Rescue: Synthetic Aperture Radar:
rtn Return: Retain
System Array Radar
RTO Rejected Take-Off
SARAH Search and Res-ue and Homing
RTS Radar Target Simulator: Radar Tracking Station: SARIE Selective Automatic Radar Identification Equipment
Remote Tracking Station SARPS Standards and Recommended Practices
rtt Radio Teletypewriter SARS Single-Axis Reference System
RTo Real Time Telemetry Data SAS Solar Array System; Space Activity Suit; Sample
RTTS Real Time Transmission System Array System: Stability Augmentation System
RTTV Real Time Television SAT Satisfactory: Saturate: Systems Acceptance Tests
RTTY Radio Teletype SATAN Sensor for Airborne Terrain Analysis
RN Re-Entry Test Vehicle: Research Test Vehicle: Room SATCO Senior Air Traffic Control Officer
RU Roughness Unit: Refrigeration Unit SATCOM Satellite Communications
R & U Repairs and Utilities SAT GCI Satellite Ground Controlled Interception
RUCS Rectangular Uniform Chromaticity Scale SATIN Sage Air Traffic Integration
SAtk Strike Attack SCR THD Screw Thread
SATS Short Airfield for Tactical Support SCS Signal Communications System: Stabilization and
SBBControl System; Spacecraft System; Standard
SB S-Band: Sleeve Bearing; Splash Block; Space Base Coordinate System; Simulation Control Sub-System:
SBA Standard Beam Approach; Standaid Blind Approach Signal Conditioning System; Sequence Control
SBHC Speed Brake Hand Control System
SCSCO Secure Submarine Communications
SBILS Scanning Beam Instrument Landing System SCSS Satellite Communications System Control
SBL Standard Beam Landing SCT Scanning Telescope
sbn Spaceborne SCU Static Checkout Unit; Sequence Control Unit;
SBR Standard Budy Rate (Air Traffic Control) Statistical Control Unit
sbtg Sabotage SCUBA Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SBX S-Band Transponder SD Self-Destroying (Ammunition); Standard Deviation:
Structural Dynamics
sby Standby SDA Shaft Drive Axis
SC Short Circuited: Statistical Control: Stratocumulus: SDC Signal Data Converter
Shaped Charge: Spacecraft: Strip Chart
S/CSDESG Strap-Down Electrically Suspended Gyro
SDF Simplified Direction Facility. Single Degree of
S&C Signal & Conditioning: Stabilization and Control Freedom
SCA Sequence Control Area: Signal Conditioning SDP Site Data Processor
Assembly. Spacecraft Adapter -dr Sender
SCALE Space Checkout & Launch Eq,)ipment SOS Safety Data Sheet: Simulation Data Subsystem.
SCAM Subsonic Cruise Attack Missile System Data Synthesizer
SCAMP Sperry Computer Aided Message Processor SDSS Self-Deploying Space Station
SCAN Self Correcting Automatic Navigation: Switched SDW Standing Detonation Wave
Circuit Automatic Network
SCAP Silent Compact Auxiliary Power SE Support Equipment: System Element: Single Engine
SEA Spherical Electrostatic Analyzer
SCAPE Self Contained Atmospheric Protective Ensemble
SEALS Severe Environmental Air Launch Stud,.
SCAR Sub-Caliber Aircraft Rocket: Satellite Capture and
Retrieval SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
SCAT Security Control of Air Traffic: Space Communication SEC Secondary Electron Conduction (Vidicon tube):
and Tracking: Speed Control Approach/Take-Off; Second
Supersonic Commercial Air Transport; Solid Catalysts SECANT Separation Control of Aircraft by Nonsynchronous
SCATER Security Control of Air Traffic and Electromagnetic Techniques
Radiations SECO Sequential Control
SCATS Simulation Checkout and Training System SECPS Secondary Propulsion System
SCC Stress Corrosion Cracking: Standard Cubic SEDS Sequential Dual-Scanning System: Space Electronics
Centimeter Detection System
SCE Sienal Condit;oning Equipment SEEL Special Weapons Equipment List
SCEA Signal Conditioning Electronics Assembly SE& Systems Engineering & Integration
SCFM Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute SEM Space Environment Monitor: Scanning Electron
SCG Sequential Control Guidance Microscope
SCGSS Supb:-Criti,:al Gas Storage Systen SEMLAM Snmi-Conductor Laser Amplifier
SCIM Standard Cubic Inch Per Minute SEMLAT Semi-Conductor Laser Array Techniques
SCIP Self-Contained Instrument Package SENEL Single Event Noise Exposure Level
SCM Signal Conditioning Module: Service Command SENL Standard Equipment Nomenclature List
Module SEP Solar Electric Propulsion: Surface Electrical
SCN Specification Change Notice Properties
SCNR Solid-Core Nuclear Rocket SERJ Space Electric Ramjet
SCO Subcarrier Oscillator: Spacecraft Operations SER NO Serial Number
SCOMO Satellite Collection of Meteorological Observations SERPS Service Propulsion System
SCOR Self-Calibrating Omnirange SERT Space Electric Rocket Test
SCORE Signal Communications by Orbiting Relay Equipment SERV Single-Stage Earth-Orbital Re-Usable Vehicle
SCOTS System Checkout Test Set SET Solar Energy Thermionic
SCP Spherical Candlepower: Survey Control Point
SCPt Security Control Point SETA Simplfed Electron Trackig Apparatus
SCR Silicone Controlled Rectifier; Selective Chopper SETS Solar Energy Thermionic Conversion System
Radiometer: Solar Cosmic Rays SEW Sonar Early Warning
SCRAMJET Supersonic Combustion Ramjet SF Secondary Failure; Scale Factor
,!..-~ -, ~ ~ ~ – —-..– - - - - - - - - -
S/F Safety Factor SLAM Space Launched Air Missile: Supersonic Low
SFB Structural Feed Back Altitude Missile
SFC SLANT Simulator Landing Attachment for Night Landing ~TSrpeaciifnic iFnuegl Consumption Tann
SFE Scale Factor Error SLAR Side Looking Airborne Radar
sfgd Safeguard SLBM Sub-Marine Launched, Ballistic Missile; Sea
SFNA Stabilized Fuming Nitric Acid Launched Ballistic Missile
SFO Service Fuel Oil SLEW Static Load Error Washout System
SSLI Sea Level Indicator
SFP Single Failure Point
SLOS Star Line-of-Sight; Scanning Line of Sight
SFPA Single Failure Point Analysis SLR Side-Looking Radar; Solar
” SFFTT SmltdFihTetSLSSi mulated Flight Test Sea Level Static: Sidelobe Suppression
SG Strain Gauge: Surgeon General; Sm'ke Generator SIT Sia ed auch Te S
SLT Simulated Launch Test
SGLS Space Ground Link System SLV Standard Launch Vehicle; Satellite Launching
SGT Satellite Ground Terminal Vehicle; Space Launch Vehicle
SHA Sidereal Hour Angle SM Service Module: Strategic Missile; Solar
SH ABS Shock Absorber S/M Service Module
SHe Supercritical Helium S & M Sequencer and Monitor
SHEP Solar High Energy Particles SMAF Special Mission Aircraft Flights
SHF Super-High Frequency SMART Satellite Maintenance & Repair Techniques
SHIELD Sylvania High Intelligence Electronic Defense SMCC Simulation Monitor and Control Console
SHIRAN S-Band of High Precision Short Range Electronic SMD Systems Measuring Device
Navigation SMM Spectral Matrix Method
SHORAD Short Range Air Defence SMMD Specimen Mass Measurement Device
SHORAN Short Range Aid to Navigation; Short Range SMMR Scanning Multispectral Microwave Radiometer
Navigation SMRD Spin Motor Rotation Detector
shp Shaft Horsepower
SHR Solar Heat Reflecting SMS Synchronous-Altitude Meteorological Satellite
SI Situation Index SMT Square Mesh Tracking
SIAM Signal Information and Monitoring S/N Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Serial Number
SIBS Stellar-Inertial Bombing System SNAP Systems For Nuclear Auxiliary Power
SICO Switched in Fo; Checkout SNL Standard Nomenclature List
SID Synchronous Identification Systcm; Standard SNOWCAT Support of Nuclear Operations with Conventional Air
Instrument Departure; Sudden Ionospheric Tactics
Disturbance SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio SIDS Stellar Inertial Doppler System S/ Switchover: Shutoff
SIF Selective Identification Feature: Special Identification
Feature: Switched In-Flight SOA State-of-the-Art: Speed of Advance
sig Signal SOAP Self-Optimizing Automatic Pilot
SIL Speech Interference Level SOAR Safe Operating Area
SIM Scientific Instrument Module; Simulated SOCO Switched Out For Checkout
SIMCHE Sire,,' ”-q and Checkout Equipment SOCOM Solar Optical Communications System
SIMICORE Simultaneous Multiple Image Correlation SOcs Spacecraft-Orientation-Control System
SIO Staged in Orbit SOEP Solar-Oriented Experiment Package
SIP Standard Inspection Procedure
SIR Simultaneous Impact Rate. Strip Inspection Report
SIRS Satellite Infrared Spectrometer 506 Speed Made Good Over Ground
SIS SSatteel lite Interceptor System: Speaker Intercom Sol Standard Operating Instruction: Space Object SysteIdentification: Specific Operating Instruction
SIT Software Integration Test Sol Solenoid: Solar
SITE Spacecraft Instrumentation Test Equipment SOLARIS S'ibmerged Object Locating &
SITS Sage Intercept Target Simulation Retrieving/Identification System
SITVC Secondary Injection Thrust Vector Control SOLO Selective Optical Lock On
. SJR Single Jet-Driven Rotor SOLRAD Solar Radiation
sked Schedule SONAR Sound Navigation & Ranging
SL Sea Level; Service Life SONCM Sonar Countermeasures and Deception
S/L Sound Locator sono Sonobuoy
SLAG Safe Launch Angle Gate SONOAN Sonic Noise Analyzer
SOP Strategic Orbit Point: Safety Operating Procedure: SRA Simultaneous. Range Adcock Antenna; Spin
Standard Operating Procedure: Secondary Oxygen Reference Axis: Surveillance Radar Approach
Pack SRAM Short Range Attack Missile
SOR Specific Operational Requirement: Stable Orbit SRB Solid Rocket Booster
Rendez-Vous SRBM Short Range Ballistic Missile
SORAD Sonic Ranging & Detection Sound Ranging Control
SORTI Satellite Orbital Track & Intercept SRE Surveillance Radar Equipment; Single Round
SOS Stabilized Optical Sight Effectiveness: Surveillance Radar Element
SOSTEL Solid-State Electronic Logic SRG Short Range
SOTIM Sonic Observation of the Trajectory & Impact of SRGM Short Range Guided Missile
Missiles SRM Solid Rocket Motor: Strategic Reconnaissance
SOV Shut-Off Valve Missile
SOW Statement of Work SRS Space Recovery Systems: Secure Range Safety:
Search and Rescue Ship: Small Research Satellite:
SP Single Pole: Solid Propellant: Short Period: System Satellite Radar Station
Parameter: Start Permission: Self-Propelled SRT Short Range Transpc.rt (Aircraft): Systems Readiness
SPA Servo-Power Assembly: Signal Processing Assembly Test: System Reaction Time: Supporting Research
SPAD Satellite Protection for Area Defense and Technology
SPADATS Space Detection & Tracking System SIW Sub-Replacea Unit: Shop Replaceble Unit
SPAN Solar Particle Alert Network: Spacecraft Analysis SRV Space Rescue Vehicle
SPPoARNSRuArDve illance Superposed Panoramic Radar Display SS Submarine: Surface-to-Surface: Special Strike: Station: Standard Frequency Station:
SPAR Seagoing Platform for Acoustic Research: Signal Strength: Single Sideband; Supersensitive:
Surveillance and Precision Approach Radar Switch Selector: Space Station: Steady State:
SPARES Space Radiation Evaluation System Subsolar: Space Shuttle
SPARS Space Precision Attitude Reference System S/S Second Stage: Single Sideband: Samples Per
SPASUR Space Surveillance System SSA SSepcaocned Suit Assembly
SPOT Single-Pole Doule-Throw
SPT inlePooeu leThowSSAR Spin Stabilized Aircraft Rocket
SPE Solid Polymer Electrolyte: Static Phase Error: Special
Purpose Equipment SSB Single Sideband: Bassile Missile Submarine (Diesel
SPEC Specification Powered)
SPEED Signal Processing in Evacuated Electronic Devices SSBAM Single Sideband Amplitude Modulation
SSBN Ballistic Missile Submarine Nuclear Powered SPFA Single Point Failure Analysis SSBR Solid Strand Burning Rate SPG Single Point Ground SSC Simulated Spacecraft
SPGG Sold Popnt Ga n e SSG Submarine. Guided Missile (Ciesel Powered)
SPI Special Position Identification SSGN Nuclear Powered. Cruise Missile Submarine
SPIRT Short Path Infrared Tester SSGW Surface-to-Surface Guided Weapon
spkr Speaker SSI Standing Signal Instructions
SPL Sound Pressure Level SSKD Single Shot Kill Probability
SPM Self-Propelled Mount: Solar Proton Monitor SSLV Standard Spac Launch Vehicle
SPMS Solar Particle Monitoring Systom SSM Surface-to-Surface Missile: Single Sideband
Modulation: Space Station Module: Spread Spectrum
SPR Solid Propellant Rucket Modulation
SPRA Space Probe Radar Altimeter SSME Space Shuttle Main Engine
SPRAM Solid Propellant Airaugmented Rocket Motcr SSPS Satellite Solar Power Station
SPREE Solid Propulsion Rocket Exhaust Effects SSR Secondary Survelance Radar: Submarine. Radar
SPRINT Solid Propellant Rocket Intercept Missile Picket
SPS Secondary (Services) Propulsion System: Service SSRS Start-Stop-Restart System
Propulsion System: Spacecraft Propulsion System: SSS Space Shuttle System; Small Scientific Satellitt:
Samples Per Second: Secondary Power System: S tructe SubSystem Segi Suppti Sadron
Signal Processing System Structures Subsystem; Strategic Suppor Squadron
SPST Single-Pole Single-Throw SSSL Superson;c Split Line
SPU Signal Processing Unit SST Supersonic Transport: Stainless Steel: Sea Surface
SPUR Space Power Unit Reactor Temperature: Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking
SPURT Spinning Unguided Rocket Trajectory SSV Spac Shuttle Vehicle
SO FT Square Foot ST Short Ton: Star Tracker; Static
SQ IN Square Inch S/T Start Tank
SOR Sequence Rely S&T Science and Technology
SR Short Range st Stratus
S/R Send and Receive stab Stability: Stabilize
STADAN Satellite Tracking and Data Acquisition Network SYCATE Sympton-Cause-Test
ST ANT Steerable Antenna syn Synthetic
STAPAC Stabilization Package sync Synchronous
STAR Stellar Attitude Reference: Standard Amval Route syncom Synchronous Communications Satellite
STARAN Stellar Attitude Reference & Navigation systran Systems Analysis Translator
STARS Satellite Telemety Automatic Reduction System T
ST/B Shot Blasting
stbd Starboard T Temperature
STON Space Tracking Data Network tTbAT blt Target Area: Training Air Cooled: Throttle Angle
tab Tabulate
STC Sensitivity Time Control; Systems Test Complex TAC Total Average Cost; Turboalternator-Compressor;
stcu Stratocumulus Tactical Air Coordinator
STD Standard TACAN Tactical Air Navigation
STD CFM Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute TACC Tactical Air Control Center
STE Special Test Equipment: Spacecraft Test Engine: TACCAR Time Averaged Clutter Coherent Airborne Radar
Support Test Equipment TACCO Tactical Coordinator
STEM Storable Tubular Extendible Member TACH Tachometer
star Steradian TACL Time and Cycle Log
STF Static Test Facility TACOS Tactical Air Combat Simulation
StgAr Staging Area TACP Tactical Air Control Party
STgt Secondary Target TACR Time and Cycle Record
STINGS Stellar Inertial Guidance System TACRON Tactical Air Control Squadron
STLOS Star Une-of-Sight TACS Thruster Attitude Control System: Tactical Air
Control System
STM Structural Test Model TACSATCOM Tactical Satellite Communication
STN Span TTAO Tactical Air Direction; Tactical Air Division: Training
Aids Division: Target Area Designator
STOGW Short Take-Off Gross Weight TAER Time. Azimuth. Elevation Range
STOL Short Take-Off and Landing 1AF Tactical Air Force
STP System Test Plan: Standard Tempearature and TAi Time tc-Auto-lCritici
Pressure TAME Tactical Mistile Encounter
STPIP Standard Taped Routiness for Image Processing TAO Tactical Ai Obe vacon
STS Satelkte Tracking Station: Space Transportation TAP Telemetr Ac t Patern
System TAP Telemetry Acceptance Pattern
STTE Special-to-Type Test Equipment TAPE Tape Automatic Preparation Equipment: Tactical Air
STU Systems Test Unit: Static Test Unit Power Evaluation
STV Surveillance Television: Structural Test Vehicle: TAPS Tactical Area Positioning System
Space Test Vehicle TAR TReadrraarin Avoidance Radar: Terminal-Area Surveifllance
STWY StSoTpYw ayt pwyTARAN TFeosat and Re place as Necessary
SUAS System for Upper Atmospheric Sounding TARE Teet a utac Recesa mn
su SrfcetoUdewaerMisieTARE Teiemetry Automatic Reduction Equipment
SUM Surfa ce to Underwater Missile
TARS Three Axis Reference System: Terrain and Radar
SUS Sound Under Water Signals Simulator
SV safety Valve: Solenoid Valve: Space Vehicle: State TAS True Airspeed
Vector SN Space Vehicle TASR Terminal Air Surveillance Radar
SVFR Special VFR Flight TATC Terminal Air Traffic Control
SVR Slant Visual Range TATI Total Air Teaerature Indicator
S/VTOL Short/Vertical Take-Off md Landing (aircraft) TAV Test and Vatidakon
SW Short Wave: Solar Wing: Switch TAZ Tactical Alen Zone
SWB Short Wheelbase TB Terminal Board: Technical Bulletin: Time Base:
swgr Swtchger TBTl Talkback: forpedo Bombing
SWOP Structural Wiht Optimization Program T/B Talk Back
SWP Safe Working Pressure TBA To Be Announced
SWR Standing Wave Rato: Short Wavelength Radiation TBD To Be Determined
SWS Solar Wind Spectrometer TBE Time Base Error
SWI Supersonic Wind Tunnel TBF Tail Bomb Fuse; Torpedo Bomber Fighter
SWW Severe Weather Warning TOM Tactical Ballistic Missile
SXT Space Sextant TBO Time Between Overhaul
TBS To Be Supplied: To Be Selected TOWT Transonic Dynamic Wind Tunnel
TC Thrust Chamber: Terinioolor: TeSt Controller: Test TDX Torque Differential Transmitter
Console: Tracking Camera: Thermal Control: Total TE Twin Engine: Task Element: Thermal Efficiency:
Cost: True Course: Troop Carrier: Transport Cargo: Table of Equipment: Trailing Edge: Thermal Element:
Tactical Command Timing Ele itronics
T/C Thermocouple T/E Transporter.Erector
TCA Thrust Chamber Assembly: Time oi Cosest TEC Tract Evaluation Computer: Ttal Electron Content:
Approach: Temperature Control Assembly: Terminal Telemetry and Command
Control Area TEl Tramearth Injection
TCAL Total Calorimeter TEIC Tissue-Equivalent Ionization Chamber
TCB Time Correlation Buffer TEJ Transverse Expansion Joint
TCBM Trancontinental Ballistic Missile TEL Transporter Erector Launcher
TCC Terminal Control Couiter: Transport Control Centre: tel Telemetry
Tactical Control Console TELECON Telephone Conversation
TCD Temetry Commard Data TELEDAC Telemetric Data Converter
TCE Telemetry Checkout Equipment TELOPS Telemetry On-Line Processing System
TCG Time Code Generator TELTA Tethered Lighter Than Air
TCH Thrust Chambe TEM Transverse Electromagnetic
TCI Terr a srance Indicator: Time Change Item temp Temporal: Temperature: Template
TCL Time and Cycle Log TEMPISTORS Temperature Compensating Resistors
TCM Theatre Combat Simulation TEMS Test Equipment Maintenance Set
TCO Tom Control Officer TEP Trace Element Pattern
T & C/O Test and Checkout 7ER Triple Ejection Rack: Tertiary
TCOP Test and Checkout Plan term Terminate
TCP Telemetry and Comms:d Processor: Thrust Chamber TERMTRAN Terminal Translator
Pressure: Traffic Control Post: Test and Checkout TET Turbine Entry Temperature: Telescope and Electron
Procedure Telescope: Total Elapsd Time
TCR Temperature Control Reference TETR Test and Training
TCS Technical Countdown Sequences: Terminal Count TEVROC Tailored Exhaust Velocity Rocket
Sequnce: Thenriua .uwlrol System TEW Tactical Electronic Warfare
TCSC Trainer Control and Simulation Computer TEWA Threat Evaluation and Weapons Assignment
TCTO Time Compliance Technical Order TF Terrain Following: Test Flipht: Trainer Fighter:
TCU Temperatuie Control Unit Tactical Fighter: Terminal Frame: Torpedo Fighter:
TCXO Temperature-Controlled Crystal Oscillator Task Force: Tank Farm: Test Fixture
TO Technical Directive: Touchdown: Time Delay: TFA Transfer Function Analyzer
Transmitter Distri..tor TFC Terminal Flight Control: Total Fuel Consumption
TDA Tracking & Data Acquisition: Tunnel Diode Amplifier dtc Traffic
TDC Top Dead Center: Time Delay Closing TFE Time From Event
TDD Target Detection Device TFF Time of Free Fall
TOOL Time Division Data Link TFM Turbine Flowmets
TDDO Time Delay Drop Out TFR Terrain-Following Radar
TODS Television Data Display System TFT Threshold Failure Temperatures
D & E Transposition. Docking and Ejection TFX Tactical Fighter - Experimental
TOF Two-Degree-of- Freedom TG Telegraph: Telegram: Task Group: Traffic Guidance:
TDH Tracking Data Handling Tuned Grid
TDI Target Data Inventory T&G Tongue & Groove
TOM Time Division Multiplex TGG Tempora-y Geographic Grid
TOMA Time Division Multiple Access
TOO Time Delay Opening TGL Touch-and-Go Landi
TOP Trackn Date Processor Temperature and Dewpoint tgl Toggle
TDR Time Domain Reflectometer: Time Delay Relay. TGMA Tone Generator and Master Alarm
Torque Differential Receiver: Torque Differential TGS Telemetry Ground Station
TGSE Telemetry Ground Support Equipmenit: Test Ground
T&DR Tracking and Data Relay Support Equipment
TORS Tracking Data Relay Satellite TGT Turbine Gas Temperature: Target
TDRSS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System TH True Heading
TDS Test Date Sheet: Technical Data System: Tracking THC Thrust Hand Controller: Translational Hand Controller
and Data System: Thermal Degradation Sample.
Tactical Data System: Test Data System therm themometer
THIR Tempersture-Humidity Infrared Radiometer TO Table of Organiastion: Technical Order; Theater of
THP Thrust Horsepower Operations (in combinations only): Take-Off
TIO Take-Off
the Thrust
TI Technical T-O Time of Launch Intelligence; Thermal Imaging T&O Test and Operation
TIARA Taget Illumination & Recovery A-d TOC Turn of Commend: Technical Order Change
TIC Temperature Indicator Controller TOO Time of Delivery
TICE Time Integral Cost Effectiveness TOF Time of Flight
TID Tactical Information Display (F-I4A) TOG Target Opportunity Generator
TIDAR Time Delay Array Radar TOGW Take-Off Gross Weight
TIDDAC Time in Dedband Digital Attitude Control TOJ Track on Jamming
TIDES Time Division Electronics Switching System TOK Thrust Okay
TIG Time of Ignition TO (Kit) Technical Order (Kit)
TIGT Turbine Inlet Gas Temperature tol Tolerance
TIG (Welding) Tungsten Inert Gas (Welding) TOLIP Trajectory Optimization and Linearized Pitch
TIIF Tactical Imagery Interpretation Facility TOMS Total Ozone Mapping System
TILS Tactical Instrument Lending System TOO Time of Origin
tim Timing TOOL Test Oriented On-Board Language: Test Operations
TIMM Thermionic Integrated Micro-Modules Oriented Language
tim Telemetry TOP Torque Oil Pressure
TIP Tracking Impact Prediction: Trget Identification TOPO Topographic
Point: Target IlNustration Print: Turbine Inlet Presaure TOR Terms of Reference: Time of R3ceipt
TIPP Time Phasing Program TOFF Time of Retrofire
TIR Total Indicator Reading torp Torpedo
TIROS Television & Infrared Obeervation Satellite TOS Tactical Operations System
TIRP Total Internal Reflection Prism TOT Time Over Target
TIS Target Information Sheet: Technical Interface TOW Table-Launched Optically-Trackea Wire-Guided
Specification Missile: Take-Off Weight
TISEO Target Identification System Electra-Optical TOWA Te-rain & Obsttcle Warning & Avoidance
TIT Turbine Inlet Temperature TP Test Point: Turbopump: Test Plan: Test Procedure;
TJ Turbo Jet: Thermal Junction: Temperature at Terminal Point: Target Practice
Junction TPC Total Program Costs
Tic Trajectory Chart TPI Teeth Per Inch; Target Position Indicator
TJD Trajectory Diagram TPM Terminal Phase Midcourse
tk Tank TPMA Thermodynamii. Properties of Metals and Alloys
TL Tracker Lock TPN TwO-Position Nozzle
T/L Transporter/Launcher: Talk/Listen TPO Tank Pressurizing Orifice
TLE Tracking Light Electronics TPP Test Point Pace: Total Package Procurement
TLI Trmsnr Injection TPS Thermal Protection System: Test Procedure
TLS Termina Landing System: Telescope: Throttle Lever spficatio
SeTting TPSI Torque Pressure in Pounds Per S'luare Inch STLV Threshold Limit Vai
TM Task Meory: Technical Manuel: Tactical Missile: tpx Transponder
Transverse Magnetc: Technical Manual: Telemetery TR Training: Torque Receiver: T'rque Repeater: Tactical
T/M Telemetry Reconnaissance: Transmitter/Receiver:
TMA Terminal Control Area Time-to-Rtrograde: Tape Recorder
TMC Thrust Magnitude Control T/R Transmit/Receive
T.M.G. or Track Made Good TRA Tape Reorder Amplifier
TMC- TRAC Transient Padiation Analysis by Computer
TMP Thermal Mass Penalty TRACE Tape-Controlled Recording Automatic Checkout
TMR Triple Modulator Redundant Equipment
TMROM Transportable Medium Range Ballistic Missile TRACON Terminal Radar Control
T/M/S or TMS Type. Model and Series TRADEX Target Resolution & Discrimination Experiment
TN Technical Note trai Traj*cxy
tng Training TRANET Doppie Tracking Network
TNI Traffic Noise Index trans Transportation; Transfer
tnk Tank TRAP Tracker Analysis Program: Terminal Radiation
TNT Tnnitrotoluene Airborne Program: Tape Recorder Actin Plan
TRAPS Tactical Rapid Access Processing System TVD Toxic Vapor Disposal
TRE Training Equipment TVOR Terminal VHF Omnirange
TREAT Transient Radiation Effects Automated Tabulation TVTO True Vertical TakeOff
TW Training.Water-Cooled: Trail Warning: Thermal Wire
TREE Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics
TR RTdnie Feqeny /W Thrust to Weight Ratio; Thrust Weight
STRF Tuned Radio Freqenc TWM Traveling Wave Maser
TRFCS Temperature Rate Flight Control System TWMR Tungsten Water Moderated Reactor
TRIA Telemetry Range Instrumentation Aircraft
TWr Tower
trk Tracking TWS Track While Scan
tmfr Transfer TWT Traveling Wave Tube
tmspn Transportation: Transporter TWTA Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier
TRR Target Ranging Radar TWX Telegram: Teletypewriter Exchange: Teletype Wire
TRS Time Reference System: Test Requirement
Specification TX Time.Expired: Torque Transmitter; Transmit
TRSR Taxi & Runway Surveillance Radar typ Typical
TRSSM Tactical Range Surface-to-Surface Missile U
TRU Transmitter/Receiver Unit
TRUMP Target Radiation Measurement Program UAM Underwater to Air Missile
TS Test Set: Time Sharing UAUM Underwater-to-Air-to-Underwater Missile
TSAM Training Missile UC Unit Cooler
TSB Twin Sidebend
UCA Upper Control Area
TSDAC Tri-Service Air Defence Ground Environment UCL Upper Control Limit
TSE Transportation and Support Equipment UCNI Unified Communication. Navigation. Identification
TSEG Time Sequenced UCO Universal Code
TSG Test & Switching Gear U/D Up/Down
TSH Tl-rmndynamic Suppression Head UDB Up-Data Buffer
TSP Tech.lical Support Package UDL Update Link
TSQ Time Soiper Quick (Fuses) UDMH Unsymmetrical Dimethyl Hydrazine
TSR Twin Side-by-Side Rotor UDOP Ultra-High Frequency Doppler
TSS Tactical Strike System: Time Sharing System UDT Underwater Demolition Team
tstm Thunderstorm
UEAC Unit Equiprment Aircraft
TT Target Tug (Aviation): Teletype: Tracking Telescope UFO Unidentified Flying Object
T/T Timing and Telemetry: Terminal Timing UH Unit Heater: Utility Htlicopter
T”&C Telemetry Tracking and Communications UHF Ultra-High Frequency
ITCV Tracking Telemetry. Command & Voice UI/l Microinches Per Inch
TTE Time to Event ukn Unknown
TTF Time to Failure: Test to Failure ul Upper Limit
TTL Total Time to Launch U/L Uplink
TTQ Temperature Traverse Quality ULF Ultra-Low Frequency
TTR Target Tracking Radar; Twin Tandem Rotors ull Ullage
TTS Test and Training Satellite ULMS Undersea Long-Range Missile System
TTr Time Tempersiture Transformation ULO Unmanned Launch Operations
TfU Terminal Timing Unit ULPR Ultra-Low Pressure Rocket
TTY Teletype ULSV Unmanned Launch Space Vehicles
TU Task Unit: Training Unit ult Ultimate
tub Tubing UM Umbilical Mast
TUG Towed Universal Glider UMA Universal Measuring Amplifier: Unmanned Aircraft
tur Turret umb Umbilical
ttuurrbb TTuurrbbiinnee UMI Unmanned Interceptor
turbo gen Turbine Generator UNCOL Universal Computer Oriented Language
turbopump Turbine Pump UDUe edDt
TV Television: Test Vehicle: Terminal Velocity UND User Need Date
T/V Thermal/Vacuum
undk Undock
TVA Thrust Vector Alignment undw Underwater
TVC Thrust Vector Control unf Unfused
TVCS Thrust Vector Control System UNPS Universal Power Supply
unsat Unsatisfactory VAST Versatile Automatic Specification Tester: Versatile
UOC Ultimate Operating Capability Avionics System Tester
UPLF Universal Payload FairingVBVleBo:VriaBm- VATLS Visual Airborne Target Location System
Va Valve, Box: Vertical-Bomb.
UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply V/B Vapour Blasting
UPT Undergraduate Pilot Tiaining VBD Voice Band Data
UPWT Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel VC Voice Coil: Velocity Counter
UR Ullage Rocket V/C Vector Control
U/R Upset Ratio; Unsatisfactory Report; Up Range VCD Vertical Climb and Descent
URBM Ultimate Range Ballistic Missile VCI Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor
URN Ultra-High Radio Navigation VCL Vertical Center. Line
USB Upper Surface Blown; Upper Sideband: Unified S VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Band VCS Ventilation Control System; Velocity Cutoff System
USBE Unified S-Band Equipment VDA Variable Depth.ASDIC
USE Unit Support Equipment VDC Volts. Direct Current
USM Underwater to Surface Missile VDF Video Frequency
USS United States Standard VDI Vertical Display Indicator
USSA United States Standard Atmosphere VDP Vehicle Deadlined for Parts
USSG United States Standard Gauge VVDSRVAra l Voice b.i' eDta ta Roaecording Auxiliary
VDS Variable Depth Sonar
ut Universal Time VDT Vanable Density Tunnel
U/T Umbilical Tower VDU Visual Display Unit
UTC Universal Test Console VE Value Engineering: Vernier Engine
UTE Universal Test Equipment VEB Variable Elevation Beam
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator vec Vector
UTrAS Utility Tactical Transport: Aircraft System veh Vehicle
UUM Underwater to Underwater Missile vel Velocity
UUT Unit Under Test Vend Vendor
UV Under Voltage: Ultraviolet verif Verification
UVF Unmanned Vertical Flight VENITRAC Vernier Tracking by Automatic Correlation
UV/OV Under Voltage/Over Voltage vert Vertical
UVS Ultraviolet Spectrometer VEWS Very Early Warning Systeri
UVASERS Ultraviolet Amplification by Simulated Emission of VF Interceptor D.y Firhter; Voice Frequency
Radiation VF(AW) All Weather Fighter
UVD Under Voltage Device VFO Vanable Frequency Oscillator
UVS Ultraviolet Spectrcmetr VFR Vehicle Flight Readings, Visual Flight Rules
UW Unconventional Warfare
uwtr Underwater VFT Vertical Flight Test
UXB Unexploded Bomb VG Velocity Gravity; Variable Geometry: Vertical Gyro
VGA Very General Algorithm
V VGP Vehicle Ground, Poirt
V Velocity; Volt VGPI Visual Glide Path Indicator; Visual Ground Position
VA Visual Aid: Vulnerable Area: Volt Ampere VH Very High
VABD Van Allen Belt Dosimeter
VAC Vacuum; Volts. Alternating Current VH Velocity-to-Height
VAH Heavy Attack Aircraft VHAA Very High Altitude Abort
VAL Validation VHB Very Heavy Bombardment
VAP Reconnaissance/Attack Aircraft VHF Very High Frequency
vap Vaporizer VHF/DF Very High Frequency Direction-Finding
VAPI Vertical Speed and Approach Path Indicator VHRR Very High Resolution Radiometer
VAR Vertical Air Rocket: Visual-Aural VHF Range; vib Vibration
Volt-Ampere Reactive: Variation Vic Vicinity
var Variable
VARH Volt-Ampere Reactive Hour VIFCS VTOL Integrated Flight Control System
VARS Vertical and Azimuth Reference System VINS Velocity Inertia Navigation System
VASI VASIS Visual Approach Slope Indicator; Visual Approach VIP Visual Identification Point
Slope Indicator System VIPS Voice Interruption Priority System
VIRNS Velocity Inertia Radar Navigation System VTO Vertical Take-Off
vis Visibility VTOGW Vertical Take-Off Gross Weight
VIS ID Visual Identification VTOHL Vertical Take-Off and Horizontal Landing
visc Viscous VTOL Vertical Take-Off and Landing
VISSR Visible Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer VTPR Vertical Temperature Profile Radiometer
VJ Vacuum Jacketed VTS Vertical Test Stand
V/TS Viewfinder/Tracking System
VL VerticaLl adder VTVM Vacuum Tube Voltmeter
VLA Very Low Altitude VU Vehicle Unit
VLI Very long Baseline Interferometry vul Vulcanize
VLD Visual Leydown Delivery VUS Versatile Upper Stage
VLIr Very Low Frequency: Vertical Launch Facility W Vent Va:ve
VLH Very Long Range WCS Vemibi Velocity Correction System
vlv Valve
VM Velocity Modulation W
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions Watt
VMS Viewfinder-Metering System WADC Wright Air Development Center
VN Vulnerability Number WARLA Wide Aperture Radio Location Array
vo Voice WASP Weather Atmuspheric Sounding Projectile
VOC Voice Operator Coder WATS Wide Area Telephone Service
VOCOM Voice Communications WB Wheel Baae: Wideband: Widebeam: Weather Bureau
VODAT Vice.Operated Device for Automatic Transmission WS Wie Band ata
VOF Variable Operating Frequency WBDL Wide Band Data link
VOIS Visual Observation Instrumentation Subsystem WBGT Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (a heat stress index)
vol Volume WBTS Widebnd Transmission S (stem
VOLTAN Voltage Amperage Normalizer WBT R Wideband VideomTspio Recorer
VOO mV-Mlt ilimeerWBVTR Widebend Video Tape Recorder
VOM Vnt.-Ohm-Milhameter WCDB Wing Control During Boost
VOR Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range WD WidtoDing Rt
(oiginally. visual omnidirectional range): Voice W/D Width-to-Diameter Ratio
Omnidirectional Range wdb Wideband
VOilTAC Visual Omnirange & TACAN WDC Weapon Delivery Computer
VOX Voice Operated Transmission WDE Weapons Direction Equipment
VP Vent Pipe: Vertical Polarization; Variable Pitch WDI Wind Direction Indicator
VPI Valve Position Indicator; Vapour Phase Inhibito; wdo Window
VPM Volts Per Mu WECPNL Weighted Equivalent Continuous Perceived Noise
VPR Virtual PPI Reflectoscop Level
VR Voltage Relay WEFAX Weather Facsimile
VRB VHF Recovery -:iacon: Voice Rotating Beacon WER Weight Estimating Relationship
VRMS Volt Root Mean Square W/E&SP With Equipment and Spare Parts
VS Vehicle Station. Versus WET Weight Effectiveness Testing
VSB Vestigial Sideoti-d WEX A code or symbol for 'aircraft delay due to weather'
VSC Vibration Safety Cutoff WFNA White Fuming Nitric Acid
VSCF Variable Speed 3onstant Frequency wg Waveguide: Wing
VSD Vertical Situatioi Display whl Wheel
VSI Vertical Speed Indicator: Video Simulation Interface WHM Watt Hour Meter
VSM Vestigial Sideband Modulation: Video Switching WHR Watt Hour
VSR Visual Security Range: Very Short Range WILCO Will Comply
VSTOL Vertical and/or Short Take-Off and Landing WIND Weather Information Network and Display
V/STOL Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing WINGS Weather Information Network & Display System
VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio WIP Wartime Intelligence Plan
VT Vertical Tail syk Week
VTD Vertical Tape Display wl Waterline: White Light
VTF Vertical Test Fixture WM Wattmeter
VT Fuze Variable-Time Fuze WMS Waste Management System; Wind Measuring
VTG Vertical Take-Off Autogyro System
VTM Voltage Tunable Magnethon: Vertical Thrust Margin WOD Wind Down: Over the Deck
WARBAT Wartime Order of Battle XM Research Missile
WP Working Paper; Working Pressure xmit Transmit
WPC Watts Per Candle xmsn Transmission
WPM Words Per Minute xmtr Transmitter
wpn Weapon xpndr Transponder
WPU With Power Unit X-REA X-Ray Events Analyzer
X-RT X-Ray Telescope
WR Weapon Range xtal Crystal
WRT With Respect To xum Extreme Ultraviolet
WS Work Statement: Windsonde
W/S Weapons System Y
WSE Weapon Support Equipment y Symbol for Prototype: Yaw
WSP Working Steam Pressure yd Yard
WST Weapon System Test YM Prototype Missile: Yawing Movement
WT Watertight: Weight: Water Tank yp Yield Point
WIT Wireless Telegraphy yr Year
WTM Wind Tunnel Model YS Yield Strength
WW Wire-Wound YTV Yaw Thrust Vector
WWD Windward
WX Weather
WXD Meteorological Radar Station Z
WXR Radiosonde Station ZD 7ero Defects
zed-zed A US Navy instrument approach system that uses
X VHF direction finding stations
ZEL Zero Launching
X Experimental: Trans ZELL Zero Length Launching
XB Experimental Bomber ZETA Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly
XC Experimental Cargo ZF Zone of Fire
xcpt Except ZS Zero Gradient Synchrot-on
xcvr Transceiver ZI Zone of Interior
XDCR Transducer ZM Z Marker
xeq Execute ZP Lighter-than-Air Aircraft (Airships)
XF Experimental Fighter ZR. also Zeppelin Rigid
written Z.R.
XFER Transfer Z Time Zebra Time
xfmr Transformer ZU A Navy designation for lighter-than-air utility aircraft
xfr Transfer ZULU Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)(formerly termed Zebra
XH Experimental Helicopter Time)

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